Thursday, April 04, 2013

Gravitational Lensing Spotted By N.A.S.A. Kepler Space Telescope

N.A.S.A.'s Kepler space telescopes recording the imaging of gravitational lensing of a white dwarf star system as reported in an article at Gravity is quite interesting for its profound effects upon all life as well as because of its macroscopic observable field. Additionally gravitons or whatever other forces makes gravity a purely attractive power have not been discovered.
If gravitons exist they are believed to be very small-even near the Planck length. They may be tinier even than quarks or photons, travel at the speed of light and possibly faster in extra dimensions because of different distance scales, and may be the result of very, very tiny bits of radiation by quarks and other elementary particles that cumulatively add on to larger particles creating in effect a positive magnetic-like effect on mass and energy. Gravity may act as a binding force upon other mass in proportion to its total local amount and fall off in power as gravity moves away from its mass emanation source. Gravitons may be less interactive than neutrinos and hence very hard to detect. The content of this paragraph is soley conjecture and not intended to be used in prep for any kind of exam.
Gravity-bending find leads to Kepler meeting Einstein

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Obama Economy Enriches Rich With Long Slow Drain of Poor

Nothing has fundamentally changed during the five years of the Obama administration to make life better for the poor. There are maybe 75 million poor Americans in a world of 7 billion souls. It is far easier for rich politicians to import legal and illegal alien workers at low wages and training costs than to invest tax dollars in creating jobs for long term unemployed or underemployed Americans. The Federal Reserve sends trillions of zero-interest dollars to rich banks to buy up distressed home mortgages; over-large homes at high prices and tricky terms lured the poor in before the trap snapped shut. The U.S. Government is an accomplice transferring wealth to the rich with outsourcing jobs still an attractive feature of Wall Street.

Soon public education will be outsourced too with far better math, science, foreign language and foreign history teachers appearing in U.S. classrooms at low-cost o high definition big screen TV's. There is no end to outsourcing and insourcing of laborers and laser scanner do it yourself checkers to replace wise-guy grocery clerks continues. The Obama administration down-sizes human economic rights for poor citizens and it's media sycophants with comfortable full employment sinecures proselytize social moral corruption an broadcast manure about ho the economy is getting better perennially.

Certainly Wall Street is swelling as if on Sugar Mountain with a Presidential sherpa helping energize the ascent, yet the prospects for new jobs for the poor still seem to be few to none with those that might arise being the traditional burger flipping minimum wage kind of semi-skilled thing created to fog the real economic outlook of poor and working class Americans. In the 20th century the Democrat Party was not an enemy of the U.S. poor and working class, as it now seems to be.

Wrangell Alaska Assembly Approves of Bounty on Sea Otter

At a city/borough meeting in late March 2012 the Wrangell assembly voted unanimously for a resolution of support for a $100 bounty on sea otters introduced in the Alaska State legislature this year by State Senator Bert Steadman. The Alaska State Legislature recently voted unanimously to condemn the Obama administration F.D.A. approval of genetically engineered salmon made to grow twice as fast. Super-sizing clunkers grown in Panama in a tank that will be sold to American consumers could be the larval stage of a nascent industrial vector of genetically super-sizing animals people want to eat.

  Inconsistent Alaskan political opinions regarding marine ecology intervention is a consequence of scientific ignorance and greed as usual-fundamental human economic traits supported with empiricist antinomy.

Sea otters eat echinoderms that eat shellfish harvested commercially yet killing sea otters because they also eat shellfish is the homo loquax way of moderating the environment for narrow self-interest. It is an ineffective approach that sets off a cascade of ecosystem trophic alterations generally reducing the size and number of top-level predators.

The Obama administration approval of genetic engineering for fish raises the possibility of creating fast grow giant piranha for sports angling excitement, 1000 pound crabs, hybrid carnivores on land and sea sports hunting reserves, 3000 pound cattle riding computer driven platforms to feeding fields and so forth. With no boundaries on the use of bio-engineering the sky's the limit for inventions- maybe 10,000 pound catfish can swim in the south, or fast-growing giant squid 300 meters long could be ranched in deeper areas of world oceans or ten foot tall turkeys raised in the Midwest as products of mind-plan evolution changing dining habits at Thanksgiving through New Years with leftovers going on till President's Day.

 President Obama has repeatedly said that only native Americans are from here and that anyone else came from somewhere else. That implicit denial of the native home of all Americans born in the U.S.A. that didn't arrive here before St. Brendan, Columbus or Leif Erickson is a common rationale for redistributing wealth from the poor and working class to globalists and the rich. Hence those born in Chicago are not from Chicago, really, they are from Turkmenistan, Siberia, Lesotho, Britain or wherever. For President Obama racial, tribal origin is the sole criterion for nativity.

 Though no human beings evolved in the Americas and all American ancestors originated in the Eastern hemisphere within the past 30,000 years, the President's special class of citizens is a divisive political lever to support illegal immigration as normative. The Presidents exploits the term 'native' in reference to America First Peoples-not an illogical slip of tongue for the globalist first politico.

It is 'native Americans' that are being encouraged to kill otters for a $100 bounty in Alaska. Understanding the problems with genetically engineered wildlife (otherwise why not tweak all Alaska wild salmon to make them grow twice as fast and ten times as large) the political class wherever they are from (some migrate here from the Georgia State Legislature to serve in the Alaska State Legislature) provide maladroit advice with wrong marine biology knowledge to goad on crass editing of the balance of nature.

 Observing the shoreline the past couple of months along Wrangell Island I saw no otters at all where in the past I saw them routinely floating on their backs munching on echinoderms or whatever. The senseless, brutal taking of sea otter life seems to support a profusion of echinoderms and the loss of kelp beds, muscles, barnacles and clams from near shore and intertidal regions. In the photos below you may see the intertidal layers where echinoderms have picked clean the rocks covered most of the time by water, as well as photos of some echinoderms stranded on rocks above the low tide line.

In a decadent era politicians may seek to bribe America First People to do their dirty work for them for the practical reason of plausible deniability for martinets. 

There is a federal exception on the fundamental ban on taking sea otters for certain North American aboriginal clans. The Alaska State law would tramp on the line of Tlingit legal self-interest and bribe Tlingit hunters to kill sea otters with a $100 dollar pay off for each otter slaughtered.

  Federal courts decided recently in favor of the right of aboriginal clans to have their own criminal law cases with non-clan members charged with rape on the reservation. That bit of legal independence granted to aboriginal tribes was counter-cyclical to the traditional bribe and corrupt tribal legal status perpetrated over centuries. One never forgets that General Sherman brought restoration of some Navajo land to a people that had been exploited by pre-civil war local politicians and even dispossessed of land.

Though Alaska First People were the last in the land area of the present United States to relinquish slavery- stopping only after the purchase of Alaska in 1867 by the Federal Government and arrival of Union Brevet Colonel Jefferson Davis to enforce military law in the new territory, corrupt politicians have never quit trying to co-opt, corrupt, dump drugs, gambling, alcohol, and even sundry evils upon aboriginal clans and moieties. At some point one hopes for moral political leadership with wisdom and justice for all including the right to life of sea otters amidst the natural realm of wild and free biological life.

 Politicians may be a sort of people that say 'kill the fish eating ducks' in the belief that reducing competition would increase commercial fish harvests. Killing sea otters they believe would increase commercial shellfish and sea urchin harvest without thought to collateral damage.

Efforts antipathetic to protecting the entire ocean and saltwater archipelago ecosystem disregard conservation of the entire complex compresence of life including sea otters. Scientifically uniformed politicians believe females and males are the same, that marriage occurs between members of the same sex, that marriage is not in reinforcement of the procreative phenomenon and that killing sea otters would increase the overall health of the marine ecosphere of S.E. Alaska. Politicians that believe a couple of men or a couple of women are the same as a man and woman forming a couple regarding procreation might believe in the tooth fairy and the endless abundance of ecospheric resource if managed by scientific illiterates.

 An abundance of sea otters might provide a food source for endangered killer whales starved from the general decline of healthy whale populations in the North Pacific. There are so few land mammals in the forests of S.E. Alaska that it is stupid to cull one so well adapted for land and sea as the sea otter. Perhaps the real reason the Wrangell assembly hopes for a bounty on sea otters is so local trappers can have more of a take since everything else including mink and sable were preponderantly trapped out long ago reduced to minimal numbers for species continuity.

Since the closure of the Alaska Pulp Corporation mill in 1994 the city-borough of Wrangell has followed a long, challenging course of economic adaptation to the new facts of life without a logging mill payroll that employed 200 people in a city with a population of just 2000. A golf course was built as well as a new small boat harbor at cemetery point. Bike trails and beautification went slowly ahead while the state government pumped in occasional cash. Even so there remained a backward looking anti-environmental sentiment without much of an economic industrial reason. Vestigial illogical, unscientific political opinion continued to molder in the populous and occasionally surface such as in the 'Kill the sea otter' resolution.

The better source of relocatable capitol for Wrangell is eco-tourism, eco-science and eco-education. Wrangell is a kind of optimal pristine environment in the remnant of true wilderness in the U.S.A. With a population of fewer than 2000 souls situated on an island near the mainland, glaciers, a mighty river flowing from the Canadian interior, several saltwater straits and innumerable islands in the most accessible region of Alaska the prospects for development of advanced regional ecospheric economic synergetic and ecospheric studies is optimal. A vacuum of leadership exists at the local, state and federal level on ecospheric economics. So though locally a return to the 19th century industrial outlook is possible, state and national prospects are not better. The late Jacque Cousteau was probably accurate when he extrapolated that the human species has fewer than 200 years to go before they bring a crashing ecosphere and human extirpation down upon themselves.

President Obama Evolves Beyond Good and Evil in D.O.M.A. Destruction

In what evolves like an immoral draft of corrupt planks President Obama's queer gentrification expropriating marriage movement fogs more important financial issues with new age evolution of moral nullification beyond good and evil. Homosexuals would get federal benefits while unmarried women would get nothing besides maybe, abortion.

 The Obama administration intention to evolve expropriated marriage in benefit of the corrupt is consistent with their history of redistributing economic opportunity from the poor and working class to the rich, promotion of illegal alien economic power in the U.S.A. over those of citizens and approval of destruction of traditional morality and national economic health. In the drive to immoralize and degrade U.S. culture foisting Neitzschean values and economic practices subverting heterosexual marriage is for that acceleration of slopocracy just a bump on the road to eternal doom.

 For those that support D.O.M.A. inclusive of House and Senate members that passed it in to law President Obama's unwillingness to defend it from legal challenge before the U.S. Supreme court is a defining moment in embrace of moral and intellectual sloth, and wickedness with selective and discriminatory enforcement of the laws of the United States by the Chief enforcement executive. In a moral era that would be regarded as an impeachable offense, yet today in the era of global networking finance it is regarded as cool evolution.

 No honest individual would consider a couple of guys or a couple of women the same as a man and a woman coupling to procreate and raise their genetic offspring. After decades of illegal drug use and imports from Mexico the Democratic Party reasoning is too corrupt to discern night from day or truth from falsehood. They have corrupted their time in political power pursuing idiot economics twitting trillions of dollars with no interest for the rich instead of constructing restorative ecological economics with full employment and deficit reduction.

If George W. Bush had ordered Chairman Bernanke to twit over trillions of dollars at no interest to banks so they could buy distressed mortgages or Wall Street stock while downsizing payrolls and outsourcing jobs Democrats would have been critical rather than models of quietism while Democrat President Obama is plundering the economic future dumping debt obligations harming non-prosperous Americans. Democrats have destroyed hope and trust in even vaguely moral government confident that the poor and working class would not be comfortable being yes men to Goldman-Sachs neo-Republican Party Wall Street politicians or global warming, anti-environment iced Tea Party neo-libertarians.

Marriage is historically an institution for procreation. Several institutions, laws and traditions were developed to make marriage and family raising as humane as possible.

The Democratic Party economic leadership is paradigmatically senile, repressive and economically otiose. Instead of advancing ecospheric economic genius and reform it sucks and promotes homosexual expropriation of marriage for predators unwilling to innovate new social structures suitable for their queer establishment of homosexual relations instead of disestablishing and perverting existing cultural structures. Taking away guns, twitting trillions to rich banks, queering up marriage-those are not the acts of intelligent new leadership of benefit to all Americans, but a front for the peonization of the people and operant destruction of democracy for an ad hoc global imperial class of importunate greedy predators in-themselves.

The trouble with queer coupling lies with non-heterosexual behavior rather than in society. As in Sodom and Gomorrah queers want to enable access to all of society for renormalization unto queering so they do not feel queer for-themselves. Yet even if that corrupting transformation of society were to occur the homosexuals would still feel queer while society would be in ruins. In the west matrimony largely developed in support of women's rights. If women no longer require civil support for procreation and it's consequences the institution should be abolished rather than enlarged to include Curlie, Moe and Larry. Some of the Clinton and Obama court appointees seem to act as if discriminating between sane or insane and corrupt or uncorrupt applications of law is wrong. Recent federal budgeting is consistent with that practice. None of the founders of the United States would have supported homosexual relationships being regarded as marriage. Neither would they have allowed permanent vast public debt held in part by foreign nationals and governments. The founders were smart enough to know that marriage is an establishment created to produce and support children rather than a ploy for queers buggering one another to get government benefits through expansion of a realm of queer power to expropriate marriage, and that economic independence is requisite for actual social independence amongst nations.

If civil marriage were abolished as an institution while religious marriage still existed, American homosexual demand for marriage would probably be minimal except where homosexuals expropriate Christian or other churches corrupting the Biblical message of necessity in order to move over churches from the red to the blue side of town.

If marriage is no longer about procreation and child support, but about any two adults even of the same sex having sex or a permanent spousal relationship without regarded to the procreative paradigm it is not requisite that the federal government expand its roster of benefits given to heterosexual marriage partners to the new criterion. As in the state's rights issue of slavery where the federal government can choose to intervene and make federal law supersede state law, it is agreeably constitutionally for the U.S. Government to defend rational citizen and taxpayer interests by passing laws that prohibit recognition of states laws that are frivolous, unfair, unjust, corrupting, decadent or against reason passed in order that citizens of several states might lever financial contributions from the federal Government, especially if they place an onerous burden upon single citizens.

Inevitably after the rational procreative and child rearing purpose of marriage is legally set back and regarded as a coincidental and secondary paradigm for its existence, and when same sex marriages are established by Federal and state governments, the abolition of marriage altogether will advance as an issue to renormalize all citizens on an equal legal footing. There is no reason why two queers should be entitled to federal benefits denied to single Americans for instance, who might just go out and have casual sex now and then, or not. If heterosexual procreative marriage is not what marriage is about, then perhaps benefits formerly given to marriage should be reallocated to impregnated women until progeny reach adult status with contractual relationships filling in any other obligations individuals require of other individuals as an evolution from lost social support provided in anachronistic artifact of marriage. Federal benefits that flowed to married couples in the era before queering of marriage ought to transfer just to pregnant women and their children for it is the unmarried mothers raising children alone that would be screwed financial losers by gentrification of queers in the elite hostile takeover of marriage by the homocrat government axis of new soviet infrastructure.

 It is appropriate that quasi-federal agency NPR uses the word 'evolution' liberally in describing public opinion changes. A godless, atheist evolution toward federal ignorance on what marriage is well serves a decline of political reason. In the brave new world of globalism and global networks there may be little room for dissent from politically correct opinions in a world in which the same corporate employers exist everywhere. To be banned from Big-Box employment on the North American continent might be to be banned anywhere on Y'Earth from the big PX. With the increase of global employer networks political dissent may eventually decline, wealth concentrate and the avant guard of homosexual corruption swell to further undermine personal civil liberties and independence as it did for Adolph Hitler and his Roemer led S.A. As in the corruption of political dissent through networking global employment the independence of national legal systems may be corrupted such that one legal system evolves to allow the simplifying of planetary legal corruption by the corrupt and regressive establishment of concentrated wealth and power globally.

Interestingly enough, the Biblical book of The Revelation seems to present paradigms echoed by such reprehensible evolutions of maladroit public policy. The times ahead may be interesting and insolvable by just sending Stealth bombers to blast the poor once more.