Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Directed Evolution of U.S. Political Economy Stimulates Debt

The U.S. economy headed for more than a decade down a financial development chute of Elton John entertainment emulating political economy with the zeitgeist in an age of fracture of existential narrow-mindedness. As if public debt doesn't matter anymore and bad public policy causality has no effect that cannot be ignored the Federal Reserve became an accomplice to the biggest bank boost ever proacted sending out two trillion dollars of electronic cash with zero interest and restoration of wealth from the top down. Like the initial pyramid scheme the money never trickles down to those long-term unemployed or those with homelessness.
 In the inside economic job school of wealth creation capital is concentrated and the world is goaded toward a godless, atheist, homosexualized scientifically illogical post-modernist Anglo-American Neo-Habsburg evil empire synthetic template.
 I wouldn't want to be misunderstood. Original sin affects all human society and ontological evil empires are common enough amidst an historical parade of evil empires led by leaders lusting with pure greed as the highest virtue. Intelligent political design is ever a challenge to nations failed. They tend to opt in time for the low hanging frit of global trade and leveraged labor forsaking invention and perpetual exospheric improvement for all of society in the process. I simply wanted to point out that capitalism following just self-interest in a totalized geophysical environment brings social ruin amidst ecosphere collapse when the word 'enlightenment' is taken out of the concept of the pursuit of enlightened self-interest.
 Capital is nothing more than concentrated wealth and power and may be an element of any sort of political or economic system. Capitalism with enlightened public self-interest directing it can no more evolve a best-case ecosphere-benevolent economy than a culture of amoeba as it pursues pure personal greed as the highest social good.
 One might wonder if God has allowed the U.S. political leadership to become daft and decadent in order that the world might be readied through its leading decadence to the harvest of Armageddon. One recalls the words of the Lord to the prophet Ezekiel about Oholah and Oholibah.
 Instead of 18 states choosing to war upon world cultural traditions and sensibility with legalized homosexual marriage, pouring new vinegar into old wine skins, those malevolent politicians could have legalized legal entanglements that would let any number of individuals legally join their interests as one more personally than corporations without moral judgment. The Occam's razor of legal and economic effectiveness would have determined the numerically optimal size of those entangled.
 Sex and emotion would not be a necessary factor in forming an entanglement. People could do so for any purpose, and marriage and cultural history could keep a semblance of reason about it. Construction of the Brave New World and Eric Blairian 1984 scenarios might be put off, yek so what?
 An Elton Johnification of political economy with mad-hatterish disregard for perpetual Keynesian deficit spending and over-sized egos without social realism or regard for God is a product of the age of fracture and existential transformation of the empirical world, quite irrationally. The move toward macro-economic social and exospheric irresponsibility as normative is an expression of the corruption of democracy by elites that are not as smart at general intelligence or philosophical reason as the are at technology and convoluted financial scams. Scientific savants reproduced a moral and ethically retarded worldview founded in evolution theory and nothing else that nothing matters. The trouble with a little learning sufficient to persuade one that they are the all wise and all knowing is that it tends to preclude intellectual development. Atheistic scientists tend to be guilty of that philosophical error when the make leaps of faith beyond science into language and logic and generate Humean causal metaphysic errors and Kantian antinomies of empiricism dogmatically assertive and wrong. Like Immanuel Kant they should make room for faith as well as octonians, Lie and exceptional Killing groups. B.F. Skinner was not right about human organic behavior. God is right, the pure greed theory is wrong.

Air Force Desire for Fantasy Football
 If the U.S. government leads the people toward new peonhood as one people amidst a world of nations subducted into corporatist-communist global networks of power, or stimulates new wars boldly where no wars have been recently fought, it is only because certain elites believe they know better than the people, and because they control the broadcast media power instead of individual citizens within a democratic access paradigm. For the poor, middle class and the ecosphere it is nothing to prosper about.
 Why didn't the Federal Reserve issue no-interest cash loans to the poor of the United States s they could buy lots and build modest homes instead of puffing up the filthy rich one more time?

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Question About Forms in The Philosophy of Space

Certain basic questions exist regarding the physics of space. These might be regarded as philosophical questions though they often are developed upon the basis of physics. Philosophical questions of cosmology and theology (the latter in regard to the metaphysics of God) pertain to the unknown, or at least to other than physically contiguous approaches to regarding then known such as mathematical physicists might develop.

I reread a book on the history of mathematical symmetry in the development of geometry and algebra recently. That topic leads to M-Theory via topology, Lie algebras and exceptional Killing groups. It was learned that there are a finite number (in a sort of Cantorian way) of root forms for non-Euclidian geometries, as Euclid found a limited number of geometrical shapes mathematicians discovered that geometries and forms can be represented algebraically in matrices and groups.

Extra dimensions in these algebras are variables rather than considered as actually in the real world. Yet the equations may actually work in quantum physics. M-Theory draws together several groups that exist in superstring theory. The super in string theory was a progress from supersymmetry.

Standard Orthogonal 1 dimensions SO(1), Unitary 1 and so on refer to forms for quantum structures in 1 dimension. An illustration given was the use of a two-dimensional flat paper with one axis representing space and the other time. If a ring were to make contact on the surface of that paper two-dimensional world it might resemble a one-dimensional point from one angle, or from another angle it might resemble a line segment or string. The ring of course goes up vertically from the flat paper laying on a table into a third dimension that the 2 dimensional dwellers don't see yet might infer exists. The loop/ring in extra dimensions could be considered to be like a drum surface that gives off vibrations, and those vibrations are quantum loops that comprise the mass-energy of the steady-state Universe we live in.
The math for superstring and M-Theory seems to correspond better toward the real world supposing ten or more dimensions exist. Progress in math useful for those cosmology researches continues. One may wonder philosophically if some of the mathematical theories even if successful at modeling a good level of a unified physics would exhaust the possibilities for what might be known at deeper levels of the Existential Universe 1 and of course of the metaphysics of a Supreme Being that allows anything extensible to exist at all, for one winders with the neo-Platonist philosopher Plotinus, why?

There are 238 possible forms of crystal structures and 226 possible forms of syllogisms. Is it entirely a coincidence that human capacity for developing argumentation forms of syllogism are so close to the maximum number of possible crystal forms? It seems entirely coincidental, yet such symmetries in unrelated fields are interesting to consider, as is...

If there is an infinite amount of space, then mass must be comparatively finite.
 If mass and space are convertible then, there may be an infinite amount of space and an infinite amount of mass, yet not at the same time. If there were an infinite amount of mass then there would be no space, and if there were an infinite amount of space then there would be no mass.

Could an infinite amount of space be reduced? Could an infinite amount of mass be diminished?

Is a very large amount of space comparable to an infinite amount of space?

Can a finite amount of absolute space exist? Mustn't absolute space be infinite?

Mass, space and energy as convertibles may require different dimensional structures or configurations. The form or cohesiveness of structures in space-time are epiphenomenal locality...dreams of a universe in-themselves.

Monday, March 04, 2013

Ineffective Presidential Economic Leadership

The President twice had all the negotiating chips on his side and just gave them away. Twice he could have let the Bush tax cuts expire and instead having the strong hand to play. He has allowed interminable procrastation on budgeting to occur as if that's another four year plan. The rational alternative to raising taxes is cutting spending and he refuses to do that. With a little effort he could work with Republicans to cut spending a 100 billion a year-maybe each of the next four years. Why not?
The President could make a list and so could the Republicans-then each side could protect 50% of their list and the other side could delete 50%. That's a compromise approach.
The President may want the Republican leaning Fed Chief Bernanke to continue to print money to fund government. The Fed makes billions and billions of zero interest loans to banks so banks can buy up the houses foreclosed on because of bank bungling at fire-sail  prices and also to invest that cash in Wall Street so Wall Street can create jobs in China. Yeah- President Obama-go team!