Friday, March 30, 2012

The Emperor Theory of Quantum Cosmology

An article in the Scientific American blog mentioned a quantum cosmology theory of interest.The theory of a quantum field with supersymmetry goes deeper than quantum mechanics and the General Theory of Relativity too I would guess. The theory covers ground beyond M-Theory perhaps that would unify the hypothetical super-string theories.

It seems like a great idea since the quantification of all of the elements of mass and energy in space-time has been a project since Plank and Einstein got that ball rolling at the start of the 1900's.

I would guess that the trouble is that it is difficult to know what should be quantified as reference objects. The very small and the very large are part of a continuum, along with everything that existed before the start of the Universe obviously. Knowledge of anything such as hypothetical gravitons and strings, membranes of zero-dimension and fields of energy, in addition to 'dark energy' and the possible kinds of existing things besides matter and anti-matter are nominal reference objects. They could be spiritual monads as Leibniz wrote, yet the solidity of physical constants at least of a long-lasting temporal character in steady state physics of the Universe is evident at least so far as providing meaning structures comparable to the chords made sounding on a guitar...for residents of the strings they would be powerful frequencies of experience.

Physicists have much room for theoretical work in the years ahead.

Alaska Gov. & Exxon Mobile Agree on Gas Field Development

The development of a natural gas field with 8 trillion cubic feet of gas at Point Thompson on the North Slope with Exxon Mobile building a pipeline to bring 70,000 barrels of liquids per day into the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System has been agreed upon by the state's Governor and the Exxon-Mobile Corporation.The development of a natural gas field with 8 trillion cubic feet of gas at Point Thompson on the North Slope with Exxon Mobile building a pipeline to bring 70,000 barrels of liquids per day into the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System has been agreed upon by the state's Governor and the Exxon-Mobile Corporation. That might be oil from the field. Exxon-Mobile also agreed to produce 10,000 barrels per day of natural gas condensates by winter 2015-16.

Exxon-Mobile will be able to export gas in ships to Asia however a pipeline to a possible LNG plant on Cook inlet or Prince William Sound may be of more benefit to the state as it to can use natural gas for energy needs in the rail-belt and Anchorage.

With an abundance of natural gas in the contiguous 48 states the possibility of reducing the U.S. trade deficit a little with sale of Alaska natural gas abroad as well as on the spot market globally is possible.

Exxon-Mobile will be able to export gas in ships to Asia however a pipeline to a possible LNG plant on Cook inlet or Prince William Sound may be of more benefit to the state as it to can use natural gas for energy needs in the rail-belt and Anchorage.

With an abundance of natural gas in the contiguous 48 states the possibility of reducing the U.S. trade deficit a little with sale of Alaska natural gas abroad as well as on the spot market globally is possible.

N.S.A.B.B. Recommends Publishing Aersolized Bird Flu Plans

The National Science Advisory board has recommended that research that created an aerosol version of the 60%-fatal-to-humans avian bird flu virus go ahead for published because it might help to understand how mutations make it easier for viruses to be communicated around the world.

Listening to a radio story regarding 'bioethicists' being needed to help scientists make up their mind on the topic because they would otherwise not know what to do, I must admit that I was amused at the idea that biologists are amoral, thoughtless drones requiring programming on 'bioethics'. The Nazi's with Dr. Joesph Mengele must have been equally challenged by moral dilemas that required help from 'ethicists' on the nature of good and evil and of right and wrong.

Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey (BOSS) Maps Acceleration of the Universe

The third element of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey-BOSS is underway measuring spacing between select, known objects of more than 300,000 galaxies in order to determine the rate of change of the expansion of space that may have begun in its current phase between 5 to 7 million years after the conjectured start of the Universe.

In theory there is some unknown (dork) energy making the matter of the universe fly away from itself except where the power of gravity has clumped it all together. One might assume that the lamda force aka cosmological constant that Einstein made up to counteract the consequence that the Universe would collapse to a Big Crunch in his field equations for General Relativity without it is some sort of field from the meta-verse preceding the emergence of mass within it. Mass has a charge in comparison to the metaverse and it make attract mass unto itself in all directions in the effort to balance accounts. None of that mentioned here is in the current theory obviously.

The prevailing theory has the dark energy some sort of undiscovered element or force within the matter/energy of the material universe and its finite content. One would think that such a force might act different upon anti-matter, yet so might gravity act differently upon anti-matter. If gravity can act upon electrons, perhaps it is a very small particle to string indeed that pushes and pulls it various directions in relation to its steady state circumstance such as exists in galaxies and black holes and so on.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Frank Wilczek (Winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics) Publishes Paper on Lowest Energy Structures Frozen in Timelessness

I read about the idea in the 24 March issue of Science News (page 8). In its lowest energy state a particle might be 'frozen' into changelessness indefinitely.

That concept reminds me a little of a Bose-Einstein condensate made of neutrons at absolute zero. In their lowest energy state (that's basically what absolute zero for mass is; the absence of energy).

One can understand logically how a neutron might be suspended in the real world at near absolute zero and become one with its cohort of Bose-Einstein condensate neutrons without changing. An electron though has a charge and can always potentially dis-charge. Its lowest energy state while existing in a field may be a comparative term.

One might wonder if any quantum unit might not over-time emit some of its energy and disappear from existence disintegrating like steady-state objects. Dr. Wilczek has done the math that may make that not so.

If all mass has a net positive charge in comparison to anti-matter, and if a meta-universe allowed this universe to be separated and exist as a positive charge, then any individual particle of mass, and perhaps even neutrons in the Universe-field might have a comparative charge and have potential energy in regard to the charge characteristics of the meta-verse toward which possible it is being drawn under the guise of lamda (dark energy making the universe 'expand').

Would a hypothetical lowest energy state of any unit of matter or anti-matter comprise a time unit too? Time may be a quantitative change of energy status of a quantum, so if an electron is unchanging (it may need to be motionless too) does that make it a unit of time in-itself? Would units of time need to be standard an separable from mass that might be added to with extra energy or matter or even be annihilated?

If electrons are made of quarks and strings or membranes separated from an initial unified membrane-field then because they exist in space-time they are subject to the macro-quantum time of the life of the Universe for-itself, as well as of gravity. While it may be possible to 'freeze' some elements of energy into a lowest state for-themselves, for-others the units of mass have may have energy value even as the oppositely charged particles drawn unto an uncertain future.

Zimmerman P.D. CCTV, Leaks Continue in Media Pre-Grand Jury ''Trial''

ABC News obtained a Sanford Florida police Department video of (54 seconds in length) of the uncharged Neighborhood Watchman George Zimmerman being led into the station after the shooting without apparent injuries suffered during a physical conflict with Trayvon Martin leading to the shooting death of Martin.

This thing seems to go back and forth with more leaks of data and interpretations of data. In countries with democracy and trial before juries of peers the media publicity trial method is restrained in favor of objective,fair and impartial legal proceedings.

If Grand Jury proceedings are usually not disclosed to the public though, it is possible that George Zimmerman's self-defense claim if judged to be true might not be able to satisfy the lust of a political motivated public sector for vengeance. The event may have more followers than the final four.


That no apparent injuries are obvious doesn't mean there were no injuries or that they were not cleaned up a little. I would not prefer to argue points that defense and prosecutors should make.

For many the issue is racial vengeance and/or political empowering. That is too obvious with the implicit premise that racial profiling is a factor in the Martin case and others.

Zimmerman is an archetype object for the notion that blacks are profiled and shot in disproportionate and unfair numbers. The individual facts that should be discovered through legal processes are being leaked like media crumbs of profit to the flock of the unfaithful followers of partisan politics.

The 10,000 dollar reward by the black panthers for Zimmerman and repeated and many public demands for Zimmerman's arrest does resemble the paradigm of a lynch mob.

It's interesting about American justice today. Hate crimes laws are passed to add existential spice to the unreality of legal penalties for crimes. Even Chileans are considering Hate Crimes laws to add to the existing laws against homicide as if that would make a difference.

In Chile four neo-nazi beat up and killed a homosexual then carved swastikas in the corpse. If the existing penalties for aggravated murder were well enforced there would be no need for laws passed for political purposes. In Mississippi a student named Sanderson was shot multiple times in his dorm-evidently by three Afro-Americans and no national outcry for their arrest has been made. Apparently in Mississippi some people have sufficient regard for the legal authorities that they trust them to pursue justice. A second suspect has been arrested in the shooting of the M.S.U. student.

A convicted murderer may get just seven years and walk. On the other hand, some are convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to life in prison. Occasionally some are sentenced to death and after 20 years of litigation may actually be executed. Some of the people on death row are found innocent with exculpatory evidence such as D.N.A., confessions by others or additional facts may provide.

Aggravated and egregious murder should be a category wherein there are unimpeachable witnesses and facts to support a guilty verdict. In such cases deterrence for more crimes might be made by hanging the guilty in the community within two years. As it the litigation drags on so long that when the guilty are executed few remember anything about the crime. As a Christian I would work for a better society rather than constructing a convoluted pile of politically motivated laws.

The murders in the O.J. incident have little in common-or nothing with the Trayvon Martin death. For one thing the murder of O.J.'s ex-wife and her boyfriend were methodically pre-meditate while the death of Trayvon Martin was nearly accidental.

One might wonder if Zimmerman knew Martin as a neighbor and had had some sort of relationship sufficient for him to cleverly plan to execute the 6 foot three guy with a hoodie that must have made him appear to be 6 foot 5 inches walking along a darkened(?) sidewalk that night.

In many parts of America adult men do not much walk through neighborhoods at night but instead drive a car to an address or the store. For those looking for perhaps too obvious of suspicious criminal conduct, just being a 6 foot five looking man walking through a neighborhood after dark could draw a neighborhood watchman's attention.

I believed that the evidence presented in the O.J. trial was sufficient to leave a reasonable doubt. The glove in the house behind the alley, the possibility that as a famous athlete some of his blood might have been available to a team of killers to plant etc. I did not watch most of the trial coverage of course, yet from what I did learn of the trial I would have reached the same verdict as the jury.

There is a normal legal procedure going through its normal process. I have some confidence in that. I find the circus surrounding the particular death investigation an indication of some sort of wrong socialization in the U.S.A.

New Cosmology Paradigm?,'Cosmic Numbers' etc.

James Stein's nice cosmological physics book published in 2011 is a smart history and paradigm-placing popular physics book well worth reading. One gets a little traction from the mathematicians approach to reviewing several important numbers and formulas made over the history of physics that have changed the way humanity and science understand the physical world/universe.

I especially enjoyed reading the chapters on the Plank constant, light,gravity, absolute zero electricity and the proportionality constant. Who would know that there is actually a math formula to prove that Zeno's arrow would actually reach its target? The author uses enough math formulas in simple enough structures/examples to provide a sense of how the things work for those of us non-mathematicians interested in physics.

I though I should drop in one salient new idea (to me) for the paradigm for the beginning of the Universe as an alternative to the big bang and inflation or for Turok and Stein's (another Stein) colliding membrane theory.

With electrons being of the same charge and thus repelling other electrons, and protons having a positive charge and repelling the same as well, and for that matter with anti-matter in effect being oppositely charged to matter, one might get the idea that spin polarity and charge positive or negative are fundamental aspects of the particle waves of the universe that might apply to the very beginning.

One might believe that a suddenly charged field or membrane suddenly expanded being repelled from like similar particles. There are many basic characteristics of particles/waves that one might believe are pervasive throughout all of the Universe throughout its history.

How did the Universe expand faster than light for a brief fraction of a second? One answer could be that a phase transition occurred to an area like the sudden freezing of a like surface generally rather than from a particular point that provides a faster than light context regarding area or distance from the edge. A given volume or area of a neutral membrane perhaps packed like a Bose-Einstein condensate into neutrality may have been given a charged and repelled its newly minted individual constituent particle-waves area-wide throughout a given portion of the very packed space-time of a membrane-like 'singularity'.

The physicist Max Plank developed the formula E=hv a few years before Einstein used it to explain the photoelectric effect. The formula effectively began the field of quantum mechanics or the quantitization of energy implicitly with a time unit. Energy is emitted from the sub-atomic world only in quantum units rather than along an infinite irrational number paradigm continuum of release.

In the first second of the Universe space and time were very compact. One might even dismiss space as existing at all and simply regard time and space as subtler quantization values to small to regard as anything other than time or distance (space). Regardless, gravity as a force existing even between electrons and perhaps characteristics of an initial neutral field reduced through the beginning creation of a charged field breaking off is regarded as diminishing with the square of the distance, and of course one wonders how Newtons gravitational paradigm would apply to an uncertainty criterion of all possible world-lines or the subtle variation of gravity with the waves of very small mass and frequency particles.

Time compacted as an implicit feature of the neutral mass-anti-mass field membrane when T=0 in the history of the Universe might easily have been transcended from any particular 'center' point with the precipitation of a charge. The charged field non-locally originated followed by a matter-anti-matter reduction in the detached proto-universe would have experienced its own implicit gravitational and matter transformations even as the entire Universe might one day-after 7 billion 'years' be drawn toward the fundamental meta-universe creating the appearance of the expansion of space-time. The net 'positive' charge of the Universe with its matter may have a fundamental attraction to the neutral meta-verse thereby being drawn all over in however many dimensions to the non-charged meta-verse beyond mass-universe structure.

If one considers fundamental characteristics of physics to what the Universe appears to be today for philosophically inclined non-physicists-Boyle's law for instance on the expansion of gases or the laws of entropy it is reasonable to wonder about the mass expanding in the volume of the Universe toward an equal pressure while locally gravity makes it clump together. Though it is ordinary to regard the eventual heat death of the Universe through entropy to a very cold condition near or at absolute zero, it is interesting to consider the fact (as Stein points out in his book) that the Bose-Einstein condensate can be made of neutrons that effectively become one at absolute zero, and that below absolute zero might be a very high, hot number. Maybe its like an odometer turning over from its quantifiable highest number to zero and reverse.

It seems possible that with a very cold membrane perhaps attracted in particles, waves or probabilities toward absorption into a neutral meta-verse the potential for more local universal downloads to very high heat and expansion could exist.

Theistically none of this is inconsistent with the powers of God of which one might speculate about as readily as one might on potential forms and criteria for the creation of the Universe as a reduction from The One. One is led to wonder a bit however about the creation of mass or positive charge from a meta-verse; does it leave a an energy deficit in the meta-verse at all?

If quantum theories incremental step transformations of energy releases and levels can be applied to Newton and Einstein's gravitational criteria as quanta for themselves, one wonders how it might be defined spatially and with time transformations tossed in.

Modern Atheism’s Reliance On Developing Anti-theses to Classical Faith

It is paradoxical that modern atheism’s development of a consistent faithlessness in faith is largely reliant upon reactionary formation of the anti-thesis of faithlessness in disbelief to ancient doctrines. Atheists today do not consider the universe for-themselves as a place of wonder and philosophical curiosity, but preponderantly regard with inexpert opinion ancient doctrines dismissively and ‘awaken’ to a faithless secular opinion running aground to stay in the shoals of simple science.

For-itself the universe is a marvelous place of wonder. The ancients certainly found its beauty, majesty and awe-inspiring nature worthy of interest. They often made up best guesses about it workings and origin sometimes evolving through historical aggregation to become science. The brilliant turn-of-the-century formulas of Max Plank, Albert Einstein and others certainly changed the understanding of atoms, energy, quantum mechanics, light, space-time and cosmology. Like the ancients we see through a glass darkly and have reached the limits of observational sci8ence in the WMAP microwave mapp0ing of the residual heat at 3 degrees Kelvin from which one can look back nearly to the matter patterns near the beginning of the Universe when light could escape from the initial heat and density. One day our present point of view may be regarded as ancient equally to the conjectures of Parmenides, Democritus, Aristarchus, Copernicus and Newton. for some reason atheists associate ancient secular knowledge and interpretations or misinterpretations of the Bible with the veracity of God as-himself; a superfluous association as wrong as the idea that the final cosmological theory will be anything other than the last one made by a human being.

Even with the advance of scientific learning the Universe continues to be an unsounded, in-the-midst-of-nowhere package of miracle grow that cold have been designed by any number of intelligent beings from extra-Universal programmers of physics to God. In other words there is no natural support in cosmology based upon science for the atheist opinion. The atheist opinion is a prejudice.

God said to the Biblical prophet Jeremiah that ‘everyone knows who I am, they just forgets. Sartre might have phrased that sort of intentional forgetfulness ‘false-consciousness’. A human being in first-person judgment drawing upon science might easily conclude that God created the Universe and designed its quantum mechanical order of assembly.

Most contemporary atheists counter arguments for the existence of God with anti-thetic replies that the book of Genesis isn’t consistent with scientific facts relying for support for faithlessness on misunderstanding the book of Genesis.

A good author and poet named Rosenberg wrote two books (‘The J Book’ and ‘Abraham: The First Historical Biography’) on Genesis and its authors based on his own translation from Hebrew. The J writer-possibly a woman of royal position in Solomon or Rehoboam’s court drew on the existing scrolls and scriptures and her knowledge of ancient Sumer from whence Abraham journeyed to put together a composite book named Genesis that was added to by three subsequent writers of different eras. It is easily possible to fail to understand what the material given unto us today in Genesis means in reference to who wrote it, what they thought the material meant, and what it referred to then. It is also possible to fail to comprehend the relationship of Abraham to God and the way that Abraham got ‘up to speed’ in making it possible for him to have a relationship with god that the real Creator of the Universe might join.

If the Creator of the Universe ordered a quantum energy inflation consistent with Plank’s variable or Einstein’s General and Special Theories of Relativity comprehending that 14 billion space-time quantum year increments along a matrix of useful events Abraham would be ready to have a relationship with him as his personal God, how ought he then bring ‘the chosen people’ to develop a literary tradition to write about the acts of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses and etc in such a way that faith would be developed and continue and yet not be too disconcerting for future faithless anti-theists of 21st century America? That might seem like a tall order yet one not challenging for God.

While the emergent anti-theists seek to ascend the mountain of godlessness with ancient scripture they fail to understand as footholds to shimmy up from, scientific cosmology provides new support for people of faith that have learned better about the composition of ancient scripture and philosophically understand that the time literals are not a problem, but are relativistic motion quantum given meaning or values by God. A quantum mechanical universe set within uncertainty downloaded from a One compatible with the paradigm of unification like unto the neutrons of a Bose-Einstein condensate could be a nominal representation of the omniscient and omnipotent power of God to issue being. As Jesus Christ said the Universe is like a great tree growing is which every sort of bird might dwell (paraphrase).

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Unlawful Bill of Attainder Provision of Obamacare Before U.S. Supreme Court

Five conservative court members seem to believe that the government has the constitutional right to order citizens to buy product (insurance) from private business (corporations). Four left-leaning judges are ready to end the freedom of Americans not to be ordered by the government to surrender their earnings to other citizens (excluding of course legal judgments against them).

A reasonable administration would have advocated for free government health care for the poor in expanded V.A. facilities with some medicare for those in rural areas unable to access urban medical centers and left the freedom of Americans alone. The effort to compel young Americans to buy something they don't need in order to fatten the pockets of private health insurance corporations so they in theory might lower the cost of insurance to the middle class was a hair-brained theory at best; the corporations are in the business of making a profit and would always find some way to gouge those with money to yield to powerful networks. The presumption is that with enough pressure any citizen will give up his pot of gold, and if he hasn't got one but is really poor then no matter-no stress to the powerful insiders anyway.

One day a rational and consitutionally defensible expansion of the V.A. to provide free medical service to all veterans and all of America's genuinely poor may arise to cut out emergency room visits by illegal aliens and poor people with sundry issues.

The effort to invade every private citizens privacy and to force youth to subsidize middle class health coverage could have better spent by compelling Americans to balance their federal budget and have an ecologically renewable basis for economic activity. The arguments by people in a lifeboat about their right to exploit their privately owned parts of the lifeboat below the waterline for heating fuel or whatever lose merit when it will cause the loss of the vessel. Neither idiocy of corrupting over-extending of federalism beyond constitutional parameters nor federal abandonment of guidance through challenging ecospheric and demographic times are good policies.

The Hoods & Trayvon Martin...

Though Trayvon Martin won't be resurrected now until the Day of The Lord the media inspection of every possible detail of his life and death continues and probably will. Some have found the story to be a gold mine and even his family have taken out copyright applications upon elements of it for marketing purposes.

The famous newsman Geraldo Rivera (Hispanic-native born U.S.A.) has apologized for making a comment that offended the ad hoc Martin alliance against racial injustice, profiling and etc.

Hoodlums wearing hoods for earlier generations was a cliche', yet of course today that sort of apparel has become renormalized as usual attire though some may still regard it as trade apparel for burglary. Probably burglars ought to wear hoodies with plain writing on them that have the international sign for 'burglar' while honest people have unmarked hoodies not easily confused by security people with the tradecraft of crooks.

Trayvon Martin's biography increases in depth as journalists find the story to be politically and financially rewarding. Evidently the 6 foot 3 inch, 150 pound Trayvor Martin with was expelled from school three times and found once to have a screwdriver and twelve pieces of jewelry once. With proper training at 2 inches taller than the Thomas Hearns might have made a formidable light middle-weight (147 to 154 pounds).

Zimmerman was punched in the face, had his nose broken and head slammed into the ground a few time. Zimmerman says Martin tried to get his gun and in the struggle it went off. There was a witness to at least part of that. Zimmerman was heard to be calling for help several times.

The national statistics for gun shot death pertaining to the various races do exist and are a more objective way to go about considering the problem of an alleged open season black Americans. If that was really so many Americans including myself would work to correct that instead of viewing the exploitation of the tragedy by the C.R.E.E.P. factor even if not supported by the President, then by his partisans.

Saturation Levels for Quantum Time Function (poem)

Packed into the minimum quantum condition
mass as one membrane
makes one wonder why anything escapes in quantity
shattered into infinite pieces of string
like illusions of the past, present and future
echoing through membranes like voles through tunnels
transparent flow of apparent motion
time jumping across quantum state branches

Without dimension or ignition except the word dividing light and darkness
space-time inflated beyond the black hole game
the left logic of light speed
confined to a Bose-Einstein condensate like quantum phase of unification
from nowhere to go

Energy of quantum states
time and space its quantum mates
leveled through field equations
arising like shadows of quantum size
mass equal to one-way quantum motion
anti-matter in the balance of negative quotients

One universe and its entangled state's lives
verisimilitude of quantum characteristics of expansions
functions of atoms the quantum-measured skies
the frequency of vibrations for Plank constant heuristics
formulas of expansive quantum relations
from the General & Special theories
unified with discrete quantum space-time
the minimum and maximum expansion of quantum scale
saturation levels for scale and mass
lives in social circumstances
wherefore all things must pass.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

President Obama; 'Trayvor was the son I never had'/The New Black Panthers Posse & Reward

The Black Panther Party has put out a 10,000 dollar reward for the Florida gated community watch volunteer George Zimmerman. I don't guess that will help win the Hispanic vote in November. The Black Panthers have also said they will form a 5,000 man posse to 'arrest' the neighborhood watch guy. I have no idea if the 'universal' character of the incident of a 28 year old Hispanic shooting a 17 year old black will result in a reigning in of neighborhood watch volunteers. The federal government is investigating the incident for hate crime qualification. Evidently Hispanics are capable of hating black people enough to qualify for federal hate crimes penalties.

Minister King Samir Shabazz, leader of the New Black Panther party was ironically charged with voter intimidation in 2008. interview with Malik Shabazz King Samir Shabazz speaks...

Some wish to wait for the regular grand jury inquest and normal legal proceedings to process through and cool down the politicization of the tragedy. It is unlikely that Boston politicians will introduce a Defense of Burglary Suspects Act this election year, though some in Boston, New York and elsewhere may hope for that protection of the innocent.

'Doc' Dawkins led an atheist rally in Washington D.C. yesterday and admonished atheists in that new religion to 'Show contempt for faith'. As an evolutionary biologist he shows contempt for logic, theology and philosophy as well in stepping far outside his nook of knowledge specialization.

It is possible that the entire universe is quanticized in a fashion analogous to Plank's postulate (E=nhv). Energy is emitted in quantum increments from small to large. Einstein's 16 field equations of the General Theory might be a larger level description of quantum processes. God may have divided the light from the darkness in manner of speaking in directing the initial stable field to differentiate. Even time may be a quantum event phenomenon rather than a continuum of even change (as well as space). I hate to think of what Doc Dawk-ins doesn't know about the history of the Bible or Biblical criticism and so forth.

One may ejecta from inefficient processes of stellar fusion, green slime and so forth and still have miracles, spiritual meaning of life and so forth.

NPR's Sunday Show 'On the Media' reported again on the Martin shooting and on the Huffington Post's coverage of the 'story'. They said that Zimmerman weighted 100 pounds more than the 17 year old, and played a 9-11 call of someone shouting for help before a gunshot.

Gangs are said to account for 48% of the violence in urban America and as much as 90% in some areas according to the F.B.I. 2011 national Gang Report. Gangs memberships continues to increase and last year there were 1.4 million gangsters. Juvenile gang members are responsible for most of the crime in several areas. Florida has much gang crime in Miami and Jacksonville.

Here are some of the gangs listed by the F.B.I. for Florida for the letters A, B and C...

1000 Block
103rd St Buck Wild CA Latin Lingo
10th St Gang
110th St Bloods
1200 Block
12th Court Cowboys
13th Avenue Hotboys
13th Street Gang
170 Boyz
18th Street
20 Deep
21 Gunz
211 Crips
2150 EAP
22nd Street
23rd Street Trail Blazers
24th Street Gang
25 Mafia
27’s Puerto Rico PG
2nd Line Goons
300 Block
311 Westside KTP
312 Crips
7414 Gangster Disciples
34th Folk Boys
39th Street Boys
5 Trey Bloods
5% 386
5020 Peckerwood
5150 Piru Bloods
52 Hoover Crips
551 Crips
58th Ave.
59 Hoover Crips
7 Trey Crips
700 Block
74 Gangster Disciples
7414 Gangster Disciples
8 Tre Crips
8 Trey Gangster Crips
800 Bound
813 Black Gangster Disciples
819 Boys
9 Trey Gangsters
9 Trey Murk Squad Blood
9-Tech Bloods
A&E Bird Gang
Ace Boon Goons
All City Certified Gangstas
Almighty Latin King and Queen Nation
American Nazi Party Anarchist
Any Body Killas
APK Boys
Aryan Brotherhood
Aryan Nation
Barrio Boys
Behind the Plaza Boys
Beruit Snakes
Big Money Posse
Bithlo Bike Crew
Black Angels
Black Flag Mafia
Black Gangster Disciple
Black Mafia
Black MOB
Black P Stone Nation
Black Pines
Black Pistons MC
Black Spade Squad
Black T Mafia
Blue Angel
Blue Devil Gangster Crips
Booker Heights Posse
Border Brothers
Brookhill Hillboys Most Wanted
Brown Pride
Bruise Brothers MC
Buck Block
Camphor Way Boys
Cartel Southside Gansta Crips
Carver Shore Boys
Cash Feenz

It is possible to form numerous imaginary scenarios of the event from the scraps of information put out on the media. Very little information is released in support of the self-defense claim of the Neighborhood Watch guy. Because one may construct almost anything from the few details it is necessary for reasonable people to wait until the Grand Jury to develop a realistic opinion of what really occurred as can most reliably and honestly be determined.

The incident seems to have galvanized a political movement in this Presidential election year in support of the possible urban myth that Black persons are being slaughtered by police persons in the streets and that the President as a Black man must therefor be re-elected. Federal statistics show (for the 1990s) that about 250 black felony suspects are killed by police each year while about 50 police persons are killed by felons. About 250 whites are killed as well. The ratio and numbers for a nation of more than 300 million seems reasonable.

It is logically absurd to generalize about an incident in Florida that has yet to be reviewed by a Grand Jury to the deaths of blacks shot by police persons broadly as similar cases of police brutality and use of excessive force. There are many web sites on the premise of police culling of black youth in America.

Global warming is now said to be expected to increase as much as 3 degrees centigrade by then year 2050. The socialization, security and honest employment issues of the United States may not be solved by then, yet rising sea level may bring peace through inundation to Florida's troubled gated communities and the mean streets of select neighborhoods outside.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

George Zimmerman 'Melting Pot Man' Goes Into Hiding

George Zimmerman, the 28 year old neighborhood watch guy who shot 17 year old Trayvon Martin, has gone in to hiding having received death threats. Zimmerman is not white, but appears to be the composite 'melting pot man' who speaks Spanish and probably has some white, negro, American Indian and other racially diverse genes. Racial purists-fundamentally African Americans in this instance, mistakenly believed Zimmerman was a white American victimizing an innocent black youth thus affording the opportunity for vast expressions of racial outrage in this Presidential election year. The Rev. Al Sharpton visited Sanford Florida to express solidarity with the Martins and a million people signed a petition at to have Mr. Zimmerman arrested.

The trial of Shawn Tyson, a young black males who is alleged to have shot to death two Brits in Sarasota Florida in April of last year at age 16 'since you ain't got no money I got something for your ass' has begun.

In the year 2008 then United States experienced about 14,000 murders. More than 6000 blacks were killed with an equal number of whites. Evidently there is some basis for concern about the behavior of some Florida youngsters.There were few others adding to the statistics that year-just 597.

In 2009 there were fewer than 60 killings of suspected felons in the U.S.A. more than 9000 murders were done with weapons.

In 2005 blacks were about 13% of the U.S. population and committed more than 50% of the murders that years. White committed most of the rest, yet they are more numerous in the population. black on black crime coalition

The F.B.I. reported that in 2009 murder investigations cost about $263 billion dollars.

There has been a variable range of about 50 police officers killed in the line of duty in the United States each of the past few years.

The national statistics for the controversial subject of 'justifiable' killings of black Americans during the 1990s is rather interesting. Blacks comprised 42% of individuals killed, while police officers killed by blacks was 43% total. With a large badly educated, under or non-employed gang influenced young population living in poor areas crimes occur.

Whites were the agents of death for 56% of police shootings during the 1990's.

The report cited above reports that each year about 400 people-violent felons, are killed in the U.S.A.

George Zimmerman was no police officer, yet he was acting in a dangerous field. One would prefer that a cool rational law enforcement approach would replace the radical, untruthful and inaccurate lynch mob PR hunts that arise in the U.S.A. too commonly. The media is the 800-pound gorilla that brutalizes the life of anyone they profile in a bad light intentionally or unintentionally.

The shooting of Trayvon Martin has yet to yield the sort of C.S.I. material the public should have become familiar with. The number of bullets, angle of trajectory, entry/exist wounds, posture of the victim, distance and etc alone can be revealing. The Grand Jury and prosecutor given sufficient time ought to shed light on the circumstances of the tragic incident.

In Praise of Folly: U.S. Rep. Edward Markey (D-Mass.)

Representative Markey has introduced two bills that would block export of Alaska natural gas to Japan and China. Japan is trying to move away from reliance on nuclear power and China is the worlds major greenhouse gas emitter burning vast amounts of coal. Each nation would pay hard cash for Alaska liquified natural gas.

Representative Markey's anti-environmental position is fundamentally daft. Ostensibly it is intended to prevent sale of resources on public lands to Asia. Yet forest products have been sold to Asia from federal lands since the Eisenhower administration and in Alaska several valuable mines are owned and operated by foreign nationals though I personally hate the danger to the ecosphere they present. BP and Shell amongst others each lease offshore federal oil prospects and the Obama administration has promised more.

The President was also in Oklahoma yesterday offering support for the southern half of the Keystone pipeline from Canada to port Arthur Texas. As it is oil products pile up in Oklahoma and the Canadian developer of the pipeline wants to export refined gasoline to Latin America. Basically the representative's position works against economic reality and is probably intended to harrass the state of Alaska for some odd leftist 'reason'.

The timing is especially bad for the daft obstructionist policies that would block earnings for Alaskans as well as tax payments to the federal government. The state legislature is in the midst of a bit of a battle over the taxation of oil in the state especially the North Slope. The oil fields flowing through the trans-Alaska pipeline are in decline and the revenues are anticipated to decline as well. The Governor is asking for lower taxes to stimulate extra drilling and the Exxon-Mobile guy testified recently in support of that direction.

Natural Gas sales to Asia are a logical alternative to reliance upon extra oil development in the state of Alaska. Lower tax rates actually would not stimulate Exxon-Mobil development much I wouold guess since it has vast oil vields in Iraq that may be developed and out-produce Saudia Arabia in a few years. It gets record profits every year or three and the price of oil versus quantities of prpoduction effect it to; supply and demand.

Developing marginal oil fields in Alaska would not be the best environmental course at all forn the U.S.A. to take at the present time. Representative Markey is on the side of those trying to stop alternative energy and income and compell reliance upon the same old oil field expoloration and development including offshore in critical habit for northern wildlife.

If the state of Alaska could develop a reliable, cleaner energy sales infrastructure it might be able to stop being dependent on and a pawn of the big oil corporations that drain public resources and effect national foreign policy too much. Representative Markey ought to support sale of Alaska's natural gas today since the nation is awash in that product. The fracking of gas fields promises abundant supply to the nation's wasteful use of natural gas in its badly thought out energy and transport infrastructure. There is so much gas that the construction of a natural gas pipeline to the lower forty-eight states through Canada is probably not going to happen. The U.S. Government if Representative Markey has its way will need to ramp up its outlay of tax revenue sharing from the 48 states to Alaska in the future to compensate for the lack of cash earnings in the state as well as to clean up the mess the oil producers will make with new Exxon Valdez' all over again.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Media 'Klan' Godes 'Lynching' of Zimmerman

That headline is a little sensational, yet so seems the N.P.R./Awk Poink/ N.A.A.C.P./Congressional/F.B.I. interest in the shooting of Trayvon Martin by a Neighborhood Watch Captain named George Zimmerman.

Taking a human life by a private security guard in the United States is preponderantly wrong. Regular police are trained far better on judgments about when to pull the trigger than private cops. Private cops ought to just observe, perhaps follow and report to regular police any criminal or suspected criminal activities rather than try to arrest them. I saw a vicious tackle on asphalt outside a Wal-Mart store in Anchorage last summer by a Wal-Mart security guy in plain clothes of a suspected shoplifter trying to run away. It is easy to imagine numerous circumstances where a private cop perhaps daydreaming of cops and robbers might pull the trigger on real or imagined threats.

C.N.N. reported on a 'million hoodie march' in New York in support of the deceased. They also reported of an 800,000 signature petition at If Zimmerman was a white man the political advantage would be greater than it is for the Hispanic with 'several black family members'. It is unlikely that the outrage alliance is protesting the politics of Florida since Ponce De Leon visited or St. Augustine was founded. One hopes they are simply protesting violence by young Hispanics or blacks or even of Chinese, whites and Brits in the sunshine state.

Rene Lynch writing for the L.A. Times in the following link included a photo of Mr. Zimmerman from his Orange County (Florida) arrest mug shot a few years ago. So far I haven't read of comparative height-weight stats of the two individuals involved in the shooting.,0,1508238.story

The National Sheriff's Association who run the Neighborhood Watch Program say that Zimmerman wasn't registered with that program. Local police say though that he helped get a thief arrested and had called 9-11 about 50 times. If he was a Neighborhood Watch volunteer vigilante that underscores the dangers of non-police trained personnel in carrying a gun for security ops even on private property such as in a gated community.

That being said, the lynch mob mentality in the media is a danger to individual civil liberties of all Americans. Because N.P.R. and Awk Poink as well as numerous other media outlets have heavily publicized the incident George Zimmerman's life is effectively ruined even if he was entirely innocent. If not arrested because of public demand and perhaps murdered in jail by a gang member, Zimmerman will at least have the permanent wrath of perhaps tens of millions pf people who know nothing of him or the case personally.

Zimmerman is not white; he is Hispanic and probably part negro of the Puerto Rican variety. The case does not perhaps comprise a hate crime criterion, for Zimmerman would need to be more of a raw fish eating blond Norwegian with a red haired General Hood or General Gordon of the Confederacy for forefathers and less Carribbean in aqppearance to get the Obama Administration justice department righteously involved on a sustainable basis.

George Zimmerman's father wrote in a letter to the Orlando Sentinel that: “George is a Spanish speaking minority with many black family members and friends. He would be the last to discriminate for any reason whatsoever.... The media portrayal of George as a racist could not be further from the truth... “At no time did George follow or confront Mr. Martin. When the true details of the event become public, and I hope that will be soon, everyone should be outraged by the treatment of George Zimmerman in the media.”,0,5792590,full.story

In a month the Seminole County Grand jury will decide if the Zimmerman ought to be charged with a crime. The Sanford Police Department has already said they found insufficient grounds for charges. So where does that usual turn of events leave the lynch mob crying out for racial justice now (the Syrian thing isn't going so well presently)?

One can assume that the invocation of the hate crimes trump card means that the Sanford Police Department, Seminole County Grand jury, Florida State Police and the Florida legal justice system are presumed incompetent and biased by the aforementioned 'lynch' mob.

The poor from Get 0s experienced a variety of socialization challenges. In America today's badly educated youth follow behind badly performing politicians that couldn't pay down the federal debt given a hundred years. What is needed is good leadership of a bi-partisan nature in Congress. Taxes must be raised on the rich and middle class and 25% of the Defense Department budget eliminated right away. Means tests for social security must screen out those earning more than the average American wage, and practically that means that America is out of luck with the corrupt Democratic middle class party mentioning the word poor only when necessary to have some excuse to hide behind to get something elese they want for the middle class; the poor have no representation in Congress so they are the ones that lose out getting zero in their life experience.

Too large of houses that working people are at high risk of losing their investment in because they don't have 30 year job security like the people of the 60's. Opportunity, risk and defense strategies are elements of chess and economic planning. The political leaders and spoiled middle class with too large houses, too large of loans and foreign mortgage owners leave these Trayvon Martins of Florida to wander without good and safe mass transport systems through spoiled gated communities fueled by the world of idiot internal combustion engine driving CO2 emitters as deleterious as herds of cattle globally contributing quantifiable flatulence. America is just waiting for that cheap Exxon-Mobile gas-field from Iraq to kick in and help drive up Greenhouse gassing and beat down the 4 bucks a gallon fuel price to 2 dollah. The Exxon Valdez/Oriental Nicety has finally been scrapped selling for a junkyard in India for 16 million bucks after 23 years of life. The on-foot youth of Florida haven't even got safe jogging trails or bike paths to ride on preponderantly and must risk their lives to reach the haven of the convenience store.

How lucky the nation is that a veritable most Klan like public outcry for justice since the Klan did lynchings in the south has arisen to get on Florida's legal and political authorities that may have segregated minorities right out of jobs as police persons, attorneys and politicians; or maybe not.

Florida passed a 'Stand Your Ground' law that changed the criterion wherein one may use deadly force in self-defense. The article link following is from a New York newspaper. When I worked in Florida many years ago I did get a little New York accent-there are so many New Yorkers in that state its tough to avoid it unless maybe one works with the Guatamalans in shovel-ready labor.

Private citizens may get concealed carry weapons permits for self-defense basically, yet as part of private security it is wrong for that occupation to use guns as part of the job unless guarding money of the top 1%. The cry of the Klan for justice should result in a new policy of unarmed security guards being the rule. When I was a security officer for a few months in Texas I did not have a weapon. I did use a typewriter occasionally and would have like having a Uzi with white rhino ammunition and a suspended shoulder strap to enforce better discipline at checking I.D. for people going in and out of the building yet that, I think, would have been overkill.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Bose-Einstein Cosmology Poem

Reciting poems as if they were non-linear phrases
these two dimensional numbers
something encountered in the wilderness
expanding like solid-state phases of the microspheric foundation
actualizing the Universe
representing Einstein’s field equations writ large
uv constants of variable quantities of dimensions
holographic field variables of change

Light divides the darkness
with distance no problem
phase transitions of zero-degree Universes
zero-point energy agitating through statistical uncertainty
toward negative temperatures of stressed membranes
the eigenvalues of quantum spin state
lined up like zeros on a slot machine
in Bose-Einstein condensate array unto oneness
kinetic energy and gravity without quantum uncertainty
slipping toward the minus realm of .999999... heat
one-ness from non-motion transitioning into literals
values of temperature as energy and motion

Above and below a Universe
the metaphysics of time and space
exist like a Rubik’s cube of changing places
abstracted from eternity
the darkness comprehending it not
the practical workspace of potential
giving way to salvation for the temporal world beings
skating over the Universal wonders
and the true colors of ice
in a phenomenon of right

Entangled numbers emerge from a fog
uncertainty shrouds space-time like an incomplete blog
all-possible worldlines unset for the 2nd Coming of Christ
in one place yet everywhere rests the prophetic list
known and knowable
being and becoming
space-time, energy potential
surging through energetic layers sunning
like rifted condensate essentials
light dropped into the cold night
being the sound of atoms forming
planets and life driven aright

Uncertainty upon uncertainty compiling as structured formations
seasoned as Carbon 12 steaks
grilled on lakeshore's temporal fires
where humans ruled
themselves like shadows in dreams
the silence in dreams
with the noises of minds
crossing over lines of sun dials time
wild eclipse of reasons
to see the Universe's end
less than quarks in the night
embers of fires fading sight
toward the uncertainty of light
Bose-Einstein condensates into membranes
absolute cold transforming into plasma
unto the uncertainty arises down
the Word spoken to Begin.

Monday, March 19, 2012

President Obama Passes G..W. Bush to Set All-Time U.S. Public Debt Invention Record

President Obama has created nearly 5 trillion dollars of public debt and has plans to create more and more if re-elected; possible doubling that total to ten trillion dollars or more of his own economic invention. At least the Wall Street sector is running hot thanks to the President's tax cuts for the rich in December 2010 and failure to reform government spending.

Manning to Broncos; NFC Improved in 2012-13

The decision of Peyton Manning to move up from the Colts to the Broncos was just one of a fascinating number of quarterback movements in the off-season. The NFC looks to be the best it has been in quite a while with at least ten teams in capable of reaching the playoffs and Superbowl.

Tebow's passing style might have been a little frustrating to watch for John Elway-the GM of the Broncos. Elway himself was something like Jim McMahon with better passing stats and Tebow more like Tony Romo.

If Alex Smith signs with Miami then Tebow might be the Q.B for San Francisco-he would be a good influence on the City by The Bay and may have a calling to work for Coach Harbaugh.

With the NFL draft next month the off-season becomes even more interesting. The Cowboys ought to finish last or next to last in their division the next five seasons as the Redskins and Panthers rise while the Giants remain somewhat the same.

The actual football season may be an anti-climax to the off-season chess game of player acquisition.

Teams with a good chance to make the Superbowl in 2012-13 are everyone in the NFC East except the Cowboys and Eagles. The Chicago Bears, Seattle Seahawks, Arizona Cardinals, New Orleans Saints, Green Bay Packers, St. Louis Rams and San Francisco 49ers. The level of competition is improved over the past decade regarding AFC vs NFC quality. The Broncos in the AFC are obvious possibilities to reach the Superbowl as well as other perennial AFC teams such as the Steelers and Patriots.

Bose-Einstein Condensates & 'Absolute' High and Low Temperatures of the Universe

The phenomenon of sound occurs in the mind rather than in the world for-itself. Waveforms occur in the world for-themselves, as one might regard everything as a waveform.

That is a challenging topic for physics however. The wave function of Schrodinger and the discussion of light as a photon or wave (Michaelson-Morley experiment) are millestones on the road of discovery.

If the Universe is made of information alone as in the Holographic Theory, then bits of data could be converted into representation as sound.

Although one can see waves in the water and waves in other mediums-even gravitational waves are thought to exist by some that make ripples in space-time, it is not certain at all that at the smallest scale-if there is one, that waves exist.

The Bose-Einstein condensate is a substance that can be made by cooling neutrons down to absolute zero wherein they lose their individual identies and become one substance without motion. Motion is the basis for temperature and for energy and at absolute zero no waveforms might occur either, yet intuitively one believes that to be wrong. Even in a Bose-Einstein condensate neutrons or anything existing should have some sort of wave-motion implicitly though it may all coincide into being one wave representing all-possible locations that it could be.

One must wonder if Bose-Einstein condensates could be made to have quantum entanglement.

These things in space are wave-forms of things of quantum construction with uncertainty at the core.

The Arecibo radio telescope collects radio waves. One cannot hear radio waves without a radio to convert that wavelength of the electro-magnetic spectrum into vibrations in the air that a human eardrum will send to the brain where it is transformed into the experience of noise.

There is a powerful new radio telescope under construction in the Andes mountains of Chile. It is named the Alma Telescope (Atacama Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array telescope) and it has already taken a 'picture' of very deep space. Radio waves can be converted into light wavelengths evidently, though it is the most complex radio telescope in the world. It will be fully operational in 2013.

I was reading a book on physical constants recently and encountered the idea that temperature is motion/energy of particles/waves. The absence of motion is absolute zero-a temperature on the fahrenheit scale regarded as -459.67 degrees.

Absolute zero; the true absence of motion is said in the wikipedia to be regarded as improbable because zero-point energy still occurs and that kinetic energy is temperature.

I suppose one might regard that quantum uncertainty that is a fundamental part of quantum mechanics as a field for itself that appears do locate at particular places and times as a phenomenal artifact of observation. In the book I am reading the quantum spin states of the mass was itself considered in order to illustrate the point about temperature and motion at the absolute zero range.

The example given was I think of quarks with made one or two spin states such as up or down, right or left. Imagine that in a Bose-Einstein condensate there are a hundred quarks given the same spin state characteristics such as U(UP)-R(RIght) or UR. Then one through some means turns them all to the zero-energy setting and one has achieved absolute zero (though the nature of quanta means that they still have zero-point energy) because they only seem to be where they are because they are being observed).

The interesting point I found was that the setting below the absolute zero setting of quantum spin states (eigenvalues in shop talk) might be like that on the odometer of one electric car-at zero setting if one rolls it back further it becomes the infinitely high temperature! Below absolute zero there may be absolute hell thermodynamically speaking.

Beneath the quantum phase surface of this Universe there may be an absolute hell. Perhaps if the Universe does expand far enough for enough time that is cools down from its average three degrees Kelvin near enough to absolute zero the Universe may convert from absolute cold and entropy to an infinitely high temperature although one might reasonably guess that mass cannot have an infinitely high temperature any more than an infinitely low temperature. Mass has limits on its energy range if it is to exist at all.

At the beginning of the Universe the temperature according to the standard model of physics might have been 1032 Kelvin.

Einsteins Field Equations for the General Theory of Relativity would provide math that yields the idea that the temperature might be infinite then-however Einstein did not know too much about quantum spin states then, although he did create the idea of the Bose-EInstein condensate given Bose's mathematical concepts on photons within a paradigm of statistical mechanics. The 'infinite' value for high temperature or energy may be a concurrence of quantum spin states. At a high enough temperature mass loses its individuating cooler characteristics somewhat like a Bose-Einstein condensate does (a very different result though).

Sounds in Space

The phenomenon of 'sound' is a product of human auditory/brain conversion of wave vibrations in the medium of air that make the eardrum vibrate and that is converted into brain 'noise'. Because the vacuum of space has no medium such as air or water to vibrate it does not have sound in that environment as we humans know it.

The vacuum of space averages just one atom per 5 cubic meters of area in the Universe. It is almost empty except for various clumps in galaxies and solar systems, interstellar dust clouds and so forth. Space is very quiet by our standards.

Yet there are lots of waveforms in space (i.e. electromagnetic waves). I believe that almost any sort of waveform might be converted by technology into sound audible to human beings. N.A.S.A. and numerous others have made sound analogs of waveforms in space to form a 'soundscape' of what is out there.

An example of how sounds might represent structures of signals or of wavelengths is Morse code. It is simple to give a sound representation of dots and dashes,long and short and so forth.

I have considered what sound 'atoms' might make recently though their occillations or vibrations are far too small to be noticed by human ears as particular elements...

Friday, March 16, 2012

Ravi Found Guilt of E-Spying; The Social Philosophy Issues-with correction

The U.S.A. Today reports that the former Rutgers student could get as many as ten years in jail for broadcasting homosexual sex activity on the Internet without the consent of the sex players. Plainly using sophisticated broadcast media access to violate the privacy of individuals should be .proscribed activity.

One of the involuntary 'stars' of Ravi's foray into the candid camera realm, Tyler Clementi, suicided a few days after learning of the publication of his personal error in sexual identity/activity.

Writers and amateur video-makers should strive not to include anyone's face or meaningful descriptions of individuals-recognizable to others, without express written permission unless of course one is writing about major public figures. It just isn't worth the headache of potential violation of privacy litigation.

Few Americans today are worth a hagiography. Yet it is not the case that common perverse behavior should be extracted from context and exploited-by-others. The broadcast media and even the Internet offer tremendous bully potential for the illicit corruption of any individual to exist socially without being stigmatized by opportunist predators seeking to promote themselves with truths that violate privacy or falsehoods that are a product of the rumorer's demented syndicalist imagining and permutation.

A free society requires freedom from social behavior of others that adversely draw attention to any individual capriciously. A free society requires people to be free not to be conformed to totalized conduct of good or of evil, of loyalty to corrupt politicians or even dissent from aforementioned.

It is possible that some sort of cross-cultural element existed in Ravi's choice to violate Clementi's privacy. In some foreign nations homosexuality is punishable by death, so violating someone's privacy to capture evidence of that sin would be no problem unless he should have got a Sharia court order, or possible a Hindu writ of out-casting, if such exist.

correction -correction

Ravi was not a neighbor of Mr. Clementi, but a room-mate. This changes the nature of the situation from the impersonal to the personal. Rutgers University should give students the choice of not having a homosexual room-mate forced upon them especially when they are in the rutting season.

I doubt that Ravi choose to be mated with a homosexual living in his personal space for a year or more engaging in homosexual practices. Rutgers officials might have told him to 'suck it up' if he had complained about the room-mate assignment. If his language used the word 'queer' in the student housing office they might have said he was using 'hate speech' and considered his expulsion.

Rutgers University evidently does not screen out students upon the basis of sexual preference and that is probably wrong. Ravi being from a nation where homosexuality is regarded as wrong conduct-as it is in much of the United States, might have been unavoidably upset at the evil turn in his personal living reality and perhaps was emotionally reaching out in some way to process the offensive situation toward a liberating (for-himself) direction.

Because the situation was quite personal and not a product of Ravi's creation or will-to-be occur is improbably described as a 'hate crime'. The homosexual room-mate problems in his college dorm would have been on the 'worst nightmare' side of things rather than a positive element reinforcing his opportunity for higher education.

Ravi did not cross the street to do surveillance or even invade the privacy of his neighbor as I mistakenly believe. Ravi instead set up his computer camera in his own living space as he had a legal right to do. He recorded what went on in his 'home'.

Sharing his home video on the Internet is a different legal issue, yet it does not seem like a hate crime to post of video of one's home even if it is messy or has homosexual room-mate goings on. Ravi's self-defense from being socialized to accept homosexuality in his personal life or home might have taken a tragic turn, however his actions clearly were not a product of pre-conceived hate of homosexuals to such an extent that he stalked them and victimized them criminally as part of a political or pathological agenda.

Matter/Anti-Matter Energy Conversion for Space Drives 99.993% More Efficient Than Hydrogen Fusion

Stretching the dollar for space transportation energy means getting a high delta v return for investment. Since hydrogen fusion-the power that drives the sun’s energy output is only .007% efficient future space transportation energy planners probably will look toward a more efficient source for power: matter-anti-matter annihilation. Hydrogen fusion in the sun is just the first nuclear fusion reaction that merelt condenses mass wityh only a little energy released. That is why after the sun goes through its less efficient helium burning phase and a few others there is are so many heavy new elements formed. Some stars detonate that remnant and leave a lot of messy mass strewn about the Universe; good for planets and living things yet proof of the inefficeincy of nuclear fusion.

If one Euro were entirely converted to energy it would yield the power of a small atomic bomb. When matter and Anti-matter combine they yield energy with 100% efficiency. That’s 99.993% more efficient than hydrogen fusion. Producing anti-matter today is very difficult and only very tiny quantities arise too small for any theoretical space power source.

It is another look toward the future to consider some of the potential for matter-anti-matter energy in space transport. Space ships would need to carry less than a pound of anti-matter to add to a pound of matter gradually to travel across the galaxy and beyond. If M-Theory advances to another theoretical framework beyond that explains how dimensions are shaped and what they are made of; perhaps they do not really exist at all but are only emergent qualities of the behavior of matter or anti-matter, then energy might be focused within specially shaped space-drive dimensions to increase transport efficiency once more.

Quantum computer development of post-M-Theoretical physics in two or three centuries might be able to bring the matter-anti-matter energy drive within reach of survivors of global warming, if there are any, on Earth. They will ask what the true nature of energy is-is it all of one flavor or does anti-energy and anti-dimensions too exist to add spice to the physics mysteries?

People's Dictator Kim Jong Un to Launch 'Big Dong' Missile in April

After agreeing 16 days ago to allow nuclear plant inspections and not to launch long range missile tests in exchange for 240,000 tons of food (pink slime beef?) from the United States in what the adminstration perhaps beleived was a publicity coup, North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un has announced he will launch a long range (probably a Taepo Dong 2 rocket) Big Dong missile for peaceful purposes-it has a radio-equipped high tech toaster on board) in April.

Scientific research is important of course, yet it seems as if the best-known Dictator for peace got the best of the administration legalistically speaking in finding the loophole in the agreement that did not specifically cover missile testing for peaceful technical purposes. Delivery of high tech toasters to Anchorage might be a part of the Dictator's economic strategy.

The missile will be launched to celebrate Kim Il Sung's birthday.

Rush Limbaugh: Anti-hero of New Godless, Feminazi, Homosexual Democrat Party

Rush Limbaugh is by no means a shock jock. MSNBC's Ed Shultz has called Laura Ingram a 'slut' and did not rise to the level of numerous left-leaning broadcast bullies that 'liberate' by being vile. Rush Limbaugh does personify everything the new American Democratic Party hates though; he is white, male, strait, pompous, full of confidence, super-rich and under-educated and woefully ignorant on all thing environmental. Rush Limbaugh is the anti-hero of the American left.

One may prefer the use of non-polemical language in the broadcast media. No lemization of anybody should be a part of the verbiage stream of usual social free speech. We know though that some people use controversial language in order to get the public's attention and increased earnings. Well, the toppers will be with us so long as the electromagnetic broadcast spectrum is auction off to concentrated wealth instead of used for individual citizen internet podcast slices on a community level.

Free political speech should not be countered by personal attacks upon the speaker's finances. Intolerance of opposition free speech by the New Post-American Order is de rigeur however. When the rump state of the U.S. economy has fully implemented a totalized economic order in harmony with Britain's Foootsie and royal prerogatives free speech issues will no longer be a problem.

The rump economy will promote a cadre of economic insiders in government and corporate sycophancy allegiant to global tax remittances. The insiders need be only godless and immoral loyal to their biological class to be employed as mass units. They will hate small scale independent free enterprise and all things strait white male and American.

The Obama administration is in the midst of its anti-Catholic, feminine campaign tactical line to get women voters to line up for the campaign to re-elect the President. Issues such as contraception and now the Protection of Women, Queers, and Illegal Alien Women and Queers Act have been brought before the congress. Its something of a 'Did you beat your wife last night' strategy that Republican politicians will suffer for if they oppose it creating the appearance that they support violence against women, queers and illegal alien women and queers. One must wonder what the next tool in the Obama campaign kit to divide American voters is next?

Lesbian on lesbian violence certainly needs to be stopped. The butch beatings of their gay ‘wife’ also need federal intervention. Without doubt the problem of hate crimes exist arises as well when beat downs and whump ups of the person they love occur.

In the New Post-American Order feminism and homosexual government employment is the focus of the transitional effort to rate citizens according to their gender, race and/or perversion for hierarchy in legal protection. This is a time-tested idea that Tacitus noticed in Germany of his day where the penalties for breaking the skull of a non-citizen differed significantly than for breaking the skull of a tribesman.

Community organizing is the President's forte'. In Syria Kofi Anan has sought to organize the guerilla movement that the government seemingly can fight or recognize only with general shelling of cities and neighborhoods. It would be helpful if all illegal combatants in Syria would wear uniforms so they could be identified and the government could just kill them instead of everyone in their general areas of operation. Civil wars should be more civilized in these days of civility, and President Obama may lead the effort on that even as he falters in Afghanistan in not firing Afghan President Karzai who is probably cutting deals with the Taliban and depositing billions in offshore accounts in anticipation of the U.S. incompetent withdrawal that doesn't secure safe, defensible enclaves for the Northern Alliance after 2014. In the United States President Obama may be organizing new campaign tactics exploiting the power of the media and congress indirectly.

The New Post-American Rump state operates on the existential age-of-fracture principal of narrow self-interest even if it is of a class such as female government and corporate workers. Using the law and economic to promote the wealth and well-being of particular classes rather than of everyone is the reason that the loss of comparative American economic power and the deepening of U.S. national debt really don't matter to the Democratic Party.

The effort of the Democratic Party to appeal to the Latina illegal alien fraudulent voting portion of the population by offering visas to illegal alien women and queers victimized by domestic violence (must it be by straight white men or can they do that for-themselves to gain a 'pathway to citizenship?) is a clever tactic implementation. The Republicans might be able to counter that by guaranteeing zero-illegal immigration and good jobs for Mexican-American citizens with shovel ready jobs for high-tech corporations that will hire as soon as the top one-percent and middle class get tax cuts to a more reasonable level.

Well-it's all no problem. With 15.3 trillion dollars of public debt and bad military strategic planning, energy policy and so forth as Rush Limbaugh might point out everything can be readily fixed by cutting all social benefits to the poor. The Democrats only mention the word 'poor' themselves when they have need of some potential victims to deflect opposition to some political tactic such as making it illegal to check for voter picture I.D. (it would hurt the poor).

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Scientists at the University of Central Florida have found a method of using gold or palladium instead of the more costly platinum or iridium in a hydrogen fuel cell.

Layering the gold with tungsten and other inexpensive materials appears to be a basic research step toward better, cheaper fuel cells and electric cars.

Better fuel cells, better batteries; the road ahead may have more electric vehicles if concentrated wealth doesn't simply buy up and repress patents or development.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Will The President Drive Down Unemployment in Swing States for Re-Election Boost?

With the nation's unemployment rate over 8% the prospects for the President being re-elected aren't good going from history's record. If its more than 7.2% then don't let the door hit you on the way out Presidents have found the nation's sentiment.

Between Red states (named for Joe McCarthy's favorite color?) and Blue states (named for male chauvinism?) their are the crucial confused, undecided, uncertainty and willing to be convinced states the media refers to as 'swing' states (named for adultery?). If the President could spend enough federal resources and persuade enough Democratic employers to hire even if temporarily the rest of the year (well until November 8th) so that the unemployment rate in those swinging states might drop two point to 6.4 or so maybe he could get enough swingers to vote for his economic program to swing the election his way.

Alaska is not a 'swing state' politically speaking. My prospects for finding some homes or buildings to repaint here before next year's snow are not looking good even with the election year prospects for clever political spending.

Russia Plans Moon Base By 2030/Obama Administration Plans Increasing Federal Debt to $20 Trillion

The United States finally will have some competition in the race to develop the moon. Russia's Space agency has leaked a report detailing plans to send cosmonauts to a moon base there by the year 2030.

The United States administrations are heavily into the decadent sensuality phase of national and cool global uncreative economic policy these years and of course cannot understand how anything like a moon base could be paid for-especially with the need to run the public debt of the United States upward to 20 or 30 trillion dollars.

Obamacare Cost Doubles/Alaska Gas for Japan-China?/More Politics

A Congressional Budget Office report on Obamacare found that it will actually cost nearly twice as much. Evidently bthere was some chicanery in the Administration's acounting whereby the program would not pay out benefits the first four years while it was still collecting tax revenues and hence the deception on the cost. For ten years when the policy is active it is far costlier than described.

image of friendly politician interviewed by public television in Juneau Alaska

There are additional interesting politics being business as usual-ed through this week. The highway bill to fund public highway construction projects with asphalt for fossil fuel carbon dioxide emmiting vehicles is up for renewal. In theory the billions and billions spent on that should for once be spent on developing newer forms of ground transportation while the roads should no longer be subsidized by the federal government.

Existing roads might be leased for toll road pay by users (to U.S. businesses) and prizes might be given for systems designs of complete new ground transport modalities.

In Alaska U.S. Senator Nick Begitch told a joint session of the Alaska State Legislature that it should prepare for "an Arctic boom" presumably of industrial development, slaughter of wildlife and rampant oil drilling. Does he know something as a Democratic Party insider?

The U.S. Senate voted recently not to allow the invasion of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge by foreign or domestic drillers.

If the Alaska State legislature had voted to support construction of a gas pipeline from the slope to Cook Inlet the state would have been ready to export natural gas to China who likely would be a regular customer. The state is worried about declining oil revenues to fund the state government Soviet and privileged insiders working for derivative receivers of fossil fuel royalty revenues. Though it would be better to develop new non-fossil fuel methods of producing energy-even japan would buy natural gas from Alaska now after the tsunami if it were available. Those guys just are too trained by oil insiders to think outside the crude.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Mitt Romney a Friend of Jets/Dolphins Owners-Nothing Said About Cardinals, Broncos or Peyton Manning

Mitt Romney has said that he is a friend of the owners of the Jets and Dolphins. The Dolphins may be interested in Peyton Manning however the Jets have signed Mark Sanchez again. This Tuesday not only will there be a Republican primary but that is also the day that Peyton Manning has said he will let the public know who he will play for next season.

The Cardinals have already exceeded their salary cap (its 120 million this year) while the Broncos have 41 million dollars of headroom to bargain with. These high finance numbers are peanuts compared to some of the quantities flung around on Wall Street by the quants and by the federal government and its skyrocketing interest obligations. The Miami Dolphins have 16 million in salary cap headroom to try to lure Peyton Manning to play in the footsteps of Don Shula the former coach of the Baltimore Colts and the perfect-season Miami Dolphins.

Mitt Romney or Rick Santorum might be able to look beyond traditional sources of Vice Presidential candidates toward academia for some sort of potential Woodrow Wilson who could learn on the job as Vice President. Academia-maybe Stanford, might have a 5th generation somewhat Hispanic or African-American very skilled at foreign affairs. While Rush Limbaugh might not approve it is still a possibility. The NFL draft is not so far away either.

Obama Administration Blocks Voter I.D. Law in Texas

The Obama administration has stepped in to allow undocumented voters in Texas elections. With 20 million illegal aliens in the nation requiring voter I.D. seems a reasonable security precaution. The administration disagrees.

Texas would require that voters show one of seven kinds of I.D. The federal government requires two forms of I.D. to be lawfully employed, yet evidently regards voting as of less importance.

Positive I.D. has the potential for slowing down voting fraud. A state I.D. card only costs about 3 dollars per year over its five year period of validity.

U.S. Options for Afghanistan After the Massacre

The recent tragic massacre of many Afghan civilians by an American Army Staff Sergeant on his 4th combat tour in several years provides an opportunity for the United States to review its options in disposing of the problem nation hell-bent on terrorism at home and abroad.

We may commiserate with the terror of war-the Afghans experienced slaughtered at three in the morning. Certainly some Americans experienced that in 2001 when Taliban supported terror forces attacked the U.S.A. It is a consequence of Afghanistan’s former political leadership and present failure to adjust to social reality. In protracted conflict war crimes-often crimes of passion or madness, occur. The better way to avoid that sort of thing is to avoid promoting conflict to start with. In the future Afghanistan may experience more of that rather than none. They are not a sovereign power, rather they are an occupied foe that the United States must dispose of in as compassionate and merciful a way as is consistent with Christian principles of charity, mercy and goodness.

The United States in the 1980s built up the Afghan resistance force with arms and advising support in their war against the Soviets then abandoned the country after the Soviets left. Of course in the vacuum of power chaos and civil war developed and the Taliban that had formed during the exile in Pakistan took over with the help of their Saudi and foreign support that remained such as Osama Bin Ladin. The United States should have got involved then as well.
By the time of the World Trade Center attack the Afghanistan civil war was not yet over. The Northern Alliance held a valley in the extreme Northeast of the country. The C.I.A. with Gary Berntsen formed an alliance with those people and began rolling up the Taliban with sometimes with the use of BLU-72 very large conventional bombs (except for the dud that might have killed Osama Bin Ladin at Torah Bora that let him escape to Pakistan.

Reasonably one might expect a new civil war to resume in Afghanistan after the U.S.A. exits in 2014. This time the U.S.A. should create defensible enclaves in a federalized Afghanistan that would allow the Northern alliance to survive in protracted civil war against the Taliban should the Taliban take over much of the rest of that nation.

The fact that several Afghanistan 'partners' have called for the trial of the Staff Sergeant in Afghan courts demonstrates the incomprehension of the Afghan people of their lack of any right to try members of the occupation force in their nation. The U.S.A. is in Afghanistan under the articles of war upon a foe and would not yield any legal jurisdiction to the occupied power. With such ignorant expectations in Afghanistan it is easy to anticipate that after the U.S. forces leave the country will swiftly resume civil war and if then Taliban emerges to win and then supports new terrorist activities a second U.S. intervention under new management may return to experiment with anti-terrorist interdiction.

One might like the U.S.A. to better understand the way that moral and social structures form in relation to economic structure. That failure is a general social failure common in the era. It is worth recollecting that social sciences developed later than hard sciences and are an ongoing project.

Afghanistan is not an unimportant player in the historical evolution of Eurasia. It is close enough to China's Xinjiang province that is itself at the top of an upward sloping funnel from the broad Chinese lowlands. Numerous ethnic minorities live at the top of the world finding a harsh living amidst deserts and great mountain ranges and passes. It is not impossible that Chinese military forces may travel that way some day to meet with destiny at the battle of Armageddon. Well, even so, for the present future terrorism, resistance to the Chinese authority, ethnic aspirations for independence and Moslem religious conflicts with godless atheists may form along with controversies about developing mining interests are possibilities that accentuate the perennial problems of political instability in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan-a poor nation that aspires to become a Taliban led exporter of terrorists to points all over the globe, has a challenging historical evolution cycle ahead of it. Certainly Americans are unwilling to invest more cash into developing that nation toward peaceful prosperity. It is of course unreasonable to expect Afghanistan to become like the United States-they can't afford it and the United States emits half of the greenhouse gases from cars and is the source of much of the perverse aspects of modern 'liberalism'.

The U.S. administration should quit being a pusillanimous power and recognize the facts of life in Afghanistan as if they really are in control of their own destiny their generally. They cannot rely on Kofi Annan to arrive and organize the resistance, as he seems to be trying to do in Syria, into one fighting force unified in order to negotiate with the government. Mohammed Karzai may be expected to become a dictatorial warlord after the United States exits who will become locked in battle with the Taliban while the Northern Alliance gradually shifts back to more defensible grounds outside of Sunni power and distrust.

One Formula for Bringing the Heat Death of Human Life on Earth

Of all of the chemical formulas that have been created to destroy human life, the most commonly used by that of burning ethane in fossil fuel burning automobiles to produce carbon dioxide and water.

CH3CH2OH + 3O2 ---> 2CO2 + 3H2O

Two average cars emit about 9 metric tons of carbon dioxide into the air annually. Global warming deniers must do so in order to stick their heads in the sand and rely on gasoline and automobiles for economic power.

Vested interests are unwilling to adapt to the increasing prospects for the heat death of a world climate suitable for human life on Earth.

About the Philosophy of American Meatheads

The post-modern philosophy of atheist meatheads for-themselves is a product of post-Darwinist educational developments and John Deweyianism plus a little B.F. Skinner behavorialism thrown in to the mix that renders virtually any though fundamentally meaningless and phenomenal.

When meaning is reduced to 'just the transmission of the genes' (that requires heterosexual 'marriage' of sperm and egg) and life experience is an abstract drive of deterministic biological requisites the mind and its contents are largely considered superfluous. Meathead theorists of politics believe that liberalism means the complete waveform collapse of rationalism into meaninglessness.

Liberalism of course did not advance by meathead philosophers seeking after nothingness but control by behavioral scientist-politicians. The Prophet Isaiah wrote of liberals in chapter 32 of Isaiah and the founders of numerous societies have sought after liberty. Their work and thought was actualized in the social dialectical realm that one might term 'the real world' even if it is a contingent construction of numerous points of view of personal experience.

The metaphysics of reality for-itself are rather complex. People have thought about it for several millennia, From Zhu Xi in 12th century China to Parmenides, Heraclitus and on to the 18h and 19th century German idealists the investigation of mind and its place in nature was subject to intense intro and extrospective thought. And yes, I cannot reasonably fail to mention Rene Descartes.

The modern foundation of analytic philosophy might be traced to Immanuel Kant and his Critique of Pure Reason and condensed version Prolegomena to Any Future Metaphysics that was summarized, synthesized and improved later by Arthur Schopenhauer in his 'Fourfold Roots of Reason'. That work is something like a great first half of a movie that one realizes is followed by a second half that is anti-climactic.

Bertrand Russell believed that atheists could live with strong moral principles even with the absence of faith in God. Russell seems something of an idealist innocent in retrospective comparison to post-modern American meatheads. The post-modern meat-heads have collapsed the idea of the possible value of moral principles too in their general stampede toward meaninglessness. What value might any natural laws or social morality present in language or logic flowing from human thought that could possess intrinsic extensional value?

This one natural regards Frederic Nietzsche-a kind of hero of the meathead movement, and his magnum opus 'Thus Spake Zarathustra'. If I had a tablet computer it would be convenient to abstract his book in a sketch with some logic symbolic notations added. A man that believes in the eternal recurrence of the Universe is recursively aware of the recurrence. Viewing a city from a lofty hill he disdains the moral structure of the city-civilization as meaningless. If one can view any society from a scientific detachment it is simple enough to regard the morality as phenomenal. Within the society however the moral order is simple a description of what people actual find acceptable in their social interaction, and they must have some interactive protocols by default.

Nietzsche believed that with the mystical insight of the eternal recurrence morality was superfluous and that the superior man would be completely without morality. Therein one finds the attraction by the post-modern meatheads in the common realm of the meaninglessness of morality.

Nazi Germany is sometimes held to have been a consequence of Aryan racial supremacy, yet in the true Neitzschian hierarchy of the amoral superman the Aryan herd appeal was simple a method to gain popular support by the truly amoral leadership running along in what amounts to a de facto ethic of personal egoism. Not even the Neitzschian eternally recurrent superman could appeal to popular support by saying that "I am far better than you cattle as a completely immoral individual, and I deserve your political support so I can ruthlessly exploit you to fulfill my will to power'.

Analytic philosophy developing from Kant through philosophers of logic and language did carefully research the relationships between words and objects and essentially anything that might be said about anything. They did not make words meaningless or purely phenomenal even if they did remove both empiricism and Platonic realism as inevitable parameters of lexicons and word ontology. Self-standing inter-referent lexical sets with meanings deriving from their own parameters, definitions and relations to internal and external referents were elaborated at the high point of 20th century linguistic philosophy by W.V.O. Quine.

One does not reach a meathead dead end with analytic and linguistic philosophy, and even metaphysical speculations are a kind of implicit aspect of cosmological thought today as one contrasts super-string theory, quantum mechanics, and the holographic principle. One might regard the many possible criteria of a transcendent God as the operator of monism yielding an occasional or perhaps infinite number of universes, or consider the phenomenal universe as a solid state physics phenomena generated epistemologically within a purely idealist context in modern terms upgraded from the Three Dialogues of Bishop Berkley.