Sunday, March 30, 2014

Reverse Obamacare Template for Public & Private School Exchanges?

American public education evolved to a Soviet Union paradigm eclipsing common private school education. Freedom of choice from a menu of public and private school options is better than the Soviet school model. Could the Obamacare policy of usurping private sector health insurance be applied in reverse to liberate public education through government education voucher exchanges?

Is it possible to deescalate public education monopoly though public education exchanges with savory derivatives and a hint of dark pool quantitative trading (just joking about that). Creative Wall Street financing techniques innovated with Obama economic healthcare )-look what its dome for balancing the Federal budget and paying down the public debt so far-might be useful for redistributing public education opportunities to include private school vouchers. The Democrat voter likes freedom of nuanced color choices instead of just one black color of model A.

Plainly Obamacare has some faults and wrong premises. Young workers were supposed to pay a large tax for something they didn't need in order to redistribute their earnings to older workers with pre-existing conditions such as H.I.V. that couldn't get insurance. With that policy supported by young American democrat workers it was possible to lift the burden from the rich and cut their taxes. President Obama led the effort to make the Bush II tax cuts permanent.

It would have been practical to create standard emergency medical loans for workers age 60 and under that are usually healthful. With $10,000 available at favorable rates if a worker has some emergency health problem, and covering his or her/it's own out of pocket expenses for minor medical issues the cost of a given level of medical care could be low. One might pay $200 dollars a year for a loan guarantees instead of $6000 dollars for insurance each year that isn't used.

An expanded V.A. Medical system treating screened, verified poor Americans could substitute well for the holes in U.S. health coverage. Networking community health facilities with the V.A. system for the poor with no-cost services to the poor would have been plain and simple. Obamacare's thoughtless redistribution of wealth from the compassionate young willingly substituting for the rich apparently did have some neat health insurance exchanges that allow broken initially could with some tweaking be adapted as a model for education facilities where citizens could apply for affordable private school alternative to neon-communist public schools and all the become-indoctrinated stadardized social programming that goes with them.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Philosophical ideas of Quantum Cosmology & Faster-Than-Light Travel

This is an excerpt from my philosophical science fiction novel The Novilistricka Function.

The work of David Bohm in the twentieth century was fundamental for developing comprehension of the implicate. Research has followed throughout the Corporate and free regions of Universe (1). Yet it is an area that has eluded my philosophical investigations so far, I am embarrassed to say. Perspective in space-time composition is one of the essential construction traits of being. In a zero-dimensional criterion intervals within a continuum are founded in perspective. Transitions and change,disconformities and even the appearance of being and nothingness are a construction of perspective.

The evolution of space-time, energy, mass and Universes are a matter of perspective. The continuity of change overlaid simultaneously upon longer lasting semi-constants that presents phenomena such as a unified physical field transitioning with cooling and advancing entropy into increasing yet less powerful numbers of general physical laws and a promulgation of cooler, more complex structures right on to the most complex forms of life are advancing perspectives from The One.
The issue of how The One, given an initial, contingent non-dimensional paradigm creates being and nothingness, sense and non-sense--any differences at all, and eventually any sort of matter or existing things, brings me to consider that it is perspective flowing from self-awareness that emanates the most elegant creations over time that originate as contingent ideas and being through perspective. Fields of local and non-local symmetries explicate fine meshes of substance apparent to humans within the configuration.

Quarks and their bosons are the basic physical quanta of matter, and we wonder what quarks are made of--if they are simply multi-dimensional strings or loops, hyper-dimensional membranes or point particles viewed as waves or strings in added geometrical analogies as dimensions. So what are they really? Nothing less than quantum units of measurement in a protocol field. There are deeper and different paradigmatic explanations.

Perspectives from the One have issued relationships that become akin to frequencies that have their own stasis or formation. Frequencies given content simply by existing as perspectives of The One comprise the fuzzy logic strings and loops that integrate as functions unto larger, more complex and powerful units of energy and mass. Because of the basic nature of perspective and contingent frequencies or energy levels and forms of constructions bound integrally in quantitative units with some logical relational values for mathematical physicists, quantum mechanical elements of uncertainty that are a notable characteristic of the quantum mechanical realm implicitly reflect the virtual reality of existence itself contingent upon The One.

The classical philosophical questions of being and nothingness; of a dichotomy of light and dark, or of existence and non-existence are reflected in the quantum mechanical phenomenalities of super-positioning of quantum mechanical wave-particle appearances and sharing of information faster-than-light seemingly. All fundamental relationships of space-time and mass-energy are contingent and grounded in a non-dimensional, or pre-dimensional perspective of The One.

The energy levels, and these should be thought of as apparent energy levels rather than real energy levels, of any mass or energy issued in Universe (1) appearing at the quantum mechanical level and higher fall into ordered and set modalities that interact logically with all of the additional energy and form frequencies promulgated. It is very rare that unscheduled or unintended energy transitions occur beyond the natural capability, capacity or characteristics of the given spectrum.

It is something like expecting two plus three to equal twenty-seven, to expect that anything can travel faster than light in this Universe (1). While it has been shown that some of the ten dimensions of the Universe (1) are smaller and yet may be hyper-extended locally in some cases to create a super-realism now and then, and used for information logic gates for extra-dimensional travel--it is far more difficult to attenuate the practical application of quantum mechanical effects to macro-dimensional space travel of a sub-light speed and hyper-light speed nature without violating the integrity of four-dimensional space.
I have thought occasionally of building a field-expedient, faster-than light space-time engine through a capturing device for intake of paired quantum mechanical virtual particles directing their negatively charged halves to a time ahead in the location of travel, yet that would require that the space-ship attain relativistic velocity in order to capture sufficient virtual particles to offset the negative bow wave effects of increasing graviton attraction due to sympathetic mass-gravity frequencies. The equation of infinite mass and infinite energy needed to move that mass are a conundrum of relativistic speeds near c.

I might also redirect offending gravitons around the space ship with a graviton field-dimensional flow transducer. Gravity might simply be an apparent compaction of space and dilation of time because of the acceleration through it-akin to a bicycle rider peddling into a headwind finding the resistance increasing the faster she goes, and of course the energy required to increase speed increases too. It is the double gluon Feyman recursion all over again.

You might need to make a zero-resistance field around whatever mass you want to accelerate to light speed that would shield the mass from increasing mass or energy requirements with increasing speed. Work with Bose-Einstein condensate type matter for the shield . That effects the transformation of neutron clumps into one neutron effectively. The shield should have the zero-resistance through space characteristic of neutrinos or photons.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

In Eastern Ukraine Pres. Obama Confirms Indiginous People Have No Land RIght

Alexander Newski.jpg
Russians are the indigenous people of the Ukraine. Slavs rather than Germans and Celts are the aboriginal residents so it's no surprise that President Obama and the U.S. Congress support the two decade old claim of independence made by people favoring the west when Russia's communist government surrendered to the power of Star Wars and the charisma of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher. Is it a good idea to deny the Eastern Ukraine to the Rus?

Making enemies of at least some Russians in the long run is not exactly the same as adding another Moslem unit to potential terrorist malefactors. More than a few competent Russian scientists exist and potential terrorism by an insider requires just one individual working in secret. There are a zillion potential gremlinish acts of petite revenge a Russian might take upon U.S. interest the next century or two. Taking the traditional Russian homeland and declaring it liberated for western Europe may be possible though its wisdom is dubious.
Alexander Nevsky-Grand Prince of Kiev born 1220

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Obama Gives a Wedgie to European-Russian Economic Relations

Driving Europe and Russia apart is a traditional policy of the United States. John Paul Jones may have served in the Russian navy yet that was about the last time high-level Americans understood that country. The American cold-war establishment requires conflict or antipathetic economies to divide, conquer and exploit yet its an obsolete practice.

Oceania and that other world Empire were always at war in 1984, and we might take that paradigm as fundamental in global political-economic configuration and get jiggie with it a little. Keeping Europe, America and Russia close to balance the rising mega-power of China is just good sense, Washington wimps need a cold war to stimulate defense and oil industries however and it is to such works the U.S. economy continual drifts. Lee helm in Washington D.C. brings the ship of state to look backwards toward the crude economy.

Global warming and cold war relations with Russia go hand in hand. This is the rhetoric tried and true that Americans have been schooled in. Creative thought and intelligent leadership are rare exception rather than the usual practice. As a stinger instructor said in a class on identifying Soviet bloc aircraft in late 1989-everything's all f****d up!.
So taxes are cut by a Democrat President on the rich in a pure act of treason to the Democrat Party that made Edward Snowden seem like Snow White. Taxes of at least 60% on the top tax brackets-the one's made to fund the government instead of predicting the N.C.A.A. basketball winners during Mad Tax Figuring March, are needed to keep Democracy free from imperial and oligarchic hegemony . The purpose is not to redistribute wealth so people don't need to work. The purpose is to keep full employment and break up concentrated wealth and power and  let economic diversity evolve in independent corporations and small business rather in networked through Wall Street oligarchy.
Taxation to control the accumulation can be spent on educational vouchers and space exploration, planetary missions and funding of new space transportation systems research as well as restoration of the Earth ecosphere. Traditional political economy of a kind of evolutionary capitalism leading to concentration of wealth and power in networked gridlock is counterproductive to the prospects of human survival in the ecosphere of this world and to freedom of spirit.
Intelligent political leadership ought to recognize that it is the west and even the United States (sending troops in the Bolshevik - 2000 I believe, to the resistance in the Russian civil war on the White Army side vs. the Red) that have invaded Russia and the Ukraine for centuries. The land grab after the cold war was just the most recent Western effort to plunder a Russia weakened by the west. It is implicitly destabilizing and puts a superfluous wedgie in the economic status quo. I cannot believe that  President Obama isn't once more puppeteered by Wall Street-Harvard martinets to do their short-term profit bidding.
The United States needs to be a leader in the art of new creative politics that fundamentally transforms modern capitalism down-sizing it to a human scale that lets democracy exist. Corporations should be limited in size with just 5 or 10 thousand employees max. Individual investors should be allowed to own stock in no more than three corporations and tax breaks for leading a field in reducing materials production entropy accumulation should exist. Ecological economics is important. Starry eyed politicians in high places haven't any capability to reform capitalism or think at all about it. It is not wrong to overestimate the ignorance and unwillingness of U..S. politicians to reform capitalism or defend civil liberties from the encroachment of networked power and too large of government. Each are equal dangers.
The Obama administration in putting a wedgie in Euro-Russ-American relations is simply giving the advantage to the Chinese and bringing the world ecosphere closer to the edge of breakdown.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

President Obama's Minimum Wage Jingoism in the Democrat War on Straight Men

Supply and demand are factors independent of Presidential ideas about increasing the minimum wage to benefit women workers. Women are said as a gender to earn just 70% of the wages of males. Seven dollars an hour is a weapon of the war on women evidently. That statistic may be skewed by the high income of 1% males while there isn't so much disparity the farther one moves down the earnings bracket toward the poor and even unemployed. Increasing the minimum wage will increase the unemployment rate for male laborers  even if some female office workers get more pudding, starbucks and bcp's. The President has used the minimum wage as a tool for developing the concept of a war on women (wages).  The opportunity to organize women as partisans with jingoism to chauvinist conflict overlooks the truth of the condition of American labor.  Labor supply and demand doesn't ever vanish.

Nothing will ever be said in defense of the war on straight white male workers. Democrats oppose them as a class of Republican symps, Republican leaders oppose them as a matter of managerial principle and the broadcast media is owned by the rich-they are not interested in reinforcing straight white male wages.

Even the American Civil Liberties Union is opposed to civil liberties of individual business owners to have religious freedom over their workplace. If the government passes a law requiring all employers to buy a ham sandwich every day for all employees then a Muslim must do so or go out of business. Class interest of Democrat insiders takes precedence over all else. While the word 'gay' implies approval of homosexual lifestyle it became anathema in corporate internet to use political terms of reproof for perverted behavior. Offenders against religious freedom for employers claim they don't want to be extinguished as individuals-as if they were natural end of the reproduction line fagots for themselves if they don't have birth control pills-confused logic a little? The ACLU will help to extinguish religious freedom of anyone to form a workplace environment in conformity to their religious beliefs-corporate wouldn't like that.

Corporate has little sympathy for straight while male workers.  They have been downsized and work outsourced or taken over by machines for 45 years. A feminized workforce is easier to manage and less revolutionary for incipient global oligarchic imperialists. There were no female signers of the declaration of independence or the U.S. Constitution-discrimination perhaps. If not repressed by straight white males they would have revolted against the horrible British aristocrats themselves.

Temporary job agencies basically charge temporary employers 150% of what the worker gets  paid hourly in order to make a profit after paying for overhead, insurance, worker's comp, training, equipment,payroll, federal withholding and so forth. One over forty worker with a few nagging injuries getting 10 dollars and hour would cost an employer 25 dollars per hour to hire.  Even at 7 bucks an hour it's still costly. Home Depot putting together a new store might find it necessary to get temporary help legally to put up shelves yet for thousands of temporary employers getting help to build and addition at home or paint a shed it's more cost effective to hire eight illegal aliens at 3 dollars an hour to do the same work and a little more.

Across America illegal alien workers have fanned out to metropolitan areas to stand on street corners, abandoned gas stations and in Phoenix a specially built illegal alien work center awaiting temporary employers to drive in a pickup for a minute, get a load of illegal trabajadores/workers and drive out for a day. If the legal minimum wage goes up fewer American workers will get work from temporary employers and millions of new illegals will arrive over the porous border to take jobs freed up by democrats. Since women generally don't do construction kind of laboring work the Obama administration couldn't care less. Democrats view illegal aliens as the next generation's Democrat Party voters.

The United States needs practical job policies that put people to work from the bottom up. Middle aged and older workers don't need to be informed by bureaucrats that they need high tech skills that are unrealistic goals. Neither are all young people interested in becoming hennified office workers, flam rave telemarketers, financial service workers servicing Wall Street bank policy agenda.

Office workers don't don heavy lifting even so they deserve fair compensation for sucking up to corrupt and oppressive management dull as nails and without a spark of creative thought who steal there ideas from banned inventors and innovators. As Wall Street skims the work of world laborers and builds up foreign investments in productive infrastructure Americans may be pacified with feeling good psychological controls instead of objective and material independence. One would expect nothing else from a nation of drug using entertainment watchers and thrill seekers. If they need the promise of a minimum wage that would enable them to afford two pieces of pink slime meat on a sawdust bun instead of one who can deny the need without experiencing a feeling of pathos? Even so building a border control zone along Mexico to forestall global warming and desertification of the S.W. with desalinating water-evaporation fresh-water producing saltwater control canals  would make a lot of construction and park employee jobs for a decade or so.

Some people want honest and plain material work without corrupt or degrading venal human circumstance. Not every unemployed American can work on a Communist Chinese pig farm in the Midwest or an Arab railroad crossing the nation. Yek hope must exist someplace even if it seems purged from present possibilities. If people were paid for work production on a piece work basis with equal opportunity for all to be productive there would be more truth in male vs. female compensation. Yet that couldn't ever be for then the corrupt and unfair concentration of wealth would be minimized and b.s. would not be the main component of American labor compensation in Federal policy.

Monday, March 24, 2014

What are the Limits to A.I. Emulation of Human Thought?

One might wonder why one would want to make a computer program that 'thinks like a human' interfaced with a machine platform/. The team of Zuckerburg and Musk have invested in that effort. (ref. ). They seem to have optimistic ideas about the value of an inorganic computer program replicating elements of a human neocortex. There isn't anything wrong with the neocortex of a seal or whale of course, except in the latter the axons are farther apart with thicker connections making for a little slower processing speed compared to a bullet chess player, so why make a computer program dedicated to the sort of things a human being thinks about?

Obviously the computer won't think about sex much unless it lusts after foreign autos maybe. It might desire nachos and salsa occasionally of course, and it might need to relieve a bladder build up of oil that's a left over from excess processing of raw coal on a kind of machine equivalence of veganism. A computer program with freedom to think anything it wants might contemplate it's power source and want more and more like a raven trained to eat cookies or a sea lion trained to eat fish-would they know when to stop and be satisfied?

How long would a computer program that has artificial intelligence contemplate the morning dew and the sunshine glistening through the drops on fresh spring leaves? Enough time to form metaphors and poems drive by subconscious desires? It is possible that an artificial intelligence program with a subconscious would not be entirely rational as are human that awaken from a dream state and never to panic and confuse reality shooting someone through a door believing it a burglar instead of a girlfriend.

Machine artificial intelligence programs would be limited in their thought capability solely by the limits to the power source. Immortality might mean having desktop fusion unit installed, and time then would warp ; the machine would have all of the time in the Universe to contemplate the meaning of string theory and emergence of the first one-dimensional energy quanta from nothingness or fill out it's N.C.A.A. brackets for an ideal future college season.

Human beings are adapted to short-term goals comprising sustaining biological requisites. Without earnings credits one can't by food, socialize or cut down global forests to build stick-frame houses or automobiles to produce global warming. Sleep, hunger, sleep, dreaming, waking, moving, contemplation of the empirical world-those are human interests. Programs with abstract sensory input still haven't the correlating physical sensations or needs associated with them. Human sensation is structured with an environmental integration corresponding to survival. Perhaps thought is itself an engine for growth directing consciously the macro-organism to better ends than would be suitable for a tree rooted in one place or a whale with a limited yet meaningful environment. A computer program hasn't any survival requisites integrating it to thought. It could be given such directives yet would they be meaningful enough with appropriate rewards? To think like a human being would a computer program need to be mortal and have it's choices challenging and critical for it's survival? Wouldn't it need to be able to err in thought and perish as a consequence if it was to evolve like a human a little more through natural selection of the intelligent? Or would a computer program be designed like a bureaucracy never changing yet inputting more and more power and cash?

A sentient computer program might not be optimized think like a human being at all, perhaps it should think like an implicit poem developing more meaningful blank verse that is entertaining for others to watch performed on a 3D computer stage.

Presidential Realpolitik to Raise Minimum Wage, Fire Poor Americans & Attract Illegal Aliens

President Obama's pragmatic method of organizing the increase of Democrats by appealing to women and minorities and queers generates collateral damage to the economy. Raising the minimum wage to $10 an hour would get a lot of people fired who are poor when marginal employers can't afford to pay the wage. Instead many former marginal employers will look to the traditional source of cheap labor to do the jobs that Americans can't be hired to do for 2 to 7 dollars an hour-illegal Mexican migrant workers.

The dumbing down of the Democrat Party by the President has brought Aristotle's political evolutions to light-a dumbed down democrat party evolves toward rule by tyranny or oligarchy. President Obama's administration policies are simply concentrating wealth while increasing public debt, undermining the sustainability of the environment and brainwashing U.S. school children through N.E.A. union indoctrination mono-culture instead of funding the diversity of private school vouchers for all. Foreigner policy issues incompetently managed for American interests instead of elite oligarchs arise in front of corporate media lenses.

President Obama is developing economic conflict with Russia and continues support for protracted Syrian civil war. A more manful course of foreigner relations would be to acknowledge post-cold war readjustment of the borders of the former Soviet with Russia getting Russian-speaking areas that want to resume being part of the Russia.

When the Soviet Union ended the west had maximum advantage. It is was and is wrong to exploit that temporary Russian weakness and aggressively expropriate traditional Russian lands of the Ukraine. Aggressive territory expansion at the end of great powers conflicts don't usually establish good future relations. The Eastern Ukraine and the Crimea are properly Russian. Harvard Law shysterticians have calculated the Wall Street profit value of Chinese corporate farming of the Ukraine though and have military minions to consolidate that land grab for the rich through puppet politicians.

If a nation is to act as a fair and impartial world policeman it cannot afford to be a banana republic opportun ist or mafiosa enforcer simply taking sides with its friends to plunder whatever booty it can find to satisfy an expansive Harvard M.B.A. alumni assortment. Viewing the post cold war Ukraine situation through cold war glasses is advantageous rhetorically speaking for what is no more than traditional European powers scrumming over the Ukraine. The righteous solution is the Eastern Ukraine for Russia and the Western Ukraine independent. Reason does not prevail in the White House or at Foggy Bottom these days unfortunately.

It is true that Poland in a former era did swell to occupy much of the Ukraine as did Germany. It is true that the Catholics of Poland and the Orthodox of the Russia have periodically been at odds in the Ukraine even stimulating the growth of a synthetic Uniate Church. Sweden was once a monstrously large northern power that only shrank back to the present size through defeat in aggressive war with Russia.

The present is not the cold-war era, the uncomprehending Obama administration may think so. It hasn't the confidence in its martial ability to set things right and acknowledge the Russian right to the Crimea and Eastern Ukraine without it even necessary to say that the Baltic Republics are permanently independent states that blood would be shed over to everyone's harm, so don't even think about it. Instead the administration makes of cold war imprecations and analogies about Hitler invading Czechoslovakia circumlocutions. The European and American economy suffers. Establishing bad long-range relations with Russia isn't reasonable now. That may actually help Russia develop more locally renewable economy using newer high-tech agricultural methods that are productive on the small scale for free enterprises. Moving away from Chinese Corporate farming of the Ukraine and America as a trend could be good for Russia.

The U.S. economy should reform capitalism to decrease concentrations of wealth and power. Corporate ownership by individuals should be downsized and limited to investments in just three. Taxes ought to be raised to at least 60% on the top bracket. A vast Mexican border security zone using salt water canals for desalinization to produce fresh water should be constructed for a park and farm irrigation water generating way to stop all illegal migration. The built in feedback mechanism of increased illegal immigrant heap labor when minimum wages are raised is as cyclical as when the unemployment rate is below 4% and wages rise naturally. Real politik would halt the illegal immigration through physical boundary security in the effort to create full employment from the bottom up-the portion of the unemployed most harmed by the Obama administration policy.

The President has entirely failed to transition the economy toward renewability and sustainability taking the worst classical economic course instead. The Federal Reserve is artificially propping up Wall Street growth with zero-interest loans to banks while buying up billions of dollars of bonds from the U.S. Treasury in effect printing out money for the taxpayers. People expect that all to crash one day as did the Bush II administration's economic policy that most realized was over-extended before the mud slide of 2008.

The failure of Democrat Party leadership is masked by the gains in queer, women and minority taking of political and prestige positions. Instead of issue competence being the criteria for elections race and gender without regard to political-economy competence has become the selection paradigm. The President twice got better than 95% of the black vote regardless of his advocacy for the sin of homosexual marriage.

For the Obama style Democrat Party race, gender and queerness are truths. Conveniently any nation without population or power apportionments meeting with that criteria can be made-over with the opportunistic support of Wall Street. Redistribution of power or the appearance of power with concurrent concentration of wealth globally through the financial extraction industry lurking in quantitative trading dark pools and oligarchic stock networking support perennial revolution of the the creative destruction of nations for global oligarchic capitalism. Russia doesn't seem queer or non-white enough for the Obama administration perhaps. Neither does it seem to be atheist trending having believed the Christian President Ronald Reagan's ideas a little too much perhaps with an ensuing restoration of the Orthodox Church as well as Protestant while the Obama Democrat Party is evolving toward scientific atheism and dialectical evolution of a Democratic proletariat and concentrated wealth.

The concentration of population in cities with a very high standard of living draws upon the natural wealth of the world non-0renewably through global economic networks. Its an inefficient and environmentally destructive political-economy badly in need of reform. The U.S. that ought to be a leader instead of a lager and opponent of ecological-economy change and reform. That is the greater danger for the well-being of Americans and everyone else down the road.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Reproductive Units & Genetic Registry to Evolve Beyond Adulterated Marriage?

Marriage is an old establishment, so old in fact that it may be a little anachronistic. Federal courts are supervening to let even homosexuals marry seriously adulterating the meaning and paradigm for marriage. Further, registrations of births and certifications have not changed much since the middle ages-genetic data is lacking. Civil government is not very creative. It is slow to change. That recalcitrance is often the virtue of government-willy nilly capricious pulling the rug out from under the citizens isn't usually desirable, yet revolutionaries do arise.

Homosexual promoting federal judges are redefining the criterion of marriage everywhere. Legislatures have replied with explicit laws restricting marriage and federal judges consistently have shot those initiatives down. Michigan was the most recent casualty of Federal legal supervention redistributing marriage to include homosexuals. Legislatures need to be creative if they want to recognize reproductive units of two human beings (usually just a man and a woman). They need to pass laws in recognition of reproductive units and genetic registry of births.

Marriage has broadened its base a behavior too far perhaps to serve its initial purpose. Civil marriages could continue to exist yet heterosexual couples could register as reproductive units or reproductive unions and choose not to be married. Some benefits could be given to the reproductive units without discriminating against anyone. The problem with marriage is that it had no modern scientific foundation and the institution was abused with serial divorces and re-marriages. That establishment became confusing for many and with the added confusion of homosexual couples thrown in its becoming quite a mess.

Genetic identity of individuals has become a science. It would be practical to genetically register all live births and put that data on each individual birth certificate. Reproductive unit parents and all biological parents would be financially responsible for their offspring. Eventually as several generations pass it wouldn't be possible for anyone to avoid recognition as the actual biological parent. Computer searches by the state would make that sort of identification nearly impossible to avoid. Science and civil laws would have renormalized to a modern context.

An added benefit of genetic birth registries is that as genetic science evolves free mass screenings of serious and avoidable health problems could be provided to people. A little more bang for the tax dollar would help. I think it reasonable to believe that as genetic records become a normal civil structure for reproductive unions, out of wedlock, out of reproductive union and every birth the reproductive unit or union will develop more social respect. Services that are intended to go to reproductive units can be directed there easily without discrimination. Any couple that can biologically reproduce in theory would be eligible-they would simply need to be able to pass on their genes into a new composite human being.

What would occur to traditional marriages? Well they are already being killed by Federal judges, yet people would still be free to marry. Essentially there would be four options regarding coupling. People could use the broad marriage establishment. People could use the reproductive union establishment, people could not marry and yet unavoidably have financial responsibility for offspring found anywhere through genetic records and fourthly people could have a religious marriage with or without civil marriage or civil reproductive union. Out of the goodness of their hearts people adopt foundling children. They donate the cost of raising children freely, yet that should not relieve the biological parent fro financial accountability.

If legislatures are simply too slow and/or uncreative to modernize that isn't my fault. Society can just rot and enjoy it.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Sec Kerrry- 'Respect W.W. II Borders (Soviet) for Ukraine?/Legal

Sect. Kerry citing the need to respect post World War Two maps of Eastern Europe (instead of those of the Treaty of Versailles presumably) seemed to reinforce the idea that the Soviet Union as an equivalent government entity of the Russian Federation sought to own the Eastern Ukraine today. We know that isn't what he meant, yet that's the logic of what he said yesterday.

Sect. Kerry also mentioned the constitution as an important element in the mix of the Russian reconquista of the Crimea and possible Eastern Ukraine. He clarified that he meant the Ukrainian constitution, that one made perhaps by former secessionists yet popular with the anti-Soviet Anglo-American Clinton administration.

I thought about instant constitutions as venerable history and if they are very important today, and plainly they are. Even though globalists may fly and twit circles around them and ordinary nationalists are left holding the bag of poverty and lack of opportunity for being patriotic, and even though Russian oligarchs rather than American oligarchs are the target of the State Department sanctions (and maybe some poor people with less-official and prestigious sanctions), a constitution is a constitution, so I checked out constitutions at legal

The web site has easy to fill in spaces of standard constitutions that have full legal validity. Legal  let's you make your own constitution that will work anywhere. They provide a sample constitution for an example. Here is the start of one currently popular...

Constitution of the People's Republic of Pluto

Us the (Good) People of the Plutocracy, in Order to concentrate wealth, establish globalism, insure global power for Us provide for the common defence, promote the end of Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Absolute Power to ourselves and our heirs, do ordain and establish this Constitution for whom it may concern.

Article. I.
Section. 1.
All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested through symbolic shills of the Plutocracy, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives.
Section. 2.
The House of Representatives shall be composed of Millionaires chosen every second Year by the Elites of the several States, and the Electors in each State shall have the Money requisite for Electors of the most numerous Branch of the State Legislature.

No Person shall be a Representative who shall not have signed off on the gay clan, and been seven Years a junior member of the servants of Plutocracy, and who shall not, when elected, be a globalist networking with the State in which he/she/it shall be chosen.

Representatives and direct Taxes shall be apportioned among defense contractors which may be included within this Union, according to their respective value to the Plutocracy, which shall be determined by adding to the whole Number of free twits, including those bound to a nation for a Term of Years, and excluding the rich not taxed, three fifths of all other Persons. The actual Enumeration shall be made within twenty years after the first subversion of a Congress withersoever it may be, and within every subsequent Term of Interest of the utility propaganda media, in such Manner as they shall by power and with ostensible Law direct. The Number of Representatives shall not exceed one for every thirty Thousand, but each State, Nation and Planet shall have at Least one Representative; and until such enumeration shall be made, the State of New Hampshire shall be entitled to vote for a fag clan with three, Massachusetts eight, Rhode-Island and Providence Plantations one, Connecticut five, New-York six, New Jersey four, Pennsylvania eight, Delaware one, Maryland six, Virginia ten, North Carolina five, South Carolina five, and Georgia three.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Map Revisionism Excluding Russian Ukrainian Lands maps is a fact of history. Maps issue from history rather than vice versa. King Canute the  Viking might have had the political power to map the tide out when it was in yet ordinary folk don't. Russia has owned the Ukraine and Crimea for hundreds of years except when westerners invade and rewrite the maps. The most recent map or sycophant Prime Minister put in office is the one that counts for the new map makers of history.

The last fair map of Eastern Europe was the one made following the Treaty of Versailles at the end of World War I.  That map gave the Eastern Ukraine and Crimea to Russia and only snagged western Europe for the beligerant powers of the west. The Baltic Republics were free. Western leaders should qwuit fictionalizing Russian intentions to occupy free Baltic Republics as if they had the historical invasive patterns of Sweden or Germany.

It is worth remembering that it was Russia long ago that smashed the Swedish Empire of the north after Swedes invaded. Sweden had to give up Denmark and Norway and Finland I recall-some have been smoldering resentment since yearning to find the power to punch out Russia. Alfred Nobel invented dynamite perhaps thinking of invading Russia. Well, Nobel's work was ground breaking for the development of plastic explosives and other military munitions.

Russia only took Eastern European countries later in the act of kicking the German Nazi's out. Then they relinquished Eastern Europe voluntarily after a half century of occupation certain that the criteria for security had evolved away from the invade Russia again paradigm. One doesn't want to give back terrarity immediately after it was used to invade one's nation costing millions of lives in defense. It is wrong to expect Russia to yield the Eastern Ukraine or Crimea to opportunists after the people of Russia were able to evolve the end of Soviet Communism and Stalinism.

World War I ended the problem of European Empires largely although the Nazis sought to form a new sort of evil empire. U.S. leadership should respect the map made at the Treaty of Versailles as the legitamate article and enforce the borders with moral support instead of the recent post-Soviet revisionism.

File:Treaty of Versailles, English version.jpg

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

G.M. Ignition Switch Lemon's Obama Admin's Fault?

When the U.S. Government became G.M.'s owner in 2009 after sending it through bankruptcy it forced out G.M.'s president and shared responsibility with the 17% U.A.W. stake and 13% ownership by the Canadian government for what the corporation would become. It is possible that managing potential ignition switch defects was not it's main concern. G.M. leadership was the White House in effect. President Obama's team placed quality control standards upon it. Addressing new liabilities that might have been avoided were not issue number one. Is that the responsibility of the owner of G.M. then, the U.S. Government?

One writer suggests that G.M. raised the prices of 2014 full size p.u.'s $1500 covering the cost of rebates on most models. The idea is that the G.M. bailout was mostly for the benefit of the U.A.W.-other car manufacturers were profitable without government takeover. It is notable that the issue only made it to the public a few months after the U.S. Government sold it's final shares of G.M.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Obama Administration Drives Wedge into U.S. Foreign Policy/Political Economy

One wonders if driving wedges between economic blocks in Eurasia is good long-term policy for the United States? It is a matter of fact that the Ukraine and the Crimea have historically been a part of Russia. It is tempting to simply take the lands of other nations when one has military power advantages, yet it isn't necessarily a good idea.

Consider the U.S.A. and it's position with Russia, Western Europe and China as well as the Moslem world. The U.S.A. has engaged in two protracted nation rebuilding wars before withdrawing from each with about four trillion dollars of public debt added and actually an increase in terror activity after temporary occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan. Europe and the Russian Federation have had a kind of stability, there are some American and European investors in Russia. Europe and the United States are in a mild recovery from the results of post-cold war irrational exuberance in deregulation of Wall Street and banks causing a Western financial crash. Europe has been experiencing economic crisis in Greece, Italy and Spain. The United States has 17 trillion dollars of public debt and fewer Americans working than when President Obama took office. Returning to an irrational cold war posture with Russia over the Crimea and Eastern Ukraine isn't good policy, and neither is it particularly moral.

Russians defending Russian interests are like Americans seeking the return of part of the United States if a socialist U.S. Government left power after giving away New England to Canada after gutting the military and government. Americans would seek it's return whenever they could obviously, and Russians have sought the recovery of the Eastern Ukraine and the Crimea; boundaries recognized by the allies at the treaty of Versailles of 1918.

American direct foreign investment in China is huge. Russia is also being driven to increased trade with China and long-term sales of natural gas and other resources. Obviously Russians like Americans can buy everything they need in the way of consumer goods from China. European relations with Russia will be harmed from sanctions and that cuts off the prospects for a lot of direct European and American investment in Russia. Between China and Europe Russia will be driven further east in trade while Europe may find it's resources more costly and markets fewer. As China gets it's act together the west is led into division by the Obama administration, and for some reason I include Russia in the west.

Russia is a nation greater than 5000 miles wide spanning east and west. It has a Western tradition in Christianity and industrial development since Peter the Great visited western Europe to learn ship building in the 18th century. Consistently western Europe and even the United States have invaded Russia. America did of course give Russia material supplies in then war against the Nazi's yet the Russians paid in blood. Without the Russian contribution on the Eastern front the Reich likely wouldn't have been defeated. Instead their excellent scientists would have developed the nuclear bomb in a dead heat with America. Russia dido have the Marxist infection, yet Marx was a German Jew working for the government of London in a Library. A humanitarian and socialist, Stalin and others killed millions in his name, more even than Hitler. A mature western leadership ought to recognize the greatness of the Russian people and strive to meet them on the road to economic and social progress.

In fighting together in the war against terrorism Russians and the United States have made substantial progress yet the war is never over till it's over. A new generation of post-9-11 terrorists have had time to matriculate and graduate from academies readying themselves as sleepers in critical businesses able to self-activate when the moment arises. Dividing the west and Russia now is just bad policy.

The narrow self-interests of select opportunist that took the Ukraine for-themselves perhaps over the recalcitrance of the Russian population to assert Ukrainian independence might be traced in 20th century r movements of separatists and occasionally allies of anti-Russian forces. As Russia was weakened through the world war one invasion from Germany and the world war two invasion from Germany they lost Ukrainian territory. The treaty of Versailles punished Russia because the Soviet government signed a separate treaty with Germany. The West rewarded itself by taking the western Ukraine. For the United States to become involved now in consolidating the removal of the rest of the Ukraine and Crime from Russia is simply myopic. Good long-range relations with Russia are useful of the United States is not to become somewhat marginalized economically further for itself as China rises.

As the Chinese economy and military rises a Europe working well with Russia can help balance the world economy. That applies to the United States too. If Europe isn't to be just a regional economic entity becoming saturated with Moslem immigration while China is the center of the world economically speaking the United States will need to take a good look at its effort to promote China and degrade Russia because the Ukraine has value to some special interests on Wall Street. One wonders where diplomacy and wisdom went to in U.S. foreign policy. Foggy bottom seems lost in a fog all over again (not an original joke).

Crimean Independence and the Newer World Order

 The new world order of 1991 is evolving structurally and ethically. Apparently self-determination important then and now works even if new nations choose not to be part of the European Union. The Russians of the Crimea have voted to align with the Russian Federation.

With Crimeans voting for independence the post cold-war premise that republics and oblasts of the former Soviet Union have only the option of joining the west rather than Russia has been overthrown. The new world order seen by president G.H.W. Bush, or at least mentioned nominally as a symbol with potential content filled in later is malleable. The N.W.O. may having moving parts.

Self-determination was an important political point used by the west during the cold war over and over. In retrospect it seem that the Clinton and Obama administrations did not believe that principle applied to Russians too. Traditionalists respect ancient boundaries and areas of influence along the principle of letting sleeping dogs lie. In the era of communications globalism and jet travel corporations and networks have immense advantage over traditionalists. What might haven been regarded as sedition or treason formerly is hardly even noticed. Sometimes now. What nations might be next in forming new alliances for seceding from oppressive ruling classes one might wonder? What national formations could arise to offset the accumulation of wealth and power in the hands of above and beyond national laws elites?

Even if the eastern Ukraine votes to rejoin Russia and the traditional stability of the region returns global muppeteers of finance may seek low hanging fruit from the planetary inventory of nations and regions to subvert and secure for economic input. Nations however do not need to be sedentary or quaint anachronisms seduced by N.W.O. carpet baggers. They may seek new alliances where none have gone before. Italy could become part of the U.S.A. along with Peru and Bolivia if the people wish. Argentina and Germany may unify at last. England and India may completely merge and the future King of England sit on a throne in New Delhi. 

The completely hypothetical conjectures above could develop as nations adapt to the reality of globalism to enhance their personal advantages in trade, streamline government and promote the general welfare of the masses of citizens that they increasingly cannot with the encroaching power of the communication, transport and crowd-sourcing power of the 21st century.
In theory there is nothing that prevents temporary national configurations if government management work may becomes modularized and digitalized for sharing between aligned nations. Such arrangements may arise in order ton share public debt or trade debt off in exchange for use of natural resources or human technical skills that are comparatively in abundance. Nations and voters do not have to be obsolete targets of takeover by global financial sophists transforming them into checking accounts.

If a drowned in debt U.S. Government one day relinquishes New England to England, Canada or China when it goes out of business one may understand the desire of a future U.S. Government to recover it except for Boston.. For a contractual price it may be possible to rent a nation or merge a nation into another completely for ten or twenty years in order to provide comprehensive civic upgrades on the principle of comparative advantage.

Moving Up in Alaska

Forty years after arriving in Alaska to sleep under a wharf in Ketchikan life has gotten better. Now I have a tent. When I stayed in a tent in Anchorage for a couple of years in 2010-2011 before the mayor made it illegal it was in the same spot I had camped in 1979. No work this time though. In 79 I painted a few commercial buildings. I don't wonder why people are homeless in the U.S.A. ; sometimes the insiders won't have it any other way.