Tuesday, November 29, 2016

U.S. Public Debt Increasing Faster than G.D.P.

U.S. public debt is nearing 20 trillion dollars while U.S. gross domestic product is somewhat more than 18 trillion dollars. The public debt is apparently increasing faster than U.S. economic growth-and most of that is going to the most rich. Because the Clintons and Obamas did not address the structural issues for the benefit of the poor and middle class first, and as the discretionary part of the federal budget comprises just 7%, I wonder how the economic picture of the nation can be reformed.


Actually I think that real economic reform that actually benefits the poor and middle class isn’t likely. Human greed and original sin saturate government, the media and Wall Street to the point that even the environment suffers so champagne and fine booze drinking elites can have cashmere shag carpets or whatever and cars that pollute the atmosphere with tons of carbon emissions each year.

Actually socialism, communism and corporatism end up with the same oligarchy-like monopolistic bureaucracies running the world because of the nature of human social organization. Free enterprise actual dies within advanced bureaucratic-wall Street stock owning wealth concentration though good product continues to be produced for some time. Individualism and free enterprise as well as real democracy are actually the endangered political forms now.

Government with the consent of intelligent masses could actually make vast practical reforms toward sustainable ecological economic infrastructure limiting the percent of capital anyone may have in order to keep democracy rather than plutonomy ruling. With guaranteed minimum income and pragmatic social support services it would be possible for inventions and clever, efficient free enterprises to be developed theoretically first and those meeting environmental low impact and synergy goals best allowed to go ahead. That is desperation for jobs wouldn’t be the only political moderator on the electorate. Capitalism itself selects naturally for more capital rather than for a better environment or equitable distribution of wealth to all people equally within basic criteria even while allowing people to profit and save from their labor and inventions above the baseline.

Plainly the United States and most world political systems today are maladaptive to the present environmental and demographic facts of life. Political theory tends to be at least a century behind along with governing environmental theory. The natural default to thoughtless minions supporting concentrated wealth and saluting the dollar sign fuhrers that are money rather than reason will continue even being reinforced by waves of senseless commercial brainwashing. A financial philosopher today developing political epistemology might write “I think, therefor I am broke”.

It will be amazing to see what President-elect Trump can do with a fundamentally crummy national economic outlook that has found it to easy to develop overseas, exploit cheap foreign labor, run up public debt and avoid any sort of national leadership responsibility since the end of the cold war. Capitalism itself is in need of reform as well as the nation’s infrastructure. Infrastructure could be transformed into a new ecological economic form rather than wasting resources in old style, existing establishment, yet of course the establishment resists that.

President elect Trump should prioritize green transportation with electric cars, buses and rail drawing power from green sources. African development should be influenced toward green electro-magnetic power too, rather than fossil fuel cars-and that means new mass transportation.

Wherever possible developed land should be returned to a natural condition replacing existing buildings with smaller, cheaper better monolithic domes occupying less space. Border security could have a trans-continental salt-water canals and solar evaporation-condensation for desalinization infrastructure to make water for the parched Southwest. Many things are possible. A return to making patents affordable would help. Inventors should be given exclusive patents for just 7 years and after that a small royalty percent from anyone using the patent for production (for 50 years) before its public domain. Its rather difficult materially to manufacture things in the U.S.A. after getting an idea that is patentable making it doubly difficult for poor yet intelligent and inventive people to cash in on thought-as it is presently-ideas have to be given away to trickle up to the rich or well-placed, so why be inventive at all?

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Wild Turkeys (video)

Wild turkeys enjoy thanksgiving.

Darwinian Skinkery and the Orange Wave

A recent Gecko ad featured a critical orange cheese-puff jamming the gears of the machine. Cloud leftists from India to Albuquerque derided Trump the candidate as a political pop-Cheeto. Yet the orange sherbet wave-cut is the trend of the future. Orange comb-over-do may crush remnant opposition.

What became of the Democrat party of the 60's with its focus on the middle class economic portion of the nation's wealth? It transitioned into the antinomy of M.L.K.'s I have a dream criterion. The flaw with M.L.K.'s content of character criterion was the evolving idea that character doesn't matter and neither does mind. The left regard each to be emergent evolutionary phenomena.

Some scientists have said that only D.N.A. matters. Deweyan pedagogical paradigms largely negating truth, character subjectivity became a Democrat Party lubricant to subvert existing social structures of the U.S.A., media and politics. Black Lives Matter is politically about no more than a class physical characteristic. Content of character as character was erased along with ideas about classical virtue from party planks. Character could be redefined subjectively to mean anything. Liberal dope use or homosexuality, skin color or lying were regarded equally well with or even preferential to altruism as good character. Character within Christian or even classical virtue as M.L.K. might have envisioned, was dead.

Statistically objective, class economics were important to both major party's during the last 70 years of the 20th century. Beginning with the post-Vietnam conflict era though, deregulation of Wall Street and a dollar no longer tied to the value of gold and gold reserves let a kind of financial phenomenalism creep in. The administration of Bill Clinton liberated Wall Street with deregulation founding the home mortgage/derivatives/banking crisis of 2008. With Bill Clinton the Democrat Party entirely lost its economic moral bearings. It evolved through the Bush II years to produce Barrack Obama via Harvard to become the entirely race/gender/sex perversion nominal party with voters electing candidates solely on the basis of race/gender/perversion physicalism. Race may be regarded (wrongly) as character, as can gender and with an element of truth; perversion.

President Obama gave the most rich of the elites everything they wanted in tax cuts. The 1% supported homosexual marriage through corporate opinion and media. President Obama was something of a Scarlett Pimpernel rescuing the rich from economic blame or consequences of the 2008 derivatives crisis. He also supported fully the corporate global agenda and flooding of the U.S.A. with cheap illegal immigrant labor. Donald Trump benefited from the Democrat Party's abandonment of defense of U.S. labor and jobs. Since the Democrat party leadership was already fully committed to defense of the interests of the 1% and their policies, Donald Trump with largely his own financing had a fairly low threshold of resistance to overcome to become the President elect. Trump, a member of the elite wealthiest individuals in the world, drew support from what Richard Nixon once called the silent majority -since no one else represented them any more.

The age of celebrity politics thrives on superficiality and sound bites. Race, gender and perversion are more important than class economic analysis. National debt doesn't matter as much as football scores. Environmental decay doesn't mean as much as new cars. Global heating is not as meaningful as quality asphalt streets in Phoenix without potholes. National democracy must be some sort of racism and sexism in comparison to globalism and evolution theory political actualization while mind doesn't matter as much as credit. If democracy dies a silent death and viewers want celebrity leaders to entertain them while promoting all Democrats in a bureaucratic social utopia expanded to take over or at least unite with global corporations in fulfillment of Hitler and Mussolini's ideas about corporatism well, that can be tolerated with legal dope and nice imperial skinks.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Simplified Political Economy for Alaska Legislature

A simple governing political philosophy for the state of Alaska ought to be easy to make. Barking at the half-empty pipeline isn't good enough. Bark until it refills and government is funded fully again.

The state should not develop any fossil fuel pipelines- let free enterprise do that as it did for TAPS if and when the market looks that way. Alaska's natural resources shouldn't be just given away to global corporations and/or mismanaged at rock bottom prices.

The state needs to keep a stable tax rate for oil royalties from state reserves so any global corporations knows a priori what the cost of development would be from year to year. Global oil prices, supply and demand, fluctuating reserves etc make cost calculations a special game for the major players. Legislative cargo cult adjusting tax rates down are inefficient. The Gov. Sarah Von Palin tax plan should return and be the normal condition.

If the state government decides to invest in energy it should be in commercial fuel cell power plant incentives and wind farms. Reducing the size of government and making it more efficient along with a state income tax would pay for government as needed. The state shouldn't destroy natural resources selling them cheap to Japanese pulp, British Petroleum or Exxon-Mobil. Neither should it ruin fisheries with too much commercial harvest (half should be for sports and subsistence) and no fish free zones to let fish recover from the attack.

Alaska has lots of natural resources and conservative, fairly taxed commercial use if necessary will keep them intact and valuable for centuries. As it is presently unwise use at giveaway prices by the state legislators intent on kickbacks to themselves and special interests are bad government. Good government is very simple.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Humanity as Product in the Age of Corporatism

Do you have the right meta-tags on your life most pleasing to advertisers? In the corporatist union era where humans are regarded as product for the market the right tags are requisite if you are to get that big paycheck. Although slavery was outlawed, with a world surplus of highly unskilled labor market forces can put a price-value premium on humanity as product. Quality human product for market distribution emphatically rises.
Corporate networking and the totalization of global communications with twits reaching the farthest crenelations of formerly free niches of the world make political correctness for advertising immediate, integral is ;the rule. Government serves corporate power. Ad hoc collectivism of elites united in a common goal of inputting wealth and power reduce free enterprise and individual non-conformity to the dictatorship of market correctness. With stock share ownership inbreeding from preferred insider locations capitalism transitioned to an ad hoc business as effective as pure monopoly; degrading and co-opting non-conformist enterprise.
Changing the system to better serve individual free enterprise, invention, environmental sustainability and national self-determination would require an electorate well-educated in contemporary political philosophy-quite an impractical matter where the ruling government and business classes controlling media of all forms are proverbially a mile wide and an inch deep in streaming ancient capitalist and communist theoretical paradigms as if they reflected the present state of affairs.
What is corporatism they ask, and isn't state socialism a clear and present danger. Won't Wall Street and British royal evolution make smart lizards out of everyone eventually anyway? Didn't a pied piper scientific atheism lead Boston to reason? Isn't money a fiction dope emanated from the Federal Reserve to the Treasury and big banks for the pleasure and progress of the masses?
In the total goo  paradigm where astronauts need to be held in sealed diaper-slings with negative pressure evacuating excretions of the human condition while descending from orbit political philosophy thought is set aside for demands of the machine. Reform to new and better ways to live aren't developed with the pressurized fluid through-put of the market. Evolution of the machine transporting seven billion souls to their destinies is arrested with atmospheric market forces where the dictatorship of the proletariat as democracy-in-itself was burned up as a heat shield for the dictatorship of the ecologically unreasoning market. Sales of human products. Pretty labels. Superficial political philosophy sailing the economic world ship through shoal water aesthetics risk environmental and social, sudden, sharp disaster.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Trump and the Nuclear Option

To some observers U.S. national politics may seem like a soap opera named The Dumb and the Wrong. So then, over the years, before the Federal Reserve started giving billions and billions of zero interest loans and buying up T-bills to finance the federal budget of annual vast deficits ($20 trillion and counting), what went wrong?

When President Obama got Harry Reed to use the nuclear option to pass Obamacare with a bare majority, and when he was the primary cheerleader making Bush II tax cuts for the rich permanent, he effectively neutered the Democrat party’s power as a minority in the future. With the election of Republican Donald Trump taking office with a full majority in the House and Senate the Democrats will be effectively powerless to resist whatever legislation the Republican party chooses. Donald Trump will be the most powerful President since F.D.R.

It is a fact that Republicans and Democrats have run wet firecracker candidates for the White House following the end of the cold war. Bush II, McCain and Romney are not regarded as mainstream ecological economist, nationalist candidates at all, for that matter neither was the venerable Bob Dole whom would have been a far better alternative to the Oxford attorney Bill Clinton.

Considering the economic decline of the United States since the cold war one may wonder if better Presidential leadership might have made a difference in modernizing and upgrading the post-cold war economic environment of the United States. I suppose a Democrat Party that had the economic priorities of the 1960s was in order where it was still a tough economic negotiator with Republicans and the difference between the most rich and poor was not so great. Following the Jimmy Carter administration the Democrat Party lost its bearings and forsook tight fiscal responsible for the poor and middle class in negotiations in Congress. What apparently occurred was the takeover of the Democrat Party by former anti-war activists, many of whom were not poor at all, that had far more concern for sundry social issues than prior generations, and that further were inured with counter-cultural values. A celebrity driven, rather spaced and even vague principle of identity, Leninist ‘and no religion too’ greased politics where money didn’t matter as much as power, dope, homosexuality and feminism party emerged. For a time Democrats drew in environmentalists only to discover their interests were given just nominal regard as the party continued.

The Clinton administration presented an Oxford-Arkansas synthesis of counter-culture values for-the-establishment with smoking-yet-not-inhaling /depends on what the meaning of is, is, disingenuity and admiration for Wall Street. Democrat Party yuppification would take homosexuals and feminists to the top. Lost was an interest in good paying jobs for those unemployed and underemployed at the bottom and lower middle class. It is doubtful that President Obama used the word ‘poor’ more than a handful of times over the course of two administrations.

In the absence of Democrat party economic sobriety, nothing would keep Wall Street in check. The Clinton administration brought sweeping deregulation to the market with all the problems brought to light in the 2008 mortgage and derivatives/finance crash. With the Clinton foundation’s solicitations of contributions from the rich and speaking fees from Wall Street for both Bill and Hillary the Democrat party became a loud race and sexuality advocate for the special interest groups of the party with little concern for ecological economic reform that would be in fundamental conflict if poorly applied with the street. Instead, the Democrat Party and Republican insiders like the Bushes moved toward a unified corporate-government synthetic one-party fusion.

The 2010 Battle of Seattle with protesters confronting a World Trade Organization meeting there showed the fundamental loss of bearings by Democrat Party leadership and special interests with a schism between nationalists with economic concerns (shared in many nations) and high-flying globalist Clintonista-Obamanites. That schism remains and will so long as the Democrat Party remains aloof from objective class and social economic statistical facts such as who and how many earn the least and the way it goes right to the top and the 1% and works to flood the nation with cheap foreign labour instead of repairing the environment while stimulating economic positive change for U.S. citizens of the lower 50% income bracket.

The Trump administration would be wise to realize that fuel cell, wind and solar power are part of the energy sector and in fact the better place to stimulate investment with tax credits and federal support. High tech energy generation and storage is the way of the future. Is it not better to train people in emergent high-tech fields for economic progress than to retard national energy education and become coal extraction industry recidivists decreasing the human prospects for survival on Earth? Need the U.S.A. follow Chinese solar panel leadership in the future and be thought of as an energy Neanderthal yippee nation of air and environment CO2 emitters? The failure of Republican leadership after the Nixon administration to address national environmental concerns with competence is a great wound Democrat apparatchiks exploit tirelessly each election cycle. There is no need, for example, to quit the Paris agreement since it is a toothless dog of legislation that won’t trouble polluters much if it bites. To quit the agreement will freshen the wound for the next election cycle unless a newer, more effective piece of CO2 reduction work takes its place. Opposition to global warming reduction politically is the equivalent of doing swan dives from a high board into two feet of water...if environmental crimes against humanity trials ever take place the Republican Party may have a few top ten finishers in the docket.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Democrat's 2016 Platform Lacked Populism

Democrat 2016 Platform Lacked Populism

If one subtracted automatic Clinton support from women voting for a woman, and eliminated fearful Mexican -Americans voting to keep the border non-secured, Hillary Clinton barely got a quarter of votes cast. The reason is that the Democrat party is no longer populist and instead works for special interests and those earning more than $50,000 a year.

Apparently Obama voters from 2012 defected to Trump with just a hard core siding with the insider. Hillary actual took just a bare majority of female votes.

No one knows how far Donald Trump’s populism will address real challenges to the poor, middle class and the environment. Democrats proved to be failures even when in control of Congress and the White House. Democrats made vast permanent, comprehensive tax cuts for the rich with near unanimous support (with Bernie Sanders in dissent). The Clintons and Obamas encouraged race and sex politics instead of objective class economic issues based on real earnings. Demographic analysts probably determined that party voters appealed to with non-economic issues would vote to benefit their personal race and sex identity rather than for policies that would benefit all of the poor, or all of those earning fewer than $50,000 annually regardless of political affiliation . Even environmental reform initiatives were more of symbol than substance with Democrats. Nothing was really accomplished to transform the national economy toward and ecological economic direction in the academic definition of that meaning.

Real populism is what the Democrat party was about before the Clintons. Returning to actual populism may be impossible for the special interest branch of the insider party of Republicans like the Bushes and Democrats like the Clintons and Obamas. Though the nation needs secure borders and a turn toward a real and sustainable ecological economic economy it will need to be done with the people prospering from the bottom up while the most rich take a turn down toward the masses. It cannot be a reform where elites concentrate wealth and simply marginalize and degrade the masses wherever they can to reduce global population. If zero birth control on Earth does develop, the economic reforms required to create a good life for all cannot be accomplished without a Universal suffrage of Americans, and eventually mankind, equally shared.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Oil Isn't the Answer for the Trump Administration

Fracking technology changed the world's energy prospects. The Hilbert curve was reset decades ahead to the future. American oil fields got a new lease on life, the price of oil dropped nearly to pre-Arab oil embargo levels. With the prospect of most of the world's depleted oil fields eventually returning to on-line status-such as the heavily used Baku and Iranian fields as well as fields damaged by war in Iraq, the price of oil per barrel should remain low for a couple of decades unless adequate taxation is added to discourage consumption to limit global warming gases.

In the United States many productive wells were and are being capped and exploration slowed or halted because of the surfeit of oil on the market. Saudi Arabia's fields that are not even half empty can be fracked when the time is right to keep the flow going. Plainly the prospect for creating a lot of lasting jobs in an industry already saturated with over-supply isn't good. A better place for investors to look, and for the Trump administration to support in order to create good-paying new American jobs is alternative energy and energy efficient technology like room temperature super-conductors for power lines.

The rise of the era of fuel cells for cities and homes, business and industry is on the rise. New battery technologies for automobiles and homes that don't require expensive materials are being developed. Missouri Wind turbines have brought the cost of quality, 1700 watt wind generators for homes down to an entry cost minus extras such as charge controllers, wires and staff, down to as little as 348 dollars on Ebay. Solar voltaic technology continues to surge ahead. For the future American homes increasingly will be their own energy suppliers rather than public utilities.

Alaska's great budget deficit for the state government of more than 4 billion dollars is an example of what the consequences of disregarding alternative energy and over-reliance on fossil fuels may be. Many government people still look to oil as the necessary way to finance big government and disregard alternative energy and the market facts of life.

The trans-Alaska oil pipeline operates below capacity because the field is substantially depleted. Obviously it might be fracked with some possible long-term damage to the warming, thawing permafrost potentially-even increasing earthquake frequency in the already seismically unstable state, yet one must ask if there is any market utility in doing that? Wouldn't another large contribution of supply to the global oil market drive down prices even further?

The state of Alaska could just reduce the size of its government while increasing its efficiency and innovate new ways to serve the interests of the people. The Trump administration could learn from their mistakes and introduce legislation to keep alternative energy investments growing as well as to require all public utilities to purchase or offset homeowner costs for home energy production spliced into the grid. Public utilities might better serve as distributors of home-produced energy supplies rather than energy suppliers down the road.

Hillary's Loss Dooms Hijab for Homos

Hillary Clinton's stunning election loss may act to disincentivize President Obama's homosexual diplomacy. Unanswered will be the questions of which spouse of a homosexual marriage should where hijab, if U.S. Marines to achieve full transsexual equality would be allowed to wear hijab, and, when stoning the devil casting carbon-credit clods at the alien meteorite of Mecca if it is hunkie dorkie for transsexual Muhammadan conversos making hijrah to wear hijab instead of full combat dress burka? The pro-homo marriage Roberts court left the devil in the details again with a decision that seemed to some as mad as a Nimzo-Larsen game.

With twenty trillion dollars of public debt bequeathed to the Trump administration, the matter of placing hijab on female figures adorning U.S. currency will need to be solved if the Federal Reserve is to print out more trillions to inflate money supply for Muslim nations to keep. If the Muslim world were suddenly offended by the appearance of bare naked lady's faces on U.S. currencies they just might dump the dollar to crash the U.S. economy.

These are tough days for the new administration to work with. Not only is global warming ruining winter in Alaska- setting it back a couple of months, ecological economic transitioning to a sustainable yet progressing economy for the U.S. with secure borders is not getting the attention it deserves. Also of concern is the creepage of cayune pepper into maple sugar cookies topped with tobacco that isn't hilal with the little bacon bit topping.

With due diligence, freedom and peace will arrive in Kurdberg, the rovers of Mars won't be transformed in the next Star trek movie into vengeful smartie robots with bent ideology attacking Earth, and the extinction of wildlife on Earth will reverse with full employment for all discouraged job seekers. Good luck President-elect Trump.

Practical Tip of the Week

Ever want a cheap and effective debridging agent serviceable for removing minor areas of necrotic tissue? Need to fix socially awkward unsightly wounds, bites, gouges trending toward infection? In addition to making dentures sparkling clean with a good soak, hydrogen peroxide is the agent of choi.

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Neo-Liberalism, Noam Chomsky and the TPP

Neo-liberalism has drawn together disparate power minority groups in the U.S.A. since the 1960s primarily focused on gaining class power and economic increase. The redistribution of U.S. income to neo-liberals based in the Democrat party occurred while Wall Street globalism developed too. With the end of the cold war wages for white males in the U.S.A. stagnated, though they essentially froze at the end of the Vietnam war. Those disempowered individuals looked to Donald Trump who addressed concerns about the insecurity of an in flux of cheap foreign laborers from Latin America and the closing out of U.S. industry with former jobs relocated globally-especially to China. Even as the former middle class power majority was financially arrested at 1960s levels, neo-liberals looked only to their own class betterment.

Five percent of the top one percent of income earners in the U.S. received the majority of new wealth creation. People like the Clintons and Obamas (as well as the Bushes) looked after the wages and taxes of the rich more so than the middle class and poor. Globalism looks for cheap labor and manufacturing costs wherever they are and the United States is just another spot on the profit and loss abstract for investment opportunity. Government evolved into being a support element for corporate policy.

Noam Chomsky describes some of the issues in a 17 minute video; especially at end regarding the Trans pacific Partnership supported by Obama and the Clintons. Chomsky says it is essentially an agreement to benefit global investors rather than any sort of trade agreement. Plainly one can see that the Robert's Court, with the Chief Justice the most heavily invested in Wall Street, is in complete support of Wall Street globalism and the neo-liberal agenda of support. From homosexual marriage to the Obama Corporate Unaffordable Care Act to the TPP the trend is to reduce U.S. nationalism and democracy to ineffective sycophancy. The Brit High Court nihilation of the Brexit referendum vote in favor of leaving the EC demonstrated the power elites have taken to nullify public wealth and power.


Monday, November 07, 2016

The Cretan Solution to the Euro-Refugee Crisis

Refugees from President Obama's North African and Middle East policies fleeing to Europe have contributed to the development of long-term opportunities to name Europeans racists and bigots for existing as comparatively wealthy white people. As desirable as it may be for some to grow a vast non-white internal proletariat in Europe able to marginalize and degrade Europeans in order to better harmonize leftist and globalist ideals there are of course naysayers that demure from that plank. They have advocated a Cretan solution.

The island of Crete is a vast, placid potentially Utopian refugee capture and training center where refugees migrating to Europe could be placed in high tech barracks and trained to make solar panels, fuel cells and wind generators for export to power Africa and the Middle East with low-cost subsidized energy. Without adequate rural power low cost electric bikes and go-carts won't be able to refuel. Refugees would be provided with excellent education and food supply; rice crispies, broccoli, tacos and any other sort of delicacy including sliced ham, cheese and sourdough bread required to make refugees comfortable and productive alternative energy tech producers.

Crete is dominated by two oppressive colonial rulers; Turkey and Greece that nave created conflict there forever demonstrating the point that forcing vast numbers of non-white Muslim refugees might not amplify European social harmony and in fact might retard that. With E.C.. supervision and without the U.N. such as kept Greece and Turkey from war in Crete for quite a while in the 1960s, millions of African and middle eastern migrants could be provided with solid European support at Crete and therein discover a way to transform a problem situation into a productive one.

Coordinated Universal development of an alternative energy technology and higher education center for Middle East and African migrants would catalyze actualization of alternative energy infrastructure throughout the third world. As a practical matter who knows if the wire going from an alternator with wind generator blades to a battery bank needs a charge controller or a negative wire returning to the alternator? Many villagers just don't know how to connect the wires, much less manufacture them.

Greece and Turkey might be happy enough to donate Crete for a refugee training facility, as they already suffer as primary corridors of migration. Otherwise asd was shown recently when the British High Court put down the silly public referendum for independence, Greek and Turkey could be disincentivized to resist progress. Proponents argue against the idea that a great jump forward cannot be made if the moo is take n out of the moon. Instead they say that when the glass is half empty of water, it is more valuable in a dry market.

Sunday, November 06, 2016

Clinton Culture of Corruption and NAFLA

Hillary Clinton seems to bring a culture of corruption with her in her bid to take the White House for herself, Bill and friends from the Clinton foundation etc. It will be interesting as Americans more or less vote for a referendum upon themselves and their regard for honesty or not. More Christian cults to burn, legalization of more dope, IRS favors, insider promotions, sweetheart deals on consulting...



With the Obama tax cuts for the rich and the Clinton-Obama record of preference for global trade deals one would imagine that a North American Free Labor Act would develop in another Democrat administration that would end residence requirements for taking a job anywhere north of Panama.

No one besides Trump and a few patriots care about the nation much any more, or even democracy it seems. Even the British vote for independence was b-slapped by their own odd high court and given for the elites of parliament to consider. Democracy is just sort of, well, less important these days than Wall Street and Harvard.

G.R. and Gödel's Incompleteness Theorems

Gödel's incompleteness theorems have many applications to fields besides mathematics. The characteristic feature of a set of all possible sets that includes itself as impossible is analogous to the problem of getting a finite number to define an infinite series. Einstein's General theory of relativity and its equations providing data describing the curvature of spacetime and the past and future of the Universe without extraneous factors such as dark energy entails similar problems. Because the equations are made with mathematics embedded in space-time itself the formulas must collapse with the collapse of space-time toward the singularity.

If a set of all sets inclusive of itself were possible, if G.R. could describe the entire Universe's history, if the principle of identity were transcended such that one being could view itself entirely as other yet include the independent view of each for-themselves, it would be a different Universe. It is remarkable that Kurt Gödel's and Albert Einstein each worked at the same time at Princeton University's center for theoretical physics.

Could God have a fate? For the Unconditional to let himself become the conditional, where the non-contingent being reduced unto the Universe of contingencies, that was bold. That was the Lord Jesus Christ being born of the virgin Mary predestined to crucifixion as the perfect lamb of God atoning for the sins of the elect. Jesus Christ took a deterministic spatio-temporal role in the steady state of a material Universe alongside his fellow humanity. The presence of omnipotent God filled even a contingent Universe of his creation.

If G.R.'s equations had a platonic validity such that they could exist to describe space-time independently of the material-energy space-time Universe that would be great. Mathematical physicists such as Max Tegmark have theorized about a Mathematical Universe (M.U.T.) wherein purely abstract mathematics actually are the foundation of particle-waves, mass and energy. Yet rather than presenting a continuum of scientific validity narrowing into infinite reduction in singularity, G.R. may itself be a phenomenon of the space-time in which it is embedded that terminates at a select scale of reduction, maybe where the first appearance of a dimension entity in nothingness occurs and time itself vanishes.