Friday, July 29, 2011

An Infinite God (poem)

All the Universe is a stage
and we all merely scientists,
theoreticians or the faithful upon it
never having been outside
or down the street to another show
we know not whence we came, or where to go
except these theories arise
a zillion words of mathematical forms
shaping ideas that seem oft mistaken
when stars burn dim for Judas too unmourned
a Saint to those betraying God
for their faith lost upon an infinite
virtual space of nothingness
discovering themselves flotsam
they adjoin the evolution of jetsam
with nothing to lose becoming nothing again

Faith may be a struggle to maintain
as social order hangs death upon forests
like the good upon a cross foreshadowing meanings lost to the lost
in circumstances of absurb cruelty
something of phenomenal existence resurrected beyond the dross
of temporal change within finite scenes everything living fades away
like dreams

An infinite number of Universe
like two points on a line
an infinite number of points may exist
between any of those two points
infinitely more
relativity warp out the smaller spacing
each region like an inflated Universe
space-time expansions emerging from uncertainty
a realm of infinite speculation
waves before being
poential before actuality
quantum uncertainty itself a logical enigma

Many mansions of the spirit
known to The Lord
quanta of being forms from The One

Three dimensions of a universe wrapped round smaller extra dimensions
rolling onto an uncertain eventuality
like one skier in three persons
travelling over moguls of a tight, extra-dimensional matrix
the expansion of tensors through time
covering courses to ramp up experience
bring the dimension's leading edges of futuring through what might be
navigating through landscapes

An infinite God issuing finite quantum actuality
spatial temporality emerging from outside
like ghost ships arising through the waters
images from uncertainty, actuality from potential
reciprocols from being and time
given unto momenta
like conjectures of thought following
the given universe of experience and dimensions
for in the realm of the spirit
the Father has many mansions.

Rep. Don Young's Bill to Gut Homeland Security (Park Rangers) from Yukon RIver Parks

After 9-11 the potential for smuggling weapons, nuclear warheads and illegal drugs into Alaska’s interior from Siberia or Asia became increasingly possible. During the cold war Arctic ice river travel was a likely route for ground military forces during winter in event of conflict. With the new terrorism and egregious G.W. Bush era credit card defense the Yukon River once again loomed as a potential drug smuggling corridor for Asian heroin traffickers and for the odd former Soviet Nuclear device sold to enemies of the United States as well. A host of other nations might like to trash the U.S. economy and install a dictatorship via detonation of just one nuclear weapon in a major American city. Even the new global electronic trading elite might enjoy the final solution to uppity American middle and lower class aspirations of prosperity.

Yukon River drainage became an evident avenue of ingression. Rep. Don Young wants to stop park rangers from inspecting boaters on their part of the river perhaps believing the Coast Guard or Navy might patrol from the Bering Strait to where the Mounted Police take over in Canada.

When Felix Pedro discovered gold near the location of present day Fairbanks there were no nuclear weapons in Eurasia. Rev. Hudson Stuck climbing Mt. McKinley first in history had no vision of the Yukon as a future vulnerable channel for conveyance of weapons of mass destruction from the old world.

Since the Obama JSOC killed Osama Bin Laden in his secret lair near the Pakistani Army Officer Academy earlier this year it has been said that Al Qaeda is about done and incapable of making terror attacks on the U.S.A.-well let’s hope so. Yet reason informs us though that the existential threat to America from a globe-hopping world population will continue to present a possibility that one significant terrorist attack could occur sometime. The Yukon might be an easier way to bring over a weapon of mass destruction than through the usual, heavily policed eastern channels.

Not even one successful smuggling of a nuclear device from Pakistan, Russia, China, Iran or N. Korea etc. should be allowed to occur. Lax defense of the Yukon River by the federal government should not be the reason that a super 9-11 occurs one day. We know from reading Bamford’s book ‘The Shadow Factory’ that 9-11 terrorists were not arrested because of simple intelligence failures at the N.S.A. We know that Osama Bin Laden was allowed to escape from Tora Bora in 2011 by army failure to insert rangers to block the escape route when C.I.A. directed agents had him in retreat.

Without adequate inspection of boats in the park poaching of king salmon and trophy game from the park may occur.

Yukon-Charlie park rangers can work inspecting people that might have received a nuclear warhead from Eurasia down at the river entrance from a fishing boat. It wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to design a quiet below the surface transfer at slow speed of a warhead to an Alaska fishing boat in the Bering Sea. There is lots of noise in that area anyway from small engines.

Instead of establishing more federal costly homeland security inspectors on the Yukon needed on the Mexican border the existing federal park rangers working the navigable rivers of Alaska’s interior should be encouraged to get better investigation training and non-lethal weapons technology to safely net resisting law breakers Alaska. They can receive simultaneous courtesy training and also record events as they occur with electronic witness technology perhaps on Kevlar helmets along with night vision devices.

Rep. Young is used to having his way in the Alaska interior. He is Alaska’s only representative and probably regards the state’s interior as his private resource colony for apportioning to favorite global extraction industry corporations expecting his patronage. He has been in the House for so long his military spending signature is automatic-especially if it’s in Alaska. He should not pick on the Park Rangers as a way to bully the environmentalist in the administration. Don Young cannot spell the word ‘ecosphere’ unless preceded by the phrase ‘oil powered’.

Though one may sympathize with charges of rough arrest technique or park police brutality that stimulated Rep. Young’s effort to get law passed to prevent park police from inspecting boaters, that should not make anyone want to let anarchy reign on the Yukon River by removing the authority of park rangers to inspect and arrest people in the park violating park laws. Neither should park rangers harass campers or hikers. Yet if a meth lab or terrorist encampment is discovered they need to have the authority to make arrests.

Rep. Young may hate the federal presence in Alaska, or at least work in opposite efforts to federal environmental regulation in order to get more natural resources dumped for global corporate extractors without the benevolent presence of the E.P.A. saving some portion of the ecosphere for human health. During the Second World War it was Special Forces from the American southwest with many Native Americans trained by the U.S. Army who liberated Attu and Kiska islands from the Japanese. It caused the second highest casualty rate percent per combatants of all of the island battles against the Japanese Imperial Army. Bonsai charge repulsed atop a snowy ridge by Americans without reinforcement available won the day.

Some quick and dirty oil and mineral extractors might wish to make a Niger Delta sort of political oil development environment exist on the North Slope and Interior federal lands with low, low ecological protection and copious payments to agreeable politicians. Rep. Young must be cautious to remain free from conflicts of interest in acting as Congressman for all Alaskans as well as foreign and trans-national oil and gas corporations removing natural resources.

The right of Los Angeles to be free from nuclear obliteration from a weapon smuggled up the Yukon and driven through Canada to Vancouver and on to major U.S. cities via a hike through B.C. woods or neighborhoods to a rental car in Washington is at least equal to the right of a boater on the Yukon to have a beer and drive his scow with twin hundred h.p. outboards through the Yukon-Charlie National Preserve without worry of being stopped by park rangers.

An Abbottsford B.C. boundary home with a tunnel to the U.S.A. for illegal foreign agent smuggling might be worth a thousand false passports for bringing the big one in to blast the U.S.A.

Park rangers on the Yukon won’t receive immediate reinforcement if a boater takes off to shore and draws a .50 caliber pistol from his shoulder holster to shoot a pair of rangers arriving to ask him/her to slow down so they can chat before he/she feeds them to the local grizzly bear population.

Wilderness Park Rangers need to keep people they stop in sight and under control before determining if they should arrest or release them. The rural areas of Alaska can be dangerous, and if an actual criminal was stopped on the river the park rangers would have to be cautious serving as the nation’s frontier guard. Rep. Young’s bill attachment ought to be dropped so law and order can prevail on the Yukon River.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Too Many Sweet Biscuits from the Rich at The Tea Party

The tax rates from 1930-1980 roughly show the relationship between the 29-30 stock market crash and depression and federal debt at present. In 1930 the income tax on the rich wasa at a low 26% and the correction after the depression was 58%. In 1980 the tax rate on the rich was still 70%. After the Regan and Bush era tax cuts the national debt began rolling upward from the moderate Carter public debt even with inflation and recession to the present skyrocketing out of control spending.

I unfortunately haven't much internet access these days. I enjoy reading logic and also did some programming a long time ago-in 1980-81 and so view language ideas and criteria modeling actual economic structures with a little critical reserve. Quite often iterations or logic loops modeling economics and social realities simplify far too much, and also present false or erroneous logic connectors such as 'and, or, unless, if' and so forth.

I am fairly sure that one should not become too much of a quant on government theory-especially on democracy and ideas about force, lliberty and so forth. The nation has 300 billion plus souls, the world about 7 billion, limited geography and ecospheric resources. People must be able to see the woods for the trees on culture and life or fail to exist. I think the prospects for life on Earth remaining here with human beings in the mix for a thousand years is rather poor.

Incidently there are all sorts of coercive elements todays-not just in government. Corporations can coerce. A new global trading system in real time letting electronic money, bonds, currency, mortages, collaterized debt obligations, derivatives and so forth be exploited by computerized math quants with high art programs is a kind of predator upon capitalism. It has little to do with nationalism or democracy or even good sense. It is a kind of idiot savant led cultural genocide of capitalism and free enterprise.

Making an electronic, computer program ruled new world order concentrating wealth is not the quaint Kentucky home with the blunderbus above the fire pit where libertarianism could rule. The founders where not recalcitrant about uniting to defend their collective social interests when need be. They were not existential irrationalists-they had common sense and decent regard for the individual rights of mankind.

Liberty is a condition of freedom. Many people wonder about the collective effects of adverse impact upon themselves as members of a given class of course. An example might be that of global warming caused by industrial emitters of carbon. If gas burning automobiles will kill all life on Earth potentially then what self-defense rights are fair to prevent that today?

Political philosophy is an interesting topic I enjoy reading about now and then. It is easy to write ten or twenty thousand words on various elements of it warming up, unfortunately my time is about gone along with my notebook for the summer.

Consider though that the true Republicans-the guardians of the Republic, did not own anything. Plato had their needs met and no conflict of personal earnings interest for them. They thought of the state and of its well being as if it were their own stuff. There is too little of that today in the U.S. Congress. They think of concentrating wealth for the rich because the rich toss them sweet biscuits.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Drunkard’s Walk on Raising the Federal Debt Ceiling/or Not

The Republican political use of the federal debt ceiling as a way to lever more concentration of wealth for the rich-the top 1% of U.S. earners take 25% of the national income now presents interesting laboratory experimental conditions in the real world for economic theorists. Pistis is the Greek word for faith or trust used in Paul’s epistles to express the reciprocal relationship of man to God. Full faith and trust in God, and his grace has brought the nation before to advance through challenging times. The Tea Party seems to lack that trust in the nation’s relations to God and taxation of the rich fairly. God historically has tended to look with disfavor upon ruling elites that oppress the poor.

Balancing the federal budget with a balanced budget amendment to hog tie future war spending such as G.W. Bush prosecuted may be a desirable idea, yet not perhaps a good one. It would also allow quants to have another technical point to lever money to special interests. One should pass an amendment to require balanced congressperson judgment on the national economy-the public is fairly disgusted with them as it is and might vote to ratify that quicker.

Reasonable people know the right way to pay off the Federal debt is to raise taxes on the rich and pay down the debt with it directly, thereby reducing the cost of paying interest on the federal debt (3/4 trillion annually as it is). Obviously spending should be reduced as well in a reasonable way. Yet increasing federal efficiency of existing spending would be a good idea too- there are limitless ways to go about that anytime.

I am just learning about historical developments of investor analytical tools to predict market trends on particular stock and bond values. The August 17, 1998 Russian default on debt set of a cascade of investment instrument runs abroad including LTCM, hedge funds, derivatives, CDO’s and other abstract market price value manipulations placing volatility themselves into the stocks and bond market. Exploiting a variety of mathematical models of market behavior to guide computer directed mass purchase strategies than can go wrong makes a national economy top-heavy in a ship loading metaphor.

It seems that Mayor Bloomberg sometime after being a Solomon Brothers trader developed a way to wire the world trading system making lots of money in the process. Creating an international stock pool that mathematical claves can exploit is something like making a predator class victimizing capitalism-fundamentally they don’t produce anything material at all and have no rational function except for extracting profit for themselves.

Of course humanity has all sorts of cultural inefficiencies reducing its health concurrent with the ecospheric decay. Cultural well being and ecospheric health is actually far more important than the existentialist idiot savant business approach to making the national economic prospects good.

NPR ran an excellent story (a rarity) on patent trolls and Intellectual Ventures that highlighted some of the problems inventors have with the patent process of the United States. I have written that patents should be non-renewable and exclusive for a shorter period of time with patent holders getting a small percent of profits by other users of the idea for the remainder of their lifetimes. Perhaps three years of exclusive use by the inventor of a patented idea would encourage development and roll back the hegemony of capital patent trolls intimidating inventors. The market quants and the deregulated corporation of what should be a far more fundamental market function might be rectified with a limit upon the number of corporations anyone might invest in annually to just three.
Investors ought to invest in a business in order to develop it rather than exploit owning its stocks for a few seconds or hours, days or weeks to take advantage of short or long selling opportunities and changes in the value of a business stock as an abstract item in-itself.

It will be interesting to view the hedge fund and other vast investment quant player positions on the present drunkard’s walk of Speaker Boehner in the debt ceiling negotiations to August 2nd. The random course-50-50 odds of raising the federal debt ceiling perhaps may be the object of vast short selling of the dollar and long Yuan buying along with other currencies. It is rather remarkable that the fate of many real U.S. businesses will be influenced adversely and in some instances positively as a consequence of the opportunity to exploit the volatility of primary and secondary rounds of EMH/Mandelbrot value eccentricities based on the Tea Party/Boehner Drunkard’s walk of Random course from the lamp post on the street formula…what way will the congress go?

From my own experience of being lost in the winter woods of Alaska a few times I would liketo make my own economic contribution to random event outcome theory; they aren’t really entirely random. The subconscious learns, or the conscious mind makes similar decisions on the same challenges to what might seem new situations. The market will tend to respond in previously learned ways to similar challenges.

Lost in that winter woods walking a few miles through snow up hillsides and thick brush and downed trees, boulders and minimal perspective maintaining a proper, accurate sense of direction and line of travel was tough. After much struggling and tiresome going I found myself approaching footprints a couple of time that turned out to be my own-left weeks before.
Even when one does not consciously know the way in walking through a complex forest the traveler may choose nearly the same course through the woods building up through a number of complex branch/decision of direction locations. I expect that a concatenated Wall Street behavior may reflect some of that trend toward using its best judgment on outcome. It is a two-dimensional way of viewing a three-dimensional market in a four-dimensional economy.

Louis Bachelier’s 1900 study ‘The Theory of Speculation’ began a statistical, quantitative approach to market analysis. Values of corporations were units that might be plugged in later to anticipate rise and fall of value. Viewed that way there was a fundamental 50-50 chance that the market and/or any individual business would rise or fall in value. The Bell curve represented the distribution of price changes with radical changes feathering out at the distal edges. A number of theoretical upgrades and algorithms were developed to guide large scale capital players gambling on the market to beat the odds. Needless to say those investment gambling houses added nothing to develop the real U.S. economy.

No they did not increase corporate efficiency like wolves eliminating the weak prey of a herd of caribou or like lions taking down sickly or young wildebeests. Maybe they were like computer programming hyena tearing the meat of the market or high tech mechanized whalers plundering flesh and blood defenseless victims. The new quant-mathematician predators of real corporations through Wall Street reinforced a developing existential business ethic of survival and prosperity of the most ruthless and uncaring of the wealth of the nation. That personal egotism as a Party ethic is the driving Republican Party momentum in the Federal budget debate today evidently.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Finite Quantity Minus Infinity (poem)

{finite A + Infinity}-{infinity}={finite A}

infinity + the empty set{}=infinity + {infinite set of potential finite sets}

infinity + {a finite set} + {-infinity} or - {infinity}={a finite set}

Thus it was that a magpie rested upon a chain link fence with a view of the waters of the inlet of which it took no notice. The planet Earth journeying through the low energy vacuum with space-time.

An appearance of finite sets extracted from infinity with subsets of temporal actualization.

infinity + {finite set A...Z) + temporal(-infinity)={finite set A...Z}

infinity + subset of an infinite series (inclusive of an empty set)=infinity + {redundant subset}

Finite subsets are temporal
magpies look for food in snow
rejoice with spring melt
trivia of leaves, dirt and insects.

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Way Government Budget-Debt Ceiling Negotiations Seem Today

This may be the biggest economic issue of the year. The Congress seems to be bungling the job, yet that is natural.

The Republicans picked the fight using the deficit ceiling vote as an excuse to punch around the Democrats once more. With one branch of the legislature they expect to dictate to the Democrats on the budget knowing they have a stronger will. They are at economic war with the Democrats rather than a cooperative party seeking the good of the people. They do not know where the United States is though. Their center of effort is in Beijing these days.

Republicans have experienced a weak Democratic opposition party for 20 years. Just last December the President through in the towel on letting the Bush era tax cuts expire and danced a jig for Wall Street. Even Chelsea Clinton took a job with one of those quant/hedge fund firms in 2007 or 2008-maybe the President is looking ahead for job security for his kids on Wall Street.

The Democratic Party is encountering a Republican Party House leadership that expects it to roll over some time before high noon the day of default. Sen. Majority leaders Reed is seeming more obliging every day now offering a timid, obliging kinds of plan that just cut spending and doesn't raise taxes-he seems to have no concept of negotiating tactics.

Majority Leader Reed keeps offering sweeter packages to Republicans expecting them to finally buy a package eventually. Republican know that the Democrats will keep moving toward their side and cut everything that goes to the people rather than to corporations from the budget so far as possible. What would have worked was setting a final offer last week for the Republicans to take or let the budget default crash occur.
That plan should have raised taxes on the rich and cut spending with an immediate surplus not requiring the debt ceiling to be raised. The surplus should pay down the federal debt right away.

The trouble is the democrats have developed a political philosophy-a Darwinian founded deep zeitgeist that promotes irrationalism. The Republicans have developed their own irrational economic philosophy to match the democrats and raise them one to the quant approach to Wall Street profit taking. That's a Darwinian based disembodied capitalism making the irrational profit taking of market computing analytical programs capitalism in-itself. The real world, quaint, nationalistic, Adam Smith Wealth of Nations is dead in that paradigm. Nothing is real except the abstract mathematical and statistical world of market phenomenal modeling and gaming profits in the new Wall Street; Americans are just detritus, artifacts or externalities to The Truth of the profit formulae.

Statistical Meaninglessness of the Real World in the Uncertainty/Statistical Duality Cloud of Quantum Macro-Economic Computing

Statistical Meaninglessness of the Real World in the Uncertainty/Statistical Duality Cloud of Quantum Macro-Economic Computing
Reading recently about quantum uncertainty, global economic and U.S. federal deficit concerns as well as the history of the 2008 Wall Street failures I felt like writing a short fiction story to express my ideas yet didn’t have the time. I have written non-fiction thoughts on the topic.

Following are a few books on the market/banking investment fiasco, cultural change, physics, the history of Wall Street or of select quantum and/or cosmological issues; ‘The Quants’- Paul Patterson, ‘The Age of Greed’-Jeff Madrick, ’Just Six Numbers’-Martin Rees, ‘The Constants of Nature’/The Infinite Book’/’The Book of Nothing’-John D. Barrow, ‘Freefall’-Joseph Stiglitz, ’Age of Fracture’-Daniel Rogers and ‘Dance of the Photons’-Anton Zeilinger.

Presently I think that the traditional capitalism as free enterprise works by real individuals to better their personal prospects has been replaced by a disembodied capitalism manipulating corporations as abstract, marketable commodities. That ascension of an abstract mathematical modeling capital profit taking end-for-itself is fundamentally irrational in relation to the establishment of home, business and environmental interests of individuals as ends-for-themselves.

The means to an end of profit of the disembodied, abstract model manipulating capitalism, depersonalized and reduced to abstract statistical quantities the less heavily capitalized real interests of the citizenry of the United States through the portal of the common market, law of price and monetarism. Though the ancestry of modern disembodied o.b.e. computational capitalism is in theoretical economist past of Adam Smith, Hayek and Von Mises contemplating what real capital is, as well as the games theorist Thorp, its maturation in Wall Street quants was a corrupting hybrid of mathematical theoretical advances and greed outgrowing rational business borders destroying the green pastures of democratic free enterprise capitalism like a mass environmental cancerous flesh-eating bacteria annihilating the prosperity of the majority of the nation.

The storming violence of quantum cultural changes may be regarded as quantifiable volatility affecting the market of ideas and information generating capital quants of value.

Statistical aggregation of value quants of money-the crash of the dollar quant versus the Euro quant and Yuan quant, arbitrage of material manufacture outsourcing to China from the U.S.A., the flow of cheap labor quants to the U.S.A. to reduce unofficial cost of labor quants, these knots of quant crucibles for quant clumping or catastrophe windfall quant scintillation may be the Truth for quant computing by the informal emergent collective of a disembodied capitalism managing the global economy regarded as an abstract entity with random values and a source of potential profit taking through harvest of the disequilibria.

In the post-Darwinian era of material meaninglessness and through an evolution of moral and epistemological relativism the new age of Shannon entropy and information theory has emerged to transform information into data or quanta rather than meaning. The meaning of communications and of all material phenomenalities is taken to be its quantifiable, statistical relation to other statistical represented associations of ‘meaning’ in quantum groupings.

The U.S. Government has experienced a shift in budget management toward the Wall Street disembodied side of new age capitalism. Its federal debt is an imaginary number within a given math paradigm represented by quantification within a globally quantified abstract statistical matrix of volatility and potential profit knots and every location or coordinate of the global g.p.s. financial flowchart.

Various statistical collective mangers of the abstract economy and its Bell chart foundation of analysis convert the real business, manufacturing, environmental and social things-in-themselves into statistical facts secondary to the mathematical realm of trans-finite potential profits. Abstract equilibria might be developed to balance the statistical representation on the Big Board in a way that will assure most efficient concentration of wealth.

The Chinese Communist party may be able to enter into the hedge fund, arbitrage and derivatives investment field for itself and transform itself as a quantified subject-objective statistic with the present global elites to comprise a unified elite global statistical management. The meaninglessness of global economic management quanta will transcend the world-for-itself. If nations, people and ecospheric vitality perishes cloud computer storage will probably keep aggregate statistics and gloriously send the data in binary coded laser and microwave beam to the Universe so alien life form statisticians can hear it on their newscasts someday far, far away (information only travelling at the speed of light).
Still, there may be dissenters that believe the black body radiation nature of thermodynamics in aggregate clumps of mass is fundamentally at odds with the Shannon entropy distribution of data forced into a Bell Curve of random distribution that quants exploit to represent reality and human economic interests.

Though Thorpian foundations of Wall Street quantum investing have the solid assurance of winning blackjack card counting to guide the disembodied capitalism in an abstract statistical cloud beyond capitalism in its primitive material form of common sense factoring to improve the way of life of citizens of nations-to bring about the wealth of nations, the uncertainty of the quantum realm of nature varies significantly from the actual aggregation of steady state mass that is the Earth as it is converted through quantum investing and economic strategy into a high entropy state of randomly actualized economic statistical mass. For one thing, Shannon Information theory is weak at differentiating in quantum terms between mass as a quantum statistic and ideas and relationships as quantum statistics. Representational quant units of one base such as binary conditions computing require a nearly infinite number of sets and subsets of binary representation to differentiate the quality state of one thing as a real object from another-or from an idea. The level of detail problem in creating artificial, statistically accurate scenarios is at issue-it is a problem of an opposite nature to the Brownian uncertainty or statistical jitters of individual quantum units. In accurate abstract descriptions of individual quantum units an infinite number of relations are required. The problem prevailing in quantum mechanics and quantum uncertainty is also a problem for writing statistical accuracy into quantum system representations…there are a true infinite number of relationships between each individual quanta.

The quantity of energy required to represent the relations of the real universe’ quanta in space-time evolutions probably is greater than the energy of the universe in its solid state. The possibly infinite range of primordial quantum uncertainty giving rise to any given inflation of a universe is unlikely to provide an opportunity for a steady-state universe statistical formulaic computation of its energy state as anything quantifiable. After all, an infinity minus one still equals infinity. While an infinite quantum energy potential minus itself might equal nothing-it isn’t necessarily so-it could be finite and something as a remainder. One gets something or nothing in the likeliest avenues of approach and neither result potentially provides a measurement or quantifiable description of primordial quantum energy.

Nature-a name for the real Universe given without human alteration-has its own solutions to the challenges of creating real solid state mass as particular energized objects from amidst the infinite real of potential actualizable quanta. The abstract mathematical gaming statistical analyses of the new disembodied capitalism take the opposite approach and convert real business and environments, national boundaries, human lives, biodiversity and health into statistical quanta expressing the potential for existing as real profit quanta for market information manipulators.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Lizard Logic Chronicles of Extremism in Seperation of Church and State and Without

The Oslo massacre seems to be a primal vengeance on a government ruling class and its next generation. Did the killer have a single issue dispute that could not be settled through election, was he interpolating a dead reckoning symbolic action unto the global media? The reasons or lack of them for what appears to be a well planned killing spree leaving scores dead in the sweet days of high summer where four minutes of daylight are being lost each day presently is a mystery. I am certain that was not a Christian act in an increasingly unchristian, lizard-logic driven new world order.

Since the evolution of modern science and democratic governments the political liberalization of church and state from control by political elites has roughly approximated the development of individual civil rights.
Jesus Christ was the first and true liberator of mankind from pure social power. We do not know what his opinion was on the creation of the world ex nihilo as the Gnostic Theophilus promulgated. What is known is that Jesus Christ the Son of God is pro-life and not an advocate of nihilism with bullets or without.

As European civilization developed in the Christian era citizens asserted their conditional sovereignty from unequal political and legal oppression. The empirical foundations of individual equal rights coincided with the anti-hierarchical trend of the protestant reformation in Europe. Religious conflicts were not separable in causation from political and social structures of old and new regimes. As liberalism from imperialism followed contemporarily along lines of religious reform away from hierarchical priesthoods, scientific ideas of evolution and cosmology were also free to express ideas out of phase with combined church and state authority.
Confusion of issues on secular political and social grounds implicitly founded in religious and government authority (e.g. Emperor Constantine and the Byzantine Church, the Tsar and The Russian Orthodox Church, Catholicism/Hapsburg rulers and the Papacy, Lutheranism and the Hapsburg Empire etc.) made a myriad of government, feudal, imperial and local self-government social conflicts arise. The demand for sectarian right to believe what they chose was opposed by state authority as sedulous organization. The Inquisition drove out Jews as well as Protestants from Iberia.

Fundamentalists interpreting the Bible on Biblical authority increased after the invention of the printing press and Erasmus’ translations of the Bible into the vernacular were not the only available to non-readers of Greek, Hebrew or Latin.

Previously state control of religious appointments to Church leadership (the Church of England has the Queen as its leader today) needed to conserve its power through repression of thought on religious topics that might be politically as well as philosophically revolutionary standing in allegiance to God instead of supreme and Harriest potters of political power.

Christian theological and philosophical organization and the pursuit of truth was an organizing social and political phenomena across formerly pagan Europe for more than a millennia. Christian theologians and monastics were often the scientists themselves. Scientists of more recent times sometimes lacking theistic sentiment if not outright atheist have developed a narrative history that religious thought was a fundamental opponent to scientific progress. That opinion is a generalization extracting a pure theoretical premise and placing it into an abstract formula of explanation. It is an erroneous opinion. Human social history and development is far more complex causally than that.

Concerns about an atheistic political philosophy based on uniformed ideas about the meaning of science and its opinions on evolution and cosmology arise in order to defend several historically important concept developed during the era mentioned above. Some popular opinion has it that without God a secular social experience is phenomenal and meaningless-hence morality is meaningless as well as human ideas. Some scientists have said that D.N.A. is all that matters—such ideas are ignorant and specialized in the wrong field opinions about the value of social sciences, theology and philosophy by scientific, tool-using pagans.

I will write a little about the godless social order for itself. It has no need of rationality. Rationality is a human thought construct regarding values, and since the source of the values is just human opinion experienced subjectively and phenomenally it has no meaning. Scientific principles of social organization would replace socially derived political values that were brought into being at great cost.

The pagan scientific irrational new world order is fundamental fascism without even a rational end. It regards human life as motivated meat. There is no need for thought about human rights or civil rights-they are phenomenal historical accretions of no intrinsic value.

One does not need to offer a synthetic Hegelianism as a defense for the objective value of human social and political constructions moving toward a perfection of social existence. It is adequate to say that the political and social experimental developments of human history that have brought into existence better social relations and individual actualization opportunity for free expression, free enterprise and self-determination are a science or knowledge accumulation for themselves as different from the undeveloped state of human social experience as mind is from body, or as is sentience from non-sentience.

Human political and social intelligence needs to avoid the pitfall of an atheistic and ignorant fundamentalist cult of science-a scientific sect that is a subset of science for itself, that would force human society toward conformity in control of amoral fascism founded in a belief in nothing.

The scientific atheism of economic elites may corrupt nationalism and its boundary paradigm rights criteria for citizens and citizen sovereignty in order to advance the concentration of wealth. Atheist inspired immoralist may attack and destroy all social structures, traditions, security and property resisting the will of power of the prime atheist power. Citizens may experience the deleterious subtlety of the Stalinist left as well as the Hitlerian right subverting their democracy and free enterprise interests. The world environment does require its political saviors in order to be able to continue to support human life on Earth and ecological biodiversity and that should be accomplished through voluntary democratic self-government. There is no way out of the pitfall of atheist totalitarianism creeping to a new world order once it has extinguished the last hopes of human freedom and political pluralism.

There may be times of troubles ahead as world leaders betray democracy, individual rights and popularization of ecospheric restoration. They may create propaganda such as Christian fundamentalist terrorists to balance out Moslem fundamentalist terrorists as the market expands into the Moslem world.

There is no element of violence in the Gospel of The Lord. The epistles of Paul, the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, the book of the Acts, Peter, James, John, Jude, and the book of Hebrews have no advocacy of violence or acts of violence by Jesus Christ or his followers at all save the cutting off of an ear when the Lord was arrested and taken for trial and crucifixion. Jesus repaired the ear on the spot.

Sure the Revelation is a prophecy with a world historical vision of the future described replete with violence and an avenging power of God returning to the world to trample out the grapes of wrath in a manner of speaking and save the elect. This is something like a social and religious cosmological prediction rather than a book of Christian ethics. It does not advocate that Christians perpetrate violence anyplace. A fairly well known Christian point is that vengeance must be left unto God to take. If possible one should even forgive one’s offenders.

When the recent bombing and shootings in Oslo Norway occurred the BBC reported several times on the perp’s possible ‘Christian fundamentalist connections’. England has a policy of advocacy for homosexuality recently. It has a policy of global economic financial skimming.

It seems to be the best advocate of godless global economics today probably as an inertial continuity of its one former world empire and failure to keep church going Christianity alive. Darwin as a Brit has made the British tend to become faithless geckonic apostles of atheism. That position is an irrational political-philosophical evolution by the unreflective and unconscionable toward a scientifically derived atheism. That consumerist atheistic hedonistic world order dominated by advantaged lizard-phenomenal social beings without any particular objective political world order will not lead to a stable and objective world economy with liberty and justice for all.

European and world political dissidents may use violence to get rid of Kings (Norway has one), dispute taxation and oppose a variety of secular political policies. It is wrong to believe that only Christians or Moslems with some sort of religious belief in a transcendent moral foundation would are enough to blow up an abortion laboratory or pass legislation against cloning or making supermen through next generation steroids and super-Brussels sprouts for brain development.

The scientific atheists might regard human life as equivalent to pigs with the same objectivity as cannibals. It is keeping national and civil rights and government at a peer-reviewed level, and keeping the world ecosphere healthy and moving toward recovery through a respect for human life and spirit that a world worth living in for a few more centuries at least might be brought about.

Science is a good thing for-itself. I enjoy reading popular cosmology books with the wealth of scientific and mathematical speculations to accompany mathematical modeling. Knowledge was never supposed to be in opposition to human life or human spirituality.

There isn’t anything in the Bible that I know of that compels an either/or on scientific or cosmological data. Uninformed or wrong epistemological assumptions of science and or religion and vice versa might drive one to make illogical inferences about world views. In the infinite time of all possible universes that might emerge from a substratum of quantum uncertainty there is theoretically time enough for God to allow an infinite number of universes to develop.

God would have enough patience to wait for human experience to actualize in one of those Universes if He created this Universe in a paradigm like that. The origin of the realm of quantum uncertainty is a kind of quantum fog itself through which science isn’t logically potentially capable of getting beyond to a deeper understanding of how anything comes to exist in any possible universe. Scientists should learn to respect human social history, philosophy and spiritual concerns enough to withhold crashing into them as exert nihilists with abysmal ignorance of things other-than-science. For one thing, the ape-niche broadcast media repeats the irrational and unethical dogma ad nauseum influencing humanity to run roughshod toward the lemming leap of ecospheric and demographic oblivion in the effort to concentrate wealth for globalist powers.

The separation of Church and State today should act as a preventer on takeover of church liberty by the state. Yet with the invasive omnipresence of the broadcast media today amongst other instantaneous concentrated ownership powers free speech and expression of independent opinion is subject to the forceful erosion of concentrated political power. With the takeover of morality setting by the U.S. Government and the Obama administration in making homosexuality o.k. in the Military the government has laid the foundation for a future of state-church controversy on free speech by the church that regards sin including homosexuality as wrong social conduct. The fundamentally atheist broadcast media will chip away at American Christians in the long run as well it appears, and at U.S. nationalism in economic policy making because their interests are global.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Openly Homosexual U.S. Military On 60 Day Countdown/Bomb Blasts Oslo Norway

"It does not do to leave a dragon out of your calculations, if you live near him."-J.R.R. Tolkien

The summer bombing season of picturesque northern tourist cities seems to have begun with Norway's government center taking at least seven fatalities with many others injured in Oslo's government district. A gunman also shot some bullets at a youth camp outside Oslo in what seems to be a related incident.

President Obama's coming out plan for the Pentagon was given expedited scheduling and it now is at day 59 and counting down before full implementation of openly homosexual military service. Some Americans did not realize that the term 'gay' does not include lesbians. Yet the female branch of military service will evidently be open for lesbian officers now. One hopes that those gay warriors do not become grim warriors in the wars ahead...(if peace and a prosperous, balanced ecologically renewable national economy with full employment cannot be brought into being by a competent congress {only joking about a competent congress-no vhance of that}).

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Zero-Point Energy and 'The Book of Nothing'

The vacuum of space is actually a lively place in quantum cosmology. Within the scientific paradigm of quantum uncertainty something like an infinite ocean of quantum particles in all possible configurations exists-so long as they are not observed. I guess that is something like a polarizing filter from which only some particle-waves emerge to appear in solid state configurations.

The mass and energy of the Universe are comparable to an overnight coating of ice on the surface of a lake that breaks up during the stress of the day's sun and winds and gathers into larger ice islands with open water in between.

Galaxies gathered in gravity from an earlier high temperature, unified scalar field expansion yield a cascade of individuated fundamental particles, drift out in the expanding space-time ocean with the lambda's force's slow build of subtle quantum agitation.

That quantum mechanical filter of uncertainty seems like a good way for God to create a Universe without making it possible for anyone to directly trace its causality. One must rely on the sentient word of God rather than just simple cosmological archaeology for data about the first cause preceding temporal causes and causality issuing Universes from the sea of quantum indeterminacy.

Even the acceleration of the Universe may be a phase of the vacuum's movement toward a lowest energy state. Below that lowest energy minimum is the uncertainty realm of vacuum energy and lambda stress.

These are a few more notes from J.D. Barrow's 'The Book of Nothing' before I finish reading it. Not being a physicist it’s helpful to make a few notes as a mnemonic device for future recall of its content.

Published in 2000 'The Book of Nothing' still seems an excellent primer on nothingness, vacuum energy, chaotic inflationary universes and the way quantum mechanical structures inflate to order the mass and energy of the universe.

Even so the epiphenomenal appearance of anything from a hypothetical realm of quantum uncertainty issuing everything else is an interesting place to leave off the study of transformation of negative and positive virtual energy through a balanced cycle of being and nothingness-when nothing else might be known about what's what except perhaps philosophically, theologically or mystical insight.

It is good that refinements of the physical investigation of how the Universes and universes are strung together theoretically may consider and compare the minimum vacuum energy state of existential model universes and/or inflationary regions with the mass and energy content of the Universe human beings live in. The vacuum of space-time itself is apparently a charged region that moves from a high energy original condition toward it minimum energy condition. Expanding space-time may be the essential way it spends that energy increasing its size to achieve the lowest, and balanced energy state. It may oscillate at the low end of the cycle like a metaphorically pendulum before settling down to the minima. At that minimum it is uncertain what would occur although theories abound-for the vacuum energy resting upon uncertainty and the space-time minimum energy regime of the universe was just one inflated continuum from the more basic realm of uncertainty that lets universes arise.

New World Order Oligarchs Hold U.S. Economy Hostage To Prevent Tax Increase

In the New World economy House Republicans seem to want to cut taxes on Corporations so they can invest in China. With cinched profits investing in Chinese business, Wall Street can just phase out the interests of U.S. workers and the middle class. Democratic safety nets can be gutted, on the job training in new factories requiring corporate investment avoided and the environment of America sold for pulp and ore profits of foreign governments.

As in the ante-bellum economy a large cheap workforce overseas lets America’s corporate oligarchs enrich themselves as a class. Of course the exploitation process isn’t so efficient today as in 1850; the Chinese are taking the majority of the profit. The oligarchs share the wealth of Chinese power and share the exploitation with the majority of Americans.

Since Wall Street Republicans have converted the U.S. economy into a slum(p) they have allowed unemployment to rise nearly to 10% in the U.S.A. They dumped a load of national debt in the Bush II years and perfected policies to plunder the U.S. regulation of economic honesty in addition to cutting taxes to a going out of business in the U.S.A. level with visions of sugar plums in their oligarchic, greedy minds. When the U.S. economy becomes really second rate then the military allegiance will be directed toward reinforcing the new economic center of effort in China and India; Kentucky’s Ft. Knox may have Red Guards at the gate to protect its assets.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Natural Gas Pipeline from Alaska to Anchorage or Canada?

Alaska has experienced the growth of ideas for distributing public energy resources about the state and a few on sending gas to the Canadian pipeline system with a connection from the North Slope. Seven billion dollars was the price mentioned recently to construct a pipeline from the North slope via Fairbanks to Anchorage for a 24" natural gas line. A pipeline through Canada might cost 30 or 40 billion, and the environment more, yet it would let additional Canadian fields tie in and supply gas to the 48 states when or if the U.S. is thoroughly dependent on it.

Whenever I write on these topics its a good idea to make a sort of disclaimer on the general manner in which politicians and business develop energy resources in Alaska. Because there is so much and pervasive habitat loss, and extermination of species biodiversity along with the decline of health of the ecosphere as a result of the traditional way of advancing cultural economy and energy production I support a different way-one that does not exist and probably won't. I prefer that human culture use its best ideas to adapt to the new empirical facts of life rather than inertially continue the way it always has. Yet it is those terms that one must work to comment on real economic inertia of the era.

A vast global mining corporation is hammering away to develop copper claims in the headwaters rivers drainage to Alaska's and America's Bristol Bay and home of the nation's healthiest salmon habitat. Other miners force through upstream Canadian mines on rivers flowing into S.E. Alaskan waters. Mines tend to affect water drainage and leach toxic levels of metals creating future Superfund clean up sites lasting for generations or thousands of years. Yet if no life on Earth remains because of catastrophic ecospheric damage from other human activities it won't make a difference.

On Wasilla's KGB (Knik-Goose Bay) Road (this may be the street where the former KGB headquarters could be found leading some to say that you can see Russia from Wasilla) that leads to the Knik settlement developments continue with coal strip mining operations not too distant planned. Oil wells and roads all over the state allow increased access to destroy wildlife and ecosphere health fragmenting ecosystem and depleting fisheries health. The Yukon and Kuskokwim river's salmon crashes, and those of the Susitna River create the impression of another Washington State in progress with the military bases and toxic waste besides.

Most U.S. Presidential candidates don't know where the United States is located. In the early years of the U.S.A. presidents invested in the U.S.A. and built it up with activism. They also stayed out of protracted foreign wars. They sought to enrich the United States. They did not deregulate investment banking and corporations such that the nation's wealth would be relocated abroad like the Red Army relocating factory equipment from Germany to Russia in 1946. Today's U.S. Presidents don't know where America is at even if they land Air Force One here occasionally. The rich will get globally richer and the middle class and poor, poorer.

Alaska Governor Parnell has a plan to build a hydro-electric dam on the undammed Susitna River that drains the Alaska Range. I am unenthusiastic about that growing up in the Pacific Northwest along the Columbia River.

Washington State once had a Governor-Dan 'Strait Arrow' Evans, named as the medal of honor naval destroyer squadron commander who effectively attacked a Japanese battle cruiser in the Pacific in an epic naval engagement. Capt. Evan's body was never recovered, yet the spirit of national defense and of keeping the integrity of the states and its land and sea ecosystems health remains a goal of many Americans-except possibly in some states where globalists and anti-conservationists find it better to pimp natural resources for the most profit today.

Governor Evan's environmental policy was of the day-uniformed. Hydro-electric plants were built, and nuclear power plants constructed in excess of later need. Today we should know better and take a far more nuanced approach to building design, insulation and disciplined conservation and increase of natural resources with the eye to the future set upon low cost, high temperature superconductors.

There are alternate ways to deliver natural gas to Fairbanks and Anchorage for 7 billion. Building a rail line from Fairbanks to the North Slope for 7 billion dollars probably isn't one of them.

One might build a gas liquification plant on the North Slope as ecologically as possible and connect in some way to the Alaska Railroad at Fairbanks and send pressurized gas rail cars to Anchorage.

It would also be possible to build two or three large gas carrying icebreakers to deliver gas most of the year to Anchorage via water...ships don't cost seven billion dollars.

Obviously ice thickness experts would know how much of the year it would be practical to ship gas via Bering Strait to Anchorage. There are other issues involved such as noise from the ships introduced to the environment out of context and season. Some day quiet electric hydrodynamic engine ships that are quiet should replace the prop and diesel driven vessels.

It might be good to use Alaska's geothermal power and some private businesses are looking into that. The state might also create a geothermal resources department to support and stimulate use of that resource in an environmentally smallest practical impact way to produce electricity. Alaska is a state with a lot of geothermal potential.

Counter-Revolutionary Tax Cut Continua in Congress

The founders' revolution was against concentrated wealth's colonializing control. A Uhlerian supply excess profits for the rich side counter-revolution by wealthy globalists of a new world order cutting taxes for the rich, bolixing the environment and standard of living hopes for the democratic poor and middle class has accelerated in the two decades following the end of the cold war.

Dead reckoning of the day for raising taxes on the rich to a reasonable level informs us that a Romney administration and a Democratic House and Senate might be the best when prospects coincide to create a combined economic defense against national debt and tax policies tilted to favor the rich.

Taxation for an intelligent democratic society is a variable rather than a constant. Taxation on the rich and on other classes are set to keep full employment, national infrastructure, public health, environment and economy optimally performing. Until the era of voodoo economics after 1981 that was the national political policy of the U.S.A.

The Blitzkrieg of globalist outsourcing, tax cutting and illegal alien shock-troop worker immigration has left America's heartland bereft of high paying secure jobs for the poor and middle class seeking to own their own property, grow their own orchard and have a few cows and goats to barbecue with Fresnel lenses, solar power and soy-peach sweet and sour sauce much less own a quarter million dollar home and fat retirement investments.

During the cold war an oligarchy inclined rich needed the poor and middle class on their side against communist totalitarianism. With communism prevalently defeated the rich have turned their power of economic war upon the nation's poor and middle classes through a broad front of cultural devices.

Non-intellectuals existentialist consumer members of The Church of Lowest Mile Per Gallon Suvs

-perhaps 20% of the nation- will always be camp followers of the rich heedless of the political depletion of democracy around them.

Many politicians haven't good economic history sense and inflate wrong ideas.

This is the new age of irrational political economic management. Adam Smith's invisible hand has been upgraded into a no-brain theory of democratic economic supervision. Combined with anachronistic economic ideas grown in the ante-vellum and southern reconstructionist past, it adds up to an extremely weak no-brainer U.S. governance of 50 states.

South Carolina's Tea Party brewing Senator may be influenced by the state's economic history of slavery. Today's Americans who aren't rich are today's n-word workers regarded as wheedling benefits from the Mansion owning rich trying who alone have received the inspired word of globalism and The New World Order.

The ante-bellum way of Tea Party economic thinking is an economic paradigm in favor of defense spending in Charleston to send planeloads of junk to Iraq and Afghanistan cause the military be good defendin the rich. The inspired word of corporatism may distributed through defense sub-contractors from Tibet and Mongolia.

If taxes can be cut so the slaves/former slaves (they are of all races today) have to get off they buts and work for the wages the rich are charitably willing to pay (10 cents an hour without health benefits or breaks?) the budget can be balanced.

Luckily Sen. McCain brought then Alaska Governor Sarah Palin into the mess of oddball alternative Republican politics to help form the Tea Party and bring illuminating, deep economic and social reasoning into the economic management team. With Senator Jimmy DeMint (he bring da monies and issues da coins to the po folk spare), Rep. Bachman and a Godfather's Pizza CEO the Tea Party has a fine counter-revolutionary intelligentsia searching for ways to cut taxes, part out the environment enrich the rich.

The Earth is disposable income for the elect because Jesus Getty will make a new Earth for the rich after the final tax cut and beatification of the first oil wells. In the Church of the Biggest SUV Jesus Getty said 'Spend the environment like there is no tomorrow for sufficient unto the earnings report is the balance sheet thereof.'

South Carolina has innumerable good people living in it. It has the best natural ecosystem for human dwelling year round located in the U.S.A. South Carolina before 1860 was a slave agriculture based economy very slow to recover after the civil war. Obviously they had no political candidates during reconstruction claiming to have dabbled in witchcraft, yet neither were they quick about renouncing and reforming the cultural dichotomy that made oligarchy an inertially reinforced social phenomena. Today that tradition blast intelligent U.S. economic reform and undermines democracy in the U.S.A. It is a globalist disdain for what should be a nativist economic infrastructure growing with an optimization of science, environment, social and spiritual values.

I should mention why slavery in the modern era was so vicious to the human spirit...slaves were bred-human beings were bred and owned as property. That is existentially of the set of ultimate evil. Reducing human life to a status of meaningless practico-inert bio-mass tools is Satanic.

In the primitive era slaves were taken in war as a compassionate conservative alternative to killing captives. In savage unlimited war there can be no repatriations of prisoners of war. In the modern era of slavery war was not the reason for slavery-economic desire by the most powerful business and government predators was the motivating cause for the social institution of dehumanizing human life.

With so many free trade pacts abroad Business has little reason to manufacture in the U.S.A. It is far cheaper to invest abroad and ship to American consumers now.

With so much cheap illegal migrant labor available their is little reason for anyone in the south to pay more than 2 dollars an hour for labor in millions of situations.

With so much advanced communications technology one may scan data objects for specs and make a cell phone sending the specs to China and have the new product made and Fedex'd that day back to the U.S.A. to a customer. The same situation exists with custom made sump pumps and a zillion other products that formerly were made in America. It is cheapest to get data for custom products in America, send it abroad to a very cheap production facility and ship the collective product orders to the U.S.A. on same day air.

The farm and ranch sector is increasingly owned by global farms as well. Jobs that cannot be outsourced are given to cheap illegal alien workers. The U.S. Government has failed to direct corrective economic measures that would defend democracy in America with the tools of capitalism and free enterprise intended to enrich the populous rather than to concentrate wealth or sedulously outsource political and economic sovereignty.

What is a mystery is why President Obama did back flips for extending tax cuts for the rich in December 2010? The present budget negotiations should not even be taking place.

Increasingly the interest in creative jobs in the United States is nipped in the bud by pragmatic economic concerns. If an inventor starts manufacturing a new product it will soon be cloned in a foreign factory or the new business going public will be leveraged and bought out or a hostile takeover will cut its workforce and relocate to Shanghai or Mumbai, Buenos Aires or Vietnam. The ignorance of the decline of the United State's economic prospects for those that are not rich is acceptable to the new class of globalist drones with visions of a non-human version of capitalist political philosophy in their heads safe for aristocratic rule over an acquiescent android population.

The Back Up Plan For Afghanistan

The war to conform Afghanistan to a new world order that is more Babylon the Great friendly and less blow up thy neighbor inclined was necessary from some points of view because of Osama Bin Laden's Al Qa'eda attacks on September 11, 2001 in the United States; Os Bin Laden and Al Qaeda were based in Afghanistan though all were immigrants if they even crossed the Afghan border, so the logic went that because the Taliban would not give up Al Qa'eda we needed to support the Northern Alliance to defeat it with military support. We would then transform Afghanistan into a nice place before we left and it returned to the usual ignorance, drug growing, violence and terrorist conspiracy nurturing.

So the financially maladroit policy may be wound down. Americans could decide to defend their borders to keep the next horde of suicide mufsidoon out. the nation may try to spend its next 4 trillion war bucks in ways that make the U.S.A. prosper.

One could change select nouns as variables in this paragraph and apply it to Afghanistan... The brilliant plan to Vietnamise the war depends for success on how well the ARVN will perform against the insurgency when U.S. Marines return to the sea. American and alliance forces broke the back of the resistance during the TET offensive.

The new war and exit plan (Afghanistan)is entirely original and sure to work.

In case it doesn't a plan B should be dropped into the picture. If we are smart we will help the former Northern Alliance and others needing refuge from adverse Taliban-friendly forces carve out a Switzerland for mid-Asian Moslems of Afghanistan so they can remain free at an affordable long range cost for Americans.

The majority of post-American Afghanistan will be able to view the liberty and prosperity of Northern Afghanistan and compare it to their own probably Taliban led government without corporations beneficially mentoring society.

The United States will be able to send persuaders to visit terrorist bases if needed. Maybe 20 or 30 thousand U.S. forces in N. Afghanistan by 2014 would be sufficient to provide security.

There are several reasons why a Swiss model defensible, neutral and free N. Afghanistan would be a good idea politically to stabilize the region. Maybe they can become a regional wind and solar power energy exporter.

Well-its one spare backup plan.

A Note on Einstein's Lambda Force

J.D. Barrow explains in his 'The Book of Nothing' some facts and history of Einstein's development of the Lambda force in the context of developing the general theory of relativity (on page 180). He had already explained that {geometry} = {distribution of mass and energy} in the universe as regards the shape of space as a fundamentally theory before upgrades. Because Einstein wanted to make his theory fit nicely with Newton's gravitational theory he tested it with Newton's values and found that with Newton's inverse square law plugged in his simple universal model couldn't form an unchanging universe. So he invented a new force with an effect opposite to Gravity that he named Lambda to balance out the values of the equation so the universe could have a steady state (he didn't know the Universe is expanding).

Barrow writes that the Lambda force was postulated to increase with distance. I haven't read that anyplace else as simple said and find it remarkable. I had thought that the force increased with time accelerating the expansion of the Universe because of the reduction of the masking effect of gravity when mass was more broadly distributed in smaller bits of mass.

What kind of force increases with distance and why? What logic might be found in that?

The best thing I can think of immediately is that Lambda and gravity together comprise a field like that of the two poles of magnetism. The force might exist in extra dimensions.

Another possibility is that space time is displaced by gravitational contraction of mass in some way and accelerates space in other directions in compensation. Lambda however is generally regarded by physicists as some kind of force that is yet undetected. It would be a nice power particle-wave for space ships I would think, given enough time. Yet what direction or dimensions space-time(if really unified) is apt to travel in when accelerated by Lambda is hard to say I'd guess. Maybe it accelerates the expansion of smaller dimensions as well?

Another note I want to make on Barrow's book is the description of the man who first predicted the Universe is expanding based on his own mathematical interpretation of Einstein's General Theory. Alexander Friedmann made the theory and was credited before dying at age 35. Friedmann made a high altitude scientific balloon trip that damaged his health. That seems like a remarkable incident itself as it was at the edge of mankind's access to the horizon of being.

Power/Desalinization Potential of Mexico's Mt. Popocatepetl/Capital & Land Use Protocol

I have wondered occasionally if Mexico will develop the geothermal energy potential of the volcanicly active Mt. Popocatepetl as part of a trans-continental Pacific to Gulf of Mexico pipeline siphon fresh water making system.

Using saltwater to make steam and generate electricity with rightly located Mt. Popocatepetl's geothermal source would provide a lot of fresh water to condense for human drinking and agricultural use. The water removed from that incoming up from the Pacific would need to have some of the its lost flow power in the downhill compensated for with electrical energy made with the heat to help pump it uphill.

The heat energy input from volcanic vents to a generator facility perhaps through liquid sodium filled sealed pipes (just guessing) could add the energy needed to steam power generators, produce condensable water vapor, collect salt and replace the lost water volume on the downhill side of the flow needed to keep the water continue to flow uphill.

The Gulf of Mexico has a lower sea level in comparison to the Pacific-maybe because of the spin direction of the world the water piles up in Acapulco and environs. Perhaps 25% of the uphill flow reaching the top might be diverted for generating energy and water...only a guess/not a physicist. Having lived in around Washington State's Columbia Basin irrigation project years ago the idea of irrigation sources for greening select deserts natural arise now and then.

The relationship of money in relation to other currencies and to capital theory and political policy formation is rather interesting in some respects.

Intelligent land use for the benefit of society-perhaps within a utilitarian paradigm-is not a pursuit of the use of money of necessity.

In Quincy Washington-a little town at the heart of the Columbia Basin, Microsoft built a computer server facility changing the nature of the agricultural production dominated Quincy Valley potentially. If some day the valley's formerly worlds most productive farmland per acre after the desert was irrigated by Grand Coulee dam powered water delivery is overrun by subdivision constructed by illegal aliens-is that a good use of farmland and the Grand Coulee dam's energy and water?

Maybe a difficult to answer question, yet relying upon the valley of the dollar to determine the most effective land use for environmental or food production vs industrial or residential use won't work. The dollar's value is a completely dumb selector of land use values.

Farm land and intact ecosystems require political determination rather than monetary policy for intelligent management. It is amazing that the idea that abstract compilation of money and its distribution would in any way serve to provide rational land use policy instead of intelligent political and social design-as if money or capital were sentient-is taken seriously.

Isn't there a fundamental relationship in capital criteria regarding empirical values of real estate that works to bury farmland under industrial, urban and residential building, streets, parking lots and permanent, lifeless structures?

New housing per square acre tends to be of far more short term value than farmland. Developers buy and build on it. The farmer takes the balloon cash payment-his income otherwise for producing crops takes years or decades to produce as much cash eqv. The farmer also has more risk.

Once the farmland or ecosystem has been buried by construction it is nearly impossible to recover for farming without the renewal force of war I think, wherein the buildings are obliterated and a general mess remains.

Buying the buildings in order to remove them for farming would be cost prohibitive unless the world is basically starving and the value of food increases more than that of buildings.

High technology is also generally of very much higher capital value than real value to life, as it is also worth more per acre of use than farm produce.

I grew up in the era before small computers or cell phones existed-it was basically a better nation then. A world without computers would not be second in quality of life comparisons, yet with the world population explosion computers help keep people alive/with that offset by the capital value criteria determination of values leading to the burial of farmland.

Computers serve to advance health technology, yet the overall high-tech world is a less healthy world for biological life forms. Humanity in failing to allocate its land use and materials technology wisely is painting itself into an evolutionarily unhealthy and maybe catastrophic corner.

When technological progress advances to make prior technologies obsolete-as computer hardware will become obsolete along with fiber optic cables, the buildings still remain over the forgotten farmland, even as industrial and obsolete technology slums.

In the future quantum computing may be accomplished within the atmosphere itself with universal access for all individuals wirelessly. What the world will be like then-overpopulated, badly utilized with pervasive rotting slums and an exterminated ecosphere is hard to say.

If one relies upon accidental development through capitalism's invisible brain as Adam Smith might have described it if he were alive today and someone else not as concerned about supporting egalitarianism versus oligarchy, the world's farmlands may decrease until the scarcity of food makes the value of food worth recovering farmland. Unfortunately with the concentration of wealth and because the wealthy will be able to afford food while everyone else is starving, farmland may not be of much value to the people enough capital to afford the housing and remove it.

Interference and diffraction of land use rational planning and ecosphere integrity may develop fragmented, inefficient islands of food production enterprise dwindling amidst an inchoate temporal egression into farmlandic oblivion.

The Invisable No-Brainer Theory of Market Economy Governance Guiding Congressional Capitalism

The present U.S. federal budget troubles are a logical results of the morphing of the invisible hand into the invisible brain of capitalist management of democracy. Losing one's right hand to the secular economic cult demi-urge so the invisible hand and invisible brain of irrationality can replace it coincides with the advantages that deregulating investment banking, mortgages, trading and other financial instruments can bring to concentrate wealth and exploit millions of poor and middle class Americans.

Irrational no-brain economic management as the best way to manage the U.S. economy is the core of Tea Party ideologues and Wall Street Republicans as well as libertarian trans-party gay militants in government. Grim strait singles may find the future somewhat claustrophbic. The alien pods have produced their fruits. The new world order is looking for non-conformists.

Tea Party B league Republicans struggle pulling sled of tax cut politics for their rich global masters. President Obama jumped for joy in December 2010 extending tax cuts for the rich. The new irrational gucci shoed Boston anemic zeno laywers of trans-finite infinities have a happy face on it; starbucks with whip creme, blackberries, condo and stock portfolios.

The consequences of irrational democratic economic managment are not that difficult to predict. It is a recurrent classical form of political corruption that arises periodically in history.

Republican Plan B for Federal Debt Ceiling: Make President Obama The Designated Driver

Sen. McConnell's plan to vacate Congressional responsibility for federal budgeting letting President Obama set the federal debt limit himself is a little like the alcoholic turning over the keys to the carmageddon during Friday night bar hopping to the designated driver. Yet there may be a deeper, darker motive...

President Obama faces the prospect of personally signing off on more public debt to any world government in history by raising the debt limit himself a few trillion. Such an onerous task ought not be the burden of one blamable individual.The responsibility belongs to the Congress as set forth in the Constitution.

The Banana Republic drift of the Congress to perennial incompetence isn't a confidence building programme.

The range of the strong force equals the size of the largest atomic nucleus. Larger atoms and atomic elements cannot exist because of that limit. Quarks and their color inside protons are what the strong force color force act on. The relation of the Congress to the President on raising taxes and cutting spending is not dissimilar.

The range of congressional quarks to determine the size of the federal budget nucleus is mediated by gluons or I.Q. cogitation in representative minds. They may expect that a tighter budget cutting color force bonding will stabilize actualized economic elements, yet quantum protocols restrict the ability of nuclei of various sizes to exist without appropriate quantities of quarks. Neither can global economic super-positioning appear to pay off the strong force deficits by increasing spending of gluons with borrowed strings from extra dimensions.

If that seems complex or like fiction-well it is no less real than Congressional budgeting competence these days.

At the Boundary of Certainty (poem)

Before one p.m.
gathered in quantum levels
fit together like puzzly pieces in standard sizes
wave particle travellers in permissible sets
elements aggregated within universal nets
statistical lattice works of mass space
dimensions timing
attracted and repulsed
structures with dynamic tensions rhyming

In the midst of immeasurable nothingness
ice was to form on the surface of the deep
nothing overhead; an expanse forever sweet

In spatial momenta of silent darkness
zero-point voids
counting questions of monastic tarp
quarkstrings rezound
zen like questions of being and uncertainty
waves of appearances downloading from eternity

Profound-The One knows why all answers change questions
meanings too
why roads to the edge of everywhere stop
short of time
with incompleteness new

Spatial structures built with zero G
within an Escherian domain
Lambdas for increasing reason
converting purpose the energetic season free to boundaries of certainty named
expanding dimensions upon more stark plains
dimensional membranes wherever refrain
paintings of thanks for the Lord's infinities
and locally actualized limits
placed like containment vessels-
scales that fallaway when ripe.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Karmodo Dragons of Carmageddon (poem)

Warm occluded fronts seem like a paradox
high pressure arctic cold moves to low pressure systems
where the water molecules have room to move

I don't know
warm moves toward the cold
as if explanatory causality was reversed from low to high

high pressure cold and high pressure hot

low pressure wet and snow winds rent

in the south
warm fronts stimulating lizards, komodo dragons and wind moving like carmageddon
a century from Santa Barbara
emitting worse now than then
until the exhaust afterburner converts mechanical energy and carbon
without much ado to clean air products
cool, without heat
a world without much of an atmosphere
like that
when the bridge falls.

Natural Resource Use/Free Enterprise Primer

The government may sell natural resources even if the private sector has resources of the same kind. Gold from Ft. Knox sold after a federal budget default may deflate gold prices privately held. Oil from the strategic oil reserve was sold intentionally to drive down fuel price by increasing supply-I was against that incidentally.

I am writing about natural gas-not oil. There is a huge difference.

Making petroleum from oil involves quite a lot more processing than natural gas that burns right from the tap. The cost of building a bullet pipeline from the North Slope to Anchorage would be seven billion dollars, and half of the gas would be sold offshore perhaps and it might be necessary to build a new LNG plant and deepwater supertanker loaf facility, yet the people could buy cheaper natural gas with intellligent planning for a century. The state can sell its resource directly to the people and on the spot market to shippers.

Alaska has already had a 35 year relationship get a royalty from oil from the slope they let private corporations extract and ship out of state. Alaska has very high gasoline prices and is running out of oil supply-this is all very bad resource management policy including new offshore oil drilling and the potential for environmentally devastating oil spills in the future.

I will write here on the basic free enterprise/citizen relationship to natural resources in the public sector...

About Natural Resources And Free Enterprise

It might be useful to revisit a few of the basic practical concepts of free enterprise in this era where some Americans it means to get a paycheck from Wal-Mart or Exxon-Mobil. Adam Smith had practical ideas that resources and liberty are best used by everyone if kept free from big business bullies in corporations, gangs or government.

Individuals need private, personal resources to make their experience of life comfortable and or meaningful. Individuals require a healthy ecosphere and laws that keep gangs, collectives, governments and corporations from owning everything and making slaves of everyone. The public on an equal basis should have first free enterprise use of natural resources without being jacked by a technical, legalistic way to dump all the natural resource goods to a few.

Natural resources of a democratic society originally belong to the people (though some might say that the people belong to the resources). Air, land, water, and natural gas in abundance on public lands fall under the jurisdiction of public governance.

Unfenced frontiers given to settlers for work and making corner markers without onerous auctions that just the rich would win, rivers free flowing for all boaters and to fill urban water taps because the resource was not sold to Global Water Corporation Unlimited-this conservation of public natural resources requires environmental security defense and resource management to assure that the citizens might have the best opportunity for the use of the resource to freely construct their own valued prizes of leisure, of business travel, of energy etc. without permission from or payment to the Imperial Corporate Power organization.

It would be wrong and a betrayal of public trust for a government to auction off those resources en mass to the highest bidder in effect giving all of the chips at a discounted value to the rich.

Natural wilderness resources of the Americas as they remain will best be conserved. If natural resources are used egalitarian access to provide equal opportunity for citizen free enterprise is of higher social value than allowing an exclusive, global corporate ownership through idiot auction to the rich.

If the resource is non-renewable such as natural gas in Alaska then the state should provide access to the resource on public demand that will reinforce to the most egalitarian citizen resource access.

Free enterprise of a thousand souls generally creates the better odds for creative invention than when a thousand souls work for one rich dude. Allowing natural resources to be controlled by extreme limited access private interests endangers the political liberty of the many.

Free enterprise is a simple affair. One simply improves one's life with available resources. The more resources available to the public the more opportunities a soul has to get heat in winter, grow food in summer, have water to drink and so forth. it is important that public resources be protected and defended from destructive large scale exploitation to keep the resource fund alive.

Free enterprise does not require sale of merchandise. Sale of assets is a secondary activity from the store of personal property one has built up-usually the goods are exchanged for something one wants and does not have or a cash proxy.

The advantage of free trade is best found in an environment of abundant natural resources in which an individual may best find useful articles and materials to manufacture articles that would meet needs not answered by unmanufactured articles.

When cultures lose sight of common sense foundations for free trade and mistake purely abstract trading circumstances and practices that gain advantage for individuals positioned to exploit corporations to lever social and physical environments the free enterprise interests of the many and well being of democracy is reduced.

Parallel Lines In Budget Talks Never Meet Unless They Move Closer

Euclid's fifth postulate that parallel lines never meet was taken as the guiding principle in forming the federal budget. It was determined that experiments could be made to confirm this economic fact keeping Democrats and Republicans from agreeing to raise taxes on the rich and cut spending simultaneously on things the rich get out of government's revolving doors.

History informs us that Al Michelson seeking free education in science at the Naval Academy hung out on the White House porch waiting for President U.S. Grant to return from walking his dog to ask for an appointment to the academy. Grant affirmed the wish and sent the young scientific genius off to Annapolis where he could began his career leading him to develop speed of light measurements useful for Albert Einstein later in formulating the special theory of relativity.

Michelson did not need to make use of Fitzgerald-Lorentz contraction of mass theory that explains the contraction of mass in an accelerated state to build debt management models for the U.S. Government on how to balance a budget.

Eleven dimensional tranches (payment priority levels) for debt repayment-an Enron sort of federal budget management process on steroids was not the way things were done in the early part of the 20th century. Can infinite lines or quantities be accelerated? Can the national debt or ecospheric health be reduced by accelerating change? Derivatives formulations of inventive genius in accelerated deficits to balance federal budget field theories would not get Nobel prizes for decades.

Lucy Dominguez Von Ricardo was motivated to replace the world's system of longitude lines with parallel circles maintaining spacing as latitude line do, without convergence at either planetary pole. She required financial support for the noble project, hence the Von Ricardo plan's conception...

With a finite number of credit cards she experimented in Michigan Malls on her Iron Law of Tax Cuts theory that increasing credit debt and tax cuts would pay off public and private debt locally and finance the Von Ricardo longitude plan with profit outsourcing purchases and financial products to strangers abroad. She proved the formula and made credible experimental predictions of its outcome; that space-time (down the road right from Chicago) would warp debt around the sun bringing parallel lines together on its far side when the Mayan Calendar ended in 2012- unless non-converging circles acted as temporary counter-warps.

Parallel lines as super-size spaghetti even if extended to infinity in one or both directions lengthwise-will never meet unless the distance between them is reduced to zero like spaghetti in a package before one takes it out to prove Euclid's 5th postulate.

It was discovered that infinite strings of spaghetti placed parallel in absolute space look like they are parallel only if viewed on a cookie sheet or comparable surface of infinite 2 dimensional size. In three dimensional space the viewer can see parallel lines move together and then draw apart if circling around the parallel spaghetti strings in three dimensions in the space shuttle Atlantis. Thus a number of possible, apparent solutions to the approaching federal debt default crisis August 2nd may appear to work until viewed with sobriety August 3rd.

A compromise solution to Euclid's 5th postulate overcoming obstacles to bringing parallel lines and budget negotiations together without using non-Euclidian geometry was accomplished with a magnificent speech by right honorable Senator Zbighoop Breezpluto comparing the national debt to the historial day the Roman army was captured, released and made to walk in shame back to Rome by another Italian tribe (Rome eventually recovered though). The idea was that the debt is an immanent danger and better economic management is required.

Future of the World 44% Off

Dystopian and utopian scenarios are useful tools for science fiction writers; they apply for the real world too though.

A case in point is the present August 2nd Federal Budget Default branch-will it crash or won't it? The predictions for a crash are dire economically speaking, yet that is another branch. All I can repeat here is that a true default is anticipated to reduce revenue by 44% in a worst case. Alternately that is a best case scenario for the rich able to surf through the wave of crisis and able to make a profit on it beside.

And it seems that armadillos are leprosy transmitters. That harmless pre-historic American marsupial can make you one of the unemployed, or if not that it can raise your medical costs.

So can HIV. Failing to provide HIV prevention pills tested in Africa to American homos and imported drug addicts that cost a quarter per day lets the disease increase. Scientific American reports that more 45,000 new cases of AIDs occurred in the U.S.A. in 2009. I hate to think of the cost of treatment for those individuals infected over a lifetime.

The cost of keeping a prisoner is jail for a year is about $35,000 a year in the U.S.A. I believe that some AIDs drugs cost two or three thousand a month. In other words keeping people with AIDs alive may cost about as much as keeping prisoners in jail. If one has an unlimited budget and desire to pay for increased insurance cost and medicare taxes it might be reasonable to not spend anything on AIDs prevention, otherwise its better to spend the quarter to reduce the chances of getting HIV 73% in the American south were over half of the new HIV/AIDs case occur.

New York, California, Texas, Florida are infectious hot spots that should invest in AIDs prophylaxis through the use of the preventer pill as well as rubberized member coatings.

Sure we know that moral breakdown is also a cause of HIV, low tax rates on the rich and the federal debt. Curing moral failings is improbable without faith in God. Too many musicians have invested in breaking down social morality with bad lyrics. All that can really be done would be to have instrumental only radio stations provide just music and no brainwash to the masses.

The future with budget failures and concentrated wealth may evntually return society to a condition of chaos and drastcly reduced population globally though designer virus or some other high tech dissent to an oppressive and totalized new world order. At least that is the probable way a world government and a world with declining natural resources will be subject to political change.

I have thought of writing a science fiction story on that theme, yet in a way covered that in 'Cross Purposes' already-a little. I prefer utopian scenarios and extra-galactic travel now to on-planet political doom and ecospheric destruction...the U.S. Congress though is a perenial Hatfields-McCoy sort of bi-partisan feud with dummies on either side sufficient to stay bogged down in the sand traps of D.C. (the most dense AIDs population concentration in the U.S.A. too reportedly and explaining why the government now and probably the military in the future will be looking for federal homocouple health benefits).

Friday, July 15, 2011

Aristotle and Theological Controversy Over Nothingness

I hadn't any idea before reading J.D. Barrow's 'The Book of Nothing' of the historically volatile issues surrounding the controversial question of could a vacuum exist or not-who would have thought?

Evidently the question of the existence or non-existence of a vacuum-of real empty space such as today one might regard the mass of the Universe to exist in, has drawn along not only scientific opinions to opposing sides but theological sides as well.

Aristotle seems to have believed that empty space could not really exist and locate such as might beyond the Universe surrounding it in a meta-universal cosmic void. Fair enough. Theologians over time were silly enough to be drawn into the issue believing that nothing could not exist because it might imply some sort of inability of God to control something (or nothing). That is, nothing could not really exist as that would mean that there was some part of the creation called nothingness beyond the power of God. Theologians believed that nothing is not beyond the power of God (or maybe that describes atheists today better), or rephrased, that everything including nothing is within the power of God. Barrow points out that word games and poems also evolved around the theories of nothing.

It is the scientific dialectic involving research into vacuums and barometric pressure that stimulated science and philosophical speculation too. Torricelli, Pascal and Descartes were at time advocates of different paradigms, yet material researches led to inferences about the nature of the environment for themselves with a decrease in theological conformity in an Aristotelian paradigm.

Does a true vacuum exist with nothing in it? Perhaps not in this Universe with its emergence of virtual particles, passage of neutrinos and a pervasive gravity field.

Perhaps the apparent vacuum in 3 dimensions of space is suffused with six extra, smaller dimensions and a field of quantum energy as strings or brane fields. Goodness, the appearance of a vacuum may again be a four dimensional interpretation in human cognitive context of the Universe's distribution of power.

Without air mice and men perish in a vacuum. Without caloric action mass dies down toward the absolute zero direction eventually. Maybe the low state of comparative pressure and absence of mass comparatively provides a pragmatic rather than a philosophical vacuum yet those are the sorts of things one needs for practical knowledge of the 'weather' conditions of the Universe.

A James Webb space telescope may provide more answers to questions about the deep structure of the Universe so we don't need to rely on just scientific sectarianism as a kind of post-Aristotelian scientology for making intuitive judgments about the 'weather' within and without the Universe.

Today, with political progress in Washington D.C., if one feels strongly pro or con on theological or scientological opinions of the void, space-time unification, or empty space one may freely march to support or protest nothing or something about nothing without fear of political or economic reprisal-especially if unemployed. For now, nothing is safe for moral conservatives. The radical chic has moved on to other areas such as biology, atheism, abortion, homosexuality and concentrating wealth as its extremist global agenda.

Actualizations of The One (poem)

When time is an echo of mountain ranges
covered in snows of barometric shadows
silences await each step
receiving with nothingness memory of being

The budget balancing time's tide
flowing through the bay
distant hope on the horizon
beingness to unknown worlds
turning away from metric tensors of temporality

The seven letters of witness to The Messiah
with the other fragments filling baskets
being and nothingness, fishermen of rainfall
semblences seeming to catch portraits of experience
viewed from within and without

When everything and nothing rushes ahead
all at once waves gather in the currents offshore
ripples of matter infused with space
sending apart ideas forever to new time
flowing to the borders of boundaries
superimposed over infinite geometric values
casting topologies of infinite forms through tomorrow
a way someplace with the point of existence
actualized in action of The One.