Sunday, July 28, 2013

Obamanomic Downsizing of the American Majority

A majority of Americans, about 230 million, take home just 15% of the income of the U.S.A. The top 20% take 85% of the income and the ultra-rich take 3/4s of income growth. In other words a growing economy primarily benefits an oligarchy and counter-cyclically degrades the political effectiveness of democracy.  As the economy recovers and expands the poor and middle class become politically and economically poorer. The top .01% for-themselves take ten percent of the income in the U.S.A. today. As global economies rise and consume more non-sustainable economic product the cost to U.S. consumers may well rise.

The capital gains rate is just 15%. The ultra rich only pay only about 20% income tax. With Wall Street and bank networking raking in profits everywhere-since the 2009 recovery began the rich have taken in 90% of the wealth. Outsourcing of jobs continues with better investment opportunities abroad for the international class of the ultra-rich. Obama economic planning does little or nothing to address economic reality. The President's Harvard-Wall Street advising crew seems to have him dancing and golfing on strings.

It is the majority with just 15% of national income that will pay proportionally more for Obamacare because of the increasingly regressive tax structure. If illegal aliens were made legal they would just be added to the majority dividing up just 15% of the national income. New citizens in the impoverished majority would require government assistance from that themselves in new schools, policing, training and social welfare payments. There seems to be a financial firewall between the rich and the majority such that federal legislation gets increasingly financed and/or programs cut from within the 15% tax base income portion. Maybe the 15% portion of national income consumed by the majority can be viewed as a distasteful allowance the ultra-rich must concede in order to keep the majority compliant with their program though it would of course be better consumed by the ultra-rich 1400 billionaires of the world and their lackey millionaire juniors.

Democrat politicians may argue that increasing the tax base with new citizens will help pay for the social welfare system, yet the only way to actually increase the tax base is to tax those with the money and that isn't illegal aliens or youth. President Obama twice was the cheerleader against ending Bush II tax cuts. The ultra-rich couldn't have a better lawyer-actor front man to occupy the time of the somnolent masses satisfied with a non-financial political agenda the ultra-rich tolerate.

Those with the money are the 1% global corporatists. As the demographic numbers of the poor and middle class increase their incomes remain the same or stagnate. Government just redistributes middle class and poor income to new members of the middle class or poor.

The demographic theory of increasing the insurance pool to pay health costs with young people required to buy insurance will just take more from the majority with only 15% of national income and redistribute earnings to the ultra-rich. A substantial tax increase on the rich is the only way to move outside the small income cluster of the majority and move into the preponderant, dominating income cluster of the teeny tiny minority with the money/

The majority are sold a bill of political goods concerning the majority's 15% of U.S. income while the vast pile of concentrating wealth income of the 1% and the.01% are regarded as sacred ground in the Church of Adam Smith's Libertarian Deregulated Capitalism. Owning the broadcast media helps control public opinion in favor of the lobbyists working for the rich like the politicians except for Bernie Sanders who unfortunately is a socialist instead of a reform of capitalism through downsizing.

Democracy requires egalitarianism of income distribution because money loosely converts to political power. It can be expressed in terms of Einstein's famous formula of E=MC2. Transformed to explain political economy it reads P=MLA2 (political power equals money times lobbying and advertising squared).

It is necessary to reform capitalism and free enterprise in the United States today to keep it at a pragmatic human scale rather than in inhuman, abstract, Satanic globalism of oligarchs. Plutocracy even if perpetrated by benevolent oligarchs develops the same inhuman characteristics as communism in nullifying the opportunity for individual free political expression and free enterprise although through different means of suppression.

It would be good to create an ecological economic shadow infrastructure in the U.S.A. through federal leadership that would favor local development of ecospherically sustainable jobs. The national ecospheric business infrastructure would be regulated by the state but not owned by the state. Businesses compliant with sustainability and employee number caps (fewer than 5000 workers) would receive tax breaks and be eligible for available contracts from the state. No American should be allowed to own stock in more than three corporations.

While business is global and taxes are avoided by Plutocrats leaving the vast majority of American income under taxed and over-concentrated national debt builds up. The President can talk about education for youth and spending on select obsolete physical infrastructure renewal all he wants as a way to create jobs for the middle class, yet he is appears to be entirely wrong about the prospects for the middle class.

If tax rates on the rich and capital gains tax rates were progressive, if the Bush II era tax cuts had been allowed to expire the U.S. economy might have had a chance to improve. Cutting federal spending and improving existing federal programs if not entirely reforming them to syntigrate more effectively in the economy were good objectives for the first and second Obama administration terms too, and neither was attempted.

National income should be such that the majority of the people take at least 50%.  Government policy should set that number as a prime directive. Money equals power. Democracy is about majority power. The majority should take the majority of income to conserve the majority of political power.

Income should be produced through sustainable ecospheric means. Maybe a full-employment economy can provide enough of a natural social welfare to negate the need for excessive government welfare. 

The transition to a high-income sustainable ecospheric base for the national majority can serve as an example for other nations. America should be a laboratory of democracy successfully adapting to the challenges put by the existential, and phenomenal physical and social environment.

Freedom of religion, freedom of thought, freedom of speech and free enterprise are necessary, vital elements of a healthy democratic society able to adapt to heterodox challenges of empirical existence. Democracy is about necessary regulation that benefits equally well the majority of the citizens of a nation. The golden mean of deregulation is selected to conserve the real individual interests of the majority within then meta-regulations of democratic governance.

Taxing the economic extreme corrupting democracy by concentrating wealth in the .01% may drive globalists farther offshore, perhaps to the moon, yet it would help restore a democratic health to the U.S.A. and pay off national public debt. A basic plan for ecospheric economic syntigration should be ready to phase in as rich globalists paying low taxes find foreign fruits more to their liking than a democratic social environment. Economic liberty and economic justice for all does not come cheap.  An ecological economy of full employment could gradually phases in as plutocracy fades out if people are educated well enough to become pragmatic business activists.

A healthy democracy with limited size corporations and full employment within a sustainable ecosphere that supports individual free thought and free enterprise is a better direction to trod than an anarchic oligarchy of Plutonomy oppressing individual development using a soft networking corporate power to snuff out meaningful democratic dissent.

On The Existential Analysis of Jean Paul Sartre

The philosopher Jean Paul Sartre developed a method called existential analysis derived from Freud's innovative psychoanalysis. Existential analysis is probably under-utilized today. I read about it in his book written during the Second World War 'being and Nothingness'. I haven't read anything about it elsewhere.

Existential analysis can be used at several levels. It can be applied to collective social behavior such as government or plutocratic finance de facto nation formation with exclusive franchise or just individual psychology. Existential analysts should be part of U.S. Government V.A. counseling opportunity as well as for soldiers on active duty. Existential counseling could be of value to the population generally as a way to consider pomp, circumstance and phenomenality of being-for-itself as a thing-in-itself as if it were a mirage selected from an infinite realm of possibly better social mirages. For a democracy the population should take control of its own destiny and raise taxes on an oppressive minority concentrating wealth. Media archetypes programming collective unconsciousness would work against that suggesting the dreamers acquiesce in political economic myths. Existential analysis might consider objectively deeper structures an individual experiences that affect his or her subjective psychology.

Freud's analysis of repressed childhood memories is obviously a limited approach to solving adult psychological issues. Some or much adult behavior is the result of adult trauma, the Iraq war for example, instead of early childhood experience. Existential analysis might work better than a pharmacopoeia approach or even a Christian counseling approach to select psychological adjustment problems in secular reality. So what is existential analysis and what sort of things would it address?

Consider the military veteran traumatized by events in Iraq. A very hot dry place itself with a populace traumatized by shock and awe hyper detonations, heavy initial war casualties in bunkers bombed by B-52's, decades of state police terrorism, the anomie of a destroyed government followed by sectarian strife, economic privations, terrorism and foreign occupation with global mercenary contractors, the American soldier encounters a place with lower value of human life de facto, sustained disillusionment about the role of the U.S. Government and foreign policy implementation, meaning and value of life for-oneself and for-others and experiences first-hand sustained immanent death stresses, encounters with casualties and hate from some, duplicity and exploitation from others. Existential analysis might examine and reveal these things, while pharmacopoeia, Christian and Psychoanalysis might not.

Existential analysis might consider the objective experiences that stimulated adverse behavioral response for an individual. In The Critique of Dialectical Reason, Sartre's other major philosophical work, the social environment built up collectively from individual existential experience is described, analyzed and effectively encapsulated well enough even at a political level that it can serve as a procedural example of existential analysis even if not a complete repertoire of existential analysis.

It is possible to consider childhood experience as a character formation phenomenon that effects the responses of a soldier to war, trauma and recovery, yet the adult existential content is what needs analysis for the individual is not simply a machine that ought to have processed any trauma flawlessly except for manufacturer or assembly errors of youth. Existential analysis would consider objectively myths of political correctness as well as archetypes of the collective unconscious; it would develop an intellectual cache for the individual's mind allowing detached examination of subjective behavior and response to external, existential experience and memory.

Existential analysis might exploit some pharmaceutical tools when helpful, yet treating the actual existential history of an individual analytically so the individual objectively considers memory and reality as an existential phenomenality he can determine his or her own response to is requisite for restoration of individual determinism in the pursuit of happiness.

Saturday, July 27, 2013


I have developed another blog. It seems like a good idea to use a different blog for some posts in order to present less of a target to political opposition that feel its useful to slow down writers. That trend if successful would tend to negate the point of free speech and a free society, free enterprise and democracy obviously.

It may be that  Plutocracy and the post-cold war era transformation of  the U.S. economy into an in-the-bag globalized backstop for the ultra-rich has gone so far as to make politics in America something of a Potemkin village, I can't  be sure. When the vast majority of Americans-230 million have just 15% of the national income the political issues that people encounter tend to be irrelevant to their economic well being. Democracy works best with something of an egalitarian income distribution without which the rich just pull the strings on everything through networking and dissent is marginalized.

A politician in the nation today that would change things would need to let the rich take care of themselves and their global interests and dedicate the government to the end of creating a new green, renewable full economy in theory and practice that would be ready to phase in with full employment after the rich flee abroad when their taxes are progressively raised to 90%.

Private enterprise can provide all of the thing that citizens need for a good life in a more egalitarian and downsized enterprise context in the presence of a comprehensive social welfare safety net within a realist social environment motivated to regreen the ecosphere.

Life and living things; nature, is the basic content of human thought and development of inventions and manufactures. To reduce ecospheric diversity is to reduce the general human intellectual quotient. The artificial indoor environment is a poor and muttly thing for humanity to  be content with if the real ecosphere is dismissed as auxiliary and only to be tolerated. The mind and its place in nature is full of the abstracts of existence compound and synthetically integrated into a cornucopia of products. Mass conformed social existence tends to diminish the complexity and usefulness of nature. Remember that a human brain and body is the most complex biological fact in existence and is a product of the most rich and complex environment in the solar system-one that the up-from-the-mud humanity is degrading rapidly in order to make their planetary pen more creature comfortable.

The beauty of life is the simplicity of its complexity fully put together. God is like that maybe-One Being in Three Persons letting plurality arise from monism in some mysterious way.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Mexican Youth Reportedly Used as Drug Mules-Rep Boehner Disagrees

Congressional Speaker Boehner has slammed Rep. Steve King rather soundly for King's statements to the effect that Mexican youth are used as drug smugglers a.k.a. mules. Quick fact checking confirms Congressman King's premise though, at least on the left-leaning Huffington Post.

There were other reports on the topic of young Mexican drug mules. Evidently they are very cheap and readily exploitable. It is also surprising to discover that Mexican youth have numerous methamphetamine users among them. It isn't just marijuana that the nimble legs of illegal alien youth sprint over the border with.

Homeland Security said that San Diego's South Bay youth have been recruited as drug mules in rising numbers since 2009. Some of those youth are probably Mexican citizens or dual citizenship entrepreneurs.

C.N.N. reported that as many as 30,000 Mexican youth may be members of organized crime. The Zeta drug gang employs youth in its drug business, even a look out was paid 800 dollars a month, and the look out was a 13 year old girl.

NPR did a story on youthful Mexican drug mules too in the wave of stories in spring 2012. NPR cited a U.S. Customs official as saying that in the past three years the young MExican drug mule numbers had increased tenfold.

One wonders about the insular ideas of Congresspersons and Senators that view the world through cash colored glasses and politically correct calculations. Maybe Congressman King didn't formulate his statements about youthful illegal alien drug smugglers with sugar coating  or failed to use logical language to accurately quantify who and how many illegal alien mules exist as a percent of illegal alien Mexicans in the U.S.A. yet Speaker Boehner probably owes Steve King an apology for being so wrong himself in seeming to discount the facts of reality altogether in order to get some additional Hispanic votes in 2014.

Youth crime is on the rise in Mexico and the United States of America helps fuel that by buying so many illegal drugs in its decadent and irresponsible phase of unconcern about the poor in America and Mexico. An economy should be made healthy from the bottom up with those out of work longest employed first. When government serves primarily the prosperous and its members are all millionaires a warped idea about reality exists and chronic, long term unemployment is the new normal. Government should instead support first those that need support because the rich already have enough. 

In the 2009 -11 economic recovery 90% of the income went to 10% of the people of the United States. That is no recovery, it is continuing consolidation of wealth. The top 25 hedge Fund managers still earn an average of a billion dollars a year. When Chairman Bernanke replaces Fed Reserve Chief Bernanke this fall I hope he doesn't select Larry Summers to replace him, and picks instead Robert Reich.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Rage Against the Meatheads v. 2.0

Rage against the meatheads
do not go gently into a godless chasm of doom
pushed by those declaring mind an illusion
and the body of meat a reality for whom
the world is a singing bell pride

Godless sophists of immoral despair
forcing descent into existential pits of oblivion where
full of clutched sharp shadows of false hopes tethered
for flight of mind from body as spoilt meat weathered

Nietzche and Schopenhauer's dualist dreams of subjective negations
metaphysics finding world morals illusions on vacations
Brahma kama sutured over Zoroaster's ideas treasured
transcending even so pungent meaninglessness of meatheads mysteries

Rage against the meatheads
commandeering politics in programmatic self-futility
where works extract self from eternal salvation
recommending failure as pragmatic utility

Rage against the phenomenalism of oblivion
minds existing for a moment transcending nothingness
the for-itself and others contradicting the meaningless of non-sentience
seeking the eternal Spirit of God.

Anthony's Weiner, The N.S.A, Gun Control, Green Weenies and Red Herrings

The sext messages of former U.S. Representative Anthony (Carlos Danger) Weiner have become a national news item again in the race for Mayor of New York. Anthony's Weiner has taken a dimension larger than that of porn stars and is somewhat legendary now, regardless of the facts of Vienna sausage or foot-long and other red herrings. Hot dogs of technology, the N.S.A. probably intercepted and recorded the sext messages of Anthony Weiner like those of the more discrete officials presently in the U.S. Government.

A majority in the U.S. house of Representatives voted recently to extend the right of the N.S.A. to record the phone calls of everyone in America and the rest of the world so far as possible. That will enable Big Brother to pan for the gold of all the hidden conspiracies of the world and keep Americans safe. Cynics compare the policy unfavorably to the national issue of gun control. The N.R.A. did not defend the right of Americans to have private phone calls free from federal surveillance, and so the effort to repeal the power of the N.S.A. to make a record of every phone call possible failed.

Two hundred seventeen congresspersons against ending the N.S.A.'s phone record making power. Without the N.R.A. probably the same congresspersons would vote to end the right of Americans to keep and bare arms. The arguments for and against keeping the second amendment unrestricted and the N.R.A. phone record program restricted are virtually the same. The price of civil liberty is a little violence and risk of violence.

The power of a government to know whom its citizens talk to every moment of their lives is extreme. Sure Al Qaeda would find it easier to organize the deaths of some rich people in lofty Wall Street towers where dark pools trade under the radar with cash at zero interest provided by the federal government, yet some Americans are willing to risk the danger to the rich in order to have private phone calls to people without the government knowing about it.

At least the N.S.A. should share its data in the abstract with the people of the United States so they can learn the quantity information on what countries people from blue states are calling most in order to find out what states are the most globalist and un-American. How many Californians are on the phone to Mexico every day and how many Bostonians are hanging on the phone to London? It would be useful to learn what rich people are calling Zurich a lot in order to better calculate appropriate tax policy. One of the main problems with the N.S.A. phone record policy is that it is of benefit primarily to the rich and to government contractors and of little practical value to telemarketers wanting to better design products to sell to Anglophile, Mexicophiles and Islamo-chatists.

The Congress should direct the N.S.A. director to prepare a monthly abstract statistical study of who and where Americans are talking to overseas state by state and nation by nation and post it on a government web site. It would be good to have hard data to show who the most un-American globalists are and where they live to pin responsibility on some politicians for failing to create jobs in the U.S.A. for everyone that wants one.

Anthony Weiner's sext messages like that of others with personal pornographic content should be called something else that isn't deprecatory to texting. It wasn't sex-texting that is at issue in the personal porn pics of Mayoral Candidate Weiner.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Evolving Dualism and Dialectics of Schopenhauer and Nietzsche

A few words about the philosophers Arthur Schopenhauer and Fredrick Nietzsche. Each was a philosophical pessimist of a sort. Their pessimism resulted not only from the tough social times of the late 19th century-an era for individuals quite a lot more painful than first world living today, it was a consequence of the lack of faith of a time with the rise of evolution as a populist theory and liberation movements that required a revolt against the power of a property owning church hierarchy over-associated internationally with royalty and royal land grants. That history from Imperial Russia to Maryland of the American colonies prompted even Immanuel Kant toward the concept of sapere aude-'dare to know (to be wise). He wrote an essay criticizing social reliance upon authorities for their thinking such that people were in never ending tutelage.
Many avenues of ingress to wisdom and egress from folly can be developed by any individual or social elite obviously. Schopenhauer and Nietzsche choose philosophical-religious dualism of different varieties in order to develop a personal worldview explaining reality physically and socially. Each philosopher combined ideas from ancient Persian religions such as Zoroastrianism and the sky religions of the Vedas of India that initially arose in Afghanistan/Iran/Arya. The synthesis of old and newer ideas aloud a metaphysics and morality to exist in one wrong dualistic belief system for each.
Schopenhauer believed something like Buddhists that the existence of the Universe is basically wrong, or an error of some sort. One might think that it is an emanation from God perhaps that emerged through error. I tend too think that God doesn't make metaphysical errors though and would not credit the idea much. 
With the belief that the Universe is a mistake it is easy to find the concept that humanity is fundamentally wicked. Schopenhauer was readily able to derive some kind of idea of a misogynist character of course and thought like many of the ancients that the X chromosome half of the human organic system is an inferior or wicked evolution as a punishment for prior sin perhaps. There are a variety of reasons why the ancients believed that women needed to be regarded as a problem. Perhaps the Muslim ideas about women are derived from that ancient concept.
Original sin might have inspired Schopenhauer too. I believe with Augustine about original sin, yet place the context not only as manifest because of the divine insight of the Bible. Original sin may be the context of organic existence in a Higgs Field with entropy in the solid-state phase with a time arrow. People naturally consume instead of living forever in the Garden of non-temporal existence without any need to eat apples or anything else. In a realm of forms the tree of knowledge and the tree of life are not necessary. Time also is an element of temporality and solid-state changes.
Nietzsche was a dualist too. With a Christian heritage he lost faith when his father died at an early age. The eternal recurrence of the Universe was his idea, and he named his philosopher alter ego in his books Zarathustra. In 'Thus Spake Zarathustra' a philosopher living as a hermit on a hill looking down on a village chews a philosophical cud about the meaningless morals of the people living there that aren't aware that everything in the Universe recurs exactly as it is infinitely. There is a good science fiction book with that kind of experience being an extra-dimensional account of hell. Everyone is wicked in that place though it starts out nice, and it becomes an amoral killing field of criminals that gets run down and eventually burned down and then it starts all over again new.
Nietzsche obviously had a little of Kant's sapere aude spirit about him, and Schopenhauer's 'The Fourfold Roots of Reason' is about as good of a follow up to Kant's 'Prolegumena to Any Future Metaphysics' as might have been written. Schopenhauer though is such an egoist, and ultimately a pessimist because of his ideas about the nature of the world-Universe that the analysis about reason seems meaningless. Both philosophers were 19th century Germans in a tradition of great German philosophers such as Hegel and Kant. It wasn't easy to produce works of equal gravity as those of Kant and Hegel, and neither did though each made quite an effort.
Nietzsche is more of a romantic and irrationalist by default because his work lacks interest in technical logic. Schopenhauer could have been a good logician, yet he writes as technically as did Sartre in 'Being and Nothingness' later with the difference that Schopenhauer appends his dualist metaphysics on to his analysis and of course Sartre didn't append anything on to his analysis of subjective experience.
I suppose there are several varieties of dualism possible. One can construct a two-part metaphysics or a two part temporal description of reality. If physical reality in solid-state entangled quanta is what is experienced one can always say that a different, deeper level underlies that. Even the Higgs field content could be said to be an idea developed from the will of God. Dualism in philosophy is possible in many explanations of why the world is the way it is.
Marxist dialectical material is a kind of dualism. The thesis and anti-thesis might be applied to Republican and Democrat politics in Congress today. Like Marxism we might think that leads to economic nihilism and vast public debt rather than utopia. It is easy to be pessimist within any dualist progression dialectically leading nowhere good.
If evolution is a proximal way of describing a particular indeterminist view of biological life rather than of the determinism of phase changes of quanta in a Higgs or other field following various inevitable patterns, it is within a select reduced range of regard for biological change within the greater Higgs field and its properties described with a field theory. Change occurs within determined, quantifiable order at a given level in a hierarchy of scale instead of within a unified system breaking from monism to pluralism and back again.
A monistic system tends to become pluralist because of change and entropy rather than vice versa. The reversibility in theory of the physical contents of time would seemingly require more energy to reorder in a reverse direction than in the naturally breaking down direction. Even biological life converting energy into order does so with a determined level of direction and inertial progress difficult to change. It is an interesting paradox that rational thought is the better tool for altering the physical determined content of a given physical system. That is also a danger environmentally speaking. 
Human thought and creativity have changed the natural evolution of the Earth ecosphere in order to provide a more comfortable existence. Disrupting the natural evolution requires rational response and correction if human life is to continue for long. That sort of creativity and applied physics through economic change needs a somewhat monistic outlook of education tolerant of individualism yet instructive in the effect of intelligent thought and artifice on an ecosphere of natural, deterministic evolution.
When God booted Adam and Eve out of the Garden toward a world where through a light switch would change night in to day the problems of changing the natural evolution with intelligent thought in pursuit of the tree of knowledge and the tree of life were bound to occur. Maybe it's an I.Q. and faith test simultaneously presented to determine if reason can be reasonable enough to overcome the natural destruction of the natural ecosphere. Nietzsche and Schopenhauer did the best they could at considering the deeper meaning of life. All they found though was the easy to arrive at position of pessimism.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

What Happened to Lost Jamestown Colony? (They Were Eaten)

A skeleton from the lost Jamestown colony of 1609-10 was determined to have been subject to cannibalism. During the tough winter those first Brit arrivals chowed down on a 14-year old girl and whomever else in one of the colonies' first reality T.V. survivor island role models. Her skull had marks of forced entry. We wonder why those colonists could starve in game rich Virginia of that day with Chesapeake Bay full of fish, birds and crab even if it was a cold winter?  If the world ever starves and fails to grow food underground on the moon with solar light brought in with fiber optics they would show an equal lack of creative thought.

Another piece of archaeology news from American history is the discovery of a Spanish fort in the Appalachian foothills from the late 16th century. It is the oldest known fort away from the coastal area of the future U.S.A. The Spaniards were wiped out except for one survivor, and if they had stayed American history would have changed for there was a lot of gold in the area discovered later. The Spaniards were looking for gold and didn't find the rich nuggets. If they had they might have invested more conquistadors earlier in the north instead of mostly below the border.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Select Trends in the U.S. Economy

There are several trends in then U.S. economy that would seem to support development of a hollowed-out middle class and sustained large number of poor and long-range unemployed citizens. Even more concerning is the trend toward production outsourcing with some 85% of large corporations already working those cheap laborers abroad. While a New Yorker averages 16 bucks for labor a Chinese and Indian worker get far less than one dollar an hour. As that trend matures the United States will have few good paying jobs beyond the professional core supporting a plutocracy. If foreign production imports collapse so will the hollowed U.S. economy of service workers.

England may be able to have a service-oriented economy because it's a fairly small country. The United States has a large portion of a continent though and with a population of low skilled illegal immigrants increasing the demographic majority of those Americans numbering more than 230 million already that get only 15% of national income if production overseas in the BRIC nations stops because of war to unforeseeable climate related disaster the consumer supply chain will be cut off. A vast economy so reliant upon foreign production for life support is not only unnecessary it also comprises a national security threat.

With China increasing its economy at a 6% annual pace even during a global neo-recession and with a population of over a billion the United States would experience Chinese leverage on its political economy if the U.S. economy were actually good for the prospects of the majority instead of the global Plutocracy. Of course the U.S. economy is developing to benefit a planetary Plutocracy rather than the majority of the people of the United States today. It is improbable that some sort of substantive disruption of smooth global supply lines will not develop in the decade ahead. And equally bad is the fact that if it does not occur the economical outlook for the majority of American may continue to decline.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

The U.S. Economy as I See It Today

The U.S. economy as I see it today is moving in the wrong direction. Yet for Wall Street and the top 20% of U.S. earners taking 85% of the national income every year the 230 million people sharing just 15% of the lemon pie of prosperity life is getting tougher. If Obama economic recovery meant just giving trillions of no interest loans and bail outs to the 1% and food stamps and extended unemployment benefits to the former middle class and present poor it would have been better simply to reform the economy and transition it to an ecological economic foundation.

I have been reading another book simply titled Plutocracy with contemporary data about the tale of two economies-one for the rich and one for the 230 million Americans not on the prospering side of concentrating wealth. One of the more remarkable yet in retrospect obvious points is that with just 15% of the national income the supply and demand of producers is more geared toward the minority with most of the income instead of the majority with only 15%. Producing stuff the rich will buy is a better way to get rich oneself, and of course the rich are increasingly the producers so they can to a certain extent have their cake and eat it too.

Numerous writers have pointed out that in 1944 the tax rate on the rich was 94%. The disparity between rich and poor wasn't very great and the middle class flourished until the Reagan tax cuts kicked in reducing the top tax rate from 70% down to 30 something %. The decline of the American middle class and problems for the poor in the modern era largely began in that time.

The Obama administration evidently feels that politics can't do anything to take back the economy for the majority of Americans and that is plainly wrong. Global economic forces make direct a more lassez faire approach to economics however political economy can also be influence by political reformers with intestinal fortitude in any era from that of the founders to F.D.R. and the new deal folks. Corporate networked power can be cut, taxes increased and ecospherically progressive business accentuated. America does not need to be a nation of progressive decay with 84% of corporations outsourcing.

Does President Obama really expect the Trayvon Martins of tomorrow to take out a $100,000 dollars in student loans and graduate from a college with little chance of a job thereafter? What is the alternative for the class of Americans getting 15% of the economic pie of prosperity who have also been given the demographic opportunity to start buying life insurance many don't need in order to pay for Obamacare? When the 230 million with 15% of the nation's income have to subsidize itself that is robbing Peter to Pay Paul and vice versa.

With the Plutonomy a nation for-itself and Wall Street a separate and unequal economy pumped up by the U.S. Government the national infrastructure and quality job creation prospects for improvement fade away. The comfortable middle class remnant may just not care yet the ecosphere and economic decline will erode their comfort zone in the years ahead too. Without taking back the nation's economy for the majority the corporate chains will continue to displace and expropriate American ingenuity, inventiveness and material production and after co-opting it and skimming savings relocate it abroad. That cycle is not being corrected by the Democrat Party, and who else is there?

The Opiate of the masses; entertainment in music, sports and Hollywood can keep the 230 million pre-occupied with things other than their political economic vital interests. It is possible to have free trade yet also develop a political ethos that lets the big corporations take care of themselves with government devoting itself to the well being of the people of the United States. While Asia, India and other BRIC nations have faster growing economies in the conventional non-sustainable style the U.S.A. could reform through taxation and a host of legislation the prioritization of limited size businesses independent from large corporations, and such would produce the majority of material infrastructure Americans require for living well.

An American defense industry ought to be as concerned about increasing the ecospheric health and economic and social well being as much as dropping napalm on terrorist clumps somewhere 'out there'. National defense of economic vital interests of the majority isn't well served when a global plutocracy makes the majority a kind of slum dwelling crowd pacified by entertainment.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Science Fiction Project Video (reading) Universal WIdget

I read a few minutes from science fiction prose I am writing.

Renewal of N.S.A. Phone Surveillance, Panopticon, Plutonomy and Rev. Al Sharpton

Jeremy Bentham as founder of the utilitarian philosophy also developed the design of a panopticon. A panopticon was an institution where all of the inmates could be under the eyes of ubiquitous surbveillance. Ed Snowden's revelations about the National Security Agency's contributions to developing a global panopticon ruled by a manipulative Plutonomy were anticipated by a John Twelvehawk's trilogy ending in 2009 with The Golden City

The .I.S.A. court renewed the N.S.A.'s authority to record phone records of U.S. citizens Saturday in spite of  the recent dust up after the Edward Snowden wikileaks.

One wonders of Ed Snowden has found a Russian ebook publisher yet to provide the inside story on his exfiltration of classified information to the public in some sort of Pentagon Papers style. The Rev. Al Sharpton meanwhile is filling the news cycle with continuing street protest marches to get the Justice Department to charge the Florida neighborhood watch guy with hate crimes or other civil rights violation in the death of Trayvon Martin.

The plutonomy is concentrating national wealth. The real income of white males hasn't risen since 1973 in the U.S.A. The affirmative action classes of the past should upgrade from a 1960s paradigm and recognize that it is the rich and inside Wall Street networks that are the real socio-economic power in the U.S.A. these days. They are the key to populist economic fate rather than white males. The rich have no color for political purposes. They are an invisible empire of egoistic power pragmatically speaking.

The way to improve the standard of living for U.S. blacks isn't through creating a special and different class of race rights, reduction of self-defense right while avoiding demand for increased taxation of the rich and reforming capitalism through law for the benefit of democracy to reduce the gap between rich, poor and middle class. If black youth as well as others were fully employed or good students with a quality culture in a recovering ecosphere with full employment far fewer individuals would be shot in self-defense.

A global panopticon with few individual rights and a disarmed populace fully monitored by a zillion chips and surveillance modes in every aspect of their life might have been an ideal of B.F. Skinner as well as Jeremy Bentham for its greatest good for the greatest number as well as the intensity of happiness by the ruling elite. Yet a prison is still a prison even if its more of a planetary lunatic asylum of meatheads fulfilling their organic impulses benevolently dominated by a Plutonomy. 

Needless to say that is not the American dream. It might lead to mindless consumerism and a networked capitalism that is an economic gambling house redistributing wealth and political power to the 1%. The world ecosphere may continue to decline because none of the businesses can afford to go out of business because of environmental legislation. Neither can large corporations afford to let corporate size be capped at 5000 workers or the number of shares of any corporation an individual could own stock shares in at three. Downsizing capitalism so that it is more competitive, less networked, more human and with alpha local rather than global personality leadership would be anathema to the Plutonomy. 

Friday, July 19, 2013

President Obama Identifies Himself With Trayvon Martin All Over Again

President Obama identified himself once again with the late Trayvon Martin In what was an emotional expression of  sympathy for the 17 year old because of his race, the strain of years in office was beginning to show on the Presidential judgment.In the hot July sunshine political I.Q. can decrease a little.  He evidently hasn't  concern for the other young man who must get on with his life as best as he can.

Some might say that having Fed Reserve Chief Bernanke give 85 billion dollars of month of zero interest loans to big banks is a kind of looting of the economy along with the trillions of Federal deficit spending swag, yet that doesn't make the President a potential burglar attacking a neighborhood watch guy. Maybe Ronald Reagan's sacking of David Stockman was more like that.

Florida is a dangerous place with hundreds or thousands of criminal gangs. Youth according to Federal statistics perpetrate the vast majority of crimes in that state.  Sometimes people aggressive enough to burgle can assault hapless watchmen. The President has made a stand your ground law of Florida an issue though that wasn't the defense line. Follow enough possible burglars and one might attack the watcher is the lesson to take home. Being a volunteer defender an be dangerous.

In exploiting  George Zimmerman as a representative of blacks being shot by policemen or white people the President attacks the civil rights of Americans to defend their life against felony assault - Zimmerman probably was attacked  in the engagement by Martin, and in making the issue preponderantly a race issue the President is hoisting a race flag. American society may be more competitive and filthy lucre oriented than it should be, but the left also failed to move it toward egalitarianism by ending the Bush -Obama tax cuts. A non-violent, non-homosexual, non-corrupt and highly educated black social environment is the better direction to take. It would be helpful is the President took positive steps to make society better for all of the poor and middle class instead of following a divide and impoverish line.

Some Americans are concerned about the President's attack on American civil rights through the shills of homosexuals hegemony, N.S.A. interception of all American phone calls and Internet service, help in concentrating wealth for the rich, failure to veto the Bush era tax cuts on the rich twice that seem to diminish the middle class and poor in America in favor of a global Plutonomy. There are valid F.B.I. crime statistics available that show the number of Americans killed by guns annually is very moderate considering the population is over 300 million. Moving the U.S.A. toward a communist Chinese bureaucratic social order where the elites have more rights than the masses is unacceptable. How many mass broadcast network stations are owned by the poor or a middle class family? All one gets is the propaganda of the rich, and of course the shills of the rich.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Quantum Cosmology in the Platonic Realm of Forms

This is a continuing development of a philosophical line renormalizing contemporary quantum cosmology within the Platonic realm of forms. In a philosophical science fiction context a Universal widget discusses the context of the reality of two individuals standing before it. Patrick Voevoda and Yvonne have been translated into a reality produced by the Universal widget after being extracted from a Planet of Insignificant Kingdoms in Perennial eco-and social conflict. Voevoda discusses his thoughts with the W.W. (wonderful widget).

"The cyborgs are godless enforcers of atheism made with computer aided design and manufactured to consumer specifications with partial human brains operating the most wicked relevant machinery bodies necessary to keep the leavening mass of choose-for-you in power. Beyond a slash in the rodina, a deep chasm that is a tear in the fabric of reality, Cyborg Massachoose are produced in the blood shining city on a hill we see through a cloud of dust darkly if at all. When Massachoose programmers iterated corrupting control alogorithms winning the last battle of the final four world brawls the Eastern Evil Empire of Insignificance swoll like no other before."
'Next millennium will the insignificant Eastern Evil Empire select a new Massachoose ruling clan clique"?
"They always promise so I would suppose. They have been talking about power sharing for the last few hundred years at least."
And with that final piece of insignificant information uttered Bull Querdo expired to begin the process of becoming one with the dust of the moat of death.
The ground dissolved under us though we didn't sink. It became more transparent with myriad firefly like atom-sized widgets replacing the minerals of a planet. Fewer widgets replaced the atmosphere as well, then the city itself faded away to transform into trillions of little widgets resembling the appearance of the Universal widget we encountered in the planet Spud. We were still able to breathe.
"What is this widget transformation Pat?"
It seems that the widget can boot up into reality at whatever scale converting mass energy into little widgets directly. Apparently the widget is more fundamental than the Higgs Field. You notice that gravity has stopped and time has quit. Relativity coheres with mass and energy so with the widget replacing mass and energy time has become relativistic, discrete and stationary as an attribute of the widget field following whatever way the widget sentience or directions-from whatever source that might be, wills.
"So that means that besides no gravity there is no time either?"
Evidently Yvonne. We seem sustained by some personal field developed concurrently with the widget field. The widgets haven't yet consumed our mass energy. The space-time energy for-ourselves coincides with experience of being.
"Your spacetime is one of my memories" the sky replied.
"I think that was the widget Patrick"
Yes of course it is Yvonne.
I asked the widget 'So how's life?'
"Same old, same old" spake the widget.
Though we are a memory widget, I think we are real even so. We exist as real independent beings within your present memory.
"How thoughtful you are Patrick Voevoda. Think about this; as all widgets that exist in widget reality are of my sentient design, and since all things that I made to exist could be constructed in any time order it follows that everything I think is pre-determined to exist phenomenally."
The widget evidently created its form as a local infinity of discrete widgets without any content from the standard model of quantum physics. It could build its own content and scale up or down with relativistic mass. Its own mass was relativity to its intention with variables of composition forming unique steady state of fundamental energy. Energy without space-time mass needed to exist in quantum packets that weren't of infinite values themselves. Time could be reassembled into whatever structure the widget configured. 
Yvonne asked, "Widget of widgets have you a name?"
 "No one ever asked. Of course I have a name."
Well that settles that Yvonne.
I asked the widget, "No time is passing now for us. You must replace our standard mass quanta with your own steady state quanta as we speak, continuously?"
"Patrick Voevoda, for now you are one of my memories as is Yvonne. When I return you to a Universe 1 context you will resume normal local independence. Everything I encounter physically becomes one of my memories. You have a spiritual identity-a name known only to the One who is Three persons of course. I haven't data on where or how that exists. I am concerned with widget works generally. Pure spirit is of a finer nature than my own."
"That's all right widget. I think you must have spirit too in order to be given such a prominent role,"
"Nice of you to say so Yvonne."
You may know that some refer to you as The Wonderful Widget.
"It's nice to have fans."
Well W. W., I think we do exist as beings for ourselves and not simply as echoes of solipsistic ideas of your.
A human beings converted to ash weighs about six pounds. The rest that was burned off was mostly hydrogen and oxygen as water made into vapor. That six pounds of disorganized chemical residue with water added was a human being because of its structure. Structure and the abstract form of structure, one might call it order to organizing principle is the essence of existence. I think the fundamental organizing principle is the Intellect of God.
Let me say something about what was commonly said about quantum cosmology in the 21st century...
Fields were the fundamental element of being known to physics. Particles get mass from fields. Field symmetry breaking let local forces arise such as the strong force and the electroweak force. Massless particles (bosons) exist as vibrations traveling through a non-local field such as the electro-magnetic with bosons such as photons and gravitons. Particles with mass occur in gauge fields a.k.a. local fields. Mass is comprised of Fermions, although heavy bosons with mass (i.e. Higgs boson) can exist virtually (temporarily) before breaking down into other particles.
Are dimensions micro-gauge fields bound in place? Massless particles are emergent vibrations in a field. Imagine a straight rope laying on the ground. One takes an end of the rope and may give it a flipt sending a wave down its length. That is like a photon in an electromagnetic field or a graviton in a gravity field in fewer dimensions. It is a phenomenal particle at any given place or time where it is moving through yet it is really just the rope-field as three dimensional field fluctuating.
Imagines a Higgs field in three dimensions in a shape more like a sphere than a rope, and that field is where the Universe occurs. Particles with mass develop through contingent local fields arising within the primary field. Symmetry breaking is the usual suspect for the development of local fields and particles with mass.
Mass seems to be particles that are hierarchically bound within local fields. Massless particles can pass through local fields yet not vice versa. Mass is a hierarchy of standing waves in local fields within the non-local Higgs field.
Consider the nature of fields-what determines the scale and quality of a primordial field like the Higgs field, what delimits it, and what its dynamic values are? Ought a field be expected to have harmonic or to lose energy? Is a field inevitably a collection of quanta emerging from some deeper field?
Did Einstein's ten-value metric tensor of General Relativity describing the curvature of space-time actually describe change in quantity and quantity for local Higgs field values (or relationships to condensed mass or gauge fields within)? Is vacuum energy a metric for change in the Higgs field over time?
W.W., I believe our structure as human beings is structured, determined being by the Creator of Being especially as our lives are meta-temporal virtual lives that can be transformed through compatible fields retaining coherent form. Pre-determined by the Creator contingent beings in virtual form within virtual fields adapted by virtual beings to host forms appearing from a Library of Forms of the will of God.
"Yes Voevoda-one, that you may have a mapped structure existing in The Library of Forms of God is a sweet premise for existential independence from my memory for Yvonne and yourself. Even if I locate the contingent form-structure you were in Universe 1 and expropriate that for my own meta-structural idea widget thought processing unit the form itself is a reflection of the Universal, non-local form each of you have in The Library of Forms."

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Next Administration Should Set Up Moon Farming Under Glass Program

Growing very large veggies in large lunar craters under glass ought to a solid N.A.S.A. farming project. Getting ice from comets for watering should be part of the research. N.A.S.A. should be a leader at growing two foot in diameter potatoes in lunar regolith (dirt) so future astronauts can super size fresh fries...seriously.

That's the sort of project private enterprise budgets won't fund. Growing food on the moon to feed future space travelers around the solar system is a good idea though. If it was very productive some product could be downloaded to a hungry Earth population being desertified with global warming from  SUVs.

Ed Snowden Asks Russia for Asylum Yet the Plutonomy is Global

Ed Snowden has asked Russia for political asylum stating that he would face possible torture and execution if returned to the U.S.A. Sharem Flughaven is a cool place to spend the northern summer and Siberia a better refuge for dissidents (has the Gulag Archipelago been converted in to time shares yet?) of course yet water boarding of N.S.A. contracting turncoats probably isn't usual yet. Probably Snowden would have a longer life span if he were to apply to the federal government for asylum from the global Plutonomy that is probably the real shadow government behind all of the troubles of the age creating high unemployment in America.

He probably would get a fair trial and no more than a tenner in the Supermax prison outside Fort Collins Co at level one. He really ought to stop distributing classified data though, the public is already saturated with the headlines and they really don't give a damn about the particulars. They know that data mining is ubiquitous amongst by the Plutonomy already. Bamford's Shadow Factory already informed us of the cable beam splitter in San Francisco on the trans-pacific cable from Asia. Snowden's disclosures seem actually new. 

The world is too small to hide from the Plutonomy consolidating global wealth and political power. If Snowden returned home in style making a genuine statement of his allegiance to American democracy he would still get a fair day in court with a reasonable jury. Of course he would be shackled and manacled at the arrival gate and be in prison perhaps a decade or two. People do respect a patriot though, even if they are misguided.

Eric Holder's Civil Rights Blues-Zimmerman and the Neighborhood Watch Program

Where is the fine line between political opportunism throwing accelerant on to tragic individual incidents and genuine civil political issues to be drawn? Probably the broadcast media should be given over to Internet citizen time-slice podcasting so terrorists, politicians and demigogues can no more exploit the p.r. power of mass media. Did the Attorney General join in on the side of the racial rapid response political opportunism force post hoc? Doesn't that violate the real human rights of the acquitted individual?

The Attorney General Eric Holder has said his department will investigate possible civil rights violation by the neighborhood watch guy George Zimmerman though he was acquitted by a jury of guilt in the death of Trayvon Martin.  The Attorney General seems to feel the particular case of Zimmerman v Martin is a class representation of deeper social issues of black youth being shot by law enforcement people or neighborhood watch volunteers. What are the actual statistics on black youth being shot by neighborhood watch volunteers?

There is a five to one ratio of black felony suspects being killed by policemen to policemen being killed by black felony suspects. That number seems about right considering that policemen are trying to make an arrest and that's dangerous sometimes. Neighborhood watch statistical relations to crime suspects are something else, and probably there isn't much in the way of an F.B.I. crime survey on that.

So the deeper underlying question the attorney general may pursue is; does a neighborhood watch have any right to observe a neighborhood as a crime defense prophylaxis. A secondary question is does a neighbor watch volunteer have any right of self-defense if an individual being observed closes with the volunteer and begins beating the tar out of him or her? Uniform rules of engagement for a neighborhood watch could be enumerated by Mr. Holder consistent with the constitution of the United States

Police that Zimmerman called that night advised that he not follow the individual through the neighborhood. Police experience informs them that potential criminals are dangerous people to follow. A normal individual would probably not seek to attack someone following them, yet a wired up youth might, as well as an antagonized gang associate yet perhaps not a hard core criminal who might find it advantageous to avoid a decisive engagement that wasn't profitable. If Zimmerman had followed hundreds of individuals through the neighborhood before without a violent conflict he probably wouldn't have a belief that doing so the fateful night would lead to a conflict then. Being a neighborhood watch person does have risks however, probably higher than that of an individual not participating in a neighborhood watch program.

It would be helpful if a personal digital audio-cam witness were sold for ten dollars that would upload whatever one experienced during the day or night to a 'flight recorder black box' online in case needed. If one had a record of every cold-blooded evil thing people ever had to say to strangers because they knew no one would ever have a record or witness it might make social behavior better. Policemen departments are beginning to have such for their field personnel. It will take a while for a reduced and specialized smart phone like device to be produced and uplink to

There are tens of thousands of neighborhood watch signs posted around the nation. Those strolling through the neighborhoods might feel a little uncomfortable that, they are being eyeballed and ought to be on good behavior. If the role of neighborhood watch volunteer is common, it is also probably an effective way to fill in some of the gaps through which burglars and other criminals plunder neighborhoods without sufficient coverage by undermanned and costly police departments around the nation. The idea that citizens should help themselves and their neighbors before relying on a central government to defend them is a principal that was created by the founders who revolted against the British authority. For the better part of a century there was very little government existing in American internal affairs in comparison to the present.

The attorney general with the ear of the President probably should know that the basic problem in urban crime today is youth gangs and gang busting to end their existence is probably a better tactic to reduce violence. The gangsta ethos and the shoeless droopy pants chic while a social expression is a sign of a less than intellectually optimized social environment. Bill Cosby had something to say about the youth social milieu, and the Presidential race-to-the-top (not sitting on George Zimmerman smashing his head in to the concrete) education program sought to upgrade the educational status of black youth I suppose, yet the problem of high national unemployment while enriching a global Plutonomy are things the President could repair if he had ideas to do so.

There is a race against global ecosphere decay that will overcome a society distracted by a dialectical racism administered by a dull central government incapable of change or reform defaulting to reliance on 'evolution' as an orientalized joss in favor of their desired, myopic political economy direction.

Attorney General Holder addressing 14,000 members of the black sorority (segregated sororities?) Delta Sigma Theta said its a good time for the nation to look at emotional charged issues (of the neighborhhood watch program?). The administration seems determined to make George Zimmerman the poster man for white Hispanic profiling of black youth by police departments around the nation. What occurred to me is that there seems to be a serialized profiling made by certain well-known black leaders of incidents such as Tawana Brawley, the Duke Lacrosse Team etc that are used for racial media posturing that turn out to be ill founded. The O.J.; trial also might fit in to that set, or a borderline case at least. If O.J. had been white or Hispanic its unlikely anyone would have been racial motivated to make a class symbol of his defense. The Rodney King beating seems to have been a genuine case and the social reaction indicative of the cultural dysfunction of the community. When Bill Cosby's son was shot on the Los Angeles freeway by a Russian immigrant criminal the race rapid deployment team was comparatively subdued. No riots developed, why was that? Did an immigrant have no class symbol political utility for the r.r.d.t.?

There is a rapid deployment political force waiting to exploit any possible circumstance where injustice might be claimed to have victimized blacks one again. For the attorney general who leads the justice department to be on that bandwagon seems especially silly. It is challenging to equate George Zimmerman's neighborhood watch self-defense incident with the Los Angeles police department and Rodney King. One is aware of the historical origin of the difficulties of black adaptation to the post-segregated social era yet Americans actually would prefer that black Americans get over it and improve their lot in life becoming good conservators of the ecosphere and of the civil rights of all Americans simply because they are citizens of the United States.

The attorney generals main focus should be eliminating gangsters and encouraging reading of good books instead of eliminating neighborhood watch programs. 

Since the Attorney General gave his message at Delta Sigma Theta about George Zimmerman's personal tragedy as a class symbol, a somewhat pimpish approach to law instead of through legislation. George Zimmerman's human rights are violated by all the media and government use of his life circumstance for symbolic political purposes.

Consider the case in the abstract with the antagonists as literal values and race and gender values different. Equal protection of the laws is the goal to go for rather than race or gender rights.

We will make Trayvon Martin a 17-year old white girl who is perennially tardy neo-dropout and recreational drug user  wandering through a neighborhood perhaps venturing into yards around houses in the dark of night concerned more about looking good than good grades. George Zimmerman is a chubby 28-year old black Hispanic serving as a neighborhood watch. He sees a tall, six foot two figure in a hoody concealing her identity and calls the police who advise him not to follow her further. Yet good George having experience spanning hundreds of no-problem missions watching the neighborhood goes into the breach once more knowing that it isn't illegal to follow an individual or gang through his neighborhood.

Unfortunately for George the girl he is watching senses his presence and isn't happy with it. She has an attitude and a racial chip on her shoulder. She also hates chauvinist pigs keep her down but  knows her kung foo is good. She ditches George in a yard. Curious George gets out of his truck and wonders what happened to the observed. Trayvon flanks George like an infantryman making an end around an approaches the old pig from behind. With a shocking quickly combination of punches she has taken George down. Riding the bull she is slamming his head into the sidewalk. With unchallengeble self-assertion of her civil rights mashing the pig she knew she is on top and readying to reduce opposition force numbers by one. George the neighborhood watch guy manages to pull out a gun in the struggle and shoots Trayvon.

The rapid response racial team discovers the tragic incident, the President and Attorney General join in entering the dragon war of symbolism attacking neighborhood watchmen for profiling young urban white women as criminals. A jury acquits George saying he acted in self defense yet the Attorney General said he will give due diligence to studying the curious case of George to determine if he violated the civil rights of George by defending himself.

One hopes the administration will evolve to a better use of their time to be leaders than the Zimmerman-Martin phenomenality before their term is up. Jesus will resurrect the dead, but a better social environment will need to be supported by full employment, secure borders and a recovering ecosphere.