Wednesday, August 31, 2016

World Chess Champ Made Positive Trump Comments

Magnus Carlsen, world chess champion, had positive things to say about Donald Trump earlier this year. Evidently the Norwegian establishment didn't like that and mischaracterized his statements in the media.

I should say that my new favorite Carlsen chess game is one against Wesley So in round four of the Bilbao Open 2016.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Monday, August 29, 2016

Moving Hoops and Goal Posts?

Because the game was intended for people like short Canadians (boys) tossing peaches or larger spheres into a basket fixed at some height (e.g. 10') above the ground while players grew and became adult specialists the game changed to something requiring upgrades. With the profusion of technology the N.B.A. could afford a movable hoop and backboard that rises to 12 feet during a game with mobility from the first quarter at a regular incline. Maybe the backboard should change its slant and even the hoop rotate clockwise in a full circle during the game.

N.F.L. goalposts could start wide as at present then reduce their width each quarter until in the 4th the gap is just 6 feet. Tactics would change considerably in each sport.

Essays; Decline of Moral Leadership (vlog)

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Trans-Pacific Partnership Defeatism

The Trans-Pacific partnership is a logical continuation of President Bill Clinton’s start in NAFTA and subsequent trade agreements to surrender sovereignty and democracy in the United States to global oligarchy. President Obama’s early childhood upbringing in the nation of Indonesia presents a U.S. leader with a too natural eastern center point of view on trade policy. With the Clinton-Obama-Bush trade mosaic giving up a focus on U.S. development and prosperity for that of Wall Street, recrudescent British Imperialists through business and finance the future of the United States and even the world economically and politically speaking continues to decline.

The Clinton-Obama attack on western values brought the U.S.A. to the point where it is reasonable to say, like Horace Greely, 'Go east young transexual.'

A United States flood by illegal aliens and Asians with industrial production shifted offshore leaves the United States poorer even while the world ecosystem is in decline. A plutocratic global concentration of wealth and power driving American interests down in favor of a Beijing central partnership with Harvard and global financial elites does well to destroy the former social fabric of the United States and remake it into a nation of corporate lackeys with corporatism uniting leadership with the Chinese Communist Party.

Marxism and atheism under the dialectical infrastructure of evolution is not a necessary political, theological or philosophical ontology so much as it is a simple, popular way to drive the masses into servitude lowering their expectations and ability to accomplish free enterprise, democratic reform and self-determination. It is a wonder that not so many find it funny that the rope capitalists sell to communists to hang free enterprise and democracy with is actually produced in China too.

The world does face grave financial and ecological challenges that can be successfully addressed best with ecological economics within a democratic environment with new value theory. The Democrat Party of the U.S.A. hasn’t an interest in that direction at all. It is a partner of those Republicans such as Bushes, Ryans, Romneys and McCains interested more in concentrating wealth than in preserving and defending freedom nationally, free enterprise and advancing all citizens to prosperity and environmental recovery.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Army Recognized Hillary as Security Risk

The Army recognized Hillary Clinton as a leaker and security risk yet of course Hillary has a so what dude, like it isn't meaningful' attitude about it.

Plainly Hillary is not as skillful as Edward Snowden at leaking information yet she was in a far more powerful position such that evidently hackers were able to glean important stuff from her Sect. of State security sloppiness.

Vlog Essays Economic-Theological

Monday, August 22, 2016

Is Hillary's Rat Poison Dose for Blood Clots Too Much?

Hillary Clintion may have some sort of disease besides bad ethics shared with her husband. She reportedly is using the drug coumadin. That is intended to prevent heart attacks, blood clots and strokes although it can have deleterious side effects such as dizziness and bleeding in the skull housing unit.

I can answer the question that the use of a drug intitially made as rat poison by the Presidential candidate along with her weakness, dizziness etc. is not too much of a problem that the candidate ought to step down or lay down fropm the rigors of a tough job.

President Barrack Obama has played golf hundreds of times in his seven years and Hillary can use such ample leisure for naps. She will have expert medical workers constantly surrounding her in case she has more attacks. The job of the President is fundamentally to be a front person for globalists and to hold parties and receive contributions near and far. The voter's job is just to approve the right globalist put forward by  Harvard electors. Hillary just needs to cross the finish line in first and then she can resume the same sort of life she would if not President except with a lot of power to delegate.

It's another not-to-worry issue for Democrats obviously. The late Sen. Ted Kennedy had brain cancer for years and performed his usual wacky job even helping get Barrack Obama elected. That's not so bad perhaps since Sen. Ted Cruz and Speaker of the House Ryan have helped get Hillary elected by not supporting the Republican candidate.

People expect Hillary to be unfit for office yet acceptable even so because she is Hillary. If Hillary were stuffed and wheeled in by secret service taxidermy specialist she would still be o.k. so long as Bill was around as a ventriloquist to channel her ideas.

In other Hill news the F.B.I. found 14,000 more state department emails Hillary didn't turn over .

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Creation- Days - Multiverse blog v1 (video)

I was having some trouble getting a video to process on a netbook, so I completed half of it and will post the complete version later. A multiverse seems consistent with God's omnipotent and omnipotent character as do many other aspects of a structure where spirit branches through an infinite structure that is a Multiverse. None of that is in this video. I should write more about that later.

U.S. Money Supply Expanded 400% the Past Decade?

There is a book by Porter Stansberry going over the impending financial crisis in the U.S.A. that  if accurate twood be challenging for most.

I can't say how accurate it is yet it has many interesting points, and is of course an ad to buy a book with more information. That's alright though. a political essay

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Obama Admin Demanded Hostage's Release for $400 Million Ransom

President Obama said it was illogical to call 400 million dollars exchanged for hostages 'ransom'. Today however the state department admitted it demanded the release of the hostages in order for Iran to get the cash in several currencies. That is an example of the Harvard elite attitude  of whatever we say is right, what you say wrong, we don't make mistakes etc. for which Hillary C is famous. She is a lawyer that has accomplished the reversal of the ethics for attorneys that even the appearance of conflicts of interest and lying should be avoided. With Hill and Bill we assume they are lying.

The Clinton Foundation announced it will cease receiving corporate and foreign donations if elected.  They may believe a Clinton White House would be the time to kickback favors to large donors rather than receive pay offs because a Democrat voter might think something's wrong with it-or even two. a political essay

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Clinton-Obama N.A.T.O. Need a Cold War

In the era of global warming it is challenging to have a cold war. The continuing existence of the Warsaw pact's peer military organization after the end of the Cold War may have been the groundwork for recreating a cold war at least in part so N.A.T.O. would continue to have something to exist for.

It would have been far cheaper to let N.A.T.O. remain what it was in reduced scale than to find new post-cold war roles for it in tasks it was unsuited and unplanned for such as counter-terrorism and conflicts in non-invasive Muslim nations.

The United States needed no help in Iraq or Afghanistan with goof intel (as unlikely as that was), and would have benefited from expanding global counter-terror, intelligence and special ops force instead of mal-adapting N.A.T.O.

The Clintonsof course were the inventors of modern American snatch and grab post-Soviet era countries from Russia and that has led to problems. Hillary Clinton and President Obama also choose to subvert Christian and Alawite elements ion Syria and force a Sunni axis of evil upon that nation. They have their heads so far up their stupidities they couldn't wrap a roll of toilet paper around it to get a sight of real policy.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Afro-Americans; Trust Trump or Harvard-Clinton Elite Globalists?

Global elites form sometimes through location, position, accumulated advantage and the inertia of power rather than some process of hypothetical merit. Harvard alumni and the government is one such organizational phenomenon. It has taken control of the Supreme Court and White House and reaches throughout the government and business.Donald Trump is not part of that and the media hate him.

The media is owned by concentrated wealth and it is globalist. Hillary Clinton says the right things to appeal to non-white males and perverts, yet what she does isn't too hot. The elites believe a low growth economy is environmentally sound- and it might be if the economy were founded entirely on an ecological economic basis. It is not and the Democrat Party has no intention of doing so. The wealth of the 1% grows, elites have good jobs and that is enough. The masses cannot expand anymore because it's a crowded world so they don't need the money or traditional economic growth rates.The prospectus seems to be a global melting pot of peonization in order to hush political restiveness while in real terms downsizing everything so far as possible.

Donald Trump wants to grow the economy along traditional lines at a 5 or 6% pace I suppose.That would be good for blacks, Latinos and poor unemployed or underemployed whites that want a better than welfare sort of lifestyle. Sheriff Clarke of Milwaukee recently described the well known problems with the black community. Trump might be able to create more jobs in trades than Clinton, and more jobs mean less crime and a better lifestyle. The need to evolve to an entirely new quality sort of  economic foundation is evident with the environment being the way it is-overused and stressed. The elites aren't getting it done and can't because of their unwillingness to lead or sacrifice traditional economic advantage.

Instead of classical economic measurements for health and vitality of the U.S. economy the nation should find a way to determine that quality lifestyles for all are increasing. Social values should mean quality lifestyle and economic goals ought to be to create the best standard of living and the healthiest environment that humanity can. Letting the environment be an externality or practico-inert mass for consumption or use without other significance is dangerous to human health. It is important to keep full employment and social security at all ages of life rather than for a few or a small period of time.

Corporate growth and size should be limited to 3000 employees in order to prevent accumulation of wealth and power that destroys the fact of democracy. Individuals should not be permitted to earn income such that it develops extreme political power. In today's dollar the most rich anyone should be is one billion dollars, and it should take time to collect that. Anything over ten times the average wage should be progressively taxed and the money used to fund environmental restoration and quality of life issues for the majority.

It would be a good idea for society to vet new business start ups and determine if they are ecologically efficient. Environmental efficiency creating useful products at least cost to the environment should be voted upon for approval and good ahead.Intelligent individuals with good business ideas ought to go forward, Taxation on wasteful and polluting businesses greater than on those that are not. Marriage should have tax structures that reward natural childbirth and monogamous couples that stay together and raise good kids-with progress tax incentives and rewards since it is socially beneficial.

Certainly drugs, urban crime and repeat arrests are part of a culture of dysfunction that flourishes in black communities. That makes it important to change toward new economic values and family values for that American minority group as well as others. It is necessary to measure quality growth if quantitative growth is intentionally restricted by Clinton-Harvard elites too happy to take care of their own interests as if there were a eugenics element involved. While the American political system may no longer be a real democracy it should not be a puppetocracy to pacify the masses.

Most Hope Karjakin Will Win Chess Championship

Because it's basically impossible for Russian challenger Sergey Karjakin to defeat Magnus Carlsen this November in the world chess championship, most hope he wins. Magnus has been an excellent champion with stellar deportment for such a young fellow-still just 25 however he is better than everyone else usually by at least 40 ratings points when his game is off. Karjakin is only rated 8th in the world about 90 point lower than Carlsen.

Former champion Vishy Anand twice played Carlsen and lost convincingly. Many regard Karjakin as not quite as good as Anand. Karjakin is not a boring player though. With some extreme luck and careful surprise planning he just might pull off the upset. No one believes that though. And that is why most hope Karjakin wins yet don't mind when Magnus does as he will.

No one cares that Karjakin’s Ukrainian homeland was stolen from him by Bill Clinton who got an alcoholic Boris Yeltsin to relinquish it from the new Russia that was forming at the breakup of the Soviet Union. Karjakin choose to move to Moscow and be part of Russia as a young man. At age 26 Karjakin is a young guy too from the great Russian chess tradition facing a champion perhaps the equal of Bobby Fischer, Paul Morphy, Garry Kasparov, Steinitz and Lasker. Not until another four years go under the bridge will 17 year old Wei Ye of China perhaps be ready to move on to challenge Magnus Carlsen and win.

If Magnus Carlsen actually lost to Sergey Karjakin it is terrible to think about how he would tune up his game to recover the world title.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Why Not Tax Breaks for Non-Fossil Fuel Driving To Reduce Greenhouse Gas

N.A.S.A. said that July was the warmest month in modern weather history. P.P.M. of co2 have exceeded 400. Tax policy can be used to encourage socially benign rather than harmful activity, provided of course that the Fed Reserve-debatebly the source of all monetary policy evil affecting the economy-doesn't continue to make a joke of fair, equal social work effort to get money. Tax incentives not to burn fossil fuels-tax breaks for those that don't, would be useful.

The climate scientists aren't the chicken littles of America-that would be those that disregard human caused atmospheric heating input.

The Death of Virtue in the Democrat Party

Clintons Turn Farther To Corruption and Imperialism

Since President Reagan the United States has elected a series of corrupt and/or inept Presidents. The nation’s position in deep debt, lacking economy, immorality, racial conflict, porous borders and terrorism is a result of that leadership. Clintons and Bushes have dominated U.S. politics since 1980 when G.H. Bush became Vice President. Democrat voters and globalists support the continuing imperial lines leading to the concentration of wealth as tired sycophants of evil. One would need to be an idiot to believe that being the wife of a popular President (before impeachment) sand having his political machine and connections to use doesn't run insider nepotism rather than rugged individualism.

Electing anyone besides Hillary Clinton would express some sort of non-servile character in Americans. It may be more likely that those desirous of nepotist leadership with a corrupt elite enabling the wife of Bill Clinton who will extend sympathy too much to homosexuals and national ethical stench as a virtue while getting rich will have their way. The easy path is broad and many there are that travel it.

It may be possible that socialism is dead and corporatism with an amoral center of effort is drawing the left to the mainstream so far as to keep a pretense of capitalism alive while wealth is concentrated and the masses slopped well enough to be content. That seems to be the way things are drifting.

When a global elite class of actual classical oligarchs without a new ecological economic value theory becomes so entrenched in national and world leadership it portends ill of prospects for reform to ecological economics and continuing human habitat health. Full employment and a real democracy requires leadership that is absent from the Clinton ethos.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Will Alaska Legislature Consume State's Permanent Fund

Governments need to be paid for somehow. Democracy has income taxes for financing when they reach a certain size. Lincoln invented the first income tax to pay for the civil war. If a state has plentiful free assets it may have no need of an income tax-yet with oil being gone permanently more or less from high price value globally the days of free government are likely over. So legislators lust after the Permanent Fund. It is a matter of learning if the government eats the people's Permanent Fund before becoming sober and responsible?

With new forms of value theory, government, resource use an
d so forth it might be possible to have a self-financing government with very low income tax, yet the PFD is itself an efficient way to let the people have financing for inventive personal interests.The PFD should be spared being the main course for cannibalism by legislators not yet adjusted to the new financial reality.

There is no harm in letting the people of Alaska have an annual stipend for entrepreneurial and survival finance. If the government is funded by Wall Street alternatively, with the Permanent Fund, it would then be corporatist rather than a Democracy or Republic; a device of global oligarchs.

Obama-Libya Policy Timeline With Four to Six Thousand ISIS Fighters

President Obama's decision to terminate the ISIS-free Libya of Khaddafi enabled the ISIS terror group to find a ready supply of weapons and chaos to move in to. President Obama's Indonesian homeland has also had ISIS terror problems that are increasing with recruitment and training. (Bush era) (Obama-N.A.T.O.)

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Latino Voters Prefer Granma Over Macho Trump BY 46%

A new Fox news poll shows Latino voters prefer Granma Zillary over Macho Donald Trump by a wide margin. Fidel Castro's Cuban communist revolution was launched from a boat named Granma and it became eponymous for the official Cuban communist party media organ to the present day. Hillary Clinton fits the role of Granma of the continuing Obama revolution well enough to surge ahead amidst Latinos and Latinas.

If the deficit spending financing ever runs out for the U.S. Government returning to the right path will start from a pretty deep hole. Probably the poor will be most harmed while Zillary keeps the Fed Reserve presses running for free billions to Wall Street and big banks.

Pres. Ob's Mid-East Policy Was Manure for ISIS Growth

Mr. Trump isn't the first to associate the Obama-Clinton Middle East Policy history as being the manure of growth for the growth of ISIS. Spreading anarchy and chaos liberating Libya's guns and explosives and supplying terrorists with weapons to subvert the lawful Syrian Government all helped support the rapid rise of ISIS. Many left-leaning McGoo publications find Mr. Trump's assertion preposterous and laughable.
The Obama-Clinton axis of Muslim support in Middle-East policy was an accellerant thrown onto the refugee flood to Europe that helped advance ISIS terrorism. Reality isn't always the preferred narrative of the left that support globalist candidates trying to concentrate wealth and downgrade average Americans. When the globe decides the U.S. Government can no longer operate at a tremendous loss (no balanced budget), and it tightens up, those the left expect support from will be those most harmed.

The Shack-Was it Heresy?

I read the wiki description of 'The Shack'. It seems friendly to Christians, though of course written by a Canadian hence immediately suspect of cheesiness. It is not my preference to dump novels in with nonfiction works for theological purposes and inclusion on heresy lists. I lived in a shack myself for several years in Alaska and hadn't any epiphanies worthy of being described as heretical. The book was a Canadian fiction writer's paradigm! They drink Molson's! George Burns was guilty of heresy for portraying God in a movie I suppose-still, those were interesting and even enjoyable movies. The author seems to have selected elements eclectic enough to interest consumers from several directions, though not Saskatchewan. Oregon, serial killer, river canoeing, a shack, a black female vision of God, the trinity, Papa, a dream-it was loaded!

It needed to be published in the last year of the G.W. Bush administration-today the author might have named it 'Honky Chateau'. Maybe its an allegory of the 2nd term of G.W. with Condi the vision of god in metaphor and Hillary as the serial killer?

I wonder what Mary Lou Finlay thought about it.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Hunting Wolves in National Parks Stops

People just get used to hunting. It’s like taking away a fishing habitat. Complaints follow though it may be good in a larger context for species conservation. Regulation without consent of the regulated is like fascism, and there must be equal application of regulation for equal protection of the laws. I can't believe hunting was ever allowed on national parks, reserves or refuges anywhere though. They aren't supposed to be special hunting parks.

Hunting is honorable I should point out. The Lord made it plain that all meat except that sacrificed to idols I believe, is o.k. Eating a wolf would be callous though. I like wolves myself. I stood five feet away from a wolf frantically trying to bite its way out of a box trap with a missing slide down gate once...all it had to do was turn around which it did after I left. 

It’s easy to understand that people who eat dogs with or without barbecue sauce might have a stomach growl looking at a wolf on a spit. Probably eating dinner with the Clinton campaign has some sort of problem attached to it, yet I can't find a Bible passage about that presently.

Sunday, August 07, 2016

Trump Should Move Beyond a Tabloid Campaign

Trump should drop the tabloid campaign style. Donald Trump is not a stodgy guy. Everyone knows he is inclined to just say what he thinks. Running against the Democrat insider machine that may not be a good idea.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign style is well known. She denies anything bad or stonewalls it. The Zil never admits having done wrong even if it's leaving Americans and an ambassador to the tender mercies of Libyan terrorists..Zilly relies on insider connections and contributions from the ultra-rich and her husband's popularity and political machine. Anything positive she has to say is scripted in advance and it's easy to goad Trump into making some sort of statement the media can attack for a few days.

Trump’s tabloid approach worked good enough in the primaries. Against the global corporate insider Clintonistas that even have the support of leading globalist Republicans Trump needs to be the conservative guy saying nice positive things from a script. He needs good, intelligent advisers to vet his replies to contentious statements and events in-the-world before he uses them with the media.

Trump is far more likable and personable than big Zil. He simply needs to make plain simple, positive platform plank assertions such as a 10% nationwide flat tax on all individuals and businesses with an exemption for those earning fewer than $24,000 annually. He needs to stay on target with ten plain excellent planks and not be just a one-issue guy.

Hillary Clinton is a successful Lady Macbeth. Trump is more like an honest DeLorean trying to get a start amidst big automakers pumped up with government money. Trump still has time to put a winning campaign together.

Saturday, August 06, 2016

Chess Roots

Evidently chess started in  Afghanistan around the first century as a war gaming and planning model. It migrated to India and then Persia by the 6th century. The fers was the councilor piece that evolved to be the queen by the 15th century with super-powers eventually. Check mate may have started with Shah mat! (the king is helpless- at wikipedia). Those ancient war gamers were pretty good at abstract theory I suppose, besides creating Hindu-Brahma theory and the caste system in India unfortunately. Maybe the GM caste reflects that a little. It is ironic that chess was so popular in the ideal classless society. Lenin might have been a snob if he had achieved Class A  player status.

The Christian View of Marriage

Everyone knows (who is Christian), what the Christian view of marriage is, before 2015 at least. Now the U.S. civil marriage establishment is corrupt as it has admitted homosexual marriage to the institution. The inconvenient truth is that a Christian should not get married within the U.S. government paradigm. If one is able to afford it, a better choice would be to marry in a foreign nation without perverse laws. Much establishment policy is to ignore the corruption and participate as if the national corruption of marriage is just in the other half of the bottle. American Christians should not be willing to participate in any corrupt establishment if they have a realistic alternative .

Christians should not acquiesce in the establishment of slavery, homosexual marriage, torture, institutionalized thievery , state devil worship etc...

Friday, August 05, 2016

Four Hundred k Exchanged 4 Hostages Logically Isn't Ransom

President Obama hath said it is illogical to think that $400,000 in small, unmarked bills in various currencies sent on an aircraft to Iran that picked up four U.S. prisoners was a ransom. Really; illogical.

The Democrat Party bis beyond reason and logic. As elites it is whatever they say it is.

Trump May Win in Spite of Paul Ryan

Democrats and fifth columnists like Rep. Paul Ryan are automatically against Trump for President. As speaker of the House Paul Ryan has betrayed his party's chances of taking the White House by acting for months as an opponent of the Republican candidate for President. Like Democrats, Speaker Ryan thinks primarily of himself, power base and personal prosperity instead of national interests. Ryan has added to the wind driving currents and waves against the Trump campaign.

Trump may be able to take back the executive branch and accomplish a change in national policy from the disastrous course of debt it has set upon. President Obama will leave office after having doubled the public debt raising it to 20 trillion dollars. Interest on the public debt alone for the 2016 fiscal year so far is 380 billion dollars.

Insider politicians like Zillary Clinton comprise a Harvard clique of political kickbacks concentrating wealth and subverting sovereignty. Trump has to fight against the broadcast media to even get into the White House to start to reclaim the nation’s political landscape and future for ordinary people. It’s a tough job yet someone’s got to do it.

Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Speaker Ryan Ought to Resign

Never within memory has a Speaker of the House failed to support his party's Presidential nominee and been outright adverse. One feels there is a party within the Republican Party with royal, blue-blood globalist tendencies that doesn't give a rat's ass about the people's rank and file will that elected Donald Trump.

Republicans and Americans have suffered nearly eight long years with a perverse Democrat administration that sucks. Paul Ryan and the globalists also suck. One wonders what Everett Dirksen would have thought of such people that abandon the rank and file in critical times.

They act as retarded problem elites that cannot tolerate the mention of American nationalism in the national political dialogue. It is as if they cannot understand that it is possible to be overtly pro-American and America first and still get along well with the rest of the world. There is no requirement of an absolute either or isolation or embeddedness with Babylon paradigm and the Ryan-kind choose Babylon. While Bill Clinton could not walk and chew gum at the same time as he bragged without getting caught with his pants down,Donald Trump can build a border protection wall and still ask France to leave NATO (I wish he would). Where is a Jesse Helms to ask the U.N. to leave New York when you need one?

If all that were to occur the world would still go on. Russia or Argentina could host the U.N. France could stay at home when NATO meets and contemplate escargot with whip cream or whatever the four star chefs make that attracts visitors from around the world, and Mexicans could still grow their economy.

The House and Senate find never ending ways to fail to balance a budget, get a moral Supreme Court, a balanced federal budget and a moon colony constructed. They do find ways to let the environment decay, Wall Street and banks deregulate so jobs can be outsourced and financed with free Federal Reserve money.There need be no military conflicts with Trump. It would be possible to solve the Chinese ocean grabbing Spratly Islands issue in  about 2 days with a solid approach to negotiations. Ukraine and Syria can be fixed non-militarily. China the U.S. and Russia and form their own triple entente and substantively eliminate large scale global tensions without threats to anyone besides Muslim terrorists. Accomplishing such basic missions would be useful as a way to go on to the adult issues of stopping ecospheric degradation and habitat loss and forming a sustainable global economy with real-space exploration and settlement programs.

ScienceCasts: Reshuffling Heat on a Warming Planet

Minute Men Republicans (video)

Republicans are the gang that couldn't shoot straight this election cycle playing for globalist media approval instead of supporting their candidate-so I vlogged this.

Islands are Naturally Independent

Japan, Britain, Taiwan, Ireland, Sri Lanka; these are islands that are naturally independent. Islanders are naturally independent people that almost never want to be controlled  by mainland entities.

North Koreans are launching missiles at or near Japan's general direction as a proxy threat for China. China wants to build islands in the South China Sea to assert mainland control of that ocean. Artificial islands don't count for islander independent purposes-they are unnatural creations by King Canutes that feel they own everything as Sun Kings.

Hawaii is a unique island located at the crossroads of the vast pacific Ocean. So it needs mainland affiliation for defense purposes. It cannot defend itself alone as an independent island from the world of threat nations that lust after it.

Hawaii is like Mars in that respect. Mars is an island-planet gateway to the bulk of outer solar system resources. The political gestalt that occupies Mars will control the outer solar system.

Americans have lost their sense of insularity from the old world as a virtual vast right wing island between two or four oceans far removed from the troubles of savages in Europe and Asia etc. Losing their sense of islander independent status they prefer to sing 'we are the schmuks, we are the morons, we are the world of the same sort of idiots as you and me'. 

Former islanders are pathetic things reliant on global village chain store for business servitude. The people stay doped up and mesmerized by videos to enjoy life as lackeys of elite foreign organizations they just want to rise high in the ranks of.

A Comment on Rep. Ortiz' Visit to Wrangell

 Plainly Wrangell should elect someone besides Rep. Ortiz. The Permanent Fund should be around for decades if left alone, unless Wall Street itself were to disappear. Rep. Ortiz should be a responsible guy and support a state income tax so all of those out of staters can contribute something too instead of receiving free services, taking their money, and flying to Florida. That should be a 10% flat tax.
 The state budget is huge and needs to be cut by half. Practical, cheap projects to bring tourist dollars to Wrangell such as completing the quarter mile to connect ends of the Eastern passage road from town to pat's Creek road should be financed-that would only be a million bucks. Home building, vista loop drivers and so forth aren't pork barrel.

Paul Nehlen May Beat Paul Ryan in Republican Primary

Insiders may be short selling Paul Ryan futures. Speaker Paul Ryan, like Speaker Tom Foley, may be a short lived Speaker of the House. In Washington State Tom Foley lost re-election while at the top of the ladder and the prospects for history repeating itself-this time in Wisconsin, look good. A businessman Tea Party guy named Paul Nehlen is getting stronger in the Republican primary race.
Ryan is looking weaker by the day as he is more concerned with global financial opportunities for Wall Street than good environmentally innovative jobs for the people of Wisconsin.

Obama Apparently Ransomed Prisoners of Iran for $400 Million

Four prisoners held by Iran were released when President Obama sent $400 million on a jet to Tehran. The White House says the money was part of a settlement for an ancient hostage crisis or something like that. The President might have decided the U.S.A. owes Iran $2 billion dollars for room and board for the hostages held in the 1979 embassy takeover-I am just not sure and am guessing here.

Plainly the timing was that of paying ransom to terrorists. Really though I think the President just likes Iran a lot and would like to buy a condo there next year.

Shouldn't France Be Booted Out of N.A.T.O.

France quit N.A.T.O. during the cold war and didn't rejoin until 2009 when it was again safe. With President Obama elected they could expand their squishy policies and rot N.A.T.O. from within. As a slightly smaller organization N.A.T.O. was more effective.

Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Political Gestalt of the Fractured Global Era

Notably all of the major political theory systems were constructed before the electronic era. Even the major economic systems were invented before the first generator was sold. In the post-industrial age such as has overtaken much of first-world civilization political theory is lacking. Power structures tend to evolve toward concentrations globally and ordinary people follow along. Its theoretical foundation is a posteriori.

While the global economy is integrating through communication and consumption, production, supply, demand and marketing environmental overuse and abuse collaterally, inimically grow too. Environmental degradation is a growth stock over the long run.

Much of the political argument in the United States and elsewhere centers upon nationalism and self-determination versus globalism, concentrated power and corporatism or socialism. All of that misses the perspective as humanity as a bacterium in a petri dish burning up its finite nutrient allotment. The limits of growth due to entropy and resource exhaustion can be set back through technological innovation yet the political will to accomplish minimal waste and maximum efficiency in production is absent from anyone’s political party agenda.

Interestingly some believe along the lines of Tegmark's Level 4 Multiverse concerning the creation and change. Theology and cosmology in the field of theoretical physics draw together quite well in that every possible Universe does exist in the mind of God and in reality too. Necessarily God creates every possible Universe compresently and never destroys anything. The past and future always exist in a level 4 Multiverse and select theological ideas about God. It is just the conscious human spirit that travels through these stack multiverse creations in every possible moment of the existence of any Universe. For Christians God has created human conscious spirit to sojourn through the experience of being as a prep school for eternal existence with God. Those unsaved will have a peripheral eternity without God that would necessarily be an eternal hell since the maintenance would be likely to be rather poor.

Does the fact that the entire Universe and Multiverse along with every human spirit is predetermined have any impact on the global and national economy and its inefficient regard for the Earth's ecosphere-primarily it does in the sense that the human spirit has every reason to act responsibly and intelligently rather than being an empirical hedonist indifferent to the decay of life on Earth.

The human species is always trying to grow and expand yet not at all well in political, ecospheric and philosophical intelligence. To surpass the limits of the petri dish nature of human development and sprawl humanity must master the art of planetary ecosphere science and technology and demonstrate that it can build thriving ecospheres off world-such as on the Moon, Mars etc. before it can have some assurance that it isn’t just deluding itself over an ability to repair the damage it has done to the Earth ecosphere that sustains it.

Khizr Khan's Son Would Be Living if Trump's Ban on Muslims Existed Before 911

Someone should have pointed out that Khizr Khan's Democrat Party convention speech lacked rhyme or reason. The logic is that with a pre-911 ban on most or all Muslim immigration-perhaps with an exception for specially investigated and safe Muslims, none of the Muslim hijackers would have made it to the U.S.A. to train or hijack a jet to crash into the WTC and Pentagon. They nearly took down the White House too. Without any of that G.W. Bush would not have been able to get the Iraq war started easily and there would have been no war to send a Captain Khan too, if Khizr Khan even lived in the U.S.A. instead of Pakistan.

Khan should have been praising Donald trump instead of denouncing him. Democrats should have been intelligent enough to recognize the silliness of Khan's D.N.C. speech before he took the stage to through b.s. into the American political psyche. The Democrats are on the warpath though. President Obama made the most uncivil comment about a Presidential candidate in the past century I think in saying that Trump is unfit for office. Mr. Obama really has a high opinion of himself...many Americans believe that of him as well as both Clintons too.

Hillary Hired Gold Star Family for Political Hack Attack

The idea that gold star families-those with a war dead family member (in U.S. uniform)-are free to make any sort of political hack attack on any public forum free from response by their target is foreign to me. I grew up the son of a generation with more than 400,000 war dead 'gold star' families. With a national population of about 120 million during the second World War everyone knew someone who had a family member killed in war and no one thought any of those families were free to make political hack attacks with impunity.

With a volunteer military and comparatively few Americans killed in war some have elevated those families to a new level where they are free to make political hack attacks and not expect criticism for it. That's a wrong direction to go. People respect the service member's sacrifice but his family hasn't any right to expect to be able to meddle in politics as some sort of sacred cow.

Khazr Khan's DNC speech premise was that if Donald Trump's ban on Muslim immigrants had been in effect when he made his way to the U.S.A. to attend a Harvard Graduate School his son would never have been an Army officer and been killed in Iraq defending against Muslim terrorists. Yet if Trump's policy had been in effect none of the 911 Muslims that took down the World Trade Towers would have been able to learn to fly jets in America nor hijacked planes from Boston to crash into N.Y.-it was all b.s.

Monday, August 01, 2016

Khan's Speech Was a Corrupt, Dishonorable Cheap Shot at Trump

Khizr Khan's Democrat National Convention speech was a corrupt cheap shot at Donald Trump that dishonored his own son's death in war. His son may have died honorably however Khizr Khan's speech was dishonorable. It was nothing more than a partisan political and religious attack on the Republican candidate who has said he would stop Muslim immigration to the U.S.A. for a while until better security can be innovated. Khan was an effective mouthpiece for Al Qaeda and ISIS that would like to flood the U.S.A. with 'patriots with undivided loyalties if they could in order to destroy all those other than Muslims.

Trump hasn't criticized dead military people including Khan's son. Khizr Khan's was a plain partisan attack to push up Zillary and Islam over his son's dead body. The military used to be without color in the ranks-or even religion. Muslims and Democrat apparatchiks try to change that. Khizr Khan attending a Harvard Graduate School after migrating to the U.S.A.-oh, the sacrifice of first generation Harvard alumni! Some of us old guys couldn't get into the military during that era of $24,000 for a private e-1 in Iraq or Afghanistan and suffered the privations of a rotten economy caused by Clinton deregulation, Muslim terror and former Harvard President Larry Summers’ economic advice. Trump hasn't proposed banning Buddhists from immigrating to the U.S.A. because they have a non-Christian foreign religion. If they had made casualties of a million Americans the past 15 years though, as Muslims have, I  think he would.

Khizr Khan's son was an Army captain, not serving in the ranks. He won a Bronze Star for walking ten feet to a taxi at a checkpoint and being blown up. True it was a personal sacrifice, yet rank has not only privileges, it has duties. Many would have given a lot to be an Army officer rather than an E-1.

Was Trump Towers affected by the World Trade Center attacks financially? If so the sacrifices New Yorkers made were forced upon them by Muslims and Saudi Arabian ideologies.

Hillary Clinton in 1944 probably would have had German and Japanese gold star parents rise as convention speakers attacking the Republican candidate for wanting to stop immigration of Germans and Japanese until better security was innovated.

Khan exemplifies those new arrivals that have no fundamental American historical understanding behind them. Muslims have implicit divided loyalties praying five times a day facing Mecca etc. That isn't ' Khan should not have exploited his son's sacrifice for cheap partisan politics because Trump gored his desire to bring more Muslims to the U.S.A.  Maybe the Harvard clique put him up to it-win another one for the skull and bones.

Some veterans groups and politicians have criticized Trump for reacting to the Democrat national Convention speech. They say a 'gold star' family (that seems a trivializing term in a way)-one who has lost a relative in war, is sacred and nothing can be said badly about them-and that is bunk. if it were so any politician could hire those family members to do their political hatchet jobs and the sacred families could continue to wander like cattle in India through the political world. People respect those families that have contributed to national defense especially with their lives, yet the families of those people have no right to expect to have the free speech power of dictators of politics that none can respond to.

Nothing is sacred about political speech. There is a political battle in progress presently between Zillary and Donald to determine who will be in effect one branch of government. Not gold star families or any other has a right to affect that process and expect people to be silent about the matter. People care about who rules a branch of government. In Pakistan they are more used to I.S.I. and military powers able to use condign measures in some cases covertly to silence opposition if not Lashkar-e-Taiba or another extreme Muslim terrorist organizations.

Even Muslims have to accept the political free will of people to implement policies for the public good. Muslims have killed more than 10,000 Americans the past two decades...many of them civilians. More than a million Americans casualties occurred in the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts. Only lunatics would want more dumped into this nation soon .