Friday, October 28, 2016

Undocumented Government Sanctions (the prose-poem)

With a Vladimir Lenin masked lead singer, the forests echoed with raven lafta. Tango in chains played a funky rhythm guitar and the lead dressed as an octopus swung skilled tentacles time-strutting the stage. Two up and down monkey drummers were mechanical wind-up concessions for predicable beat stability. Rational expectations are requisite to good economic planning. Everyone expects the beat to go on synchopating a commune leadership of change. Inertia. Anticipation. A nude dade will dawn where Sushi's neva wronged.

Inside the utopia dialectically evolved precision splending mash up crashes of thesis and anti-thesis kinetically spark courts. She got what she came for at the swore that never closed,. Lucy reached the skies with diamonds all around her shopping cart filled with hope from the federal reserve zero interest loans. Gazing longingly at Shanghai Lil, the picture of voluptuous low-carbon boobishness burned a joss for the nude boss.

American hedge rows of new homes in 2000 doublooned in cost by 2017. Jollyrognichepurham struggled with flows of triads, Mexican mafias, bloods, crips though Gates regulated the flow of wildlife govert the sunburned frontier. Aqualung struggled with uneven sea level field risings surviving homelessly. In the electric platinum SUV munching quantum cellular enhancement caviar Lucy rolled past the jungle reduced for neatness with the people provided, she thought, improvidently. The best mind in a room contemplated an economic plan.

In her thoughts she saw rings of smoke through the trees. That smoke fell upon the water forming a sizable bridge of silence. It was election day however. Top grade cut up meat prime government choi, money for nothing they ain't seen yet, HVD Gulliver liberated to redistribute brilliant deregulations where careerist gov.'s adjust the private sector banking a little cut for themselves. Partnership of illegal aliens working the true of corrupt officials sworn to uphold the law of Darwin.

Origin of the Species Decline

Nothing regulated incompetent regulations
little pieces here and there
a parthenoc mosaic of swell HVD
something ventured

was broken anyway

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Before the First Virtual particle in Any Possible Universe

About the first virtual particle...virtual particles so far as i know are flexes of the non-locality positions of quanta such as electrons. So there needs to be a primary particle or field for the appearance of a virtual particle.

Ideas taken apart from matter- that is spirit- just wouldn't be matter or energy or even a virtual particle. Math is an idea-even if it were taken as having some kind of Platonic reality.

I gave some thought to dimensions and wonder if even a theoretical first virtual particle without a primary source could have existed without a dimensions. Empty space would need to have dimensions or pwerhaps none at all and not exist either.

A Math Universe could exist in the context of a kernal presentation from an Omniscient Spirit. Yet what could sustain the idea othewise, if it must be something other than what the apparent Universe of energy-mass is?

Maybe the first dimension  coincided with a first idea from God. I like the theological dimensions of the line of conjecture, for I think it easy to make categorical errors about what is required for anything to exist or not in the basic Universe before expansion or inflation.

This is a quote from a short story I wrote named Pt. Omni- (its about dimensions and their origin)

She said; “I have started thinking about dimensions from first principles John. One may make a square out of a circle by creating four ninety degree angles in it. So if one imagines a sphere changing its shape so that it has four corners to it achieved perhaps by stretching it at fixed points, compare that with a figure analogous to a volume of space with three dimensions.

What are dimensions really? String theorists speculate about extra dimensions with some of unequal sizes as if they could be bound or compounded with a meta-dimensional power. If one regards dimensions as fulfilled space for example, in a three-dimensional sphere representing space as field lines crossing it in three directions, then changing the perimeter surface shape of the sphere or square  may  change or warp the field lines, dimensions and relations within. If those were dimensions they also would be changing relationships of composition.

What though are dimensions made of? Are they discrete, composite vectors such as a light beam that is made of photon quanta yet comprise a light wave in quantity? Are dimensions made of fundamental particles that when assembled have a vector or arrow of direction that is time?
Physicists say that the Universe is in principle time reversible (although improbable because of reversing entropy and force field desiderata). The relationships of various forces, fundamental forces of the Universe, may also be time reversible though improbable. Dimensions, whatever they are made of, may have some force about them perhaps as a field, possibly neutral yet binding on to other dimensions with some principle maybe governed or determined by the meta-field wherein they exist.
If God were to change the surface shape of the Universe from a cube to a sphere altering thereby the structures of dimensions, energy and mass within a Universe, it is conceivable that a 13.3 billion year evolution or expansions from time = 0 at a big bang could be completed in 13.3 seconds or fewer in a time forward or time reverse process. If dimensions and mass contents of time are subject to an overall field strength determined by God, the form and content of any given Universe might be instantly determined from hydrogen atoms to stars, galaxies, life, black holes and information phenomena experienced within a Universe with sentient beings."

Sins cast to the bottom of the Sea

I watched a video on plate tectonics and the Marianas trench recently. It's seven miles deep at the deepest spot. When God said he would remember the sins of the saved no more, and they would be as cast to the bottom of the sea, that made a point interesting today geologically speaking. The reason the trench is so deep is that the Pacific plate crust there is the oldest and heaviest and sinks beneath the next plate over-the Eurasian plate that is younger and lighter with new crust from deep in the Earth. Sins at the deepest place would ride along to the hell of the mantle below the Earths crust-and perhaps onward to the hell of the core theoretically. The lost also sort of evolve along in material worldliness until taken down to nothingness spiritually speaking while in contrast, the regenerate are lighter, born of the spirit and rise from the lost conditions of the evolutionary paradigm of mass and energy.

ref. Micah 7:19

Should Hillary Swear in on the Bible or Darwin's Origin of Species? (if elected)

Is it realistic to have Democrat Presidents swear in on the Bible anymore? Doesn't the hippocracy strike a disingenuous note to making the oath of office? Further, is it right to get a non-believer or an apostate believer to swear on the Bible when their platform is just not consistent with it? Homosexual marriage is just not Christian-no serious Christian would think it is.

Hillary Clinton should request that she sign in with her hand on Cosmolpolitan magazine or The Harvard Business Review instead of a Christian Bible- people might believe her more. Some people are more easily fooled than others I suppose.

Donald Trump on the other hand might actually mean it if he took the oath of office on the Bible, before forgetting about it later.

The Lost of Lillyput (poem)

The Lost of Lillyput

When the elector of Lillyput cast her eye upon HVD Gulliver
those steroid bulging biceps drenched with rain
a shirt torn from struggle against tide and runts
the die was cast

Dogs run alongside SUVs
leashlessly crashing into pedestrians
snarling heir dream broadcast
biting and becoming

Bureaucracy of corporate warming
a thousand adds beyond rice paper curtains
draping voting booths with cookied silence
and privacy munched quafficly colliding sounds

Tectonics confect rising currents
fresh lava flows surging into cooling airs
spires tapped with aspirations written like prayers
carried atop the plate moving westward
Gathering years and the heaviness of sins
thickening memories flowing over the mantle
with each incandescent world core
sinking toward the trench
seven miles below the ocean surface

Divinity and shimmering a steel drum' storms
lightening, tightening, reforming shrunken heads
tied to Gulliver's belt of power
to a quantum notch apiece

Parallel to the moving target
trajectories evoluting emoted cues
anticipated in rational expectations of market
martinets consolidating performance within acceptable parameters
buying and selling surface swells
surfing standing waves where time persisting stays

sins fall like spent shells to the sea floor
in the deepest trench slipping down under silently
on a conveyor belt merging below the crust
into the most deep hell the world has to offer
with the lost slipping into eons of mass and energy
lifeless spirits achieving the death of a deathless forever
from mass to mass, energy to energy
in everlasting fusion
being to nothingness.

Monday, October 24, 2016

U.S. Gov Tricked Soldiers on Bonuses-Want Money Back

In a classic bait and switch ploy the U.S. military duped california national Guard soldiers to re-enlist with large Afghanistan-Iraq era bonuses and now want the money back. In a classic bait and switch ploy the U.S. military duped california national Guard soldiers to re-enlist with large Afghanistan-Iraq era bonuses and now want the money back. Stay in ther military another six years dancing around i.e.d.s and return the money? Really.

If one lives in a society where deception and corruption are the norm and wealth is concentrated people may doscover they cvannot move ahead unless they meet the right marketing criteria. Modern slavers may be graduates of the Harvard Business or Law Schools that put a price on everyone interested in working in the economy.

With the flimsy trillions of zero interest loans that went to Wall Stree and the bunko bucks for bonds as well as quantitative easing their is little excuse for burdening veterans financially. In a corrupt era that stuff just happens. Obama should give debt amnesty to those people.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Pen-Ultimate Post-Syrian Civil War Boundary Paradigmata

Boundaries evolve. Change is a continuum grinding out political realities. Nations too evolve. Like Christian churches that formerly were true to the Bible and evolved away into heretical cultist states of apostasy, nations that once were democracies evolve into tyranny or imperial evil empires applying vanishing crème to their boundaries with other nations. Change is inevitable given enough time; in a few dozen million years the Pacific ocean will evolve into a nice little sea like the Mediterranean, yet some things do endure forever. The word of God will always be true and people will misinterpret the Bible. Science, theology and politics often use bad hermeneutics to interpret what is right for foreign policy. The Syrian conflict is a case in point.

There isn't enough chat about rational Syrian boundaries that would conserve peace among the various parties that live there. I have thus drawn a map myself...Kurds would do pretty well taking the border along Turkey. They would share the coast with the present lawful government of Syria. The Assad government would keep the interior down to Damascus. Jordan would get a new chunk of Eastern Syria to administer as a trust territory for those Sunni that can't live peacefully with the Alawi and Christians of the lawful government of Syria or with Kurds.

Here is an inexact map (Lebanon is the area inside the yellow line and Israel the blue line).

Plainly the Caliphate have other ideas about the final map of the post-Syrian civil war. They believe that some sort of a final battle- an Armageddon with sparks, smoke, bullets, bombs etc. will transpire at an ominous eerie village named something like Dab or Dork ick between the modern version of the Roman Evil Empire- the one led by the Democrat Party and a party of dilettante global imperialist Muslims. Blood will run freely flowing like PCB and oil polluted rivers deep around SUV wheels with high-tech fighters wildly swinging around .50 cal machine guns. So as the 13th theologian Ibn Taymiyyah perhaps informs us or not ( I will need to read Aquinas' contemporary to see how that relates to Contra Summa Gentiles), seventy-two virgins is sexist clumped enough to attract legions of American and Euro-women to enlist in the conflict to serve even though they don't know what they get in the afterlife for-themselves as a post-life economic equivalence of the promised promiscuous life within group marriage promised for mart-erd male warriors of Muhammad.

The Caliphate's expansionist ideas are the moral equivalence of N.A.T.O.'s ideas about annexing formerly Russian lands that were part of the Soviet Union too, after the end of the Cold War when Russia was weak and at the mercy of the implacable sword of President Bill Clinton able to threaten implicitly with atomic annihilation of potential puny resistance provided in the C.I.S. paradigm thrust on President Boris Yellin. Democrat Party theory and practice is that if a target of opportunity looks like easy prey and snatch it, bag it and move on; munching and texting further while driving in economic war. After the U.S. abandonment of Iraq following the election of President Obama, and with U.S. support for Arab Spring revolutions, and with the U.S. President attacking as a war material, weapons, cash and training facilitator coordinated the rise of a rebel army to attack the lawful government of Syria, Al Qaeda of Iraq saw the situation of Syria as a ripe, rotten target plum fine for maggots of war to bite down until subdued under the rule of Caliph-fate.

Though there is much conflict in the region, when it all boils down, probably everyone living will need to live there in keeping some kind of rational boundary configuration.

On the other hand, though the Syrian war is a kind of tribulation like that written by the prophet John in the Revelation as commonly misunderstood by those calling themselves pre-tribulationists, since the tribulation already happened in the mid to late first century A.D. when the Romans and the world were defeated by Jesus Christ who overcame death followed by the killing of disciples and destruction of Jerusalem, the rise of the kingdom of God did occur and Christianity under the guidance of the Holy Spirit grew unto the entire world, while the wrong political zeitgeist drives belligerent parties of Syria as lemmings before the hurricane on steep ocean waves before the blizzard strikes and the thunder sounds and they want borders consistent with that. Snide
evolution theory only supremacists on the other hand view the conflictants as Neanderthalish haters that require adult evolutionist supervision. Political evolutionists cannot imagine the Bible is a literally true word of God as they misunderstand its content equally well-in fact-with a mirror image of inaccuracy-with fundamentalist only Christian pre-tribulationists and Muslims that deny global plate tectonics and the deepest meaning of the Marinas trench.

While the challenges of pre-tribulationist Christian fundamentalists and Muslims makes competent birder stability in less-than-empire totality challenging to understand, the Kurds have been promised a nation of their own since the first world war and have fought rather well to defeat evil ISIS land-grabbers. The Kurds should remain allied with Iraq yet be allowed to annex a confederated state bordering on Turkey administered independently by the Kurds for-themselves.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Better Internet Public Literacy Training Sites Need Innovation

Why should illiteracy persist in the Internet era? It is easy to buy a decent basic computer for a $100. So there should be an obvious public literacy education-entertainment websites for adults and a branch for children.

Many literacy training websites exist... such as However the focus tends to be for children rather than adults across the training sites.

It should be easy to have a public education core curriculum for Americans of all ages that any inner-city or poor rural resident could get to augment his or her inadequate free public 1-12 education. Maybe a literacy guiding equivelent of the closed caption for the hearing impared should be created to transform any movie or televised video into a spell-by-the-numbers experience.

Quality education and life-long learning at no or low cost should be part of the core security requirement of a positive society. Guaranteed minimum income, basic inalienable life-time storage units, solid retirement security...all of those enable citizens to be free of the leverage of corruption and desperation. How many aspiring writers and inventors today lack their own electrical outlet and security to plug in annually?

Thursday, October 20, 2016

President's Worried About Election Results' Credibility

President Obama has said that Trump's possibly not accepting the election results is 'dangerous'.

America these days is something of a banana republic I suppose. Maybe the 101st Airborne will stage a coup to get rid of Hillary if she wins what might be a rigged election. One can easily prove the election was rigged listening to NPR or asking Hillary's hair dresser if her hair is naturally blond or really should be grey.

That civil war would be history making stuff. A battle of Chesserpeak Bay between aircraft carriers slugging it out. Broadsides from naval frigates on the capitol, tank divisions rolling in from Fort Hood- marine Divisions digging in in Virginia. Embedded reporters covering troop movement covering it all! Live action footage all over.

Nuclear, biological and chemical civil warfare producing tragic casualties of politicians and Harvard lawyers. The Federal Reserve scorched down to cinders and only money from the Treasury saved safely in numbered offshore accounts. Smoke and fog machines...Wow.

Russia evidently is also concerned about the flimsy election with all the broadcast media giving money to Hillary and getting tingling feelings about her. With luck a good Russian news agency back from reporting on the long term U.S. efforts to bring peace to Syria and stop a civil war from building will catch drone strikes on the Congress and Supreme Court for American viewers expecting to be censored in order to see if all that money they pay or that they owe money for on the public debt was worth it.

Washington D.C.'s stability is on a hair trigger requiring just the slightest displeasure or humor from a Presidential candidate to set off into an Al Gore intafadah of election results (ref. 2000 election). The military is inevitably drawing straws to see who will lead the coup after the election, who will name the people to lead the junta, and determine if a general purge such as the Emperor Sulla pulled on Rome would be good enough to restore civil order.

Donald Trump really should think carefully before making statements that cause so much fear and worry about civil war breaking out two or three weeks after Nov. 8th, 2016. If everyone is expecting that and it doesn't happen, what a let down. Nothing besides the NFL to watch and their ratings are down.

Harvard vs. Bigots and Deplorables

Harvard vs Trump

In the 2016 Presidential race-what some regard as the last democratic election, Harvard law is again pitted against an American with a more ordinary background (although prosperous). For some observers Harvard lawyers running on the Democratic ticket appealing charismatically to voters of the underverse (women, homosexuals, ethnic minorities) like Julius Caesar did appealing to plebians on his way to ending the Republic have found a way to transform the Democratic party into a shill for Harvard globalism and the wealth concentrating 1%.

Barrack Obama- a Harvard lawyer and class favorite, went a long way toward confirming the suspicion that the Democrat party is the real Wall Street party today when he signed permanent tax cuts for the rich into law after repressing any and all dissent. The value of the Democrat party as the basic tool for promoting Harvard globalism is great. Harvard University is first and foremost and elitist institution concentrating wealth and power drawing the ambitious sons and daughters of the rich, the highest achievers academically though perhaps preponderantly unsympathetic to the political causes of the poor and middle class, and others putting their own lofty ambitions above anything else in the world or beyond.

Free enterprise does require individual desire to help oneself or at least to fulfill goals and discover what the world is and can be. Good political leadership in democracy and sometimes in war requires a semblance of altruism though. Altruism tends to be lacking from organizational concentrations of wealth and power. Harvard like many other elite institutions works first for the advancement of its own class, and that class is not those traditionally comprising the Democrat Party.

In some respects Democrat Party leadership today is more like that of the Klan in the early 20th century. The late Senate Majority leader Robert Byrd was an alumni of the clan. The clan was about the promotion of a hidden economic agenda regionally that would keep an abundance of cheap labor and a minority- the 1% of the southerners that were aristocrats in the slave era- dominant and able top continue concentrating wealth and power.

The Democrat eloite today reinforces the concentration of wealth with economic and monetary policy. Since the cold war ended and cheap labor is abundant globally, and U.S. labor has declined in comparative value, destroying political resistance from Americans of the poor, middle and working classes is easy; simply promote the underverse to prominent positions to serve the 1% and describe U.S. nationalists as racists and various kinds of 'phobes. Chelsea Clinton recently urged Artizonans and Americans to vote against the 'bigots'. Presumably she was referring to American nationalists that oppose illegal migration to the U.S.A. American nationalists however respect Mexican sovereignty as well as their own. It is Harvard globalists that have no respect for international borders, national sovereignty, labor or the poor and middle class though. For them, Americans should be peons equally without meaningful political self-determination as Mexicans.

The broadcast media is owned by the rich in the U.S.A. Even NPR survives with corporate pay along with federal payouts. It's a perfect propaganda tool for the corporate and harvard elites that has transformed the Executive branch and Supreme Court into a leafgue of harvard alumni. Chief Justice Roberts is the most Wall Street invested of the members of the court and voted deciseively for corporate-approved Homosexual marriage and Obamacare. The 1% are happy ebnough to give the underverse what they want so long as it does not include tax increase of substance, national border security or ecological economic reform.

The Harvard government wasn't a result of a grand conspiracy (probably although who knows what the skull and bones league really think), I just evolved. The underverse does not concern itself with macro-political issues beyond those of its class special interests. If Americans are evolved into a toothless political class amidst a planetary proletariat ruled by global elites that is way out there...not a thing of today.

President Obama proved that money flows out of the ground to the government like water via the Federal Reserve and sales of bonds. That deficit policy and pumping up the rich with zero interest loans allowed Wall Street elites to expand investment globally. It does seem like a hollow, unsustainable policy in the long run, and meanwhile, far too many Americans are just marginalized into oblivion. For Chelsea Clinton the 40% of Americans for nationalism, independence and democracy are bigots. To her mother they are deplorables. Imagine that.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Clinton Deregulation Seeded 2008 Financial Crisis

President Bill Clinton's deregulation of Wall Street led directly to the 2008 financial crisis from which the United States hasn't ever really recovered. There are still more than a 100 million working age adults not working in the U.S.A., the public debt is about 230 trillion and all of that 400 increase in money supply the past decade is making global monetary policy less effective. 'The Clinton-Era Roots of the Financial Crisis

Each year about 4 million students finish high school. About 3/4s of a million don't graduate and another million or two are just never going to be intellectuals. Illegal alien workers take the laboring jobs that youth should have at good pay. The presence of cheap migrant labor cuts down their wages too.

It is not alright to force older workers into early retirement or disability either because they can't find a decent job after theirs is outsourced to China. Half of the people in the U.S.A. get some kind of Federal pay out. Forty-three million Americans are mentally ill and half don't get treatment. Maybe those are the ones with a chance at getting a job if they haven't been put on a list that says not to hire them because they are crazy.

Re-electing the Clintons to a third term will probably return the same kind of aloof Harvard people to provide and economic policy for the Clintons that flopped already with disasterous consequences. While they may be able to create a lot of broom pushing/sweeping kinds of jobs or put college grads into McDonalds or Burger King loading the freezer with boxes from the supply truck, the rich will get richer and the nation will further spew out its economic guts to globalists before it collapses again like a spent souffle.

It is said that lawyers use words as weapons to kill or maim their opponents. certainly they are verbal combatants and actors representing special interests compared to people will actual building and infrastructure repair experience. If the Clintons return to the White House it will be sort of a spectacle to watch even though democracy seems to have more or less died supplanted by corporatism and unintelligent voters led like jackasses to vote against their own interests.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Romo to 49ers, Bears or Cards?

Since the Cowboys have at last found their first long-term high-quality quarterback prospect since the Aikman/White/Staubach line faded to history one wonders what will become of Tony Romo? While he could be a capable back-up for ten years it is doubtful that he would want to play such a humble yet valuable role. On the other hand off off possibility; trade, he is the best available quarterback in the NFL and has five years or so to go. Not a Carson Palmer, yet not a terrible fumbler either. Dallas could trade Romo for a draft choice for 2017.

Logic may not work in Dallas however. Team owner Jerry Jones seemingly has an aversion to good quarterbacks with a regular throwing style for his team and may want to find some way to bench Dak Prescott, who had another fine game Sunday.

Multiverse Theory and Spirit

Multiverse theory and Spirit (excerpt from Point Omni, a recent science fiction of mine)
In Drexler City I had bought a little office niched across the street from a phone company amplification station for a song. It was small yet the bricks were an ambient reminder of mid-20th century American plains towns where memories had already vanished along with the people that lived and transacted business and their lives.
Charlene worked the U-1 research station for me when I was absent to Y'earth or other inner solar system ventures. It was good to be home with Charlene in a manner of speaking; she is a familiar face in an alienating world increasingly banished into sterile scientific phenomenalism more like virtual reality conditionally tolerated than home-worlds.
I opened and stepped through the doorway. She seemed a little distracted with a 100 mile distant look.
Not that it was too surprising. We often had conversations about metaphysics.
She said; “I have started thinking about dimensions from first principles John. One may make a square out of a circle by creating four ninety degree angles in it. So if one imagines a sphere changing its shape so that it has four corners to it achieved perhaps by stretching it at fixed points, compare that with a figure analogous to a volume of space with three dimensions.
What are dimensions really? String theorists speculate about extra dimensions with some of unequal sizes as if they could be bound or compounded with a meta-dimensional power. If one regards dimensions as fulfilled space for example, in a three-dimensional sphere representing space as field lines crossing it in three directions, then changing the perimeter surface shape of the sphere or square may change or warp the field lines, dimensions and relations within. If those were dimensions they also would be changing relationships of composition.
What though are dimensions made of? Are they discrete, composite vectors such as a light beam that is made of photon quanta yet comprise a light wave in quantity? Are dimensions made of fundamental particles that when assembled have a vector or arrow of direction that is time?
Physicists say that the Universe is in principle time reversible (although improbable because of reversing entropy and force field desiderata). The relationships of various forces, fundamental forces of the Universe, may also be time reversible though improbable. Dimensions, whatever they are made of, may have some force about them perhaps as a field, possibly neutral yet binding on to other dimensions with some principle maybe governed or determined by the meta-field wherein they exist.
If God were to change the surface shape of the Universe from a cube to a sphere altering thereby the structures of dimensions, energy and mass within a Universe, it is conceivable that a 13.3 billion year evolution or expansions from time = 0 at a big bang could be completed in 13.3 seconds or fewer in a time forward or time reverse process. If dimensions and mass contents of time are subject to an overall field strength determined by God, the form and content of any given Universe might be instantly determined from hydrogen atoms to stars, galaxies, life, black holes and information phenomena experienced within a Universe with sentient beings.
So how did you go about mind-mapping a Multiverse John?”
I thought about making a reply. The instant extended farther than it might have. Into the future making the most out of time for reflection on a topic dropped from the sky ten seconds passed before I asked Charlene;
Do you favor complex descriptions or prefer melted down models?
Charlene Crace; a superb cook, is a fashion theorist in many Universes unknown to her, yet in this one she is a practical and accomplished histor-philosoph economist tile setter. Her reply was as expected, direct; “Complexities can be regarded as tiles-for-themselves within a relativist mosaic. Melt-down models simplified, simpering-ready-for-consumption have fewer connections to adjoining explanatory tiles. They are puppies of limited horizon. One must track farther from the melt-down model's edge to locate a primary tile's horizon.
It is better to start with the complexity-in-itself that encompasses the initial melt-down model.”
I said; “With that being a good opinion, I need say that mind-mapping a Multiverse wherein mind itself necessarily has an implicit capacity to branch is prima facie a complexity so far as making a recursive description of it goes. Each thought in every mind has a physical foundation- a reality for-itself. Every thought stirs the brain to make subtle chemical changes at a quantum level, and there is a Universe existing corresponding to each quantum wave difference however minuscule.”
A Universe exists with every possible quantum variation comprising an infinite scale of Universes with every shade of gray and location of each particle?”
Yes Charlene. Every Universe that God has imagined or thought to be is super-positioned in all possible variations. Human conscious thought branches into the right Universe that free will actualizes with every thought.”
How would one have a continuum of mind if mind switches into another Universe corresponding to the new thought structure? It seems as if one would rather have a nearly infinite multiple personality John.”
Initially one might guess that each mind is already existing independently in every possible Universe. If one dropped into another Universe mind and kept one’s own then one might have two minds in the new brain, and those might keeping adding up with each new thought as one journeyed nearly infinitely with each new thought from Universe to Universe.
The Universe branching need occur automatically rather than with any conscious awareness of the branch to another Universe suitable for the new thought. If mind were to compile as an infinite addition of mind to new self mind not only would that be confusing, it would be self-evident and perhaps bring one to the level of a little god state with all of those minds coordinating in serial thought processing. For the latter two reasons I would dismiss the concatenation of minds in Universe switching from the set likely possibilities.”
Well John, cosmology has two main components; structure and composition. Mind slipping through a variegation of subtly different Universes would seem to transcend the structure of the Universes on the face of it, and probably the composition too.”
Mind is different than matter even though it is based in matter. While mind and its thoughts may slip into permutation Universes appropriate for the idea, the Universes may pre-exist the arrival of mind, and mind may occupy the live Universe like electricity lighting up a previously dark bulb.”
Then what about the other minds John? Those living in each Universe aren’t just androids or play figures-they are real aren’t they.”
Sure Char, they are real and potentially are occupied by the correct mind for some individual branching at their own time. Alternatively each mind could be coordinated to swap to an appropriate Universe with God's deterministic management. Managing the spirit of an individual soul experiencing one life across an infinite multitude of Universes shouldn't be difficult for the Lord.
Each Universe is pre-created physically by God and fully developed from beginning to end. God has accounted for every possible thought that anyone might have, and though one is free to think whatever one wishes there will be a ready physical Universe appropriate for that thought waiting for a mind to arrive at the right moment.”
One would expect an omnipotent and omniscient God to have actualized every possible Universe at least as idea. Idea for God transcends human ideas about what mind and matter are. Ideas of God may appear as matter in some contexts of perception for-others. Quantum waves may have a super-positioning correspondence at the cosmological scale where every possible Universe is selected as observed; God pre-knowing each possible wave function of any and all mind’s selection John.”

Superposition Strategy
Charlene poured a Kona coffee for me; an expensive import from a Y'earth-like world N-9 with bean descended from the original isles. I stirred in two packets of inocusug that provided a little immunity from a nano-virus brain-eating disease.
Char, every possible Universe that could be made to exist does exist, and in an infinite number of variations and permutations from every possible choice and evolution anyone or anything could take. A human soul is spirit and branches off into another Universe appropriate for its thought with each thought it takes. God foreknows every possible Universe that he has created or entails from eternity in all directions.”
So John there are not an infinite number of me occupying all of these Universes?”
No the time of each is a non-sequitur. All of the pasts, presents and futures in each of the infinite Universes exists in the eternal now of God. They are like static scenes that come alive when the soul is in any given Universe.”
Then how could two people share the same Universe for a significant period of time and relativistically travel together.”
For a human being calculating the mechanics might indeed be quite difficult-even impossibly so. For God though it is nothing.
Consider that the sum over histories of world lines and all possible positions of quantum superpositions before waveform collapse before viewing are apparent phenomena given unto observers. The all-possible positions of a given quantum particle actually correspond to an infinity of Universes where the particle is in a different position. That phenomena occurs for every possible particle and virtual particle in existence.
Necessarily time like spatial quanta is also formed with quantum superposition. Select quanta are given unto every possible time position that are for-themselves spatial locations.”
The Multiverse is static with a contingent existence fully actualized within God's eternal now. For human observers however time and space seem to be in motion relativistically as if membranes from higher dimensions were passing through one another creating the appearance of time and spatial expansion?”
That's one way of looking at it Char. I realized that even the traditional approach with waveform collapse making a steady state material Universe tends to leave one philosophically wondering if they can see farther from the mountaintop through the fog. Remember some of these points about subjectivity and the Schrödinger wave (function)...
The wave-function could be a state of mind, of subjective experience, yet it might be a problem of the criterion, that is within an Everettian interpretation mind or experience moves through a multidimensional matrix. I think that is not entirely inconsistent with the Copenhagen interpretation epistemology viewing matter and energy through a glass darkly with partial certainty.
Wave-particle superposition is a paradigm of contemporary thought about how the quantum fields exist that could be inaccurate, so the Copenhagen paradigm could be incapable of determining what's what though useful in standard model field equations for working with matter. That is a pragmatic philosophical difference of depth.
There are innumerable forms the fundamental field could be in that allow the appearance of quanta and space-time to exist along with faster-than-light distance interval transcendence. People naturally think inductively of circles and spherical packing with a unitary field shaking to emit one-dimensional membranes building up to large quanta. All that minimalist quanta remains tied into the the unitary field and can be regarded as complex virtual illusions that are real building up to a level where self-awareness occurs experiencing the steady state temporal fields.
Transcending experimentally to deeper micro levels through space-time to forms of quanta outside of time individually as quanta may let relativity breaking phenomenal observations exist.
Space membranes may have irregular shapes when intersecting providing for irregular rates of apparent time passage. Alternatively they may have regular shapes that when intersecting or passing through other membranes provide an apparent smooth rate of expansion of space-time resembling that of dark energy. Dark energy is often regarded as responsible for the increasing rate of expansion of space in the observable Universe. Cosmologists say the rate of expansion of space and time will continue until a big rip occurs when the Universe is 64 billion years old whereat it will cease to exist; failing to draw social security benefits itself from an economics expanded with federal reserve zero interest loans.
Membranes capable of being an entire Universe when intersecting at various angles or portions contacting must be of very large size one might think. Size is relative thought in a completely empty void a one inch membrane might as well be a mile. Only in relation to other membranes or things could comparative quantification occur.
If a membrane is not of zero dimensions simultaneously existing yet not existing-logically somewhat absurd except perhaps for quanta in some form of superposition even with a timeless, eternal form; hen it must be made of something. In a field particles arise of various sizes as energy wave packets. A membrane though is regarded as some kind of fundamental entity without parts. Irreducible membranes of one dimension seem even less probable than super-positioned zero-dimensional membranes that take one dimension with interference, observation and waveform collapse, or just the word of God.
A membrane of n-dimensions may be a quantified field in the mind of God initially structured in a spiritual sense that with interference and intersections collapses from the superpositions of the mind of God into one-dimensional and concatenated dimensional forms. Recombinant dimensional membranes perhaps with an unknown forms of charge-perhaps multi-tensorial charges could build up super-dimensions with greater magnitudes than other membranes. Membranes and dimensions could undergo a collapse to a steady state field comparable to that of quantum waveform collapse.
The shape of the Universe spatially speaking was and is of interest to cosmologists. It could have been toroidal, spherical etc. Perhaps there is no clearly definable shape for a Universe at the leading, expanding edges whereat it fades off into a nothingness emptier than nothing itself. It may simply be an apparent Universe with apparent yet unreal space that is properly a concatenated and apparent effect for observers from one-dimensional membranes moving through one another. When one membrane passes along the axis of another it may appear as an acceleration of spatial expansion to local observers.
Any sort of turn or deflection for a membrane's shape would require some irregularity of force acting at that place. The presence or absence of planar deformation, or of spherical deformation if a singularity, indicates the presence of a heterodox field or membrane element. Maybe some theorists regard individuated endowments of force as fundamental branes with the optimal shape for a brane corresponding to the configuration of dimensions in which it coheres. Dimensional brains thus appear to be theoretically embedded within a Chinese puzzle box of additional dimensional branes.
In evolutionary biology there is an argument that mutation is the primary agent for change rather than natural selection. Mutation is a way of describing sudden change of an individual from an existing pattern. The capacity for mutability is an implicit aspect of being. God may be changeless and eternal, yet spacetime beings continually change.
Mutation however is regarded as occurring to living beings rather than to inanimate molecular forms. Complexity in biological forms allows for a suggestion of mutation from an existing pattern. Simple matter though changes predictably, logically-even mathematically. Elements are what they are because of the quanta clumped with basic forces. Phase changes of matter might theoretically occur to an entire Universe or portions of it, yet again consistent with logic of components. Geological formations like talus slopes are said to evolve under the influence of the second law of thermodynamics and entropy with the increase of disorder. Should dimensional membranes be thought of as mutable or are they too simple even to be considered being evolutionary?
Relationships of membranes that change in a field of all possible membranes existing might be regarded as evolving. Evolution occurs in the space-time changes for observers living in a nexus of interacting membranes. For God hosting the membrane field, nothing changes in a sense. The membrane's position and motion follow His will. Intellect of observers changes too, yet as in a level 4 Multiverse intellect is an apparent phenomena embedded in the interacting membrane fields. It is pre-determined though apparently able to modify energy-matter forms in a small way within a space-time manifold. God configured the complete field from eternity with space-time membranes comprising contingent ontology-for-others.”

U-2 Foxes have holes, and birds have nests...
When the Son of God became born of woman on Y'earth bringing the good news of salvation to the elect fairly early in life he outgrew his usual domestic social environment. In time the revelation of his identity brought even his fellow townsman to seek to throw him off a cliff unto death. His new mother and brothers were those he called to be disciples.
The Earth itself was not a home for the Son of God. In the book of Matthew verse 20 Jesus saith unto (a man), “The foxes have holes, and the birds of the air have nests; but the Son of man hath not where to lay his head.”
The Lord Jesus was about eternal life with God. The Kingdom of God like Karl Barth said in echoing the gospel, is within you. The spiritually dead are often the too comfortable in the world as they seek not after the Spirit and spiritual rebirth through the Lord and Holy Spirit. The body is matter and dies, the soul is spirit and a gift from God. As a human is given life with spirit, after physical death of the body Jesus gives renewed life to the spirit.

Immediately following Jesus' plaintive comment
21...”another of his disciples said unto him, Lord,
suffer me first to go and bury my father.
22 But Jesus said unto him, Follow me; and let the dead
bury their dead.”

In the U planetary topology social cultural advances arrived at the next higher level when technology became able to take barren, lifeless worlds and make them over into worlds teaming with self-sustaining ecosystems. The ecologically dead were reformed in the image of life as some of the people were transformed into a modest spiritual likeness of the Son of God after being remade in his image through faith.
I wonder about the logic shaping drives for planetary and galactic expansion sometimes. With technology able to produce food from dirt and nanomachines able to construct dwelling on planets and low gravity themselves-for-human, what urges motivate the endless rush?
Deductive and inductive logic may be used to find solutions for the same problem. One tends to think of logic as entirely deductive naturally. With deductive logic one has a concept, a set of differentia and advances a remaining solution from given premises.
Maybe I didn't say that very well. Logical elements might be regard as simple symbols. For example, upright lines drawn for tallying counts. Different annotations (differentia) for the lines could be just the position of an intersecting line. There might be circles placed on a line differentiating lines in numbers and locations and sizes with little circles.
If one has a collection of symbols and has a process for combining them-such as addition and subtraction, finding what remains after processing/combining/simplifying them one has a deductive procedure. One deducts redundant and irrelevant symbols in an equation until a surviving symbol emerges.
Inductive logic on the other hand, is a generator of symbols they may not yet exist. Again using lines and arithmetic as examples, one can produce higher numbers and more complex symbols (or less so) than are found in an initial set. Multiplying two prime numbers produces a greater number than either, so it might be considered an inductive process, however given the right procedure, the solution may also be found deductively.
Inductive and deductive logic may each find solutions to a given problem. Deductive logic would tend to provide an exclusively correct answer or solution while inductive logic would provide a number of possibly correct answers that would be cumbersome to reduce and simplify inductively. It would probably be possible however. It is comparable to the extra work needed to use deductive logic for discovering solutions to problems better suited for inductive methods. Possibly all deductive problems may be found with inductive methods while, alternatively, deductive logic cannot discover all solutions provided by inductive methods. Metaphysics for example is a field better suited to inductive rather than deductive logic, except in some instances, if one is applying a key interpreter from a known material premise.
Charlene, the Drexler State has a few terraformed planets comprising its nation. The energy required to form narrow dimension membrane channels through space-time may exist within black holes. What think you of that?”
It does then seem that the construction of membranes is a logical place to base the construction of Universes. Universes in one descriptive paradigm are extended membranes differentiated with field pluralism, waves and particle quanta.
A one-dimension membrane singularity may be the apex of a locally timeless cloud super-positioned as virtual wave-particle energy from an unbounded Unconditional. In an initial waveform collapse from the virtual cloud of super-positioned particles the zero-dimensional singularity becomes one dimensional, expanding its membrane energy with four dimension vectors. Membrane energy inherently embodies all-possible Universe fields, particles and space-time. As the singularity and hyperinflation occurs for an instant in a second, field energy endowments and space time expansion transpire producing a standard and eventually observable Universe for sentient beings embedded within its present or future.
I had wondered about the role of black holes and gravity more so than dark energy John. Consider the point that gravity affects all matter and virtual particles associated with it bringing them all to a relative center where none break free. If gravity was a field transcending all matter, and if the strong force binding quarks together, and electromagnetism too along with the weak force binding molecules together were pushed and pulled by gravitons within a dark hole and even a naked singularity they would need to be wave-particles with some mass and maybe a negative charge still bounded by the speed of light at which gravity observably occurs. Gravity can't transcended the space-time dimensions wherein it exists as a field phenomena able to bind to quarks or the strong force field itself. Perhaps for some reason as simple as polarity tensors of the field in which they occur.
It does seem to me there must be a preferable account for the treatment of gravity on mass-energy instead of collapsing it to an infinite reduction to a singularity as an entity without gravity itself-a contradiction, for gravity as a field phenomena must be a contingent field too rather than a non-contingent one. Even if it seems to bend space-time there are numerous ways to explain that besides space-time-dimensions becoming deformed. For instance a time dimension could receive interference from the presence of mass and simply slow or dilate the mass motion through space in a proportionate way bringing about the appearance of gravitational-spatial effects. A black hole is not on Newtonian standard time.
Maybe gravity conforms mass into a larger mass construction comprising something like a local curved membrane of energy in-itself. Mass energy may be embedded within the gravitational field itself as part of a charged object different from those normally experienced in space-time. While they may potentially be a very large power source, they may also process mass-energy through to a basic dimensional membrane. The receiving membrane would expand space or time as the case may be while the remaining local curvature of space where the black hole formed could be compared to a bullet hole in a piece of metal left after the bullet-mass passed through.”
A potentially useful insight. Maybe gravitons are virtual particles of a membrane dragging mass through black holes back to membranes. I should say that I have been saving a bit of good news though. “
We need to go on a journey my dear, through space and time.”
Really John, where to.”
The planet Phobia.”
Don't go there John.”

 “Umm-hmm, .”