Saturday, July 30, 2016

Clinton, DNC & Prevailing Muslim Terrorists of the Era

The D.N.C.'s selection of a slain Muslim soldier fighting for the U.S.A. in Iraq was a rather low-life effort to promote the values of Muslims to U.S. culture. Rational people know that Muslims comprise the vast right wing majority of global terrorists seeking to kill the American way of life as well as that of Europe. Jihad is a Muslim way of life for Al Qaeda and ISIS etc. Democrat efforts to promote Muslim values simply to seem to have something to oppose Republicans and Donald Trump with is simply low-life, crass, dishonest and wrong. If Hillary Clinton were to be elected her Muslim secret service agents or her Muslim pastry chef would probably kill her ala Indira Gandhi and her Sikh bodyguards.
Sure the constitution ensures equal rights of all citizens yet frankly the founders were all Christians and European ancestry Muslims, no Africans, no Mexicans, Other people have other ways of life that don't need the constitution of the U.S.A. and Muslims are high on that list.  Without the insulation of pre-electronic and ocean travel time of months distance the melting pot is more of an anarchy and assimilation plot to disperse historical American culture. Immigrants remain connected to their own homelands with phone, Internet, jets and buses. There is no reason to expect they are just Americans now. Some even have foreign foreign terrorists for relatives.
Many people are fine with godless, atheist scientific bureaucrats running society in accord with their allocation of biomass opportunities with B.F. Skinner as their demiurge. Others would like a theocracy, others a Caliphate and some monarchy or dictatorship. There are even nihilistic anarchists that would simply like it all blown to hell and gone with survivors having the pick of the leftovers. And some do want a hypothetical democratic society from any background even though oligarchs might pull the strings. It is known that Islam has been a rival civilization for more than 1400 years.
The U.S. military is a prime training agent for future terrorists attacking the west and the U.S.A. unfortunately. Ancient Rome trained lots of soldiers that would attack it later including Goths and Attila the Hun. Serving in the U.S. military and even dying is no guarantee of acceptance of American values. Lee Harvey Oswald was also an American. Hinkley was paroled just this might  think some Democrats are glad.
Donald Trump hasn't advocated permanent ban of Muslims from the U.S.A.-just a moratorium on their immigration during this time of increasing terrorism from Muslims across Europe and even in the U.S.A. When an opposition force cadre wants to build up a terrorist infrastructure it must needs increase its numbers. Hillary Clinton would help increase the numbers of Muslims in the Unites States-a religion with a Dar al Harb vs Dar al Islam doctrine that probably should qualify Islam as a recognized terrorist organization itself.
The Byzantine Empire lasted about a thousand years. It was attacked by Huns and Muslims yet it was crusaders and lack of support from Rome in the west that weakened it so much that Muslims finally destroyed the last of direct ancestor of the classical western civilization. Hillary Clinton under the supervision of Bill would play many of the roles of destroyer of western civilization herself. She would personify the immoral decadent policies of homosexual marriage and abortion that are characteristics of a rotten civilization. She would form her own Byzantine bureaucracy that is corrupt and unresponsive to democracy and she would weaken her own society sufficiently to allow an increase in domestic terrorism. Western civilization is not bomb proof.

Utilitarian 'Inventions' New to Me

Two ideas occurred to me recently that I believe would be socially useful. The first is an air-conditioned bicycle helmet. In hot summer weather a foam lined crash helmet is unthinkably hot-it can overheat the brain and possibly damage it.
There should be many ways to manufacture a cold helmet without the foam. One could make a rechargeable battery pack that attaches to the handlebars to power a helmet fan or music player. Instead of styrofoam one could use blue ice packs that are frozen overnight before being worn in the helmet next day.  There may need to be a new baffling structure to let it collapse or liquid to pop out with an extreme jolt. These were my first thoughts-good luck in visiting China to have manufactured.
The other is a camera sensor to watch for pedestrians in crosswalks to keep them from being run over by cars.  When it sees an actual pedestrian in the crosswalk it could light a strobe visible to all drivers. Many drivers just ignore the walk-don’t walk signs and drive on through sometimes believing it empty. The strobe would let them know when someone actually is walking across the street.

Anemic U.S. Economic Growth is New Normal For Obama-Yellen-Clinton

For the past three quarters U.S. economic growth has been only about 1%. Three percent growth traditionally was regarded as the minimum for a healthy economic. Janet Yellen believes that low economic growth may be the new normal; that it just doesn't get any better than this. Seven years after the recession economic growth is comatose.

For Democrat party babes in toyland in might seen pretty good. the Fed can just keep printing free or very cheap money for big banks so they can mint five times more and that can be invested overseas with so much else of the leaky economy's vitality.

Low, high quality economic growth would not be a bad thing with full employment and good jobs, that isn't the situation though.

The investment of wealth overseas with more exploitable consumer-producer markets while the minimum goes into the U.S.A. is not an environmental economic policy with low entropy. The global economy can be just as wasteful as the old economy yet with wealth being cast upon the waters of the world rather than into the U.S.A. the growth rate domestically is necessarily low. It is still a dirty, unsustainable economic system that it is more diffuse.  Wealth owning is being concentrated while investment is comparatively dispersed.

Notably the Federal Reserve claims to have exhausted its ability to stimulate economic growth with monetary and lending policy. Keynesian economic deficit spending actually appears necessary along with lots of free or very cheap Federal Reserve money to even keep the expansion alive. It seems a kind of corporate life support policy. Clinton-Bush II, Obama economics have nearly killed the health of the U.S. economy and Zillary wants more of it.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Glass Ceiling; Harvard Alumni, 1% and Everyone Else

Hillary Clinton hopes to move above the glass ceiling to the one percent deck in the office of the President. The Clintons have consistently worked to concentrate wealth for themselves and the 1%l to the detriment of ordinary Americans. Clintons prefer Britain and globalism over America first policy.

Hillary would like to prove that the Presidency is simply another government bureaucratic position that women should graduate to equally with untalented, bureaucratic insider men. In theory that job was supposed to be that of dynamic, visionary leaders of outstanding moral character rather than Harvard alumni insiders. No more though in the Democrat Party vision of the Presidency that expects a corporatist socialist to dump welfare benefits while the leader concentrates wealth and kickbacks for the elite.

American voters would be sorely misused to have to look up Hillary's skirt high above the glass ceiling on the observation deck four years.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Americans Stopped Growing in Obama-Clinton Years

Science reported that the average height of the people of the United States stopped increasing during the Obama-Clinton era. I would guess that is a result not only of genetics with shorter people arriving and currents citizens maxed out on increase due to adequate food, it may be a result of immoral political choices, poor diet and bad music lifestyles that dwarf the human spirit.

The Dutch are the tallest people on average, and they have a rather immoral culture, yet sex tourists may help increase the average height with women selecting to breed with tall guys guessing they would usually earn more money. Hard to say about the Dutch though.

Clinton's Media Prop Machine Attacks Trump Again

Donald Trump made in effect, a joke about Hillary's 33,000 missing emails from her private server when she was unlawfully doing state department business off official and secure channels. Trump being aware that the Russians have been blamed by the Clintonistas for the leak of former DNC head Wasserman-Shultz and other Democrat Party leaders apparently conspiring to sabotage the Sanders primary campaign for President asked for the Russians to provide Clinton's missing emails. The unsaid premise is that if the Russians could hack the secure D.N.C. site then it should have been effortless for them to hack Hillary's low security private email server. So, if the Clinton people have deleted or lost the emails maybe the Russians have their own copies.

That's a funny yet true possibility that someone should have said. Trump did. Here are just two of the responses by Clinton media organs...

Thatcher Led to Britain's Rise, Hillary is for America's Decline

Margaret Thatcher is sometimes used in error as a reason why vagina qualified candidates should be elected to break a glass ceiling so ordinary people can look up the skirts. Thatcher brought England back from the loss of empire to a new age of financial empire that inspired others such as the Clintons to over-deregulate Wall Street and precipitate the financial crash of 2008-9.

The Brits aren't idiots as American voters seem to be. Thatcher running as a woman could win power for the conservatives who then denationalized the nation. She also appealed to women in the Soviet Union making it easier to move toward glasnost and periscope (troika joke). That is Thatcher was the right conservative dude for the job at hand and she executed it well enough to help Reagan move toward transcending the cold war political ecosystem.

The Clintons alternatively are like a case of mold on the underside of a cutting board that smell bad and cause financial botulism. Clintonistas say that the wide of a former somewhat immoral President would break a glass ceiling. There is no mention about a reason for electing another liberal from the past to provide a third term for her husband besides that. American women should distinguish between electing a politician for good reasons regarding public interest such as concern all Americans and simply electing a class representative as in the case of skin color, vagina or boobs. Voters should instead elect individuals especially qualified for meeting the challenges of the day and era presenting to all citizens of the nation. If Jackie Robinson had been a .150 batter there would have been no rational reason to bring him to the American League except to promote a new era of incompetent playas.

The nation needs a new direction away from that of the past that since the cold war was bungled by the Clintons, Obama and G.W. Bush. Democrat voters should seek ways to make the nation strong and without debt, to stop illegal immigration, not promote it, and look for good candidates to run in primaries rather than brown nosing would be royalty from the past.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

For Democrat Party It's a Slavery Thing

The Democrat Party featured Cory Booker talking about slavery amongst other issues. Paul Krugman published a piece on the slave history of the White House (construction labor). The Democrat party today seems interested in returning to its roots as the party of slavery by building American bondage to public debt and vassalage to global Plutocrats.

Democrat politicos act as if they believe that blacks politically have only race concerns and therefor need just pander to those. Blacks have no interest in conservative morality believed to be all for homosexuality, abortion and indifferent about law and order, equal protection of the law or justice so long as racially speaking black is well defended as a derm class.

Democrats need simply appeal to Hispanics with the assurance that their racial kin from south of the border will be free to exploit the U.S.A. as they like. They appeal to women with the assurance that they can have abortions ad infinitum, free prophylaxis, government provided health care and guarantees of better pay than men working outside. All of that does not comprise a politically responsible platform although it does draw a constituency together with a probability of a majority.

Hillary Clinton’s repulsive character regarding foreign policy and domestic untrustworthiness along with the baggage of Bill is the best chance Republicans have of getting Trump elected. Trump has at least 40% better economic leadership. With luck that will be enough to overcome the anti-American party of slavery historically

When people have nothing constructive to say politically they can always talk about race issues as if they weren't at best from the 19th century instead of contemporary concerns. If Americans are misled by leaders that have no concern about defending the nation's borders, that want cheap labor in illegal aliens because slaves haven't been available for a century and a half, and they vote for those misleading sold-out to Wall Street globalists with hatred for secure borders, a balanced budget, full employment and a green economy with minimal entropy, they deserve the new bondage.

When people have nothing constructive to say politically they can always talk about race issues as if they weren't at best from the 19th century instead of contemporary concerns. If Americans are misled by leaders that have no concern about defending the nation's borders, that want cheap labor in illegal aliens because slaves haven't been available for a century and a half, and they vote for those misleading sold-out to Wall Street globalists with hatred for secure borders, a balanced budget, full employment and a green economy with minimal entropy, they deserve the new bondage.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Do Alternatives to Seat Belts & Shoulder Straps Exist

There should be alternatives to seat belts and shoulder straps that provides adequate safety. I've thought of two curved, padded  bars emerging low from the sides of seats curving up over the shoulders rather like those of some theme park roller coaster rides. It is the case that some don't like the shoulder strap crossing near the neck, so perhaps its time for the auto industry to invent and upgrade new safety restraints for cars.

I have wondered if any of those safety cameras in newer model cars can take photographs too. It might be useful to taker a picture of road rage or tailgating drivers.

Hillary Blames Russians Instead of Insider Democrats for DNC Leaks

It is amusing that Hillary blamed the Russians for the leaked emails of D.N.C. perfidy when in all likelihood it was Sanders partisans who were disgusted with the biased conduct of former D.N.C. head Wasserman-Schultz.

Hillary Clinton was unconcerned about her State Department emails being done on a private server and never mentioned the possibility that Russian hackers might have used her account to monitor the State Department yet believes that secure D.N.C. communiques (or they should be secured after Watergate) were hacked by a foreign power trying to upset her candidacy.

If Vladimir Putin were communist he would support the Hillary campaign for its most close policy resemblance (in comparison to the Honest Trump campaign) to that of the former evil empire.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Tom Brady's Free Speech Suspended Too

Boston seems to lead the way on bureaucratizing away civil rights (the home of Harvard Law School) so it isn't surprising that Tom Brady of the New England Patriots (sic) who has received a four-game suspension from the N.F.L. for supposed cheating on football air inflation levels for last year's Super Bowl is also forbidden to talk about football with his team at his home or anyplace else. Brady appealed the suspension to federal courts and those Harvard lawyers natural replied uff duh to that.

Corporatism denies free speech to its executive officers who must all exist as conservative turtles that don't stick their necks out politically speaking or the ax falls. People may be free to write on corporate web sites-yet if it expresses anything politically incorrect it will be in some way degraded or banned eventually.That is a reason why the Democrat Party was taken over by lawyer-politicians instead of real's all about the fine print.

Forbidding free speech unless it is to prevent terrorism or organized crime ought to be banned itself.

What the Mark of Kaine Means for Hillary

When Bill Clinton selected Senator Tim Kaine for Hillary's V.P. running mate; a guy who hasn’t got blood about him as does Hillary Clinton from her time as Secretary of State supporting wicked and bloody Middle East policy, he was clever in picking the former head of the DNC to cinch up the Clinton clique dominating the Democrat party.

Tim Kaine as Governor of Virginia for a term had only the Virginia Tech massacre on his ledger and he wasn’t responsible for that. He has gone from political job to job as a fast track promotion Harvard Law school grad.

Like Donald Trump, Kaine has an undergraduate degree in economics although not Trump's major in anthropology that I find interesting. There is contemporary anthropology somewhat comparable to sociology that allows one to view human social groups rather objectively. In instead Kaine took a law degree from Harvard and met a Harvard law student to wed. The Clintons like to pack courts and the White House with Harvard lawyers evidently; the better to employ legal subterfuge to advance the new world order I guess. To command the law entails the ability to break the law and evade responsibility-skills at which the Clintons excel.

Tim Kaine seems a little like a conservator for Hillary potentially providing the competence she may lack. In effect Kaine would be her Dick Cheney while Bill is pursuing student interns, golf and a tan.

Chess, Oil Championships and Freedom at Stake

In the Carlsen versus Karjakin chess demolition derby in November 2016 the player driving a Telsa hybrid will be the real winner.

Fracking has destroyed the reliability of the Hilbert curve regarding peak world oil production. Peter Maas may have got the nature of oil economics and government right in 'Crude World; The Violent Twilight of Oil’, yet like so many others he also failed to foresee the crash of global oil prices.

I wrote about that several months in advance yet the Alaska government failed to respond. The state legislature still has a multi-billion-dollar budget gap. Plainly fuel cell power plants, wind, solar and geothermal are better, more clean, less Neolithic sorts of energy directions to go with the global carbon dioxide content exceeding 400 parts per million.

Unfortunately for the prospects of human survival on Earth (see James Lovelock's -'The Final Warning’) fracking will renew most of the world's oil fields including those of Iran, Russia and Saudi Arabia etc. permitting global second and third world development based on the dirty fuel that will accelerate greenhouse gassing, global warming, desertification and brain damage to potential chess players in urban areas of poor nations.

A global corporate government with Zillary could move toward making a planetary cartel on oil sales with high government taxation in all member states- ostensibly to fight global warming. That would make the price for petrol very high though oil is fairly cheap-about 1960s levels. While that might be good for slowing nominal pollution from cars, the demand for oil and petrol will return corporate profits greater than present and take the high ground in the propaganda war for green government even as human freedom is lost to corporatism-socialism.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Hillary Picks a Kaine to Help Her to Finish

Hillary Clinton picked Kaine to help her campaign remain ambulatory. She didn't need a walker to keep going; showing the same kind of panache of old. Senator Tim Kaine will give Hillary something real to lean on travelling the path to November.

It is good that the elderly can keep active with a little help. 

Sect Clinton's U.S. Sponsored Syrian Rebel's Behead a Child

When Sect. Hillary Clinton organized the Friends of Syria group in 2012 in order to promote the Syrian civil war with sponsorship of rebel groups a Zenki rebel cadre of 1000 soldiers received $150 monthly to wage war against the lawful government of Syria. That group received C.I. A. weapons and funding until 2014. Five Zenki recently posted a video of themselves capturing and beheading a child.

The article relates that the Zenki are not enemies of Al Qaeda and are a Muslim extremist militia. That is the sort of people the Obama-Clinton administration built up to get a good civil war raging.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Russia isn't a Threat to Europe Unless N.A.T.O. Members & Diplomats are Crooked and Stupid

Donald Trump isn't as paranoid about Russia as some N.A.T.O. leaders it appears. Trump being not so concerned about a possible Russian military threat including the east expresses a realpolitik that is lacking in the leftist leadership of Europe and D.C. It isn't likely that Russia wants to garrison a hostile and restive Eastern Europe in order to force them to accept democracy, free enterprise or even subjugation under war and crime lords. Neither is Russia seeking to force another evil communist empire upon Europe. The potential causes for conflict are fairly low with the exception being the natural Russian unwillingness to part with the historical core of its nation in Ukraine. The Russian insisted on self-determination for a part of Georgia-Ronald Reagan was big on political self-determination unlike D.C. leftist gayocrats

It is true that without a cold war there is scant need for N.A.T.O. to exist except as a force de frappe. It should have a lean, volunteer military that actually trains and is ready for adequate defense keeping in mind that it was Russia that deescalated the cold war giving up the real estate it had occupied for 50 years following the Nazi invasion-The U.S.A. probably wouldn't have done anything different in a similar situation.

The left and the defense contracting right and Wall Street want to take all of the former lands of the Soviet Union into its economic domain and sanction Russia until it submits to rule by Goldman Sachs et al.  They want a gay lap dog of global corporate in the Kremlin and Russian aren't really down with that.

It took complete bungling idiotic leadership in DC and NATO nations to foul up economic, political and social relations with Russia. Without Russia though China would be the main adversary and that would require advanced 3D printed drone aircraft instead of another new fighter or bomber. Old government habits die hard and the next generation cold warriors are as recalcitrant about making things work with Russia as they are at moving to new environmental economic systems.

Trump as a realist would at least expect Europe to defend itself before the U.S.A. enters the next improbable war with Russia. When the Check Republic becomes the new bloody battlefield with N.A.T.O. forces cornered like Custer at the Little Big Horn I am sure the Donald will send air mobile to the rescue. Oh what a glorious day that will be that smells like victory.

In the meantime INTERPOL should have its own paramilitary branch contributed from N.A.T.O. nations to interdict Muslim terrorist ops in Europe. Western leadership is its own greatest danger, yet its still adequate to put down any Atlantic warriors seeking to plunder the fair shores of France. China is another issue, but Euro-American leadership might be deflected enough to bungle that defense paradigm too.

Why'd the Cop Shoot a Therapist With Hands Up Helping a Retarded Guy?

The reason for the shooting is a mystery. I guess it's a community thing. People who know the policeman that shot a physical therapist laying in the street with his hands up who had been helping a retarded, obstinate, autistic charge who had runaway and was playing with a toy, might be able to explain why.

In a nation of 320 million people dumb things happen. there are many dumb things that happen in the naked city and this is one of them...

Charles Kinsey wasn't killed-he was shot in the leg. Still, there is a serious problem with competence at some level in the event. At least Kinsey was tough enough-he said the bullet felt like a mosquito bite.

 Even police forces have members that aren't the brightest bulbs, and North Miami is hot. Someone made a wrong 911 call that said someone with a gun was threatening to kill themself-plainly pure fiction loosely derived from what was observed. Police people might have bought it hook line and sinker and filled their heads with images of threats, guns, immanent death etc. before arriving. Then, dumb as a polecat they saw the autistic guy with a toy car in his hand in the middle of the street, took him for a psychiatric interventionist and shot the actual therapist who was laying down with his hands up as an ISIS threat  or whatever that should be shot a little to calm things down. It is an incredible report that should provide an interesting explanation.

update- The explanation turned out to be that the cop was trying to shoot the patient-the retarded kid with the white toy truck-and the cop was as bad of a shot as he was at making a judgment judgment to shoot. 

So, no problem-he was trying to shoot a white kid and accidentally shot a black guy in the leg. he did not have an intent to harm a black life that matters to him.

Profuse Propaganda from the Majors This Year

This isn't an in-depth investigative article-just a remark that the media seems full of propaganda this year with inaccuracy and hyperbole or plain falsehoods almost normal. Anything to get people to read or click on an ad.

The Atlantic, normally a respectable publication put out some b.s. today about Trump as Putin's agent and Hillary running officially against Putin. It is full of logic errors and baloney. Its policy opinions are simply wrong besides. Those opinions are good for business aggressors seeking land and territorial expansion that were promulgated by the Clintons and Bushes yek destabilize and divide east and.

An example of misdirection was a story about an 'explosion' in Ankara 'just days after the coup'. Readers would check it out and discover that it was actually a house fire. A house fire utting out smoke in Ankara is not a terror or coup related explosion. Yet people would click on and the ad revenues roll in.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Cruz at Convention; "America is Not Just a Land Mass Between Two Oceans"

Ted Cruz speaking at the Republican national convention spoke emotionally of the slaughtered Dallas policemen and several elementary civics concepts for quite a while. Notably he said that America is not just a land mass between two oceans. He said that the U.S.A. was founded upon five famous words I'd never heard before. I thought he would say "In God We Trust, Amen" or something like that. Instead he "We want to be free." I think that is more suitable for a Mel Gibson movie, the founders probably said things like 'dump the Brits', let's kick their butts' or they can eat sh...

In eloquent language the founders wrote the declaration and constitution, yet they were rugged individualist already free unwilling to be further oppressed by globalists. Ted Cruz got several elementary civics platitudes right and erred in refusing to endorse the Trump candidacy. It evidently is Ted's way or no way...and people will remember that in 2024 if he decides to waste the public's time again.

Scientific Skepticism & Epistemological Nihilism Due to Evolution

Some scientific fans of atheism are epistemological nihilists and unfamiliar with Bishop Berkeley's Three Dialogues. The points about idea-ism aren't new. Berkeley wrote them in 1713. Plato also described the phenomena in a different way in The Cave section of The Republic.

One can find a quantum basis for ideasim. Even so reality is a reference again to all of human experience perceptually. A mountain may have a foundation in the crust of a planet without negating the validity of its summit appearance. Relativity exists not only in plain matter and motion, it exists in all frames including the psychological. The Universe has time and motion as implicit attributes of matter. Perspectives of change occur within a changing paradigm. An ultimate, epistemological ground of being might occur only within spirit that transcends the relativistic virtual reality that's being and becoming.

I enjoyed reading Tegmark's 'The Mathematical Universe' and recommend it. The search for a quantum unit that is fundamental is abstracted to relationships. One may call those numbers I suppose, with ordered relations. It is no less philosophically interesting to consider pure spirit entailing quanta and ordering all space-time existence within spirit. Tegmark doesn't take that sort of approach. Bootstrapping some sort of way for monism to generate pluralism is easier in the mind-spirit of God context than as one-dimensional monads that appeared or existed forever and generate ordinal expanding series even as numbers that do seem odd.

Opportunities for F-35, F-22 If China Declares Air Zone

If China declares an air zone over the China Sea opportunities for air to air combat simulations with a quality air force will present for the U.S. military that haven't occurred in some time. Live drills with real opposition force aircraft are rare opportunities in the modern world. The F-22 and F-35s haven't had enough practice with Mig-29s to determine if they can clear the way through for stealth bombers. F-35 F-22 Mig-29

With luck China will declare an air exclusivity zone that can be disassembled methodically, and maybe. the Philippines can declare its own air exclusivity zone over the China Sea with the United States as its rental air power for a dollar a year.

China should focus on alternative energy and projects with Warren Buffet's investment entities rather than intimidating S.E. Asians. The Beijing government has not meaningfully put down the North Korean nuclear missile threat and that is not appreciated. It may be that one day those nuclear missile will launch their way rather than west.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Time for Doped Olympics to Heal Schism?

Pro athletes have been known to use dope to enhance performance as have amateurs. Even bike riders use every sort of dope advantage that cannot be traced for a while to get to the finish line first. If there were a special Olympics for dope using athletes and pro sports dope leagues with queer athletes on steroids there is a probability that some people would watch it and everyone concerned with that sort of mess would be happy enough. President Obama could be the godfather of Queer, Doped Olympics and Pro Sports perhaps taking command of FIFA too.

Melania Trump-Learning From Michelle

If Melania Trump's fine convention speech borrowed from Michelle's 2008 speech, that should be taken as a compliment; the next first lady looked to the present for a role model. Michelle Obama is entirely not to blame for Barrack's bad foreign and domestic policy choices and failures to separate himself from the lawless tendencies of the Black Lives Matter movement that has been looking to blame police officers for years. When President Obama's son that he never had Trayvon Martin was the viral news and protest body the White House just didn't make it plain that mob protest does not complement the legal justice system. Blacks have the highest racial group percentage of convicted felons in America-those people often ‘hate the pigs’, and that evolves through to the B.L.A. movement I would think.

Melania Trump's speech delivery was the main point; she was flawless and engaging in that; a first lady that would be preferable to Zillary's caustic presences with crusty Bill as her first dude mouthpiece teaching student interns how to bake cookies.
I suppose their are just so many ways a woman might describe an elephant or donkey as the case may be. It is more a matter the public getting a chance to meet the prospective first lady than to learn about policy details. In either case I think it improbable that either Melania or Michelle wrote their speeches unsupervised if at all.

Do two crooked lawyers make a right? Does Hillary plus Bill add up to one honest, forthright lawyer? Whatever Michelle's relation to her own speech was (writing it entirely or not), she did not say that Barack would lead the nation to homosexual marriage and the Middle East to civil wars, 20 trillion dollars of public debt etc.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

My Opinion About Alaska Government Budget Failures

The Governor and legislature should be fired, voted out of office, removed from their duties and competent people elected, appointed or otherwise brought in as replacements.
Since the time of ancient Roman politicians and governments have found ways to balance budgets even honorably on occasion. A student of history may recall, perhaps from reading Livy, that the Roman Senate in times of public distress appointed a Dictator for a year at a time to address a present public danger. That is an illustration intended to express the point that other politicians have faced similar and greater challenges and found ways to respond competently. Alaska politicians are not experiencing anything new or unprecedented.
Romans also appointed a master of the horse, yet the military situation is more of a problem for the federal government than the state regarding the budget crisis. The Alaska legislature may not need to find a benevolent dictator to solve the state budget problems, yet the comparison is useful to underscore how ineffective they are at getting the job done.
It would be possible to take extreme economic measures to directly balance the budget if it were really needed. One could just cut the state budget 50% and triage the surviving financial needs. Like poor people that can't afford a home the legislators could meet outside and live in a tent city on some existing state land saving oodles of money. If it is really needed to be cheap they could spend as little as Alaskans in government before the pipeline.
I slept outside on the ground a winter in Anchorage myself and know its quite possible to survive and get written work done. Politicians and constituents could share a coffee over a propane stone and have a sense of shared sacrifice. If they weren't overly comfortable bureaucrats could balance the budget and leave the PFD alone.
If the state of Alaska were hit by a real series of disasters rather than an economic one of their own making they could cut the budget 50% and/or redirect the money to the necessary directions that would address right issues.
For bureaucrats worried about paper, front loaders could stop at various government agencies and collect the stuff in garbage bags and move it into dump trucks. Then it could be removed and transported to some cold storage facility with a vacuum to prevent degradation of material. Everything should already be digitally recorded though, and the paper redundant.

President Obama's Wussifying Policies May Stimulate Police Killings

Police Shootings Are Too Common

The steady escalation of Black Lives Matter protests of incidents of police killings of black Americans seems to have spawned a shadow of death killing policemen that follows the Black Lives Matter movements. I believe the F.B.I. Behavioral Analysis Unit models probabilities of where select crimes may occur. Locations where B.L.M. protests have occurred must be in the red zone.

President Obama's recalcitrance to consistently and convincingly condemn attacks on police officers, expressing understanding and tolerance for ‘the other side’  implicitly implying some sort of equality of equation elements hasn’t been helpful. Neither are the tragic killings something to panic about.

During the Obama administration anarchy, chaos, civil unrest and civil war have increased across the Middle East and Europe.The Muslim presence as terrorists has increased globally while mass public social media have brought several methods for inspiring individuals to commit acts of terrorism off-the-shelf as it were, at the sacrifice of their own lives. The United States was not immunized against such developments by the lack of Presidential leadership.

Gavin Long,the killer of Baton Rouge police,was a former Marine Sergeant, well versed in killing with a long gun. Black marines and other military personnel exposed to radical Islam abroad are susceptible to taking war into their own hands domestically it seems if the political winds deem it ripe.Given the usual difficulties of adjusting to civilian from military life, the President should make damn sure he does not give any impression about being sympathetic will protest instead of legal justice where and when legal justice is not as corrupt as the budget balancing portion of government. One would think that the late Sgt. Long would have trusted in Ruth Bader Ginsberg and the like for justice.

Just yesterday while playing internet chess I was verbally attacked (in print) for being an American. My opponent from overseas called me all sorts of  insulting names to distract me from winning the 3 minute game. From a winning position I got just a draw. If President Obama hadn’t queered marriage in the U.S.A. I probably would have won that chess game because my opponent would have had no basis for making that sort of insult demanding my reply in the midst of the game. It is rotten to be lumped in with a category of immoral people for simply being a citizen of a nation. The President probably liked stimulating hatred of the U.S.A. and bringing people abroad to feel people in America are wussy faggots.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Noble & Sterling Shootings-My Opinion

Firstly I am just interpreting the video of the two incidents. Dylan Noble seemed to be committing suicide by cop. Since he appeared to be white Black Lives Matter won't care.

The police shooting protocol was rather disgusting however. The first shot was reasonable yet the remainder weren't needed. After being shot people probably would tend to thrash about rather than obey instructions since that hurts. Shooting someone in pain in negligent and seems cowardly. I suppose the police aren't cowards though-they simply act as if they are union shooters in a video game. No charges should follow if laws weren't broken. Fresno OD policy should change on extra shots though.

I always give a bear a warning shot if its approaching and never had to shoot one yet. Police need to have enough confidence with basic pistol marksmanship so they can wound and not kill a subject as if they were soldiers on a battlefield- for whom anything else than a kill shot would be unreasonable. It woud be useful for police to have the power to discern where to place a bullet accurately and at least try...a certain degree of risk would not be the union way yet it would be an honorable way. There is no crime in shooting for a leg, missing and having to duck if the suspect really has a pistol hidden and returns fire requiring the kevlar protected patrolman to drop and fire with more lethal intent a second shot.

The Baton Rouge convenience store store shooting of Alton Sterling is also nothing to protest about. The police seem quite guilty of something taking the fat man down and putting a gun on his chest as if it were a staple gun and firing center of mass point blank four times.

At best it could be aggravated manslaughter, at worst first degree murder with a fake 9-11 call from co-conspirators that wanted to get rid of commercial competition from the street. A semi-automatic pistol is not a staple gun and it was not o.k. to put four rounds into his heart. Maybe one in the shoulder from that range would have made Sterling easier to handle. What clowns.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Alaska Governor Gets Call of the Wild

The Governor and Legislature should be released from their duties evolving moldy minds in Juneau to run free with Buck who has as little interest for the well being of the non-governmental, non-oil patch public.

One could appoint an economic Dictator for a year to square away the budget as did ancient Romans, or better, just move the capital to vacant buildings in Anchorage until a tent City can be built on the hills above Wasilla where only intrepid snow machiners go. At least that location has great wind power potential. Oh yes, the state budget should be immediately cut 50%, the national guard serve local police roles where help is needed and the PFD restored in full-some people might have counted on that in their budget planning.

Imagine Juneau hit by a landslide and tsunami with the pipeline destroyed by terrorists; the Governor and Legislature would need to act rationally and swiftly rather than as mushrooms kept in the dark subsisting on manure.

Why is Protest or Rioting First Response to Police Crimes?

President Obama has had it his way with black attorney generals during his administration. With youtube videos presenting to the public occasional and statistically rare crimes by police on black males enabling leverage for fair investigations and prosecutions why do people feel it necessary top create civil disorder as often as they can find even a nominal chance.

Many people are injured or arrested in the mass protests. Many people lose business while taxpayer cleanup costs increase and it accomplishes virtually nothing to process official investigations.

With the black Obama Justice Department if nothing objectively correcting follows civil rights violations their isn't much chance crimes by police on blacks that are killings would be set aside. All of the public mayhem and confusion doesn't help objective justice. Do blacks have no confidence in the Obama Justice administration?

President Obama speaking at the funeral for the five slain white police officers said that it was important for all sides to dialogue in effect, a community thing, whatever (paraphrase). There is just one side-that of law and order and he should have just reinforced that as chief enforcement officer of the U.S.A. An other 'side' has no right to shoot police officers.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Evan Mawarire, A Christian Pastor, Arrested in Zimbabwe

Evan Mawarire has been trying to get some social reform going in Zimbabwe. He was arrested and is apparently still in the Mugabe dungeon charged with inciting violence and disturbing the peace. Mawarire would like to stop the violence of Robert Mugabe's police thugs, and reminds one of Dr. M.L. King.

President Obama can't tell good protests from bad and has helped organize anarchy, revolt, chaos and civil war worldwide and hasn't said a thing about getting a Zimbabwean Christian free; he should. Police do perp crimes too, yet lawful and orderly means of pursuing justice should be an option too. It has yet to be proven that chaotic mass protests and economic injury are a socially cost-effective means of preventing further crimes. 

Web sites following allegation of injustice could be made, and probably already do, as well as other political means of reducing violence. Violent crimes dropped 13% last year, however chaos and crime associated with Black Lives Matter have made a little crime wave of its own.

More than twice as many whites are killed by police in the U.S.A. than blacks, and whites have far fewer convicted murderers as a percent off the population. Black Lives matter as much as anyone else's yet the President believes their attack on police is valid. He should instead be critical of the public expense , injuries, deaths, arrests and chaos in mass that the BLM movement brings and direct them to just make videos, get people elected to implement any reforms they can think of, yet also look out for the white people being killed by police too, as well of course as police themselves.

Bernie Sanders Joins the Dark Side of the Force

In the progressive decay into dialectical imperialism that is the Democrat Party branch of global corporatism the late Presidential campaign of Bernie Sanders is now one of Clinton's Borg cadre of immoral, godless globalists. Sanders succumbed after a protracted political illness to the dark side of the force. Hillary Clinton swooped in from beyond the Stygian River to claim another to take lost soul down under.

Partisan 'Justice' Ruth (we)Bader Ginsberg showed her complete dark side of the force Democrat allegiance publicly dissing the Republican candidate for President Donald Trump. At least Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell from the tenth most peaceful state in the U.S.A. remonstrated against the partisan Justice's political bias. Several members of the Highest U.S. court belong to the dark side of the force tragically. Ginsberg may move to socialist utopia of New Zealand if Trump wins election

Historical District Butte Montana; A Sign of the Times

The photo below shows how times have changed in the U.S.A. to a certain extent. The old buildings around America in some places retain advertisements from the past that ought to be well photographed for posterity.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

White Policemen are Nearly Exclusively the Targets of Felonious Killings

White police lives matter too. In 2014 for instance felons killed 50 policemen in the U.S.A. and of those 47 were white.

Only three of the killings occurred when the officers were handling people with mental illness. Seven were killed in plain ambushes.

People have been concerned about black violence for decades. The causes of that are uncertain, both historical and cultural I guess. What concerns me is the economic effect. It may be a reason why good American industrial jobs disappeared by 15 million since 2000 I believe it is. China seems to have nicer workers. It may be a reason as well why so many like illegal Latino immigration for work; prosperous people are distrustful of black violence. An Africanized America is something some worry about, as if it were like killer bees bumping out the nice honey bees.

Police kill far more whites than blacks-more than twice as many though blacks are more likely to murder.

Maybe I am mistaken about the above. There certainly were lots of other reason for the wussification of the American job market such as the Clintons. Now everyone works for Wal-mart, is on the government's payroll or is otherwise a service worker or in the financial sector preponderantly. being a nurse is the only reliable big money for aspiring upwardly mobile normal people it seems. Self-driving trucks will eventually take out truck driving jobs.  American blacks will find something to sing 'we shall overcome' about and riot no matter what. It just won't be about good jobs, paying off the national debt, space exploration or stopping illegal immigration. It it were, white people might join them.

So was it ethical for a robot to detonate itself all over Micah Johnson-the Dallas sniper? Not if it was thinking for itself and not a drone controlled by a human. A more reasonable question could be this-would it have been ethical to use a rocket propelled grenade or artillery?

Thoughts on the Black Lives Matter Police Massacre in Dallas

One idea that may be learned from the massacre of police officers at a Black Lives Matter protest march in Dallas is that protracted emotional political movements have statistically extreme outriders that bring more violence to the movement. The anti-abortion movement has occasional bombers to attack clinics, the pro-abortion movement sometimes sells human baby body parts harvested in late term abortions etc.

The Vietnam War era protests also had occasional violence as did the green revolution have its Ted Kaczynskis. President Obama’s leadership has been very poor at leading blacks away from social unrest, rioting and the inevitable violence toward reason.

The number of police contacts every day in the U.S.A. with civilians is phenomenal. There are about 6 million convicted felons in the U.S.A. and about 2 million people behind bars. In a nation of 320 million people and with perhaps 50 million police-civilian contacts annually statistically it is inevitable that some violence will occur. Keep in mind the difficulty and nature of the job and the kind of people that do it.

Racism seems prima facie to be a cause for many killings of police. In 2014 50 police officers were feloniously killed and 47 were white. "By race, 47 of the victim officers were white, 2 were black, and 2 were Asian/Pacific Islander."

Police kill far more whites than blacks-more than twice as many though blacks are far more likely to murder.

Everyone knows that police work has violence in it. Police are legal bullies able to arrest other citizens and physically take them down. It isn’t a prize fight they practice-it is the most cheap shot win the fight and move on empowerment a citizen can have as an advantage over other and society has created the structure that way for reasons of public safety. The alternative seems to be to just have policemen go and smell the roses and leave the criminals alone and not to offend the media by profiling people to sort through the fish to locate the bad ones in the barrel.

What has changed is the technology of video capture making it possible to record actual crimes by police officers, yet the job of police work will continue to be one where high school graduates over the course of a career must themselves interact with dangerous people and use violence on occasion upon those that resist arrest. Every school kid learns, or should learn, that resisting arrest leads to nothing more than a life in crime as an inmate. One should yes sir, no sir police officers and thank God when they are done with you and have a good lawyer on speed dial, as well of course as not doing things that will get one arrested such as shoplifting while smoking dope and grabbing for a cops gun when he stops to question what the heck you are about.

Amid the hundreds of thousands of police officers in the U.S.A. making 50 million contacts annually there will be some that are not well balanced, burned out, bad attitude, desensitized or whatever that make inappropriate actions with civilians. Some police officers frankly are criminals themselves...remember the Serpico movie based on a true story.

It is possible to slowly evolve better policing and safer methods for civilians and police officers alike yet the Black Lives matter protests and riots do nothing to help that in comparison to the rioting and civil destruction, economic losses and mayhem they bring. President Obama’s leadership has been terrible in clarifying that. It is the sort of bad social organizing that has divided Europe, rekindled the cold war and created conflicted across the Middle East flooding Europe with refugees and terrorist infiltrators.

Police officers are just people trying to get through a challenging career. Black Americans have a higher crime rate, a less intellectual, more aggressive social environment because of its emergence from segregation and the ghetto, and present challenges for police work. If one reads LBJ’s riot commission report and notes the challenges and bullets used by the national guard as compared with the 101st Airborne in Detroit it is easy to see that the Black Lives Matter protests over the incidence of violence concerns lesser numbers.

Each year in the U.S.A. about 250 people are killed by police officers and felons kill about 50 police-that is a reasonable ratio. The Black Lives Matter intifada protests are not going to create a sudden change or correction to statistically hard to avoid behavior. In fact the movement probably stimulates violence and provides a draft for extremists to act. Because statistically problems can be reduced yet not disappear and because people watching videos believe a few incidents are occurring a thousandfold more often it is easy to drag people out into the streets and create chaos rather than the civil order required for measured social economic progress.

Video captures of crimes by civilians and police put on the Internet can easily bring political responses- elections can put unresponsive politicians out. It would be good if police officers were all college graduates yet would such people want to be body builders ready to take down the guys on PCP or meth with guns or body building drunks that are belligerent and hate police officers? If one is interacting with a guy that should be a marshal artist of a kind one should be aware of the possibility that he may use marshal art. People with ordinary IQ can make mistakes or perpetrate crimes in or out of uniform-thats just the way it is. The in theory one wants to find someone brighter on internal affairs to investigate the dummies that were corrupt-and someone brighter supervising internal affairs however it doesn’t really work that way. Politics is corrupt in America-even globalist-and politicians control the police forces ultimately and are themselves socially challenged by not electing good people that have no interest in running for office.