Saturday, January 30, 2016

Honest History Volume 4 -presently free to download

For the present I've made my fourth compilation of my essays named "Honest History' free to download as an epub at...

About I Corinthians 10:4

The passage is about spiritual strongholds. Someone asked if is about politics and answered-maybe church politics.
'Church politics' is somewhat humorous I think. Jesus did not hang around to be anything like the Sanhedrin himself. Society is rife with ecclesiastic issues sectarian and otherwise. Yet one can syntegrate church issues with those of secular social reality for the purpose of inquiry. They are a continuum with the good, the bad and the ugly. I think one might want to take a philosophical view of what politics are and what the term politics means. Maybe Jesus and God's teleology transcend human academic ideas about social affairs, grouping and classifications and cuts that Gordian knot to rectify all human problems with being perfectly in the will of God.  People sin with thought-and even if sinful thought collectively increases and error becomes mass produced it still is opinion held by individuals that are ultimately accountable. All human social classifications exist in the heart and mind-they are intellectual rather than physical things that exist in the material world, so they are all malleable and subject to correction of the Lord.

Hillary Loose-Latched Top Secret U.S. Data on Private E-Mail

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton evidently loose-latched national security material sending top secret data with her unsecured private email server. Thirty-five pages were so highly classified that they cannot ever be divulged to anyone besides the Chinese hackers that were probably all over her email account since she was one of the highest priority targets on Earth for hacking besides I suppose, the Federal Reserve.

Typically Clinton's response was a categorical denial and transference of blame; she said it was the fault of bureaucrats for classifying the data too high. Sandy Berger, the Clinton's national security (now deceased) should have used that excuse when caught sneaking classified material from the national archives. Clinton's former personal attorney while in the White House-Vince Foster, suicided before he might be able to testify about how Hillary's diary disappeared for two years to reappear one morning on a desk in the White House in plain sight.

One doesn't want to make mountains out of molehills obviously, yet the Crittendonization of national security is of dubious benefit to Americans.