Monday, April 30, 2012

On Philosophical Use of Words and Accuracy in Meanings

Philosophical concerns are more than problems. Language enables things to be said about anything. Perfection in language formation may be grammatically possible however meanings and referent object content can be in error as may additional constructions.

"Any honest intellectual would agree that the green cheese of the moon will fall to the Earth thus feeding us all' is amusing yet has some obvious difficulties with veracity for most circumstances of use.

I believe that logical positivism brought some efforts to limit language to objectivive, scientific criteria, however Quine's 'The Two Dogmas of Empiricism' brought an end to that. 'Ontological Relativism' brought out the idea of lexicons for ontology with dedicated meanings. For example, the vocabulary of the home builder ontology is not the same as that of the government bureaucrat ontology, nor that of a non-academic philosopher. The meanings and reference ontology of Dawkinian atheists of a bio-evolutionary orientation is not that of philosophically minded theists; they tend to talk past one another. One must clarify one's word lexicon and consider what users will share its meanings for various projects. Words are a kind of address for meanings.

Plotinus believed that The One had no need for questions because omniscient Being is not uncertain about anything, yet philosophically minded people are not omniscient and have questions about Universe and etc that are not answered satisfactorily.

One might conjecture that the problem with science and cosmology is that the formulations and equations are faulty in a way comparable to that of philosophical problems, and certainly perfect formulations of questions understood well would leave no problems unless new ones were conceived, yet that next Einstein ++ upgrade is late in arriving to provide the correct equations for absolutely everything that might be thought of meaningfully in science and cosmology. 

Sarah Palin Considered for the Presidential Menu?

At the recent annual media roast President Obama trotted out his dog-eat-dog sense of humor with a joke about Sarah Palin and pit bulls. Evidently in President Obama's youth he was an eater of dogs in Indonesia. He remarked that Sarah Palin had recently returned to 'the game' by hosting the Today Show. That T.V. appearance evidently made her fair game for the President's dinner jokes therefore, so he asked 'What's the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull? The pit bull is delicious.
Sarah Palin  should definitely not bring barbecue sauce to any bi-partisan dinners where democrats comprise a majority.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sixteen Christians Slaughtered at Church in Kano, Nigeria

It is difficult to have a peaceful, contempletive Church meeting when terrorists arrive to toss grenades about and shoot fleeing worshippers. Plainly the Nigerian Government of that predominantly Muslim nation hasn't the capability of defending Christians from organized persecution adequately to support a freedom of religion and free speech social ecosystem. Neither has President Obama shown much interest about the well being of his ethnic kindred that are Christians in Nigeria (even if he is of a Zulu origin).
The U.S. Secret service when not whoring in Columbia or elsewhere have the ability to share some kind of defense technology experience if directed by the President, for others such as Nigerian Christians. There ought to be some sort of a general terrorist screening door checking tech package that would be low enough in cost and effective enough to function at least for large gatherings of Christians for Sunday worship services without being intrusive.
Technology isn't the answer to everything of course, yet it is helpful to have low-cost discrete explosive and weapons detection capabilities to filter out gross attack mode ensembles such as might be hidden by Boko Haram cadre under a thobe, robe or trenchcoat. The President should have the wayward Secret Service develop on off-the-shelf Christian security tech package for Nigeria and other close-to-the-Moslem-terrorist-world worshippers as part of their punishment and correction for their recent unchapparoned behavior with the ladies of the night of Columbia. perhaps installing those systems (portable) in Nigeria would make amends a little for the disrespect to U.S. taxpayers the party guys of the Secret Service have demonstrated for goodness-knows how long.
Sharing pragmatic freedom from terrorism for Christian worshippers is an obvious role for any righteous government to fulfill. The U.S. Government should make sure that the 666 sign that in the Latin alphabet starts with DC does not represent the three branch of government.  President Obama should provide direct assistance to Nigerian Christian Church security and perhaps ask a meeting of  international Christian security leaders to confer and design an ad hoc defense capability reinforcement for anyone interested.

Friday, April 27, 2012

The Plank epoch and The One

Philosophical areas of the unknown still exist. One such area shared with cosmology is the Plank epoch in the first 10^-43rd power of the history of the Universe. Christians have faith in the Person of the Trinity rather than in a given cosmological theory of which there is a new and true one several times a year. Some have said that not all tautologies are invalid. Self-standing concept paradigms may be rare yet God as a self-standing Being cannot depend upon His creations to assure Him of his existence nor even rely upon them to 'prove' it.. From a given neo-Platonist point of view God has no need to ask questions because He has the answers already. It is a mystery why anything exists yet it is also not. A Divine Creator is creative infinitely.

The problem of solipsism has been gone over a lot, as has Bishop Berkley's paradigm of idea-ism. There was much philosophical research into the field of what is perceptible to mind and what qualities exist in nature-I won't repeat much of that here.

With Quine's notion from 'Ontological Relativity' that self-consistent lexicons (and associated concept meanings) are the way things are, it is useful to not attempt to annihilate parallel lexicons and consolidate them within a grand unified lexicon (especially of science). So much meaning would be lost along with the concepts for human use and thought in that process of developing a universal vocabulary of logical positivism.

Obviously scientific work has generally not pursued spiritual concerns, and for all I know it has not developed a subset of definitions of the meaning of spiritual. One might look to theologians for that perhaps.

Scientists might tend to regard spirit as a kind of substance if it exists and then proceed to test for that as something that should exist adjacent to neutrinos and other no or very low mass particles-or at least as a spiritual membrane or monad. Yet spirit can also simply mean the phenomena of mind and life of a human being-its complete history and self-awareness.

In that context spiritual affairs are of more important than quantum mechanics. A Christian might infer that God as a spiritual being is of far more, and perhaps entirely separate from any sort of quantum mechanical differentiation of essence. That is, God as a monism isn't the sum of a plurality of parts or attributes.

Physicists work on developing a unified field theory or basic description of the foundation of the natural Universe. Christians have the faith that God is the basic principle and Author of reality regardless of the proximal manifestation of a given Universe or percepts of its content. Obviously a sub-routine cannot comprehend the entire program generally, of which it is a part. In fact a computer program can be written that writes new sub-routines as a part of its programming (a dangerous sort of thing if combined with robotics), perhaps comparable to a human being, and even so it cannot comprehend the entire program of which it is a part if that program is very sophisticated.

Such a computer program that could achieve self-comprehension would become identical with itself, for-itself achieving little or nothing in writing new subroutines that would differentiate it from itself. Such differentiation or isolation of 'galaxies' from the Universal program would produce interference, turbulence and even chaos. If the differentiation were early enough in the history of the program then the horizon problem common to cosmological theorists would arise.

For one must wonder if the inflaton or VSL paradigms developed to explain the expansion of the Universe such that the cosmic microwave background indicates that there is little differentiation in the mass structure of the Universe at an early stage could be transcended by any kind of faster-than-light universally instantaneous communication systems superior to the local programming instructions of the galaxies of parts when they expanded far beyond range of sub-luminal communication.

For the Plank era it isn't known what energy values or structure prevailed. It is a cloud of unknowing as it were. Godel's incompleteness theorem seems to work with the reversability of cosmology applicable at either end of a finite series of formulas modeling the structure of the history of the Universe.

One of the authors of the VSL theory provided revised equation for Einstein's E=mc²... Ep in the equation is the Planck energy.
E= mc²
1 + mc²

I will rewrite the equation since I can't get the editor to line it up correctly...
E= mc²/1 + mc²/Ep

Christians can wonder about a Spiritual Author of reality and of all potential histories such as Plotinus conjectured about (The One) whom is omnipotent and omniscient without need for actualization or extension into a Universe with forms and alas broken forms.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

ALaska Legislature Drops Tax Cut & Gas Pipeline Bills

Governor Parnell of Alaska has tossed out of the special legislative session the prime bill (to cut taxes on oil corporations about two billion dollars) that was the object of the clave of legislators. Since they had already flunked on passing a bill to get a North Slope to Cook Inlet gas pipeline stimulus bill passed, they should take that up and continue work that the legislature has tried to get done since at least 1979 (getting a gas pipeline stimulus bill passed).

There were contracts to sell Cook Inlet natural gas to Japan in the late 1970s well supported with sound logistics reasoning. Today that hasn't changed with the Persian Gulf being twice the distance to Japan and gas more costly. The state legislature should just get it done since there is quite a delay in completing the project. With the prospects for a fuel cell energy powered economy something that can't work politically here, natural gas exports to Japan seem the best bet for getting the claws of the oil corporations to release their hold a little upon the state budget.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

If Space Were Made of Individual, Discrete Units

The idea of space has been written of by physicists in recent years with new quantafied styles moving beyond Minkowski and Kaluza-Klein criteria, so I thought I would add some non-scientific thoughts of my own on the topic.

 Space has been hypothesized to inflate faster than light briefly in the first fraction of a second of the lifetime of the Universe (a convenient conditional truth time indeed because time is a reciprocal of mass and hence faster than light particles might have had no-time or less and got much expansion done with characteristic voodoo-era super-physics to draw out space-time from a tiny, singular start in no time at all), yet there are more modest ideas about the nature of space and time, such that space is somehow a contiguous yet different phase of whatever energy or mass are-so that there is actually only one substance. Space could be like the air in a soufflé with ‘membranes forming boundaries with highest-energy concentrates-yet of course space might not be like that at all.

Space quanta may be scalable in size. Perhaps they were packed in along with mass and energy in the early universe, although empty nor without content. Maybe they were finite in number in the beginning (perhaps mass and energy are too), and so even if they expand there may be a limit to the increase of overall space contingent on the ability of individual quanta to increase in size.

 Space quanta might be able to expand only in one direction and perhaps remain fixed at that size. Space quanta could be localized dimensional content with or without mass or energy quanta tied in to its topical dimensions.  One wonders if energy or mass is transferred to the space dimensions without creating mass, but instead giving space quanta surface tension or energy for increasing the scale of dimensions-that might have some sort of force associated with their composition.

In spite of the assumptions of space increasing forever or collapsing into a big crunch or a phase transition to restart, it would be interesting if space simply achieved its maximum size one day and suddenly stopped like a running dog stopped abruptly upon reaching the end of its rope. Perhaps the inertial mass of the Universe would create chaos amidst the space Universe and turbulent conditions forming mass space-time structure chaotic reshuffling.

Free Expression of Religious Ideas, Corporatism and the Late Soviet State

Free expression of an apposite or opposite opinion exclusive of ad hominems hardly shoves Rama down a throat. In the late Soviet Union individuals were not permitted to express unscreened or uncensored opinions. Committees reviewed even Solzhenitsyn's writings and he had only one book published in that country and it was swiftly withdrawn. You should read the official transcripts for that committee review of Solshzenitsyn's 'The Cancer Ward'. I am a little concerned that corporatism and its control of the www. may duplicate that process de facto.

There is a common antipathetic attitude shared by some of the unsaved regarding the expression of ideas provided by God via Holy scripture. It is not necessary to first accept the erroneous beliefs or points of view of foes of the veracity of scripture before expressing one's own correct ideas.

Hannah Arendt's treatise 'The Banality of Evil' captured some of the implict fault of original sin expressed in the person of Adolph Eichman. Humans tend to cluster in large organizations and reinforce attitudes with use-truths. That characteristic is expressed in anti-environmentalism as well as the selection of many pragmatic homosexuals and abortionists to oppose phenomenal organized moral position antipathetic to the Sodom ande Gommorah way of life. Sure one may discover social moral relativism in select sectarian organizations historically too. When humans with original sin organize the organization cannot purge itself of that characteristic even if it is a religious organization.

It is lucky for us that God saw fit to let a crusade sack Constantinople and enable the Ottoman to finish off the rump state of the Eastern Roman Empire in the 15th century before Columbus discovered America, otherwise their might still be a contiguous New Roman Empire in the western hemisphere-what a fine design though human beings with free will made it allso bloody here and there.

Immanuel Kant urged that people think for themselves and was critical of authorities and individuals that did not do that. It is quite possible to sort through ideas for-oneself and arrive at the conclusion that the Bible is true and that the momentous choice that people have to believe or not is as well.

It isn't a new thing; FrederickSchleilermacher wrote a book called 'On Religion and It's Cultured Despisers', that title is perennially appropriate for the new scientific and cultural opinions against Jesus Christ.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Sect. Rice; Mitt Romney's Secret Weapon

If Mitt Romney is down in the polls at convention time, it may sway his choice of asking former Sect. Rice to run as the GOP Vice-Presidential candidate. She would bring the winning edge, and might somehow be persuaded to run.

Media swags have said that Rice's association with the former Bush administration would dissuade some voters from supporting the ticket, yet even minimal analysis tosses that aside as having substance: Republican voters will vote for anyone besides Obama (ABO), and women voters including blacks will toss Barrack Obama aside like last years clothing.

Secretary Rice does have that persuasive I.Q. and lots of experience. We believe she is well capable of serving in the office of Vice President better than V.P. Biden, if she would leave her post as Sect. of Stanford Univ.

'Faster Than the Speed of Light'

I enjoyed reading this book by one of the inventors of VSL (Variable Speed of Light) Theory. The author, João Magueijo, has tossed in much amusing commentary on his time in England, the U.S.A., Portugal and Australia while developing the theory in the late 1990s and early part of this milennium as well as the effort to get in published. The idea that the speed of light might change is a somewhat heretical notion to the traditional physics community since Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity became the standard model.

VSL theory as presented is available in many models and colors, yet they seem to have the speed of light being different in just the first 10 the the 43rd power of the time of the existence of the expansion of the Universe (a small fraction of a second). Light could have had a different, faster speed then in relation to space because it may have traveled a straighter course through the dimensions of space, so actually it wasn't the speed of light that changed but the distance light needed to travel through space.

With the speed of light being faster in the first fraction of time it isn't necessary to have a mysterious inflaton to balance the size and horizon problems of the history of the Universe, and the values of conservation of energy constants changes too.

All massless particles travel at the same speed of light. Mass is a resting condition of energy evidently and time occurs just to things with mass as they wait possibly forever to get up to speed.

João Magueijo brings many fascinating ideas about gravity and cosmology within an amusing and constructive form. Modified Gravity theory and VSL have the same grounding in the Plank era (and even another physicist John Moffat discovered his own VSL and Modified Gravity theories as early as 1994-different approaches than João Magueijo's yet worthwhile-the two ended up sharing some ideas and work) and are capable of describing the accelerating expansion of space.

While VSL may not be the final description of the cosmological structure of the Universe its approach helpfully provides another way to regard the constants of nature as variables in order to further investigation their origin and relation to materially evident data observed by astrophysicists.

It is a reminder that the observable Universe is just a small area of an immensely larger area that grew greatly in size perhaps 13.7 billion years ago. The Universe is not just 45 billion light years in size-it may be trillions of light years in size, and the the expansion of that all just one cycle of a waveform of uncertain nature. I would personally find that consistent with God's infinite and eternal, nature.

Comment on Cosmological Content

Peter Woit wrote a book titled 'Not Even Wrong'; many physics ideas haven't enough predictions to be falsifiable. One doesn't threrfore regard them as correct. Using science to try to refute spiritual ideas is a specious practice as it leaps beyond its own careful, rational, measured data structures. That sort of work won't even get a refereed article past the editors of Physics Journal B.

The natural selection process for promoting scientific theories was not always what it was today. Experimental science was more highly valued for much of the history of science, perhaps until Einstein's work was confirmd. In the 20th century particle physics and accellerators had more prestige than theoretical physics.

I was reading a book on VSL recently, and the author pointed out some of the conflict between Leibniz, Mapertuis and Voltaire regarding the relationship of material determinism of a universe generated from a first cause. Voltaire-a believer in God within a causal Netwonian paradigm did not at all appreciate the optimalization drift away of Leibniz and Mapertuis with the potential for uncertainty or change from pure determinism of physics.

The recent rise of theoretical physics has tended to follow from astronomical observations rather than from pure theory, or at least to have developed in parallel to it. Many theories of cosmology exist today concurrently, and the challenge is perhaps epistemological in entertaining them all simultaneously in thought rather than in dethroning one such as string theory. Einstein beleived the Universe was static, Hubble discovered the myriad of extra Milky Way Galaxies and then proportional doubling of distance and recessional velocity yet he had no idea about the expansion of space.

Zero-dimension membranes are not sillier than magnetic monopoles. Monopoles seem a logical contradiction though, since a magnetic field has a vector and going in one end (attractor) it is on the other end continuing on as a repeller. If a monopole simply attracted it might end up a black hole, and if it was a repeller it would soon exhaust itself. Within the Plank era there may have been many bizarre states that became feedback mechanisms for the expansion of space-time later even offsetting the validity of the conservation of energy principle.

Boycott London Olympics Until Malvinas Return to Argentine Sovereignty

The Monroe Doctrine updated and applied to the Malvinis could restore Argentine Sovereignty to those islands held by imperial power. Bringing peace and international stability to the occupied archipelago would bring Great Britian closer unto the brotherhood of mankind. Imperialism is successful fascism that rots away through decolonization.

Defending the Mallvinas from possible BP oil spills of the future can better be accomplished with a secure Argentinian democracy guarding the islands settled first by the French although discovered by the Portuguese. The Spaniards and later the Agentinians long lived in the Malvinas, while the British presence left following the U.S. War of Independence.

Friday, April 20, 2012

No Scientific Evidence Exists to Support Atheism (poem)

Nothing leaps from the summit of set theories
to expand ideas into everwhere
whereas days pass the meanings from shapes of perception
mathematically descriptive of changing patterns
constantly providing more to marvel over
constructions in being and time

Without evidence of no creator
the event process of Universe is an enigma
no answers defining absolute parameters of nothingness
that ranges beyond beginnings

An eternal field of uncertainty
providing forms formed from self-defining criticality
fullness that emerges as surrealistic landscapes for research
crumbling with information loss conserved as dissipation of time
dimensions struggling to twist and turn waveform particulates for perceptions

No evidence of atheism exists
persuasively trans-infinite number series are abbreviated
without beginning or end
as if they were within a field of an eternal god
breathing life into beings with coherent mechanics
evolving forever into a kaleidoscope of changes
appraised and reworked by a Designer.

Int. Law Should Ban A.I. in Combat Robots

Not to far in the future individual combat robots will take urban then suburban and rural battlefields. Instead of sending a Marine through the door in some village looking for insurgent weapons caches a combat robot with ncamera eyes, better than human hearing and bullet proof bomb sniffing capability will knock on the door and enter the abode of potential death. Because of the threat to humanity of independently thinking machines with combat abilities shouldn't all those walking machines be operated by human beings as remotely piloted robots only?

None of the combat robots even if just armed with a machine gun should be able to function independently with an artificial intelligence system for anything other than walking about instructions equivalent to an autonomous nervous system. The robots should be cephalic idiots that collapse without a human operator.

Computer chips allow inventors to make 'god bless you' speech novelties with celebrity voice for use in public when someone sneezes, an lets designers make programmable optical recognition scanners that can read certain fields on a paper and disregard others. Designers of combat robots need to be restrained on finding clever things to put into the programming housing unit of killing search and destroy machines.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Racial Profiling and the Martin Case

The cry for an end to racial profiling by policemen in the Martin case profiles the neighborhood watchman as a police proxy in error obviously, yet the demand that cognitive profiling end amidst law enforcement agencies is on the surface a demand for the end of intelligent thought; for human cognitive processes work by associating and classifying images and ideas or behaviors.

Inaccurate judgment does no one any good. Self-deception about ideas and corresponding referent object truth produces fundamental incompetence in human social environments. Plainly social organizations may use false operating premises named by the late philosopher Jean Paul Sartre 'use truths', and that colonialist practice should halt in order to give all citiizens equal protection before the law (where it exists).

Most citizens are interested in efficient, quality and fair law enforcement itself obeying the laws rather than going whoring in Columbia and brawling about the prices to be paid for services to federal officials. Human psychology has developed not only with increase of brain size from avoiding watching too much television but also from better data processing of content input. Average people tend to want to just function without much philosophical thought. Human beings are specialists that want a dogmatic social conduct in which they are rated best in show, and don't want to change that.

Profiling is a macro-structure of the way the human thought sorting and processing works. It is questionable that it should be gotten rid of, instead courses in philosophy for law enforcement officers might be provided that stimulate critical thinking and recognition of formal logic.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Faith Isn't In Retreat

The historical development of science had many individuals working as clerics that made substantial contributions. In the age of feudalism the Church was a refuge for sundry intellectuals that were not aristocrats. Notably in England aristocrats made contributions to scientific advance.

Many people that had little choice besides religious structures were no longer compelled to enroll when secular opportunities developed after the reformation. That was the normal course of social progress. Progress does not always bring good order, decency, justice or right reason although the term progress generally is used to mean 'better' or 'advance'.

Marx had attended a religious seminary, and Stalin received Orthodox Church schooling, and those were two examples of a retreat from faith.

Trotsky's term as General of the Red Army during the Russian Civil War brought him to make many observations about military actions including his own aboard his train h.q. Isaac Deutcher wrote a good biography in three volumes. The godless atheists were an entirely secular flight from Orthodox religion closely associated with the ruling class hierarchy. The Tsar named the Metropolitan now and then.

There is a perennial effort to free Christian ecclesiastical structures from the worldly secular hierarchies that have too often dominated it. Some believe that a priesthood of believers is the right structure with an egalitarian liturgical form. The early friends church in America was something like that, where people met and talked in small groups.

The spiritual war between good and evil is a perennial phenomenon that will continue until the end of days. Christians and philosophically minded Christians have the opportunity to focus upon the Bible and study God's Universe cosmologically speaking without so much trouble from authorities and orthodox opinions on areas not covered in the Bible at all. Average people in the church like average people everywhere have a characteristic of wanting to have a concrete doctrine, method or structure; a religious approach to anything that they can simply repeat without thinking about anything philosophically. That dogmatic approach can perpetuate wrong ideas, yet the social war to liberate society from control by elites and class collectives is also a perennial effort.

There are numerous explanations available for about anything today-many of them wrong of course. The book above cited is a newer publication on computer-enhanced explanations in an age of explanations.

Christians and Jewish scholars of course may dive deeper into contemplation of the meanings and compositions of the Bible-and try to understand better its content meaning. Modern formal logical progress, analytic philosophy and archeological research as well as science generally have enabled a well of additional understanding of the Bible era for those actual interested in understanding.

Contemporary atheists have made an industry of attacking the Bible of course, as if disproving some straw man arguments or refuting the Bible might in some way provide a proof for atheism. It would do that no more than refuting the Ptolemaic System of Cosmology would provide evidence for Quantum Gravity cosmology.

Christians may leave their own concerns about doing the will of God, and having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ through faith and the Holy Spirit's grace, to venture into explaining things for secular purposes as if they wanted to be educators in secular settings-however that was more for a time of the past-a distant past, whereas today they might simple provide a good moral environment for education absent of the raving depravity a little, if possible, that seems to be a goal of American leftists in order to reduce population or taxation.

Probably the better course is for inclusion of such philosophical inquiries into the Universe in a curriculum that isn't dogmatic in order to overturn some of the illogical grasps of atheism toward marginalization of faith and people of faith socially. Cosmology is a fascinating topic.

God probably had some practice or practical experience before issuing the process of the eventuation of this Universe. He may have created a trillion trillion to the infinite power of Universes already, and decided to leave this one the way it is for a while without too much direct interference. With practice one develops a calm about tempestuous Universe management I would guess.

Archeologists have discovered huts in Jordan circa 22,000 b.c. Human civilization seems to have arisen in the Middle East and it seems an appropriate place for Jesus to have appeared on Earth to set a new foundation for humanity to function in spiritually until the consumers and producers destroy the world or most of its population in a hundred years or two as some futurists regard as possible from global warming if nothing else.

Liberating Black Holes for Mass and Energy in the Future?

(unscientific speculation follows) In the Universe mass under the influence of gravity shrinks down to smaller and smaller structures such as neutron stars. In a black hole mass may shrink down even further to become quark holes, strings or membranes of one dimension. Yet if no one is presently certain of what gravity is besides the apparent effect of space curvature and time dilation of mass attracted to mass from the solid state level, it is not assurred that mass would not convert entirely into space-time curvature without leaving anything remaining as mass.

Space-time curvature may require a certain quantity of mass to occur. The energy converted to space-time curvature might be another equivalence of mass and energy times the speed of light. Flattened space-time energy may expand (dark energy) while gravitationally transformed space-time may contract. In the Universe there may be much space-time that is unbound from significant curvature and it could have a finite or infinite energy value.

Gravity may be an apparent effect of the entanglement of quantum particle probability waves that tend to interact. Proportionate increase of mass entanglement attracts mass toward mass. Mass sublimating into space-time curvature has the potential to become a black hole.

In the future scientist might be able to transform and release the space-time structure of a black hole converting it back into energy and mass. As the Universe draws down over trillions of years towards heat death it might be a natural resource used to recharge creative stellar synthetic fields locally.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Since the Orwellian introduction of Hate Crimes legislation to attack the gross physical assaults that threaten the privileged class as well as the unemployed and working class one wonders if some sort of Financial Hate Crimes laws that would chastise white collar workers victimizing investors or victimizing internet posters that express political opinions that are not those of various political entities will be added to give Supreme Court Justices something more to chew over?

If homosexuals hate people that are opposed to a queer culture hegemony and would confiscate earnings at corporate sites simply for the expression of disagreeable political opinions why shouldn't they be charged with hate crimes too?

One wonders how all that hate can be rooted out of America, and in what way strong individual boundaries against the violation of personal space boundaries can be enforced inclusive of job security and the right to exist in economic health at a natural level free of hateful financial oppression?

One might also wonder about NPR and other broadcast media? Do they truly have the spirit of love in their hearts or do they have an inward, Leninist hate for people right of center or across from Wal-Mart down the street?

Does anyone really know if the U.S. and Europe love Syria and its President or are they harboring sinister ulterior motives for fanning up the conflict in order to get a regime change in that country? Is it ethical to sacrifice ten or twenty thousand Sunni Syrians in order to get a regime change if they would not have gone about that action without western media support? Is that all 'tough love' or is it impossible to report peace and Utopian lifestyles if they were to exist in Nebraska or elsewhere?

Were there Arab media demands for regime change in Syria before the Brits and Obama and the U.N. decided to support the mowing of the regime of grass? Even if the Syrian Government periodically uses violence to repress its masses, is it necessary for the U.S. Government to become a supporter of blood in the streets their with disingenuous proclamations for non-violence while they intended to encourage the process of regime change?

How can a free society work if the corporate world will not allow free speech on Internet sites when it isn't something they support? The financial harm that corporate collectivism can apply to an individual assuredly may seem hateful to the victim, as might Goldman-Sachs gutting of fish(muppets) investors on Wall Street, if they actually have contempt for investors and consider their money as a kind of caviar to extract?

While the American society continues to exist and before the final ecological break with viability, one wonders if the expansion of the legal concept of Hate Crimes will reach upward to beset the prosperous and rich too, or if such laws will only be developed to hog tie the under-educated from having being a concern to the silk shirt class of 5th Avenue?

Electro-magnetic Mass Catcher for Mars Landings?

In reading a book on VSL recently the author mentioned that someone skydiving without a parachute is stopped by the electron force of the molecules of the ground rather than the ground itself (not much consolation to the unfortunate skydiver though). It was gravity that brought the mass from the sky to meet the other electrons and particles that were clumped below (the Earth).

Shouldn't it be possible to shape an electro-magnetic field on Mars or the Moon that would gradually slow (safely) chunks of ice from space, space ,modules or even an astronaut? If so it could expedite landfall and reduce the fuel need for retro burns of de-acceleration of planet bound mass.

It might even be a fun way to safely skydive on the Earth.

I believe one would need to wrap the objects sent down to the planet's surface in a magnetically charged cover. The electro-magnetic field would be like a large intake funnel that would be oppositely charged and powered up accurately to slow down incoming mass.

Replies to Ideas that Atheism Is Supported By Scientific Evidence

I wrote the following in reply to comments on my video 'The Ignorance of Atheism' elsewhere. It works toward a logical consideration of the unscientific concept.... Human knowledge has accumulated through conscious effort. Human beings seem to exists in a large space (universe). It seems to be a functioning event process. Uncertainty arises before its origin and follows it entropic demise or phase transition ahead. What human experience actually is in't certain.. it may be described just in the circumstance of social and existential relativity.

Metaphysically remember Bishop Berkeley as well as Emperor Theory.

Plotinus described some of the One, Christians know The Son.Logically the atheist/atheist position for itself are two sides of a coin with agnosticism on the edge.

If one regards atheism as a faith or belief rather than a positivist assertion made without evidence, it then would be entitled to be regarded as an example of the Argument From Ignorance that Bertrand Russell invented. I am not sure of what 'other perspectives' might exist on belief in God, belief that god does not exist and the point of uncertainty.

Those three opinions seem to encompass what one might have about it. It is rather like the binary states of computers today in the on or off setting. Eventually with quantum computers it may be possible to have more states than that though one cannot know for sure right now.

God is not regarded as a creature incidentally. If one might say anything about Him analogously it might be more like a Unified Field containing and setting an infinite number of potential forms to be or become deterministicaly. Human forms and referent Universes are phenomenal denotations within His experience. He has promulgated nature in accord with His will.

One should be aware that the political and sociological criteria of dissent from faith is not the same question as an objective investigation of nature on in search of evidence for or against the existence of God. There are valid historical circumstances where political reform in liberation from oppression by state religions were valid, and of course the opposite situation where religious minorities or even minorities were persecuted, exiled or slaughtered by governing power.

That atheists tend to rely too much upon the work of refuting ancient doctrines is one of the salients points I made in the video essay. That is an historical approach to finding objective cosmological evidence-certainly a less than scientific approach.

Perhaps Jews invented History writing. The Greeks had Homer but Thucydides was tardy comparatively. This isn't, with respect, a history 101 class.

The point about divine inspiration is a good one-intriguing especially for the New Testament....

One might disprove the Ptolemaic cosmology and discount the possibility that any unified field theory could exist I suppose, and have a paradigm something like the reasoning of atheists that are theoretical physicists today when they extract an argument for atheism based on criticism of Zoroastrainism, the Bible or whatever.

The Bible is not historical fiction. It is not Don Quixote.or The Tales of Genji. Neither was it Sophocles or Euripidean in style. Kings, Chronicles and so forth are some of the best history of the era existing. I did point out in the video however that atheists rely on badly formed criticisms of the Bible to infer atheism.

Ockham's razor would suggest that one be agnostic on the topic taking Wittgenstein's 'Whereof I cannot speak thereof I must be silent'.

Atheist opinion may be developed by ignoring scientific method. It may also be developed by ignoring Biblical facts and levering a false alternative with a straw man.

Good opinions are well informed; atheist opinion is not.

One is aware of the argument of William James about the consequences of placing a wrong bet on faith and salvation, yet that aside, the absence of conclusive proof as in any scientific endeavor ought to leave one agnostic. Mixing up scientific method with philosophy and. theology, Biblical history and so forth isn't a good way to find purely scientific proofs.

A logical fallacy. I can't recall the name of it, although I could search for that. Philosophers of logic worked on that kind of issue in the 50's and 60's or even earlier. I can't duplicate that work here to help explain it. Kripke's 'Naming and Necessity' and Russell's description of names provide insight into why not all verbal constructions have referent objects. That isn't the issue with God though.

Deductive and informal fallacies are common. The Argument From Ignorance asserts the existence of anything that cannot be disproved. That works in the opposite direction as well for asserting the state of non-existence for anything for which there is no evidence.

One can use dead reckoning judgments to generalize odds for referents without support of objective evidence; contingent probability perhaps.

The fallacy of composition also may afflict cosmology, politics and defense.

Consider the mythic history of Pegasus. People disbelieve that, however what Europeans disbelieve is probably different from the original legend arising in Greece.

If the white horse with wings is a northern European idea transformation of the Greek legend of a horse so fast that it could be said to fly, it is possible that there was an Arabian stallion that was brought by ship to Greece long ago, perhaps even over as far as Troy able to outrun the slower European horses and becoming legend.

Deductive and informal fallacies are common enough. Russell's Argument From Ignorance asserts the existence of anything that cannot be disproved. That works in the opposite direction as well for asserting the non-existence for anything for which there is no evidence.

There is simply no known evidence in support of atheism that would meet even minimal scientific criteria.

The acceptance of any sort of universal proposition describing the non-existence of a non-contingent Supreme Being is implicitly incomprehensive. It is something like using a set of even numbers to prove that no odd numbers exist (if one had not yet discovered them).

Theories of knowledge or epistemology moved into formal logical paradigms can be in an ontology of meanings regarded as verified or not. There is a verificationist theory of truth incidentally.

Determining the truth values of language constructions is a philosophical practice, as it is for anyone.

It isn't a simple topic. Noam Chomsky provided an example of a sentence that is meaningless yet semantically correct...

at wikipedia...Colorless_green_id­eas_sleep_furiously

There are several methods of describing sentences or propositions that have no object of reference. A theory of names (Kripke and Russell) can be realist or nominalist, Yet Quine also developed a language term structure called an ontology. Propositions and names may have a descriptionist form. Krike at least expressed the form 'x such that Fx' in Naming and Necessity. He said that the form is be used for names as well as descriptions.

X can be any thing that exists. One may use existential quantification and say that there is at least one X in the Universe such that Fx. F might be any sort of adjective, verb, phrase etc that describes the referent X. Lexicons are lists of meaningful content of a language.

The 20th century philosopher Carnap provided the grammatically correct yet meaningless nonsense phrase "This stone is thinking about Vienna". Perhaps it could be said to have a value as an abstract fiction enabling thought about the inability of stones to think at all.

Existential quantification as a construction with words from a lexicon refer to known referents or speculative referents, yet cannot meaningful refer to unknown referents... such as... ∃ (is a Universe without a Creator)

Gödel's incompleteness theorems of natural numbers demonstrated the inability of axioms to provide necessary proofs of consistency of themselves. I believe a correlative example is that there cannot be a set of all sets containing itself. Cantor's trans-finite number series cannot get around that.

One is left with an infinite number of possible cosmological theories for which the infinite number of possible Universes is just one trans-finite set. It is not possible to place a finite cap on any given Universe that would provide information of the unknown state of non-existence of a Creator for any given Universe that exists. It is perhaps not even possible to apply the concept of a non-Created Universe to all possible Universes rather than just a or one Existentially quantified, and of course begging the point of completeness of proof.

Friday, April 13, 2012

The Goal of a Shield from Relativistic Effects Near Light Speed?

Photons and other particle-waves traveling at light speed are very small. Things that travel at the speed of light are all very small. Larger clumps of things such as atoms don’t go real fast in a generally straight line. The speed of light could exist because there are a limited number of kinds of things in the Universe that are small enough to have that apparently standard unit speed. Neutrinos, cosmic rays, gravity-these things happen at the speed of light.

It would be a good thing if one could wrap some large object like a human being in a Bose-Einstein condensate of the neutron kind made at absolute zero-evidently they behave like one single particle. If that single apparent particle could be accelerated at the speed of light yet not pick up the extra weight that mass does as it accelerate-perhaps tricking whatever usually acts upon mass to make it become infinitely heavy as it approaches the speed of light then one might be able to send Bose-Einstein shielded astronauts to nearby star systems in a few years.

Of course that’s just wishful thinking, for whatever it is about space-time that screens out everything except for very small, fast particle-waves from traveling at light speed must act upon net mass and size rather than topological features of a unit in space-time.

It could be that space-time has extra small dimensions that light can pass through or around while larger objects can’t and push up a resisting bow wave of space-time. One might like to think that space-time has some of the characteristics of gravity or of a gravitational field for-itself that acts upon accelerated mass to slow and weigh it down. Instead of gravitons mass is deflected along a stretched matrix of space-time. Quantum mechanical networks of wave probabilities might comprise the entire phenomena fundamentally, to a limited extent.

It is interesting t consider that a photon is a fundamental massless or nearly massless particle wave. Light speed could be a fundamental speed for all fundamental particles or even strings except as they are bound up in larger structures of apparent aggregates of mass such as neutrons, protons If quarks are made of strings, perhaps the strings travel at light speed as parts of the quark while the quark appears stable. The quantum levels of particle waves may consist with speed of light characterizes consistent with special relativity. Just a thought.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

U.S. Senators of Western States in the Era of Slump

I wonder if the quality of the U.S. Senators from the western states has significantly declined the past couple of decades. Perhaps it is just viewing the Scoop Jackson, Warren G. Magnuson, Mark Hatfield, Bob Packwood a socially flawed individual) era with nostalgia; the U.S.A. had perennially balanced budgets then and the difference between rich and poor wasn't stark.

Scoop Jackson got that nickname by delivering newspapers on a route in his youth rather than experimenting with cocaine as did the President. One cannot blame the change on blacks rising with affirmative action either since there are no black members of the Senate from the Western States.

Well, the Tea Party at least hopes to get rid of that holdout from the Reagan era Orin hatch of Utah. I don't think that would help much to change the tendency toward perennial unrealpolitk that took over after the end of the cold war.

Rather than guns and butter, people want illegal aliens for cheap labor for the middle class, all the dirty industrial work outsourced to compliant communist ruled workers under authoritarian supervision and a snarky broadcast media slaughtering political self-determination by trampling over everyone's grapes of wrath before they can be bottled and sold to consumer-reformers with an American bias toward egalitarianism and personal liberty, a good robust wild ecosystem and a new generation of practical low-cost concrete dome homes.

It is for Americans to build an irrational number style bureaucratic economic principle with an infinite number of persons slicing the pie of corporate and government distribution of shares returning profits from investments abroad. A next generation of better politicians should have economic and environmental literacy with the goal of approaching a minimal entropy, full employment national production infrastructure that manufactures goods rather than paper profits from financial and trading transactions.

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Alaska Polar Bear Fur Loss Mystery

The cause is unknown and under investigation as is the die off of ringed seals (that investigation began in 2011). About 30% of polar bears sedated and observed had the problem. Skeptics might suspect its simply the developing chemical soupifying of the Arctic Ocean because of oil development and nuclear experimentation, hidden toxic waste dumping in Russia and so forth.

Ursus maritimus is derived from the brown bear-especially Irish brown bear of yore. Eight of 19 Polar bear species are fading in numbers. If it gets too warm up north they may be compelled to return to breed with brown bear and struggle along with that species in its present and future battle to remain alive. There are comparatively few grizzly and brown bear in the 48 states today.

The U.S. Geologic Survey scientists looking at the Beaufort Sea bears should work with Russian scientists to check out Russian polar bears and the Canadian Arctic too in order to discover if its just an American pollution problem or some kind of general sick critter problem that could be fixed with special formula bear de-pest powder.

A Philosophical Note on Gravity

What about gravity? If it were a force conveyed by a particle then it too must have mass able to latch onto all the other known particles in the quantum zoo. If particles are exchanging mass-even gravitons- then they must be giving something up quantitatively in one direction.Perhaps that is why mass clusters as it releases gravitons to something unknown-perhaps space or extra dimensions.

It is interesting to consider the frequencies of quantum particles along with their quality of energy. The faster and more energetic a particle is the tighter is its path of bounces between extra dimensional sheets a it were as if they were bouncing back and forth along a direction of motion. Photons have little or no mass and travel the fastest of known particles relatively speaking (in comparison to larger particles), yet gravity also travels at the speed of light, or at least its effects do acting upon space-time whatever it is.

Photons may be an emergent characteristic of an electro-magnetic field and not exist for-themselves. If one takes a long rope and flips a wave into it that wave travels along the rope although it has no reality outside of the rope. Maybe the warping of space-time is comparable to that, yet maybe not. Photons may be a characteristic like that, yet if so then how do they have energy that they can give up to solar cells and other items as energy?

If there are extra smaller dimensions that exist as concatenated parallel sheets very close together and the energy/mass in this universe bouncing back and forth between them as waveform ocillations appear as particle-waves at a location or speed if sampled with observation low energy, low frequency waves have longer wavelengths with and high energy ones shorter. That sort of solution seems reasonable if one considers the point that a photon or any other particle or wave should travel off in a straight line rather llike a planet without other gravity field acting upon it close by. Comets and the Earth are affected by the sun's gravity forming an ellipse or a parabol or evn just a brief course deflection some times. Photons have so spend a little energy, or something must, to make the particles bounce back and forth like they were between to space-time plains instead of going off wherever. Photons may even gain or loses some energy to that extra-dimensional field.

It is interesting to consider some of the logical characteristics of gravitons as if they existed to form various paradigms about their function. Einstein perhaps developed the paradigm of warped space-time as an analogy of gravity and space-time in a working, demonstrative formula rather than describing the mechanism of gravity in-itself. Yet the circa 1900 developments in quantum mechanics and the photoelectric effect were the result of careful physical experimentation with rigourous technical measurement as well as through theoretical physical conjecture.

It is a interesting enough to consider several aspects of quantum gravity theory and extra dimensional conjectures-even with various configurations that energy and mass might be packaged in.

Friday, April 06, 2012

U.S. Job Creation Drops Off in March

To reduce the nation's unemployment rate it is generally held that more than 250,000 jobs must be created per month. In March just 120,000 new jobs opened yet the unemployment rate is said to have dropped a tenth of a percent to 8.2. Not since October 2011 have so few new jobs been created nationally.

The national economy seems badly set generally though with unsustainable national debt increase. another Obama administration would rocket the debt beyond 20 trillion dollars from the present 15 trillion or so. Interest on the national debt would be more than a trillion dollars annually.

Even if the unemployment rate were to drop to four percent right away (unlikely) the debt structured economy with declining average pay in 1971 dollars, and with homes to large with huge finance costs and lengthy mortgages, while manufacturing is largely outsourced and the financial related services sector employing about 30% of the workforce is another economic crisis waiting to happen.

Besides that, the non-renewable nature of traditional economic values and consumer debt required to stimulate a non-renewable economy increase the need for reformist politicians with good new ideas about delivering quality lifestyle for all Americans with a recovery ecospherically and with elimination of personal and national debt. it is quite possible, yet the traditional economics and politics of the U.S.A. today is something like N.F.L. players that have run their heads into the concussive opposition a few to many years continuing to go after the same plays again with the encouragement of bounty for head shots providing coaches.

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Next Generation of Radiation-free Atomic Bombs

I read an informal discussion on the topic of scientific developments of radiation-free nuclear bombs. Everyone knows about the neutron bomb and its retirement by the first Bush administration after the end of the cold war. I did not know that research continued on the development of radiation free hydrogen bombs however.

Evidently atomic bombs have a jacket that can absorbs neutrons usually, and it is simple enough to design warheads to produce low radiation or make them full of gamma, beta and alpha rad.

With a next generation of high yield,low rad atomic bombs I suppose that very hardened opposition force secret research facilities very powerful below the ground locations will be within range of termination. It is interesting and concerning that atomic weapons can be commonly made to not make long-lasting radiation upon detonation. That may tempt some future war planners to use them in a critical circumstance.

Timbuktu Gets Sharia Law, Mali Challenges Ahead

Mali's ongoing civil changes after the deposition of the elected government March 21st by a junta led by Capt. Amadou Sanogo are a result of Tuareg rebels being driven from Libya with the regime change encouraged by the Obama administration. One wonders if Mali will become another refuge for dissenters to western economic and civil patterns, as Salifist Sunni Moslems are also at the forefront of the takeover of Mali evidently.

Tuareg rebels want to create a new homeland named Azawad in Northern Mali. West African nations are planning military intervention to drive out the insurgency that might migrate somewhere else, since those people may have nowhere to go as an ethnic group beside some nation claimed by other ethnic groups. The French have said they will provide something like non-lethal material support for the West African intervention. The Foreign Legion doesn't seem likely to drop from the sky over Timbuktu right away.

The leaders of the revolution plan to have a convention to determine issues about Mali's future.

Yet Timbukto has been placed under Sharia law by the de facto Northern Mali government, and I suppose they may get gasoline to fuel their Toyota desert pick ups from some Saudi benefactor if sanctions for the regular fuel supply are cut. Mali has only about a two week gasoline supply.

U.N. potentate Kofi Annan is interested in 'silencing the tanks' of Syria, yet the developing Mali crisis does not seem to be a trivial affair. With three million people Mali people could suffer somewhat with a protracted irregular conflict, and of course the event-process of Al Qa'eda and other Moslem sharia law supporting irregular cover/overt paramilitary forces drifting in an out of Mali to this border and that may complicate the stabilization needed to allow development of national economies based on natural resource depletion and carbon dioxide emissions to say nothing of the extermination of wildlife, promotion of bureaucracy and liberation of women from traditional social and moral norms or other norms that were normal somewhere else. What will the U.N. do to prevent any loss of life in Mali and to assure adequate clean water supplies, good employment and personal security for all Malians right away?

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Obamacare Would Cost Youth Trillions and Trillions

Younger Americans are the basic group targeted for financial exploitation by Obamacare. Unlike social security where a lifetime of contributions in theory return something for many, the involuntary health insurance payments to for-profit corporations from those under 44 will return nothing upon reaching retirement age. The program is designed to transfer wealth from younger workers to the middle class that want to pay less money for health care.

In early times transferring wealth from one social class to another was regarded as the right of kings and of slave owners that reallocated the labor value of commoners inn order to concentrate wealth. Today the policy is known as Obamacare.

The 18 to 44 age group is not increasing nearly as quickly as older groups. Middle class use of insurance that is subsidized by younger workers is likely to increase as they find contraceptives with special spices and ointments covered by insurance, and discover that each new blemish requires a dermatologist trained in vanishing those spots, or that augmented breasts and hair transplants are covered by medical insurers. Won't the Democrat elites find that guru-led hot tub chanting at special spas are necessary for the health and well-being of the whole person and mandate insurers to pay for that and more?

How much will younger workers saddled with Obamadebt pay over the rest of their lifetime? If they give up 2000 a year that would be $20,000 per decade. If the cost doubles in 20 years they would pay $40,000 per decade. Some workers might pay a half million dollars over a lifetime in order to get a hernia fixed once or twice II guess before reaching medicare age. That is one expensive surcharge to subsidize health costs for the middle class and burden the poor with paperwork invading their privacy and harassing them.

Creating free public services for those that cannot afford them otherwise is something of an F.D.R. tradition since the depression. The public isn't prevented by the constitution from expanding the V.A. system to provide free health care for the poor as well as veterans while continuing to provide medicare for the elderly. That would be a better, lawful approach for emergency medical provisioning that works realistically.

The young can use their money to invest in their future perhaps buying a per-fab home. They too if poor could use the expanded V.A. open hospital for the poor if necessary. If they can afford it they should pay out of pocket like the middle class and perhaps invent a better, cheaper form of medical care provisioning if they are really restive about the problem; preferably one that exploits the advantages of free enterprise.

Stars and Empty Space version 2.0 (poem)

The sun chases around empty space
leaving its past behind in recurrent place
near emptiness with virtual particles and cosmic rays
crenellated dimensions; six extra small ones they’ve waved
one star in a metaphor of warped space still
time a fully extended direction processing space force fields

Stars burning hydrogen in darkness' sight
abyssal dream of non-being night
attuned to the transformation of elemental ideas
stars move like unit cartridges in a river flowing near
packaged to burn with nowhere to go

Like past season’s tents pitched
aslope on soggy moss in fog
H20 yet unfrozen early snow descends upon soggy logs
thoughts of God we believe everywhere
similes of pre-formed patterns niche
determinism of constructed universes strung together

As the Lamb of God was slaughtered
from the first moment intelligence became lost
recovering the beginning of time with a Word for others
we’ve asked pardon for misunderstanding tossed
everything subject to analytique and reasoned theory
that seems beautiful topography for-itself grown weary
of age and time away from the beginning
stars in greater movements
in the space-book of live pages turned
through wonderful mystery.

Monday, April 02, 2012

Syrian Cease Fire 10 April/Annan-Assad

Kofi Annan (a U.N. rep. at large) has brought the Assad Government to accept a cease fire on April 10th. Since there is only one regular government in Syria that means that the government will leave some of the cities it has been pummelling for a while and allow 'humanitarian' goods and personnel too perhaps to reinforce the rebel movement's health and welfare status.

Recently select Gulf Nations and the U.S. Government (the 'Friends of Syria') decided to pay the rebels wages and provide material assistance. A Washington Post headline called it a possible "blank check for Syrian opposition".

The friends except for the U.S.A. might be providing military help too. There is no word presently about what effect that will have on the cease fire.

President Obama Warns Supreme Court Justices

The President's comments seem a bit too imperious for an attorney that seems to fail to respect how the triune government works. The Supreme Court rules on the constitutionality of laws passed by the congress now and then. It is not unprecedented as the President claims, for the Court to overturn laws. It seems to happen often enough.

The Democrat controlled congress forced through Obamacare without, I believe, a single Republican voting for the 2700 page omnibus law that might have enough provisions to make the President another V.I. Lenin-it is rumored that no one has actually read the entire bill.

The bill was not passed by 'a strong majority', but forced through by one party on a technicality.

The President referred to the Court justices as "an unelected group of people" and said that "I'm confident that the Supreme Court will not take what would be an unprecedented, extraordinary step of overturning a law that was passed by a strong majority of a democratically elected Congress".

Obamacare would force the poor that do free enterprise to provide the government with their current address and employment status forever I would think, and with the I.R.S. tax codes badly disposed for those making less than 10,000 annually with odd jobs perhaps travelling interstate while homeless it places unreasonable burdens on those not as established as Harvard alumni.

I rode a bicycle perhaps 30,000 miles looking for work around several states, and it would have been impractical to update various state's insurance exchange, postal addresses and so forth in any sort of realistic time paradigm. When in search of the work and free enterprise opportunities one does not know a priori where one will be next week. If work does not show up in a city in a week or two its usually best to move on. The secure and comfortable people that make laws like Obamacare are clueless about the real world beyond the class sinecures they dwell in. They simply pass bad laws of value to themselves as a middle and upper class that reflect their own view of social reality. Their work efforts are antipathetic toward the efforts of the poor and broke yet independent minded that just don't have their superior income revenue stream status.

All of the poor would need to have a computer and Internet access as well I guess to get and update all their personal data required by the Federal Government. Many of the poor are not computer users, and there may not be enough public computers available in the nation's public libraries for the use of the millions of the nation's poor.

The I.R.S. tax form S.E. isn't really designed for use of people working as laborers for a few days here, and a few hours there from one state to another. I file tax returns yet I would bet that myriads of the very poor do not for the trouble.

The President will probably be unelected in November after Obamacare fails in June so he seems to be getting a little stressed-enough to chastise the Court for even considering voting against his will.

With no representation for the poor in the Congress (there are no poor members of Congress) practical health care for the poor just doesn't occur to anyone in that August facility. The V.A. Hospital system should be expanded and provide free healthcare for the poor. Satellite clinics to triage and screen out those that don't require substantial care at large hospitals should be made there.

The poor require free health care while the middle class should pay for their own. The Democrats in Congress voted yes for renewal of the Bush era tax cuts for the rich and middle class so the economy is moribund for those out of world-and of course the employed middle class and rich don't really give a hoot.

Taxes should be raised on the middle class and rich, but they won't be of course, and Democrats instead will talk about the Republican war on women who are allied with the forces of depravity generally on the Democratic side. I believe its really a reference to the war of men upon women that is a basic premise of the Lesbian way of thinking.