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WIll Independents 'Go Romne'y in 2012 General Election?

Democrats will be democrats, and Republicans will be Republicans, yet independents would probably vote for Mitt Romney vs. Obama, and yet lean toward Obama in a general election vs Perry.

Independents preponderantly tolerate public heath care-Perry is agin that though the courts will likely decide which of the half states for or against will get their poison. Probably the majority of states suing the government over Obamacare are from states with fewer electoral votes than the other 24 that aren't.

Independent voters preponderantly don't want four more years of Texas led wars. Neither do they want global warming. They also believe Rick Perry is clueless on economics.

Mitt Romney does better with independents than Perry, who would like to restart Reganomics with the borrowing well dry, and drill like James Watt to get Texans working and the rest of America further in debt to OPEC political control.

Mitt Romney might be the first constructive Republican President since Reagan, and he would have to find a new way to restart the economy than Reagan did. Anything is possible-even fundamentalist voters would reconcile and vote for Romney vs. Obama.

On ‘Abraham-The First Historical Biography’ by David Rosenberg

Reading this fine book published in 2006 is a kind of journey through mind and of space and time as Rod Serling might have said. One returns to a kind of aboriginal dream time of the foundation of civilization catching glimpses of the people of Ur in the year 3300 B.C.E., then learns more about the life and history of that civilization and its people unto the time of Abraham in 1800 B.C.. A crucible driving Abraham to a break with his cultural past bringing him to make that momentous journey out of Sumer to the land of Canaan is brought to life with Rosenberg’s word portraits of the Patriarch’s world.

The author points out that after leaving Ur, Abraham was ‘houseless until his death’; not such bad company for today’s homeless to be in. The meek it is said, shall inherit the Earth.

God is a creative being, one whom makes things exist. Sin on the contrary is nihilistic activity, making things not exist and abnegating individual integrity for-self and for-others. Sin is destruction of creation-the production of broken forms.

A logic of sustaining beings that allow things to exist in the universe or in any possible form of universe, rather than to not exist, is plain enough, and good. The meek are more compatible with creative eternal life than are those reinforcing continua of nihilism and eternal death.

Abraham we learn was obedient to God. Abraham’s conformal behavior was compatible to the principle of life and existence over death and non-being. The founding patriarch of three faiths was simultaneously bold yet meek. Abraham was of course faithful to The One (who is three).

There are not too many biographically descriptive references to Abraham in the Bible that one might easily get much data describing the life at Ur of the founder of what today is thought of as the Jewish religion. Rosenberg-who provides his own translations from Hebrew carefully considers Biblical material and tries to create a reconstruction of the culture and time of Sumer and the home town of Abraham-the city of Ur, drawing upon ancient material and sources such as large numbers of cuneiform clay tablets of the Sumerian civilization that were excavated in the 20th century and now.

Rosenberg mentions a Sumerian epic story-history called ‘The World Order’ that probably was known a thousand years later at the late 11th century B.C.E. court of King Solomon. It is apropos that President G.H.W. Bush’s term ‘The New World Order’ was coined in the era of the first U.S. war with Iraq. Not so much changes after 5000 years in politics-at least where fossil fuels are concerned.

Scholarly translations and compilations of that ancient data from Sumerian libraries and elsewhere have increasingly shed light on the culture of ancient Sumer unto Abraham’s day.

David Rosenberg is a poet and biblical scholar. He is also a co-author of ‘The J Book’. That interesting work is an exposition of the J (Jehovah?) writer of the earliest parts of the book of Genesis. Scriptural criticism supposes that there were four primary scribes, writers and or redactors of the first five books of the Bible that have reached us today beginning with the J writer most likely of Solomon’s court; and surprising to some, possibly a female writer. The treatment of Sarah’s response to news of her planned pregnancy (planned by God) seems to have a more feminine touch than a male writer of the time might have had-yet if it was originally a scribbled note by Abraham himself-who can say? His relationship with Sarah and other highlights of the journey could have been saved as an outline-diary of meaningful events. Such jottings of one of the best writers of Sumer making his own exodus out of decay may have made it down through history and much retelling to J at King Solomon’s court.

-note Abraham is said to have wandered with his father Terah toward the CIty of Haran up the rivers toward Damascus or Megiddo on his way to Shalem (Jerusalem) where lived King Melchisedek and his Jebusites. It makes more sense that an ancient traveller would follow along the water way for drinking refreshment than that he would have turned southwest toward the Arabian deserts. I have elesewhere in this article mentioned Abraham as wandering around the Arabian Pennisnusla that after reading Rosenberg's book I would tend to agree that it would be an improbable route of travel.

Shimon Gibson in writing about his excavation of the cave of John the Baptist a couple of miles from his home town also made the point that early Christians were much less sexist than later ecclesiastical structures and traditions that developed in reflecting perhaps the pervasively male hierarchical social establishment of the era. The early Christian ideas of social priorities have themselves been eclipsed a little by the secular social hegemony over Christian organizations.

Abraham may have trained his own scribe to keep the cuneiform writing alive on his journey out of Ur. John Smith brought his own scribe to write down his actions exploring Chesapeake Bay. Perhaps the ‘disciple Jesus loved’ was a reference by one of John’s school of writers at Ephesus to their founder. Some of the more important writers of history had others complete their works under supervision-Julius Caesar for instance in his history of ‘The Civil War’ and wars in Libya and Alexandria.

The additional possibility exists that Sarah too learned to write cuneiform, and became one of the world’s first secretaries, added personal points of view to her husband’s recollections.

The topic of Abraham writing cuneiform leads me to wonder if a synthesis of cuneiform and hieroglyphic literacy traditions by Moses upon leaving Egypt led him to create an alphabet to write down Jewish speech about 1500 B.C.E. during the Exodus. I believe the Hebrew symbol yod is from the cuneiform numbering system. It would be interesting to have a map of archaeological locations of cuneiform writing outside of Mesopotamia. An alphabet representing sounds may have been simpler for Moses to construct than a synthesis of two less phonetically based writing systems. Were the Ten Commandments the first alphabetically based legal code?

Rosenberg builds with scholarly learning, poetic inference and creative insight an exegesis of J’s construction of Genesis from earlier sources including a hypothetical X writer in King Melchizedek court. We discover that Abraham was likely to have been a Sumerian writer himself who left Sumer at a time when the New Babylonian rulers were repressing the religious and culture creative license of Sumer that had already existed more than a thousand years. Abraham was called to venture away and found a new religious civilization or culture, and his heir would be named Israel.

Rosenberg’s book on Abraham is fine reading. One learns philosophically new ideas-perhaps worth being called a religious ontology, that might be quite different from the usual assumptions about the religious culture of ancient Ur. For some, the idea of treating Abraham as a real man albeit in a reconstructed and good spirited, best effort historical scenario could be a little bit faith-shaking initially. How could Abraham emerge from an evolving cultural religious paradigm and quite reasonably have a personal God flowing rather naturally from the culture and history of the time? Shouldn’t Abraham have simply been thwacked on the head by a finger of God and provided with divine insights while he was just minding his own business even though secularists already would be developing hagiographical details about the saintly, deserving soul?

Philosophically speaking, the development of a history outline of the religious culture of Sumer is brilliantly informative. There are other approaches to interpreting ancient civilizations and the foundations of some religious practices obviously, and some things are left out perhaps from this books such as one might expect existed in ancient culture such as human sacrifice, yet the book accomplishes rather convincingly presenting the picture of Abraham & ancient Sumeria while explaining mankinds theoretical and practical relationship to the divine and unknown in the ancient context. One knows that much is left out and much is poeticly liberated from nothingness with creative speculation, yet that is the brilliance of the work in finding so much in the scant and occluded historical record.

Religious ontologies may exist simultaneously with mundane, familiar weltanschauung, Sartre’s existential personal world experience coheres within the phenomenality of social dialectical reason and the cultural environment. Mankind and his civilizations exist within an apparent universe emerged or selected from all-possible-universes put up in some way fine tuned to support life.

From an unknowable perturbative vacuum with quantum uncertainty perhaps a void and space-time plus energy emerge. No one knows if a quantum uncertainty field before all universes really exists or why even one virtual particular particle would ever become a temporarily real thing or where it could appear or why, before anything materially was. One would think that all things existing become the past, presenting a form of paradox for-itself even if one regards a temporal linerar series of events mechanically and as self-explanatory.

The Sumerians had their own way of examining the juxtaposition of the supernatural and unknown with the natural and known-the Babylonians repressed that artistic and intellectual liberty with the dogmatism of the cult of Marduk and Abraham with his sculptor father Terah set out over the Arabian Peninsula to change the future history of mankind.

Sodom and Gomorrah were said to be located near the confluence of the Dead Sea and the Jordan River. Perhaps the mud brick towns were new and located on opposite bank of the Jordan. Over historical time it might have occurred to someone to dam the Jordan and one such dam broke sending a raging wave to sweep the perverse townsmen and their bricks before a river wave down to return to the elements in the Dead Sea.

Looking back into ancient history is a good thing for scholars. Culturally though societies may stagnate in the past or forget its lessons dooming themselves to repeat its errors. When Abraham’s nephew Lot was ordered to flee the city of Sodom before its destruction he and his family were told not to look back.

Leaving a corrupt civilization is what Abraham did when departing Ur that had fallen into economic and spiritual stagnation. Lot’s wife had to stop and look back across salt collection and drying ponds outside Sodom and was perhaps splashed and covered over with quick drying salt-slurry when some kind of collection retaining wall collapsed or a splattering thing struck down the city.

There are several messages in the story-a true story that one may take concerning the need for social and cultural reformation, the need to not have contempt for God and/or about the phenomenality of existence in a phenomenal Universe.

Perhaps we should not have smug politicians ignoring global heating, ecospheric depletion and economic corruption because they own stock in Exxon-Mobil or have investments in China. When capitalism is corrupted such that it puts a price on people and what they are worth to delete the economic methods assaults democracy and becomes a tool of financial democide. Corrupt political parties ping-ponging an economic ball with hypocritical moral paddles over an oily atmospheric and biospheric decay have too much of the Sodomites about them to be reformers and escape the enveloping return unto inanimate being without free will in-itself.

I recommend reading Rosenberg’s book ‘Abraham’. It is a serious effort to reconstruct more about ancient writers and what they thought of life. Some people believed that God could have evolved the world if he choose, yet philosophically it’s easy to understand that God also would have complete foreknowledge of all quantum variables at any level so far as he like. People have free will yet God’s will entirely determines how things are-even quantum mechanics has similar paradoxes on the nature of matter and of getting information about it.

The Heisenberg uncertainty principle is also a kind of quantum displacement principle as all things determined are yet grounded in the infinite and unfounded expect for the phenomenal-perhaps inclusive of the human mind and of human experience. Abraham might have emerged from a culture supporting the religious concepts that emerged and in part formed elements of the religious paradigm of Judaism, Islam and Christianity-yet so what, would God not human beings to develop a religious or spiritual capability bringing them to recognize His true self the Universe phenomenalized?

There are still Sumerian ethnic peoples-Amorites living in Iraq. Those we might regard today as Jews were just another Semitic people many of whom had moved to Sumer though some lived in Canaan. The ideas of Sumer continue with us including some of the religious paradigms in some regards. Abraham in leaving Sumer became the first Jew, it is said; a religious way of relating to the transcendent.

It is good for Christian faith that the principals in our own first century a.d. drama of reality were all real people, Jesus Christ was a real man too, for whom the witnessed experiences of the Apostles, disciples and countless others of the miracles of Jesus were given, transcending the foundations of experience and history to become a reliable ontology for-itself…the best a human being may have.

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The Seven Voyages of Fleet Admiral Zheng He Between 1405-33

Reading an excellent collection of history articles in an edition titled 'China Goes To Sea’ one may find a good treatment of the interesting voyages of a 15th century Chinese sailor from a Muslim family of south China for the Ming Dynasty’s third Emperor- Yongle (Zhu Di).

Zheng He was the name of the man castrated after capture during war eventually promoted to be the Emperor Yongle’s admiral of a vast fleet of as many as 250 ships. Politicians of the era castrated their subjects in some instances in order to help concentrate wealth and power for elites. Even as a third Ming political ultimate insider Emperor Yongle would want enough eunuchs as court functionaries- adequately compensated and unlikely to produce rival heirs with undesirable anti-imperial ambitions.

‘The Maritime Transformation of Ming China’ by Andrew Wilson
is an article in the book that recounts the voyages of Zheng He and his fleet to points as far as Jeddah on the Red Sea, Ceylon and Mogadishu.

The book collection ‘China Goes to Sea-Maritime Transformation in Comparative Historical Perspective’ published in 2009 elaborates the contemporary decision paradigm and historical background on the crucible that China finds itself in on choosing what extent it should develop its sea power beyond the coast to dwell the seven seas.

The book’s essays provide additional data on the rise of modern Chinese shipyards of large size-more than 200, and on the People’s Liberation Army Navy (The PLAN). Presently the PLAN has at least 5 nuclear attacks subs, 55 diesel attack subs, 30 destroyers,45 frigates, 35 missile patrol craft and 55 amphibious ships. The multinational dialectical or quadralectical evolution of ship buildings arms races is interesting to consider. In some cases even the top leaders may change sides (e.g. Alcibiades) when different employment compensation packages arise to provide suitable beyond the beltway incentives.

In some periods of history such as that of China’s warring states diplomacy has not been able to prevent the people of the next valley over from acting in the logic of arms races and war. The inevitable high risk of failing to be ready to war in a primitive social environment and consequences of defeat-execution, castration, enslavement and torture incentivize readiness for high casualty lethal battle engagements. The odds for incidence and intensity of conflict increase in relation to the transformation of the geodeographic region universally to one of militarized societies.

China was quite a naval power in the 15th century, yet its military capability at sea was largely a development of the domestic conflicts on rivers and lakes as well as along the coast of China. China’s naval power largely ended during the Ming dynasty too, as the Emperor believed that any naval power-especially those of rivals and pirates- comprised a threat to state security.

Chinese history is interesting reading for the variegated complexity and quantitative substance of its internal permutations. The Zheng He story is another of the lines for historical inquiry that take one to contemplation of those early and for most of us rather hazy times.

Zheng He grew up in a late 14th century Muslim home in south China informing us a little of the spread of the Moslem religion across Southern Eurasia. Perhaps Yongle promoted Zheng He to admiral of a 250 ship expeditionary fleet to the Moslem world because of his religion.

In the early 15th century the crusaders had been forced out of the Middle East and points south were prevalently Moslem. The Osmanli tribe and horde would soon take Constantinople-last hope of the Byzantine Empire. Eventually the Ottoman Empire would rule present day Saudi Arabia and Jeddah too imposing its will upon Iran. Centuries before Moslem invaders had compelled Iranians to speak Arabic and lose their native Persian languages.

Zheng He may have moved his fleet with expendable, smaller faster scout boats in advance. Many of the voyages travelled the same course on the later missions. Perhaps several ships were lost although with so many in the flotilla modest attrition was tolerable. The voyages were expensive though. Emperor Yongle got into office by rebellion and some speculate may have used the great mission to reinforce his apparent power.

I cannot help comparing these expensive voyages over known travel routes a little like our potential American missions to Mars in the cost and scale. There must be smarter, faster ways to get Americans and others to Mars and back at less cost. Maybe Yongle might have sent horsemen to the Moslem world; for sure Genghis Khan the Mongol ruler did, and perhaps Kublai Khan had little interest in Beijing in funding missions with boats to place other than Japan.

The matter of Zheng He being the Ming Emperor’s possible way of establishing cultural contact with the west as a way to find allies against northern Mongol and Manchu dangers aside-as if he was a 15th century Byzantine looking for an Eastern Prester John ally to defend against Moslem and/or Mongol/Manchu forces, one might still wonder if the idea for a 400 foot Chinese built junk originated with Zheng He’s youthful learning about Noah’s ark through religious instruction. It is interesting that the insurrection against the Qing Manchu dynasty by the Christian neo-heretic (I say that with kindness because he didn’t have good religious instruction) Hong Xe Quan
Who believed he was the younger brother of God in a somewhat confused religious education brackets a little the Manchu Qing era rule of China until 1911 about the time Ottoman rule was ended in the Middle East; one can find parallel occurrences in history ad infinitum and interesting.

Maybe mankind should build a habitat on Mars under thick glass before sending two of every kind of animal to live there should the opportunity arise.

The ancient world probably has numerous untold maritime voyages perhaps at best hinted at by reason, logic and archaeological finds. Crete had human settlers by sea as early as 20,000 years ago. I have wondered about the linguistic similarity of Chukotka to the 12th century Missouri town of Cahokia with its 300 foot high Earth mound pyramids. One must wonder if ancient Irish or Vikings crossing the Atlantic to New Foundland via Greenland the St. Lawrence Seaway and Wisconsin eventually made it to the near St. Louis site of indigenous American civilization at Cahokia that lasted less than 200 years. Further west one of the only known pre-Columbian instances of mass murder and city defense wall storming occurred in an excavated Amer-Indian site in North Dakota. Where such banzai storming tactics learned from Vikings moving on after stimulating the Cahokian civilization to rise? Did they eventually make it to Wrangell Alaska via the Stikine River of Canada and leave spiral carvings and beehive huts at 54 degrees north latitude-about the same latitude as Newgrange Ireland’s oldest in Europe remaining Neolithic building? Did the voyagers portage skin boats from Skagway Alaska and find the Yukon River to float down to Bering Strait and across to Chakotka?

These speculative histories are fun to consider, yet the voyages of Zheng He are historically available for research. One can still imagine the progress of a 27,000 man floating city slowly through the Strait of Malacca, over the Indian Ocean and to the scorching Red Sea as a site to behold. Sailing a boat without a motor near Santa Cruz island one night with the wind dropping to about dead calm I saw a marvelous lighted structure moving through the night-unfortunately it eventually moved toward me and turned out to be a large ocean tug and tow. I had thought watching its lights move through the dark that it might be a gambling ship taking patrons offshore for a night of extra-territorial dice throwing.

Zheng He presented a formidable appearance to the pirates and potentates of the day and night I would think-yet finally the expense was too high for later Ming Emperors engaged in military conflicts closer to home to continue the encounters with the Muslim world and perhaps Buddhists too of the Theravada of Ceylon and elsewhere south of the far east.

Maritime activity may be many things from private shipping for trade, dumping toxic waste in African coastal sites with a small bribe to corrupt local officials, a way to access and plunder fisheries from underdeveloped nations as well as the even worse problem of private or government pirates preying upon commercial shipping and hapless boaters seeking refuge from tough economic times. Naval power may be developed for several reasons including coastal defense against foreign invasion and piracy, assertion of global hegemony and so forth. Naval forces may build up in order to get jobs for special interests or as excuses for overcharging taxpayers for unneeded vessels at two or three times the off the shelf price at Ships Are Us.

In the article by Wilson the history of the Ming rise to power in a series of large naval battles on Chinese rivers and lakes (The Poyang Campaign) is described as a turning point. The Ming navy defeated a rival Chinese navy.
One might compare the rise of American space power to the rise of Ming naval power and wonder if the shying away from a previously impressive government manned sea or space program coinciding with the decline of select economic prospects was related.

Space power may be used for peaceful or military purposes, yet like the Ming era pirates may plunder global interests and aspire to become national or planetary rulers. One might anticipate that space pirates will also aspire to plink the earth with hyper-kinetic rocks/asteroids from outside the inner solar system if their demands are not met in some future crisis. A competent yet not break the bank scale coast guard is requisite for many coastal nations historically.

Zheng He’s fleet only sailed downwind during monsoon season at 4.5 miles per hour top speed. Yet it might have had the largest wooden ships ever built (beside that of Noah) of a little more than 400 feet. Dr. Wilson mentions that there may have been as many as 27,000 men on each mission. The vast armada may have been trade missions to advertise that the Ming dynasty was ready to do business.

The articles in the book regard the rise of several nations navies produced by largely land powers; Persia, Sparta, Rome-Ottoman Empire sea power of ancient times as well. The political factors that brought the investment in a fleet and the historical result of those investments are considered along with more recent examples such as imperial Germany.

I would like to mention something here a little off topic. Germany after the First World War was forbidden to have much of a navy-so it built many submarines and had that one excellent battleship trapped and sank in Paraguay by several British destroyers. The French agreed to have their fleet kept in ports under their control yet with Nazi supervision so they would be neutral during the second world war after the Germans invaded France, while the British had to decide (Churchill largely) if they would send their fleet to the United States if Britain lost to an invading Germany or if a Prime Minister more like Chamberlain replaced Churchill who would order the fleet Vichified (made neutral in order to comply with Nazi demands) and remain in port or be given over eventually to the Nazi navy.

These calculations about the value of a navy and its use have many political elements to them not uncommonly in history. By the 17th century China’s navy was atrophied and unable to compete much with that of the west. Rather than the lack of a navy though, China’s imperial power was largely responsible for its comparative decline as a world power.

One finds the Qing dynasty and the Manchu taking over China. The Mongol land power had extended over much of Eurasia making the question of global naval power somewhat problematic. When the Qing dynasty ended, I believe, in 1911, the process of a discovery of a new identity for China began transformatively unto the present when China has risen to be a world trading power much as during the Ming dynasty.

The United State’s space program and moon landings were important and even impressive national symbols comparable n some ways to the vast Ming fleets of Zheng He sailing around the south littoral of Eurasia seven times as the high point of the ancient Chinese navy. National leaderships goals and abilities may conserve a nation’s role in world political economy. While the United States seems to be setting aside active progress in a too taxing for the political intellect affordable manned space exploration program, China and other nations are taking it up. Russia has continued the Soviet era manned space infrastructure, yet the U.S.A. has no present manned space flight capability besides hitching a ride on a Soyuz rocket from Siberia.

One reads in Andrew Wilson’s article as well of the use of the Ming navy in defeating Hideoshi’s Japanese army that had invaded Korea.

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Rick Perry 'Dislikes' Washington D.C.-Does He Really Mean 'Hates It'?

I dislike Washington. I think it’s a seedy place. But our country is in trouble and I don’t have the privilege to sit on the sideline and watch our country be destroyed economically by a president who has been conducting an experiment on the American economy for the last two and a half years.”-Rick Perry


I too am concerned about ineffective government and believe Rick Perry would continue the record of preponderantly dumb or crooked presidents since President Reagan.

Rick Perry doesn't think global heating is a serious issue, or a clear and present danger to the United States of America and the rest of the world, and is fundamentally a global warming ostrich. He also has no clue about what ecological economics are. He seems to prefer to find a concrete wall to joust against to stimulate defense spending and arms contracting business while also lowering the national miles per gallon standards to increase oil consumption and drilling.

Maybe treating Washington D.C. like dirt is the problem with some Presidential candidates; they should like democracy and work to maike it function well even assurring that all poor Americans have no-cost health provisions.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Humans In Mars Orbit Could Operate Brainless Robots on Planet Surface

Human beings on Earth could operate human shaped work robots on the Earth's moon without a time signal delay problem, yet for Mars the time signaling delay would make human working of the robot tools (that have no independent operating system) more difficult and less accurate in mining and construction work on Mars. The answer might be to create a human guidance control station on Phobos-a Martian moon as well as in a space-stationary platform over the Martian work area.

Delivering work robots to the moon and Mars would be cheaper than sending humans to create shelters and agricultural laboratories initially. Jobs might be created on Earth operating robot workers on the moon directly as well as on Mars if the several minutes delay can be substantially compensated for.

Science fiction writers have pointed out for generations the dangers of thinking robots. An easy fix to that problem is to make robots completely unthinking and just have a human on Earth or in orbit someplace directly operate each individual robot through its workday. Exploring dangerous to humans solar system planets and moons with human like robots directly operated by a human through wireless control might safely expedite exploration, construction and human habit in vacant spaces on other worlds.

Does God Intervene in History or Presidential Elections?

This question of teleology at a human historical level might be regarded from numerous vantage points. Physical determinism from initial boundary conditions of the Universe would seem to logically follow if the Universe were isolated from anything outside of its expanse. We may have no assurance of that-energy may be added to or taken from the Universe at any time one might think as reasonably as the opposite opinion. The Universe itself may have started proximally as a quantum unit of scale; there is no indication that once begun it must remain so.

Roman 13:1 “Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God.”-the Apostle Paul writing a letter to the Romans during the reign of Nero. Later, the Roman Emperor Constantine would declare Christianity the State religion of the Empire.

Hebrews 11-3”Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.”

The Apostle Paul has informed us that politicians are workers of the will of God existing in the world plan, yet Paul has also informed us all of the willingness of God to work in all of our lives. We read in the letter to the Ephesians in chapter two of the nature of human experience in the world;

E2_1”And you hath he quickened, who were dead in trespasses and sins; 2-2 Wherein in time past ye walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience.3 Among whom also we all had our conversation in times past fulfilling the desires of our flesh and of the mind; and were by nature the children of wrath, even as others."

We may discern in the above passage the possibility that the teleology of the world may have a different, branching course from the teleology of the saved.

E-2-8 “For by grace are we saved through faith; and that not of yourselves; lest any man should boast: it is the gift of God.

E-2-10”For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them."

E-2-18”For through him we both have access by one Spirit unto the Father.”20”And we are built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the chief corner stone.”

E4-4”There is one body, and one Spirit, even as ye are called in one hope of your calling;5 One Lord, one faith and one baptism,6 One God and Father of all, and through all, and in you all.”

We learn here of challenges to the body politick as well as to the church of Christ…

E12”For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

Romans 9-22”What if God, willing to show his wrath, and to make his power known, endured with much long suffering the vessels of wrath fitted to destruction:23 And that he might make known the riches of his glory on the vessels of mercy, which he had afore prepared unto glory."

St. Matthew 20:25”Jesus called them unto him, and said, Ye know that the princes of the Gentiles exercise dominion over them, and they that are great exercise authority upon them.26 But it shall not be so among you; but whosoever will be great among you shall be your minister; 27 And whosoever shall be chief among you, let him be your servant.”

In history many political leaders have believed themselves divine-some had themselves worshipped and made it a death penalty to fail to do so. Today we feel those people were full of crap and resist that sort of pressure as ridiculous if it ever occurs even a little. Democracy requires good servants and ministers rather than outsourcers of jobs and cronyism in the political leadership class. We find tiresome anyone’s claim to be a gift from God even if he is so because it’s nearly impossible to believe or find credible proof of. Good political works provide good political opinion poll ratings instead of good p.r. propaganda.

Even so we can believe in God and that God acts on history if He likes. Though with omniscience and omnipotence it might be redundant to expect Him to change anything from the way it will be anyway. God’s will was perfect to start. We ask for His help in correcting our environmental and ecospheric use mistakes as well as other free will caused human problems often turning out to be some kind of sin.

Just Jesus Christ was the authorized Son of God, Christians believe. His act in history appearing as mankind’s savior was the only requisite political intervention for true salvation-now we have to discover ways to keep good Christianity from becoming bad politics.

We know that within our human lifetimes and personal experience that the laws of nature seem to flow on at a regular rate with its fine-tuned physical constant values seemingly unchanged. Taxes may vary and government fiscal competence to adapt to challenges may fluctuate leaving citizens stranded in poverty or set on the summit of wealth, and we know that the Bible explains that governments are tools used by God-so in a democracy the faithful should elect the smart, wise, just and beneficial to its high political offices in order to make out voter electorate roles as much in the image of God’s perfect goodness as we can. We must wonder how, given human failings and the selection of bad governments over history even unto the present as not quite a rule but not so exceptional either, God might intervene in human affairs to change government leadership in a right direction that would actualize His purpose for human destiny.

In some way we might expect God to act quantitatively in changing human social personnel and political directions in a way similar to quantum mechanics and the various energy content values of atomic nuclei and of electrons flying around them. It would be easier if we could know that the Creator would only permit so much public debt before governments flew apart or radiated citizens or subjects to new lands, or if revolutions formed in particular phase change relationship protocols that might be quantified. If that were so some people might decide that the immutable or rarely changed laws of the natural universe merely acted upon human government and politics as well as upon atoms and elements. Scientists have sought for large scale order in the universe-and actually discovered super-clusters of galaxies maybe a fifth the size of the observable universe as the largest ordered things in the universe. We tend to believe though that forces like gravity or the lambda dark energy force that may exist are discrete forces quantified in little packets phenomenally rather than having a unified large superstructure in the universe itself. That may or may not be so.

It is difficult to know what the really large scale structures of the universe are when some may be unknown. M-Theory I believe searches for extra dimensional strings and membranes as fundamental quanta in order to extrapolate a theory that explains the phenomena of nature with somewhat traditional notions about what sort of structures exist in it large and small.

Physicists and cosmologists also seem to work on developing theories about the realm of virtual uncertainty. Large scale structures of space, time, energy, mass and dimensions may exist that comprise things-in-themselves that are presently unknown or even unknowable. We see through a glass darkly, and like Moses glimpsing just a reflected fraction of the passing glory of God, some of these structures may be too large, small or just incomprehensible for a human being to encounter.

That is no reason to quit trying to understand the cosmos, the will of God as expressed in the Bible and how or why politicians can make such terrible economic conditions sometimes. The ways God acts upon history might be known as it is His will to disclose any finite portion of any infinite sequence-probably a little of that goes a long way. The 1968 U.S. Presidential race is a case in point to study profitably.

There were several good candidates in the 1968 Presidential primaries, two of whom were shot with one dying in Los Angeles. The nation’s youth were restive and protesting by the millions a war in Vietnam that had gone on for nearly a decade. Black Americans unhappy with the pace of economic and social change were burning ghettos in Detroit and Los Angeles. President Lyndon Johnson decided not to run for re-election and would die not long in the future.

The causes for the war in Vietnam have been written about much. It would be challenging to blame god for the war instead of human political activity. I will leave it at that for now, since the larger concept of politicization of teleology could be generalized to just be correction from original sin in a space-time phase shift that made human beings mortal and of finite intellectual capacity.

The probable winner of the 1968 Democratic Presidential nomination was the charismatic Robert F. Kennedy. The likely independent party nominee was Governor George Wallace. Each would have run against Richard M. Nixon. Kennedy was the easy winner in that contest if it had happened.

Yet with J.F.K. dead and Wallace critically injured and crippled for life, and with the 1968 Democratic Party convention in Chicago besieged by a virtual riot outside in the streets by agitated youth against the war the comparatively calm, rational republican candidate seemed the very reasonable conservative choice. A fairly good Democratic candidate-Vice President Hubert Horatio Humphrey-the Happy Warrior-might have run well against Nixon and won the 1968 general election if not for the spectacle of the Democratic riot in Chicago. It is a little ironic that so many agitated Nixon haters helped elect Nixon indirectly to the Presidency in 1968.

Is it in such political mass confusion that one might discover the will of God to direct mankind’s political course through history on occasion? Certainly no political script-writing crew of 99 monkeys given several million years would have produced such an improbable election outcome.

President Nixon accomplished détente with the Soviet Union setting the stage for a future Gorbachev administration in part. Even President Vladimir Putin was liked by Yuri Andropov back in the day. Nixon accomplished the initial rapprochement with Red China that has continued to the present, and withdrew U.S. combat forces from Vietnam during his first administration-then he left office with the Watergate scandal and disappeared from the world political stage as America had Dick Nixon to kick around just one more time.

Some people would perhaps credit natural selection, or Darwinian evolution with the 1968 Presidential race. They might prefer to speculate that political change is not optimized in a dialectical progression of the dumb side versus the corrupt, but that no progress happens at all that isn’t incidental aggregation of structure in a discrete context. They would not deign to credit God with intervening at all to make course corrections now and then to save the human race from itself and its implicit characteristic of being unsafe at any speed even with democratic elections.

Large scale teleological structures may exist with being reducible to discrete, quantifiable units of measurement. I do not have any sort of certainty of what the actual course of God is for any election today. I believe that the electorate shouldn’t be reduced to drawing lots between bad candidates though as if one might discern God’s will in that process. The U.S.A. probably needs to do its homework well and elect high quality candidates and then thank God for the grace to do so.

Observations on ‘The Return’ of Russia & Additional Economic/Political Topics

Macro-economics is one area where the acute observer may learn much of human social behavior, for all have interest in economic matters of necessity. ‘The Return’ by Daniel Triesman published in 2010 is possible the best academic quality though eminently enjoyable reading history of Russia shortly before and following the end of the Soviet Union until 2010. The Russian stock market ‘rose by more than eighteen times between July 1999 and July 2008’ Dr. Treisman reports. In reading this fine contemporary history we learn why, providing hope that some spark of political whit might begin a new ecospherically beneficial economic recovery in the U.S.A. some day as well.

The economic and political changes of Russia and other member states of the former Soviet Union from 1989 unto 2010 were quite remarkable and changed the history of the world. The way Mikhail Gorbachev allowed his Glasnost and Perestroika policies break up the formerly oppressive communist authority and how Boris Yeltsin signed a decree ending the Soviet Union and establishing the C.I.S. is no more remarkable than the story of Yeltsin and Gaidar’s methods of legalizing private property and private enterprise in addition to privatizing state industry. One can only wish that former President G.W. Bush had been half as bright as Boris Yeltsin in restructuring the oil fields of Iraq following the removal of the Baathist Government from power. Yeltsin created vouchers that let the people own a substantial portion of the Russian oil businesses (though eventually Russian ownership of former Soviet industry concentrated in possession of a few as in many countries of the world today such as Belgium, Greece, Israel, Mexico, Argentina, Australia, Switzerland, Sweden, South Korea and France where even medium sized businesses may have concentrated ownership).

American may be surprised to read that car ownership has tripled in Russia. Russian GDP per worker increased an average 5.5% between 2000 and 2006 while the incomes of the poorest potion of Russians increased 10% per year and that of the richest 12% while some Americans were experiencing long-term unemployment and decreasing prospects of ever finding meaningful work. The United States’ economy has been in an apparent retrograde motion since 2006-7 while the Russian economy has been in recovery thought the U.S. led 2007-2008 world recession wrenched Russia too for a time. ‘The Return’ is an excellent history of Russia’s return to economic well being from the abyss of totalitarianism through self-determination and solid economic liberalism from Gorbachev to Yeltsin, Putin and Medvedev.
Not only are the Chinese and Indian economies improving while America’s is in comparative decline, that of Russia also seems to have a leadership tradition the past 20 years investing with concern in improving prosperity of the people of their own nations.

The United States has several problems that it is unwilling to address that would bring capitalism to work to enrich all citizens including the poor. One problem is philosophical and is based on the popular disdain of a planned economy. Letting capitalism phenomenally evolve without rational government oversight is a kind of actualization of the 18th century ideas of Adam Smith moved to a 21st century context experimentally. Unregulated economic activity in a comparative wilderness obviously requires little or no governance, while in a complex social world more governance and planning is required to prevent environmental disaster amongst other things.

Government planning must exist though not beyond a reasonable and adequate scale to allow the well being of a people. Fundamental planning includes democratic political choices regarding the right of people to own private property instead of allowing all real estate to become owned by one wealthiest capitalist. It should not be a choice between an entirely planned economy and a randomly evolving phenomenal capitalist economy supported by state emergency interventions to keep business and people alive when the private sector allows dead zones to form in the economy.

One might consider the deregulation of home mortgages and their collateralization and packaging for sale in tranches to investors as a phenomena that might inhibit the rational planning of ecologically and economically desirable low cost, zero-loss of biota individual homes or alternately, the construction of large ecologically naturalized two story artificial hills with thousands of condominiums synergized with agriculture; investment planning designed to maximize profit may produce buildings inimical to public ecological concerns, and the tranching financial foundations may negate public and political opportunities to afford ecologically and financially practical housing.

The supply of cheap illegal immigrant labor from Mexico assures a high rate of unemployment of citizens in non-outsourcable physical work jobs, while the supposedly highly skilled jobs that can be outsourced are a diminishing goal to pursue for Unemployed Americans stressed to invest thousands of dollars on education for jobs that won’t really exist later.

There is also the prospect for future globally guided remote computer robot worker developments in business further deleting human workers in the United States. It would be cheaper to train a skilled Chinese or Indian robot operator to control a robot in a factory in the U.S.A. (or several robots) via the Internet to assembly products or do surgery, anesthesia boxes for remote control by distant specialists or special field surgeries in Africa than to pay real Americans to do the work themselves. Even Chinese and India robot operators would do the work for less money per hour.

It seems that high tech boxes with lasers and fingers, cameras and scalpels operated by computer programs and humans with specialized training at a distance could reduce the cost and scarcity of rural medical procedures. Perhaps the dangers of making too smart of robots can be reduced by letting human operators control the brainless machines from a distance even if they are explorers climbing own craters on the moon or the highest Volcanoes of Mars. If extra-planetary exploration can be done by people on Earth controlling robotic machines maybe a stable demographic could have jobs working through the robots mining and developing farms off world for eventually human habitation as well as for export to Earth when needed. Some government planning to coordinate mission and goal parameters should be used I would think.

That is the reason why the idea of national self-interest of citizens to have productive work is a responsibility of a democratic government that the idea of absolute capitalism for itself should not displace or erase entirely. Even if it might be possible for concentrated wealth do create a social structure without need for any humans to work in America-in which grocery store shelves could be restocked by remote controlled computer by a dude in Shanghai, or floors mopped and waxed, bricks piled up to make a home and etc by brainless robots operated by humans paid 2 dollars an hour in Bangalore making new homes in Houston, government needs to find some way that human beings that are citizens can afford a meaningful and productive life in the United States when global capitalism may have no concern whatsoever about anything besides owning everything themselves with or without Americans in America.

Macro-economics today present many challenging concerns moving through the realms of interest to sociologists and environmental scientists as well. Presidential candidates should be competent on global heating and ecospheric biodiversity loss dangers as well as the phenomenality of military behavior of human beings.

China is challenged by the choice of investing in a large conventional blue water navy that has little value except for war. Yet robotic, stealthy, floating, submersible, surface effects torpedo and anti-ship missile launching platforms make conventional shipping of the future far more vulnerable to destruction than in prior eras. Even conventional jet aircraft will be challenged to survive small stealthy air to air robotic mines recharged by solar power. Pilotless air to air anti-aircraft missile platforms will be able to hunt human piloted craft to extinction soon-obviously investing in creating a stable ecosphere with liberty and justice for all humans would be a better investment than in the limited potential enterprise of war robots and small remote controlled on-station anti-ship missile platforms. The human sociological behavior of war making infrastructure moves toward counterproductive economic and environmental status in a world challenging by a Gaia hypothesis decline in need of brilliance to maximize human potential instead of better ways for humanity to run its heads into concrete walls.

It is surprising that Russia has prevalently built up modest budget surpluses and improved the standard of living for its people while the U.S. Government has built up public debt, outsourced jobs, flooded the nation with cheap migrant labor, made the nation less competitive in educational achievements and supported a policy of future American economic decline through lack of intelligence, ambition or knowledge of how to make the economy more productive for the people and the environment. It might be possible to desalinate saltwater and irrigate West Texas farmland with solar powered pumps and evaporation-collection canals-yet why should government be involved in anything creative when food can be imported from Turkey or wherever?

‘The Return’ of Russia to economic health and a free enterprise based environment of social production is something of a secular miracle to many observers of history. Treisman’s book recounts numerous interesting elements of the transformation necessarily founded in history accelerated through the changes of time. The problem of Chechnyan relations to Russia is given more depth than many have encountered reading newspapers or listening to NPR, as is the phenomenal relationship balances of taxation to independence movements and indigenous natural resources.

Russia developed a flat tax rate of 13% after being unable to collect on its progressive tax. Perhaps one of the reasons why the Obama administration is unable to get a better, higher tax rate on the rich is that they can so readily relocate their wealth and production facilities abroad as they are at any rate. Cutting back tax collections to the central government in Moscow (or Washington D.C.) would require local areas to pick up the tab for necessary local services-that is a policy evolution resource rich regions often prefer in order to avoid paying taxes to a central government authority that then redistributes the revenue to poorer regions and non-local special federal projects. Sometimes as progressive tax cuts are eliminated regressive tax increases occur hidden as higher user fees for government services used by the masses. An example might be the cost of a U.S Copyright registration fee that was ten dollars when G.H.W. Bush took office reaching fifty dollars by the time G.W. Bush left the Presidency.

After the breakup of the former Soviet Union and the period during the 1990s of formation of new independent states with various degrees of affiliation to Russia the Kremlin became challenged to keep a central government and state funded while concurrently liberalizing the economy to as egalitarian of privately held form as was possible in the social environment of the time. There is something of a political laboratory nature in the post-soviet state relations that any student of history or social philosophy will find interesting reading.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Gov. Rick Perry: Forerunner of The Dune Messiah?

Speaking out boldly against scientism’s suggestions of anthropogenic global heating, Texas Governor Rick Perry in the midst one of the worst droughts recorded in Texas State history informs us that the Earth is in a cooling period and that he does not believe in global heating theories and will spend nothing to reverse it if elected to the Presidency. The Russian Duma meets in a structure called The White House. A Rick Perry administration might be able to get the U.S. Congress to toe the line against heretical thoughts recognizing global heating from the U.S. White House as forerunner of The Dune Messiah.


Gaia hypothesis founder James Lovelock believes the U.S. Midwest may become a desert right up to the Canadian border in the years ahead. Yet scientific proof might exist that if one doesn’t believe in nuclear weapons then they aren’t really dangerous, and may not exist. That is a faith based approach a Dune Messiah may bring to the U.S.A. as well as imported oil and foreign wars.

Adapting the anachronism of cold war M.A.D. policy of mutually assured destruction to his Presidential campaign with Misunderestimated Assured Desertification, Governor Perry has brandished his scientific reasoning during the Presidential primaries to lower the prospects of planetary doom through heat death of most life on Earth. Rick Perry is the prototype of next generation political No Leftist Child Behind in U.S. public education that is racing to the bottom of scientific learning and youth educational ladders with Americans finishing in 23rd place out of 50 nations with first or second world public education in the sciences.

Atmospheric parts per million of carbon dioxide and the acidification of the oceans with excess carbonic acid can be alchemized away in a new voodoo based public education curriculum with oil well based faith the right are planning. Cutting taxes on the rich will let America’s middle class and poor become more leveraged by foreign corporations who will charitably buy their relinquished home mortgages and bring more solar photons heat absorbing asphalt parking lots, streets and SUV dealercars to sprawling urbs across the nation.

A Dune Messiah will appear to save a remnant of meek inheritors of Exxon-Mobil stock shares in the righteous promised land of Arctic offshore drilling one day if global heating turns out to be real-no worries. Gov. Rick Perry may be that Dune Messiah unifying religion and politics through the anointing power of crude oil able to lead the oligarchy across the Pecos River to Canada and Baffin Island some day.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Gov. Rick Perry-M. Gorbachev: Political Evolutions Beyond Oiled Cotton

Texas Governor Rick Perry may seem to have little to do with former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev, yet they were both southern farmers turning to politics as a way to advance their situation in life.

Rick Perry is from a Texas dry cotton farm. Those Texas cotton farmers don't leave a single shrub on the landscape and use tons of fertilizer and pesticides to make things bloom whenever it rains. They obviously have no need for EPA interference in their effort to make the landscape a completely flat plain awaiting theoretical rain to spring the crops and pay. Politics seems a better choice in many regards.

The other thing beneath the cotton fields and the dry dirt is oil. Oil and the depletion is thus near to God for the cotton farmers. Blue sky, cotton potential, oil and maybe the war industry in San Antonio might help to make the righteous prosperous. Governor Perry if elected President might be able to find work for Americans not indignant about working the cotton patch-the southern oligharchy had a good tradition of employing African immigrants with a near zero unemployment rate.

The United States is reported to finish about 23rd place out of 25 nations in science exams for 12th graders. Russia does better than that even. Its not because Vladimir Putin is a lawyer either; a lawyer President or Prime Minister is no assurance of a nation having its economic house in order.

Like the wild camel wandering in the desert after foreign wealth some may to go too far in politics questing after easy windfall profits. It is often the case that in a good society determined, resoulte effort at constructing new inventions and technological infrastructure cognizant of ecospheric integrity bring not only themselves but a people toward happier times.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Why Evolution and Creation are True

The Universe is said by scientists to be about 13.7 billion years old. It is logically reasonable that God sent His Son Jesus Christ to the Universe and people at a fortuitous space-time moment in its history. An infinite God contacting finite sentient life-forms in a temporal, phenomenal Universe is quite a decent thing to do.

The Earth is about 4.5 billion years old and life on it took all that time to evolve. Humans should respect that moose, mosquito, that elephant and those whales for when they are gone there will not be enough time remaining in the Earth's future to evolve the like new from scratch. The brain size and/or thinking processing speeds may be modest in non-philosophical mammals and bugs, yet they are the best the creation has produced so far. Where the proximal motivating life-force came from for Earth's biospheric origin isn't the point to argue pro-con creation by God-He created the Universe and all things in it though people and circumstance act occasionally to modify aspects of it; people to exist simultaneously in the Universe and ecosphere.

The world has only a scant half billion years to go before the inflation of the sun overheats it so far as to make life here impossible. More efficiently though, human caused global heating may hasten the demise of human life on Earth within a shorter time period of as few as 200 years (ref. James Lovelock's 'The Vanishing Face of Gaia-The Final Warning').

One may be sure that God evolved the world and that words like evolution are embedded in lexical constructions-word sets-that change and mostly reflect human understanding of things. Words and human ideas haven't got a kind of innate Platonic realm-of-forms inerrancy. We may believe that Noah saved representative mammals from local extinction during an era of global warming flood surges over lowlands, that Jonah may have been clubbed and tossed into the dark hold of a ship and then on to a beach believing that he was in the belly of a whale or big fish, that the Saul became the Apostle Paul after encountering the resurrected Jesus several times, and that the Spirit of God moved upon the void-a mystery beyond the understanding even of physicists and philosophers ultimately; how can anything exist-even God-from the very beginning- Our beliefs may be true-corresponding to the historical reality we do not know from experience even though God may be able to produce realities easier than a dreamer produces dreams-and even so the proximal historical facts of evolution may be true as well. God controls all of the constants and variable values of the Universe, all of its space, time, dimensions, virtual particle waves, membranes, certainty and uncertainty from His own Being.

Few Christians know much about the history of how the New Testament was put together. They don't know where John the Baptist grew up, if he had his own cave or not, they might even search the scriptures for references to cosmological construction and mostly find eschatological references instead that could, in light of modern scientific knowledge of physics, refer to future physical changes in the quantum state of the Universe, a phase change will by God to re-infuse baryons into impoverished regions of space-time, or compacted space-time unwinding at a faster rate.

Political evolutionists versus creationists tend to gloss over the rights of individuals to have good government and better personal economic prospects. One may fly a jet airplane with faith, yet if that is all one has and not a pilot's training it is unfair for the passengers should the incompetent pilot with faith somehow get elected to take control somewhere over the Atlantic ocean if there are qualified pilots aboard (there may be no qualified politicians running for the presidency today that could do a good job if elected-maybe a President does need faith then as a kind of kamikaze economic pilot training with belief that tax cuts for the rich will better the prospects of the poor through trickle down and reverse osmosis from China).

Einstein's relativity theories created new ways of regarding time. If time and the entire Universe were compressed into a small area in the beginning, yet its content was entirely provided then, and it took six days up front and 13.7 billion years to unwind so far one encounters an example of the different contexts possible for the interpretation of time literals in the Biblical Genesis story and in cosmology.

For modern cosmology relativity makes time something of a local measured rate of change; the underlying physical constants are thought to have the same values everywhere once the initial values of creation are set, yet locally they may be compacted and arrayed in different forms.

Many Biblical fundamentalists prefer a simple criteria for the time of the Universe and for its construction, while evolutionists prefer more complexity. In a way though the evolutionist-creationist debate itself seems somewhat parochial to those regarding the entire universe and possible universes beyond the observable universe as finite points along an infinite in all directions and dimensions continua spectrum of within relativistic paradigmata. God has many mansions-an infinite capacity to create universes and experience though he may set the values of a particular Universe as constants. Christians know that God has laws and criteria for the Universe that make everyone accountable to His judgement and will. Christians nor those without faith are not exempt from the laws of gravity, the laws of nature, the moral laws or the requirements to act responsibly for the conservation of the world's ecosphere. Christians are not free to pursue riotous liberal quantitative resource consumption and trust that God will pick up the environmental tab.

Christians should know that the Biblical prophets were ordinary people selected to experience ideas from God. They were not rocket scientists, did not put on the star trek high tech helmet of advanced future knowledge learning and wrote down what they should to serve God's will for mankind in the evolution of history. Those prophets acted for their own time and for the future. It is unimaginable that Daniel could have foreseen the knowledge of mankind today nor the context in which his prophecies might be interpreted. Jeremiah and John the Baptist experienced the words of God, yet few prophets, or perhaps none, wrote much about the technical nature of cosmology or the elements of the periodic table and why should they? Did God prefer to have all of human experience fully assembled in a complete state as if it were a manufactured robot?

On the nature of cosmology today mathematical development has allowed a hypothetical digital analog quantification of the content of the visible universe with computers and of the not entirely chaotic evolution of physical particle-waves though its material phases from Time equaled nearly zero to the present and on perhaps into the future until time omega. The entire material structure of mass of the Universe is however superimposed upon a realm of quantum uncertainty that is an ineffable mystery. From the realm of quantum uncertainty it is believed emerged particle-waves that built up sufficiently to let mass exist within space.

The representation of the mass-energy of this universe through human thought is an epistemological relationship of the uncertain nature of mind to the mass-energy of the universe and of the universe for-itself along with it's uncertainty foundation. The Universe and its mass-energy are given a template of mathematical abstract and the relations of the elements of that Universe-set are made to be consistent universally. Any universal representation though fades out at the edges of knowledge and certainty necessarily-from the largest to the smallest making universal and meta-universal cosmologies kinds of contingent phenomenalities; they have validity locally and relatively yet necessarily not transcendently as that would inevitably be a violation of scientific rules of order regarding certainty and probability.

Much of the debate between finite evolution phenomenalists and Christian fundamentalists seem philosophically anachronistic. It is easy to have faith in God will discarding faith in politicians. It is simple to recognize that a bad environment, a poor standard of living, the desire to concentrate wealth or power, the unwillingness to work for the benefit of society are fundamental values of corruption reinforced by disinterpretors of democracy and free enterprise in preference for Chicago mobster style rule. Faith in God does not require corrupt ecospheric destruction, ecospherically deleterious fossil fuel automobile use or the destruction of the world biosphere-nor does economic health or the future of life on Earth better its prospects through the perversion of moral values. Mankind cannot improve its world situation by destroying moral reason or destroying ecospheric and social prosperity behind the excuse of theological dispensation.

The inability to make the world a better place right away is the result of political stupidity-the square peg and round hole syndrome. Political dogmatism is a lot cheaper than creative, inventive intelligence. The United States has a stagnant transportation and housing infrastructure mal-designed for environmental conservation or afforability and a number of other issues not to difficult to solve with better politicians and more faith in God and mankind's ability to adapt to a challenging planetary environment while keeping moral integrity of all individuals together. One might wonder why no economists of faith are running for the Presidential job-it pays more than dishwashing.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Gov. Rick Perry's Prospects for Winning the 2012 Republican Presidential Nomination

Texas Governor Rick Perry entered the 2012 Republican presidential primary race today. His chances for winning enough primary elections to run against the President in November 2012 are largely contingent on voters forgetting that the last three Presidents from Texas allloaded up on foreign wars in countries with oil reserves. Avoidable protracted wars seem to be jumped on L.B.J., H.H.W. Bush and G.W. Bush.

Gov. Perry has the problem of sounding quite a bit like G.W. Bush, whom they would rather forget for the protracted nation rebuilding costs of Iraq.Gov. Perry was G.W. Bush’s Lt. Governor though so the resemblance is not genetic. It is the Texas oil culture and war production business influence that has shaped Gov. Perry’s ideas.

In speaking about his run for the White House Gov. Perry used the sort of Bushite ineloquent adverbality instead of using simple, plain sentence structure that made G.W. somewhat dulling upon the national I.Q. He mentioned the generational tax as a problem today. A generational tax isn’t like a security tax on foreign imports to pay for adequate inspections against terrorist paraphernalia, nor is it a progressive tax or even an income tax. One cannot really be sure if the tax is on the next generation, the last or who should be accountable. The voters will find the generational tax as amorphous as some of the tranching policies of Wall Street financial firms in assigning collateralized debt obligations to insured parties with vagueness sufficient to allow short selling when things seem dangerous possible changing the credit rating of the CDOs to the benefit of those programming best.

There are several taxes weighing heavily upon the present generation and those of tomorrow. The worst tax is the killing of the biosphere by idiot development, the next is the saturation of the ecosphere and oceans with carbon dioxide from industrial and ranching development, another is the annual interest payment on the federal debt because the rich don’t want to pay realistic taxes to pay the debt off quick, another tax is when the rich snap off the cultural legacy of the U.S.A. in its education and business and relocate manufacturing to China and India etc. Gov. Perry seems to believe the only meaningful generational tax is that which would fail to make royalty of oily Presidents and work against the concentration of wealth in the U.S.A.

Governor Perry will faces difficult times in persuading Americans that the poor are to blame for the nation’s current accounts deficits and relocation of jobs overseas or of the global heating problems (the Arctic icecap is having another record melting year, the U.S.G.S. is starting a seven week mission to study the concentration of carbon dioxide in the Arctic Ocean next week), inefficient prosecution of foreign nation rebuilding for a decade and so forth. Gov. Perry may be set to resume foreign wars in the Middle East if President if necessary, for few in the administration or in Gov. Perry’s camp have said what they expect to happen if the Syrian Government is forced out of office or what America’s policy responses might be to an Iranian invasion to Syria to reinforce the Assad government. American politicians seems to have little ability to foresee a move or two ahead logically on current international relations situations except to consider how many barrels of oil or gas might be located in a given nation. Gov. Perry would need to build trust on environmental and international relations issues if he is to capture the Republican Presidential nomination.

Most voters are aware that none of the Presidential candidates offer political platforms that would logically result in an elimination of federal debt, restoration of full employment, recovery of the nation's ecosystem and full health care for the poor. Since the wealthy own the broadcast media they are free to dispense whatever rhetoric they choose even if it is no more than political dogma without valid probabilities of rectifying the nation's real economic and ecospheric concerns.

The poor cannot afford medical care and the public should expand the V.A. hospital system and include the poor within that. It would provide be a good national emergency hospital capability as well. The middle class can afford medical insurance and yet with declining real wages for the middle class, jobs being outsourced and corporations cutting health benefits at work more middle class also look to the government for remedies; whatever-that is a different problem than that of the poor, without health and without hope of a good job.

There are people in America that slept outside on the ground ffour or five months last winter with the high temperature for the day below freezing. It can be somewhat irritating to hear a comfortable, rich Republican Presidential candidate speaking as if his only concern was to enrich the rich. Personal values are in part formed by personal experience-it is thus counterproductive for the nation to vote for warm weather candidates with cold-blooded hearts. They need intelligent political leaders with realistic ideas rather than partisan baloney. Gov. Rick Perry may be such a candidate.

Friday, August 12, 2011

One Size Fits All in New Electronic Order

Cell phone pictures of small things
orange mushrooms, purple flowers, mountains and majesties
digital pictures of the single moose
the dead one slaughtered for horns
meat rotted, fuzzy hide collapsed in snow
freeze dried trees snapped like wind vains
all photos the same size
neither dirt nor abstract electrons
speak the idiom of life's experience
shimmering in the language of time's photon-graph gun-slingers

Small pictures of large things too
pixels of cities and oyster beds
racing cars and train station sheds
uploading data costs more
for galaxies cast in red
yet somewhere in the cloud's future
the pictures might remain
attached to server circuits
droplets on window panes
unemotional lattice sorters
casting to bins
echoes of ideas
aliens would make nothing of
beam splitters fiber optic sheaves
ones with deeper colours and darker clouds

Giving way to rainbows
reminders of God
pouring paint colors
over glistening green leaves in bright white light
from the star (that requires a filter to become small) shining a forest's shadows beyond nothingness to somethingness
wonderful with blue sky and space

Clouds moving away to small things
captured with maximum storage allowed
whales, balloons and red copper mines, crispier cartoons, arithmetical signs
over-heating oceans with acidic in-flow
desertifying a North Pacific gulf
in small jpg angstroms
recovering structured seasonal cold
things like muddy tire ruts, saw-slashed clearcuts and newer highways from congress
efficiently reduced too
digital gps.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

'The Doomsday Key' by James Rollins and End of World Scenarios

This action-adventure end of the world novel is quite well written. The author writes in a Clive Cussler style with the technical knowledge and historical insights a reader enjoys. Its fun to have some vitamins amidst the cereal.

There could be a new fiction writers genre of end of the world or nearly end of the world novels. End of the world scenarios have been with us since at least the ancient prophecies. Before those there were oral and later written histories of end of the world floods that cover vast areas of land suddenly.

End of the world scenarios today often are developed within over-population parameters. Malthus was the first of the west to formalize the relationship of human population to an inadequate planetary ability to produce enough food. Today there are redundant end of the world criteria simultaneously stimulating interesting yet plausible fiction scenarios in which the human population of the world is about to be culled by about 99%.

The Doomsday book has it all; history, pagan symbols, Christian Saints, Norway, high tech spooks, several continents, water, caves, tombs, thermite bombs, Viking ships, a U.S. Senator and a clock ticking down on the survival of the human race.

One of the paradoxical things about these nearly end of the world novels in which evil villains, secret societies and misguided would be benefactors of humanity fail at getting rid of most of the human population in order to prevent humanity from perping cataclysmic global warming or over populating the world and destroying Gaia or just overstripping the food supply is that when the plot is thwarted humanity continues on its march as lemmings to the edge-if there is an edge to the world metaphorically speaking. Thus the paradox arises that the good guys are really dummies and the villains are actually good with 'tough love' or 'good hatefulness for mankind.

The way the cookie crumbles if humanity continues its mass extinction of species and the world ecosphere deflates and shrinks to a small enough area that only maybe 100 million people could survive on Earth-that is thought to be a long way off yet-maybe 100 years ahead I believed Lovelock's Book 'The Vanishing Face of Gaia; The Final Warning' mentioned as a distinct possibility is hard to predict. It not necessary as a component of any of the world's major religions that humanity destroy its own ecosystem and collapse the world population and prospects as an eschatological event. When the time for the end of human experience arrives it won't be avoidable, yet that could be a trillion years ahead-space-time is malleable. Probably when humanity becomes really dumb and useless for anything beside ignorance and self-destruction God will wrap it up.

Sometime it might be useful to develop a checklist for end-of-the-world content for novels in order that readers might find the sort of end of the world things they like in the book they consider buying. It is useful to know if the villains are secret societies, left-wing, right-wing, or from other space-time continua. One should know if humanity will suffer famine, plague or be enslaved by apes, eaten by insects or turned to stone with a particle beam.

If there are heroes or heroines that save mankind and some chimpanzees so they may live in peace and harmony or go on normally in corporate fealty with a robust rate of global economic growth we should be able to see that in a checklist sticker on the cover. The 'Doomsday Key' would have a lotta checks.

Perhaps the optimal solutions to the end-of-the-world scenarios because of the destruction of Gaia, pervasive pollution of our precious bodily fluids, overpopulation and wars and chaos with famine, global warming and etc. require not just defeat of the villains that seek to cull humanity in order to save a remnant of it, but a kind of ecospheric hero-a Dmitri Ecoskoy figure- who finds a way to defeat evil global villains and also eliminate federal debt, create full employment and restore the ecosphere with brilliant macro-engineering projects paid for with tax dollars or not.

The 2012 Republican Presidential Race/Iowa,New Hampshire/Moral Qualifications/Philosophy/Ritual Purification-Bathing

I will stipulate that none of the Presidential candidates running seem to have the manageable competence on the economic and environmental challenges facing the United States, yet neither does President Obama seem to have a clue even though he expects to have a billion dollar re-election campaign to reclaim the right to enjoy parties with celebrities in the White House and make excellent speeches with little substantial content that puts Americans to work and reduces federal indebtedness to China, Japan, India and whomever.

With the vanishing face of Gaia we get the idea that the environment may suffer a decline ahead equal to or greater than the economic decline of middle, working class and poor Americans. Politicians have taken to supporting mass media owned by corporations and concentrated wealth outsourcing and degrading the future prospects of Americans and their ecosphere on the North American continent. The President has achieved gaying up the District of Columbia, the federal bureaucracy and the U.S. military and created a national corporate medical insurance care hybrid with corporate snares into government provisioning of services that is designed to benefit the middle class instead of the poor.

An F.D.R. kind of President would have created a national medical service for the poor and let the middle class able to buy insurance pay for it themselves. Otherwise they have no reason to unionize demands for better health benefit packages.

The Presidential primary season affords us the opportunity to speculate about the moral purity of the candidates and who will fall from political grace through ceremonial impurity such as the media may reveal. Purification rituals have evolved over the millennia reaching today's political standards.

A Presidential political candidate should have some powerful religious organization or priest attesting to his or her moral purity during the primaries. Only the morally pure may qualify to order war upon poor foreign people sheltering terrorists and hire wealthy corporate contractors to prosecute battle for decades through proxies from poor countries paid 2 dollah an hour. Only priests supporting high political standards could affirm President Obama's moral qualification to order that gay sailoring for the U.S. Navy is o.k. There are differences on abortion and worship of money and oil in public schools with the equivalent of religious colleges holding opposite opinions yet right purification ceremonies make candidates ready for political battle without suggesting that Congress take a pay cut to help balance the Federal budget. What sort of moral purification will serve to prepare a President to support use of corn to produce gasohol when the corn needed to produce a gallon of alcohol is said to be enough to feed a starving soul for a year?

If we are to understand the political reasoning for the moral value candidates in the Iowa Republican straw poll we must understand the criteria for maintaining ritual purity in matters concerning the Temple in first century Jerusalem.

Jews in the precincts of the Holy Temple were required to be clean in respect of God. That meant they had to follow select paths of conduct that would not make them impure or unclean.

Bathing was an important part of ritual and actual purification before meals. Certainly on would keep regular ablutions for ordinary cleanliness, and before eating important meals (not political brunches) immersion in a special ritual bath was required.

In the dry middle east keeping water around during the dry seasons was tough. Stone baths might have a minimum of water standing in them, slowly evaporating. Rules were made about how much water was needed to make an effective ritual purification.

Reusing that water meant that menstrual blood would disqualify an individual from using the special ritual cleansing pool, so also would other substances that would pollute the water, and lepers as a class were regarded as unclean-the ritual cleansing pool would do them no good.

In the modern era the CDC might designate some people as ceremonially unclean analogously, if they are regarded as transmitters of lethal or even bad diseases. With more sophistication than the ancient Jews (except for Jesus and Paul and Peter too) we may think that individuals or classes probably are not unclean from a caste point of view yet even so we would not want to share the same bath water for purification purposes anyway. Luckily for us Americans are much more sophisticated today on matters of purity.

Jesus washed the feet of his disciples after they ate rather than before providing an example of service unto the brethren a they venture out into the world on their ordinary lives; the true place for ritual purification being in one's conduct toward others rather than in washing up for dinner. It is easy today to confuse washing up for dinner with religious devotion I suppose if one has an idea of social hierarchy and leadership as the true meaning of Christmas or the new fall television line-up.

In Iowa Mitt Romney has wisely remained at a distance rather than have his Mormonism put through the hierarchy of fundamentalist scorn. He may win in New Hampshire though and even get gifts of honey glazed hams along the campaign trail. Romney seems the best conventionally prepared economic issue candidate unenslaved to the oil industry with a chance to get elected. Where is the Ralph Nadir of our time the electorate should ask, yet they do not.

Rick Perry, the Governor of Texas is also entering the race and seems to have the right ceremonial political-SUV drive in church hierarchy credentials. He probably gets lots of top quality potato salad and barbecue and knows many people in the oil industry.

Long ago, far away in a cave; The Suba Cave of the forerunner John the Baptist several miles from Jerusalem, John would immerse people in a ceremonial bath-pool, and they would have oil place on their right foot to sanctify it. We learn from Jesus, Paul and Peter that the entire idea of outward forms of ritual purification have little value-it is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ the Son of God that is required. Today church hierarchical practices continue to displace the personal relationships of a community of faith. A special church priest-the word priest is never used in the Bible as a role for Christians and is only mentioned twice in a different context in the New Testament. The priesthood should be that of the believers with Jesus Christ as the sole actual priest, and even the Christ being the High Priest as described in the Book of Hebrews is used once to indicate the finality of His sacrifice-himself.

Today churches should be the reinforcement to each individual Christian's pilgrim's progress through the vicissitudes of life. A life account for each Christian should be maintained regardless of where he or she goes in the U.S.A. They should be regarded as equals in the brother and sisterhood instead of separated in a caste system of clergy and laity.

The Iowa straw poll may provide us with some candidates that feel specially anointed to be incompetent and economic affairs and interests of the nation. It will be comforting to know that they also get it wrong on religion. Well, at least the F.D.A. assures the ritual purity of the food when it isn't contaminated with e coli or salmonella. Too bad they can't do much for the pollution of the Gulf Waters. The creature from the black lagoon must have been supercharged by the Gulf Horizon spill.

The public basically realizes the financial sector of Wall Street takes about 35% of Wall Street profits and it plays the global account with computer program trading programs to skim value. None of that is very helpful for the U.S. economy and doesn't employ many in the U.S.A. In fact too many people not manufacturing anything in the U.S.A. and investing abroad create a cartoon like circumstance of trillion of dollars of abstract profit taking off of one laborer actually working someplace. Maybe the entire global currency gets a little bit inflated-although inflation or over-valuation of a currency could be a kind of monetary relativism that might be described with special theory of relativity criteria better than with currency indexes of value. abstract, monetary value is not a value system equivalent to actually important things like the world ecosphere. Wrong value judgements in the popular sector can definitely lead to deleterious eventualities.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Patrick Voevoda Encounters The Slorpisvald (fiction excerpt from St. Novilistricka; Dimensions)

The Universal library of ideas with pre-determined meanings liberated humanity from re-learning each generation, each life, the entirety of human thought that might otherwise be restricted to a simple orally communicable database.

The library of ideas that was the content of language allowed each user of the library access to the vast collections of ideas as construction tools helping to invent new material things. Rational word lexicons with ordered meaning enabled discovery of new sciences and scientific content, and solutions of existential challenges that presented to human society and individuals. Access to the library and to its content could be denied to all through termination of dissemination of the language in which the library’s words were encoded.

Raving and insentient stone soled sleepers reposed in mass burial that might yet remain consumers were a kind of ideal of the reigning Corporate hierarchy. The downloaded were a product design model for research through a variety of breeding approaches synergistically combined with inhuman and inanimate material synthesis. Some forms of artificial life were fused into union with synthetic elements.

Intellectual capital and the freedom to conserve it for-oneself was an essential item for philosophers of the Free Martian Academy. I valued it quite highly myself, and would reject renormalizing coercion to ignorance attempted by any governing, collective, corporate or individual power with prejudice.

A naturalized idiocy is no place that philosophers should want to go. Language access though writing enables learning of ideas through other means than that of observing behavior or from just a simple learned database. In a way something like numeracy, through which one learns the decimal system and might understand any number however large simple through have learned how to read numbers zero through nine and recombine them in order, the learning of alphabets, grammar, syntax and meanings for a given starter vocabulary enables an individual to increase, with readings in the library of knowledge, his comprehension of ideas so far as the content of the library exists to provide knowledge.

The symbols and language of this entry to new dimensions was perplexing. Why the brainwashing of Oswald and his training by the K.G.B. in Moscow followed by a post-cold war erasure of the history in order to forestall a needless and illogical global war over an historically dead past?

Potentially there are an infinite number of ways to represent in language any particular object or object cluster. If five apples sitting upon a fence could be called 2 + 3 in two groups, 1+ 4, 5 and so on with the same purpose in mind of enumerating the number of similar red objects on the fence, the coordinates of every possible location in space-time starting from some initial reference point also might be given as a named place and object or content in a virtually infinite number of methods and with an equal number of labels. Quantum field theories are dimensional, group nominalist representations.

Such determinate labeling of real objects would conform with appropriate coordinates and referent objects regardless of the behavior or language used by individuals or collective intelligences pertaining to objects. Euclid's math formalizations, and those of Riemann, would be equally true and self-standing a priori whenever and whoever happened to discover such methods.

Determinism does cohere in language when language is a product of the environment. It seems that it is in the separation of mind and body, or of behavior, environment and reason, that confusion arises that would make of language an irrational accouterment of behavior, reducing it fundamentally to a phonetic level with behavior assuming the linguistic axis of meaning.
With the ending of the second cycle of films the gates of dimensions seemed to appear in mind and space simultaneously, and to move as warped lines of infinite lengths. They over-rode content and colors, space and time, like macro-structure strings.

No-space suffused the dimensional boundaries as an afterglow of string potentials subtly drifting. Pointillism's Dalian painter of super-strings and membranes set Higgs bosons on end to appear as singularities of quarks running their zero-dimensional membranes into sampling of dimensional potentials above aninfinity of worlds of four and more dimensions. The signs of the four were replete with angels and demon shadows and reflections from lower reality acting like bacteriophages in unrepentant non-conformal relations to the will.

Occasionally they sought to actualize and escape their inter-boundary area existence and appear smiling unto residents of a Universe. In one possible Universe, Earth was said to exist; yet I saw many more that were pretenders to a rightful claim of being.

I had difficulty considering the life in the temporal worlds below when they were reruns of worry with hands upon looking glasses searching for ways out, or methods of continuity. They had little faith that spirit exists anywhere, or even within some places.

The empty space was a mind, but whose was it? Paint pots of quark colors full of shimmering potential reality were mud dried in cracked desert plains dimly lit by dark red kinetic sculptures morphing to ultra ocher gluon'd photon clumps encased in Einsteinium—

On the horizon were seven samurai extra dimensional Ronin making chop suey from artificial downloads of The Machine that is the beast of power. The flypaper space-time mind suffused with a new Universe expanded continuously ripping apart the coherence of space-time. Frames of reference struggled to be free of mass attraction downward into an intensification of time in gravitational fields.

What is it to be a mass-less particle without time as a kind of ageless freedom trapped by boundaries of space-time surface tension and field? If the Universe did not expand at the speed of light the photons would eventually catch up with the event horizon depleting the Universe of mass a little bit at a time as missing information yet they have all of the time in the Universe that seems so slow paced after the seventh day of rest.

Thought about thought emanated from the absolute. Forms and material were directed from the thought of the One into dimensions and shapes, into becoming and being and change. The thoughts of the One are unknowable, and perfect. An Intelligence of spirit providing actualized thoughts of The One is itself impeccable and without extension into permanence of dimensions and space-time. Structural protocols are well thought out and book marked in absolute theory as being.

I watched scenes unfold from a reality tuned in by remote control. A marmalade sky began raining five dimensional salt nails into variegated patterns with increasing strength of metal storm intensity. Those outside foolish enough not to have heeded universal weather warnings written in the sky were pitilessly shredded by an emotionless nature. Ephemeral crystal skywriting clouds in high cirrus drifts warned from all bands of change. In the ordinary life of dominant species change generally occurs in phase transition.

These were Crudh creatures of Soghglor actualizing deeply cannibalistic government consuming hopes, dreams, identities and all material assets of slug-worm subjects. Some slug-citizens left final slimy trails when hit by ten-inch nails of the metalstorm. With no social concern they would curdle, shriveling in place desiccating under starlight following the clearing of the weather with the setting of Terror moons.

I learned more of the strange world of Soghlor and its relations with galactic Corporate forces from a distance in an atemporal, undetermined state of existence. The Soghglor leadership is a local branch of Corporate affiliates experimenting with weapons of war upon slimy subjects. Galactic exports of war tech artifacts are the main source of income received from off-world. Dunkan Holes remains Liege Kahuna of the Soghglor Privy Council.
Sitting with smug self-confidence of dominance, he thundered his ruling stick down upon the square table of nep-tunes sending mind-snaring resonance throughout the hall. His Slorpisvald looked at him with frank fear.

Dunkan Holes comprehended the mess of toadies before him smirking with pleasure that they all feared him, even without encouragement of the ruling stick of death. Four hundred economists with Corporate monkey-do had designed specialized economic models to use as fiction scenarios for the Crudh of Soghglor privileged to choose from multifarious models many to build up Trojan-horse economic inertia. Subtle weapons of export war for hostile takeover grew on many planets.

Corporate Trojan-horse economic models could be built up from cores provided by monkey-do with blessing of a potentate Monkey See in pure accretion from spray on computer graphed economic geometry.

Monkey See received a pre-determined economic inspiration to contract out development of economic models and -export designs to the planet of the Crudh in order to place imperfections in the models and draw credibility to the gems.

Like natural emeralds with flaws, and unlike flawless machine-produced emeralds, human designed economic theories had flaws and provided much wiggle room when actualized in planetary politics. They enabled the corrupt to transform the entire structure into gratuitous formation of an oppressive ruling class with a servile under-class, even if they were excrement-eating slugs with a happy smile on the intake areas of their alimentary canals.

Dunkan Holes demanded 'How much has production increased on output per worker?'
The Slorpisvald said timidly 'Nine per cent your majestic. Stiltwood fabrications downsized nine percent of the thought-force and sold them for a profit to the slug-citizens as delectable morsel-snacklets in pretty consumable skin-wrapped packaging.

'An economist in every pack' was the promise, and we did meet corporate legal criteria by including at least one part per billion of actual economist in each snacklet.'

Holes asked 'What was the take?'

With pride the Slorpisvald replied 'A trillion Corporate Juan, majestic'.
Dunkan Holes erupted inwardly, in his most innard guts with a spontaneous release of satisfying gas. The special sloshing and squeaking noises appealed to his specialized inner sensory system added by ancestors in laboratories long ago to his neo-humo-G-nome. Elite government neo-G-nomes assured caste supremacy so long as Stiltwood dominated the economic engine of production providing sufficient earnings for the Crudh creatures of Soghglor to stay above the level of primordial dew-ooze beneath.
Ordinary Slug-citizens made slimy trails of history immersed in corporate synthetic dew-ooze. Financing corporate upgrades to their G-nome caste supremacy was a never-ending cost requiring exorbitant fees to Corporate G-nome specialists able to install, interpret and operate complex instructions for processing quantum computing neo-G-Nome sequences allowing real-time morphing corrections and guidance control for bio tensors through space-time.

Language structures evolve through levels of meaning that might be considered as abstract structural composition with discrete packets of meaning embedded within interconnecting protocols of form. It isn't simply a coincidence that brain neuron and quantum mechanical wavelets have a comparable paradigm for existence with that of language. Language structure may give meaning through the 'behavior' of parts of the given language more so than of the individuals and groups that use them. Meanings are creatively built with appropriate connectors and references from innumerable hierarchy levels and dimensions.

Because the structure is holistic and simultaneously determinate and indeterminate the hierarchical levels transcend dimensional coordinates and fall within an holistic, evolving egalitarian trans-dimensional structure. Every language meaning and ability must possess the potential for direct application by users in actual reference to a real universe.
Extra dimensional meanings added to the existing dimensions of a language become renormalized as quickly as possible for access by existing dimensions of language. Hierarchical levels of remoteness are reconnected in order to bring access to immediate, transcendent potential while simultaneously individuation of new terms and dimensions are recognized and defended as individual meaning units with rights against insult and corruption by other units of language unaware of the recent addition of new dimensions.

In the actualization of perception concurrent with an upload of dimensions from some non-dimensional state, I experienced house-shaking and quaking walls vibrating. It threatened continuity as if under assault by earthquake and tornado.

Opening my eyes from donated mud coating everything immediate, a transparent energy field descended with air-braking violence under a marmalade sky with Twin Moons ebbing above a planetary horizon. In moments orange sky blazed with deep red august blood as a tetrahedral energy packed field of transparent and unknown elements crash landed into a magnificent government building notable for the universal symbols of a golden carrot and a spike encrusted club of enormous scale atop the hierarchically round dozens of layers of opulent material.

Screeching, splintering of timbers and compaction of charitably named bodies of odd shapes splattering through my mind's eye as the tetrahedron came to rest. Invisible through dust and oppressive cloud of smoke, fire and debris was the outside world. I picked myself up and cracked off some of the unusual mud, finding a way from of the muck.

How to open the tetrahedron was next. Amazed to be alive, sore yet out of the extra-dimensional antechamber, I had crashed into a new world. This new world looked like Soghglor from what I saw of the rainy, pestilential plain.

Crawling from the wreckage and making my way through the smoldering debris I could smell a fetid crèche of stench beyond the edge of obfuscation of smoke. It repelled me and drew me forward toward it simultaneously. Sucking and liquid sounding noises at a low level could be associated with that general direction. I learned such indicators are signs of perverted life forms occupying the lower reaches of nature. Perhaps it was so.
Moving through the edge of the distant haze were dozens of bulk hulking forms rather round-shouldered. These plainly were slug-citizens rather than warriors. Each drawing slowly closer had opposable eyestalks indicating the presence of advanced intelligence. To allay their fear I walked toward them with my opposable thumbs in front of me held facing. The slugs responded with a kind of gesture encountered in many galaxies--the alimentary canal tightening partially open.

'Zqlistrdulop' a slug spoke. His wrinkled blubber and shining slime trail indicated it was an elder. Four smaller slugs advanced in formation and declined stature into positions of what could be construed as sleep or genuflection. With some time passing I learned that their language was rudimentary existential environment description. Later I discovered that I had crash-landed upon the oppressive ruling council of Soghglor killing the leadership including the predatory Dunkan Holes and his Slorpisvald.
This planet-full of leaderless slug-citizens of an evident Crudh species was very grateful. The elder offered to forestall eating me if I preferred to exchange precious bodily fluids with a female phase hermaphroditic slug. I declined the honor and realized that I must soon walk away at a speed of more than a half-mile an hour to escape further encirclement by the band of slimers.

The question of how such a species could rise to have a mildly advanced leadership culture with structures that weren't half bad before they were wrecked set me to wonder.

Precipitation enclosing musty drizzle wrapped as dusk settled upon Soghglor brought numerous questions. It would require directed thought, time and effort to resolve. The information could prove useful. It might be a key to transport from this pit where humans seem to be the prey of trivial, significant and persistent slugs.

Soghglor's mysteries lay deep within the world at the edge of the star system's comfortable habitation zone. Like most decadent worlds its semi-intelligent native life forms had fiddled with the global atmospheric heat-cooling thermostat through incompetent external industrial excretion of gasses and depletion of climate cycle moderating resources that generally were alive.

On the Earth the carbon-silicate cycle was discovered in time to conserve enough of the rainfall, ocean temperature, phytoplankton, carbonic acid system intact along with other living elements to allow a renormalization of half million year time minimum natural feedback mechanisms to continue regulation. The orange marmalade skies of this world and the warm temperature favoring slime life were obvious signs that they had broken the cooling phase of the cycle in order to wallow in the muck of the natural order of slime.

Inside the office of the Liege Kahuna might lay answers to the technological paradoxes of the planet. How did a superior sluggish ruling caste split off from the race of citizen slugs naturally and retain such a close possimite language group association?

Surely this process must imply the existence of neo-G-nome intervention before neonate phase with sprinklings even before conception of weakon form molding of scheduled D.N.A. structures in addition to completely arbitrary determinations of chemical compound group medium? My knowledge of who might have the databases for that wicked industrial technology is limited to Universal Corporate and its evil empire of network affiliates.
I struggled inward toward the core of the collapsed wreckage of the building that had been efficiently sapped to find a chaos of mess and death strewn about with body parts of supremacy slugs everywhere. There were unusually sophisticated bits of technology amidst piles of walls and ceiling with implicit plastic conductors for power, communications and heat.

I first encountered such materials in Martian pygmy pioneering astronaut corp colonists of the dark side of the Mont Negro and Valles Dessicum. These Soghgloric supremacist corpses hadn't any political requirement for unlimited free circuits for personal communication. Taking a few wires I have sampled several segments and found no personally free circuits for individuals.

From the Olduvai Gorge of Africa millions of years ago primitive ancestors of human beings discovered how to make stone tools and lash sharp shards onto wooden handles. Eventually they discovered how to make wireless Internet for public libraries. These slug-slime supremacists had not yet reached that level for political reasons.

That it required hundreds of thousands of years of human evolution to achieve significant species differentiation and genomic specialization in sets best adapted for various topographical and climatologically environments of the Earth was an historical fact. Though 20th century human beings began a process of exterminating human species differences and specializations through inter-breeding such hard won changes away, it yet irked me quite a bit that the slug slime vermin might have benefited from accelerated unnatural evolutionary design changes provided by Corporate neo-G-Nome laboratories.

On Earth the human genomic sets were naturally evolved for environmental supremacy of humans to adapt to an environment geophysically. It was the extermination of racial differences through compulsory inter-breeding concurrent with the destruction of environmental health and local specialization of biota that synergized global climate radicalization and artificial redesign of the human genome for purposes of comfort and social supremacy at a micro-social level. When humanity self-domesticated itself breeding people like canine species voluntarily, the die was cast for the eventual ontological unraveling of the artificial human genome and the universally maladaptive human being.

Fortunately the universal ontological autoimmune rejection of humanity was entirely necessary, and a local Imperial aspirant--Warp Prissy, precipitated an early decisive engagement on both the Earth and Mars. The practice of human genome modification was halted in the aftermath.

Galactic, then Universal Corporate resumed the practice of genetic engineering for purposes of profit and power. Usually, Corporate limited the recipients of genetic redesign to races that Corporate sought to conquer or toy with for sadistic entertainment industry revenue.

Meanings in languages depended upon the environmental or existential reference tie-in to objects and external structures perceivable to others. Internalization of meanings made subjectively is an interactive language and logic phenomenality that every user of a language has. The frame of reference for a language corresponds to its largest general parameter of associating references. In the case of the Universe Alpha in which I and the present human race developed originally, the largest reference frame traditionally has been a time equals zero moment when the hyper-inflation of the Universe began from the perturbative vacuum field from which a near infinity of universes may have sprung from a similar process of quantum indeterminacy.

I think it's a nearly infinite number because it’s very large and probably has occurred for a very long time, yet of course it too might be some sort of an inflatable phenomenality originating from some unknown source. Of course the theory could be entirely wrong. Yet the communication systems of the Universe

Alpha reference frame have many dialects all relating to the organic design of the Universe-whatever that really is.

A fundamental aspect of languages is individuated communication commensurately capable of describing detail in addition to investigating the unknown with a creatively infinite or very large number, of language concept tools. In order to continue the particularized, individuated development of language concept and word levels within the Universe Alpha language structures of words and logic, the security of private communications systems is understood as being vital.

Private communications networking comprise the transmission of personal free-thinking. In theory the optimalization of liberty would be actualized simultaneously with an order of secure private communications able to access a vast, universal field of public ideas at their will without ever experiencing an unwanted intrusion of corporate or mass network communication into their private space.

Concatenations of private communications about similar topics would be the basic form of mass selection and mass communication, while the interests of the general public are presented in the public sector through the individual presentation of ideas as individuals choose for-themselves. On Soghglor public communication was the basic form I found within the plastic conducting wall fragments. The channel was virtually mono-linguistic probably in order to serve the Liege Kuhuna's utterances to the masses, with just a little counter-directional flow permitted to exist. Communist and corporate authoritarians inevitably cut down freedom of private existence and private communication, as in the case of this slimy slug of Soghglor that had learned to sit upright with the neo-G-nome changes of corporate.

A residual slug image field cascaded my mind with explosive packages of putrid concepts. Somewhere in my course toward Dunkan Holes’ control region,a latent power system I found retained charge.

With my brain battered by sonic pain penetrators and distracting neural hoop loose-nag-chems sent bound up as convoluting loops of thought fractalization made to kill or disable slug-citizen thinking I bumped into broken objects and slipped into a monolithic cold stone fallen over in a slippery pool of libatious thought enhancer.

It was cold, stinking even more than the slug citizens. I made it beyond the end zone of mind sapping in to Dunkan Holes' control area with several squashed super-slugs extruding from beneath the black stone.

A dusty patina of pulverized masonry lay over the black stone enfilading its cryptic miniature writing in universal pictographs. It related that at one time before the arrival of corporate emissaries as neo-gods the dominant race of Soghglor were proud snails living in an egalitarian society.

Corporate had transformed social values of the snails and brainwashed them into believing they would be better looking without the crudity of a shell. The new and improved snail cosmopolitan doctrine taught that a shell is primitive and uncouth. It is also easy to maintain social control of snails if they are without shell.

The snail language was hyper-extended and broken into dis-individuating segments splicing rave accretions. They were collectivized under corporate political appointees and their fates formed from the quagmire of acquiescence into a slippery slope of graduated decline downward as the universal slug condition.

They were convinced to come out of their shells and wear sensual body fitting garments. Nakedness was held to be a titillating sensation marketed by corporate image products and slug orgies encouraged as procedures for social equality. The introduction of off-world Corporate G-nome enhancers enabled selected slug generations for elite neo-G-nome lines of political rulers. The ascent of slugs to upright command aristocracy began with the permanent underclassing of citizenslugs designed by corporate.

Individual slugs of an independent nature were corralled into subjugation with micro-sanctions in coercive applications broadcast and subtly networked. I wasn't surprised about the change into the Crudh slugs; it was a common story in the Galaxy. They at least were lucky enough to survive the global warming-cooling dangers that accompany the rise of planetary civilizations decimating so many species. To fall under Universal Corporate or local totalitarian political control was nearly as bad.

The temperature has started to grow noticeably cooler, which for Soghglor is really quite improbable. I believed it could be reaching me from outside through broken walls. Across the room is a glimmer of natural light. Everything else is glowing from the plastic conductor debris with the packed electrons doped inside. If I take a few careful steps out of this slimy pond toward the natural light I may find a way outside. Later on I may get lucky and discover a way to get a jump on another dimensional course through alternative space-times. I have some ideas about that.

I knew I must step carefully. Even this broken technology may have live potential. Somewhere ahead under the slumping ceiling, over the mess of furnishing and a wall, going opposite the direction the fine suspended dust was flowing I made it outside of the structure.

The sky is no longer an orange marmalade color and composition. It is instead a pale blue and milky white with charged kinematic potential. A battlestorm was threatening. The slugs crawled away to whatever warm shelters they could find. The ugliness of materializing legions of Corporate Zip Zap is never pretty.

The most advanced weapons, the best physique Corporate can design in a given volume, the most fast and lethal dependent kill clauses possible. The wind increased and began to howl with the displacement ratio of local and space-time actualization. This time I would need to look for a faster way to jump closer to the free area of the Galaxy. I turned away from the battlestorm growing outside to look for a multi-dimensional transition technology inside. Dunkan Holes must have had one as a donation from Corporate in order to receive downloads unnoticed by the citizen-slugs.
Making my way back to the heart of the local version of the evil empire there was a five dimensional scene playing out atop the black monolith.

A tall, dark haired guy with pointy ears that seemed evolutionarily selected to withstand constant, heavy rainfall spoke to an agitated man standing on an outside ledge of a tall power structure 'Step back from the ledge Jim. Jim it's not logical, step back!'

Jim said: 'No Maslow, I must fight the Clunkon spider-bats in the sky! They are coming to take over the world!"

Maslow replied; 'No Jim, it’s the d.t.'s from all the single malt scotch you've been drinking. It's not logical Jim! Step back inside away from the ledge."

The hyper-reality scene continued from a bottle of single malt scotch on the supine monolith. I swiftly walked up to it and kicked the bottle sending myself into entry within a vortex of space and time. I had entered the trilight zone of N-dimensional refracted space. I was thrown violently through a few hundred dimensions of detached branes in a sequential array as an associate observer of change. It wasn't what I'd wanted.

Something like an ancient Luftwaffe of flies as Junkers bombers buzzing around breakfast swarmed. Sometimes I have thoughts of Mars and the highlands recurring when away, and when home, thoughts of distant places such as Soghglor or Subductor. Lush was never far from my thought either.
Words from opposition chatter had fried many minds. They might recur as parallel streams of replacement pre-emptive text with derivative dissociation and neo-homophone substitution words and phrases. So much of that can build up in the subconscious and haywire memory. In practice, orderly thought input creates orderly reasoning from the already somewhat anarchic realm of the subconscious.

In the final phases of the United States of America before it was purchased by globalists and parted out to China, Saudi Arabia, Japan and other nations, the thought processes of citizens were decohered through dissimulator media broadcasting following the pre-emptive positive word provisioning model of computer programs written for search engines and Nash equilibrium control conditioners.

The negative anti-rational decoherence training helped the public fail at critical political thinking synergistically with the failure of the government to balance it's budget, defend it's borders from illegal immigration, invigorate its ecosystem and provide an example of a nation with democracy, universal safety net features for the poor, and liberty from corporatism and state authoritarianism. Neither were the people able to comprehend complex topics such as ecological economics. The decoherence training brought the populous to easy degradation postures ripe for exploitation by corrupt global corporatists.

I seemed to think without an immediate physical extension of a body, like I feel when standing in a fast food restaurant line in Novo Lundinium for a long time before reaching the counter to order, just before I have to speak. The dimensions themselves rolled over in difficult to describe shapes and forms with colors and speed relationships quite askew from normal perception in the four-dimensional world. Evidently no time passed in the process.

With the background big bang residual thermal temperature of the Universe being somewhere about three degrees Kelvin, it is obvious that like Boyle's law about the distribution of gas in a given volume equalized with values of entropy, the background energy of the universe has a generally even distribution in a given volume of space-time. Local variations caused with gravity indicate a difference between being and nothingness.

It's dissociation from concentration concurrently and proportionately with the expansion of space-time may be used as a comparative logic paradigm for the ideas of absolute position of coordinate reference points in the history of space-time in variegated temporal Einsteinian field relativity, from the time equals zero when the singularity phase of the Universe was at it's most minimal before the inflaton and after the black hole phase of the pre-big bang era.

It may also be used as a paradigm for the idea that the equal distribution of virtual particles in the pre-big bang era perturbative vacuum isn't logical except in an era of stagnation of a preexisting physical system with a given equalized distribution of energy even if it is of a virtual nature. Why should the appearance of virtual particles in a vacuum follow no particular pattern or frequency, and what might randomize it?

The pre-big bang era vacuum state and its distribution of virtual particles entering into it following the laws of quantum mechanics is one of the more intriguing points of the potential history of an absolute initial coordinate reference system with known space-time phenomenality as the frame of reference to consider.

It has seemed to me for some time that there isn't a reason why the appearance of virtual particles in any given dimensional or non-dimensional state of vacuum or space ought to be at random. Instead I have thought that the characteristics of virtual particles statistically modeled should follow a pattern derived from some non-apparent meta structural or trans-dimensional reciprocal intrusion. Obviously that creates an infinite regress logically; all universes and dimensions would be connected in some way to all others, and yet an absolute hierarchical coordinate system would still exist beginning from where one places one's true universal history.

Logically the regression of historical sources of interaction of space-time dimensions and mass-energy structures should have an end if the universe is not just one example of an infinite number of universes existing in an infinite volume of space-time universes in an infinite vacuum.

Logically the concept of an infinite system presents the problem of how an initial heterodox virtual particle pattern and statistical symmetry breaking sufficient to create a first universe could have emerged as well as the mind-boggling sorts of questions about what a really infinite number of universes in a finite volume would be like if there wasn't some kind of a higher reality containing it all.

Some hypothesize an initial, donated single field in which bubble universes might form. There are innumerable avenues of theoretical regress to perhaps match experience or ideas that are surpassed by unanswered questions. Another improbable question of how the finite but vast series of universes could have arisen in time from a null state the first time is equally challenging to answer, yet given the premise that it did and grew to produce perhaps trillions of universes, the subsequent and obvious question to answer is what hypothetical limit exists to the amount of virtual particles and consequent mass that can be created in the null state of the perturbative vacuum?

The perturbative vacuum and the virtual particles from nowhere that appear without end to give rise to black holes and universes of mass seems the cornucopia criterion theorists require for a happy answer to government budget requirements but find unavailable at such a mundane level. I had hoped to budget time to find Lush while remaining alive and healthy, yet discovered that circumstances presented a coefficient of adversity that might require tempering of my expectations.