Wednesday, November 30, 2011

1700 Billion Gigatons of Carbon in Soil of the North-Global Warming Permafrost Melt?

Scientists have made a revised forecast of the acellerated effect of global warming melting of permafrost and its release of greenhouse gases. Evidently its worse that was previously thought. Not as bad as all of the automobile exhaust and smokestacks, yet substantial.

Permafrost across the northern regions of the Earth may thaw and release methane and other greenhouse gases. I wrote a small article on that topic in 1988-89 or 90 in a Fairbank's paper on the possibilty of permafrost thawing and releasing toxic waste the city wanted to store deep underground thhereby polluting the aquifers-its not a new topic yet one that is not given enough political prioritization as part of a comprehensive effort to slow extraction industry assaults on the ecosphere.

Global corporate pursuit of proprietary interests could be redirected toward less harmful ventures with some intelligent political supervision. Medium sized corporations should be reinforced and large corporations phased out. Sustainable ecosphere use should be given tax support and non-sustainable extraction industries given a special ecosphere tax.

In Alaska though iit is the extraction industry globalists that determine much of the state's economy. I believe mining produced about 3.6 billion dollars worth of zinc, gold, silver and other materials last year. Global corporations in pursuit of profit own many of the ventures in Alaska. The Mayor of Anchorage Dan Sullivan shares the same name as the State's Commissioner of The Division of Natural Resources that includes mining and oil. The State gives hundreds of millions to expand the Port of Anchorage with shoddy construction work requiring reconstruction and wants more. The global fate is inn the hands of politicians with the insider's proximity to existing wealth and power and that includes the global mining concerns that seek to develop the Pebble Mine in the headwaters of salmon streams at Bristol Bay.

The globalists of Wall Street have far more invested in destroying the planetary ecospheric equilibrium than in sustaining it as a viable habitat for humanity.

N.Y.S.E. To Learn to Speak German? Deutsche Boerse AG Nears Takeover

Since Feb. 2011 a German firm-Deutsche Boerse AG- has sought to buy about 60% of the New York Stock Exchange. That makes for an interesting advance of globalism in the U.S.A. Also today the London Stock Exchange and the Toronto Stock Exchange ownership merged. The corporate world's networks of power influence local business and politics substantially to the detriment of the poor and middle class at least in the U.S.A.

In Alaska there has been a political effort to sell natural gas for decades. Recently the state helped an Australian and a Singapore company with loans along with a Chinese Bank to buy a jack-up oil rig or two for natural gas prospecting in Cook Inlet. Some natural gas was found and more prospecting will go ahead next spring. Meanwhile the state is funding a plan to build a 'bullet' pipeline from the North Slope to Anchorage. The two projects seem to contradict one another to a certain extent,as the purpose is to provide a gas supply to Anchorage.

It has been said that liquified natural gas could be sold to overseas buyers though, and that could make the bullet pipeline feasable financially even if there is a supply of shale gas fracked in the 48 states that makes buildinng a pipeline from Alaska to the 48 state network via Canada unpprofitable.

The political process goes on ad infinitum annd the winners seem to be select extraction industry insiders and politicians. I would guess that Exxon-Mobil can influence prices by choosing what development to support at least as well as the Congress.

A Canadian Corporation has purchased a pipeline to transport U.S. oil from the Midwest for refining in Texas and/or Louisiana for sale to Latin America. Well heck, petrol only sells for $3.50 a gallon now and won't be 4 bucks until next summer. So who needs a non-fossil fuel transport infrastructure in the U.S.A. with global corporations buying everything in sight and concentrating wealth? The Congress just needs to have preferred seating at the trough.

On Moral & Space-time Relativism and the Pursuit of Right Directions

Moral relativism might be taken as comparable to space-time relativism. One might ask why anyone should have a direction or purpose if all locations exist in relation to other coordinates. Yet of course we might believe that it must be so of necessity if a completely deterministic ontology isn't to prevail a priori.

One may not assume that with relativism in moral judgments that all judgments are of equal worth. Certainly that can not be the case subjectively unless one abnegates the value of one's own existence and fate. It is possible to do so subjectively of course, yet the self-deprecation is itself subjectively relative and of little consequence if a Supreme Being exists who donates worth to each individual soul for-himself.

Within a given moral context or moral set of values the navigational buoys are set to guide individuals toward particular empirical goals such as social reason considers valuable. Life, social harmony, education- such means and ends as reinforce individual education and pursuit of the aforementioned are indicated with moral values of a pragmatic application. Individuals may apply their own innovative style upon a course through social life and regard such moral beacons and guidelines as parameters for the ascent of aging and transitions-stages in life's way as Kierkeguaard might have said. Plainly the need to invent one’s own morality, own's own physical theory of causality and so forth entirely de novo for oneself in each individual life would be too time consuming as well as a perennial reinvention of moral primitivism. Social morality becomes a reinforcing pedagogical sketch of fundamental parameters allowing social passage through the shoals of chaos and conflict.

Moral concepts of right and wrong may evolve-they obviously have in many areas such as in the elimination of slavery as a basic human norm of captives not executed, yet morality tended to evolve in relation to the social structure of the time a posteriori rather than a priori. Besides the Lord Jesus Christ the ability to obviously set new social morals significantly differing from the prevailing social ethical and religious practices has been often insubstantial.

Morality it is said is what people actually do in a society rather than what is said about a theoretical moral environment optimized for efficiency. Moral procedures tend to cohere within a prevailing political and ethical system. The difference between an Aristotelian polity and that of a democracy would vary, as would that of an oligarchy and/or aristocracy in regards to the social permissiveness of behavior between classes socially.

Christians have a preferred direction ontologically in relation to a transcendent God and that is a kind of hyper-relativism. Human beings are mortal creatures each with a body and mind that fails like a plant withering under the frosts of fall. Regardless of one's moral positions eventually death overtakes each life and is completely triumphant. The cold, dark abyss of a universe without meaning or moral disposition arrives to reclaim its phenomenally upsurge conscious subjects and return them to nothingness.

That ontological phenomenality of human experience is a reason why mankind looks to Jesus Christ as a transcending Savior able to surpass the failings of moral relativism that is the common experience of mankind as a temporal creature. Being and nothingness of experience for-itself elicits a human response that is not morally relativistic. So far as the Universe and moral experience are real they are also finite for human purposes of experience. Moral relativism seems to require a kind of infinite set of possibilities without finite, not relativistic delimitations in order to be fully relativistic. One might expect such infinite relativism in a multiverse of infinite expanse yet within each universe boundary conditions of physics would exist bringing the human experience of infinite relativism down to finite lines.

Moral relativism may as a voyeuristic moral study of other cultures find that different navigational buoys for moral guidance may not be of equal effectiveness in sheparding the flocks toward its optimal actualization as temporal beings. One might assume that some systems of social governance and moral instructions produce better results than others. One might also assume reasonably that the design of particular moral guidelines must be adapted for each culture's challenges. We learn of somewhat different moral structures in the Mosaic laws and deuteronomical-Levitical applications than in the Gospel of Jesus Christ yet understand that rather than being an existential temporal moral intervention the teleology of God was in a process of actualizing a relationship with human beings and their history. The Phenomenology of Spirit that G.W.F. Hegel described has a corresponding individual experience for each life that might be discerned within the sequential incarnative processes of individuals mentioned in the Brahmanist tradition. Each individual should given enough opportunities realize himself as a part of God's creation. The moral changes from time to time or culture to culture are believed to build toward something greater-an encounter with the Creator.

Christians of course believe that can be accomplished in this one lifetime through a relationship with Jesus Christ. In that way the grace of God may reconcile the fallen human condition trough the atoning blood of the Savior.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

On Capital Materiality; The Phenomenon of Hording in Scale

Popular political philosophy since the cold war ended has taken something of a beating and devolved through the media zeitgeist into an economic existentialism advocating an absolute pursuit of self-interest to the exclusion of belief in social reality except as self-interest. It is something of a juvenile way of abnegating social, political responsibility. Society does exist in a concatenated state even as the individuals of it pursue their own self-interest. Like a football team the populous must have a fundamental game plan to win prosperity and security a viable ecospheric habitat. Unlike a football team the populous can and should pursue its individual interests with liberty and non-militarized uniformity.

Aristotle might have been more concerned with real politik and the prevention of the polity decaying into pure democracy and mob rule, or the more evil prospect of Aristocracy trickling upward into being oligarchy than today's economic existentialists of conservative bent, yet Americans today have exacerbated their historical trend against intelligent philosophical thought and just moved into a popular philosophy of super-sizing material things and capital in general.

From a pragmatist's point of view one needs material things to serve particular functions. Housing must be adequate to provide secure shelter and serve personal and social economic efficiency. Lifetime is limited so one doesn't want to tangentialize material possessions and become encumbered with maintaining a mansion or even a bureaucracy as the primary life experience. There are many experiences possible in life that are of equal or greater worth than just a few super-sized material items.

So one looks for other reasons why one must super-size possessions such as homes or SUVs and might discover than social equality or keep a defense parity against the advantage and opinions of other citizens is one of the basic causes for escalating personal investments in standard and predictable ways. Socially the opportunity cost for seeming to be living counter to a prevailing popular opinion may be financially significant. Social economic inertia drives the masses under the influence of concentrated power and wealth superiors along unsustainable social ends.

Value theory is a philosophical activity cognizant of the real value of goods or things, situations or circumstances, relationships and so forth for an individual and a society. Value seems to cohere within utility even if when utility is satisfied values for inessential items may arise to dominate a society. When societies compel individuals by circumstance and opportunity cost to buy very much oversized housing at high cost it has over valued non-utility and may create social dysfunction that spreads like waves outwards through the economic value exchanges into social regions unable to afford the luxury of investing in non-utility. If Americans were to build concrete dome homes with secure interiors, exteriors and adequate privacy and ecospheric integrity in the yard for a fraction of today's cost of quarter million dollar middle class homes perhaps Americans could save more for surfing, biking, sailing, skydiving or composing a poem. Some Americans could become inventors at home or learn a new field of science. The trouble generally is in developing more efficient and better quality housing at a lower cost as a fundamental effort and value of society.

If one could afford a decade's worth of food supply for one's home it still might be unreasonable to get more than a month supply. If a home is far larger than is useful within the context of one's life shelter and living needs it is as much a wasteful hording venture consuming one's time as if one buys far too large a boat to get to the other side of the river and spends years paying for it.

Aristotle and Polity; Moderate Government for the Advantage of the Poor/Pres. Obama's Tax Cuts for the Rich

I am re-posting some comments that I wrote in January 2011 on the President's failure to reasonably negotiate in the interests of demos of the United States. I would also like to point out a good article on Aristotle summarizing some of the main points of his descriptions of politics and especially democracy.

Ordinarily people have a misunderstanding of Aristotle. This 13 page article of summary is worth reading even if only to learn the difference between a polity and a democracy, or how Aristotle believed that Aristocracy transitioned destructively into oligharchy.

In this article Aristotle is found to have the opinion that polity-s sort of representative democracy, is the most moderate and therefor, I would think, best.

Fork in the Political Road-President Obama Advocated Regan Quality Tax Cut Extensions

January 28, 2011 04:13 PM EST

The public debt of the United States is about 14 trillion dollars today. If the tax cut extensions had been allowed to expire the budget would have naturally balanced in two years. Since the tax cuts the President anticipates federal budget deficit the next decade at which time it might be reduced to 50% of todays.

By 2015 the public debt will be out twenty trillion, and interest on that debt will be more than a trillion dollars annually. Right now interest on the public debt is about 3/4s of a trillion annually.

President Obama, in order to be responsible needed to be a Harry Truman kind of 'the buck stops here' guy and veto any tax cuts. With additional federal budget cuts the public debt could have started dropping in 2013. With the tax cuts and a balanced budget, any budget cuts would have enabled direct reduction payments on the debt principle reducing interest payments as well.

The corporate world is already having record profits in many areas. The rich are getting richer. Jobs are being outsourced. Illegal aliens still come and go by the millions. High unemployment will continue for several years. Fundamental national political accountability has been breached with global corporate interests taking precedence. The federal government in 2008 and 2009 bailed out the corrupt rich with trillions of dollars of financial help and left the jobless to twist slowly in the wind.

The employed are making good money and can afford to pay taxes; the unemployed don't have to pay taxes except from leftover earnings for which they might receive amnesty. The rich need to be taxed at pre-Reagan cut rates.

I write about this issue with pragmatic concern. In Anchorage Alaska there were created 500 jobs net growth in 2010, 1000 new jobs are anticipated in 2011.

A reform of American capitalism is needed as a general an oligarchy, anti-financial monopoly action, low entropy ecological economic are required too, and full employment rather than making America another Mexico or India ruled by elite financial globalists needs to be the goals of a 4th political party in the United States of America.

The Existential Drift of U.S. Conservatives/Union-Leader Endorsement of Newt

Though Mitt Romney is a better candidate, the Union Leader could not endorse him perhaps because most of their subscribers aren't Mormons. Perhaps they were thinking of their income bottom line more so than of whom the best candidate would be in 2012.

There are few real conservatives these days-they are generally globalists in some form or other and inimical to U.S. national interests. Even if they are morally conservative, politics is preponderantly more about economics than morals (all things being equal and excluding the Ghengis Khans, Mengeles and so forth) which should be something more of a personal area that flows upward to the people collectively.

One may wonder if conservativism in the United States has evolved to mean economic existentialism and collapse of social realism as a political concern. With leaders that believe their are no consequence to group behavior economically, environmentally or politically the consequence is sound bite talk show quality candidates with no comprehension of the world today or America's role in it. Newt Gingrich is sort of a co-founder of the 90's economic infrastructure corruption that is paying off now. He did of course have a lot of support.

Obamacare is a Costly Trick for Corporatism

Obamacare requirements that all citizens purchase health insurance is a fundamental corruption of the role and relationship of government too the citizens. The U.S. Government may serve to provide free health services as a safety net for the people yet it cannot decree that the citizens should pay money for services to other citizens, groups of citizens such as businesses through law.

U.S. courts may of course find in civil suits between individuals on monetary issues as the case may be. The creation of health insurance exchanges that poor individuals are required to use to buy insurance from, or from any other source is simply a trespass by the federal government on the fundamental rights of the citizens to be free from bills of attainder and control in their empirical lives. It is more of a violation of privacy than any abortion theorist might ever advance in its support.

The notion has been advanced that expanding the insurance risk pool would lower health care costs for the middle class. That may be true, yet that is a financial context the government has zero right to engage in. If the middle class wants lower health care costs or emergency medical services for those that have used up their insurance benefits it should reasonably create a free public health service for the poor, veterans and those that have no other recourse for their medical condition. Removing the incidentalcosts of providing health coverage for the unisured would in itself lower the overall health care costs of the United States if all other economic factors were favorable.

If the middle class want to have a million dollars worth of health care insurance apeice and want to pay for it by conscripting the healthy, uninsured youth of the nation into a mandatory insurance risk pool creating thereby greater profits for the corporate insurers they would still have no assurance that the corporate profits would not just flow up to CEO's taking tens of millions of dollars of stock options. Neither would the youth having a significant chunk of their paychecks (if they are employed someday) for services they don't use be very happy.

As a matter of logic it makes little sense to remove capital from the poor and the middle class and make them pay corporations thereby eroding the potential for business development and savings, investments and so forth in the long run. When the corporate world began to eliminate employee health insurance it began the progression toward the day when all American citizens would instead be required to pay them for insurance by law instead. As the leadership of the Democratic Party has vacated its traditional concerns for health coverage universally for the poor and failed to make rigorous income standards for social security that would not pay those in retirement more than the average working American it has become fiscally irresponsible in general rather than exceptionally.

Obama Sues to Prevent States from Supporting Federal Law

The Obama administration has added Utah to the list of states it is suing to prevent state law reinforcement for federal law making illegal immigration a criminal offense. Utah is the latest in the states Attorney General Holder has filed suit upon to prevent the U.S. States from arresting and detaining persons wanted for federal criminal activity. It was such recalcitrance to let the several states be apprised of federal law breakers and to arrest and detain them for federal transfer that allowed an Oklahoma highway patrolman to make a traffic stop on a 9-11 hijacker and let him go because he wasn't placed by the N.S.A. on the federal watch list.

Federal law is fundamental created to provide laws the states individually are not capable of promulgating such as trans-state legal jurisdiction. Federal law is not intended to be a shield to defeat the ability of states to have a government in conformity to the will of the people of the several states. The people of the United States have supported federal immigration policy in the past that has required aliens to enter the country on a legal basis in accord with numbers and standards set by the Congress of the United States. The history of incompetent federal executive administration of the laws passed by the Congress is not brief, however it is not the right of the President to sue the states in order to prevent their reinforcement of federal law.

Persons entering the United States unlawfully have committed a criminal offense that is of federal stature and applicable in all of the 50 states, territories and insular possessions. The individual states may reinforce federal law and support it with the arrest of federal criminals or not as the case may be. It is not however an promulgation of a different immigration policy to reinforce existing federal immigration policy by arresting persons found to be in violation of federal criminal statutes.

As a practical matter law enforcement officers have since the start of electronic and radio criminal data bases checked to learn the status of persons of interest that it contacts in the ordinary course of law enforcement. Persons hitch-hiking, standing on street corners, leaving federally controlled areas in a suspicious manner and so forth have been asked for I.D. and given a quick background check for warrants. Such checks that show that the individual contacted is not an American citizen or lawful resident or visitor enfilades the illegal immigration status of a federal criminal. Holding the fugitives for transfer to U.S. Immigration officials is then the reasonable, responsible course of action, as would be holding a federal fugitive from Wall Street corruption until eventually some federal official wanders over to take a look see.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Alaska Installs Ocean Acidity Measurement Buoys

Too much carbon dioxide in the world's atmosphere increases the acidity of the ocean via precipitation and an increase of carbonic acid running off from the land as the carbon reacts with minerals (rocks). Scientists at the University of Alaska Fairbanks installed an acid measuring buoy in Alaska waters this year and are requesting a budget for a few more measuring units for the coastal waters of the state.

Many politicians are deniers of global warming and don't really expect a mass extinction to occur if there is to much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.They don't regard it as a human need to swiftly end the fossil fuel era and move to more intelligent, better for the U.S. competitive international economy with economic-ergonomic advantage for American wage earners transportation infrastructure. One must remind oneself occasionally that the American dream for the establishment is sleep-walking somnulent lateraled mobility in four wheeled fossil fueled cars while the world goes to the new mass extinction era. Power is the ultimate truth to the auto-highway clan.

If electro-magnetic mass drivers could move Americans around at a couple thousand miles per hour former fossil fuel car drivers could still have the illusion of driving a car across America. It would be possible to fabricate virtual reality units with all the sensations of driving a car at 70 m.p.h. within the mass driving compartments. Even if the passenger/drivers arrived across the nation in two or three hours they could remain in the debarking facility for a few days until enough time had passed that they could keep the illusion of having driven a four wheeler.ent transportation choices.This is understandable.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

On Free U.S. Public Health Care for the Poor, Veterans and Those With Medical Coverage Gone

Public health care through federal facilities for the poor, veterans and those gone broke would still let the privilaged afford to spend copious cash on costly high tech health care and insurance. It would relieve the sufferring and create a healthier American public.

Free, quality public medical care for the nation's poor, veterans and those that run out their insurance or medical coverage would still let the rich and middle class spend on free enterprise medical care so they can live two or three hundred years as they desire or whatever and yet those that are not wealthy could still have a healthier life and be readier to continue productivity without loosing their lot the first time anything substantial arises to insult their health.

Unfortunately the Congress just isn't practical these days. One can not imagine the founders of the nation unable to form a budget and rely upon automatic cuts imposed by some pre-existing condition. What a joke--no one has the practical guts to make things work well in congress anymore. They seem to be industrial and aesthetic existentialist following the flowers of foreign investment opportunities.

Actually except for Mitt Romney the Republicans just don't seem really to care about fixing the nation well since the rich are getting record profits anyway, and that they believe is the way it should be. Trouble is the Democrats are millionaires too and don't give a damn about securing the borders and tightening up the U.S. job market either.

On the Ethics of Foreign Intervention

Nations, social organizations and various sundry forms of boundaries and oaths of obligations are temporal social constructs rather inferred or induced from language/linguistic paradigms and representational complexes of objectivity. The evolving temporal presentation of political entities is seldom pure and with a complex river of social actualization emerges into a continuing present geophysical and social facticity.

Political actions of society are those affecting all of the public’s interest. In brief the political is a concatenation of the private. One’s private interests follow ethical rules of conduct, while one’s political actions forming abstract behavioral policies or future constructions for the public should cohere within Kant’s categorical imperative, that is itself a kind of abstraction of the golden rule.

Is it right to involve one’s self in polities of which one is not a member? While all things human concern all humanity to a certain extent, the human intellectual construction of language, ideas, effect social orders, policy and work must cohere within rational structures that may obviously be subject to destructive interference from within or without one’s borders.

In times past there have been several forms of political organizations and political philosophies that have formed a priori rules of engagement rather like those of war for the ethical pursuit of goals. Yet it is reasonable to venture to say that pragmatic hypothetical ethical political goals ought to follow along with a course to achieve some real, material purposes politically rather than simple serve as justification for ongoing means toward some lofty future end. The goal of individual adequacy in all of the fundamental human needs, ecopheric concerns and so forth should have implementable political method. To interfere with the political operations of foreign entities arbitrarily in pursuit of an extraterritorial end is to tend to throw a wrench into the rationality of the local political works.

In several respects the language ontologies of logic and linguistics may be comparable to the ontologies of political ideas that human beings form in a local political lexicon. If one speaks the language of that lexicon one might improve or harm the local political activities. Deception is however unlikely to advance the fundamental human goal of creating a better political organization.

Today the United States does have unusual foreign policies of engagement too numerous to list here. One might speculate about the corporatism requiring the expansion of international markets that is a kind of ecospheric imperialism destructively, yet wonder if Communist China’s move into market production is a kind of other side of the same coin that Wall Street’s capitalist logic has advanced as a rationale for running roughshod over democracy? That is one may discern that authoritarian power with an ostensible good purpose at heart is used as an ethical justification for the fullfillment of material production goals and consolidation of power without regard to numerous other alternative politicall formalizations.

Political totalization of geography and markets seems to flow from Wall Street as well as Communist China. Necessarily the Wal-martization of politics follows along too with global networks and oligarchy homogenizing everything from music to clothing and political topics. The challenge may be to retain local politics and nationality in an era when the forces of totalization are becoming universal.

As the rationality for free enterprise corresponds with the goals of individualistic democracy, respect for local political self-determination is a fundamental way that philosophically provident government by and for the people has advanced to let a tangled bank of invention and enterprise stimulate human production and understanding. While learning is universal and a common product of human experience, the need to keep capitalism and communism from repressing individual rights, expression, development and property acquisition requisite for individual independence means that politics needs to work to keep the empirical realm free from the domination of organization, individuals or sub-units of society that convert it to essentially serve their own proprietary interests. Some of the more pressing concerns for the public today are those of ecospheric conservation, biospheric recovery, universal health care, stabilization of resource use and development of highly intellectual social selection of resources to produce within renewable contextual prioritization.

Politics today is of a far more complex nature than in prior centuries.

Globalization of communication and trade means that a continuum of foreign interference exists in so much as business is also a formof politics with its own environmental and social displacement effects. When Wal-Mart recently received permission to expand into Indian cities of more than a million souls it also became a local political force and vice versa. Bentonville Arkansas and New Dehli will now be conjoined to a certain extent with local jobs and ecosphere in part determined by corporate and political actions reciprocally. The problem in globalization is in the eclipse of self-determination by political units such as nations as corporatism takes over.

Many organizations and even polities today have trans-national goals and alliances. This is the age of networks of power, and also of destructive interference by rival organizations intentionally and unintentionally for control. One of the greatest challenges is to prevent politics from becoming a 'tale told by an idiot full of sound and fury signifying nothing'.

The ability to human polities to self-govern intelligently was perennially a challenge as we know from the pessimism of Aristotle regarding democracy that he believed evolve into tyranny eventually. Human beings must work with recognition of all people to have meaningful and free individuality while simultaneously being cognizant of the ecospheric limitations to unintelligent and unreformed growth. Capitalism should be legally made to work for small scale and intermediate size business instead of global corporations, and trade internationally should be made for comparative advantage rather than absolute advantage. To make nations applied economic areas with sustainable qualitative development is a challenge following the ancient regime of belief in the benefits of globalism and even absolute forms of government. Humanity has a very challenging future ahead, especially with all of the U.S. Presidential candidates except Mitt Romney seeming better fit for appearances on talk shows than presiding in the White House.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Gingrich’s Private Retirement Plan/Comparable to Obamacare

Each plan puts a corporate hand on every American’s wallet. Obamacare makes all Americans pay corporate insurers money and locks in a health care delivery mode pre-empting better change toward free health care for the poor directly by public facilities. Newt Gingrich’s plan would require all Americans to pay into corporate owned retirement accounts enabling the corporate world to have a vast pool of new wealth to invest and speculate with. In time the corporate world would evolve Former Speaker Newt's plan into decretals stating how much each retiree might receive as a 'dividend' from their 'shares', if their was anything left after the next Wall Street scam by quants with super-computers.

If private corporate retirement accounts replace a reformed public retirement emergency safety net the incipient global corporate oligarchy will have another rope tied around the freedom of the American public. The Wall Street network will require all Americans to deliver a portion of their earnings to it. Wealth will be concentrated and real economic free enterprise annihilated as the universal corporatism state assumes totalized control. Corporate elites will be able to draw in the rest of the world from China to India and require they pay into Corporate retirement accounts further enfeofing the oligarchy. The Newt Gingrich plan is like Obamacare in being a shill of the New World Oligarchic Order.

All that social security needs is a simple, more reasonable means test so just those that actually need the money get it. Americans can save money for themselves I they want besides. The trouble is they don’t earn as much if any these years or decades and the broadcast media is a raving smokescreen to corrupt politics and make Americans happy with possibility of a pizza, an emasculated government half the size to serve the corporate oligarchy, or no government at all with a libertarian reliance on corporate feudalism to supervise indolent America.

Kenyan Distance Runner Marko Cheseto's Frostbitten Feet Amputated in Anchorage

A twenty-eight year old champion distance runner from Kenya on the University of Alaska at Anchorage’s track team had both his feet amputated as a result of severe frostbite. Distance running is a somewhat vulnerable to freezing pastime above 60 degrees north latitude after October 1st. One must use special heat running shoes and intermodal survival attire often lacking from collegiate equipment. I had a nice town an country goose down parka that was absolutely useless with a little sweat and would then refreeze in a wet condition until spring that about April 20th.

Runners should have special running spikes, in head verbal g.p.s instructions if from Kenya in their own Zulu language and an emergency locator beacon with a dead man switch that will alert rescuers an hour after the system is activated because of measured thermal hypothermia transition in the athlete’s body.

I saw one of these Kenyan distance runners on the street near a midtown park in Anchorage last winter and thought then that the light sweat clothing and weather circumstance with frozen icy sidewalks, cool wind and walk/don’t walk signals were not conducive to an equatorial runner’s health.

For six months annual the high temperature in Anchorage is usually below freezing. Wind often rises from salt water cook Inlet even when its 5 degrees Fahrenheit sending the wind chill plummeting far below zero. It is easy to flash freeze and frost damage the little blood vessels on the nose giving one the purple nose appearance associated with drunks. Equatorial African runners given athletic scholarships to provide winning times for the University in intercollegiate competition (one did win this year) have about zero experience with cold weather. The runner who lost his feet did so shortly after the return of seasonal cold weather when running should reasonably have stopped for the winter. The Univ. of Alaska at Anchorage does not import marathoners from Greenland, Iceland or Russia to win races for them. Running these days to win at the highest levels is a year-round training prospect. That’s good in Equatorial Africa yet not so good in Anchorage Alaska.

African runners of an elite caliber on scholarship don’t have the normal years of cold weather experience. Neither do distance runners turn off their innate inertia to run six months a year. So one gets to see the somewhat pathetic sight of ultra-thin distance runners slowly picking their way along slick cold icy streets at a near jog-in-place pace rather unenthusiastically I should imagine. Cold weather to the uninformed is a little like an ocean wave that engulfs you. The cold is its own pressing, saturating immediate reality that requires experience to survive with all of one’s body parts intact.

If a newly arrived homeless person from the south arrives and is careless, he may have his toes frozen if left outside a sleeping bag a few hours. A Kenyan runner can ecome disoriented in a snowstorm or slip on ice in a park hitting his head and be covered by snow-and be lucky to wake up. Athletes on scholarship must perform immediately upon arrival and continuously for their four years at college. In Oregon running distances year round might have been reasonable before the Kenyan conditions for better year round running fanaticism arrived. Anchorage Alaska is a better place to import Russian weight lifters or Swiss competition climbers (If there is such a collegiate sport), Indonesian scuba divers or Scandinavian skiers instead of equatorial African runners. If the University f Alaska at Anchorage insists upon giving scholarships to out of nation non-residents it should try for 7 foot indoor basketball players from South Africa or a shot putter or two in order that they can have realistic year-round training opportunity.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Christian Conservativess Don't Need Sharia Law for Economic Reform

Moral issues rather than economic issues are at the core of the Republican political tactic to get mainstream conservative Christian voters to help concentrate wealth in the United States. There is a certain amount of historical logic in expecting some Christians used to hierarchical leadership in their churches to natural transition into being somewhat retro-feudalist in supporting elite business candidates calling themselves conservatives.

I doubt if many Christians would regard the help the rich get richer Republicans as conservatives at all if the moral agenda were removed. In fact the Republicans are nowadays-extreme globalists creating a vast planetary and oily oligarchy with candidates like newt Gingrich-the Genghis Khan of financial globalism speaking in one week from Harvard and on to topics in about the Chinese economy. Former Speaker Gingrich is a kind of retrograde capital gains tax guy who would probably prefer the middle class and poor pick up the tab of a retrograde minus 10% capital gains tax on the rich instead of the present ridiculously low 20%

Christian fundamentalists have been given the completely wrong idea that politics isn't mostly about economics. When they just vote for candidates promising moral change to traditional values and trust in the corporate world acting through God to create employment for them, they get jobs outsourced to China, production shifting to Mexico and Mexican truck drivers delivering the manufacturing all over the U.S.A. Morality is important for individual Christians, and we can do well to be good moral examples ourselves, associate with other Christians and even create an egalitarian [priesthood of believers. Yet Christians should not be so simplistic as to ignore the reforming work of Jesus Christ in leaving the law and hierarchical temple priesthood to have a new relationship to God written in the hearts and minds of believers.

When Christians are duped into voting for candidates that care little about Christian affairs except so far as it helps get them elected and disregard economic issues they tend to help elect the economically corrupt and drive independent voters over to the side already fleeing the party with reproving Christian moralists within. Christians cannot elect a politician who can force decent moral law upon the electorate. -

God's effort to place a moral legal code upon the people of ancient Israel and Judah was never his first choice. Making a King of Saul was never the preferred alternative-the people demanded one and still seem to want to work against the moral laws of God. Jesus led people of faith away from the legalism and Pontius Pilate's and King Herod's of moral authority. Rendering unto Caesar what is Caesars certainly applies in economics and politics. Christians can move toward Christian morality for-themselves quite well. First Christians should reform their own ecclesiastical structure and take up a priesthood of believer’s egalitarianism.

When the ancient Byzantine Empire was driven out of North Africa by the Moslem expansion it was already rotten. Decadent and corrupt and previously displaced by Goth and Vandal invasions the Church was challenged to find its place in the new political world. Until the rise of Pope Gregory the First the Christian Church of Rome was not challenged to move its structure radically toward militarization and relationships nearly as peers with political leaders. In the Byzantine Empire the clergy was increasingly insular from the people as well. It was easy to develop a role as liturgical and monastic specialists when there was no middle class and when free enterprise and individual rights were rather minimal and subordinated to the autocratic powers of monarchs.

It isn't a surprise that Muhammad took for an example of a legal system the Jewish legalism in a new form that would eventually become Sharia. Before the destruction of the Temple in 70 a.d., and during periods when free from direct Greek or Roman rule the Jewish religious authorities were also virtually the legal and political authorities. That direction is one that fundamentalist Christians should not follow in the United States by seeking to elect candidates that simply promise Christians ethics while forsaking economic competence.

Christians have no reason to side with the rich against the poor in the United States, nor scriptural urgency to support ecospherically destructive industrial practices. Instead of using a dead-reckoning pragmatism guessing what candidates seem to have the most moral perfection and then vote for that-or for who promises to end abortion in our lifetimes Christians should recognize that real people care about real economics, security and standard of living while moral issues need to be decided by the heart.

Politics is not the right realm for religious authority. An activist, reformed Church is the best way to bring the electorate to salvation and good conduct. In times past there was a certain element of rubbing off of faith in the conduct of some politicians toward moral decency reflected in political virtue. Yet lets not go too far in expecting politicians today to be able to form a super-committee and balance a national budget given months, nor to find a way to transform the electorate into being saved and virtuous citizens whom will then create a perfect and just economy. Let’s just vote for Mitt Romney and call it good enough, and leave Shria to the Moslem world.

Dolphin/Whale Multiphase Communications Provide Neutrino Tracking Help

Scientific American has an interesting article on how research into how dolphins and whales communicate at a distance utilizing multipath interference has generated technology that allows astrophysicists to correctly place neutrino detectors in Lake Baikal in an apparatus to track incoming neutrinos from deep space super-novas and so forth from whence they originate.

One must wonder if the neutrino experiment at CERN in the OPERA experiment sending neutrinos to an Italy facility seemingly a little faster than light might also have created some sort of multi-path interference echo effects inducting an anticipatory information formation creating a faster than light superposition of neutrino arrival data.

Friday, November 18, 2011

News of Whales

Reading the free Juneau Alaska newspaper The Capitol City Weekly I encountered a very good article on the topic of preservation of a skeleton of a humpback whale killed by a cruise ship in S.E. Alaska during 2001. The perpetrator of the whale slaughter was caught and fined, yet the damage had been done.

The whale was a 46 year old named Snow that had been tracked by scientists for more than a quarter century. From examination of the carcass they were able to confirm a scientific hypothesis regarding the aging of whale by counting rings in their ears (no not that kind). Rather like tree rings the cartilaginous accretions gain one ring per year.

The most elderly humpback whale carcass was then known to be 96 years old. That is rather equivalent to a human lifespan, and whales with larger brains than human beings have more in common with human life experiences.
Whales are taking a beating from humanity of course with far diminished numbers. A baby killer whale carcass of 8 feet was found recently off the Washington coast. Necropsy showed it to have died from an umbilical hernia. The Puget Sound and probably proximal Pacific waters are rather toxic for whales.

That reminds me-why not invent some sort of cheap, lightweight stick on whistle that would sound a warning for birds when an electric power fan is turning quickly so they can avoid the choppy death? Bird hearing might be adequate for recognizing that sort of sound and identify it with a material object.

Whale brains are larger yet have larger parts too making them run a little slower I would guess. Human brains have optimal packing of circuits for processing data rather comparable to a computer chip density. Although Intel recently completed a teraflop chip, biological 'chips' are optimalized in the human brain form. Too larger means slower because of longer distances to send information, too much heat and too thick of axons-dendrites and so forth. Too small means not enough computing capacity, yet of course even mosquitoes fly as well as human airline pilots so kinds of thought are rather automatic.

The skeleton of Snow was conserved and will be displayed at Gustavus Alaska in the future.

Reaganomics of the Cold War Era-Why It Fails in a Plastic New World Order

Reaganomics of perpetual deficit financed stimulus spending on military hardware, tax cuts for the rich and plundering of non-renewable energy resources increased job creation during the declining phase of the cold war in the United States. The policy was a diffuse temporal solution rather like world war two high altitude bombing runs. Imprecise and not an optimal investment of human resources yet a logical, powerful action that let loose non-renewable development force in the U.S.A. without economic labor competition from China, Africa or much of the rest of the world including Russia.

Reaganomic policy today is incapable of producing more than deficits, as the leaky bucket national labor market has billions of new labor rivals and millions of economic migrants from Mexico illegally as well as myriad free trade agreements signed into law by every President since Bill Clinton.

Americans might wonder about the rationale of providing tax dollar industrial subsidies for cheap electric power supply, roads, bridges, airports and wars to get oil contracts for communist elite exclusivists global business totalitarians seeking to force a new age of feudalism upon the poor and middle class. Private enterprise should build their own electric power supplies instead of the public. Public power ought to be simply residentially used if at all.

Insider congressional trading, low, low capital gains and class taxes for the wealthy, globally traded home mortgages, quantified dark pool stock trading-the elites have corrupted The American economy pervasively and defend it through their media mouthpieces.
With the low, low capital gains tax of just 15% the rich are making money running away from ordinary Americans, and increasingly invest abroad. They have more economic leverage than the Spanish fascists of General Franco comparatively before the Spanish civil war. Brits and other globalists with computers should not be able to game the U.S. economy from abroad. The center of American economic effort ought to be in the U.S.A. rather than London, Beijing or Boomtown Africa.

Since the end of the cold war in December 1989 the leading political and fiduciary class of the U.S.A. has played the American public for chumps largely. Economic oligarchy has been promoted and Wall Street deregulation permitted accelerating concentration of wealth perhaps collaterally with the rate of expansion of the Universe. Wall Street brought physicists into its quantitative economic teams making ordinary work something of a joke in the U.S.A. Work is sometimes regarded as something dishonorable that the stupid or minorities do. Work is alternately redefined to mean electron-shuffling positions of non-material productivity-maybe in the financial sector, corporate consultancies or government. Traditional workers, preferably illegally in America or overseas as new rising majorities can do the manual work cheaper and with fewer labor problems.

The United States political leadership has largely turned away from the responsibility of managing national politics to serve all of the people equally well in an ecospheric house that God provided. Keeping the nation green and a good environment for citizens and wildlife is a challenge for good government. Too much the aloof give ‘the business’ to American nationalists seeking to build America rather than Asia. America can be a good example to other nations, when they can become a good example instead of training the world to be disposable product consumers of non-renewable resources while the atmosphere moves its temperature to something better for lizards than mankind.

There is a perennial social battle in human history of the corrupt, cruel, stupid and ignorant oppressors of the majority of humankind who seek to concentrate their wealth and power over the masses. The United State began in fundamental revolt against that principle of tyranny. Historical circumstance has made course navigations to the free enterprise and land ownership rights of the people, of the property of civil rights of the people necessary in order to prevent the encroachment of tyranny in concentrated wealth and power from profiting by exploiting the work or degrading the liberty of their fellow citizens.

Taxation has been one method used to combat the usurious acquisition of wealth. Good political leaders have supported regulations in business and commerce from anti-monopoly laws to laws against insider trading as well as tax policy to prevent the impoverishment of the populous. The nation is most creative and inventive when the disparity between rich and poor is not too great, and when the native brilliance of Americans may quickly emerge from behind the vicissitudes of poverty, bureaucracy, oppressive establishment or government perfidy.

American political leadership is more of an indolent disposition today-to self-seeking, rather than simply corrupt or wicked. It is possible that American politics might be reformed along pragmatic lines of national ecospheric quality free enterprise with reinforce vales of full employment.

Limits to networking of capital need be set to keep free enterprise a more proximal activity developed by original inventors and entrepreneurs employing fewer than 10,000 souls in order to keep a competitive domestic economy alive. No shareholders should have investments in more than three corporations.

The United States’ economic renewal requires five or more axis of reform and no politician is offering more than just one. Mitt Romney is a Presidential candidate with seemingly the best prospect for traditional economic improvement while the rest apparently have no plans for improvement at all that are realistic. That is, they are zero for six or seven.

Here are a few of the ways the economy should be changed…

1) Create a sloped tax with no deductions at 70% for those earning more than 250,000 dollars annually, 20% for the middle class and 1% for the poor.
2) Set a capital gains tax rate of 50%
3) Zero tolerance for illegal immigration
4) Free public health care for the poor and veterans in public hospitals
5) End Obamacare and tracking of poor, uninsured interstate workers. Next thing they'll want is to implant g.p.s. chips in the poor and middle class.
6) New super-conductor electrical grid along interstates to power electricity cars
7) Atomic power plants for agriculture on moon as well as for electro-magnetic mass drivers on Earth and Moon
8) Investment in zero-net loss of biosphere national ecosphere reconstruction projects
9) Design and support for high quality low energy use no-net-loss of biosphere dome homes for any homeless American with a cost of 25,000 dollars or less.
10) Accentuate the positive aspects of comparative advantage trading internationally instead of unlimited trade in order to cut down on transport and ecosphere inefficiency
11) Create economic growth while decreasing resource use. The use of intelligence getting more with less is the way to accomplish that. Smaller, more adaptable business infrastructure able to improve units of economic infrastructure quickly within acceptable ecosphere parameters are desirable.
Obviously means tests on social security and other existing federal programs should be used to assure that the programs are used only if necessary rather than for living high off the hog.

American socio-economic inefficiency can be overcome with good ideas from environmental economists and others, probably not by lawyers seeking to just reinforce the concentration of wealth or global socialism. It is a reasonable goal for a democracy within an artificially transformed empirical national boundary to keep all of the polity in happy, productive, free lifestyles using our own national resources as efficiently as humanly possible. Perpetual revolution in technical efficiency increases getting more with less entropy should be a national priority.

Many Americans are not philosophers or brilliant interdisciplinary thinkers aware of all of the world’s ecospheric and business challenges as they go about earning a living. The broadcast media is a kind of dumbing down bludgeon of ignorance and social control making national progress improbable. Actually I am not too optimistic that any American President or Congress can get many transformative and positive economic changes done that would really leave no American out in the cold. Cold war rhetoric is perennial favorite of the media and the rich and even socialists too it seems. Forgotten is the philosophical insight and practical brilliance of the founders of the American Revolution. It’s a tough world out there.

American Republican leadership has taken an Ayn Randish turn into economic existential too convenient for the wealthy in denial that competent social economic management can exist; hence all federal policy that does not support the networked totalization of financial flow control for the benefit of the rich should be defunded.

Democrats on the other hand have moved into moral existentialism with nearly complete support for a godless human physicalism in order to reinforce a phenomenal amorality well funded and controlled by vague, elite gang leadership. Each major party reinforces organized economic control by globalists instead of a moderated national free enterprise. As a team the U.S.A. can outperform China in the century ahead with our own resources if intelligent low-entropy economic leadership takes charge. If self-reliance as a nation on our own resources that are equal to or better than those of China becomes a national political virtue perhaps the United States can lead the way into a new era of high tech low entropy renewable economic reform with full employment, liberty and justice for all.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Popular Science for November 2011 (page 91) reported that the 2008 earthquake in china's Sichuan province that left nearly 5 million people homeless was caused by the water behind the dam pressing on a seismic fault line. Concerned citizens have raised concerns of similar earthquake pricipitation by the construction of a potential huge multi-billion dollar dam on Alaska's Susitna River-an area known to be in an active geological fault prone region not too far from the National earthquake Data Center office Alaska branch facility.

Gov. Parnell signs legislation to fund Susitna Dam study

A few Alaskans have experienced the decade of problems to Columbia River fisheries created by Columbia river hydroelectric dam building and have offered alternative ideas for providing energy for the Fairbanks to Anchorage region. The area has rich geothermal potential, wind, solar and hydrogen fuel cell sub-station possibilities that could be made far less likwely to devastate fish habitat, game units or stimulate devastating Earthquakes and downriver floods. Of course dam building is as old as beaver technology so its hard to get politicians to move into new and less harmfell methods of producing energy.

A Susitna river dam may significantly alter wieght upon crustal plates, accellerate global warming, alter oxygen levels in the river and impede the migration of fish. Fish generally hate to go up fish ladders that politicians like to extoll as the express lane for easy fish travel.

Iran, Atomic Bomb development and Ineffective U.S. Foreign Policy

The Clinton administration notably failed to prevent North Korea from developing atomic weapons, the world has survived these years since, though perhaps,, just barely. It is not certain that if Iran develops nuclear weapons that it will use them liberally as soon as possible. One might hope that the U.S. political conversation with Iran could take more positive turns even as it has its belligerant and even bellicose interactive posture (it may be necessary I cannot say).

If or when Iran develops an atomic bomb what difference will it make to regional security and diplomacy? Does the United States typically have a correct or effective, just or logical policy approach to Iran vis security and bilateral relations?

Most politically minded Americans are a little aware of the U.S. history with Iran. Until we appeared to have reinforced a coup by a nearly deposed Shah to rid the increasingly democratic majlis (congress) and Prime Minister Mosadeq we were on fairly good terms. In fact the Iranian government had previously hired an American economist to be their advisor on budgetary matters (possibly not a good idea these days).

Evidently President Eisenhower was advised that the dangers of communist takeover of Parliament in Iran were too much to tolerate and so we developed an antipathetic policy toward the Iranian democratic evolution, and have been on the wrong side since through the last Shah of the Pahlavi dynasty. Paradoxically it was leftist sympathy for the Ayatollah Khomeini that helped the fundamentalist Shi'a clergy take power.

If Iran develops atomic bombs it will change the Sunni-Shia nuclear balance presently in favor of Pakistan and the Sunni. It would mean that the Northern Alliance Shia would have a kind of proxy Shia co-religionist nuclear power next door to offset the Pakistani nuclear coreligionists that have supported the Taliban and other national terrorist groups.

The United States should develop more into9lligent rather than inertially driven Iranian policy in order to help move toward better relations rather than perennially toward war. The Iranian Prime Minister may be voted out or run into term limits, and changes can occur. The Indian, Shi, Sunni atomic power balance along with China and Russia make for fairly interesting international relations scenarios.

Iran has for more than 500 years been a center for the development of civilization. Early artful carvings of Shahdad circa 2400 B.C. provide some examples of ancient hetero relationships as a social topic. Travel through Iran in ancient times was a natural course in the journey of mankind. With a better U.S. policy of progressive diplomacy-at the least a different tone, it should be possible to find a better way of exiting the interminable bilateral monologues of political speech flowing toward the public and past the U.S.A. and Iran.

The fact that the United States seems to have an amateurish and/or churlish attitude toward Iran is not to say that Iranian domestic or international policies are either good or bad. It simply is a criticism of the low level of competence in U.S. diplomacy as well as in domestic economic management that has continued several decades.

Will Iran be a threat to Israel with atomic weapons? They would know that Israel would survive a nuclear attack to launch a devastating retaliation upon all Iranian cities were vaporizing. Iran would have a nuclear deterrent that would limit its options in turn in engaging in conventional wars with its neighbors, yet it hasn't started a war with anyone since the late wars with the Tsar of Russia I( believe, and that did not go well.

The United States may or may not man up to destroying Iranian atomic weapons capability, but it can at least smile and have a good and fuller attitude even so. Iran may believe that the United States has no possibility of launching a pre-emptory anti-atomic bomb construction nuclear strike, yet it certainly won't be bluffed into stopping its development program in the meantime. Many of the world’s nations are rather undisturbed about the possibility that commands so much attention in the U.S.A.

If the United States had its oars in the water on domestic budget, energy and ecospheric management, if the U*.S.A. wasn't in the long run process of concentrating wealth and impoverishing most Americans, or at least stagnating a balanced distribution of wealth., if the government wasn't something of a yippee tool for the rich the perpetual concern with Iran might be taken more seriously as if the government of the United States was competent and not just deficit spenders with lots of big standoff weapons of immense power. One wishes the U.S. government would at least offer a continues open door to Iran to develop better relations from a menu of realistic trade and education avenues should they decide to do so, instead of presenting an all or nothing approach to what is for Washington an appropriately small belligerent power worthy of decades of ineffective discourse by politicians.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Slithy Toves of Power ©2011GARY CLIFFORD GIBSON

Viewed from the Earth the moon looked the same as it had thirty years ago before the rush to development ramped up with a profusion of atomic powered electro-magnetic mass drivers built n Earth and the moon. U.N. resolution Alpha-Lunar 1737 declared there could be no net change of the lunar albedo pattern index from the baseline year that the effect on the Earth might not be changed. Neither was the gross weight of the moon permitted to increase or decrease. Imports and exports must be neutrally balanced.

Well, reflected Saul Ehrenfrist, we got the best of that exchange exporting quality mass an importing quality cash. Viewed from the moon, the Earth did not look the same as it did thirty years before. The line of desiccation and burning grass fires expanding the brown regions northward and south from the equator to 50 degrees north and south latitude. Without vast freshwater making evaporation sea canals to water agriculture the population chaos and line of control diminished visibly over the video-history app. Saul regarded his sub-surface far at New Jerusalem on Pluto for a second then returned to contemplation of old world issues

With the foreign policy of the United States particularly inept at fiscal efficiency, and with domestic economic management equally ineffective it became a good idea to consider new directions in U.S. immigration policy.

Antigen immigrants from the high country of Central Asia were brought in by the millions to counteract a moral infection spread by a Democratic party. Democrats had brought in millions of left-leaning voters so Republicans felt turnabout was fair play.

The Democratic Party had accomplished little the past several decades to reform the national economy. They acquiesced in a western people to padrone utopia for CEO’S. The rich led the party and wheedled for homophagic power. It led the way in to deeper moral decline.

Democratic homophages reinforced the padrone’s peonization of culture aborting hypothetical business and political competition. Some remaining conservative nationalist Republicans passed a law beginning a new age, slowly. The immigration of millions of elite Moslems including families of Omar to the city of Nizhny Omar in Massachusetts created a dynamic moral tension in politics stimulating escalation of off-whirled industrial activity.

Lunar construction of agricultural colonies stimulated extra-terrestrial atomic energy business to empower sealed-under- polarized-glass agri-grow fields of highly productive organic farms. The Omar control tower at New Omar guided New Wranglers robotic space-craft round-up of incoming comets nearing the inner solar system to intercept and change the water ice toward more felicitous melt-down orbital storage around the moon.

Water recycled within the sealed lunar glass agri-domes moved through the completely efficient organic plant growth cycle with enhanced temperature and atmospheric content regulation. The lunar regolith lacked the viruses by the millions that existed on Earth allowing a variety of new growing processes to be actualized phenomenally.

The Earth stagnation in Toynbeen fin de sicle phenomenalites set loose a number of forms of homophages at social war upon the pre-existing social structures as if annihilation of structure and reason could solve the technical challenges of too many people inefficiently consuming limited resources. For a decade the importation of plant food to Earth from the moon’s rich organic farms stabilized and reduced the increasing planetary starvation reaching billions of people.

Taking a new direction toward a revitalized spiritual polity is not a bad thing. Science and philosophy may continue, and perhaps the decline of the west under the overweening moral decadence of godless atheism can be arrested, the dynamics of intelligent social governance requires an election of leaders of a quality rarely found unfortunately.

The hedonistic concentration of wealth led by U.S. historical incompetence was a serious factor of political malpractice that worked against the three millennia of western liberalism that sought to bring equal political and social standing to mankind enslaved by aristocrats and dictators.

The Moslem world was in the process of revolting en mass in a populism that continued a few decades. Communist China moved toward limited free enterprise yet kept the controlling power of governance in the interests of the masses, Europe experienced a retrograde concentration of wealth and returned to its historical cycle of evolutionary wars of liberation-all of these people resisted the direction of concentrating wealth for one reason or another.

Directional microwaves warmed the atmosphere in living domes directly, mineral slurries exchanged heat in pipe from atomic power plants before being super-cooled running in the vacuum outside on the return to the power generators. Most of the lunar construction used implicitly photon energy generating nano-technology and in the low temperature super-conducting circuits were the usual.

Christians were able to adapt in a Moslem friendly moral atmosphere more readily than in the atheist friendly environment that produced so many homophage political legislative actions. Christian hierarchy transitioned toward a priesthood of believers rather than a hierarchical clergy, and like the Moslem immigrants of the United States who sent employment remittances to relatives in Afghanistan and Kurdistan stabilizing the political environment at a distance, sent non-homophagic ruled remittance money down to Earth to reinforce challenged small scale free enterprise.

At a terrace table on an extrusion from the maze of lunar salmon habitat water storage tunnels Saul read from an e-book of the library of genetic registry on the ancestry of salmon living in tunnels and underground aquifers of the moon, Mars and Pluto. He considered the elementus regulus advocates insinuating Earth continuum environments around the solar system to be the best voices for political liberty today. The list of free flowing bio-transfer life forms developing away from the Earth and its usual gravity was substantial. The life forms changed and the presence of ancillary life forms to adapt to ecospheric increase requirements was a continuum for-itself. The new life forms increasingly adapted to the input of Zulu world minerals and exo-material factors. The main problem in natural adaptation was the intentional anti-human phages attacking the health of reason for-itself sociologically. Maintenance of a spirit of the times cognizant of human integrity and the exo-designs supporting an increase of a human friendly exo-ecosphere required delimitation of homophages to channels with other predators. Predators are part of any ecosphere; after all it’s a matter of perspective, yet predation does degrade the primary opportunity for use of human reason in designing an exo-biological ecosphere under God commensurate with high quality and advancing human civilization.

Saul walked to a window overlooking the crater floor a thousand feet below the lunar surface. His white nylon thobe caught a breeze from the thermals of the drying season cycle and gracefully flowed toward the catchment streams of a dialectical series of which he wondered.

The dialect of material theory formed in structural abstract paradigms of thought. G.W.F. Hegel could reasonably contemplate dialectical evolution of spirit as the languages of the Logos are words of immanent purpose. Teleos take the form of a language dialect of spirit. The words providing meaning actualize as structure. Karl Max never understood the dialectical spirit of materials foundation. Leibniz reached most closely in theoretical physics until the modern age at inducting an insight into the nature of reality as one-dimensional spiritual monads. M-Theory offered the concepts of strings and membranes of one dimension ground n extra-dimensional configurations. At the fundamental stage spirit issues a waveform modality through the space time appearance of mass and energy. The dialectical phase of the language of experience changes in order to fulfill the purpose of The Spirit.

The spirit actualizing purpose through ordered sequential change implicit through space-time presented myriad possibilities for reason to advance ideas of understanding. For what greater purpose comprehension of material foundations of cosmic quantum structures should be in part learned and understood by mankind as a dialect of physical thought he did not know. In the proximal beginning of Universe 1 energy compacted most fully would be entirely ossified as mass reduced to most minimal unchanging size It would have no release of energy as radiation. It would b undifferentiated membrane without temporality, gravity or extraneous physical forces. That infinitely compact bit of all possible mass set aside for the lifetime of Universe 1 would await the dialect of the spirit speaking to shape and release its energy converted into space time expansion flowing until the purpose of creation was done.

In the solar system Saul realized, the book of ecosphere changes inventoried billions of life forms and life form segments-viruses that lived only within other life forms and social structures. Phages; attackers upon contemporary life forms, were also inventoried and illuminated for Saul the fundamental paradox of life existing organically as a network of contradictory impulses evolving the ecosphere to increase its overall mass upon the inorganic foundation serving as its essential host. Saul could not comprehend how the homophages of the Eastern liberal establishment of the United States could fail to understand that its radically anti-heterosexual nature destroying individual civil rights and free enterprise through corporate and federal tyranny was reducing the gross dimensional area and diversity of the endo and exo ecosphere with endo and exo phages promotion.

Saul left his contemplations and moved to an elevator to the crater rim view deck more than three thousand feet above. As he looked at the Earth beyond considering its foolishness he resolved once more to survive to restore its verdant Gaia after Lemmingway brought the population crash to its basic Lovelock reduction stability level of 200 million. Nothing could be done before he knew. The illogical, unnecessary destruction of the biosphere and most of Earth’s humanity would run its course.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Bugetageddon Approaches

The Congressional super-committee to balance the federal budget has just two weeks to produce before automatic cuts trim 600 billion of defense pork from the federal budget along with Draconian cuts to social services.

Independent voters have hopes that a rapture will happen before the prophesied doom to lift them from the bi-partisan political impudence and deliver the heaven of full employment, free medical and recovering ecosphere in the happy voter ground.

In the Budgetageddon talks Republicans have asked Democrats to sell their souls to the devil and accept a mark-o-the-beast 999 plan, and Democrats have replied asking Republicans to have comprehensive sex change operations. The positions of the two parties are thus still far enough apart that agreement is not anticipated.

Insiders have leaked negotiations on a possibility compromise wherein fertilized human conservative eggs are implanted in liberated hog surrogates to free-up transgender patented starts by Evil Super committee of Doom.

Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina said that he will not accept defense cuts (his state survives on defense spending). Legislators plan to scuttle the automatic cuts of Budgetageddon and transfer several trillion dollars of debt to Greece and Italy too if Greece is topped up with debt and lacking additional sink capacity.

President Obama has viewed the budget impasse with impatience and has invested his time on fulfilling his 2008 campaign pledge of outsourcing U.S. Justice proceedings offshore to Guantanamo Bay. The Supreme Court of Harvard is expected to move into a new time-share soon after Pilipino laborers relocated from Nepal working for a no-bid defense contractor leave the North Slope and pour a few more concrete columns with a modicum of fiduciary entasis at Gitmo. The President said ‘police agencies have the right to place tracking sticky-chips on citizen-pets in order to track their potential for evading shopping at Wal-Mart, but not the right to place g.p.s. tracking devices on cars without warrants because anyone else could too and they might find out where federal automobiles really go.’

A Flat progressive tax with differential rates for rich, middle class and poor is the obvious fair way to go on tax reform, and thus the least evident and most hidden from the committee. The 70-20-1 plan as it is known is not in consideration because it is rational.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Political Philosophy & Social Design

Social governance of a democratic constitution arises through design rather than evolution. Tribal environments may evolve strong men, feudal nobles or even dictators and hereditary monarchs yet creation of social and legal egalitarianism requires philosophical reason to innovate and continue a national zeitgeist reinforcing a productive and coherent free enterprising individualism concatenated.

Plato and Aristotle recognized the malleability of political constructions comprising a nation or city-state. Plato elucidated the design of a Republic abstracted from the Spartan city-state idealized as neo-fascism. The support of Socrates for the restoration of oligarchy led the demos to order his execution for corrupting youth. Plato, his student and associate, wrote of an ideal Republic. Aristotle developed the idea of historical cycles of forms of government in his book 'The Politics'. That idea has continued through 20th century philosophers of history such as Oswald Spengler and Arnold Toynbee.

The design of optimal political structures insinuated into the necessarily evolving state of political arrangements as they are is challenging. Social government has an ideal constitution in some regards that is separate from the actual facts of social reality. Social reality finds its own Taoist flow through the water courses of history with social members often in opposition to or incognizance of the requirements of readjusting course and elevation of governance for the aircraft of state to maintain a productive course through time.

The United States polity can regard its political prospects as requiring adjustment through legislation capable of renormalizing the egalitarian and equal opportunity prospects of its citizens. The nation requires secure borders, a stable population, a healthy environment and freedom from extreme political outsourcing of power and wealth.

Taxation may be changed as needed to reduce the inimical concentration of wealth and power through global networks, to restore the national ecospheric health and to transition into a more efficient national economic system with greater productivity from fewer resources.

There is no good reason to believe that the national interest is best advanced by concentrating wealth within a loosely evolutionary rational of feudalism, organized crime, atheistic feudalism nor pseudo theocratic hierarchialization.

Free enterprise for Adam Smith and David Hume would have been the better way to free society from concentrated wealth and power rather than to reinforce it. Designing governance today that brings into effect the most efficient American national economy possible is a process like that taken by Plato or the founders of the United States. Design of political course corrections that will enable the most Americans possible to save capital and to creatively invest in their own free enterprises without the presence of pervasive wealth network snares and cooption of opportunity is a challenging task. The fundamental goals and parameters for change to fulfill national political are not so difficult to express.

Intermediate size corporations ought to be the largest allowed. Ten thousand employees should be the limit for corporate growth. Quality instead of quantity should be the basic way to advance. Taxation on those earning more than 250,000 dollars annually should be at 70% and on the middle class just 20% and 1% for the poor. With more capital concentration for the poor and middle class and with fewer pre-emptory financial networks the growth of new free enterprises and acceleration of quality in competition should increase.

The United States today has a totalized economy from which no one is exempt. It assumes a course of development toward concentration of wealth through neglect and corruption. To return the economy to ecospheric and economic efficiency will require intention and design.

No citizen should own shares of stock in more than three corporations. When the federal debt is repaid excess federal income can be invested in ecospheric rehabilitation, education, space exploration and technological prize incentives/competitions. Full employment should be a normal goal of American political design along with comprehension of function social safety net. Citizens should have lifetime medical care and no problem for basics like shelter and food, privacy and communications in order that they might be free to be as inventive and productive as possible without lengthy years of 'down-time' when only the rich concentrating wealth and the upper middle class mirthfully enjoy comfort and the increase of political power.
As a nation the U.S.A. can set basic political goals and continuously strive like an ancient Sparta or Athens to actualize the ideal state of well-being of all citizens. This does not mean that government should create a philosophical utopia along hedonist or utilitarian lines; it simply requires that the nation forego the attractions of anarchy, neglect and feudalism or tyranny and rationally implement legislation to renormalize the functions of government to reinforce the best systems analysis mechanistic functions it can.

The U.S.A. is like a plane in flight that requires political pilot to maintain a competent course and safely journey with all the passenger citizens comfortable enough to work on their own wireless devices without excessive turbulence or cabin packing of the poor with goats an manure, no coffee, sugar, snacks or nice hostesses. It does not mean that no first class cabin can exist or that the economy class must get free Omaha steaks, truffles and Orange Julius'. It just means that all Americans are in the dreamliner together (although many defect to invest in China, India or the Cayman Islands and Deposit in Swiss banks to be sure) and the entire experience should be functional for all-and not just what the Rush Limbaugh’s and other millionaire and billionaires believe is o.k. for the passengers in the aft should be (pack them in like cord wood tranquilized and sprayed with sanitizer?).

If there is an art of politics that advances social interests toward fulfillment of select basic functions of national eco-economic efficiency it will work through design rather than accident. If evolution becomes a political excuse for any sort of corruption and abnegation of competent predication of language, material and spiritual goal through the bandwidth and broadcast media it is the rich that will concentrate wealth as the main prevailing survivors through all the smoke, mirrors and deceit. An art of politics that rectifies national purpose toward the realistic social and economic principles of the founders within the contemporary totalized economic environment that is restorative of privacy and freedom necessary socially for economic and spiritual prosperity must also lead the people toward conservation and recovery of the natural environment that under God is the ecosphere in which life on Earth exists for no at least, in health if not long range sustainability. This is no time for corporate feudalism and atheistic industrial or bureaucratic existentialism/consumerism.

Monday, November 07, 2011

Progress Tripartite Flat Tax to Assault Wealth Gap

Old billionaires and millionaires swell the average income of the elderly over all. Most of the young don't accumulate their first million until after age 35, and so of us of course never achieve that milestone.

These sorts of headlines highlight congressional inability to employ right reasoning on making a nation work properly. The elderly are of course inclusive of the most wealthy, so the figures are quite inflated. neither do the statistics show the relationship of youth who are heirs to the wealthy. If Americans accept stupidity as their norm they shall have stupid government in default structured to reinforce the rich who will concentrate wealthy and provide pablum through their media to the masses.

A progressive flat tax would help to remedy the problem of increasing concentration of wealth and power in the U.S.A. Those earning more than 200,000 annually should be taxed a flat 70%. The middle class should pay a flat 20% and the poor a flat 1%. political decisions to reallocate public capital should be through legislative programs rather than through variable tax rates.

Though numerous legislative corrections to the U.S. political system are required to bring the nation to continual full employment, minimum guaranteed income and comprehensive medical coverage for all citizens and legal residents including securing the borders against illegal immigration, the most challenging and yet obvious task immediately available is to restore social security, medicare and medicaid as social safety nets with means tests requisite for using the public programs.

A nation that is as daft on public policy as the United States destroys its share of the ecosphere, incurs vast public debts, keeps college graduates underemployed, spends profligately on ill managed foreign wars, decays its moral constitution, allows wealth to be concentrated and so forth.

Public health for the poor at no cost is required for Americans of all ages. No program for a free public health service for the poor and all veterans now exists, and Americans through insurance, H.M.O.'s and other programs will continue to send their money abroad to foreign health service providers-completely idiotic non-pragmatic policies that Presidents as recently as Eisenhower and F.D.R. would have recognized and rejected for profligacy.

The Poetic Truth Value of Sets ©2011GaryCGibson (poem)

Sets of members bracketed
like seasons cover the expanse
of ideas that shimmer as reasons
congruent with space-time chance

One or more element satisfies each true predication
in membership as literal values
non-contradictory with circumstance logical use and structure of words
placed in object language as signs

Where words fade away as abstract reps
descriptions of real things valid till past
relativity and time erase place-time's meaning

Set theoretic descriptions reduce
unto a solitary dreamer's dreaming
of empty sets corresponding to no one
about a universe with God's instructions

When enough of particles and procedures
claiming that for every A there is at least one Z
something one finds in a set of alphabetized construction elements
with numbers in standing cliff-waves
crumbling in timed talus slopes
refutation of properties of temporality
valued as negations of temporal order
bring new sets elemental descriptions
with beautiful attributes
up to this present
as falsehoods of errant descriptions
serve no more to silhouette truth
when a social reality of nothing
with transcending, inerrant truth wasn't possible
the Lord, Father and Holy Spirit arise
as transcending object language in-themselves...the eternal, necessary Truth.

Friday, November 04, 2011

EuroZone/Greek Economic Crisis Saga…

EuroZone/Greek Economic Crisis Saga… is a sign on disintegrated management structure overall in the evolving effort to nationalize Euopean society. Europe is beset by many extralateral issues from beyond its borders from illegal immigration to terrorism, pollution and a non-renewable economic structure of course, and Greece has problems of losing its ethnic identity as its people move to London in search of good jobs.

Protracted Greek public debt issues appended more intrigue and pathos onto the post cold war western economic malaise. Overcoming the bunk inducing irrational exuberance of the 1990s by piling up debt instead of slowly building a new sustainable economic infrastructure the current crisis exemplifies the non-systems analytical ad hoc management style so useful to quant profit taking from a distance. Reform is required to stabilize European economic progress.

Additional economic operations feedback loops should be elucidated to reinforce full Eurozone employment where it lags behind. Greece would benefit from Eurozone high tech construction and energy development investment as well as sustainable agriculture experimentation if a Europool Tech Fund existed as a feedback mechanism to kick in and flow finance and support to member states with high unemployment and debt issues. Eurozone economic policy must be more than old style financial management such that other, substantial cultural development is included as well.

Europool prosperity within a sustainable ecospheric recovery paradigm might rightly include Russia as well if it so desires. One can envision significant employment developing from a TGV line construction from Moscow to Warsaw, Berlin and Paris. More than applying slick paper-electron financial gimmicks to the Greek crisis, solid functioning direct investment to employ thousands in new research and development ventures that might benefit world living efforts in first and third world nations ought to be started. The Agora venture to relieve Greece fro debt and monetary malaise may occur with directed technological investment for an essential Eurozone regional Employment stabilization fund. Americans could benefit too from the example of an effective governing response-feedback mechanism for regional investment that stimulates local employment within green parameters as a normal duty of good governance. From housing to transport, in food production to water-making there should be a road of fields to put people to work in productively even if for the term of five years.

Alaska Governor Seeks to Invalidate Election That Saved Bristol Bay Alaska from One Sort of Eco-Doom

An election to ban development of extraction industries that may adversely impact Bristol Bay salmon streams approved the measure to the consternation of a global mining corporation seeking to start a vast open pit mine in the headwaters drainage of pristine Bristol Bay. The majority of the voters of the affected region voted in favor of banning development by a group including an Anglo-American mining corporation originating in South Africa’s past.

Alaska Governor Sean Parnell has directed his Attorney General to take steps to invalidate the vote throwing democracy under the train in preferring bondage to the dark forces of ecospheric doom.

The corporate world has many political monkeys on strings to do their bidding. The Alaska Governor-an honorable man-should cut himself free of the pulling the strings of strings of corporate control manipulating him effectively as Don Corleone might have in the corrupt days of yore. Governor Parnell ought to respect democracy and quit playing the bully abusing the electorate of Bristol Bay.

The effort to save Bristol Bay with a public vote had more than a year of hard work put into the election phase. The wealthy global extraction schemers must have believed the rural hicks would be a political pushover. They took out many radio ads in support of development yet didn’t say they had the state Governor in their pocket who would overturn the vote if they lost. It would have been fairer if Governor Parnell had said before the election that if the people didn’t vote the way he said that he would use the power of the state to annihilate the vote and eventually the living vitality of Bristol Bay. The opportunity cost of wasting one’s time when there isn’t a real chance to win can be high.

Two-Hundred fifty million years ago 90% of the life in the world ocean was exterminated probably by two high of level of carbonic acid. The construction of vast open pit mines in the head waters of Bristol Bay may accelerate the pooling of carbonic acid in the world ocean, as well as leaching potentially toxic heavy metals into streams and the Bay for several hundred or thousand years. Heavy metal pollutants can cause deformities and mutations in fish that survive toxic acid increases. State Files Suit Over Pebble Mine Initiative Sean parnell Meets in London with BP Execs

Thursday, November 03, 2011

berengia and Illiquidity Risk Models

Illiquidity is a phenomena that occurs when uncertain arises in valuing material trade goods. Since trade goods have risen to include home mortgages as well as commerical buildings and much of everything else since the end of the cold war uncertainty in assigning correct values to articles is a serious risk.

Risk models are what are used by financial forecasters in determing the worthiness of making an investment in anything. Since values have a social relativism implicitly-the value of a widget or an appearance by a celebrity to speak at an event changes from day to day and in relation to the complete complex of compresence of the social trade ensemble of the day, risk modeling must have recursive uncertainty in-itself.

I was reading the new Scientific American (November 2010) and encountered several interresting articles including one upon risk modeling and its 2007-2008 Wall Street crash influence and found a report that the financial trade sector is still a black box-quite non-transparent. It is very difficult to speculate about what sort of business is going on. I believe about 44 trillion dollars of cash transaction occur on Earth each day however-so ran a blurb I read elesewhere. Obviously concatenated crashes are an implicit element of the modern global economy.

Ideally modern economies would revise away from the drift into dialectical transactions politically enabled by the computer communications era that seem to lead toward global concentration of wealth and power-with local manifestations of left-right politics acting as thesis-counterthesis engines to advances toward the Utopia of absolute power envisioned by meglomaniacs historically. Reforming capitalism seems tobe an impossibility though. Limiting the size of corproations to intermediate with just 10,000 employees, limiting the number of corproations anyone could buy into at three, recovering nationalism as a way for politically appropriate environmental and political recovery and management; even full employment as a cultural goal needs to be made a pragmatic cultural affair if the computerized impersonalization of the global totalization of economics is to be brokken up and firewalls installed.

Risk management's failures at systems analysis comprehensiveness was mentioned as an essential fault of the practice of mathematical modeling. If it is better to use volcanic magma flows to dike ut both sides of the Bering Sea in order to pump out the trapped water and restore the lost semi-continent of Berengia that once linked Siberia and Alaska to cool down Actic Ocean and reduce global warming it would not be a project the present political economy could contemplate in the U.S.A. Neither could it conserve the health of the Arctic Ocean, develop desalinized water producing saltwater evaporation-condensation canals in Texas to produce irrigation water or reverse the exemption to the Clean Water Act allowing fracking that was passed into law in 2004.

Risk management today is set poltiically to assure that only the present way of doing things and kicking back to the global network is reinforced. If modern urban skyscrapers are implicitly flimsy building at risk of reduction by military assault, no political capacity would exist to build reinforced hollow mountain ranges for society to live within instead-actually nothing that would reform the existing economic and social structure significantly and for the good seems possible.

Risk management principles applied to global warming would seem to indicate that the risk of failing to reform outweighs the harm risked economically by moving to new social-economic construction priorities. Logical risk assessment seems mostly trusted when the criteria are those necessary to produce chocolate cake.