Monday, December 31, 2012

Fiscal Cliff-'How Do You Keep A Turkey in Suspense? Reality Congress Joke Ends at Midnight

Government by reality T.V. financial posturing hits its media series fiscal cliff episode end tonight at midnight when the U.S. economy turns back into a pumpkin, frog or whatever.
The fiscal cliff narrative seemed like the 'How Do You Keep a Turkey in Suspense?'joke played on the public by the media. A thousand stories a week on the topic that were essentially meaningless as the citizens needed just to wait for the resolution in the final episode that was written with dual causality one would think today, by the joint committee that got tax increases for Democrats and budget cuts for Republicans more than a year ago when creating 'the automatic cuts that will go into effect tomorrow.
The federal government ought to be the tip of an iceberg of a healthy democracy and work its financial support interests seemlessly. The problem may be the media owned by concentrated wealth instead of being used by the public for internet podcast rebroadcasts that would create a real democratic political environment.
The existing corrupting broadcast media with Rupert Murdoch powered privacy violators probing for anything to exploit as 'news' sometimes through illegal means also has its Wall Street Journal owned by the Murdoch clan, and that in turn seems apropos for an era of dark pool trading, a corrupted Wall Street quantitative trading regime and a downgrading of national economic integrity generally with the poor suffering most both from the ineptness of the politicians corrupted by wealth and the neglect of the poor both in the Obamacare for the middle class plan and the porous Mexican border flooding the market for decadess with cheap labor presently flooding national forests to grow dope for the U.S. dopehead market (no not the Congress).

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Growing Apart from the Utopia of Soul (a poem)

The relativity of colors pass through commercial checkpoints
with point political supervising
bullets packed for peace monger progressives
balancing accounts on economics' ledge
so what can be said of sensibility
remains unsaid

A never ending phenomenality in flight from unchanging forever
the black hole heart of uncertainty at its smallest size
pops in and out of being
ranging across an infinite sea of social lies
the field in which it's embedded
like the tombstone at the head of the grave
reads the names of what was and will be saved

Thoughts in the mind of God
these riddles in temporal rains and snows
are winds through dark forests racing
to each worldspace and galaxy spent
on the way to becoming what has been
a song of the season

Shadows multiply shadows unbecoming
the other side of gravity faster than light
hopes emerging in waves of creation
positively attracted to the morality of right
the rehearsal was presented in silence
a performance for the futility of time's slight

The glory of morning light is a witness of meaning
sharing the beauty of the sea, sky and reason
for thus is nothing better'd by dreaming
except the Spirit of God generating souls to arise

In an eclipse of ecospheric health human wealth grows
apart from the ways of creation,
apart from the Utopia of soul.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Reduce Patent Exclusivity to 7 Years to Stimulate Competition

Next session of Congress action should be taken to reduce the period of patents to 7 years. That would stimulate business development without increasing taxes.

This is a future look back at this time in Y'Earth history excerpted from my novel 'St. Novilistricka; Dimensions 2nd Ed.

Nearly two centuries before Kopernik local time intellectual property rights were altered in order to accelerate ecological economic recovery efforts. Instead of ninety-five year copyrights for trans-national corporations and equally absurd patent right time periods for socially generated ideas it was decided by remaining democracies of Y'Earth that seven years would be the time period--non-renewable --for patents and copyrights with ideas registered becoming public domain thereafter. Inventors would be given ten per cent gross revenues for any patented idea exploited from the public domain for a century after as well.
Such a radical revision of intellectual property rights assured that inventions and ideas could be used quickly in national economies of the world to accelerate ecological economic growth. More inventions made by combining new public domain ideas could be synergized additionally accelerating inventions. Inventors were protected well and inventors received increased revenue in the more general applications of their ideas than in the exclusive-for-generations, procedures that had retarded global ecological security and supported oligopolistic corporatist business and management cartels.
Because democracy withered under trans-national corporatism the change to a freedom of ideas regime released too many inventions for the corrupt federal governments of the worlds to expropriate and control through corporate partners.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012

The good news of the birth of the Lord is with us once again to celebrate. Though the world of mass communication reproduces the words of sophist skeptics there is no phenomenal reason that transcends the facts of life and temporality of mind-body in support of faithlessness.

The Lord Jesus Christ was born to lead, to offer a way unto salvation for the lost of Israel and Gentiles, and the Lord's timeless liberation-for-others from the bondage of sin brought to mankind that accept his atonement of crucifixion, payment for their own sin indebtedness. Christmas is a time for celebration .and to marvel at the love of The Lord.
Luke 4-"And Joseph also went up from Galilee, out of the city of Nazareth, into Judaea, unto the city of David, which is called Bethlehem; (because he was of the house and lineage of David:)
5 To be taxed with Mary his espoused wife, being great with child.
6 And so it was, that, while they were there, the days were accomplished that she should be delivered.
7 And she brought forth her firstborn son, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger; because there was no room for them in the inn.
8 And there were in the same country shepherds abiding in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night.
9 And, lo, the angel of the Lord came upon them, and the glory of the Lord shone round about them: and they were sore afraid.
10 And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people.
11 For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.
12 And this shall be a sign unto you; Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger.
13 And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying,
14 Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.
15 And it came to pass, as the angels were gone away from them into heaven, the shepherds said one to another, Let us now go even unto Bethlehem, and see this thing which is come to pass, which the Lord hath made known unto us."
16 And they came with haste, and found Mary, and Joseph, and the babe lying in a manger.
17 And when they had seen it, they made known abroad the saying which was told them concerning this child.
18 And all they that heard it wondered at those things which were told them by the shepherds.
19 But Mary kept all these things, and pondered them in her heart.
20 And the shepherds returned, glorifying and praising God for all the things that they had heard and seen, as it was told unto them.
21 And when eight days were accomplished for the circumcising of the child, his name was called Jesus, which was so named of the angel before he was conceived in the womb."

Fiscal Cliff Budget Reform Is Legislation The Congress Was Afraid to Pass Directly

The substantive budget cuts and return to Clinton-era tax rates seems to be the medicine the nation needs but that the Congress is afraid to pass. The high school grad talk radio conservative millionaires are of course doctrinaire anti-taxers and anti-regulators believing that perhaps an honor system on pollution and consumer protection might work better, yet we are skeptical that the benevolence of the rich..including the intellectual mandarins of pro sports, musicians and business globalists would prefer to make any sort of personal financial sacrifice if needed to save whales, wolves or a reasonable atmospheric temperature.
Charging two protracted and dubiously designed foreign nation-rebuilding effort while cutting taxes was contra to any U.S. political economy since the civil war when president Lincoln imposed an income tax to pay for the conflict. Not only has the Republican Party exercised bad political leadership-they are not Gracchi nor Cato- they have gone along with the globalism that progressively subverts local political autonomy. In the final two centuries of the Roman Republic the Republicans just lost their bearings leaving the proletariat nothing besides developing their class interests as loyalists to a Caesar (assassinated) and Empire.
The British Empire lost their colonies yet replaced the directly political power with global economic power more of interests to that little geographic area than nations like the U.S.A. When Republican leadership is something less than classically nationalistic yet benevolent toward the less fortunate nations of the world not enough intention is given to sustaining the U.S.A. in a building up, green development with liberty and economic justice for all citizens.
One must wonder if the fiscal cliff was just the Congress's way of getting necessary economic reform done quick and dirty without taking credit for it. I at least will give them credit for that. It would have been better to design something more approximating Utopia though through a participatory and well led democracy.

Hands and Feet Used in Homicides Twice as Often as Rifles in the U.S.A.

Personal weapons such as hands, feet and head butts killed about twice as many people in the U.S.A. as rifles in 2011. Rifles including 'assault' rifles were used to kill 323 people while the unarmed beating to death method of murder took 728 lives.
During the 1970s when automobiles were used as assault weapons on city sidewalks occasionally there was no talk of banning automobiles although if they had global warming might have been delayed. Of the past four sensational gun homicides in the U.S.A. three of the perps were legally in possession of a weapon. That is the weapons used were stolen, borrowed or already banned. The Aurora shooter was in the bosom of the psychiatric community already as a neuroscientific graduate student-the class of people the government wants to use to decide who should own weapons in America. V.I.Lenin would have agreed that state psychiatrists should have the final word on American civil liberties.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Pope Gregory Speaks Out Against Homosexual 'Marriage'

The Pope finally expressed a plain opinion about the corruption of marriage of recent times in the U.S.A. Heterosexuals will need to found a new social institution such as heteromony to replace the nearing defunction of the institution of marriage. Like the problems with balancing the U.S. federal debt because everyone wants all they can get and none is willing to use better intelligence or patriotism to make society work better and cheaper the homosexual marriage cult wants the benefits in taxation, insurance and such that followed the heterosexual tradition.
In social history evolution does occur making original forms and structures obsolete, perhaps marriage is moving in that direction. I believe that Kentucky still has some laws regarding dueling, and some place it's probably illegal to park one's horse in front of city hall more than an hour. The liberation of women in America after the invention of birth control and a variety of changes benefiting the feminine sector regarding employment, changes in the family structure with the majority of marriages becoming divorces and the changes in mass communication, social institutions etc. made it possible for marriage to become a social option rather than a necessity in the U.S.A. Many couples 'live in sin' without marriage while homosexual politicians and judges have forced through many laws of advantage to homosexuals. It is thus logical that the homosexual radical movement has sought to co-opt marriage for-themselves especially since A.I.D. treatment for life costs something like a half million dollars per individual infected.
Confucius made a project of rectifying names; making labels and social structures correspond better to the way things are. The United States should evolve its heteronomy to be a new establishment in law for-itself and provide anyone that seeks to enter that male-female union whatever benefits it deems necessary. There is a certain movement in the U.S.A. to bar psychologist as councilors from deprogramming individuals from homosexuality.  I believe there is some sort of plaintiff rationale that no sex discrimination should exist anywhere-that is, no sort of sex differentiation ought to exist. Programs for women with children should be available to homosexuals with whatever children they can adopt or import from a prior hetero-relation.
 Male and female toilets, showers in sports facilities and a more tribal, hunter gatherer lifestyle for the poor and middle class should be the norm with the rich probably too busy to join the herd. I suppose those people don't want free speech in disagreement with their opinions or private property either. The problems for social history without plain lines of descent will be troublesome too. Perhaps that is the goal of a renewed Marxist-Leminism.

About Temporal Cross Currents

Temporal Cross Currents was a book project that I worked on now and then for a number of years. My lifestyle didn't practically support writing all at once, so I used that to advantage in writing a number of on going philosophical essays over time as new insight prevailed from reading and experience. So in the end I did get a science fiction novel that is quite philosophical.

A philosophical novel may take many forms. One thinks immediately of Dostoyevsky's Brothers Karamazov given the philosophical novel description because of its somewhat existentialist way of viewing Russia. Dostoyevky may  have been the world's best writer of prose fiction, I can't say. I enjoyed reading his books a lot, and I know that so far I am not the best writer of prose. At least I have developed a reasonable story line to float along the philosophical essays and cosmology.

Jean Paul Sartre wrote several good fiction novels such as 'Troubled Sleep' and 'The Age of Reason' as well as plays and short stories. He actually won a Nobel prize for writing and of course famously turned it down for the ill-effect that it might have on his work. I didn't have Sartre in mind when I was writing my composite, built up fiction story. It was really the short story dialogues of Bishop Berkley explaining the classical context of ideaism that I had in mind.

Berkley has a dialogue between to philosophically minded characters discussing the philosophical nature of perception with one explaining to the other that everything perceived by the mind could be sense impressions created by God on a mind-spirit.that is the individual. Because perception is interpreted by the mind rather than directly it is plausable. In fact everything perceived that for-itself is no more than physical force or percepts something else such as Leibnitz's monads or one-dimensional atoms is given an appearance in the mind. Because humans tend to experience those physical fact-stimulations in the same way the idea that a 'real' external world with objects existing for-themselves is created. Actually of course the reality of objects is in their pragmatic utility value traditionally. One knows the spacetime coordinates in the field where one can warm up if the temperature outside is 20 below zero.

My novel has a basic theme of something called the E-factor. A philosopher-entrepreneur of Mars named Patrick Voevoda looks into the nature of the E-factor that could be the hidden cause of evil. Mars colony as well as Y'Earth have entered a time of troubles because of the E-factor and learning more about that-is it a transcendent problem independent of individuals that seem to have it in politics and business-might be to the advantage in driving on toward bring peace to Mars and goodwill toward men and women..

Patrick Voevoda is a Christian philosopher so his deliberations have a focus surpassing the relativistic spacetime locales he finds himself in. The book is written in a light-hearted way inevitably since my main interest is in philosophy and the science of salvation and I am not the authority upon either subject-merely and interested individual writing something about those topics that occur in a secular world.

Killer Cars Scythe 16,000 Teens Aged 16-19 in Four Years-Ban Cars From Streets?

Fatalities from car accidents rose 13.5% inn the first quarter of 2012 and few to none are calling out to ban a major killer of Americans from the streets. Cars not only kill every day, they help kill tomorrow and next century with a profusion of global warming gasses. When will cars be restricted to just responsible philosophers and taken out of the hands of law breaking drivers going over the center line, keeping their tires under-inflated and driving with worn-down breaks?
Automobile deaths are a factor of social irresponsibility and federal highway financial contributions. In 2011 about 32 thousand were killed. In 1900 just  36 people were killed in the metal coffins. Plainly if the nation had gone with Robert Goddard's effort to construct an electro-magnetic subway from New York to Boston appx. 1905 the national prospectus might have turned out different.
The slaughter that took enough lives to be regarded as equal for undertakers to another interminable U.S. war might have been avoided. A profusion of e-mag tubes across the U.S.A. along with pedal powered soap box derby style cars might have helped cut down on fat and heart attack fatalities besides.
While 2011 had fewer traffic deaths in decades that was probably a consequence of the inability of Americans to afford gasoline and quality booze so they stayed at home. That changed in the first quarter of this year when the economy looked a little better. Two states even legalized marijuana smokin. Highway fatalities also dropped a lot during the second world war when gas was rationed and people had to work and go to war.
It takes years to build up good weapons proficiency with semi-automatic weapons of war and for reservists to keep it. Americans till age 60 may need to serve in some future national conflict and ought to be ready to go out and defend the nation when or if the large weapons systems for some reason just won't work. Auto driving can be learned by a monkey in 6 weeks and it is no loss to transition to green transport systems and stop the slaughter of Americans. Robots may be the only drivers allowed on U.S. streets in the future, yek that's dangerous in itself as Stephen King or some other writer has probably described already.

Friday, December 21, 2012

N.R.A. Leader Calls for Police to Defend Schools

Wayne LaPierre, Vice-President of the National Rifle Association called today for a policeman in every school to defend the national treasure. Logically people ought to prioritize defense of school kids at least as well as their car, home or apartment with alarms, remote monitors and so forth.
 Aristotle noted that the commons tend to be least well maintained and perhaps that applies to defense as well. While many homeowners have a gun to defend themselves and family few weapons exist in schools.
There are some obvious synergy points that arrive with a policeman in school such as being available to arrest gang members or others perping criminal activity on school grounds. F.B.I. crime analysts have found statistically that gang members are responsible for 70% of the crimes in some counties including school districts.
If face recognition system closed circuit surveillance systems of schools and grounds are monitored by police specialists off school to look for security violations they could be the eyes for the policeman at school able to communicate to him or her what and where activity requiring intervention is happening. Perhaps the U.S. Army has veterans from its drone program looking for work that would be suitable with some extra training.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Directed Evolution and Y'Earth Prospects

Evolution is not about an elevation of superior beings elected for intelligence.  Evolution is about the pervasive expansion of life to all available niches. Life becomes more complex as it confers an evolutionary advantage in a full environment of competition upon more complex life. An era favorable to political runts with idiotic leaders may seem the most successful and highest valued in the secular.  Periodically population crashes and mass extinctions confer an advantage upon more basic life forms immune from the over-complicated structures of more complex bioformations.

Humanity has failed to adapt its intelligence to natural species survival and failed to use its intelligence to reinforce a viable and sustainable ecology interpretation capable of sustaining the advantage of a human bioformation.

The human bio-formation is well suited for predation upon all other bioformations, unfortunately that bio-predation ungoverned by intelligence and species discipline drives the human bioform to the elimination of its own bio-support returning the advantage to simpler species such as blue-green algae after human species self-destruct their environment.
Human supremacy wasnt itself an inevitable evolutionary selection on the planet Earth. It might have remained a simpler hominin form of one of dozens that exited before Homo sapiens sapiens dominated.

 Directed evolution by God made theistic priorities full, and brought human intelligence to a higher stage of development reasoning. Any number of alternate species might have developed to dominate the world as had dinosaurs more than 60 billion years before present yet the directed evolutionary advantages necessary to work humanity into right form useful for the purposes of God were evolved into Y'Earth history.

Humanity was alive yet destroying its prospects through reckless disregard of environment. Two rules for life exist as political requisites. One is to respect the environment, and the other is to respect the individual rights of others. With the love of God as the primary imperative human life should work well together and overcome the species driven rage of all political structures (besides democracy) to enslave and exploit others as well as to exploit the ecology of any world as an easy-to-replace disposable gift.

President Obama to Biden; 'Stop Irresponsible, Law-Breakers (i.e. Elementary Teachers) Buying Weapons of War

The President ordered V.P. Biden to find concrete ways to stop 'irresponsible, law breakers' from buying 'weapons of war'. Was Adam Lanza's school teaching, gun-owning mother one of 'the irresponsible law-breaking few' buying a weapon of war? Does President Obama's desire to pass gun control legislation have anything at all to do with Adam Lanza's use of his parent's weapon in the Newtown massacre or is it ill-timed political opportunism?
One hopes that some of the children had received salvation from Jesus Christ yet in modern American public schools the gospel is often not looked upon with favor.
 The President also wants more Americans to see more shrinks. That's a good stimulus for overtime hours for psychological bureaucrats and little else. The President seems to think that some organic defect in a few certain mal-formed or badly socialized criminals can be controlled by shrinks and after banning 'weapons of war' from society letting the disarmed school teachers peacefully nuture their children. He doesn't seem to recognize that tens of millions of Americans use mind-altering drugs and one in a million may flip out from their normal existence at the post office and become the Shinging Terminator Against the Alien Supervision and her support staff or a Marine corp reservist climbing a tower to use a bolt action rifle picking off the abstract objects for-themselves below down on the ground. A Marine sniper at U.T. one day in the 1966 named Charles Whitman was hop-headed and fried one day killing his girlfriend first before climbing the campus tower and shooting 45 others with 13 fatalities. He might have thought that he might as well go out with a bang after killing his girlfriend instead of being electrocuted in the Texas State Prison. Did Adam Lanza use mind-altering drugs after graduating from high school and kill a lizard-looking extra-terrestrial mother talking a foreign tongue before going out to pick off her progeny at the incubator?
 With political pressure on the President and State Department for the Benghazi slaughter of the U.S. Ambassador the choice to provide weapons of war for Moslems in the Arab spring while disarming Americans seems politically comprehensible. Diversionary tactics has been used before in politics.
 The Clinton administration chose to pursue gun control legislation early in its first term successfully and lost control of both houses of Congress in the next election. President Obama may repeat that history all over again. Excess gun control is a very old political issue useful for time consuming by a Congress and administration without any solid ideas about how to change the economy into synergy with an ecospheric recovery prioritized full-employment, no public debt national utopia for the poor with freedom and justice for the poor.
 The President won just the slimmest margin of victory nationally with 51% of the vote against 49% against. Those people may turn out to vote in a couple of years to turn the Senate back over to Republicans given proper charismatic new leadership. The President and the Biden commission should be careful of what legislation they pursue if they want to get anything done the next two years as unlikely and that is since the Republicans control the House of Representatives today while in 1993 Democrats controlled the House and the Senate.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Broken Home, Fiscal Cliff, Mayan Calender and Youth Off the Deep End With School Marm's Semi-Auto Rifle

The Sandy Hook Elementary massacre by young Adam Lanza seems to be emerging as a tragedy not too inexplicable. Neither of the 20 somethings in recent public killing at the Portland Clackamas Mall and Newtown owned the weapons they used. They were stolen or belong to parents and used without permission. Adam Lanza seems to have had a troubled time since his parent's divorce when he was 17.

His mother, Nancy Lanza, may have been accumulating weapons for the collapse of civilization ahead. One wonders why a woman earning $60,000 a year needs to spend a thousand or more on a Bushmaster Ar-15, it seems a little spoiled when there are so many people in then world that don't even earn that much annually, yet her single parenting after her million dollar a year G..E. exec husband split might have left her feeling the need to wear the pants in the reduced family while poor Adam might have had Asperger's syndrome or otherwise have been somewhat introverted.

Fox reports that Adam Lanza may have been in 'fear of being committed may have caused Connecticut gunman to snap'.

Some politicians and psyche-trists have caller a better procedure to let the state incarcerate citizens that haven't committed a crime, and of course allow the state or others to 'conserve' the wealth of those deemed a potential danger to themselves or others. Would young Adam have fit such a description and been removed safely to a mental institution until his brain-mind reprogramming was laundered to a condition acceptable to his keepers/ Probably not allow time will reveal that.

There is a tremendous social danger of allowing the state to develop capacity to involuntarily commit citizens to mental institutions. One gets a Soviet of Chinese Communist Party kind of state duplicity sometimes. It may be as difficult to restore civil rights and security from state terrorism as it is to get the right to own guns returned in such societies when lost  If such procedures were made lawful it is difficult to imagine that any serial killers would ever be committed and corrected a priori-they mostly seem like normal average people and that's why it's so hard to capture them. Would Ted Bundy or the Green River Killer have been taken off the street before their first killing by brilliant shrinks giving mandatory psychiatric surveys to all Americans organized in some sort of community Gestapo informant network?

If a career woman earning a good living doesn't take responsibility and lock up her guns from youth she is perhaps not using good judgment. The feminine response to ban weapons that have kept Americans free from at least a certain level of state terrorism and corrupt absolute power over the citizens for centuries while most of the rest of the world has gone through wars and absolute power problems isn't something to follow irrationally. The state needs to be kept in check by citizens of a democracy rather than given blind trust as if it were a benevolent Big Brother. Feminist careerists should not just fall back upon giving up individual rights to the state when they encounter difficulties and fear. Instead they should better school area face recognition system security and take sober personnel security measures with their own weapons.

Why a 20 year old from a broken home in a very prosperous environment with material values in a society turning toward homosexuality and atheism might turn toward an irrational act of violence may never be known. Killing children is not an honorable act. Neither however can one imagine a marine Captain proposing homosexual Marriage in the White House and publicizing it during the Reagan or Eisenhower administrations. Moral leadership or lack of it is changing in the very prosperous and perhaps decadent U.S. Northeastern states including Connecticut.

Did Adam Lanza actually need a semi-automatic rifle to shoot children in a classroom? Obviously since he had gun lessons for some time he could have used plain old semi-automatic 9 mm pistols and changed magazines in a couple seconds and produced as many casualties since the kids weren't adults that might have resisted charging forward behind upraised desks. The Government ought not exploit the Sandy Point massacre to advance the agenda of disarming the citizenry and empowering shrinks and bureaucrats with good paying jobs that often produce nothing material for the market.

A Comment on Y'Earth's Social Evolution of Natural History

Because the environment of nature was visited by modern mankind within relatively comfortable mechanized and electro-magnetic transportation supported by a tool kit of artificial, globally produced products the continuing conversion of the ecosphere into a dysfunctional for human and wildlife entropic form was acceptable by degrees and consequently disregarded as consumers products were created in the process named economy.

Social reality prioritizing comfort blinded consumers to union-corporatist costs to humanity in degrading the natural environment. They did not develop methods to utilize the natural environment in a way that would not be degrading and were without concerns for original sin and the lack of humility and neighborliness. Cost factors of competition manufacturing lowest cost consumer products eliminated eco-habitat and exterminated species as an externality to insider profit margins.
Mankind seeks control over each other both for defensive and sadistic purposes. In the world the development of control and technology occur simultaneously. While technology and comfort advance freedom may or may not exist. Some intelligent and creative individuals innovate new technology and appreciate the miracle of the existence of the natural environment, of blue skies and cumulus clouds within the abyssal void of spacetime. Fabulous hydrogen and oxygen water and biosphere upon crustal plates moving on slow convection thermal currents from the heat within the molten, radioactive inner Earth over billions of years let greedy impulse organisms with skewed value theories exist- some with reverence for God and some without.
If the majority of humanity has an understanding of the natural history of the Earth they lack an aesthetic, teleological appreciation for the divine mechanics of it instead concentrating upon controlling one another oppressively and manufacturing control over the whole Y'Earth. The wicked on Y'Earth and beyond seek to rule reality itself with enslaved scientists and technology. The untamed free wilderness is inherently discomforting to humanity, as it is a reminder of freedom from social power and corruption.
An inability to appreciate the terminator line of control and non-control between humanity and the natural environment moves humanity to destroy those aspects of the natural world on which it's own well-being rests. In failing to comprehend the basic dependence of human life upon the natural environment and in assuming an ability for humanity to be existentially self-standing with a bootstrap creation of the grounds of their own existence with classical hubris the political ability to conserve the ecosphere is defeated by the political imperative to control, and destroy the natural environment.
The destruction may be given a use-truth false label such as 'creative destruction', or even reclamation or construction yet control of the natural environment and transformation of it into barrenness with extirpated natural ecosphere is inevitable if the determination to pursue less than full employment, empowerment of the state over the mind and economic liberty of citizens, far too low of taxes on the middle class and rich and ransacking of the environment continues.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Legislators Pursue P.S. Security With King Canute Determination

Is it better to secure the safety of New York City from oceanic flooding by outlawing high tides and storm surges or to shore up the berms and design better ways to defend ill-placed structures from nature? Is it better to ban categories of weapons rarely used in public school crimes that are a deterrent to state terrorism and common enough in freed democratic societies or to use modern security methods in defending valued public schools?

If some weapons were banned in the United States would that have prevented any foreign terrorist infiltrating a few guns across the border from walking in and shooting defenseless students in a soft target classroom such as at Newtown?
In reading an autobiography by the late General Moshe Dyan the author described an Israeli school in northern Israel that was a not well defended enough soft target that Palestinian terrorists commandeered to slaughter the students. In the future the Israelis learned to defend important point targets, yet the American left seems to believe that if they disarm,smoke dope and legalize homosexual marriages the people of the world will love them and the dawning of Aquarius will follow. That probably isn't going to happen.

Switzerland for decades required every homeowner to have a weapon and that nation had an acceptable homocide rate. Switzerland is in the middle of Europe and its geographic factors help shape its defense strategies on gun ownership. Island nations such as Japan and Britain with an imperial past are easier to control by authorities repressing individual freedom. Geography and demographics are important elements of the determination of a state to have liberal gun owning rights or not. Russia of course repressed gun owning rights for most of its history and had cruel authoritarianism and a class existence-even with the communist party and K.G.B. being superior in the 'classless' Soviet Union.
Gun ownership rights have a geographic and demographic internal and external relationship.  Repressive government requires suppression of individual weapons possession. Decadent societies willingly forfeit their self-defense rights in return for a pacific  somafied catnipish existence that is too introverted to be sustainable.
The U.S. Congress seems to love to tilt at windmills that wouldn't free the land from oppression even if they connected.  What if someone marketed a book on how-to-build your own electronic rifle from off-the-shelf parts for fewer than $200 dollars? The rise of malevolent D.N.A. designer viruses seems to be a more contemporary threat than gunpowder firearms. The Congress should get real about real dangers and less interested in dangers the left has polemics about that could be corrected with a little more common sense. At least Rep. Sanders knows that taxes ought to be raised on all Americans that are not poor in order to pay for the decade of wars that primarily benefited the prosperous and may produce less enduring results than a snowball in hell.
If the politicians elected by the people have less sense than the children killed at Sandy Hook Elementary it isn't surprising, neither can they balance a budget or pay off the federal debt.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Major Media I.D.'s Innocent Guy as Newtown Killer for an Hour or Two

The race to be first to post the perp's picture led Fox, NBC and ABC News and many others to i.d.Ryan Lanza age 24 in error instead of the present suspect Adam Lanza age 20 as the shooter. Poor young Ryan Lanza and his Facebook page has been getting a lot of wrong attention. It took more than an hour for most to get it right, yet some still haven't.

Leftists Call for Tokugawa U.S.A. After Newtown Massacre

In the Tokugawa Shogunate the citizens were forbidden to own firearms and  the politically correct powers employing professional warriors dominated the subjective populace until the Meiji restoration in effect. Even then the change to a corporatist zaibatsu-military complex under an Emperor made for a tensioned public without personal guns of potential dissent. A 20 year old has killed his school teacher mother and 26 more at Newtown Conn. stimulating leftist theory construction about making a better society by disarming the citizens.

The massacre of 27 people including 20 elementary students at Newtown Connecticut has stimulated writing in support of consolidating power for the state a little more (or a lot). In the New Democrat Party vision of Americatopia children would learn with BBC guidance at an early age to grow up to be dope smoking homosexuals under lesbian supervision without a gun anyplace but in the benevolent neo-Tokugawa Shogunate Samuri's holsters watching over the masses like Nietzche's supermen while Zarathustran oligharchs watch mirthfully from shining city condos on a hill.
Schoolchildren might be better off learning gun use at an early age-perhaps by age 10 in schools so they know that any idiot can accurately fire a weapon and if he does will likely get shot quickly. Public schools spend so much money on buildings as it is one would think than building gun-detecting metal scanners into doorways and putting burglar sensors on windows would be the rule rather than an exception. If one was radical it would be possible to invent a handgun with artificial intelligence and position it near the entrance so it could shoot bad guys it recognized with face recognition software-well, it might be more thoughtful than the p.s. security designers.
The Washington Post is featuring a typical post pointing out how America could not be more different than the disarmed Japanese populace and using them as the good example. What they don't mention is that Japan has one of the highest suicide rates in the world with something like 20,000 people killing themselves annually, Japan has almost airtight borders that keeps the foreign element of low-wage workers out as well as their criminal activities, and the Japanese with all of that social controlling supervision were gullible enough to follow the Emperor's lead in waging total war upon  the United States with savage ferocity as a group even using war captives for biological experimentation in the infamous unit 731.
Most of the shooters since the Gifford massacre were leftists or left-leaning white guys that some how didn't fit in to the New Democrat party mold well enough. At least they were in leftist hives such as the Colorado School of Shrinks were the Batman killer was formed. None of those guys were of the right. Those that flaked out to shoot the sheep should have taken another course for political resistance. Maybe the correction for that is to have more democracy in the airwaves with all citizens have an Internet podcast broadcast time-slice in some local community so they would feel that there really is a responsive democracy where they can have a say besides in some idiotic and futile malevolent act of violence.
The next time you read an article saying how the United States should get rid of its guns and take the doper's path to peace-think about a little more  Lee Marvin and a little less Marvin gay in the school classrooms. Think about school teachers with defense credentials from Afghanistan and Iraq wars wit concealed carry permits instead of politically correct leftists that aren't concerned enough about civil liberties for all Americans behind effective defense perimeters. Wouldn't it be possible to have public schools fitted with face recognition software in cameras that would only let in authorized students and staff after going through metal scanners? The easy global mobility of terrorists in the modern era will catch up with Americans even if their idea is to have a Leopold Punyetti defense minister conducting a harmonious 'nothing to live or die for' orcheotomy of the liberty of Americans to keep and own personal defense weapons.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Evolving Legality for Illegal Combatants, Civil Rights, Foreign Wars, Government Union Monopolies, Etc.

The question of the legal right to condemn a government, flank civil rights and equal protection of the law for some may seem disparate concepts, yet in the progress or digress of political time people may wonder how the laws are applied historically. Is the purpose to establish clearly manifest conventional criteria or to allow the will of the stronger to prevail?

The first Bush administration sought U.N. support for its Gulf War and found solid legal grounds to deploy troops in Kuwait at the request of the legitimate Kuwaiti government instead of that of the invading military authority of Sadam Hussein. The second Bush administration sought U.N. approval to wage war upon Kuwait and falling a little short of that-just a little-formed a 'coalition of the willing to wage war upon Iraq.
The Obama administration has given loud public support toward overthrow of the lawful Syrian government-so how does that work ethically? Is that consistent with rule of law?
One would think that U.N. approval for removal of a lawful government should occur at some level before the U.S. government decides to support the overthrow of one. At least that is one approach. Another way might be to go before a World Court and win a judgment to overthrow and incorrigible regime. Falling short of that it might be possible to have a trial and get a judgment to remove a corrupt political leader yet leave the government intact. 
In some respects it seems that the informal, unlawful approach to supporting regime change produces inconsistent and difficult to support results for many Americans. Though the broadcast media is plainly in support of regime change in Syria, the U.S. government ought to withhold further recognition of unlawful combatants and unlawful governments as the new revolutionary legitimate government simply because the U.S. finds the new government a moral improvement over the old. The consequences of that are emergent in Egypt and have yet to be determined in Libya.
The American left along with the European left and even the Tudeh-communist party of Iran-supported the revolutionary movement of the Ayatollah Khomeini in the belief that getting rid of the government of the Shah was of overriding value. Of course the communist party was subsequently purged by the fundamentalist a.s.a.p. The new left seems to be seeking the same results in 'the Arab spring' movements. So I wonder where that will lead if not in the same direction.
One may believe that for the American left homosexual empowerment is the most important element of 'civil rights' in which they equate themselves with black slaves and freedom marchers. In Africa it might be difficult to persuade Islamists that homosexuals are the moral equivalent of repressed blacks. It might be difficult to persuade Islamists that homosexual marriage ought to be made legal in a society in which one husband can have four wives. Arab societies may have trouble supporting the concept socially that one bull homosexual should have four fem-homosexual 'wives' though Obama administration supporters might like that.
After the Obama administration is successful in removing the Assad government and creating a new Lebanon chaos in that region, will it logically follow up its effort to organize democracy inn the Middle East and support overthrow of the Jordan monarchy to rid the region of the Hashemite Government once and for all that was long ago a rival to the Saudi Government for rulership of Saudi Arabia?
The jewel in the crown for liberation leading to a snowfall of democracy in hell lasting for an hour or two would be Saudi Arabia itself. A long range goal perhaps yet a nation crying out for the egalitarianism of fundamentalist Islam-at least that appears to be the logical criteria of what fundamentally works amidst people of moderate to poor incomes living in the hotter regions of the planet.
The administration did come out in support of the no-right-to-work position in Michigan recently that would only allow duess paying members of a Democrat part supporting union work for the Michigan government-something like requiring that only dies paying communist party members could work for the Soviet Union, and that seems a flgrant violation of the concept of a government for, of and by the people wiithout requiring does-paying allegiance to anyone. 
The prosperous do seem to have a bent point of view of civil rights though now and then fundamentally failing to understand that civl rights are real as well as abstract. Equal protection of the law has a purpose-to let a citizen be secure in job opportunity, security and business negotiation on an equal basis with everyone else that is a citizen of the United States. Letting illegal aliens into the U.S.A. to work comprises the largest and most egregious violation of civil rights doing harm to the poor of the U.S.A. today. Illegal workers benefit the people they work for and displace the economic, social and lifestyle equal rights of the poor through their illegal entry that civil rights are supposed to protect.
With a Democrat Party moving more toward developing areas of historically traditional decadence such as legalized marijuana and homosexual marriage the existential live-for-the-moment arrogance of the amoral lets much practical public interest structuring go to hell. In 30 years when Asians surpass the United States economically and perhaps militarily as leftist propagandists proudly prophesied recently, perhaps the corrections of different forms of more disciplined fundamentalism will remove U.S. concerns about decadence or global warming. Its difficult to say. Its also difficult to discern what the logic of legal consistency is of the Obama administration.

Monday, December 10, 2012

The Phenomenal Language Meaning in Language Systems

Philosophy in Quinian logic terms of language meanings ought to regard itself as utilitarian I would think. Concepts and ideas expressed in language are phenomenal and have what truth-value in ontological relativity as they have. While the Universe(1) and supporting quantum phenomenalism may have deep Platonic forms that are unknown or unknowable in the human cognitive paradigm, philosophers are interested in that sort of thing anyway.

I am not an academic philosopher and have the idea that Darwinianism tends to be used with a politically correct mutually exclusive and exhaustive relationship with faith, the concept of a transcendent God and so forth. That isn't a very philosophical dialectic.

Solid-state quantum mechanical phenomena seem to have a temporal order and logical material change and evolution seems to be an implicit aspect of the existence of spacetime, mass and concatenated or interacting dimensions, yet that does not necessitate there being no deeper transcending explanation for the fact of mass than evolution as the end-for-itself.

If philosophy is constricted a little by the dogmatic political correctness of scientific Darwinism and cognitive scientific language it should be simple enough to be aware of Sartre's ideas about epistemology and the history of science nearly always becoming surpassed by deeper  knowledge making the past knowledge actually false or woefully incomplete.

 The humor of phenomenalism and constructions of ideas produced with mind is in the conservido being as valid as the libido in searching for eternal verities rather than going with the flow of a temporal social zeitgeist.

The Writer's Universe is Expanding Too

That's a good thing for individuals that like blogging about. If one has the time to write and put some intention on it the potential for compensation might be getting better.The writer's Universe seems to be expanding too.

This page has 26 sites that seem recent listings...

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The there are some of the more traditional sites...

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 Climbing the Cosmic Distance Ladder

The $20 Cardboard Bike for the Masses to Help Combat Global Warming

I like this idea quite a bit. Using new or recycled cardboard for the same use as melted metals could reduce global warming heat emissions.

A lightweight (20 lb.) cardboard bicycle invented by the Israeli inventor Izhar Gafni that he plans to sell for $20 when it eventually reaches the market seems like an especially good idea-concept headed in the right direction regarding renewability and eco-friendlyness.
Made from ordinary cardboard and glue the bike stylishly omits use of most metal required for usual bicycles. In production it will have no metal parts at all. Low-cost bikes for the second and third world, disposable bikes for American trans-continental trekkers, and perhaps sit-down three or four wheel bikes with a lightweight electric fuel cell wheel motor and a wind screen might bring cheaper personal transportation to billions.

The energy cost required for a cardboard bike ought to be less than that of a metal allow bike. If only there were a trans-continental network of bike paths the adventurous would have someplace to go more or less safely without concern of being squashed by a semi-truck on the side of the highway.

Michigan Set to Become a 'Right to Work' State

It should be unneccesary to say in the U.S.A. that an individual has a right to work without being a member of any organization. Yet Michigan will pass such a law evidently because some Unions have excluded American citizens from work based upon not paying dues to some organization. Organizational power has run amok in the U.S.A.-more so the large corporations than unions, but every little bit taken to defend the individual from the power of collectives is good.

Labor unions often take political stands and advocate the election of particular candidates or support particular platforms. It is wrong to compel any citizen to belong to a political activism organization with political goals they don't support. Some organizations these days are opposed to individual free speech on the Internet too as some language might be generally offensive to members of a special class.

It would be useful to limit the size of corporations to 3000 employees. A corporation needing more for a special project could find sub-contractors. Competition should increase in the corporate world and government power and size to stay up with large global corporate power would not be as challenged.

Unions cannot compensate for ineffective governance in the modern world. It is helpful to have a cohort of people supporting one in finding economic justice, and the government ought to defend the rights of citizens from experiencing unfair foreign labor competition arriving illegally in the U.S.A. Ironically it is the neo-socialist left Democrat constituency along with some of the wealthy that have supported illegal and cheap foreign migrant labor into the U.S.A. stimulating vicious labor competition and the general decline of labor union vitality. They have made their own unionism ineffective, yet they desire to receive the comfortable benefits of secure good-paying jobs to the last even as tens of millions of Americans are unemployed and can't  find work at all.

Higher Taxes Ahead to Pay for A Decade of Interminable Foreign Conflict?

I read a book by Lester Thurow-the economist in 1999 describing styles of national economic management. The Bush II administration fit the maint. method-largely uncreative and reliant upon military and natural resource extraction business and the war on terror has been profitable to bureaucrats and the extraction industries and military contractors. I think that's likely to continue for a while.

Negative interest rates for government auction of debt allowed the U.S. and U.K. to erase nearly  40% of public debt between the 1940s and 1970s. It's an odd concept for us non-economists, yet perhaps the quantitative easing does that. During the 40s to the 70s U.S. economic growth was more substantial than today however, and the public debt was nearly so large. Negative interest rates on auctioned government bonds purchased by the Fed (who else would do that?) might have long rang effects in other areas one would think.

Plainly not increasing taxes to pay for the Orwellian forever 'war' isn't historically a good idea. The public really hasn't felt the cost yet. I wonder if the female majority in the Democrat Party that are middle class have the slightest interest in having their taxes increase? In the future it may require a triple portion of taxation to pay for that trillion dollar a year in interest, for which the people will get nothing material in exchange by the end of the Obama administration.

If there are political consultants channeling F.D.R. to political leaders contemplating the federal budget it is possible that F.D.R. might whisper to them 'Cut taxes and economic growth will pay for two wars' yet in my opinion it's doubtful.

If a nation hasn't a good sense of direction or purpose it would find it difficult to lead. The New York Jets football time might be an illustrative example-as are the Philadelphia Eagles. Each team could probably do better if they had Tim Tebow and Michael Vick sharing the running quarterback role with an Adrian Peterson in the backfield too. The method of keeping a running Q.B. benched or playing them full time rather than half-time to recover from head butts and gut shots is just ineffective.

The U.S.A. probably needs to be an ecological restoration business leader rather than a global corporate outsourcer of its own national independence accompanied with a left agenda of making the rest of the world comfortable for a butch hegemony under corporate censorship of expression.