Friday, July 31, 2015

When September Comes (poem)

October lies waiting; a tiger beyond September
hungry for wildebeest boxes sugar-topped corny flakes
jellied berries of orange, red and blue dropped from the world
wary that decorating signs of seasons changing like neon dreams
become obstructions deftly yo distant destinies

Driveways of blacktop spiral downward in space-time vortexes
girding the round world wankily
-creation encrusted in part
like a jewel
shedding months of amnesia fading yesterdays
unconcerned with old times' broods of days settled
while foods that flowed like shiny lucre
compiling resolutely and silently as August rolls away
gold-plated to its temporal garage
sounds of potential emerging earthquake symbols
sun-tide of clouds overcoming mountains
taller than those eroded away

So nothing remains of summer to remind one of bitter-sour
recognition that time is more and less
burnt creme repasts of something and nothingnesses-

verisimilitudes of years were barren and never being

Nothing remains of summer to remind one of bitter-sour
recognition that time is more and less
burnt creme past of something and nothing
verisimilitude of years that were barren to never being

Food for bear wistfully wandering wait where trees fall
through clef notes echoed in chords when quantum uncertainty
izes indeterminate super-positions of all possible locations
nerve again isolated from wave-particles traversing
reasons that ideas and tides of words emerge to expression

All forests of dying green meadows with fish of September
seek magnetic traces of river's home profits
political currents covering hundreds of swimming fins
through-put being and nothingness

After October another wave names months so cold
those in cracked, parched dry lakes baking under the star
feel a glimmer of theoretical relief if a thought
receded in time to global warming farther north
packing November's proud icy snows
floating in fogs mountain skies
frosting one Earth with its December
turning away from another like the year before
when solstice's short day leaves night smiling
every thing that could be said about September said
when poets that loved summer went on strike
thinking of grass mowed
and goats frolicked with piles of chewy delight

Just for a moment when the sun stops flight
Earth waits for second impulse to return to increasing photon lucidity
as if tight days packed together were sober with realization
sensing increase lost with the innocence of September where the pressure of time
stocks stores up for fall transition
inventory clerks counting what's on shelves
discount stacks built time
a new class arrived to eyeball tomorrows with secret lusts
rhymed with cheap novels worlds away
written about leaves falling in autumn colors
that were multifarious coatings of puke
barfed upon the topography like sessions of Congress
almost none loved
Presidential campaigns perfecting pomp and circumstance
so persons of interest leaning against lampposts
contemplating unknown billions in back street pacs
indifferent to common hopes
for shelter beside the door, hammer and plans
in the bug hotel risen high
with a tidal wave of minutes given before nothingness
the sum total of darkness
itself disappears before the day
September comes.

Sanctifying American Ancestral Dinosaur Oil Underground (fiction)

When I interviewed a resistance fighter of the oil underground-a mujahideen for cheap gas, I asked why he thought it right that holey war should be waged on the export of American crude oil. He said that; “American dinosaurs sacrificed their lives in many instances to become today’s deep oil fracked to the surface in an undignified way. They are the spiritual ancestors of today’s politicians that would end the ban on exporting oil to North Korea, Cuba any foreign nation with the cash to plunder their mortal remains. When so many generations of proud American dinosaurs lying deep underground went into making today’s crude oil, how is it that so little respect is given to their mortal remains?

Corrupt politicians would send ancestral oil abroad to become foreign machine pharts -in-the-air in disorder to reduce U.S. oil supply, desecrate their memory and gouge worshippers of gasoline at national sacred churches of wholly petroleum. Americans venerating the oil of their political ancestral dinosaurs would keep the communion of gasoline beneath 50 cents per gallon.

Ancestral dinosaurs of American politicians died to make men phree. If phreedom is not phree, sanctified go-juice should dat least cost fewer than 50 cents a gallon. So long as the rivers run and the Gobi desert west hasn’t reached Chicago we will fight to make men and women phree.”

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Futurism & Easier Build-Boat Material Concepts

While watching Redford's sailing yarn 'All is Lost' I noticed the problems with underinflation of his life-raft. The same problem exists in life rafts sometime with sharks wearing holes through the material or emergency repairs of holes (see 'Adrift' 82 days in a life raft in the Atlantic). It occurred to me that it would be a good idea to have multiple layers of something like bubble wrap industrial strength to have ultra-deflation proofing in some way with built in solar panels affixed to the material to recharge electric motor or radio batteries or micro-desalinator, yet that isn 't why I am writing this blog entry.

Didn't you hate it when the VC suicide bomber runs into the field HQ and blows himself up in Platoon? Such rotten combat engineer work. Better designs or a little mazing would have slowed down the infiltrator. There are often better, more thoughtful designs possible for about anything than already exists.

So one has problems making small trimaran sailboats when homeless; where does one find a lot to build the boat in and so forth much less transport it to water. California public beaches are not boatyards-maybe somewhere near Malibu, yet I doubt if boat construction is allowed there for mere mortals. One must therefor discover more adaptable boat form materials and construction materials that can be assembled quicker to form to facilitate quick assembly and launching of a boat.

Usually one uses wooden boat frames, weldwood and so forth buying plans and cutting out frame shapes, gluing them together with weldwood or marine epoxy. One can buy b a roll of fiberglass c-flex planking at the factory in Pascaghoula Mississippi and have it trucked to where one is, yet one still has the slow frame construction issue much less the high cost of epoxy and fiberglass that precludes significant error in shape.

I believe that a bendable framing material that keeps its shape in makeing upside-down forms that fiberglass, bendable planking can be put on and rolled with epoxy would be a good time-expediting tool. One could pre-cut frame component lengths for a boat and mail them strait yet bending them into position at the assembly location by hand. For trimaran hulls the shapes taper toward bow and stern obviously, so one knows what I am describing. Once the fiberglass is applied and dried the frames are either made to be disposable to become part of the vessel. I suppose one could cut something like fiberglass planking with thin metal strips within form pieces in some way.

For purposes of nthis blog post I wanted to suggest that there may be a number of ways to make bendable boat forms and even small dome building forms that are easy to assemble and perhaps cover with a number of kinds of material. There might be world-wide use for such simple construction components-who can say.

On this topic of future building materials the topic of placing a ban on robots of war has arisen-its probably a good idea, yet one that has problems with hardware and software continuum containment criteria. It is simply the case that any sort of program code in a machine-even a clock radio-is a robot in a way, though it be of very low IQ. Stopping the proliferation of code in chips and software with code from going into machine wouldn't actually halt the proliferation of machines with programming that can deliver harm to humans.

Consider that in about 30 years there may be global networks of of energy and information that are wireless covering every square meter of the planet Earth.  Cargo will float and travel in wireless power streams and room-temperature super-conducting materials in flying drone batteries will allow unlimited surveillance of every place on Earth continuously. People that survive the concentration of wealth reductionism era may get used to the perennial monitoring by a vast armada of government and corporate entities.

Human travel may simply be floating along on a platform in the energy stream. Already one may recharge some electric car batteries wirelessly in a garage. In 30 years wireless energy transmission technology will advance a lot, as will solar energy voltaics and super-conductors. Altogether it will be a different world requiring better use of economic value theory, land use and social justice. 

It would be an unfamiliar world where ubiquitous g.p.s. guided packages entirely replaced the U.S. postal service with transparent mail is transparent packages floating along flypaths to addresses delivered with protocol permissions from residents and people being delivered while sleeping off mandatory government depression screening and drug reconditioning could commute to work on a flying carpet dreaming in a rem state of vacation at the beach house.

Yet people failed to understand that capitalism is supposed to be rather more egalitarian and with labor and ownership in a closer feedback loop without government imbalancing one side or the other. Taxation is supposed to be regulatory ion the rich and poor in order to keep them dialectically balanced and forever progressing with adaptive ecospheric economic contextual cognition capacity. Even good new free enterprise is stifled by concentrated wealth and networked power resisting change.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Ending U.S. Oil Export Ban Will Help Drive Up Gas $Price

Now that fracking has produced  a surfeit of domestic oil production and gasoline costs have dropped oil corporations and their sycophant politicians are seeking to end the ban on foreign sales of U.S. crude oil (made in the U.S.A.) in order to tighten up national supply (outsourcing excess), increase demand and make new record profits for big oil like the good old days. If only such logic worked in the Democrat Party about national labor supply and demand, wages might be better. Three Butches and two Clintons since Reagan running for the White House sure make Americans seem like servile devils with little political sense. President Obama believes democracy exists in Ethiopia, yet does it or corporatism exist in the U.S.A.?

Senator Murkowski and Speaker Boehner support ending the ban.

The fossil fuel political elite would have been like gods to the bad guys in Mad Max Fury Road

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Culture of Conscience

Conscience is a topic not often written of in this era as well as did John Gill write of it in chapter 22 of 'Practical Divinity'. In Latin 'science' meant 'knowledge'. Conscience is thus a science, or a state of mind with knowledge of itself able to judge its own actions. Today though conscience is made with God's laws and instructions for right behavior criteria preponderantly absent in the minds of many Americans under the influence of the unconscionable broadcast media and to a certain extent, government. Each have removed God as the individual to whom their conscience is normalized and reset it just unto themselves and secular opinion. The effect is notable.

It is a scientifically established fact that by 27 weeks a fetus can recognize words and even syllables. A newborn that has often heard a particular word while gestating can recognize and react to it. The unborn can even learn to recognize syllables. A newborn that did not experience a specific word while unborn will be as unresponsive as an atheist adult is toward claims of Christian conscience when the word is said. With more than 50 billion abortions served since Rowe v. Wade, the conscience of the U.S.A. has taken a beating from spiritless thugs.

Gill describes elements, relationships and forms of human conscience in this chapter within a section on internal forms of worship and the relationship with God that illuminate the important role conscience plays in the mind and life of Christian. Christian conscience is free from sin knowing that Jesus Christ has freed them from what they could never have liberated themselves. It is an important distinction not made plain enough even in churches today sometimes where forgiveness of sin seems to be an abstract sort of event accomplished metaphysically rather than actually.

There is a very large difference between the conscience of an individual with personal egoism and atheism setting the parameters than there is for than for those reborn in the blood of the Lord. Christians of good conscience with moral criteria reset to those of the Lord Jesus Christ are free indeed. When the Christian fails to live up to those standards it is to those standards that he seeks to return, while the atheist and egoist have no such direction as they swim blind to the light in the darkness waiting for sharks to take them under. Instead moving in the dark pool of Lord Vader (only joking) phenomenally adjusting his/her/its subjective psychologically attenuated heart of darkness toward the light-hearted frivolity of secular sensualist satisfaction he/he/it moves from next gestaltic drive-fulfillment to another in a succession of theories that evolve like unique snowflakes falling from space-time in showers of for-themselves echoing through Kabuki that is space-time evolving doom they should pray for the merciful spirit of the Lord. The wrong choice has profound impact on tax and foreign policies for-others as well as the eternal spiritual condition of the lost-with-others-destined-to-hell.

Internal Forms of Religion

John Gill's book 'Practical Divinity' is in its own way brilliant. The twenty-two chapter leading section on internal forms of religion as distinct from the following section on external forms such as occur at regular church services works to develop those important, vital characteristics of the thought of a Christian living in-the-world. I will write a little here of the Danish philosopher Soren Kierkegaard.

Kierkegaard was a poet initially rather than a philosopher. Though he was Christian and heavily drawn to the subject he was not an ordained priest or minister with a church or parish. For quite a time he was tempted to take such a position and even negotiated a little with church officials about it. In reading his works it is easy to see why some have regarded Kierkegaard as an early existentialist philosopher because of his attitude toward salvation and the Christian life of his day while in the world. He wrote with a poet's insight of how the Christian should stand in complete phenomenal relationship to God without concern for else. The detachment from temporality is worthy of Sartre's objective review of all experience as subjective.

Kierkegaard does write of Abraham's situation of being brought to sacrifice Isaac yet he is necessarily regarded as a Christian philosopher instead of as a Christian theologian. Theologians tend to be far more scripturally oriented directly writing of the meaning of particular scripture and considering it with modal hermeneutical methods. There were scholastic theologians such as Aquinas and Duns Scotus in the late Middle Ages and brilliant early theologians like St. Augustine so heavily influenced by neoPlatonism and exposure to other philosophical schools as to be able to write comparatively well-informed of subjective schools of thought and develop in response a concentration on scripture informed of empirical issues of space-time such as had been raised in his day in order to write well enough about it in reference to scripture.

Sometimes the internal forms of religion and worship and set aside in Christian ecclesiastics and the outward, ritual forms are structured even to disregard the inward forms. That may occur in Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant sects.

On the other hand, atheist and agnostic sects of government and media may work to annihilate Christian conscience and inward forms of thought altogether. Removing Christian conscience and internal forms of religion may occur concurrently with a rise of raving dissociationist psychology with associationist truth value theory philosophically. What better way to outrun the void of Christian conscience than with fractured thought and social ethics governing meta-sociological phenomenalism?

Internal forms of religious experience are the foundation for Christian experience under God with the Lord's saving grace for all of the elect. While it may be nice to utter some Latin phrases, here the rising beautiful songs and catch a whiff the the sweet smelling incense wafting around the altar the love of God is unbound to temples of any sort other than making itself one with the human heart and mind. It is in the internal forms of worship that one has a direct experience of God.

Seven Precepts of Noah

The Seven Precepts of Noah- described by John Gill in his book 'Practical Divinity' remind one of the Decalogue. One can see that abortion was regarded as murder and homosexuality definite sin. These precepts are probably still valid categorizing sin correctly. It is somewhat ironic that people violating two of the seven precepts in such quantity are also the greatest contributors per capita to global warming and potential mass lowland flooding. Global warming sea level rising 80 feet by the year 2100 may be an adjustment for the kind of people that violating Noah's precepts.

If the U.S. Supreme Court lacked fundamental integrity and honesty, or perhaps adequate intellect to realize what marriage is, one might wonder what alien force corrupted them or broke up social and political cohesiveness as if dissolving the strong force binding protons together. Original sin conditioned mankind to hate the good and prefer evil. In marriage two become one flesh. The union of two genomes become one new genome-a human infant.

Human genomes are compatible only male and female to conjugate and become one new genome. That is the mystery of marriage. Society sanctified it. It has a legacy from Adam and Eve and symbolizes the marriage of the elect to God through the Lord; individual human souls share the spirit of God. Humans and God also have different 'genomes' (except maybe for the majority members of the U.S. Supreme Court). Humans are saved through the grace of the Lord and Jesus Christ so they are bonded into God.

If the class genomes cannot theoretically combine to become one new genome then marriage does not occur. The court doesn't know that not all words are abstract or purely symbolic-some words are representational. Homosexuals cannot marry, people and monkeys cannot marry, hippopotamus and humans cannot marry, dogs and cats and donkeys and people cannot marry. The court doesn't get it or perhaps believe they've power of God to define reality for-themselves. The U.S. Supreme Court showed it does not care about truth, and has the power to put over the big lie.

The High Court failed to comprehend marriage and promulgated a fabrication, a fiction, a dissimulation, a falsehood, an error, a lie, a deception upon the public with force de majeure as if truth is only what they say it is.

Gill write in Practical Divinity that; "this conjugal union, male and female, become one, even one flesh, (Gen. 2:24; Matthew 19:6) which union is therefore very near and strict, and, indeed, indissoluble but by death, excepting in one case, unfaithfulness in the one to the other, by adultery or fornication, (Rom. 7:2; Matthew 5:32) and this state is to be entered into with mutual consent; indeed, with the consent of all parties who have a concern in it; with the consent of parents and guardians, under whose care single persons may be; and especially with their own consent, for none are to be forced into it against their wills; no, not by their superiors; it must be their own voluntary act and deed: and being thus entered into, it is a very honourable state (Gen. 1:27; Mal. 2:15)."
Here are the precepts of Noah-of ancient lineage. It is easy to see that the High Court has again sided with wickedness.

Quoting Gill from page 450; "for it is asked, “who is Ger Toshab; that is, a proselyte allowed to dwell in Israel? (the answer is) Whoever takes upon him, in the presence of three neighbours, that he will not commit idolatry.” It follows, “R. Meir, and the wise men say, whoever takes upon him the seven precepts which the sons of Noah obliged themselves to observe.” Others say, “these do not come into the general rule of such a proselyte. Who then is one? He is a proselyte who eats what dies of itself; (or) who takes upon him to keep all the commandments in the law, except that which forbids the eating of things which die of themselves;” 331 but the usual account of such a proselyte is, that he agrees to observe the seven precepts enjoined the sons of Noah; 332 six of which were given to Adam, the first man, and the seventh was added to them, and given to Noah, and are as follow: 333 a. Concerning idolatry; by this a son of Noah was forbid to worship the sun, moon, and stars, and images of any sort; nor might he erect a statue, nor plant a grove, nor make any image. b. Concerning blaspheming the name of God. Such an one might not blaspheme, neither the proper name of God, Jehovah; nor any of his surnames, titles, and epithets. c. Concerning shedding of blood, or murder, the breach of which command he was guilty of, if he slew one, though an embryo in his mother’s womb; and one who pursued another, when he could have escaped from him with the loss of one of his members, &c. d. Concerning uncleanness, or impure copulations; of which there were six sorts forbidden a son of Noah; as, with an own mother, with a father’s wife (or stepmother), with another man’s wife, with his sister by the mother’s side, with a male, or with mankind, and with a beast. e. Concerning rapine, or robbery and theft; of which such were guilty, whether they robbed a Gentile or an Israelite, or stole money, or men, or suppressed the wages of an hireling; and the like. f. Concerning the member of a living creature, taken from it while alive, and eating it: this is the command, it is said, which was to Noah, and his sons, and of which the Jews interpret Genesis 9:4. g. Concerning judgments or punishments to be inflicted on those who broke the above laws: this command obliged them to regard the directions, judgment, and sentence of the judges appointed to see the said laws put into execution, and to punish delinquents."

Monday, July 20, 2015

Wesley Clark also Trimmed for McCain Statement in 2008

General Wesley Clarke said in 2008 something to the effect that getting shot down didn't make one a hero. I suppose that military training might not benefit from leading soldiers to believe that being taken captive is heroic. Clarke was criticized by the media of course and Trump is experiencing the same.

Soldiers in war often have ordinary heroism that doesn't win any medals. Units may experience 50% casualties and people keep on fighting as part of the job. It is tough to imagine the ordinary courage of W.W.I soldiers in trenches ordered to go over the top into poison gas, artillery fire and machine guns in futility to a large extent. Some won medals for exceptional behavior yet just being their and willing oneself to become a target with a high chance for death required military discipline.

McCain's aircraft on the Forrestal was hit with a missile from another aircraft and a fire resulted that killed 134 sailors. McCain transferred to another boat with good combat missions and was relatively inexperienced. He was a bomber pilot rather than a fighter pilot. He volunteered without much experience for a mission to Hanoi. His aircraft was hit by A.A. fire and he broke both legs and an arm ejecting from the plane.

Senator McCain's record in Vietnam has been considered at length. Here is one study-  McCain's official shoot down record

McCain graduated 894th out of 899 midshipmen at the naval Academy. His father was senior officer in the Vietnam war for a time. McCain had experienced some trouble yet was enthusiastic about getting in some combat flight missions.

Ordinary valor common to many-one should read about the New York national guard in the civil war- is such that one could say that all were heroes for being there and not running off to Canada. War heroes though are individuals that usually accomplish some sort of combat exceptional performance. It is difficult to imagine that p.o.w.s qualify in that regard though the experience is one of the worst circumstances a soldier might be in. The bridge over the River Kwai dramatized some of the problems, and of course there was the Batan Death March and such. There was even a Catholic Priest posthumously awarded a medal of honor for carrying a wounded soldier until he died in the Korean War.

Plainly the Vietnam War was one of a few that the United States did not win outright. The left opposed the war and others and in the U.S.A. losing has become a kind of virtue-especially that of Alpha males. Donald Trump was a very symbolic winner for capitalism during the late stages of the cold war. In a way he is the last surviving Reagan era super-hero in politics. In this era of national decay it is challenging for anyone to say what they think or run counter to corporate political correctness without being deleted. Trump has the position where he actually can say what he thinks to a limited extent. The left would love an apology I would think.

The lesson to learn is that war is expensive and ought to be avoided by right-thinking people.

Obomba-Kerry Nuke Deal; Patience to Actualize Ideal Iranian Nuke Weapons Development

A college professor may reject a rough draft as too polemical and in need of slow careful revision. The Obama administration has taken that position on Iran's somewhat hasty and crude race to complete nuclear weapons development counseling patience; everything besides the fissile material needs to be perfected. It is o.k. to add the secret ingredient later-in a decade or so. When justice, decency and good sense are surrounded by hoary political faggots stimulating flames of unreasoning atheist dystopia bizarre international agreements may be accomplished propaganda's sake. Iran seems to have received the ideal nuclear research and development deal that is Foggy Bottom's best.

 One-hundred billion dollars and end to most international sanctions, new jet purchases, caviar and four-star day dreams come true with years of safety to improve ballistic missile technology until stylish designer missiles can be purchased legally in a few years.

The Iranian nuclear weapons package is consistent with the basic Obama 'charge it' doctrine for economic policy extended to international affairs. Even so it seems part of an incoherent Middle East policy setting both sides against the middle and ends attacking themselves that is interesting in the way that James Holmes' national publicity intervention was interesting; macabre, tragic and surreal. That is the fruit of bureaucratic policy accretions without an overall plan.

An end of weapons sales embargoes in fewer than ten years? Where is the fully stocked refrigerator and beach front condo?  The Obama addendum seems to want to give Iran the best opportunity to develop its economy and nuclear delivery packages and miniaturize warheads before resuming the production of weapons grade uranium in a decade or so. Thoughtful, patient nuclear weapons development producing faster, cheaper, better weapons are better than hasty, rush jobs with large bombs  sent up like a fat boy in Enola Gay to dump a load.

The time required to make nuclear weapons that are optimally useful for war is substantially greater than just making a large bomb that can be delivered with a large easy to shoot down aircraft. Iranian scientists will be able to research and develop all of the peripheral nuclear weapons delivery packages required in safety with good financing in the decade ahead without concern of sanctions or danger from hordes of 50k HE kamikaze drones flying in the dead of night to light up their command and control shelters. A do not disturb sign has been provided for Iranian weapons tech research.

It is important to realize that the U.S.A. has a terrible record with Iran since 1953 when it put in the Shah and SAVAK followed before western liberals supported the Khomeini Revolution to depose the Shah putting in Muslim theocrats. Iran experienced a generation traumatized by the Iran-Iraq war and became a sponsor of Shiite and Palestinian terrorism in the Middle East. 

 Freeing up billions to flow to Hezbollah to attack Israel and fund continuing Hamas terrorism seems apropos for the complete Obama makeover of the Middle East with a five-ring circus of terrorist training, profusion of high explosives and more conventional weapons, volunteer terror states and support for Shia and Sunni conflicts. Still the left believe the Obama-Iran deal that might win a second Nobel Prize, Swedish biscuits, and gravy.

Perhaps the proximal reason for U.S. enhancement of Iranian nuclear weapons development and economic security for the west is the immediate goal of defrapping a perceived immanent nuclear threat that probably could not have vaporized D.C. for ten or fifteen years anyway. U.S. security against stealth weapons delivery is not as good as its prideful bureaucrats would say it is, and hidden trembling may have been the primary stimulus for kicking the nuke can down the road to the next administration along with public debt.

Iran's ability to fund counter-terrorist operations against ISIS will increase with all of the extra funding and freedom from concern for U.S. military snuffing of incipient nuclear weapons faggots. Iran will have time to develop anti-aircraft laser defense octopus(sies) sending invisible pulses of light from hidden portable laser sources through networks of underground tubes to surface mirror-'guns' to zap jets like mosquitoes from the sky. It may be more challenging to take out Iranian air defenses in a decade. Time is on their side.

 U.S. leadership has been largely daft in Iraq and Syria since the Iraq war victory. President Obama developed a support both sides and none consistently policy with no entry or exit strategy. The Iran deal is a cash and carry Obama-Kerry ploy of paying the pr rent today and leaving the kowabunga bills for the next to use the time share.

It is possible that constructive engagement with Iran will allow pizza delivery and trust to build.  Iran may become a great stabilizing agent able to neutralize Saudi and U.A.E. royal influences repressing millions of Sunni poor and middle class persons of interest that would like to revolt and create a democratic caliphate with liberty and justice for Muslims after a Jacobean reaction. In the absence of intelligent political design, anything can develop.

It seems in some ways as if U.S. administrations since President Reagan lacked any ability to creatively construct new relationships with directions that transcend the old dialectical engagements of opposites. That sort of traditional Marxist failure of skill in innovating paradigm shifts was overcome by Reagan and Gorbachev to end the cold war, and that is the sort of approach that should have been used with Iran and the nuclear proliferation problem. The Iranian-Obama nuke deals seems instead to set Iran on a new ideal weapons development research foundation with patience providing a better, more realistic quality nuclear program instead of a quick and dirty, ineffective big bomb or a few. 

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

New Horizon to Pluto Proplits Public With New Space Data

N.A.S.A.'s New Horizon mission to Pluto did better than my song from 1991 named 'Beneath the Stars'. I wrote the lyrics hoping to get it out in time for D-Day commemoration in 1992. A hired band named New Image performed it with some rather crashing symbolism. I learned from the experience that songs made for hire may not have the kind of work in them one would want.

The lyrics ran something like (it's was registered at the copyright office in 1991 and I haven't memorized it); 'the world seems someone dreams, its running out of place, every year it snows and no one knows that's a mace behind your face,  drivin in to the wall, into the shadow of nights that brawl, peace must be a profit of outer space, electromagnetic space stations put up in the catapult's haste'

Trying to get too many things done in one mission (song) can make it tough for people to understand I guess. Too many metaphors.

I had hoped that driving into the shadow of the Berlin Wall (that was gone), and in the shadow of cold war brawls might evolve to a peaceful society with electro-magnetic mass drivers doing the heavy lifting for Earth and extra-planetary bodies to orbit in order to get space colonization going better. It's been more than a half century since the last human set foot on another world, and I am not happy with that at all.

Yet it seems like corporate is happy and content with a failed manned space program. Peace is not the common thing on Earth these days. Perennial middle east war with administration efforts to expand that into Ukraine a little have been dampened on the gloom axis with the recent Iran nuclear treaty that may pass congress. Iran is needed to help defeat ISIS and they probably need better surveillance drones and so forth. It is a complex situation since President Obama seems to hate President Assad of Syria enough to keep that war going for years with so many dying or being injured. Meanwhile there is no electro-magnetic catapult nor better ways of building on the moon or other planets with tech that can be pre-assembled without humans present. If easy to build shelters pre-existed the arrival of astronauts it could make things easier and cheaper.

N.A.S.A. did at least gets its mission to photograph Pluto. It certainly is a big clump of stuff left over from early formation of the solar system.

Type of Work:Music
Registration Number / Date:PAu001566526 / 1991-10-22
Title:Beneath the stars.
Copyright Claimant:Gary C. Gibson
Date of Creation:1991
Authorship on Application:lyrics: Gary C. Gibson, 1954-; music: Broadway Music (employer for hire)
Names:Gibson, Gary C., 1954-
Broadway Music

image credit N.A.S.A.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

How Christians Should Regard Multi-verse Theory

There is no need for Christians to be cosmologically illiterate. If God created a way to pack an infinite number of Universes into finite space one would think that more probable than packing few Universes into infinite space.  God has infinite power and thought, creativity and goodness. If he actualizes an infinity of mansions inside his house metaphorically speaking, is any particular mansion of less value or significance? 

If Augustine were writing today it isn't likely that he would be unaware of contemporary scientific cosmological data and theory, and neither should contemporary Christians view scripture with antiquarian glass; God and the inspired scripture of the Bible is well able to stand in light of modern science.

One might develop several models to explain the way the Universe was created. It is easy to harmonize Biblical and evolutionary accounts. WMAP's images of the way the Universe looked as a plasma sphere at 400,00 years after creation seem to have direction bands called by some 'the axis of evil'. In theory there should be no oriented bands. It is as if they were remnant fossils of two lips that spoke thee word to begin. As of 2014 there was no accounting for them.

If the Lord in his infinite nature has infinite Universes; multi-verses with infinite interests of the Lord and every possible form rather than just a single verse,  is that in some way inconsistent with what one might think about the character of God? 

If God amidst his multiplex of places has one universe region with sentients ready for cultivation and salvation from their unregenerate natural state how better than to bring a proto-evangelium to them through a chosen people that would introduce a line of development amidst society bringing them to a knowledge of God and relationship with him as they fit to receive?

If Adam and Eve were created ex-temporally from the multi-verse in a different and perhaps more spiritual condition and then after their fall downloaded into the world of man as a kind of sourdough starter to evolve the species to a spiritual saving relationship through the Son of God, in the kingdom of God that transcends and surpasses the excellence of a multi-verse is that more than modern man could bear to learn?

John Gill wrote on page 146 of Practical Divinity; "How any come by true contentment of mind.
2a. It is not natural to man; man is naturally a discontented creature, especially since the fall; no, it was discontent which was the cause of that; our first parents not being content with the state of happiness in which they were, abode not in it, but fell from it; such was their ambition, prompted to it by the tempter, that they affected to be as God; or however, perceiving there was a class of creatures superior to them, more wise and knowing, they could not be content with their present case and circumstances; but wanted to be upon an equality with them; and being told, that by eating the forbidden fruit they would attain to it, took and eat of it, and thus by coveting an evil covetousness, lost the happiness which they had; hence it is most truly said of man, that he is, “at his best estate, altogether vanity” (Ps. 39:5).

2b. It is not to be found in a natural or unregenerate man; such a man is always uneasy and disquieted; as restless as the troubled sea, and the waves thereof; let him be in pursuit of what he may, he never arrives to it to satisfaction; is it wisdom and knowledge he seeks after, as his first parents did? he gets no content; but finds, that in much wisdom is much grief and vexation of spirit; and that, by an increase of knowledge sorrow is increased. Is it pleasure in the gratification of the senses? these are soon palled with it, and new pleasures are wanting; and these, when had, like the former, issue in bitter reflections and remorse of conscience.

 Is it worldly honour, fame, and applause of men? these are fickle, transitory things, not to be depended on, and seldom last long; and amidst them there is something that mars the pride and ambition of men; as Mordecai’s not bowing to Haman made the latter uneasy and discontented, notwithstanding the profusion of honours conferred upon him. Or is it wealth and riches? these are very uncertain and unsatisfying things, as has been observed. There is nothing can satisfy the mind of man but God himself; and if a man lives without God in the world, let him have what he will, he lives a discontented life; none but a godly man is a contented man; there may be content with godliness, but without it there is none."

As mankind's knowledge stands on the horizon of a multi-verse he still has the problem of worldliness ironically. With a vast range of variable physical 'constants' possible amidst a multi-verse, he has difficulty in imagining a Supreme Being who can create the entire multi-verse energy field and differentiate it from monism to infinite pluralism and even have an interest in each individual soul that arises to exist from energy processing through particle-wave quanta stars and star dust forms to atoms aggregating over time as planets and sentient life.

Christians in Relation to Select Mass, Energy, Form and Universe Paradigmata

As human society developed God also evolved his presentation to his chosen people through David and the prophets leading to the appearance of Jesus Christ. When human society was at a crucial transition point in history the Lord appeared to set the foundation for the age of the gentiles as the old world and the period of the exterior forms of temple worship crumbled into historical dust.

 I will consider a few points that advance the idea that God's purpose in history of evolving a reconciling relationship with humanity for the love of God through the atoning grace of the Lord Jesus Christ is consistent with information cultural evolution has brought through scientific knowledge about the history of the cosmos.

One M..I.T. graduate student in 2011 created a chart showing various opinions of world religions on cosmology and select scientific topics. it listed Christianity as not tolerating multi-verse theory. I believe that is incorrect.

Holy scripture has many general parameters and description concepts provided to the first century man and in the case of the Old Testament even earlier times that may be adapted today to new understanding. When Jesus said, for example, in John 14:2-3 that; " In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.  And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also." he could have been expressing a paradigm that was inclusive of a multi-verse as well as of some large building with many mansions built inside it. I don't think even Bill Gates has constructed a house so large that many mansions like the Breakers could be built inside it. The Lord set a parameter that has many possible interpretations; it is not preclusive of contemporary cosmology at all except perhaps to minds that preclude detailed contemplation of scripture.

To fear God is the beginning of wisdom, and to fear God is wisdom. yet the fear is not a servile fear as might a slave have of a harsh master that beats and kicks him as a practice wing chung dummy, instead it is of a filial kind as one might fear the bad opinion of a parent one respects, or that of anyone that one respects. With God though the relationship is greater.

Fear of God in the filial mode is akin to love.

The love of wisdom is philosophy. Wisdom is that God so loved the world that he gave his only his only begotten son that whosoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. If God is love, He is a God who hates sin. Human beings have original sin and require correction. God's patience with and love for humanity has brought him to provide a program for reconciling humanity unto him through the atoning sinlessness and sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ. Those saved with the Lord also love their fellow man yet share also the antipathy toward sin of the Lord, yet as humans they may themselves still sin and are embodied in a thermodynamically processing temporal body wherein is found the original presence of most sin. God is aware of the situation and grace and determined what will be the evolution of human destiny. God has a purpose for each soul in this or any possible Universe.

May one classify some material things as in God's will and some not? Can one say that hurricanes and sunshine are in God's will yet not comets?

If God's will is perfect and sin is imperfection from the ideal behavior that is good for a soul in that it is consistent with God's will and God's nature, then how may one delineate the perfect from the imperfect in categories especially in relation to material objects and event/processes in the temporal world? Sartre classified some things in his Critique of Dialectical Reason and in Being and Nothingness as the practico-inert and as ossified praxis. The terms refer to manufactured objects as distinct from natural objects or sentient others. One ought to be able to sort through categories of things comprising reality that are in God's will as perfect and those that are not.

The neo-Platonist philosopher Plotinus of course classified imperfect objects in this world as imperfect expressions of perfect forms located in a realm of forms. Today the realm of forms is just quantum theory's descriptions of quarks and the Higgs field maybe, yet the quest for God's perfect will seems to have some of the same kind of paradigmatic expression for many that are interested. God or The One as an unmoved mover perfect in-himself that is approachable or knowable only through the Son (or the Intelligence perhaps) may allow imperfection to arise in a temporal realm of thermodynamics that might not exist in a perfect order.

So I have one kind of answer to the question I made here about determining how to classify God's will in things through classifying some things as perfect and some not, or of how sin is contrary to God's will and then wonder why it exists?If one uses a neo-Platonic paradigm such as Plotinus constructed in the Enneads for a metaphysical analogy, the answer is that God's will is experienced as more perfect as one draws closer unto God through eliminating sin with the grace of the Son. The farther people are in the temporal real-a realm of broken forms, inclusive of mankind after the fall from grace with original sin, the more are they worldly and immersed in the pure empirical mass-energy continuum intellectual as an end-for-itself instead of viewing it as one place to experience the saving grace of the Lord before thermodynamic evolution returns them to dust.

The temporal continuum is one complete expression of the will of God. it has broken forms in it yet initially it could be said to have been perfect when it lacked sentient beings with a knowledge of the difference between good and evil. Once humanity appeared in a sentient form the fundamental problems implicit to living in a thermodynamic, material body became apparent to consciousness. Though mind may be theoretically capable of moral perfection as if it were a computer without the sensory experiences of the body and without biological drive mechanisms, in fact it is not able to experience such a state for long.  On a practical basis the sole way a human might bring his own will and thought to the state of grace and perfection required by God of anything that exists for eternity rather than temporarily is to rely entirely on the saving grace of the Lord. Humanity has the Adamic debt of sin or imperfection that is renormalizable only with the Lord's adopting the elect as children of God.

Christians and Cosmology

God the Father is greater than imaginable. Greater than all the worlds possible, of all possible model universes imaginable, a whole greater than the some of parts that appear in the temporal Universe. The Son is the Word of God. Apparently one may use the names interchangeably. Maybe it is helpful to think of him as the CEO of God-while of the Father God regard Him as the owner of the corporation. That leaves me wondering about the Holy Spirit; one may know what idea one has of the Holy Spirit yet find nothing to say to compare it to.

Maybe it is like a a sentient operating system in a computer that modifies and rewrites the programming code in which human beings cohere. The Holy Spirit is the primary field agent of God configuring things such as they need to be. The Father, the Word and the Holy Spirit are one however. So am I embedded in a Higgs field as a state of quantum entanglement shaped with field forces to satisfy a pre-determined cosmology of the system where even evolution seems to have a role accomplishing the will of God for a particular order to develop. The physics of the Universe drive all variations selected to conform with inevitable states of being of an existential Universe.

Where elements of pre-determinism start and finish in the Universe are difficult to determine. Heisenberg's uncertainty principle is a descriptive rather than an implicit waveform collapse selector. So many have pointed out the natural selector of a wave collapse experiences a phenomenal dust up of actualization that adds some sort of information and energy to an observed system. Appearances of energy and mass with their uncertain protocol boundaries and content apparently unbound except within deterministic quantum relationships make me wonder about Universal management and its potential for phase changes.

If one has evolution theory one also ought to have quantum theory and the philosophy of modal universes and the transcendence of purpose inherent in temporal space-time to liven up discussion from the limited range intellectual tools concerning biology to one cognizant of determinism in natural selection and a meta-structural conformal logic of physics regarding meta-criteria for natural selection. God may have an infinity of modal universe potentials, yet must they all be assembled in one temporal order in respect of His eternal now in relation to contingent space-time? Does God not abnegate space as well as time for-himself-in eternity?

Space and time in the temporal manifestation cohere in one expanding or traveling multi-dimensional Universe field. The formation era before a big bang and inflation phase of energy ought have a limit to the number of its potential configurations arising in coalescence from virtual energy. There should be a very large but infinite number of possible formations of contingent Universes that could appear as well. There is a very large yet finite number of possible configurations of pieces on a chess board, because there is a finite number of pieces and positions in configuration and phase space. God may choose to reshape a pre-singularity field to be or become more or different than what it might be in its range of freedom states of emergence from virtual energy space, yet none other.

Natural selections that occur as an implicit features of inertial assembly follow initial boundary conditions of the Universe delimiting possibilities of the subsequent space-time contingent field. A process evolution of complexity eliminates possibilities of alternate courses of development reciprocally. I believe it is thought that transcends physical boundaries best to create new possibilities, and it is spirit that surpasses the physical actualizations of the physical best and foremost.

While some physical theorists deny theistic creation with the indirect explanation that the Anthropic Principle and the fine-tuned universe is a chance selection of infinite Universe potentials and one of those that can work; as only those that can work and are suitable for human life do, it is also the case that predetermined forms for life exist in that fine-tuned Universe that are not at all matters of random chance. If one placed a one dollar bet at Las Vegas and won a million dollars the only time in one's life that one gambled, the jackpot is predetermined still as all that could exist within the boundary conditions. I would think that principle would apply to planetary life within any sort of galactic energy-mass charge configuration, and regardless of the manner in which God set the Universe to be and become with an operating system that moves along with reasonably known physical laws and orders of development.

What does modern cosmology tell us of the Universe? It is apparently about 13.8 billion years old. Cosmic microwave background observations from special telescopes can view microwave radiation that existed when the Universe was 400,000 years old. At that time the Universe had cooled enough from its very high temperature hotter than the sun wherein it had been producing helium and deuterium from hydrogen fusion. The ancient microwave signals are the cooled down remnant of the initial vary high plasma temperatures. The background microwave radiation of the Universe today a a little more than 3 degrees kelvin is the remnant. The density of matter in the space-time is exceedingly tiny. And space-time is expanding.

The Universe can be thought of a nearly 14 billion years old fr several physically theoretical and observationally confirmed reasons. One is that with the speed of light and light-waves shift to the red when moving away, and blue when approaching, it is possible to determined how far away known supernovas are in space and time. When astronomers observe stars with great red-shifts of billions of light years it means that what they see is how the stars appeared billions of years ago before their photons began their journey toward Earth. Along with calculations from the General Theory of Relativity is is possible to calculate the amount of time and scale of the past cosmology and age of the Universe.

It is not a conclusive and exhaustive determination of the age of the Universe and of its mass and energy though. Even though cosmological evolution along the general lines of the General theory of relativity and of Friedman-Gamow's Big Bang model generally appears true, though with several modifications, the philosophical, theological and physical interpretations of the data may be taken in numerous ways.

In a sense the Big Bang theory is like an island alone in an ocean that is true enough yet surrounded by a number of below the surface ideas that pertain to the complete theoretical structure emanated or willed by God to exist. Even so it is fascinating to consider the many elements of physical cosmology.

No one really knows what space-time is. Space-time are united in one field in modern physics rather than treated separately. If one goes near the speed of light one experiences low passage of time compared to one that is stationary, yet one near light speed picks up nearly infinite mass as if traveling through space-time near the speed of massless particles makes mass infinitely heavy. maybe space-time itself give particles their mass, and perhaps space-time has a close associate with the Higgs field as well as all particles.

Space-time in general relativity might be regarded as a vast rubber sheet equally supported at all points. At time=0 it was of very smile size,a little larger than a singular. in the expansion of the Universe it stretched out at various speeds in 2 dimensions (an analogy here for simple illustration purposes). During the inflationary area it increased its size greatly at faster than light speed (there was no mass then, only energy). The rubber sheet Universe is made of energy and yet is also space and time.

Imagine an extra-dimensional super-player in a metaphorical history of space-time that is the Universe who can stretch the space-time sheet wherever he puts his foot down-lie at a black hole. This fifth dimensional guy is named Gravity. No one really knows who or what gravity is; he just influences the topology shape of the 4-dimensional sheet of space-time. With little imbalances in the equal distribution of energy in the beginning (I might more about that latter), the haves attract more and sycophants move toward the haves. In the era after 400,000 when atoms had begun to form and would snowball latter, the clustering of mass and energy was determined. Clusters of mass pressed down on the rubber sheet that was expanding simultaneously producing little valleys here and there attracting more mass to form larger clusters. Those clusters eventually became stars and galaxies as the sheet expanded becoming millions and billions of light years in size.

Where the sheet is stretch much space-time stretches obviously. traveling across the sheet one would experience the passage of time differently in different shaped topological regions of the sheet. The rate of passage would also affect the experience of time and experience of mass.

One might imagine gravity as walking on the surface of the sheet producing this or that depression or bounce as his mass moves. Mass, unlike Mr. Gravity, has no intellect or will to move itself and exploit a bounce on space-time.

Maybe a better way to consider gravity in regard to space-time is that it is an extra dimension-a fifth dimension to which mass in four dimensions is attracted. The more mass is aggregated the greater is the shape of space-time bent toward the hidden extra dimension. Perhaps the 5th dimension pins our four dimensions to it through the short-circuit or macro-quantum tunneling of gravity.

The expansion of space-time has been observed and interpreted theoretically to be increasing. The Universe is moving apart faster-than-light is some regions. That can be easy to understand. It does not need to violate Einstein's special theory where nothing can travel faster than light.

If one has a yardstick and inserts a new inch unit into it at every other inch, and repeats the procedure long enough-with the new inches coming from an extra dimension or some sort of process where by concentrating mass frees up new space to be inserted into space as new inch units-eventually the yardstick may be a light year across and doubling exponentially in size. Easily once can see that the opposite ends of the yardstick or stretch sheet would travel apart faster than light though nothing on the sheet itself would be traveling anywhere near light speed.

Considering space-time expanding as a kind of unit itself does lead one to regard the true void as something in which space-time exists and expands. In the beginning the Universe was void and without form. Space-time is an event that in four dimensions expands in the void. Empty space is itself a field-perhaps a virtual field comparable to a Higgs field, that exists with relativistic values, to serve the will of God.

The Universe may be 52 billion light years across today, yet the age of the Universe does not delimit its possible size-it may have arisen from membranes or dimension sheets rather than a singularity, and beyond the realm of the observable universe of space-time today that growth 13.7 or 8 billion years ago may have been infinitely vast.

There are different kinds of infinites...some are greater than others. There are more numbers in the infinite series of natural numbers than there are in the infinite series of even numbers. Plainly the definition of infinite series are gerontological reductions from a unitary, monistic infinite source of all contingent infinities. I believe that source is God who wills all things to exist that are inclusive of dimensions and forms of mass and energy in any configuration in or phase space. The apparent relative configurations, mass form, time and space that anyone with sentience could experience are all given with the will of God, inclusive of any sentient mind, for a specific purpose.

While mankind and manufactured instruments improve new data acquisition methods about structures and content, input from observations reinforces scientific theoretical constructive interpretation of data.

Inflation theory is one way of thinking about the Big Bang or expansion of the Universe from a small space. Inflation theory begins with expansive gravity. Gravity logically has a negative and positive side like most forces of energy. Negative gravity is attractive. It draws mass together. Positive pressure or a positive phase of gravity repels energy or expands space. It may be that the positive phase of energy affects just energy, and could be a kind of repulsion of some form of energy.

Inflation theory of the Universe presents the idea that a subatomic region experienced expansive energy with positive pressure that double in size exponentially for a fraction of a second in the case of this particular universe. A quantum instability acted like a word spoken to begin. As energy was expanding space some of it converted into mass or at least a less energetic configuration of energy. It kept doubling its size every fraction of a second. That was an exponential rate of growth. At the end of 10 to the minus 35 seconds inflation stopped and the Universe was the size of a grapefruit. It continued expanding at sub-light speed after that, whereas during inflation the doubling in size occurred over its diametric opposite ends faster than light. If one were to add together two radii that each expand at light speed in opposite directions the combined speed is 2c or light speed squared. When the volume of the Universe doubled it also doubled the running total of light velocities added together so far.

While the hyper-inflation of the Universe might have gone on, and may still be continuing forever, in some regions it stopped. Theorists have considered a multi-verse of continuing inflationary areas with whirlpools of non-inflating spaces that are Universes within the infinite tree of inflation.

Structures that may theoretically exist such as inflationary Multi-verses that account for the presence of energy and mass in various configurations with variable space and time regions are ways of generating reasonable explanations for observable real structures. Space time really seems to be accelerating its expansion, gravity really seems to increase and diminish strength at the square of its distance. Cosmological data and theoretical explanations are made phenomenally by existing sentient minds experiencing their life within the energy field that is the foundation for all possible multi-verse configurations in space-time.

There are good books such as Tegmark's 'The Mathematical Universe' that go over inflation and multi-verse theory in detail enough for general readers. It is interesting that dark energy is believed to be slowly creating an inflationary space doubling every 8 billion years. It is apparently possible because of relativity to have spatial regions and universes within larger spatial regions. No one is certain of what the primordial positive and negative phases of energy called gravity are or how energy exists at all. The word to begin for scientists generally would be associated with quantum fluctuations that stimulated symmetry breaking positive inflationary pressure. The theories are beautiful, yet not in conflict with the very basic information of Genesis that would neither confirm or deny most theoretical configuration or phase space model structures for energy and mass. Christians do not believe that God is less than omnipotent. Funding the existence of one or an infinity of Universes and inflationary spaces with energy in an infinity of channels or fields is another day's work for God if he wills it to be so.