Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Should the U.S. Navy Form Close Ties With Japan to Secure Pacific & Cut Costs?

The 21st has been called the Pacific century-not necessarily in reference to the prospects for peace. Like ancient Rome pursuing foreign trade and neglecting nits own development the United States has invested in China, India and elsewhere globally and made a mess of its own economic affairs. As some analysts belief the que sera sera state of letting political currents drift where they natural do through neglect and demographic inertia under the influence of elites it may be reasonable to anticipate the further rottenification of American political leadership, although, if the Republicans can find some John Candy star quality Presidential candidate perhaps with an anti skull and bones Rhodes scholar to run as a team the nation’s economic house may return to something with full employment flipping burgers and paying exorbitant rents with lots of gasoline exhaust air pollution for all.

So with Chinese expansion in economics and militarily developing hegemony over the Pacific Rim the next half century and the U.S.A.  becoming unable or unwilling to afford a good military alone perhaps bringing Japan into a serve aboard American warships and vice versa military partnership would be a better way to offset the Chinese threat. Though China ought to be something of an ally since our war with Japan 70 years ago enabled the nationalists and communists with Flying Tiger help to roll up the Japanese Imperial Army of occupation where the rubber meets the road is war the missiles fly and concessions in trade and power are made. It is necessary to evolve relationship internationally sometimes and nit would be a good idea to have Japan working on stealth zeros of hypersonic speeds even if they are drones to share defense costs and reduce tension with the Chinese the next 100 years.

India isn’t such a big problem-maybe electing Bobby Jindal President would show India that America is serious about economically and religiously evangelizing their nation closely even if godless atheists in Boston and D.C. don’t prefer that.

What WIll the Political Forms of D.W.S.W.M. Be in 2014-2015

One wonders how the D.M.S.W.M. movement in America will develop in the final two years of the Obama administration. The movement has been of tremendous service in lowering the overall portion of the national income of the poor and middle class while promoting the apposite prior underprivileged. S.W.M.’s wrote the liberal constitution of the U.S.A. and that liberalism has bestowed upon the non-S.W.M. class the mismo (same) rights as themselves overtime including economic opportunity. Yet the question arises as a result if the inclusion of the anti-S.W.M. faction, Marxists, atheists and so forth will compensate for the decay of the economically creative class, the economic egalitarianism of the 20thn century in the U.S.A. and several other substantial points of civil rights for all rather than racial and gender power transfer within a wealth-is-concentrated and American economic and political power and independence lost to globalism.

The American broadcast media has undergone a metamorphosis since the late 1980s into a K.G.B. style tool for the rich. It presents the points of view of a very restricted political class non-representative of the majority and the genius of individuals. Jean Paul Sartre said that the fundamental relationship of the listener (or viewer) to broadcasters is impotence. Politicians have been therefore happy to be embedded with the media for political control of the silent masses. Politicians could have reallocated the broadcast wavelengths to local, independent citizen podcast in Delta quality burst transitions on micro freqs with digital radio receivers. Any citizen could have a local broadcast minute or more if they wanted…well, approaching a century of elite media control maybe democracy is in decay with corporatism replacing it.

In the near future it may be possible for the N.S.A. and the I.R.S. united to assure that no American is thinking of not reporting income or buying anything the government doesn’t know about or regulate. It is remarkable that the tax cut for the rich and cut the size of government without balanced budgets unrealism is accepted and basic budget perfidy accepted so easily. The D.M.S.W.M. movement seems to allow a fundamental acceptance of Federal incompetence and corruption on things economic with happy meal labor reporting a better job picture even in the worst of times.

The promotion of the G.L.T.H.N. (Gay Lesbian Transgender Hermaphrodite Neutered) minority power putsch with the belligerent attack on sane sex heterosexual marriage is largely a result of the Z.P.G. politics of the elites united with the Affirmative Action D.W.S.W.M.  It doesn’t make for a rosy economic outlook for some of us in 2014.

Monday, December 30, 2013

About My Poem 'Rage Against the Meatheads'

The nature of reality is of course a perennial philosophical question. One must have regard for Zoroastrians because of their history of experiencing terrible purges by the Moslem world in Iran. That said Nietzche and Schopenhauer each were influenced by Zoroastrian dualism making inferences about morality-in error I think- in response to the metaphysical paradigm developed in their subjective world views.

One might have a Higgs field paradigm for a Universe or interpret material solid state physics in numerous ways yet other than deriving a natural law paradigm from the evolving Universe as perhaps Cicero did in his day, the better transcending moral structure coheres within the soteriological expression of the Gospel.

Schopenhauer's 'Fourfold Roots of Reason' was a brilliant continuation of Kant's 'Prolegomena to Any Future Metaphysics' that is a sort of precis of the' Critique of Pure Reason'. Schopenhauer however derived from Zoroastrianism and perhaps a little from Augustine a pessimistic belief that the world is simply evil and illusory-hence a reference indirectly to Brahmanism too. With the world being evil (as if it were only the political world) morality may be dispensed with for many. That same paradigm applies to contemporary politicsbased on atheist interpretation of evolution.  Nietzche's eternal recurrence metaphysics criterion drew him to infer that morality is de trop... I disagree.

I ought to say that God evolving a Universe within solid state physics that are in-themselves contingent is fine with me. Phase changes can occur anytime-and God is eternal rather than within the temporal field

The Planets are Cold Syrup (poem)

The planets are cold syrup
thick in the night
frosts rime over the worlds held in absolute zero
like aloof beacons screeching through never land
sweet with possibilities
they are cold dreams dormant through time

Everything said through electrons
dots with the dashes of interval
rhythms scaling up ladders to nowhere
bricks in the xy axis of rational number's infinities
have phenomenal moments of meaning
like the shadows of great volcanic slopes
changing as the planets rotate around.

Will Obamacare Pay for Steroids for Boomers?

Obamacare is an onerous and impractical way to deliver cost-effective medical provisioning to the poor, even so one must consider its practical value if any.

Plainly the military and civilian applications of steroid muscle recovery boosters are substantial. Will health providers regard steroid supplements as valid medically when it creates better health for the elderly? While it is easy enough to imagine tired, worn down soldiers in a cold environment perhaps with malnutrition and injury benefiting form steroid boosters it is less common to foresee the benefits of keeping the elderly in good muscular condition when natural muscle repair capacity of the body decreases.

Synopsis of the Gospel of John

Recently I have been reading a well known book on the New Testament by Berkhof. Written long ago its analysis and commentary is quite good. Periodically I may publish my own commentary on Berkhof's commentary. Some readers of the Bible never consider regarding it analytically and that is fine, yet after many years of reading the Bible it is also fun to abstract its structure. Berkhof was quite good at that.

John is the gospel differing from the synoptics significantly. The disciple was an elder when the book was written for the churches of Asia at the request of the Bishops. Berkhof provides insights into why John’s gospel is so theologically deep and contemplative seemingly rather than simply matter-of-fact about the works of The Lord.

Berkhof believed that John’s temperament that made him prone to ‘vehemence of character’ and ‘great strength’ bringing them to miss a little on the subtlety of love. Jesus named John and his brother James Boanerges- sons of thunder. John were corrected by the Lord on several occasions (i.e. Mk. 9: 38; Lk. 9:49;Lk 9:54 & Mt. 20: 20-24; Mk. 10: 35-41). Berkhov believed the correction changed John sufficiently that he became more reflective and thoughtful about the deeper meaning of the Lord’s incarnation on Earth. While the beginning of John’s gospel is brilliant theologically even so we can discern in the Revelation again something of the vehement character of the disciple applied to prophecy.

Berkhof divides the gospel of John into five parts like the synoptics.  In itself that coincidence seems remarkable and possibly a result of book packaging by design, quite a skill set for any publisher of the era, oh well, with God’s help…
1)      The Advent and Incarnation of the Word
2)    The Incarnate Word the only Life of the World
3)    The Incarnate Word, the Life and Light, in Conflict with Spiritual Darkness
4)    The Incarnate Word saving the Life of the World through his Sacrificial Death,
5)    The Incarnate Word, risen from the Dead, the Saviour and Lord of all Believers

John’s gospel is written with the authority of an eyewitness Berkhof notes. In chapter one verse 14 John relates that “we beheld his glory” and in 19:35. “And he that saw it bare record, and his record is true; and he knoweth that he saith true that ye might believe”.

Berkhof’s analysis of elements of the book of John following his treatment of the five sections of the gospel comprise.

1) Characteristics
    A- John’s gospel ‘emphasizes the divinity of Christ
    B- Teaching of Christ are discourses and a couple allegories yet no parables in John’s gospel
    C- John features Judea and Jerusalem and not Galilee as in the synoptic gospels
    D- More definite about time and place of events than synoptics
    E- ‘Hardly any Hebraisms’ because book was written for Greek speaking readers
2) Authorship
Berkhof points out that opinion of authorities of antiquity were nearly unanimous in crediting John with writing the fourth gospel. Berkhof notes that for John Hebrew was a native language and he is completely at home in the cultural concepts yet learned plain Greek very well. John’s Greek sentence construction is not elaborate.

John does not use his known name in the gospel either, instead referring to himself in the third person as “the disciple whom Jesus loved.” Cf. 13: 23; 18:15; 19:26; 20:2, 3, 4, 8; 21:7.”

Berkhof considers more recent criticisms of John the Apostle as the author and/or that the gospel was written in the second century knocking those down adroitly. Interesting reading though, even if only to discover the basis for such opinions.

3) Composition
      A- Readers and purpose – Likely to the churches of Asia Minor that were having trouble with a heresy of Cerinthus, and also to get the authorized record of a living disciple of Christ while it was possible.
      B  Time and place – Probably between 68 and 98 A.D.
      C   Method- The Gospel of John is of an autopic character, that is, he recollected from memory and did not much use written documents although he was familiar with them, and even presupposes the reader’s familiarity with the synoptics. John remembers the ‘elaborate discourses’ of the Lord and writes of those in his own style, as if they differed little.

4) Canonical Significance- Berkhof reports that antiquity accepted the book of John as canonical from the earliest time except for Marcion and the Alogi. The Alogi it was remarked rather humorously may have been just one fellow, one Epiphanius of a Monarchist sect.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Year Ending Note on Logical Fallacies

Logic is a fascinating tool for distilling the gist-the truth, falsehood and accuracy of written points and perhaps not so much of spoken words, since demotic rave talk and hurry-up inaccuracy plus shortcuts and implicit assumptions that the listener is familiar with the situation hold it to a lower standard of accuracy in explicit meaning commonly. Since it’s about the end of 2013 it’s worth mentioning logical fallacies, what they are and why they are so much fun.

Wikipedia and many other sites have lists of logical fallacies. One doesn’t need to read a text on classical and symbolic logic to benefit from learning what logical fallacies and how to recognize them. Here is a list from a Wikipedia article of basic categories of fallacies though there are numerous other ways of describing them.

Formal Fallacies
Propositional Fallacies
Quantification fallacies
Formal syllogistic fallacies
Informal fallacies

A syllogism is an abstract method for reducing arguments made in language to a simple structure that can be tested for truth value. There are 256 possible forms of syllogism and just 23 are valid. In a text named ‘Elements of Logic’ the philosopher W.V.O. Quine demonstrated how to build a system of logic from the ground up. It’s still worth reading though there are more modern texts inclusive of contemporary systems of symbolic logic.

I suppose that media arguments nearly invariably use distribution fallacies when talking about federal debt, federal budget, the national unemployment rate and so forth. One can use time errors as well as material errors in making quantification and I suppose distribution fallacies. The worst thing is when politicians themselves are unaware of the logical error of their arguments.

Chris Christie and Bobby Jindal in 2016 for Repubs?

With the U.S. Economy rebuilding upon a slippery slope foundation and such large public debt, high unemployment and ecosphere reform challenges its difficult to imagine that many Republicans will be interested in running for the White House in 2016. Perhaps two likely candidates with a chance of winning are New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal. With the NFL regular season ending tomorrow its worth looking to and beyond the playoffs.

One wonders if Gov. Christie would be anything like the late John Belushi?

Bobby Jindal by Gage Skidmore.jpg

Image credit of Gov. Bobby Jindal to Greg Skidmore by wikipedia

image of Gov. Chris Christie via wikipedia
File:Chris Christie at townhall.jpg

Demo Federal Judges, Broadcast Bigots & The Hostile Homosexual Takeover

Like nativity scenes on courthouse lawns that were normal and customary until a profusion of godless atheists rocked the boat in court and federal judges concurred on corruption, marriages were heterosexual-only in the U.S.A. before the Obama administration decay. While there is a pretext constitutionally for a separation of church and state with the no establishment of religion item, nothing at all is written about marriage. In fact government has no requirement whatsoever to participate in anything regarding marriage or to recognize it legally though religious marriages are free to exist. Existentially speaking, government could allow corporations to marry, or decide that temporary marriages could be made between politicians and electorates. Creative fiction can be made in government promulgation of law when Occam’s razor is eliminated as criteria for legislation and judicial decision.

Government reinforcement of marriages was a traditional role even so far as selling marriage licenses. Yet in the post-modern age of biological and social trans-morphology perhaps it is time for government to step aside and withdraw from the non-constitutional task of regulating or sponsoring an institution of marriage.

There is no rational reason for homosexual marriage based on biology. Male and females procreate together instead of amongst the same sex. If there is to be no rational foundation for state involvement in marriage-not even in order to prevent incest (what two queers are going to produce deficient progeny with sex?) then it will be difficult for immoral government judges to explain why two sisters or two brothers can not marry as homosexuals and further, in order to assure equality and non-bigotry, that sisters and brothers and even parents ought not be allowed to marry.

A science fiction story ‘Lazarus Long’ was written by a graduate of the naval academy with such an existential marriage paradigm. Biotech screens for genetic deficiency were used as the sole paradigm for screening procreation. When biological rationalism is removed from the paradigm for marriage there are no boundaries. Government should not inevitably be such a worst-case evil dictator of immorality just because it has nuclear weapons and unlimited force to compel states to comply with perversion by judicial decree.

The forces of doom will polemically label resistors to the pseudo-scientific morphing of society to amoral subjectivity under bio-engineering as phobes of the homo agenda. The salient bigots in the U.S.A. today are broadcast media sycophants of satanic psychology

Federal courts moved to force states to permit homosexual marriage with the Utah case the lever godless elites of the Government apply to dictate immorality to all the states.

A Federal judge also found the N.S.A.’s invasive surveillance program lawful dismissing an A.C.L.U. suit

It is wrong for the courts to veto democracy-2/3rds of Utah voters voted for a ban on homosexual marriages- and force the will of the wicked on the people of the United States. If 2/3rds of Americans were to vote to ban invasive federal surveillance programs in the states it is certain that the Obama administration would say with support from select federal judges that you lot of n’s can’t do that.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Federal Courts Move to Dictate Morality to States/Veto Democracy

Federal courts have moved to force states to permit homosexual marriage with the Utah case being perhaps the basic test of the power of godless elites in the Government to dictate morality to the states.

Homosexual marriage is not only sinful it’s fundamentally irrational. In an age of pseudo rationalism because of the influence of scientific thought the left seems to accept an existentialist economic method of limitless debt being o.k. and without future adverse consequences for the poor and middle class and force homosexual marriage upon all of the states-not just those exceptionally atheistic.

Marriage is about security for couples procreating and raising progeny. It was developed for the defense of women and to stop males from fighting over female so much. The state has conferred some financial helps to married couples traditionally because primarily for two reasons; 1) Marriage security is costly and 2) Raising families was encouraged.

There is of course a difference between civil and religious marriages-neither requires the other yet neither is necessarily exclusive, that is each can occur for one couple. Homosexual fans have sought to expropriate marriages for the financial benefits placing a burden on those that are not married to pay for that superfluous and wicked lunacy. Reason would inform one that homosexual couples could ensnare themselves with whatever legal contractual obligations they like and not make a hostile takeover of marriage. Yet it seems a basic in-your-face sort of moral decay is required by Democrat Judges as if the founders would have supported homosexual marriages.

It is wrong for the courts to veto democracy-2/3rds of Utah voters voted for a ban on homosexual marriages- and force the will of the Harvard Law School, Boston, San Francisco and other leftist cities on the people of the United States.

If marriage is really superfluous even for heterosexuals because of social prosperity then the financial benefits of marriage could be cut back ton rational levels. Marriage was a particular thing with a particular reason for existing, instead of bureaucratically expanding the definition to create an irrational and larger state bureaucracy new different structures suitable for what people that want to sanctify homosexual behavior require could develop.  If there were laws made to regulate avian behavior, they ought not to be applied to reptiles. If adults can stay up till government curfew it doesn't follow that children should and if heterosexual couples required some sort of state financial advantage in times of yore it doesn't follow that homosexual behavior in the third millennium ought to be regarded in the same context as man-woman procreators of the past.

Mendenhall Glacier Nov 2013

Select Parameters of Biblical and Physical Cosmology (Video)

Reading From 'Religious and Philosophical Topics' (video)

I read from my book 'Religious and Philosophical Topics' a few minutes.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

President O. Signs Off on Budget Deal- Debt Ceiling Negotiations Next

President Obama signed a two-year budget deal today. The next congressional financial crisis is early in 2014 with negotiations on deepening the public borrowing debt hole. Democrats want to shovel down to China, Republicans want to throw in a little dirt from the poor people's pile.

One hopes the President will use bold and realistic negotiating tactics for once such as agreeing to cut the federal budget 100 billion dollars over two years in return for raising the taxes on the rich 5%. That's a win-win for better budgeting winners and a lose-lose for debt-deepening budget losers, plus or minus a times or two.

If only N.A.S.A. were given 5 billion to research and develop sub-surface sealed chamber fiber-optic lit lunar farming there would be a glimmer of hope for producing food concentrates to send to hungry people of Earth in 20 or 30 years.


Japan's P.M. Visits Shrine for War Dead to Offset Chinese Intimidation

Japanese Prime Minister Abe visited a shrine for the dead of World War Two probably in response to recent Chinese aggression against some small, unpopulated Japanese Islands with a claim of an air defense exclusivity zone for China over the islands. Basically Abe was saying "We're not wusses and will defend ourselves." Of course China and South Korea howled in protest because Japan was a cruel imperial invader of both nations in the 1930s.

Since the United States intervened in the second world war after a Japanese attack on Hawaii eventually defeating Japan the balance of power in Asia has evolved substantially. The United States is effectively the guarantor of Japanese physical security while Japan has limited its military role to a self-defense forces. China has evolved through communism to a mixed-market economy, prosperity and an expanded military. The prosperity and limited military role of Japan has made China swell a little as it asserts a blue water naval and air capability. The assertion of a Chinese Air Defense zone to make a hostile possession takeover of Japanese Islands is a bad, yet logical development with the perceived wussification of the U.S. military under the Obama homosexual marriage agenda.

While China has developed its nuclear capability the United States has allowed the unstable nation of North Korea to develop a nuclear capability. Japan is the most vulnerable and probable target of a surprise North Korean nuclear attack. Given the role of Japan as China's main rival to domination of the Asian economy and as an obstruction to Chinese rise to dominate the world economy it is not impossible that China would actually consider it beneficial for North Korea to nuke Tokyo. A North Korean attack on Tokyo is even more likely than an Iranian attack on Israel.

As the United States moves down the road to moral decay under Democrat affirmative action leadership sucking up to global corporate concentrated wealth and exploits a Democrat Judiciary and Lawyer-Executive hegemony to force moral decay upon unwilling states with decisions forcing homosexual marriage development of a separate yet superior Wall-Street economy and sluzba bureaucracy covered by an anti-egalitarian broadcast media propaganda and dissimulation power establishment the Japanese must wonder if the United States will long have the will or ability to defend Japanese territorial interests. Perhaps it is time that Japan is encouraged to rearm and improve its air-to-air fighter technology as well as electro-magneto-hydro-dynamic powered small, fast naval attack vessels to become an effective Pacific naval power.

China and North Korea have made the mistake, like many others, of underestimating the genius of non-conventional anti-conventional weapons systems that can be fairly quickly developed. Many underestimate the capacity for the human population to experience mega-death through a variety of lethal biological and improvisational weapons of physics. It is just a really bad idea for the Democrat Party to force immorality upon unwilling states and undermine democracy through executive corruption of the separation of powers via  sophisticated politically incestuous subversion with saturation of lawyers in government in order to benefit corrupt elites and let the rest of the international relations scene evolve through bad directions to possibly deleterious ends.

Besides encouraging the Muslim Brotherhood to takeover the Middle East through subversion of lawful governments, the transition of U.S. investment capital to China instead of the U.S.A. and gross trade imbalance with China has led to perennial unaccountability of Wall-Street to the people of the United States as well as the government that props them up as a banker of god for their benefit. The irrationality of U.S. domestic and international policy has forced a general global error away from a more Godly utopian balance toward existential evolution without moral rationality. Japan ought to be encouraged to help itself militarily a little more, and to partner more with the U.S.A. in military exercises across the Pacific in order to offset the rise of Chinese aggression.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Billy Graham on Technology, Faith & Human Shortcomings (video)

I found the 1998 video a good talk on technology and human nature...


Demos- The Party that Sucks vs. Rich in 2014 Congressional Races?

Not a chance that the Democrats with their party-that-sucks policy will turn against the party for the rich (Republicans) in 2014. The turn of the Democrats to being just a party that sucks up to the rich means the poor and middle class that don't suck have no political representation any more. 

Oh well. Democrats have taken a turn toward same-politics policies believing that sucking transcends everything. That's the fruit of their evolution ideas. At least they can get their papers from Federal Obamacare Insurance centers and be properly documented.

The happy news is that CBS reported real incomes went up two tenths of one percent. If one calculates Wall Street and Bank profits averaged in with everyone else that sounds about right. The poor and middle class just got moderately poorer. It would be instructive if they would report the income status of just the 95% sometimes so the numbers aren't so warped.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Venezuela Ought to Liberate This Christian Bishop From His Cell For Christmas

An Anglican Bishop appointed Defender of Human Rights in Venezuela earlier this year has been arrested and incarcerated for some time on some sort of financial charge. He hasn't been in that nation long enough to become part of a Bonnie and Clyde scheme yet. Brazil may be worse off than Argentina economically speaking yet they really ought to release the fellow for Christmas and at least allow him to return to Los Angeles if not his job in Venezuela.

There is some sort of false religion charge against Bishop  Jylman Red Jurado Farfan and he is in the Yare III (Carcel de Caracas) gaol.

The new President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro may be some sort of grinch neo-tyrant without good economic sense about free enterprise (it should be given free reign yet the size of corporations and number of employees capped in order to prevent oligarchy and concentration of wealth)-are there other prisoners that should be liberated in recognition of the birth of the Lord of the Universe and more? Hopefully President Maduro will get the Christmas Spirit and work for the Lord a little.


Federal Apartheid & Chinese Globalism

One wonders how long the racial apartheid lands for American Indians can be defended in the global political context of non-race based nationalism? American liberals have traditionally defended Amer-Indian apartheid reservations for humanitarian reasons. In the modern paradigm that may sound like Lester Maddox or George Wallace advocating racial segregation now and racial segregation forever on special set-aside lands.

                                          Tlingit Culture Center Juneau Alaska Dec 2013
 Reservations were created during an era when colonialism with set-asides for aboriginals was a convenient way to relocate the savages. If that had been done by Napoleon for Berliner’s, if he had won that war maybe World War Two could have been pre-empted when a German Geronimo took the lead. The French Revolution liberated Haiti and brought the mobile guillotine to lop off the heads of monarchy-aristocrat supremacists enabling democracy to take hold. Depriving Germans of their reservations even today is a continuing source of trouble with neos seeking to breathe free of racial competition for First Peoples of Europe (pity the Neanderthals)

So long as the U.S. Government exists as a nationally independent body and the U.S. Supremes hold apartheid-race reservation lands constitutional it likely will defend the land selections for race/tribe clan-only use. However with the co-option of the U.S. Government through public debt, lobbyists and globalism the time may come when a heavily indebted and lobbied government votes to end race/tribe/clan apartheid reservations in Alaska and across U.S.A.

Even before the full corruption of the U.S. Government is ripe and it drops like a rotten fruit to the ground of global tyranny under the U.N. or a Plutonomy union with Chicom billionaires it may decide to have a season of business tourism and flood Alaska with subversive gang members, cash and honey pots to infiltrate, takeover clan leadership from a number of angles. China’s Pacific Rim presence may become a flood and business surge so large with a robust economy that it may seek to convert Alaska like Africa or Australia into a resource colony as Britain has before.

U.S. policy on economic development isn’t certain, except that Wall Street keeps getting richer while the Federal Reserve is issuing zero interest loans and buying U.S. bonds. Globalism means investing overseas and degrading local population standard of living and political autonomy.

It is challenging to explain why an Adolph Hitler acceptable racial purity policy for ‘First Peoples’ in the U.S.A. that could apply equally well to a Germany and Europe being flooded by non ‘First Peoples’ from Africa and Asia is o.k. for non-whites but verboten for whites that doesn’t seem racist. Anti-racial purity policies are popular in the corporate world and are used to exploit local nations in justifying illegal immigration. What is plain is that duplicity is at work, democracy in decline and wealth is being concentrated. Whose fault is that?

Friday, December 20, 2013

On the Gospel of Luke; Evangelist, Physician, Artist

Luke- A physician named Luke, born in Antioch was the author of the eponymous gospel account. His Greek language skills are flawless and he wrote Hebrew well. He was a companion of the Apostle Paul and writes in the most physically descriptive way of the synoptic gospels. He is mentioned in Paul’s epistles of II Timothy 4:11, Philemon verse 24 and Colossians 4:14.

 Luke like  Matthew, Mark and John was able to draw upon the collected experience of the disciples and church of the day. He is said to have died in 84 A.D., probably martyred. It is notable that the Apostles best suited for writing to select groups, in this case the Greek speaking world, produced the four gospels. Coordination in the early church to develop a Universal collection of writing explaining the Lord’s soteriological life and mission seems likely. The late Francois Bovon observed the gospel according to Luke’s ‘sense of joy’. Others have observed the artistic quality of the work as literature.

Luke may have been one of the 70 disciples sent out by Jesus into the world, or not. If he did not meet Jesus Christ in-the-flesh, he certainly meet many of his disciples and was well able to record with a shared feeling of compassion the meaning and purpose of the life of the Lord. Luke was a painter and reportedly produced the first Christian icons, as many as 600 raising.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Duck Dynasty's Phil Roberts Shot Down by L.G.B.T. Political Foes

The ugly censorious head of corporatism entered to take down an individual for expressing an off-the-job opinion. Phil Robertson being interviewed by a slick tabloid reporter made some disparaging remark about ‘homos, terrorists and drunks’. Classifying homos with other threats to male security was going too far for the Arts and Entertainment network management that choose succumbing to elite homo sponsor's will-to-kill expression of antipathetic political opinion. Such is the way of globalism.

President Obama as a natural untouchable caste member may himself yield to India’s political elites and join the maid-beating politicians attacking American labor laws and immigration requirements to pressurize the federal prosecutor in New York that charged an Indian diplomat with lying on a visa application to get cheap imported labor. If the President takes the side of the Indian elites all of America’s poor and middle class may be on the slippery slope to the untouchable class too.

Free speech that disagrees with the LGBT corporate agenda is verboten, and so evidently are fair wages and good jobs in the U.S.A. for the poor and middle class.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Truck in Frost (poem)

Sad truck, black cab alone
air vacated, tire two-thirds deflated
spent souffle in frost

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Indian Diplomat's Job Scam Lands Her in Jail-Double Standard for Rich Expected

Protests have arisen in India over an arrest in New York of an Indian diplomat for running an employment scam claiming she was paying an imported worker thousands per month instead of the actual $3.31 an hour. Makes one wonder how many U.N. diplomats are also claiming to pay good wages to menial workers in order to pocket the difference after a low actual wage is paid. Taxpayers in India should be glad that at least one federal prosecutor was intolerant of a double standard for the rich. It would have been good if contractors in Iraq being paid high wages by the U.S. Government for workers actually paid minimum wage were held to the same standard (see Halliburton's War).

It is possible that the diplomat wasn't really scamming her own government as well as the U.S. Government claiming to pay 30,000 rupees per month ($4,500) to her maid. The Deputy Consul General of India didn't have diplomatic immunity because lying on immigration/visa applications to meet qualifications for domestic servants isn't an official part of the diplomacy business.

India has threatened retaliation as if they could find illegal aliens working for the U.S. State Department right away in time to make the news cycle. It was reported that there are some protests in India about the alleged strip search of the diplomat who they believed should have been treated better than other prisoners-especially because she is a woman and maybe rich. In India the police,  it was reported, manhandle only poor women and defer to the delicate criminal sensitivities (that wasn't reported) of the rich.

Plainly the cost of making arrest being in the thousands of dollars, India should be expected to repay the U.S. taxpayers for the cost of the arrest and trial if convicted, and pledge never ever to underpay domestic staff again if they are working in New York.

Corporate & Government Data Mining; Egress to the Orwellian State?

One area of spiritual decline for Americans is that of individualism vs authoritarianism. Ubiquitous federal and corporate data mining and surveillance isn't something that the founders would have believed good. It's a real contrast with the American ideals of individual liberty with privacy.

Advancing the Orwellian corporatist state is the way things are, setting up the possibility of distopian futures I would think. 

The philosopher Jean Paul Sartre wrote another book besides Being and Nothingness. The Critique of Dialectical Reason is largely an analysis of social interaction and of the individual's place in groups and organizations. Large organizations such as governments and multi-national corporations have their own social golas, policies and codes of conduct for their minions. It is large organizations threatening the freedom and opportunities for enterprise of individuals. Too little taxation on wealthy individuals owning shares in corporations allows preferreed network location insider algorithms for concentrating wealth. Because the world economy and politics may become totally dominated by networks of corporate wealth and governments repressing individual liberty becomes second nature. It becomes routine to censor dissent through a variety of legal means and expropriate intellectual capital in the trickle up to the insider thugs phenomenon.

Then again, they may be monitoring your keystrokes and looking at you through your computer's camera lens.

U.S. Economic Growth Just 1.6% in 2013

Enriching the Wall Street Banks with zero interest Fed loans has enabled in part global investments to enrich Saudi Arabia, China, India, Argentina and other economies with hot economic expansion rates of G.D.P. In October 19th The Economist reported the U.S. G.D.P. rate with a 1.6% rate for 2013, China’s at 7.5%, India’s at 4.4%, Argentina’s at 8.3% and Saudi Arabia’s at 5.1%. The U.S. rate is probably puffed up by the Wall Street bank and investor profits on investments in foreign economies.

Even a zero-quantitative rate of economic growth is o.k. if qualitative growth increases, public debt is reduced, the environment restored and the quality of living of the poor and middle class increasing. Such right-thinking policy are perhaps considered in some collegiate ecological economic colloquia yet definitely not in the U.S. Government or on Wall Street.

Since the Obama administration generally followed Bush II economic policy with permanent Bush II tax cuts the economic interests of the poor and middle class have continued to be stagnant if not downward. Nothing in the administration policy seems designed to counter that. The big question is; will the President get in his 200th round of gold before January 1st?

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Applied Concepts of Transcendence (video/science fiction)

I've read an excerpt from my science fiction novel 'Temporal Cross Currents' a piece exemplifying applied concepts of transcendence.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Why Lawyer-Presidents Harm U.S. Economy and Morals

On the topic of what requires more faith, science or religion; consider the diverse nature of science with millions of experiments. Sometimes the data acquired leads to conflict scenarios for applied science. Radithor was a bottled health beverage sold to American sports elites in the roaring twenties. Its warming ingredient was radium. The new thing isn’t always the right thing. How bad are excess antibiotics in the ecosphere? 

To a certain extent an era of corporatism coincides with a period of legalism. Legalism morphs into authoritarianism and oppression of citizen test-subjects. Litigation can dominate political and corporate free space for enterprise displacing individuals with better ideas. Faith in science develops a requirement for faith in corporate financing power or big government research funding. 

Electing lawyers to political office to make public policy is comparable to feeding cattle ground up dead cattle pellets inducing prions in political brains and mad cow disease in the populace. It’s as bad an idea as having the CEO of Morgan Stanley serve concurrently as the federal banking regulator or the Chief of Exxon setting the rate of the oil depletion tax allowance. 

Lawyers making laws for-themselves establish the ultimate Soviet Style class bureaucratic sluzhba for insiders without a clue of what people want or society needs in the free world. As the ultimate insiders passing laws to benefit special interests confidant they have the muscle to force through and defend their favorite laws, going so far as to pack courts with simpatico lawyers for rubber stamping approval of corruption without need for consent from a political power minority of opposition, public debt and moral decline metastasize. 

Experts on everything in their own view because they occupy high ground on the legal and political battlefield the populace couldn’t hope to storm without heavy casualties fighting uphill against established lawyercratic rulers (if they weren’t doped out with media soporifics and dissimulation in support of the ruling class) bad ideas multiplied by the factor of lawyers in politics become a Medusa’s Gordian knot of laws. Free enterprise is qualitatively repressed in the mass corporate-government lawyer filters of power when it has potential to alter the insider edge deleteriously or economically. Remember Gillette’s suppressed shave crème; The Hot One! 

The failures of public policy made by lawyer-politicians are multiplied by the hubris of too much faith in themselves and proprietary interests being good for society as a whole. The exploitation of Adam’s Smith’s ideas about enlightened self-interest applied to lawyer-politicians is a tragic debasement of philosophical thought influenced by Adam Smith, and even modern science has experienced some debasement of its currency value because of Gresham’s law that bad money follows good. 

Tabletop fusion and miracle drugs claims need to be verified rather than exploited for instant political gains comparable to claiming low unemployment just before and election that facts will controvert later. The Economist in an Oct. 2013 issue had a special section on ‘How Science Goes Wrong’. Page 13- “Amgen, found that they could reproduce just six of 53 “landmark” studies in cancer research.” The economic motivations for rapid assertions of scientific progress make for shoddy science. Amid the good science arises a lot of bad. The Economist editors mentioned the principal of ‘trust but verify’. One may have faith that matter and energy can be reconfigured for the human good or that the Universal configurations of matter and energy in the past were of a given shape, yet uncertainty enters into anything except those things of faith that one may have in Spirit.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Value Theories in Contentious Political Economic Contexts

Lawyers and philosophers obviously take a different approach to language and analysis. Sometimes attorneys seem to be on stilts because of their insider position in society in regard to law, government and so forth. Winning points may seem to be of more value than finding the truth. One might discern that trend in Congressional budgeting. Definition of words and language and theories about that such as W.V.O. Quine developed in 'Ontological Relativity' let us consider lexicons as sets with unique values that may or may not have meanings coinciding with homonyms of others. It is a paradox that 'value theory' itself could be construed as having different meanings, definitions or values within which capitalism may or may not be included.

Is capitalism not more than an economic theory and monetary theory not also a value theory criterion? Von Mises and others considered the nature of capital-is it in money or in factories, social power and etc. without reaching a particularly persuasive conclusion. Capitalism may be an event-process comprising acquisition of economic power however capital itself is a value theory component in so far as what is regarded as valuable is a variable set by consumers as well as physics. Hollywood stars may pay a lot for cocaine and value that more highly than growing potatoes on an acre or two of land (or not) for instance, while shells were valuable as a money item to some natives of New Guinea and others believed gold to be the Texas T of the time.

The United States has predominantly had one value theory in recent decades-especially the 'me decades' of the 1980s and 1990s when material girl values and blimped up banks empowered with Monty Carlo algorithms, computers, mortgage derivatives and globalism arose ads phenomenalities in an existential pursuit of financial power and consumption. That is well known. Spiritual values were in decline along with innumerable traditional values even as the ecospheric decay such as the ozone hole, global warming, acidification of the ocean and biodiversity loss were considered to be externalities to the organizational use-truth value theories of corporate profit above all social responsibility.

I think some may misconstrue ideas about God and time. God always was, eternal being has no temporal beginning. The 'in the beginning' phrase from the book of John would be in relation to the temporal creation of things such as any given Universe.

Monday, December 09, 2013

The Four Gospel's Stylistic Differences for Different Audiences

With the Holy Spirit directing Matthew, Mark, Luke and John the Gospel (good news) of our Lord Jesus Christ were composed in four different styles. Scholars have made much verbal analysis of the similarities, convergences and divergences among the books. Theories to explain the nature of the books exist, in addition to the writing itself. The idea that the stylistic differences are attributable to the practical effort to present a work intended for Jews to learn (Matthew), one for the Roman world to experience (Mark), another for Greeks with their philosophically sophisticated people (Luke) and the Gospel according to John with it’s great theological insights upon the divinity of Christ for believers seems quite reasonable to me.

 Because of the degree of common content in each book with more between Matthew and Mark and less between Luke, John and Matthew and Mark some have hypothesized a missing mystery document called the Quelle document or Q source (from the German word used by scholars originally for source). One can imagine many explanations for shared language in the gospel book. Maybe Peter directed a project to write accounts of the good news of the Lord for different audiences. Because the disciples knew Jesus and the Apostles new people at least who knew Jesus many of the recollections are first or second hand accounts of important events and works in life of Jesus Christ, although not concise biographical or historical documents. They are adapted for various reading audiences sometimes in their own language with content selected from among a large amount of information about the Lord that was especially relevant and informative.

Friday, December 06, 2013

End Times of G.W. Bush Admin (June 2007) Revisited-Looking Forward to Obama's Final Year in D.C.

I was editing an article I wrote on Bush II policy in June 2007. It is critical of the administration immigration policy (the President was for it), outsourcing jobs and corporatism. The Obama administration hasn't change much except to queer things. He might already plan for his last year in office in 2016 and get better propaganda for his legacy since there will be plenty of public debt, a bad ecosphere, reliance on fossil fuels, high unemployment and an effort to create 20 to 50 million dual citizenship Mexican voters able to hand off to global corporatism effectively political control of the U.S.A. ending democracy (though it would remain nominally with Mexican subjects holding dual passports being the electors.

Economic segregation is the operative, objective metric for U.S. citizens in the U.S.A. considered on an individual basis in dollars.

"A U.S.A. grafted onto by a permanent Mexican right-of-return to the U.S.A. (even if they've never been here before) by cowering congressmen fearful of China or more Mexican May Day protests in the streets of D.C. and Los Angeles yet relying on their cheap labor to give constituents a prosperous, comfortable 'rickshaw boost' with cheap products at Wal-Mart is a nation in which democracy has become defunct and replaced by corporatist, globalist oligarchic collectives will. That turn away from democracy and road ahead may seem alright as the U.S.A.'s inherited comparative advantage is being cashed out and invested abroad, but the pimp's income falters when opulent attractions of his line of sweet products becomes old and second rate and meth-amphetamine broken down economically speaking...the consequences of fossil fuel addiction, federal debt and non-investment in secure borders and high-quality ecological technology manufacturing in the U.S.A. in preference for reliance on cheap foreign labor.

History demonstrates that nations relying on exploiting cheap labor retard their social and economic growth. The confederacy of course needed to launch a war upon the north before the north pulled away too far in manufacturing and technical prowess while the southerners relied on slaves.

The imperial Russian government's historical reliance on white slaves (serfs) was the actual source of 
Russia's comparative economic backwardness later while Western Europe advanced more quickly through the industrial revolution. Imperial China before the nationalist revolution was another slacker society ruled by an elite royal mafia forcing the masses to live like slaves. Reliance on cheap labor in the United States in the agricultural sector displaces mechanical harvesting innovations.

In commercial kitchens cheap labor to empty trash cans replaces innovations in portable low cost lifts to lift and dump individual garbage cans into larger powered inter modal carriers to lift into dumpsters...even commercial kitchen garbage cans fail to have built in weighing and L.E.D. read-out displays so the poor laborer knows if the trash can has 100 or 200 pounds of water, coffee grounds, meat waste and other heavier materials. Too many Americans want easy, good paying non-inventive employment positions with the heavy lifting exported.

The end result of the denial of democracy and failure to comprehend corporatism and socialism is the loss of liberty politically and comparative national economic advantage. In a corrupted global economy without liberty in which the best Mafia rule the worst potential of humanity is expressed with the more dystopian empirical political actualizations having the best chances of actualizing.

Corporatism was only invented by Mussolini in the 1930's and isn't generally understood by Americans or others internationally. Corporatism and neo-corporatism have permutated and evolved beyond the initial theoretical inception as real political structures usually do. Neither Marx nor Smith had a conception of the potential synthetic business form that would displace capitalism and democracy in the move towards a combined capitalist and state socialist authoritarian society. After the end of the former Soviet Union in 1990 and 'the end of history' as some wags then had it the New World Order of synthetic socialism-capitalism could begin to grow, yet some still seek to conserve a nationalist democratic America with liberty and justice for all Americans in a thriving ecology leading the world in space technology and green manufacturing creations.

President Bush and Senator Kennedy, two former heavy alcohol drinkers without combat experience are prominent advocates for border control defeat in order to let cheap labor continue to flood out the American poor and middle class for the convenience of globalist corporatists. A trained former P.O.W. is another leader in the effort to yield the 
United States to effective Mexican conquest with instant phenomenal amnesty for up to 20 million Mexicans and free rights of immigration for their relatives perhaps numbering as many as 150 million.

 isn't a third world country, and with some help could be made livable with more tacos and nachos, Dos Cuervos and tortilla for everyone. Even electric waterless toilets, solar power panel proliferation, DVD players able to input a thumb drive contents and play that so every cheap battery operated DVD player in Mexico costing 30 bucks can hold a modest library's books (a 1000 or so), electric small car manufacturing with home power solar panels to charge batteries, concrete monolithic dome construction can replace many square building technologies--www.monolithicdomes.com has instructed a village in India on methods of constructing the fine long lasting structures for low cost...Mexico can be made livable if the corporatists inspired by the socialist fascist example of Mussolini can be restrained from conquering the sovereignty of the United States.

A border control zone a mile wide should be ecologically designed along the Mexican border to make passage of illegal entrants highly improbable; this could include deep ditches with berms and drive atop patrol roads, fences and water barriers with saltwater siphoned from the Gulfs and utilized for recreation and travel of small boats. Some evaporation and condensation canals may be attached to create fresh water supplies for new Mexico and Arizona as well as Northern Mexico if laws are passed to replace green laws in desert cities with natural desert landscaping while federal research incentives to conform present asphalt highways into heat reflecting and solar photon-electron generating surfaces could be developed.

President Bush at the end of his administration seems to desire to obfuscate his opposition to the 
Kyoto protocol with further global warming control goals that would take place in effect after he leaves office to accompany his balance the budget economics after he leaves office goals. Mr. Bush is also leaving a withdraw the military forces from Iraq after he leaves office with the improve the fuel economy of SUV and the national car fleet after he leaves office plan. The illegal immigration instant amnesty bill has a totally secure the border after he leaves office plan as well unlikely to be accomplished by anyone either. Additional after Mr. Bush leaves office administration goals for the next administration to work on are balancing the federal budget, capturing Osama Bin Laden, stopping the Iranians from building nuclear weapons. replacing fossil fuel use in American automobiles with alternative energy power such as electricity produced at home by consumers (I improved the quality of that goal for him)."