Friday, September 28, 2012

Some Nations Pass Limits on High-Speed Trading

With sixty-five percent of U.S. stock trading being high speed exchanges held for as little as a millionth of a second the financial and banking sector has gained the upper hand in skimming U.S. business for profit. Instead of corporations being purchased or selling stock to enhance production they are simply large chunks of capital that can be finessed for a quick buck. Several foreign nations and even the European Union have introduced legislative proposals to put a firewall in the deconstruction of business logic.

One wonders if even Mitt Romney as President would have the business skill to lead reforms that would set America on a course of reformed capitalism in favor of free enterprise. A New York Times article on the topic Thursday 27 September 2012 reported that Canada has already moved ahead and passed laws that will govern the 'dark pools' and exchanges a little better. 

In dark pools stock can be traded without being reported so long as its price is higher than that publicly listed. Obviously if positions are not held for even Five-hundred thousands of a second, but for a millionth of a second and sold to take advantage of the electronic fluctuations of the stock value the process might not only adversely affect stock trading because of the large quantities involved, put investor capital at risk too, but also provide a rationale for the investments that has no concern about making a more competitive widget at ACME Manufacturing but instead is simply exploitative.

One of the downsides of irrational in relation to the well-being of a target corporation high-speed super-computer guided quantitative trading by heavily capitalized Wall Street and foreign firms is that the world is viewed economically through different glasses than normal human beings with interests in economic stability and wherein a logic for progressive product inventions is implicitly a strong point of capitalism and free enterprise.

The United States will be at a serious disadvantage when it's manufacturing and corporate sectors are open for unrestricted-high speed quantitative trading while those of other nations including China are either entirely closed or in the processing of slowing down. The unemployed U.S. worker is simply a spectator in the volatile high-speed trading world, or would be if it weren't conducted in countless dark pools and thirteen exchanges in a time interval far faster than the blink of an eye.

The other two remedies for the problem of contemporary corporate impracticality regarding the well-being of the nation and for free enterprise competitive advantages is to limit the size of corporations to 5000 employees (quality over quantity and more corporations to compete) and limit the number of corporations anyone may invest in to three (in order to prevent networking of corporations that act monopolistically).

D.N.A. from Males May Stay With Mother and Womb-Sister's Brains for Decades

A recent report found that D.N.A. from male feotuses may remain in a mother's brain for decades in a phenomenal micro-chimeraism. One research study found that women with male children had a lower incidence of Alzheimer's disease by more than one-third. The role that the feotal D.N.A. may play isn't known and neither is the way it might interact with the D.N.A. of the host.
Sisters that shared a womb with a brother also receive male D.N.A. enhancement. One might wonder what effect multiple marriages and children from different fathers might have upon a mother with D.N.A. contributions from several men in her brain. Their might have been a physical reason why Christian marriage traditions are less confusing for society coinciding with the spiritual.
The natural temporal recombinant D.N.A. presents several new avenues for research both good and bad as is usual with things biological. One might wonder if contract of D.N.A. & R.N.A. viruses in Africa and elsewhere in tourists (as was the case with a 2008 incidence of Marburg virus when two Dutch tourists visited a Ugandan bat cave and one became infected) allows viruses to evolve with recombinations derived from interaction with their host's  genetic endowments.
The post-birth phenomenon of D.N.A. changes in human brains through sexual reproduction presents the interesting prospect that heterosexual marriage is a way the human species was brought into a closer social balance.

Revisiting Nuclear War Videos and Iran/Moslem Bomb v. Israel Themes

With Mr. Nuclear Development from Iran visiting the U.N. recently and with the topic of its nearing completion of nuclear bomb material I thought I would use the opportunity to re-examine video on nuclear war.
In theory global warming and nuclear war each could cause the end of humankind. One needs to offer thanks to the global elites that provide such political opportunities liberally.
There are so many nuke related videos uploaded to the Internet that it would take more time than I am willing to invest in nuclear war to survey that topic accurately. Ahmadinijab; Israel Will Be Destroyed Soon U.S  & Israel Launch Air Attacks on Iranian Nuclear Weapons Sites and Teheran    Israel U.S. & Iran Nuclear War Immanent Iran vs. Israel Defense Technologies How the World Would Look After Nuclear War    Israel U.S. & Iran Nuclear War Ahmadinijab Harsh Toward Israel

Computer Generated Image of Future Milky Way vs. Andromeda Clash

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

President Obama Plans Liberal Public Debt

In American history vast debt wasn't built except in times of war followed by quick repayment. In recent times though the President has trained Americans to accept a trillion dollars of new debt to finance the economy as if it was nothing-just a bump in the road. It is remarkable that much of the electorate accepts those new trillions of public debt and excess printing of dollars at the federal reserve to buy U.S.bonds as if it were nothing real. Perhaps it is a drugged generation replete with economically illiterate voters that prefer economic doom to a balanced budget.

 "Projected and Recent US Federal Debt Numbers
Gross Federal DebtDebt Held by Public
FY 2013*$17.5 trillion$10.6 trillion
FY 2012*$16.4 trillion$9.7 trillion
FY 2011$14.8 trillion$8.5 trillion
FY 2010$13.5 trillion$8.2 trillion
FY 2009$11.9 trillion$6.8 trillion
FY 2008$10.0 trillion$5.3 trillion"

hart credit:

According to some present polls Ohioans and some other 'swinging' states seem inclined to reject adult supervision and vote for the Obama charge it plan another four years. A Romney-Ryan budget cutting coupled with modest tax increases on the middle class and substantial ones on the rich would be the reasonable way to arrest the slide down the slippery slope to economic collapse. The fiscal cliff at the end of the year is the Presidential vote: if the voters reaffirm Obama the decline of U.S. economic solvency seems probable.
I have no idea why Americans would gamble with America's future. Maybe they haven't suffered enough economically to not believe prosperity isn't dumped. Perhaps Obama will create a class conflict between rich and everyone else and redistribute wealth to pay down the debt his final year or simply liquidate it with a pen ala V.I. Lenin, it is certain that a moderate, rational course for the nation is not in the plans for an Obama led government unable to bring both parties toward the enlightened goal of no public debt.
image credit:
President Reagan built up a substantial amount of public debt (to the previously unheard some of 5.3 trillion dollars) atop President Carter's debt of somewhere around 2 trillion. Yet President Reagan had the double goals of bringing the nation out of the post-Vietnam war slump as well as ending the cold war with Russia. He was a radical amongst his peers in believing that all nuclear weapons could be eliminated. Building a 500 ship navy and the U.S. Stealth fighter and bomber programs along with S.D.I. were part of that goal. He was successful in ending the cold war at least working well with President Gorbachev. President Obama has no excuse of equal substance. The U.S. economic crisis is a result of the government's own failure of economic creativity and leadership. Another President should be given a chance to solve that.
image credit:
A healthy U.S. economy without significant public debt is a much happier environment than one with waves of escalating public debt crisis. Some fault Romney for not being an outspoken environmental reformer, yet in the Republican Party it would be difficult to get nominated much less elected if one were. As a sober-for-life non-drug using, non-smoking proven business organizer Romney presents a far better prospect for leading the U.S. economy in a better direction without the crevices and pitfalls of recession or currency collapse.
With the best spin the media can put on it the U.SW. economy still is sick. The national unemployment rate is more than 8% and the underemployed and discouraged job seekers if counted make the rate more than 15%.  Jobs are still being outsourced and illegal labor from Mexico still floods the southern states. It is possible that the dollar may collapse or a war with Iran disrupting Persian Gulf oil may occur and the President has failed to wrap up the war in Afghanistan and secure a strong state for our former Northern Alliance allies. Of course the President seems to be clueless on the concept of ecological economics. 100 million will die from climate change by 2030 
Re-electing a Chicago lawyer with a dismal first term to a second may make some feel good about not rejecting the black man from political victory. Putting the national interests a distand second to race relations is a bad criteria for selecting a President to crisis leadership. Perhaps the Democrat voters except the Republican to come up with an even better candidate in 2016 to rescue the nation from more than 21 trillion dollars of debt and global economic crisis. I think that is unreasonable.
If the worst-case scenario develops and President Obama is re-elected it may be difficult to bring that future economy out of crisis. Serious, drastic federal budget cuts may be required and the environment will be the first casualty. That isn't even the worst case scenario. When a people prefer economic failure to success and work towards that end, they unremarkably, may achieve it.
Dollars have less value now than in 1960. In 1960 the U.S.A. still was on the gold standard, and it was about 32 dollars an ounce as opposed to today's $1751 per ounce.

The interest on the debt is scalable too-and that's the problem. The debt is increasing more than a trillion a year-and those are real trillions. It is also unrealistic to believe that economic growth will return to levels such that with tax cuts revenues would increase enough to even balance the federal budget-amazingly the Obama administration uses voodoo supply side economic theories themselves to paint an optimistic picture-and that's bunk.

The United States' economy is more financial than materially productive increasingly and its essential way of increasing productivity and profits is to gouge people here and abroad. The material needs increase for the economy with increased consumption isn't likely to rise anywhere near enough to make economic growth more than 3 or 4%-we are not an undeveloped nation and the poor are increasing rather than decreasing.
Google's self-driven car technology is anticipated to be a normal state for most U.S. cars by 2040. If so Americans will buy fewer cars because if a car can drive 24 hours a day instead of sitting overnight in someone's garage it would be a waste to not share it. Probably taxi and truck driver jobs will be eliminated while car pooling will mean that maybe 30 people will time-share ownership of 15 cars that will with computer scheduling arrive when they are needed, drop off the passengers and move on.

Americans like to drive and will hate being chauffered by computer brains. That may induce them to finally make an electro-magnetic mass HIGH-SPEED TUBE technology for individuals to be flung about at 500 m.p.h generally.

Hubble S.T.I. Presents Farthest View of Universe Known

Hubble astronomers used ten years of Hubble space telescope images to present their farthest view of light of the Universe. The image is of the way a portion of it probably appeared 13.2 billion years ago. The Universe (1) is in theory 13.7 billion years old, yet actually it may be just a membrane that was bumped by another within a field of infinite membranes with some dimensions. The bump, jar, or word of God to begin vibrated the skin like a drummer setting the hyper-expansion to motion eventually cooling down into particles and collapsing under gravity to comprise a Universe of matter.

Of course their are numerous details. Within the infinite and incomprehensible acts of God every possible form and shape for a membrane might exist. The time is entirely subjective to the relative phenomenon- like world time zones local conditions may vary. Its a good picture. All of that potential matter was unpacked rather quickly at the beginning, yet it was a process started then. The Universe field that is rather deterministic followed and inertially continues to this day.
image credit-Hubble Space Telescope Institute-Xtreme Deep Field

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

China's Foxconn Riots Prove Universal Management Failure to Understand Workers

Labor issues are a perennial concern of workers even in the socialist people's paradise of China. Riots at a large electronics firm by thousands of migrant workers underscore the failure of management to comprehend the challenges workers experience historically. Plainly management needs a systems analyst seeking to positively understand what workers want not only in roilsome Chinese factories but in U.S. factories as well.
The Obama administration and National Democrat Party have taken essentially adversarial positions to labor in the United States reinforcing importation of cheap illegal labor from Mexico by failing to support adequate Mexican border control. The gentrification of the Democrat Party is an anti-labor position. Many of its remaining union members are high wage unions even of bureaucrats in government. Those people often have no interest in real material work and instead occupy positions for which they negotiate leverage of power as well as earnings.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Mecca's Haj An Exchange for Global Illness?

A new SARS-family disease has appeared in a man hospitalized in London. The man is a Saudi Arabian and the second fellow to present the disease that has not been seen before. I hadn't given it a thought before, yet the annual haj or journey to Mecca by millions of globalist Moslems is an excellent vector for mixing and spreading communicable disease to the world.
With the use of designer viruses as weapons for mass destruction the annual haj to Mecca by millions of Moslems from every nation has the potential for being a local for distributing new lethal illnesses to the nations of the world. It would be better if people could invest more in solar and Thorium fission development technology and use effective prophylaxes on the sojourners on the haj.

Probabilities and Dimensions (a poem)

A world set with troubles
given unto created beings with things
like clouds and rain, dreams and plains
rumbling, crumbling across the first person narrative of experience
amidst buildings and ossified constructions
dumped upon nature's destruction
that too few understand
with galactic lenses of several dimensions
shaping gravity's paradox
that it works at the speed of light as if it were massless
like a photon following curved space-time
through four dimensions held together a little

As a field with variegated contents of probability entanglements
Universe (1) is a net without a cause
for plausibility enough waterfalls flow
somewhere with time this place one knows
given a few of infinite dimensions
restricted to hues of mathematical uncertainties changing
forms of orbital selections
viewed from Earth.

Lawyer's Arguments vs Businessman's Ideas Presidential Race

President Obama pledged to stop the sea level from rising. he also pledged to close down the Guantanamo Bay torture facility. Has he accomplished either of those tasks? He claims to have ended the war in Iraq yet everyone knows that  G.W. Bush really did the heavy lifting on that before he left office; President Obama merely takes the credit. The war in Afghanistan-a war President Obama wanted to invest in, seems muddled and its future uncertain. He has created a weird future in North Africa and the Middle East that has stimulated local terrorist organization and war development, let Iran continue to develop its nuclear weapons program and fundamentally left a mess for the next President to stabilize.

I have no belief at all that the catastrophic economic circumstance currently exacerbated by the Obama administration has one cause alone, unless it be something general such as 'money is the root of all evil' etc.

President Obama has allowed more jobs to be lost than created in his first term. He plans to add at least 4 trillion additional dollars of public debt saddling youth with 40 to 80 years of future public debt repayments.
I would not find that generalities regarding the behavorial psychology of politically oriented people-whatever that is-is a meaningful area for consideration. I think that Skinnerianism regarding organic physics are rather vague and too malleable toward creative fiction writing at higher-level thought-constructed activity.
I suppose that one may have a belief that  sub-conscious political latency of the Democrat party to believe in archetypes of political mythos might be juxtaposed with economic quantitative easing psychology of the Federal Reserve to conserve the deepening of the national debt to an appropriate holistic portrait of the political leader as a inspirational figure...yet I don't.
Even so, the U.S. public debt of something less than 17 trillion dollars would require 34 years to pay off with just a half trillion a year in payments from the public. of course, they also have three quarters of a trillion dollars a year in present interest to pay, so they would have to pay something like 1.25 trillion dollars the next 34 years (a little less as the interest payments on the principle decrease with the principle). If the Obama administration has a second term it will increase the public debt to more than 20 trillion dollars if his planning goes ahead.
The  lawyer's approach of arguing vaguely for losing causing in order to take the office and its benefits instead of doing constructive work on the economy is an Obama-Clinton trait. Yet their way of deregulating the economy, cutting taxes (Obama claims to have provided tax cuts to the middle class) and allowing tens of millions of illegal border crossings of cheap labor migrants (each have used some of these economic errors) is destructive to vital U.S. interests and full employment prospects.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Autumn Equinox in Several Hours

The center of the sun will pass over the Earth's equator (relatively speaking) within the next 24 hours heralding the end of summer for the northern hemisphere. It is to survive the cooler six months ahead that some wildlife have put on a little extra weight. The Autumnal equinox has an opposite equinox in spring named the vernal equinox.

I was reading an interesting book recently with figures such as Tycho Brahe, Copernicus, Keplar, Galileo, Cassini and others notable for developing astronomy science and found a term called the Aries or Zero point.The ecliptic intersects the celestial equator. That happens in vernal equinox when the sun returns north. The Aries point is used to measure a year a little more accurately than a calender year.

There is a star 65 light years from Earth named Alpha Arietis believed to have a planet orbiting it. That is just a coincidence with the Aries or Zero point used by astronomers.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Adam, Eve and Pre-History

I wanted to write a note on the topic of Adam and Eve in history followed by the flood story. People have difficulties with those as history sometimes, tending to want to compare them with scientific paradigms, yet that can be a mistake.
The Bible may have several meanings for different people at different times-it was inspired by God who is more capable than humans at arranging meanings, Universes, dimensions and space-time.
It is well known that the Sahara desert and Saudi Empty Quarter were verdant gardens before the end of the last ice age. That's probably where Adam and Eve were located in a paradise in comparison to much of the rest of the world. If they were in Iraq someplace that was a paradise during the ice age moving south when it became a wasteland to live on the dry seafloor of today's Persian Gulf would have been natural.
Their story made it through the thousands of years into history. Its probably the earliest actual human history that remains in existence.
Adam and Eve were fully human of course. It is difficult to say what their age was. That period spans the transition for homo sapiens into the fully modern status. When the ice age ended and they were locked out of paradise by four cherubim of space-time dimensions that guard the temporal order because it became a desert they wandered to a better place and moved about the middle east and elsewhere probably parallel to various dispersion theories of anthropology. Some of those people founded the first human civilization on the seafloor of the Persian Gulf when it was dry perhaps as early as 10,000-20,000 years ago.
The Persian Gulf sea level has risen 200 feet since them drowning out that first mud-brick proto-civilization of decadent individuals except for N.O.A.A. and his family plus representatives of many of the animals that lived in the area before it was cut off by rising waters and submerged. N.O.A.A. wisely heeded God's warning about a flood-perhaps the first Global Warming warning given unto human kind in the civilized era.
The late historian Arnold Toynbee speculated the Cain represented land tillers and black smiths who killed the goat herding 'Able's of the unbroken for agriculture lands-they were naturally at odds with one another regarding land use.
Eating of the tree of knowledge was an original 'sin' that enabled (or doomed) humans to survive outside paradise. The historical coincidence with the pre-history of humanity is obvious
The mark of Cain would identify him as a blacksmith as he brought the farming and weapons technology to various cultures of the ancient world Those cultures were hunter gatherers and pre-metal tool culltures-it would have been quite a change, yet it might even refer to stone and wood plows pulled by oxen-what a radical innovation!
The maybe most people were descended from the Sahara-Empty Quarter Adam and Eve in paradise era that remain alive today. All of those other near-human primates were killed off-maybe 'Cain's influence did it.

Wireless Electric Car Technological Development Should Get Priority in the Sunbelt

Innovations on charging electric vehicle batteries with wireless technology has been proceeded for several years. With gaps between surfaces of as much as 12 centimeters recharging of buses in Korea was achieved. MTC TEchnology's Evatran in 2010 is said to have developed a plugless electric vehicle recharging system. One hopes the U.S. Government is funding serious research into making major southern urban highways wireless electric vehicle recharging loops as are the Koreans.
When electric cars can draw power from cables under the road surface they need not have batteries so large to get around. Weight and cost of e.v.'s could drop.
The Korean development program is named the Online Electric Vehicle

Avast!-Bread, Circuses & Public Debt Develops Imperialism

The ancient Roman Empire was famous for providing bread and circuses and public sports spectacles to keep the plebeians happy. Those 'democrats' that were Roman citizens moved into the City and were restive without free bread, gladiator and boat shows, chariot races around the forum and so forth. They didn't have useful work and many jobs were outsourced to foreign colonies while cheap labor'-slaves-worked the farms.

With a Caesar on their side for a time the plebeians had no concern about a restored Republic with those unpleasant Senators and upper class keeping them down. Foreign soldiers were employed to serve in their stead. It worked reasonably well for a time yet of course Constantine eventual moved the Empire east to Byzantion and the Byzantine Empire grew to survive until the 15th century.

The Byzantine rulers were noted for treachery in achieving power. It was quite a bloody succession and losers were often blinded and perhaps set upon a donkey in the countryside. The maxim that location is everything worked for Constantinople. It wasn't really until a crusade-sacked Constantinople and mobile cannon on ships developed that the City really became vulnerable to conquest by the pushing Moslem power of Asia Minor.

The United States today has good location, food stamps for 47 million, outsourced jobs and vastly increasing public debt. By then end of another Obama term the interest each year on the public debt would be more than a trillion dollars. Here is what is wrong with the nation...

The Democrat Party is no longer a responsible majority party as it was after 1929-30 until the end of the Carter administration. It has developed a tax the rich and provide benefits to the middle class psychology. A two-term Obama administration would add more than 10 trillion dollars of public debt-and that may be a little too much for a 2016 Republican President to correct.

The Democrat Party under Obama has moved further toward a dialectical Marxist opposite status to the very rich as if they expect an evolutionary clash to develop to synthesize John Lenin's own brand of godless New World Order. The Republican Party has always had its ideological purists (a.k.a. extremists) advocating for the concentration of wealth. Democrats cannot expect them to become the former Democratic moderates advocating for fair tax rates, no public debt and full employment. Democratic Presidents took up that task from Roosevelt to Carter and even Dwight Eisenhower followed that line. After President Reagan's style of conservatism President Clinton agitated to end Glass-Steagle and signed off on that in 1999 throwing middle class mortgages into the rough ministrations of British and other alien political-economic powers. The Democrat leadership pimping of U.S. middle class economic interests let radical deregulation go ahead and handed the nation to the world's financial sharks on a platter.

Without an economically realistic Democrat Party with theoretical support for directing the economy toward full employment concurrent with deficit elimination, secure borders and protection for the U.S. labor force the national drift toward insolvency and possible economic collapse with unmanageable, vampiristic public interest on the national debt payments the nation actually is drifting toward the classical imperialistic transition in order than none besides the ruler will have actual financial accountability.
Some argue that too much regulation is the problem for U.S. business. The problem is actually not enough good regulations and too many ineffective regulations. Quality rather than quantity is the challenge for good government.

If one compares the ruling classes of Tsarist and Communist Russia there isn't so much difference in the way the upper echelons repressed free speech. A global corporate bureaucracy also represses free speech. One cannot imagine an Exxon or Shell employee lasting long if they advocated against fossil fuel politically and for alternative energy.
The Roman Republic and The Roman Empire differed. The Roman Republic grew 7000 years and the Roman Empire was in decline generally. The Empire brought a steady decline with rampant corruption. If one reads Suetonius and Plutarch the sordid lives of the Emperors are recounted.

Bread and circuses bought public support for incompetent political management (#1).

Caesar, the first Emperor got and built the empire at it's height. He was a little like Dwight D. Eisenhower followed by a line of poor leaders with an occasional Reagan or Nixon thrown in to arrest decline for a while.

After Caesar the expanse of the empire sort of stayed the same with Octavian-Augustus and Tiberius I seem to recall. Then it began its long slow period of decline.

Constantine moved the capitol effectively to Byzantium in 316. Rome itself was sacked by Alaric and the Goths in the 4th century. As an empire then, Rome lasted barely three centuries during a time of decline and troubles. It was beset with invasions and defeats even by Attilla and the Huns in the 3rd century.

The Eastern Roman Empire ruled by Justinian had famines and such-and that Emperor sent a fortune trying to hold the lands of the former unified Empire together without luck. The Byzantine Empire lost land for centuries to the Moslems and others yet they had such an excellent fortress site on the Dardanelles they could hold on behind two excellent defensive walls and water barriers for a thousand years. The United States cannot even defend its Mexican border against illegal Mexican migrants and foreign terrorists smuggling whatever they like to cache for later use.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Few Good Brief Videos Worth Viewing

Here are a few good, brief videos. I ought to stipulate that I am a Christian with a philosophical interest and haven't any trouble with contemporary cosmology theory and Biblical history simultaneously. Who Wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls
image credit:  Philippe_de_Champaigne 1644
File:L' Annonciation de 1644, Philippe de Champaigne..jpg

Monday, September 17, 2012

Leaky U.S. Economy Needs Patches & Reforms/Glass Steagle Repeal Explained/Bill Clinton Admits Mistakes

The leaky U..S.  economy needs many patches and reforms if the long slow drain is to stop and  reversed. There are several issues needed to seal up the national hull-not just bilge pumping with deficit spending hoping to pump prime and stay afloat. Neither party seems interested in using the tough reality choice required to pay down federal debt, fully employ American citizens, secure national defense at a reasonable cost and halt the environmental decay.

The Obama administration in the first term seemed just to ignore fixing the problems and instead deficit spend and provide relief to the poor and unemployed through welfare programs that deny hope for employment. The prosperity of employed middle class voters is good enough and problems of the future are too far distant to be concerned about now.
The middle class should want to be responsible and pay higher taxes while demanding more political control over the Washington D.C. politicians. They should be a moral majority and not seek to be rely on the rich paying taxes for them. Just because they are lucky enough to be well off middle class voters they cannot abandon responsibility politically or solid taxation either-that sort of political posture results in eventual rule by dictatorship, royalty, commune elite central committee or Emperor.
U.S. jobs continue to hemorrhage and there is no real plan to fix that, secure the U.S. border against dumped cheap immigrant labor, pay off the federal debt and stop paying 3/4 a trillion annually on interest, save the environment against mass extinction and global warming etc. The major political parties represent constituents incapable of objectively comprehending the real world or perhaps they don't care about it.
Government must help to adjust social value theory and point out that real values can differ from present social values-it can be worth more to eliminate atmospheric greenhouse gasses and possible mass disaster than to own an SUV for instance. Well, the problems of the commons with wrong value theory ideas is for another essay.
There are fundamentally five bills that could be legislated and signed into law that would immediately begin to restore the slippery slope of national decline.
One-let the Bush era tax cuts expire and in the future cut taxes from the bottom up reducing poverty directly. Every welfare recipient that can be employed cuts out reliance on social security, medicare, food stamps and so forth savings 10 to 20 thousand dollars per individual-and they would  even  pay taxes.
Two-create incentives for employers to hire the longest unemployed first and incentives to really go  green and national with least entropy causality for most quantitative production. Make manufacturing more like human intelligence that develops ideas that make use of mass & energy models a priori efficient structures.
The human brain in a dream state can produce an almost live high-resolution color video with sound and tactile senses thrown in-imagine what kind of computer program would be required to make a comparable spontaneous creation-and the human brain does that without even thinking about it! Human thought should be better utilized at the social and political levels to move America in the right direction.
Three- Halt all illegal alien immigration that trashes the labor wage values market. Build  a mile wide border control zone with Mexico using berms, ditches, salt water for desalinization evaporation canals (condensing the fresh water) and so forth that would serve as a wildlife refuge as well. Create jobs, fresh water and wildlife habitat while securing the border against all illegal entry off-the-road.
Four- Restore the Glass Steagle act's purpose and defend U.S. home mortgages against global takeover. AS it is, the reason so many homes mortgages are being purchased is that deep pocket investor groups are buying up the distressed housing. History of Glass Steagle Act repeal explained Bill Clinton admits he made mistakes on deregulation
Five-cut defense spending and other federal spending where possible. The Chinese military threat is more of a future than a present danger, and spending much on equipment today that will be obsolete then isn't a first-rate concept.
Afghanistan policy should change so that the Northern Alliance forces are given a homeland there with U.S. support. Outside that area there would be a voluntary association region that would receive some U.S. assistance if  they wanted to be confederated with the Northern Alliance led Afghan state. The Northern Alliance would work with those Sunni tribal elements of dubious loyalty to Barrack Obama and the gay-friendly U.S. military, and U.S. military forces would not. The U.S. would help defend the Northern Alliance Afghanistan when it wanted help.
It seems unreasonable to believe that Afghanistan would become a strong independent state without an extremist jihadi presence-especially without direct U.S. military and civil support in 2015. Proflligate military spending on unsustainable objectives is not good economic sense.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Clinton Foundation for 2008-9 Home Mortgage Delinquency & Default Crisis

The deregulation measures signed in to law by President Bill Clinton enabled the era of home mortgage delinquency and default that hit with a vengeance in 2009. The Clinton administration inherited a nation with fewer than 1% home mortgage delinquency of more than 90 days,  yet when the mortgage crash arrived in 2008-9 the home mortgage default rate rose to more than 10% and better than 46% of home mortgages lost significant value. How did that history of home mortgage delinquency arrive? Who Killed Glass-Steagle

President Clinton sign into law a measure that allowed mortgages to be traded like commodities. That was a devastating corruption  of the more direct relationship between home mortgages by a single owner and a lender. It supported the inflation of a housing market wherein homes were built for speculation and profit as commodities with share derivatives sold globally.
During the Clinton years the C.I.A. continue to have its field ops division gutted as it had since the Colby downsizing. It was blind to the Islamic terror threat and ineffectively concerned itself with traditional threats. Additionally the Clinton administration downsized the military and allowed the sanctions on Iraq to fester while also neglecting Afghanistan following the Soviet era. An ethos of Elvis and greed developed with boomer empowered irresponsibility. The home mortgage flim flam foundation was set as a virtue.
It wasn't simply wealthy corporate banks and quantitative high rollers that stimulated the home mortgage expansion, the middle class seeking to take advantage of a home mortgage rise in prices borrowed and leveraged home mortgage purchases too as a way to safely increase their wealth. Many middle class Americans bought several houses because they could. Developers could borrow to build many home not for individual home owners with a directly financed mortgage from a local bank, but on speculation with global financing. Derivatives swaps and insurance of derivatives proceeded to fuel the housing construction for future buyers and under-qualified purchasers in many cases.
Fundamentally the Obama administration hasn't done anything to prevent recurrence of another home mortgage boom and bust should the economy recover a little. Its not the 60's housing expansion that occurred because individual Americans with larger families actually had jobs a needed a single home for themselves and family. In the present deregulated mortgage environment with global financing getting anyone to agree to occupy a home and take legal responsibility for paying the mortgage is all many people require to take their cut even if the money to pay off the mortgage won't be there down the road. In some cases the illegal aliens that are imported cheap labor to build a significant portion of homes and are sometimes the home owner too will just walk out and return to Baja or Cancun in a few years.
President Bush's war in Iraq and protracted nation rebuilding was a stress test on the U.S. economy that it failed. Sure the Iraq reconstruction was badly planned and quite expensive yet a healthy regulated U.S. economy would have survived without recession. The ethic of  middle-class greed to become millionaires and billionaires is the unaccredited engine driving the Wall Street bunk. The greed nicely provides smoke and mirrors for the corrupt sharks thriving in a deregulated home mortgage environment. It allows Wall Street globalization and deconstruction of  U.S. economic independence while transitioning into abstract international control. 
The lawyers that are Democrat President just don't seem competent at economic management and mostly just benefit themselves while leaving the poor and the electorate holding the bag. 

Saturday, September 15, 2012

'Innocence of Islam'' , 'The Life of Bryan' and other Controversial Video

The 15 minute YouTube video that Secretary Clinton dissed named 'Innocence of Islam' isn't a good video for Moslems to watch. It can drive some of them into a frenzy. For those that aren't Muslims its somewhat humorous in the Three Stooges sort of way-imagine an immoral Moe as Muhammad with some perverted followers in some really beautiful desert settings upon which the feet of the actors barely seem to touch and one has the gist of the video.
Making low-cost video is a challenging task. Beside the anti-Mohammad content, the production of even 15 minutes of high-quality material is difficult for non-studio people to afford. Some of the regular film studios with deep pockets might not appreciate the independent video competition-yet video orthodoxy is politically a follower of social and political trends except perhaps in the Moslem world or various dictatorships here and their.
One of the reasons that the Moslem creed disapproves of images of the orphaned son of the keeper of the pagan idols in Mecca who invented a religion better than those of Mecca's pagan pantheon at the time is for its value in keeping control of the masses then and now. The point is somewhat of a litmus test for social liberty and of the right of people to express criticism of political and religious leadership that can  be the same.
The beginning of 'The Innocence of Islam' has a horde of Islamists stampeding through the streets crazed with rage to kill some Christian dentist's family. Its a good action scene rather better than the start of James Bond movies or even Star Wars though the action soon transitions following a tragic killing in passing to a comedy Ralph Edwards style 'this is your life' Muhammad' montage of scenes of his life.
Video production by amateurs isn't that rewarding either. Though I saw the video when only 4 million others had watched, it probably takes a million views to earn a few hundred dollars at You Tube. It is possible to imagine a series of politically incorrect history videos something like 'Innocence of Islam' featuring historical personages of yore.  Montie Python's The Flying Circus  put out 'The Life of Bryan' with the 'blessed are the cheesemakers for they shall have cheese'  irreverence sort of thing  yet the cost of producing quality free videos is probably prohibitive.
Charlie Chaplin's 'The Little Dictator?' was of the genre, as were Marx brothers films,  yet the Moslem world should not expect to be above the rest of humanity and exempt from public opinion. Applying gangster 'correction 'by the sword to art and political expression is simply evil-yet that was one of the points of 'The Innocence of Islam'.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Printing More Money at Federal Reserve to Compensate 4 Presidential Economic Leadership Failure

More than 55 million Americans are receiving social security benefits now, and 847 thousand Americans dropped out of the active job search last weak discouraged by the dismal job prospects. The national unemployment rate is still higher than 8% and more than 15% of active job seekers are underemployed or unemployed. The Obama economic recovery was given the morning after abortion drug following the Trillion dollar 2009 stimulus and has been stagnant since.
According to polls the nation seems not to have noticed or to care enough to elect a different President.
Millions of discouraged Americans have stopped looking for work-many of the very educated older workers. That premature exit creates a domestic brain drain from the boomers that isn't readily replaceable-certainly not by millions of illegal aliens taking all of the free enterprise labor jobs across the U.S.A. or even by Gen X-ers with less experience in a variety of fields and with fewer numbers.
Moving experienced, educated workers onto the welfare rolls instead of back in to a healthy economy make create a protracted international competitiveness disadvantage for the U.S.A. Yet if one can watch reality difference some may think, what difference can reality make? A protracted national debt crisis along with global warming may be simply two interesting points to consider if there isn't anything to watch on T.V.

Shoot First-Aim Later With Fiber Optics Guidance Control-The Obama-Clinton Apologies for Free Speech

In the distant past direct fire weapons required an initial aim accurately placed to make contact with a targeted objected. That slow response time meant that firing quickly to defend against an initial attacker might need to be a secondary object before finding safety from for instance, from an opposition force Army tank. For several decades though it has been possible to shoot quickly and aim later via a fiber optic cable trailing from a missile or torpedo more recently.

A defender can shoot on recognition of tank attack, dive to cover and aim the missile enroute from a safer spot.

I mention this topic because of the President's bizarre comment about Mitt Romney's comment that administration apologies for free speech including videos isn't a good idea. The President and Secretary of State Clinton have been falling all over themselves making apologies about the quality of some video that depicted the historical figure Mohammed.
Videos are no more than bits of digital data with whatever information content is placed in them. People have a right to express that content so long as they remain within lawful criteria.
It is silly for the Moslem world to believe that Muhammad can't be portrayed in videos or pictures. If one is making a video about the Moslem conquest of the middle east it would be idiotic to portray Muhammad with an empty saddle upon a horse directing itself in battle. Muhammad was one of the more egregious military conquerors of history, and his father was keeper of the Ka'aba and other pagan items at Mecca, so pagan scenes before his enlightenment and bloody or sex scenes with enemies and bevies of women respectively is just part of reality.
Surprisingly even Moses had another women besides Jochebed (an Ethiopian woman named Zipporah) I seem to remember reading in Numbers.
If Moslems are to exist in a modern world then like the American homosexual community they will need to learn to tolerate free speech that does not make personal attacks on living people or try to organize criminal acts. Videos are one means of advancing human intelligence-especially philosophy videos. If there are billlions of semi-literate people in the world expecting to use violence or economic sanctions to repress or extirpate individual free enterprise and individual free speech they need enlightenment. The practical way to accomplish that is with free speech.
Secretary of State Clinton and President Obama should apologize to the people of the United States for creating bad foreign policy, unwillingness to defend free speech adequately or to explain it to the Moslem world, poor defense of U.S. Embassies on 9-11, keeping the unemployment rate over 8% for several years, downsizing the U.S. labor force, building up public debt to 16 trillion dollars, printing out money at the Treasury to compensate for bad economic leadership, motivating millions to quite looking for a job, failing to halt illegal immigration at the U.S. borders and so forth.
There are innumerable things for Sect. of State Clinton and President Obama to apologize for,  yet none of those things should be free speech or its expression in videos.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Why Quantum Entanglement Can Send Data Faster-Than-Light (an unscientific theory)

Recently I have been working a little on a revision of a novel project named 'Temporal Cross Currents' and tossed in a comment about quantum entanglement of photons and why they appear to exchange information faster than light. I used a dialogue between to characters to discuss the point.
Not being a physicist I can only guess with some logic about those things of the quantum world. Maybe the field containing the Higgs and other fields is an extra dimension turned sideways to the four dimensions of this Universe so everything from this Universe just travels across that extra dimension's thin edge seemingly instantly for us. That dimension would be like a 'T' intersecting this 4 dimensional universe. There are probably better ideas than that, and another one or two are mentioned in the brief dialogue. I believe multi-dimensional membrane theory is a little lake that above.
"Rafaela shared her belief; 'Quantum computing has one significant drawback Patrick. Shannon entropy and conservation of energy principles apply to the quantum world. Quantum entanglement excludes non-deterministic potential of other quanta. There is no infinite supply of potential quanta that are undetermined-only an infinite potential state of being regarding location and state. When particles are entangled and observed they leave a footprint of determinism in the potential for all possible particle locations. It is a minor wave in the unified quantum field that can be inferred with the quantum field itself."
Hey that's great Rafaela, I said. You ought to try the pastrami and rye sandwiches here sometimes-now those are really hot!
You know that entangled quantum particles seem to us to share information faster than the speed of light because their foundation is in a field that hasn't time characteristics of the macro-physical universe. The information of entangled fundamental particles is pinned together and that doesn't change with their space apart in the macro-dimension Universe (1) time field. Another way of looking at it is that quantum particles have a fundamental association in another dimensions without the same time values as the four ordinary dimensions of space-time in Universe (1)."