Monday, January 30, 2017

N.A.S.A. Should Prioritize Venus Study

N.A.S.A. should form a group with the goal of terraforming that planet. Russia, Japan, the U.K.and U.S.A.-ought to build a moon construction test base that would experiment with advanced low gravity engineering for habitation and industry. Sections for government and private projects would be built up.

Venus takes a full year to rotate so half the planet doesn’t cool off every 12 hours, more or less like Earth. It’s also closer to the sun than Earth and has more volcanism. Cooling it down will require a lot of research. Probably making a permanent orbiting space station around Venus
with a design that could be mass-produced and provide orbiting shelters through the solar system eventually would stimulate exploration.

One imagines spheres are good forms for basic-space stations. They could become as plankton tests that fall to the ocean floor.

Coccosphere of Emiliania huxleyi consisting of overlapping placoliths
image credit-
Alison R. Taylor (University of North Carolina Wilmington Microscopy Facility) - PLoS Biology, June 2011, Cover ([1]), CC BY 2.5,

Good, Bad and Ugly Billionaires

Good billionaires are not globalist opponents of U.S. national interests. Mark Zuckerberg could be regarded as a kingpin of the N.W.O. evil empire wherein all things work for the concentration of godless atheist riches.
Over-reliance on politicians with deficit spending gimmicks instead of environmentally rational business growth for U.S. economic health was not a good idea. Secure borders are valuable for labor and existential security. The left should quit hating the U.S.A. and its history and learn to love God and His Son Jesus Christ.

The Democrat party evolved to being anti-American globalist subvertors of all things traditional or godly as they were molded toward sycophantic globalists concentrating riches for the 1%. They are either drowned in treason or stupid. Zillary at top would not have decreased the widening gap between the 1% and everyone else.

Ugly Americans now wage a war of godless atheism on their fellow Americans acting as if civil rights means no more than supremacy of the left. For them the real war is the one made on the U.S.A. for-themselves.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Ideas about Self-Driving Cars etc.

How will self-driving cars do on snow and ice? Slip and slide? They would speed up long distance drives continuing when the owner tires. Specialized cars designed to deliver freight could create new business ops for anyone able to buy a unit?

Self-flying drones could let terrorists increase attacks on Mediterranean shipping. Designer viruses could cull the planet's people leaving only Hollywood personnel alive. The bio-apocalypse clock must be a few seconds from midnight? The D.N.A. brave new world is of recent vintage and a greater danger than fusion packages for life on Earth capable of writing.

The Left Also Censors

The left is as strong as the right at ad hoc censorship. Each has an “it’s our village” outlook.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Pshrinking Alaska Government

Alaska’s legislature hasn’t needed to act like a normal, responsible government that must live within its means with taxation per capita since the start of the pipeline era. Prudhoe Bay oil meant state politicians just needed skill at spending. A big government union formed to swell bureaucracy 40 years. Like other governments corrupted with prosperity from easy natural resource extraction described by Peter Maas ‘The Violent Twilight World of Oil’, economic diversification suffered arrested development.

In comparison to the glory years an income tax is needed. State government unions are a vast left-wing obstacle that need be overcome to scale-down government. Bringing the state out of a great depression will require saving the Permanent Fund from predation of government and unions. Rebuilding a new state government finance foundation before the P.F. is plundered rather than after is a great challenge considering how much like crack or meth addicts state and federal budget makers are these days with vast deficits seeking to make the poor suffer cuts to support insiders.

Corrupt insiders don’t diversify and raise fair taxes to pay for necessary services. They burn the house to keep it warm. Projects that create an enriched environment and economy aren’t considered. The rich grow richer...  

Matter was all that mattered in the capitol.

Diversification was a theme for reform posted in public venues for decades ignored by the sort of  people that ignore global warming, judicial perversion, habitat destruction and poverty for decades. Now that a little of the end of oil as the god of state finance has moved in to Juneau development of the predictable union-gangonomics follow. The  big consume  easy  economic  prey  as  on  the expedition  of  Washington  Adolphus  Greely.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Alaska State Budget Problems

It's new ideas needed for the new era. It isn't 1974 now. Change constitution to let private schools get equal k-12 funding. Save on education facility and union cost. Cut gov. size & leave PFD alone. Support wind,solar and geothermal instead of oil. Build rainshelter for homeless to sleep under near bridge. Act like a supporter of free enterprise instead of Rube Goldberg oil schemes.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Democrats Helped Concentrate Wealth

Obama signed permanent tax cuts into law and helped concentrate wealth. He used deficit spending to fund government while letting the national infrastructure continue decay. Fewer Americans were employed at the end of his second term than in the past 30 years.

President Roosevelt raised the tax rates on the rich to as high as 75% and created numerous new programs to put people to work and make new national infrastructure. After five years or so of growth there was a recession that was cut short by the need to meet military challenges posed by Germany. President Roosevelt made Americans more optimistic and did bring the nation out of a great depression.

President Reagan took a different policy to stimulate a national mired in what was called the Carter malaise. That was the very high interest rates and inflation along with the protracted Iranian hostage crisis following the rather dismal conclusion of the Vietnam conflict and the end of the wild and crazy war year protests and counterculture left the nation feeling rather postpartum.

Because President Obama raised debt and cut taxes while letting the infrastructure rot and failing to secure the Mexican border to create significant ground-breaking infrastructure projects though supported the enrichment of Wall Street banks that allowed the rich to grow richer...  8 Billionaires as rich as half the world's people) wealth became concentrated in the U.S.A.

The U.S. left acted as if civil rights meant no more than special interest rights for particular constituent classes. The democrat party was encouraged to lose its historical basis during the 50s and 1960s of being concerned primarily with economic class interests and act as if it were still the 1970s, or even the pre-Jim Crowe, pre-1964 civil rights act, pre-Rowe v. Wade era and riot as if Rioter's Lives Matter was all that mattered in the U.S.A.

If the Democrat Party platform was simple to concern itself with raising the economic well-being of those earning $0 to $50,000 regardless of race, gender or perversion it would have its oars in the water at least a little instead of not at all. Democrats should move forward as it once did supporting the idea of national material progress rather than developing cultural multi-personality syndrome seeking to make the nation a global village with donkeys and huts and public markets with lots of dope. President Obama seemed to support retiring as people as early as possible so they could smoke dope and be indifferent to the idea of ecospheric and economic reconstruction with new technological methods.

President Obama bailed out a failing corporation-Chrysler, thereby keeping an air polluting gas guzzling fossil fuel maker in business. Michigan would not even let Tesla sell its cars on other franchised dealer lots in that state and if it could its sales of electric vehicles might increase, yet even so the President pumped up the major source of air pollution in the United States today instead of letting technology advance on the free market as he should have.

A forward thinking President might build a cross-the heart X of Japanese electric bullet trains across the U.S.A. from Seattle to Salt Lake, Albuquerque, Dallas to Jacksonville on one axis and new York to Los Angeles on the other. There would also be a Chicago to New Orleans bullet line.

Instead of reinforcing existing establishment populous corridors and organically building those up with thoughtless, dogmatic inertia that compounds existing social problems and lavishness, the new X bullet lines would allow very low cost trans-continental seasonal migration for the homeless to warm places in the south. Much of the south and Midwest have rural towns with areas that slumped after the 1970s for economic reasons with vacant buildings that could easily be converted to seasonal housing.

Spur lines might connect to the low cost electric train travel to serve additional areas. One would expect that many drivers would choose to leave their fossil fuel vehicle at home and take the train to rent an electric bicycle wherever they go at the distant end.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Wrangell'd Pulp Fiction

I have published a collection of my short science fiction stories and novellas from the early days (with a few more recent) that have some sort of relation to Wrangell Alaska being written there in part at least or mentioning it.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Principle Threat to U.S. is to Alienate Russia

Why defeat peace and prosperity again? When President Ronald Reagan brilliantly ended the cold war with President Gorbachev he had no way of knowing that a succession of Presidential runts would follow up with botching the peace so far as they could. Even Pentagon careerists warn of Russia as a threat instead of being aware that to fail to be good friends with Russia creates the threat for-itself. Runts just don't make good foreign policy and that is expensive.

N.A.T.O. should be mildly anachronistic today except for the potential Chinese danger. Russia knows the line is drawn on the free Balkan states and Poland. To equate the security of those N.A.T.O. members and affiliates with Ukraine, Crimea or Soviet speaking regions of upper Georgia is silly. Yet many have done so and work to increase tensions quite stupidly.

Syria was a more or less stable free nation before President Obama stimulated rebels and terrorists to attack it with hundreds of thousand dead years later. Larger human tragedies would probably follow if the Alawi-Christian government is replaced by some offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood. Administration policy rather than Russia was the problem the last four years. Russia might be given thanks for helping the U.S. not to bungle its foreign policy even further than it has in places such as Libya.

It may be that the military-industrial complex requires a belligerency with Russia to maintain adequate weapons sales and maint. contracts. To win the cold war with peace however, and then to lose the peace and prosperity potential through daft political leadership is the bad old way.

Former communists hoping to return communism's stature and growth perhaps require that U.S.-Russian relations remain hostile and essentially divided without developing an egalitarian, reformed free-enterprise environment with liberty and justice for all. In such a better world with good ecospheric recovery communism even with some Chinese communist support would not fare well. What if there are sleeper cells of communist warriors in the Pentagon seeking to drive conflict with Russia instead of peace and prosperity?

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Patterns within Fields (poem)

The infinite status of quanta within fields
simultaneously singular and at every possible position
is a duplication of being and nothingness at each when
Feynman diagrams become three dimensions plus
every possible time

the infinite journey of mass calculated
as quantum packet-loops
strings along dimensions

with Newton and Einstein forming theories of gravity
before the third true theory revises
the enigmatic behavior of mass and energy

from energy entering a network of controls
branching into forces and places of mass
with time and a half quanta within an infinite field
renormalizes to forever

dimensions with vector directions
lattices, waveforms
singularities with hearts of bubble verses renormalizable too
quantum fields of pluralism
reduced to monism
infinite journey within a circle
expanding inwardly
spiritually saved from the original sin
of thoughtlessness.

Hillary (Nearly) Presidential Library to Florida?

While talk exists of dropping Hillary in to the Mayor’s post in NYC (bumping out some silly local 'crats) whence she may observe powerfully the goings on of the Trump administration and care for downtrodden Yorkers of Wal-Street, insiders are looking for construction of a nearly-Presidential Library for Hillary near Orlando to compensate for the loss of the Scarlett Pimpernel Presidential Library to Chicago.

One day little Afro-American children of the murder capital of America will be able to visit the Pimpernel Library on field trips to see and emulate how the first black President (except maybe second if one counts Bill Clinton for Negro or third if Jimmy Carter’s ancestors dallied about on the Georgia plantation with captive Afro-American prizes) provided compassionate, liberal zero interest free loans of trillions of dollars to big banks so they could loan out 5x more with those Federal Reserve deposits in their stockings where otherwise they would have got lumps of coal. Afro-American children want to be able to grow up and provide trillions of zero-interest dollahs to Wall-Street banks so they can rest assured the U.S. economy is junkie dorrie.

President Pimpernel also accomplished the queering of America to provide leadership to the world that all nations should vote against rationality, biology and apostolic authority and make homosexual marriage the law. Skeptics may say that if a white, Donald Pleasance style, bald President had done that the black Universe would have been globally opposed and used that as a reason to attack whitey besides him bein on the moon.

While racial discrimination is reprehensible and fundamentally in opposition to the principles and constitution of a free society, so is economic discrimination in effect such that the poor and middle classes become poorer relatively while wealth is concentrated in the hands of a small minority. A Hillary Nearly Presidential Library in Florida will edify those seeking to carry on the Clinton Legacy of fructifying U.S. economic policy continuing the banana republic foundation of Bill the First that was followed even through the crash of late 2008 and the age of the Black Pimpernel.

Friday, January 06, 2017

Substantive History of Foreign Influence on U.S. Elections

Foreign governments and corporations have long sought to influence U.S. elections. The recent news about Russian efforts to get Donald Trump would not be revealing a rare event if true. The Clintons and their foundations have received foreign support and donations for quite a time. Hacking is I would think a cheap way to go about influencing election cycles. Though the Democrat party influence of the broadcast media and bully's pulpit power of the President to pack courts and lever homosexual marriage even getting hate crimes legislation that would let democrats describe opponents as 'haters' should not be overlooked. I.M.O. there should be equal protection of the law instead of special categories comprising 'hate crimes' as a sort of human version of game laws with various species having different protections.

Russia's Vladimir Putin is being represented as an extraordinary influence on U.S. elections especially the Trump vs. Clinton campaign. Yet of course, it is only because hacked e-mails were distributed to WikiLeaks that we even know about the perfidy and lack of security awareness of Hillary Clinton while at State-except obviously for the somnolent response to the Benghazi crisis. China and perhaps dozens of other nations may also have cloned her smart phone software-who knows?

It is likely that the left are very concerned since the Obama administration has not been on good terms with Russia as the Obama administration sought to develop the Syrian civil war and follow up on Bill Clinton's levering Boris Yeltsin to give up Ukraine for has value to Wall Street.

Here is a link to a good brief article on the history of direct foreign influence on U.S. elections

Obviously political action committees can be financed by U.S. branches of foreign corporations. That is, if nation A opens a storefront in the U.S.A. in can give cash to support their favorites. Gruppo Salinas of Mexico via a U.S. subsidiary- funded the pac Advance America Cash Centers for instance, providing, $83,000.

Here is a list of some recent PACS and the source of their funding

Boundary Desalinating Security Canal Could Pay for Itself

If Donald Trump has difficulty getting congress to pay for a fence along the Mexican border he should get them instead to fund a Columbia basin Project/T.V.A. style large border canal construction project that would have saltwater piped up from the Pacific to New Mexico and allowed to flow downhill in each direction in a border control canal district with three canals actually. One large canal in the middle would contain the saltwater continually being replenished from solar and wind power pumps. Two adjacent canals on either side would contain freshwater evaporated from the big canal and collected in a slopping plastic roof ending at each small, mostly sealed canal (with a small slit to allow fresh water to flow in. The boundary canal project would pay for itself providing fresh water to a parched region and potentially combat creeping Southern desertification from global warming. Much water for irrigation and drinking would be made.

The establishment generally has a can't do attitude toward most things American these days ...

The media and corrupt expansionist elitists want to plunder Ukraine- Russia's historical homeland, and thus are can't do on sane political relations with Russia. President elect has his hands full with a completely corrupt broadcast media.

Thursday, January 05, 2017

Trump and Floating Tax Rates

Floating and Variable Tax Rate/Regulation

Government social networking of tax regulations should be at least as realistic as that of market and currency values. Markets and government can write programs to interpret and paradigmatize responses through fuzzy logic regarding the making of decisions concerning the tax value axis of opportunity and recalcitrance. Instead of putting sanctions on an unfriendly nation as if it were gunboat diplomacy an executive could just raise the tariff rate for it or withhold a discount while giving a discount to a rival with a keyboard entry.

At some point late in the 20th century business and government speed of finance had a break. Business continued to accelerate and became multi-national while government remained static though forming a few international agreements that would ossify rather than modernize taxation in favor of business. Government became the slow attorney led legalistic anachronism while speed-of-light business gaming international for profit became normalized. What can be done to reform the business-government tax relationship in order to reinforce values of democracy and the interests of the majority of Americans rather than a few elite global concerns?

Individuals in the United States are primarily segregated with financial leverage and poverty. Good politics recognizes poverty as a method of segregation domestically. Individual remedies to poverty might be accomplished with good legislation that rewards those hiring the most poor and longest out of work. With fixed rate instead of variable rates of taxation internationally it is difficult to increase national prosperity or to readily use tax policy for a tool of foreign policy. The very wealthy are enabled with tax ossification to scheme how to exploit global loopholes as an element of their business model. That unfairly punishes the poor and middle class for not being so globally doggy.

Maybe ideas about tax rates and economics are a little anachronistic in the era of instant global communication. In the old days before the WWW bureaucrats might get tax tables from congress and distribute the data globally so accurate tariffs and etc could be got. Now a president Trump could have a menu of current tax rates internationally and enter numbers any day of the year with instant global distribution if Congress that.

First Americans; especially those bent toward the left, misunderstood the history of nationalism. In error they believed nationalism was the cause of the major wars of the 20th century rather than powerful absolutist rulers. Ending nations throw the baby out with the bathwater and concentrates p0ower better for global autocrats.

Second American globalists felt that nations were anachronistic because world trade and commerce were developing with fast means of global production and shipping anyplace. Actually the instant speed of computer network communication would allow each nation to set its own tax and trade rates and implement them without delay. In a sense taxation could be used realistically with the same sort of speed that dark pool and high-speed quantitative trading has on Wall Street perhaps leveling the field a little better for democracy and the average citizen on the street.

Brexit was a case in point; instead of returning to an Adam Smith era tariff relation to the E.C. Britain can remain in contact Europe and trade taxations, schedules etc with real-time inter-government social networking rate setting. The idea that it should require a decade for merry old England to get its Charles Dickens like scriveners to pen new trade orders on dusty books is a little hoary.

Vat, Gatt and all that sort of thing as well as business tax rates should be innovated with real-time floating values that reflect social values and needs. It might require some economists and political-economic theorists to get in a few overtime hours, however upgrading methods of trade and business taxes to a standard as quick as the floating rate of the dollar and Wall Street trading might be useful.