Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Arctic American Russian Defense Policy Common Interests

Complete disclosure; I think the people that create U.S. foreign policy are fundamentally idiots. Since I have disclosed that bias I will proceed to outline my thoughts regarding the need for cooperative U.S. and Russian Arctic security policy that is cognizant of environmental and historical-cultural concerns for all parties.

Firstly the U.S. should not overburden Russian concerns about security on a broad front since it is not in U.S. nor European interest to do so. Each underestimate the significant role Russia has played for a thousand years in deflecting Asian aggression from Europe and via trickle down to the U.S. Today Russia is also a main block of security for the west regarding Muslim expansionism. If the west weakens Russia to much radical Islamic powers may swell to take much of that nation for themselves and intimidate the remainder into submission.

If Russia were to weak it might also allow greater Chinese expansion in northwest Asia and the North Pacific and that would not be good for Alaska. SecDef Carter visits Alaska this week or next to confer with Senator Sullivan on the need for an Arctic security policy-yet neither understand U.S. security interests well enough to formulate a rational policy.

Political leaders tend to be assertive and aggressive rather than intellectual and thoughtful. They make irrational and uninformed decisions that affect the interests of the nation and national security badly. In the case of an Arctic policy, solving the situation in order to maintain peace and security effectively at lowest cost while factoring in the need for environmental security is desirable. That means recognizing real Russian interests.

Russia is basically the primary Arctic nation. It has a legitimate claim on a 200 mile natural resources exclusivity zone along its coast and islands except where it overlaps with shared borders. The United States has a comparatively small Arctic coast; Russia has more than 5000 miles while the U.S. has just Alaska. Canada, Greenland, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Nunavut, Sweden and Svalbard have concerns too. No one else essentially is involved, and the middle oceanic region beyond 200 miles of a coast should be permanently undeveloped and left for world environmental security. That makes boundary issues very simple.

Russia has a comparatively small population and sufficient resources to not need to develop anything offshore at any rate, for that matter neither does the U.S.A. have a pressing need to develop the Arctic. With peaceful relations established and perhaps an Arctic American Russian Cooperation policy (AARCO) in effect security needs would be lower militarily speaking and environmental security could be accentuated.

The United States should build three icebreakers and several Arctic winter hovercraft for all around participation. Maybe it could schedule building a new icebreaker one a decade. Russia and the U.S.A. as well as Canada should construct several seasonally submersible beneath the ice scientific and environmental habitats for walrus and polar bear haul outs.

Billy Mitchell said that Alaska is the crossroads of the world regarding aviation. Military aircraft in Alaska including drones based here can serve U.S. interests globally rather than just regionally. If peace and cooperation is firm with Russia then military needs would be less and useful elsewhere in the world.

I should comment that military tactical victories in battle that the United States military has some proficiency with-or did before the gaying of the military, cannot achieve victory politically or comprehensively in the modern era. Politicians need to deploy forces rationally with cognizance of the entire political and territorial circumstances of deployment and with awareness that protracted terrorism and resistance reinforced by global jihadists will probably follow. The military isn’t designed to substitute for intelligent political leadership.

In the ancient world military forces were happy enough to kill civilians too if they resisted and sometimes not so terrorists had nowhere to hide. That is not acceptable policy in today's social environment. Yet the people in D.C. never seem to calculate correctly what the limitations are for the military in achieving victory amidst people that have fundamentally different values. Unlike the Japanese or Germans following world war II that just became westernized, jihadists have religious values antipathetic to submission to full western values. With the Supreme Court decision to allow homosexual marriage and the decades ahead of public school saturation with homosexual educators with homosexual values corrupting youth, even Americans are somewhat antipathetic to federal cultural values forced from above.

World civilization is something that politicians often do not learn while calculating their personal rise to power. They make bad decisions that create poverty and strife for decades, and are happy with that.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

A Universal Widget chapter one (video)

Gary reads from chapter one of his science fiction novel

Better Than Tachyon Beams-Radiowave Mind Control

Scientists might just be able to use micro and radio waves to control brain wave frequencies evidently. A novel I read recently had such a scenario so I looked up the subject a little.One could do-it-yourself with internet research and possibly get some news items-I just looked into it briefly. Apparently it isn't just clever hoakem...

Considering that Dr. Delgado worked on his brain-stim control the bull tech at Yale as early as the 1940's there is likely to have been a substantial degree of progress in developing weapons of individual and mass mind control. Those Yale new-world-order people may have meant something beyond the routine imperial and or fascist gangnam style. Controlling what people think and remember, making the Supreme court gay robot political servo-units of evil-who can imagine the possibilities?

So what does this mean for Mexican prospects? Perhaps not much immediately. The Mexicans didn't revolt against the Hapsburgs and subsequent practical dictators until 1911 and were never allowed to own guns I think. As a result the elites had   royal death grip on -power until recently, and with the loosening gangs and siccarros took over with narcocracy.; Mind Control.

Consider that if the little senorita doesn't have a 20 rounds per second MAC10 in her purse to contradict the siccarro option of oppression the drug kings simply rule. Thus death cults develop instead of gun clubs and the culture of defeatist violence is exported to the U.S.A. and accellerated by Democrat denials of their culture of corruption. The peons of interest without guns will be malleable targets for the new world ordering by micro and radio wave brain wave control, if it should occur.

Maybe this cultural tech possibility is a good opportunity to invest in a tin-foil lined hats for brainwave security (along with better, flip down earplugs. They might sell on ebay.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Sect Clinton's Management of Ambassador Steven's Killing Under Scrutiny

There have been numerous questions about why the Obama administration supported moderate rebels in Libya to overthrow a government the Bush administration had made peace with. The questions arise because many of those rebels seem to have evolved into ISIS troops in a Libya moving toward fundamental radical Islam. They also occur because of the way the state department let the Ambassador be captured, tortured and killed seemingly in order to show trust in the good intentions of the locals. One also wonders why the rescue team was bureaucratically fragged possibly in order to let the slaughter go ahead.

It is true that many Ambassadors are rich appointees from the 1% that want some glory and connections and hence are not good for democracy, yet democracy in the Middle East is a joke anyway that makes leftists in Democrat administrations feel good about themselves. So one must tolerate the political incompetence that may occur as it is likely to be on par with that of the State Department and administration.

Sect. Clinton said she did not use e-mail as her primary communication in office, and so that seems to explain why she had all of her emails on a private email account where anything embarrassing would not be become part of the public government record. Lawyers know better than to let the public seem their private business or that of their clients. Except Sect Clinton was working for the public, and the public interest was in an open source kind of freedom of information approach to email communications that would normally graduate to public review when suffient time had allowed.

Sect. Clinton might not have trusted the emails accounts of the State Department though and was perhaps a mind reader about the Chelsea Manning thing that would release thousands or millions of government emails via wikipedia-wise choice. The Red Army may know more about what goes on behind closed doors of the State Department than the average American citizen.

Too many questions, too little time. Syria seems to be raising the same sort of malfeasances, so one can’t just dump all the blame on the next Chicago lawyer running for the White House.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

J.F.K.- When the tide comes in...

John F. Kennedy said about the economy that 'when the tide comes in, all of the ships in the harbor rise'. While some may not regard N.P.R. as America's Al Qaeda, the broadcast media has become the national elector substantively promoting their favorites to the Presidency so far as possible. That fact and the media concentration on promoting foreign over national interests accomplishes what even King Canute could not in keeping the tide from rising.

Government ought not be organized crime enthralling the citizens with debt. Reform of the economy to an ecological economic foundation of sustainability, full employment and new value theory cannot be done with either unrepentent sinner political leadership nor with corruption that thrives on the fascist ethic of victimizing others.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Obama Admin Aim; Gay Bars on Mars by 2035 (satire)

In front of a reporter, a virtual holographic informant was shot dead while screening the runt strutting behind that was seeking to be embedded with him at a Chicago Street Seminar on Moral Relativism in Applied Government Policy given by the Harvard-Yale School of Linguistic Relativism in Boston. Another reporter hiding behind the one in front reported the incident and procured the story written by a spaced out musical composer with artful policy insight descrying administration goals in foreign policy. We've paid 5 cents for the news.

Wiping off a little of the blood and brain matter from the story, the reserve reporter found elite opinions that analysis of U.S. forrent policy in the Obama administration after the debacles of Cairo, Libya, Syria, Iran and the Ukraine have taken an odd turn to Mars. As a symbol of war, blood. death and conflict a gay pacification policy seems to have taken effect with all of the propaganda required for spoofing missions to Mars. Neutralizing Mars, perhaps renaming it the planet Cherry, become a federal policy fixation to help solve the budget crisis. [musical interlude]

Usually the left perspective on foreign policy views traditional American interventionism as a consequence of hard right-wing corporatism. The left regard the homosexual state, dope and lusting elitism as remedies to harsh right wing conditions in the second rural’d. They have implemented supporting policies to bring homosexuality, dope and democracy to Egypt, Libya and Syria without achieving prettiness instead adding expectorant to the rise of the Islamic State. In flawless French with only a slight Boston accent, Sect. Spindle reportedly said ‘beware of the leavening’ of Viking Volk. Mass flight of civilians to Europe and across the marble brought an opportunity for liberals to descry intolerance of immigrants fleeing U.S. foreign policy.
[musical interlude]

In a little bar in Munchen the seizanul Thirstin Howl festival morphed into a plan to takeover an empty PUCUSA church for the nude headquarters of Volk radio. The causus beli was a rehab project that generated value-added kitsch propaganda leverage for the beer drinking media wolf pack. A conspiracy was hatched to hide A.I. ghost voices in the machine that covered up greenhouse gassing flatulence during psych emissions testing.
From its humble origin in the shadows of Prince Mad Ludwig's castle, the spin became national with sites set on the Virld. After completing Volk Rehabilitation the headquarters moved to the District of Chitch where reporters stood behind one another in Neitszhean recursion.

Administration special advisers redefine meanings of important political concepts as malleable and subjective. Sustainable economic development along environmental lines can be accomplished by queering, doping and dumbing down a populace instead of creating new environmental economic infrastructure. Space exploration can be accomplished with Hollywood propaganda films instead of rational manned missions to build bases on the Moon and Mars; or a space station that loops between Earth and Mars.

The primary policy purpose of the administration is to create a vast global dope-utopia for queer retirement planning for elite broadcast empowering object-persons of interest with a soundtrack. Development of Iranian nuclear weapons will just take time, yek the public debt should be about 50 trillion dollars then, so that's the least of the concerns of forrent policy planners. [musical pathos, whining dog, crescendo and fading drums]

Friday, October 16, 2015

forward to' God Cosmology and Nothingness' (video)

My new book; 'God Cosmology and Nothingness' treats the issues of creation, the structure of the church, and end times. In my humble opinion, the regular church people largely are in error and 0 for 3 on accuracy. I make an effort to rectify the situation in the treatise.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Trump & Carson Don't Want Overnight MSNBC Debate (satire)

Donald Trump and Ben Carson apparently aren't willing to concede to MSNBC demands that the next Republican debate be extended to at least three hours. If it was good enough for Fidel Castro it ought to be good enough for Carson and Trump.

Trump remarkably also demands opening and closing statements by the candidates as if they had any sort of right whatsoever to disrupt the MSNBC narrative revealing Republicans as foes of all Democrat Party values, standards and protocols.

Chat is supposed to be social with broadcast media sucking up, empty promises and insinuations of kickbacks. Democrats have that sort of thing down pat, why should Trump and Carson want to get things done in a fair and expedient manner. They must be opposed to pillow fights and sleeping bags too.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Create New National Holiday; Native Heritage Day

Divisive racial forces have wanted to apply cultural revisionism to national holidays and symbols. The most recent is Columbus Day. Alaska's Governor has changed the day to Indignant People Day.

Christopher Columbus was one of the worlds great explorers of history who made one of the greatest changes to world history in discovering America. He was a sailor; an Italian sailor that revised the world map. Without doubt native peoples suffered subsequently in contact with people from the old world, yet attempting to erase that history is rather ostrich like.

It would be better to commemorate Native Heritage Day that would be an opportunity to honor first native Americans as well as all those that arrived later including sons and daughters of illegal aliens if they would denounce duel citizenship with Mexico. If one has a foot in another country simultaneously with being and American it is hard to say that one is a real native American.

I suggest the right day of the year should be in April-perhaps the 15th,o Americans have something t celebrate besides tax day and April Fools.

Thursday, October 08, 2015

Time for New Theories of Government?

The present form of world governments is at the least hundreds of years old. It is notable that technology and language change far more so than fundamental theory and structure of government though applications creep into hybrids. Capitalism implicitly has a theory that competition and evolution is best for finding the best products and services for consumers yet government have no competition. One would expect them to be loaded with bureaucracies and employment collectives. Especially with the troubles of the planet regarding mass extinctions of species and global warming, crowded social demographics etc. it would be worth the effort to invent completely new government structures that can work in a very technologically advanced era in comparison to the pre-electronic era when present governments were created.

Here are a few criteria for a new form of government; it should be an implicit function of every citizen. If a citizen can contribute to the public good he would receive compensation, while if a citizen consumes natural resources that is considered a debit overall, and each citizen would have a practical quantity for mass to add entropy to-such as would prevent ecological waste. Business activity also would be subjected to socially evaluative criteria to determine its environmental effect before it would be given a license to operate.

Fundamentally government would be made into a discrete, existential tool to let citizens move forward smoothly and meaningfully, while none would be elected or have permanent government employment

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Triple 7

God does not play dice with the Universe. Noah lived 777 years; that proves it.

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Cognitive Computing Era: When PCs Think 4 Ya

Semi-intelligent pcs may be able to think better in service of their owners than the human him or her self in the years ahead. What is one to think of that? 

For example, if one is without a job a pc might be able to work a better job search around the clock and matching up a prospective worker realistically with a prospective position-knowing something about the pc owner. A pc might be able to search for and put together best shopping deals and make a travelling salesman algorithm about getting it done that fits in with the schedule the pc manages. On a practical basis a pc might be smarter than the pc owner in the future, yet what if the pc is asked to decide who to vote for in an election? Would the pc snigger at the qualifications and capabilities of the human candidates in comparison to the tasks they should get done if elected?

Monday, October 05, 2015

N.A.T.O. & U.S. Need a Rational Plan for Syria

Russia is helping to defend the embattled Assad government, and that is a tough job in a rather crowded corridor. President Obama has stoked up the civil war in Syria for years unconcerned about the certainty of mass civilian casualties enough to withhold the rhetoric. A Russian overflight of Turkey-something of a traditional enemy of Russia as it has allied itself with German warriors before (in W.W. I) and as the Ottoman Empire brutalized Serbs and other Orthodox Christians, has shaken N.A.T.O. a little. The trouble is that the west hasn't has a rational approach to statescraft involving the traditional Muslim issue since the end of the cold war. That Muslim problem largely replaced the east-west cold war problem, yet the retarded want to continue viewing Russia as the foe.

The Muslim expansion problem isn't just about ISIS. It involves virtually every Muslim state including all of those of the Middle East. Russia has a large Muslim terror problem itself and cannot afford to be as aloof as Europe or the United States. They need realpolitik and defense.

The U.S. an European leadership seem happy enough to let the Syrian problem continue indefinitely because of bureaucratic lack of need to stop it. Yet Placing the Kurds in a nation of their own in Eastern Syria and reinforcing it with Russian air power and N.A.T.O, ground forces working together, while N.A.T.O. and the U.S. plus Russia reinforce the Assad regime Alawi coastal region is the quick, direct way to bring stability to the Middle East now. Turkey doesn't seem to like Kurds and treats them rather badly. Kurds helped liberate Iraq, and deserve a nation of their own-the peace conference at the conclusion of W.W.I cheated them of that...the problem needs rectification. Its something President Obama could accomplish if he cut his puppet strings. He could earn his Nobel prize.

Avoiding a Lebanese civil war is very important for long-range Middle Eastern stability. Keeping Russian, Kurdish, N.A.T.O. and Israeli interests secure are also important. Iraqi security requires that all oil fields be given to the ordinary citizens in a one time issue of public stock shares. Without common ownership of Iraq's oil civil conflicts to control it are largely unavoidable.

Sunday, October 04, 2015

Obama Force Snuffs 19 at Kunduz Medical Clinic

U.S. military forces apparently bombed the main Doctors Without Borders trauma center in Kunduz Afghanistan for 30 minutes until no life remained within. In the effort to retake Kunduz for the Afghan Government Obama forces provided U.S. Air power to deliver a precise, surgical attack causing some collateral damage. Doctors Without Borders said they had called the U.S. Military and asked them to stop the attack, and had already informed the U.S. Military of the location numerous times, yet that was to no avail preventing death from above when Maxwell's silver hammer dropped upon their heads.

The Doctors Sans Frontiers organization said they will close the trauma center.

Age for Developing Historical Theories Over?

Developing theories in the social science in parallel to those of science emerged early in the human social history of ideas. Ancient man having ate of the tree of knowledge inquired into the nature of everything and asked how it worked, and why? Historians also developed that characteristic. famous Historians like Toynbee, Spencer and others developed theories that explained cycles in human history-such idea even made it into science fiction with Isaac Asimov's Seldon Plan in 'The Foundation' trilogy. The age of developing macro-historical causal theories may be over now.

This is an era where micro-history and macro-introspection has supplanted viewing the world over-all with detachment for the purpose of analysis, except perhaps as cold scientific objectivity regards society with a sociopath's eye. In what has been called the age of fracture modern technology and the smallness of the globe have made historical theories of mass human behavior with recurrent cycles seem quaint; obsolete. In live real time, reality TV drones with optics and dark pool computer generated quantitative trading cyclical history seems absurd-as do any long cycles in nature such as those scrubbing CO2 from the atmosphere.

The demise of historical theory ended a grand trend that could be said, rather inaccurately, to have started with the philosopher G.W.F. Hegel's epic 'Phenomenology of Mind'. Hegel brought secular history into a theistic evolution. Inspired by the paradigmatic structure of the Bible where God's teleology has a purpose for human existence extending through history, Hegel's viewpoint might be construed as being a sort of first cousin of post-millennialism wherein God's plan to grow a majoritarian Christian society through time following the tribulation of the first century and crucifixion of the Lord Jesus established on the foundation of the Lord's securing of the kingdom of God for mankind of faith to enter. In Hegel's post-millennialism God is realizing himself in history and the German state of his day was the highest realization yet attained by mankind.

Hegel did not preclude other societies of the day from being of equal standing in regard to comparative theistic realization; it was simply that Hegel had himself become aware of the post-millennial advance and teleology of God, so he therefore appropriately viewed that state of knowledge as of the first spiritual rank among mortals. Philosophers and historians have almost never viewed Hegel's philosophy as being post-millennialism, yet to me now it seems to be purely so, rather than theistic evolution detached from a scriptural context. After all, Hegel was writing in post-Lutheran Germany.

Hegel's Phenomenology infused with post-millennialism was learned by Karl Marx and converted into pure secular material evolution devoid of spirit. Following the end of the cold war American Presidential administrations led away from spirituality toward materialism with rash military engagements, reallocation of world political order so far as they could to benefit Wall Street investors, and whole-hearted support from Hollywood for an immoral new world order beyond good and evil as a synthetic version of corporatist atheism borrowing much of the Marxist premises of social equality in spiritless meaninglessness. If Karl Marx could be transmogrified into a Libertarian corporatist he would fit well in modern American society as a broadcast journalist.

If modern America was too willing to throw out macro-historical analysis and dispose of objective reason in line with Dewian principles of the relativity of truth theory so far as to negate it, along with reality as a subjective experience solely without an objective for-itself status, it was ready to accept science and elite opinion and paradigms in there stead.

In the 18th century scientific and historical theory were not so far apart as they latter developed. It was reasonable to create hypothesis about mass social behavior as it was about gravity. In a contemporary litigious era where expert and fine, mathematically precise opinion can be proven or defended but historical generality cannot, there is a natural de-emphasis upon general social and historical theory, however that does not preclude the possibility of the formation of accurate historical or social generalities.

While Aristotle might be regarded as the first extra-scriptural writer of historical cycle theory in his treatise Politics, in an era where democracy still breaks down through lack of mass democratic participation with intelligence and determination to maintain democracy in health, it is a reciprocal fact that too few discern the applicability of the doctrine to the present time.

Friday, October 02, 2015

Brit Immigrant Harper-Mercer Killed 10 at Umqua CC-Why?

Christopher Harper-Mercer (the shooter at Umqua CC) was a British immigrant as a youth.The dual citizenship and inherent ex-pat status may have formed complexities for his reasoning. I think the cultural disconnect helped shape his ideas, and all of the changes in Oregon and DC also morphed the social environment. When I was in the Oregon Army Guard in 1982 this sort of thing wasn't a part of cultural history-it started with the Clinton era.

A 26 year old from Oregon growing up in the 90s and 00's was likely to encounter an awful lot of bad underground trash lyrics in music. radio Satan (informal) from Sacramento was an influence too. Social conditioning was rather degenerate. Much illegal immigration has saturated Oregon since the 80's. It is a place where some young white guys can feel marginalized and perhaps jealous of the loss of a beautiful land in an unrealistic way. With a dual citizenship tie to Britain it is not unlikely that a latent colonial supremist sentiment for his tribe incentivized his thought.

Shooting up a school is unthinkable though. yet Columbine and the slaughter at Eugene were punk trend apparently aging a little in the Obama years. To a certain extent every life has an element of trimish punk about it, it is just that some people deal better with the anomie aspects better than others.