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Set Theory, Multiverse and Theological Speculation

For millennia some Christian theologians have contemplated the possible attributes of God. Though Jesus informs us that none have seen the Father except the Son and that if we know Jesus we know the Father (God) nevertheless a quest for more knowledge of God and his attributes has brought theologians from Philo of Alexandria to Thomas Aquinas to consider the infinite and realms beyond the veil of entangled particles appearing as mass within a Higgs Field in a solid state-temporal condition.

The German mathematician Georg Cantor 1845-1918 was very helpful in developing ideas on infinity. Cantor was the inventor of set theory, and taken with modal logic it is quite simple to contemplate cardinal and ordinal infinite series as abstractions.

Cantor is his day was seriously academically marginalized for thinking about real numbers. Real numbers are something akin to Platonic realism-each considers things that seem unreal to common sense perception. Real numbers include negative numbers and that was almost heretical in the nineteenth century among some establishment mathematicians.

Inn January 2014 the theoretical physicist Max Tegmark is publishing a new book on multiverse theory structures and classification. In a sense multiverse theory is a natural growth from set theory and transfinite series that Cantor developed. Added to the developments in algebra and geometry during the 20th century its easy to create n-dimensional universes and a plethora of Universes-even an infinite array of Universes as sets within sets quite equivalent to the way sets of infinite numbers can be encapsulated or juxtaposed within other sets (regard each set as a Universe or subset Universe) with particular physical boundary conditions or laws for each Universe having some relation to the meta-set boundary conditions.

Since mass and energy are equivalent through convertibility in ratio to Einstein’s formula of E= MCone may consider that which exists as some indefinable kind of field. The Higgs field is a comparatively local-to-the-Universe-we-live-in medium in which particles can tangle up and actualize. Though it is easy enough to hypothesize a precursor field or potential zero-point energy in a vacuum before any Universe develops through an aggregation of zero-point energy into mass the unresolved question of where zero-point energy comes from and what relation and boundary conditions zero-point energy in a primordial vacuum have remain.

We like to think of God as eternal and non-temporal. At some point before the beginning of a temporal succession of Universes cascaded into being (at least theoretically for human beings existing in a temporal Universe the book of Genesis indicates was a contingent field created after the fall from perfect grace by Adam and Eve) an eternal field existed.

The neo-Platonist philosopher Plotinus wrote about The One well enough in The Enneads. In the modern world his ideas are still useful. Theoretical cosmology provides Christian philosophers with a theological interest quite a bit of paradigmata to think about too.

Considering the relationship of being to nothingness for an eternal God for whom all things exist pre-known and created,  nothingness may be a through-the-glass darkly limitation to perception, a kind of non-omniscient way of being enabling the appearance of temporality and vacuum to exist. In a way the logically primary state of affairs of a zero-point energy field would be monistic rather than pluralistic. There should be no spacing or interval, no vacuum at all. It seems not a coincidence that the infinities of black holes are a common thread in considering the irreducible origin of mass in its primary form. The highest organization and least amount of entropy in a Universe are at a singularity.

Plotinus too considered The One as all things as a kind of singularity for whom nothing at all needed to be extended or actualized. The paradox fundamentally was why such a happenstance of anything existing should be made to occur. Plotinus brought the idea of The Intelligence into being creating Universes and forms for things to be. Plotinus drew upon Plato and his Realm of Forms (in The Republic) as inspiration obviously however The Intelligence is also suggestively comparable to The Spirit of God that acted upon the waters to make the Universe materialize with substance. The concept of water as a primordial field that when made turbulent allows things to be and become isn’t unlike the idea of twisters, strings and such in a fundamental field. Christians however might look to the origin of the original field or at least to its explanation as spiritual.

Mass as a spiritual compound at its fundamental level was developed by the physicist and mathematicians Gottfried Leibniz. He called those one and two-dimensional particles monads. It is easy to theorize a spiritual foundation for mass concatenated through dimensions as readily as a holographic Universe. With Bishop Berkeley’s Three Dialogues of Hylas and Philonous developing the philosophy of idealism it became practical to consider the subjectivity of sense data and today how sense data is interpreted by the mind phenomenally though generally consistently by similarly constructed beings. Berkeley believe the entire Universe could  be production created for a human mind to experience by God, and it may with an ultimate appearance of being real.

Some Eastern philosophers have also considered reality as a product of the mind of God (or Brahma). The concept of the unextended eternal being (God) existing at the heart of nature and all Universes occurring within His own infinite to the infinite nature seems challenging to miss. A human soul then seems to be a spirit within the mind of God Who is Spirit.

Organizations vs Individuals; The De-optimalization of Enterprise

Maximizing individual liberty from the tyranny of organizations was the fundamental purpose of the U.S. Constitution. Government is just one of the possible forms of social organizations that may form to oppress individualism running roughshod over it.

Corporatism, communism, fascism, organized crime, unionism and even organized religion may be secular forces oppressing individual rights. Contemporary ‘liberalism’ may be a front for organized oppression of individual liberty, unlike the classical liberalism of the founders.

Some believe in error that because organizations are made of individuals they are nothing besides individuals. Organizations are teams and collectives with variegated compensation packages that act as super-individuals; bullies, against ordinary individuals in the pursuit of enterprise with excellence.

There is inevitably an upward drift through organizations to acquire more power and influence over individuals in society. Organizations also may takeover the public sector through a variety of means of infiltration from within and without. In any case the individual is intimidated by the organization and made to follow or at least acquiesce within its method to pursue its goals. Generally collectives and organizations reduce the horizon of creativity of individuals to production of organizational goals.

Some organizations and unionism is necessary to offset maleficience of other organizations exploiting individuals. Yek the dialectical increase of organizational size in challenge and response is its own self-reifying logic for increase. Democracy and individual are distant points of light from beyond the torpid underworld of organizational dark pools of power.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Reason, Science and Faith

Taking a Hebrew language course the last words written across the chalkboard before I left Theology School were Ha Ha Ha! Ha means ‘the’ in Hebrew and my student loan never arrived so I returned to the street and a car with a rusted out floor through which my feet could reach asphalt. Faith is not about quantification, science is. Reason is I think, useful for both.

I had left that car in the care of Sgt. Roy Benavidez, Medal of Honor winner, in El Campo Texas earlier that summer and rode a motorcycle home to Alaska. Now, without a motorcycle I drove the car to home passing through Utah and a close encounter with a spiritual experience. Faith in-the-world encounters experience while science tries to quantify it.

Science, politics and religion are three avenues for the experience of life. Life is an emergent phenomenon of entangled energy fields that seemed to be mass in-the-Higgs-field. We might trust that God has within his infinite and eternal nature all temporal Universes foreknown, even though they all pre-exist in an infinite variety of forms. One might also believe that a human spirit is a finite aspect of spirit. The Great Spirit being God is all being juxtaposing nothingness as a counterpoint and interval for anything that would seem to appear to have time. So what is one to think about science?

Mitochondrial D.N.A. transfers have been politically approved in England although it is still illegal to do so. Upgrading the mitochondria of a woman’s eggs with defective mitochondria might seem compassionate enough. A couple could have a hybrid baby I guess with three different genome contributions. That technology could also be applied to animals. Science could upgrade Siberian tigers to human level intellect with Bonobos and Chimps able to think as well as Republicans and Democrats becoming just a shout away. I suppose they have made Dolly the Sheep sort of creatures in secret. Maybe they made super-mice able to remember all of the passwords necessary to get food from very difficult maze caches as prototypes.

I think science today has a kind of hubris faith in atheism as truth. Because science materially works and has historically enlightened humanity in cosmology and other fields it isn’t uncommon to make the assumption that Biblical truth is obsolete. Those with degrees in science aren’t generally terribly philosophical or well read in Biblical history deeply enough to well-consider the perennial question of interest to philosopher. Even the brilliant mathematical cosmologist Stephen Hawking has said that “philosophy hasn’t kept up”. I think he means philosophers haven’t been doing the math of M-Theory, Emperor Theory and so forth. Generally he would be right about that, yet is it necessary for philosophers or theologians to work out the math of various cosmology theories to consider cosmology theories? Is a structure of a given multi-verse not something that can be represented theoretically with model logic or even a Cantorian abstraction of trans-finite sets within the Spirit?

Faith is about trust in things unseen. God is unseen except as The Son while science seeks to learn about the unseen and unknown through material avenues. Christians too hope to see The Son as scientists hope to find the final formula to whip up there own Universes out of nothing I guess.

The Awakening of Animals - Fox in the Anthropocene Era

We are lead to wonder what the spotted chartreuse fox would be like if he were endowed with human intellect? Would he be an insatiable carnivore seeking to devour? A Heinrich Himmler with crematoria or a Don Carlione with a broadcast network of selective predation viewing the social environment as his henhouse for chowing down?

Humanity is something like a fox itself. Its cleverness and manual dexterity gives it such an advantage over other animals. Though the smell of the hunt leads men after foxes human beings are made by their Creator in the image of God though they try so hard to forget that fact. Rational, thinking and spiritual is the God-like image reflected in our dual-natured selves, one that increasing tends to prefer the rational, scientific, godless atheist side over the spiritual, creative and thoughtful.

Soon humanity may give itself the opportunity to bring an awakening of intelligence to animals. Because the approval by ethics groups of the transfer of healthy mitochondria with their own genome to women with unhealthy D.N.A. in their eggs it might be possible to give D.N.A. from superior women with outstanding characteristics to women with defective or less-well endowed characteristics (fox might believe that means less than DD cup) of intelligence. Einstein’s Mama could have been a mass mitochondria donor to talk radio host Mama’s and the future of U.S. politics could have been saved if only fox had thought of mitochondria transfers earlier. This technique could be applied in reverse bringing superior, reasoning intellect to animals. Scientists have probably already experimented secretly in making Bonobos as sharp as politicians and chimpanzees able to report news. Probably that is all concealed in the Snowden files and will be revealed.

Frankly if I were guessing I would say that Democrats are descended from Bonobos and Republicans from Chimpanzees. Humans share something like 1.7% of their genome with both simian sects and a much higher percent with both. Supposedly the evolutionary line of humans and the greater apes forked 5-7 million years ago. Political alpha humans perhaps a little later. It may develop that ethical approval to enhance animal intelligence with mitochondria transfers and genetic modification may let thinking, reasoning animals go ahead and be remade in the image of mankind.

The idea of an awakening of animal intelligence isn’t exactly as silly as it seems. First some market will be found where people want to have a conversation with their beagle, or the military will find it cheaper to send a smart Bonobo on Mars missions because they are shorter and stronger per body mass having evolved without junk food. One can imagine a Siberian tiger with the intellect of David Stockman as Director of the Congressional Office of Management and Budget. Since this is the Anthropocene era being named so in the year 2000 for the human effect on creating mass extinctions of animals and plants bring up animals to human level smarts is the least we can do.

One might wonder where the scientific atheism leads politically speaking. Scientific development is good and informs us that loss of genetic, taxonomic and phylogenetic diversity may crash the ecosphere. The ecosphere is something like a house of cards that could collapse if too many cards are removed. Even the beneficial farming green revolution has some deleterious effects because of all the destruction of wild land and dumping of pesticides. Plainly human food production seeks to satisfy just human hunger and doesn’t take into account the need to conserve the ecosphere. Without proper stimulus fox won’t move. It needs a hunger to search for a family of chickens to eat. Sated, well-fed and in digestive torpor the lack of spiritual seeking after the perfect will of God leads to a too-narrow intellectual pursuit of immediate material security. Maybe humanity is doomed, maybe not.

Scientific atheism may lead to an eclipse of democracy. John Ralston Sauls, a philosopher who has written about corporatism as a political-economic development wrote that “The acceptance of corporatism causes us to deny and undermine the legitimacy of the individual as citizen in a democracy”. As the Democratic Party relies more and more on Wall Street and the Harvard network for political appointees and wealth is concentrated Americans are trained to look to corporations as the alternative to government. Splitting the difference leads to encroaching corporatism. Democracy is degraded.

Obamacare is a practice of corporatism in action, so is immigration reform that would allow 15 to 20 million Mexican citizens become U.S. citizens. They would be super-citizens with dual passports as would be their tens of millions of children. The political center of the United States would in effect shift south of the border and Mexican citizens would become the de facto electors of the U.S. government. Because Mexicans would be fairly easy for drug cartels or global corporations to control corporatism in the U.S.A. would tighten its grip. Americans would lose their historical battle for political self-determination. Scientific, godless corporatism arm-in-arm with its godless, atheist Chinese-communist peers in ruling would down-size the population of the world morally and demographically in whatever way it selected for it’s class, Zarathustrian super-men advantage. There has got to be a better way.

One might keep in mind that down-sizing corporations and keeping the ecosphere intact are good things. Stable population size and respect for local political control at the state or at least national;-size are good defenses against corporate or communist imperialism. It would be possible to develop farming in closed containers-probably spheres in space and on the moon in extremely intensive, cleverly designed encapsulated multi-level growth areas, condense the food and readily pack and send it to Earth it low cost or even disposable containers. It’s important to keep the relative mass of Earth and the other large solar system bodies intact. In other words it would be possible for spiritually responsible people to keep a stable population, scientific development, spiritual liberty and freedom from the worst of Fox’s raging beast seeking to devour characteristics from running crazed through civilization

Wednesday, November 27, 2013 Slowly Erases the Author

I encountered one of my articles at and checked the author page. After being banned from that web site Christmas 2010 my content there-several hundred articles have continued to be sold while my photo has been deleted along with most personally identifying information. Fortunately I published all of my articles in books and elsewhere so I can successfully defend authorship if I need too. My concern is the really rotten treatment that web page gives to authors they deem to be politically incorrect ( I was regarded as antipathetic to the homosexual agenda and rightly so where it concerns corrupting the institution of marriage).

Corporate pimps ought not exploit authors so badly as Helium-it's simply the bad faith treatment of writers that are poor and really put a lot in to their work in difficult circumstances. I would prefer they delete all of my articles instead of continuing to profit from them. That seems crooked and I cannot afford lawsuits.

U.S. Foreign Policy as Good As U.S. Bi-Partisanship in Congress

The United States since the last clever, innovative President who understood the nature of the American people- the late Ronald Reagan- has significantly deteriorated its foreign and domestic standing. As the economy increasingly worsens rotting from the inside out the stock market has risen over its all-time high at 16,000. That's a result of concentrating wealth because of the political correctness and recalcitrance of the Congress and Presidents after the end of the cold war top act responsibly as egalitarian citizens of a democracy and tax the rich progressively rather than regressively. President Obama is the latest incarnation of giving the people of the United Sates a pacifier-President rather than and economic reformer. America's domestic policy failures are consistent with its foreign policy failures.

It isn't reasonable to expect the U.S. Government to make any sort of realistic deal with Iran on stopping the development of nuclear weapons. Eventually Israel will need to make an air assault and take out the Arak nuclear plant itself and bear the consequences. Iran will get over that and maybe still have a good relationship with the hillbilly's of Washington D.C. that are better at posturing and feuding than real politick.

One can't rely on Rush Limbaugh to fix things either in spite of the acclaimed new book Rush Revere. One wonders if Mr. Limbaugh ever rode a horse.

Giving the children of the U.S. a common inheritance of a healthy and recovering global ecosphere is as important as giving them a personal family inheritance of hard-earned dollars that the public has no right to usurp. It is important to regulate business such that large organizations public or private do not hog all the wealth and opportunity. The diner's and prisoner's dilemmas paradigms are reasons why government and talk radio hosts advocate tax cuts for the rich, deregulation of big business and corporate health care (Obamacare). The President gives what strategists believe are opiates to the masses of marijuana, homosexuality and illogically proffered health care while the domestic economy rots. 
Because of the deficient and ill-conceived domestic policy leadership the foreign policy of the United States sucks too. The nation spies upon its allies leaders and flunks nuclear limitations with North Korea. The food for stopping nuclear production policy of the Clinton administration was an abject failure, the administration is so cool on reinforcing the Iraq government that that nation is on the brink of sectarian war and Afghan leader Karzai won't sign off on the Loyajurga's will to have U.S. troops remain after 2014 just because he wants to stay alive after leaving office and enjoy is wealth is Gstadd or wherever one would think. Who wants to be blamed for having U.S. troops remain in Afghanistan if they aren't going to be President and control the troops for a decade or two?

American government prefers feuding for the simple reason that it's easy to publicize good and bad guys to a nation of comic book readers. It's also difficult to change the villains for writing and entertainment purposes. It was really a problem to stop making Boris and Natasha the villains until Al Qae'da arrived and maintaining bad relations with Iran was easier too.

When the Iranian revolution happened I was working in a kitchen with Iranian cooks that had very large knives for cutting meat. That was a little uncomfortable yet because I graduated a computer programming course I moved on. America can also move on despite the risk of possibly redeveloping a neutron bomb capacity to liberate Iranian leaders from worry about their infrastructure being vaporized if a war occurs.

Seriously though, the United States had good relations so far as there were any in the 1930s with Iran. An American economist was the basic adviser to the government and Iran did very well at developing its economy. After the Second World War and the start of the cold war the inability to understand the Muslim world very well led the Eisenhower administration to support a coup against the Iranian government to restore monarchy. The Brits of course goaded us on because the Iranian government had nationalized the British owned oil fields. Foreign control of Iranian natural resources had long been a source of trouble even amidst the troubled Iranian social rivals for power. That coup wasn't necessary; there wasn't much chance of a communist takeover in a Muslim country although theorists didn't know that then, so the United States started a lasting progression of bad relations with the people of Iran. And of course our preference for business imperialism continues to this day as the people of the U.S.A. become poorer while the rich globally become richer.

Iran then has the difficult problem of negotiating with a disingenuous American partner that does want to halt nuclear weapons development honestly yet simultaneously prefers what are neo-imperial economic developments globally. Since the cold war ended U.S. leadership has forgotten what democracy is and taken a turn for deregulated existential Spenserian capitalism. Morally the leadership seems taken by the devil so right wing politicians in Iran and the United States (fewer perhaps) can rightly find a wealth of criticism of the U.S. Government opportunity.

Bill Clinton claimed to be able to chew gum and walk at the same time. That was probably an exaggeration since he worked for the government and keeping two foreign and domestic policy initiatives going concurrently such as promoting small business and individualism while regulating big business adequately domestically and becoming good friends with Iran while halting their nuclear development and strongly supporting Israel would just be too much. U.S. leadership would probably inhale the gum and require a tracheotomy with whatever knife some passerby has in her pocket.

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Saturday, November 23, 2013

If Homos Can Marry Shouldn't White Males Be Regarded as Black for Equal Affirmative Action?

Homosexual militants often compare their desire to expropriate heterosexual marriage for themselves to the racial problems of black Americans. That comparison is silly.  Black is not a behavior. Enslaving souls is behavior. Homosexuality is behavior, pregnancy is physical. One ought not set up separate legal status for behavior if possible, except as it is necessary to have criminal laws for bad behavior.

Including homosexuality in the traditional heterosexual paradigm for marriage is as wrong as including  straight white males in affirmative action for blacks.

Someone has to pay for the wealth of benefits homosexuals want to expropriate from heterosexuals-and that would be single individuals-especially youth whom already will be required to buy health insurance they don't generally need.

In my opinion citizens that practice homosexuality,  public nose-picking, race car driving or spelunking already are treated equally. If they want to heterosexually marry they are free to do so.

I stipulated in the original article that there are some with congenital sex identity issues. 

Nevertheless one doesn't want to get rid of criminal proceeding just because a few innocent people are convicted. The better course is to improve the applications of the legal process and change the social conditions that lead to crime.

Because some people are maladjusted sexually that does not mean that the most socially effective course would be to abolish traditional marriage integrity. Instead homosexuals or any others for reasons besides perverted lust might form a different institution somewhere within business law. 

That might be a partnership for individuals with whatever special conditions homosexuals think they need to be legally tangled up. Make no mistake, hermaphrodites are usually infertile and those with odd genetic combinations and sex paraphernalia leading them toward non-heterosexuality are not a social norm, although polar bears have had increasing incidents of hermaphroditism because of pervasive estrogen contamination in water due to industrial waste-products.

Because some people are born like old people as children with odd disease, or are dwarves and short as children, that is not a good argument for letting adults pay a child's bus fare so they have equality. The real differences amidst social classes given different rates are made with the idea that people are not equal in all things. 

America was not always a wicked nation forsaking its forefathers and mother's traditions. Though Americans today did not fight a civil war and mostly did not fight in the Second World War much less the revolutionary war they are quick to give away their inherited civil rights, border security and comparative advantages in an existential way rather than strengthen them.

 Homo partnerships with particular rights giving them some sort of advantage presumably over singles would be better than the godless, atheistic attack upon the millennial old traditions of marriage and less threaten to accelerate national moral and social decay. It is wrong to tempt priests to perform ceremonies of sacrilege such as homosexual marriage. Yet in an era of a hierarchical priesthood instead of a priesthood of believers far too many are oriented more toward secularism rather than doing things pleasing to God.

Political Opposition to Homo Marriage Isn’t Bigotry

N.P.R.’s Mike Peska hosting the political radio show ‘Left, Right and Center’ said that opposition to homosexual marriage is bigotry. That show might consider changing its name to just 'Left of Center'. Peska was ostensibly the centrist indicating how far skewed the nation to the left after nearly 24 years of bad Presidential leadership. Opposition to queer marriage is just honorable and those for it, dishonorable. Homosexuality is a learned behavior, not a congenital fact. Opposition to corrupt behavior is the core of political democracy, not a form of bigotry. There may be some tiny percentage of genetically aberrant individuals to be understood, yet that understanding should not comprise a cause for corrupting society with mass social legislation to abandon reason.

Marriage was perhaps the first civil right established before there were civil rights. Monogamy protected the weak from victimization and was a social sanction against adultery and the conflicts attending the sexual exploitation of women. It is remarkable that the decline of social morals have gone so far and become so common under the corrupting broadcast media influence that social dishonor is regarded as virtually normative.

One can expect NPR to advocate for the rights of Sugar Plum Fairies, unemployment compensation checks for the employed and spousal benefits and quarters for soldiers sucking thumbs of other soldiers. The real bigotry is blaming the poor instead of the rich and middle class for the vast left and right wing public debt.

Hollywood might need to remake the Titanic again with Michael Douglas as the ship’s captain. He could call for ‘women, children and queers’ to the lifeboats. Single adults can open doors for one or the other of a homocouple and marriage while marriage can become disassociated with raising children. So many social traits and customs exist about men being gentlemanly with the fairer sex and probably will even in an era when women feel equal or more than equal financially. There are many forms of competition that men simply would not be comfortable with, being rough with women. Now homos too will desire to be treated ‘without bullying’ and go to the head of the class.

Mike Peska wrongly believes that it is bigotry to oppose the socially deleterious expropriation of marriage by homosexuals. Strait singles and society have made many sacrifices to let marriage be a supported social institution that would be utterly foolish of given to a pair of guys or women homosexuals. Defending one’s individual social equality as an adult means that the blatant corruption of political and social establishments should be opposed. Homosexual marriage is one glaring, blatant corrupt of political and moral reason.

The United States constitution does recognize the right of free association and liberty for individuals. Although moral reason rules against homosexuality it is politically a concern for individuals and for individual behavior within the paradigm of privacy. The fundamental causes for the homosexual marriage aggression probably include fear, delusion, greed, hatred of heterosexual normality and power. It is supported by many godless atheists with wrong ideas about the moral implications of science and evolution theory.

Peska and other N.P.R. radio-heads in their sniper-tower quality communication lofts of unfair political advantage may believe that evolution or atheism means that life is meaningless and morality is judgmental without reason. There are social moral practices that are functional and utilitarian in practice rather than in theory. Morality is not just a theory that can be applied or removed to an existential practico-inert social politik reformed to most reflect the moral nihilism of political leadership.

Christians may believe that morality stems from adhering to the will of God. Even so morality has a basis in real-world social stasis that is not a moral vacuum. To throw in bad political moral choices as law such as homosexual marriage develops inertia for political nihilism deeply to the ground of being and becoming in the transcending development of social history.

Homosexual marriage and other abominable practices sew the seeds of chaos into the cohesive fabric of civilization. Especially when there is a vast range of inductive, non-destructive ways for individuals to ensnare themselves within legal encumbrances unnecessarily it was and is entirely a gratuitous if not vicious assault upon traditional marriage and morality to force homosexual marriage upon society poisoning marriage in the process.

If marriage is of such substantive financial and social value that single individuals should be required by law to make tax sacrifices to support it and if queers are to benefit from that historically heterosexual practice then it would be utter bigotry to deny single adults the financial and tax benefits of marriage. That is if one uses same irrelevant sort of expropriative paradigm as advocates for queer marriage developed.

The moral nihilism of the Democrat Party forged in the existential swamp of moral relativism seems to be an oath of allegiance required for the broadcast media. Maybe some of them really believe that society are better off with a pervasive homosexual hegemony from military training to public educators and that homos would never ever exploit a social ecosystem of homosexual marriage renormalization and atheism.

Media swanks may be above it all for-themselves and disingenuously giving trendy support for their own narrow financial self-interest. Even so it is wrong to denounce political opposition to homosexual marriage or to any public policy change as bigotry. The right to dissent on political issues is fundamental to a democratic society. That little fact is something the nihilist media may hate.

In the brave new world of the age of fracture none will make sacrifices and all will be forced by law to be equal. From each according to his ability and to each according to his/her/its needs. At least in the affirmative era political set power, privilege and wealth will be redistributed from poor and middle class non-class members to class members except for the rich who overall will just accumulate more wealth and power going away while the remainder of the local populace gets poorer. Yet they will have legal dope and queer marriages in the society. How better could they be slopped?

Friday, November 22, 2013

Magnus Carlsen Wins 2013 World Chess Championship

Norwegian Magnus Carlsen (rated 2870) took the World Chess Championship for 2013 with three wins and seven draws. Former champion Viswanathan Anand played rather conservatively hoping the challenger would make a mistake he could capitalize upon. Carlsen, the highest rated chess player in history at age 22, did not make critical errors in end games exploiting the Reti opening, Nimzo Indian and Berlin defenses during the match to set a tempo leading to victory.

Carlsen has an interesting and challenging future ahead with one of several excellent challengers for the 2014 World Chess Championship. There are several players rated in the high 2700's and even more than 2800 as is Carlsen that would be formidable challengers including number for ranked in the world 24 year-old American Hikaru Nakamura rated 2786 and 20 year-old American-born Italian Fabiano Caruna rated 2782

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Senate Democrats Use Nuclear Option to End Minority Filibusters

The U.S. Senate voted today to end the power of minority parties to filibuster confirmation votes. In what may be another short-term gain strategy to pack the government with Obama left-leaning nominees blocked from confirmation by Senate Republicans the administration and Sen. Harry Reed have set the stage for long range recovery by conservative nominees of the bad fiscal order of the U.S. Government.

Far too many Americans are out of work while the administration has cooked the unemployment books to make happy meals for news consumers.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Original American First Peoples Included Western Europeans

Excavations from a site near Lake Baikal Siberia that is 24,000 years old unearthed bones that have genes of west Europeans. Evidently Western Europeans also were heading East at the end of the Wisconsin Ice Age with others that migrated to North America. That explains why first peoples in America have such a large proportion of West European genes.

People from Eurasia have been migrating since ancient times to the new world…as long ago as 35,000 B.C. The racial bias against Europeans for reaching America from the Irish voyages and the Albs to the Vikings, Columbus and Cabot is more political than anything else. It would be crass racial bias to be anti-European American when their ancestors too numbered among the first people having blended in sexually to form then hybrid North American superman voyager.

The American spirit of exploration can only be repressed by radical leftist political correctness and bias flowing throw elitist Universities. Yet hopefully we (North Americans) shall overcome some day and get a solid moon base built from native materials started.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Democrat Uncertainty on Mid-East Policy and Troop Levels

The Obama administration has been recalcitrant on making firm continuing U.S. military assistance to Iraq and Afghanistan. That is something of a Democrat Party tradition. They prefer that proxies do the killing as building up the Syrian conflict instead of building peace. Keeping stability after a conflict is even more worthwhile that getting a conflict started that could have been honorably avoided with a modicum of finesse. Original sin drives political rationalizations toward bad ends on occasion.

The Clinton administration wasn't hot about ending the sanctions era on Iraq that let 50,000 to 100,000 civilians die annually for several years. One wonders about the cliche of penny wise and pound foolish. We failed to keep a sustained support for the Afghans after the end of the war against the Soviets and that led to a Taliban hegemony while out coolness toward the Shi'a in the region seems to have helped embolden the Sunni Al Qaeda of Iraq. P.M. Maliki asked for U.S. troops for training and intelligence I suppose. We probably ought to send 5000 black op special forces advisers to indicate our support for the lawful government and opposition to terrorism.

The Obama administration has many challenges presently involving truthfulness.  That's a perennial problem for governments of course especially when amplified by a corrupt broadcast media that ought to be replaced by a broadcast slice populism for every interested web user locally. The administration seems to have dissimulated to voters on the real unemployment rate and on elements of Obamacare during the 2012 election in order to get over. In Afghanistan one wonders to what extent truthfulness matters to the leading parties of both countries?

If the United States should practice a kind of constructive engagement with Iraq and Afghanistan for the long run neither should we neglect the changes in Turkey that have brought the end of ancient Christian churches. The administration seems rather anemic on border security, balancing the federal budget, cutting spending, creating full employment and reducing the drug problem nationally instead of reinforcing it with legal dope.

The administration seems interested in sending trainers to Libya in order ostensibly to counteract armed militia neo-insurgents. That seems like amorphous conflict building instead of building up a democracy yet who can say? The coolness toward Egypt's government and policy of restoring some sort of Muslim Brotherhood Party role seems another failure of realpolitik. I guess all of that is a distraction from the Snowden Files revelations about bugging the phones of European leaders. The explanation was spying on friendly nations is s.o.p.

In my opinion much of this is the result of nihilist populism encouraged by godless atheists. Nothing really matters except personal egoism and the annihilation of faith, spiritual development and virtue are de rigeur for those so in love with Darwinism they cannot even have an interest is how the temporal form of mass-energy is just a tiny thread amid the eternal Spirit of God. The intellectual lethargy of atheism returning to simple pure materialism ad infinitum is a kind of malaise of the soul. When America becomes a little bit symbolic of meaning nothing it probably is harder to win friends in Moslem countries. When the Obama administration appears to have little regard for Christianity it is understandable that the unwell educated would have a bad example to emulate. At least the administration should be constant in expressing and acting on affordable continuing military security for Iraq.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Cosmology and the Realm of Forms

I have developed a synthetic exposition of Platonic thought with a Christian context and published that recently in a book titled 'The Universal Widget - In the Realm of Forms'.] ... 68508.html

The method is science fiction with a philosopher of Mars named Patrick Voevoda commissioned to locate a missing Universal widget from the Higgs-Masonic lodge of the enigmatic planet Temprova. That investigation leads to a description of the Universal widget, the Universal form and the realm of forms.

As a believer in God it is simpler to consider the logic of the necessity of being and the attributes of God than it would for one with a bias of unbelief. From my point of view being is eternal and nothingness is an aspect of the temporal evolution of being necessary for the field's percepts of sentient life to be experienced.

Contemporary cosmology and philosophy tend to view Platonism with a rear view mirror and as a quaint artifact of the past evolution of philosophical formalism. Even neo-Platonism is described at some on-line sites as an anachronism of Byzantine Empire. Much of that is a consequence of the rise of scientific materialism and its efforts for rigid technical accuracy and dismissal of error. Scientific method is myopic on non-technical topics not uncommonly. Lawyers as politicians may bring excellent argumentation skills even to mathematics or economic theory yet beyond the narrower range of legal disputes they may have no implicit capacity for accuracy or expertise. Scientist may have a similar fallacy of belief that expertise in their field brings them to be less than ignorant far afield. Quine at least helped brake down that mistake with his 'Two Dogmas of Empiricism' yet one might wonder if that is considered in 'The Age of Fracture' where existentialism has become something of a business ethical criterion along with the political (do your own thing).

 I have tried to bring the topic of the core of the ideas of Socrates via Plato on metaphysics into modern terms. It seems that there are Universal forms in quantum mechanics. All of the standard model quanta seem to have standard forms as Higgs field downloads into the steady state. It may be that there are Universal forms of quantum fields, and some cosmologists have tried I think to make standard forms of Universes of a multiverse. 

God logically is eternal. I won't venture far into describing the logic of eternal being here. Temporality and Universes as evolving temporal manifestations of an eternal being may in some way simply be relativistic macro-scale subjective phenomenalities of God being. For-himself there may be an infinite matrix of being of existing things perceptible or known for-himself and for subjective monads of however many dimensions as he wills. Given the complexity of human neurology and thought-there are more potential though connections in a human brain than number of star in the 135 billion galaxies of the observable Universe- it is easy to imagine that the sophistication of thought structures of the eternal God surpass that infinitely. Forms spoken into being are a marvel.

Friday, November 15, 2013

James Madison's Biblical Source for Idea of Three Branches of Government

The United States was founded by Christians. Its fundamental government structure is based on the Judeo-Christian idea of God from the book of Isaiah.
"The three branches of the U.S. Government: Judicial, Legislative, Executive"
At the Constitutional Convention of 1787 James Madison proposed the plan to divide the central government into three branches. He discovered this model of government from the Perfect Governor, as he read (K.J.V.) Isaiah 33:22;
“For the LORD is our judge,
the LORD is our lawgiver,
the LORD is our king;
He will save us.”"
To ban Biblical references from the U.S. Government would in effect require the end of the constitutional system of three branches of Government. It may happen  that some crass would be dictators would seek to do so.
Americans can however find rest in the Lord. God is infinite ion all things, and all things are a manifestation of His will. One may find rest in nature though the only way to salvation is through the soteriological works of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Nature is being. In the existential ensemble of experience nature is the given. Human social thought and interaction seem more temporal. Returning to the One,, to the Creator of Being with nature is an eternal option.
God is the eternal uncreated Being. All things exist for God eternally and nature is an evolution of being and time aka being and nothingness for-itself. One can always find rest in the realization of the eternal amidst the temporal.
The Biblical book of Isaiah anticipated the presence of the Lord in mortal flesh too years before His birth.
Isaiah 53"Who hath believed our report? and to whom is the arm of the Lord revealed?
2For he shall grow up before him as a tender plant, and as a root out of a dry ground: he hath no form nor comeliness; and when we shall see him, there is no beauty that we should desire him.
3He is despised and rejected of men; a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief: and we hid as it were our faces from him; he was despised, and we esteemed him not.
4Surely he hath borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows: yet we did esteem him stricken, smitten of God, and afflicted.
5But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.
6All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned every one to his own way; and the Lordhath laid on him the iniquity of us all.
7He was oppressed, and he was afflicted, yet he opened not his mouth: he is brought as a lamb to the slaughter, and as a sheep before her shearers is dumb, so he openeth not his mouth.
8He was taken from prison and from judgment: and who shall declare his generation? for he was cut off out of the land of the living: for the transgression of my people was he stricken.
9And he made his grave with the wicked, and with the rich in his death; because he had done no violence, neither was any deceit in his mouth.
10Yet it pleased the Lord to bruise him; he hath put him to grief: when thou shalt make his soul an offering for sin, he shall see his seed, he shall prolong his days, and the pleasure of the Lord shall prosper in his hand.
11He shall see of the travail of his soul, and shall be satisfied: by his knowledge shall my righteous servant justify many; for he shall bear their iniquities.
12Therefore will I divide him a portion with the great, and he shall divide the spoil with the strong; because he hath poured out his soul unto death: and he was numbered with the transgressors; and he bare the sin of many, and made intercession for the transgressors."

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Oligarchy Rent-Collecting From Youth Through Obamacare

Obamacare allowed the oligarchy to start rent collecting from American youth that had been getting away without making monthly transfer payments to global insurance corporations. Those dark areas of non-rent collecting are being phased out everywhere through the totalization of corporatism and networks.

I realized that athletes and thugs are kind of like Mongolian idiots with Universal characteristics that adapt well to any sort of political or economic structure. Some athletes are intellectuals too of course, yet few intellectuals actually work in the broadcast media-they would need to be enslaved minions without actual free speech for that with the present FCC regulatory allocation of airwaves to the rich and government primarily. Movement toward a mass social mutt hierarchy of athletes, thugs and the bureaucratically corrupt is actually satisfactory to many I suppose as the people occupy natural roles. It's not a respect-for-individuals paradigm.

One of the major deficiencies of Marxism was it's failure to recognize intellectual capital. The means of production and manufacturing were regarded something like natural resources that could be redistributed without the contribution of intellectual thought being too problematic as non-intellectuals took over the design and development of operations phases. That seemed evident in the Soviet Union's laggard development of its manufacturing sector regarding technological advance.

Intellectual liberty to invent and profit from inventions are necessary for real progress to happen. Free and intelligent though aren't natural resources that can be traded, owned by others and enslaved without trashing the overall evolution of design through intention and will.

Obamacare seems to be an implentation of enslaving insurers as if they were a natural resource. If it isn't profitable the insurance corporations will evolve out or transition into other corporate forms. Ossifying health insurers is an implicit contradiction of capitalism as a free enterprise.

There are many contradictions in social development today. Political theory has been set aside in favor of broadcast media real power propaganda politik. John Maynard Keyne's economic ideas of stimulating with government short-term defiicit spending was first put into practice by Adolph Hitler-and over-used requiring war to pay for the new shovel ready jobs of building autobahns and so forth. Of course Hitler wanted revenge for the loss of real estate in the first world war and the veterans sought another go anyway.

Ronald Reagan used Keynsean economic policy to help end the cold war and stimulate the U.S. economy with a defense build up constructing a 500 ship navy and so forth, yet the deregulation developing to maximum after the end of the cold war added to vast tax cuts and deficit spending continued till the present when a U.S. public debt of at least 19 trillion dollars should appear before President Obama sails into the sunset. The national political leaders still haven't got a grasp on macro-economic policy or what is needed to preserve the nation and American opportunity.

We are told by the media though that American immigration in recent times still brings new blood and ideas to make economic development happen here. Thanks goodness for that we are supposed to think. Three hundred million Americans must be so stupid that they couldn't possibly help themselves to a balanced budget, full employment, free health care for the poor, a good ecosphere without lots of new people.

If the United States is a nation that converts intelligent immigrants into dullards over time that need new vistas from some other nation, we wonder why, or maybe not-that might be tiresome philosophical activity straining our time allocation set for watching football.

There is a bright spot on the horizon though. China as a nation of increasing wealth may be allowed to sell health insurance to Americans after the regulations not allowing that are eventually lifted. There is so much socialism at work in government today. Airports are federally subsidized socialist infrastructures designed to profit a few corporate airlines as are ports and the Eisenhower instate structure. No where are private transportation companies required to build their own highways to drive on, airports to land upon or docks to tie up at-and pro football stadiums often are built by taxpayer dollars. At least everything is going smoothly to evolve the corporatist utopia needed for the traditional powerful Stalins of the worlds of business and government that merge into the brave new world of control. The union of a Reich and of the commune seem to be the dream of left and right these days in a godless, atheist evil empire of Y'Earth.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Senator Illiterate Gives His Best Argument for Immigration Reform To Advantage Mexico

Politically Correct Correspondent Question One-“Senator Illiterate, the President worked on expanding Sunni fundamentalism in the Middle East encouraging the Arab Spring and civil conflicts besides seeking to and flood the U.S electorate with tens of millions of Mexican citizen voters. The people of the United States haven’t any prospects for voting in Mexican elections and would experience a substantial political degradation if illegal aliens were given American citizenship and eligibility to vote in both nations. Before any consideration is given by ‘Democrats’ in Congress to making a path for Mexican citizens to elect American Presidents shouldn’t ‘Democrats’ demand from the Mexican Government that citizens of the United States be given the right to vote in Mexican elections even if not arriving in Mexico illegally?”

Senator Illiterate Reply- We must respect our drug importing brothers, sisters and transgendered fellow Americans from the south. Perhaps a lot of politicians and prosperous Americans rely on cheap dope from Mexico. A drugged populace isn’t very economically creative except for criminal activity. The President has reinforced gobalism, vastly increased the federal debt and followed generally Adolph Hitler’s use of supply side economics and media propaganda for a semblance of economic expansion. With that practice already senescent the President has evolved to use Hitler’s other method of printing out loads of Reich marks (dollars) to keep the global house of cards propped up until he can safely retire to deliver speeches and supervise elections all over the planet for decades.

In the meantime there are bullies to overcome. It is also politically useful to develop an Orwellian state as well as to hold out to our fellow Mexicans the prospect of citizenship in the U.S.A. for 20 million Mexican citizens illegally residing in the U.S.A. providing cheap labor to the corrupt. If they could be advanced to dual citizenship they and their relatives became eligible for U.S. citizenship too they would comprise a super-citizenship class of electors able to own North American politics and keep me and my relatives in power for decades.

Americans are already economically dwindling because of globalism, and the President has increased the number of Chinese students at American colleges along with Saudi students to develop the role of non-Christian and foreign domination of global economics along with better educated Sunni terrorist of the future able to keep up with advancing biological weapons theory and or economic advantage as the case may be. He also has plans that will accelerate the concentration of wealth. He firmly hopes to cut taxes on the rich once more to encourage those Keynesian supply-siders that enough tax and spending cuts and the national economy will be swell.

Politically Correct Correspondent Question Two- “Thanks for clarifying that point Senator Illiterate. Skeptics believe the Obama/Romney/Nixon health care plan is ill founded 70’s era propaganda never meant to do more than neutralize Senator Edward Kennedy’s effort to bring British style Universal direct government health care to the nation. If the President had had much political or economic sense for himself and for-others he would have just brought direct government health care to the poor and Veterans in an expanded V.A. Hospital networks that would have been available to serve mass civilian casualties in the event of national disaster or war. Such a system would have lowered health insurance costs by relieving hospitals from paying for treating indignant emergency patients with that cost passed on to insurance companies. The public would also have benefited by providing the trillions of dollars of treatment needed for Iraq and Afghan war casualties better in better facilities that could keep staff busy with civilian health provisioning as veteran casualty and health treatment needs declined. An active V.A. hospital system without lows and highs in patient provisioning can keep staff levels better tuned.

As globalism continues to marginalize the economic prospects of ordinary Americans there are a myriad of avenues through which political leaders if interested could deflect those insults and reinforce a healthy American economic infrastructure and social welfare network. How will immigration reform be of benefit to presently poor and unemployed Americans? What is your best argument for immigration reform giving the advantage to Mexico?”

Senator Illiterate’s Reply- “Since the pro-slavery Democrat Party lost the civil war cheap labor has been difficult to git in the U.S.A. The European trash immigration stopped in the 20th century and wages and unions began to rise. Just since the end of the cold war has cheap labor returned to lift the rich to higher levels of concentrated wealth. Cheap labor from Mexico and across the globe is abundant but middle class Americans still have some political leverage. We can stop that and move further toward oligarchy globally with millions of Mexican citizens gaining the right to select a cheap labor-Mexican advantage leaning President.

Of course this will only follow hard negotiations that will allow the people of Boston and Las Vegas to elect the President of Mexico. Soon thereafter Mexicans with U.S. citizenship can buy insurance at Government exchanges, dumb down the environmental movement and drive clunkers with low m.p.g. to stimulate global warming and gasoline sales while creating new prison construction, management and staffing jobs.”