Friday, June 29, 2012

Sen. Murkowski Seeks To Bury McKinley Once More

Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski has brought legislation to the U.S. Congress seeking to put down the name of Mt. McKinley and replace it with a traditional Alaska native name 'Denali' probably derived from the name of the Dena'ina Athabascan Indians of Alaska.

Athabascans were a great tribe of immigrants to Alaska that were the source of several branches such as Tlingit and Navaho tribes as well as numerous others.

It might be better to rename the tallest mountain in North America 'Tenados'-another traditional name. I believe Mt. McKinley has more than 27 different names.

Tenados is more readily traceable linguistically to ancient origins-perhaps even the large island named Tenados in the far Eastern Mediterranean Sea. There was an ancient Mediterranean Sea area people with a blood group found in Druse people as well as Algonquin and Yakima that migrated to America long ago probably bringing there language with them via Siberia.

The word 'Ka' is found in the word Ka'ba or spirit house in the Middle East, and the word Desh is a very ancient Egyptian name for 'land'. The Deshka River in Alaska is a drainage of Mt. McKinley running into the Susitna.

U.S. Corporations/Government Leak Military Technology and/or Illegal Aliens In Economic Attrition

Espionage in military and economic areas-often over lapping is on the rise. Not too surprisingly the United States with porous borders, globalist business models and a desire for short term profits lets more than 13 billion bucks worth of propriatary data get swipped by China and other countries every year. Lenin did say that "the capitalists will sell us the rope we hang them with".
Since the U.S.A. cannot run a balanced budget anyway and borrow money to pay for government etc, I suppose it makes sense to the unimaginative that selling the Red Army plans, kits or whatever to build weapons that might one day be used to help defend Washington D.C. politico lobbiists is a good enough business method.
That Z-10 attack helicopter is a bad lookin buzzard-I suppose the corporate ngovernance plans to sell better plans illegally to India too.
image credit Z-10 Attack Helicopter: Public Domain- Peoples Republic of China-Commander

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Spaghetti-Care Health Bill Patches U.S. Spree's Court (political humor)

Keeping the modern American tradition of hotwiring any possible sort of political legislation to make special interests happy the Court of All Possible Errors led by Chief Justice Shurbert voted Spaghetti-Care constitutional and individual man-date junkie dorrie because it's only a tax. A bubbly, refreshing and sparkling corporate media mogul sparks person said that Justice Shurbert's decision to side with the Spaghetti-care supply-siders was inevitable since the Chief Justice Shurbert is the most capitalized member investor in Corporatopia of the Spree Court and ordering transfer payments from individuals to Health Corporations by legal mandate of dedicated taxation is good for corporate profits health.

 In writing the majority opinion Chie f Justice Shurbert tweeted that  "Anyone not buying an epub copy of St. Novilistricka Dimensions for $1.49 deserves to be taxed." The dissenting opinion by Justice Excoriation gibed the opposite course; "The government should not tell people to buy anything besides "A Placed for Faith" in epub for $1.49."
 The progressive deterioration of U.S. political legislation and rise of maf-media influence since the end of the cold war have brought compiling debt, globalization and an incompetent, ineffective government fiscally Darwinian tangled-bank of policy hybridization to let bureaucracy and corporate power increase with borrowed money while concentrating wealth. U.S. home mortgages were set on a global windowsill like hot apple pies letting the Chinese Communist Party roll up Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.
 Analysts have noted whenever Republican leadership fails to provide attractive free market reforms and to deliver a better lifestyle for the poor without onerous conditions the default positions inevitably develop to prop up short term media populism grown in the underwater ethos of decayed tree branches.
 In 1889 the State of Washington became part of the U.S.A., yet in Germany Otto Von Bismarck created the first old age retirement system that was later lost after Britain dragged the U.S.A. into the first world war enabling the revolt against the German Government, rise of Hitler's 3rd Reich and empowerment of the Soviet Union. If pragmatism had reached Washington in 1889 to provide free health care for the poor and Veterans the rise of bureaucratic entanglement of banks too big to be honest and bureaucracies too big to be competent might not have occurred.
 Some have suggested that like Adolph Hitler's populism in the form of national socialism in 1930's Germany with fast highway bills and federal jobs programs paid for with vast deficit spending, the Leader's populism may also stimulate rapid growth with piles of nearly worthless currency, yet cynics suggest there are few new prosperous nations out there to plunder and that look the 3rd Reich the collapse of the heavily indebted government is the most probably theoretical scenario for achieving fiscal equilibrium with or without foreign war. The 4th way of a Mexicanization intermezzo redistributing power of the U.S. economy back to a corrupt conservative class via neo-civil strife is the most hyperthetical doemstic alternative scenario for disavowing domestic debt.
 Reacting to the new Republican Presidential Candidate Mick Rockney took a line from the movie 'The Funk of Dreams' where the brain damaged offensive football lineman said 'If that plan don't work, they will come." Rockney said, "If that plan isn't replaced economic collapse may follow."
 The Executive Designer of Spaghetti-care immediately sought to place individual man-date tax structures on cable television subscription, old gay sailors homes and vacations to Hawaii in beachfront condos with fully stocked refrigerators and membership in Oahu brand floating Golf and Country Clubs.
 If social security were run with 50 different state policies without an ability for the poor to annually journey amongst states without switching legal state citizenship and coverage base it could become equally as ineffective as Spaghetti-care. Time delays implementing coverage and legal efforts to controvert citizenship status by states and insurers (i.e. the accused said he 'lived in Oklahoma 2 days already with an intent to look for work before moving on to Dallas then New Orleans, offshore then on to Florida and up the East Coast and got a hernia in Georgia working day labor for a day on the way').
 Because social security like Spaghetti care would be regarded as a tax, it would be swell to make it illegal to have coverage of Spaghetti-care or social security. Then those to poor to maintain enrollment or have Internet access, a post office box or residence in another state they look for work in each month could be regarded as outlaws and taxed whenever they became ill or were unable to afford a new car, new home, utilities and etc.
 Decades of pork barrel hybrid bill grafting have allowed expert political malpractice to develop in the nation's capital. A uniform national health care infrastructure for the poor that unified with V.A. hospital coverage networks would be the actual cheapest way to provide an affordable safety net for the poor on health, yet of course political ideology of the Congress could not allow anything realistic to exist-therefore the interminable grafting of pigs with wings in Washington D.C. continues as a chimera dancing on the horizon to media power while rational ecospheric, economic and security policy fades into the ash heap of history.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Eras of Trilobites Warming

Something like trilobites
chasing shadows over the ocean floor
one dimension of time shifts structures to the right
parallaxed professions for projects of war

Abducted nebulous secondary synecdoche is like that; a potent political meaning-dispersant
buildings with interior spaces
bar coded races
with existential places

Biomass of human life clinging to gravity
its surface of a clumped planet
flopping flounders and soles
in multi-dimensional power structures
without regard to reason

the common wealth is the green spring
salvation of the spirit
for opportune meaning
in constructions pure reason and faith

MDGs, 'Common Wealth' and Republicanism in The New World Order

If the post cold-war concept of a New World Order is to mean something besides chaos, recession and conflict with pockets of plenty here and there maybe it ought to mean an emergent common wealth of independent nations dedicated to making war on poverty in a paradigm of creating a sustainable, abundant biosphere. It is true that some human beings opt for the pure greed and intellectual abnegation of dead reckoning in which the environment and humanity is exploited or oppressed for short term profits, yet most of the world's population would choose to eliminate the problems of poverty and ecospheric destruction if they could; after all its the democratic principle.
 Jeffrey Sachs was C.E.O. of the U.N. Millennium project that made an experimental intervention in relieving poverty of nearly a half million souls in Africa and elsewhere through economic development. The program is scalable and could change the way of life for 250 million souls. The cost would be less than the Marshall Plan that spent  $65 per European following the Second World War. The cost is only about $50 per individual. Some would ask-what's in it for me in the first world?
 The phenomenon of human life on Earth is that of a biological mass for-itself presently consuming 25% of all of the life created by photosynthesis. That is an amazingly high number. Humanity is right at the edge of making the health of the other biomass in its Petrie dish plant unable to support the growing human biomass culture. The driving force for population growth, war, chaos and global warming today is poverty. Relieving the oppressed in poverty is the best way to halt population growth, global warming and ecospheric decay. The way to relieve poverty isn't through redistribution of wealth-the answer to that challenge is in creating locally sustainable economies able to interact in the world free enterprise system. That is enabling poor societies to support themselves through select financial and development aid from the rich countries to the poor is in the best interests of the rich countries as well as the poor.
 By 2050 the world population is anticipated to be about 9 billion people with just 1.2 billion in today's rich countries. The post-industrial and wealthy nations will probably spend far more on war and defense trying to sustain a global free enterprise system with a poor and oppressed third world while climate disasters are increasing than they would with an emerging world economy with few pockets of extreme poverty and bad health with preventable diseases such as malaria. Desperate people have nothing to lose in attacking advantaged and inimical corrupt nations. The poor have little besides religion for solace, while in the U.S.A. and Europe sports broadcasts and live sports spectacle has become the new opiate of the masses.
 I enjoyed reading Sach's excellent book from 2008 named 'Common Wealth'- Economics for a Crowded Planet. The future Romney administration ought to seek to fulfill the U.N. Millennium project instead of just leaving troubled Europe to carry the load of 50 billion dollars or so to get the elimination of world poverty rolling. President Obama has failed to bring the MDG program well enough to the attention of the people of the United States. Neither has the President explained to ordinary Americans why Millenium Development Goals are beneficial to even the unemployed citizens of the United States.
 I am not in complete agreement with Mr. Sachs of course. I have a far more utopian and high tech way of regarding the solutions to global economic issues, and far less regard for the general nature of human character-I suppose I tend toward the Augustinian point of view that human nature is totally depraved. I suspect that failing to take up the ideas expressed in Common Wealth will be a fulfillment of the idea that human nature is completely depraved.
 In today's partisan political environment allowing global corporatism to consolidate power the prospects for independent inventiveness becoming economically successful decreases as the populous run into the low ceiling of ubiquitous established economic power networking reinforced by government and the union of satisfied bureaucracy.
 Expecting 8 billion souls to burn fossil fuels or to afford expensive electric cars that the 1 billion can afford in the globally warming world with agricultural lands lost to encroaching rainfall failures and rising sea level is a recipe for disaster. Christians cannot morally afford to let avoidable evil occur with the excuse that God will fix it if needs to be fixed. It may be wrong to put God to the test, yet the opposite relation does not have Biblical proscription.
 Much of China's economic growth is a consequence of engaging their poor regions in the development of the national economy. In times past the United States too has effectively created the infrastructure for ending poverty through federal electrification and telephone programs. The Grand Coulee dam of Washington State is an example of government spending to create an infrastructure for economic development. Some of the post productive farmland per acre was made out of a desert directly providing food for domestic and foreign consumption.
 My opinion about nationalism differs significantly from Mr. Sachs as well. I believe that a new nationalism dedicated to transforming the United States into a vigorously healthy conservator of wildlife and the ecosphere in-itself with an economy designed with complete renewability and with a reformed capitalism that caps corporate personnel at 7,000 individuals in order to stimulate competition (and none could invest in order than three corporations) is an efficient way to make at least part of humanity spiritually enlightened without simple existential animal spirits directed people through a maze of temporal political and ecospheric confusion, misunderstanding and even failure. The cost to the United States of helping eliminate poverty in the world is in no way substantial enough that it would force a choice between either economic renewal in the U.S.A. or economic help to relieve the oppressed of the Earth.
As a biological phenomenality of life clustered around the dirt clumped by gravity humanity needs to develop a spiritual relationship with the Lord while still cognizant of the nature and existential phenomenality of the world and Universe he as provided. Human development requires sheer genius and the willingness to create far better ways of living and structures on the Earth and space than presently exist. It should also insinuate itself into a wild ecosphere as a superior being without destroying the development and evolution of that natural environment. Human civilization should move into fulfillment of the creativity it has in potential for constructing environments on Earth and space that allow less human-like life forms to exist without displacement. The resources of the natural universe used rightly by humanity should allow the increase of sustainable life rather than its decrease. Much of that increase of life well ought to be phenomenally non-human-even plants and things.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Jesus, The Good Sheperd - John 10: 7-18

The Lord describes his relationship to humanity in this passage from the book of John Chapter 10 verses 7-18.
King James Version (KJV)
"7 Then said Jesus unto them again, Verily, verily, I say unto you, I am the door of the sheep.
8 All that ever came before me are thieves and robbers: but the sheep did not hear them.
9 I am the door: by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture.
10 The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.
11 I am the good shepherd: the good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep.
12 But he that is an hireling, and not the shepherd, whose own the sheep are not, seeth the wolf coming, and leaveth the sheep, and fleeth: and the wolf catcheth them, and scattereth the sheep.
13 The hireling fleeth, because he is an hireling, and careth not for the sheep.
14 I am the good shepherd, and know my sheep, and am known of mine.
15 As the Father knoweth me, even so know I the Father: and I lay down my life for the sheep.
16 And other sheep I have, which are not of this fold: them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice; and there shall be one fold, and one shepherd.
17 Therefore doth my Father love me, because I lay down my life, that I might take it again.
18 No man taketh it from me, but I lay it down of myself. I have power to lay it down, and I have power to take it again. This commandment have I received of my Father."

Boundaries of Israel Given By God to the Prophet Ezekial

The prophet Ezekial received this description for the boundaries of Israel from God.
Ezekial 47:13-23
King James Version (KJV)
13 Thus saith the Lord God; This shall be the border, whereby ye shall inherit the land according to the twelve tribes of Israel: Joseph shall have two portions.
14 And ye shall inherit it, one as well as another: concerning the which I lifted up mine hand to give it unto your fathers: and this land shall fall unto you for inheritance.
15 And this shall be the border of the land toward the north side, from the great sea, the way of Hethlon, as men go to Zedad;
16 Hamath, Berothah, Sibraim, which is between the border of Damascus and the border of Hamath; Hazarhatticon, which is by the coast of Hauran.
17 And the border from the sea shall be Hazarenan, the border of Damascus, and the north northward, and the border of Hamath. And this is the north side.
18 And the east side ye shall measure from Hauran, and from Damascus, and from Gilead, and from the land of Israel by Jordan, from the border unto the east sea. And this is the east side.
19 And the south side southward, from Tamar even to the waters of strife in Kadesh, the river to the great sea. And this is the south side southward.
20 The west side also shall be the great sea from the border, till a man come over against Hamath. This is the west side.
21 So shall ye divide this land unto you according to the tribes of Israel.
22 And it shall come to pass, that ye shall divide it by lot for an inheritance unto you, and to the strangers that sojourn among you, which shall beget children among you: and they shall be unto you as born in the country among the children of Israel; they shall have inheritance with you among the tribes of Israel.
23 And it shall come to pass, that in what tribe the stranger sojourneth, there shall ye give him his inheritance, saith the Lord God."

King Salmon in Alaska Disappear at Sea-Trawlers to Blame

Alaskan officials have cut down or banned King Salmon fishing in much of Alaska because so few of the large fish are returning. The Anchorage Daily News has an excellent informative article on the matter.
There may be several reasons for the end of healthy King Salmon runs and the usual suspects such as large ocean trawlers netting up the fish at sea, global warming, acidification, habitat loss and so forth probably all play a part. The number one suspect is the ocean trawler fleet in international waters and anyone else beyond the jurisdiction of state officials.
Evolutionary biologists that study the affect of human interaction with the ecosphere have previosly found causal links or chains of occurrence between the loss of a healthy whale population and the change of Orcas from that food source to new prey such as seals, otters and so forth. Since human beings consume 25% of all life produced by photosynthesis on the Earth they are a kind of natural, thoughtless eating machine something like a major player in a laboratory culture. With coordinated intelligent thought that level of ecospheric interaction is probably sustainable, yet it requires very intelligent, judicious selection by design for renewing health ecosphere characteristics.
If the King salmon population is just in some kind of physical bi-polar mood swing that will reverse towards the positive side one day then it will be possible to get that 100 pound King on the line and into the freezer again, if one has a freezer and electricity to power it not generated by CO2 producing coal fired power plants.
It would be really good if all that carbon could be made into some kind of high-tech building product with some extra elements cooked in.

U.S. Supreme Court Upholds Right of Arizona Law Enforcement to Check Immigration Status

The Supreme Court decided unanimously that Arizona police officers may check the immigration status of people they stop. Three minor parts of the Arizona law were struck as being in conflict with Federal law. This was a key defeat for Obama administration policy seeking to provide Mexican Homeland Security and the right to cross the U.S. border bootleg style.
Different ways of spinning the same result are highlighted below in the links to Reuters, the BBC and U.S.A. Today's news reports.

The Obama administration held that it was illegal for Arizona law enforcement officers to check the immigration status of people they stop for whatever reason. Their opinion was evidently that only the Federal Government can enforce immigration issues. The Supreme Court seems to hold that states may reinforce Federal laws yet not contradict or subvert them.

The Arizona law requires police officers to check the immigration status of people they stop for whatever reason-not simply after perpetrators are arrested. The Obama administration effort to prefer Mexican Homeland Security over U.S. Homeland Security in this election year may not be well support his election bid. If Condolizza Rice is the V.P. choice Romney would win in a landslide - not even 12 million Latino votes would help.

In 2050 there will be a world population of at least 9 billion with just a little more than 1 billion in present first world nations. If the U.S.A. plans to remain a self-determining nation with a sustainable economy based on its own resources it will need to get started directly instead of insinuating itself into a status as economic exploiter of those human resources as employees and consumers of declining natural resources.

Americans should lead the world toward sustainable national economies without radical shifts of population toward production areas of scare resources and temporary jobs that can lead the world over the edge of demographic-ecospheric viability precedded by chaos and conflict.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Voyager 1 at the Edge

The ancient spacecraft launched in 1977 keeps going onward and upward toward interstellar space with primitive computer chips to guide it. At the edge of the solar system where unusual U.F.O.'s visiting skies in Arizona could be mirthfully planning jaunts to perplex locals the Voyager 1 tiny spacecraft is finding more intense cosmic rays. The charged particles from the sun that evidently fade out at the heliopause don't screen out the interstellar stuff so far away.
By the year 2050 it is believed that the world's carbon dioxide parts per million level will reach the critical 561 level thus doubling what it was in 1890. The world atmospheric temperature ought to be 2 decrees centigrade warmer compared to what it should-and that might cascade a plethora of undesirable changes upon the people of the Earth.
A next generation Voyager interstellar mission using an ion drive and with better instruments to measure the beyond the heliopause environment should be launched containing all kinds of relevant data on human caused global warming economic actions in order to keep a record for any potential survivors of the possible approaching global disaster 'out there'.

Gulf of Tonkin Resolution Play by Turkey for Syria/N.A.T.O.?

One of Turkey's warplanes was shot down after briefly invading Syrian air space.  Turkey will consult N.A.T.O. Tuesday. If this incident seems a little like the Gulf Of Tonkin Resolution paradigm, perhaps it is. As a member of N.A.T.O. Turkey if attacked has the right to get help from the member states, yet Syria has not attacked Turkey-it was a Turkish warplane that invaded Syrian air space though the plane crashed and sank in the Mediterranean Sea.
If N.A.T.O. becomes a tool for Sunni Muslim states to evict non-Sunni leadership regimes to replace them with the Muslim Brotherhood it would seem that N.A.T.O. would have its thinking cap in a place where the sun doesn't shine.
The Sunni states of the Middle East have been lusting after excuses to war upon Syria and get rid of the Alawite minority government for some time. The Obama administration has been a community organizer for back alley weapons gifts and pay allowances for the Muslim Brotherhood insurgents and have probably been helped by Al Qa'eda terrorist bombings. France might like to get some of its Syrian influence back as well. N.A.T.O. ought not become a dupe for waging aggressive war when no N.A.T.O. nation has been attacked.
The opportunity for Syria to defend against Turkish jet aircraft attacks is brief at a thousand miles per hour. Maybe Turkey sent a bait aircraft and a disposable pilot to force a premise for a daft N.A.T.O. consideration of defending Turkey from Syria. Kofi Anan who has been helping the increase of the conflict through his 'negotiating' that probably requires the Assad Government give up power, is another front for the exacerbation of the development of war. If the United States and the U.N. stayed out of the mess, along with N.A.T.O. the war would probably burn itself out with fewer casualties.
Though the U.S.A. might not like the Assad Government, in the real Middle East the political values are somewhat different as the control of power may mean life or death to the people involved. American desires for Potemkin democratic procedures that install a one-party perennial rule with superficial democracy do not inevitably increase the well being and freedom of the majority or for the just.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

N.A.S.A. is Locating Ice for Future Moon Explorers

N.A.S.A. scientists believe the Shackleton crater could have 22% ice content in the surface dirt. That's good news for Chinese plans to land communauts on the moon and make Mai Tai's some day; moon explorers may work up a thirst that can't be quenched with bottled water in Washington D.C.
One of the disadvantages of the space station is that since women are unlikely to be able to gestate healthy babies in zero gravity, its somewhat a waste of money unless one plans to have amoeba inhabit the other planets of the solar system. Even growing plants on the moon in one-sixth gravity should require construction of an experimental farm as many colleges have that would recycle water and use solar power in caves dug into crater walls to determine how sustainable recycling life could develop.

The Social Explosion of Symbols

Reading through a fine text on the philosophy of language recently I arrived at a chapter on symbols and metaphor. Words exist in a kind of temporal continuum of a discrete nature with lexicons as a kind of ontology illuminated like a nebula from the formation and forces of a dust cloud-perhaps even unto the miniature scale of strings or monads. Symbols are one way of creating semiotic tokens or indicators of larger meanings or formations of word meanings.
Metaphor too has a similar process. One might be a liar if one's metaphor is taken literally. An example is saying that a basketball player is a tiger on the court, or a lion when the public plainly can see that he is a human being. The meaning of symbols and metaphors is in relation to something else not implicitly contained in the symbol or metaphor. Like most words that aren't onomatapoetic, symbols and metaphors comprise a kind of abstract address for the object of described.
Social metaphors and symbols may arise that have a given meaning and value to which other people dissent. The explosion of a metaphor into the social lexicon may be brought by a political revolutionary or reformer-the symbol of the metaphor-perhaps a hammer and sickle may herald the arrival of the creative destruction of the existing social order. Interpretation of the symbol may be positive or negative as might the social effects of the deeper forces supporting the power criterion of the symbol or metaphor.
For social dissidents the formerly explosive symbol may become kitch-a paradigm for bad or obsolete things. Alternatively a symbol may arrive and fizzle failing to detonate efficiently generating stagflationary political anomie. Atheist dissidents to Christian symbolsm have for decades attacked Christian symbolism in order to neutralize the value. One example is that of the symbol of the fish on bumper stickers followed with a fish being eaten by a larger fish. The Christian concept of God providing creatively as Jesus so often did for his disciples is attacked with the nullification of economic providence in leftist American circles.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Republican House Attacks Tongass Forest & U.S Boundary Ecosystems

U.S. border ecosystems that currently have environmental protection would lose many of those defenses if the Senate passes a bill sent along today from the U.S. House. Included in the bill was a measure to let Alaskan Tlingit Indians in the SeaAlaska Corporation swap land selection areas given during the Nixon administration settlements with Alaska natives for prime old growth forest. SeaAlaska Corporation has a record of cutting old growth forest. There is only about 10% remaining of the old growth forests of S.E. Alaska and the nation's largest rain forest.
American Indians are the essential beneficiary of legal racial apartheid in the United States. Probably U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) supports the bill because of its imperial characteristic and because Alaska natives provided political supported in her last election. Imperialism Alaska via foreign corporations is a venerable tradition. If the SeaAlaska land swap goes through it will probably also cast a shadow over Anglo-American mining efforts to develop copper mines in the headwaters of Bristol Bay-The notorious Pebble Mine Project.
The rationale for the Republican border environment road-building effort is to defend against drug traffickers and human and narcotics smugglers. Building roads is a bad way to accomplish worth-while objectives. The bill should be rejected in the Senate and new ways of capturing foreign invaders on the border developed in addition to not rewriting the original Alaska Native Land Claims Settlement Act provisions at all. One day such rewriting could turn the tide in another direction less desired by Tlingits, if not to end racially differentiated areas if nothing else.

Language Limits in Describing 'The One' God Accurately

I tend to go with the paradigm of Plotinus in The Enneads for describing 'The One'. Fundamentally it is not a paradigm that can be described well at all.

I have enjoyed reading Eco's 'Semiotics and the Philosophy of Language' lately. Signs or signals of meanings differ from symbols for meaning. A stop sign is a stop signal perhaps, while a symbol for a stop sign might be something else, somewhere else.

One has language that is comprised of a multi-dimensional field of word-meanings that have values that differ in different contexts-so that is a moving target for finding a static meaning for anything as improbable as the prospect for defining a role for God or The One as an 'other'. It is probably far too much of a temptation to avoid exploiting cosmological analogy for models for paradigm of creating an image or description of what God did or what God was employed doing before (the time exstasis is improbable) he issued a Universe, if there is such a thing as before for an eternal being.

I like physical cosmology quite a lot, yet it is a phenomenon within the experience of being provided for human cognition that is transcended by God. The language adaptations for theology aren't simple to use, and they too are evolving I suppose-if one means changing as a normal 4-dimensional egress rather than a simple Darwinian meaning. Even Biblical literalism has the problem that literal words are symbolic words too-people have trouble interpreting when the Flood occurred, where it happened and even what it was referring to. Words are symbols, and the interpretation of symbols has many variables multi-diemsnionally speaking.

Eco pointed out that originally the word 'symbol' meant to parts of a coin. One could have a half of something and if the other part was obtained the meaning could be gotten. The use of symbolism in language evolved to lose that paradigm of locating half of a meaning in its use for word and object. Etymologies became something more like permutating meanings based on prior meanings historically developed. Even the word 'symbol' was taken to be construed by many as a representation referring to a real thing for itself-even if the thing referred to is an abstract idea such as a political party (e.g. Hammer and Sickle, Swastika).

It becomes challenging to believe that one can select certain words as symbols that accurately represent God. It is simpler to find math symbols that are tools describing relations, proportions and structure of proximal strength of force that is energy or matter as a given for-itself. It is challenging though to point out to some that the abstract practice of mathematical and physical cosmology, though all one may discover through the senses is not all that can exist. Abduction of ideas from contexts may be a way to philosophically construct metaphysics that have some value-even if the meanings are better applied to teleology or eschatology than quantum mechanics.

British Guardian Reports Rubio is Best in Model for V..P.

Evidently an associate professor of something-possible in the United States of America-has determined that according to his criteria the best choice would be Florida Senator Marco Rubio for the Republican Vice-Presidential candidate in 2012. It is comforting to know that the Guardian is concerned with political currents in the former colonies.

One must wonder if Rubio would be sympathetic to expanding ubiquitous British surveillance plans into the Hispanic world and even to Equador where Julian Assange is reported to be applying for refuge.
One media narrative is that U.S. Hispanics would vote for another Obama term because the President isn't white, and the Indonesian-Keynyan-Irish skin color is more sympatico to Hispanic voters than the plain vanilla of Romney. Hispanic voters out of work the past four years may find change to a Republican administration is more likely to bring jobs their way than four years more of the same old, same old. Black voters may opt for change in 2012 as well reducing their 99% skin color voting history numbers a little.
President Obama's decree of partial illegal alien amnesty via Janet Napolatano's Department of Mexican Homeland Security may not bring as many votes this fall as the committee to re-elect the President calculated versus dissatisfaction of jobless in the U.S.A.
Marco Rubio may be glib, yet if he hasn't any ecological economic education and a dedication to reform capitalism moving him into the political future of the U.S.A. the next 16 years would be a significant error for the well being of the people of the nation and the world.
Mitt Romney should pick an ecological economics professor for his Vice President who could slow down the creeping end of life on Earth gathering power through the insensitive sprawl of resource displacement and species eradication. The voters already have confidence in Mitt Romney to lead the conventional business cycle-its the unconventional and troubling 'hidden' world currents that the regular media disregards when they are manipulating public opinion. The U.S.A. needs to become and ecological economic reformer, leader in a new nationalism in order to show the rest of the developing world how a reformed capitalism down-sized for local control, full-employment and ecological best-case natural selection can be followed by emerging economies challenged by the limit on physical resources and of their control by concentrated wealth and power.

Jesus Christ & The Anthrocentricism of Home-Matthew 8:20

In the aftermath of the home mortgage crisis millions of Americans experienced the insecurity of loss of home equity. If not all became homeless living upon the streets or in the forests, many became renters or sharers of dwellings-with-others. The Lord Jesus Christ expressed his own station in life regarding dwelling.
Matthew 8:20 "And Jesus saith unto him, The foxes have holes, and the birds of the air have nests; but the Son of man hath not where to lay his head."
The Lord Jesus did not have a customary location that was his home. That makes a lot of sense for God, yet it is difficult a humanity that is very property and security oriented.
Animals generally have a 'home', den, borough, nest, hole, cave, reef, shell or such in which they find life more comfortable and secure. The cunning fox has a place to return to with Kentucky Fried Chicken while the birds have the sky for a house and a nest for their bed. Jesus Christ was not limited to such a geographic center as is most of humanity, and neither should he logically with monistic oneness with all that could exist as His heritage.
Today one might expect that the government could mediate a little the housing crisis in the U.S.A. by giving favorable tax and energy benefit reinforcement to small eco-niche integrated homes with large healthy eco-yards as wild as possible for low price with mortgages that cannot be traded on global commodity exchanges where they may become owned by the ones destined to exist for eternity in hell.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Greece Votes to Continue Obligations to Euro-Zone Banks, Egypt's Army Decrees New Powerss

The Egyptian Military having already got a pocket court to dismiss the parliament announced new military powers that appear to make the office of the President more like that of water boy. President Obama expressed support for the conservative win in the Greek election that put the New Democracy Party in the drivers seat to keep Greeks in Eurozone and Banking debt and 'austerity' for the forseeable future. Defeated was the radical socialist Syriza that wanted to say the heck with the Eurodebt bail-outs and austerity.

Maybe the Greeks will get some Green Stamps or free military service in return for their continued membership in the Eurozone-who can say?
With the Egyptian Presidential election votes being counted the Military Decree of new powers nipped in the bud the probably election victory of a Muslim Brotherhood leader regarded as antipathetic toward military rule instead of that of the brothers.

Britain to Stick Finger in Every Pie Looking for Hot Terror

British authorities have publicized a plan to invade the privacy of every individual in the United Kingdom and of those communicating with the British. The plan is believed to be intended to enhance the ability of aristocrats to foist British imperialism through insider financial doping upon the reset of a formerly somewhat free world.

With modern cable splicing equipment and pressure upon Internet and phone corporations as well as through the proprietary postal service Britain will keep archives for at least a year and perhaps in ghost files forever copies of every communication made through communication media in British controlled regions of the globe.
A top British law enforcement balrog said only conspiracy theorists and criminals would object to British skimming of information from all the peons of the planet that in error believe the state should not keep track of their private lives and communications generally. A trans-gender government official said that more convenient lies would be forthcoming on an ad hoc basis to prop-dope up chumps in the U.S.A.
The appeal to patriotism was made; after all George Orwell's 1984 was never actualized in reality and Orwell/Eric Blair was a true patriot British Patriot foreseeing the need for an Orwellian state named for his alter ego in addition to the 'what me worry' argument drawn on a MAD magazine espirit de fogedaboutit principal useful for keeping aristocratic hegemony over citizenry for-themselves.
The public has been given additional and probably redundant assurances that Imperial forces would never ever use any surveilled information to gain a financial advantage in any way, and that no information would be used to construct abstract financial models or high-speed political flow-charting of current trends for quantitative analysis of political economy of the globe. That probably won't satisfy the criminals and conspiracists out there, it it ought to.

This action could be a reflection of the future when human vocabulary and each word becomes thought in hypertext language with each word a representation from an ad hoc topology of multi-dimensional matrices of meaning clusters amidst an ocean of one-level differentia; and that could be a  concern of forward think political futurists

French Election Round 2, Game Three N.B.A. Final, Gang of 20 Meeting in Mexico, U.S. Open Round 4, Greek Election,

A full plate for video viewing today-one hopes the play-by-play analysis is up to the task. I will provide a little commentary on the International Banking dialectical evolution between the socialists and avaricious capitalists.

With Bill Clinton setting the stage for a renewal round of global British Imperialist gains in the U.S.A. signing off on de-regulation measure enabling global banking and mortgage predation, the stopping of U.S. national economic development in the post cold-war era preceded. Eventually banking and mortgage crises developed and Barack Obama-a ganja qualified Indonesian trained 'outsider' able to accelerate the rise of godless socialism in the U.S.A. appeared to lead the increase of U.S. public debt development. The socialist paradigm was that the avaricious global capitalists need tax cuts to consolidate wealth and global banks could rely upon increasing public debt to make the global economy smoothly vacuum up loose lifetime assets of the middle class.
Paradoxically socialists and capitalists sought both sought to globalize and totalize the economy. The election of a French socialist President to match the Harvard-ganja/Hawaii/Indonesian axel-rodham of egress leadership of President Barrack Hussein Obama. The French sough to make European debt a common debt obligation selling bonds that would enable the Germans to pay for everything the Greeks and Spaniards charged on their Eurocards, yet the desire of global bankers to vacuum up loose, unprotected assets of the middle class and assets in Europe and the United States meant that bailing out banks with national finances would globalize and lose the money to vague powers of concentrated wealth filtered through Swiss and Cayman Island accounts.
The meeting of the gang of 20 in Mexico to resolve the imbroglio might take a back seat in the ratings today behind the U.S. Open and game three of the Miami Heat vs. the Oklahoma City Super-Sonic-Thunder. Probably the European debt crisis will be resolved with investors fleeing to safe Neo-Comm Chinese authoritarian acquisitions.

Friday, June 15, 2012

More Troubles of Atheism With Logic

I have recently been reading Eco's 'Semiotics and the Philosophy of Language'. It is a book very well worth reading and should be a choice for the book of the month here. The ontology of language (that should be plural) that Quine wrote about is supported well by Eco's description of language semiotics.
 Language is of course represented by signs. Signs have meaning. Meaning tends to derive from referral to objects, yet not necessarily. In fact the more abstract removal from direct experience life becomes the more it is regarded as reflecting intelligence. Today news brought the story of alleged Neanderthal Art and opposition to the idea that Neanderthals had that level of abstract reasoning. The conceit of humans is that art is an exclusive human activity-one doesn't expect that from chimps for example though listening to the news media I might take exception to that.
 Metaphor is an abstract art as is metaphysics. Eco helpfully recounts the history from Aristotle through the Middle Ages to at least the 1980s of language theory. One finds the classification of ideas, words, objects and so forth by Aristotle and later Porphyry into genus, species and etc as a hierarchialization of descriptions, meanings and relationships that was important to philosophers over the ages. Yet we find that the hierarchialization of signs and meanings breaks down. Eco describes the failure of dictionary definitions to have a valid hierarchical structure of words and meanings as a result of the need to explain each word used in a term with other words that again need to be explained by other words. Eventually an encyclopediazation of descriptions supplants the validity of dictionaries.
 W.V.O. Quine wrote a book named 'Ontological Relativity', and at least so far as I have read in Eco's book, that is the consequence of language and signs that are fundamentally no more than descriptions and descriptive fields. The vast non-linear web of word-meanings allows formation of local lexicons or ontology that are valid only so far as they go-as they are used. That is a reason why logical formulations can be contradictory and yet valid potentially-the meanings of the terms in propositional usage may differ making formulations such as if P then Q true sometimes and false in other given the same values for P and Q.
 If language and semiotics is a network of differentia, describing God with differentia is an implicitly difficult effort unless it is a real individual such as Jesus Christ; that is simply the nature of language. One wants to place God on a Prophyrian tree chart as a substance or quality, mortal or not mortal yet the nature of language is such that even with Kripke's rigid designators temporality would tend to erase the meaning with the drift of time from the Baptismal bestowing of meaning to on word.
 It is notable that Adam appeared after the creation of the world to name every animal rather than before. Mankind needed to develop abstract reason a little before naming the things it encountered with more than grrs and yikes.
 It isn't likely that any human logic has the linear rigid designators needed to describe God in order to refute the concept of the existence of God logically. One can appeal to ignorance and say that that which cannot be expressed cannot exist-it works well implicitly for the worm and even the chimp yet of course that thought never occurs to either perhaps.
 The neo-Platonists gave quite a bit of thought to the ideas about hierarchical classification of material things and immaterial ideas arising from the One. The One is the inexpressible, immaterial creator or emanator of all things-what Christians such as myself like to call 'God'. The nature of words in the modern context makes refers to metaphysical or trans-physical ideas problematic yet also more possible because of the appearance of cosmological theories that support such logical speculations.  The One is logically possible for individuals to consider even if inaccurately.
 I have given some thought in recent time to the question of how monism can transform into pluralism logically, regarding cosmology. The question of The One (God) issuing a Universe of plural forms is ponderous regarding logical method for differentiation.
 One knows that Leibniz inferred that the quantum world is constructed from one-dimensional section called monads-with some being two dimensional, and that these sections of Spirit comprise the 'matter' of which everything else arises, yet we might one where the monads came from-at least I did.
 If one imagines a circle as 'The One' existing in the beginning, as an example of monism, it is easy to regard the 'nothingness' inside and outside the circle as important. The circle might have been a dot to start with-yet of course its only a visualizable paradigm for comprehending a little of the character of monism creating pluralism.
 With the existence of the circle of any relative size it is possible to imagine the omniscient One emanating a sinusoidal wave around the circle of a select size, and from that a succession of smaller waves perhaps graduating toward the center of the circle with the important nothingness or spacing allowing the formation of structure.
 Of course these structures might be compared with quantum structures of strings, membranes, quarks or larger particle-waves. Yet it is the geometry of the generation of the continuous yet distinct structures within the circle that is of most interest, for one can visualize that the monism continues concurrently with the creation of pluralism.
 One can imagine that the order of appearance of the structures might be construed as time, with the spacing or intervals in order of appearance and distance, relative scale and form of the structures comprising space and the scale of space.
 The structures instead of being in just two dimensions can occur in three, four or N dimensions as then purpose of The One finds it useful. In a four dimensional hyper spherical Universe with structures arising within and without it is easy to imagine that even more complex dimensional regions could travel in different directions of space and time toward the one circle of origin or 'outward' toward the center of the circle while the original line might itself not be absolutely stationary and may even transition into being part of the structure-for-itself.
 The philosophical problem of how one substance or one Spirit might generate pluralism along with nothingness and the variety of different forms may be approached from another slightly different way. The initial Spirit might be able to thin out or decrease its substance somewhat and create a comparative being and nothingness even though nothingness does not actually exist. Then the variety of structures of pluralism created with quantum relationships of scale of energy or mass could proceed.
 There is obviously no definite limit to the number of structural 'universes' that the pluralism could issue as the scalar field characteristics are contingent upon the will of The Spirit.
 Eco’s ‘Semiotics and the Philosophy of Language’ gave an illustration of the classification of words and meanings with a hierarchical branch structure with hyponyms and greater hyponyms arising unto the top wherein one might find general, universal concepts.  That obviously suggested to me the idea that the universal One might in a comparable way issue a variety of forms through structures of pluralism.
 Within the pluralistic structure not only might forms arise with definite complex structures generated by the one that yet remain within monism, it might be possible for the One to design the emergence of forms or intelligence from the context of the structures-perhaps intelligence of sentient beings arising from matter might be an example. Photons too are I believe emergent quanta of an electro-magnetic field.

'Shovel Ready Jobs' for Egypt, Syria; Giving Illegal Aliens a Pathway to Mexico? (fiction)

President Obama recently declared that he will not enforce immigration laws and deport youthful illegal aliens to Mexico, where most of them are from. We expect that the ad hoc California-Harvard Axis of Globalism bringing to the table Socialist Imperialist leaders from Hollywood and Capitalist Imperialist leaders from the 1% conferred upon the matter of further emasculating U.S. citizens and their puny prospects for democracy still clinged to by a few before moving onto the Tahrir Square incident following dissolution of the Egyptian Parliament.
With the Egyptian military firmly in charge of that nation's destiny the change toward a fundamentalist Muslim State led by the Muslim Brotherhood was forestalled. Burkhas mass produced in China for 50 cents per unit would have sold millions and created shovel ready jobs with firing squads used to liquidate prisoners with more than 20 years remaining on their ticket (in order to save tax dollars). Foggy Bottom is working hard to correct the deficiency. French May Send Syrian Rebels Communications Equip.
The Imperialist Council of Socialist Trans-Border operations may have noted that a reversal of democracy to establish the Muslim States could be done with mass illegal immigration to  Egypt from Nigeria with a 'right of return' to collegial spots in government, along with the addition of a few hundreds of billions of debt to employ comrades in shovel ready jobs.
Mincy Easycarn, press secretary for the Ad Hoc imperial council explained; 'These are hard-working illegals willing to work for 10 cents an hour unlike the corpulent citizens. With millions more we can remove national obstructions to sovereignty that we can't accomplish with trans-national corporations and global financial marketing.' An unofficial response by a high level opposition force leader was 'Tweet me Mandrake, Tweet me."
Taking a cue from the Nikita files, the Nigerian illegals would dilute the Egyptian electorate enough to dampen opposition to further migration from Nigeria in the mosquito method of infiltration that safely exfiltrates legal citizens to soup kitchens. The model of a successful Sendero Luminoso Maoist government in Egypt might evolve through the Syrian connection, yet traditionally purges of the communist party follow stabilization of a Muslim Government in the Middle East; this is regarded as a 'win-win' scenario by the more ruthless of the Imperialist Socialist-Capitalist BroSis Trans-sexualhood'.
President Obama probably plans to add another five trillion dollars of public debt to hasten the slide toward economic collapse and emergency federal supervision of the economy by the Hollywood Stars with excellent photo shots and hard-biting interviews in several years.
In the global paradigm for concentration of wealth and power that is the current dialectic between capitalists and socialists the prospects for strong national citizen's rights are eroded and the drift toward planetary ecological collapse preceded by war egresses. It seems like fiction anyway.