Monday, July 30, 2012

On Britain's Place in the Economic World

Occasionally I have interacted with American Anglofiles that seem unaware that British and American economic policy directions are not necessarily coincident. When Americans allow themselves to be led down the primrose path of fish, chips and footsie forsaking their national independence the U.S. economic profits suffer. The Aristocracy is happy to have groveling millions of ill-led minions abroad.
My opinion about Britain is that it is a minor landmass off Europe that exploits European and U.S. economics to best advantage. The United States is something of a soft economic target to them and it is best not to be so Anglo-centric as to be daft about world affairs generally.
Russia and Argentina are vast land areas-peers of the U.S.A. in that regard that we can do beneficial business with in economics and ecospheric conservation. Britain on the other hand is a small land mass with too many people that needs to keep the rest of the world in turbulence to extract abstract profits and send them to their financial houses maintaining their high-life style.
It is possible even for Brits to be self-sufficient in resources, and they should instead of scarfing up those of everyone they can leverage. Britain led the industrial revolution after the malaise of centuries of plague infested stagnation in European growth after the end of the classical era with the fall of Rome.  Now they are not nearly as inventive as they were formerly and rely on slick financial fraud and leveraging schemes plus hostile takeovers in business for gain. The United States is beginning to follow their lead down that road to ruin.
It is worth developing different economic value theories in order not to  be ecospherically nihilistic and simply obsessed with the trade value theory of cash economics. Cash as a medium of exchange has worked well in the past however social value theories are not reliant upon a blind obsession with that abstract medium of exchange instead to the detriment of awareness of things-in-themselves. It is possible to view the woods and the trees simultaneously-although very difficult for those with introverted political philosophy and an inflexible economic value theory.

The U.S.A. should follow George Washington's farewell address admonition that the United States of America should beware of permanent foreign alliances. U.S. and British aristocratic interests do not preponderantly coincide on geopolitical matters.

Russia sold Alaska to the United States in 1865 because it didn't want Britain to get it-sound reasoning the present Alaskan political leadership seem to have forgotten in their support for British resource exploitation of Alaska minerals.

The United State evicted a few British pirates that were in the Malvinas that slunked back in later perhaps while the U.S. was preoccupied with rebuilding the national capital after the British burned it to the ground.

The United States does not need British aristocrats for another grafted skimming class of leaders, yet should be on good terms with such homest supporters of abolishing aristocracy as can be found as we are with Madagascarians and the Taiwanese. The United States has a nominal democracy and a dumbed down Democratic party incapable of sound economic reasoning nationally.

Britain does not have a true democracy. Now and then the Aristocrats can step in to Orwellianize things as they had the right forever to rifle postal letters and packages and now have closed circuit T.V. so that the disguise sales business is probably going up in London. People wonder if Princess Diana was an inconvenient truth that and Her Majesty's subject flunkies.

Some wonder if Britain was sporting rather than technically manipulative if it would have allowed a Princess Diana to marry a Saudi Royal and given that oil kingdom a rival claim on the Windsor Throne. LIBOR is a technical tool opportune for corruption. Britain could have sought to prove the world champion Olympic swimmer with a strait cross channel and back event. In fact every Olympic should have a local element to give the home team a fair advantage using its own natural resources. If the Olympics occur in the U.S.A. again the marathon run should be across Eisenhower pass at 10,000 feet.

Europe and the British have different inter-bank lending rating agencies. The European Central Bank has about 900 billion in assets at no interest and there isn't much inter-bank lending, instead it goes through the ECB. The United States uses the different London rating and that isn't helpful.

In the United States and Europe (with London somewhere advantaged in between) banks are becoming a kind of seperate and unequal financial class that are supported by taxpayers bailing out there egrgious excessses in speculating and swilling up the common assets held by private owner-commoners  and I do not believe that the Brits are generally against that sort of economic aristocratic development.

The U.S. democratic party of economically challenged without leadership since the first Clinton administration have followed the British path toward neglect of U.S. national interests. Clinton was big on British Thermal Units and making American home mortgages available for sale globally.

The Obama administration asked that two Federally supported home mortgage lenders that took heavy losses in the derivatives crash forgive billions of bad debts that Americans and others have and the administrator of those- Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac-declined. What else could he do? How could he write off debts when those two agencies have sold hundreds of billions of dollars of shares to the Communist Chinese and in effect write off debt owed to the Communist Party of China?

The United States needs to get is house in order ecosherically and with employment and quit being so Anglo-centric. U.S.  women and homosexuals may like the Britain over much perhaps because of charisma of the Queen, secret desire of girls to be princesses instead of municipal waste removal workers and the safety of an English speaking nation with fairy tale castles. The problem with democracy as Aristotle pointed out is that the demos is dumb and eventually collapses into tyranny. With Obamacare and other tag the poor tactics the nation is slowly moving in that direction.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Common Gun Ownership is Necessary for a Democratic Society

The United States has always had common gun ownership and it has always been a free society; that is not a coincidence. Nations such as Russia before 1990 never allowed common gun ownership and the people were always enslaved. The same applies to China during the Imperial and Communist era.
Some might find examples in the world of nations that still exist that outlawed common gun ownership yet its improbably difficult. What nation in South or Central America hasn't has copious revolutions, civil strife and corruption sufficient that it could serve as a realistic example for the United States? 
Some point to Canada as a society that allows only guns yet it has a small population and a land area larger as large or larger than the U.S.A. Canada also turned down a potential  Soviet agent highly placed in science in the U.S.S.R. when he knocked on the door of their embassy in Finland. As a second choice the Russian contacted the British and supplied them with Soviet data about as important to American interests in ending the cold war as two American spies giving U.S. Naval communication codes to the Soviets was to the Evil Empire. Canada was pursuing a policy of inoffensiveness or something maybe and that can be a good thing.
Eastern Europe under the Soviets didn't have common gun ownership, and certainly the Jews in Warsaw and western Europe hadn't enough guns to resist arrest and shipment to the extermination camps of the 3rd Reich.
Some might point out Arab nations or those with Islamic law in some cases as examples of nations where restricted gun ownership in some cases works. The legal system required to keep a disarmed populace in check in the absence of gun ownership tends to be fairly strict-probably to much so for the United States.  China and Saudi Arabia execute citizens a lot quicker than the U.S.A. James Holmes in China perpetrating such an act would probably not last a couple of months before death.
Nations that allow or even require gun ownership tend to be free nations. Switzerland is free and so is the U.S.A. If one day a disarmed citizenry has armed state agents knocking on their doors to remove them for some purpose, gun ownership resistance one home at a time would make the arrest of millions a little more difficult. Americans might need not only armed improvisational militias, they might need to personally resist squads of government or corporate agents themselves some day.
Obviously if the United States become a corporate serfdom intimidated and controlled by vague imperial powers from wherever even with disclaimers and small print regulations oozing out of thin air restrictions on common gun ownership will be one item on their agenda for hostile takeover of society and expropriation of whatever it is that Americans might have as equal citizens on the Earth.
The recent Aurora Colorado massacre of twelve and shooting of 70 people has been exploited by perennial disarmament advocates as a reason to impinge on common gun ownership, and the examp0le is the worst they could make. There are very, very few and rare killing of complete strangers in mass by individuals crazy or not. Of about 12,000 annual murder victims in the U.S.A. annually most occur in real circumstances that might not be stopped by elimination of common gun ownership.
The F.B.I. murder victim chart at the url above shows the distribution numbers of relatives, acquaintances and circumstances such as gang killings  that happened in the year 2010. Few homicides are killings by complete strangers, and those that are tend to be those in select social roles. The F.B.I. hasn't provided amidst their 4,656 killings for unknown reasons a breakdown on the number of those that were simply unilaterally done for no sociallyproximal interactive causal factor.
Not all of the 12,000 murders were made with firearms of course. There is a table delineating the type and quantity of weapons used in murders per state in 2010.
Mexico, a nation with severe restrictions on common gun ownership has an annual murder rate during the drug wars higher than 10,000 people per year. With the people disarmed the power of those gangsters with weapons is far greater of an impact upon society. One should not take Mexico as a good example of the positive value of restricted gun ownership.

What is freedom one might ask? Definitions and the philosophy of language about word meanings afford quite a lot of latitude in creating personalized and meaningful word designators. 

If you think about it, freedom on the physical and intellectual level is something like a range of motion or movement in all directions without intentional obstruction-by-others. Certainly Sartre believed freedom can't be restricted at all-one always has the ability to say no even of shot for it, yet Sartre was also a prisoner of war of the Nazis, so his meaning too has a limited range.

A weapon to defend freedom from those that would bind or shackle it can be spiritual and physical. If the slaves had been given gun ownership rights in the U.S.A. they would not have been captive long. If a potential kidnap victim has a home pump riot shotgun handy when the home breakers come through the door it can create a continuum of personal liberty.

The examples are without end in the political to the criminal realms of potential human experience. In fact the examples extend beyond the just human realm.

Projectile and other weapons are physical agents in the material world. If a brown bear approaches one early spring to dine on one's breathing carcass a mag load can correct the bear's breakfast behavior. A weapon can keep a crocodile from harvesting a conveniant foot or hand for munch, and the mighty puma leaping onto a jogger might be converted into a potential carpet in the air with a timely application of weapon diversion.

Obviously it is incumbent upon humanity to restore a rightful place for wildlife in-the-world without just eradicating them. If RTF chips and other devices were placed into animals and human dwelling areas were equipped with wildlife presence scanning devices professional handlers could capture and relocate the critters safely. It would also be possible to place metal devices in wildlife that grow hot if they venture into zones for exclusive human use, etc.

Projectile weapons commonly owned all serve the function of keeping spiritually misguided souls from encroaching upon the human rights of others. Until the time arrives that their is a true brotherhood and sisterhood of humanity it is best to know that the common gun ownership can keep the evil of gangs, corrupt government and other evil doers at a respectful distance.

Britain So Far Skunked in Medals on Day 1 of Olympics

China has won six medals presently with Italy placing a close second with five and the U.S.A. next in the running with four. Seventeen nations have taken medals so far. The host nation-Britain probably hopes to find their way to the finish line faster another day.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Romney's Best VP Picks: Rice & Ryan

Mitt Romney has the opportunity in the next two weeks before the Republican Convention to select the next Vice President of the United States if the voters approve. Former Sect. of State Condi Rice and Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan are the two best choices, and they are good ones.
Each prospect is articulate, intelligent and will take public stands on principle. Condi Rice has a rated IQ of 165 and will probably put up an intelligent idea or two for the benefit of the nation over a four year period of time. With the weight off her shoulders of being down in the Bush I hierarchy without much opportunity to creatively express herself the liberation of the Vice Presidential office may let her think outside the box and get a few ideas through to improve American prospects for full employment, no public debt and a recovering ecosphere.
Paul Ryan being from Wisconsin naturally encounters the same leftist stimulation that drives people to take an opposite view. The late Senator Joe McCarthy was from that state too and it drove him over the edge seeing communists in every closet. Representative Ryan is merely challenged to develop national budget balancing straitway and that is good. While a lot of ox's get gored in the process with intelligent leadership the pork can be cut out from redundant entitlements instead of the vulnerable being tossed under the wheels

Paul Tillich's 'What is Religion?'

Paul Tillich died in 1965 in the era of the rise of space science and with a world full of regional wars and conflicts. For non-commerical or vocational Christians it was failure easy to overlook his work. Tillich was very well known along with Karl Barth to most Protestant Christians, yet I wonder how well read he was to philosophers.
Reading Tillich's essays published in 1926 (and thtis version in 1965) brings an awareness of his role in bridging the gaps amidst many philosophical systems that grew in that time. One may find an empirical and epistemological vein following science and an avenue of the development of the philosophy of logic and language regarding the empirical. Tillich developed a way of regarding a scientific worldview and of culture concurrently existing with alternative and even trancending ontology. That is the unconditional.
Before the rise of science when the world was not well understood from a mechanical point of view it was simpler for the religious inclined to have a naive view of the world-experience as a manifestation of the unconditional. The maya or illusory nature of temporal things was self-evident and stimulated even the Athenian philosophers such as Aristotle to find underlying principles of material changes and to develop structures in logic and language to represent those relationships. That inquiry was parelled in plain materrial scientific research.
Religion can be a cultural affair as well as an encounter with the unconditional. Modern afficiandos of science have often attacked the cultural aspects of religion, yet the scientific worldview fails  in its essential voacation to grasp the worlod-experience of things-in-themselves-the unconditional. Paul TIllich's early work in his career helps to illuminate the tripartite classification of human epistemology regarding ontology.
I enjoyed finding Tillich's excellent comments on Kant and Hegel and of the formulation of meaning-reality paradigmata within a subjective database for regarding reality. Sure science provides excellent data-yet it isn't exclusive and exhaustive informing a human being about the meaning or being of reality for-itself.
Tillich provides a way of regarding metaphysics as a religious intuition rather than of a greater physics such as I have prevalently considered it to be in recent times. For example one has a variety of cosmological theories and might extrapolate what is 'beyond' the known. Tillich's parameter for metaphysics is not like that.
Having read Schopenhuaer, Kant and Hegel it is helpful to to find Tillich to be a philosopher of religion able to place traditional classical westernn metaphysics within a context that isn't antipathetic to Plotinus' Enneads and view of the One.
The wikipedia page below on TIllich refers to Origin as having a view of the 'unoriginate' that is probably something like Plotinus's idea about 'The One'. In the book I am reading I think the translator uses the term 'the unconditional' to mean 'the unoriginate'.
That idea of God as not requiring anything to prove he exists, or scientific classification that would reduce Him to some sort of creature is as valid now as then. The immanence of a transcendent point of view of reality is always a good thing to have about in the busy world of secularism and science today.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Romney Realism, British Snubs and Foreign Policy Pragmatism

Mitt Romney's experience as an Olympic organizer brought an NBC media guy to ask what the prospects for the London Olympics are. Being a forthright and honest businessman with experience in staging an Olympic Games in Salt Lake City several years ago he replied with candor-something that the Obamanite era politicians and media aren't used to. It seemed rather shocking to get an honest answer. Romney said;
"You know, it's hard to know just how well it will turn out. There are a few things that were disconcerting, the stories about the private security firm not having enough people, supposed strike of immigration and customs officials, that obviously is not something which is encouraging. Because there are three parts that makes Games successful.
"Number one, of course, are the athletes. That's what overwhelmingly the Games are about. Number two are the volunteers. And they'll have great volunteers here. But number three are the people of the country. Do they come together and celebrate the Olympic moment? And that's something which we only find out once the Games actually begin."
That realistic appraisal is the source for much ado about nothing on the Bizantine political side interpretants in the U.K.
Mitt Romney's reply to a question by an NBC newsperson-a left leaning news organization was truthful, logical, plain and off the cuff. He in no way intended to give offense or even criticize the failures of preperation of the London games. Instead he expressed the points of concern that had been in media for months.
The President of the United States cannot be ignorant of the facts generally, and if a petty dictator or puffed up PM expects everyone to naturally kow-tow or biden their tongue on anything that might seem 'insolent' to a supremacist class of predators that expectation cannot be met or anticipated by reasonable people. One never knows when a corrupt politician will pull a Beria or Stalin on the people and find offense in what someone's tone is real or imagined.
Alexander Solzshenytsin in the Gulag Archipelago Three described the crime of 'anti-Soviet activity' ( that people were given a ten year sentence for automatically). It was applied to those such as had stolen a crust of bread and hidden it in their coat because of hunger and other horrible crimes.
The evil imperial tradition is always seeking to encroach upon human liberty and bend public discourse to its nefarious designs whenever it's opportune.
Margaret Thatcher was opposed to Reagan's desire to eliminate nuclear missiles. Yet she at least seemed to argue in favor of democracy and had a clue about how people normally present themselves as peers socially. She wasn't an imperious idiot like David Cameron.
It is a wonder that dueling was ever outlawed. Stanley Kubrick's film Barry Lyndon had one resolution of an unresolvable dispute in it. Sometimes with the broadcast media paradigm heir is no lawful way to get satisfaction from louts getting under the legal structure-especially if they are the legal structure or have an imperial advantage within it such as aristocrats possess.
Argentina is a democracy today and is not placing demands on owning the Shetland Islands. The Malvinas are just a couple hundred miles offshore of South America, and though the United States has the best lawful claim to ownership of the Malvinas iit will probably support an Argentine renormalization of the non-interference policy expressed in the Monroe Doctrine.
Plainly the United State would consider supporting Falklandian Independence if it sought to be an Independent State
The Candidate has moved on to visit an ally nation in the Middle East. Mitt Romney's possible VP picks are of interest as are speculations on his foreign policy agenda.

Foreign affairs unavoidably impact the U.S. economy and ecosphere. It is useful to establish domestic policy that benefits Americans prevalently and ecospheric restoration instead of nefarious imperial global extractors of American resources and opportunities. There are innumerable options, more even than Fisher had in game nine of the 1992 rematch against Boris Spassky.

The Candidate if elected would likely talk over select international affairs on joint issues of interest with friends such as the Presidents of Argentina and Russia. A Romney meeting with President Putin Arctic Char fishing on the north slope of Alaska's Brooks Range to informally discuss Arctic ecosphere and security issues exists in addition to a possible Romney security and ecosphere rectification issue tete et tete with Argentine President Cristina Elisabet Fernández de Kirchner.

Multi-Verse Ethics, James Holmes, Massacres and Contract Renewel in Post-Rem Parapsychology

It is difficult for a malfunctioning society to pass laws to correct their drift toward dissipation. The spectacular meltdown of the Aurora Colorado killer-joker is a case in point.
The broadcast media has recovered the 'story' salting 'clues' about the 'suspect' that might explain his behavior. Discovery of behavior causality and motivation is more important for news purposes when the ending is already post hoc. It is at least better than the day of breaking news that the people are beyond a yellow tape and seeking to disarm the 'bombs' within networked with a maze of 'tripwires'.
The 24 year old killer does have subjective knowledge stages written all over his terrible actions that midnight. He used classical tripwires instead of batter-operated motion sensors for his improvised anti-personnel mines as might a modern land-mine warfare improvisor.
One could imagine encounter a smiling bullfrog of death along a trail at 15,000 feet before its solar rechargable batteries powering the motion sensor impulsed a pound of RTX to explode. The youthful apprentice psychiatrist of the top rank of the epistemological relativist ladder went for the soft underbelly of social fantasy with crude yet costly weapons-at least $3000 worth.
We learn that that James (Joker) Holmes was a top of class graduate in neuroscience from The University of California at Riverside. A brilliant kid studying to be a psychiatrist in the post-REM era of social detachment is detached to the Denver area and stuffed with psychological relativism. Evidently he sent a package of why-I-shoot data to his psychiatrist graduate school instructor.
If weapons are restricted more the psychiatrist class and their apprentices would be exempt and given the REM-Boston awards for moral excellence instead.
The post-modernist era of Dewian epistemology can have consequences for the young. It can create moral and philosophical conundrums, alienation and confusion about reality itself. Being stuffed with psychiatric training in the Denver area may have prompted a kind of intellectual nausea for James Holmes in which he could reassert his normalcy by becoming an actor in the fantasy world of Democratic-Republican socialist-corporatist politics that makes a fiction of moral coherence and national sovereignty.
There is a multi-verse ethical theory that speculates that if Universes are made for the entertainment of superior beings the chances of having one's contract renewed to appear is best if one makes a big impression (as in a soap opera or reality T.V. show). In that context being a significant villain such as James the Joker Holmes is a good way to appear in another episode of a recurrent universe-what these kids believe!
 President Obama made a speech on the shooting in which he said that AK-47s should be in 'the hands of soldiers rather than criminals'. Apparently he considers civilian ownership of AK-47s criminal. He would further Leninize society and ban AK-47s from the private sector-a legalists solution if there ever was one. So I will write something about an alternative course.
In then late 19th century human innovators and inventors learned how to make mechanism that would permit extraction of a bullet from a chamber, recocking of the trigger mechanism and feeding of another bullets into the chamber. It isn't a brilliant thing and any machine or auto shop or garage mechanic can make his own automatic weapons or automatic shotguns with 50 barrels if he likes that can be used once and perhaps blow up thereafter. It isn't really possible to turn back the historical clock and prevent the manufacture of spears or swords either.
AK-47s and AK-74s can be changed to have only 5 shots with a welded on magazine that one must feed bullets in to like one does an old Winchester or Marlin from the side. Even if someone jimmied up the semi-auto function to full auto they would only get five shots. Of course criminals or revolutionaries could alter that with more work-yet as I pointed out it isn't very difficult to make a one time shotgun or a grease gun from plumbing supplies or whatever. The I.E.D. people go for bigger weapons. It is as if the President believes Americans are stupid.
Possibly there are more Ak-47s in the world than any other weapon and they are very fine weapons. They are the cheap Mauser of our era. For hunting dear or bear with the 7.62 round they are good field weapons that function well when dirty, muddy or wet. They are also cheaper than the weapons the rich and middle class can afford. If one is hunting a 300 pound feral Russian bore in the hilly brush beyond Laredo one wants a kill on first shot I would think.
In Alaska long ago at a drill I climbed over a ten-foot cyclone fence with an M-60 machine gun to flank at practice killing the NCO instructors. I actually got behind them and stood there a second before pulling the trigger. When I did I got one shot and the machine gun jammed because I had got dust in the barrel. In the real world I would have been standing there without hope of evading the retaliation from the survivor. Yet if I were firing real bullets instead of dummy bullets maybe the recoil would have been enough to let the weapon recycle automatically. I never went to a war and never found out.
Later the instructors ambushed us all and unloaded full magazines from M-16s upon us in a little valley below. That was how it was supposed to work.
Securing the nation's borders and modifying good jobs for American citizens would be a far better political course to take than to continue a psychological program of disarming the citizens and regarding them as pig meat with minds that don't matter and are subject to infinite programming because there isn't an objective reality.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Record Year in Progress for Polar & Greenland Ice Melt

The Greenland ice sheet has 'unprecidented' melting this year over 95% of its surface area. The melting of the Arctic ice pack also seems to be faster this year.
It may be that most Americans being indoor, thermostat regulated creatures don't notice temperature changes as meaningfully as those of us that live outdoors annually.
The arctic ice sheet is melting at a rapid pace.Comparing the two N.A.S.A. photos via Cryosphere Today from Juy 20th, 2000 and July 20th 2012 and notice the difference.
In the two photos of Greenland below taken from space, observe how quickly the area of surface melting expanded in just four days from July 8th, 2012 to July 12, 2012.
Greenland Ice Sheet (splash)

Monday, July 23, 2012

Did Saddam Hussein Bury WMD Political Treasure?

Iraq purchased about 90 gyroscopes for Soviet SS-18 Satan missiles in then 1990s according to reliable sources. During the 90s there was a lot of plutonium and enriched uranium easy for the Russian mafia and enterprising military officers and many others to take from unsecure Soviet-era stockpiles and numerous locations.
Apparently enriched uranium that is made from natural rather than reprocessed sources can be handled even without gloves-it doesn't radiate much and is a heavy metal I would guess like lead. If Iraq got a few hundred pounds and the top-secret agent buried it in the desert it could still be there undiscovered.
Obviously Saddam Hussein hadn't the opportunity to build a very large ballistic missile though he evidently intended or hoped to one day. Like Johhny Cash's auto built 'one piece at a time' the late Iraqi leader may have been compiling a piece here and a gyroscope there for a project that never got off the ground.
If the secret of the location of the hot items for bomb-making were not very classified to Hussein and a very few other intelligence agents it would be surprising. It would not especially be surprising that the material wasn't used or found during the conflict or after. Iran too  is likely to have found a way  to purchase enough plutonium and enriched uranium for several bombs one would think-that nation isn't very far from Kazahkstan and Russia, and they had the entire Clinton administration era to stock up. It isn't hard to imagine that an Iranian agent with a million dollars in a bag would have found it too hard to get a Russian enttrepreneur with access to sell a 50 or a few hundred pounds.
The Bush I era Congress and Clinton administration evidently dropped the ball on the issue of security for post-cold war era Soviet radioactive materials of which there was thousands and thousands of pounds of unsecured stuff at numerous locations.

Yeats - The Second Coming

Evidently society has felt a sense of decay before, of wrong political directions that morph into provision for citizens of futility. WIlliam Butler Yeats wrote of such a time in merry old England in his poem:

Turning and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.

Surely some revelation is at hand;
Surely the Second Coming is at hand.
The Second Coming! Hardly are those words out
When a vast image out of Spiritus Mundi
Troubles my sight: a waste of desert sand;
A shape with lion body and the head of a man,
A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun,
Is moving its slow thighs, while all about it
Wind shadows of the indignant desert birds.

The darkness drops again but now I know
That twenty centuries of stony sleep
Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,
And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?"

The first stanza is probably most apropos for the current time in the U.S. The national sense of a new nation of immigrants forgetting their past culture has been clipped by a surfeit of illegal alien Mexicans arriving without severing the culture they left behind. The experiment in Democractic futurism transitioned to a multi-cultural society of people with a foot in the past. American futurists find refuge investing abroad in China or elsewhere.

America's natural advantages that supported the creation of a new nation were perhaps simply the grace of historical non-renewable circumstance. Like Arab nations keen on living in the past-unable to escape from deep ways of historical folkways and memorabilia the United States is being naturally worn down by the wave trains of historical cultures and isn't any longer a unique nation isolated a little from worldly troubles. To a certain extent the self-opinion of the nation as a special place still arises in international politics in a generally deleterious way sometimes simply in order to advantage it's material resource positions.

It may be that the United States or perhaps any other culture cannot bring meaningful social change through evaluation and design intentionally without coercion or historical pressure. The United States for at least a half century has relied upon natural cultural or social evolution following the lines on the emergent worst social values to change or form meta-social structure. The alternative of revolution is as incapable as natural evolution of forming a functioning Democratic social environment beyond a minimal or even nominal status apparently. A culture must rely upon the grace of God to bring opportunities for social reformation as in so much of Biblical history.

Even so the utility of democratic reformation by design that would provide full employment, a recovering environment, stable population and meaningful levels of social egalitarian with equal protection of the law ought to be a present interest of the citizens of the United States. It is the basic social responsibility beyond personal and narrow self-interest. 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

N.Y. Mayor Hopes Romney/Obama WIll Disarm Citizens After Batman Massacre in Denver

If only one of the hundreds of midnight movie goers-many probably on marijuana or other drugs, had been a responsible citizen armed with a concealed .357 mag weapon the 70 shootings might have been halted at just a few. Even with body army a head shot with a mag load or even a chest shot would knock a perp down long enough for other to tackle him.
When citizens become like passive pigs in a sensory pleasure corral they are easily slaughtered by neuro-scientists from San Diego. Probably every dictator in human history would have preferred to have his victims disarmed. Nothing has changed in that regard. One reason Americans are more or less free is because the citizens are responsible armed to defend against the slick political cults that want to rule every one to servility now and then.
The challenges to a free society in remaining free with the chance for moral values unconformed to the image of the beast is in keeping and defending liberal gun ownership.

I wanted to mention that the scenario of terrorist infiltrating a movie theater to kill the people in it has been an element in more than one action-adventure novel the past few years. It was a well-anticipated point of vulnerability that might have been defended against a little better. In one novel I read Denver was actually mentioned as a location for a theater terrorist attack along with a dozen other U.S. cities.

The power of a hierarchical and stratified society presents many dangers to ordinary people. One doesn't want to become absolutely socially powerless and at the mercy of the decrees of a corrupt or any other empower political or social class. The comfortable often don't recognize the undesirable social condition of being the victim of concentrated social power. 

Even to this day the concept that the Colt .45 made men equal is true.

The list of nations that have banned handguns probably approximates a list of nations without real democracy or with various stages of its loss. One might consider Tokugawa Japan or Hitler's Germany (the Jews would have had a better chance with plentiful Lugars of their own on Crystalnacht), Maoist China, the former Soviet Union and Cuba etc.

Guns are a good way to defend against thugs and even resist a corrupt state sometimes, yet the proliferation of biological gene recombination technology applicable to viral DNA weponization makes   more substantial dangers present today than direct state authoritarian disarmament of the populus. The state empowers all many of biological research and supports construction of a difficult, precarious future for humany-it is because their is so much money in it as well as for the alleviation of human suffering.

Democratization of Broadcast Media Spectrum Should Go Ahead

People often say that Democracy is an experiment, yet I don't regard life as a practice for a future temporal state. The broadcast media is the death of democracy. It's an anti-egalitarian exclusivist consolidator of corrupt, illicit power for special interests.

Hence if the media seems to appeal to the masses as their champion they provide the lazy citizens undemocratic representation for them making their 'democracy' a spectator sport. Sartre wrote in 'Being and Nothingness' that the fundamental relation of the listener to radio is impotence.

The technology has existed for quite a while for individual citizens to use the FCC regulated broadcast spectrum instead of giving it out to high bidders. It would be a new infrastructure restoring democracy to the public broadcast discourse. Via Internet radio that is rebroadcast through publicly maintained broadcast facilities (perhaps contracted to private facilities operators) radio freqs would be operated and shared like local highways for all to use locally just as are highways. If public roads were exclusively used by the most rich high bidders they would have as little value as radio and television has had in support of private interests.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Can Individuals or Groups Lie in Defining Evil?

If one lies about their definition of evil perhaps there is a reason for that, perhaps not. One may be disingenuous about definitions of course, or even accidentally wrong about a definition (what does soteriology really mean?), however that tends toward engendering false consciousness I believe.
J. Vernon McGee wrote that the Bible definition of evil refers to bad things of a natural kind, in contrast to wickedness that occurs when humans do 'evil' things such as massacring midnight theater goers at the premier of Batman; The Dark Knight Rising.
Jean Paul Sartre wrote about group lies as serialized 'use-truths' in Being and Nothingness.
W.V.O. Quine the late logician wrote a book named 'Word and Object'. Words can refer to objects of course as well as to the abstract objects of ideas, and of course words can be relational devices for referring to groups of words and obviously words can be used to describe abstract general ideas such as evil or 'redness' instead of a particular thing itself. Plainly different people regard some things as evil that others regard as good. Evil as a general subjective concept for itself is applicable in a variety of circumstances unlike the color 'red' that isn't used to refer to purple or blue as a referent object for-itself. Evil in the trophic hierarchy is a higher level of abstraction. I believe Aristotle wrote about such things in his logic.
Lies are existential utterances interpreted by some other or even for-oneself as being untrue. If individual A tells individual B on a rainy day that the sun is brightly shining then the falsehood of the lie is transparent unless person B interprets the lie as some sort of metaphor or emotive description.
If one lies about a definition of evil for political purposes in order to obtain political advantage for a class (the U6 unemployment rate of 17.7% is all the fault of G.W. Bush) is that uncommon? I think that people seldom lie about evil when it occurs to them for they recognize it as such painfully perhaps. In a social environment where many people live somewhat abstract cubicle lives with sanitized concepts reinforcing values of a dysfunction nature convenient falsehoods such as global warming cannot be caused by human Co2 emissions may be unchallengeable pragmatically in time to do the future much good. Falsehoods of a remote and abstract nature regarding definitions of evil are not directly verifiable for individuals not uncommonly.
The late Ronald Reagan in speaking with First Secretary Gorbachev on nuclear disarmament often said about agreements 'trust, but verify'. The need for that was plain during from 1972 to 1989 when the Soviet Union had signed off on bans on offensive biological weapons yet was secretly running full speed ahead with Biopreparat to develop new synthetic germs and viruses of the lethal kind for war on the cheap

The Odds of Smallpox Virus or Nuclear War in the Syrian Conflict

Sometimes there can be hidden dangers of pushing too far on people with nowhere to go. President Assad of Syria and his relations have nowhere to go except to the Hague perhaps if the war can push the regime out of office. Is the U.S. Government prepared for a possible outbreak of weaponized plague or smallpox viruses in case some former Soviet citizen sold a pound or two to Iran or Syria in the 90's and it is used as a last resort to create a world of chaos better suited to a fleeing despot?
Reading through a book on the history of the end of the Soviet-U.S. Cold war and specifically on the problem of weapons of mass destruction I developed an awareness that smallpox that was made quantitatively and improved to resist anti-biotics (16 flavors) and also to attack the immune system in a second wave to kill off survivors had a reasonable chance of being hidden by former military officers and mobsters during and after the end of the cold war. With so much in existence and with low security hiding a gallon or two of smallpox virus in Siberia or selling one to Iran wouldn't have been too hard.
Because Iran sent agents to buy radioactive materials and hired former Soviet Biological weapons designers to lecture on manufacture of bio-war agents it is reasonable to speculate that some few pounds of plutonium or bio-war agent may have walked over to  Syria at some point.
The 2009 book 'The Dead Hand' has interesting details on the vast quantities of unsecured plutonium and highly enriched Uranium available in the former Soviet Union during the 1990's. With its value being so high-Iran would have paid a billion for enough plutonium to build a bomb, it isn't likely that a lot of that stuff didn't end up underground with remote g.p.s. coordinates to the buried treasure existing in someone's memory as the sole clue to its existence. Evidently many Soviet weapons and radioactive research facilities didn't even know exactly how much of the stuff they had.
The Soviet Union had a hidden bio-war design program from 1927 to the 1994, and apparently there are still three major and several minor biological war research and/or production facilities in existence in Russia that are not open to inspection. Well, Russia is a dangerous place with all the hidden stuff perhaps held by mobsters and communists etc. Perhaps Putin wants to be able to be competitive on a live agent battlefield.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Made-In-China U.S. Olympic Uniforms/Shuckin and Jivin the Way to 21 Trillion Dollars of U.S. Public Debt

I wrote this post when someone said out of the blue that white males have a seething hate for Barrack Obama because he is a negro. The support for that offered were the phrases 'shucking and jiving' and 'picking up stitches' that I used in a post about the U.S. Olympics uniforms made-in China issue that hadn't anything to do with the President. In don't think Barrack Obama had anything to do with that pro or con. Maybe the left hates the Chinese for not being whatever and attack white men as a political tactic in a two-for-one shot.
I don't think that the President can run his campaign on a foundation of racism. Independents regard issues objectively and evaluate a President's achievements of failures critically. Sure there are a lot of Americans that aren't white males so stimulating the anti-white male vote is a good tactic for those that are divisive and disingenuous. Yet if one cares about the nation enough to advocate for equal protection of the law and full employment for all American citizens it is useful to stay away from the racist smears.

The President has kept a real unemployment rate-U6- of about 18% and that is unacceptable for us long-term unemployed house repainters. Goodness-the Democrat media even tried to make house painting a 'clan' activity as if white repainters wouldn't repaint a house belonging to a Negro, Chinese, Vietnamese or Hispanic.

The President has created an alarming and rather depraved social environment for youth with his advocay of homosexual marriage-and that concerns those of us with traditional values. It is my experience on writing on the Internet for a decade that the homosexual lobby invariably makes personal attacks on political opponents rather than arguing objectively on the merits of issues. I think that is a long run strategic error on their part and indicates a social inability for that group to co-exist peacefully within a democratic context where free expression of political ideas is valued rather than excoriated.

The President being a negroe just isn't the issue. The issue is his complete lack of competence in economic affairs and his roll over of advisers from prior administrations including those such as Geitner on a non-reform economic team.

Those of us looking ahead to a better society with low entropy economics, full employment and no public debt are not encouraged by the President's plan to run the national debt up to more than 20 trillion dollars if re-elected. That much debt requires more than a trillion a year in interest payments and may stimulate various forms of national economic failure of a deleterious nature we ought to avoid.
Shucking and jiving can be cool in most instances. Those American colloquialisms are not racist. Neither is the word 'duds'. That was a fairly common word for clothing in the 1950s. 'Picking up stitches' is a sewing/seamstress concept I heard from a long ago. It was also used by the very square musician Donovan as a lyric.
Since so much of the current ado is about the outsourcing of work to Chinese sewing  seamstresses, gender neutral stitching associates or automatons on U.S. Olympic uniforms I thought it apropos.

Incidentally Mitt Romney's father may have been one of the first Americans to suffer significantly from outsourcing of production overseas as President of American Motors. One would need to research the time better than I have time for presently, yet Detroit in the 60s and 70s underwent major changes in competition with the world auto market. Detroit went through a severe recession and in a way never recovered market share.

Japanese and German auto production became serious rivals for the U.S. market after the U.S. helped restore those nations to economic competitivity with reasonable support (e.g. The Marshall Plan for Europe) and prevention of Nazi and Imperialist recrudescence.

After the end of the cold war there were other challenges from the world again with an expanding labor pool by 2 billion or so that had been unavailable more or less.

Contemporary Americans may have better language for workplace terminology descriptive of manual labor 'getting in the grove' with everything going right-yet I don't know what that would be. Maybe the oyster catch has recovered in Louisiana recently after the oil spill. In Alaska they just cancelled the Kenai River King Salmon fishery this year because there aren't enough fish perhaps even to repopulate the run.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Atmosphere at a Glance?

I hope to find an atmosphere-at-a-glance web site with a live model representing the planetary chemical state of affairs in real-time accounting for the various input levels from national sources and that quantifies the atmospheric chemical elements reacting with the human and other contributions? if there was a live and detailed model it might be easier for people to understand the ongoing changes in the air people breath and exist in inclusive of thermal variations.

The advancing change of American energy production in the coal patch to natural gas should place a lot more methane in the atmosphere-where will those chemical reactions occur and to what effect?

Nihilistic Power Radio Investigates Injustice of Voter & Liquor I.D. Law (satire)

Nihilistic Power Radio's investigation of the injustice of state voter photo I.D. laws was able to find to more areas of political injustice obstructing Democratic voter: one such issue illuminated was the requirements of photo I.D. for alcohol purchases.
The N.P.R. team found that Baby Face Nilsson was a rickshaw puller from Washington D.C. that carried a Massachusetts congressman to work every day seventeen miles from his Maryland home for ten cents a mile. Baby Face is 40 years old and has worked 25 hours a day pulling rickshaw since fleeing persecution of his Dopamine Sect of Transsexual Reformers in the poorest section of Burma near where a Nobel Prize winner once visited.
Nilsson looks 15 years old and explained that he lost his photo I.D. card in a hurricane when a crocodile attacked from the gutter of a prosperous neighborhood he was working and he can't buy liquor anymore to deliver to his clients for the extra proplits he needs to pay for a water-repellent spray for his cardboard box home.
The photo I.D. issuers of the state Department of Motorized Vehicles won't let him have none because he don't look old enough and hasn't got no paper documentation that got left in Tijuana during a shootout with the Gulf Cartel.
If the cruel and oppressive photo I.D. law was rescinded Baby Face could have hope for a brighter tomorrow and find shelter from then threatening storm.

Federal & State Governments Outsource American Capital

When Americans invest their money in foreign nations that capital is lost to American investment directly. For decades union and other public funds have invested in foreign corporations and public offerings diverting domestic capital abroad. CALPERS was a leader at divesting in South Africa long ago yet they did of course keep the rest of their foreign portfolio. Outsourcing capital insourcing is deep in the present economic procedures and advantaging domestic investment needs to be accomplished through other means such as reforming capitalism such that no individual could invest in more than three corporations and no corporation doing business with America could employee more than 5000 workers. Competition of intellect rather than networking in collectivism and organization scale domination could be useful points of reform.
 Investing in foreign nations instead of the United States has been a common practice for decades, and then the Clinton era commodifying of home mortgages allowed the global derivatives trade to flourish making even the most conservative investment be a way to pay foreign holders of the debt.
Foreign direct investment in the U.S.A. is almost 200 billion annually and the actual cumulative invested is equal to about 16% of America's G.D.P. China receives a little more and the U.S. is one of the investors.
 The Alaska Permanent Fund invests globally like so many other state funds. Recently they invested in a corporation that is buying up distressed home mortgages in Wisconsin and elsewhere and converting them into rental properties. Foreigners are also buying up U.S. homes and converting them to rentals and that is one resign why the toxic mortgages from the 2007-8 crash are slowly drying up. Obviously smaller, affordable super-insulated and very strong dome homes would have been a better investment for the ordinary American and still would.
 The Federal Government has been a leader in the outsourcing of investment by selling Treasury Securities to anyone in the world including China and Japan. Much of the Chinese investments in the United States such as in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac let Americans invest their capital through mortgage payments directly in foreign nations.
 The Department of Defense costs tax paying Americans trillions and trillions each decade defending America from nations such as China in addition to terror cells of people with box cutters. The U.S. Government through the taxpayers also pay billions and billions each decade to the Chinese Government through interest payments on the Treasury securities so the Chinese can have a profit to invest in building up their Defense infrastructure. By the end of another term of President Obama the interest on the national debt would be about a trillion dollars per year.
 President Obama's campaign rhetoric has suggested that Americans would be silly to do the same thing again if it didn't work the first time. That can serve as campaign advice in judging the Presidents first term of office.
 The first Obama term has left a U6 unemployment, underemployed and discouraged worker rate of about 18%. Only the comfortable and aloof could imagine that anyone in that U6 category would be silly enough for vote for another four years of a president with that record. President Obama silly had not the ability to organize anything about the economy to bring anything like national debt reduction, full employment and a recovering ecosphere into being. Not everyone in America is incapable; time waits for none and the voters need to change Presidents every four years unless the presider in chief puts up an economic oeuvre worth seconds.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Soviet Biological Weapons Research Continued After 1972 Treaty

In the aftermath of the end of the cold war much information has been found about hidden Soviet weapons programs especially in the development of biological weapons of war. It really is rather remarkable that work continued on weaponizing anthrax, tuleremia, plague, smallpox and a number of additional bacteria and viruses. Evidently the Communist Party leadership and the military developed complimentary weaponization programs for biological war after signing off on a treaty with Richard Nixon in 1972 banning development of offensive biological weapons. There is a book named 'The Dead Hand' that recounts some of the Soviet biowar development history with quotations from principals in some instances.
One of the reasons biowar is especially of concern today after the conclusion of the cold war is the potential use of biological war by randomized terror cells even of one. With the vast quantities of biological information development and broadly disseminated in a variety of venues it is not improbably that covert and even overt research continues on how to weaponize viruses, toxins and bacteria.
Bacteria can be re-engineered to be immune to antibiotics and viruses have been investigated such that they would make the immune system attack the host if they were to survive a viral attack. The possibilities for recombinant genetic engineering of viruses is unlimited, and of course nano-viruses of inorganic inventions have unlimited potential for altering human biological structure deleteriously.
During the cold war era the Soviets tested a number of virus and bacteria delivery systems. The fact that weaponized viruses and bacteria can be so easily and broadly spread about is what might be most concerning to those observing the human social phenomena of producing dangerous technology in the 21st century.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Team Obama's Head Shots at Romney's Dual Presidential Hats/Safer Swiss/Bermudan Banks?

Team Obama's mud slingin at Mitt Romney-a lot of allegations and maybe ifs with no legal support are an alarming way to run a political campaign. If Mitt Romney is indictable for something then the administration should put up or shut up and not just toss mud all day. If it illegal to have overseas bank accounts does that include J.P. Morgan Chase? Are smaller foreign banks safer places to stash retirement savings than too big to fail U.S. banks and minion subsidiaries? If tax liability extends only 7 years then why should Romney provide data for 1999, 2000 or 2001?  Is the Obama administration planning to set the I.R.S. records to audit everyone the past decade or two?

No one assumes that there isn't corruption or bias in politics. The containment of corruption is an effort of those opposed to corruption. Bill Clinton was the President of the United States during 1999 and 2000-the years the Obama administration seems to focus upon as possible years where Mitt Romney may have  defrauded the public by wearing two Presidential hats at once as if he were Bo Jackson while claiming more than a decade later to have been president of just one Olympic games without any corporate leading at that time.. For all I know the Clinton Justice Department could have investigated if there was anything that needed looking in to. Some did believe the Clinton administration was corrupt in some respects though. It seems improbable that the Clintonistas would have been biased toward the future Republican Governor of Massachusetts.

The concept of a political 'system' is in itself interesting. The constitution 'system' of the United States was designed to enable freedom in social and civic relations for individuals, and that system needed to evolve to explicitly recognize the corrupting effects of slavery and non-enfranchisement, yet it fundamentally achieved that.

  The civic sector today in-itself may be implicitly corrupted by over-networking and /or economic totalization of opportunity within the control of elites such as the former communist party of the Soviet Union, or by aristocrats on the right advancing through various means such as oligarchy to plutocracy and monarchy, war and juntas with military dictators and so forth. Dissidents to the regime regard the system as corrupt implicitly while the powerful regard that as correct. The Obama administration has consistently added accelerant onto the civil conflict of Syria-helping to get it started in some respects, and the death total is now over 15,000. Evidently the end justifies the means to the President, with the end being the removal of the Alawite Regime and establishment of a Sunni sectarian government with a nominal democracy.

I ought to clarify that a little because some might willingly disinterpret the reference objects and time literals for political advantage rhetorically speaking.

The abstract consideration of political 'systems' differs from any particular political circumstance in space and time as logic pro forma differs from a particular application of logic.

The basic civil liberty is freedom from the encroaching, exploiting power of others for-themselves. The Soviet system of state absolutism totally subjects individuals to the power of others-a vary repressive social phenomenalism. The Obamacare tracking of poor individual citizens is about as bad as the Yuk Point N.P.R. show today on data mining and tracking of people with smart phones for financial transactions. State authoritarian creates a dumbed down populace with human creativity and inventiveness stifled substantially. It is a bad direction to go in that is as silly as the relief of corporations from meaningful legal accountability via the legal fiction that they are individuals.

That argument is itself an example of what the disputants regard as corruption on the opposition side when it is simply a political situation within the constitutional context enabling it. Some regard social reality as transcendently more real than existential, natural concerns for environmental conservation. There is of course a substantial disingenuity in the left tactic of attacking corporate social reality as legal individuals in that they seek not a reform of capitalism to fit with the times that would maximize free enterprise and social welfare but instead want to move in the aforementioned direction of statism even of a global scale.