Friday, August 31, 2012

First Obama Term Shy on Economic Reformation, Leadership, Progress

President Obama's first term spent the Democratic majority in the House and Senate for a mess of pottage; the preeminent legislative action to reform the economy and to offer incentives to make more competition in the business of electric cars just did not happen. In fact the recent executive order to increase the m.p.g. for U.S. cars will extend the fossil fuel/CO2/funding of foreign terrorist/destruction of the ecosphere policies of the past.
It is well known that the oil-gas industry has U.S. politicians in their pocket. The President hasn't meaningfully changed that position a little. If the Congress had set a 4 dollar a gallon minimum price for gasoline into law-adding tax to raise the price to 4 dollars when it drops below that then the power of business competition and research to put out electric cars that are affordable and work for fewer dollars per gallon would have gone ahead with the assurance that the oil industry would not just drop the price of gas again to make the electric vehicle investments unprofitable.
The oil industry should not have it's depletion allowance continued, and the wind and solar collector developers should have a ten-year very low tax rate and tax credit to promote innovation and drop the costs to consumers. The Obama administration squandered its opportunities to bring new ideas to the Congress and instead pursued a homosexual hegemony and middle class medical benefits while failing to reform Wall Street meaningfully too.
The administration has failed to cut military spending significantly, its has relied on Fed Chief Bernanke to buy U.S. bonds, debase the dollar a little and just print money to prop up a weak economy ill-founded upon a global skimming system on Wall Street that it failed to reform. It spent a trillion dollars on a job stimulus that created worker for government workers and favorite contractors of Chicago and elsewhere and did little for the private sector. It plans to spend add a trillion dollars a year of deficit spending to reach the goal of 26 trillion dollars of public debt within a decade.
One recalls when President Kennedy has a 50-mile hike program for the nation, and when a man was to land on the moon within a decade and Neil Armstrong achieved that goal. With some economic legislation to strengthen the competition of the alternate energy sector and with a space program that would develop electro-magnetic launchers for easy orbital access a moon research base could be constructed. With better home zoning smaller, more secure and energy independent homes could be the norm for the U.S.A.
With a better understanding of terrorism in Indonesia. Malaysia, Pakistan, Afghanistan and elsewhere, such as brought K.M.H. to justice the determination to create security for the Muslim world as well as the United States ought to be able to reduce the number of conventional military personnel the U.S.A. deploys to zones of nation-rebuilding to instead instill security arrangements for the willing and bomb-proof ecospheric renewal work opportunities for the unemployed. The Democrat Party has dropped the ball the last four years as if it had forgotten how to lead and instead planned to just be a government insider party that lets the global corporate world and small businesses exist phenomenally with the premise that the U.S. Government will not change anything much at all to make it work more effectively to meet the vital needs of Americans.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Broad Gap of Women & Democrat Effort to Make Same-Sex, Middle-Class, Political Economy

The Democrat Party has capitalized on the broad gap of women to develop a repugnance to male dominated Republicanism and opposition to same sex marriage redistribution of social reality. The flip coin of political administrative incompetence Americans have come to expect in their leadership promoting homosexuality, lower m.p.g. fuel efficiency standards, global warming, tax cuts, tax increases, reducing public debt, increasing public debt and so on will probably continue to exceed expectations. Oh well...mice men, cabbages, kings and all that.

In Alaska the two propositions on the ballot yesterday exemplified the problem. Proposition 1 would have given a tax exemption for the first 50,000 dollars of value on property taxes. Juneau's Republican state Representative Cathy Munoz opposed the tax exemption that would be very helpful to poor people buying a lot to pitch a tent on and hope one day to afford a microwave toilet powered with a wind air generator. While on proposition 2 that would have created a state coastal management commission Democrat Mayor Bruce Botelho supported the losing proposition. Rep. Munoz has an artist's family background while Mayor Botelho's father was an old Alaska Highway Patrol muktahr.

The good voters of Alaska rejected prop 1 that would have made life easier for poor build-your own hut Alaskans and opted to support the globalist mortgage holder, destroy the environment for outsourcable profit million dollars fast food mansions bureaucrats and corporatists don't generally build themselves. It's good to have nice vast homes yet its good to have a living planetary ecosphere too. Small is good.

Prop 2 also failed to pass it seems, though absentee votes haven't yet been counted. The voters also want corporations to be able to plunder the forests and other property without concern for rational conservation concerns. That is in accord with the state and national reliance upon fossil fuels to power SUVs and Al Qaeda.

The two-party dialect of cancelling out intelligent progress continues regardless of the gender gap flipped over to the Republican side tothe detriment of the public. What happens is that the easy middle class best, cheapest run the red lights to get to work on time way of chiseling along continues to support the rich that want to destroy the ecosphere of the thousands of coastal islands for cheap, dirty profits. At the national levelo bothe parties also poison the well for intelligence and drive toward a net result of nullification of intelligence-not even Mitt Romney has the intellectual energy to at least say that he will support the higher national fuel efficiency rating and also to make the air generator tax breaks permanent to match the intelligent policy of Norway in that regard.

Barrack Obama will not pledge to elliminate the federal debt in another term entirely if elected because that would require too much intellectual energy and time away from the golf course.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

'In the Blink of an Eye', Creation and Cosmos; The Literal Values of Genesis and 'The Genesis Enigma'

Recently I published a second edition of my book 'Creation and Cosmos - The Literal Values of Genesis. Then I found an interesting book, new to me, named 'The Genesis Enigma; Why the Bible is Scientifically Accurate' by Andrew Parker that prompted me to think that one day if enough new ideas occur I may write a third edition.
Parker is not simply a man of faith, he is also a biologist who developed an interesting theory named 'The Light Switch Hypothesis'. The reviewer of Parker's book 'In the Blink of an Eye' was quite critical of the idea that the ability for evolving life on Earth to see stimulated the Cambrian explosion of life that is Parker's main premise. For a biologist to develop a new theory is not too common-they tend to be a conservative group except for rare wild Christians like Charles Darwin. Parker believes as well that God evolved the world-theistic evolution, and that the book of Genesis is code for that evolution.
If the Cambrian explosion was actually stimulated by the state of Eukaryotic life and the rise of the level of oxygen in the atmosphere it is also probable that the appearance of vision conferred a tremendous advantage in predation and energy intake onto the creatures in the competition for survival. The development of vision centers in the brain of animals, and in fact the development of brains was probably stimulated. Parker's  theory seems reasonable enough and it did afford him the opportunity relating the Biblical paradigm of creation to that of evolution.
In my 2005 first edition of C & C I used Peter's statement that a day to God is as a thousand years to man to roughly calculate the appearance of life on Earth with those literal values (literal such as are algebraic literals) and discovered that the eras of the Bible are like those of evolution and of the order of appearance of life.
I have tried to consider as many meanings and contexts for the book of Genesis as I could given the circumstances of having more time to read than opportunity to write. Andrew's critic stumbles for me on Biblical criticism and in understanding the context in which the Bible was put together. Although my ideas differ a little from Parker's in that regard too, it is interesting that Parker's appendix on who wrote the Bible is comparable paradigmaticaly to Rosenberg and Bloom's  'The J Book' and 'Abraham; The First Biography'. Parker provides more links to authors that considered the book of Genesis as a paradigm sketching out evolution theory from the 19th century.
The topic of theistic evolution is a work in progress and of course Christians will want to not only trust the Bible, they may wish to read Paul Tillich to get a notion of how the Unconditional relates to the conditional, to critical-scientific contexts and to mysticism, theonomy and autonomy. The world is a lump of stellar ejecta in a space in the middle of nowhere far from being a locale survivable for the species without significant intellectual, spiritual and ecospheric development in competence. It would be wrong to pout on the blinders of scientific critical analysis soley as if in an existential environment pure chess gaming and bureaucracy for themselves would adequately address the wild and unconditional reality in which God is all-in-all.
It is useful to comprehend much and act intelligently to conserve life.

Mexican Gangster's Overflow Role on Border With Illegal Aliens

Interestingly enough the center for immigration studies wrote-
Illegal immigrants collectively represent a group that is a significant menace to the public. 80% have committed serious crimes in addition to immigration violations, and 40% have violent crime histories."
Center for Immigration Studies)

Former Mexican President Calderon said that killings in Mexico declined 16% during the first half of 2012. Between 2006 and 2012 more than 47,000 Mexicans were killed in criminal violence although apparently Mexican crime statistics reporting isn't terribly accurate. Some speculate that more than 60,000 people were killed. 
The Calderon administration war on drug traffickers has had mixed results therefore. Along the U.S. border in Mexican cities with much over-the border truck traffic Mexican gangs dominate criminal gangs (as contrasted with lawful collectives for business and government that occasional perpetrate 'soft crimes' of power) dominate government pulling strings to assure control of the drug exportation to leftists in the U.S.A.  
The new President of Mexico Pena Nieto has filled court papers seeking to free up a Mexican woman convicted of murder of an Austin Texas boy she was babysitting. Rosa Jemenez was given a 99- year sentence and Nieto was governor of her state when she killed the 2 year old stuffing paper towels down his throat. Nieto said she didn't have the opportunity to hire expert witnesses and was thus denied a competent defense. Mexican Presidents tend to view Mexican interests as of more important than those of U.S. citizens. If Jemenez had stuffed paper towels down some leftocratic let-American-poor-workers be overrun by illegal Mexican workers advocates she might have received more sympathy  in the U.S.A.
Some might wonder if Democrat Party drug dependency (Mr. Obama was formerly a narcotics user if not an addict) is one of the reasons that U.S. leftocracy is opposed to total border control with zero illegal immigration as it might raise the cost of bagged goodies in New York and L.A. We tend to regard the desire of leftists to let the illegals flow where they may along with drug trafficking 'mules', terrorists and explosives smugglers as a product of fundamental anti-establishmentarianism. The trouble with that is that the gestalt of the anti-establishment established is for worst-case planning for a rational social and ecospheric relationship of the citizens. A democracy with a steady flow of illegal aliens to labor undermining the wage supply facts of poor citizen-laborers also has little prospect of rationally transitioning to a low entropy with high intelligence value economy.
Mexicans are harmed as much by the millions of unlawful Mexican migrants to the U.S.A. as are the poor citizens of the United States. The United States skims off 11 million of Mexico's most energetic workers and many of its professionals leaving behind the loyal, less adventurous citizens to try to fend off the intimidation of the vast criminal element thriving in the vacuum of social competition gone north.
The drug traffickers too try to expand their evil ethos north and find reinforcement in major U.S. cities already infested with criminal gangs. Leftocrats seek to shelter the illegal workers in their peregrinations around the easy-pickings states of America. A border control zone a mile in size with a freshwater filled canal with locks made with nuclear power plant evaporated and condensed seawater would help to stop illegal immigration and provide more water to the parched southwest.
Creating full employment inn the U.S.A. and a stable population will also be mirrored in stabilization of the Mexican economy and of their national security to a low demographic increase with steady rise of standard of living for all if the ecospheric recovery factors are accentuated.

Monday, August 27, 2012

North Polar Ice-pack Sets New Loss Record

The annual loss of ice at the northern polar cap reduced the seasonal ice to a record low-and the melting season is not yet over. There must be something funny in this somewhere-probably they will spend more on asphalt highways to srive to wherever the problem is an fix it with heavy diesel trucks, military convoys and super-sized budgets.
During ice ages the atmospheric p.p.m. for CO2 is 180, and during normal interglacials its 280 p.p.m. Right now  the atmospheric CO2 level is 390 p.p.m., and the schedule according to the way people live-uncreatively is for a 550 p.p.m. by 2050 and 800 p.p.m. by 2075. Fortunately mass extinctions tend to occur with high levels of CO2 present and brain development and intelligence increases tend to happen when the CO2 level drops, so the public may not be bright enough to worry about the CO2 they breathe over-much. Smokers especially will not notice a little rise in CO2 and loss of red blood cell oxygen content. 
image credit N.A.S.A.-
Arctic Sea Ice Drops below 2007 Record

Isaac Brings Rain to S.E.

Hurricane Isaac will  bring much needed rain to the parched S.E., and even to Lake Linear. It has passed over the city of Tampa, perhaps because of the Republican National Convention and is moving toward the Big Easy and the French Quarter with possibly as much as 19.5 inches of rain in store.

If Isaac makes it as far as Texas it will be a blessed drought reliever better for Texas  than Roger Clemens winning five games for the Astros.

A more lasting water shortage fix might be to adapt nuclear power plant cooling technology to use sea water for cooling and to turn the water into vapor in order to recondense it as fresh water. Screening out the intake flow of sea life and returning it in smaller pipes to the Gulf, and selling the salt to salt companies or using it for some other purpose might be a way to generate water for West Texas irrigation .

Though Isaac is only a category One Hurricane and the Gulf Coast has had five years to ready for it, the practice of Hurricane readiness is a good thing for with the global heating of the oceans there is a potential for several hurricanes this year reaching even as far as the Chesapeake Bay and Washington D.C.

The political ramifications for each hurricane very in relation to tea leaves, news analysis methods and expert storm predictions. Hurricane politics  become diversions from the tedious work of rational federal budgeting and ecological economic reform. Certainly gasoline prices will be affected yet not with addition of a minimum gas price of 4 dollars so competition factors to create cheaper renewable energy might have some assurance of probable return for research investment.
image credit N.O.A.A.
Storm QPF

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Neil Armstrong Dies-Mankind Takes Giant Leap to Global Warming

Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon, passed away at age 82 recently. He famously said upon stepping on the lunar surface 'that's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind'. Has America since the end of the 1960s moon program taken too man steps in the wrong direction and failed to leap in the right?

In Thomas Friedman's 2008 book 'Hot, Flat and Crowded' the author points out several interesting facts quantitatively about the effects of humanity living upon Earth and tearing ups it's ecosphere in quest of a planetary bloated middle class. For most of the past 670,000 years the most parts per million of CO2 the atmosphere has had was 300 before it began its cooling cycle. Presently the ppm for CO2 is about 400.

Barrack Obama plans to raise U.S. public debt to 26 trillion dollars the next ten years though that's on an optimistic schedule. Just one disruption of Persian Gulf oil through war would drive oil to 200 dollars per barrel and throw the U.S. economy into depression. That's the good new though, for on the present schedule to increase the world middle class to an American standard of living the world will need 26 trillion watts of electrical power, while the amount of CO2 the world can afford to live without radical global warming is just 2.6 trillion watts. Right now the world uses about 13 trillion watts.

Nothing has changed on U.S. reliance on global oil from Muslim countries, Venezuela and Canadian tar sands either. That reliance is funding the world's Salafi-Wahhabi-Sunni radicalism that the U.S. borrows money to war upon in Afghanistan (technically upon its 'terrorists' that kill U.S. and N.A.T.O. sojurs. The salt of the wars sojurs seem to be those without work in the U.S.A, foreign immigrants seeking citizenship and graduates of Pakistan's 35,000 madrassas of which the Darul Uloom Haqqania madrassa is the largest of recent times with thousands of students amongst whom Mullah Omar is an alumnus.

The Democratic Party of the United States under the Obama administration has taken a turn toward reaming the middle class and degrading the poor actually creating an explicit policy of making the Democrat Party one for the middle class. The poor essentially have no voice in a party that is no longer about economics so much as class rights for constituent members that are female, homosexual or non-white. The separation of the poor from the middle class is not for the benefit of the United States in this critical period of national history. It would be far better to structure just one class besides that of the rich.

The rise of the middle class and of globalism in the post cold war era has fueled an insatiable ethos of economic expansion founded upon exuberant consumption of the world's finite natural resources. Ecological economists such as Herman Daly have formulated fundamental relationships quantitatively explaining the problems of increasing demographics and resource consumption with finite resource supply. In the midst of the increased demand driven with the logic of the victors of the cold war economic contest between free markets and communism the small quiet voice of economic rationalism has been lost.

Adam Smith and the founders were not posturing fops of power but were political and economic rationalists seeking the well being of mankind. In the tragic counter cyclical rise of global warming as the flip side of the coin of economic advance without macro-environmental reason the giant leap for mankind that Neil Armstrong made too was set-aside in the Obama administration as too expensive to follow up.

Democratic government needs to be responsive to the real interests of the people rather than aloof advocates for narrow class interests. With the present world demographics the world population will rise to about 10 billion souls by 2050 when the ppm of CO2 should be more than 550. By 2075 the ppm of the Earth may be 800 ppm. That radical level and the inexorable mass extinctions of life on Earth, loss of rain forests and global warming will probably create a demand for fascist socialist authoritarianism or some clandestine power will alternatively deploy advanced biological weapons to cull humanity to a level that would allow the global CO2 levels and species diversity to recover as best it can-if it can.

It is quite possible that with the proliferation of genetic recombinatory technology and vast resources invested in expanding the health of human beings from the rich-down that the classic philosophical ethics problem of does one save the many or the one will be changed to does one eliminate the many and their automobiles and save some of humanity or allow them all to perish?

Actually the class philosophical problem is formulated differently, it a runaway streetcar named desire is heading down a street street toward a fork, and on one fork lies a newborn baby and on the other track lie several middle class Americans with smartphones and million dollar mansions paid for with derivatives, if you had the power to flip the switch and send the streetcar to squash the many or the one, who would you save?

I should stipulate that the choice is entirely abstract and unrealistic. In an actual emergency few think about ethics-they just act if they can. Probably few people would even make the choice to kill one or a few individuals to save many individuals unless they were already killers. Unfortunately with the better part of a century to consider the decline of the prospects for life on Earth many people may consider the problems, and some one or a few may choose to take up the way of culling the crop to perhaps 200 million survivors in order to save humanity. The better choices are to make things work well a priori and  avoid the crises that stimulate such considerations. I would guess the ripening of such possibilities should not start before the year 2030.

In the meantime, the United States may seek to make itself self-reliant on its own fossil fuels to free itself from redistributing financial power to the Muslim oil producers. That's a good idea so far as it goes, yet the entire infrastructure of transportation, housing and energy use in the United States needs to be changed directly if it is to be any sort of meaningful positive role model in the war against global CO2 increase and species extinction. The Obama administration and Majority leaders Reed as quietists on an effective ecological economic reform movement, perhaps doing the public to a dialect between the middle class and the rich over health care and special blankets while they send soldiers to fight the poor Muslim suicide bombers and their wealthy oil global power redistribution planners wherever they may hide.

A Romney administration may need to develop U.S. fossil fuel assets so far as it can without endangering critical habitat on and offshore, yet a green economic reform requires substantial economic innovation and new zoning laws. Homes could be 500 sq foot solar power absorbing geodesic domes with high albedo able with super-insulation mass-produced for foreign and domestic export. Farms could have electric tractors following a grid with remote piloting 'farmers', and U.S. transportation should become vehicle less human body high-speed movement tubes to places too far to walk or ride and electric bike.

Humanity cannot afford a business as usual approach to the global warming and species extinction twin tower security issues that may make this the last human century. The comfortable do not believe the problems are real, and that is the problem.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Lance Armstrong to Lose 7 Tour de Frances in Backward Motion/Former EU ED Minister May Have Cheated on PhD

The social role models are having trouble this week. Evidently the former European Union education minister Jan Figel is said to have been awarded a PhD in social science on the basis of a thesis that was copied from a book he co-wrote years earlier. He did not cite his co-author in the thesis, while bike riding great Lance Armstrong being convicted by a non-legal bike riding organization of using the banned bike riding enhancement drug EPO will forfeit his seven Tour de France wins in seven days or so. He should have afforded Roger Clement's lawyer.

There is too much money in pro sports in comparison to the amount of money paid to the poor for work these days, and it draws too much social power in the wrong direction. If Armstrong had actually used the banned drug EPO it may give him the opportunity to promote it for cancer survivors and others seeking to climb to greater heights themselves physically, yet that should not be a reason to provide scholarships to college athletes instead of scholars.

With the fundamental human proclivity for cheating, as MSN called the Armstrong fiasco being too common-even in public education (my books were not co-written at all nor packaged by publishing collectives) it is a real disadvantaged for individuals competing against the collectives of prevaricators, dissimulators, organized collectives and sundry other impediments to individual financial progress. If Lance Armstrong cannot be trusted if several also-rodes on his U.S.  Postal Bike Racing team claim that they saw him use EPO molecules instead of say, HillyBilly Brand Special Corn Syrup as an injectable item to pep up his post-cancer bike riding, at least we know that President Obama's college transcripts are excellent, and so were those of G.W. Bush, if only they would ever have released them for public scrutiny.

Barry Bonds, Mark McGuire and Sammy Sosa should be brought together to form an impartial review board of these fiascos of sport and education.

'Legitimate Abortion' of Obama's Second Term?

In the temple of stepped pyramids, far above the clouds obscuring the pathetic grounds of unemployment of the peons far below groveling in the wilderness of poverty, the secular priesthood of the middle class (40,00 to 100,000 $ annually) without a shirt yet decorated with a floral motif offers his sacrifice of verbiage to the media gods conveying the message to the masses of the benevolence of high unemployment. Yet in the valley below, beyond that vail of refreshing mists a dull roar may be herd gathering strength.

There is a debate amongst the unemployed over the symbolic meaning of the President's floral motif- can it be implicitly valuable enough to make the need to abort his second term null? The senseless desire of the unemployed to aspire to the mystic summits where the employed middle class live may be culled with the soma of food stamps and public education, N.P.R. and a speech in every pot, while poor women are defecting from the growing rebellion to move toward the position of classical Marxism that 'all sex is rape'.

At the top of the step pyramid of atoyota-bureau-rankenship the high priest has noticed the troubling distant rumbling thunder of the raving underclass and has sent nude photos of a Princling's Harry to attract the homosexual vote away from the dangerous flirtation with objective economic prosperity for the poor.

image credit: Sergio Blázquez GNU Free Documentation license via wikipedia commons
In a thunderous voice of his own-greater than the demi-urge Os, he deems;

"I will bestow gay suffrage upon the unenfranchised, and celebrate Rama-lama-badda-bing-boom with yune every year until they let my people go!.

In the distance, the threat of a precipitant thunder and downpour fades away.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Fallacy of 10,000 Teaching Jobs to Stimulate the Private Sector

The Obama team has sought to create public sector jobs-such  as the recent Obama comments that 10,000 government jobs for teachers could have been paid for with more public debt if the Republicans had approved.

I think the entire Obama economic reconstruction package was largely no more than borrowing money to create more government jobs and for kickbacks to favorite contractors. In my opinion the President is clueless on private sector functions.

In reading the book 'what is religion' by Paul Tillich I found a section describing how the socialist sector tries to take over the religious theonomy of a nation and replace its formal personnel with its own. In my opinion the misguided democratic party is working generally toward that end. The old and better democrat party died after Tip O'Neal left the office of Speaker.

Consider that the Democrat Party actually signed off on all the tax cuts since Reagan. Wasn't it the Democrat Party that was the majority during Reagan's first term when the tax cuts went through? Wasn't it the Democrat Party that signed off on the Bush tax cuts and all Iraq supplemental budgets that Bush II put forward? The Democrat Party is just concerned with making homosexual advances and in creating a corporatist state unifying government with business.

Hence they support global networks of power in business that can eventually be transitioned into neo-socialist corporate organizations. Needless to say free enterprise will perish outside of the corporate and government networks of power-its quite a wrong direction to take.

The money multiplier factor in government jobs is less than in the private sector. Those 10,000 teachers will not export some of their 'product' abroad. The Reagan administration used direct government spending to finance a 500 ship navy, and that tradition of government spending with military purchases (that Reagan didn't use generally) can sometimes stimulate an economy along with more deficit spending and temporary tax cuts. It is necessary to halt deficit spending though, and to increase the tax base sufficiently to balance the budget and eliminate excessive public debt and interest payments.

One might recall or read about how much Presidential administrations worried about improving the economic state of the nation in the 1960's through 1980s unlike the Obama administration that seems to just be interested in increasing public debt with the belief that the private sector will repair itself.

The housing market for instance coupled with illegal alien cheap labor in that sector is a built in attractor of flimsy investing schemes, over-production and the antinomy of carefully planned, tight economic growth in the technology sector with full employment and rising wages. The housing market has its own phenomenal growth patterns in the modern era especially from global mortgage and derivatives investors that make the economy of the U.S.A. something of a dysfunctional joke.

In the 1960s the national economy was still largely an American-controlled phenomenon. When it overheated or had recession it could naturally and with adroit guidance recover and resume in its resource-rich environment. Today though perhaps 40% of more of the economy is not controlled by just U.S. factors making corrections something like driving a car with very lose and unresponsive steering. It is tough to get the car to go where one aims it if one has the temerity to try to guide the vehicle as the President seemingly does not.

Public education in the U.S.A. should better serve private sector economic stimulation if parents were given vouchers for quality approved private schools. Competition in private schools to deliver better education for more profit ought to result in smarter students better ready for the free market. Private educators should find less expensive ways to deliver better education than public schools today that seek more and more spending for union teachers performing poorly.

If students had a nook instead of a text book that could save a lot of money. Students could also take their nook home and perhaps have a speech reader so they could listen to lessons with headphones if they live in a noisy ghetto. If all students had a nook then there would be far less reason for bulliss to steal there valuable piece of hardware.

With nooks students could work on their homework around the clock and save on back injuries from heavy rucksacks. It might also be possible to disaggregate students into smaller group units with nooks and g.p.s. tracking. The possibilities are endless for improving student performance with more private and less public education. The President is simply wrong on his collectivist approach to education.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Quoting the Minor Prophet Amos

One of the minor prophets, Amos was an interesting character who was normally a goat herder rather than a prophet. He was moved by the Lord to speak. It is timely for Americans to recollect the way God has corrected his wandering flock in the past, so I will quote the book of Amos.
"Amos 3-15 And I will smite the winter house with the summer house; and the houses of ivory shall perish, and the great houses shall have an end, saith the Lord.
4 Hear this word, ye kine of Bashan, that are in the mountain of Samaria, which oppress the poor, which crush the needy, which say to their masters, Bring, and let us drink.
2 The Lord God hath sworn by his holiness, that, lo, the days shall come upon you, that he will take you away with hooks, and your posterity with fishhooks.
3 And ye shall go out at the breaches, every cow at that which is before her; and ye shall cast them into the palace, saith theLord.
4 Come to Bethel, and transgress; at Gilgal multiply transgression; and bring your sacrifices every morning, and your tithes after three years:
5 And offer a sacrifice of thanksgiving with leaven, and proclaim and publish the free offerings: for this liketh you, O ye children of Israel, saith the Lord God.
6 And I also have given you cleanness of teeth in all your cities, and want of bread in all your places: yet have ye not returned unto me, saith the Lord.
7 And also I have withholden the rain from you, when there were yet three months to the harvest: and I caused it to rain upon one city, and caused it not to rain upon another city: one piece was rained upon, and the piece whereupon it rained not withered.
8 So two or three cities wandered unto one city, to drink water; but they were not satisfied: yet have ye not returned unto me, saith the Lord.
9 I have smitten you with blasting and mildew: when your gardens and your vineyards and your fig trees and your olive trees increased, the palmerworm devoured them: yet have ye not returned unto me, saith the Lord.
10 I have sent among you the pestilence after the manner of Egypt: your young men have I slain with the sword, and have taken away your horses; and I have made the stink of your camps to come up unto your nostrils: yet have ye not returned unto me, saith the Lord.
11 I have overthrown some of you, as God overthrew Sodom and Gomorrah, and ye were as a firebrand plucked out of the burning: yet have ye not returned unto me, saith the Lord.
12 Therefore thus will I do unto thee, O Israel: and because I will do this unto thee, prepare to meet thy God, O Israel.
13 For, lo, he that formeth the mountains, and createth the wind, and declareth unto man what is his thought, that maketh the morning darkness, and treadeth upon the high places of the earth, The Lord, The God of hosts, is his name."

Obama Seeks Four More Years to Extend High Unemployment Rate

President Obama hasn't reduced the national unemployment rate much more than 1 percent in his first term. He seeks another four years to maybe drop that unemployment average another 1%. For those of us that are unemployed 8 years of unemployment in the U.S.A. tends to try one's patience.
The actual rate of underemployed and unemployed in the U.S.A. is reportedly 25%. Though the President has much union support he has encouraged illegal alien incursions across the southern states and provided a semblance of amnesty. Illegal alien workers are the scourge of union labor, yet U.S. labor unions are trained to follow the Democrat Party lead like loyalists and ignore their own subversion by the President.
The President does offer the prospect of running up the national debt 10 trillion dollars or more on his ten year plan, and that's encouraging to those collecting interest on the debt I suppose so long as the U.S.A. doesn't seem to be nearing default. Global warming is continuing to increase, and the President hasn't much chance of getting a budget passed through congress or ending the Bush II tax cuts that he championed in December 2010.
Well, given another four years to hack away at the congress he might find some way to improve his record, and he can golf another 300 rounds someplace I suppose.  It's interesting to watch from the sidelines as he invests the nation in continuing foreign conflict seeking to expand that to include Syria. Its good to know that African and Middle Eastern affairs are high on the Presidential agenda, and look what he has done for Europe.
In the critical 1992 election the billionaire Ross Perot ran as an independent and lost. He was the sole candidate solidly opposed to N.A.F.T.A. He said famously that the sucking sound you will here will be jobs going to Mexico, and he was right. The rich are not always wrong or misleading on U.S. interests-sometimes they can actually lead in the right direction if given a chance-as did Franklin D. Roosevelt back in the day. It was the union favorite Bill Clinton that signed off on N.A.F.T.A. and also put home mortgages on the global commodities market undermining the future of the middle class.
Maybe U..S. voters simply become lazy and expect their politicians to be honest and consistent, and they also believe that reality T.V. is worth watching.
In a meeting in Korea President Obama mentioned to then Russian President Medvedev that he could really get things done after he was re-elected. I can hardly wait to learn what that would be, yet on the other hand...

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Obama Presides Over Heating the Flat Earth

President Obama is presiding over the present record ice melting. I think its time for change to stir things up politically instead of being in an era of indolent doldrums syncopated to perfidious flummery of Chicago political power.
The concept of change seems to be one that many people want to feature as a political advantage, yet philosophically speaking I think they are quite shallow generally.
Change is a constant aspect of a thermodynamic system. Yet there are constant values all over that system, and like a spaceship in relative motion one wants to control change constantly to get the right vectors and tensors going that would accomplish one's goals such as meeting up with the space station.
Human civilization has been about the effort to overcome natural changes. Politically today what Americans mean by change is the effort to get all of the masses into stable, unchanging indoor environments that only improve with nice high-end furnishings from Wal-mart or The Dollar Tree. They seek to get people to move up to big SUVs or efficient electric vehicles as the oscillations of political change deem better. 
What I mean is the Obama team's 2008 campaign slogans for change were full of hooey; the only thing they changed was race a little and perversion a lot. When people say change and open-mindedness in the Democratic Party they tend to mean they support perversion and abortion, legalized drugs, illegal alien invasion etc. On the economic things the Obama team are flat liners intellectually and seemingly failing to reform society a little along the lines Thomas Friedman set out in his 2008 book 'The World is Flat' .
A Romney-Ryan team will at least help to rid America of the Clinton-Britain-Obama-Bush axis of economic idiocy crashing the U.S.A. into the environmental and employment wall of doom.
image credit-N.A.S.A.

Monday, August 20, 2012

End of Mayan Calendar & Record Low Arctic Ice Approach

The Arctic ice pack is on course to set a record low next week-and it is still in melting phase. The climate change toward the hot regions end of things affects northern latitudes earlier and more than in the temperate to warm -except for draught obviously.
Many are historically used to ships with ice breaking capability forging their way along the edge of the continents and the ice, yet with vast areas of the Arctic ocean increasingly open more cruise ships and cargo traffic directly between Russia and Alaskan will develop as they move directly over the North Pole.
The Arctic ocean will experience record setting pollution and ecosphere degradation as well. With the failure of the United States to be an ecospheric renewal and green tech infrastructure innovative leader sufficiently to bring the world to a better, healthier course some may view the times as moving toward an end of cycle nexus. It is a problem of bad political leadership more than of environmental inevitability.
Evidently the end of restart of historical cycles was rather normal for the Maya. The United States has experienced some end of cycle event with the Mayan calendar is set to end Dec. 21 2012. It was recently publicized (June 28) that a discovery of more 13,000-year-old Mayan writing on the topic reveals that the end of the historical cycle is a rather usual event. One King named Calakmul was an official at the prior end of cycle festivities in 692 and connected himself to the end of the present cycle. Evidently as a political insider he did not like the concept of term limits.
High U.S. unemployment, declining ecosphere vitality with poor fishing and hunting and vast U.S. public budget deficits are indicators of the end of cycle for some politicians one might guess. The new political cycle may start in January 20, 2013 with the Romney-Ryan administration, though obviously that wasn't written in Mayan hieroglyphs of yore.
image credit-Crosphere Today, N.A.S.A.,U.I.C.U.,N.S.I.D.C.
Arctic sea ice

President Obama Warns of Possible U.S. Military Action in Syria

President Obama has warned of possible military intervention in Syria if the Assad Government allows its chemical weapons to 'fall into the wrong hands'. The administration of course hasn't consulted with the Congress about a declaration of war before military invasion as Presidents have become accustomed to just going for it when they feel the need.
Technically I believe the administration could war for 90 days without congressional approval, and he might have a head start while the Congress is away on vacation.
I tend to have the opinion that U.S. foreign policy would work better if we were to stay out of foreign conflicts unless its really necessary for national defense or to relieve gross human rights crimes. It may be that Mr. Obama feels that war is his best political strength in this election year, and that Syria is a good malleable opponent.
President Obama had luck with his order to kill Osama Bin Laden around the tenth anniversary of 9-11. The intelligence gathering at Guantanamo Bay-a facility Mr. Obama wanted to close as a 2008 candidate, is said to have provided the lead to the location of the fugitive in a secure walled compound in the bosom of Pakistan's political and military center. Mr. Obama may want to keep the military-intelligence good times rolling for the economic security of select defense .
The President has taken the credit for ending the conflict in Iraq as he continued on the Bush II schedule to withdraw U.S. military forces. Yet as in the insecure Afghanistan military political environment with dozens of U.S. casualties shot by Afghan military and police personnel since the U.S. military started transitioning to the Obama homosexual platform,and since the President has announced support for homosexual marriage, the prospects for democratic stability between the Obama forces and even traditional Muslim warriors seems a little shaky.
The new Egyptian Government is consolidating power for the Muslim Brotherhood member President Morsi and they appear to be drawing toward a rapproachment with Iran. The President expresses support for Israel during this election year, yet being on the same side as Al Qa'eda revolutionaries in Syria while Iraqi Shia have hundreds and hundreds of civilian casualties in sectarian and terrorist strife present a confusing picture for policy interpretation.
The mixed bag of variegated conflict results isn't much of a confidence builder for American interests. Maybe the President just never talks with Americans off-script anymore-or maybe he never did sufficiently  to disclose his foreign policy design. His economic plan for the U.S.A. is to play dozens more of rounds of golf if re-elected and to run up a trillion dollars a year of public debt on his tax plan while essentially waiting for the private sector to sort things out and restart the economy. Someone out there has got to be responsible, and he has lots of golf to play and foreign conflict predator drone strikes to sign off on.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Self-awareness, Animal Consciousness and Non-Existent Objects

I listened to an interesting philosophical discussion on the topic of animal consciousness recently and so thought to make a comment on an element of that.There are several theories regarding how various animals might experience reality such as horses with nearly 360 degrees of vision, and octopus with neuron in their arms, yet it is the coherent concentration of neurons, the optimal spacing and size of circuits resembling the max theoretical for a computer regarding distance of connections, overheating and processing capacity that seems  to be the main thing for consciousness.
Human self-consciousness allows a reflective capacity for making complex decisions that probably isn't existent in simple neural networks. Atheists however tend to disregard intelligent decision making preemptively and shut themselves out of intelligent thought on greater topics than empirical existence. Yet even atheists may be able to consider the epistemological context of not existent objects such as Pegasus, a balanced federal budget, unicorns and etc.
Non-existent objects are a development of the capacity of self-consciousness to imagine and comprehend what exists and what might exist with detachment form automatic processing of immediate empirical sensory input. It is doubtful that animals without self-consciousness can imagine non-existent objects. Instead, like the face recognition circuits of a digital camera,the neural network of non-self-aware animals probably processes just immediate data possibly with pre-wired responses to threat objects such as fish with larger teeth.
Well, there is much work on the topic of self-awareness, animal consciousness ( they feel anything like being alive?) etc. that make it worth reading and thinking a little about. Following are a pair of web pages summarizing the work

Friday, August 17, 2012

Pussy Riot, The Sex Pistols and Bi-Polar Democracy

The Russian punk band Pussy Riot was sentenced to a term of two years being convicted of hooliganism for their profane musical performance contra Russian President Vladmir Putin from the capitol city of Moscow's main cathedral. The Russian President may have been unhappy with the egregious violation of the separation of church and state or secularism with the ladies' music lyrics. Probably he will have their sentence commuted to public service washing the feet of the poor in some distant oblast.
It is difficult to imagine the late British Punk Band The Sex Pistols being allowed to sing their hit song 'Anarchy' from Canterbury or Westminster cathedral. One wonders what the Metropolitan had in mind if the prelates gave permission for the performance of Pussy Riot in church?
Evidently the song lasted for just 40 seconds. There are several musicians and celebrities that have expressed support for Pussy Riot's right to perform secular 'prayers' in churches. One hopes that celebrities would tend to have respect for the sacredness of the church environment as well as the right of musical will-to-political-power.
It is possible that the Pussy Riot Band made a sincere expression unto God I suppose. Certainly one doesn't want much editing of prayer by secular authorities, or any at all actually.
The time span of a song isn't really the best way to judge how bad a song is. There are some songs that I switch off on hearing instantly. The hegemony of musicians via radio to take political power and exploit the masses for profit is more notable these days internationally. Mostly musicians don't sing songs that contribute to a good economy or environment that make it to mass broadcast airplay. 
With the changes in Russia after the end of the cold war the restoration of nation's churches to an openly religious status has had some limits with the sects permitted to open a church being restricted. It seems probably that with the transition of youth from a godless atheist state intolerant of criticism of their mobster commie leadership (only joking) to a nihilist punk ethos without experience of churches as sacred instead of profane places they naturally wandered in to the wrong place to launch their political diatribe. The Russian President could help with that too.
Like the Londoner's' tradition of speaking from a soapbox in Hyde Park their raving attacks on Prime Minister Cameron and additional suspect politicians Moscow should develop a platform in Red Square for occasion evening musical performances and in the other corner a preferred speakers soapbox. It could be the start of a new tradition for a more egalitarian democracy-for even in the U.S. Congress today their is little enough legislating that isn't of a bi-polar two party nature of illogical extremes. The Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. is on leave for bi-polar disorder and the rest of the congress is on vacation with something like the same roughly, approximately, more or less.
The strength of a democracy actually is in free speech and political pluralism-the trend today through networking is in the opposite direction-toward consolidation of power and wealth. President Putin could make another contribution toward the of defense and development of democracy with a few adroit moves.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Simple Digital Voter I.D. Database with Face Recognition Software

The national conundrum about voter I.D. laws to prevent undetected voter fraud is symbolic of the U.S. decline in innovative and creative thought miring about 25% of the people in under-employment and unemployment. Of course the elites don't care including the Democrat Party if the poor inertially founder in futility cause they've got theirs. The Democrat leadership of tuxedos and mint juleps with Hollywood Stars is the way things are.

It would be quite simple to use existing notebook computers, table digital cameras and photo recognition software to snap a picture of every voter and have a record to compare those with in the future. In fact even without and I.D. card state governments could create a voluntary voter photo database at some agency for free so each voter can be a real person instead of a faceless abstract theory to the electoral system.
I suppose some might argue that requiring some voters do drop their hijab and let their mug get photo'd would discriminate against the privacy of some and profile minorities unfairly in order to exclude them from taking over the nation; well, that could be so if they have ugly profile photos as well as straight on shots.
For every vote to count and in order for the franchise to be respected it is necessary that voter fraud does not become the ruler. Some Democrats may resist verification theories of voter I.D holding the mistaken belief that only Democratic partisans perpetrate voter fraud. It is not certain that the Jim Crowe south never had an advantage through use of voter fraud to nullify the rise of the negro vote.
In the close 2000 Presidential election a few thousand fraudulent votes here and their could have made illegal voters the electors of the President of the United States instead of the U.S. Supreme Court overturning the partisan decision of the Florida State Supreme Court on criteria for determining if another round of recounts should proceed to determine finding what counted as a hanging chad and which way the wind blows. If those hanging chads were cast by illegal voters the troubles and paradoxes of inadequately documented hypothetical eligible voters is compounded.
I just wanted to point out that the U.S.A. is becoming a can't do nation too much these decades, rather than the opposite.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

VP Biden's Gaffs & The Eignevalues of Random Hermitian Matrices

Vice President Biden made another of his famous gaffs recently in making a campaign speech to an audience with a preponderance of citizens of African American ancestry when he surpassed his prior remark that then candidate Obama didn't smell bad like some negroes with a remark that the Romney-Ryan Presidency would return them to wearing chains. He did not specify if that would be without or without hog jowls and chittlins.
In the quest to solve the Riemann  Hypothesis determining if the zeros of the zeta function all fall along a critical line of value 1/2 to infinity mathematicians for more than a century have sought ways to prove the theorem's validity and that has led to discoveries from the utility of factors and primes in generating Internet computer security codes (RSA) to the Dyson-Montgomery discovery that another way of mapping the distribution of the zeros of the zeta function of primes along the critical line resembles very closely, as Dyson famously observed; 'that's just the same as the behavior of the difference between pairs of eigenvalues of random Hermitian matirces!".
Some of us learn about the eigenvalues of random Hermitian matrices early in life as we move up the ladder of evolutionary progress to college, and others such as myself will learn about them today on wikipedia
We may find with more research-such as reading a book named 'The Music of the Primes' that the patterns Dyson remarked about are representative of the spectroscopic distribution of heavy elements such as U-92. Because heavy elements and the frequency of vibrations of the particles of their nuclei are complex it is easier to statistically describe those than to graph them in particular. That's why I wanted to write this post today.
The average statistical relationships of power of fundamental elements averaged out within particular structures ought to provide a 1/2 paradignmatic balance between being and nothingness, between sticking together and flying apart, as the zeros of the zeta function of prime numbers appear on the .5 critical line between 0 and 1.
Philosophically speaking being and nothingness seem roughly equivalent to o and 1. There is another issue of 1 being representative of a monistic, non-pluralized universe. That might be a universal field concentrated at a singularity before it expands and differentiates metaphorically, yet it is perhaps better to just leave it philosophically as One without any denotable structure.
Prime numbers factors being just themselves and 1 no matter how large occupy a philosophical position within their number system of indivisibility and fullness regarding zero as the starting point leading to themselves-if folded in half along the zero-zeta function critical line their value is half with a fraction left over. They are perfectly balanced along the tipping point without turning in either direction as might a static universe be if its interior components too could have eternal renewability in a Fred Hoyle sort of cosmology.
Their are some things that never change-such as physical constants of the Universe-upon which myriad pluralistic forms evolve like scum froth on a standing tide-line presenting new appearances. We enjoy the thermal disequillibria if it doesn't go too far, and move with the waves of temporal advance along the parameters of thermodynamics. It would only be in a different sort of Universe-perhaps with more than four dimensions of space-time, that prime numbers would not be indivisible regarding Universe (1) mathematics criteria.
Multidimensional prime numbers instead of one-dimensional regarded in four dimensions might have random statistical eignevalues of complex Hermitian matrices disappearing into extra-dimensions with non-standard spacing of real energy components. Philosophically it is interesting to conjecture what sort of mathematical axioms physicists and mathematicians might use in a variegated universe in which energy and mass appear and disappear with eignevalues or imaginary number values that appear irregular.
Yet one could even so count on the gaffs of Vice president Biden for a renormalization of political levity.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Reduce Size of Government, Corporations, Schools and Global Heating

The Obama tax cuts passed with the President's vigorous leadership reestablished the low, low tax rates on millionaires and billionaires that cannot pay for the federal budget. The Presidents budget criteria plans for a trillion dollars of federal deficit for each year of the next decade bring the total U.S. public debt then to 26 trillion dollars with the interest on that debt being more each year than the present cost of funding the Department of Defense. The fundamental economic problem with the economic picture is that government spends too much in trying to keep up with the immense global economic and political power of global corporations.
The United States had intelligent founders able to invent a constitution that provided for an economic paradigm supported by the state of the art of business and the demographic realities of the era. The economic philosopher Adam Smith wrote in the same era his brilliant tome 'On the Wealth of Nations'. The current national intelligence for political philosophy generally relies on that economic theory of 1776. Adam Smith if alive today would reinvent and reform the prospects for free enterprise in order to liberate a nation from the snares of concentrated power and wealth.
Reduction of the size of corporations and government ought to accentuate the positive elements of free enterprise and full employment. The poor should be natural supporters of vouchers for private schools to break-up the multi-thousand union student ranches. Reducing the vast size of public schools,corporations and government while increasing ecospheric health ought to create new jobs.
The U.S. middle class faces challenging times ahead. It has been in decline since the end of the cold warn and even the past 30 years. As a class it has average intelligence and yet consumes more than perhaps half of the rest of the people of the nations of the Earth without really contributing more than people of average intellect would. With the post cold-war labor and intellectual market driven by billions of hungry people that condition of privilege isn't likely to continue with the current economic style.
Adam Smith however would have reformed capitalism to enable free enterprise to flourish once more outside the totalizing strictures of global corporate power. When global corporations grow large and government declines the era of pure corporatism envisioned by Mussolini and Hitler develops with the corporations becoming the big brother of a compliant revolving door government. The government appoints the same people from party to party because neither party does more than serve the will of the financial and economic elite.
Saving free enterprise from corporate hegemony and the fiction of corporations as individuals requires a cap on the number of employees any corporation might have that once to do business in the U.S.A. at just 5000 individuals. With fewer employees intelligence will become more important that management networking and racketeering of the system. With far more corporations and businesses with fewer than 5000 employees inventiveness and adaptability will become features, neither will technologies become 'too big to change' such as the automotive industry with more than a century of inertia driving perpetual renewal of the highway bill at about a half trillion dollars.
In order to increase competition and break up second degree monopolies through networking no individual with American citizenship could lawfully own shares in more than three corporations. No foreign national could buy shares in more than three U.S. corporations.
Another good idea would be to cut taxes in the reformed era on high-end earners, yet to raise inheritance taxes on estates of more than fifty million dollars in present terms to about 51%. There should be no penalty on an individual earning a lot from his business on merit so long as he does it within the legal criteria, nor should they be discouraged by not being able to pass on an inheritance to their descendents. With a 51% inheritance tax rate on large estates a non-productive generation would experience the regular reduction of their capital to the average social condition.
The point of competition with full employment and opportunity for all to start an enterprise without being repressed by networks, collectives and organizations of any sort is the pursuit of happiness. Human beings natural seek after their interests and good-even mathematicians pursuing construction of a program to disprove Gödel's Incompleteness Theorems are being idle gamers consuming just for the heck of it.
The United States may encounter real climate turbulence in the years and decades ahead with global warming desiccating productive farmland. A remedy should be to develop a vast public works desalinization of saltwater project to bring Wets Texas and the Midwest into an irrigated condition. Areas for wildlife should be thrown in to the reclamation project also getting a share of a man-made natural desalinization project exploiting gravity, solar power, evaporation and condensation.
The United States' middle class is the target of much political gamesmanship by the elites today even as they face the challenges of social and climate decline in the years ahead. Very likely continuing public debt increase will create a catastrophe shift toward a terminal dust-bowl future. The futurist and inventor of the Gaia Hypothesis James Lovelock foresees a challenged Earth reduced to a population of 200 million in the centuries ahead through climate overheating and economic collapse. Alaska may become the last resort for surviving Americans. Considering that state with even 30 million citizens in 50 of 70 years is breathtaking. If the Arctic ice pack is now in progressive decay and a rapid increase of global heating follows in the next couple of decades the present global corporate economic leadership is completely inadequately prepared to provide leadership.
Democracy is an important thing for the quality of life of average citizens, yet as Aristotle observed they tend to not lead themselves in a good direction and lapse into picking a dictator. Autocratic societies though are inflexible on permitting free enterprise and inventions that might disturb their control of political power. The remedy for the United States now ought to be for a reform to capitalism, a refocus on public participation and leadership in church, environmental recovery and space exploration and a securing of our national borders in order that political self-determination can continue to be possible. The self-determination should be more than a determination for debauchery, personal, social and environmental decay.
The Obama administration recently announced that it would allow oil drilling in the high Arctic of Alaska's national Petroleum Reserve sprawling nearly across half of the northern littoral of the state. It will also allow a network of oil pipeline to be built to support offshore oil drilling. The high Arctic is the region of the world with the greatest increase in global heating. It is also experiencing an increasing ozone hole and is a location where the pollution from fossil fuel machines can most affect climate change. Plainly the Democrat Party has insufficient concern about reversing global heating to take a stand on the development of oil and destruction of the health of the ecosphere.
Human beings are a biological life form with self-awareness. Automobile engines and other machine carbon exhaust is a non-biological contribution on a vast scale increasing the Co2 in the Earth's atmosphere-more than the ecosphere in balance without the human contribution can balance-thus the atmospheric heating that may bring about the end of human life. It is something to be serious about.