Monday, May 30, 2016

Inflatable Space Module the Start of Something Big

When the Bigelow inflatable space model went up on the second try at the Space Station it proved an important derivative point; inflatable building forms-for example a sphere, could be used in zero gravity or on Mars and spray coated or rolled with a permanent adhesive substance. Building thousands of empty space spheres for various living purposes easily and at low cost requires the invention or application of the right materials for zero-G, Mars and the Moon.

Inventors and governments cannot always have classified insider documents go to currency speculators via blackberry and guarantee booming financial success. Even when a Yoda-breaking-bad to the dark side of the force doesn’t work to finance pioneering exploration work investors periodically appear to fill in the gaps.

The inflatable Bigelow inflatable module showed it works outside the Washington D.C. beltway in the micro-gravity field. One would like to see inflatable building forms develop with field testing on the moon, Mars and at the Space Station. Making the special strong-lightweight coating that can be applied at near absolute zero and yet will harden to make a strong-permanent building shell should be something easy of materials physicists today.

I have read somewhere that aluminum naturally welds itself in micro-gravity. Maybe ground ground up aluminum dust coatings have potential as a building shell coating.

Inflatable forms could be scalable to very large sizes. Complete sphere could have exterior connectors to other spheres and even low-cost ion engines to speed them around the solar system as working, transport, freight, agriculture, research and habitation and storage modules by the hundreds of thousands.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

How Energy & Tax Issues Differ in 2016 Election Cycle

Traditionally democrats and Republicans have had substantial differences in policy approaches to energy and taxation during Presidential election cycles since the Arab Oil Embargo of 1973. President carter's synthetic fuel plant at Parachute Colorado never went to far. The Federal Strategic Petroleum Reserve did however, and even now that oil in salt domes seems quaint. Fracking has crashed the value of oil per barrel and the price may stay low the next 20 years or longer if foreign nations commence large scale fracking too.

It is a paradox that U.S. energy companies may look toward the rival solar and wind power producers, that they have already begun to buy in to, as a way to help keep oil from dropping too far in sales price. If solar power becomes ubiquitous as building coatings, automobile finishes; even highway repaving material and roofing material, and if foreign oil developers begin large scale fracking, the motivation to increase American fracking may decrease and oil supplies may thus be slower to increase in volume available overall.

If demand for U.S. oil decreases while solar and wind power dramatically increase a careful maintenance of the value of oil may follow because of the decrease domestically for it. Large U.S, multinational oil corporations have vast quantities of foreign oil as well they can import in a few days with supertankers to moderate price. Because restricting supply increases demand and sales price generally if there is an existing demand for a product, just as restricting labor supply increases the value of labor if there is an existing demand for labor, limiting the increase of demand for oil and increasing the availability of solar and wind power that oil corporations invest in may make the best price moderation criterion for the multinationals and consumers alike.

Fundamentally there is little real difference in U.S. energy policy from Democrats or Republicans in 2016. No one likes coal of course except for the honest, honorable workers employed in that difficult industry. Demagogic appeals from either side have different values of course, yet retraining workers and capping the dirty business is the best realistic plan.

Energy policy of either party isn't too different, yet neither is tax policy. Democrats in the majority with a Democrat President made tax cuts for the rich permanent. Yet rhetorically the President gave crocodile tears about wishing to increase taxes on the rich-nearly and impossibility without a Democrat majority, and of course it was the Democrats to passed the tax bill in the first place, so that issue is as much bunk as the President Obama dropping into Hiroshima to make a legacy speech about getting rid of all nuclear weapons. Seven years into his administration is too late to muse about that. Informed people are aware that arms nuclear arms reduction requires serious and substantive talks and require several elements to be aligned.

A certain trust must be established among nations. President Obama has increased distrust of Russian leadership and President Putin has little reason to trust the U.S.A. after its Ukraine and Syria policies. President Obama led sanctions against not only Syria, but Russia too and has done much economic harm.

The President hasn't exactly made India and Pakistan more trusting of each other, and neither North Korea. It is also hard to imagine China getting rid of its nuclear arsenal. If anything they are likely to increase it.

It the President's tax are nuclear disarmament policies are a sham, so are the differences between the Republican and Democrat parties on energy and taxation. Environmental policy is important however neither party has the slightest ecospheric economic foundation too its economic approach. Each have non-renewable economic value principles are from my perspective are primitive. Democrats say much about supporting good environmental policy and actually make a very slight difference, while Republicans honestly say they don 't give rats ass about keeping wilderness or restoring it and stopping mass extinction. The bottom line is that the environment loses 99 to 0 with Republicans and 89 to 0 with Democrats in the game of human life on Earth

Get Job Training & Work for Euro-Bound Refugees

Providing job training for European bound cross-Mediterranean refugees in a secure North African enclave would be better than admitting them to Europe for eventual distribution into the body politic. Especially in the case of Libya and Syria the refugees may have been selected by Al Qaeda and ISIS as sleeper agents or support elements to attack Europe. At the least they would add a lot to crime and education costs for receptive European nations. Another problem is that they are generally Muslims; the more the arrive in Europe the greater is the problem of an antipathetic internal proletariat.

Africa and the Middle East have innumerable problems that might be partly alleviated with a new source of well-trained teachers and advisors to build electrical, water extraction and health facilities etc. A veritable alternative peace corps comprised of refugees signed into a 3 to 6 month training program with three years of paid employment in select African and Middle Eastern countries with substantial social survival and standard of living issues that is paid for by European nations would probably cost less in several respects than disregarding African issues and flooding Europe with refugees that European security forces would actually have a fairly difficult time in vetting-Muslims might at any rate change their minds later when approached by actual mufsidoonists.

A special refugee enclave and job training center built in Africa with full European support could collect refugees and educate them in valuable skills programs with a modest stipend to enable them to live and work. African nations would benefit with the input from the former refugees. A three year program might be adequate to allow refugees to return to a home nation where problems have been resolved. Of course since President Obama and European leaders deposed the Khaddafi regime intentionally and created the ISIS-Al Qaeda problem in Libya, they may not expect that Libya can be stabilized in another three years. Perhaps a re-enlistment to serve a total of six years would be possible.

A functioning put-the-refugees-to human work with education and support is a realistic approach to solving the recurrent problem. The refugees would need to actually be from a nation with real civil war and chaos sorts of issues created commonly by interfering western leaders, yet even locally caused strife probably would be sufficient to get those admitted to a refugee training enclave.

Quite likely their should be a number of refugee training enclave built around the globe to better process people fleeing war, government and media persecution etc. Even Mexicans fleeing Mexican poverty and war illegally entering the U.S.A. might benefit from a catch and release job training program while ordinary criminals go to jail. Perhaps most of the illegal aliens are unskilled in labor and need to become electricians, water treatment specialists, medics, computer repairmen, solar panel installers etc. If the United States trained them and paid them one dollar and hour to remain in Mexico (or some sort of local minimum wage equivalent), they might actually remain in Mexico and do some good saving the taxpayers of the states. money and letting wages rise.

Friday, May 27, 2016

The Fate of Mud, Bugs and Man (poem)

The bug as vexatious tyranny of intent
complex evolving composition acting for-itself
flying in leaps for plant designs
of rain-born forms stretching toward the sun

Leaves waver in a breeze pushed by clouds
swirling thoughtlessly gathering strength
growing ample numbers tornadoes won't disturb
scattering flowers with seed forward in time

Where the field of starlight, dry lines distant
living terms breathing for-themselves
transferring continua of actualized genes
forms with decisive ideas

The fate of mud is of all things concerned
with compact shedding structure dissolving
to entropy's average shape
of an unshaped soundless medium

The potter works
purity of purpose
vessels of wrath
assemblies of grace

To be and not to be with a million questions
remaining like a life of ideas finding new expressions
parallelism of Aristotelian successions
bugs and man each actualizing life

A realm of forms encased in life itself
contrasting with a realm of forms of ideas
flowing in temporal beingness
space-time actualizing all-too-human uncertainty

With the end of speculation
a cosmic microwave cloud of beginning
c.m.b. pattern to Earth,
distant and remote in time

Metaphysic of forms of ideas abstracting
shapes and logic of the for-itself
and the cloud of unknowing
flowing after the word to start

Uttered light into darkness
being and becoming
concentrates of ideas
actualized as thoughts of Spirit

In faith Jacob's ladder of transformation,
ideates a Platonic, temporal realm of forms
given themselves unto eternal spirit
leaving the mud for Jesus Christ.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Shouldn't Trump's Wall Be a 2000 Mile Solar Panel?

The Mexican border security wall should serve some synergetic goals such as energy and water making for the American S.W. and perhaps Mexico instead of being a dead, metal screen. Metal fencing is easy for politicians and contractors to think about and provide paychecks to a few, yet it isn't the more bang for the buck approach to governing.

It might be possible to sell space to erect a solar panel coated barrier to corporations that could share in the profit from selling electricity to utilities. A vast solar panel could also power electric cars that would drive patrols along the berm and maybe canal for desalinating saltwater through evaporation and condensation. Saltwater would be pumped from the Pacific Ocean to Deming New Mexico to fill the canal with locks that would actually be used for recreation with lagoons in some areas too.

Sen. Lankford's Points About Pres. Obama Rerouting Zika Funds to U.N./Global Warming

Oklahoma Senator Lankford wrote an interesting article about President Obama steering a half billion dollars away from fighting Zika to other priorities....especially to a global green climate U.N. initiative. The latter is a worthwhile project when cars, oil, urban sprawl and poor zoning in regard to human habitation and the ecosphere (it hasn't changed paradigm much the past 2000 years). Not a significant percent of Americans can take the time to research contemporary issues in depth if lucky enough to have a good job. Lankford notes that the President already has billions of dollars to draw from to attack Zika.

 Public affairs take a hit as the public is uniformed or misinformed by the broadcast media.

When Evolution Arrived (a poem)

When evolution arrived at government
a million flowers of ideas bloomed
about wild eleatic forms
with accountability and responsibility
fractalized and forgotten like shadows in transit
glimmering deposits and currency frenzies
were pieces of mosaics gone tomorrow

Reason and logic; innate human characteristics, stopped
to feel sensations of evolving forms of experience
from the inside out arrayed with numbers
driving on in neat lines
with Cantor's trans-fine sets
thoughts of infinity replete with humility
seemed more shapes of being and becoming

Consciousness was an apparition for survival
giving enhanced adaptive character
intelligence sorting through material for-itself
wondering sometimes of its origin and universe
of experience taken to a scattering of electrons
from plasma, from a perfectly order singularity
dimensions thought to expand as energy's space

A Universe destiny like a gut object of art
its area of being with Occam's economy
taking no more than itself
the reason of mortals evolved to organic nullification
where waters fall like horizontal bands
striking notes of digital quanta clouds
as every dimension reaches an horizon

God was not in the lean stomach muscle
that a dead animal had before run down
crunching in a silver bumper a blue morning
saw the red blood and sunrise together
skinned remnants of reality
passed over through life
He was in the life of spirit

Greater than a living Universe
the sets of actualized destiny
packaged in one issue
malleable to the Word
weren't bureaucracies of theo-political establishment
tossing horseshoes at pegs,
tying dissidents to stakes


Saturday, May 21, 2016

Congress Retards War on Zika Virus

Zika; Act Now or Pay Later (with vigorous interest)

The mosquito borne Zika virus seems to be one of those unavoidable environmental challenges that are best met with swift response rather than slow, lethargy politically speaking. It is also a problem that is regional rather than national. Mexico too will have the virus and it will be brought in over the border. There needs to be a master plan for containing and reducing the Zika virus at least in the Caribbean and Mexico in addition to the U.S.A. for like illegal alien immigrants, Zika has no respect for national borders.

Now and then a challenge arrives that political leaders need to meet directly than through the usual long, slow, drain and control methods of insiders. Zika is spreading and increasing its range 24/7 as the Congress is comfortably numb to that reality. Infected fetuses will have a lifetime of problems that like foreign wars with lots of casualties and psychological trauma cause vast expenses for life. The Zika virus and foreign wars are best nipped in the bub so far as possible by the frugal political leader. That means getting it done with adequate funding early rather than with a cheapo, shabby response. If Zika was the fruit of ISIS or Al Qaeda biological war would D.O.D. and Congress act as if they were already children of the virus?

The U.S. Congress may choose to posture and negotiate about the effect of funding a billion dollars on a medical prophylactic. If Ted Cruz were in the House he might filibusterer passage until it is paid for with money diverted from jobs for homeless people. All that waste of time politics is an unfortunate and detrimental to future human health exercise in myopic finance;p no one believes the Congress can pay off the national debt. That may be accomplished through breaking the nation up into five easy pieces someday in order to denounce the debt of the U.S. Government.

In the meantime it might be a good idea to discover some way to give a zero-interest loan of 3 billion dollars to a health bank that could mint five dollars for each buck it gets loaning out the money at exceedingly favorable terms to medical research and application firms and governments to combat Zika. probably the U.S. Government will need to finance western hemispheric Zika war if it is going to prevent a new generation of pin-head politicians from reaching being conceived. Perhaps money should be diverted from Defense Department spending. Alternatively the D.O.D. could be involved in biological war defense against natural evils too. Maybe however, the U.S. Government does not regard shrunken head syndrome as anything to fight about.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Ideas About Fingernail Computers

I was in a couple of stores when the the same salesman walked in to try to sell bags of makeup to ladies. Then I saw a woman with very sparkly nail polish and it made me think of fingernail computers.

If women could put on artificial nails that were computer chips perhaps solar powered or even with motion it might be they could do more with idle time besides drumming their fingers.

Probably someone has already created a thousand and one uses for fingernail chip computers, yet I will mention a few anyway.

With fingernail computers anything could act as a keyboard as impacts are transmitted maybe with bluetooth to a tablet where a keyboard transparency could be located to indicate what keys were struck. One would train they keyboard location to correspond to one's finger tap location-alphabet preferences.

It would also be possible to make a little notebook computer with a field that could detect finger motions in air and an airless mouse could be effected when the fingernail chip moves through the field in different locations.

It is probable that people would like MP3 players that are fingernail-chip size perhaps with some kind field transmitting to a speaker on a shoe or headphones.

With fingernail computers a video display screen could clip onto a baseball cap bill so if taking off the hat and setting it where it where it can be seen, with some sort of power pack clipped in, rather than plugged in so wires and jacks don't break so readily, a fair speed computing environment that is weather durable might be available for low cost.

Trump Isn't a 'Comfortably Numb' Bureaucrat

Americans are used to uncreative, neutered Presidents that don't get independent brain wave content or are career bureaucrats; cinched insiders without an energetic work ethic besides desk sitting. It isn't surprising that 70% of Americans believe Donald Trump hasn't the right temperament for President of the United States

After the Slick Willie party Presidency followed by Dumbo and the Suck it, trans-genderist administrations the concept of an energetic, enterprising executive is foreign to the sedated electorate yearning to have an increased minimum wage and a new car. A President that seeks and establishes business and enterprise connections is a traditional governor President that plays a good round of golf, makes photo-ops with the media and Hollywood stars and generally does real political work martinets instruct him to or that were delegated to special interest committees. Trump may not be the ideal candidate yet he is a change from the usual. Comfortably Numb

Virtually no Americans that are intelligent, well-educated ordinary people think of running for the office of President anymore. Frankly, this is the worst crop of candidates ever with Trump being the best of that lot. No one expects much of Presidents either as they are regarded as representing corrupting global and immoral interests of special interest agendas foreign to the ordinary citizens of the U.S.A. and their interests.

No PhD in economics with a military record that isn't a governor or career politician would get the support of Super Pacs or afford to jeopardize his or her own life with a foppish run at the White House. Trump really is the best available, the media have poisoned the political climate in the U.S.A. quite effectively.

An Unoffical Long-Term OIl Price Forecast

I got the crash in oil prices forecast about a half a year before the drop considering the effect of all that fracking. So it is rather simply to predict that oil price per barrel won't recover to former levels at all with Saudi Arabia, Iran, the Baku oil fields and every place on Earth with running down oil reserves able to frack and recover former reserves available quantities if they wish (going on the American experience). That would include Mexico and Pemex and African nations too.

Thus oil price may be effected more by the design of oil companies and governments to increase the cost for revenue streams. Even so the steady increase in alternative electronic-solar and super-conductor technologies will offset short-term oil price increases through war and other supply disruptions. If global warming continues to affect shoreline economies and actually increases pace public opinion may decrease the value of oil per barrel too as alternative transportation is sought that is renewable and non-polluting thermally such as electric platforms covered with very efficient solar voltaic materials.

In present dollars I would think that oil should range from 10 to 60 dollars per barrel for the next half century. There is a lot of oil to recover, while engines are increasing in efficiency, alternative power supplies also, and public opinion about the effect fossil fuels have on the environment will balance out the increased yet untenable demand from second and third world consumers for gas-guzzling ground transportation.

A Doctor’s Right to Privately Euthenize and Abort?

Should a physician be allowed to cut, slash and terminate lives if done discreetly and privately. A recently passed Oklahoma law concerning abortion that does not recognize a physicians right to privacy covering his action abortion someone else’s fetus in theory should apply to euthanasia equally well. It is a real stretch of the constitution to say that a citizen’s right to privacy implicitly covers his actions upon others to perform services for them. While an abortion may be legal for a women to perform upon herself, as it might be legal in Oregon and and few other states to take one’s own life if sick and in pain, it is quite another thing for someone else to take take another’s life or abort a fetus even with consent.

The U.S. Supreme Court has never said that an abortion is moral or implicitly meaningless, it instead simply determined that the issue is hidden under the right to privacy all citizens have. When another citizen becomes involved that privacy has already been compromised. Making it a felony for a physician or anyone else to perform an abortion on someone else appears to be consistent with the concept of privacy.

If privacy were to be used as a general curtain to excuse illegal acts such as possession of stolen goods or buying and selling stolen goods the absurdity would be apparent even to members of the court. The high court should not just decide what things are politically correct to hide behind the curtain of privacy, or how many people can be in the space concealed from legal review.

When a city such as Arlington Texas is asked to build a new 900 million dollar sports stadium for the Texas Rangers to place baseball in with parking taxes raised to help pay for it, wouldn’t the visiting citizen from Houston have a just right to be excused from paying the parking meter tax because he hates the Rangers and has a right to privacy in his parking space without the intrusion of decadent, corrupt government building stadiia when the Zika virus is spreading? Why is the Houstonian’s right to privacy destroyed when he does not want to subsidize a private sports authority?

It is possible with the new age interpretation of the Constitution to make it a rubbery document stretchable in any direction. N-dimensional legal interpretative universes have arrived. The U.S. Supreme Court in Rowe v Wade in effect found that the right to privacy covers illegal acts if they are politically correct. Yet that criterion hasn't been applied equally and well elsewhere. Privacy seems to be a superfluous concept meaningful mostly as a tool for the court to allow political correct yet hitherto illegal acts to  go ahead yet cast aside if an act is disapproved by the court. Privacy as a legal concept is  a middle term syllogisticly speaking used entirely at the court's discretionary whim.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Post-Cold War Abomination; The Spiritual War

The end of the cold war with Ronald Reagan's inspired Christian leadership and a willing, bungling communist leader accomplice brought an age of new hope. Irrational exuberance saturated the stock market and President Clinton signed off on every sort of Wall Street scam for global profits with dire results. President Clinton was also known for moral failures.

President Clinton began with burning a rural farm of Christian cultists at Waco Texas with the A.T.F. and F.B.I. growing impatient on the 52nd day of their siege. He followed that up with the notorious Monica Lewinsky lip service peccadillo that got him impeached by Congress for lying. School children started shooting their classmates and the grunge era was followed by deeper, darker, satanic musical and media trends. President Obama has taken the post-cold war immoral tangent to a deeper level of hell.

At the start of his administration I noted that his was likely to be an abomination administration morally speaking ans so it turned out to be. The President has built a homosexual atheist immoral ascendancy creating a spiritual war within the nation; one leftist atheist and anti-Christian plan to win.

Replacing the external threat cold war with an internal threat spiritual war with the aggressor side employing traditional satanic methods of personalized and mass spiritual attack was a double failure of leadership. It was possible to avoid the conflict; just as it was possible to avoid the Syrian civil war simply through not supporting its build-up with cash, weapons and advisors.

Homosexual civil security wasn't endangered without the usurpation of traditional heterosexual marriage unto themselves. It probably would have been possible to end the homosexual deferment from military service over time too if they really desired to kill rather than suck their military foes.

The spiritual war is a way that insider, scientific atheists can attack the people of the United States that are Christians and traditionalists. President Obama repeatedly calls for change and has placed a homosexual as Secretary of the Army and threatened lawsuits on states that are recalcitrant about keeping bathrooms separate for men and women along traditional lines without the blur of undefined 'trans-gender' right to go anyplace they want, perhaps on the same day. The spiritual war seems to fit with the President's pro-Muslim immigration policies and transition to waging war upon Christian cultures wherever they are through spiritual means of homosexual, drugs, immigration and Islam.

American is a tolerant nation on the foundation of independence and personal individual freedom. It never has supported government coercion though, and the spiritual war is essentially a war on the soul for the possession of Satan.

Science and evolution are great things. Contemplation and research of the Universe are wonderful. Curious human beings seeking a better life inevitably work in that direction-just as they would invent blankets to stay warm in winter travel. It would be a tragedy if those drunken with the power of science and materialism further their attack on the human spirit, religious liberty and philosophy in their blind quest for power for power and believes in error, that a particular configuration of dimensions and relativity can explain creation of all, that space and extension paradigmata finally account for the set of all things and that there is no God.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Human Hunting Drones Could Change Face of War

Human hunting drones with face recognition tech built into their books of good kills will probably be fielded too soon. Built in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors small, stealthy flying and crawling drones will replace passive land mines, recharge from the sun or maybe water (for fuel cell powered drones), and be purposed to attack military units with the correct uniforms, people of a given height and weight and so forth. Cheaper to field than human soldiers drones-of-war, military conflict can be regarded as becoming more tactical and not just a straightforward chess game.

 In the future military unit survivability may be in advanced camouflage not only of visible and infrared spectra but of shape and form as well. Infrared and form recognition systems might be electronically spoofed to perceive a soldier as a tree or bolder, etc. Terrorists leading the way on camouflaging themselves as civilians may find that field crowded on a future battlefield wear unique opfor and friendly cadre identifiers are changed and recoded often in order that those regarded as fair and even legal kills are separated from those that are not. In a planetary bureaucracy those considered fair kills may evolve to political categories.

After Six Years of Support for Civil War Obama's Syria Policy Emerging

The true form of the Obama-Kerry Syria policy is finally beginning to emerge from the mists of uncertainty after six years of stimulating civil war to remove Assad- it's a twin towers demolition plan with the other towering strong man being for Assad being the late Muammar Gaddafi. It is probable that a time of troubles would follow a removal of Assad in Syria as it has in Libya after the removal of Gaddafi with more direct U.S. military intervention.

There isn't anything about a homeland for the Kurds, or a expansion of their Iraqi homeland, into Eastern and Northern Syria mentioned in Obama planning. Perhaps they would get the squeeze after their usefulness is reduced after regular non-Sunni, Muslim Brotherhood affiliated Sunnis were to take over much of the power in Syria. Very likely Hamas would send advisors and Hezballah and Iran would be unhappy. No more smiley faces attached to emails to the west.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Romney May have Communique from Kolob to Make 3rd Party Run

For Mitt Romney to consider making a 3rd party run for the White House and give the job of President to Hillary Clinton he would need to have extra-terrestrial instructions or otherwise be spaced out and unconcerned about terrestrial reality.

Mitt is Romney was a one-term governor of the liberal state of Massachusetts and provided the prototype for Obamacare so perhaps he actually was a camouflaged democrat; as likely an explanation as instructions from the Kolob Star system where Mormons believe Jesus and other divines reside.

Mitt could helpfully fade into history and stop showing jealousy of Trump who is the best the Republicans have this year. The party may not ordinarily, run excellent candidates- usually the best recommendation being that it is a less offensive choice than the Democrat-even so the bunglers should support what they have and quit with the sapping their own guy for not being a particularly satisfying kind of extremist. Trump isn't too bad at being an executive anyway and seems to have an idea of what he wants to do if elected.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Actions Harm; Not Words or Lies or Truths

A Nazi prison guard looks over the Jews and sees one that has been excused from going into the gas chamber directly. The Jew told the guard he was a scientist (and he was really an electrician), and the camp commandant had a special that week on sparing scientists from execution so they could work on building a nuclear weapon. How much harm did the Jew do to the Nazi guard by telling him the lie?

Absurd philosophical situations like that arise when one credits all lies with necessarily being harmful. Satan may be the father of lies yet he is also the father of everything evil including actions that really do cause harm. Lies printed on paper that isn't read do no harm. Falsehoods are not magical incantations that bring the wrath of harm and doom to the gullible. In fact telling the objective truth to people can in some circumstances cause as much harm, or more, than a lie. it is actions that bring harm to the soul.

A lie without an action accompanying it to bring harm usually can do little harm. A truth not acted upon can cause harm just as readily as a lie, since it is the action or inaction, response or non-response to words that can bring good or evil to others. People need to be given credit for some cognitive  reasoning capacity to discern for-themselves what is true or false, right or wrong, good or evil and decide for-themselves if or how they should act.

Without thought the human body does very little beside biologically metabolize or fall if in a gravitational field. Human actions follow human thought and the will to act or move.

So the prison guard is happy that he has saved the fake Jewish scientist from death and looks at the Jew menacingly knowing that he can act some varieties of sadistic torture upon him later to motivate Jewish science. Then another prison guard arrives and sees the Jew. Looking upon him he says-what is that Jewish electrician from my village doing in the scientist's line Heinrich? The guard has only said the truth. Nothing changes until the first guard then orders the electrician to the gas chamber. That was the harmful action.

Belief in words is for-itself a kind of action. Human will and thought are actions some use better than others. Each individual is responsible for his own thought, action or inaction for-himself, though it is possible for others to interfere with one's own freedom to act and think. Sadists and the too comfortable in politics, government and business are susceptible to perpetrating callous victimization of others overcome with their own easily arrived concepts of self-worth.

Lies and falsehoods intentional or not probably have a greater prospect for prompting harmful actions than truthful statements. Reckless driving has a greater prospect for causing harm in comparison to safe, truthful driving, yet reckless driving could be identical in appearance to evasive driving by a car and driver seeking to not get strafed by an opposition force aircraft.

Plainly virtuous actions would work for the intentionally good with accuracy and truthfulness, yet that may be a complex line of travel.

Britain's Radical Muslim Immigration Attitude for U.S.A.

Brits Should Be Demoted in Ally Rankings

British leaders including former P.M. and Catholic Tony Blair and London's Muslim mayor have attacked Donald Trump's thoughts on curtailing Muslim immigration to the U.S.A. They probably also don't support Israel with much vigor. Blair and the Brits would like an Anglophile globalist like the Clintons in the White House to blow smoke up their derrières better than the more nationally independent minded Trump. Brits are attacking America's sovereign immigration control concerns seeking to influence the November election. P.M. David Cameron's abuse of Trump (Cameron is a guy that never reported the money laundering Panamanian law firm though he must have suspected or known about it for years and years)

The Obama administration is ditching Andrew Jackson from the $20 bill and the nation that burned down the capital in the war of 1812 should like that. President Obama is another critic of Trump's intention to stop Muslim immigration to the U.S.A. for a while. Obama, raised in a Muslim country, is far too developmental of Muslim terrorist movements across North Africa and the Middle East and probably likes all the thousands of Syrian refugees moving into Europe and Canada. He too has rose colored glasses on about the Muslim religion.

The U.S.A. actually should halt all immigration permanently except for 50,000 annually that are the poorest of the poor selected by lottery from the poorest nations and 50,000 annually that are the smartest of the smart willing to serve in a U.S. government serve the poor program for a two year enlistment before being released to look for work in the private sector.

The United States would be better off with Russia and Italy as our strongest allies than the globally imperial minded Brits. There isn't anything wrong with Peru either; why not promote Peru in strongest ally rankings and demote Britain down there to the number fifteen slot as a sort of auxiliary strongest ally if no one else is available and there is a national fish and chip shortage?

Ten Points about Trump and Asia Policy

Ten Points about Trump and Asia Policy

Some criticism has been directed at Donald Trump's Asian policy. Generally the critics are pots calling the kettle black as it were, as if the U.S.A. usually has had good Asian policy since the Vietnam conflict.

So I will supply some of my own ideas about Asian policy in order to illustrate the point that it isn't difficult to form a practical executive Asia policy.

1) China is OK. and not much of a threat for war. China is vulnerable militarily from numerous angles and will remain so yet is, alternatively, not in much danger of being attacked.

The Chinese economy may change regardless of global attitudes to China, in ways that cannot present be foreseen. There is no necessary course of economic evolution the Chinese have a course of destiny upon except the environmental constraints facing all of the people of the world today.

If China were the first large economy to adapt to ecological economic policies of low entropy and sustainability through selective, democratic capital review qualitative growth innovations it would be somewhat antipathetic to external old-style capitalism and contemporary global finance infrastructure though not in conflict. There is no probability that China will take the way of the emerald sword rather than that of the worsted dragon of global warming and viscous capitalism reinforced with semi-socialism.

2) With so many globalists seeking to exploit and be exploited by Chinese consumption and production phenomenalities of potential U.S. Congresspersons are reluctant to put U.S> national interests before those of Wall Street and Chinese trade and investment. Trump can pursue more national advantage policies for the U.S.A. without exploiting China or creating military conflict with little effort though panic stricken politicians worry about their Wall Street contributors wishes.

3) China in its new era of swagger has expanded in the South China Sea aggressively creating some military issues for the Philippines and Vietnam as well as damage to the environment, yet global warming and rising sea levels may render those investments to King Canute status eventually. Worst about the Chinese land building in the ocean is what it says about that nation's environmental attitudes; that entire area should be off limits to resource use at all in order to let fisheries recover that are already overstressed.

4) Taiwan seems to have a better relationship with China these days, yet drone aircraft can help them keep a lower-cost balance of power to prevent Chinese invasion, as well as to provide a counter-strike capability on the Chinese mainland. Cheap hover-drones and mini-fast-smart-torpedo-submersible drones can attack Red Army assault boats in the Formosa Strait and sink invading forces after they are manufactured that will help keep U.S. naval forces from needing to be involved in regional disputes de guerre.

5) Vietnam does not allow enough philosophy and religion books to be marketed and has inferior Internet access for ordinary people yet what can Trump be expected to do about that?

6) Indonesia is too Muslim and that isn't Trump's fault. In some respects Indonesia and Malaysia shouldn't be thought of as really Asian at all. Instead they are more islanders as is New Guinea and Australia (the big island). China cannot be a threat to islanders or that could involve a just war with drones filling the skies like a zillion mosquitoes. The islands including the Philippines would be ruined by Muslims and improved by environmentalist Christians although all face the threat of capitalist scientism represented by godless atheists. Godless atheist probably don't like Trump even though he hasn't been seen swaggering around with a copy of 'God, Cosmology and Nothingness'. Trump can call on the island nations to be environmentally improving and good Christians with good neighborliness with more literacy. China could help instruct in the theory of environmental economics, but even the second edition of the Daley, Farleigh textbook on environmental economics runs about 80 bucks.

7) Japan isn't a problem. They just need to keep working on refining technology and increasing its efficiency while improving the environment as best as possible. They should also stop whaling and renounce it as a pagan, heathen, uniformed bite of savagery they regret, yet its unlikely to occur. One may worry about the Japanese soul that isn't usually saved and isn't well-informed about Jesus Christ. A priesthood of believers might help with that, although that hasn't even got started in the U.S.A.

8) Burma or Myanmar seems to present some problems for itself. Working with security issues and promoting religious and sectarian non-violence as a norm would be useful. For any of the Asian nations it would be a good idea not to use foreign policy to promote homosexuality as the Obama administration has.

9) Trump could stop Wall Street pursuit of globalization of trade through free trade agreements that can tear up the local economy and advantage globalists far too much. Ecologically speaking it is better-because of lower added entropy-to produce things locally consumed locally. Three-D printers making goods in localities are better than making them in one part of the world and shipping them to another.

Because it is a smaller world now with large aircraft and fast large container ships global trading will continue with or without trade agreements; the question is who will benefit most-ordinary people or the one percent of plutocratic globalists, and will it help or harm the environment and local political sovereignty.

One wonders if Asian algo dark pool traders buy up planetary bulk goods for instant profits too as globally as Wall Streeters, and how that would be a problem for long-range demographic economic improvement as well as environmental prospects; if profits are skimmed off the top that could make people more environmentally desperate at the bottom.

U.S. help with educational tools at low nominal cost with cheap tablets full of language translators, math tutoring, philosophical thought, geography and history could be provided in solar-recharging, waterproof and break resistant presentations that would let people help themselves better. A library of practical, diagrammatic how-to guides could be chipped in (build a better hut, desalinate water, etc) and provided by the millions-maybe with a cell phone or wifi included in a new kind of piecework corps for Asia's poor.

10) North Korea is the 50 pound guerrilla in the room of Asia developing a career as a nuclear steroids bodybuilder with ambition to be a 500 pounder. Bill Clinton's food for nukes policy evidentially sustained them through the hard times until they could get their first crop of nuclear weapons to grow to maturity. So now they have several and are trying to make their typo dong missiles bigger and able to reach Boston and D.C. Democrats have appeased them. Its hard to say what Trump or anyone else can do with that. Maybe science needs to evolve some new tricks for dealing with local nuclear proliferation problems.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

NPR Promoting Racism Anti-White in Politics

N.P.R. is a well-known leftist, Democrat party organ, even so promoting anti-white racial organizing is not an activity that should receive any federal funding.

The majority of Americans are still white, and have been so since the founding of the nation. It would be stupid to think that the political interests of the majority have nbot or shopuld not shape national politics. It should do so fairly.

Sure with a black President and hordes of non-white illegally invading the civil sector taking jobs there are better prospects for a non-white majority arising. Non-white internal and external proletariats have a poor tradition of being founders of democracy or defenders of equal civil rights. Mexico is a drug-trafficking nation where tight gun control has let drug traffickers enact more murders with guns than American soldiers killed in the Vietnam and Gulf wars combined-and in just a decade.

Andrew Jackson-unpopular with those native Americans displaced to forced out of the S.E. was a great warrior for American democracy of which non-whites were not then included. Thus the Obama administration was happy to drop a Harriat blood-bath tub on Jackson's $20 bill portrait as if he were the wicked witch of the west killed by Dorothy's landing. Will that removal of the victor over the British in 1812 bring more prestige to America as the founders are replaced by non-whites?

Instead of cutting down Jackson it would have been better just to make a $30 bill with a Tub on it apropos for a bath oil bead with bubbles era of the Democrat party. Hillary Clinton would probably like her own portrait on the dollar bill---God forbid that should ever occur.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Hillary and the Tragedy of Alzheimer's; Forgetfulness

Hillary Clinton historically has had a credibility problem with truthfulness, forgetting where things are concerning the law, or overlooking 'trivial' issues such as using a non-secure private computer internet server to transact official state department business and/or classified documents via email. Recently her important State Department email underling also reported his email archives have disappeared bringing up the concern that forgetfulness, oversights and memory lapses could be communicable.

Hillary at age 68 is a member of a class 33% likelier to develop Alzheimer's than that of Donald Trump. Ms. Clinton's forgetfulness, oversights and misremembering could be a helpful tool in getting secret agendas and global favors actualized if given a chance. Whitewater, Vince Foster and the White House diaries, Bill and Miss M, Libya, Bengazi and the lost emails are the tip of the iceberg of issues that have brought the public to regard her as more skilled and less truthful than Richard M. Nixon in the art of dissimulation. Comparatively the Watergate tape recordings were a product of a bungling amateur as was the plumbers burglary crew.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Obama Administration Change; 'Uncle Sam Wants Homos'

President Obama's toilet war differs from the expansion of ISIS and Islam across North Africa and Europe geographically, yet the same general square peg into round hole approach leaves some wondering if Uncle Sam is a pedophile at heart.

Homosexuals wanted the right to be drafted and serve in time of war hitting the bloodiest beaches with the good ole boys. President Obama forced that upon the nation and changed (his mantra) the historical and legal meaning of marriage twisting arms with the bully power of the Presidency and homosymps of the judiciary invested too heavily in Wall Street where a queercentricism was preferred.

Now the change President Obama wants is sex-changed changes of where people make their toilet and shower. People like Bruce Jenner who wanted to be a little girl when a little boy can evidently use the ladies facilities until they can afford a sex change under the new Obama decretal. Cool.

Libya will get American support as the administration identifies those that will fight against ISIS. Those Muslims will then be given cash and weapons to help create peace and stability as was accomplished in Syria and Iraq in the Obama-Hillary years. Those Muslims that are against Muslim extremists that want to rid the Middle East, Europe and North America of Christians find allies in the godless atheists of Boston than would like to do the same thing. They will also be expected to help bring transgender toileting, showering and homosexual marriage to the Muslim world as mufsidoonists for unholy causes.

With the Condi Rice national security advisor approach to NORAD leadership and the nuclear triad I suppose it's possible U.S. security will improve and prospects for the end of conflict in the Middle East increase. It is possible that not throwing gasoline onto the fire would be a better political approach generally, while still protecting the rights of individuals including queers to exist with meaningful productive and secure lives before they go to eternal hell for being reprobate at best lost sinners trading their eternal destiny for a mess of queer behavior. American politicians seem to like the accellerant approach to politics since they can always drop the big one if needed.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Sean Carroll; The Latest Physicist Bungling Philosophy and Theology

Physicist Sean Carrol has published a new book explaining his wrong and philosophically naive beliefs about the Universe and God. I wish he had taken the time to read my book; God, Cosmology and Nothingness -free to download at

before bungling into maladroit philosophical forays. Goodness he doesn't even really know what empiricism is and hasn't apparently read Quine's 'Two Dogmas of Empiricism', 'Word and Object' or Strawson's 'Individuals'.

Quacks at philosophy and theology are common enough, yet it is said to see smart physicists leap into the eternal flames of hell with such wild abandon.

ISIS Hit List Includes Craig Alaska and of Course Boston MA

ISIS fighters and flunkies have published a hit list not only of U.S. and Canuck cities to be destroyed, they have published a who's who of Americans for killing that is becoming a trendy and prestigious social item of value as an expression of one's patriotism.

The inclusion of Craig Alaska; most known for a lengthy murder trial on the topic of a mysterious mass murder on a fishing boat long ago, demonstrates ISIS comprehension of what they are about, in seeking to roll back the devastation to the seas caused by over-fishing.

Boston destroyed the North Atlantic cod fishery so long ago that no one remembers what fish and chips are. Being historically a whaling city it is more unstandable that Boston made the list, beside trading Babe Ruth to the Yankees as if he was junk.

Like most reactionary groups, ISIS in seeking to get Obama perversity out of lands they want to conquer haven't got a non-competition clause in their conflict contracts that would satisfy anyone at the Haig. ISIS is a non-union, scab war working shop.