Thursday, February 27, 2014

Helmetless Motorcycle Ridin Head Injuries Cost $1.3 Million

When an bare-headed motorcycle rider bounces his head along the asphalt it causes a lot of dead brain cells to develop. Treating those riders costs about an average 1.3 million bucks according to a Nov. 16, 2013 report in The Economist. The public is paying those costs commonly since a lot of Americans haven't got 1.3 mil in their rainy day account. Existential do-it-your own way compiled for all of society can be expensive and inefficient.

 Having rode a motorcycle a little myself I know that helmets tend to be heavy, although the visor does keep bugs from suddenly impacting one's face or eyes. Its good to ride along in a kind of dreamy freedom with quick, responsive steering that may be inadequate anyway if taking a turn too fast. Why not invent new lightweight helmets for motorcycles and pro footballers of American and soccer styles?

Ultra-lightweight bike rider-type helmets specially designed to let soccer players use their head to hit a ball might cut down on brain damage to those athletes over protracted head ball butting. Doesn't seem like a big problem-maybe they could have heads up visors with tactical data about opfor player deployments and better instantly implement better plays. American footballers and motorcycle riders need something different-lightweight, effective perhaps with an expanded on impact air bag liner between inner and outer players or a honeycomb helmet that is designed to be disposable after a certain amount of use with air pocket cellular collapsing bubble layers, ball bearings to reduce angled contact friction and better design for foam and heat dispersion.

One imagines that a lot of money is made on designing ultra-lightweight football helmets with collision sense data impact chips, podcast reception, language translation and video of the field with cheat sheets for plays that some can't remember because of memory loss.

Put the Crimea in Russia Custody With Ukrainian Movement West

The Ukrainian problem is an historically recurrent phenomenon. A nice place away from the center of anything with beach front property it has often been divided by great powers or cut in deals to bring peace temporary or lasting for a while longer. V.I. Lenin gave the Ukraine to Germany in the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk in order to back out of the First World War that was regarded as a battle royal (Kaisers vs. Romanovs, Hapsburgs, and Windsors etc.).

The Ukraine has been inhabited by human beings for at least 40,000 years according to the Wikipedia article on its history. The first horse was domesticated in the Ukraine. It's been domestically ruled by as many as three ruling clans at any given time such as Mongols, Lithuanians and Russians, Poles, Germans, Austrians and Hungarians.. Ukrainians sometimes revolt or have nuclear plant meltdowns; it's just the way things are.


The first ruler of the Rus, about 975, was  a Verangian/Viking named Yaroslav who looked like Hulk Hogan's great great great etc. The Rus of Kiev were a little disorganized and so they asked the distant warrior to be their king, he consented and the succession of a million little princlings followed with each getting a smaller piece of the inheritance pie. By the time in the 19th century when Fedor Dostoyevsky wrote The Idiot about Prince Mishkin, many princes and nobles were landless and others had a few acres though some had much more). While Russia expanded and relocated the capitol north to Moscow later it was far from aloof politically speaking. Moscow was invaded and occupied for a year circa 1400 by Timur Lenk-a Turkicized Mongol of the Chagatai tribe and others of course (e.g. Napoleon, Hitler). Timur was debatably the greatest conqueror in world history and one of the most barbaric building literal towers of skulls here and there. He conquered Syria, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Mesopotamia, Georgia, much of Russia, India, the Caucasus and Lithuania amongst other places.



Stabilizing the Ukraine is good for east-west relations reducing tensions across the continent. It isn't a thing that Satan would want. With accentuation of the positive in ecospheric economic reform and with a more rational and less belligerent approach to military security the nations and Ukraine in particular can prosper better. Probably Russia should take the Crimea as part of Russia since it’s full of Rus and has been a Russian possession before while the Ukraine should enter the common market and be a member of N.A.T.O. if it wants do it can send troops to the next Afghanistan. Russians won't be jealous about that.


The Ukrainian should just get on with the realistic business of being ecospherically thoughtful Ukrainians again and work on taming the policy of non-renewable economic and ecosphere use to make it work for long-range sustainability inclusive of natural genetic diversity of flora and fauna. There is quite a vast left-wing and sometime flip-side right wing inertia toward networking and massification of everything pasteurizing logic and reason into a few commercial varieties that isn't very smart. Letting locals set their own moral values is as important and keeping intellectual freedom of expression and freedom of individual enterprise free from oppressive mobs. Good luck Ukraine.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Fed Judge Rules Texas Can't Pass Laws On Human Behavior-Anything Geos

With the power of the gun the U.S. Government can impose it's will upon the states regarding an evolution to moral depravity. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Queer-symp judges of a globalist evil empire can swing the meaning of words against public will if they have great enough reward for doing so

In fact the Federal Judge ruling that Texas cannot have a law banning homosexual marriage decided that Texas legislators cannot make laws about laws. It seems though that nothing requires the state to pass law extending marriage to homosexuals though, or to animals, triples, quartets or corporations. In theory nothing at all should require the strates to provide legal institutions for any sort of behavioral pattern without voter consent. 

So if homosexuals want to 'marry' in some states nothing requires other states to recognize those marriages any more than concealed carry laws of other states.

If the U.S. Government is simply corrupt and demonically possessed as if the evil empire cast out of the Soviet Union moved to Washington D.C. like a legion of devils into Gadarene swine the states will need to resist the degradation of morality as best they can.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Reading from A Universal Widget in the Realm of Forms (video)

I read about a half-hour from my science fiction novel The Universal Widget in the Realm of Forms. Voice-over unrelated yet amusing images. A philosopher-entrepreneur, Patrick Voevoda, and his excellent quantum entangled mate  Yvonne discuss quantum cosmology and the missing Universal Widget discovering traces of its inventive interventions in the Rangestar system's planet Spud. 


Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Presidential Sodom and Gomorrah Economic Policy

President Obama as a shill for implanting economic policy favorable to global corporatist needs something to pacify the Democrat Party that is for-itself deficient of economic reason or patriotism this decade. Global corporatists have learned how to market to American masses in the age of intellectual and ideological fracture. They provide homosexuality and illegal drugs along with incessant broadcast media reinforcement of immoral values-that is those values not in support of tax cuts for the rich, homosexual marriage and denationalization of the economy.


Nations opposed to homosexual marriage tend to also be in favor of economic nationalism. China has a state policy allowing foreign corporations ton own just 49% of any Chinese Corporation thus keeping political control national. Russia and Saudi Arabia tend to operate along the same lines-remember Saudi’s nationalization of Aramco. Homosexuality within a Nietszchian ‘beyond good and evil’ amoral context allowing wealthy elites to act immorally without moral reproach tends to be an agent of dissolution of existing, national and traditional economic social infrastructure. That sort of policy is favored by a bought and paid for administration and supported by a Democrat Party without national economic reason.

It is challenging to have confidence in any administration policy. Economic sins of omission and commission makes us wonder if the line of famous Guzman's; the founder of the Dominican Order, The Founder of the Shining Path and the founder of the Sinaloa Cartel, has this time presented a no-bodyguards voluntary return to the penalty box for political benefits to a Chicago political machine. One wonders why a Mexican-border saltwater canal to desalinate water for farming through evaporation and condensation isn't mentioned as the draught may just be in the beginning stages of long-term increase in the Southwest. The answer is that such policy would enhance  U.S. national security and economic interests. Like a bill in congress to require that 51% ownership of any corporation in the U.S.A. be American, Wall  Street globalists wouldn't like it.


The appeal of an amoral culture beyond good and evil is substantial for the average citizens of a post-modern democracy. Ethics and intellect require intellectual effort. To be immersed instead of a pre-intellectual milieu of hedonist evolutionary amoral impulse reinforced by media and government works for many yet collectively it is a sleeper hold mercy killing the electorate’s reason. The Presidential policy development of the Democrat Party encapsulated like an amoral commune within a corporate global network struck does not bode well for the prospects for American inventiveness, economic reform or even life on Earth.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Elements of Church History Before the Dark Ages (incl. video)

In writing of a history of the Christian church in the ancient era after the end of the apostolic era and before the start of the Middle Ages one ought to determine where the word church arose and what it meant. Because of the 3rd Goth invasions of Asia Minor at the end of the classical era of history associated with the fall of the Western Roman Empire many Greek words were brought into Germanic languages including. In Greek the original term for Christian assemblies was ἐκκλησία or ekklēsia and ecclesia. Arising from the Greek word referring to city-state assemblies that only citizens could participate in ecclesia was also used by Christians to refer to their own assemblies.

Cirice is the proximal Old English forerunner of the English word church via a Greek into German etymlogical path. A congregation of the Lord was ἐκκλησία κυριακή ekklēsia kuriakē. That made it into  West German as kirika from κυριακή kuriakē. The word for Lord was κύριος-kurios. Old English derived cirice from  from kirika and thus church emerged. An assembly of people who are believers that Jesus Christ is Lord is the church.

The development of social organization around Jesus to spread the good news followed his instruction in Mark 16:15 “And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.” This leaves open the possibility of preaching the gospel one day to extra-terrestrials I suppose.

Development of the Christian church in many respects occurs within a contemporary historical tapestry of change and social development. Empires arise and civilizations fall. The proliferation of Christian faith and the establishment of churches in communities transcend borders and governments. In fact the establishment of the church itself creates a form of government itself in the evolution of the episkopos or bishops and the ekklesia or assembly that becomes a church structure prevalently within an Episcopal organizational patrimony. Even before the end of the first century Clement of Rome wrote epistles to other churches as an authority. One asks why the egalitarianism of early Christianity changed during the second century largely to an Episcopal structure as the apostolic era faded away. The answer is twofold. One, there was a need to establish a catholic or standard doctrine amidst the diverse assemblies and secondly human social organization tend to organize hierarchically to reflect authority.

The churches of North Africa, the Near East and Asia Minor developed regional authorities or Bishops with some more influential than others. Initially the churches of Antioch, Jerusalem and Rome were regarded more or less equally as centers of authority. Later Constantinople arrived to be considered an equal Christian center of authority, yet the development of Church authority in equal proportional measure with population and political power resembles in some ways the kind of proportional government found in the U.S. House of Representatives with those from populous states collectively having more representation. In the church history that evolved into Rome being the seat of authority in Western Europe especially after the fall of the Western Roman Empire and in the East Constantinople emerged as the center of Christian authority with much respect for Rome until the second schism.

One might say that the post-Apostolic increase of early Christianity was a process of missions, increase in the numbers of the faithful and ossification of hierarchical church structure under the authority of a bishop, and the bishops increased in number eventually recognizing particular metropolitan bishops as Bishops of Bishops or prime ministers under the authority of Christ. Church doctrine developed such that the opinions of the bishops were regarded as if they were themselves spokesmen for the Lord. Of course in the era before electronic communications perhaps they were approximately right. Keeping orthodoxy of faith and disseminating the true gospel without error such as Monophysitism and Arianism required a certain standardized coordination in the entire Christian world that was roughly the same area as that of the Roman Empire.

Institutional methods for distinguishing Christians from heretical votaries were developed conforming to standardized catechetical instruction and pubic baptism to symbolize admission of righteous faith.  Peter’s confession in Matthew 16:16 was the forerunner of creeds of faith and Matthew 28-19 of Trinitarian baptismal expressions.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Audio On Eschatology With Post-Chiliastic, Petrine Inflationary Cosmological Parameters

End times theories created for a post-Chiliastic paradigm using Petrine and Inflationary Cosmology parameters are worth some thought. Here is some conjecture.

The Transition of the Old World to the New (Dark Ages)

The final century of the old world age of civilizations might be held to be the 6th century. Benedict clears a vestigial sacred heathen grove and founds a monastery at Mount Cassino in 529-the same year Emperor Justinian ordered closure of the philosophy schools (e.g. The Academy) of Athens. There was a great controversy in Christology with Monophysite and Catholic opinions following the Council of Chalcedon (451) so far as to precipitate a schism between East and Western branches of the church. Nestorianism is also a problem for some theologians, the Western Roman Empire has finally fallen in 476 and Western European nations were only slowly developing as local imperial realms. Numerous local, secular wars arise. The Church itself sometimes becomes a partner of powerful rulers in the final century before Islam would sweep across North Africa and begin a theocratic assault on Africa, Europe and Asia Minor for more than a thousand years.

Greek was the lingua franca for the first five centuries of the Christian Church. It might be said that entry into the dark ages was a period of gestation, turmoil and transition to local languages and in the west the Latin language while savage yet nominally Christian kings led marauding armies and formed the trappings of feudal societies. Even so, the nascent conditions for reformation and the modern world were established.

The Emperor Justinian built up the physical structure of Byzantine civilization with splendor yet a famous monk visited his palace, got a look at him, turned and left saying that he had seen Satan. While Justinian was constructing great buildings a famine struck the Empire. People learned to hate the Evil Empire. Due to his maladministration tens of millions needlessly died. He married an Empress named Theodora who had once had sex in public with a legion of men during her career as a prostitute before marrying the Emperor. Historians have pointed out that the Byzantine civilization produced few good writers and was one of the most bureaucratic. It was a sort of coelacanth lasting until the 15th century bridging much of the transition from the old world to the new. It gave Vikings somewhere so spend their loot. Muslims catapulted plague-invested rats over its walls.

The old world was aching for the new. Christianity would sort out its theological controversies amidst a simultaneous secular social chaos of civilization. When Attila the Hun visited Byzantium and Italy for war, when his ultra-fast horsemen made battle in France lassoing troops of a Roman legion under the direction of a rebel general there were consequences for believers as well.  When corrupt secular forces disorganize and destabilize civil order Christians also experience increased material stress. Secular wickedness is not invariably banal as Hannah Arendt described the bureaucrat Heinrich Himmler.

Jesus is the light in the darkness providing faith, hope and love through the midst of the troubles of the dark ages. The old civilizations and remaining heathenism withered with the end of Empire and/or the scourge of Islam. From Persia to Egypt and Asia Minor the deaths of infidels was to be profound. 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

San Fran Politico to Enable Smart Phone Kill Switch Apocalypse?

A California State legislator from San Francisco is introducing legislation to require a hot-phone kill switch in new smart phones. The reasoning is that rendering a stolen phone inoperable by remote control code entry would nihilate its value to thieves. That may be true yet there is a hidden dark side of the force to consider. Legislators may be considering installing a kill switch in opposition political party citizenry too (just kidding).

A Universal kill switch feature on all smart phones sold in California would let the N.S.A., extraterrestrials and wise-guys kill all smart phones in California with a single instruction. That’s a useful tool to have for totalitarian state developers. It’s especially bad in California because outdoor burning is seasonally illegal; after a government takes down smart phones the public might need smoke signals for command and control of well-armed refusnik militia.

One may wonder how the kill switch scenario would fit into government disaster planning advice for families. When I went to school the government prepared adequately with nuclear blast security plans for student safety. Students were instructed to get under our little desk-chairs until the blast was over. The same spirit of enlightenment would encourage Americans today to plan ahead for unforeseeable national emergencies and follow through on plans to rally and cook out with pemmican and biscuit supplies.nable Smart Phone Kill Switch P

If family members are too young to think for-themselves perhaps they shouldn’t be out on their own, even so they may think to call home if the kill switch hasn’t been thrown. Thus plan b is to rendezvous at some safe spot like Uncle Max’s Pizza Joint in Cleveland even if it is where the most concentrated levels of toxins are found or if the metropolitan area was vaporized-it’s the thought that counts. In San Francisco during national emergency legislators with smart phone casualties can meet at the local saloon to buy whiskey for their men and beer for the horses. No national emergency can’t be mitigated by planning and the help of F.E.M.A., not even financial crash.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

(Gov.) Parnell's Effort to Break Up Alaska's Public Education Monopoly

Alaska’s public education is in a race to the bottom along with that of the rest of the U.S.A. Recent news reports show that China and Asia student achievement is three grades above that of their Alaska and American age peers. Children of Chinese street sweepers score higher than America’s most privileged. This is a logical result of monopolistic education with that of the most spoilt nation faring worse.

If American public education is going to the dogs because of monopoly in a spoilt cultural milieu indoctrinating youth with the political correctness of the day instead of allowing diversity of quality education with school vouchers the consequences are well deserved. America was built up with entrepreneurial and revolutionary innovators rather than kow-towing followers. National Socialism in Hitler’s Germany was a sick substitute for the defunct royal class across Europe. Jews were blamed for being democratic revolutionaries (somewhat rightly) and perceived as reinforcing the rise of democracy over the natural superiority of the rigorous moral and ethical values of the best. Americans too naturally descend into a natural socialism with elites concentrating wealth and authoritarian government and corporate educational venues indoctrinating the intellectually weak. School vouchers for private educational diversity is perhaps the best available way to break up the disastrous drift toward the class indoctrination of thugocrats working for idiotic, deluded elites.

Governor Parnell’s effort to introduce diversity and competition into Alaska’s public education race to the bottom of world achievement standings is a good idea worth support. 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Voodoo Justice in Michael Dunn Trial Again?

In the Internet age with lots of free cloud storage and dirt cheap web cams why aren't new cars and retrofits given exterior audio-video surveillance normally that record the area around an automobile for potential use in court trials? The Michael Dunn case seems like voodoo justice with a prosecutor making inferences and guesses about what might have been heard, what emotions may or may not have been stimulated and what evidence such as a shotgun may or may not have existed. That seems a kind of shoddy cargo-cult approach to legal justice especially regarding the important issue of the freedom of a potentially innocent citizen.

It would be easy for new car manufacturers to install such surveillance equipment that could be turned on or off with a verbal command from the driver. Information could be automatically uploaded to the cloud for storage-perhaps 24 hours of data recycling as in store surveillance cameras.

There are many gangs in Florida and automobiles are a second home for Americans. Hostile witnesses in numbers can have their way in voodoo court settings-voodoo that is if a reliable technological record of what occurred is available. That is the way to go in order to avoid innumerable legal justice conundrums ahead. One could become a millionaire installing such systems for a few easy payments of $19.95. I wish I had production connections in China sometimes.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

A Good Brief Biographical Video on the late Bobby Fischer

Bobby Fischer may have been the best chess player of all time. His I.Q. was 180 and after winning the world chess title in 1972 he rather lost a rational reason to exist. The withdrawal from chess and steady decline of his life experience is presented fairly well here. An alternative theory is that Fischer is the archetype before/after instance of the effect of mind-altering drugs. The personality change is stark-ditch the suit and the haircut.

Travelling to California after the victory may have made a Fischer a target for the left who spiked a drink perhaps, although the K.G.B. or others that didn't like the Sunday-best rational Fischer in the Watergate and withdrawal from Vietnam year may have thought he was another Kissinger and the personification of everything evil about America. Fischer with his mind on vacation abandoned the world chess title and learned to hate everything about the nation of leftists that denied his rational, methodical undrugged approach to life. I think the left never trusted Fischer though he wore everything except a drug rug to seem mellow.

Yet another theory is that Fischer with a load of cash got hooked on watching Gilligan's island reruns and only choose to play Spaskii again in order to afford to watch reruns of Miami Vice.

Bloggers Ought to Be Free of Police & Mob Intimidation

Internet blogging is a pure vehicle for free expression; a necessary element for competition of ideas. In many nations known as banana republics, authoritarian, narco-states, corporatist, oligarchic, monarchical etc free internet blogging is not permitted without retribution. Mob rule by those not well endowed intellectually requires mob and/or police repression of free speech, free thought and uncoerced Internet blogging. Often the broadcast media is an accessory in trimming individuals expressing antipathetic to corrupt establishment or start-up mobs.

Internet blogging is less than two decades old. In world political history that’s something like the wink of an eye. Many bloggers with an excess of brevity in their wit have found Facebook to be their corporate controlled political weapon of choice yet where else can the world’s writers and political activist yearning to write free without follow up trim by police and mob thugs or terrorists with a microphone owned by the rich or a communist party place their work without fear of it being censored to deleted?

Democracy is in effect the better political form for the competition of ideas. In the marketplace of ideas publicly spirited citizens can read and select the best ideas for infrastructure development-not just the least objectionable slop foisted by a corrupt ruling class such as start the U.S. economy with fossil fuel energy development (boom and bust, globalism, greenhouse gassing, ancient technology, foreign advantage in auto production etc).

Though many nations from Red neo-Corporatist China to North Korea, Venezuela, Iran, and in some ways the U.S.A. (corporations have fine print in their blog sites that let them delete accounts for objectionable to them language without notice) are not completely tolerant of free expression for bloggers it seems like some nation ought to be. A nation that guaranteed blogging Internet posts with cloud storage forever and free would not only get a copy of all of the best ideas posted on Earth (and from the space nation and elsewhere eventually) it would support the liberation of the global body politic from the snares of mobocracy, erosion of their national sovereignty where democracy by and for the people exists or may develop and be a generally respectable item. Even the largest Internet corporations are corporations subject to numerous forms of political and economic leverage. Internet posts simply aren’t secure if posted solely at those sites, and in some Muslim nations one’s liberty may be in jeopardy for posting dissentient ideas.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Desalinating Border Security Canal for Drought Relief

A border security canal for drought relief is a new reason to start shovel ready jobs on an old idea; using siphons and solar powered pumps to bring water in a pipeline to the continental divide around Deming New Mexico and let it run downhill to the Gulf Coast and back to the Pacific in a partially covered canal. The canal would let water evaporate and be condensed under glass or plastic along part of the distance creating a lot of fresh water for irrigation, drinking and so forth. The trouble is the Democrat Party is the existentialist party of drugs and homosexuality concentrating wealth They have downsized interest in work. Life is a soap opera-they want positions.

Creating shovel ready jobs with actual shovels and heavy equipment to build a green border control zone along the Mexican border ought to be better than a fence and should unite Republicans and Democrats in a project that would actually get something done about the long-term drought problem in the Southwest and illegal border crossing from Mexico. The trouble is that the globalist congresspersons are more concerned about the rights of millionaire-billionaire homosexuals than the economic interests of all of the people of the U.S.A.

The only fair way to assure that one isn’t being discriminated against is the annual income-that doesn’t lie and is objective while concerns such as those of the Miami Dolphins and harassment are about millionaires rather than the poor or middle class. The Democrat Party forgot economic facts -who is keeping the rich tethered and tensioned keeping the rich from becoming global royalty these decades? Democrats seemingly don’t want the U.S.A. to be a prosperous healthy nation with full employment and a green accent. Instead the electorate is supposed to conform to an ethics of entertainment tonight.

The Aesthetics of Winter Camping (video)

Extended unemployment must be good for something. At least the aesthetic values of camping in Alaska are interesting. Beats riding a bike across the Gulf Coast in August-117 degrees at Tyler Texas via Shreveport! It would be better if the Obama administration had a clue about creating work in the U.S.A. through reform of capitalism though. I suggested several years ago that the government triage unemployment time and give the most tax credits for hiring those unemployed longest. The President forgot that incentive in trying to get corporations to hire the unemployed. The Democrat Party seems deficient in practical economic reasoning these decades.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Are Galactic Lensing and Expanding Space-time Caused by Quantum Effects?

Light from distant space-time quasars is warped passing select galaxies and made visible as if passing through a lens or traveling around the galaxy because of warped space-time. The expansion of space that was slowing down yet eventually changed to begin accelerating about 5 billion years ago may have a similar cause.  At image credit N.A.S.A. least one would believe they might because each involves space as an actual substance of some sort or at least the existence of mass and energy in volume called space behave somewhat as if space had it's own nature. 

It seems reasonable to speculate that quantum entanglement in mass quantities may be able to slow photons a little and create an apparent space drag around galaxies. Alternatively quantum effects of large bodies of mass boost photons a little as they encounter concentrated fields of mass and ricochet energized.

 I wonder if the acceleration of space-time in the Universe has a related causality to that of galactic lensing. Spacetime phenomena present quite a few puzzles to consider.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Reading From 'Temporal Cross Currents' - video (science fiction)

I read from my science fiction novel 'Temporal Cross Currents'.

Global Warming Shortens Alaska Dog Races/Seasonal Supremacy

Alaskan dog races are something of a colonial era anachronism of the days when supremacists ruled the waves. Dominating slave-dog’s pulling white men across vast distances of socially separate regions without encounters with slums and people unlike themselves there are many fans. Beside our objective perspective on the exploitation of animals for the sport of prosperous if not rich by worldly standards men (and a few women) how on others view the game?

Interview with an Alien
Question; what do you think of the Yukon Quest and Iditarod races?

Alien; that was a race? I was minding my own business observing a dog team in the cool minus 40 degree arctic night moving along the Yukon River on a drug smuggling training course that stopped now and then to excavate a cache of chemicals in a package from hidden in the river ice. The dog punisher used a g.p.s. tool to locate packets of illegal drugs to smuggle to consumers downstream. With 70 million Americans using illegal drugs and a lot of demand on the North Slope safe smuggling routes are being explored. So an executive action led me to cut out the heart of the driver, feed it to his dogs and liberate the oppressed dogs to run free returning to the call of the wild.

Answer; Yes that was a race contestant. I suppose it’s possible that someone supplements their sky- high annual earnings to keep an apartheid style way of life with a better Cadillac pick-up truck with off-road drug transporting, yet that’s no excuse for breaking the laws of the Yukon Territory or Alaska stalking anyone.

Alien-You must be from New York.
-End of Interview

If we don’t find too much in such an interview to inform us of public opinion about the Yukon Quest and Iditarod dog races at least it is known that the Yukon Quest finish line was moved outside Whitehorse this year some 30 miles because of thin ice on the river and that the Iditarod-the late spring race may move it’s starting line 360 miles north to Fairbanks in order to find some snow. Global warming is taking a toll on the race even more than the change of diet for many of the dogs.

While people were starving in Africa dog drivers used to feed their dog’s King salmon from the rivers before the runs largely collapsed. Now some of the slave teams are reduced to eating garbage from restaurant plates collected in buckets, run through a dishwasher and fed by the bucket load to the down-trodden beasts of burden.

Sunday, February 09, 2014

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Queering Federal Laws; Pres. Obama's Case for Satanic Government

Maybe the New York Times should run the headline Democracy is Dead- Long Live Corporatism! Minstrels of the herd believe the N.Y. Times. The Obama administration has given full federal support to homosexual marriage including spousal exemption from testimony in trial and so forth raising several legal and moral issues to occupy the nation’s political time rather than alternative stuff like finding competent economic policy.

Is it reasonable to compel Christians and others to pay taxes to a godless atheist government with support for official sin in direct violation of the principle of church and state? Is it fair to exempt homosexuals from testimony and to give insurance and other financial benefits to those perpetrating that practice and exclude single, celibate citizens from sharing equal existential protection of the law? Should anyone be denied the right not to testify about anyone that is non-self (all except for certain organic relationships involving cellular synthesis), or be given special legal status in relation to sexual activity or lust (Pres. Jimmy Carter admitted to “lust in the heart)?

How the nation came to be in such a state of moral decline is simple to answer. The policy has been percolating in Boston several decades and has metastasized with the election of President Obama. In 1999 I read a book on economics by Lester Thurow who was than at M.I.T. He described four primary forms of administration economic policy tracks and correctly predicted the maintenance policy of the following Bush II administration. Thurow also offered the opinion that traditional social structures needed to be changed. Maybe the economic reality is within you rather than outside you. That is, dumbing-down the people may decrease the political problem of incompetent administration economic policy.

 Homosexual marriage is just one step on the way down that road of complete social revolution empowering elites and corrupting civil rights that some economists and social elites believe inhibit certain kinds of economic restructuring. Probably the nation has just experienced round one in the drift toward satanic scientific socialism that is not an acceptable substitute for environmentally sane ecological economics policy with downsizing of capitalism in the corporate form and conservation of moral principles.

The queering of the Federal government presents several challenges to those seeking to advocate for U.S. influence on foreign affairs. Federal policy is morally indefensible and it is difficult to expect the second and third world to lay down for a butch commercial globalist power. With the cold war resolved and the prospects for peace and prosperity ahead good the Democrat Party had to find new ways to divide the nation and create global danger.

It was Mohammahdan Caliph Omar circa 640 A.D. who ordered the destruction of the great library of Alexandria Egypt. The Obama administration’s enigmatic policies have also brought conflict and blood to North Africa and over the Middle East with a growth in Al Qaeda and Taliban stock respectively in Iraq and Afghanistan. Between book-burning Moslems and morality burning democrats how can a Christian advocate for U.S. foreign policy as a moral force for good?

For that matter how can any moral individual reasonably or persuasively argue that the trend of U.S. foreign policy isn’t more of a follow Britannic leadership as a new age Phoenicia commercial Carthage trading with every nation and recognizing any sort of male, female or group marriage sort of friendly trade materialism instead of a more ecologically and egalitarian conservative and moral nationalism?

Merging with a media morphological soundtrackin into an Eleatic political economy of doped, syncopated sardines in a slathered, greasy matrix isn’t a preferred direction for democracy

Why the U.S. government selected policies of pragmatic depravity and defeat instead of rational and moral prosperity with respect for spiritual values is uncertain. If the economic and moral foundations of the United States are trashed too far it could be challenging to recover. Federal moral apostasy is a terribly thing to correct.

Saturday, February 08, 2014

The Problem of Gnosticism in the Early Christian Era (incld. video)

The epistle to the Galatians is perhaps the most remarkable of Paul’s existing letters that have made it down to us through time inasmuch as the Apostle seems at times wroth with the Galatians or Gauls of a Roman district that may or may not have been Celts. If these church goers were actual Gauls it mike be a good idea to change the word Galaxy to something else, such as Nuraghe in order that we do not seem to encourage a bad end along with the Universe in some sort of Apocalypse.3:1-” O foolish Galatians, who hath bewitched you, that ye should not obey the truth, before whose eyes Jesus Christ hath been evidently set forth, crucified among you?” That may well have been the Gnostic mistake. It does happen that what is wisdom for man is foolishness to God.

Philo of Alexandria presented most of the Gnostic metaphysical paradigm before the crucifixion of the Lord in 30 A.D. The Apostle John may well have encountered those ideas in followers in Ephesus. It is possible that the Gnostic heretical field of scholarship wasn’t terribly well received in Jerusalem either. Thus exporting the pursuit of the Gnostic topic to Antioch, Ephesus and elsewhere that religion had a lively public interest and was received with a modicum of tolerance might have been a logical course. Gnosticism in the first century may have camouflaged itself within the garb of traditional Judaism better even than Christianity for a time socially speaking.

Gnostics were people thought of as regarding themselves as having deeper metaphysical knowledge of reality than ordinary people. Some claimed that Jesus was actually a Gnostic traveler-a sort of astral projector perhaps to other planes of existence around this Universe. It is still a tempting yet silly doctrine popular on late-night radio shows and perhaps with dope smokers of the U.S.A. along with Bigfoot and extra-terrestrials manipulating the Obama administration’s homosexual policies.

Christian disputes with Gnostics occurred because Gnostics tended usurp Christian doctrine and insinuate their own. They might believe in dualism such that the material world is evil and was made by an evil demi-urge. While some might regard original sin in a fallen Universe of thermodynamics instead of eternal spiritual perfection as another way of saying that, the practical consequence of false belief are substantial.
Gnostics tended to deny Jehovah as the true God and the sacrifice of Jesus Christ to overcome sin for those of faith. The emanationist (simplified for Christian practical purposes to’ let their be light’) theories of Gnostics are though coincident with some aspects of logical insight into the nature of the material Universe such as the big bang, inflaton or even a cyclical Universe expanding and flowing through a thermodynamic process.

Paradoxically those that believe the Universe had no real beginning-just proximal ones such as time=0 located at a temporal hourglass very small singularity before an oppositely sequenced pre-Universe shrinking down in scale, share the idea with Christians that all things that exist are ultimately based in the eternal with temporality being expression of phases within eternity. At this point physical cosmology research hasn’t evolved terribly deeply into physical reality and temporality of a hypothetical multiverse within an eternal context replete with conservation of energy and ordination by God.
Paul as a student of Gamaliel might have been somewhat learned himself in Jewish mysticism. The contemporary of Jesus Christ, Philo of Alexandria, was marginally mainstream and perhaps not unknown to Jewish theology training centers. By the time of the third century Plotinus-a famous student of Ammonius Saccus developed a beautiful, logically satisfying, mystic, theologically simplified cosmology that is similar in many respect to contemporary cosmological paradigms including origin from a singularity or One (En Sof-the ineffable infinite) with universal and broken form theories acceptable to Plato and quantum mechanics.
It is a bit of a paradox that the mysterious, spiritual Kabbalah shares with Mohammadanism the term for spirit –Ka that the Egyptians used as well as ba or shelter. Hence one gets the spirit house or Ka-ba such as at Mecca and the Kabballah going even further in honor of a transcending spirit. The spirit house of Mecca existed long before Mohammad’s syncretistic enterprise.

The danger of simply becoming intellectually lost as an individual self-standing within the created material world is a danger that Lucifer succumbed to. Since everything exists and one may reason within the given steady-state field or any existing alternate spiritual field, there is a temptation for the ego to alienate itself from the transcendent God and the opportunity to renormalize from sin in the contingent field of being and try to exist forever as a contingent being or even a nearly omnipotent contingent being without God imbued with a false consciousness denying His existence. That effort is in disregard to the actual facts of being-that God is all-in-all and the Son is the sole way to renormalize the estranged-by-sin relationship.
A generic emantionist paradigm for cosmological origin of quanta of any type from a state of being ‘void and without form’ requires some emanation of virtual quanta or proto-particles/strings/membranes etc from an existing field containing or heteronymous with the void. Math isn’t theoretically of much help in describing the non-dimensional infinite, indivisible field that emanates with quantum uncertainty perhaps on occasion into a void. 

Mathematics represents some form of coordinate system-even a theoretical one with scalable dimensions. Without coordinates or quanta it would be challenging to use math references for describing one infinite field with no extension and all possible dimensions unactualized prior to emanation from super-positions decohered into forms in a virgin formless void. Theological contemplation might be easier, although it’s better and simpler to recognize Jesus Christ as the only way to understand God containing/promulgating the one field engendering any potential or actual Universe.

Ultimately Plotinus’ paradigm is mostly a horse-shoe toss description of the theosophical state of the cosmos without either modern technical terms. Plotinus did not provide Christian information about how to be saved from the fallen realm of materially imperfect forms and original sin that is implicit in the temporal world. Living a couple centuries after the Lord he may have felt that wasn’t his role. The age was philosophically confused enough and just the canonized Bible such as the Muratorian fragment provided was a plain and accurate guide to eternity.

Thursday, February 06, 2014

Rationing Mass per Citizen for Human Fabrication in the Distant Future?

Human society without achieving a critical level of creative, adaptive thought may evolve toward maximum exploitation of available mass converting it to a high entropy format depleting environmental sustainability or even the existence of a given planetary body clumped together under the influence of gravity. Thus one may anticipate distant future political efforts to counteract the noted characteristic of purely egoistic use of mass without consideration of the concatenating social effects.

Human society evolving like bacteria in a Petri dish consume all available food or mass available to process it adding entropy in order to provide comfort, prestige and so forth. Yet unlike uncreative bacteria human society and numerous individuals have bursts of creative, inventive thought, thus they are capable of consuming and adding entropy to mass at a far higher rate than that of bacteria. Not simply consuming food and reproducing more of their own kind to deplete resources human beings convert orderly environmental mass into vast tonnage per person of luxurious dwelling, automobile and so forth accelerating the irreversible conversion of mass with low entropy into mass with high entropy.

One might consider that human beings in an unregulated social environment might eventually be conformed by external forces in the processed environment into a maximum density format such as crystal structures determined by a coefficient of technological capacity, minimal spacing and remaining resources. The alternative to that might be species depletion by elites to provide liberal time for existence of the remnant former minority with quantitative easing of the resource tension via controversial means (if they were debated) such as holocausts. In times of resource tension extreme measures historically arise.

A future society with substantial remaining unprocessed mass and a viable environment might limit the tonnage per individual for fabrication including housing, transport and so forth demanding the most extreme inventive thought materially from its citizens if they are to get the most out of the mass quota. I would guess that a vast, thin polymer geodesic sphere computer absorbing sunlight and floating in zero gravity might be an efficient direction if it were capable of sustaining human life inside. It’s hard to say. Yet it is interesting to thinking about what sort of physical social environment would develop if forethought and intelligence were required of builders rather than mass-producing housing tracts with low, low creative thought involved as if they were farming for-themselves adding so much non-ecospherically sustainable structure at unreasonable rates of interest.

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A Universal Widget - In the Realm of Forms - video excerpt Usgov

I read from my science fiction novel on a planet's history of social eco-engineering maximizing efficiency in the use of available mass by citizens within an entropy-reduction context.

Relocation of High-tech Aliens to Run U.S. Business a New Trend?

Immigration/relocation to America is sometimes held up as an ideal. When Microsoft named a dual-passport holding (he may have a U.S. passport too) Indian engineer to be its new C.E.O. the idea of bringing 50,000 more high tech aliens to Detroit was exemplified. Standing before a full size video screen a C.E.O. of a large corporation can talk face to face with his minions around the globe. The nation where he is located makes little difference except as the tax policy favors his machinations and power. The workers are outsourced abroad at any rate whenever possible. Corporate profits are sent at the speed of light through a myriad of dark pools to tax havens and can be reinvested in physical plants of the second and third world without environmental or labor laws of hindrance.

The Peace Corp ads that ask the question 'would you travel 5000 miles to... should be better said 'would you fly coach with only Skype and a drink in a can for a few hours? Some ideas never change about travel. Perhaps 50,000 more Indian and Chinese engineers and scientists of various skills could run America’s corporations better than Americans whom are increasingly so inept as to need low-tech Mexicans to do yard work and other menial jobs for them too. Is it right though to call high-tech aliens immigrants as if they spent months at sea in cold leaky sailing ships to reach the U.S.A. instead of a few hours coach class with Skype ever present to consult face-to-face with home? Wouldn’t the term relocated better describe the high tech alien peregrinations around the globe landing in the U.S.A?

The mayor of Detroit failed to realize that high tech aliens don’t need to relocate to Detroit to perform menial jobs that can’t be outsourced. High-tech jobs can be outsourced via Skype from Detroit, all one needs is capital to afford to hire Indian or Chinese engineers who will perform the work for the capitalist in Detroit or Gstaad at a fraction of the wage as in America. If aliens with high-tech savy relocate to Detroit from abroad all they need to do is study U.S. markets to better coordinate sales from the homeland to the new land of hapless proto-globalists run by a congress and executive that believes one needs to pass legislation to find out what’s in it. The prime directive of competent legislation in a democracy is that which is transparent, well founded and with a high likelihood of working a priori. Obamacare failed that standard miserably.

If America is to be less like the British run era of opium intoxication of China recolonized by aliens relocating simply to annex U.S. political policy to that of Satan in a Babylon the Great paradigm and somewhat more like the American ideal of George Washington it ought to secure its borders, halt the relocation of aliens to the U.S.A. and downsize the corporate agenda while raising taxes on the rich, eliminating the public debt and finding ways through zoning and private incentives to hire people to restore the environment in the way that F.D.R. put Americans to work planting trees around the U.S.A. Even making a wetland out of a parking lot can be labor intensive.