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General Relativity and the Problem of The Infinite Curvature of Space at Time=0

Albert Einstein's theory of general relativity treats space-time as a unified field. Space for much of the course of the physics was regarded as a real substance albeit thin rather than nothing at all. At time = zero in a big bang paradigm with general relativity spaces necessarily is infinitely curved to a singular point of effective non-existence. Mass and energy are requisite for the curvature of space-time with gravity in G.R.

 Physical processes can be modeled with time-space reversibility. If gravity did not exist in the early universe then the curvature of space-time shouldn't equal zero--the inference is that the beginning of the Universe would not be at time = zero but a little later instead. The tardy universe context can be overcome with hyperinflation theory evidently.

 Immediately after Time equaled zero (along with infinitely curved space) decayed or released its grip, or the word to begin was issued, an inflation of mass-energy and space-time developed for a small fraction of a second and in the absence of gravity (that didn't come into existence until a little later) the Universe increased its size remarkably. Space-time unpacked or decompressed quite a bit-it was the proverbial size of a grapefruit now- and the energy of the universe eventually converted substantially into mass. Apparently, when infinitely compacted, mass is entirely converted to energy-mass unification. Infinitely compacted space has no time or motion and has tremendous potential energy and mass.

 What is wrong with this excellent picture of space conceptually? In effect general relativity describes the relationship of mass and energy along with steady-state quantum spacing instead of space itself. Space itself is a volume of nothing. Mass and energy are the something described by general relativity, and the quantification of space-time curvature is the convention used to describe steady-state mass-energy relationships.

 Spatial volume itself is nothing at all. It is a remarkable philosophical point for me at least that every sort of infinity exists in space at every point. Space is infinite simultaneous with being nothing at all and not existing anywhere. Sartre called space non-being, however non-being can apply to absence as a condition instead of the physical fact of spatial volume.

 The quantification of mass-energy relationships with general relativity is fine enough and effective yet I think the implications for error in treating the quantum field of mass-energy of the Universe is substantial. Vacuum energy for one thing, or virtual particle energy is considered as arising from nothing rather than from a subtler quantum configuration of mass and energy.

 Like the force-carrying particles of the sub-atomic realm the macro physical universe as gaps and spacing configured by physical protocols of spin, momentum, quantum mass and so forth. The discrete nature of a quantum field is at once pluralistic and a continuum of monism. The mass-energy field initial endowment of the Universe may expand and smooth itself out through entropy yet it does logically seem to be something like a complex entanglement of knots that eventually unravel transforming into a sheet or membrane. That membrane may be at the opposite end of infinite initial compactness, yet it exists in the absolute nothingness of space.

 Perhaps each Universe membrane replete with its configuration of dimensions has an initial quantum value of energy. One must wonder if there is variability in the quantity of mass-energy that can be initially bound at a singularity such that the scale of potential expansion varies. If black holes are a comparable measure then Universe-singularities too might have different initial quantum value for possible scalar field increase.
 Transforming Einstein's General Relativity to a paradigm treating space curvature as macro-quantum mass-energy relationships might be a way to renormalize the philosophical criterion of space logically. What is missing is a theory of quantum gravity explaining the metric of general relativity as a subtler microcosmic event-process relationship without invoking space-time.

 A Universe regarded as quantum mass-energy embedded in the nothingness of space, finite in contrast to the infinity of nothingness of space-in-itself could take a variety of forms. The spherical universe arising from a singularity seems most logically satisfactory-especially as gravity seems to draw mass into 3 dimensional spheres such as planets. General Relativity allows gravity to reduce Universal mass to a singularity at Time = zero yet if the mass energy of the Universe is compacted to a size smaller than a graviton maybe the power of gravity no longer exists letting the inherent energy of the Universe expand. General relativity does not evidently treat the force-carrying quantum of gravity different from space-time.

 If there were four spatial dimensions perhaps gravity would compact mass into hyper-cubes. String theorists have developed the idea of membranes in an 11 dimensional Universe and given thought to a meta-Universal 'Bulk' mother-of-all-Universes field with 3-dimensional membrane universes drifting about in the greater dimensional Bulk Meta-verse-what Dr. Mario Gasperini in 'Before the Big Bang' described as a perturbative field with virtual energy from which matter might coalesce and form into an equal yet opposite Universe before the big bang and medial singularity between Universes (something like the narrow point of an hourglass).

 Steinhardt and Turok developed the concept of membrane Universes that collide acting somewhat like a Big Bang without a singularity. I think it's possible to develop the idea of a membrane Universe without so many extra-dimensions as String Theory.

 Strings on a membrane surface may be a basic invariant form of texture flux in the energy-mass of the Universal field. Gravity could be a subtler flux relation of the basic Universe-membrane that arises in the history of the Universe, and perhaps will fade out one day too when unknown quantum phase changes occur.

 Cyclical membrane Universes in a Bulk Mother-of-all-Universes field without space-time locality (or would there be space-time locality and general relativity in a Bulk hyper-dimensional field of all-possible Universes arising?) are interesting things to consider. Seemingly overlooked is the idea of a single membrane Universe with strings embedded in absolute nothingness without a perturbative vacuum providing an unlimited electrical supply for free.

 A Universe membrane field continuum of energy and mass without the space-time as a substance parameter of general relativity ought to be considered within the headlong rush to extrapolate greater and more complex recursive causal explanations for the mechanics of the physical cosmos. Perhaps a single membrane 3-D Universe field could account for phenomena such as dark energy and the accelerating expansion of the Universe. Could the field itself have subtle form changes in relation to the configuration of solid-state forms? Might the spacing of one-dimensional strings change in the field over time in a quantifiable way, or could a non-quantum continuum of expansion occur with entropy invoking something like Boyle's law of gases to draw mass-energy of the membrane into the oblivion of nothingness at a quickening, competitive rate?

 Whatever the original field of Being is, variegation in the form of its attributes described with quantification within a monistic Universe of mass and energy might reduce to the classic philosophical problems of being and nothingness existing since Parmenides. That mass could be reduced to infinitely small size as if scale and quantified attributes were stages of temporality on the way presents innumerable additional points to consider.

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On the Marginalization of Philosophy

Pragmatic concerns are infused in contemporary philosophical method. That is one need earn a living, and control of Internet Communications for profit are quite real. If one writes philosophical analysis of society from a minority (intellectual) point of view it is inevitable that the managerial class will close that down eventually. As an independent writer in the U.S.A. I have experienced being banned from and presently is frozen down after acquisition by Health Guru Media. There aren’t too many places to write philosophy for pay. Ghost Bloggers said my first post on the ‘Incoherence of Evolution Theory in Politics’ was incoherent.
If one tries to explain that lies do not inevitably harm people, but it is the lack of knowledge of the receiver of false data that is potentially harmful, the difference is too complex for the managerial class that thrives on populism and the need to reinforce cliche. If an individual hears a lie yet recognizes the lie having knowledge of the truth how has the individual been harmed? While putting out false data is wrong generally, analytic philosophers at least ought to have an opinion cognizant of Quine’s work in Ontological Relativity and keep a social epistemology theory that allows somewhat more existentialist subjectivism to individual responsibility regarding language meaning.
I believe that the problem of modern corporatism and networking will tend to marginalize philosophical thought. The managerial class is politically castrated a priori in order to advance in the business world wherein a happy peaceful repose in evolution theory applied to politics exists-mankind is meat without a soul and thought is meaningless goes the post-modern screed. In that paradigm philosophy is meaningless, yet of course for business phenomenally input of energy and power to politically empower meat is given priority. Such value theories generate innumerable ethics consequents inimical to democracy, free speech and meaning.
I appreciate Warburton’s work yet am skeptical about the potential for slowing the concentration of wealth and power in the United States at least as well as global warming, mass extinction of species or even cosmological speculation infused with metaphysics and theology to consider parameters of classical philosophy (e.g. Plotinus) with pre-inflation theory. Mass economic power taking over higher education tends to marginalize independent thought.

Letters & Photos- of Moose and Men/Women

Letters from the past and more recent photos- flotsam and jetsam in the stream of time that I find interesting to post to the cloud.

Spheres With Ice Shields For Earth-Mars Orbiter?

Buzz Aldrin described a permanent Earth-Mars orbiter that astronauts would catch when it neared Earth and jump off close to Mars. Constructing such a module in space with ice from comets melted to water and put into a shield around a round module as a shield could be feasible.

I believe 15 feet of ice are needed to stop most GCR's and SEP's. Ice already in space would be the cheapest to get perhaps.Injection formed spheres by the thousands could be built in space and provided with modularized components built on Earth, the Moon or maybe asteroids. I would think the mass of solar system planets ought not be changed much.

Researchers are studying radiation from Galactic cosmic rays and solar emitted particles-the first are worse and  the second most common. The Curiosity Rover spacecraft measured radiation in space during the trip to Mars from Earth, arriving in 2012 on the red planet.

image credit N.A.S.A./Cal Tech/JSC

Artist's concepts shows NASA's Mars Science Laboratory cruise capsule and NASA's Orion spacecraf

Rumors About Fate of

It is said that 'the creative side' of will be eliminated by Health Guru Media that took over sometime in April 2013. Gatherers aren't sure of what is going on, except that little works at the site and uploading is mostly frozen. Hunting isn't as feasible as gathering in the modern economy, yet gatherers may need to hunt for the few places that allow intellectual writing liberty along with the potential for earning a little-even for creating videos and uploading photos.

Is Gather's problem Java's vulnerability announced Jab. 10, 2013? Or is it an executive Health Guru Media decision to cut down gather? Is there anyone at Health Guru Media who would put some kind of news update on the Gather front page?

It's hard to believe that gutting a web site with advertisers and such is a good business choice. Wouldn't most sell it off or something?

In 1980 I learned some computer programming and though I didn't stay with that, I still have a sense about it. A temporary remedy of taking out or disabling hyperlinks and java and letting posts continue ought to be simple. Maybe the creative side could be made to be a profit sharing place for writers-perhaps as a non-profit co-op?

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Middle east Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS CoV)- Kill Rate So Far (22 of 44)

Middle east Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS CoV) is a newly emerging respiratory virus that has killed about half of the people that have contracted it thus far (22). The occurrence of the corona virus has been found in about 44 people mostly in the Middle east. The director of the world Health Organization has called MERS a threat to the entire world.

People probably should remember to put a hand over their mouth if they cough in public.

MERS update 25 May 2013

MERS update 29 May 2013

'Health Guru' Buys Gather Bloggers Face Uncertain Future

Health Guru Media of New York bought out in April and the site has become mostly frozen since early in May. Thousands of users are interested in the future of their content; writing, photos, videos etc.

The Internet can be an unreliable place for bloggers with their content coming down or deleted without notice. was another Boston-based company to post political content at. Of course venture capitalists and corporate managers can be bought and paid for and confiscate content or profit of users now and then (i.e. for the grave offense of using politically incorrect speech.  Modern Boston seems like a one-hint-about-antipathetic-free-speech, two-your-blog-is-censored corporate city not too revered by the deleted.

My work at was essentially confiscated because I used the faggot word several times in the course of writing hundreds of peer-reviewed top 5% ranked essays. I did not support the effort by homosexuals to usurp the role-relationship of pregnant women to husbands through legal ingression. Helium deleted about every article I wrote in opposition to the homosexual political agenda and kept the rest (more than 700) creating a false impression for the public of my opinion through the absence of the articles.

Queers attack political opponents personally whenever they can it appears because they haven't got much reason to draw upon as an alternative to make valid political arguments. The Internet is a prime mode for leftist bullying through corporate power. One simply cuts off any small avenues for earning through work. Democrat Party petty perfidy is the new mill-town control group phenomenon of the era. Heck-it's probably Harvard alumni at the core of the wickedness.

Hate speech is defined as partisan speech and any other words deemed not to blow smoke up the ass of the Democrat Party.

Helium took the profit from my essays since Dec. 24th 2010 when I received notice that if I tried to log in again they would report that to the F.B.I. I was close to having enough essays to get a minimum 25 $ per month for just giving 5 ratings. To be candid Helium ought to post a 'banned' notice in red across my page so the readers aren't tricked into believing that I am a Helium writer. I had already copied the posts and published them later in a book at

Now with down; my alternative to, my second primary website for political free speech seems at least temporarily decimated along with potential earnings. One puts three or four years developing a web page with excellent content and then poof! The left saps it in some way. I believe the poor are supposed to be not heard in corporate, Internet America,and that includes the U.S.A. For wealth to continue to be consolidated it is helpful I think to destabilize political speech for-profit on the Internet.

Free speech may exist fora while in America yet its better for the rich rather than for the poor; the new corporate owners can take it down. The rich can seem like skilled political bullies -and especially the Democrat Party. I suppose it's true that only the words of Jesus Christ and God can be counted upon to outlast the Universe and corporate Internet censorship by deletion post hoc. is owned by Google so as the biggest fish it's more difficult for the petite bourgeois to take it down and de facto censor it without getting notice as censors. I suppose the administration or the Red Chinese will try to buy out Google too eventually since it's a place where free speech is still more or less allowed. Hopefully the government will create some sort of legal tax incentives for Internet web blog providers to provide stability to bloggers and content providers. The vicious Darwinist approach to corporate owned blogging pages isn't a very solid way of developing citizen assertion of political and creative opinion and content.

Following are urls with some information about Health Guru Media's takeover of

Red Chinese Bid to Take Top U.S. Pork Producer & Department of Defense Secrets!

How Americans can live with a Red Chinese take-over of the pride of the Hog farm is uncertain. American hogs controlled by the Chinese could lead to unknown and dangerous consequents. It hadn't occurred to me before that no Muslim oil country  would be a likely competitor in the field of pig production or barbeque'd pork and beans even with the secret sauce.

In the long-run the sale of U.S. infrastructure to the Chinese and other interested parties may increase. The Reds could buy all those highway bridges and fix-em when the states are broke. Someone will have to rebuild the roads so the SUV homes-on-wheels with someplace to go have a way to get there. The next two or three hundred years of U.S. highways need to be solid.
Diversification economically by owning American homes through Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and farming animals while hacking free defense technology are necessary ways for the populous and upwardly mobile Chinese nation to buy into a nation with a printing press and e-mint creating a surplus of dollars. China as a wise investor must know that inflation may drive up prices in the future because of the Federal Reserves copious increase of money supply at zero interest to banks too big to fail.
Buying big now will help offset the devaluation of their foreign currency reserves of the dollar when inflation finally arises or if the dollar crashes. Swine probably have more really value than submarines in some respects, especially if the Chinese have copies of all the useful secret vepun stuff from D.O.D. and their codes too.

The U.S. Government ought to diversify into more direction of the U.S. economy such that all Americans have a job while all the high-level h.s. is going on. Keeping creative Americans broke and puffing up Wall Street isn't really the better long-term, or short-run strategy for the U.S. leadership to wallow in. Time will prove that nationalism wasn't really obsolete or superfluous these years.

Red China does not allow American corporations to buy a majority interest in their corporations, and there isn't a valid reason why the U.S. should allow the Chinese to buy a controlling stake in any American corporation. Congress ought to pass legislation right away making it so. I would think that such a mirror law should pass international trade court review.

Sen. Lisa Murkowski on the Bill to Tax the Internet Marketplace

Recently I wrote to Sen. Murkowski on the unjust effort of the federal government to tax poor Internet entrepreneurs trying to eek out a few dollars. She replied...

"On May 6, 2013, I voted against S. 743 because I believe this legislation unfairly infringes upon state's sovereign rights, exposing online sellers to other states' sales tax requirements.  Additionally, I have heard from business owners across Alaska who explained to me the time-consuming expense of complying with sales tax laws for every jurisdiction in this country

For states like Alaska who have chosen not to have a statewide sales tax, this bill creates an unlevel playing field among other states with sales taxes. Now is the wrong time to create additional regulatory burdens and paperwork for our small businesses and entrepreneurs, but despite my vote against the bill, S. 743 passed the Senate by a vote of 69-27. The bill has now been sent to the House. "

image credit: official congressional phtotgraph

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First Black Woman Harvard Undergrad Dean Pressurized into Quitting

The first black woman to be an undergraduate dean at Harvard University resigned under faculty pressure. Evelynn Hammond admitted checking faculty e-mail topics in an effort to discover the source of student cheating on take-out exams. Apparently faculty e-mail at Harvard traditionally is regarded as sacred and highly classified to protect the innocent, insider tips, sex favor trading for grades, special conspiracies or communications with foreign governments if anything such exists. Ms. Hammond didn't say if she discovered anything interesting among Harvard faculty-of-interest email, yet one wonders

Ms. Hammond will stay on the faculty herself, and hopefully will use some kind of top-shelf encryption software for her own email.

Quantum Entanglement; Questions of Causality and Time of Bosons in an Electromagnetic Field

Physicists developed a way to use entangled pairs of photons to determine qualities of an additional pair of photons. It seems to me something like determining a logical contrapositive state of quantum wavelets by determining the values of the initial bound pairs. The new trick is in making a relation between particles that don't exist at the same time. So can there be other logical relationships determined in such ways, and what would be the limits to structural construction complexity?

One wonders of the relationship of quanta such as photons (that are bosons and carriers of force in an electromagnetic field) to causality and time. Perhaps very small nearly mass-less units of force in low number have so few features they are able to have time order inconsequentiality. Not enough mass to be disordered by entropy?

Could photons for quantum entanglement experiments in an electromagnetic field or fields such as exist on Earth borrow data and ordered structure from those fields to qualify and 'sponsor' entangled quanta?

Monday, May 27, 2013

Physicists Invent A New Quantum Entanglement Derivative

Physicists developed a way to use entangled pairs of photons to determine qualities of an additional pair of photons. It seems to me something like determining a logical contrapositive state of quantum wavelets by determining the values of the initial bound pairs. The new trick is in making a relation between particles that don't exist at the same time. So can there be other logical relationships determined in such ways, and what would be the limits to structural construction complexity?

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Remember Building 7, Thermite, Melting Point of Steel, Temperature of Burning Jet Fuel etc.

Recently I read a novel written in 2011 named The Grim Reaper about a bio-war apocalypse in New York City. There were several interesting references to historical things in that book pertaining to the 9-11 2001 event that I wasn't aware of, so I included some of those here.  Building 7 was a 42-story structure that collapsed as if it had been demolished by experts from within-it wasn't hit by an airplane.  It was the building where the F.T.C. kept information on corrupt Wall Street activities investigations such as Worldcom and Enron.

Evidently jet fuel burns in a flash fire quickly at about 1400 degrees F while steel doesn't melt until 2500 F. So why did the steel frames of the world trade towers melt? Thermite explosives burn at 4500 degrees F, and there were traces/residue of thermite in the world trade tower rubble. A pool of molten steel remained for months in the rubble of the WTC. These are all facts inconsistent with the simple cause of mass structural collapse by airplane crashes.  Architects and Engineers for Truth 

President of Russia Vladimir Putin sent a warning memo to Vice President Dick Cheney on 6 August 2001 of a planned attack by terrorists with aircraft on the WTC. A list of foreign intelligence agencies that warned the U.S.A. of the impending attack before 9-11.

image credit U.S. Navy Building 7 C.P.M. Eric TIlford
File:September 17 2001.jpg

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President Obama's Common Nonsense Immigration Reform Ideas

President Obama's website features a 'Common Sense Immigration Reform' article that lacks common sense. The President's ideas reflect the politically correct fantasy paradigm about what America is and who Americans are.

"Together we can build a fair, effective and common sense immigration system that lives up to our heritage as a nation of laws and a nation of immigrants."-President Obama

Without letting all U.S. law enforcement officials have the right to arrest and remand to federal custody illegal aliens no fence, border security bill or anything else King Canute might pass as legislation will stop illegal immigration. That is common sense. However many illegal aliens are made legal an equal number of new illegals will arrive to replace them and provide the cheap labor the middle class and rich like so much. Laws of supply and demand actually work and with the President's leadership they work best for the rich and government collectivists.

 It would be possible to build an eco-border barrier zone of salt water desalinization canals across the Mexican border I suppose yet the U.S.A. does not build macro-engineering projects anymore-it's more of a runty era of U.S. history in a moderately brain dead political elite.

The rich broke unions, outsourcing jobs and flooding the nation with cheap immigrant labor after the 1970's ended. The middle class also like cheap workers-California has a two-class society of those with high minimum wages and those working under-the-table at below minimum wages. Sure that's corrupt, yet the illegal aliens shouldn't be here to start with and neither should lawful immigrant cheap labor move over the border. Wages should rise for local, legal workers in the paradigm of labor supply and demand instead..

Common sense is that if 11 to 20 million illegal aliens become legal residents it will be about impossible to filter through those to find newly arriving illegal alien workers. Basically the U.S.A. will admit defeat on border control and just try to arrest drug importers and terrorists, except where some states are developing legalization of illegal drug use I suppose.

With millions of illegals moving toward a lawful work status able to take minimum wage jobs the value of legal labor will become cheaper and wages stagnate for the poor-if they can even get a job competing with younger, healthier former illegal aliens. Well, American citizens earning fewer than $20,000 a year are disposable trash anyway for the middle class, rich and government sinecure collectivists.

What might help would be to cap government employment at 20 years so that informal exclusive social class doesn't get second helpings on tax dollars and instead have to compete in the private enterprise realm they are unfamiliar with to learn a little more about the life of the peons comprising the U.S. populace outside the beltway and optimally massaged statistics of the Department of Labor. In an actual democracy public opportunity to work for the government should be shared more equally than it is now.

Mexico is a good country, and I don't hold it against them that I couldn't find a bonita seniorita when I visited in 1987, yet it can be made much better with eco-conservation, more humanitarian economic development and pressurizing of political and economic interest by slowing down to a trickle illegal migration to the U.S.A.

image credit

780,000 Nationalized in 2012

Administration Missile Kills of U.S. Citizens WiIthout a Jury Trial is Threat to Security of Individual Civil RIghts

The Obama administration admitted recently that it had killed four U.S. citizens with air launched missile strikes intentionally or unintentionally. That admission to a policy letting the government kill citizens without a jury trial is onerous and anti-democratic. It's definitely a step in the wrong direction as far as classical liberal protection of individual civil liberties, and really not necessary as might Abraham Lincoln have argued in behalf of his largest ever public hanging of first citizens for a reservation revolt during the civil war, or F.D.R. for ordering the internment without trial of Japanese-Americans in California. We hope the Congress gives American citizens at least as much protection from government killing without trial as foreign heads of state.

In the Brave New World of corrupt global and network-even collective power the properties of individual civil rights are in decline in favor of mass, collective fiat. The administration has barely reduced the U.S. unemployment rate yet has bailed out the rich, banks and Wall Street without end. In the Obamacare health plan the poor and working poor are left in the cold on the reality of applying Medicare for themselves. If one is injured as a journeyman worker would he or she really get adequate coverage or more realistically get a large bill from the emergency room visit? The taking of human life without necessity is unfortunate; when that human life is American it is a crime if developed without public trial with objective standards applicable to all.

It is not at all reasonable to argue that any American killed by the President's murder-from-the-sky drone program was necessary to prevent loss of American life. While the Homeland Security program isn't well regarded at stopping illegal alien entry, the ingression of terrorists over the border to cache weapons or explosives from Mexico, or able to meaningfully well screen out potential terrorists such as the Tsarnaevs even if warned by the F.S.B. or other foreign intelligence agencies it is necessary to rely upon their law enforcement work rather than to kill Americans abroad with missiles from robotic aircraft.

The Delta Force combined in some sort of BlackOPBop team with elements of the F.B.I. hostage rescue team perhaps helped by the N.S.A. and a high tech Skunk Works for development of technology to arrest Americans abroad wanted for terrorism should be able to capture and return for trial to the U.S.A. U.S. desperados instead of killing them. 

The four easy kills with robotic missile strikes are more of a threat to the security of all U.S. citizens than a reinforcement in many senses, for the security of individual citizens from state terrorism and these days corporate and media terrorism was always at the heart of the progress of civil liberties in the west from the day of The Lord to the U.S. and French revolutions.

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Albert Einstein vs. Robert Oppenheimer in Chess Game

I discovered Mato Jelic's replay of a chess game played between Albert Einstein and Robert Oppenheimer recently.  Einstein used the E4 opening, and what followed was quite a good match. It's an enjoyable six minute video. A good crisp line.

The Philosophy of the Universal Widget ©2013GaryCGibson (science fiction excerpt)

"The Universal widget's origin is shrouded in mystery. It is the widget of widgets. Its form changes becoming what it is and not what it was. Simultaneously it is the producer and product and the extemporal quantum shape of actualized potential necessary to provide a solution to the problem."
Sounds like a handy thing to have around Mr. Saulobinsk. If your widget is so wonderful why haven't I seen one for sale around the galaxy?
"You have encountered derivative manufactures of the widget in various forms Dr. Voevoda. The widget itself never leaves Temprova and has never been absent until now. It is the producer of ideas developed into product and sale, not the definite article for sale in-itself."
Yvette asked; "And you are here seeking help from Patrick in finding that special trinket that might be anywhere in the Universe by now, in no particular form?"
"Precisely Dr. Yvette, for reasonable compensation of course."
And what would that be?
"Anything you wish from the Universal widget."
Not three wishes Mr. Saulobinsk?
"Yes, if you insist, three wishes of the Universal widget."
That sounds acceptable. Would you join us with a sandwich for lunch?
"A bowl of sweet grass would be excellent please."
You can eat grass?
"Yes. The survivors of biodiversity collapse on my home planet Usgov had to adapt somehow. We innovated a redesign such that we have four stomachs. Later I exfiltrated to the Higgsmasonic lodge of Temprova. This is not tobacco I am chewing, it is my cud."
I'd wager that's a pain to supply on some missions. Allright. About the widget. With computer aided design and manufacturing how does an individual unit differ in-itself from the potential of any artificial intelligence guided manufacturing system to accrete a new or necessary product Mr. Saulobinsk?
"Pat, I know where I can cut a fresh lawn for a bowl of sweet grass. Back in a jiffy", Yvette said before leaving her chair at the table set at the base of the pyramid and moving off toward the entrance of a lane between temples.
Our wonderful widget is a nexus for a quantum computer harmonic actualizer. It may draw upon unlimited resources of the non-steady state quantum Universe to form steady-state quantum entanglements that are temporal objects of spacetime."
What would happen if there were two of these Universal widgets simultaneously calling upon all of the content of the non-steady-state quantum Universe to become some particular object?
'I hadn't thought of that. There is only one known Universal widget after all. I suppose that each might draw together enough mass to create a giant black hole and terminate the development."
Good point.
Yvette returned with a bowl of grass and a few grass stains on her transparent body diaper-wrap that was then in fashion. It changed its opacity index from clear to transparent along with the mood of the wearer.
I asked our new acquaintance Conspiron a question about the Universal widget,
Conspiron, describe the relation of the Universal widget to the deep structure of quantum cosmology more fully.
He said after swallowing his cud and eying down the bowl of fresh grass,
The Higgs field is an expanding knot of quantum entanglements energized by the pull outward in the entanglement of more massless virtual particles from all possible locations in the non-solid-state Universal. The particle state probabilities of the quantum real are massless and faster-than light except as they are entangled. They are also without force or energy except potentially if entangled. For entanglement in a solid-state is a quantum phenomenality of an emergent and contingent phenomenal character.
A photon is nearly massless as an emergent particle-wave in an electro-magnetic field. It is the smallest basic energy element entangled in the solid state and is the quickest. Any solid-state entangled particle is temporal, while the quantum realm of massless probability states is not subject to spacetime in the Higgs field. The Universal widget was designed with elements of the non-temporal quantum Universe outside the Higgs field."
Yvette said, "That's a remarkable accomplishment. How so?
"Gravity too is a phenomenon of entanglement in the Higgs field. The widget maker discovered how to isolate entanglement probabilities and screen out the effects of gravity. He applied his theory to place Dyson gravity screens around black hole singularities and then erase the singularity of intense mass concentration from spacetime. Safely contained in scalable Dyson gravity screens he collected hundreds of naked black hole singularities and relocated them to a laboratory aboard a spacetime ship for further research. The developments followed.
You should know that Kurt Godel's set of all sets barrier became materially transcended with the actualization of the Universal widget. Every transfinite infinity became bracketed as an element of the infinite."
I asked; 'The invention was then of course pre-determined before time existed in eternity?'
"Yes, we believe so." Grand Master Saulobinsk began to chow down on the fresh grass Yvette had cut I would guess from Abbot Weydon's front lawn. A sudden seismic jolt shook us with something akin to a 6.0 Y'Earthquake, which was quite unusual. Yvette gave me the look.
Without a radioactive core, volcanism or plate tectonic activity Collingswood is seismically stable. It might have been an anomalous passing very large gravity way I thought. It would take some time for gravity wave detectors in distant orbit in the Collingswood star system to report any passing disturbance of spacetime adequate to shake the planet.
In the meanwhile, Yvette and I continued our discussion about the widget.
So Yvette, the Telemon was able to infuse some elements of the nature of non-temporality into it. In some ways techniques to shield out gravity waves and steady state aspects of quantum entanglement were found and the knowledge applied.
I would guess that would have innumerable consequences regarding the spacetime continuum of Universe 1. It would be theoretically possible to detach sections of Universe 1 from the Higgs field and quantum entanglement completely creating a de facto alternate spacetime Universe bubble even if it had nothing in it.
"The difficulty might be to keep anything of the steady state universe coherent inside such a detached sector. The quantum entanglement from the other side, from the quantum probability world would no longer exist and the steady-state entanglement might just disappear though some energy might remain in a high entropy state."
I believe Yvette, a Universal widget of all possible forms pre-existing time might arise to apply retro-causality to all things that are to be or become. In eternity it would always exist once it did exist, and become omniscient as well-especially of all the future Universes that it could create and set into motion in time.
"Well Patrick, that could be taken as a paradigm for the unconditional beingness of God as well-arising into being then always existing because of retro-causality."
Sure, its a good metaphor Yvette. Even though a Universal widget might be taken as an illustrative paradigm for the birth and history of God in eternity, its no more than that logically. Otherwise we might have a new omniscient Universal widget pop into being virtually anywhere or anytime creating problems of dual occupancy of existential null-space and order of any actualized Universes.
`Universe for ourselves, hopefully."

Cap Public Employment at 20 Years to Encourage Democracy Instead of a Ruling Class

Ours is an era of national political aloofness among the elites (who find it easier to consolidate wealth and power now). With such complete control of the electorate neither party makes much difference except to drive the moral decline of the nation further down the road to Orwell's optimum.

  The age of big government with annual trillion dollar deficits has established itself as if in defiance of the principles of democracy, frugality and public service. Big government prefers big business and global networks of power.
 In a democratic society without full employment all of the public should have a right to work for the government for several years if they desire. Public employment should not mean public collectivism with sinecures for million of union insiders. Lifetime public employment should be limited to 20 years. If someone retires from the military or has enough civil service time in to retire they should be bumped by any qualified applicant without 20 years of public employment. Instead of aloof government cliques doubling down on prosperity while millions go jobless. Instead of government workers that forget what individual enterprise means besides Harvard Wall Street C.E.O.'s and too big to fail banks getting 90 billion dollars of zero-interest loans each month, a democratic society should make sure that all citizens get a real opportunity to play government too.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Interpreting the Administration's Purge of Moral Values

Purging traditional moral values seem to be at the top of the administration's legacy to the nation when one hypothesizes that we have seen the elephant, or rather the donkey of administration policy already. There is a minimum seven salient points of policy comprising Obama moral value purging of pre-existing forms.

 1) Scrap traditional marriage and make gender irrelevant
 2) Have the Fed issue hundreds of billions or trillions of zero interest loans to the rich
 3) Create a vast corporatist-public health care national infrastructure trickling wealth upward and invading public privacy
 4) Raise the U.S. public debt to more than 20 trillion dollars
 5) Promote war in the Middle East without deployment of U.S. military forces. (To help France recover Syrian influence?)
6) Promote evolution theory and degrade belief in God
7) Degrade the homeland economic and ecological security value of U.S. citizenship, especially for the poor.

Interpreting the rationale for the administration's purge of traditional values isn't simple. Cynics might suggest the President simply seeks to lever votes for staying in power. Yet we believe there are deeper causes for the scrapping of moral values that reside in the Democrat Party antinomy to sin and preference for evolution theory in post-modern political thought.

The Internal Revenue Service was discovered to have harassed administration political opposition non-profit organizations during the 2012 election. The administration has rifled media files for 'leaks'. Big government may prefer big business and fail to understand free enterprise theory for individuals yet renormalizes post-modern kinder, gentler Stalinist evolution.

Evolution theory is non-judgmental in the social realm. The rise of moral relativism developed concurrent with evolution theory ingression in public education in the U.S.A. The residual product was the deconstruction of objective moral ideas in favor of the idea that no objective moral values are valid. That is a convenient truth for insider corruption, abandonment of moral values willy-nilly and decline of civil rights as objective and self-evident truths in support of democracy.

The administration has been a driving force for corrupting the meaning of marriage and abandonment of objective properties of civil rights. In the abandonment of objective values leading political elites have made class an organic phenomena. Behavior and political correctness identify friends and foes. Foes are marginalized and free speech finessed into extinction in the transformation to a non-democratic state.

So the Obama administration assault on traditional moral values has 'evolved'. Evolution meaning that no objective moral values or self-evident truths can be held to exist provides immoral justification for the administration's selective law enforcement and right not to defend law it finds objective rather than subjectively useful for its constituency.
The concept of monetarism has evolved too. Issuing zero-interest e-dollars from the Federal Reserve to large banks as loans implicitly disadvantages poor and middle-class entrepreneurs. All of that currency will exist in the world and become circulated internationally rendering the U.S. economy more vulnerable to foreign purchase and political power. Already nearly 25% of rental properties in the U.S.A. are owned by foreign concerns. The failure of moral economic values is an avalanche building up for the future. Many will be homeless.

Evolution in All Political Directions

Evolution in all directions is the trendy political fact. To evolve means political correctness points are generated regardless of it's meaning. Each minute facet of existence can evolve, and that must be good. Diamonds may not change too fast in their internal structure yet that is regarded as bad by a liberal media seeking perennial demographic increase. Change and evolution are synonyms today.

Change may be found in the book of Genesis with a stirring of the void. We may wonder if that was a gravitino in a Higgs field coalesced from a cloud of unknowing. For Christians the belief that the works of God are good is a given. For the rest of society the paradigm for evolution requires complete ambivalence in regard to good or evil; the construction of good as a consequence of change cannot be taken for granted. In fact the value judgments of good or bad have no meaning to evolution. That is a paradox for political partisans who necessarily seek after the good of their own special interests.

Society and civilization evolving to nowhere in particular within a political evolutionary criteria would be a slippery pig for politicians to promote. Evolution instead has a politically correct definition, if partisans were willing to define evolution, meaning to move toward definite political goals. Representing a higher state of evolution as a veritable Marxist-Hegelian evolution up the ladder of higher and better species growth, partisans are New Agers and political foes Neaderthalic humanities Luddites.

Evolution as a specialized philosophy of science is interesting and a valuable way to approach integrated material systems analysis. As a political term evolution may have Kantian antinomies supporting opposite political viewpoints equally well, simultaneously. Evolution toward Tea Party goals may be as valid as the evolution toward 18 trillion dollars of public debt supported by the Democratic left. Evolution as a political concept is infinite and unbound at all times. It is a pointillist presentation of infinite meanings and values in fractalized Universal political pictures. Like U.S. national political leadership political evolution is fundamentally meaningless, meaning all things to all people yet nothing at all.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Universal Widget (science fiction)

The idea of a Universal widget-a fomentor of forms- is an idea I have found intriguing recently, so I have used in in a new science fiction story. At the foundation of mass an energy is form and shape. A widget is a form and shape connector itself-as are quantum particle-wave-strings and everything else. Widgets upon widgets...

Here is a quote from my first draft of The Universal Widget...

The library search engine distilled an historical scenario of the source of the Universal widget for us with a 90% probability of accuracy. Along with the remarkable images the hypertext was spoken,
In the last era before global ecosphere collapse the lost world Usgov tried to implement a planetary rationing of mass available for each citizen-subject to own. One ton for personal articles and two tons for a dwelling was the standard per capital limit. Efficiency reducing weight. Producing articles under the weight limit drove technological invention forward, yet the available resources were few and the plan unsuccessful at prevening ecosphere collapse though the method has been used subsequently on other planets with success. The key was to limit energy use and reward its renewable efficiency as well as materials. When the process is started too far in the cycle of ecosphere decline from demographic pressure it cannot save the lost. Standard mass and energy per citizen limit formula have been developed and used broadly across the galaxy to help keep thousands of ecospheres viable.
In the final era of Usgov a brilliant inventor named Terah Telamon, stimulated by the mass vs. utility ratio and implicit weight limits invented the Universal widget before the final collapse and reduction of citizenry to bovine status digesting the only common nutrient- grass. The Universal widget embodies connections and forms of all mass energy. All possible actualized forms from the quantum realm to the steady-state Universe are widgets-in-themselves. The Universe itself may be a form of widget.
In the final era of Usgov exospheric standard viability the development of equal economic opportunity for all citizens to increase energy efficiency and reduce mass consumption marriage was banned.
Marriage originally was developed to protect childbearing age women from exploitation. That was necessary when economic inequality and low values of individual civil rights protections left many vulnerable to extreme privations and victimization. By the final era on Usgov though, a perfected welfare state and reformed capitalism provided for the medical, food, housing and transport needs of everyone adequately while providing public capital to all inventors and developers that could increase performance to mass ratios and energy production to entropy increase ratio. There were far fewer inventors and producers making claims on public capital in that criterion, and their demands were easily and urgently met.
Men and women in the final era as free, secure citizens ordinarily went naked when together in private, as did homosexuals.  Sex was not coerced or terribly significant as few women opted for childbearing. Those that did were not forbidden. Marriage was no longer an economic necessity with normal reproductive prophylaxis and social economic security. Single citizens were the standard and to comply with Christian criteria many couples choose to live lives sexually limited to one another. With strong individual rights there was simply no pressure about sexual relations. Terah Telamon was thus single without a known permanent informal coupling partner. He had ample free time to develop the first Universal widget that was to change the fate of Universe 1.
"Patrick, the people of late era Usgov weren't so unlike us socially. We fit together somewhat like those singles. Yet I wonder about the Universal widget."
The search engine resumed speaking on the Universal widget...
Tephra Telamon in some way created a focal point for actualizing quantum uncertainty from the non-solid state Universe 1. Any possible combinatory structure in quantum mechanical configuration actualized briefly in the universal widget as a particular form. With its quantum computing data bank it realized every known existing invention and synthesized every possible recombination of those inventions in hyper-synthesis. All possible worldlines of super-positioned quantum particles flowed through the Universal widget nexus simultaneously as it phenomenalized extemporally outside the confining limits of the Higgs field.
What happened to the Universal widget our library search engine friend? 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Russian Truckers Motor Across Arctic Icepack to Canada

Driving a pair of trucks over the Arctic ice-pack over 70 days, a few Russians proved the obvious; the world is getting smaller all the time. Leaving Severnaya Zemlya-a large island north of Siberia, the can-do Russians reached Canada's Resolute Bay and plan to drive to the left coast and return via the Bering Strait to Russia.

If electro-magnetic mass-drivers were made to launch pre-fabbed space modules several times a month to orbit-perhaps with small rocket boosters Mars might eventually become another, modern can-do practicality.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Writing, Videos etc.

Last Friday I completed a 32-day trip rowing an inflatable boat from Wrangell to Juneau. Well, I got past Taku Harbor about to Circle Point and then got a ride in a sailboat. I was glad to get to town, yet the rural areas of S.E. are quite worth spending much time in.

An eight foot inflatable boat may be one of the slowest vessels for rowing one might choose. I got lots of photos and made a couple of videos.

It was also possible to get some work done on a science fiction book. I believe I'll read a little as an excerpt for a video I may post in a day or two. The book hasn't a firm title presently and will need much editing and so forth. is a place where I will post some photos when that web page is functioning again. I have no idea what happened, seems to have some substantial ongoing programming issues.