Thursday, October 31, 2013

World Chess Championshio Nov. 9th to 28th (Anand vs Carlsen)

Twenty-two year old challenger Magnus Carlsen takes on world chess champion Viswanathan Anand in Chennai India November 9 to the 28th. Carlsen is the highest rated player in the history of chess passing Gary Kasporov's highest rating this year. Anand is forty-three years of age and very good at match play many y mano and womano too (vis. Judith Polgar). 

Carlsen is just one of the new generation of top-ranked chess stars of the computer and Internet era that present a wealth of fascinating skills for players and spectators alike.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Potential Extra-Terrestrial Problems With Digital BioFormation Reproduction Tech

Dr. Craig Venter, the innovator at decoding the human genome, has discussed the potential for sending biological information in digital form that can be reproduced as the biological form. While the digitalization of biological data may bring vast potential for biological morphology permutations that very malleability and communicability will bring the problem of designer viruses as in computer programming morphology. The N.S.A.. and other intelligence agencies will also have the power to intercept data and monkey with it if politically deemed useful for partisan purposes.;spr_id=1457_27295113

One wonders if alien civilizations hiding their existence behind black body filtration regarding anything that would signal their presence to potential hostile civilizations wouldn't like the chance to exploit the opportunities for quantum teleportation of their own D.N.A. designs into the human digitalized genome in such a way that the effect goes unnoticed.

Snowden Files Revelation 11.3: N.S.A.Vacuumed Google & Yahoo Data

The Washington Post reported Snowden File data indicate the N.S.A. hacked Google and Yahoo outside the U.S.A. and outside F.I.S.A. court review. If so, and the N.S.A. denies it, it would be nothing new. Because the Internet is global and moves data around continents over ocean cables at light speed avoiding U.S. domestic protections is easy for spook cable tappers. Its a wealth of data not only on potential terrorists but on all global business communications and private interests using the Internet.

Because politics have partisan bias even in the U.S.A. and government dissimulators are routine the potential for not abusing the insider information is low. At least the N.S.A. will be able to see through all the pseudonymous names on the Internet including those of Kathleen Sebelius.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Affordable Automobile Act Goes Online

After success with the Affordable Healthcare Act the government moved on to the Affordable Automobile Act to bring down the high cost of cars. Everyone should have a car even with no credit or bad credit in order to stimulate the economy. With proven success at Vinnie’s Hot Car dealerships the Affordable Automobile Act is judged ready for the national stage by  political cognoscenti.

Initially there was trouble at getting customers to sign up for an automobile at the government's beta on-line automobile exchange web test site. B.A. Caracus formerly Administrator of the successful Cash-For-Clunkers program that made a lot of money for taxpayers said that he had been upriver to see Colonel Kurtz about the A team that he promised would arrive to write new and improved lines of programming code. Following the code it was swiftly proven that Trotskites had infiltrated the Vatican when Leonardo Da Vinci was Pope  causing outsourcing to Chinese programmers. Colonel Kurtz said he had been promised by Chairman Ho the code would twerk by then first of the year.

President Cool said the no one should be turned down for auto financing. No credit, bad credit, first time buyers-no problem at the affordable car exchange. With federal bargaining power levering good deals from the Edsel factory bailed out during the 2008 crash and with an ample supply of cash issued by the federal reserve at no interest Americans were guaranteed they would have an Edsel or a Lada at a low, low price.

To Govern Means to Regulate Civil Order

Government is the right application of regulations to civil order. Government regulation effectively means regulatory reform. That’s not fundamentally a question of too many or too few regulations but of the right regulations applied rightly to structure civil well-being.

A philosophy of governing sets social goals and parameters of control for actualizing the optimal state of affairs. A nation or polity is usually a physical region with citizens approving regulations for governing themselves. Most citizens of a democracy would vote if they only knew for parameters that profit themselves and their environment best.

Political wags for some decades have talked about too many or too few regulations as if quantitative easing in either direction would elect good laws to develop social prosperity, security and spiritual health. A good philosophy of government comprises a selection of regulations to moderate the physical economy of the people for their benefit. It does not become the practitioners of the civil economy for-itself as in a communist or socialist system. Neither does it withdraw to become economically isolationist and let the strongest of the roughhouse capitalist dominate the ring as 8 billion pound guerrillas.

Good regulation is cost-effective. Promulgating laws is far cheaper than bui8lduing large capital intensive redistribution organizations. A good political philosopher in office selecting the right regulations for enactment as law is like a musical conductor directing his own composition with the orchestra of small and moderate size business performing the music. Economics is a free spirited sort of improvisation within limits phenomenally that require regulation rather than an anarchic battle of the musicians in a musical clash. One might believes that an invisible hand of evolution will generate the perfect economic balance after planetary apocalypse and perhaps it is so. I have felt that it is better to use intelligent design rather than the blind forces of evolution to move the privileged urban meatheads toward fair and balanced economic excellence for all.

Obamacare unfortunately is a synthetic attempt for government to operate and ossify a large business activity substituting compulsory participation for a competitive excellence attracting customers. It’s as if the government didn’t like the costs of computer technology so they created an affordable computer act requiring all computer sales and purchases in the U.S.A. go through the government. That’s a fundamentally wrong step for providing affordable health care or computers. Inevitably the free capitalist providers will find a way to make that mandatory civil participation an opportunity for maximum gouging.

There is an argument to be made for government being a substantive provider in some circumstances where the people aren’t able to provide for or defend themselves. An expanded V.A. system to well treat veterans that also treated America’s poor would have relieved hospitals and other providers and ultimately insurance companies and taxpayers from the high cost of the way emergency rooms have historically provided medical care to the poor. If the economy significantly improved fewer poor would eschew affordable free market health insurance and use the government provided V.A. medical structure for emergency treatment.

There is not just one right way to set the mix of regulations for the citizens, business and economy that is right and a few ways that are wrong. There are thousands of ways that would work inclusive of important concerns such as ecosphere, demographics, national security and ordinary quality of life and there are just as many ways that are wrong.

If the American economy today is a leaky cruise ship with a million globalist holes making it slowly sink there are few or none in politics willing to repair the hull while it still could be bailed out. If it is doomed, unlike the Titanic, the wealthy passengers can helicopter away from the top deck yet that is small comfort to those that can’t and yet remember when traveling even on the lower decks wasn’t so bad. 

Monday, October 28, 2013

Syrian Rebels Attack Christians-Give them Political Refugee Status Down the Road?

U.S. government policy to support Syrian rebels has led to attacks by Sunni rebels on Syrian Christian towns. The U.S. government ought to be ready to accept as political refugees to the U.S.A. Syrian Christians whom may be forced to evacuate their homes because of protracted Obama administration stimulation of the conflict Christians.

Christians are just ten percent of the Syrian population and should not be subject to a bloody social purge that godless atheist political leaders often care little about, and neither do Sunni rebel terrorists.

Rogue N.S.A. Leaders Surveill Foreign Heads of State Without Telling President?

Evidently National Security Agency leaders since the Bush administration have been going rogue and eavesdropping on private phone conversations of foreign heads of state without telling the President of the United States. The 'Don't Ask Don't Tell' policy at the N.S.A. meant that President Obama was clueless until last summer.

We are shocked that  No Such Agency leadership would act without the President's knowledge, yet we wonder if it wasn't the ultimate insider data acquisition opportunity on European debt crisis restructuring. George Soros would have made a mint with such stuff.

Snowden Files and the China Shoe Drop

With the revelation that the U.S. governments, N.S.A. has spied on the phone calls of foreign heads of state for many years, including those of American allies the concern has arisen that U.S. national security is being damaged. In the case of Germany and other friends it is U.S. relations that are being damaged rather than national security. Germany was no threat of attack on the U.S.A. In the case of China, we are waiting for that other shoe to drop.

 Initially Edward Snowden fled with his intelligence files to China where he may or may not have given Chinese agents a copy. We tend to think not, for he was not given permanent residence in that communist nation whereas in Russia, he was. If the U.S.A. has been spying on the private phone calls of the Premier and politburo officials providing wikileaks with that data would damage U.S. national security. Make no mistake, only Chinese Communist Party officials have the right to secretly listen to the phone calls of Chinese communist leaders and any other dangers to the people of China.

If the evil Dr. Fu Manchu is plotting to take another billion dollars from foreign investors without paying taxes the Chinese leadership needs to know to try to slip the noose over the malefactor. If the seventh son of Charlie Chan has invented a poof gun disappearing targets into another dimension the Red Army has to have it first. Like the need of the U.S. government to know whatever business anyone is about in order to provide that data to those willing to concentrate wealth, the Chinese leadership needs to know before any foreign surveillers just what is going on in the Empire.

Friday, October 25, 2013

The Snowden Files: Obama N.S.A. Spied on 35 World Leaders Inc.l Angela Merkel

Taking a page from a covert wealth conspiracy theory for the New World Order, the newest Snowden Files revelation that President Obama's N.S.A. violated the private phone chat of thirty-five world leaders makes one wonder if the Democrat President isn't really a shill for the New World Order. His brother is said to be on Egypt's terrorist watch list for operating a financial provisioning organization supporting the Sunni Muslim Brotherhood movement. President Obama also supports Sunni revolution in Syria that would probably be as Democratic as the Morsi Government was in Egypt.

If the trust of our European allies is lost because of the crass violation of the national sovereignty of alliances that in the case of Germany has existed since the government of Chancellor Konrad Adenauer after the conclusion of the Second World War, for the new world order oligarchy seeking to end national sovereignty and make the world a marketplace for concentrated wealth oligarchs it is simply a logical step toward subjugation of political systems. The alarming concurrence of the interests of global communists and global oligarchs in ending nationalism to bring godless, satanic atheist shills to rule isn't an encouraging trend for the job prospects of the unemployed in the U.S.A.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Anti-wimp Coaching for Internet Newbies

News reports of suicides by youth after abuse from internet trolls are common enough these days. The response has been on an anti-bullying axis instead of anti-wimp coaching. The former tends to increase government power and the latter that of individuals. Coaching individuals new to the internet to withstand and successfully fend of troll attacks is probably a better course to pursue.

Those new to the Internet discover a planetful of communications they are not familiar with from the neighborhood. Often they go unprepared into cyberspace and experience direct personal attacks and public smears by trolls or anonymous posters. Newbies don’t know how to filter out those messages and are shocked by the public smears. I encountered that a lot at the now defunct N.P.R. Your Turn Discussions arena in 1999-2005. I got a lot of experience at posting political opinions in an unregulated frontier forum. Personal attacks are a characteristic of not only the left, but of the far right as well, though more so the left. Some do not know that it’s o.k. to criticize politicians and political policies but not individual citizens for expressing their criticism. The mob mentality is to stifle any dissent or alternative concepts with personal attack on citizens.

Internet trolls come in many political colors. There is a cornucopia of reasons why human beings given free communications access send deprecatory messages to others. For one thing it’s a juvenile trait. Another good cause is emulation of the wise-guy broadcast media. Internet coaching needs to arise to brief youth and other newbies on the facts of Internet use so they don’t need to mature through the hard knocks of personal experience that is too common, time-wasting and really ubiquitous for public forum users without filter control.

In a former era instead of political advocacy for protection from bullying an American response would have been to ‘Just say no to trolls’. Like those that interrupt a house painter from going about his phenomenal application as directly as possible Internet trolls disrupt writers and other posters from executing their personal interests without the trolling sort of generic personal attacks that are mass produced spam quality expressions of inferiority.

Free speech is the vital social blood of a democracy bringing competition of ideas to produce the best social results possible. Oppression of free speech through personal attacks amounting to a denial of services (the service of expressing one’s ideas for the public good) attack ought not to be tolerated. Standardized procedures for defending against personal attacks should be common in Internet forums such as Facebook. It is difficult to defend against mass communicated slanders and challenging too to defend against Internet dissing, yet coaching of Internet users to the facts of life would at least arm newbies with the knowledge of the nature of the beast.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Obama Administration's Wise-Guy Lawyer Approach to Politics

Lawyer-Presidents have developed a somewhat bad reputation for ethics since Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton to that President Obama has continued. Attorneys-at-Law are fine legal practitioners and too often bad innovators or inventors without comprehension of material economic policy. Pursuit of disputatious legal points with minimalistic political competence may be a fact of life for Presidents with experience in law and little besides.

Sect. Of State Kerry advocates for Syrian Civil war negotiations and a regime change while providing material war support to the rebellious opposition making the war happen. Those are crocodile tears of sympathy if ever there was for civilian casualties. The Democrats descried the Bush II invasion of privacy with the Patriot Act and Ed Snowden's most recent revelation showed the N.S.A. Tapping 70 million french phone calls. The Obama administration fogged the French government's unhappiness with that as best they could.

President Obama has practiced selective law enforcement while cutting taxes for the rich, keeping Gitmo open and furthering Harvard Business School interests as well as Harvard law. Presidential directed labor statics massaging creates a sense of unreality in the re[porting of the actual state of the economy and high joblessness rate. That's probably business as usual for a Chicago lawyer in the heat of getting rich himself. Billable hours of public debt to the client. Normal enough. The President's clients are the people of the U.S.A. 

Monday, October 21, 2013

Prayer for U.S. Federal Budget?; 'Give Us This Day our Daily Blog, And Forgive Us of Our Debts'

What can be said about the U.S. economy that wasn't mentioned in The Ropespinner Conspiracy already. That fiction book about a Soviet plan to stimulate a U.S. and world  capital economic meltdown like a super 1929 has it all. It anticipated the deregulation and bunk that restructured the banking system and investing. Well, Americans need to act out the plot anyway although some quarter century late. They will hand themselves perhaps yet it seems that it is their own invisible hand that will do the trick.

When national leadership isn't adequate and political-economic leadership outgrows the national borders good things don't seem to follow for the majority of ordinary people. Heck.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

New Jazzy Supreme Court says; "Pigs are Free to Fly"

The Supreme Court of New Jazzy voted 6 to 0 to let pig go ahead and fly. Pilot licenses will be issued to applicants today. With reports of laser beams hitting commercial aircraft pilots approaching New York City alone reaching hundreds annually the financial prize for inventing a pair of laser-beam filtering sunglasses or visor is high. What would airlines pay for a pair of polarized anti-laser beams glasses? We thought to interview a typical pig in an aircraft pigsty.

“Capt. Pig, international swine have been piloting aircraft for some years now yet New Jazzy has lagged behind until recently, what was the reason for that?”

The swine had opaque the pigsty windows to defrappe laser beams and had a heads-up display visor in real-time of the New York flight way that screened out too bright light automatically, he said,

“To install a laser light direction finder on aircraft to locate the laser pointer source and send the coordinates to an N.Y.P.D. computer was a small leap for swine. The problem of social repression of swine and affirmative action taken to get rid of traditional values of oppression on the other hoof is a horse of a different color.”

I thought as an interviewer that a lecture by Captain Pig in a pigsty was a bit onerous, yet I listened in rapt fascination to his dissertation.
“Feminist and homosexual values are not simply Yin. Homosexuality Yin transcends the borders of Yin and Yang infusing entropy to the dialectical progressive advance of pigkind. When there are just too many pigs down on the farm advancing with affirmative action and over consuming the farmer’s limited natural resources population increase needs to stop to halt the overconsumption of non-renewable resources. Think-sty research believed that feminist and homosexual swine political philosophy would stop the population growth. Fag pig population declines for obvious reasons while feminist swine are believed to stop dropping piglets in preference for increased affluence when they can’t be troubled to dote on young swine. That isn’t true. In fact it’s a dangerous lie.

Male aggression is the only political power that can overcome the female lack of territoriality. Female pigs could be happy with 340 or 300 billion swine on Y’Earth while male pigs would kill each other off long before then and keep the population down. Male pigs are happy with a home on the range with a population density of just one pig per square 1000 miles while female pigs demand shops, mirrors and glamour boutiques with thousands of servants. Even if the number of swine decreases overall, increasing feminine swine affluence means that the increased desire for consumption of the lady swine becomes a scalar field increase with consumption for society increasing overall. Population reduction with increased resource consumption just means the obsolete value theory of generations of prior swine remains maximized to the optimal state of greed. True swine have new and better theories of male aggression and traditional values sublimated to positive fair and balanced ends. The means are swell as well.”

Well Captain Pig that does seem to mean a bacon of hope exists for the consumers of the new world order yearning to consume resources of North America and elsewhere across the globe with potential for exploitation with better technologies of extraction.

“Yes. Pigs have learned to fly and will make the better new world order.”

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Economic Arteriosclerosis, Tim Russert and the Ropespinner Prophecy

The late Tim Russert was maxed out on live media news casting. He shared the rich working life immersed in the homo mongering existential networking of the 4th estate foisting evolving hegemonic rule  over the masses for profit. Rush Limbaugh is the bet noir of that broadcast media. He is the wayward son of a Judge that seized the day disdaining college to be a sports broadcaster here and now. Rush Limbaugh has evolved to become the fanfare for the common man- the sensitive analyst of radio market-share that knows his radio audience is largely uneducated like himself. Limbaugh champions the underdogs of the fly over South Beach heartland of the U.S.A. This essay is not about Rush Limbaugh. Instead it is about Economic Arteriosclerosis, Tim Russert and the Ropespinner Prophecy (I put that it capitals because it ought to be the title of this piece).

The Ropespinner Conspiracy was a fine forward looking fiction novel published in 1987 about the intentional Soviet subversion of the U.S.A. through a devious plan to bring capitalism to wild, crazy, unsupportable economic policy. That sounds like what actually developed in the Clinton years of deregulation. Michael Thomas sets the goal of the Ropespinner Conspiracy to create a 1929 style economic meltdown. Maybe he was inspired by the Reagan era supply-side economics of Arthur Laffer, I can't say. Thomas, the author, does quote novel prize winning economist James Tobin statement of uneasiness with the direction of evolving economics made in a 1984 speech.

James Tobin said, "I confess to an uneasy Physiocratic suspicion” “that we are throwing more and more of our resources, including the cream of our youth, into financial activities remote from the production of goods and services, into activities that generate high private rewards disproportionate to their social productivity." and "For this reason perhaps, high technology has so far yielded disappointing results in economy-wide productivity. I fear that, as Keynes saw even in his day, the advantages of the liquidity and negotiability of financial instruments come at the cost of facilitating nth degree speculation which is short sighted and inefficient."

Tobin's sense of the drift of the U.S. economy seems prescient-well at least right on the money. If the 2008 financial meltdown wasn't the main event, it was at least of prequel of the economic leveler waiting out there with the shape of U.S. economic policy and federal blindness to its failure of leadership.

Rush Limbaugh sells the politics to his largely non-college educated audience that they want, and that means promoting the Hispanics Ted Cruz and Mark Rubio because there are a lot of uneducated Hispanic Americans he could bring into the fold. Nothing is wrong with that, yet promoting politicians for demographic reasons produces as bad of results as promoting surgeons or airline pilots for race reasons that aren't terribly competent. The MahaRushie isn't as anti-intellectual as the Khymer Rouge of course though he shares in a way a desire to take politics back to the year zero. For Rush that means rolling back environmental and economic theory back to the year zero with Fred Flintstone lassez fair capitalism. People in that era didn't know any better. 

 Senator Cruz's baby-mama dropped him in Canada, and that's not the Canadian River country of North Texas where Will Rogers worked as a cowboy for a while. Advancing foreign-born Senator Cruz as a Presidential candidate further wrenches the Republican Party and the interests of the common man. The border is the only line of control keeping the world of zombies looking to eat American interests at bay. To let just one into the Presidency risks letting the world of zombies take control.

The President and the elites of Boston and Washington D.C. do seem to be in terminal condition on economic leadership. Hardening of economic theory arteries has brought the policy of no-change brinkmanship for dialectically opposite reasons to pump the same political poison through the arteries and veins of the nation with decreasing results. We would expect the cardiac arrest to occur as unexpected as one might expect. Tim Russert looked too-heavy and perhaps living on a diet of bacon bits, butter and sour cream on his baked potatoes along with thick juicy steaks and double frappe cappuccinos con leche. A nice guy but someone neglected to tell him that the fast lane can be dangerous-even Pete Maravich ran to death with his heart bursting on a basketball court. When the nation's economic heart bursts because of sustainably bad debt generating economic policy it will be more than one individual that suffers.

The diminishing returns of increasing public debt are interest payments on the debt that will soon enough be approaching a trillion dollars and the higher interest rates the government must pay for loans. In a low inflation environment that bites. If inflation develops though the costs to consumers rise. Seventeen trillion of debt on the way to 20 trillion before President Obama passes the buck to the next guy will be biting youth of today for a long time. It should require just some simple common sense to stop the economic bleeding with emergency economic policy, yet that will need to wait until a responsible adult with intellect occupies the White House.

It will be necessary to cut spending, increase taxes, halt illegal immigration and develop reform of capitalism and government simultaneously. Those are tasks larger that F.D.R. could have accomplished. Incidentally the F.D.R. couldn't get elected today if he were running.  He just wasn't Hollywood enough-especially with the handicap.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Speaker Boehner for President in 2016? Countdown to Econ Faultline

Speaker of the House John Boehner may emerge as the winner in the budget ceiling game of chicken bringing the nation’s public budget to the brink of default. That politician most deserving of merit promotion,  John Boehner is a political operator in the hot seat under extreme pressure running cool moderating between conservative and appeasement sections of his party as swell as leftocrat Demo Party apparatchiks in the Senate and Executive tranches of government.

Since Bill Clinton the people have failed to elect a President with substantive national political service experience (*Barrack Obama running virtually unopposed had a couple of years as a U.S. Senator). Clinton, Bush and Obama followed extreme ideological agendas rather than mainstream national interests. L.B.J. and Richard Nixon though on opposite ends of the national political debate were grand American Presidents without a narrow or foreign point of view.

An historical failure of democracy is in electing leaders that are popular instead of good. The public should have no difficulty in viewing Boehner in the role of President as a contemporary right-leaning L.B.J.  style operator coordinating reform and maybe making the change-promises that Barrack Obama made and failed to deliver (except for debauching social morality with homosexual marriage and forcing through a corporatist health care plan).

 As important as getting the Hispanic vote is that of getting the queer vote; Speaker Boehner would probably get the queer vote better than Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden. Negroes, Somali-Americans or whatever the politically correct term is these days vote essentially race-first and would vote for a Boehner-Rice ticket. So would I even though Boehner is no Ralph Nadir. Boehner could suggest that the Washington Redskins change their name to the Washington Whiteskins in order to get the vote of aboriginal Americans (those would be the people descending from the Amerigo Vespucci era of the North American continent history (as well as insular and island possessions).

In the Second World War some Nazis made lampshades from Jewish skins. On the other hand, in my intermediate school gym class boys played basketball with shirts and skins teams. That was fine if one wasn’t embarrassingly obese.  I can’t recall any tubs of lard at all. There were no vending machines in the school. Maybe the Redskin’s name should be reduced to just ‘Skins’.

I haven’t actually seen an American aboriginal with red skin. There are red states full of Chicoms (just joking) Republican voters. Maybe those are the real target of the hostility to the D.C. football team that if renamed the doofus’ would better reflect the political antics of the capitol. The Washington Redskins name probably have nothing to do with the imported tradition of taking scalps or skins-that’s a Wall Street and global banking quantitative trading practice this century.

What was the name of North America in the pre-Columbian era anyway? We know at least that Alaska was called Alaska so maybe North America should have its name changed to North Alaska out of respect for aboriginal tradition?

American political-economic leadership seems uncomprehending of the nature of change and realpolitik the past 20 years. Blinded by the bright lights of Broadway when the cold war ended with the advantage to capitalism the nation’s political leadership disastrously deregulated finance liberating a generation of greedy private investors to begin buying up everything abroad they could. Global financial schemes from derivatives to buying shares of Chinese businesses became the norm. The economic development interests of the United States were downsized in favor of support for the corporate investor’s global funds and stock portfolios. President Obama has continued that support following G.W. Bush and Bill Clinton while the nation’s economic house has become increasingly disordered and wealth concentrated.

Paradoxically the Chinese Communist Party leadership runs the world’s most fiscally conservative government and that is paying off richly. If financial conservatives at the national level is defined as working to develop one’s own national financial well-being first and foremost the Chinese are plainly winning as conservatives. American political and Wall Street leaders have for-themselves taken a liberal course investing globally, cutting taxes domestically and appeasing the populace with franchise burger-flipping jobs and providing the middle-class with tens of millions of illegal aliens for cheap labor. Wall Street has provided cheap imports for the poor and middle class to purchase. The U.S. government has built up 17 trillion dollars of public debt during the era of malevolent political neglect of U.S. national interests.

A conservative international policy was an historical course for the U.S.A. until the international conflicts of the 20th century. A liberal domestic policy without development of a costly federal government bureaucracy was also a normal state of affairs supporting national prosperity. For much of America’s history small farm holdings by families with a majority of the people producing food for-themselves made it more challenging for wealth to be concentrated. The gradual industrialization, urbanization and computer networking made Americans give up their farms and rural properties and become urban proles working for abstract global entities called corporations. 

Government altered its nature after the end of the cold war to reinforce the corporate elites and financially began flying by wire without sufficient regard to traditional national conservatism.

China may still be applying principles of national financial conservatism but the United States has forgot the hard lessons learned by the 1929-30 Wall Street crash and the depression of the 1930’s. There are real political-economic material facts of life on Earth that differ from abstract financial theories. Economic theory should be intended to support the national practice of economic well-being of the people of a nation. The real interests of the citizens are in prosperity, security, a good and flourishing ecosphere and a sense of spiritual freedom.

The alternative direction for economic theory is to apply abstract principles to benefit collectives called corporations as individual globally without regard to the interests of nations or citizens. Nations and national legal systems are the primary foundation for human and civil rights. Elites inevitably seek to redistribute civil rights and economic empowerment from the majority unto themselves. Erasing national borders is a fact for speed of light corporate economics today and erasing the real political boundaries that is a trendy accompanying propaganda effort to draft the public support toward a world in which they have no legal or political power at all. That is a bad direction for American voters to take breaking so bad the unknown founder would roll-over in his or her grave.

One wonders if John Boehner could orchestrate a symphony of national economic reform if elected to the White House in just four years. Politicians are such a mess these days after all running blindly through the streets of Pamplona like the bulls and the runners themselves chasing a golden orb of profit floating through the hills of China and the prairies of India while the forests of S.E. Alaska and other rain forests are under assaults by bank-financed loggers of old growth so big box stick frame dwellings financed by global networks can sprawl with asphalt and mercury vapor lamps.

Monday, October 14, 2013

President Buck Says; 'Debt Limits Are Extortion!'

President Buck of Globalistan said that organized crime has taken over the legislative branch of the nation’s government making extortion demands that his party participate in negotiating process. Long-standing Globalistan policy is to not negotiate with terrorist mafiososo; a good idea if they are actually mafiososo rather than legitimate political opposition. Drive by media and the World Bong are in support of President Buck.
 A caushush belly for economic war and revision, the extortion demand of the gang of legislators is that public debt not be increased. That criminal demand is of course against sound business policy wherein credit card limits are never given borrowing limits because the Globalistan Government will give zero interest loans to too-large to fail banks to the lenders. This is all just common sense as the President likes to say.

The Head of the World Monetary Anti-Extortion Fund has pointed out that without an increase of the Globalistan debt ceiling Globalistan will default on its foreign debts and the Global House of Economic Cards will collapse in a worse disaster than the first Frasier-Foreman fight. Global economics work like this...

The international financial elites invest in every nation globally and cut domestic spending on environmental conservation, public education, transformation to a low entropy business footprint wherever possible. U.S. public debt is supposed to help prop-up the Wall Street and Tootsie globalism with business regulation cut along with taxation. Advantaged individual investors and corporations can prosper, China can develop cheap production and rising consumerism and Americans of the middle class and poor can have public debt.

Fly by wire Wall Street global acrobat economics have the fundamental capitalist principle of self-interest and the public can hold the bag. In fact not only can public debt be increased, the poor can be blamed for that, for wanting to have food to eat. Public welfare outlays can he exploited as the primary reason for the greedy incompetence of global elites failing to implement a fair and balanced U.S. domestic economy as well as a global economy that relies on increasing Globalistan public debt.

The main problem now with the Globalistan economic situation seems to be the unwillingness of any of the elites to shoulder responsibility for competent new economic policy that fundamentally changes and upgrades free enterprise. Free enterprise with caps on the size of corporations, the number of corporations an individual can invest in, progressive taxation, caps on the quantity of mass and individual can consume privately or use in business ventures annually (mass quotas) and a basic welfare state that provides secure borders and guarantees of basic human needs will liberate human ingenuity for quality invention, patenting, production, full employment, good public health and so forth. Change is required and all are called to think, yet few are there that do so adequately.

President Buck will pass the challenge from the debt ceiling extortionists once more. Perhaps more tax cuts and increased public spending can be innovated along with a liberal increase of zero interest loans to challenge global banks.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

President Expects Speaker Boehner To Lose Game of Chicken

The weirdness of Obamanomics that inevitably deepens the federal debt while concentrating wealth leaves us breathless. The President expects Speaker Boehner to lose the game of debt ceiling chicken and veer out of the crash course with the juggernaut of national economic doom the President is driving toward. Speaker John "Crybaby' Boehner probably will avoid the crash of federal fiscal default, too many Republicans are heavily invested in the Wall Street financial swindle to draw the federal debt line at 17 trillion dollars.

Why the President desires to crash the U.S. economy is something of a mystery. It is possible to generally consider the other main factors in the developing fiasco though. The media just needs someone to blame, and with the wealth owned preponderantly by Republicans it’s reasonable to support those leavering the organizational collectives known as corporations from both sides of the political opinion line.

The Democrat Party represents the rich and the middle class a little having thrown the poor under the bus some time back. President Obama was the scarlet pimpernel rescuing the Bush tax cuts twice from the jaws of expiration following his work at loaning trillions to banks and giving them zero-interest loans worth 85 billion per month. With Fed Reserve Chief Bernanke leaving he has nominated Janice Yellin to shout for the economic loaves.

The Republican Party of course works for global corporate collectivism through Wall Street stock networking. They are for-the-rich plutocracy with token references to classical American values of the founders. Not very nationalist these decades they have many non-abomination supporting nationalist plain Republican members deceived into believing the party has some nationalist pragmatism about it vestigially. Many of that sort of Republican migrates seasonally to the Tea Party.

The Tea Party's values are somewhat traditional, yet like libertarianist thought in the present era the global Plutocracy would benefit most from financial deregulation. It is just the poor and environmentalists that are concerned with reality nationally speaking, yet they have very little real representation.

Obamanomics probably will deepen public debt to 21 trillion dollars more or less. Interest on the public debt will exceed one trillion annually. The Obama cult of personality drawing in homosexual support is a rather unreasoning economic policy that has cash as a kind of unreality to be printed out or taken from the rich with no consequences for public debt. When the Premier of China asked Sect. Kerry about the debt recently that highlighted the problem facing the poor in the years ahead when the enormity of the debt brings financial austerity to the U.S.A. one way or another.

In the future financial austerity it is the poor that will suffer most with public programs for the poor being cut first and foremost. The rich and middle class will be invested globally and weather the financial storm well. The majority of democrats and the Republicans that aren't prosperous will suffer most and find an unsympathetic global majority unwilling to support a deficit financed life style for Americans with loans. The rich will have outsourced quality jobs globally and made it very difficult for Americans to negotiate for new quality jobs or defense of boundaries from illegal immigration. Loss of political power will be the most direct consequence for the Democrat and Republican middle class and poor who comprise such a tiny minority of the world's population. The President seems too happy to drive the economy into ruin, especially supported by a media with fantasy economic reporting about the U6 as well as the state of the environment.

Speaker Boehner will not stop public debt from deepening for he, as well as Chief Justice Roberts and bought and paid for by the global Plutocracy.

Monday, October 07, 2013

Federal Default the Tough Love Way to Reign In 20-Year Spending Spree?

The bright side of Federal budget negotiating failure is that it might compel budget reform. With the default date of 17 October fast approaching and the Democrat Party refusing to face the negotiating reality it is quite possible that the Federal Government may go into default on its debts for the first time and in so doing start the apparently necessary steps for budget austerity. Welfare to the rich and regulations made to concentrate wealth along with indifference about federal government reform have made the escalation of debt perennial. At 17 trillion dollars a default capping the debt might be the shock needed to get the rich politicians to put there thinking caps on about reform.

With federal default the cost of federal borrowing will rise. As it is the federal government for some time has been issuing electronic currency at zero interest to wealthy banks-about 85 billion dollars a month, so the money supply available for the government to borrow at a much higher interest rate is no problem. The federal economic geniuses will find a way to deepen the indebtedness of the United States while cutting programs for the poor without trouble. The poor are always the first to be thrown under the bus by corrupt governments.

It would be helpful if N.P.R. had it's federal financing cancelled. They make it difficult to take the U.S. Government seriously. With a KGB-like propaganda branch such as it is who needs foreign propaganda agencies?

Sunday, October 06, 2013

President Obama's Half-Brother on Egypt's Terrorism Watch List?

Much has been made in recent weeks of the possible relationship of President Obama's half-brother to middle-east and North African terrorists organizations. Because the Muslim Brotherhood has been proscribed in Egypt recently, and they are Malik Obama's Sudan-based I.D.O. Islamic Dawa Organization parent organization, Egypt is contemplating putting Malik Obama on the terrorist watch list. I.D.O. may provide financial support to the Muslim Brotherhood.

President Obama apparently has a cousin off concern for terrorist support as well, yet there are a several references to Malik Obama's support for terrorism references on the Internet. One wonders if President Obama is entirely neutral on the topic of Middle East politics or if he is a little partisan?:

These kinds of Middle East data are a little far-flung for many Americans including myself. Its not exactly an implication of Billy Carter drinking beer behind the gas station or something. These might be weird right-wing claims that aren't true of course. I do not know if the somewhat less than useful regular broadcast media has looked into the issue.

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

President Obama Will Not Share Budget/Debt Ceiling Negotiation Says in Effect 'My Way or the Highway!'

President Obama failing to realize that the legislative branch was divided in half between his party and the Republicans last elections is adamantly unwilling to support Senate negotiations with House Republicans over the budget and debt ceiling issues. Senator Harry Reed of Nevada, the Senate majority leader is unwilling to work at all with House Republicans to resolve the government funding issue. President Obama has developed a propaganda putsch to blame Republicans for a potential government debt default yet everyone knows that its the guy in the White House and his party that get the blame eventually; the buck stops there.

The President is an odd negotiator. He threw in the towel to give the rich their Bush II era tax cuts permanently without getting anything in return, and he agitated for that. He has support Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke's electronic printing of 85 billion dollars a month of interest free loans to favorite bank, and yet he refuses to negotiate even partial funding for Veteran's education after returning from battle as well as other services for elderly and injured former service members and that is inexplicable. House Speaker Boehner has said he is willing to sign off on V.A. funding.

The President has chosen to make debt ceiling negotiations a turf war with a demand that Republicans sign off completely on what he and Senator Reed want. I have news for the President; financial negotiations are the traditional strength of Republicans, it was an ill advised tactic to choose that battle at this particular time to try to win. Republicans could easily let the thing drag out 60 days or more and let the Buffalo chips fall where they may.

Compromise is on budget requests is requisite for a divided legislature. One can't just refuse to play unless the other side throws in the towel first as the Democratic Party seems to expect in the debt ceiling mess. The President is appears willing to let the U.S. Government debt slide toward default unless he gets his way. It just may, and that crash would perhaps limit deficit spending in the future too. It would be a messy way to correct the history of twenty years of bad federal policy development. 

The bright spot in the dark economic cloud is that the economy needs to be reformed anyway to an ecological sustainable basis. Today a mink or a weasel with nearly white fur stood on my foot looking plaintively at me as if asking- "Why is it so warm in Juneau Alaska October 2nd without any snow even on the top of the area mountains?" If the creature understood English better than Republicans and Democrats communicate on debt ceiling negotiations I would have told it that bad federal economic policy has helped exacerbate global warming. And that's just the way it is.

Publication of "A Universal Widget - In the Realm of Forms"" (science fiction)

  I have published a philosophical science fiction novel named A Universal Widget - In the Realm of Forms. Basically it is an investigation of philosophical, cosmological and theological relationships.

  If given the chance to learn of the shape of things and why they are, wouldn't anyone? What is the realm of forms? What is a Universal form? Is every widget an imperfect reflection of a perfect widget, an image of the original? These are questions Socrates asked or some that he might have asked. There are answers that might change the way we think about reality.

  The Martian philosopher Patrick Voevoda and his xenopologist traveling mate are taken up in a quest to find a missing Universal widget.