Wednesday, May 30, 2012

U.N./Obama View Syria Civil Conflict as Chance for Power Grab?

The Syrian Government was a natural target for agitation and subversion by the Muslim Brotherhood alumni association and various activists following the Arab Spring of revolutions inspired by President Obama's Cairo speech a few years ago. Restoration of the Caliphate that ended after World War One with the decline and fall of the Ottoman Empire has been a goal for some Sunni restorationists since 1923. The 100th year anniversary of the fall of the Caliphate might be a good time to celebrate a partial return to pan-Arab Sunni rule. Obviously getting rid of the Assad-led Alawite Government in Syria is de rigueur for that.
The Alawi have a long history-more than a thousand years, of rugged independent living in Syria and of resisting imperial forces such as the French and Turks. The French regarded the Alawi and the Druze as the only fighters in Syria when they dominated it in the first half of the 20th century. It would be ironic if they U.S. supported crushing the Alawi Government and accomplished the traditional role of oppresor of the Alawi people-even if they are Twelvers. Maybe the U.N. should think about finding another Alawi leader and remove what they believe is a brutal Alawi leader if they must and let the civil tug-of-war proceed from that point without throwing in the towel of independence for the Alawi of Syria.
Perhaps the analysis is over-thinking the issue. When massacres occur following months of the Obama administration goading in support of the insurrection it catalyzes social horror at the extremes of civil conflict. When comfortable television viewers see the victims of social hate they are easy to manipulate into support or acquiescence for international military action. If that action coincides with development of larger political goals it would be useful to use political candor for a change and say so.
When people are marginalized socially by the established economic power for simply existing regardless of their political beliefs as may happen the oppressed realize that the only secular way to get any sort of equal rights and respect from the established class is to kill them. Generally the established class seeks to kill independents and non-conformists as a threat to their domination of the total geo-social realm of reality. Class hatred can develop as a rational response by a coalition to an oppressive class regardless of what their ideas are on academic theories such as communism, socialism, corporatism, capitalism, mercantilism or whatever. Even the illiterate may recognize the rich bad guys kicking them down because they can.
I wonder about Syria and the reality of the protagonists involved as well as the consequences of a post Alawite regime created in large part by Kofi Anan and Barrack Obama through the intermediary of 5000 Sunni civilian sacrificial victims required to stimulate an eventual resolution somewhere for the U.S. Air Force or perhaps Britain to send a Condor Legion for the Just to bomb Basher Assad and his gang of government technocrats back to the stone age with compassionate conservative precision g.p.s. directed warheads.
When it is just pure and deep class hatred who is right and who wrong between two classes? Is it the more powerful that are right because they own the propaganda media and the established powers? When the United State killed 300,000 Iraqi draftees in bunkers or wherever like shooting fish in a barrel during the 2003 war was that less cruel than the execution of civilians and their supporters seeking to destroy the Syrian Government?
My opinion is that much of the conflict of the 20th century was the result of the importunate U.S. intervention of the United States in World War One perhaps bribed by the pagan statue of a French whore with a red light held aloft in New York's harbor. The French donated the statue after losing the 1874 Franco-Prussian war and were counting on American hicks to prop up a subsequent century of corruption and an avoidable bad chain of events from the rise of Hitler and Stalin to Vietnam that would not have occurred if we had stayed out. I believe that any further U.S. military intervention in Syria would be in service of the Machiavellian geo-megalomaniacs seeking to conquer all and step on the unemployed in the U.S.A. in the process.
One knows that all the political and media bullshit about Syria is simply a buildup for U.S. military support. I don't think the process would fool even the voters that get to choose between perverted party A and oligarchy party B each election cycle. Without dedicated political party channels for every party with more than 5 million voters the broadcast media is the main political opinion creating a nation of observers of foreign things supported eventually by U.S. Aircraft interventions.
The United States should fix its economy, restore the health of the ecosphere, have full employment and an intelligent low-entropy economy transition and stay out of promiscuous foreign military interventions.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Avian Flue Update

The possibility that Bird flu could become a pandemic with far more lethality than the 1918 flu epidemic that killed about 20 million people apparently still concerns world biological scientists, defense analysts and politicians. Version A of H5N1 evidently has something greater than a 50% fatality rate for humans as they have no natural immunity.
Having overcome the ethical challenge of publishing information critical for weaponizing the virus as an aerosol so easy lung to lung infection routes are available earlier this year, biological labs in concerned areas are working to produce immunology concoctions to be ready for any sort of future outbreak of H5N1 Type A.
The practical ethical and security challenges of allowing all of the worlds bio research labs to obtain the virus and work on find defenses against arises because any of those labs might have covert activists that would seek to release the virus intentionally in a lethal form. With world aircraft routes one lab might send one air-breathing researcher globally to quickly infect most nations. Additionally some klutz in a biolab might accidentally infect him,her or transgender uncertain self and send the H5N1 type A virus boldly into the social world where no virus has gone before.
On the other hand, the vast galaxy of biolabs may produce a vaccine for H5N1 quickly making the pandemic point moot and an amusing historical incident of over-worry.
Scientific American's June 2012 issue has an article on the subject of Avian flu that goes over the main points.
Of 565 people infected with H5N1 since 2003, the number that died was 331 and up.
Like the H.I.V. virus, modern transportation structures have enabled the acceleration of  infectious disease virus' globally as well as providing modern counter-measures. In the quickening world of mass social communications and viral transmissions the opportunities for disinformation, government paradigm error, viral multiplication and media of existential menace form temporal critical mass structures appearing swiftly like gales arising on the ocean.

Memorial Day and Alternative History

I am a little bit skeptical this memorial day about many things today being in a philosophical disposition. I recall a church lawn with a cross representing powers of ten of each aborted child since 1974-something like 40 to 60 million.

I recently read George S. Patton's poem on Armistice day ending the first world war-it has a glorious opinion about soldierly deaths.
I think though, that the decision of the U.S.A. to enter the First World war was perhaps the pivotal mistake in foreign policy of the last century. If the European powers had continued to grind each other down toward some kind of peace its unlikely that World War Two would have occurred, the holocaust also wouldn't have happened and Lenin would have continued his N.E.P. reform policy and Stalin wouldn't have become leader of the Soviet Union.
I believe that the Ottoman Empire would have continued in the middle east to slowly wither away with Arab enmity directed towards Turkey rather than the west, and the United State might have entered war on the side of China to liberate Manchuria occupied by Japan if Japan had attacked Pearl harbor and Attu which isn't likely.
The cold war would never have happened and a German aristocracy resembling that of today's Britain might have developed a stable social environment. The First World War ended with an armnistace leaving many German veterans convinced they had not lost. It also brought the end of the German aristocracy with a leftist led revolution to get rid of the war government and replace it with a popular government. That process led to many internal German changes such as the ending of the 700 year old Bavarian principality and the rise of the German Democratic Socialist party led by Adolph Hitler.
With a weakened Germany following the end of the First World War the Soviet Union was able to build up its military forces while Germany was tied down by the onerous terms of the armistice. With the aristocracy gone and populism rising with much communist activity the German Army leadership sent the charismatic Hitler to take over the German Democratic Socialist Workers Party and the rest is history; the populist NAZI party was able to agitate against the communists and received approval in that regard from the deposed aristocrats. Logical political developments as a series of reactions to internal and external political organization and events were challenges prompting responses. The United States failed to realize the consequences of destroying the comparatively moderate German aristocracy in creating a very imbalanced and unstable Europe with the military intervention.
When the United States intervened in the First World War it upset the balance that had been reached between Germany and Russia. Lenin had signed off on the treaty of Brest-Litovsk giving away the Ukraine to Germany, and it isn't improbable that Stalin and others hated Lenin deeply for that later finding an excuse to poison Lenin.
With the second world war as has been said the last battle of the First World War the allies pumped up Stalinist Russia with arms and intelligence in order to roll up Hitler. If Clemenceau's advice that the U.S.A. not sign a separate treaty with Germany that did not guarantee the peace had been followed another opportunity to avoid the Second World War might have forestalled the great changes ahead.
Because the Soviet Union presided over a wrecked Eastern Europe the Cold War and the nuclear arms race developed. The Vietnam War was enabled by the tremendous military power that the United States had enabled Stalin to gather during the Second World War and its aftermath.
When so many people die following bad foreign policy decisions its a little like a chess game in time that reduces the options one may take as the game unfolds. Now the U.S.A. is moving beyond the middle game in its bad political intervention decisions and failing to upgrade the quality of life of its citizens consistently.
That's some of why I am skeptical today of Memorial Day observations by a nation pursuing oil development globally, polluting the atmosphere and spending more on war than realistic national defense of environment and quality of life of the poor.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Parable of Quacks in Grecian Economic Tragedy

Everyone is searching for a Grecian formula to restore the faded luster of the founding state of western civilization. Many wonder if Greece should leave Europe and bring back the Drachma. Euripides wrote brilliant tragedies in ancient Greece that inspire moderns to emulation in the theater of the absurd macro-economic policy called the Eurozone. Alaska has righted its economic future relying upon Trans-Canada and Exxon to build a gas pipeline across Alaska one day so the state government can exemplify self-determination and that resolute frontier spirit.

While the Eurozone may not have its own Jack London right now, it has got the example of American nationalism for a model in building up Greece today. Federalism in the United States developed to assure that its Eurozone forerunner of the 19th century permitted free trade amongst the states without tariffs or taxes that were unfair. If a state had economic troubles while other states were thriving the federal government would lend a hand with a T.V.A. program or mini-Marshall plan for the region.

Europe today seems to have two economic doctors with opposing plans. One calls for the austerity of amputating the legs of Greek Government spending while the other wants to put Greeks on a regime of heroin, Valium and reality T.V. It is believed by some that neither of those would bring the patient Greek Government to health.

What is required of a Eurozone that works well is a beneficial federal interventionism along with spending cuts for Greece. Cutting Greek spending without providing alternative investment and finance stimulus would be a one way design to reduce the Greek Government to a facade condition while the people would find no national ability to build up a local economy with the stratospheric Eurozone thriving economies far overhead investing in globalism.

The United States since the end of the cold war has been hard at work dismantling its own federalism and nationalism in favor of globalism that tends to impoverish the national economy and national government’s economic health as tax cuts and foreign investments do little to create a healthy national economy. Federalism in the Eurozone that works would need to regard the nations of Europe more as states were in the U.S.A. between 1865 and 1990.

Federalism and globalism combined tends to tie the hands of member states or nations from helping themselves nationally while global banks corporations are free to locate wheresoever they will. I suppose the logical direction of such policy would be to concentrate real wealth in China or wherever the global economic powers determine their best prospects to be. Fortunately the U.S.A. and Greece each have a proud history with much consolation symbolically speaking as they adapt to bread lines and Soviet style repression of national sentiment and expression.

Memorial Day

The waterfall of the past
is a rhyme
a standing wave of nothingness
beside the mind
shadows fall on the water
time collects the surge of precipitated drops
people and events placed
on the river flowing
with memory into history’s abyssal pit
its never quenched thirst for more of the present
receiving shapes into chaotic dissolution
disappearing forever over the edge.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Create New Class of Banks With Lower Limit on Flim Flam?

The large banks seem to be global vacuums that suck up American capital from savers in order to gamble on speculations with quantitative trading. So why not create a new class of banks that cannot invest in extra-territorial properties or in derivatives, collateralized debt obligations and so forth?
One might think initially that the drive to create higher profits that lets larger banks in theory have a competitive advantage over limited banks would make the new banks unprofitable-yet that is not necessarily so.
State banks could invest only within a state, national banks could invest just in the U.S.A. and Global banks-the heavyweight bunk class accomplishing political power acquisition as well as financial returns, could be those stratospheric players with Harvard grads in the clouds for global players to seek easy pickins.
Local people like to save money with security, yet without a gold standard banks must make that cash on deposit work. They would be allowed to invest in real business and producvtion, properties and so forth owned by either state or U.S. citizens respectively.
If the large banks are in effective civilly disobediant political anarchists seeking their own agenda of power to the detriment of the citizens of the United States then the antidote might be to create a new class of banks since it is so hard to force rational reform upon the global Blackbeards, Capt. Morgans, Goldmen and so forth of finance.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

President Obama Skipping Release of College Transcripts

One blogger went so far as to offer a $10,000 reward for President Obama's college transcripts. One would think that like the sticker on the window of a new car a Presidential candidate would release their college transcripts so the public could see a little about what's inside before buying.
One gets all of these promises about what the car will do and no test drive is allowed generally so it helpful to have a list of the candidate's ingredients intellectually speaking. Sure he or she may have done a lot of unaccredited reading of good books or watched Lone Wolf McQuade 20 times however the college transcripts are a comparative minimal objective baseline. Did President Obama get a fail in Nintendo strategies at Columbia U?
One would like Mitt Romney to release his college transcripts too. The public might like to know if he was tardy any times in junior high and if that might indicate anything about skipping work tendencies to go golfing half the day.
Can Mitt Romney name five artists that have painted 'The Last Supper' or provide a Diophantine equation without tele-prompting?

G.R. (General Theory of Relativity) and Simpler Examples of Space-time

Albert Einstein's theory of General Relativity is a little bit complex for most of us. There are famously sixteen equations that can be interpreted in a variety of ways in modern cosmological models, and us non-mathematicians want to learn the basics of space curvature and time dilation that happens in relation to mass.
The more mass is present the more space is curved. The sun has a lot of mass and much space curvature. Gravity is regarded in the paradigm as curving space, while all mass attracts other mass as if it had only a positive charge attracted to positive, and that mass curves space in proportion to its amount of mass.
I was reading a book called 'Faster Than Light' about the variable speed of light theory, and the author mentioned that Einstein's special theory of relativity was made with the paradigm that space is empty and did not account for the effect of curved space upon light or mass travelling through it. He needed to improve the theory and make it a General Theory of Relativity that would in one fell swoop surpass Newton's theory of gravitation.
I found a nice little book named 'One to Nine' published in 2007-2008 by Andrew Hodeges that covers a lot of ground about each number and some of its deeper, even philosophical significance. So one reaches the number four and finds a mathematical phrase that provides a really simply idea for understanding basic parameters of G.R.
A three-dimensional space-imagine a Cartesian coordinate x,y grid with another line penetrating through it like an arrow to make three dimensions (the flat grid like a computer screen is two dimensions) can be used to draw a sphere upon. With another dimensions of time allowing the sphere to expand or contract one has the number four that is usefully presented in the expression  T2  -  x2  - y2  -z2.
Wikipedia has an useful article on Algebra. Describing many dimensions mathematically is something that is apparently a project with a major investment of time, yet of course math is purely abstract at heart.
I was wondering about some of the discussion on the topic of time in the context of the special theory, yet maybe one must use the general theory to describe the relationship of time to experience subjectively.
There are innumerable illustrative examples of the special theory, yet it is G.R. with the contraction of time with speed letting one travelling near the speed of light experience time passing much slower than for those stationary on a planet (its really impossible though because as mass approaches relativistic speed it increases its relative mass infinitely and that requires an infinite amount of energy to accelerate it closer to light speed.
With the cosmic microwave background radiation and measurement of personal time from qualitative analysis of the elapse of time since the 300,000 years from Time = 0 in the history of the Universe when light first escaped from a super-hot plasma cloud in theory) anyone in the Universe should be able to tell what their time is objectively in the history of this Universe even with relativity.
It is amazing that mass itself and ties into space somehow 'curving' it perhaps by association with particular small dimensions in it, yet space is increasing in size outside concentrations of mass as if the dimensions of space were expanding along a time dimensions and unaffected by gravity enough to localize at any given clump of mass through space curvature.
Space is observed to be nearly 'flat' by astrophysicists I believe, and the intense curvature of space around mass especially about neutron stars and black holes is an anomalous or minority phenomenon in the context of space. It is a little challenging to think of dimensions expanding without mass, as if they should have any size or substance to increase. It is almost easier to imagine all of mass contracting in the Universe and space remaining the same size, yet of course that probably isn't so.
Hodges does provide Minkowsky's equation for the separation of two events in time (0,0,0,0) and (t,x,y,z). he is using complex numbers in the example (the book is easy to read for non-mathematicians and self-explanatory). An easy version Hodges provides where the speed of light is represented by 'c' and the value is one is:is c2t2  -  x2  - y2  -z2...
That makes everything clear.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Normal Trade Relations Needed With Moscow?

China was given permanent normal trade relationship status by the Congress in the year 2000. In 2001 people in Beijing cheered at news of the attacks by Al Qa'eda on Washington D.C. Russia alternatively worked to defend against the Moslem terror agenda. Russia has been denied permanent normal trade relationship status by the Congress since the end of the cold war as if its leadership was more conservative than that of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party that rules over the modest business liberalization in that nation. That paradox seems consistent with the faulty reasoning of Congress on economic matters since the end of the Tip O'Neil era.
The president of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has written an article in support of granting PNTR status for Russia. That nation already pays for 11 billion dollars of U.S. exports and services annually (well, in 2011 at least), and the prospects for more business could increase substantially if a normal trade relationship status is effected.

Hope for the Lost

If in life one lives in opposition to the teachings of a church, the transition to death is unlikely to improve one's relationship to that organization. The catholic basic training webpage below provides some idea about problems of homosexuality.

It is a tragedy when the unsaved are given incorrect moral instruction and are lost for eternity. It would be unthinkably wrong for the Church to provide false signs that seem to approve sin and condemned behavior to the living. Some of the living may still have a chance for salvation and eternal life with God after recognizing their sinful nature and changing that with faith in Jesus Christ for their atonement.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

V.P. Joe Biden Attacks Mitt Romney for B. Obama

Vice President Joe (Bite Me) Biden has attacked Mitt Romney for Bain capital's closure of an American state of the art steel mill made in 1888 after Mitt Romney left the firm. What isn't said about former Gov. Romney is that his fighting skill at economic trimming the fat and winning for shareholders is not such a bad thing if he is on your team. Team U.S.A. could use a fat-trimming conditioning coach to tighten up American production, bureaucratic bloating and improve conditioning in order that Americans can better compete against the Chinese Communist economic directive intelligentsia to whom so many American job have been lost while the U.S. national debt has been deepening.

F-22 Crashes Mystery Revs Up Investigations

Why do F-22 pilots lose consciousness and let their planes crash and burn? The air superiority fighters are designed to survive opposition force aircraft attacks and surface to air missiles yet they cannot overcome themselves. This is a problem the Yoda of the Air Force should be investigating.
image credit U.S. Air Force
The present cost of the Lockheed-Martin F-22 is more than 400 million dollars per aircraft. The Air Force has committed to buy about 183 of the swift, stealthy birds at more than 7 billion bucks. One hopes the pilots can get enough oxygen to stay alive at that price, perhaps with an open window?
Lockheed-martin should throw in some sort of fail-safe auto pilot detection system for unconscious pilots that would put the plane on auto pilot, eject the pilot from the aircraft safely to parachute to the ground or provide an electric jolt of awakening. If the very expensive yet neat F-22 is to have much use before retiring to the aircraft museums with the Space shuttle the mysterious cost-overruns and loss of life associated with the aircraft ought to be flanked a little with pilot safety monitors even while more exotic causes for the crashes like the one in the Alaska range last summer that got a search going to find the lost (and dead) pilot are investigated.
Maybe U.F.O.s are zapping the planes to demonstrate air superiority, hidden microwave directed particle beams are trashing pilot intelligence or the pilots are texting and lose track of where the ground is. The Osprey team designers could be free to help out solving the mystery.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Democrat Party Opportunity for Relevance is Swiftly Fading Away

President Obama led the Democrat Party in December 2010 to approve an extension of the Bush II era tax cuts. the President was the Republican's meaningful stooge and overcame the strong resistance of Congressman Sanders.
The Democrat Party turned toward la la land and the gay agenda for the balance of the term accomplishing nothing.  Senator Feinstein would like the nation to pay for shelters for abused homosexuals  as if regular general populace shelters aren't good enough for gay men. When gay men use up their time at the shelters they can just enlist in the military I guess since the President has provided for that.
The Democrat Party may be effectively dead or moribund without any concept of tax increases on the rich and middle class as necessity rather than luxury, and neither do they have a clue that they need to actually cut federal spending 20% as well. Additionally they should increase the effectiveness of remaining federal spending by 20% through reform, means tests and so forth.
The President is once again leading the Democrats through a meaningless maze of tax and spending obfuscatory talking and failing to build support for letting the Obama-Bush tax cuts expire as he should. From a position of strength the Democrats can negotiate small tax cuts with Republicans to lever in federal  spending reform legislation as well as regulating Wall Street financial promiscuity.
Yet the President seems content to transform the nation into the greatest debtor nation in then world and give up an Afghanistan to the roulette wheel of Taliban terrorist bombing ahead with some 20,000 remaining troops for the next administration to consider defense postures with. The President evidently has no idea about how to create stable, permanent confederate states in Afghanistan that would secure political boundaries for the members of the former Northern Alliance and Shiite minorities.
The President's final opportunity to reform U.S. economy even a little is swiftly fading away as his policy of just adding a few more trillion here and there over the remainder of his administration if re-elected emerges for the failing silliness that it seems. The President should rightly fire Tim Geitner and get some real economic reformers in office while becoming a cheerleader for tax increase change-that was good enough for President Clinton when the nation had a balanced budget in the year 2000 for once.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Face Libre: More Lines of Computer Code

This is a note about a new format for search engine front pages, and perhaps for a new social media page appearance-a Face Libre’ perhaps.

The concept may have been already used-I haven’t taken a programming class in decades so this is jut an outline for an idea rather than lines of code. I was reading in a book called ‘Semiotics & The Philosophy of Language’ recently, and the idea of words as simply signs given meaning circumstantially made me think of code for a new web page appearance.

One expects new wage page improvements routinely, and I have seen the standard format with plain hypertext link and print-even with pictures moving in, for some years. With signs or symbols simply as numbers shaped around entry like doors it might be possible to design a near 3-d like expanding entry port with visual content surrounded with alternate pathways or different content. Logging on to that search engine would create more experience of a visual nature (or audio too if one desired) in addition to text.

The idea of recursion is simple enough to program with the appearance of depth perspective thrown in, yet all around the hallway of portions of views-made with signs that are abbreviated content appearances yielding to branching and recovery signed structures, would be that imagery of live alternative courses to take-not a game but an intentional way of perusing through the subjects of a very complex Library.

If it would not be the Library of Babel exactly-with far more abridgments of content, it would a logical structure simple to navigate. Maybe one could ask the program for directions to content areas if lost. The difference is that one would search for oneself and browse too by subject matter instead of asking Google or Lycos to retrieve data addresses.

President Obama; Homosexual Community Organizer Leading the New Dialectical Evolution in Politics

President Obama came out recently in support of homosexual ‘marriage’ bringing some to wonder if a homosexualized America is at the core of his economic policy. The President's community organizer job role training appears to be most concentrated upon transitioning the United States into a butch dominion of pervasive homosexual tendencies.

One might guess that if men were to move into more female roles in the workplace with a softer, effeminate, busy work lifestyle it might be better for dominitrixes in management. It might be possible to derationalze the national and social economic boundaries enough to make the new normal a perverse sadistic-masochistic domination of the economy by concentrated wealth with the electorate unconcerned about public debt, personal economic security and practical loss of the freedom to make opposing political expression.
 Since the Clinton administration made fellatio (derived from the word fellaton not inflaton) the new normal for democratic leaders, the evolution of dialectic to replace the lost Marxist dialectic has drifted to settle upon the narrow shoulders of the Democratic Party in a gay alliance evolving toward national homocracy. President Obama received a blobel prize even before executing his first hundred terrorists with Predator drone shots so the weight of the fellaton has decended upon his shoulders such that he finally came out not satisfied with ending don't ask, don't tell.
 Like the historical Marxist dialectical battle with capitalism, the homoerotic dialectic wages pragmatic war upon the boundaries of non-coopted antipathetic personal civil liberties and concatenated rational expressions of non-conformist weltanshauung in the public spaces. In an era where work and self-directed private enterprise are in decline in light of networking and collectivism, transcendence of traditional economic logic with homocractic bureau-corporatic transition funded with debt and exploitation of distal production sources is logical.

In Sodom and Gomorrah of yore-the United Kingdom of its day, the populace was out after dark partying and sexing impudent enough to accost angels visiting their city-principalities. Fully employed workers with good work ethics do not stay out all night perpetrating orgies in the public square sleeping in late the next day and stumbling through the afternoon with a hangover.
Like the vanished cities of Sodom and Gomorrah a homoerotic evolution toward a future U.S.A. of non-productive financial sector and bureaucratic core of perverts running on borrowed time appears to be the course of the new Marxist dialectic.
Americans had no interest in violating the civil liberties of homosexuals to create contracts binding themselves financially to one another even if in standardized form, yet the compulsory public education indoctrination in homocracy that has edged its way into public schools though federal pansification policy and charges of bullying of dissidents (e.g. Christians) concurrently with logically unsupported proliferation of the atheist doctrine that has simultaneously expropriated science and made it a tool for the religion of atheism makes the government a fundamental agent for the depravity of the social environment of the United States.
The official federal decadence of the Obama administration is not without economic consequences. Its destruction of family values with the obfuscation effects of homosexual marriages will eliminate the family over time from existence and leave a B.F. Skinnerian organic mass electorate in which philosophical thought is non-valued. Philosophical thought is the heart of human existence as more than an organic being equivalent to the amoeba and eukaryotic organisms of no significance.
Human thought is of value. Philosophical thought phenomenally transcends the mere organic phenomenalism that nihilistic atheists and Dakinsians determine the transmission and propagation of D.N.A. to be the only meaning. Semiotics-signs and the philosophy of language enabling expression of advanced concepts also lend support to advancing though structural concepts about God and His relationship to the data of beings He creates for whatever reason. Such philosophical though would never occur to atheists.
One wonders if the three generations of quarks comprising the color force binding nuclei together are a reflection of the three persons of God or comparable to the monads of Leibniz philosophically? One wonders how a nihilistic homocratic core of educators has taken over American schools to promote public perversion and mandatory dialectic confrontation with heterosexual normal marriage and free enterprise liberties?

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Practical Meanings of Regulation & Deregulation in Governing

The parable of the Long Island's  taxi service within a free enterprise versus socialized or corporate environment is simple and illustrative for the challenges facing the U.S. Government and way of life of the people of the United States today.

On a Long Island the is a city with millions of people with a need for taxi service. There is enough work for maybe 20,000 taxis and drivers. How does one keep individual free enterprise best supported in that environment? The answer is obviously to limit the number of taxis or drivers in the employee of any individual to a percentage of the over all number of taxis.
Regulation can mean many things; it can have several different definitions and uses. Regulations may liberate as well as repress. That is the nature of governance; any large organization with power may govern or shape the social environment in fact if not in name.
On the long Island companies A, B and C have gained an advantage and capitalized concentrating their wealth and grow to own 99% of the taxis on the street putting their rivals out of business. Their need for competitive innovation declines. Capitalism has been corrupted and free enterprise opportunities extirpated. Companies A, B and C are bought by a predatory global bank and finally the local government passes laws in support of the taxi owning bank.
With regulation designed to keep local free enterprise normalized a regulation limiting the number of taxis anyone might own in the Long Island environment at 100 might have been passed to keep at least 200 independent taxis companies in existence. The competition to get more fares might have driven the innovation of electric cars with faster recharging batteries and better route plotting navigation systems through traffic with real time-information on road traffic flow conditions. That is not some form of socialism-the state owns nothing, it simply uses regulation to keep real free enterprise alive instead of a nominal free enterprise in the corporate state kicking back to politicians.
The Corporate state is advancing through networks and globalism to reduce the prospects for dissident, competitive free enterprise. Intelligent regulations designed to stop the concentration of wealth in an extreme minority through support for free enterprise would be useful for the defense of American economic opportunity, creativity, independence and national security.

N.A.S.A. Planetary Exploration Missions Budget Needs Support

N.A.S.A.’ s planetary mission’s budget has been savagely cut and it could be restored with intelligent political funding design. N.A.S.A. should be allowed to sell advertising space on its missions to Mars. If Coke, Pepsi, Google and M.S.N. could be brought into advertising competition perhaps a manned Mission to Mars could be made sooner rather than later.
Political parties also might want to be regarded as patrons of practical extra-terrestrial progress rather than as hedonist sticks-in-the-mud, incompetent economic management flunkies running perennial deficits with vast inefficient public spending on half-baked pork barrel projects, or unpatriotic kow-towers to Chinese communist party preferences to own the U.S. political landscape through D.C.'s economically servile politicians.
image credit: N.A.S.A.
Artist's concept depicts the moment that NASA's Curiosity rover touches down onto the Martian surface
Why shouldn't a manned scientific research colony on the moon be named like Sports Stadiums after corporate or individual sponsors bidding on naming rights? The Republican Mars Frontier Research Station might be built with political action committee donations, or the Obama-Oprah team could name the Martin Luther King Mars Shuttle-Orbiter for a quarter billion-barely a fraction of the President’s campaign slush fund endowment as it is
More modest goals would have the Mars Curiosity Rovers of the future have advertising painted on them like NASCAR racers driven on an oval track. More modest goals would have the Mars Curiosity Rovers of the future have advertising painted on them like NASCAR racers driven on an oval track. N.A.S.A. could set up an oval track on Mars for rovers to race around before going off to do useful work, and they could have sponsor's colors and stickers.

It might even be possible to establish an oval track racing circuit for electric cars in the U.S.A. to rival gas guzzlers that don't work without an atmosphere to burn up. N.A.S.A. could test some of it's electric vehicles for the Mars oval track in the electric circuit track pace car laps in Texas,  Alabama and Florida.
If funding space missions to other planets manned and unmanned is too costly for the federal government to pay for they should bring advertising sponsors on board to help get the program out of its slump. U.S. national space leadership will fade away too soon with lackadaisical political support as the nation moves into a banana republic epoch watching the rest of the world pass it buy.

Scientific Atheists Wimp Out on Giordano Bruno Issue

Giordano Bruno was burned by the Roman Inquisition in 1600 for his 'heretical' scientific ideas and has been held for ages to have been a martyr for science destroyed by religion. Yet isn't the truth better said that Bruno was a victim of politics?
The Medici and other Italian families had used the papacy for political purposes before. The Catholic Church of the era was one actor in a vast political drama of contention for power. Hundreds of thousands died in religious purges (and science lost very few people and should have been regarded as sacred cows one might guess that some believe).
Bruno was himself a Dominican friar as well as a scientist. That fact alone makes the issue seem like a sectarian striving for power and direction within the church more so than an alienated and remote Bruno working in a scientific ivory tower at some remove on a shining city on a hill persecuted by pitchfork wielding peasant that believed the world is flat.
It is quite disingenuous for scientists to offer the point that they are a peaceful, non-political form of humanity working soley for the advancement of humanity. Much science from the anatomical books of Joesph Mengele to the atomic bombs of a generation of theoretical physicists and all of today's high tech weapons were created for financial and political reasons by scientists. 
Scientists have persecuted their own commonly as dissidents in environmental science to geology and in physics have advanced new ideas. Unique ideas created by brilliant individuals were sufficient reason for loss of tenure tracks and employment security. Scientists tend to be intolerant in their bureaucratic and ossified stage of establishment.
Religion in Europe was co-opted by politics and economic pragmatism long ago. By the time of Constantine's vision bringing conversion and the rise centuries of later of Pope Gregory to bring the church militant into being the politicization of religion became a fact. Christianity was still virtuous and had no doctrine in support of torture, execution, enslaving others or death when found in the hearts of believers and reading in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, yet the practical worldliness of human social organizations had move the Catholic Church into a political power position and tool role  player amidst the great political dynasties of Europe. The Catholic Church was also directly challenged by a very politicized Moslem religion that directly attack Europe on three axes; the Dardanelles, Iberia and Sicily-Rome.
For modern supporters of science to attack Christianity for the persecution of a few scientists amidst the hundreds of thousands of political deaths in the era is a little wimpish, and it is incorrigibly misleading to suggest that Christian doctrine in the Bible can be in some be the rationale for the political extremes of European history that were a phenomena of human social character.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Trans-finite Poems

A red cardinal value-the sum total of meaning
expressing itself like a lightening bolt expanding forever
stimulated from ground charge a little
maybe cheating somewhat and not entirely self-reliant
quantum energy, vacuum energy and virtual particles
all those waves of being that divide into smallest units
shifting away with changing yet equal quantum values
so everything looks consistent, constant and staid enough
to persuade many of the cognoscenti of logical values
culminating in bureaucracies and scaffolding around the library
the Library of Babel that is mapped with Cantor's cardinals
so Escher can draw the shapes of dimensional economic policy
receding forever without debt approaching reality.

J.P. Morgan Drops Two 'Dimes'; The Prisoners' Dilemma

J.P Morgan lost two billion dollars evidently in derivatives trading recently, highlighting the point that the flim sector of the U.S. economy outpaces the production sector as it logically should. The new computing and trading algorithms that banks have to take abstract profits with trading guided by physicists not sharp enough to get academic tenure yet consoled with million dollar pay is just an example of the philosophical/sociological problem called the Diners' Dilemma or the Prisoners' Dillema.
If some people don't pay the check at a dinner party they profit yet if no one pays the check they go to jail or wash dishes etc. If people voluntarily comply with laws and good government, economic reason and a modicum of altruism the society flourishes generally while of they don't it piles up debt.
It is very easy for everyone to be irresponsible on economic policy and like the President allow nature to take  its course as if it were micro-economics and required no oversight or ecological relavance-such policies of just bailing out banks and automotive corporations to let the scamming of profits from the world with trading, banking and absrract economic tricks represses the for productivity and builds a structure of world trade bubbles that collapse when so many people and businesses rely non the bunk for support. When if falters the government runs to prop it up again and again until the real day of economic judgment arrives with a vengeance.
The British rely upon global finance and trading and reinforce that policy in the English speaking world that is not coincidentally in decline economically. The United States has 30% of its 'work'force employed in financial related services; the New Freedom Bubble of global trading/derivatives/mortgage/environmental crisis probably will build up unless Mitt Romney is interested in correcting it.

A Philosophical Comment on Trans-finite Series

Perhaps there are only potential infinite series instead of actual. Numbers in some way are in individuated labels on positions (ordinality) given representative values (cardinality) within a set, and a set is a finite portion of the concept of an abstract monism or One.

Infinity is the concept that another fish can forever arise to feed the hungry or another number added to the end of a series. One might regard a pre-set potential of substance-perhaps represented by an unnumbered line as potentially given position spacing of any density designated by the order of positions or placings addressed by a number or numbers. Because the numbers are set with ordinal and cardinal values they are simultaneously finite and pluralistic abstracted from The One, and also quantum values.

To change quantum constants of a finite set such as ordinality and cardinality means changing all equations made with the set. Though obvious it is an interesting way to philosophically regard quantum physical cosmology and the new math used to discover the foundations of quantum gravity. One wonders if it is possible that investigated further into the very small realms of quantum physics creates not only new math, but new strings or membranes as well.

The quantum world seems represented by various quantum components that are believed generally to be integrated within One paradigm that potentially could be expressed representationally with geometric calculus or some form of algebraic geometry perhaps. The Universe itself if a finite substance might implicitly by divisible within quantum units, for to change quantum portions of a finite set with consistency might require changing quantum order relatively regarding spacing and magnitude.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

On the Topic of Origin Sin, Faith and Proofs for Select Universal Propositions

Original sin as I think about it, originated at the fall of Adam and Eve. They were physically changed then into mortal form with that strife. Human being as a thermodynamic process is the original sin context that can be overcome through faith alone.

The ten commandments were required because people wander into sundry immoral directions without moral guidance. God provided several opportunities for mankind to become perfect through perfect obedience, yet of course they always flunked.

I read Rosenberg's 'Abraham: The First Historical Biography' last year and really enjoyed it. It is a brilliant intellectual recover and reconstruction of Abraham's life in Sumer from what data is available. It is definitely worth reading.

Rosenberg and Bloom also wrote 'The J Book'. J of course was thought of as the woman of Solomon or Rehoboam's Court who put together from various materials the book of Genesis (as well as a few other,later authors). It is very difficult today to imagine the exact circumstance in which the book of Genesis was put together, yet Rosenberg makes a brilliant, worthwhile effort.

One might also regard the history of Mesopotamia, the migration of human life to the Persian Gulf from Africa perhaps 70,000 B.C. from the Horn of Africa when the sea level was 300 feet lower (it rose quickly about 20,000 B.C.), the loss of the Eden of a Garden like Saudi Arabia and Sahara with global warming, and the later flooding of the earliest civilization on the present day sea floor of the Persian Gulf 300 feet below the surface without a trace remaining. The story of Gilgamesh definitely parallels that of Moses, and the J writer was probably familiar with Abraham's history in Sumer and of Sumerian culture. As a part of cultural history she might have added that to Genesis herself.

If the first civilization in history was lost to the rise of the Persian Gulf and world ocean. If the Bible recounts some of true human history and if the rise of humanity from the condition of innocence as animals before civilization was judged by God and drowned in order that a better civilization with rules (later even the ten commandments) maybe that was progress.

It is difficult to imagine a Universe from then point of view of God. What if he like planets, atoms and molecules and even animals but wanted some intelligent beings to experience existence with? Evolving those creatures would be a difficult process and it would be tough to get them to have a respect for their Creator especially if they make up daft pagan theories, mud gods from the plain of Tillman and cosmology theories about the Universe they experience that bring them to belief in themselves and their ability to understand a fraction of God's creative power, instead of God.

The Bible or Biblos means 'little books'. It is a compilation of many little books with different histories and contexts. I enjoyed reading Pelikan's 'Whose Bible Is It' for some background.

One should not assume (I am not saying you have) that God works with human history from the position of obsolete cosmological artifact constructed by ancient peoples. People over history have done and thought a lot of things, yet God is eternal and ahead of the game regarding human intellectual works. Urartu was transliterated by the Jews as Ararat. The hills of Ararat or Urartu was in contemporary Iraq away from the Gulf some hundred miles or so-its ancient borders may have been closer to the flooded region, that is itself rather historically vague. Yet it was a good place for survivors with Noah to come to rest after the storm with their livestock.

Original sin is in the thermodynamic process of humanity. With immortality and eating of the tree of knowledge (technology, philosophy and so forth) they might rise to consume the entire Universe, or convert it to a quantum computer and pop new Universes into being without being smart enough to pass of safety checks. For that and other reasons humanity has had it garden of Eden wings clipped a little-they just can't follow orders very well even if they are for their own good.
The Universal affirmative and Universal negative propositions in the context of the existence of God seem self-standing. I do not think its reasonable to prove one or the other by asking the someone to prove or disprove the other.

My reasons for faith are good enough yet I do not assume that one can prove the existence of God by the failure of atheists to prove the non-existence of God (the Universal negative proposition). One cannot prove the Universal from the particular. If God was found not to exist in 1000 Universes after complete search, he might still have been somewhere else-perhaps in the 1001st (or he might have moved back to a Universe not being searched by scientific atheists).

One cannot disprove the existence of extra-terrestrials just because after thorough searching with technology no sign of alien life or communication has been found. I don't think God either might place a large neon sign somewhere in the Magellenic Cloud and say 'Hey Earth-persons, I'm over here!'. Instead, one has the prophets and The Lord and faith-even with a personal, transcendent relationship.

Expecting to place God in a physically causal and contingent category isn't reasonable.

Trans-finite Series (a correction from trans-infinite) & Cosmology in Relationship to God

 I would not prefer to describe any attribute for God as necessary in any sort of sense other than for convenience in conversation, because humans simply haven't the authority, and one doesn't want to trick oneself.
That God is omnipresent or omniscient still presents difficult to define concepts (see Plotinus) especially since the nature of the Universe and of human experience is uncertain. Even so, to prove that God does not exist one should need to comprehend existence fully and completely search through it-logically. Perhaps that point is difficult to make without an example; I will write one in a minute or two.
A verse-even a uni-verse may have several definitions and boundary conditions itself that are conventions. Cardinals of trans-finite series (you are correct about Cantor's term) that are variable in reality as well as in theory representing time values for spatial size appear malleable.  The solid state Universe description is a description of human experience of mass-energy of a portion of what may be a very large Universe from an inflation or whatever event occurred during the Plank epoch.
Plotinus described the One as unextended generally. The Intelligence issued the realm of forms and the solid state Universe with its many broken forms (something like broken symmetry in a physical cosmology perhaps). It is very difficult to say anything that God must do as a necessity in His constructions because of the uncertainty of knowledge of the relationship. Logical investigations are quite useful for insight into the unknown, yet logic is for-itself a phenomenon of human reason without absolute grounding in anything besides the circumstance of being.
Karl Popper said that one can't define rationality-one just recognizes it. I believe that criteria applies to God as well; His grace is entirely agape and disclosure of teleos at soley with His will.
Perhaps a trans-infinite series of numbering might be created for infinite series with a variable cardinality or for comparing the absolute value of infinite series regarding relative location. Well, I am not a mathematician.
An example of why it is important to actually look through things sometimes to confirm a hypothesis rather than leaving it to theory.
A Philosophical Discussion Aboard the First Ship Arriving In The New World
‘Well my scientific advisor, what think ye on our prospects for finding natives in the new continent?
‘That be impossible captain. No one knows what a New World native is therefore they cannot exist.”
“Well, we have a general idea of what they might be like even if not specifically.”
‘Such be logical incoherence mon Captain amigo. There be no such thing as N.W. natives. 
“Would you like to swim ashore to look my friend, in order to confirm your theory?
‘Land be not in sight yet Colin’
‘Let me clarify the point. N.W. natives will be some kind of generic human being with unspecified features native to New Worlders living here for thousands of years without contact with Madrid, Barcelona or Paris.”
‘Can’t be anyone lives in the New World. No one knows what they would be like’
“Mr. Science, you would need to search every bit of the continent to prove that is has no population of natives.”
“Why no my glorious Captain, you would need to prove that natives exist with logic in order to contradict my opinion that they don’t and cannot exist.”
“Mr. Science, I am asking your scientific opinion.”
‘Yes sir; my opinion is that N.W. natives cannot exist because they are not defined.
“Good God Mr. Science!”
“God cannot be defined and therefore cannot exist either my Captain.”
“Nothing can exist without a good, complete definition then?”
“That be exact and logical sir.”
“Look Mr. Science, a new continent we have never before seen is dead ahead.”
The Captain ordered the executive officer to slow the ship to let natives in canoes approach..
‘Mr. Science, I shall award you an ostrich feather for your hat. You have invented the necessary equation for de trop existence. The Mr. Science colonialist formula;
For every X, X can exist if and only if Y can define X.
If Y can define X, then X can exist.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Evolving Logically Unsupportable Opinions About Politics, Faith and Economics

'Requirements' for atheists to provide logical support for their belief may be an unreasonable expectation. I would not ask such. I merely point out that beliefs unsupported logically may not have validity. A free-floating belief without logical foundation is good enough in modern economic governance I think, at least in Washington D.C.

If the federal government had required that 25% of all gold and silver taken from federal lands went to the government before royalties Fort Knox might be better off today. If atheists realized they had no logical way to prove atheism there might be fewer.

There is a certain pragmatism requisite for philosophers I think. The possibility of a Creator of all things is implicit in the experience of being even if social knowledge increases over time surpassing prior beliefs about causality.  One might not want to use sophism to skirt meaningful questions though one must decide if the questions are meaningful.

I recollect sailing a boat and waking up in the cockpit facing the stern. Being in Montana a few days before I was a little out of place and thought the boat was nearly below the surface and I had about thirty seconds before being in the drink-then I realized the situation. Yet as Captain of a small boat one must always be aware of any circumstance, odd noise or whatever-one cannot just disregard any kind of question as unimportant, for the boat may really be in jeopardy.

 Living in the Universe could be a critical event with eternal significance though some may not be aware or regard it as such. I have noticed that bureaucracy and establishment in comfort prefer a certain changeless mileau of power and are unconcerned with transcendental concerns (they can probably evolve to the top anyway). Civilizations have collapsed because of the inability to recognize or reform, react to and respond rightly to reality.

Transcendental thought about God isn't dependent upon science or the state of the art of empirical knowledge. Empiricists have now and then sought to make belief in God contingent upon some out-dated physical cosmology or other.

Bertrand Russell took such positions on philosophical questions, yet with W.V.O. Quine one might place philosophical and theological questions within lexical ontology or sets with certain meanings. Obviously some not sharing a given lexicon have the potential for disputing the validity of some lexical sets as meaningful.

Russell working on the Principia Mathematica wasn't inclined, like many scientists today, to give meaning to non-empirical word constructions. One may still use logic to help understand what for some might be regarded as metaphysics, however if one remain purely an empiricist their are probably limits to inferences one might make about being.

One cannot disprove the existence of God. You seemed to agree with that concept, then say that it is not 'what is called for', as if one might or should be able to look into a pluralistic nature of God (more than The Trinity) as one might regard the parts of an automobile from the ground up in order to discover that it is a Car.

I do not believe that people need to comprehend or understand God any more than one needs to understand Einstein's thought process to appreciate G.R. The Son was on Earth and He we may understand well enough through the historical life and works given in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I think it is helpful that contemporary cosmology provides many helpful criteria for thinking about the Universe as an entirety, and its simple enough to think of a Divine Being in relation to what one knows or infers of the actual Universe.

Modal logic Universes in infinite number can be considered as one means of God's permutations of purpose in creating worlds or souls to share experience with Him in the eternal mystery of being (not a mystery only for God I think). Yet if an infinite number of Universe can be created in place, or always existed because God is omnipotent and omnipotent-what would be wrong with that, and why should people limit God's potential to simple causal processes that they understand with contemporary physics?

If the entire Universe were given a quantum scale and adjusts from large to small with expansions and contractions exploiting retro-causality because of directional anisotropy of space-time development, would that sort of philosophical cosmology trivia mean that one cannot consider a detached Spirit transcending the quantum disposition of energy or space or of the relationship of the Spirit to one-self?

While physics and physics lexicons may not be up to describing Spirit or the Creator that does not mean that philosophically and theologically minded people can't try a little (even if inaccurately). It is better than living an unexamined life trusting merely that politicians will evolve moral positions before the end of a second term of office and trillions of dollars of public debt.