Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Scripture & Chess Learning; Similar Intellectual Paradigms?

Scripture vs. Chess; Similar Intellectual Challenges?

Some have regarded chess as an intellectual activity rather than as a game. Others have compared learning the ways of chess to learning trails in a forest or to a mouse learning and memorizing its way through a maze. Intellectual activity that largely involves memorization of specific historically precedented patterns as a format for execution of new activity with judgment is common to all of the above, and it may be common to learning and memorizing scripture chapter and verse.

I would like to think that all of those fundamental Christians that memorize much of the Holy Bible have the kind of minds that would make them good chess players able to memorize chess openings, middle and end games by famous players of the past. Like those that devote themselves solely to reading the Book of God, those devoting themselves to learning solely the book of chess (the historical games and patterned evolution of chess) that end up at grandmaster depth follow a comparatively closed intellectual field with a specific finite or delimited content rather than an open book such that history reading presents that is far more challenging to even survey comprehensively much less memorize.

I have learned chess the past three years as well as theology the past two and have respect for those citizens that learn chess or scripture so well they can cite games or verses accurately from memory. While I am good at finding trails through forests and memorizing ways even where there is no trail, I have been reading the Bible since I learned how to read and simply haven't learned to learn by rote memorization. Instead I have learned to survey everything available so far as possible and learn how to recover data from given locations when necessary; that wouldn't impress the authoritative Bible quoting people nor win chess matches against those who have memorized 30 forms of the Sicilian defense or Queen's gambit.

I think there are several forms of intellectual activity today. Some forms are solely mental pursuit of abstract issues while some forms involve mental activity that has mental abstractions and concentration or application immediately to real-world problems.

It is this latter field that I will comment on presently. Consider the intellectual activity of a house repainter. His thought if painting alone may include the location of every component of the work such as location of materials around the work site. The work site if in a secluded rural area with the owner absent may be free from abstract potential social interference by others. Even a car horn or dog running into a 24' extension ladder with the painter atop may cause issues. The painter needs to consider many issues abstract and a priori before they occur. He is not just like a mono-dimensional athlete on a game field who is actually a simile for a mono-dimensional chess player playing a game board. The active painter may be intellectually applying a Kantian form of synthetic a priori judgment comprising potential rain showers, spacetime weather abstractions, paint drying conditions, drying times, pant materials as primary or final applications and drying times and locations simultaneously. The intellectual activity is applied through his command and control of his body; arms and hands that may apply 3000 brush strokes to a single small home in a custom job. Financial abstractions in negotiating in a disadvantaged state, social conditions of ambient cheap labor competition for painting labor wages etc. A self-employed independent painter not established as a licensed paint contractor is quite disadvantaged-even NPR has dissed them as the clan with rave demotic falsely, and has little economic security or continuity of employment from job to job. The work engages the mind synthetically however in mind-body behavior intensely with risk even of spraying bleach mist used to remove mildew into one's eyes or lungs.

Intellectual work in purely abstract pursuits like philosophy that has similarities to history reading in tremendous, almost bottomless depth also may have contiguous academic fields with abstractions such as classical and symbolic logic that retroactively may be applied to the field with transcending transformation. It is possible to learn classical and symbolic logic to a certain depth and then use that knowledge as a filter to analyze or critically evaluate historical and philosophical ideas for accuracy. Chess tends to lack any sort of depth in that regard, although there are some tools such as exploiting square colors with oppositely colored bishops and elements of positional chess play that make it an interesting and intellectually stimulating game.

Reading scripture alone generally-although few people today become literate reading just the Bible, brings one into a world and Universe of unlimited depth. Some may stay on the surface just learning and memorizing scripture, yet its depth calls one to think about the ways that similar verses relate and inform. The Bible student inevitably develops his or her own way of interpreting scripture and develops some theory about it-that is called a hermeneutic in Bible scholarship.

The Bible has more than 3000 years of history behind it unlike chess. So if one goes beyond reading just the Bible and learns about Bible composition history one may also learn about ancient Middle Eastern history. Plainly great Bible scholars and theologians that have gone before call one to look into their writings. Scholars today like Kenneth Gentry who has brought a new approach to end times studies in a field called eschatology answer questions that arise in the thought of anyone who has read and thought about the Bible books of Matthew, Peter and the Revelation of John of Patmos. This sort of intellectual activity has more challenges than chess and is an open intellectual field rather than a closed field.

Modern chess computers have reached about a 3800 rating and that's about it-even with the best programming available. World chess champion Magnus Carlsen today has about a 2850 chess rating. Computer data banks may have millions of times more history content than a human being, not just less than a third better, yet a computer cannot presently write a single book of philosophy that is meaningful or useful much less write anything competent that is a philosophy of world social history.

I think that today evolution theory has inspired many people take up a jaundiced skeptical world view of atheist phenomenalism and randomicity theory as a philosophical point of view. Necessarily disregarded are deterministic factors of physics. Featured is quantum uncertainty while disregarded is the possibility that quantum uncertainty is simply a packing mechanism for one-dimensional or very small quanta that are not in space-time scales large enough to be measured in a steady-state-determined field. That does not mean that the quanta are themselves indeterministic phenomenally speaking. They too exist as dimensional phenomena in some greater than is measurable paradigm.

Applications of chess to the real world- inferences one may make from the chess tool kit about the nature of reality are few. Sociopaths and political theorists have commented on individuals in society in chess pawn and piece metaphors. There are people who view society as a sort of abstract chess game that one may 'win' through careful manipulation. In short, chess provides a penury class tool kit for making inferences about reality.

Chess as a philosophical tool is largely of an a posteriori construct. Chess analysts have noted 'materialism' in some players who will take an immediate en pris pawn for instant gratification instead of building a plan to maneuver and destroy an opponent. Chess is not Lao Tzu's 'Art of War'.

Reading and memorizing scripture alternatively may lead one to learn ancient Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek or Latin languages; in fact even old English or German-since Bibles were translated into the German language by the 5th century. Philosophically scripture may lead one to make new inferences about the nature of reality based on remaining consistent with theology. Here is one example...

Christians learn that they are born with original sin. Perhaps it is the thermodynamic spatio-temporal and material state of being they have inherited from the fall of Adam and Eve-original humans who became cognizant of their fallen state. A Christian may infer that the ancient doctrine is informative and from God and perhaps a metaphor or analogy encompassing a criterion of cosmology.

If Christians require salvation because of their original sin and the temporal condition if they are to be acceptable and forgiven to the eternal God then a way to do that for humanity that is incapable of doing that for-themselves must be provided if they are to be saved. Only God himself in the Son Jesus Christ is capable of making that atoning sacrifice and of creating a bridge to eternal salvation.

That is a parameter that can support inferences of a very advanced kind. That is with the grace provided by God wherein the Christian is led to accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior-a substitute for themselves. Technically speaking one may wonder how that is done.

Thus one may establish an inferential paradigm and use physics concepts essentially as analogies since God as an Absolute Supreme Being who is spirit has transcendence over all physics.

Through acceptance of the Lord into one's heart a kind of real replacement therapy arises in which the Christian becomes more Christlike. The elect individual actual is receiving the grace of God allowing him or her spiritually to evolve to a state of pure Spirit closer unto God. God is acceptable to God unto eternity. Jesus is God. Christians receive the substitution content of God for-themselves spiritually and are readied for eternal being.

Of course there are innumerable details and complications to the process that will remain mysteries. Yet it is possible to imagine a situation where an old ship for instance is gradually replaced with new parts until it is a completely new ship made of a superior substance. Alternatively one could have an existing large and complex computer program that is gradually rewritten or translated into another language that is more appropriate for a new platform while keeping the meaning of the original program content except for flaws. People that are saved are like that becoming replaced in time with Christ although retaining their form and thoughts to a certain extent. Christians receive new and improved spiritual bodies much like their present form in heaven, yet I suppose each will be perfected.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Corruption and the Queer New World Order

Corruption Generally Works to Concentrate Power

In a democracy corruption tends to work to concentrate power and wealth. As the media are more corrupt and raving speech dissociation became a temporal demotic norm the confusion worked as a smokescreen for public corruption as well as private. When public affairs are challenging to meaningfully access, and as politics becomes something of a kickback to insider contractors and other phenomenon, the demos or people tend to lose power and determination politically with their political choices evolving to be limited to those puppets willing to serve the interests of a global oligarchy.

I think that it isn't simply the case that clever conspirators have bought off the media and Hollywood or that just imperialists loyal to foreign leaders have brought millions of immigrants to the U.S.A. in recent years that just don't share historical American values such as those of the founders nor realize what they are. Perhaps greed expressed in average people requires corruption scaled up to fulfill ambitions for power and wealth and that people elected to the highest office just don't look toward the good of the nation so much as the good for themselves.

Neither can one blame the present state of the U.S.A. on 41 who may have found the New World Queer order and influenced insiders to win the World championship in baseball with an expansion team (the Florida Marlins) and manipulated Bill Clinton into starting 'don't ask, don't tell' military policy and placing Monica Lewinsky. If the Queer new World Order was started by a former C.I.A. chief, President, super-connected Washington insider and abetted whole heartedly by the Anglophile Clintonistas it could not be proven any more than who really J.F.K.

With about 19 trillion dollars of public debt and a very flaky global economy may be Americans are moving to becoming a peon class. Leaky border and immigration policy fails to indoctrinate Americans in traditional values and democracy. A democrat President-Obama signs off on the Bush II tax cuts when he had complete easy breezy power to veto and negotiate back some cuts a bit at a time from the bottom up.

When pervasive public corruption is the norm, and as Al Gore said there is no presiding legal authority and as a slide toward godless atheism through public education is a driving force for the awakening powers of futility for the average citizen the middle class itself becomes a minority-as it has.

Perhaps no one really needs to earn more than a million dollars annual and the tax rate should be progressive to pay off debt and provide investments in environmental rehab, space exploration, free public education and a guaranteed minimum income. Maybe patents should be limited to ten years and copyrights to twenty and after the expiration of the period of exclusive ownership the former patent or copyright owner would receive a royalty of 10% from anyone using the property. That way invention and intellect would be reinforced and rewarded rather than bureaucracy.

It is known that everyone needs fundamental security, housing, the opportunity to date and to develop career goals. Planning for retirement housing is as important as planning for storing worldly goods in a unit if traveling a lot during one's working life. It is not at all certain that the perennial accumulation of wealth is a necessary to valuable way to spend one's life instead of having sufficient material and then thinking philosophically about how to better society and its prospects. Value theory is a philosophical field that could be better utilized today in planning public policy.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Peyton Manning & Veracity in Pro Sports

Allegations that Peyton Manning used human growth hormone to help repair a broken neck and his denial raises the question of veracity in pro sports; that is do athletes ever tell the truth about the use of banned substances?
All of the great 1990s baseball home run greats; Bonds, McGwire, Sosa, Rodriguez used and initially lied about the use of banned substances. Maybe the great Hank Aaron unwittingly benefited from steroids to help him pass Babe Ruth's record. Arnold Schwarzenegger could be a poster child for steroids invented in his home town of Vienna in the 1950s. And what about Lance Armstrong, Bill Clinton and the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution. Can athletes be held to a higher standard than politicians?
In the case of Manning however, I have no problem with his use of HGH if he did use it. A broken neck is a fairly serious injury. If it is of fair use in regular medical recovery procedures for non-athletes I know of no reason why athletes should be banned. If HGH can help paraplegics recover help or prevent people from lapsing into paralytic conditions they could fairly use it too.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

(Bob) Hope and Fischer video

Syria, Pakistan, Solar Power and Arable Land

Syria has vast tracks of land presently utilized more for warm than agriculture. Would it be reasonable for the U.S. Government and its partner sponsors of the civil war to invest as much in water making through desalinization for agriculture purposes as weapons, explosives, cash and training to the coalition of willing anti-Assad political jihadists?

One may wonder if thousands of hectares of new crop land irrigated with water that was saline before be pumped with solar power through pipelines to canals where evaporation and condensation trapping occurred yield freshwater isn't a better catalyst for peaceful coexistence than barren deserts and fossil fuel exhaust.

Presently solar power is underutilized in the low tech pumping of water and evaporation of saltwater for condensation entrapment process in desertified regions with land that might otherwise sustain agriculture. Cheap local food supply is good for human health and as valuable as a healthy wild ecosphere where it exists. It may not be necessary to displace prime wild land biota in order to create farmland when quality desert farmland could be brought online with judicious coordination of alternative energy sources that don't add pollution or global heating gases.

What if ISIS could be transitioned into installing solar panels instead of bombs and digging canals for water making and irrigation instead of for burials.

Police Shootings Videos; What About Crime Videos

Select demands to immediately publish police shootings in order to protect civil liberties raise a number of interesting questions. Because few like any shootings of people and a certain innate prejudice would exist against anyone shooting others it is probable that adverse publication would create adverse publicity for police departments generally. the context wherein such incidents are published ought to be included too, as well as the out of context police action comprising shooting anyone.

I will not belabor the point that some defense attorneys probably would not want video of their clients involved in shootings immediately published on Youtube. That recalcitrance might exist for ordinary criminal defendants as well as police.

Police shootings such as those of Chicago occur in a given context. Police officers might have work that sends them from one criminal incident to another rather like some people might shop from one store to another. A police officer may experience involvement with hundreds or thousands of crimes and never shoot anyone. I think the context of police shootings; not just the specific incident, might be included in video publication in order to better understand the circumstances in which police shootings happen.

Perhaps Chicago police forces might upload to Youtube whatever video of crimes they have every day as soon as they occur for the public to experience, and then when a rare police shooting occurs swift uploading of those videos could be uploaded too in a context where the public better appreciates the nature of the work of police departments in urban areas.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

The Good News of Jesus Christ

Into this world approximately 2020 years ago was born a Savior unto those of faith named Jesus Christ. The Lord Jesus was born in a manger in the little town of Bethlehem in fulfillment of nearly two thousand years of prophecy. The Lord brought good news to humanity. Jesus Christ is the Son of God.

In the world today there are more than a billion souls professing faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. Even so the world is challenging with pressing demographics and classical competition for scarcity of finite resources. The greater challenge is even more fundamental though; human nature and the fallen state of mankind.

Mankind exists or coheres within a physical field in the Universe with thermodynamics that require constant fueling. Personal survival and comfort reinforce a will to power drive that generates conflict. The Lord professed that humanity basically be untroubled about all that. For God provides, clothes the sparrow and numbers the hair of everyone's head. Overcoming human nature's corruption with faith in the Lord and the grace to accomplish that the Lord provides allows the Holy Spirit to work with more cooperation of that were possible, through one's own life to solve the world's social troubles.

Even so Christians themselves may worry about the end times of the troubling world. For at least a couple of centuries some Christian theologians have misinterpreted John's Book of the Revelation and given the bulk of its first century prophecy fulfillments a future date. Setting back correct Bible prophetic interpretation 2000 years they see a looming apocalypse as ever immanent. In error they believe that Armageddon will precede the second coming of Christ. Muslims believe a similar, comparable wrong interpretation of the Revelation that was synthesized by Muhammad the Erroneous Prophet.

In fact when the end times seem near, it probably means that the end of the age of the gentiles isn't. Jesus Christ will return in a time when there is a majority of Christians in the world, not when they are few and challenged by a majority of infidels as in the first century. While it is entirely possible that the worldly policies of mass migration relocating problems instead of fixing them, over-consuming natural resources and failing to use intelligence in environmental economic design to overcome economic injustice and environmental decay exacerbated by war and the immorality of atheism will lead to global population crashes and apocalyptic events as the bubonic plagues of the 13th century destroyed 2/3rds of Europe's population, that is probably an indication that the end is far away, for the Lord will return when there is a Christian majority and a fairly prosperous world.

The good news to consider is that the world's population may evolve a Christian majority and good environmental economic business ethics during the next century or two and make the world a place appropriate for the third coming of Christ, for Jesus was here in Earth in the flesh the second time following his resurrection.

For further reading on post-millennialism I suggest Kenneth Gentry's 'He Shall Have Dominion'.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Washington Post takes Chimp Shot at Ted Cruz

In the heat of the political campaign the igneutrality of the media raised its ugly head when the Washington Post on-line took a simian shot at Senator Ted Cruz' kids and the candidate too picturing them as monkeys tended by Cruz the organ grinder. One must marvel at the Jim Crow mentality that afflicts Democrats that is blind when the hate is applied to Republicans  or those without decadent political sentiments.

Back in the day it was reasonably svab to consider President Bush II's simian ancestry because of things like T-ball and the cost of waging war in Iraq. That wasn't the President's family though, and G.W. Bush was a good sport about that sort of thing at least, while nothing can be said for the Washington Post's bad humor except that it reminds one of a 1930's German style about Jews.

Political cartoonists do of course tend to go for sensationalism rather than sobriety. Sometimes they go too far in exploiting politicians if that were possible, yet in 2015 that sort of racist cartoon from a leftist paper is remarkable. Really.

Monday, December 21, 2015

On the Question; Is Life a Basic, Necessary Form of Matter

Tegmark's 'Mathematical Universe' considers the idea of the Universe in a Platonic realist sort of way I suppose. In my opinion the questions about quanta(ty) units at the smallest size and what they are ultimately made of (something else) isn't resolved and perhaps never shall be. Quanta are viewed as embedded in a field, and the field is some form of energy, and particle-wave quanta(ties) are regarded as of one-dimensional perhaps (the reductionism is a logical necessity) from which quanta are built up into large combinations according to force relations that are permissible.

So what are one-dimensional units of basic quanta; something like a section of a membrane may be. And where did those originate besides in poetry? Well, if not poetry perhaps as an undifferentiated minimalistic field that some would designate as the beginning of the Universe.

The beginning would have no time or information (a meta-level reference denoting the allocation of resources) content and might exist without time-since time is a measurement of process. Time is regarded by some as not existing at all, instead it is considered a phenomenal observation by sentient beings of the configuration of passing dimensions intersecting.

One can ask if life is a necessary part of a Universe, as if life is a natural step along the path of entropy, stellar synthesis of chemical elements in novae, recombination and formation of new elements and so forth, and I suppose it might be. I think however that it might be rash to believe that the configuration of matter that is considered to be life could not be a direct result of Supreme Intelligence ordering the components of the beginning that is enigma, and who also transcends the relativistic fields of this or any possible Universe.

Mass and energy are convertible forms of quanta, sometimes locked into a particular steady state wherein life is believed to occur, that is life as a matter and energy configuration instead of life as pure spirit or self-aware information given a materially associated corporeal body.

So one might wonder if any given configuration of mass and energy are necessary in any given Universe. I think that physicists have stipulated that the boundary conditions of a Universe pre-determines its fate. Divine intervention obviously could interact non-deterministically, yet one wonders why an omnipotent God would change anything after making it as it was perfect to start with. Plotinus wondered why the One would do anything being perfect himself. In fact the random coalescence of Universes from various progeneration processes is an assumption often used to counteract the anthropic principle as some sort of proof for intelligent design.

Knowledge hasn't certainty. Epistemology is probabilistically verifiable, yet what if thought is itself provided deterministically inclusive of error, belief and faith such that the potter predetermined who would play this or that role in any given Universe wherein they should appear?

I think the relationships of the basic forces of the universe and the relations they have such as are known of gravity and the strong force are considered by some to be indicative of dimensions of different sizes that define them. Gravity is the most weak power yet covers the largest area. Space-time seems to expand as gravity contracts, perhaps as a reciprocal of stuffing mass and energy into black holes. And one wonders if the singularity isn't just an approach to the boundary of a particular dimension, while the strong force has its boundary at the point wherein it goes from most strong to snap.

Pres. Obama's Indonesia Homeland Has Just 8% Christians

If one wonders why the President's policies heavily favor the spread of Muslim populations around Europe and to North America the simple explanation is that he naturally works to make the world resemble his early childhood homeland of Indonesia. In that Sunni Muslim nation just eight percent of the population claim to be Christian. Sunni domination is a fact of life. It is that world that nurtured the infant Obama until the age of seven.

The President regards ISIS as an anomalous and even minor danger, rather than as a condensation of restless Muslim populism expressing itself through terror and opportunistic political expansion that it is. The President's immoral support for homosexual marriage in the United States and around the world throws gasoline on the fundamentalist Muslim hatred for the perversions of the non-Muslim godless atheist liberal west.

Americans might consider themselves fortunate that the Democrat Party did not pass laws making it hate speech and hate crime worthy to consider ISIS or ISUL as a terrorist organization rather than a challenged Muslim youth gang-morality issue that could be corrected with sufficient quantities of dope and homosexuality.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Self-Driving Electric Vehicles Extrapolation Three

The U.S. postal service may transition street deliveries to self-driving electric vehicles to try to reduce annual budget deficits and improve service. While FEDEX and other street delivery businesses may take the lead in fielding self-driving electric vehicles or mini-vehicles that operate locally 24/7 the U.S. postal service may also be forced to delivery with mini-electric self-driving units if they wish to remain as a back up for postal deliveries to the private sector.

I would think that a vacuum tube trans-continental ground module 1000 m.p.h delivery infrastructure would be a practical way for the U.S. postal service to gain an advantage in speed of module delivery to regional distro hubs...yet the U.S. government doesn't think big any more except in expanding arms deliveries to insurgents, tax cuts for political leaders and campaign contributors and free money to large banks.

Fullness in God (poem)

Half theories of half lives-
why aren't half lives better than none
whild radioactive decays
sink authoritarian royces to silence
and faith looks beyond

half of the distance and half of the strength
gravity exemplifies the four forces in time
diminishing like garnished wages of death
fullflinging soured grapes of wrath

a strong force shell energizing one dimensional bells
forkin infinite kantian quanta staying within
space-time where energy and mass are dimensional fluff

black holes of gravity collapse to boundaries
like an inverse nuclear force binding event horizons
against which infinities attract mass bits of remainders
adding onto a larger singularity-exchanging scale

reciprocals of spatial volume, mass and light
dimensions of membranes still quiet and bright
before half lives return to the One
where the Lord overcomes
errors against one in three
pre-determined waves

dreampt into the silence of night.

What Travels at 2 million M.P.H. & is 12-25 A.U. Away?

Astronomers have detected a large fast moving object or two a distance of 12-25 astronomical units away from Earth that is headed toward the inner solar system at a speed in excess of two million miles per hour. What it could be isn't known presently, although if it is a comet on steroids it could eventually put on a show.

Of course it could be an extraterrestrial space ship on the way to collect rent, a large bowling ball of a different color or something to do with the force awakening . News of further research on the object or objects (there is another 4000 A.U. distant from Earth) will be interesting to see.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Self-Driving Electric Cars Extrapolation Two

Economic changes brought on with profusion of self-driving electric cars owned in time-shares, co-opts, collective and corporate configurations should radically change China more so even than the U.S.A. With a vast market for use and unburdened by as much pre-existing fossil fuel establishment as the U.S.A. China likely will evolve a great leap forward picking up speed like an ion engine space ship drive enroute to distant points.

India too will benefit from self-driving electric cars, not only with the decrease of drunk driving or asleep at the wheel accidents that plague human driving, China and India will experience computer allocation of optimal route of travel for on-line, network integrated users. Privately owned vehicles as well as co-op, collective and corporate owned vehicles will network with optimal travel time itinerary scheduling.

The way business is done nationally will change anywhere there are many self-driving electric vehicles recharging continuously on-line and at quick power recharging drive-through stations. Delivery of business products will increase and some costs decrease without the price of human driver wages involved. Displaced transportation workers probably should be encouraged to transition directly into infrastructure installation and maint positions for artificial intelligence driven mobility packages that will be fundamental and ubiquitous in a decade or two.

It is easy to imagine theme parks with artificial intelligence driven vehicles that can go new places, as well of course as lunar landing modules that can land supplies and depart from a lunar greenhouse experimental agriculture foundation. It is simple to imagine mountain range shaped office buildings and dwelling with exterior pathways whereupon self driving mini-vehicles delivery pizzas and condo time-sharers walk their dogs.

Shadow Facts; Obama-Clinton-Bush Policy Draft of ISIS

American Presidential leadership nurtured the rise of ISIS. In a real sense President Obama is the de facto leader of ISIS. U.S. policy reinforces its increase drafting the latent populist Islamic forces along. ISUL could not have reached its present scale it does without his acts to develop the Syrian conflict, destroy Qaddafi in Libya , withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq and failure to support creation of a Kurdish state in part of Turkey and Syria. The rise of ISIS as a populist movement required U.S. military intervention in the Middle East for growth. ISIS exists in the shadows of large scale political destabilization and nullification of existing lawful governments in the region. Wars send refugees to Europe, the United States and other prosperous nations where intervening powers reside providing in turn the kernels of terrorist potential. President Obama's policy of removing the Syrian government is the catalyst for the transition of Sunni populist anti-state, anti-Zionism and anti-western civilization sentiments latent in the Muslim demographics of the Middle East formerly common in the Muslim Brotherhood movement.

Supporters of mass Muslim migration to the United States and Europe have broadcast opinions that the refugees are vetted. One must wonder if the intelligence of the immigration advocates was vetted. Large new foreign Muslim. Creating an internal proletariat of Middle Eastern Muslims in the United States, Europe and Canada provides a swamp in which ISIS crocs may grow to swim and design future attacks on the plump targets of enfeofed financial service sector office workers of the west. Expansion of the Dar al Harb to the west requires large numbers of potential support troops before the fighters arrive; before Muslim spooks of the Saudi Wahhabist world flow through the masses taking what support they require from the tens of thousands of masses that may intentionally or through coercion provide support to war actions in the United States.

Administration policy support critics of critics of administration policy refer to American extremists that might oppose Muslim immigration. One might wonder if any of the founders of the United States would not be regarded as extremists if they lived today and exercised common sense to oppose relocation of imperialists or theocrats and their supporters to the U.S.A. It is unimaginable that George Washington would have been concerned about what the Saudis might think about an American security policy banning Muslim migration to the United States. George Washington prayed to God; not Mecca or Rome.

Providing leadership for the growth of ISIS in the shadow of U.S. Middle East regime removal is wrong policy from recent American administrations. It seems as if Presidents and Secretaries of State are I.Q. challenged or closet Muslim jihadists themselves. Ad hoc and improvisational military units and political leadership in the past century have nearly invariably generated the most undisciplined warriors perpetrating atrocities.

In the Vietnam conflict, after the volunteers in the Army from the 1950s timed out and a conscript component increased the Defense Department formed a just-for-the-war new Army division- the Americal Division that lacked disciplined unit history-or any history for that matter. Undisciplined circumstances evolved Lt. William Calley's My Lai civilian massacre. Consider how undisciplined ad hoc ISIS fighting units are and hence their propensity for butchery. The new post-Soviet era Serb military had the same sort of lack of unit discipline and cohesion and was known for famous war crimes. New civilian government may have a comparable propensity for extremism or corruption. The year zero Khmer Rouge wasn't the sole newly formed monstrous government of modern history. Seldom have newly empowered extremist governments shared land or resources with loyalists of the dispossessed. Instead they have a tendency toward purges exemplified in Iraq a few times, in Khomeini's Iran and Ukraine.

ISIS terrorism and atrocities have developed in the chaos and indiscipline created in the ad hoc military structure. From Libya to Syria ad hoc Muslim killers armed generally with dumped military weapons from states deposed through American foreign policy design. The civil chaos and generation of new terrorists cannot be switched off through a particular military battlefield victory. Economic conditions for prosperity that require development or conservation of existing physical infrastructure cannot generally be maintained or transition with continuity to a hypothetical militant leadership that meets theoretically 'vetted' standards of the U.S. government. The left extolling the vetting of Muslim mass migrants may as well seek membership in the American Legion for them. Though Muslims tended to side with the 3rd Reich in the war against Jews and the United States in my father's generation.

It is far easier to reinforce existing governments and encourage them through positive engagement to evolve to a more fair and equal sort of status with its citizens than to encourage and support rebellion against the existing government. While the founders described in the Declaration of Independence the situation wherein rebellion is necessary, the godless atheist leadership of the west too often simply increases short-term support for the increase of wars as a long term policy as a kind of decoration or flower arranging activity of the very powerful and advantaged that may require a little more force to put down where thereafter it is thought the Muslim population would settle true buy products and pay rent. Of course if the Declaration where published in the Corporatist era it would be censored for hate speech. One wonders if the advantaged don't have a reciprocal of unreality in their personal political epistemology because the knowledge that brought them to rise to the top of the political toilet bowl hasn't anything to do with competence in justice, sociology, political philosophy or history.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Ted Cruz's Orwellian Slip Is another Snowden Moment

Presidential candidate Ted Cruz's slip that may have revealed a classified N.S.A. program to check out every American's phone calls wasn't necessarily a bad thing; he may have inadvertently perped a Snowden moment, or perhaps a Patrick Henry sort of thing where a politician says he may give at least one truth for his country.

So Senator Cruz is not much to blame for being plain about the endangered status of American individualism, privacy and security from corrupt government that regards public affairs as its own proprietary turf to profit from. State terrorism is historically as great or greater of a danger as foreign invasion. With the incredible electronic surveillance capability of modern nations along with corrupt and incompetent political leadership it is remarkable that Americans remain moderately free. If or when the switch to martial law occurs it won't be easy to turn that power off.

The Fallacy of Regarding Zero-Growth Economics as Zero-Growth

What is economics besides the way a bee takes nectar from the flower? What description encompasses the entire Universe of economic action. Economics is a purpose, an antinomy to art yet the flip side of it simultaneously. Economics is a clump of precision engineering of wishes to bring in a harvest of potatoes before the season's shadows grow long and frosts descend upon the fields. It is a complete world of opportunities and ideas interacting with material, finite material, of which planets are made of.

mass−energy of Earth≡economy

The people living on a planet walk through storms of time and the light of noonday reason to bring form to the formless potential of inert material in atomic structures where forests are silent harmonies of shapes swaying with wind from sea surface temperature changes. Salinity crystallized adding to H2O unexpressed words of molecules to be and become current waves returning to lands where living sentients reside.


An order of economic conversions evening up clouds of entropy precipitate products where the conversion of the given state of the material world was an existing aesthetic compresence in-itself and for-others. Palisades and basalt columns from rapid cooling of lava flows covered with lichen like rainbows are demolished with Alfred Nobel's force delivery packages to make rip-rap for rock crushers and gravel changing like the season to cement. Concrete forms support the rise to the sky of non-mountain shaped people-boxes planning economic expansion.


Across the expanse of the world economic growth is a perspective, a camera angle viewing four dimensions, a shifting of organization in a quadratic equation with disorganization added to nature to increase organization for consumer products of mankind. Yet the balance is zero increase or decrease overall. Economy is a way of measuring particular aspects of events using matte energy, form and thought in a potential twilight zone.

economic growth⊁ecospheric decay

Economic growth in human intelligence with a minimum guaranteed income for all people-even those seeking relief from political scorpions with guns and bureaucratic powers of doom broadcasting the wicked's advantaged gurgling noises themifying whild the night approaches and coal powered lamps will flood neon-tubes with multi-colored light and streets with sweet whiffs of dope adding piquancy to vubbles of boozing.

ecosphere+entropy→economic decrease

The economy is a closed loop equation apportioned as it is to increase ideas, channel efficiency to everything that decreases human waste closer unto nature's efficient processes. Algorithms of everyone and everything are circles of time moving forward through a spiraling continuum building the future presently in the past. Eagles watch the destruction of shorelines, wolves are hunted down like dogs from boats plinking whales and bear lost to hunters driving Cadillac SUVs to the end of the road, waiting in a blind for the animal to seek its moment in the sun to become another trophy and trail of dripping crimson disappearing into a freezer.

economic growth∝intelligence∧efficiency increase+ecosphere increase

Efficiency is a reciprocal of economic utilization of finite resources regulated by intelligent designers of mythic hope. Emulating the will of God discerned darkly as through a one-way glass. Reflections quantified into being standing waves of product. Conserving material and increasing production. Rowing the economy in ideas and efficiency while decreasing the use of raw materials. Increasing the well being of life and space exploration while decreasing the destruction of the ecosphere and conversion of the elements into disorganized remainders of economic action.

Future of Self-Driving Electric Cars; Extrapolation 1

Self-driving electric cars will take the self-driving U.S. auto fleet to a higher level of efficiency driven in part by economic competition. Self-driving cars will let every two-car household and office workers have a spare car in the taxi business presenting challenges for the Yellow, Checker and Uber human driver status quo. With proliferation of self-driving cars for commercial purposes without personnel costs inevitably clubs and collectives will buy fleets of their own as membership perks to take SARP members to restaurants and college students to intercollegiate chess games. Vast schools of self-driving auto fleets may swarm about the city transport river systems seeking humans to transport to their appointed destinies.

Recharging electric vehicles will be safer than using gasoline for self-driving cars. The profusion of new electric vehicles will stimulate the rise of electric charging station perhaps with short-range superconductors. Research and application of automobile solar recharging coatings will accelerate as will research into making the highways themselves collectors of solar photons for empowering electric vehicles.

For those of us riding bicycles around the nation looking for work the availability of very cheap individualized semi-public transportation will be a positive change. It would be helpful for carrying groceries without the bottom dropping out of the bag.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Intelligent Design vs. Natural Fluke (with a Video)

Intelligent Design vs Natural Philosophy Today

The construction, composition and arrangement of the Universe is such that it is not inconsistent with intelligent design. On the other hand there isn't anything evident in the Universe that doesn't appear to belong here like some sort of artifact from an intelligent designer. One might want a hyper-dimensional custom signature of God to appear in the great empty spaces between galaxies now and then crossing through space-time transcendently with a note attached that says 'I paid for and approved this Universe'. Without that votaries of science as a natural religion to support the idea of a godless Universe argues without direct contradiction.

The complexity and marvelous structure of the Universe makes it appear that life is a necessary and inevitable structure that had to form in the historical line of processes that followed the first appearance of mass and energy. The chemical elements and physical forces are so fine-tuned that life would not have been possible if they were a little different. Thus the dialectical helix supporting D.N.A. with its intricate process came into being after stars were formed, exploded yield new elements, and planets coalesced under gravity within dust clouds in the void. The processes were pre-determined and inherent in the beginning. The beginning pre-determined the end. For Christians God is alpha and omega. Life seems a necessary product of the existence of Universe. That supports points for intelligent design of the Universe as a whole.

The obvious complex structure of life and the process that allowed it to emerge from energy and matter over time for some manifests intelligent design. Paley's ontological argument about a found watch and its complexity allowing inference of an intelligent designer is comparable. Scientific atheists discard what is called the anthropic principle with the explanation that if life were to appear at all as a result of simple natural processes it necessarily would seem to be designed.

For one Universe to appear that is so complex and functions so well that it generated intelligent life when there are many physical constants that could have been different that would not have produced life in a Universe is greatly against the odds of fluke occurrence. There are two fundamental alternative explanations for the Universe being the way it is (fine-tuned for life ) that hypothetically occur before the start of this Universe. They are used to explain why the existence of the Universe should not be regarded as having occurred against extremely high odds and its perfection for life as rare..

One is that this Universe exists along with an infinite number of other Universes and at least one had to have perfect conditions for life; humanity happens to be lucky ones in such a Universe (the cosmic jackpot). This is a variation of the given an infinite amount of monkeys at typewriters at least one would type by random chance the collected works of Shakespeare.

The second is a similar though darker explanation; this Universe is one that reached birth from a nearly infinite number of aborted Universes;- and only Universes that could have life can reach full term because there is some sort of powerful mind-field pre-existing Universes that draws intelligent life unto itself. It is as callous about screening out and aborting life as planned parenthood.

Jesus Christ took the sins of the elect upon himself and imputed his righteousness upon them as well. Christians of course have faith in Jesus Christ. The saved or elect have righteousness and sin at the simultaneously; Simul justus et peccator . Christians are saved through the grace of God, the Lord Jesus Christ and work of the Holy Spirit. Christians also rely on the truth of scripture- sola scriptura. Therefore they believe God created the Universe because the Bible tells them so.

Philosophers and philosophically inclined theologians may inquire into how God created or scheduled the Universe to appear. It is also possible to examine the Bible and how it is to be interpreted or understood, I wrote a book named God, Cosmology and Nothingness (free to download for the present) that has my best try at that. It is faith however; blind faith in Jesus Christ, in which Christians place their hope. God is good.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Issues of Contemporary Theology (video)

Thomas Jefferson; Racist and Prophet of Civil Religion

The founders were not all in agreement with today’s happy news approach to race and immigration.

An article from a 1995 issue of Atlantic magazine relates that Calhoun's 1830s articles on Nullification were inspired from the writing of Thomas Jefferson. Resolutions in Kentucky were written by Thomas Jefferson apparently. Nullification was the principle that states had a right to nullify any corrupt laws passed by the federal government. Today of course with a monopoly on nuclear power, surveillance gathering high ground and domination of broadcast media synergy the power of the federal government is irresistible, except of course for nature and economics that correct all imbalances eventually.

It is surprising that Jefferson wrote that ""Nor is it less certain that the two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government. Nature, habit, opinion has drawn indelible lines of distinction between them." (from his autobiography).

Timothy McVeigh, one of the Oklahoma City bombers, claimed Thomas Jefferson as an inspiration; McVeigh had a famous quote from Jefferson on his shirt when arrested that said' The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants."

Jefferson sought legislation in 1776 that would have prevented increase of Virginia's negro population. Apparently he also sought to increase penalties for miscegenation with white women. The Virginia legislature rejected Jefferson's radical proposals.

Following the Haitian revolution and slaughter of white people Jefferson's antipathetic ideas about non-European populations evidently increased. History is interesting to read; it may be presented from numerous points of view, like the need for fossil fuel engines.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Evolution of Muslim Theocracy in America

For those with an interest in general history the evolution of social changes is interesting to observe in real time; as the gradual progression of change has so many many historical examples for comparison. Presently the way the U.S. Government leads, along with its vital 'ally' , England, through foreign and domestic policy to support an evolution from a state of Christianity and a modicum of grace toward godless atheism and social decay toward mass Muslim immigration with the necessary following evolution toward theocracy is the best show to watch the next few decades.
Administrators evidently have no idea about what Islam is nor how stirring up the blooding pot of Middle East war leads more to refugees and casualties, hate and issues instead of peace or stability. Canada plans to import 25,000 Syrians who will have relatives and cell phones and easy U.S. travel with the majority being Muslim and that will be a Northern support for the evolution of Muslim hegemony. The left believe its necessary to stablish any immigrants as they will vote against conservatives and merge as atheists eventually. That is a short sighted viewpoint.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Democrat Items for the CDC's To Do List

House minority leader Nancy Pelosi has said the Democrats will pass the budget bill if a rider is attached directing the CDC to research the cause of gun violence. That is not the only item on the CDC's to do list. Here are the additional items now published for reasons of humor.

1) Discover why politicians get rich after election to the U.S. House and Senate

2)  Find the root cause for the french donation of a giant female with a torch after defeat in the 1974 Franco-Prussian war

3) Because of rising income inequality the middle class are no longer the majority; why? 

4) Is the bi-partisan policy of giving trillions of zero interest loans and such to banks a rational economic policy? Can inflation develop with so much cash and national public debt? Is it really a good economic idea policy for the government to spend more than it has in revenue?

5) Will Elvis return with a new and renewable green cheese from the Orion (warrior) constellation?

6) Are gangs discriminatory against people of different races?

7) Would a guaranteed minimum income eliminate gun  ?

8) Are guns the final chapter in the invention of cheap tools to harm others?

9)  Will quantum computing advance sufficiently in time to stop global warming?

Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Trump is Right; Ryan Wrong on revisionist view of immigration history)

Donald Trump's political proposal to halt all Muslim immigration to the U.S.A. is solid and consistent with precedence of mainstream U.S. history. When in prior times foreign ideologies inimical to vital security interests of the nation endemic to a foreign population presented a threat to the fundamental values of the U.S.A. the government acted to halt or strongly reduce immigration of the those with malevolent ideologies to America. That includes ideological theocrats bowing to a foreign city five times daily. I will not even mention Thomas Jefferson's ideas about admitting Caribbean nations to the union. Politicians may have their heads where the sun don't shine on the issue and that is snafu.

Many politicians have said they would ban immigrants from hostile nations or perhaps those with chaos and war created by U.S. administration efforts to force regime change upon them thereafter stimulating civil conflicts and continuing chaos. Iraq, Syria and Libya might be included in those. Politician's assumptions that Muslim nations mirror western nation's organizational premises are wrong. Muslim nations tend to seek one world order themselves without the divisions of nationalism rather like John Leninismists or Trotskyite communists.

Most of the Middle east nations-states structures were forced upon the indigenous people by a victorious west over Axis powers including Turkey. Pan Arabism during the Nasser era leading up the the 1967 six day war with Israel is not unlike the union aspirations of Issis to restore a Caliphate such as existed historically with the Ummayad and Abassid dynasties. The problem is Islam; not particular national-boundary lines and citizenship in regard to Islam. Political square pegs in round holes by the blind D.C. leadership strike recurrently like a hop-headed Zarathustra-McGoo that skimmed a few thin, large-print graphic novels of history thence to act as Fausts with the confident power of delusional scholarship corrupting the U.S.A.

A virtual ban on communist immigration to the U.S.A. during the 1950s is an example too obvious to need to mention. Islam is a theocratic political system itself. It is a political as well as a religious ideology comparable to communist-atheism. Islam has forsaken its theocratic constitution only as a result of foreign conquest from the west.

Turkey had its military revolt only after the Sublime Porte was beaten by the west. Though Lebanon was part of Syria before the end of the Ottoman empire, it was with the partition by the allies of the Middle East that compelled neo-democratic systems upon Muslims in the region.

Some in the U.S. government are dumb enough to believe that Islam has a natural secular and democratic balance with clerics comparable to that of a declining U.S. clergy in relation to the state, and that is, well, too wrong dudes. Muslims vary naturally between authoritarianism tending to secularism and theocracy. That historical tendency is not one that can be changed by a naïve and ignorant American political leadership class of over-promoted materialists risen to their level of incompetence.

The United States also banned Shinto religious policy with worship of the Emperor (not Jeb Bush or Hillary Clinton) during the MacArthur period of Japanese occupation. Debathification was compelled upon Iraq during the Bremmer administration albeit with disastrous results. Paradoxically while atheism is a religion in-itself, the U.S. government tolerates and even promotes its values these days, and tends to invest in communist-atheist nations and even support immigration.

It is easy to find examples of limits on immigration quotas from particular nations during times when a given population presented excessive danger to the security of the United States and its constitutional values. Immigrants from Eastern Europe were nearly stopped after the ideology of anarchism and neo-communism became widespread. Perhaps that was an historical mistake considering the potential value of Eastern Europeans as productive people, however we shall never know what that alternate history would have been. As it was the nation suffered little from the rise of anarchism with the exception perhaps of Chicago that remained something of an anarchist training ground.

Not until the Second World War did the nation again need to restrict immigration from particular populations. Those from axis powers were curtailed. Chinese immigration has been tightly regulated ay various points in U.S. history, especially during the Maoist years.

It is interesting that so many Republicans in leadership posts such as Speaker Ryan are absolutely clueless about real U.S. history and values of prior generations. They espouse a revisionist, sanitized version of history as naturally as my posts looked after censorship and deletion at circa 2010.

The U.S.A. hasn't got buns of steel such that it cannot be harmed from adverse mass migrations. Maybe House Speakers cannot suffer from a good ass-kicking, yet ordinary mortals can, and so, they take defensive measures against that occurrence rather than basking in a Catherine the Great-Potemkin revisionist view of sanitized U.S. history. Neither are sweet sounds of rhetoric in front of a microphone necessarily consistent with real national security interests.

Odious attacks from Republican leadership on Donald Trump ought to stop; Trump at least has a backbone., and says what he thinks. In your heart, you know he's right. Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton are the choices of the New World Order crowd presumably. Nearly anyone else, yet especially Donald Trump, would be a better selection.