Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Miracles and Quantum Uncertainty

With quantum mechanics and uncertainty technically anything is possible including those configurations of quanta that seem miraculous. I think the word 'miracle' as a middle term or indirect referent object applicable in theory to a structured genre of event-processes is somewhat confusing and perhaps a source of doubt. Reason either inductive, deductive or a posteriori probably is skeptical about anomalous events, and miracles may not be all of one sort of causal structure anyway-God of course hasn't a context whereby He is subjective being or causality. One can understand how faithless people have existential doubts yet Christians too are not certain about a schedule of uncertainty either...simply believers in God's preeminence over the entangled field quanta that appear to be mass-Universe.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Carlsen Keeps World Chess Title 6.5 to 4.5

World chess champion Magnus Carlsen won his title defense against Vishy Anand in Sochi Russia taking game 11 and the match.

Illegal Aliens In, SecDef Hagel Out

Secretary of Defense Hagel resigned following the controversion by the President of U.S. immigration law changing the status of millions of illegal aliens in the U.S.A. to Obama-certified legal status. As a loyal Nebraskan veteran the former SecDef may have dissented from being a policy accomplice after-the-fact. Alternatively former SecDef Hagel may have wished to spend more time nurturing peace.

The SecDef does more than defend the nation against foreign business persons of interest that would change all the world's natural resources including people into exclusive product with gross value of one cube unit (except for a few ha'yumans left around to buy and consume product to keep the economy recycling). After SecDef Hagel the way is unclear.

What sort of poinkery may follow is anyone's guess. Abraham was told his descendants would as be numerous as the stars yet that is an inexact figure in context. Did God mean the visible stars (about 5000 for AVRM and somewhat more for God? Or did he mean all of the stars in the Universe or just the part of the Universe AVRM was looking toward(about a fifth of the stars). In one case AVRM's heirs aren't so numerous while in the remainder Earth wouldn't be large enough for them-they would need to boldly create habitats in space to dwell upon. That would require conservation of the present Earth ecosphere for several reasons. Slow population increase for space colonization in proportion to ecospheric carrying capacity. A SecDef has several scenarios to choose-it is almost assured that the next few Presidents will be dumb and dumber versions 4,5,6...

If there is the usual pundit poinkery from the BBC providing news analysis of distant events in D.C. we may learn if N.P.R. will increase its musical content between leftist kultur kempf intent more or if the next SecDef to put on the Cowboy Hat of Office can speak Russian fluently or find a new way to thwart incipient Iranian democracy and restore a cooperative royal lackey that shops at Wall Street's zero-interest loans store for the rich so they have abundant cash to invest in China.

The rich of Boston have probably considered it necessary to cut down world population starting with America in ways more aggressive than normal policy can produce. Putting women in Marine combat units is being contemplated, developing Ricardo's Iron Law of Wages into policy that would stop population growth with vigorous worked pressurizing expropriation of affordable capital investments of the poor in real estate so that even if they have food to biologically breed they would have no private place to live is realpolitik. The new wearer of the Cowboy Hat of Defense may want good understanding of global political-economy in order to discover optimal ecological economic intervention tensors that would best create prosperity, space exploration and real economic growth for others and avoid being another bull attacking the next perceived red-wearing foe as a policy end in-itself. With a quarter century of bad Presidential leadership the nation relies upon the Cowboy Hat Leader for security too much.

If the President is bold he will appoint Hillary Clinton to be SecDef so she can bring the wrath of feminist bureaucracy down like Maxwell's silver hammer to over-watch all that poinkery slowing down peace and sisterhood in the Middle East. How long the suffering wonder, will it be before a SecDef builds a saltwater-desalinating via evaporation and condensation capture moat to keep infidels south of the Mexican border? Thousands of jobs making fresh water for the desert could be made building the saltwater-pumping pipeline and moat-canals. Thousands of space technicians need to have an electro-magnetic linear mass-driver built on the moon in order to provide shovel-ready jobs to feed their families. And then there is the South Sudan-they need agriculture education and cheap water-making training. Somewhere on the horizon, emerging from a bright sunrise, a smog is forming to cloud up the sky. The new SecDef may stop those exhaust emissions-who can say?

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Supreme Legislator President Yobama Promotes Illegal Immigrants (satire)

President Yobama growing tired of Republicans and unhappy with sweeping republicans victories in the recent congressional elections decided to rewrite U.S. immigration and decide for-himself who may be in the United States or be deported. Controverting bad laws he don't like to change illegal to legal the President has decided to deconfuse the dum and dummer Congress benevolently. As a lawyer able to decide what the meaning of is is better than Congress the President found adequate litigious loopholes in legal authorization to effectively make laws temporarily without the excess drag of Congressional opinion slowing him down.

President Yobama as a graduate of the Harvard School of Advanced Theoretical Political Philosophy (aka. Law) as start tested the waters with a North American Free Illegal Alien Act that when signed into law or shouted out by decree would let U.S. citizens illegally Migrate to Mexico and eventually have a pathway to dual citizenship following the Mexican top-court's decree that homosexuals can marry and thus produce fruits of social improveremt.

For those without depth in reading the historical setting for Democracy I shall provide a refresher now. The tripartite government was made in order that one branch of government would not evolve dictatorial power. The Congress would make laws and the Chief Executive would faithfully execute those laws as close as possible to the will and intent of the lawmakers. The Judicial branch would decide if the laws were in conflict with the constitution and were thus illegal.

In order to expedite leftist Kulture Kampf to reverse colonialism and restore the name First People to the Washington Redskins President Yobama will increase illegal alien immigration quotas from Mexico,Asia and Kenya.

President Yobama has discovered or perhaps to use an Al Gorithm, invented a better and more efficient political method whereby the he decides by-himself what is lawful left and proper, makes laws and enforces them to rule by decree. The Congress thus has more time to campaign and make silly partisan speeches while the Chief Justice is free to spend more time nurturing Wall Street globalist stock portfolia.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Legislator-in-Chief Yobama Promotes Lawless immigration

President Yobama growing tired of Republicans and unhappy with sweeping republicans victories in the recent congressional elections decided to rewrite U.S. immigration and decide for-himself who may be in the United States or be deported. Controverting bad laws he don't like to change illegal to legal the President has decided to deconfuse the dum and dummer Congress benevolently. As a lawyer able to decide what the meaning of is is better than Congress the President found adequate litigious loopholes in legal authorization to effectively make laws temporarily without the excess drag of Congressional opinion slowing him down.

President Yobama as a graduate of the Harvard School of Advanced Theoretical Political Philosophy (aka. Law) as start tested the waters with a North American Free Illegal Alien Act that when signed into law or shouted out by decree would let U.S. citizens illegally Migrate to Mexico and eventually have a pathway to dual citizenship following the Mexican top-court's decree that homosexuals can marry and thus produce fruits of social improveremt.

For those without depth in reading the historical setting for Democracy I shall provide a refresher now. The tripartite government was made in order that one branch of government would not evolve dictatorial power. The Congress would make laws and the Chief Executive would faithfully execute those laws as close as possible to the will and intent of the lawmakers. The Judicial branch would decide if the laws were in conflict with the constitution and were thus illegal.

In order to expedite leftist Kulture Kampf to reverse colonialism and restore the name First People to the Washington Redskins President Yobama will increase illegal alien immigration quotas from Mexico,Asia and Kenya.

President Yobama has discovered or perhaps to use an Al Gorithm, invented a better and more efficient political method whereby the he decides by-himself what is lawful left and proper, makes laws and enforces them to rule by decree. The Congress thus has more time to campaign and make silly partisan speeches while the Chief Justice is free to spend more time nurturing Wall Street globalist stock portfolia.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Renewal With Alternative Infrastructure

Politicians often talk about infrastructure renewal in their campaign rhetoric. They say that the national infrastructure is in decay and need of repairs. It is true that many of the vast number of Herbert Hoover era public works are somewhat aged and that water pipes and electrical systems may be of venerable status while the Eisenhower interstate system was founded more than a half century ago. Even so the infrastructure most in need of renewal or replacement is the ideas that politicians have about national infrastructure.

Politicians generally want to just throw money at somewhat creaky systems and renew it as if it were a Model T that needed rusty fender and spring replacements. Instead they should be thinking about new transportation forms that don't need ancient infrastructure paradigms at all. Infrastructure is a consequence of past economic development. New infrastructure should replace old infrastructure that supports new economic development.

It would be possible to produce much more national electricity off the present grid with hydrogen fuel cells in home and neighborhood. It would also be possible to relocate much manufacturing to the United States with 3-D printers of a somewhat industrial scale. What would be useful to stimulate development of new ideas would be education and coordination of small teams of materials designers able to encode pat3entable ideas in materials and computer coding designers able to encode the product material design in digitalized data code ready for printing. Ideas made in America could be produced in America and around the world without need for material import or export.

With new electrical and material production infrastructure it would also be useful to generate new ideas for transportation infrastructure that aren't based upon concrete or asphalt highways and fossil fuel internal combustion platform networks. Faster, cheaper electro-magnetic linear accelerator platforms under and above ground could let existing road be torn up and made into new wildlife corridor infrastructure for bioethical continuity.

Sewage infrastructure might be replaced with some sort of particle beam disintegrator facilities of sludge, or microwave or heat incineration of biowaste in newer infrastructure reducing the requirement for extensive wet transport of piss and poop.

It is perhaps only one of the most endangered national infrastructures; water, that would require not only renewal of existing infrastructure but increased protection extending to renewal of natural watershed infrastructure as well as water storage and transport infrastructure above and below ground.

It would be desirable if politicians contemplating national infrastructure renewal considered ecological economic upgrades as well, if they could get a grasp of what ecological economics are academically speaking. As it is some of the few politicians considering the renewal of democracy infrastructure with a reduction of the corrupting vast divide between the average annual earnings of rich and poor may talk about investing in infrastructure renewal to create jobs but what they really mean is to through hundreds of billions down into the money pit of ancient infrastructure and ancient economic practices that today tend to support globalism more than American national economic interests..

With a Presidential primary election campaign year ahead one must wonder if either major party has anyone with good ideas or any sort of technical economic competence planning to run. Many Republicans want to be another Ronald Reagan-yet what year is this0?

Democrats seem rather daft an interested mainly in homosexuality, drugs and illegal alien amnesty to get more cheap labor and votes. Of course President Obama did consistently stimulate Syrian conflict with a demand that the lawfully elected President quit-and that gave the green light to the rise of ISIS, so maybe they can accomplish things other than giving zero interest loans to Wall Street.

That raises the final point here; is the economy really healthy? What happens if Republicans or Democrats shut down the Fed Reserve free money printing for Wall Street? Is Wall Street so badly evolved in relation to natural resources that it has no ability to exist on its own? Tune in to the next episode of decaying national infrastructure to find out.

Post-Mill Interpretation of the Revelation

It is amazing to consider that so many have misinterpreted the book of Revelation (of John the Disciple of Christ). Tim LaHaye, Hal Lindsey, Pat Robertson of Virginia Beach, Muhammad of Mecca and innumerable lunatics tattooed with the mark of the beast (666) as well as innumerable congregations full of saved evangelicals evidently got it wrong. The analysis and interpretation of literature-historical; prophetic literature, was probably not their strong suit. The first resurrection was that of being spiritually born again in the faith; most of the prophecies in the Revelation were fulfilled during the violent, troubling times experienced by first century Christians going through tribulation and persecution of the Roman Emperor Nero.

The Bible is a beautiful book in the sense of a beautiful mathematics or physics theory that has a wonderful structure. With the Revelation of John correctly interpreted the New Testament gospel of the Lord becomes more beautiful to in its marvelous fulfillment of prophecy and reshaping foundation for the course of mankind. With the spirit of the Acts of the Apostles John's Revelation provides and overview and binding foundation for understanding the continuing work of the Lord and Holy Spirit in human history beyond the sufferings, persecutions, tribulation and destruction of the temple in the first century. An age of the gentiles that would be fulfilled with the evangelization of the peoples of the world. The good news of the Lord could be carried to the people of the future-even unto the farthest reaches of humanity down the road and even into space I would think. Humanity and Christians in particular are not to cower under toadstools waiting for the sky to fall and rapture to remove them from impending Armageddon and the draconian power of the beast (that in a sense inevitably coheres residually within any human collective or government I suppose original sin being what it is).

Life in the temporal realm isn't eternal. There are fundamentally three ways of interpreting the Disciple John's book of the Revelation regarding when the Lord Jesus Christ will return to conclude human affairs and to judge the living quick and the dead that are popular today. This field of Christian theology is incidentally named eschatology.

Pre-mill,post-mill or amill; regardless of your stand I believe a Christian is saved if the Lord is their personal Savior. One should always be ready for the return of the Lord in the Second Coming.

Catholics are I believe generally amillenialists. They regard people that die as going to heaven directly (or hell or purgatory perhaps). Not being Roman Catholic I stipulate that I am not very well informed on the issue. Evangelicals Protestants tend to be premillennialists believing that the Revelation is a prophecy of events to come preponderantly. Post-millennialism is another point of view with the view that the Revelation largely described near term events that occurred in the first century A.D.

It does seem reasonable that John foresaw the future of the Jewish and Roman world and how it would effect Christians within the decade he was living in rather than just events about 2000 years distant. Nero began his persecutions of Christians in 64 a.d. and Christians (saints) went through a tribulation. Gentry goes over the evidence for a first century interpretative paradigm for the Revelation in detail.

If post-millennialism is correct it doesn't mean Christianity is obsolete-instead it confirms it's truth and prophetic accuracy. We are living in the age of the Gentiles. Instead of expect a sudden anti-Christ and Armageddon Christianity should grow and increase human peace, prosperity and knowledge of the Lord (perhaps with a priesthood of believers replacing the hierarchical priesthood). The second coming and final judgment could take an indefinite time even occurring after human settlement of Mars and distant galaxies, its hard to say for sure.

Kenneth Gentry's book 'The Beast of Revelation' identifies the Roman Emperor Nero as the particular beast referred to in John's book of the Revelation. Besides Nero as the particular person of the beast the Roman Empire is said to be the general actualization of the beast. I think that Gentry's analysis is quite convincing.

This is an informal commentary interacting with the ideas of Gentry's book written for my course on eschatology. The commentary is supposed to run to thirty pages and that seems quite a lot to write for a a non-expert in the field. Rather than providing a back-seat driving analysis of Gentry's ideas I'll try to adumbrate points of view that are relevant to the issue of Biblical eschatology and end times inspired by Gentry's analysis of the Revelation.

The Revelation may be viewed as a history book as well as a book of prophecy. That fact has implications for how one interprets its content. History books generally are written after the fact while prophecies are written before. If one is a secularist it might be a priori challenging to accept a date for the composition of the revelation before the events described within it as prophecy. Instead of an early date at or before the first year of Nero's reign e.g. 63 a.d. the option of accepting the credibility of the later date of 95 a.d. might be preferred with a certain neo-realistic bias.

It is difficult to say what reason John could have had for composing the events of the book of Revelation after the events described within it, although one might offer the point of view such as premillenialists have that the events described do not pertain to the first century events at all, or perhaps have a dual-purpose meaning of events then and in the future.

Some have pointed out that the churches and Christians of the time might have found John's prophecy somewhat superfluous if they did not relate to the pressing issues of the time such as the Neronic persecutions and martyrdoms of Christians by Nero or immanent dangers to Jerusalem by the Roman Army. John might have found events of the first century a kind of coincidental template for describing future events-yet if so he would have needed to view the near-term events prophetically as well as the distant future events in order to note their similarities and congruence of format. Yet it might have been the angels that provided the right coincidental data in order to make John's Revelation insights of prophecy useful to Christians then and now. Historians with an entirely secular viewpoint would dismiss that possibility as irrelevant. I would imagine that it is easier for Christian theologians to accept a Revelation prophetic paradigm that was immediately relevant to first century Christians rather than a later date that requires a more convoluted explanation. If John's Revelation was written before the events that were rather near-term with such accuracy it would be difficult not to accept the fact that it was genuine prophecy rather than coincidence or dead-reckoning political analysis of the highest quality and accuracy.

Political predictions of future events of from one to 17 years distant generally involving the highest levels of an imperial government and the existence of the Jewish nation were just not easy in the first century. Few think tanks had such access to the highest levels of the Roman Government, or would have if such had existed. There were additional accurate predictions regarding the success and growth rate of the Christian faith would have been unlikely in the first century. The Delphic Oracle did not provide such accuracy.

I have looked ahead to Gentry's other book 'He Shall Have Dominion' and learned a More of Gentry's agenda. The present work seems to be the opening Movement of a grand post-Millennial symphony of eschatology. After checking out that post-Millennial symphony I must say that I like its sound. The interpretation has the beauty of the General Theory of Relativity or Wegener's Theory of Plate Tectonics and continental drift to explain why the shoreline littorals of West Africa and Eastern South America seem to match up with a yin-yang aspect.

Natural philosophies such as continental drift, Buddhism,Taoism and evolution are in some respects compatible with Christianity yet are fundamentally irrelevant. Christianity is More like supernatural philosophy revealed by God. I ought to note that the 6th heresy of Buddhism is belief in God. I believe that is an historical anachronism originating in an era when all of the nations of the world besides Israel were pagan. The Buddha hadn't a supernatural revelation and instead adumbrated a Natural philosophy somewhat like the Universe is a holograph produced by higher dimensions and hence illusory. Keeping his focus on the natural belief in God was proscribed. A Modern scientific Buddhist Might be able to acknowledge that if a superior civilization of the future or from higher dimensions could create particle entanglement or an Event horizon with an apparent Universe sheltering sentient beings in it, why not God?

Alternatively the evidence Gentry presents though convincing reminds me of the televised O.J. Simpson trial were using basically the same evidence two different camps presented two different versions of what occurred. That is a routine occurrence in criminal and civil trials in a democratic society with an adversarial legal system. A juror would need to examine each point of view and decide for themselves what if anything is true.

In the case of cosmology theories there are numerous conflicting as well as complementary points of view about given physical phenomena used as evidence to support a given trendy hypothesis. These days theories of everything that were popular in the 70s and 80s seem to have fallen out of fashion as the frontiers of cosmology through astrophysics and theory roll back the frontiers of the observable and the possible. In some respects like Socrates who decided that he knew that he knew nothing-a kind of precursor antipode of Descartes' cogito ergo sum-cosmological theorists realize that they likely will never have absolute certainty about physical reality that may be embedded in higher dimensions and just one of an infinite number of Universes or how it could be sustained by superior civilizations or God. A certain measure of faith is required to select a given theory as the best of all available models knowing that it is incomplete and something of a process philosophy or process cosmology of a temporary nature likely to be surpassed. Christians too must select the better interpretation of the Revelation available knowing that it may be only partly accurate hopefully to a large extent.

The Apostle John was a prisoner for a time on an island near Ephesus. It is believed that he wrote the Revelation while at that island. At least he received the Revelation while at the isle of Patmos although perhaps he had scribes write it down after release or possible before release via intermediaries. That is rather difficult to say at this point in time. Julius Caesar had a lieutenant write the second half of his book on the Roman Civil war and the Spanish war yet the exact details of the composition for even such a famous figure are rather or entirely vague today and so it may be for John and his school of followers at Ephesus.

When John wrote the Revelation is a subject of more contention among scholars. There are early and late dates two of which seem possible. There are other dates speculating that John did not actually write the book at all but followers did later in the second century that I will dismiss. Irenaeus and others commented on the Revelation as early as the early second century at that supports the idea of an earlier writing construction. Of course there are more scholarly points available to support the first century construction of the Revelation. I will not cite those points in this paper presently. Berkhof's 'Introduction to the New Testament' has a chapter on John that points out elements of the time and place of composition fir example.

Personally I prefer the early construction date that Gentry advocates too rather than the later circa 95 a.d. composition paradigm. I would think that Peter and John would have been young men-perhaps 20 or so when Jesus introduced himself around 30 a.d. for the momentous three year mission, and John in the year 60 a.d. would have been 50 years old-quite a ripe time for writing a creative, challenging, prophetic book like the revelation. Thirty-five years later in 95 a.d. John would have been 85 more or less and found the production of such a work more challenging I would think. His intellectual energy might not have been as great as at age 50 either.

A baptist minister once told me that John's Revelation was like a newspaper in its day. Gentry believes the messages are coded necessarily because of the element of actual persecution by the Imperial Roman authorities. Like today in the U.S.A. there can be immediate repercussions for calling a state governor or the President the anti-Christ in print-though for Jews and other first-century Christians the act of seeming to rebel against Nero brought more severe retribution.

The Apostle John must have known the ecclesiastical state of affairs of the church in relation to the Roman imperial opinion rather well. The Apostle Paul had been imprisoned and released before a second arrest and Peter had moved to Rome and experienced the problems encountered by Christians from Jewish and Roman persecution first-hand. John moved to Ephesus from Judea at some point before the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 a.d. and may have encountered immediate difficulties from Jewish and pagan authorities. Nero and preceding Roman emperors of the Julian line were worshiped as god's by state decree. The Lord Jesus Christ's appearance as the actual Son of God contravened that silly, superfluous and vain direction emulated today a little by the very rich and broadcast media and select performance artists that would like to erase the presence of the real God from the minds of humanity with atheist propaganda and elevate themselves to a position of practical socially empowered deification. The Roman state and Jews seeking to suppress Christian church increase may have sought to imprison or execute John immediately upon his arrival in Ephesus.

Thus it is reasonable to suppose that John reaching Ephesus and starting the process of edification of his fellow Christians and recoding his ideas with scribal help along with missiological activity perhaps with additional letters to churches and meetings with Christians may have simultaneously experienced an increasing effort to repress his ministry of the word of God and the evangelization of Eurasia with the good new of Jesus Christ. Eventually that surge to repress the word of God provided through the ministry of the Apostle John enhanced with the three and a half year Neronic persecuction of Christians in the 7th decade of the first century would have developed to such a point as to send the Apostle into prison exile at Patmos.

Gentry's thesis on the Revelation is basically partial preterism. Many of the events written of in the Revelation have already occurred. I am taking much time reading Gentry's book because it cold in an unheated Alaskan hut and there aren't power lines or a road in to town with a difficult trail through forest and slippery logging slash and a four mile walk on a non-maintained sometimes snow-covered access road to a town and a library where I can recharge batteries for reading and writing (the alpha smart works well to conserve battery power for writing in sub-freezing temperatures).

I believe that John may have left Judea as early as the 50s and become well established in Ephesus before the 60s. One might wonder when or why Peter left Jerusalem where he led the church. He journeyed to Rome eventually. The Lord's brother James was thrown from the Temple Mount and martyred. Though not fleeing martyrdom at some point peter may have found Rome a better place to organize and increase the development of the mission of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. Like John Peter may have sensed the coming destruction of Jerusalem by Roman authority. Caiaphas the head of the Jewish religious authority that sought the execution of Jesus mentioned the sacrifice of the Lord as being better than sacrificing the entire nation to the imperial authority. A rival king-even with a kingdom not of this world was too much of a vulnerability as a potential avenue Rome might rubblize Jerusalem for the religious high command to tolerate.

Gentry considers in some detail the issue of the role and presence of Christians that were Jews attending synagogue in Jerusalem in order to date the composition of the Revelation that has a certain Hebraic tone to it that seemed to disappear after the destruction of Jerusalem. It is important to Gentry's position that the Revelation was written prior to the destruction of the temple in a.d. 70. It is notable that many today still wonder about the role of Jews in the present and future or who the real Jews are. The Revelation and the epistles of Paul each address that point at least in a context that is appropriate for the more specific character of a post-mill paradigm for the writing of the Revelation.

Jesus of course said that he would have gathered the Jews and tended them as well as a mother hen tends her chicks yet realized that they were not to be saved by the Lord and would instead be destroyed eventually by the Roman authority. Well, it would have been nice to take the Jewish Mosaic established temple priesthood into the era of the New Covenant with the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Lord was spiritually willing than none be lost yet it was not meant to be.

God doesn't like divorce and wouldn't do that Himself. I prefer the better presentation that God has evolved the relationship to include Jews and Christians of faith as the bride of Christ. The Jews were the necessary ground for growth or emergence of the Christian church in a secondary kind of way after Christ of course. They would not just be jettisoned as soon as they gave birth to Christianity like a spent baby mama so the new chick could hop in the sack.

Paul (Romans 2:17-29) and John (i.e. Revelation 7:4-8) speak of Christians as the spiritually true Jews. Instead of a purely material, racial Jewish identity were Christians. The Lord once replied to a statement that his mother and brothers were waiting outside to him asked 'who are my mother and brothers' rhetorically. He explained that those who new him as savior and followed him are his mother and brothers.

Jesus wanted to save Jerusalem yet as they were a religious-led national Israel failing to adapt to the presence of the Lord and straying too far from the heart of God with formalism and legalism the correction given was to evolve beyond legalism to personalism and personal relationship to God as The Son of Man whom everyone could know personally. That wasn't a divorce; it was a consummation spiritually speaking of the relationship between mankind and God. It was always probably necessary for God to include all of humanity in the realm of His personal acquaintance through the Lord Jesus Christ-not simply via the introductory period of Jews in a nation following His laws amidst a planet full of pagan lunatics and killers in hot pursuit of capital.

As one of the reasons given in support of a first century context for interpreting the Revelation Gentry gives the information that the futurist, dispensationalist way of interpreting the Revelation creates a persistent Christian despair about the present accompanied by a rationalization that this world is doomed and given over to the deus a machina of wickedness under the dark powers of Evil and that Christians can look forward to the rapture taking them out of the society of despond.. Of course one does not require a Christian eschatology that interprets the Revelation within a dispensationalist, futurist paradigm in order to have a pessimistic outlook on world events and life in general. In fact atheists continuously cite the evil and wickedness in the world as reasons against the existence of God. For many atheists any possible Universe created by God must be as Sugar Mountain with barkers and colored balloons but no sort of accidens (not to misuse that Aristotelian term but the error works rather well in this context).

R.A. Torrey was a dispensationalist and well-meaning Christian writer. Gentry is another and thus it seems evident that it is possible to have different ideas about what the book of Revelation means and when it was written. I believe that the fact that there are consequences to taking one of the two positions mentioned here are significant though.

Gentry thinks that Christians with a gloomy dispensationalist viewpoint awaiting a skyhook from Jesus to extract them out of the turmoils and persecutions of the world become socially indolent or disengaged from social constructive actions to a certain extent. That is they fail to live up to their potential and responsibilities as citizens of a democracy making improvements to the world. One wonders what the position of the Puritans was on dispensationalism and futurism versus convenantalism and preterism?

Apparently the realistic immanentalism of John's prophecies written to the churches of the day (the seven churches and other Christians in the Revelation was lost to those living past the time of the destruction of the Temple at Jerusalem and slaughter by a Roman legion of as many as half a million Jewish inhabitants of Jerusalem circa 70 a.d.. That is by the second century the real context for interpretation of the Revelation was lost preponderantly. Maybe Martin Luther's observation that the Revelation 'had a lot of straw' (as in too much for making good bricks) was a sort of accurate insight in regard to making the Revelation a futurist book out of a prophecy largely intended, or immediately purposed to warn and correct, exhort, comfort and explain to very challenging Christians soon to undergo extreme persecutions what their status was and what the outcome would be. Even so the Revelation does not implicitly exclude within Gentry's paradigm a dual-purpose futurist paradigm of inaugurated eschatology. There is difficulty in making certain uncertain terms with uncertain contexts of initial use.

Mohammedan eschatology seems founded in a futurist sort of misunderstanding of the Revelation. Mohammad's father had been keeper of the Spirit House-Kaaba-at Mecca with its vast assembly representing pagan religions. When he was made an orphan and cast out of the good graces of the pagan shrine in time he developed a revolutionary syncretistic monotheism to take back his heritage and of course make the Kaaba a shrine for one God with Mohammad as his exclusive prophet. Mohammad must have surveyed the available religious material as best as he could from Jewish and Christian sources and with the help of his older wife hashed out a revolutionary personal monotheism different enough that it could not be construed as representing the oppressive Byzantine Orthodox variety of Christianity that had dominated much of the ancient world in the day as a theocratic device. For Mohammad the Revelation was futurist and the Jews were Christ killers as they were to many of those of the dark and middle ages in Europe. Thus in Mohammedan eschatology Jesus will return to wreak vengeance upon the Jews and Muslims will help in a Holy Jihad against Jews comprising Armageddon. It is interesting how wrong interpretation of literature can have lasting consequences.

Jesus didn't hold a grudge against the Jews not only because he was himself Jewish-although Bobby Fischer seemed to hate the Jews though his mother was evidently a full bloodied tribal Jew. Jesus advocated forgiveness-even seven times seventy times forgiveness and is an improbable choice to portray as returning to wreak vengeance on the Jews. At the last judgment in fact all that one needs to do to be saved is to have had faith in Jesus as Lord and to accept his grace and atonement for one's sin. Then a kind of default choice lets a de facto self-judgment by the lost correct the lost with eternal punishment. Since Jesus is the only way-the soul bridge to God and eternal life with the Lord, any other course leaves one in the wilderness of perdition and doom in any possible Universe-a tough choice to make.

Gentry's book seems to focus very much on the identity of the beast and providing support for a first century interpretation of the Revelation. That's fine yet it is a little limiting on vision for what the Revelation is an means to post-temple era Christians.

Some Christians have a natural antipathy toward a partial preterist interpretation of the Revelation inasmuch as accepting its veracity would tend to indicate that even though the prophecy was 100% accurate more or less, its fulfillment means that a greater error occurred in Christian teleology/prophecy such that though everything else happened Jesus Christ didn't return and thus the prophecy of the Lord were falsified. Such a logically unnecessary proposition depends on interpreting John's writing in such a way that the meaning of the return and 'coming in the clouds' have particular meaning-values too. On the latter point Gentry provides evidence for supporting a meaning of 'coming in the clouds' within a Biblical context as meaning a time of social uncertainty when God intervenes to change things. I think it likely that the use of modern definitions for ancient ideas have sometimes made inaccuracy in understanding by Biblical interpreters occur. Gentry points out there are five meanings of the Greek word he or 'ge' used in the Revelation 80 times and two used prevalently means 'land' interchangeably with 'Earth'. That has implications for the interpretation of certain cosmological inferences and construction of interpretive paradigms for cosmology by modern expositors.

Even so it is incumbent upon interpreters of the Revelation to sort through and determine what elements of the book might have futurist relevance post-Temple destruction and to the present and/or future.

Seemingly the seven hills of Rome representing the generic rather than particularization of the beast could represent worldly government in general in a sort of City of God versus City of Man context. Humanity seems to pursue a developed social abstraction of a generalized human being as a kind of social goal. In the U.S.A. under the corrupting sway of an anti-democracy elitist broadcast media owned by a corporate plutocratic invisible empire the pragmatic ideal of a brainwashed mass-man without anti-corporatist or individual private interests seems to be the actualization in reduced form of the political goal of Thomas Hobbes philosophical treatise on the ideal (British) government of the absolute dictator personifying the will of the people. I suppose the idea of Nero and Rome as the beast of Revelation might be the first formal expression of that ideal evil empire in writing, although some might regard Plato's Republic and its triumvirate of philosopher-kings as a fascist precursor of the Great Satan mirroring the condition of the abstract will of the people that the people are in return conditioned to be (at the will of the dictator. The late dictator Saddam Hussein was a more recent example of the form as are/is the string of post-second world war North Korean Communist dictators).

Karl Barth in his 'History of Christian Thought' noted what the philosopher Ortega y Gasset later described as 'the revolt of the masses' against elite rule in Europe. Barth was applying the concept to an earlier period of transition leading to the French Revolution wherein the ordinary became rulers inverting the concept of elite rule. Karl Marx of course envisioned the concept of the dictatorship of the proletariat. In fact in modern America within the paradigm of atheist led scientism with anti-Christian values and even creeping purges of Christianity from the U.S.A. along with national economic sovereignty the modern media is a mooning colony conditioner of mass social identity toward the revolutionary transition of Hobbes' all in one absolute dictator to one Satanic presence in all subjects rather than citizens). It is believed I would think that off-market economic interests have antipathetic potential toward the collective financial networks of globalism in which all must play or be marginalized. The house always wins in Las Vegas and the same situation prevails with preferred networks of concentrated wealth and power.

If John's Revelation was fulfilled entirely in it's day of the first century with the Neronic persecutions and the following destruction of the Temple it is important not to dismiss the book capriciously from future meaning or lasting examples of human conduct and ways of being that can be learned and avoided or corrected.

Just as one ought to learn the ethics of the Lord it is worth drawing additional inferences from the life and times of the Lord and Apostles about things not to do such as stoning adulterers or crucifying persons critical of government incompetence and the corruption of politicians and other officials of interest.

It could be that I should have taken an aphoristic structural approach in this paper being rather inexpert on the primary subject. 

On Using Heroin for Government Death Chambers

Death chambers of execution could be more humane and hospice-like.

It is somewhat remarkable that modern science filtered through politics bungles the chemistry of executing the death penalty. European chemical supply houses and other exotic sources of hard-to-find humane methods of killing killers sometimes embargo the lethal chemical cocktails from American legal death franchise establishments because of the cruelty of it all. NPR reports the 'story' and moves on to legal drugs, homosexual marriage and other pressing issues of the left side of corporatism. So why not use the abundant heroin seized from criminals by law enforcement agencies to overdose those graduating from death row in a humane blaze of pain killing to oblivion?

If the death penalty must be forced upon select subjects wouldn't heroin mists, heroin food, heroin cocktails and heroin injections end the life of the victim of law happily more or less fading out them to a state of nirvana and nothingness? Heroin could then serve at least one useful purpose and save money on buying stupid drug potions from Europe. Otherwise the government could use a little bit of VX or some other nerve agent to swiftly terminate the problem and end the suffering of citizens encountering the never-ending recurrence of government incompetence.

D.C. Redskins Should Morph to First People

It seems unreasonable to expect much of R.G. III with the Redskins. If that politically incorrect name were to be changed to First People the team might get somewhere; though with a rookie coach it's improbable.

Few rookie coaches have won a Superbowl. Perhaps the First People could trade R.G. III to Oakland who can't draft a good Q.B. anyway and then try to to build up a pervasively tough team the Joe Gibbs way. Oakland could use some Al Davis spirit. Maybe R.G. III has it.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Inventive Parameters for a Motorless Dive Pump

Setting parameters for a useful invention is fairly simple when it concerns something as practical as a human powered air compressor to pump air supply to a diver in the water at the end of a 20' hose. Already existing are innumerable air pumps such as used for bicycles. There are gas an electric motor powered air pumps for divers on a short hose already, and that may have precluded the will to produce a human-powered pump (a companion to the diver on the boat would create the air supply for the diver) for divers in impoverished nations or those interested in avoiding contribution to global warming greenhouse gases superfluously.

There are some parameters for the motorless diver's air compressor that might be helpful. The hose like that of an inflatable boat valve should have a one-way gasket that admits air but won't let it backslide out. The hose might also have a pressure regulator at some point that would bleed off excess air so the diver has a constant air pressure. Additionally there might be some sort of 5 minute reserve bottle in the system sometimes that would also signal the diver in some way-perhaps with a chime, if the air supply decreased to one-minute remaining in order to give the diver time tio surface though he or she could free swim to the surface from 20'.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Epistemology Values in Modeling Natural Operating Systems

The value and role of the philosophical field of epistemology in interpreting, modeling and analyzing cognitive paradigms is a primary activity of education historically. That is epistemology or theory of knowledge began at least as early as Plato and his Academy and continued through classical education unto the present day. Epistemology casts a wide net on the discipline of understanding reality and comparative economic systems and they way they are understood. Some cosmologists today compare reality to a hologram cast by higher dimensions-perhaps upon the surface of a black hole and dark, mysterious pools of capital flowing around the world globally at the speed of light create theoretical paradoxes for taxation and governance. In order not to remain simple primitives without benefit of a wild ecosystem to learn and adapt in modern man must take a philosophical high ground to comprehend the interactions and essence of innumerable operating systems functions.

Cognitive and flow-of-thought methods of sentient systems serve to design synthetic operating systems such as are useful in computers. A purely materialistic approach to developing an artificial operating system would alternatively be irrational.

There is a well known example of the functional of a materialistic operating system bias in a chess game between Paul Kerr and Bobby Fischer. Kerr is offered a pawn in a kind of gambit. Materialistic chess players want that extra pawn or piece immediately when it is available, yet taking the piece and not considering abstract tactics may soon place the materialist into a losing position. Like the canary following a trail of bread crumbs to a position below a ball-peen hammer the checkmate knock out punch may soon be reached as the blinding materialist epistemology reaches fruition.

Epistemological analysis or theory of knowledge analysis is a field of philosophy studying the foundational relationships of knower and known, truth values in regard to knowledge and the way reality is perceived and interpreted by subjective perception and thought. It is a particular point-of-view approach to constructing a theoretical position drawing from a number of philosophical field approaches to the basic questions about human existence in what seems to be a Universe on a planet with what New Testament users of Greek might call ge, meaning land (or Earth) as well as water.

Contemporary physics have informed us of the subtle and complex composition of fields particles waves and quanta that support the appearance of forms and external structures perceptible to human beings and then interpreted with mind and theories of knowledge. researches in the classification of perceptible forms as particulars in a field perhaps temporally emphasized in a given shape and mass configuration have shown the importance of classification systems as epistemological filters and universes-in-themselves...linguistic ontologies as W.V.O. Quine might have called them, that are for-themselves interpretive paradigms and selective templates for constructing different theoretical models of given aspects of realty.

Systematic theology is an example of a particular field that selects specialized paradigmatic tools and templates to construct or induct hypothetically accurate understanding of Biblical meaning_values. Cognitive interpretive tools of epistemology are ubiquitous methodological practices in numerous intellectual activities. Contemporary designs and management of single and concurrently installed operating systems and selection of what element of reality to perceive and the way the data should be processed comprise filters in_themselves to improve the overall project of accurate epistemological values.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

N.A.S.A., 3D Printers, Drones, Inventions etc.

It is difficult to guess how far 3-D printing will change manufacturing. A Wal-Mart or ABC Corp might locate a 3-D printer at a remote location in Alaska and a consumer could go on-line to buy a product that would instantly be produced without need for transport delays. There might be a lot of jobs converting products into 3-D printable designs. Even N.A.S.A. could get in the business of locating 3-D printers on space stations, Mars and the Moon to print out useful tools and components, rovers and solar panels without need of shipping from Earth.

One might expect designers to build 3-D printers that can make 3-D printers. Radical manufacturing and production economic relocations could follow development of 3-D printers cutting global transport costs and fossil fuel pollution in the atmosphere. yet all is not peaches and creme with tech innovation obviously. Killing humans and drugging them is still profitable and will probably remain so for government and business. Remora drones with stealth and high-tech stickiness able to attach to international shipping and aircraft to piggyback to destinations such as Boston release after arrival in port of call and fly or swim themselves to contraband operators may arise to let billionaire narco-traffickers and nuke weapons providers bring their products to consumers/aka soft targets. The potential for inventive adaptations and synthetic recombinations of existing technology always exists below the surface of thought. How will concentrated wealth security protect the rich and royals from nuclear and biological weapons proliferation and attack in a global economy with advanced, disseminated chippiness? Why one might wonder, should anyone care if affordable health care denies double-sized portion of French potato fries or China rice fries?

There is a good side and a down side to all the global computer chippiness. Adolph Eichmann used I.B.M. Holereth card-countin computers to finesse the transport and liquidation of Jews in the second act of world war one named logically World War Two ( uncompleted with the failure to battle to unconditional surrender of the kaiser or the better choice to not intervene to rescue the British colonial evil empire to start with), China bought I.B.M.’s PC division and the Red Army affiliate eventually to makes pretty good Lenovo computers for consumers after Bill Gate’s use for the exclusive sale of software for I.B.M. PCs had run its course-there isn’t much good in that perhaps-and none of course with the numbering and elimination of ethnic minorities yet the inertia of business and inherited technology flows on like an amoeba evolving though consuming some peripheral humans (in Nepal?).

The first idea though is more conventional and exploits just ordinary electronics; namely the use of new forms of dehumidifier to capture water for drinking aboard boats and along dry coastal areas. Desalinating pumps trend to be expensive yet there is a lot of dehumidifying tech that might be adapted to sequester water taken from the atmosphere-perhaps solar powered.

Another idea is the use of micro-tech for tiny biochemical chips and perhaps rft tech to monitor major organ functions in the human body. Why not inject a very tiny prostate health monitoring chips where it can broadcast the chemical status or presence of cancer cells to a computer equipped with a bluetooth-like wireless receiver of data. There are already ubiquitous rft chips and receivers around the U.S.A. as has been reported. Every individual computer could be made into a health monitoring device with instant alerts of changes in body chemistry, temperature or heart performance that require attention.

If one thinks about it there should be numerous alternate approaches to traditional surgical remedies for medical issues with new micro technology and localized artificial intelligence servo-units. Billions of people including the world’s poor might received nearly no cost core medical screening with implanted microscopic health monitors given the right configuration of mass density size shape temperature through-put and biochemical ratios, transmission capability of data and ubiquitous interpretive programs reduced to a non-invasive size and form.

One day the Internet may disappear and become transcended by Quantum computing and quantum information teleportation of a scale with no limits to anyone’s band-width or transmission capability. Quantitative information transmission would be instantaneous world-wide and on-line chess games would be fair with no disadvantage to a player in a state with low Internet speed compared to a fast data speed nation. One can look ahead a little and foresee the possibilities for good chess games.

It isn’t difficult to imagine quantum-cloud based medical monitoring of all humans and most life forms one day. Of course it would be easier for covenant-based Christians to adapt to that advancing technology than dispensational premillenialists I would think, while Muslims might still be looking for some way to jihad it all. Godless atheists could seeking to corner the market and restrict transmission speed and access in order that a hierarchy of wealth and domination of power might continue for evil elites. Even so the possibilities are endless and beyond social amoebazation of any sort that butches without borders neo-scientific fascists might pursue. After all, corruption exists and existed without need of advanced technology though it inevitably seeks to exploit new tech for nefarious purposes.

Cheap computer chips mean and potential room temperature superconductors could revolutionize military strategies. Vast clouds of anti-body Frisbee sized anti-personnel drones with military explosive could solar or super-conductor battery charge and recharge with fuel cells to lie hidden below desert sands or in forest canopies waiting for human soldiers to recognize with artificial intelligence and attack. One wonders if being human in combat would become obsolete, or if anyone would be safe any place from a swarm of flying anti-body stealth mini-drones.

Civilian control of military attack anti-bodies would be more ethically challenging. Civilian political leaders and economic puppet masters should not just kill soft targets in poor countries instead of finding alternative and ecologically rational means of adjudicating political disputes that stimulate armed conflict. The obligation is upon the advantaged to find a way to bring equal protection of law to even the poor that do not understand it nor have an advantage in the economic and legal exploitation of the disadvantaged.

One would think that production facilities for manufacture of fairly low-tech military drones would be an advantage to nations such as China that already have the largest human standing armies that may become very vulnerable to cheaper-than-a-soldier anti-body war drones in a plethora of forms. One hopes the Chinese become more Christian and do not move toward the ethically dark side of the force.

One might take small comfort with the knowledge that Muslim ideas about the apocalypse and Armageddon-eschatological ideas are similar to a Christian premillennial futurist’s paradigm for interpreting the Revelation of St. John. There are other possible interpretations of the general meaning of the Revelation of John such as a praetererist covenant based paradigm wherein the beast was Nero in particular and Rome in general. Some take that as a foundation for inaugurated eschatology with a approach wherein Johns writing in a coded way to the churches and Christians of his era being persecuted also has some not yet realized futurist meaning too. Even so by the middle of the 2ns century, much less the 6th, most Christians had lost the original historical context-meaning of the Revelation according to some scholars, and of course Muhammad’s expropriation of the Revelation was made with an entirely futurist and very likely erroneous understanding of the meaning of the Revelation of John serving as a creative basis of Muhammad’s personal eschatological vision. Maybe the Muhammadans will eventual take a different view of the Revelation of John and correct Muhammad’s eschatological errors though I think it improbable. One can’t be sure that military drones demanding allegiant kow-towing to a statue of a clone-being in a reconstructed Temple at Jerusalem and a brand of Nero or 666 on everyone’s wrist to swipe over a check out counter is inevitable, or Jihad upon Jews at Jerusalem either for that matter.

There seems to be a trend in recent decades toward military attack of soft, defenseless targets directed by politico planners. Terrorism and war as politics through other means finds fewer peer wars and more dump death and havoc upon the less powerful even with apologetics from a propaganda media branch explaining the defensive nature of the event. Chippiness with designer drones may stimulate the appearance of adaptive optics camouflaging anti-bodies flying to and fastening upon tall office buildings or the soft underbelly of a ship waiting for an optimal moment to emerge from dormancy and fulfill their destined destruction. A profusion of very cheap flying anti-boy mines with face recognition cameras and artificial intelligence could even bring about personalized battle with anti-body flying mines searching for particular personnel to erase from the list of biological viable forms. Even the criteria for determining what a soft target is may become inversed.

Yek the potential good of anti-suffering attack drones to deliver plates of food and other relief supplies to difficult to access targets of mercy is self-evident. Burritos and tea delivered on site through a storm of bullets with hot sauce could rescue those deemed soft targets for others from the savage works of the wicked yearning to deny the equal protection of law and procure consolidation of wealth topped with concentration of wealth for-themselves. The usual strange world may become stranger making it seem at times as if extraterrestrial puppeteers were pulling the strings of pivotal politicians and the butch broadcast media. Maybe they do now and then; they seem to act some times as if the main purpose of life is for humans to filter auto exhaust with lungs, destroy forests, kill all wild life and melt away every glacier.

Thursday, November 06, 2014

G.O.P. Wins-Time for Shovel-Ready Jobs Securing Mex Border

Mexico's internal criminal turmoil is largely a result of the existence of a porous border with the more-prosperous for the present nation to the north-the United States. The vast criminal underworld that flourishes on both sides of the border is fueled by drugs and human smuggling in turn fueling political corruption, civil disorder and the failure of security for Mexicans and Americans alike. The need to close the Mexican border to any unauthorized immigration is plain; only in a secure environment can democracy be on an equal footing with organized crime and the killers causing more fatalities than America experienced in the Vietnam war. If on an equal footing democracy, law and order main gain ground taking the city on a hill that is the nation's capital and those toward the U.S. border back from the drug traffickers and corrupt politicians making mockery of justice, equal protection of the law and the opportunity for a secure investment environment.

Human intelligence requires fluid adaptivity to civil challenges that subvert social order and progress. The Republican Party having retaken the legislative branch of government have a clear and present obligation to seal the Mexican border with a physical boundary impassable to casual or determined law breakers. There are numerous ways that would create jobs and a better economy including elements of traditional boundaries such as the Romans and Welsh built to keep the barbarians at bay-in this case the barbarians are the savage drug traffickers and human smugglers as well as those taking jobs from Americans and subverting labor wage relations with management regarding labor supply and the value of labor. The President has been entirely spaced on the issue and promises unilateral action like King Canute to flood America with legal illegals whensoever he deems it desirable to get Hispanic votes.

Creating a Gulf to Gulf canal that would be used to desalinate salt water piped in to the continental divide and collect the evaporated fresh water in adjacent canals with water dripping down from a condenser-roof would make a vast supply of fresh water in a desert for drinking and irrigation as well as create a substantial barrier to illegal crossings with three canals and control roads and berms patrolled by electric vehicles. Jobs building the zone as well as maintaining it would be numerous. With water shortages in Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas a new fresh water source would be useful. Water siphoned and pumped perhaps with augmented power from solar panels would bring water from the higher Pacific Oceans and spill it downhill from Deming New Mexico toward the Colorado River and trans-American canal and Rio Grande respectively with a detour in Texas to cut along the border.

The value of allowing honest work and honest history to replace the corrupt milieu of underworld kitsch def facto dominating two economies in the region would be an American value that has grown a little rusty in recent decades, The President should support the effort instead of obstructing it. Shovel-ready jobs across the S.W. are needed right away-for Americans.

Monday, November 03, 2014

England Returning to Traditional Evil-Empire Role

England has resumed its traditional role as an evil empire repressing democracy and stifling religious liberty. We had suspected that English leadership wished to find a practical new way to burn down Washington D.C. again, the method seems to be with forced aristocratic butch homosexuality. Elton John's 'Burn Down the Mission' song lyric expresses the new evil empire's insider financial, social, religious takeover ideal of redistributing wealth and power to the corrupt evil empire. It is insidious social wickedness.

England has made a farce of democracy, free speech and religious liberty disordering law to promote 'British' values homosexual marriage and godless, atheistic social scientism. England will force closure of schools that teach the truth of homosexuality is sin. Britain's evil empire aristocrats have emerged in drag dressing up as bimbos of anti-Christ and decivilizers of civil rights of democracy and free speech. In land-grabbing England democracy is tolerated only so long as one does not dissent with the will of corrupt and queer aristocrats seeking to devour Russian Eastern Ukraine , compel queer marriage laws in the U.S.A. through Rhodes scholars and their suckophants and rule the world via corrupt financial networking.

The New British Evil Empire sucks bad and Barrack Hussein Obama is no correction of the threat.

Infinity is a difficult concept to grasp. The planet Earth at the edge of a little galaxy within a local group of galaxies within a super cluster within a super-cluster of galaxies in one little tendril of mass-energy in a grid across the visible Universe with vast blank spaces amidst is a phenomenal place of space-time where human souls (means the complete compresent history of an individual life mapped by God as if it were like unto a digital story) can exist. There are innumerable wrong philosophical conclusions to draw and implications to make with the human discoveries of knowledge about the Universe in relation to the revealed knowledge given in the Holy Bible. Rash, swollen hubris is too common. Misunderstanding of the Bible is common too. Space-time values are also misunderstood in physics as relativity and transcending factors of metaphysics make certain of comparative time values improbable. If relativity is basically true then time literals of the Bible are relative to God as well whom is the absolute creator of all time, mass and energy though it functions well and independently locally. One cannot be certain where to draw the line between one time-reference system and another in this Universe or any others.

The entire Universe may be like a postage stamp in size surrounded by an infinity of nothingness capable of holding an infinite number of postage stamps. It is a mysterious and wonderful thing of which humanity can know only a part through a glass darkly.

The Lord Jesus Christ provided certain moral and ethical guidelines for the liberation of humanity from the bondage to sin and evil aristocratic rulers making themselves god. Nero had Peter and Paul executed. Tiberius presided over the execution of Jesus Christ. The entire Roman imperial line of descended from Julius Caesar unto the last-Nero-were made living gods and worshiped in Rome and around the empire. Jesus Christ corrected that and returned human development to the way of God-that of freedom. The true God and the Son Jesus Christ is the right way for a lost, fallen humanity to move forward through the moral darkness of evil empires and heartless, cold-blooded godless broadcast media forever seeking to make of themselves gods of the Universe. Americans should know better by now.

British aristocrats have manipulated dumbed-down U.S. leadership since the Clinton administration at least into structuring the world to support a new British financial Empire to replace the colonial empire lost by the early 1960s. Homosexual corruption is a key to leveraging global financial power with London as the Mecca of the New Godless Evil Empire of Fundamentalist Darwinian-Spencer Concentrated Riches. The predictable censoring of political dissent on the Internet through a variety of indirect means and direct means of legal repression are advancing in the United States as well as in the Evil Empire.