Thursday, March 31, 2016

Thoughts on Karjakan Whumpin Caruana

Russian chess star Sergey Karjakin took the candidate's Tournament victory after check mating Fabiano Caruana in the final round. Caruana -an American sometimes Italian, needed the win to play for the world championship in November. He seemed to lack the aggression needed to whump Karjakin rather than vice versa.

At the super-GM plus 2700 rating of contemporary chess draws are usual the majority of the time. Style and position tend to be first rather than clever classical Mikhail Tal-like check mates. Karjakin in an earlier match against Veselin Topolov had a similar classical-looking sacrifice and straightforward checkmate as he had against Caruana. Those who forget the lessons of the past are doomed to repeat them in chess, politics, economics and habitat loss.

Caruana had unlearned aggressive, sacking chess so far as to fail to methodically advance his A pawn along with the B and sack them in order to enfilade Karjakin's king position that should have been a naked singularity. Shorn of defenders a Caruana check mate rather than vice versa was possible. Caruana instead allowed too many moves to pass without removing the king's proximal defenders and letting Karjakin have time and tempo sufficient to break through Caruana's own center pawns plodding forward. One wonders when Tal advanced his pawns in the center in order to lead a checkmating attack? Tal wasn't Vladimir Kramnik.

A fair and balanced approach does work for positional and clever victories for Super GMs of course. Yet the direct crash and thrash checkmate wrecking a king's defenders is also useful to remember. Karjakin seemed to remember the lesson a little better than Caruana.

In two years Caruana will  be older and wiser in chess and perhaps better prepared to win the Candidate's tournament against some very skilled chess players including perhaps the rising Chinese chess star Wei Yi who just narrowly missed qualifying at the 2015 World Cup. the Karjakin-Caruana struggle

Robert Fischer said; 'sack, sack and mate' (along the A file) in describing how to win against a particular chess defense; the Sicilian dragon. Robert James Fischer vs Fridrik Olafsson (1961). Caruana also needed to find a way to obliterate the king's defenses on the a,b,c files.

Capitalism Fails to Deliver on Lyme Disease Vaccine

An effective vaccine against the most common tick transmitted disease in the U.S.A.-Lyme disease does exist. It was withdrawn from distribution a couple of years agio for various reasons by the manufacturer.

More than 30,000 cases of Lyme disease are reported annually though the actual rate may be much higher. Probably the government should intervene in order to allow the vaccine to be produced abroad and distributed in the U.S.A.

GlaxoSMithKline produced LYMErix reported at the website above to be 80% effective in adults and 100% in children. Its unfortunate that anti-vaccine politics and other factors brought the pharmaceutical to make the decision to stop production. Even if demand was low because many people simply don't think about prevention; that doesn't mean that everyone is daft. For useful products that consumers should have the option to buy and that actually exist yet are repressed for various reasons-most notably the chemically heated from the can shave cream by Gillette named 'The Hot One' banned in the U.S.A. since about 1973-the government should havge some kind of policy to coordinate bringing the products to market.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Army Reinvents 'The Big Gun'

Rail gun canon and portable fuel cells to keep up with the Navy would have benefited society more. Old field piece tech is of dubious social value and the result of introverted technicians. Special airlift copters could have accelerated deployment. The army should have researched solar powered electrolysis to make hydrogen in the field or whatever to refuel the fuel cells. Get with it guys! These things could be needed on Mars or the moon someday!

Cruz, Kasich, Romney et al; Spoiler-Losers

Trump, Ross Perot and Undivided Republicanism

Donald Trump, a billionaire like Ross Perot who ran as an independent against George H.W. Bush in 1992, is the alternative to uncreative bureaucratic self-promoting career politicians. The two generic candidate rivals of Trump have said they would not vote for him if he got the nomination as the people want. In other words Kasich and Cruz provide sore loser's boos that support the democratic party candidate with divide and get whumped thoughtlessness.

Donald Trump has replied in kind, as he did in words too after a Cruz Super Pac attacked trumps wife viscously and Cruz didn't condemn the ad loudly as he should.

The lesson to be learned is that a divided Republican party or one running half-heartedly cannot win. Romney of course didn't get evangelical enthusiasm and the result was another four years of Obama and homosexual marriage. Plainly Republic 'establishment' leaders differ too little from Democrats such as Clinton and Obama that in being sycophants of globalism over America-first and vast tax cuts for the rich while illegal aliens flood over the border.

Failing to elect Perot and running a somewhat lame G.H.W. Bush re-election campaign meant the decline of the U.S.A. following the 1992 election with vast public debt, avoidable foreign wars, the rise of Muslim terrorism and the decline pf public morals. You would think Republican leadership could learn something from that and also learn to lead on environmental rectification as a global activity that changes applied economic procedures.

Well, it seems Trump's year. The 'Republican establishment' should wake up and stop being live spoiler-losers.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Arctic Winter Icepack Set Record Winter Minimum

The Arctic ice-pack maximum set a record low size Thursday because of the warming trend of recent decades. Arctic ocean water should thus heat faster this spring and summer. Polar bear will spend more time on the rocks or distance swimming next summer.

Politicians of course often being generically mildly retarded with avarice and elected to fulfill greed will see only the economic opportunities to exploit the natural resources of the Arctic. Note the Baltic Sea change.

Image credit: Cryosphere Today and N.A.S.A.

Space-time ribbons (video)

Monday, March 28, 2016

If Capitol Shooter Was Muslim Get Apology Ready

If the shooter that hit a policeman at the nation's capitol complex was Muslim the President will need to make an apology for the nation offending Muslims somewhere I suppose. The media have the public so trained to give up their national political sovereignty that people here or in Europe are regarded as extreme right for wanting to halt immigration or at least restrict it to a reasonable number carefully screened. DC shooter

Globalists want one world order with people just consumers and without rights. The environment will suffer, Muslims atheists, Christians and environmentalists won't be happy, and pluralism will perish along with secure national boundaries. The leadership will be a generic bureaucracy oppressing masses and dissent won't be possible. End game logic.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

The Genius of Jesus' Ethics

The ethical system taught by the Lord Jesus Christ is greater than one taught by an Einstein or Newton. It surpasses incomparably the eightfold path taught by Siddartha, it makes modern utilitarianism simplistic and entails Kant's categorical imperative while transcending it. No other man in history has presented such a vast, comprehensive ethical system for human behavior that works in the real, live human social environment.

The Buddha's ethics were that of abnegation in the realization that temporal life is comparatively meaningless in contrast to eternity or nothingness before and after personal existence. Abnegation or indifference about what occurs in life is a reaction to existential facts, and a way of experiencing the good and bad of reality yet it does not construct a rational ethical system for human advancement to an ideal condition. The ethics of the Lord Jesus does that, and is effective even if the application is incomplete and only a portion of humanity comprehends.

Consider this excerpt from Matthew chapter 5;
3 Blessed are the poor in spirit: for their's is the
kingdom of heaven.
4 Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be
5 Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.
6 Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after
righteousness: for they shall be filled.
7 Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy.
8 Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.
9 Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called
the children of God.
10 Blessed are they which are persecuted for
righteousness' sake: for their's is the kingdom of heaven.
11 Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and
persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against
you falsely, for my sake.
12 Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your
reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets
which were before you.
13 ¶ Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost
his savour, wherewith shall it be salted? it is thenceforth
good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden
under foot of men.
14 Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an
hill cannot be hid.
15 Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a
bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all
that are in the house.
16 Let your light so shine before men, that they may
see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in
17 ¶ Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the
prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil.
18 For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass,
one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till
all be fulfilled.
19 Whosoever therefore shall break one of these least
commandments, and shall teach men so, he shall be
called the least in the kingdom of heaven: but whosoever
shall do and teach them, the same shall be called great in
the kingdom of heaven.”

Jesus' ethical system is insinuated throughout the New Testament. The ethical genius of the Lord Jesus is applicable to this temporal realm yet also prepairs the saved for the world beyond. The system brings humanity to a better condition even when the belief of the people does not extend unto the post-temporal destiny of heaven or hell.

Within the temporal, comparatively illusory world experience of human life in the steady-state thermodynamically in motion Universe the ethics of the Lord draw humanity to cohere together with respect of liberty and justice for all. It is not a warrior religion urge to conquer and force everyone to submit to a trans-temporal deity. The ethics of the Lord Jesus draw humanity toward social perfection temporally, and that is a penultimate minimalistic transformation toward the fulfillment of each human soul in God's eternal plan actualized through the saving grace of the Lord Jesus' sacrifice on the cross.

The ethics of the Lord are worthy of a lifetime study one goes about their ordinary work-a-day existence. Regardless of one's having faith in eternal life or not when the temporal experience terminates, to learn to know Jesus Christ and his ethics is to transform one's temporal way of being discretely. A soul learning the Lord's way of ethics becomes a universal citizen contributing to the advancement of society. As he or she is drawn to the perfect way of the Lord and knows his way even those disbelieving in eternal life may encounter a regenerative experience and even accept the Lord as their personal savior and understand the sacrifice he made at Calvary to atone for their original and subsequent sin.

The ethics of the Lord are a continuous regenerative factor for human social existence leading some of the elect unto eternal life with God.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Two Christian Topics

 People often aren't well informed about Celtic Christianity including Patrick and Columba. Some don't even know the Venerable Bede of Lindisfarne (not a Celt I think). Its all interesting history- Christians prior to the reformation were still Christians even if their clergy was in error about some things as at present. Without a priesthood of believers attending church is a little like being a subscribed spectator at the opera although the 'mass' spirituality reaches out to the audience whom helpfully over-tithe commercial career Christians instructing 2nd class flock Christians in errors concerning pre-tribulation end times etc.

 Justin Martyr was an interesting guy-he actually studied philosophy with Stoic and Peripatetic philosophers and was able to interpret John's writing of the logos or word of God within Parmenides-Plato's tradition as Ladd pointed out (the later point). Martyr may have been a link unto moderns such as Hegel with his concept of God evolving history (equivalent to being in coherent space-time infused with God's purpose). Plotinus later developed the thought of Martyr I suppose-not just with Ammonius Saccas as an influence. The ancient world had a lot of intellectual activity.

Remedies Against Satan's Devices

In the present era of moral decay in the U.S.A. citizens faced with external challenges from Muslim terror/expansionism, global warming, species, habitat loss and internal challenges presented by atheists may be swamped by wickedness and wicked leaders. it is useful to recollect that the saints of prior generations were also challenged by Satan's devices.

Assuredly modern global communications have brought many to choose trendy swinging wise-guy social commo takeover lifestyles formerly common to criminals of bunk, socialist sophisms and capitalist expropriations instead of plain material production in farming, building, invention and manufacture. Church leadership has more in common today with elite, non-representative political parties wise guys that once were democratics or republicans than with an egalitarian priesthood of believers where all Christians participate as team players rather than as subscribed spectators at an opera.

God is good. Jesus Christ is the sole way for salvation and reconciliation/renormalization unto God. The Son of God is God.

Thomas Brooks (1608 – 1680 wrote a small book in the 17h century named; 'Remedies Against Satan's Devices'. This Easter Sunday it is worth considering again a few of the devices mentioned in Brooks; book that have brought so many to the brink of eternal ruin…

2. By painting sin with virtue's colors: For remedies, consider that
1) sin is never the less vile by being so painted
2) the more sin is so painted the more dangerous it is
3) we ought to look on sin with that eye with which within a few hours we shall see it
4) sin cost the life-blood of the Lord Jesus

3. By the extenuating and lessening of sin: For remedies, consider that
1) sin which men account small brings God's great wrath on men
2) the giving way to a less sin makes way for the committing of a greater
3) it is sad to stand with God for a trifle
4) often there is most danger in the smallest sins
5) the saints have chosen to suffer greatly rather than commit the least sin
6) the soul can never stand under the guilt and weight of sin when God sets it home
upon the soul
7) there is more evil in the least sin than in the greatest affliction

4. By showing to the soul the best men's sins and by hiding from the soul their virtues,
their sorrows, and their repentance: For remedies, consider that
1) the Spirit of God records not only the sins of the saints, but also their repentance
2) these saints did not make a trade of sin
3) though God does not disinherit his sinning people, He punishes them severely
4) God has two main ends in recording the falls of His saints

5. By presenting God to the soul as One made up all of mercy: For remedies, consider
1) It is the sorest of judgments to be left to sin upon any pretense whatever
2) God is as just as He is merciful
3) sins against mercy will bring the greatest and sorest judgments on men
4) though God's general mercy is over all His works, yet His special mercy is confined
to those that are divinely qualified
5) the saints now glorified regarded God's mercy as a most powerful argument
against, and not for, sin

6. By persuading the soul that repentance is easy and that therefore the soul need not
scruple about sinning: For remedies, consider that
1) repentance is a difficult work above our own power
2) repentance changes and converts the whole man from sin to God
3) repentance is a continued act
4) if repentance were easy, the lack of it would not strike millions with terror and
drive them to hell
5) to repent of sin is as great a mark of grace as not to sin
6) Satan now suggests that repentance is easy, but shortly he will drive his dupes to

despair by presenting it as the hardest work in the world”.-end excerpt Brooks

Friday, March 25, 2016

Obama's Racist Appeal & Donald Trump's Campaign

President Obama drew 95% of black voters in two elections because of his race yet none compared that to Wallacism or David Dukism. The U.S. economy grew at just a 1% annual rate and about 90% of the nation's income went to 10% of the people. More than 50 million Americans took just 1% of the income. Millions have been forced out of work to retire on federal programs. The public debt is greater than 19 trillion dollars and far too much U.S. production is offshore while the middle class and poor haven been levered into lower earnings over time. Donald Trump seems like the last American Presidential candidate.

Democracy requires secure boundaries and immigration control as much as sovereign power over all of its legal premises to be an actual democracy rather than just nominally appearing as one.

The republican bureaucratic infrastructure are working against a populist candidate far too strenuously to dissuade people from believing that they don't comprise part of a hybrid jackass-elephant Republicratic party. If the GOP sinks Trump they will probably sink their own party's future too. The U.S. political system seems rigged by the irresponsible and unaccountable.

Japanese Kill 333 Whales In Antarctic-They Should Compensate

Japanese killers of whales for science and food should actually do some sort of development of whale population recovery work around the world that is meaningful and that has definite goals for increasing whale numbers instead of just eating them with special sauces. Since scientific research is the nominal reason for their exemption from international bans on whaling, scientific work is what they owe to the world for depleting the numbers of wild animals with the largest brains and fewest numbers per capita in the known Universe.

What the Tao Is

The Tao are/is solid states of entanglement in the Higgs field and probablistic formations. The meaning of is, is not IS-except in troubled areas of Europe with too many terrorists as a percentage of refugees.

The Tao is another appearance created by God, as it is in-itself and for-others.

Cruz Sets Low-Life Lawyer on Campaign Road Bar High

A Cruz PAC Published a Naked Mrs. Trump Photo?

If that is a true report it is something of a new low in dirty politics. Plainly wives of candidates for Presidents are fair dinkum since Mrs. Clinton became a perennial candidate. Even so we don't want to see any naked pictures of Hillary. Senator Cruz has let his chauvinism show in putting wives in a reared position with kids and pets.

A pro-Cruz PAC tried to 'slut shame' Mrs. Trump reported the UK Daily Mail three days ago. Britain seems to want to pull the strings on the Presidency again.

When Trump modestly retaliated it drew the wrath of Senator Cruz. Ted Cruz has lambasted Trump's posting of womano y womano pictures of his wife and that of Cruz as the act of a petty, small, sniveling 'New York bully' making him sound more like Barrack Obama imitating Sean Hannity than a Cuban-Canadian Texan big shot of Dallas-Ft. Worth-Austin oil politics. If Clintons and Bushes are aspirant American royal political dynasties that are models for more people with wives or other relatives running for office when term limits stop the primary bully, Mrs. Trump or a Mrs. Cruz are already potential candidates. Consider Michelle Obama- will she not be interested in running for the Senate or the Bully Pulpit some day? One can imagine Paul McCartney's song being a campaign theme when she takes the convention stage.

Cruz apparently has a mild case of Texan hatred of New Yorkers calling Trump a 'New York bully'...plainly the worst kind that Texans have feared since the civil war presumably. The entire issue may be a Bilderberger martinet boast for Ted Cruz tghey made up in the bowels of the pit...

Cruz used dueling challenge language in calling Trump 'a sniveling coward'. Since dueling isn't legal any more-even in Kentucky-the lawyer language sophisms are not impressive. Cruz is running a losing campaign and hence his PACs are seeking to get some kind of leverage rather like trying to get a leg up onto a sandworm though Trump is more the Paul Atreides figure and Cruz of the House Harkonen.

Naked photos of political candidates and their wives or student interns should not appear during the primary Presidential campaign. That sort of dirt should wait until after the election when the mainstream media needs to pump up its ratings or if terrorism reporting loses audience share. Some elites apparently want a Tom Clancy character in the White House, yet that is a little stale a priori. Clancy's Ghost Recon had more contemporary characters than Jack Ryan yet even that is not job relevant.

The Republican Party's greatest danger in trying to subvert the Trump Presidential bid is in fundamentally losing any remaining trust of Americans as the party seems to disdain the will of the people and wants to run candidates by decree of secret elites. It may really be time for the formation of a new national party in 2017.

With the U.S. economy growing at an annual rate of 1% and so many people forced out of the private sector and on to government programs, and with 90% of the national income going to the rich who are propped up with no or very low interest loans from the federal reserve to big banks the economy seems in danger of slipping into some sort of downward slope of interest to the global predator-opportunist sort of conspiracy persons of interest.

Trump may at least spice things up bit. Executive power rather than bureaucratic consensus may be needed if everything becomes all f'd up economically. It is challenging to imagine that anyone will have a good plan to deal with 19 trillion dollars of debt and a global economic trickle down to Americans dependent upon tightly regulated global finance and production that is not at all nationally independent. 

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Muslims Have Attacked Europe Since 7th Century

Political analysis of the left is rather short-sighted; they believe the west is in some way responsible for the current attacks by ISIS and other Muslims on Europe in some way and are always trying to apologize and help undermine the west, or at least Christianity. The left had a career undermining Reagan era European missile deployments and etc, and so the establishment still needs to be at fault for the Muslim terror. Atheists will stipulate that all religion is to blame. Christians view the atheist leftist establishment as reprehensible in some respects for being so happy with sexual sin and destruction of the institution of marriage via perverse expansion. So the historical truth about Islam invading and continuing to attack Europe is conveniently set aside. (see public domain wikipedia illustration following)

Map of expansion of Caliphate.svg

"Age of the Caliphs    Expansion under the Prophet Mohammad, 622-632    Expansion during the Patriarchal Caliphate, 632-661    Expansion during the Umayyad Caliphate, 661-750"

The Mongol invasion of Eastern Europe also became powerful tools for Muslim Expansion as the Mongols were converted to Islam. If they had selected Christianity it would be a different world today.

The high tide of the Ottoman Empire expansion reached the 'gates of Vienna' after trashing Serbia for ages. It took the opportunity to join with the Kaiser's Germany to attack Europe in the First World War. Because of U.S. leadership Muslims after the cold war have found it possible to renew their attacks on Russia and Europe as well as the U.S.A. The Clinton administration left-leaning policies let Al Qaeda trainees learn on flight simulators how to crash into the W.T.C. and dust the Trump Tower in New York a year after they left office. Trump is running against a renewed attempt by the Clintons to take over Washington D.C.

Arnold Toynbee classified Islam as an arrested civilization. In brief, it was stopped militarily. Since the discovery of America in 1492 and the expulsion of the Moors from Granada Spain the same year  by the Cid the financial and comparative strength of the civilizations changed. Yet with the west's technology changing communications, transportation and finance, weapons and also attack on its own institutions such as marriage, nationalism, solvency and Christianity the Muslim world has taken the opportunity to refresh the ancient arrested attack upon the west. A leftist establishment prone to making apologies globally (Obama accomplished another one in Argentina the past 24 hours. The junta there was reprehensible, yet the U.S.A. did support the Brit invasion of the Malvinas that killed the prestige of the Argie army and led to its political downfall) finds itself responsible for the Muslim terrorism because of colonialism and poverty forced on Muslims.

Ignorance really can be a catalyst for decadence and political implosion.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Clinton-Bush-Obama Liberated C-4 for Terrorists to Attack Europe

During the 70s and 80s terrorism Kalashnikovs in airports and hijackings were the easiest methods of attacking civilians for Palestinians and other political missions. Khaddafi was suspected of supporting the Lockerbie blow-up of course yet generally there wasn't a surfeit of plastic explosives available from Western interventions in the Middle East and Central Asia. There probably will; be a generation of chasing after all of those tons of plastique lurking in North Africa that are so easy to send to Europe.

Trump Like Reagan is Populist the Stale Don't Like

Republican elites that can't get anything done are the best chance to defeat the populist Donald Trump this fall. They can't get over the fact that he isn't a product excreted by the regular bureaucratic machine onto the political plate.

The establishment hasn't had realistic economics since Ronald Reagan temporarily warped them to get out of the Carter post-Vietnam doldrums and the result is a generation of politicians with their heads up their a's pretending that deficits don't matter. At the least the people owning the debt-such as foreign governments rule. That's why I suppose, in part at least, the Clinton foundation goes all over the planet chasing contributions from rich.

Speaker Ryan would make a budget gutting the poor and concentrating wealth for the rich-yet even so he is clueless about ecological economics of a national refoundation that Trump might be goaded into supporting.

Ryan and the rest of the staid should get with it and stop obstructing energy. They too readily want to be on golden pond counting coin.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Why Zillary Is the U.S.A.'s Top Security Risk

Hillary Clinton's public persona is something like that of Richard Nixon after Bruce Jennerization. Her personal attorney Vince Foster committed suicide While the Clinton's were occupying the White House-at the time Hillary's diary had disappeared and it was being subpeona'd I seem to recall, and it appeared on the dining room table out of thin air eventually.

h Vince Foster- Why the Suicide (video)

Hillary's foreign policy experience includes stimulating terrorist attacks all over the Middle East,kl Europe and even the U.S.A. Giving Libya away to ISIS and anarchy, creating lasting bad relations with Russia over the Ukraine that Bill Clinton filched from a very weak Boris Yeltsin, and building a protracted Syrian civil war that sent thousands of Muslims to Europe and Canada increasing the prospects for terrorism.

Hillary in the White House would be a recruiting poster for ISIS and Muslim jiphadists everywhere. She put classified State Department e-mails on a private email server; not exactly any sort of security awareness in that. Even a third of emails to the Congress have malware and spyware. Anyone Hillary trafficked with-say some Russian billionaire hosting a Clinton foundation dinner, would know her address and could have sent malware to it that in turn might get forwarded back to the State Department.

Thirty years of the Clinton dynasty is enough already. Did she also smike dope yet not inhale at Oxford with Bill? Was she recruited bite MI5 to be a future leaker? The Clinton royal affiliation seems wickedly harmful to U.S. Democracy.

Ben Carson for Trump's V.P.?

The fall Trump campaign would need a VP candidate that would bring in a lot of votes and that's probably Ben Carson. Al Gore lost for not picking Oprah as his partner instead taking a guy from a state with only minus 2 electoral votes where five people live.

Carson would bring an element of science to add to the business accent of the Trump administration. He seems a reliable conservative.

Muslim Nihilists Attack Europe Again (Belgium)

Europeans don't take their security very seriously. In the post-second World War era just large conventional armies were the issue-as well as rockets. It was a leftist paradise.

Europe did have a bunch of P.L.O. attacks in the Reagan era yet that was contained. Now Europe lets tens of thousands of Muslims arrive from the Middle East and delude themselves that all of the terrorists will show up on a computer someplace.

Islam is the arrested civilization and traditional rival of the west that has been a foe since the 7th century. leftist 'intellectuals' can't deal with that and would I suppose prefer to sacrifice a son to the Sultan or Caliphs harem if that establishment should recur.

Monday, March 21, 2016

President Obama Throws in Towel to Cuba Making History

Since the 1959 Cuban Revolution the United States and Cuba have enjoyed a Cold War rivalry that provided much work for the intelligence community. President Obama has spoilt that by throwing in the towel to DC's old rivals the Castro Brothers.

A fellow once said that the former Soviet Union supported the Communist Government of Cuba primarily because Russia didn't grow sugar cane. Cuba didn't have a crop of nuclear missiles of course so a match up was natural.

Drug traffickers, terrorists and ancient mariners will find it easier to enter the United States since the historical contemporary history making history and glory for all interested in history made historically today by President Obama's historical journey to Cuba to make history ending the conflict with Cuba.

Mitt-n-Drang, Space Invaders, Kolob; Aliens vs Legal Immigrants

While President Obama is making history throwing in the towel on behalf of the U.S.A. to Cuba on the West's final cold war battle to Fidel 'Last Laugh' and Raul Castro, the Cuban Utopian ideal future Muslim, homosexual communist Democrat Party model society has taken the limelight away from the campaign issue of how America is a nation of invaders with Bernie Sanders most recently denouncing Donald Trump's 'xenophobia' for not loving Xenos.

In other words,Xenos, Sanders feels, should be loved as French and Poles loved Werhmacht invaders of 1939 and as Jews of Israel should welcome Arab illegal invaders now. If Israel would just quit defending its borders the Muslims around it would arrive to welcome Jews back to death camps and the age of Aqueerius would descend on Israel with the Caliphate soon purging that.

National boundaries are not meaningful to Dopocrats-their will to power is meaningful instead. How Schopenhauerian. Zillary Clinton helped get rid of Libya's border sovereignty and government and look where it is today-ripe for plutocommunism.

America is not a nation of illegal invaders. When Cabot and Hudson were discovering North America and when the Puritans arrived there was no national government. In the absence of a national government European immigrants arrived here legally. Kidnapped Africans made slaves arrived here legally too. It is nearly impossible for a kidnap victim taken in slavery and transported anywhere to be also charged with the crime of illegal invasion. Immigrants to the future United States were not illegals; those would be contemporary foreign invaders getting under the legal system and laws of at least nominal democracy.
The Pope also believes invaders should be loved and thus he may not have understood why the Falklanders didn't love the Argie invasion of the Malvinas during the dictatorship era. There is a subtle difference between illegal invasion across national borders in large numbers by civilians or military if needed and legal immigration in accord with the laws of the receiving masses of humanity nation.

Space invasions from the planet Kolob probably aren't first in the thought of the Canadian candidate for President anticipating victory in the Utah primary Tuesday with Mitt Rom Drang's endorsement of his candidacy though he is the third candidate Rom Drang has endorsed in three weeks. Gov. Nicki Haley and others that endorsed Florida's version of Lindsey Graham, Senator Marco Rubio, may be looking to Kolob too for space invasions to change the demographics of the U.S.A. (Kolob is famous for its zesty barbecue sauce manufactures). Canadian invaders are not to be encouraged. Legal Canadian immigrants like Senator Ted Cruz are to be tolerated and evern given a pathway to citizenship though discouraged from running for the office of President. One hopes that whiloe Cruz is in Utah that he Senator Hatch and Mitt Romney will sing 'Born in Mexico' and 'Born in Canaduh' for youtube to celebrate national diversity and pluralism of nations.

For those that don't understand the storm and drang of space invasions of illegal invaders vs legal immigrants I will explain a little following.

Illegal invaders violate Kant's categorical imperative of not doing anything that you wouldn't make a universal law applicable to everyone. If all nations were to get rid of border sovereign control it would be impossible to tax anyone or even afford government. There could be no national governments that would work and rather quickly there would be one global dictatorship running things by decree and force. Democracy would be dead. That is the Soviet-Cuban-Marxist-Leninist ideal you would have thought the President of Indonesia would have called for when calling for Muslims to unite a few weeks ago if he thought Muslims should be united politically in some form of Obaman plutocommunism.

Democracy requires tight border sovereignty to meaningfully decide and implement its political will. Foreign invaders simply move in illegally and take over de facto or at least subvert the established order. The rich tend to support mass illegal invasion and call it immigration. Mass foreign invaders may provide cheap labor and destroy the effective political power of the poor and middle class.

The planet Pahko Va is in the next solar system over from the Kolab star system and eponymous planet. It has been ruined by drug fiends, fossil fuel vehicular pollution, communist homosexuality in government and cheap labor from zillions of foreign invaders from you know where. It is wrong for political puntits to be looking to support foreign invasion of the United States just because puntits and politicians are mostly millionaires with foreign investments seeking favors from aliens.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Demo's Economic Policy Inflated Whopper

In 2009 it was possible to buy a Burger King Whopper for a dollar here and there. Two bucks was the worse one would need to pay outside of a few elitist shops. Then years of hidden inflation developed and today a Whopper goes for 5$ even in cheap towns. What more need be said.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

U.S. Supreme Court and the Banality of Evil

The Supreme Court leftists today personify the banality of evil. They have transformed the judiciary into a nation of politics rather than a nation of laws. Abortion, homosexual marriage, legal dope, forced corporate health-care; those are evil policies.

Adolph Eichmann ruled the Nazi death camps as mundanely as injustice Roberts and the left injustices rule America's abortion archipelago. Hannah Arendt's description of Adolf Eichmann is apropos for Harry Reid and the U.S. Supreme Court too. They act as an anti-Christian clave of little Eichmanns reinforced bite broadcast media, video gaming and motion picture rackets to build an evil sluzhba.

U.S. Supreme Court injustices interpret the constitution as a political rorschach paper expressing whatever politics global elites desire. Dred Scott, Homo marriage, abortion; sufficient unto the day are evil decisions thereof.

Friday, March 18, 2016

A Higher Orbit - A Brighter Light (poem)

Lesser lights created in the night
exploded like novae with ingenious right
soundless waves in being like dreams
pushed ahead with mass clouds of dust landings green

Round orbits coalescing gravity's castings
actors sweeping present futures vast wings
of darkness resisting troubling clumps
tensioned stress in micro gravity
a million yearths formed most aborted
merged down to clash in trash
while the greater local light's morning
hasn't reached first dawn

Within higher orbits striving to be first
to draw unto themselves the mass of all
that would fuse and burn hydrogen tells
centers changed through erratics drifts
prejudicing Hilbert space for new content
when the other star raced through the cloud
drawing blood in its wake

Throwing complexities with collisions of mass
accelerated as hangers on sling shots
with the sun switched on
and light flowing through the clump en mass field
where the million planetary beginnings ended violently
smashed together as improbable mergers
some with life, some without moons
ended without a whimper
terminated without a shout

Where the gates of Eden rest
guarded with four cherubim
dimensions of space-time closed
behind the blessed

Where the sun shined through darkness
photons in a magnetic field
struck chords on optic nerves

Where each verse was another crumpled sender
of ideas beyond
aggressions stopped not in war on the wrankling
over-warmed world powers
gone too fueled becoming folklore.

Dopocrats & Hillary After New Highs

Dopocrats & Hillary Seek New Highs

With President Obama set to visit Raul Castro in Cuba, Dopocrat news falls upon Hillary who must provide new highs to send tingles down the legs of newscasters. It won't be sufficient for Bill Clinton to admit that he really did inhale and so did Hillary at Piccadilly. Dopocrats already have marijuana sales in Colorado, Alaska, Washington and eventually D.C. I too where the Senate already acts dopey.

Because Barrack Obama effectively ran opposed for the U.S. Senate and in 2008 for was the Manchurian Bilderberger candidate. Hillary however is simply for everything wicked; abortion, dope, homo marriage, letting U.S. embassy's get taken, illegal alien invasion, Muslim expansionism, godless atheism etc. Finding new highs to replace those timeless Dopocratic policies won't be easy.

Hillary Clinton does have record like Barrack's of reinforcing the wealth and financial gravitational concentration of power to the most rich globally. Like the Soviet communist party the U.S. Dopocratic party has corrupt leadership seeking primarily to enrich itself and encourage its ersatz union followers to repress non-Soviet expression as anti-party anathema. Hillary as the senior Dopocrat leader will not even be able to claim first opening of the political virgin nation of Cuba embraced by President Obama.

Hillary & Dopocrats After New Highs

With President Obama set to visit Raul Castro in Cuba, Dopocrat news falls upon Hillary who must provide new highs to send tingles down the legs of newscasters. It won't be sufficient for Bill Clinton to admit that he really did inhale and so did Hillary at Piccadilly. Dopocrats already have marijuana sales in Colorado, Alaska, Washington and eventually D.C.  too where the Senate already acts dopey.

Because Barrack Obama effectively ran opposed for the U.S. Senate and in 2008 for was the Manchurian Bilderberger candidate. Hillary however is simply for everything wicked; abortion, dope, homo marriage, letting U.S. embassy's get taken, illegal alien invasion, Muslim expansionism, godless atheism etc. Finding new highs to replace those timeless Dopocratic policies won't be easy.

Hillary Clinton does have record like Barrack's of reinforcing the wealth and financial gravitational concentration of power to the most rich globally. Like the Soviet communist party the U.S. Dopocratic party has corrupt leadership seeking primarily to enrich itself and encourage its ersatz union followers to repress non-Soviet expression as anti-party anathema. Hillary as the senior Dopocrat leader will not even be able to claim first opening of the political virgin nation of Cuba embraced by President Obama.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Verizon Doesn't Support VZ Access Manager for Ubuntu or Linux

So if you purchase a pantech 290 modem and sign up for  pre-paid Verizon data services no-contract at a reasonable price you may get nothing; and Verizon don't refund prepaid. supports only windows and mac.

There help though courteous might not let you know when taking the cash that it won't work on your notebook.

Anyone have information to the contrary, send me a note.

The One; Perfection & Multiverse Theory (video)

Global Producer's List

There should be a planetary list of producers on-line who will manufacture things invented by anyone that wants some product 'printed out' in order to allow people with ideas match up their ideas for production easily.

In the U.S.A. these days an inventor or innovator must invest way too much time in trial and error searches for manufacturers of a new product. A comprehensive planetary manufacturer-inventor matching list would be somewhat like a computer dating service. Maybe it would be like a combination of Craig's List , E-Harmony and an International Business Directory including a free, high speed patent search to note any possible conflicts and what countries if any those would be in.. The inventor would specify what sort of product he wanted to produce and a computer match keeping his product privacy secure would search the planet for potential manufacturers and related costs including shipping and handling for x number of units. Manufacturer's that want to participate would sign onto the list to create a working database.

Consider the challenge of locating the right manufacturer in China for an American living in Chicago. It is expensive and time consuming and he or she may be on a tight budget. The economy inventor wants to invest his resources in ideas instead of reinventing the wheel of finding a cost-efficient manufacturer every time he has another thought of an article to produce.

One should be able to directly compare manufacturing costs from locations in China, the U.S.A., Mexico and so forth without being a deep pockets corporate guy. 

The Evolution of Eve's Womb

Christians read in Genesis that Eve was made from a rib taken from Adam while he slept. That is a hint about how the womb evolved.

Consider that the womb and eggs couldn't be evolved separately or externally from 'Adam'. They needed to be fully functional from the start or humanity would not be able to reproduce. The womb and egg reproductive 'unit had to be extracted completely functioning from the multi-cellular creature and continue working seamlessly. As an intact internally evolved unit that was removed from its Adam source that continued functioning sexual reproduction could occur rather than asexual.

The asexual reproductive male -female unit became sexual when the female egg and womb unit was removed, free floating and able to receive the sperm of any male unit. Eve's extraction and development from a substantial piece of Adam equivalent to a 'rib' let the species experiment through marriage adaptively for the best solutions to external challenges.

One wonders why God created mankind or even the Universe when He was perfect for-himself. A hint is given in Genesis when God said; 'it is not good that man should be alone'. God developed companionable sexual pluralism and directed mankind to 'be fruitful and multiply. Thus the species arose from a process a billion of years in the works. The appearance of mankind was pre-determined from the beginning or whenever God willed it to be so. God allowed contingent sentient (not omniscient) creatures to exist.

From existing in a more abstract and spiritual context in the mind of God though made from matter, Adam was put to sleep and the evolution of Eve necessarily from Adam followed. When Adam awakened with Eve in the garden of Eden perhaps hundreds of millions of years have passed and Adam and Eve arise as reborn creatures closer to the modern era circa 30,000 y.b.p.

In the garden Adam and Eve were a 'crop' tended by God. They were logically cast out of 'the garden' of the development league when they were fully grown and ready for prime time as human beings.