Friday, September 30, 2011

German Chancellor Questions Jewsish Settlements in Jerusalem

German Chancelor Angela Merkell has made an opposite opinion on Israel's continuing establishment of settlements in East Jerusalem in with timing something like a Luftwaffe air assault coordinated with Mahmoud Abbas' effort at the U.N. to advance the Palestinian war upon the Jewish state through other means-a request that the U.N. draw the lines for a Palestinian State itself without Israeli consent.

Chancellor Merkel believes Israel may not be serious about the 'two-state solution'. That phrase does have a certain advertising zing to it as a kind of antacid pep-yet it isn't a real world guarantee of anything that would bring security to Israel at all as the Chancellor is probably aware.

Evidently the Chancellor of Germany, with a little insensitivity since Adolph Hitler once spoke from the same political post, believes that Israel isn't sincerely interested in a peaceful resolution of the state of conflict that has continued in various forms since 1948 when the modern state of Israel was created. Certainly surviving Nazis of that day would have supported a position the Mufti of Jerusalem would have liked too.

Germany is a fine state and good, intelligent people except when it comes to the Jews. That slippery slope seems to be attracted Chancellor Merkel into making dumb analytical comments as well-and there just ins't any bloody reason for her to speak out at all.

I have been reading a nice little book 'Inside Hamas' recently with interesting expositions of the history of that organization starting Intifadahs and so forth. Chancellor Merkel should have a clue that Hamas has not supported the existence of Israel and is simply asking the U.N. to accomplish additional recovery of territory for them that they cannot gain through war. The best policy for peace in the middle east so far as Israel goes is simply for Germany to offer unilateral support for Israel's effort to make reasonably secure permanent border positions in its homeland since the age of the Jebusites.

The Jewish state needs to have its boundaries securewd withyout the fundamental help of the Palestinians that have resolutely opposed the existence of Israel from the beginning. Germany should not offer more 'final solutions' politically in upgraded versions to the friction between Abraham's two sons. Chancellor Merkel shouold drop her political posturing and step back from the of Abbass' perfidy that would just poisition the next generation of _Palestinian terrorists version 3.1 take over the war from advanced borders.

The Palestinian-Israeli conflict can be solved when the violence just withers away and time passes wherein the two peoples live together peacefully and profitably. It cannot be solved through Germany's wear of words upon the Jewsish state. The two-state solution is not a magic waffle of peace that with enough syrup rhetoric will become nutritionally scrumptious. The basic ingrediants of the breakfast of a new political beginning requires from-scratch ingrediants-the Palestinians must work directly with the Jews on that without suicide bombings of the kitchen etc.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mitt Romney Passes Up Stumbling Rick Perry in Presidential Race

Texas Governor Rick Perry entered the Republican presidential primary contest at the top being delivered to the summit of the polls above the other candidates who labored up the mountain trekking on emerging with the heavy load of obscurity amongst the precipices of no public support. Rick Perry was air-lifted from the Bush School for Lemon Presidents in Texas trained with special interest appeals that provided little acclamitization to the harsh weather conditions and ran downhill since in search of a warm place to regroup and recover.

Fox News has made a poll on the presidential primary race that has the energetic and intelligent former Massachusets Governor Mitt Romney surging ahead to move toward the summit passing former Bush II Lt. Governor Rick Perry on his way down. He has falleen six points behind Mitt, and Herman Cain is also closing the distance to pass Rick Perry.

Rick Perry will not be abandoned on his out of control descent of the mountain. His fellow climbers will send word to the rescuers at the base to search and rescue the unprepaired candidate and make him ready to serve in some distant yet challenging outpost in the new Republican administration in 2014 perhaps as Ambassador to Saudi Arabia.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Wasilla Alaska Moose Story

Yesterday was the first morning of seasonal frost. It was gone today, like the first snowfall on the top of the hills near Wasilla end of July that reappeared a month later. Local moose began their fall behavior in mid September. That too will disappear fading into the past soon enough, so I will write a few words on that subject today.

The tent I lived in became part of the landscape for the resident moose. They sought a refuge from the noise of the street traffic enjoying a sanctuary from distant wolves and bear as well. Woodlands within biking distance of the city still existed as refuges for a few, mostly female moose.

Wasilla was a good place to raise young moose twins. Female moose are not hunted and when no dogs or poachers are about are fairly safe. They browse on abundant grass, leaves and succulent spring and summer growth, rather territorially remaining in a given area. The young moose born in spring follow along as they gain weight before their first winter when eventually the available plants will be lower branches of deciduous trees and perhaps emergent bushes from the fall.

I believe I have read that moose have a brain about the size of a dog or cat much used for processing food in multiple stomachs. They have a certain curiosity about people and as deer are a bit too trusting, yet as short lived creatures they are somewhat naïve as well.

After a month or so of living near the center of the resident moose habitat and not presenting a threat the female moose and following young ones seemed to regard me as a curiosity. They went about their usually daily food smorgasbord keeping a respectable margin of distance.

The moose eventually seemed to enjoy grazing in the area near the tent. I got several good photos with a cell phone I will post someplace eventually. Yet then the rutting season arrived. It provided an opportunity to consider female moose behavior and that of the Bull Moose as well.

In the area of the city with settlements and homes scattered throughout the area forest, and with an abundance of roads and four wheeler ATV’s a bull moose’s rack (horns) is something of a ‘target notice’ in hunting season. There are far more female moose residing near Wasilla than male. That made me think about natural selection as well. Instead of larger, dominant Bull Moose procreating most, the moose would require smaller, stealthier, smarter Bull Moose able to hide like ninja from human hunters.

The female moose run the risk of becoming nun moose (no risk of Lesbianism) in these near city forests. Safe from hunters and natural predators they run only the risk of failure to get pregnant as Bull Moose are decimated and fail to reach the female sanctuaries near the cities. I was a little curious if any moose would make it through the gauntlet of hunters and poachers that shoot near cities with sub-sonic or muffled rifle loads near dark to have hours to process and remove the game before any potential investigation.

A smaller buck moose did eventually arrive in the forest. Its rack was not so large, and it fled at my approach. It was of course interested in the females of the forest one or two of which hung about my tent seeming to use me as a sort of de facto competition for the buck moose. Only when it overcame its fear of being near the tent where the females found their competition for the buck did the buck moose eventually score.

That was last Saturday night. Near dusk in the nearby forest the occasional groaning sounds as the buck tried to mount the almost larger female that broke off as the female ran off over the prior two or three days gave way to obvious female moose sex moaning. The sound remains me a little of a braying donkey.

The female was lucky to get any sort of buck to make it throw a wall of certain death. Even that survivor would be short-lived. Female moose may keep up the large size while the males are down-sized. Neither are moose terribly bright. The females want the large head-butting simple mindedness as an evolutionary survival characteristic for producing large, healthy offspring while today its the thoughts that count.

Yet even human beings experience similar evolutionary challenges like the moose. Female moosiness traits exist for human females too as the Robert Redford looking Shaquille O'Neal guy was regarded as a better prospect that a philosopher as small as Immanuel Kant.

In biological evolution the characteristics that produce the most offspring are reproduced. If intelligence for humans today recognizes that the human population doubling time has radically reduced between each doubling (requiring 200,000 years to reach the first billion, a hundred or so to reach the second and so on to wher we approach 8 billion) and that no population growth for the time being would be wise-than evolutionary characteristic has little chance of being reproduced. So one might dev elop a pessimistic outlook on the next doubling of human population to 16 billion people that could in as few as twenty or thrity years. Neither would these be the brightest people in the world-yet warlike, desirous of extended life spans and encouraged by politicians to increase consumption of natural resources.

So the female with two twins from the prior year having got impregnated for another year supported a downsizing of the males perhaps with the survival instinct of flight from humans. Maybe the moose are doomed with the global warming and arrival of more coyotes to Alaska, wild dogs and motorized human hunters-that’s hard to say. As the largest member of the deer species though they aren’t at all difficult to live with around humans in numbers if not too quickly added to stew meat.

Moose serve the vital function of clearing undergrowth in suburban park lands that it’s too easy to run one’s eye on in the dark. Without large wild mammals in the forest the places seem rather empty.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Expansion of Universe Accelleration an Illusion?

The 1998 discovery based on the rate of recession of distant quasars and/or supernova that the Universe may have begun accellerating its expansion about 5 billion years ago is generally accepted by physicists-at least until this recent theory by Christos Tsagas.

The article is quite informative. After Allan Guth developed the inflation theory of universal expansion the idea that space had not only originated in a Lamaitre like big bang but also had an expansion allowed an updated sketching in of the overall shape and rate of change of space-time.

The universe at 10 to the minus 43 second of its history was hot and dense in the theory, then at 10 to the minus 35th second it hyper-inflated faster than the speed of light. Neither light or gravity actually existed then, and so the universe expanded in a small fraction of a second to the size of a grapefruit (probably a Florida rather than a California grapefruit) and slowed to resume its normal sub-lght speed expansion for billions of years.

What was thought to drive the first inflation was a phase change to a lower more stable energy level of vacuum energy. That consolidation through off radiation and maybe space increased simultaneously. That vacuum energy is what remains in the universe today possibly as the cosmological constant or Lambda that was thought to be expanding it again towards dissipation. Now it is conjectured the apparent expansion of the universe could be just an illusion made because different regions of space may have different relative velocities or shapes in comparison to other regions of the universe.

If the cosmological constant is not real, and if the universe is not increasing its rate of expansion but is instead sort of just hanging on the critical edge between expanind and collapsing toward a big crunch, then some of these other theories about inflation may lose some coinciding support.

I am not sure that it matters too much right now expecpt perhaps to professisonal physicists since several basic ideas about space, mass and energy are also rather unknown. Most of the physical theories describing mass and energy really haven't a good definition of what space is for itself. Quantum mechanics seems to be more a description of the phenomenal appearance of the observed behavior of sub-atomic particles rather than a philosophy of what the nature of the quantum reality is in-itself.

Hopefully theorists will wrap up these interesting questions and produce solid answers before time runs out in the Universe or in the chaotic inflationary cascade of universes that may or may not have arisen from the inexplicable donation of a vacuum energy with a preferred direction.

Health Insurance Costs Per Family Rise $15,000

That 9% increase per year for health insurance for a family as reported by the N.Y. Times seems expensive. Maybe it is in part a function of counting homosexuals as married couples in N.Y. state.

My three hernias cost $13,000 to repair last year and I paid for part of it bartering real estate that I planned to build a cabin on. The state of Alaska provides free health insurance to live in homosexual playthings of state of Alaska employees of course, yet being straight I wasn't eligible.

Another thing that is implicitly discriminatory is the city of Anchorage giving a real estate tax discount to homosexual couples in the city while taxing single cabin builders a higher tax rate. Maybe a lower tax for a couple producing children is fair, yet for homos it seems flam. Now, single builders must pay higher taxes on their land than homosexual government workers enjoying housing built by whomever (illegal aliens?).

The Federal homosexual agenda during the Obama administration has so far been one of its major doings. The other two political achievements of substance was the one-party forcing through of Obamacare that has done nothing to bring free medical care to the nation's poor and the execution of Osama Bin Laden followed by a quick flushing of the weighted body deep into the Arabian Sea. It seemed that the late terrorist could have been sent alive to Gitmo for YouTube videos for a few years at the least without benefit of the Grecian Formula.

The homosexual special interest lobby has claimed to be like unto Negroes segregated and that free federal tax dollars for their medical care is like liberation from slavery. They have presented Matthew Shepard like crimes as typical of the violence to their class that can corrected only by legalizing homosexual marriages, corrupting thousands of years of cultural tradition, biological sanity and the interests of the poor. Special interests hate crimes laws have been passed along with legislation to redistribute power to the non-poor special interest group of homosexuals. The rich mirthfully enjoy the new degradation of the nation's poor as being queer is the new upwardly mobil path to the lap of luxury in the Democratic Party.

Few Americans wish to oppress the queer. Fruitcakes in the government and military have a place. The right of Americans to be as they are is sacrosanct. Its just that special interest fruitcakes may oppress the poor or the rights of others unwilling to sign off on their way of life. It is important that fruitcake politics is not regarded as a special interest that cannot have political opposition. A Gay Corps of military and executive fruitcakes may be the way of the future. Even Adolph Hitler found his homosexual dominant S.A. storm troopers helpful in getting his NAZI party elevated to being the most powerful in Germany.

The elitist homosexual platform may be rightly criticized by political opponents and should be if democracy is to keep even a semblance of existence in the U.S.A. To oppose homosexual marriage for its mockish takeover of heterosexualk marriage is not an attack on the rights of queer life styles. One may call democrats donkeys, republicans elephants and queers fruitcakes without making personal attacks upon individuals. Personal attacks on any individual is an attack on all individuals, yet repressing political attacks on groups and special interest public organizations is to repress political life and liberty in the U.S.A.

Neither should many wish to provide special interest groups civil rights in conflict with reason, truth, justice or the American way. Homos may have a need for laws providing for non-discrimination in work or housing, yet all citizens have an equal right for security from violent crime and economic terrorism. All citizens require adequate housing and medical services; special interest groups that are not poor should get no priority from government intervention-they can afford to pay for their own medical insurance and should.

Free medical benefits to federal employee's significant homosexual others (none for the insignificant ones possibly) is a policy of redistributing wealth to a special interest group that is not primarily poor. Diverting federal health dollars to the middle and upper class homosexuals does nothing at all in the interest of creating free health care for the poor who actually cannot afford medical care. The nation's health bill goes up as tax dollars go to middle class homosexuals instead of poor working age Americans (the health care for the retired should be reformed and improved).

The onslaught of homosexual health and corruption of marriage acts promulgated during the Obama administration by elite courts and corrupted legislatures is the leadership of a decadent society and of weird middle and upper classes seeking to victimize and exploit the poor in the U.S.A. and abroad for their financial gain. That is a worrisome and unAmerican trend.

The practical value of creating and expanded V.A. hospital system to provide free health care for poor Americans as need would remove the constellation of ad hoc emergency room medical costs that are tacked on to the ambient costs for health care the middle and upper class pay for. It also would provide a stream of patients for the Veteran's health are system in times of no war, so no wars would be needed to provide patients to keep the system employees busy.

It would require a kind of integrity in government not existing today to create a free national health care service for the nation's poor citizens and to provide adequate Mexican border security as well. The middle class and rich instead create Rube Goldberg health care machines with perennial add ons that redistribute wealth to the middle class and rich with the Special Interest Group of Homosexuals-not a group representing the interests of the poor-displacing the poor in the Democratic Party as power brokers. Poor Democrats have just become broke brokers without political power.

One might anticipate that the lessons of history applied here are that a decadent U.S. leadership overly investing in China will successfully sell out the people of the U.S.A. that some ort of Stalinist-Hitler purging-night of the long knives will develop in a few decades to try too correct the drift. It might be as unsuccessful as the coup against Boric Yeltsin by the Communist leadership in 1992(?) and a variety of other scenarios could develop alternatively of course. At least the Obama administration has created much material for speculate adventure-thriller fiction writing.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Poetry of Cosmological Phenomenality: The Infinite Compaction of Mass

The August 2011 issue of Scientific American has a good article summarizing contemporary multiverse theory by a cosmologist; George Ellis. So far as I know one of the essential motivations for multiverse theory is the cosmic inflation theory of Allan Guth. A period of rapid inflation of space time energy for a fraction of a second may have created an expanding Universe ‘bubble’. It was further speculated that an infinite number of such inflationary bubbles might arise from a primordial void energy or field. Mathematical theorists seem to like the concept of extrapolating the existence of an infinite number of universe-bubbles inspired by the way our present one looks and seems to have formed in the past. Avoided is the need for invention of a unique causal order explanation, of a description of what the void is itself or where it began. Also violate apparently are conservation of energy laws.

If a finite quantity of energy existed in the beginning it could not increase infinitely. If an infinite amount of mass and energy existed in the beginning its conversion through phase changes into various altered states over time seems improbably given an eternal existence.

Cosmologists speculate virtual particles emerge from quantum uncertainty as an extrusion from an expanding space-field, and that all mass is also a clump of ‘standing waves’ above the all-possible waveforms background of space-time. Mass-energy and space-time including the lambda force (cosmological constant) are regarded as local versions of an undefined vast trans-universal field phenomenon that let bubble multiverse formations flow like zillions of bubbles in a crème de menthe inter-universal void. It seems there are some philosophical, logical and poetic points to consider on this topic. I will therefore write a little on the not worthless topic of singularities and black holes…

The surface appearance of space-time for experience is a pond with clouds, rain showers and time moving like ripples with shadows of mountains and forests. Looking beyond the world to what lies beyond, or below if local directions through a given volume of protons and photons in space warmed above crystalline freezing phase has actualized down in a gravitational field of relations-even looking through if one doesn’t lose sight of what one was looking at before getting that transcending vision of beyond-maybe including the past or future statuses of the state of being and things, it is possible to imagine the universe as it appears as a singularity long ago or far ahead when it is or was just a concentrated dot unspoken.

Given any finite mass A or B etc.
Compacted infinitely under Gravity
Different quantities of mass A or B
Should transform into masses of equal infinite density and infinitely reduced area.

Cantor’s transinfinite series of order in infinite series allows for some series to be Eleatic and others non-Eleatic. Non-Eleatic series of numbers permit quantitative/quantitative increases of scale while Eleatic number series get bogged down infinitesimally.

Given a universe with D number of dimensions of space-time compacted infinitely, in the process of infinite reduction under Gravity or some other implicit field the wavelengths of all space-time mass and energy are reduced or abbreviated until no structures exist that are different than the initial field. That includes quantum phenomena until all uncertainty no longer exists at which time the incompleteness criteria of Gödel emerges to bring the infinitely reduced infinite mass of space-time into a relationship with something unknown and unknowable.

Infinite reduction of Universe A or B, or of Universes A through Z along with their intrinsic, comparatively relativistic, non-transinfinite space-time presents more than nothing or non-being anti-space. It presents something very strange, indeed imponderably so.

If any human mind, network of minds or even computer were to be capable of controlling most physical mechanics of a Universe A and formulate it within given criteria perhaps adapted from memory bank recollection of the appearance of a natural universe, it would mismanage space-time from within. It would destroy itself in being unable to step outside itself as an exemplary reduction of Gödel’s incompleteness theorem and morph its own odd configurations of mass-energy without meaning against a backdrop of the non-existing and quite absurd non-space without. It would fail to appreciate the poetry of the matter.

All numbers with a decimal point may be infinitely increased to the right or left of the point, and each change presents a new number. Any number is only a relative value within a field describing position, and because of the principle of identity each number bears the simultaneously value of one of its kind.

Trans-infinite infinities are those with quantitative characteristics permitting a continuum of value phase shifts of a field to occur surpassing the Eleatic extension of an infinite series of numbers along one axis with zero progress in any other. That is probably why they are liked.

An infinite extension of a particular number becomes a different number value although small, with each incremental change fractionally. Each number and each new number for field equations represent qualitative, relativistic values that may transcend special, spatio-temporal forces and produce phenomenal, temporal infinities in a process of reduction towards singularity under gravity or some prevailing force of reduction.

There is no certainty that under the asymptotic freedom of a near singularity that gravity would exist at all. If it fails to continue then repulsive forces might reverse the reduction. If a new force for reduction replaces gravity when all particle-wave quantum phenomena are extinguished to continue the reduction toward an infinite regress the state of absurdity may arise wherein space-time that has also been for practical purposes annihilated experience the presence of a very powerful concentrate dot stabilized at any given stage.

The monistic ultra-quantum dot ‘universe’ is a singularity for being stable rather than for continuing its infinite reduction as one-wherein it would be simple a One in event-process of change. It is notable that One Universe is a singularity in large or small size in that it is all that exists. When in a much reduced form its constitution internally varies though nothing exists without during its singular existence.

If non-space is comprised of an infinite number of singularities that may arise, that too presents something of an absurdity to contemplate, for the appearance of finite mass, yet stabilized singularities amidst non-being seems extraordinary.

An infinite extension process reducing mass and energy/universe would not produce any net increase in the overall power of the original mass, nor obviously decrease it.

Infinities resulting from describing a field that results in a singularity in space-time seem to be a consequence of a kind of inversion of Gödel’s incompleteness theorem wherein the math used to develop the theory of the singularity must be itself destroyed.

An infinite number of potential mathematical geometrical descriptions of Cantor’s trans-infinite sort might be mapped onto an infinitely reduced surface topology from within a singularity-as-universe in minimal state-yet it would not mean that the singularity itself would infinitely continue to reduce in size as time-itself was measured from within. The singularity as mass in-itself stabilizes when its dynamic energy for concentrating to minimal state has been spent, when its ability to change or redistribute energy no longer exists, and when it has become something else not meaningfully described by the artifact of field equations that existed before.

Thus the poetry of the quantum dot without internal structure. One stable form without space-time set against a magnificent view property of a vast unknown region of other quantum dots without much structure, chapter to verse just yet, however a location with much potential for development.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Rickie and Lucy on the Republican Presidential Primary Trail

Amongst likely Republican voters Rick Perry seems to have a 28 to 20 % lead over the better qualified candidate Mitt Romney. It may be Karl Rove’s political genius that initially groomed the cotton farmer for higher political office, yet Rove in the Bush political school of Presidential politics has also reckoned on the fundamentalist vote as a factor of ‘Lucy’ loyalists always devoted to their strong man Rickie in turn devoted to drilling oil, defending oil depletion allowances and securing new supply.

Rick Perry notably made his appearance at a Texas fundamentalist convention this year. Only Franklin Graham might make a better candidate. We can hardly wait.

It is important not to underemphasize the comparative ineffectiveness of both major political parties these days in managing Americas economic and foreign affairs. I recently read a book by the Iranian scholar Hooman Majd on Iranian culture and recent history. He described President Amadinijab’s visit in 2007(?) to speak at the U.N. at which the U.S. delegation walked out. This week, President Amadinijab returned to speak at the U.N. and the Hillary Clinton led delegation walked out. U.S. taxpayers pay these diplomats to listen to all that political verbiage and they just walk out and go for pizza and beer. Since the Iranians released the two American hikers it had locked up for espionage just before the U.N. mission Iran had already spent about the only coins it had for improving relations-did we ever consider returning a little courtesy to the Iranians?

The fact that there is little difference between Bush II and Obama-Clinton diplomacy isn’t surprising. Like attention deficit disorder children they must leave off from intellectual affairs and go drill and oil well. Like the dysfunctional partisan congress at loggerheads on the budget perennially the Clinton U.N. team just walks out and finds it easier to learn nothing and send the bombers. Blasting things all to hell is better than understanding why Amadinijab wears cheap suits made in Tehran’s poorer districts and no tie, or how Iranian Shia historically have a martyr complex, have sought populism a couple of hundred years and have struggled through difficult historical experiences to emerge with a present neo-populist clerical leadership class and a nation with little trust in powerful foreign concerns for good reason. Hopefully Mitt Romney could out desert and puritan the Iranians and yet reinforce Israel at the same time. Yet wait a minute, I hear the call of the loon this morning on the distant lake.

Mitt Romney is far more electable in the general election than is Governor Rickie the polls say. Mitt Romney is also the better candidate. The Lucy factor however is quite real however, and a real possibility exists that The Lucy factor will assure the election of another lemon in the succession of lemons following the Reagan administration. Getting over the Mormon religion of Romney enough to let a separation of church and state allow the other Native American religion to not disqualify an otherwise fine candidate will be difficult; Lucy likes her man.

Gov. Rick Perry can play the ‘I hate Washington’ card with Lucy. Lucy is entranced by scorn for her potential rivals…

Washington D.C. wastes money on relief for the poor, federal building construction, civil rights enforcement, environmental protection and education. Rickie would cut all that and just invest billions in foreign war outlays to defense contractors. Cutting through the yellow tape Rickie will get rid of the minimum wage and wilderness transforming the U.S. ecosphere into a West Texas image of desolation.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Democratic Party Moves toRedistribute Wealth to the Upper Class

The ongoing large scale changes in the U.S. economy seem more bad that good overall. Wealth is being concentrated and the number of the nation's poor now has reached about 50 million. Basically both major parties have changed to advocate for the rich instead of the poor with the Democrats throwing bones to the middle class occassionally.

Until President Reagan and following President Hoover the U.S.A. had a series of quality presidents that continuously maintained a recycling of wealth from the rich to the poor through tax policy. Today tax policy alone if corrected to a 70% rate for the rich could not correct America's outsourcing, foreign investment and policy of neglect of innovation. Not even stimulating dumb highway infrastructure contractors is much of an ongoing economic cas multiplier. Stimulating real renewable energy and other small business start ups would be better.

Now the nation compared to the Roman Empire's Antonine emperors in a series of quality rulers has run a Lemon series of presidents outsourcing the nation's wealth and tech infrastructure, gaying up the military to create a new opportunity for levering the destruction of individual civil liberties and economic well being, and supporting concentration of wealth, comparative decline of U.S. economic competetitity etc. The well known facts of politics since the Reagan administration are too obvious to belabor here.

The Democratic party has morphed into a support service-an ad hoc employer owned sweetheart union, to support the domination of wealthy corproate America heavily invested abroad. During the 20th century until the Reagan administration mostly white poor Americans fought for economic fairness against the rich who exploited them. They fought to get a fair portion of the AMerican pie though concentrated wealth coulod outbid them at every turn. The moderately egalitarian income distribution was a phenomena in human history.

Near the end of the cold war President Regan slashed taxes on the rich and plundered America's natural resources in order to stimulate the economy. He also exploited deep deficit spending to increase business and expanded the military significantly without getting into expensive foreign wars. His term objectives economically were perhaps fullfilled yet his methods were disposable-or should have been. Instead following administrations have continued deficit spending, exploiting natural resources, keeping a low tax rate on the rich and even engaging in protracted foreign wars. During Wall Street crashes the government has bailed out the banks and investment firms. U.S. loans at near zero interest to Wall Street banks that are little better than government guaranteed gambling houses skimming the public like the owners of a large casino have enabled trillions of dollars of potential U.S. investment to be diverted to China and elsewhere.

The Democratic party transitioning to a gay advocacy group and a party of activist women have implicitly conflicted with the interests of all the poor. Though homosexual militancy may seem liberating to some, homosexuals in the United STates are not more poor than any other general section of the U.S. public. There are numbers of prosperous homosexuals, as there are millions of prosperous women in the United States. When the Democratic Party transformed itself into a party of women and homosexuals it moved away from effective representation of the poor. In fact for many years poverty seems to have been a dirty word in the Democratic party; poor relations or aquaintances the President in getting support from one of the richest women in America-oprah Winfree, and getting new campaign support from one of the richest billionaires-Warren Buffet.

If Harvard Law School has trained its right leaders to transform the Democratic party into willing tools of the rich (were Barrack Obama and Gary Locke in the same class?) as Oxford's equivelent of Rhode's Scholar selections to advance Anglo interests, if a Democratic President becomes the leading advocate for tax cuts for the rich and signs an extension of the Bush II tax cuts in to law (December 2010) then what hope is there for reversing the Wall Street and the rich above all things policy in the White House that has diverted America's development and ecospheric recovery until some future time in case the nation is still around?

The President has cancelled U.S. leadership on lunar colony development and retired from the space development field that should create bold new ideas in Earth-moon transportation infrastructure at low cost. The President while liberating black repression and the appearance of racial exclusion fostered during the Bush II administration by undercurrents of wise guy add ons, is something like a too obliging servant of the interests of a class that considers it war to mention tax increases on the rich. The wealthy in the United States seem to believe they have some perennial right to enjoy unchallenged domination of the U.S. economy and that the people who are poor and even of a middle class do not have implicit interests in enjoying debt free prosperity in a secure and healthy ecosphere.

The poor have an implicit right to war upon the rich, if that means political expressions in advocacy of a more fair, higher tax rate. The Republican Party tends to drag out the war term as a kind of implicit threat that they might have to bitch slap down with the power of their military industrial complex, economic sanctions, clever terror or miscillaneous perfidy. They should have a kinder, gentler attitude toward higher taxes that should be used to continually improve the quality of life for all in the United States, the quality of the environment, biodiversity and national security.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Low Federal Reserve Lending Rate-Effects?

The very low commerical lending rates of the Federal reserve since the Wall Street and banking debecle of 2008 followed by poor domestic economic performance certainly can make one wonder about the policy. I am not an economist-these are just ideas that have arisen in regard to the phenomena of market and U.S. economic news.

If banks can borrow vast quantities of money and invest in China where the g.d.p. is still fgood enough, something like 11% annually, then the banks and financial sector can make a lot of money, the Chinese economy rescieve continuing U.S. Government stimulus helping to build a better, more competetive economy versus the U.S. economy, and Americans can remain unemployed.

Well, if banks and Wall Street can make profits with computer trading taking on debt obligation a hundred or more times their assets, and if the U.S. Government will bail them out when their gambles on the market occassional fail, how can that deal be beat? Sometime a reform of the new age of electronic gaming of the market and finance may be made to restore material production to its basic value, yet probably not in the lifetime of a generation being skimmed by the best quants and bureaucrats investing abroad ever.

Philosophy; Universes, Pointillism and Prejudice

In some respects much of contemporary philosophy like that of science coheres in a descriptive reduction of an unknown universe-monism, into pointillism of pieces. Even the Greek philosopher Democritus and the Atomists took such a course.

Like the pointillist method of construction in art, representation of the universe and its composition may be described through representational quanta and their interaction with a quantum mechanical description. Not only quarks, strings, probability wave packets and planets are categorized within a pointillism painting a universe, so are words, neuroscience, ideas and abstract structures describing the strength of forces and units with the phenomenal experience of being. Universes for themselves might be more pointillist units with stronger boundary compilations than the units within, except for the most fundamental units that logically might be irreducible and transcendent through higher aggregations, unless the basic quanta too are irreducibly coherent in a basic monist field that provides to human experience the appearance of pluralism.

Categorical prejudices of structure may inertially generate more constructions of a similar nature. Phenomenally though the evolution of recurrent forms may be common until insight or adequate stimulus changes an established paradigm. Thoughts on the creation of the Universe as a field or as a pointillist concatenation of quanta generated by God are a matter of faith and revealed data rather than an observed paradigm of pointillist patterns in the void.

Monday, September 19, 2011

A Decade of War & Increasing U.S. Poverty

A decade of wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and globally against 'terror' 2001-2011 have yet to end. The Muslim religious ideology of jihad is more than 1400 years old and if engaged directly as a target for itself is an improbable victim of a homosexually insinuated military and secularist ethic in-itself simultaneously seeking to expand markets and acquire access to natural resources for global corporations.

Better, more nuanced ways to help internationally challenged societies to transformatively adapt to peaceful co-existent states with people of other faiths ought to be adumbrated by those occupying the State offices of Foggy Bottom, the White House and Congress. Afghanistan needs better educators and ecospherically pragmatic economic philosophers in the mix of imported richly connected experts offering opinions from abroad.

One may wonder if it is comparatively right morally to let 50 million Americans live without free medical coverage in poverty while spending trillions to help Muslim women advance to own Apple tablets or to live hijab free lives. It seems they are for-themselves more concerned about job and earnings equality rather than wearing face-covering costumes booked or unbooked by religious law enforcement or displaying outlines of bosoms in public.

Afghan women may be as concerned as Afghan men about Chinese mining of Afghan natural resources. If the United States is to have democracy respond to the interests of the citizens it should prioritize policy solving its own national inequity and evils; freeing itself from extremist Republican opinions of neo-libertarianism for the advantage of corporations heavily benefiting from public spending and Democratic extremists of neo-socialism and state sponsored sodomy-friendly promulgation of laws.

Moderate democratic pragmatism should take neither the extremist Spartan way of state socialist fascism nor the way of Athenian democracy with a helot like underclass of non-citizens supporting the pampered life of the citizens. Political ideas and cultural history cannot be comfortably encapsulated within diminished capacity amnesiatic texting facebook vocabularies. A loss of the ability to construct new political tools from the architecture of past governance to better cultural prospects occurs when history is lost and language reduced to byte size politically correct young adult size portions.

A pragmatic democracy assures that all citizens have meaningful employment and security in possessions and health in order that continuity allows them to build their intellectual capital and skills without the time gaps and chaos of poverty or even homelessness compelling loss of tools and housing to pay for medical treatment or food. The average level of work skill and knowledge cannot advance too far beyond off the street entry level for o.j.t. when citizens are forced to experience significant material discontinuity in their personal basic economic lives.

Without practical, democratic political goals for the nation developing workable guidelines regarding national and international policy and procedures is improbable. An effort to implement ineffective theories of nation building on Iraq and Afghanistan has generated two different temporal outcomes. The sectarian differences in those nations present different challenges in an effort to impose a federalist government upon them that would be stable and not experience terrorism or a need for continuing U.S. military or financial support.

An Afro-American libertarianism of existential tolerance of all things phenomenally that severs the bonds of responsible governance may be as harmful to national interests as it abandons real economic power to concentrated as activism in support of state authoritarianism. It is difficult to find much policy change in President Obama's Afghan policy as he has rolled over the Bush II approach through the first three years of his term. Perhaps he is trying to show that a black President need not be radical, but will kick back the Republican status quo on Wall Street and globalist hegemony.

There is little question that the U.S. military can impose a temporal order at significant cost upon a second or third world country if it must and suppress temporarily expressions of political terrorism. The question of an American ability to bring a lasting peace upon Iraq or Afghanistan civilly when each nation has implicit sectarian strife ordinarily resolved by authoritarian domination is questionable. In Korea and in Vietnam the U.S.A. wasn't able to bring its own vision for the region into being. It is entirely possible that following a U.S. withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan that both nations may return to oil money funded terrorism and political adjustments bringing one sect into power.

With freedom and some form of parliamentary Islamic law both nations may allow Moslem international terrorist planners traditional refuge. At any rate the United States may choose to tranch civil rights and liberty as a sort of updated yet politically acceptable course to let the Shia of Afghanistan survive in a N.W. half of a confederated Afghan State with only minimal U.S. military and economic assistance. Iraq presets a more challenging issue as the United States leadership has been opposed to the Islamic socialism of the kind in Iran that the Shia of Iraq probably would be disposed to favor wherein the people own the oil of the nation themselves. Without a universal economic resource tie it is challenging to find real reasons for people to discern an advantage in forming political alliance.

If the United States is an example, wealth is being concentrated and work outsourced while illegal immigrant workers replace the natural citizen work negotiating and personnel parameters to the advantage of the upper class third of the populous. The dynamical juxtaposition of straw man arguments between biconditional alternators of libertarian, oligharchy dominant corporatism and communist authoritarianism obscure the middle, rational concerns of a national democracy to benefit its people and overall existential standing ecospherically and economically.

Fracking Gas Fields and National Aquifers

Fracking Gas Fields and National Aquifers

One might believe that a federal investigation of the effect on fracking natural gas fields and chemicals used in the process should be made to learn the effects such fracturing of rock and release of natural gas as well as chemicals used in the process may have upon U.S. underground aquifers in the future.

Some natural gas fields are vast. I believe one extends from the Texas panhandle the Nebraska and beyond. Recovering remaining gas with new field fracking techniques are motivated by profit and somewhat unconcerned about present or long range deleterious contaminating impact upon drinking and irrigation water supply quality from underground. Water is more important the natural gas for human survival.

It may be reasonably said that ‘technology corrupts, and absolutely technology corrupts absolutely’. Without being Luddites, and recognizing the good and comfortable things technology brings to human society, we may also recognize that the capacity for evil and treachery amplified with technology evolves to a biological evolution eradicating social fact while simultaneously making any biological life beside those in most absolute power phenomenological rather than necessary. Technology makes warriors and covert killers of civilians and militaries phenomenological economic expressions of deeper technological powers. The infusion of fracking chemicals into the nation’s pure unpolluted underground aquifers is a deep threat to cheap healthy water availability.

The Federal government should, if it hasn’t already, make a comprehensive study of the overlapping of aquifers with gas fields as well as the future migration of underground water, gas or fracking chemicals. Of course all chemicals injected into underground gas fields should be publicly disclosed. No private interest should have any right to significantly alter the integrity of any portion of public land or air without complete disclosure to the public of the quantitative and qualitative data. Destruction of the natural integrity and quality of even the underground can have lasting deleterious consequences to national interest-even to the interests of future users of the minerals and potential of the underground. If fracking chemicals contact future geothermal drilling processes or instances, one might wonder f the vaporized drilling chemicals used in prior fracking processes would still have an effect, if they would be explosive or toxic and so forth released into the world above heated and vaporized.

On 'The Roosevelt Presence' by Patrick Maney

Reading this biography published in 1992 on the charismatic president who brought America out of the depression, allowed it to slip into recession perhaps when capitalists went on an informal strike in protest of Roosevelt’s policies of liberalization, is to revisit one of the most trying and formative times in U.S. history and of the three term leader who guided the nation through it with his irrepressible optimism and innovative adaptability. I recommend this fine book for general reading.

F.D.R. destroyed isolationism as a political force during W.W. II with extraordinary leverage including smears, F.B.I. harassment and putting out the idea that isolationists were Nazi symps-an inherently false idea later balanced by the smears on Roosevelt’s New Deal populist liberalism as commie symps. Maney points out that some of Richard Nixon’s methods of attacking political opponents might have been inspired by the executive privilege methodologies of F.D.R. Today, globalists have run amok with U.S. economic power and isolationism is a dirty word making rational nationalism and ecospheric integrity, full employment and national focus on economic innovation difficult to sell to voters through bought and paid for politicians in the pockets of global corporatists.

President Roosevelt had several insights enabling the U.S.A. to move toward good historical footings to build upon, yet he did not bring all to become reality. Political positioning and uncertainties negated several initiatives. In 1944 Roosevelt perceived that European colonialism was dying and he worked-not hard enough though, to bring France to give up Indochina (Vietnam) and Britain to provide independence to India. Neither initiative worked of course and the tragedy of the Vietnam conflict was not avoided.

President Roosevelt never was awarded a Nobel prize, yet in some respects he earned one no less than President Obama. President Obama has encouraged revolutions and regime changes in North Africa and Syria; President Roosevelt sent Dwight Eisenhower and the Army to evict General Rommel and the Afrika Korps from the same region-people known to oppose upward mobility for the poor using harsh, repressive means. President Obama has allowed extraordinary rendition and kept offshore Interrogation facilities open at Guantanamo Bay and possibly elsewhere while continuing President Bush II’s war effort in Afghanistan and helped the Chinese Communist to extract Afghan copper from a large, new mine. President Roosevelt did not have such close relationships with Chinese Communists yet he did help China to develop peace and prosperity by encouraging the Japanese Imperial Army to exit Manchuria etc.

With America’s present high unemployment rate and borderline recovery from recession and stock market crash Roosevelt’s management of the nation between 1932 and 1945 is page-turning reading. One discovers so many similarities in the ways of thinking-even economically between the players of that day in politic and economics with those of contemporary America.

The unemployed at least may be interested in the phenomena of downward redistribution of wealth-modestly-that occurred during the war. The author points out that war spending was a government stimulus that was paid for with increased taxes on the rich largely.

With 50 million Americans out of work today and only half of working age American employed it is interesting to consider a little some of the effects of a downward redistribution of wealth.

1) When full employment occurs government welfare payments drop
2) With full employment the poor may save capital and have capital to invent in business development
3) With a concentration of wealth innovation and stagnation may set in, while with no class of poor people and all with basic goods for healthy living millions more are freed to be competitive, have good tools for progress, develop intellectual capital and so forth.
President Roosevelt developed only a few of the most significant ideas that became legislation creating the New Deal, and he also invented Lend-Lease to The British and Soviet governments, however Roosevelt as an unspoiled rich kid who grew up with everything including a desire for public service, also had the resolve to veto the military plans of about all his war leaders to open the U.S. entry into the European war with
A beach invasion of France and instead go with Churchill’s desire to capture North African areas held by Nazi Germany and its allies before attacking Europe-and of course the plan worked brilliantly allowing a multi-front invasion of Europe.

Roosevelt was quite liberal in allowing is military leaders to execute the war unlike Hitler and Stalin. He was far from being a perfect politician and made many wrong turns yet fewer than right turns, and the nation moved on to a few great post-war decades of economic and scientific achievement perhaps because of Roosevelt’s opening of doors to millions of Americans to experience a modern, technical, scientific world accessible to all citizens that they could help manufacture.

F.D.R. contracted polio at age 39 and did not let the fact keep him from taking the Presidency and accomplishing a better than average job.

As the day for his first inauguration approached Mr. Roosevelt returned from a cruise and got in a car (a convertible) in Miami. An assassin appeared and took shots from 35 feet away hitting five people, some critically and the secret service drove off. President-elect Roosevelt looked back and saw the Chicago Mayor lying wounded on the ground and ordered his driver to turn back so he could help. Mayor Cermak was loaded into the car and the President elect held Mayor Cermak who was critically injured on the way to hospital.

President Roosevelt also flew to Casablanca to meet with Churchill on something of an adventure. Churchill himself had previously met with French leaders while the Germans were just a hundred or so miles away. Churchill was a hard one to be outdone for calm and casualness in challenging circumstances. In some respects Roosevelt’s presidency was as stressful domestically with class and party economic differences of opinion to deal with as the technical complexities of managing foreign war. When the Japanese de facto declared war attacked Pearl Harbor December 7th 1941 followed by Germany and Italy declaring war on the U.S.A. December 11th 1941 it made for three piece of perturbing news that the President was readily able to overcome. He had faith in the future and reasonable tools to meet it, living in the present sometimes too much to make today’s actions consequential building members of a planned future. Much of today’s popular business philosophy relying upon an unplanned used of natural resource by special interests may generate a predictable non-chaotic filling in of the geography f the world. Even recurrent chaotic systems generate predictable outcome within given, known parameters. We may learn much today from reading of the Roosevelt presence.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Poverty in U.S.A. Rises/U.S.B. Trader Charged With Financial Fraud

Nearly 2.6 million Americans have joined the ranks of living below the U.S. poverty line since 2009. Forty six million Americans are now living below the poverty line that is steadily creeping upward. Downward social mobility is becoming a structural feature of a misguided U.S. economic transformation under too comfortable political and economic leadership.

Market economics occassionally require reform. Many of the present crop of Republican Presidential candidates offer the same sort of political logic that President Herbert Hoover set forth in his 1932 re-election campaign. The similarities are rather remarkable.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Alaska Governor Tries to Build Road Along WIlderness Fiord-an opinion

A road from Juneau outside will destroy the quality of life, the health of the environment, the peace of whales and make the city an extended garbage strewn boom box special last resort destination of junker cars. The road will provide access from the Canadian interior for cocaine importers to the U.S.A., terrorists from Eurasia and unlimited poaching scouring out the last valuable pelts in the coastal mountains.

The road could increase global warming and dumping of pollutants in pristine saltwater and allow destruction of many salmon streams between Juneau and Skagway.

It is quite illogical to drive an automobile from Anchorage or even Fairbanks to visit the state capital on business when one can fly for less money. The road project is a tired, destructive, corrupt assault on common sense and the idea of good government brought by bankrupt politicians in the pocket of extraction businesses and for builders that believe they can get a good view for building from of the pristine wilderness being destroyed by others.

Reasonable Alaskans would advocate moving a state capitol to Fairbanks and building a high-speed air pressure powered subway line in a pipeline to it from Anchorage for cheap-easy access, Driving vehicles to Juneau on a road allowing criminals to take over the town for partying and general hell raising seems unneeded except for those that would rather be partying in the wilderness city of Vancouver. If this was the 19th century it might be a good idea to save on dog food costs for sled dogs. In the 21st century the idea is jejune.

F.D.R. & Global Warming Economic Politics

This is the time of year when the melting of the Arctic polar ice cap reduces it to its minimum size. The minimal ice extent should be about September the 21st. Some scientists already believe that it is the smallest ice cap since satellite records started being kept. They also note that the last time the Arctic ice cap disappeared entirely was about 125,000 years B.C.E. They anticipate that at the present rate of global atmospheric heating the ice may be gone entirely in twenty to thirty years. That will bring many changes to American society.

During the progressive era of political liberalization of worker conditions early in the 20th century theoretical methods of working for the good of mankind developed as a role for government. I will quote Franklin Delano Roosevelt on the subject: “It is clear to me that it is the duty of those who have benefited by our industrial and economic system to come to the front in such a grave emergency and assist in relieving those who, under the same industrial and economic order, are the losers and sufferers. I believe their contribution should be in proportion to the benefits they receive and the prosperity they enjoy.”

F.D.R. as present starting in 1932 with his boundless optimism and genius at creatively solving domestic and international challenges alike led the United States out of the great depression and pinned the tax rate for the rich at 90% The United States prospered without inability to recover from temporary public war debts readily until the excessive Reagan era tax cuts reinforced by Presidents Bush II and Obama.

Fundamental economic changes in the United States brought on by several political challenges from globalist economics; global heating and global population increase simultaneously- within a category of finite planetary resources require exceptionally intelligent and innovative leadership to solve such challenges. F.D.R. brought to the United States presidency the most capable since Lincoln and Washington.

Our neighbor and friend nation Mexico presents many challenges to American economic and employment stability. For some decades they have sent millions north to the U.S.A. to take jobs and drive down wages. Desperate poverty in Mexico and corrupt Mexican and U.S. government policies failing to protect the Mexican environment and worker have motivated Mexicans to search for the Utopia of employment in Houston or Chicago, Newark and Los Angeles. Millions of Americans are unhappy with the present policy and would prefer to see a no illegal immigration policy develop, yet the problems of demographics and global warming will not go away, and in fact are expected to become worse in the decades ahead as the entire Mexican nation begins receive up to 40% less rainfall each year as the global arid zones shift to above 30 degree latitude in north and south hemispheres respectively.

Democratic governments need legislation and execution not only in monetary and fiscal policy; good political legislation to forumlate economic criteria reactive to existential economic and social challenges is requisite as well.

Without a forward thing radical environmental economic development for Mexico with desalinization and irrigation programs Mexico may experience devastating future agriculture challenges along with a desertified Texas and Rocky Mountain States region that will increase the number of annual illegal migrants north even as U.S. food production declines because of environmental changes as well as inefficient agriculture development policies. Few futurists anticipated that the challenges of Malthus would be simultaneously accelerated or exacerbated with global climate change reducing agriculture range.

Much of Africa too is anticipated to experience decreased rainfall in the decades ahead-except notably for Egypt that seems to be scheduled to receive significant increases of precipitation one day in some sort of an almost Biblical change for the good. N.O.A.A. has produced geographic maps of possible changes to rainfall globally in the decades ahead.

The U.S.A. would certainly allow climate refugees from Mexico to migrate north out of the southern wastelands as carbon dioxide hell on Earth increases its range, yet 70 million immigrants would stress the agriculture and economic infrastructure of the United States and Mexico would replace its lost population at any rate.

Besides reducing greenhouse gases and the extent of the existing biosphere with concrete, asphalt and inorganic areas, U.S. and Mexican political leaders rightly should design vast new desalinization and irrigation technologies and applications even though the present global greed political policy of Washington work against it. The effort to stabilize population growth to near zero, create full employment and full social medical coverage while keeping the ecosphere fully alive replete with stop loss of species extermination will be challenging.

Well financed powers of marketing and consumption without rational regard for ecospheric and demographic reality have developed significant opposition even to the concept of national sovereignty, individual rights and the right of a demographic government to develop tax and political policies that reinforce the security of the polis and the well being of the demos.

President Reagan did enact changes that brought domestic economic growth in the short term, yet his policy of excess tax cuts and public deficit spending were unsustainable beyond his administration. President Roosevelt’s policies worked effectively for more than a half century and if renewed with reform and intelligent contemporization could restore the nation’s economy and lead it toward a stop loss of ecosphere decline directly. Implementing such policy would require another President as gifted with political effectiveness as F.D.R. and many bright, skillful legislators. If the United States is lucky it may experience such a political renaissance some day before the even worse disasters of economic and ecospheric decline are upon us.

Some Americans do not like Roosevelt political-economic theory and practice of government. Some Americans now and then did not even support his choice to engage both Germany and Japan in war. Yet if President Roosevelt had kept America neutral or just in support of an independent England and otherwise made peace with Germany allowing communism to be annihilated in the Soviet Union, and also allowed Japan to conquer China and annihilate Mao Tse Tung and the communist party we might ask what the world would be like today?

With most of Eurasia under fascist or imperial power and armed with nuclear weapons it might be a more volatile planet with the U.S.A. and Britain perhaps being a trilateral partner in atomic brinkmanship. It is hard to imagine that the Japanese and German nuclear states would have coexisted as lambs instead of eventually fighting to eliminate the other’s power. The United States might have observed as an interested spectator and enjoyed a nuclear winter following a rapidly expanding nuclear war between Hitler and the forces of the Emperor.

The world has things politically the way they are though. In some regards this is still Roosevelt’s world or it’s descendent from the choices he made in 1940-1944. A world of irrational exuberism in hedonist consumerism is a politically dumb world fit more for political pigs than for intelligent politicians from a line of a great society with heroic efforts struggling to pursue the right and good for mankind. Maybe economic and ecospheric recovery is not too far distant.

F.D.R. before being elected President was the Governor of N.Y. His ideas on liberalization coincided with the center of effort to bring economic liberty and equal social opportunity for all citizens. In his day economic liberty and liberalism were not defined by support for the politics of same sex perversions and corrupt marriage movement as solutions for the liberal challenges of the era.

The idea that a spoilt society of middle and lower classes beguiled by billion dollar babies would become so politically stupid as to allow their nation and class economic parity to decline under the assault of wrong supply side and anti-ecospheric political policies would have been unthinkable to the Great Reformer of U.S. political economy.

Liberalism is not some form of advancing skin disease that must go farther and farther to be effective. Liberalism is a policy of maintaining the well being of individual citizens in a social environment. It is a logic of civic responsibility, defense of individual liberty, property and enterprise.

Meaningful liberalism reinforces public sector governing of the general interests of all citizens ecospherically. The nation and its biosphere are essential, valuable assets that all citizens have an implicit interest in conserving.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

John Dewey and Consequentialism-Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc

John Dewey wrote that “To name causes for a state of affairs is not to excuse it. Things are justified or condemned by their consequences, not by their antecedents.

Dewey’s concept of justification by consequents exemplifies a philosophical point of view on ethics named consequentialism. It may perhaps work best within a philosophy of utilitarianism, for if one is going to make a sort of ethical philosophical equivalent of a particular system of non-Riemannian geometry, of which there are a potential infinite number, and each requires that it merely be self consistent for validity as well as cohering to a given description of what a geometry system is, then the circumstances subject to ethical decisions should be regarded a priori as of equal unit value. That is, if pre-existing moral criteria make particular resolutions more valuable than others, or if select circumstances are deemed implicitly more valuable than others, it becomes absurd to attempt to justify a moral action by its consequence, as the moral action’s value is in maintaining the status quo of the antecedent. In which case the value of the consequent is determined by the antecedent regardless of the success or failure of the decision in producing a consequent valued highest by the antecedent state.

Consequentialism as a method of evaluating antecedent moral actions by their ability to produce a good result would value most highly victory over failure in a winning is everything approach to moral decisions. A moral decision becomes equivalent to a football game plan and particular play choices determined as good or bad or even morally correct upon the basis of their contribution to winning.

For some, morality is more than that; doing the right thing is good for-itself. An aretaic ethics motivated Socrates to have the opinion that the only thing to fear in life is doing the morally wrong things. That isn’t a philosophy of winning is everything and any means is justified by a good end or consequent. The pursuit of the morally good for Socrates was more like the saying of Jesus that those who save their lives will lose them (within a secular context of choosing to follow the ways of the world and corrupt secular politics instead of Jesus Christ as the personification of the Truth of God and the ultimate good in-itself).

There are ethical systems of rule based utilitarianism instead of Dewey’s act-based utilitarianism where antecedent ethical choices bring one to have prefabbed moral criteria for making moral decisions in emergent situations. The greatest good for the greatest number might be determined a priori in some circumstances such that the consequences of a moral rule enacted invariably produce good results. The rule itself might produce a statistically prevalent product of good justifying its use even though some failures results.

Act based utilitarianism determining moral values by the effect of the action or not action’s consequences does seem to require an arbitrary break-up of the continuum of past, present and future of circumstances in which the moral act is made in order to set moral values in the future. One might say that an act is never moral, and only becomes so a fortiori by the amount of good or bad to human beings, animals or the world retroactively applied the past… It seems a linguistic transformation of moral philosophy and moral philosophy away from the present to past individuals judged today upon the basis of their actions in the past. Morality becomes separated from individuals and becomes sociologist-historian-philosopher’s device for painting history’s players as moral or immoral souls.

It isn’t necessary to take up an extreme act or rule base utilitarianism or exclusive select antecedent or consequents circumstances as logical premises upon which to determine the moral good or evil of a particular moral act. One may use antecedent circumstance and consequent effects together in a synthetic effort to attempt to affect a circumstance intentionally. The moral act is determined by prevailing, anteceding moral value selection, through intention to act to preserve those moral value criteria and in the consequences of intervention. Obviously unintended consequences may arise reducing the utility of making a moral intervention, yet that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

Moral awareness of right and wrong in a tranching (comparative, variegated values and circumstances) of sometimes conflicting value prioritization is a phenomenon in-itself. Anthropogenic global atmospheric heating is said by a few scientists to have the potential of ending life on Earth, or reducing the population by 95% in a couple of centuries. Moral decisions made upon belief or disbelief in global heating caused by industry or in mass extinction of biological species through human causation can have a vast range of responses and adaptations of public policy. Consequentialism would confer a moral judgment upon today’s global heating deniers on the basis of the future well being of civilization on Earth. If humanity mostly perishes because of climate change and crashed food and energy supply then fossil fuel producers and global heating deniers will be judged post hoc as immoral. Yet in making moral decisions contingent upon consequents exclusively, tremendous moral risk is taken implicitly today when no moral decision need be or can be made. Failure to make a moral decision today based on best available knowledge is effectively a moral judgment for-itself; a bad one permitting needless risk today.

Determining moral values exclusively through consequentialism is a license for moral unaccountability of deleterious externalities of industrial culture and resource use. Consequentialism seemingly can only be applied without harm if the risks of failing to act immediately are acceptable. The philosopher William James called that sort of situation a forced option; failing to act presently determines a future consequences.

Generally for James the consequence would be apparent at the time of the moral choice, yet it needn’t be, and that is an essential reason why consequentialism might be considered morally acceptable only if the possible failure to make a right, interventionist moral choice today has proportionately unacceptable future consequences as is the case in failure to defend against global warming, resource and biodiversity depletion etc.

On Iran, the Nuclear Bomb, Majd's Book 'The Ayatollah Begs to Differ' etc.

On Iran, the Nuclear Bomb, Majd’s Book ‘The Ayatollah Begs to Differ’ etc.

Reading an excellent book on the Islamic Republic (of Iran) by Hooman Majd I have begun to wonder about the post-Nuclear weaponized balance of power in the Middle East.

Majd’s book is quite a good cultural history of Iran circa 2007. I read a couple of other, more technical history books on Iran this past year that provide quite a different point of view. The comparison and contrast is quite interesting. I recommend Majd’s book for reading because of his first person interaction with the people and places he writes about. Majd is basically an American and yet Iranian too. He has translated for the past Iranian President Khatami, attended Ashura (it means the 10th in Arabic) and described how and why those Shiite dudes with themselves with chains to express grief for the death of Hossain about 1400 years ago.
Iran’s was a popular revolution against the Shah it seems. 2500 years of imperial rule because over-bearing. The communists too supported the fundamentalist revolution because it was the only one available-too bad for them; the Khomeinists liquidated them later.

One may develop many ideas about Iran reading these histories. In another book I read about the paradise (means walled garden in Farsi-Farsi is from the word Pars) a Zoroastrian was shown to and stepping through the doors he saw an orchard of legs sticking up from the ground before his host planted him too. Today Zoroastrians are one of four religions recognized in Iran.

Iran means Aryan. American views are biased toward the word Aryan because of Hitler who preferred to believe that Germans evolved from Aryans (aka Persians-a French term) as if being German wasn’t good enough.
Aryans as an originating hill tribe of all whit people isn’t a very good idea. The Aryans were/are just one named collection of white folks that emerged in Eurasia from proto-Caucasoid tribes maybe 60-70 thousand years B.C.E. The Australian aborigines are a proto-Caucasoid tribe. By 25,000 years B.C.E.

People were living in the far north even near Moscow. White people were disbursed across Eurasia and the pass into India through Afghanistan and Iran was just one trafficked location were some gathered and late in pre-history got the name Aryan. I have no idea what that means in Sanskrit if anything.

Because of thousands of years of foreign invasions and impregnation of the women including by Semitic Arabs of the other brand of Islam affiliated loosely with the descendents of Abraham through Ishmael (his first born son) by everyone from Alexander the Great’s Macedonian Greeks to Mongols and etc instead of pervasive Aryanism the Iranians are mostly mixed breeds. Yet Americans don’t really care much about race anyway instead caring about personal wealth and if they are intelligent national security, environmental health and God as well, so one need not make anything out of any genetic inheritance of the Iranians.

I did get the idea though that geography can determine political formation. England as an island nation with a stable population evolved a democracy or parliamentary representation through a balance of power of regional peer nobles vs. the king. Magna Charta would have been unlikely to develop in unstable Iran with hordes of warriors rampaging through now and then. Various forms of strong men or kings tend to emerge instead and the populace becomes docile under the ruling power.

One notable social evolution is that of serfdom, slavery, peonhood or vassal to the emperor of a large population that develops when a nation is moderately isolated and ruled over by not only royals but a large number of relatives/aristocrats. The black turbaned clerics of Iran are in theory all related as descendents from Mohammed-not relatives where other colors.
Russia had its tsar a thousand years, Chinese had its imperial rulers until 1911 when the Qing dynasty ended a 4500 years history of royal rulers, and the Saudis established a royal ruling tradition and numerous other historical examples exist of national developments in other than democratic directions.

One might wonder if the British conquest of India evicting the Mughal dynasty was the main reason democracy transferred to India grew readily as the transitional super-structure toward independent democratic geo-polity was created by the British in an era before suicide bombers were common. The United States in Iraq and Afghanistan has experienced much of the latter.

The Taliban (Sunni religious students) versus the Shia northern alliance (haq means rights as in individual rights in Farsi) in Afghanistan presented a religious as well as a cultural schism for conflict. The approach to political populism and individual rights differs in some Middle Eastern and central Asian countries.

The United States may experience several interesting intellectual challenges in the years ahead in attempting to pacify the restive political populace with numerous divergent political points of view in nations it feels obligated to politically dabble in with billions and billions of dollars. It might be a good idea for U.S. voters to hire a sniffer dog to give the Biden smell test to U.S. Presidential candidates for 2012 in order to weed out those that do not have a salutary, politically correct odor whatever that is in the Congress of the United States if that will help improve the quality of U.S. foreign policy on the road ahead.

So if Iran develops nuclear explosives to place atop its missiles capable of reaching Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iraq, Israel and elsewhere won’t it stimulate a possible infra-Moslem nuclear arms race to defend against possible extremist fundamentalist sectarian antipathy? Would Iran count on the United States to assure that the Middle East and Central Asian nations live with equality, fraternity, sorority and oil prosperity?

The Syrian troubles and recent revolutions during the ‘Moslem’ spring-summer revolutions alone seem good enough evidence that the United States might experience difficulty in halting the development or purchase of nuclear weapons from more nations in the Moslem world. Russia and other European nations as well as China may increase their own intermediate range cruise missile and ballistic missiles quick launch stocks and capabilities as well as anti-missile systems to defend against exoteric Moslem missile programs.

It is interesting that China developed an inshore canal network for trade goods and national shipping that made a coastal navy unnecessary. Chinese dynastic rulers back in the day crippled their blue water naval development and divided and conquered their own coastal defense fleets in order to pre-empt its possible use for revolting against the regime. The clever British were eventually able to develop flat bottomed boats that were ironclads with big guns as early as 1840 able to enter the shallow water of the Chinese river and canal network and the regime’s government trade monopoly and lead to the end of the imperial rule indirectly about 70 years later. Moslem powers of imperial and/or theocratic rule and communist powers too may experience similar challenges to containing concentrated political power in a global context placing governing hobbles upon shipping size and citizens travelling beyond the boundaries of the oppressive ruling authority-even it is simply that of concentrated wealth and very large shipping with minimal operating personnel.

With Iran’s history it is easy to understand why they might be interested in developing a nuclear capability for war, yet alternatively, that is a better reason to try to develop better relations with N.A.T.O. in order to share that nuclear umbrella.

Deleterious consequences of nuclear war for Iran far outweigh the potential benefits. Iranian development of nuclear weapons is a little like building a campfire in a dry barn full of hay-it isn’t a good idea.
Iranians have good reason to distrust the upper classes and the global rich in virtue of their history. Global history has instructed that concentrated power and wealth eventually runs amok oppressing the comparatively powerless. Authoritarian dictatorships in any form undermine individual liberty and transform human society into unphilosophical maggoty organisms coexisting under a reign of terror.

Iran as an Islamic Republic has a real principle of egalitarianism though tainted with civil economic and political oppression of women. Iranians politically tend to fear the economic segregation and opportunity apartheid what upper classes traditional force upon mankind everywhere and seem reluctant to let global corporations including those from America have carte blanche to run amok in their nation treating disadvantaged locals as cheap, disposable labor or stupid, moronic peons.
A majority of Americans too are downwardly mobile economically speaking in their own nation these days as wealth is becoming increasingly concentrated in the upper five or ten percent of the populace.

The U.S.A. prospered when it redistributed the land wealth following a revolution against King George the Third and the British aristocrats what owned the land. The U.S.A. falling into a depression in the first part of the 20th century after wealth became concentrated and taxes were too low fought its way out of it though a war got in the way (the Second World War) by F.D.R. raising taxes on the rich to 90%. Until recently following the Reagan-Bush-Obama tax cuts the United States was a prosperous, egalitarian rather than elitist nation. Because of the global war against communism though, President Eisenhower thought it best to keep a Shah in power rather than to let a potential communist power take over the Majlis or Iranian parliament even if improbable. The 1979 Iranian revolution ended the reign of the Shah.

Americans might have sympathized more with the revolution except they hate having their embassies made hostages and hold a grudge a long, long time. When little is happening in Smallville (a town Lot asked God to let him flee from the doomed city of Sodom) the intellectual content follows along after the rich demi-urge business leading on the summit of the shining ziggurat of a hill. It’s a fairly unintelligent, non-democratic discourse on political logic settling upon the mud phenomenalities below.

Well then, maybe nuclear war in the years ahead along with excessive global heating through anthropogenic climate change will become likely helping to let eschatological prophecy business get increased cash flow for bigger revenue streaming and political power acquisition. If one could live 300 years the future would be interesting to observe.

It’s unfortunate that it is so difficult getting things socially, ecologically, economically and politically to change positively for the good globally, and easier to blame people for going wrong as if a few bright leaders should have produced a sustainable, moral, egalitarian democracy in a recovering ecosphere for the people instead of the people themselves.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

President Amadinijab and Texas Gov. Rick Perry

A President Rick Perry and a President Amadinijab would have obvious similarities as presiders over the U.S.A. and Iraq. Each politician emerges from a fundamentalist religious/political interface of style and substance. Both men exude fundamentalist down to Earthism amidst their brethren and religious supporters. As fundamentalist quasi-clerical politicians fusing religion into politicis and politicis into religion these men are fire breathing dragons of conservatism as cult, with President Amadinijab being the more liberal of the pair.

President Amadinijab believes in the reurn of the savior hidden twelth Imam from a well in the Iranian city of Qom. Governor Perry believes in fundamentalist mega-church eclesiastics mentioning Jesus Christ as a spiritual savior. One is led to believe that the Savior is manifested through the communion of Republican politics with the will of god that Americans support wars for Exxon oil fields, military manufacturing in Texas and an SUV in every driveway.

President Amadinijab of Iran is in a less secure position that a potential President Perry in relation to his political overlords. A President Perry can satisfy religious leaders in the U.S.A. simply by transferring some financial resources to church clercial control, while President Amadinijab must try to wangle a better life style for his poor constituents while the Supreme Leader and a few Grand Ayatollahs criticize his actions that stray at all from a direct theocratic control over all things political.

President Amadinijab may be moving toward liberalism and the freedom of nuclear weapons production and Governor Perry toward conservativism that would roll back abortion, a ban on school prayers to Zoroaster or Summerian dieties and probably to God too, yet a President Perry would have not much chance of stemming the cells of change that global corporations pupeteering American voters desire to have a fully impoverished, vassalized American polity with a homosexual takeover of traditional marital arrangements. I wish him luck in that last effort should he in some way get elected in 2012 instead of the better candidate Mitt ROmney.

Gov. Rick Perry has no interest at all in global warming. Burning natural gas releases, I believe it is, methane, a potent green house gas.

The scalar field problem of demographics and geography may much of the issue of what 'green technology' to use to produce energy dubiously effective at any rate. james Lovelock seems to think humanity is doomed to global warming and that the temperature should stabilize about ten degrees warmer globally with maybe 200 million survivors living in far northern locals (and Greenland too I would imagine)as well as a few other places.

Then, if humanity renews its fossil fuel and greenhouse gas history the temperature may go up another notch and no human life would survive.

The challenge might be to use ecological systainable principles in economics-very difficult with 7 billion souls and going up steadily on Earth. Just tweaking economics with some 'green jobs' won't make the finite resources last much longer.

Friday, September 09, 2011

S.A. Reports Natural Gas (Instead of Coal) Use May Not Halt Global Warming

The idea that using natural gas instead of coal prevalently might slow or halt global warming is being attacked by some on valid scientific principles. It is better to go to entirely green technologies (or just stop using so much energy and insulate better) rather than use fossil fuels apparently.

In 1960 when I was a lad the U.S. population was only half what it is now (approximately). The people of tomorrow deserve to have a U.S.A. with just 160 million-its a better nation then, yet they can't, however it should be possible to just stabilize the population at the present levels with an end to illegal immigration perhaps.

A hburgeoning U.S. population is no good example to resource conservation. Even in Alaska one day there won't be room left to just build more roads to create jobs. The fisheries are declining here, the governor wants to dam the Susitna River and a giant mine for open pit copper is a possibility that may leach minerals and other toxic effluence into the Bristol Bay watershed. Even the inventor of the Gaia hypothesis believes global warming is going to happen to such an extent that the far noth will be about the only underst areas in the U.S.A. outside of a few small spots.

At some point intelligence should return to U.S. political leadership, yet its unlikely obviously. Voters have little choice about selecting candidates that don't support the new world order of economic concentration of wealth and population growth to accellerate consumption.

Dry Leave's Fall (poem)

Leaves drifting on the water
something better to write with
deeper cold currents swirling eddies
rippling through translucence
ponderous surfaces of meaning

Potential reflecting clouds
momentary mirrors of time
sunrises, sunsets and passing aircraft
supporting boaters gone over the wake

From rain gather limitless drops united
leaves mark microcurrents
spinning branch membranes around
water trails to frontiers present
summer has enveloped a cyclical past
opaque plankton bloom faded
bear ready for months of rest
beyond the hard rock that delimits
waters work eroding destiny
with deteminism's changes
while world tilts farther from the sun

Bringing minerals down to the opulent ocean
leaves fall with colors
like bleached out chlorofil papers
from branches crowded by evergreen dominion
into wind carrying raven's catlike plaintive cries
myriad morphemes echo a joy of living
though red colors surpass the green season
washing over forests
new frosts settle like tides of age

Far away where the land is dry
parched dust of social wars decimating dreams
with a brown shrouded thoughtless sky
sharp forces of pressure glittering
schemes in disarmed environments
rectilinear reason reduction's square circles
dull tones of repressive waves
plats, pipes, brickwork towards wheat and rice
transcended by ontologies of faith
moderated by political powers
patrolling streets
removing garbage in efficient dumps
sanitary landfills for new urban parks
where speakers on soapboxes fugue
challenges to destruction
of an ecosphere that is life
structured with complex integrity
grown over cold crust convected

Upward continents receive spirit
as experience encompasses
in field phenomenality
last leaves falling to concrete
moving with rivulets
drifting to shadowed gutters.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

A Comment on U.S. Post Cold War Tax Policy on the Rich

America still has some manufacturing of course. One of the troubles is that when it reaches a certain size it can be outsourced to cheaper areas of production. Manufacturers listed on Wall Street may be purchased and stripped down for profit then outsourced.

The tax rate on the rich during the second war dropped some when the war was over-yet it remained at 70% right unto Reagan when the deficit radically began deepening to make up for tax cuts.

In some regards the taxation for a war economy never ended after the second world war because America was in a continuous state of near war until the ending of the cold war by Reagan, Gorbachev and Yeltsin. The challenges faced by Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford and Carter until the Reagan era were that of a global arms race with numerous collateral social liberation wars. That was all quite expensive.

The failure of the post-Reagan governments to adapt to a post cold war era budget was increased by the poor Bush administration approach to the global war against terrorism. President Clinton had a reasonable tax policy yet he fully supported the globalization of the economy to the detriment of American workers. The Obama administration to is remarkably apposite to Republican global if not oligharchic policy without concern for U.S. democracy.

The unelected Presidency of Gerald Ford seemed to put together the first team assembly of the future advocates of the New World Order paradigm of the G.H.W. Bush administration. Gerald Ford appointed G.H.W. Bush as his C.I.A. Chief following a stint as Ambassador to China, and appointed his Chief of Staff, former Congressman Donald Rumsfeld to be his Secretary of Defense. Rumsfeld had visited Cam Rahn Bay Vietnam early in the Johnson administration and learned of the Brown-Root contractor axis building U.S. Bases as part of a larger team of contractors.

The book 'Haliburton's Army' details how Brown grew from getting a contradct with L.B.J.'s help as a Congressman to build a dam on Lake Travis, Texas to join with Root and Halliburton later to become a defense contractor building and supply U.S. bases from Vietnam to Iraq and Afghanistan. The New World Order in some respects seems to be a point of view of select Texas politicians and corporations on defense contracts and oil fields foreign and domestic as well as post-communist-cold war realignment.

Slipstream ©2011GaryCGibson (philosophical science fiction)

“Mankind is the only living thing that gratuitously kills life without eating it. God made all life templates de nova as deterministic possibilities yet human beings are about the only species that make things too-mostly inorganic contingencies, yet mankind pervasively kills animal and plant life eliminating countless species from existence- turning back its own prospects for survival. Animal and insect life reinforces plant life propagation and their existence. The challenge for human beings as an intelligent species is to be creative without killing living things needlessly. Mankind is part of the web of life. Truth and justice given by God is humanity’s example of tolerance and support of life.”

“Those are good thoughts Captain.”

“Take it down Lieutenant.”

Dropping through atmospheric thermoclines the UFO hypersonic shape saucer adjusted intent to a dead stop hovering upon the surface of the deep.

As if uncertainty had resolved it dropped with a plop beneath the sea waters coming to rest in 15 fathoms off Haiyang Island at the edge of the Yellow Sea.

Captain Meredith Oberdark ordered her wing pods retracted for silent contemplation and for emergency take off flipping the cap from a cold bottle of her own Alibzin special light rice beer drinking deeply aware of its exquisite flavor.

She quaffed the brew rejoining command with a belch then said “Lt. Khabarov, what’s up?”

Lieutenant Claude Khabarov was the fourth son of a line of dishwasher/prep cooks from Cleveland who sought a different adventure and enlisted in the elite Enterprise Naval Force in the servo-officer training program graduating near the bottom of his class. His rise to assistant UFO commander was meteoric.

Looking at his surfactant beam transponder display he said “Nothing besides a dozen pond skipper-jets. They must be floating for hydrogen refueling before returning to a trimaran carrier refueling float at the outer Pacific patrol line.”

“Good enough Lt. Lets cover the quantum book of vector changes.”

Beneath the solid state matter of the Universe with its atoms locked into a discrete formation of interconnecting force and particles of force exchanged like a semi-solid fog lay an improbable field of uncertainty wherein no solid mass or particle-no atoms or quark of any universe existed. Instead, infinite waves of potential existed from which a few elect virtual particles could emerge into a vacuum state. That vacuum state gradually accumulated enough virtual particles to comprise mass forming its own relationships that could not easily return to the realm of potential being.

The solid state of the Universe developed its own protocol of forces, however it was inherently unstable and in change. It implicitly expanded away from itself into further space and it did so with the illusion of order-an order that appeared to be time to intelligent beings that emerged from the quantum cloud to observe its change and progress. The implicit complexity of relationships and potential of the solid state of a quantum cloud emerged from an infinite realm of potential giving an order unto what was regarded as a Universe by mankind.

“What year did the Chinese Qing dynasty give up the Island of Taiwan in a treaty to Japan Lieutenant?”

“Uh, 1895 it was Captain.”

“And what year did the Kuomintang take control of Taiwan Lieutenant?”

“That be 1949 Captain Ma’am. It was after the Japanese efforts to win Manchuria and more of China fell through, and when the Nationalist Government lost the civil war. They had nowhere else to go, and the former imperial power had no military forces to keep it- having experienced a recent military loss.”

“Then there is no legal reason why the Peoples Dictatorship will trouble the Taiwanese Trading Partners?”

“Well Captain, being an associate dishwasher-scholar in Asian research, I can’t think of anything(k) besides the 37,000 conflicting patent applications filed each day relating to Asian inventions, or the hyper-secret quantum computer invention program research projects developed to out-invent and file for more patents than us or the TTP. That’s why we’re here t’isn’t it Captain, to make patent defenses of intellectual properties?”

“Forget that Lieutenant, just tell me how many micro fish brains are in the Yellow Sea between here and Port Arthur.”

The micro fish brain developed out of the ultra-secret naval advanced research projects institute on Koba Strasse in Zurich beyond an unbreakable key coded vault door guarded by Amazon warriors in synthetic cheetah skins with HK-Blazer guns. The small fish were difficult to spot yet in schools of millions and millions could swim in coordination at high speed like a swarm of piranha on steroids buzzing around their target before receiving the go code to detonate.

Brains cannot be judged by size alone-if that was so whales would rule the world. They have big hearts and the biggest brains, yet the neurons are large and so are the axon connectors between neurons. As everyone knows computer processing designers work to create smaller and more densely packed microcircuits on chips rather than larger ones.

Scientifically engineered stuffing and concentration of transistors closely packed on a chip increases information processing speed-the quicker and better ability to process information lets tremendously larger flops of data bits to tossed per second. If all of the information representing the Universe could process itself in a split second the result might be equivalent to 1 equals 1 to the infinite power, or not.

It might be more productive to pluralize universal data rather than to calculate it all into a reduced monistic status. Information adds up to intelligence.

Whales may have cooled their large yet not to densely packed brains by moving from land mammals into sea mammals, yet large, densely packed computer chips have an overheating problem some have solved by locating super-computers on the moon in regions never seeing sunlight and some have conjectured that the ultimate super-computer might be a quantum computer in temperatureless space of potential rather than actual.

Why this Universe of solid state matter could not be the actualization of a self-determining omniscient super-computer or Supreme Being is hard to say. Many believe the Universe is an actualization of one or an infinite number of potential idea concepts of a Supreme Being; it hadn’t anything to do with the patenting wars of Earth though.

Captain Oberdark was sent to gather intelligence as a kind of test cat’s paw. She wondered why her ship and crew was chosen for regional insinuation when remote intelligence sources would have worked just fine. An order for trilobites appeared on her DNA activated communication decoder ring.

“There are seven billion micro-fish brains in the area Captain. A minimum of two billion seem to be allied fish brains of friendly corporate controllers. Incidentally there are 27 actual biological fish worth catching for food swimming in the sea as well.”

“We have a few minutes more to gather intelligence here Lieutenant; activate the passive array pod, and activate the Free Network News.”

In the Church of the American Flag on the Rue de Droit near Ten Commandments National Park a riot was in progress with the Mayor’s order arresting all the city homeless that would not stay in churches and off public property.

The rioters wore middle class armbands and marked ballots for the Uniparty platform ordering tax cuts for the rich and dirty air to inhale. They made no sense of it all, and were glad for that.

A speaker strode forth from their midst to speak to the crowd a little after nine this morning. Up the steps of the Church he turned to face the mob; his precious mob, and delivered another beloved lecture.

“Idiots! Rational numbers have decimal extensions that can go on forever! It is never possible to finish a particular number as it has the potential to continue to infinity. One can never get to the last number of pi to continue on the journey of listing all rational numbers between three and four. That is our prop blem today!”

The congregation appreciated Motivator Zak’s remarkable, intuitive insight. Like a buzz of cicadas the noise of acclamation rose to swell with crescendo and drop off like a coyote running beyond the edge of a cliff during a chase.

The effort to rebuild a full employment economic condition in the global warming era is challenging. The recession of arable land giving way to new desert is a global phenomenon too difficult politically to react to with affirmative action. That would require politically intelligent leadership- a rare item in a synthetic corporate democracy.

One must balance twin and opposite concerns of defending individual liberty and public security simultaneously. With economic competition and concentrated wealth political challenges of a society increase ossification.

Political trading blocs make de facto religions of economically proprietary power evolving to reinforce atheist weltanschauung-world views-as well as theist. Few populist theist politicizers are interested in the problem of quantum uncertainty or of the aggregated improbability of a solid state material universe in a vacuum space with patterns recognizably phenomenal.

Political problems on Earth can be corrected with brighter, more honest, better political leaders. Problems of religion can be corrected with a right relationship to God rather than corrupt secular authorities.

Corrupt sodomic producer-oligarch consumerist establishment sought to convert the polity into becoming and being rational numbered moron-consumers units.

Motivator Zak described a way to reform marriage that would end its creeping corruption from modernism, divorce, homosexuality and from being a tool of sophist social fiscal advantage.

Social contract couple licenses in the United States could rectify the corrupted state of the institution of marriage. Renewable five year social contracts for couples with right of renewal could be issued in several classes such as with or without procreation. Twenty percent of the couples’ earnings could be set aside for end of contract bonus ending divorce or alimony. Child support would exist at a ten percent of each biological parent’s earning rate until the child reached maturity.

Adoptive parents would also incur a permanent 10% of income per child support tax regardless of the end of a social couple contract. Savings would be encouraged with the renewable set aside that would be disbursed to couples individual accounts at retirement age besides and then resume.

Motivator Zak had said that adopted and biological children alike would inherit 10% of any parent’s estate with the remainder a matter of parental will. If there were more children than inheritance, the percentage shared would rationally decrease.

It all seemed reasonable to Motivator Zak, and to his few hundred disciples in Congress at the end of Congress Street in a shining building on a hill. It meant little to the rest of the world who had no interest even in ecological economics or sustainable Earth ecosphere.

“Well Lieutenant, I got what I wanted here; a place to have a cold one. Let’s get over to T-3 before the struggling masses yearning to breathe free blow up a few billion of their micro fish brains around here.”

“Roger that Captain, lift off!”

Inboard magneto-crawlers drew the UFO silently upward through the water column. It shimmered on the surface of the sea as a stealth illusion of emptiness wrapping the horizons of instant time around it fully fueled with hydrogen and returning false molecular radar echoes of ambient molecular content around its acceleration. Flying through the Earth’s magnetic field lines in the ultra light super-conducting ship at speed not even the slightest morphing of the sky might have been visible to direct or indirect observation technology.

“Rig for silent running Lieutenant.”

“We are silent running Captain.”

“Yeh right, pass over another brew. Set a course for Tibet-3, there is a load of trilobite fossils for the Museum of Magellan Galaxy.”

“Got it. We will be at T-3 in a couple minutes.”

Planetary magnetic field impulse power was adequate for the quick trip. They arrived at a floating sky dock with a lift from the ground. Loading trilobites and seasoned take-out containers into the ship’s cargo bay they were quickly over way.

For the journey to the Magellan Galaxy the tiny ship slip streamed across the frothy top of quantum uncertainty bordering the steady state universe.

Tying up the steady state boundary of their delineated quantum data with the underlying uncertainty principles they passed between time and its order in the steady state of deterministic reality letting the Universe space between galaxies pass naturally beneath them before disengaging from the fog of uncertainty.

The solid state universe has an apparent order of time while the frothy slip stream of uncertainty hasn’t a direction of time. Returning to the local space-time of an expanding Universe was simple letting it move on beneath the atemporal froth or adjusting a point of detachment from the intertemporal flux of the slip stream.

Entering the atmosphere of the dark Museum planet the UFO was forced to slow and wait behind a long line of space ships at the port of entry.

“This place gives me the creeps Captain.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean-give me another delightful rice beer.”

“Captain, may I ask a question?”


“Where are your people from on Earth?”

“They were living in Northern Russia 26,000 years ago Lieutenant. I don’t know where they went to after that-they never write.”

“What is with this world Captain?”

“Nothing special Lieutenant. It’s located by a main sequence star in the prime habitation zone in one of hundreds of galaxies named for Ferdinand Magellan. This Magellan galaxy is in the Hydra-Centaurus group moving toward The Great Wall. The Museum planet has a digital atlas of the known life content of the Universe represented in digital holography-hence the trilobites from ancient terra seas.

If you ever venture outside the traffic lane, avoid contact with the massless anti-massless field cold copying the artifacts-it hasn’t gravity, time or space-intervals and in some way allows infinite data packing without heat or gravitational affects.”

“How does that work?”

“Good question Lieutenant and I will take the time to answer, at the rate this line is moving we may not make it to Plotinus Station on time.

Gravity only occurs as a field within mass generally, within Universes with a surplus of baryonic matter residual from an initial cancelling out of anti-matter with mass. Mass has a slight survival advantage in patterned recombinant chirility over antimatter leaving a modest surplus of mass.

Creating massless anti-particles without the potential for making energy or gravity when they meet up with select massless particles allows an infinite quantity of representational data to be stored within an infinitely small area of non-space-time. It’s a useful thing to have if you have lots of videos and music to store.”

“O.K.” Captain.

“Packing an infinite amount of information within an infinitely small area without adding mass that would produce gravity or space-time affects is simple enough with an infinite capacity to generate dimensions and to place massless data in the same area.

The greater problem is actually that of running out of information to input into the storage area that has infinite potential to input additional information.”

“What occurs if an infinite amount of information does input to the storage hole-does the Universe turn itself inside out Captain.”

The tiny UFO at last followed a vast Tranugrin war freighter through the shining veil of waveform security into the great chasm of the museum of forms. Thousands of feet above the opulent anti-string filter of the one storage infinity dark clouds of an enigmatic fog swirled tendrils miles in length about the UFO. Captain Oberdark pulled over to an artificially intelligent, adjustable museum deposit chute and stopped.

“So, here we are Lieutenant-download the trilobites. Many dishes await you at the station.”

“There aren’t any dishes at the station Ma’am.”

“I’ll make some.”