Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Secret Service, Fence Jumping Invaders & Kurdistan

When a troubled vet jumped the White House Fence and ran into the East Wing of the White House the President wasn't home and neither was security. One can imagine a suicide bomber jumping the fence-maybe they already brought packages of C-4 from the Middle East over the Mexican border. Illegal boundary jumpers aren't supposed to be troubling to the rich or politicians generally. The President has been on vacation at securing the Mexican border from illegal entry as well and that keeps the value of labor down.

Perhaps the President was getting in another of hundreds of rounds of golf or considering an exit strategy for the Syrian guerrilla war and terror training field training exercise though the Pentagon has said the bombing will go on for years. Like reading tea leaves there is an art to drawing inferences from Obama administration Middle East facts from which inferences about policy could be read.

The President in a speech about the spat of head-choppings by ISIS said that no god would like that, or work that, or something like that. I do not think the President is a polytheist at all, however one knows that the mostly Reformed Christian Cromwell administration benefited from the first regicide in modern European history. God is fairly tough and able too tolerate his Son being cruicified-arguably worse than a head chopping-Jesus was no pansy.

President Obama's statement that no god-not Thor or Moloch or other pretenders that are stone or wood would condone chopping-and one knows that insentient beings cannot vote much less order head chops. It seems like another lawyerly language trick-like what the meaning of is is only with a larger topic.

God is certainly for justice and the end of sin yet one accomplishes that through the sacrifice of the Lord, not with more causal series bombings. If head chopping seems like sin, remember that Islam has no paradigm for sin as do Christians. Instead they have the goal of theocratic world-conquest as an article of faith. Politically speaking even atheists believe generally that ends justify means or at least that there are no moral values that are valid moral criteria for judging ends or means. Instead they simply are. 

The Quran has lots of stuff about war and chopping off of hands for thieving is fairly common. The Middle East has a history of low-budget corrections-even the Iranians had a tow truck with a hoist for a mobile scaffold during the Amahdinijab era I believe it was, cruising around Tehran for swift justice. The revolutionary Jacobeans and the Directorate brought a mobile guillotine to Haiti and elsewhere. ISIS as wicked and silly as it is about forming a government through blood that won't work, is not unique in the application of biased justice to political opponents. There is no question that the broadcast media is a tool of the rich and that airwaves ought to be given over to the public to restore a semblance of democracy in the U.S.A. Wealthy corporations pay money to other corporations that own broadcast networks for political advertising through PACS and the poor and middle class public slurps it up. Add together the collected political works of Republicrat parties and one find pure corporatism concentrating wealth. The media are their tools and PR mouthpieces.

If ISIS will exist for years as a credible terrorist-military force in the region then that must mean the Syrian civil war will continue too and the President will continue to support rebel efforts to depose the lawful Assad government. At the same time that the Saudis will be training 5000 moderates to either attack ISIS with sandals or boots on the ground or sand the Friends of Syria will be sending arms (well weapons rather than arms or heads) and continuing pay outs for rebel and terror salaries to the warriors that may be honest killers seeking to attack Assadites but may have sympathy toward expanding the Dar al Harb and Dar al Islam as well. Keeping a foot on the gas peddle to the metal and another on the brake simultaneously while spinning a Broddie or reverse one and a half end-over-end seems the exciting prospect.

 If the Syrian Civil war is protracted and the battle against ISIS presumes a stable foe as if it were an invading horde of  Mongols led by Tamerlane or Genghis that can be clearly identified and not just slip out and disappear into the local populace perhaps to reform like a cancer in other cells tat will assure continuing Syrian civilian suffering.

There are some that right-wingly call for boots on the ground to pacify the populace and bring peace until the boots march somewhere else. It is probably worth considering what a division or two of tankers or Marines might mean to the area. First though the exist strategy and clear goals to accomplish that might stabilize the presently ISIS-claimed regions might be adumbrated. If ISIS is dispersed won't another succeeding rebel & terror organization draw upon the remaining available resources to war and claim land? Isn't that sort of an occupation of many terror organizations in the area generally that has increased because of U.S. support for war on the lawful Syrian government?

Some might hypothesize a lasting American special forces troop presence in the Kurdistan district of Iraq as a kind of foreign legion able to reinforce Kurdish led military and security activities. A stronger Kurdistan reinforced by Iraq might be a way to keep a frontier post able to defrappe the formation of ad hoc terror ventures precipitated by the dubiously helpful war upon Basher Assad.

Some sort of stability as an ad hoc and continuing political fact that permits a certain measure of economic activity and environmental conservation development would be better than an ongoing ad hoc chaos with conflict effort.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Nature's Way

   Wrong responses to challenges of environmental and global dooming will not solve the problems. The competition of capitalism left to itself will not provide answers to environmental economic questions any more than sports competition will prepare for and provide answers to a science test. Natural forces of capital development may be as indolent and unresponsive to environmental exams as the archetypal coach potato believing that swilling beer and watching the NFL Sunday will evolve the right answers to an end-of-semester science exam Monday morning or ultimate questions on the last day.

Of Nature's Way

In the shadows that flit across the street
meeting places that eroded way
the report of no time remaining
gathering dust like a neutron star's reign
of power concentrating further
the value of truth's costly commodity
leveling packages
was a gong

Minus one twelfth night
another sum of all numbers
where forests of trees cut down fly beyond
enfiladed species erased as dreams
hours echoing in waves formed ripples
cascading through Higg's field
where gravity stands down at last
motion too with global warming dead ahead gone past

Sentient logic circuits in linear progressions
racing through bodies in a world after quarks
where ideas exist for-themselves
darkly immune from the gilt of transactions
shaped like frosting on cakes
ice rhymed winks at states of art
killing of organic life and morals
bereft of spiritual reason.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Post Script to a note on Predeterminism

Predestination is a somewhat amorphous topic. On some days I understand more about it than others. predestination might be regarded as a function of determinism. Since God is omnipotent and omniscient the temporal Universe is necessarily predestined to run its course, and of course God's purpose was not to have it as some sort of contingent, random fluke of luck. Instead, in accord with His physical boundaries determining the force structure and thermodynamic composition of the steady state-entanglement that comprises mass in Universe 1 He foreknew each and every detail and connection amidst particles and even human will.

All know God yet some with false consciousness forget who He is. All are called and few are chosen. The kingdom of God is within-these are difficult paradigms yet consistent with the omnipotent Creator who appeared as the Son that people might have a relationship personally with God.

Free will may occur within the kingdom of God that is an atemporal paradigm cohering in the temporal experience of human experience as a sort of point of contact with the non-temporal eternal presence of God whom is Spirit. Human freedom to choose Jesus Christ as their personal savior atoning for the original sin that put mankind physically into temporal thermodynamics eating of the tree of knowledge enables exfiltration from deterministic causality such as Newton would have well understood and that exists in a sense even in the quantum mechanical paradigm of quantum uncertainty. One might readily extrapolate that the uncertainty is an interface between the pure spiritual liberty of God in His omniscient, omnipotent majesty and the deterministic, entangled quantum order bound in a Higgs Field that mankind experiences. I think that is better regarded as a metaphor for the protocol between pure freedom-in-itself and the deterministic realm for others comprising the paradoxical setting for free will vs determinism issues.

Friday, September 26, 2014

The Tao of American Capitalism

American capitalism in the post-cold war era hasn't evolved felicitously like a development of four season building interior ecosystems optimally adapting in each new transformative directed evolution. Instead capital investment has flowed abroad to new economic frontiers such as China, India and Mexico as well as relocating production over there. In the leaky bucket economic criterion for American capitalism keeping capital investment in the U.S.A. is in opposition to operative Taoist principles of a watercourse way flowing capital overseas to the easiest correspondent pool of capital increase.

Corporate revenue streams may increase in the flow to richer networks downhill drawing in a thousand rivulets into consolidated corporate flows yet the redirection of capital tends to dry up the U.S. National economic opportunities for the majority of the nation whom are poor and middle class. One might envisage a two-or three stage reformed taxation principle of progressive taxation on corporate profit yet the challenges of innovating new forms of enhanced tax structures are substantial. Unlike interior d├ęcor that automatically rearranges itself and reconfigures itself along Taoist principles at minimal cost that could be technologically adduced in some futurist scenario taxation or economic reform by Democratic government becomes increasingly opposed by the shear power of concentrated capital flow. Globalization

As capital investment has flowed abroad with labor so one might anticipate intellectual work to flow abroad as well. Globalization of an intellectual labor pool may find lowest cost intellectual piecework competition with Americans on a level field with Chinese and Indian intellectuals. Spanish speaking language requirements will be outsourced to via Internet piecework bidding for work. Capitalism in effect will become alienated from the U.S.A. as a nation as it imports cheap foreign labor to drive down the wage value of remaining American labor.

A bright spot for American capitalists is that taxes may be lowered further with the concept that production will remain or return. Tax rates are perhaps not as meaningful to the decision to outsource work as labor costs and market location. As the second and third world nations move up it would be more efficient to locate production closer to the preferred market consumers.

American workers are encouraged to take on student debt training costs for jobs that may not exist or that will become outsourced. Home mortgages that are indexed through globalization to rates investors are willing to pay through derivatives may rise above the ability of the poor and middle class to afford.

With thirty-year home mortgages, disruption in quality employment may break the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to purchase and pay for a home before old age or death. Plainly divorce and homosexual marriage will change the dynamics of home ownership and increase of capital by the poor and middle class in a stable, affordable environment, and that may well affect the ability for parents to pass on their home as an inheritance with a modest capital value increase to the next generation. The default is toward renting and a trickling upward of wealth from the poor and middle class to globalists' concentrated proprietary capital. Networked outlets of global capital vacuum up the financial floor assets of the middle class and poor redistributing wealth from the nation to a plutocratic global ocean.

Developing of oil field fracking technology has brought a steady increase in American oil field production from previously depleted fields. One might reasonably anticipate global oilfields depleted during the 20th century also will be partially revived by future fracking and that too will increase production from old fields and lower global oil costs.

Oil per barrel has already dropped to the low $90s and one might anticipate a price as low as $45 to $60 in the coming years. Russia’s depleted Baku oil fields, Iran’s under-productive reserves and those of Pemex, Saudi, Nigeria and so forth will get their fracking steroid shots endangering underground water quality too yet dumping millions and millions of barrels of effective new oil onto the world market. Plainly that calls for Congress to swiftly pass a permanent alternative energy production tax exemption to let solar, wind and fuel cell power plus remain competitive with fossil fuel burning.

Creating a base service economy boom in the U.S.A. the next decade with low-paying jobs as in the Clinton years with increasing deregulation of Wall Street and the rich may concentrate wealth at an accelerating pace. Returning global investments to buy up American properties will also continue as the majority of Americans experience life ruled by a Plutonomy.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Robot Diagnostic Doctors to Lower Medical Costs for the Billions?

The world shortage of physicians to accurately treat disease may be logical filled one day by low-cost robotic diagnostic doctors with memory banks of every disease and symptom known to man. With terabyte SD cards on the horizon building 1000 terabyte robot memory for low cost can be foreseen. The field of manufacturing robotic physicians to diagnose illness with a built in synthetic tool kit of imaging and chemical analysis devices and software for interpretation is logical as well.

One would think that the National Institute of Health could provide a project paradigm for development of the ideal robotic doctor to lead capitalism to radically lower the cost of quality medical care for the billions.  Obviously one might worry about making the beast’s image and consider planting a self-destruct circuit in the robotic doctor if it goes to the dark side of the force-yet I think that the prophesied Evil Leader would find some other vehicle for its rep to appear in. So, returning to the cheaper medical care project…

Dr. Robots able to walk the walk and talk the talk might be able to be trained to illegibly scrawl prescriptions too. Dr. Bots would have a good patient communication lexicon and deductive language reasoning capability to ask and understand any foreseeable human response to probing questions such as does it hurt?

There may be a primary difference between diagnostic Dr. Bots and Dr. Fix--all bots. Obviously some entrepreneurs would seek to package diagnostic and treatment bots together one day in competition one-upsmanship. Some surgeries could be performed by programmable robotic platforms with built in surgical procedures data banks  in field clinics while others might need to be established in permanent treatment facilities although modularizing Dr. Bots Surgeons on hovercraft for location to roadless areas might be useful. They should all have solar recharging capability for powering up as well as fuel cells.

While it is true that human volunteer networks to examine breasts are easy to innovate, checking human health through vaginal or anal data-ports is more of a problem. One can imagine robotic probes with smaller, non-invasive diagnostic imaging tools able to more accurately interpret infrared imaging and perform chemical and biological analysis from a comprehensively broad spectrum of the human eco-complex. A Dr. Bot alien probe should be able to provide one’s genetic ancestry as routinely as making a blood survey.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Alaska Senate Candidate's Parents Donate $300,000 to PAC

A former mayor of Anchorage and active U.S. Marine reserve Colonel's parents donated $300,000 to a political action committee run by Karl Rove. There are media attack ads paid for by those pacs on 'Dirty' Dan Sullivan's rival, incumbent U.S. Senator 'Malarki' Mark Begitch broadcast and that makes me wonder about the fairness of a system that allows the rich to in effect launder campaign financing of ads through partisan pacs. It does not seem that there are limits to giving money to pacs yet ordinary people are limited to what? $1500 donations to a candidate-is that limit on free speech on ordinary people fair when the can buy as much support for their favorite candidate they want?

The media corrupts when it is owned by the rich instead of ordinary people.

Why Compromise and Innovation are Better than Confrontation for Ukraine

Compromise rather than conflict is the better course for Ukraine. Sanctions and bellicose Washington D.C. rhetoric about Russian aggression accompanied with sanctions dividing Russian and European trade and commerce ought to be replaced with realpolitik. It is better to integrate Russian-European economics rather than segregate. It is better to make closer security and trade ties trilaterally with Russia, Europe and the U.S.A. instead of increasing isolation and sanctions. When it is possible with intelligent leadership to innovate progress instead of regressing to primitive cold war posturing one should choose the smart way rather than the dumb.

Ukraine is unlikely to be harmed by making of itself something of a political laboratory for creative political merger accentuating positive, closer ties with Russia and the west simultaneously. Creative political thought did not need to die with the passing of Reagan-Gorbachev era.

Obama administration sycophants complain about the European economy slowing U.S. economic growth as if the sanctions hurting European and Russian economies haven’t anything to do with Europe’s stagnant recovery from the 2008 banking and mortgage crash largely developed through Wall Street and British, D.C. and London deregulation and failure to govern high-speed quantitative trading and packaging of bad debt for sale.

The Obama administration’s failure to comprehend Russia’s 1200 year patrimony of the Ukraine and the unlikely circumstance of a complete acceptance of de-Russification of Ukraine means that the economic and security stumbling block will continue indefinitely even if with a cold war level of simmering maneuver. That is quite different from warm and innovative relations between Europe, the United States and Russia-and that is bad for the economy of the three regions.

The reality of Ukraine permits far more real interaction and adjustment of political formality than the abstract ideological and partisan positions that Washington and its puppet politicians believe possible. The confrontational Washington attitude does not save Ukraine from a return to the evil empire of the Soviet Union. It is quite possible for Ukrainian pluralism to include Russian interests and Ukrainian politicians with very close ties to Russia as well as the west. Ukrainian interests are in drawing benefits from east and west rather than just the west or the east. They have no need of an exclusive relationship to one side or the other beyond its borders, and neither need Ukrainian independence mean being free of affiliations and treaties with anyone beyond its borders.

Ukraine might sight trade agreements with Russia and the west simultaneously-even some of those free trade agreements that Washington leapt into as if they were the opulent new designer economic drug. Ukraine can be the state where synthetic development and inclusion of Russian-leaning separatist regions in their own Ukrainian community of independent state can satisfy the real desire for many to be more Russian culturally than western while west leaning interests can be confident of free trade, freedom of religion and security interests not being taken over by a Russian mafia or onerous policies repressing civil rights.

It is often said that most Ukrainians want democracy and a free economy, yet so do many Russians and Europeans. Realpolitik of history shows that tribal and cultural wars are right up there with wars and conflicts created by aristocracy and royalty over land. Keeping the ordinary citizen free of class caste systems isn’t easy-even the power of concentrated wealth and their media pets make it challenging for some to recognize their loss of earnings power and degradation of comparative social advantage.

Ukraine should seek its own balance in Fullerian social synthetic integration-syntegrity between Russia and Europe innovating new political structures to bring in closer Russian economic and cultural participation while drawing in the west as well. The major sticking point in getting the sanction repealed swiftly is the need for political change away from confrontationism and bellicosity with stark, de trop, black-white us and them paradigmata for ultimatums. Moving through a variety of Ukrainian political evolutions toward a realpolitik of mergism is not only possible, it is a necessary way to move economic progress forward, reduce European tension in the region and return the focus of Europe toward rebuilding the economic malaise that is still severe in several members of the EC.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

What Were the Demographics of Failed Scot's Independence Vote?

One wonders about the failed voted for Independence in Scotland where 45% voted yes and 55% said 'God save the Queen'-and even monarchs that are nominally head of the state Church can use salvation of course. Did the woman vote in Scotland swing toward the Queen whereas the men voted for Independence, except for the homosexuals that prefer England's homosexual marriage?

If women are somewhat biologically more conservative perhaps the disruption in income stream that would have occurred if leaving the U.K. overcame the opulent possibilities of independence. Pie in the sky-even good lemon meringue pie, just isn't as good as the present slice of pizza or package of fish and chips.

President Obama has learned well to exploit the gender preferences in politics and with the help of talk radio Rush Limbaugh's quaint concepts about science, global warming and environmentalism (he would probably have called the cfl caused ozone hole a hoax and opposed banning its use the Democrat Party has found easy going. While some don't like the Neanderthal brand of politics implicitly there are still many that believe homosexuals shouldn't be allowed to corrupt society in order to erase the idea that homosexuality is a corruption of human nature. Marriage should rationally be limited to heterosexuals and a 90% tax rate restricted to just the rich.

The Obama-Reagan Doctrine of Force & Mass Drivers for Deflecting Asteroids

President Ronald Reagan developed a large military capability yet rarely debauched its content in war. Though Star Wars research created new military technology it also produced applications for civilian use proving up the feasibility of advanced concepts. One of those was the mass driver and kinetic weapons technology.

Real conservatives are conservative on war spending too. What Americans really didn’t like about the G.W. Bush administration was the incredibly profligate use of military spending to change a regime in a second world country in which America dropped more bombs than the entire Second World War. The cost to the United States has been estimated to be about 3 trillion dollars including the cost of lifetime V.A. care for injured and traumatized vets, and that was just crazy. The G.W. Bush estimate of the cost of rebuilding Iraq was just 16 billion dollars. After winning reelection President Bush II said he had a lot of political capital to spend-and he meant it with a spending spree approach to transferring wealth to Halliburton and other defense contractors.

Of course conservative Presidents use military force when or where necessary-yet unless they are Genghis Khan emulating war aggressors, they will apply Occam’s razor to conserve military field deployment. Seeking non-military remedies for ongoing and emerging political concerns should be prioritized by conservatives even in an era where liberals have joined with corporatists to prosper from military contracting or networking through Wall Street.

President Obama has generally spent far less on war than the Bush Presidents. Like Ronald Reagan he seems recalcitrant about making military investment convertible, disposable outcome. Not to say that the Obama administration's Middle East policy is top drawer or effective-far from it, and neither has he seen that dividing Europe and Russia won't advance European security against Muslim terrorism. Russia is the strong player able to defend the S.E. flank of Europe from terror ingression rather than the Dutch-who provided the Pakistanis with the technology to construct nuclear weapons, or the British just looking for a few hard targets for head shots and trade advantages. Russia is the strong defense player with a 1200 year commitment to the Ukraine with a real interest in keeping that region free of Muslim expansionism. The United States has proven itself unwilling to effectively defend even its own southern border against illegal immigration and allowed ISIS to take a smorgasbord approach to land grabbing in Iraq and Syria.

However the Obama administration policy of fiscal conservatism on war investment in a better economy would free up public money for space defense research. As it is a tough time financially with clouds on the horizon it may be useful to remix Reagan era Star Wars space research to develop a weapon against the natural threat of incoming asteroids that ought to be deflected lest they destroy life on Earth. Apparently that is a real possibility that human society ought to be prepared to defend against before the need arises.  It may be that the electromagnetic mass driver technology could be field tested on the lunar surface and advanced to a state of readiness for rapid deployment on an incoming asteroid.

Actually three mass drivers powered by a small nuclear reactor and using the mass of the asteroid quarried into bite sized chunks for launching could direct the asteroids course away from  the Earth with more force than an ion engine. The mass of the asteroid would also be reduced by the continuous removal of rock accelerated through the three mass drivers in the right direction to deflect the asteroid from impact on the Earth. Advances in robotics and programming could make it possible to package asteroid deflection tool kits on the moon ready to journey to incoming asteroids, launching with a mass driver from the moon and accelerated with ion and chemical rocket engines to intercept the threat at a distance.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Name Your Poison; Mark Begitch or Don Sullivan

Alaska’s race for U.S. Senate this year pits an extremist incumbent against an extremist challenger and I suppose Sen. Lisa Murkowski is to blame. She defeated the Republican primary winner in the last election forsaking the Republican Party to run as an independent and defeated the Yale Law, Univ. of Alaska Economics, Federal Judge and Army officer Bronze Star winner Joe Miller with cross-over Democrats and women of both parties.

She ought to have let Miller go-ahead and win the Senate seat and run against Begitch this year. The Republicans would have two winners instead of at best an extremist or two. I suppose Alaskans can write in Sean Parnell for Senate-he is running for re-election as Governor yet if elected perhaps he could name a replacement and move east.

Lisa Murkowski is a natural Democrat supporting abortion and homosexual marriage as does Sen. Begitch. Don Sullivan is an active Marine Reserve Colonel who might light to tell the civilian populace what to do as well as control the military. That leads to another point-America’s Middle East policy is ineffective. Bulls want to attack every Red Flag they can see in each and every Muslim terror group as if there was a purely military remedy to the borders, cultures and religious affiliation issues plus oil and security; there isn’t.

Syria has three or four distinct population groups with different interests thrown into one nation not by consent but by the power of the allies diving up the former Ottoman Empire at the end of the First World War. The idea of a democracy working in that context is rather silly. Only if a Dictator beats down the people enough would they submit to a uniform nominal Democratic rule with a dictator for life winning 100% of the votes each Democratic election cycle in the People’s Republic.

If ISIS were ‘defeated’ or dispersed by alliance of the willing bombing other terrorist organizations will fill the void of power in Syraq. ISIS cadre will infiltrate in to other groups-probably the ones being trained by Americans in Saudi Arabia in order to take over the new moderates who are removed from their posts as ‘shop-keepers’ and ‘clerks’ to fight against the extremists.

Washington D.C. legal literalists don’t want to change the boundaries of Syria and partition the country between Sunni and Shi’a-Christians or have the Israelis go over the Golan Heights to take a chunk of land on the Iraq border. The idea is that legalism is the answer to everything. Litigation and law-every legal pretense is the right excuse for bad or unjust policy implementation-and all the government retards like to go ahead on the 2 dimensional notion of rational international law regarding borders as sacrosanct.

Thus the right way for the Obama administration to circumvent the idea of international border sovereignty to implement regime change is to support international terrorist cadre training, or rather freedom fighter or revolutionary training in some other country so they can cross borders and leave the legal fiction of respect for the international boundaries intact. I perhaps didn’t write that plainly. It is something like the paradigm of the old covenant of the law and the new covenant of the Lord Jesus Christ that transitioned in the first century a.d.

The Jews had been given the Mosaic Law and followed it as well as possible. Not only the Ten Commandments were presented-there were Levitical priesthood rules and other instructions given for social behavior. The laws of God were liberating to a very corrupt society amidst corrupt societies and the chosen people were always straying. The Jews as the rile models for a perfect society tended to fail and God’s corrections through international affairs of Jewish society were tough on the people. Original sin and a fallen human nature needed more than laws to cohere within. They needed the Lord Jesus Christ.

It was said by God to the prophet Jeremiah that the laws of God would be written on the hearts and minds of the faithful one day. Jesus Christ saw that the legalists of the major Jewish groups failed to have the right heart in applying the law as the end-in-itself. It is quite possible to apply the law in social and international affairs and go wrong. We see that situation in Syria today and it existed in the first century and day of the Lord too. The technical boundaries of Syria may be respected yet the people within and without suffer from war. Though the abstract legal border is respected by governments they flank the boundary sovereignty principle and fund terrorists to cross through it as if it were thin air-it hasn’t that much substance actually.

The United Nations may need to develop a facility for recognizing the relation of people to international borders in order to serve the people and not just governments and elites. If it is necessary to partition people and redraw a border such as in Syria where each major groups should have its own independent legal power for self-rule then it should. The old borders created by a prior legal body rather than the people just might need to be changed to reflect the new social reality.

It is very easy to imagine Hezbollah or some other groups expanding into a part of Syria-or for Al Qaeda to continue to develop relations with Wahhabists and other extremists that would radically influence local political evolutions. It is more difficult to imagine a police and security presence unaffected by and able to control the militarized citizenry of Syraq without being under the influence of a terrorist groups like Hamas. Hamas or another version may be the next Syrian government if the Obama administration policies continue to undermine the Assad Government and the U.N. does not support a partition.

It is challenging however to see stability in the Middle East with a Syria governed by the Muslim Brotherhood with a purge of Christians and Shi’a or if even a more radical government were to take power. There are a number of political conflations possible. Thus I believe a partition and some sort of stability reinforced with international supervision in each part of the former Syria would be the better policy. Of course the U.S. Government just doesn’t have rational Middle East policy oftimes, so there isn’t much to hope for in that regard.

Whoever wins in the U.S. Senate, they ought to ask for replacement of America’s present U.N. Ambassador in order to install someone with a competent, independent point of view.  There are several international affairs involving this heart versus legal pretense issue-especially in Ukraine were Russia’s 1200 year patrimony was disregarded by the cheesy Clinton era swiping of Ukraine from a distressed Russia. Law is important-yet equally so is truth. Hitler was legally elected-yet we know where that went.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Gather.com Finally Kicks Social Networking Content

Many were sad to see gather.com's social networking content bite the dust recently. For a year and a half it hadn't allowed photo or video uploads and now all of the text content by all except a very few semi-pro writers has gone offline.

I uploaded hundreds of photos videos and essays-actually thousands for several years, so that's quite a deletion from the www. Helium.com-another Boston based company censored, deleted and then banned me from writing, and N.P.R. took down it's Your Turn-Discussion open posting content a few years ago. Those and a few others have sequentially deleted my content from the Internet Since they all seem like left-leaning sites it leads me to wonder if the Demos aren't the main Internet de facto censors.

If a writer's page has anything to do with Massachusetts and you haven't  left-leaning style beware-the content may eventually disappear one way or another.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

N.A.S.A. Earth Images Via Pink Floyd (video)

The idea of putting men and women on Mars should continue with long-term build up of supplies for living including crackers. These could be delivered in occassional packets to a specific location. It would also be good to ask Boeing to design an electro-magnetic linear accelerator-mass driver system for Earth to orbit heavy-lift launches.

In the age of exploration ships such as that of Columbus had to be self-contained with nothing sent ahead. Mars is not like that however. Earth can view Martian sites directly and communications with lasers can be instant. It would be a good idea to begin building up stuff and components the next decade in order to synergize invention and innovation on-site.

The Mars exploration start ought not be a Super SUV packed for vacation style all or nothing dice throw with fair odds.


U.S. Public Debt May Reach 18 Trillion This Year-51 New American Billionaires

Thought the U.S. public debt today is 
$ 1 7 , 7 7 3 , 1 5 6 , 2 7 5 , 8 8 3 . 2 0

there are reportedly 51 new American billionaires this year with an average worth of more than 3 billion each. The world's 2600 billionaires have 7.3 trillion bucks. Its lucky they run personal finance better than the public sector. 

Have NFL Spectator-Drunks Added to the War on Women?

One wonders if the violence of the NFL that is an alleged culture of corruption might promote violence against women indirectly through alcohol fueled beatings? When Women's suffrage grew in the early 20th century women supported prohibition. For 13 years the nation was dry-during that time called the roaring 20s the 18th amendment had prohibited booze in America. Wall Street built up a huge flam pyramid of unsupported investment without the dampening influence of booze. In the 1990s that was accomplished without sobriety on Wall Street-that is prohibition was was repealed with the 21st amendment in 1933.

A new prohibition era might reduce violence against women-at the very least Sunday Blue Laws prohibiting the sale of alcoholic beverages would be a moderate way to begin to deescalate the violence in culture, if alcohol is partly responsible for the violence. Advertising beer sales on any given Sunday seems a little to irreverent for a sober society.

It is something of a social philosophical issue when tens of thousands of drunks watch violence growing animated with emulative emoting. When sports media sneaking into Soldier field to swill alcohol from plastic cups and report the game developed a social conscious (just kidding) and sense of honor they might have thought that prohibition should be restored and violence against women reduced, yet that would be against the odds. Jim McMahon could have received diagnostic imaging for brain damage to determine the extent of damage to health during his career. There should be objective measurements and allowable levels of brain damage any NFL player can experience before mandatory retirement. Alcohol too damages brains as well as livers not only of drunks but of those they beat down as well.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Free Scotland to become 51st State Next?

If the Scots vote to be free in the independence vote tomorrow, taking control of their natural resource wealth, one must wonder if they will petition to become a territory of the United States and then a U.S. State next? There is a certain blingy zinginess about Scotland and single malt scotch as as American. For one thing Scotland can have its own vote in the U.N. before it joins the U.S.A. and seek a position on the Security Council where it can press for better anti-oil spill laws. As an American state it can at least for a while ban homosexual marriage that Britain forced upon them. The fine print though would exclude 18 U.S. states where Federal District Courts have rather forced homosexual marriage upon the people.

It is possible that after the divorce with England that Scotland will ask for foreign banks to move in and replace those that fled to the Thames for comfort and royal security blankets. I recommend that they avoid any banks without a certain percent of real assets versus loans. maybe the Scots will seek union with Denmark because of their fine cheeses or  Germany because of black forest hams. If I were a Scot myself I think I would look for a partnership with a good potato-producing country and have a free trade agreement in place right away.

Monday, September 15, 2014

A Switch to Robots of Discipline Ahead?

N.F.L. football star Adrian Peterson was arrested recently for spanking his kid with a switch. With child abuse a global problem theorists have developed the spare not the Rodham and spoil  not a child-spanking robot of discipline. When junior deserves corporal punishment for Napoleanic tendencies a Rodham robot of discipline can administer one-hundred swats faster than Bruce Lee’s wing Chung delivered with politically-correct sensitivity.

Some American males for too long have had a Pavlovian attitude toward discipline paradoxically salivating over the prospect of discipline-fulfillment-response-compensation loops. Cults of dog-walking females inspired the inventor of the Rodham Robot to journey to Europe and Paris in search of theories of discipline machines.

Shurelee ‘Tickle’ Flant Oxford IV realized that brutality to dogs was part of a cast system hierarchy brought about by leader-of-the-pack domination violence against dogs. Stopping spanking of dogs from early puppydom would create a better dog social-ecostructure. Instead of condign conditioning Oxford saw that the reward system for misbehavior would be more effective. If a dog was given enough taffy treats for misbehavior it would learn to hate misbehavior. The first step was in developing a Rodham Robot of Discipline to wean the dog ‘owners’ away from brutality to their pups.

Combining Charles Babbage’s calculating engine with women of discipline advertising in shop windows of Amsterdam Dr. Oxford saw the prototype of his dreams forming as a sparkling Rodham Spankin machine of discipline.

Americans have been moving toward a cessation of spanking and swatting in public schools where echoes sounding like a gunshot would reverberate from one end of a school building to another whenever another victim was given the flat bat of stinging discipline on the behind. The results have liberated Wall Street to have zero-responsibility passing of bad debt in little slices called derivatives globally, and there was no problem with that. They seek another way to discipline children without the possibility of sadistic pleasure fulfillment in administrators of discipline and are thus receptive to the Rodham Spanking Robot taking a swat at it down the road.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

On Eschatology

Eschatology is a term referring to the study of end times-that is the end of the world and Universe. Many cultures have end times prophecies as a kind of counterpoint to creation stories. Science of course views everything through a jaundiced eye of causality reasoning from within the field of being. With logical investigations and mathematical calculations one may infer the cosmological history of the Universe and project the future of the Universe and even its end. Of course science does not inevitable have all the facts hence it may miss out on significant elements for calculating. In 1999 it was discovered that the expansion of the Universe is increasing and has done so for about 7 billion years instead of slowing down under the influence of gravity. One might wonder how renewed, accelerated spatial expansion occurs in-itself and how that effects the parameters of Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity.
I believe that historians of eschatological paradigms of diverse cultures have classified the form of thee end times. Science has had a big rip-in which the Universe’s space-time is torn apart by too rapid of expansion. Science has also had a big crunch wherein the gravity of the Universe slows the expansion and draws it toward contraction and an end times singularity. There are also cyclical theories of science wherein space-time field membranes periodically collide, bounce and end and start a new cycle of expansion and evolution until it wears down its energy in thermodynamic exhaustion. That would be something like a ball thrown into the air that goes higher and higher until its energy is spent whereat it falls to Earth, hits a trampoline with energy in the skin of the trampoline that adds energy to the returning ball for a bounce of equal height again.

Hindu eschatology has time periods called kalpas. After the equivalent of 50 billion years have passed Brahma wraps up the Universe and recycles it. Brahma is the Christian equivalent of God.
Ragnarok and other Nordic myths are included in the field of eschatology. Yet as Christians we are concerned with the eschatological paradigm of the Bible. Scholars of Bible studies necessarily make a kind of limited systematic theology by deciding what valid eschatological references in the Bible are and how they should be correlated with references in other books of the Bible. There are several ways of interpreting the collected eschatological materials producing different ideas about when or how the end times scenarios eventuate.

In end-times paradigms the world may end in flames, or flood, disaster of various kinds with signs and portents, predicted circumstances and indications that the end times are on the way. Jesus Christ of course said,
Matthew 24-4 “And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you.
5 For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.
6 And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.
7 For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.
8 All these are the beginning of sorrows.
9 Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name's sake.
10 And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another.”

The temporal exstasis, the rate and nature of the passage of time, in eschatological scenarios tends to be linear with the arrow of time moving forward irreversibly along one dimension or direction. Some theorists believe that if space-time can be regarded as a composite of dimension entailing membrances that moving along or through each other producing the phenomena of time for observers. They may also postulate that the complexity of matter interactions make reversibility of time theoretically possible yet practically not so. It goes witout saying that the entire space-time field would need to reverse rather than just a portion of it, and that seems unlikely, not that one would ever notice if it did.

At any rate, I mentioned the foregoing as a lead-in to pointing out that Jesus Christ seems to bring a different paradigm to space-time eschatology without necessarily advancing neither a cyclical nor a linear time paradigm for end times. Even though the New Testament does provide something of more usual end-times information, it also has a different temporal axis, one based in the kingdom of God that is for-itself outside of space-time existing as a transcending fact beyond the linear order of causality.

Yet of the causal order the Lord was not short of knowledge. He mentioned at one time to his contemporaries prophecies concerning himself and Jerusalem, yet they failed to understand then. The destruction of Jerusalem would be an apocalyptic event, yet not that of the entire world, unless of course one interpreted the resurrection of the Lord as the most important eschatological event-the end of temporal history as the main place of meaning-with the new emphasis shifting to the church and the kingdom of God-though the temporal line runs on for a time or time and a half, a kalpa or a trillion years…like something of a cul de sac.
Matthew 16-1 “The Pharisees also with the Sadducees came, and tempting desired him that he would shew them a sign from heaven.
2 He answered and said unto them, When it is evening, ye say, It will be fair weather: for the sky is red.
3 And in the morning, It will be foul weather to day: for the sky is red and lowring. O ye hypocrites, ye can discern the face of the sky; but can ye not discern the signs of the times?
4 A wicked and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign; and there shall no sign be given unto it, but the sign of the prophet Jonas. And he left them, and departed.”

The kingdom of God may have a different physics, a different field, or even a spiritual foundation with fundamentally new structure of existence. From what Jesus said here about marriage, it seems that temporal thermodynamics might be absent from the kingdom of God.

Matthew-29 “Jesus answered and said unto them, Ye do err, not knowing the scriptures, nor the power of God.
30 For in the resurrection they neither marry, nor are given in marriage, but are as the angels of God in heaven.
31 But as touching the resurrection of the dead, have ye not read that which was spoken unto you by God, saying,
32 I am the God of Abraham, and the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob? God is not the God of the dead, but of the living.”

Eschatology has many Judeao-Christian and even Muslims interpretations. I will briefly consider elements of some.

Christian eschatology is a large field concerned with learning when the second coming of Christ and end of the present temporal world order will occur.  Some of the basic fields for interpreting the Revelation and apocalyptic references comprising eschatological material are Praeterism, Idealism, Historicism and Futurism. There also are fields of study about a millennium of rule by the Lord on Earth. One finds a comparable paradigm in the Muslim period ruled by Isa. The field opinions about a millennium of rule by God/Jesus or Isa his rep are called premillennialism, post-millennialism and amillennialism.


There is yet another context-ism about these time periods. Dispensationalism has the idea that there are various ages or epochs whereby God relates to humanity providing a different emphasis. This age of the Gentiles might be regarded as one such era. I think this idea is one paradigm abstract with some true elements. Yet one can have a few true fence post located at right places and still make a fence with the wrong shape. That is there might be more going on than a simple dispensation paradigm might take notice of.

This point of view is described by the wikipedia article as being mostly an historical viewpoint. It seems something like Bultman might have liked. It is the ministry and legacy of Jesus that was the eschatological event and the corresponding worldly events have already happened. It differs from futurism and futurist dispensationalism with those ideas anticipating a coming anti-Christ, Armageddon, rapture and so forth. Even so it is not so simple. What Jesus said and his ministry wasn’t entirely or even primarily worldly or grounded in space-time rather than the kingdom of God. Time is non-linear for the Lord.

Inaugurated Eschatology was popularized by George Eldon Ladd-a prolific Christian theologian. He has several books available on-line. It has some elements of futurism while also has elements that were fulfilled already with the appearance of the Lord. It seems a reasonable approach.



This web site has interesting real-time political concepts about end times fragments in the Middle East. Egypt offered some Sinai land to the Palestinian authority in the context of making a final settlement with Israel and that was rejected. Wars and rumors of wars include ISIS, the Caliphate and the prospects for partitioning Syria to give the Sunni of Syria half of that nation so they can extricate themselves from the civil war that evidently cannot end without further.

Muslim have an eschatological tradition somewhat similar to Jewish and Christian though with less content. The Bible was written by many authors under the direction of God while the Quran was written, it is said, by one man. Hence there isn’t as much detail or subtle weaving of nuance and scripttural references and allusions developing over more than a thousand years in the Quran. Even so the end times are called Qiyamah. That is the Resurrection or the Final Day. Muslims have a battle of Armageddon too. The point of view of those events differs from Christian and Jewish paradigms.

Muslims have some paradigms of apocalypse similar to those of John the author of the Revelation. An anti-Allah appears named Masih ad-Dajjal and the bad folks follow he who claims to be god though he has just one eye while the good are led by the returning Mahdi (Jews expect a mahdi to appear to establish the kingdom). The Mahdi and Isa will beat down Masih ad-Dajjal and establish peace on Earth.

After Isa’s period of ruling the faithful placidly ends two evil tribes descended from evil beings will start a battle to wipe out the believers. The Ya'jooj and Ma'jooj tribes start a general decline of morals. I believe these tribes are also known as Gog and Magog. Instead of a rapture, a pleasant southern breeze arrives to remove the faithful from the world, and all hell breaks loose.

An evil beast will come out of the ground (something like the beast in the pit) and vanquish the faithful and the Quran will be forgotten. People will fornicate in the street like donkeys before a black smoke covers the world. The sun rises in the west and a trumpet sounds and everything is wrapped up. The only things living are what Allah wills to remain. Another trumpet sounds and everything is hunkie dorrie-everyone is resurrected and a journey starts. The good go to Janna and the faithless go to Jannanam (heaven and hell I suppose).

The paradigm seems to reflect Jewish-Christian-pagan syncretism changing the orientation  to reflect Muhammad’s point of view. Muhammad’s father was the keeper of the Kabba at Mecca before he was orphaned. He probably had both testaments of the Bible. By the 7th century the New Testament had been translated into Gothic for Germans. It was moving about the old world with priests liberally. With the fall of Jerusalem and the Roman Empire the attack upon the Eastern Roman Empire at Constantinople was getting started. Mohammad's warrior religion was the unifying power for conquest of North Africa, much of Asia and Europe. With the retreat of the Byzantine Empire and start of the dark ages in Europe the game was on.