Thursday, June 30, 2011

In the Dodecahedron Office (a fiction story by Gary C. Gibson)

President Boppo was worried. In the Dodecahedron Office he watched 4D news coverage replay the loop of the assassination of the Mayor of News City again and again thinking he should do something for the citizens himself-perhaps walk out to the fence across the yard and throw some candy to the mobs of citizens.

The N.C.P.D. pieced the together the tragic event worldline and an actor re-enacted the drop from a small plane onto a roof near the Mayor’s office building. Working quickly the stealth enshrouded assassin repelled down to the level of the Mayor’s office and its bullet proof office window glass on a buillding across the street.

The cipher of a Syrian sent by the Corporation deftly took an explosive bolt and fit it into a compound cross bow. Cutting loose the first of four shots across the street to detonate the office windows before the last bolt reached its target deep within the Mayor’s insider securities center the synthetic sectarian assassin from The Old World began his resubmergence into the infinite shadows of the past.

The President realized that a cloud of fiction cyber leads through electronic digital security trails provided synthetic alternative reality matrixes gave him the freedom to choose resolutions from providing unique answers as to what really happened to the assassin of the complex artificial intelligence trading computer in the Mayor’s office.

All the records the Mayor had of insider trading on The Street were destroyed-the real target as the Mayor became a collateralized debt obligation cancelled.

The Syrian cut loose from the rappel line and free falled a refreshing two-hundred feet before opening a parachute that let him sail gracefully to a landing atop a short building.

The Syrian disappeared down inside a door taking off his first mask, stuffing it in his belly bag and soon lost himself in the crowds below. His co-conspirators had made a false trail of rft transactions around the city for ubiquitous monitors to follow. He spliced himself in to the trail and returned to an office near the U.M.

The President’s SecDef Poinsettia arrived to receive a medal of tax freedom in advance for the work he would do in the sinecure ahead redistributing contracts to enrich the wealthy. He would need to learn to trust radical gays working like Hitler’s S.A. to makeover the nation’s political elite into a malleable tool workable for The Plan. These days The Plan dominated the President’s thoughts.

“Thanks for the medal Mr. President, I deserve it. Here is my first piece of expert advice; open a war on three fronts and become a strict vegetarian and gun control advocate; show the people your sensitive, nurturing caring side-it worked for Adolph Hitler.”

“Thanks Poiny, a serialized, globalist soap oprah narrative needs good plotting actualization to keep rating up. We earn our beans and bacon with good, five star ratings. There is an election next year you now and its unlikely a new President would keep you in your post for all those post-o pay and perks like I did the guy you’re replacing.”

In a snug walled concrete compound resembling a miniature fortress on Remasembler Street the Syrian felt something like a goat sitting watching old DVDs of himself and wives in a former acting life. Suddenly the quiet of his home company of wives splattered when hell arrived. He knocked over his bowl of toasties and milk, stood up spilling a love mug of thick, sweet coffee and was shot through the heart for the trouble. A few seconds later laying sprawled arms akimbo another bullet thumped his head, yet he didn’t feel a thing.

SecDef Poinsettia’s aide extracted the launching codes of the day from the President’s football with a hacking quantum beam impression cube adding it to the medal of tax freedom. The interview was over.

President Boppo yelled out “Maybelline! Where is that bag of last year’s Tootsie treats at?” in frustration slamming shut another desk drawer.

Quantum Infinite Circles

Infinity was the topic of a book by John D. Barrow published in 2005. He wrote of the theologian Nicholas of Cusa’s work on the infinite circle (in radius) amongst other topics and the way Nicholas described any given section of a circle infinite in radius as being indistinguishable from an infinite line segment (straight).

As the infinite circle expands to infinity in size (such an infinite circle ought to be incapable of comparison to other infinite shaped objects (like Euclidean solids) theoretically, for it would then need to be of a given finite size) any local area seems nearly without curvature.

I wanted to remark about a more simple and evident aspect of the infinite circle. Earlier Barrow pointed out Aristotle’s work on potential and actual infinities-especially in mathematical series of numbers. The difference between a potential and an actual infinite circle is more of a paradox than the largest number known to which one may add one more forever (N+1).

A circle of any size must be complete in order to exist. I believe I must be referring to a 2 dimensional circle for perhaps no other may exist (The circular characteristic of a hula hoop is meaningful in just two dimensions of a three dimensional object).

At any rate the infinite circle to actually exist would then no longer be infinite in size, but finite. An infinite circle could exist only in potential, yet a potential circle cannot exist, or does not exist except perhaps as a continually increasing circle expanding like an infinite universe regarded as a spherical construction of an infinite number of simultaneously expanding, contiguous circles. A hyper-inflating universe expanding with space-time might be exemplary.

An infinite circle could never exist as a finite actual circle or even as an increasing in size circle expanding forever from a singularity of infinitely small size without being compared with co-existent additional infinite circles of a larger temporal size making the primary infinite expanding circle a smaller infinity at any given point in the process. Comparison of infinities seems bound to happen if they are actualized within a temporal progression. A forever-increasing-in-size infinite circle would be finite at any given point in time.

Perhaps Bertrand Russell would have regarded the infinite circle as a categorical problem. It is an abstract thought and perhaps without meaning akin to a square circle.

The transition from thought constructions to real world possibilities for existence would seem to require consideration of how an infinite circle might be constructed given the quantum packets or material available in the Universe. It seems unlikely that an infinite circle could ever be made to exist, yet string theorists conjecture that universe sized strings left over from the start of the Universe might exist and be observed one day (I don’t know much about that topic). Perhaps they inflated unbroken expanding with space-time from less than a Planck length in size to the size of the Universe today.

The nature of infinity philosophically considered does appear to support conjecture about the Universe even in light of contemporary cosmology and concepts of God. One may get the notion that God would need to surpass Gödel’s incompleteness theorem criterion. That is God would need to contain all infinities as part of His nature. Containing temporality is a similarly challenging problem; how can an infinite temporality be contained and foreknown by a greater than temporality God? Barrow quotes Augustine on the matter of infinities.

These classic theological and philosophical issues re-examined with the tools of a mathematical astrophysicist are interesting reading.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Some Troubles of Highly Skilled Job Training

Anthropologists regard mankind’s success at over populating the world and destroying its ecosphere as a consequence of the human capacity for generalized, unspecialized, adaptive and creative behavior. Darwin’s ancestors could leap from the trees, peak trough the bushes, scavenge from the lion pride’s kill and innovate adaptive knife claws and fangs. God may have placed the evolutionary multipliers needed for life in six days, yet mankind had to forever generalize skills to overcome challenges that might have rendered specialized species extinct.

The French philosopher Jean Paul Sartre wrote about the role of skilled workers in a factory workforce in his tome ‘The Critique of Dialectical Reason’. We are aware that the skilled worker is set in opposition to the semi-skilled and unskilled workers and are pets of management financially speaking-the best in show.

Skilled workers-or highly skilled workers as the President says are also the most vulnerable workers to obsolescence and transition to the newly unskilled when the factory relocates after leveraged buyout or hostile takeover to China to cut production costs. Maybe the administration could regard bachelor’s degree training as highly skilled and reduce employee costs further by regarding it necessary to degrade non-financial management work as charity.

Comparing on-time product components assembly made for management efficiency, highly skilled workers are at the far, extreme end of inefficiency. The future highly skilled worker must sacrifice years off from mediocre yet real unskilled employment to attend a school to learn skills that might exist in the future for an uncertain period of time before the skill is obsolete or job relocated to China.

The prospective highly skilled worker is buying something like a commodities future block of intellectual capital-maybe like a hedge fund actually, in which his or her skill will be more in demand and pay better as there are fewer workers should a new industry arise to demand his or her high skill.

Medium sized corporations that go public in the United States face a good prospect for being bought through hostile takeover. There was a time when in America when that wasn’t done. Since the 1960’s though any business that goes public can realistically be purchased by a larger or sometimes a smaller business (the smaller business can use the under priced value of the medium business’ stock for leverage to get lenders support in buying enough stock for acquisition followed by a downsizing of personnel and selling off of undervalued assets). Workers that spend a lot of time on education may find that skill value without a place for application. In former eras apprentices were paid learning skills on the job. They were not expected to gamble on the existence of jobs in the future in some industry that might be obsolete, relocated or not yet exist.

I wisely prepared for the getting of a rare skill through reading western philosophy and history much of the past 40 years. When that industry arises that needs highly skilled readers of philosophy to augment philosophers in management with college degrees to work on the shop floor turning out philosophical product, I will be available for higher.

One day the tide may return and philosophical ships of high skills venture out upon the capital sea with a crew of highly skilled philosophical sailors moving beyond the shoals of moribund coastal economies beset with low wages. Well, I am not sure what sort of business philosophers might turn out that would pay really good. In case such an industry does develop I will be ready however.

The President’s ideas about high skills seem a product of his cloistered legal skill set that hasn’t become obsolete the last century. Being a lawyer is something like being a cook-it is still a relevant, ubiquitous skill. I believe there is probably one lawyer per 2000 Americans. If illegal aliens could readily become lawyers or if legal work could be outsourced through free legal trade agreements the President might be more sympathetic to increasing taxes on corporations and the wealthy.

More teaching jobs exist per capita than for lawyers, and teaching is a better highly trained job skill until market forces and on-demand instant rare skill set training for the possible Tachyon Transducer Dimension Shifter industry arises. I might bet that the new industry can only work in the mid-west.

Lack of Financial Regulation Requires Corporate Tax Increase Substitute for Regulation

Financial deregulation that allowed Fastows, Skillings, Mozillos, Milkens, and so many others to trade or conceal bad assets for profit were the tip of an iceberg of a too big to fail failure of Federal oversight of Wall Street financial practices. It may be too late to restore regulation Q and Glass-Steagle, yet the Congress can increase taxes on corporate profits and apply the I.R.S. with an enhanced investigation and enforcement division to monitor volatile derivatives transactions and unravel ongoing deceptive practices and failures of banks to be servants of public interest.

Corporate investment banking and trading synthesis has had inadequate oversight for requirements that they keep adequate reserves for lending and stock acquisition. Instead, investment risk is passed on to the uninformed. Adequate transparency and taxation of corporate trading and investment profit taking with monitoring Cray Research super-trading
I.R.S. Hawk computers might be able to confirm real asset values as they present as representative value object unit items and evaluate simultaneously the rational concatenated values of asset levels to determine how they affect national economic security.

The Federal lack of regulation has let investment firms make vast loans without keeping reserves adequate to keep them afloat should a downturn in the market occur-then taxpayers are dumped responsibility for the debt because of the need to avoid a pervasive financial collapse through the leveraging infrastructure of a predatory corporatist financial environment.

From Goldman Sachs Henry Paulson became the lender of the TARP plan funds to Wall Street. The Chicago School of Economics has had too many theorists regarding financial deregulation of finance as a Utopia through which social security and minimum wage might be eliminated while all manufacturing businesses become prey for insider finance.
While the normally questionable live business trades are going on the I.R.S. should be monitoring transactions of packaged tranches to make certain that taxes are paid on profitable transactions without which little sense of reality is compelled to be noticed or experienced by traders.

If No-one Was in the Universe Would the Universe Still Exist?

Reading a book on the subject of infinity is a good way to regard quantum units I would guess. Quantum units as points of a given qualitative size or as segments sampled of infinite waves seem to be what much of quantum mechanics is about. It is considered that such smaller objects comprise the universe.

So the idea that strings arise as theoretically simpler ways of arresting the infinite reductionism of particles has arisen. If one has a loop or quantum string it is circle and thus infinite in one dimension at least, whereas a point particle has no comparable limit of reduction of its smallest interior size.

I think the quantum string or loop concept is admirable. One may have quantum spin vectors of infinite positions in infinite dimensions and yet contain it within a given area that is the quantum string.
Still, I think the quantum strings would be like cut out silk screening prints abstracted from a monistic continuum of some kind rather than as pluralistic quantum quite independent yet forced together by some greater force such as gravity. Quantum string behavior in the space-time and dimensions of the observable universe of experience may be a nominal appearance for others given unto humanity by God.

And so I also wonder about pluralism in economics and of capitalism. Values and value theories about worth and the best social methods of attaining those objects or circumstances of worth have evolved long after the passing of Adam Smith into a kind of discrete yet macro-socially concatenated pursuit of pluralistic units instead of a continuum or continua of value. Maybe economic analysis is simpler when assigning worth to discrete quantities or packets of quantities, yet I think the good continuum is inherently of more value and the likely true object or goal that Adam Smith worked to produce as a social good for the English people of his day.

Contemporary economics seems to have less ability to contemplate economic value continua than it does process the trade of individual and concatenated quantities of pluralist product constructions. Continua could include the ecosphere or continent traversing free 1000m.p.h low entropy mass transit systems, or even clear running streams running through major cities. Continua contain entire quality of life space-time worldliness and spiritual values while pluralist quanta have implicitly variegated and disconforming space-time values and qualities. Sometimes it is requisite that material quantum production units have course flow modifications to integrate with existing continua of high value. I am sure that Adam Smith believed that economic quanta were for the purpose of serving the direct good and advancement of socio-economic continua rather than displacing it.
So one may also believe that intuition leads to an assumption that discrete quantum unit hypotheses might be efforts to describe emergent phenomena of a deeper and holistic continuum with or without an arrow of space-time.

The spoken Word of God that conformed emergent existence to an intentional ordinality was already in existence before the local start of universe with time and the change of entropy. What the nature of God is for-himself probably cannot be inferred from the contingent characteristics of the Universe inclusive of the reasoning of the human mind-perhaps the most complex structure in the Universe. Like the monads of conjecture described by Gottfried Leibnitz, the irreducible quantum loops or spheres of however many dimensions are set within a continuum contingent upon the eternal will of God. Descriptions of the structure of the Universe bring us more data to regard in our experience of God and His placement of nature.

Nature's Happy Economic Guides

One of the wonderful things about life in the United States is the prospect of perennial job insecurity. Nature provides us with perennial insecurity of course and lack of federal financial regulation of Wall Street helps support nature.

With uncounted numbers of dark wandering planets flung away from stars flying about space we may be assured that one may mass near enough to Earth one day to rip the continents apart with its gravity and literally make mountains fall into the sea. Even now complex financial products on The Street may be set to leverage a buy out of the new high tech factory in North Dakota scheduled for the year 2040, part it out and relocate its core guts to China.

In 2012 another President guided by the Chicago School and conservative Harvard globalists may be elected to carry on the elimination of the U.S. working class and relocate the poor beyond the U.S. border in order to convert the U.S.A. into a nation of middle and rich Americans with foreign guest workers to do the media tasks.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Progressive Spirit (poem)

Green developments on the crust
plate techtonic margins rise like rust
shaken not stirred
regulated by natural reason the whirred
flows through six days of addition
creation multipliers
constructed cells of packaged energy
in apparent void the chamber is dark
with many miles to go before it sleeps
its poetry of visions analogous to dreams
constructed in a field of force
stages of quantum spin vectors course
half lives of wages
Shakespearian stages
version 1.0 for progressive spirit stays.

Corruption of N.Y. Marriage Laws Wrong Way to Force Zero Population Growth

The liberal use of abortion and homosexual hostile expropriation of marriage to discourage heterosexual marriage is not a good way to reduce U.S. population growth. Marriage ought to be left rationally heterosexual and the dissimulative revisionist of falsehood avoided. Homocouples could create their own new institutions without destroying the existing.

Concern about overpopulation since the 1960's and Paul Erlich's publication of 'The Population Bomb' has brought planned parenthood and a number of social organization to work to cut pregnancy in the U.S.A. As has been noted a generation was aborted in the U.S.A. after passage of Rowe vs. Wade. The number could read like McDonald's hamburger signs of yore with numbers of millions or billions of hamburgers sold (or infants aborted for z.p.g.).

Italy provides an example of a modern nation with negative population growth due to prosperity. Italy hasn't egregious abortion or homosexual leveraged corruption of marriage. It is known that in a prosperous economy women choose to have only one kid and dozens of pairs of shoes, an SUV, cell phone etc. Since U.S. population growth is primarily from illegal Mexican immigrants the best idea to halt U.S. population growth is to halt Mexican immigration.

Stop illegal Mexican immigration to the U.S.A. and create full employment in the U.S.A. with a recovery of the health of the ecosphere and biodiversity. Then help Mexico attain zero population growth through Mexican prosperity and border security. With no one child per family in Mexican families there will be no surge of Mexican youth to infiltrate over the border to undermine standard of living wage increases for poor working Americans.

Mexican prosperity on an ecospherically rational, biodiversity conserving, low entropy foundation is the key to reigning in that nation's high population growth rate that sends its excess youth north to build poverty and chaos in the United States and taking jobs, send cash south.

The Chicago School of economics and the Friedmanian neo-con crank realism with wrong theories about the natural rate of unemployment, incorrect modal economic assumptions and technical proprietary leveraging of political economy for the benefit of corrupting capital manipulators likes cheap, below minimum wage labor and the concentration of wealth. Those people seem to live in an existential economic fantasy world where rational political empirical goals are verbotten.

The rise of an investment banking, securities trading financial class the past 40 years that contribute to the U.S. economy in a fashion similar to the contribution of Internet hackers looking for weaknesses to exploit infused inefficiency and insecurity into the U.S. employment scene. If the United States continues to develop its economy mainly to concentrate wealth for advantaged financial manipulators and relies upon natural political catastrophes for correction the future will probably have far more negative eventualities and transitions of a less optimal nature, senselessly; in the name of greed.

The Chicago School fabricated a Utopian vision of unregulated capitalism with unrealistic ideas about market and price equilibria and the natural rate of unemployment. Full employment may develop in a society if production increases occur from a stable workforce without inflation. The rise of wages and executive compensation need develop proportionately to facilitate increased demand and production cost. The key elements to inflation free full employment are stable or reduced production costs, honest employment compensation and the intelligence of the people; dumb people can only figure out a limited number of was to make a sow's ear from a silk purse. The hostile takeover, leverage market packaging of financial products to increase executive compensation while largely reducing intelligent production is definitely the wrong way to go.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Buy Recommendation for 'The Age of Greed' by Jeff Madrick

This is that one great book explaining everything wrong about the U.S. economy you should read. Published in 2011, The Age of Greed is a story of how financial skill overpowered manufacturing, research, development, and stability while skyrocketing C.E.O. pay, cutting employee pay and health benefits emasculating American labor and national economic health. The financial sector profited richly converting manufacturing and housing sectors into securities for resale in derivatives and tranch protocols..

Corporate mergers and employee downsizing to produce short term profit, junk bonds, leveraged buy outs, hostile takeovers, deceptive accounting, federal deregulation of finance, bad economic theories-'The Age of Greed' has it all. Chapter by chapter biographies of leading characters and their contribution to the downfall of the U.S. economy add up to portray something of the way things are today; a.f.u.

Easy to read and a fascinating page turner serving almost as an introductory course to basic Wall Street and Government scam techniques, the reader learns through expert analysis how creative and confident financial experts took down the U.S. economy in 2008-2009.

The Trouble With the U.S. Economy is Too Much Financial Deregulation

For many Americans the deregulated economy has made Wall Street seem a kind of Enron, Global Crossing or Long Term Capital Management generally with ever new ways of misdirecting U.S. investment to billionaire stock option accounts abroad instead of producing goods.

Americans lost about 13 trillion dollars of value in the 2009 Wall Street reshuffle. That makes it more difficult for thte unemployed to have capital to invest in a garden patch or small business and paradoxically increases the vulnerability of Americans to the increasingly deregulated U.S./Global financial systems which stands ready to deliver another knock down punch to American industry and ecological economics should it get up off the canvas.

From engineer-CEO's manufacturing goods with a regulated financial sector in the 1960's the economy transitioned steadily to a business environment commodified and traded like stock portfolios deregulated banks, brokerages and insurers merged and were taken and madeover into fewer and larger firms. The broadcast and entertainment industry became sycophants of corporate controller's will. The management class made profits through cutting costs and firing workers rather than creating new products. Workers were regarded as exploitable profit units and expected to pay for their own health care and retirement. In fact society had to pay for the medical costs and food stamps of poorly paid workers.

Sub-prime mortgages and packages of derivatives issued by deregulated conflict of interest banks and trading firms made short term profit with bad loans passed on to investors. American home mortgages were bought and bundled for sale around the globe. Politicians accomplished a form of national treason through financial and stock trading deregulation with support from unpatriotic or economically illiterate conservative egoists and liberal redactors of reform interpreting freedom as corporate servility.

The deregulated financial industry followed Internet and optic cable global crossing lines to investments abroad. The prospects for reducing unemployment and increasing the income of ordinary Americans declined as even politicians accepted a deregulated financial sector and concentration of wealth as the highest existential good; they would be too satisfied looking good with billions of bucks to be aware of the danger to the nation and downturn in long-range national prospects.

Manufacturers found it more difficult to invest in new infrastructure with the prospects for a hostile takeover circling overhead like predator vultures. Politicians invested in American decline by cutting taxes on the rich and slipping regressive tax increases on average Americans. President Carter and Clinton joined Ronald Reagan and G.W. Bush in accelerating deregulation. None had a grasp of economic changes of the time and how those changes would affect the long-term prospects for the United States. Neither did candidates for 2012 express any awareness of the need for a sweeping reformation of the business and finance laws of the United States.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Literature Quants Noticed by 'Nature'

The article on quants researching data in poetry and literature for word use mentioned Google's n-gram viewer that sorts through millions of books to let the interested become informed about the rise and fall of word use.

I suppose the phrase 'a queer congress' may not be used in New York in the future even if it is so as it will evolve into deposition in the hate speech lexicon by a queer congress.

Quantitative approaches to literary analysis are an inevitable consequence of the bureaucratization of any verbose society. The quantitative assault on Wall Street (known as 'The Street') began with Joe Flom and Walter Wriston II, Ivan Boesky, Michael Milken and numerous others regarding real corporations as abstract entities to manipulate financially for profit. Quantitative approaches bring not only profit but occassionally a sense of social prestige and scientific solidity.

It cannot inevitably however see the woods for the trees, through which they run lonely, dark and deep without promises to keep except unto themselves.

Excelsior College/Univ. of the State of N.Y.; Please erase the B.A. degree I got in 1991!

Excelsior College Univ. of the State of N.Y. Albany, N.Y. June 24, 2011

re; Request for deletion of my Bachelor of Arts degree (#----) issued from The University of the State of N.Y. in June 1991.

Please erase from your records a.s.a.p. the Bachelor of Arts degree I received and now deplore from The University of the State of N.Y. in June 1991.

I would like your records and all others reflecting my graduation from the University of the State of N.Y. to be as if I had never taken a degree from The University of the State of New York. I would appreciate acknowledgement from Excelsior College and The University of the State of N.Y. that the degree has been destroyed.

The degree, number ----- of June 1991 was signed by Gov. Mario Cuomo and delivered to P.O. Box 2019 Wrangell Alaska 99929 in June 1991. It is no longer something I want.

The action of the New York State legislature and Executive redefining marriage parameters is offensive to good sense and moral decency. It is misleading and deceptive to the public letting them think I want to have any association with the University of the State of N.Y. after corruption of N.Y. State marriage law.

The New York State legislature in passing a bill to legalize homosexual marriage in New York, supported by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, has created a moral contravention. I do not wish to be associated with the institutions of the State of New York henceforward, and do not want people to believe that I support the political views of the New York State Legislature on marriage.

I believe that democracy should be constructed through free will and choice rather than force. If I had believed in 1991 that the State of N.Y. would ever recognize homosexual marriage I would never have taken a degree from the Regents College/ University of the State of N.Y.

I believe it is the moral duty of the State of N.Y. to free those with a degree they deplore from the onerous relationship of a degree with their name on it issued by the State of N.Y.

I may be the right of a U.S. state to choose to enact perverted laws. It is equally the right of a citizen to sever all ties with such a state so far as possible.


Gary C. Gibson

New York’s Legislature Makes Perverse Change to Definition of Marriage

When The Street decided to deregulate marriage in order to pack more youth into cheaper, exploitable employee spaces it required the sort of minimum wage and below, no medical benefits, bankers will loan to corporations they buy stock in logic that let Sam Walton become the largest retailer in the U.S.A.. Perversion may rise to be the top power tool incentive for promotion into the material prosperity so much admired within a retarded human social environment.

Democrats put a new, perverse wine of homosexual perversion into the old wineskin of heterosexual marriage. The Legislature and Governor of New York have successfully broken the meaning of marriage that existed since the foundation of the nation.

One can imagine Nathan Green, Patrick Henry, Alexander Hamilton or George Washington making mincing serpent eyes at lordly British aristocrats-The lord Fairfax’s of America, instead of revolting. In the new corporate ethos in an effort to wheedle an acre or two-a smidgen of five dollar designer coffee with whip cream and egregious frills the gay party might take a different course without substantial human rights reason.

A vague Darwinian politics of natural, amoral phenomenalism has led to a discarding of aretaic and other ethical structures that are valid epistemological inferences in favor of political nihilism. One experiences the transcendence of Kant’s moral imperative through the sheer force of Darwinian naturalism displacing intentional rational human cultural and ethical constructions.

There may be a collateral calculus for the Darwinian realm of evolutionary phenomenal unethics that allows a different and entirely subjectively personalized set of truth values to be used socially and politically in order to confer the greatest advantage upon those of that belief. It is something like a Wall Street commodities and derivatives values approach to trading truth as a constructed product added or subtracted to bids in order to make for a positive sum to-oneself.

If positive whole numbers were to be regarded as abstract units of truth value like a currency, then it would be entirely reasonable to add negative, imaginary false numbers to offset the positive numbers whenever useful-especially in politics, for the Darwinian evolutionary phenomenalists may regard truth as whatever is to their own personal advantage and social values and good as exploitable fictions.

The State Government of New York has opened the door further to diabolical biological transmutation progression from Boston San Francisco and London of the future transitioning the U.S.A .into the village of the damned. Dr. Skinner and Mengele believe they are doing human kind a favor reducing the biomass to better fit existential niches.

Contract law and appropriately labeled news structures might easily have been constructed by devotees of homosexual bonding relationships that would not have attacked the sanctity of marriage. Marriage should have continued as before while new homosexual relationships started their own tradition.

Now is a corrupt and perverse era of the United States. Atheist and greedy secularists seek to reduce human population, destroy social history, degrade the properties of individual civil rights and increase the concentration of absolute wealth and power upon this finite planet with finite resources and plausible deniability.

Approval of depravity to degrade resistant social structures historically coincides with the infarctive narratives of proxy fights for political takeovers. Wall Street financiers have expanded too far beyond the bounds of decency beginning with hostile takeovers followed by leveraged buyouts and a host of deregulations letting social economic equality become ruptured and replaced by impersonal, cold-blooded forces of concentrated immoral wealth hidden behind a camouflage of neo-democratic structures.

The Apostle Paul wrote; “the natural man receiveth not the things of The Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him; neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.”-I Corinthians 2:14.

Friday, June 24, 2011

A Little Known American Economic Hero

Brooksley Born was forced out of office during the Clinton administration for trying to use her authority to regulate derivative's trading in 1996. Her efforts were the sort of thing that would have restrained some of the subversive effects of derivatives trading.

A World of Small World's Elements ©2011GaryCGibson (poem)

Isotopes of ingenuity, Curies of rad
observation of change, constructions
in temporal moments add
Stendahl, Dostoyevsky and Tolstoy with Steinbeck's fields of wrath rifts
shaped with elements of hydrogen, helium and oxygen
forged through Higg's field
star formation novas
dust of being coalesced like rocky planetary ovas
where the kingdom of God is within you
within green forests flowering summers tilted toward starlight and song
thrushed through midnight and dawn

Elements of cells clumped governments
unable to tell right from wrong
where freedom and land are pawned
mortgages are collateralized debt obligations packed like fiber optics data around the world in markets gone bad

Elements building small worlds networks
cells to consume energy arise
complexity formed intaking power
molecular biology envisioning time
ticked off to sense the shadows of spirit
glistening in summer morning rain
aesthetic intuitions of beauty
purposefully adapted to plains
of time and being
in a created universe of universes
all things ordered in the will of God.

Raise Taxes & Cut Spending-Pay Off Federal Debt and Eliminate Interest Payments

During the Ford administration unemployment ranged between 8 and 9%. The public wanted new policies to deal with the crisis. Unfortunately financial deregulation by Jimmy Carter and his multiple course reversing economic policy stimulated inflation and decades of financial deregulation undermining the job and political security of the people of the United States.

Paying off the federal debt quicker; eliminating the federal budget deficit creates a two’fer bonus of saving on interest payments on the Federal Debt of near ¾ trillion dollars annually.

Congressional Republicans should compromise and raise taxes on those earning more than $250,000 annually, while Democrats should allow spending to be cut on pork barrel projects. Qualitative easing of federal budget outlays would improve the quality and efficiency of services provided with tax dollars-if a smarter congress can be found.

Eliminating federal debt and simultaneous creation of jobs with federal priority policy adjustments toward ecological economics may discomfit Wall Street abstract financial plundering of corporate material product realism. Yet no one in Washington D.C. may be capable of empirically rational economic leadership and able to eliminate the market inefficiency of the financial and banking sectors draining public and private sector capital. The Congress ought not tolerate extension of economic malaise with public indebtedness.

It might recall Long Term Capital Management’s risk aggregator calculation error and VAR assumptions that let John Merriwether and LTCM take on $125 billion of debt with just $5 billion in capital in 1998 (ref. page 278 ‘Age of Greed’ by Jeff Madrick). Government intervention was again required to arrange a rescue of the deregulated financial sector to prevent a cascade of collapse.

The government life disdaining traditional financial regulation and taxation since the Carter administration in preference for financial deregulation to the advantage of a predatory financial class isn’t good, yet they seem to move farther along that road of concentrating wealth and failing to invest adequately in real material national infrastructure all the time.

Thursday, June 23, 2011 Posts an Article Interpreting "Genesis' Spacecraft Findings's article provides analysis of the findings of the N.A.S.A. mission. Evidently the Oxygen and Nitrogen isotope content of the sun and planets differ indicating an early change in the values of elements going into forming the sun & solar system planets.

State of the U.S. Economy/Federal Budget Factors Troubles/Jobs

The Present U.S. economic crisis was not a consequence of over-taxation. It is a result of Wall Street deregulation the past 40 years leading the nation through an increasing cascade of financial crashes and increasing public debt.

Inadequate political and economic philosophical competence in government has let a financial/arbitrage, LBO/CBO, derivative gaming of Wall Street promotes a corrupting new class of market predators. The financial predators have expanded the leverage power of abstract capital to exploit their prey of real, material product producing industry. Government never reigned in those predators. In fact Allan Greenspan and a host of other supporters of deregulating the financial sector defeated better philosophical management approaches to governing capitalism for the benefit of the citizens of the United States. My most recent book of reading on this topic ‘The Age of Greed’ by Madrick provided data for a few of the ideas of this post.

Since the Reagan administration U.S. tax rates have been at an historical low going back nearly to the depression era. The massive public debt of the 80’s and 90’s was largely caused by a perfidious deregulatory financial sector investment strategy of dumping debt wherever possible while cutting taxes. The public provided bail outs for numerous corporations and financial businesses the last 30 years and paid for much public infrastructure supporting corporate users such as Interstate highways and airports.

Elite hedge fund managers (George Soros earned 3 billion dollars in 2007) investing for wealthy packs of financial hyenas scouring the globe for vulnerable business and currency prey to kill and devour while real unemployment rate in the U.S.A. may be around 17%. Only 56% of working age Americans have jobs.

Some economists favoring a self-regulating economy without government intervention or governance also support the idea of a naturally high level of unemployment below which inflation occurs. Victimizing the working class is thus regarded as the natural right and duty of those with concentrated wealth benefiting the public by enriching themselves and wrecking the economy of the poor.

I enjoy reading philosophy yet never did get to Ayn Rand’s books. I enjoy more technical or classical works of philosophy and generally avoid books like; Thus Spake Zarthustra, The Communist Manifesto, Mein Kampf, None Dare Call It Treason and so forth running a little too political or anecdotal for my philosophical interest. Still, since many ‘conservatives’ read Ayn Rand’s books with more enthusiasm than I had in reading Anna Karenina so in some future decade I may find a copy of ‘Atlas Shrugged’ to browse’.

As a Russian émigré’ I would guess Ayn Rand was naturally moved to be anti-statist emerging from a Soviet-Tsarist historical background of totalitarianism. Such ideological thesis-antithesis evolutions do not however allow much space for intelligent, adaptive social analysis in political-economy. Economic individualism in pursuit of abstract financial goals that manipulate real property in the wild kingdom can lead to chaos, anarchy, nihilism and general unhappiness on the happy planet; in fact the entire environment can go to pot. George Soros’ challenging environment of upbringing also obviously led him to develop a skill exploiting abstract industrial financial and economic transaction of the market rather than developing new industry.

The conservative investment strategy plundering and giving away U.S. national economic quality and quantity has destroyed labor unions and the progress of income for manufacturing workers. The nation transitions into service workers at lower pay and non-materially productive businesses plus medical care providers. Free enterprise has difficulty surviving hordes of banking and financial predators attacking the manufacturing ungulate herds like the hyena, wolf and cheetah.

The U.S. economy experienced a surge of financial deregulation from the Carter administration letting higher interest rate charges on credit cards to the securitization of mortgages and later Allan Greenspan’s support of collateralized debt obligations and derivatives. The Reagan administration allowed Standard oil to buy Gulf oil during his administration reducing competition in gasoline pricing, and in the Bush II years Wall Street’s major financial firms were allowed through lax regulation and a loose political philosophy of letting the financial market regulate itself to sell derivative and mortgage debt obligations in tranched repayment bond packages to more than 40 times their collateral. The nation had more than 17 trillion dollars in mortgage debt by 2006.

The over-production of house construction and trading of mortgages in a variety of obscure and risky packages to investors allowed Wall Street bankers and traders to collect huge fees-they were stimulated to sell sub-prime mortgages with gouging contract terms to poor buyers doomed to fail at repayment. The financial sector of the economy was soaking up profits and little was being invested in honest industrial and infrastructure growth.

In a way Wall Street invested only in jobs that cannot be outsourced abroad to cheaper production facilities in China. China of course did buy much of the mortgage securities from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Restarting the U.S. housing construction business cycle may be difficult with so much surplus housing the poor and unemployed cannot afford to buy-maybe the homes should be rented at half price rather than stand empty for a loss.

Honest lenders will be at a disadvantage in a securitized housing finance business environment. Deregulation of the recovered financial sector again may encourage a new housing bubble cycle to begin. Creating jobs in new, materially productive non-outsourcable industry would be a preferred direction in reducing the U.S. employment rate. Those jobs could be in building artificial, hollow mountain ranges for housing, business and hydroponic gardening and retail office space etc. The exteriors would resemble natural ecosystems yet collect solar and wind power. Integrated space for non-fragmented ecosystem continuity would exist along the base.

I have been reading ‘The Age of Greed’ by Madrick recently and become more informed of some of the structural problems of Wall Street and government the last 40 years in directing capital into a spaced out financial sector instead of into manufacturing and modernizing infrastructure in the U.S.A. That will be very challenging to correct.

I learned recently that the U.S. Government extended 12 trillion dollars in loan and debt guarantees during the 2007-2008 financial crisis. Merely returning to business as usual-to a deregulated Wall Street environment allowing the domination of investing in financial instruments for profit instead of businesses for themselves will continue to degrade the content of the U.S. economy as traders look with predatory gaze upon anything that can be leveraged for buy out or collateralized, packaged as debt obligation and resold as derivatives. Real manufacturing capital investment is given unnecessary risk and volatility by the corrupt financial market forces, and inventive material genius is degraded in favor of slick financial skimming genius in the deregulated business environment wherein irrational empirical investment priorities are regarded as collectively rational. If the invisible hand of CDOs and derivatives without regulation is regarded as rational, so might that of a robotic arm under the control of a random pickpocketing program.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ai Weiwei Back on the Street

It is good that the Chinese Governmemnt has released one of their more creative artists, poets and architects from captivity-China can use creative thought as can the rest of the world to help redesign human socio-economic use of land and sea toward ecological renewability and restoration of biological diversity.

It is not that the Chinese Government is especially slow and the United States Government quick-witted on ecological economic leadership and biodiversity conservation and restoration. So far as I am aware few or no governments of the world today are constructing ecologically rational economic structures remotely adequately of meeting the challenges to human survival ahead.

Constructing artificial mountain ranges in which humanity can live with a zero displacement of ecological biota or fauna-even restoring quality habitat, while also creating new ways to grow food perhaps indoors and employ democratic principles to vote on private enterprise proposals submitted for development and approved or rated on low entropy and high social productivity criteria-this will require much development by creative individuals such as Ai Weiwei if human survival is to have a good chance in the centuries ahead on Earth.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Comment on 'The Age of Greed' by Jeff Madrick and Ecological Economics

This book of review of the decline of the American economy 1970-2011 by Jeff Madrick covers the usual stories of the free market/deregulation overkill that allowed American real productivity to be subverted by wise guy money and finance trading schemes.

Having just read a book 'Where the Wild Things Went' on the decay of the world's biosphere through the elimination of large predators that let the proliferation of small critters occur that in turn over-use the available green resources, I could not help comparing the role of a runaway financial sector unregulated by the conservative belief that all trimming of honest souls is good and the decline of corporate industrial productivity when LBO's (leveraged buy outs) with junk bonds helped pile up U.S. debt. In a way the U.S. public debt is a kind of leveraged buyout of rational economic and political thought.

When successful corporations producing some particular goods with a special genius were undervalued it became even easier to borrow money to buy them up through junk bonds and then sell the parts; subsidiaries, firing employees and so forth after taking over the prey. Over-extended deregulation became a kind of equivalent of allowing the extermination of American wolves, coyotes and so forth that let the deer populations rise an order of magnitude, eat all the flowering plants and others, crash bee populations, deny birds nesting habitat and ruin the health of the forests with even saplings being eaten and only older stands remaining.

Because the Obama generation has been trained to be simultaneously irrational, compliant and greedy I am not optimistic that either the environment or economy will be corrected in a good direction. President Obama has turned his back upon the kinds of innovation that a Roosevelt by have brought to bear to large economic challenges and claims to pre-empt republican leadership on their own goals of creating an irrationally greed driven political and economic system.

It is easy to anticipate that the conservative bulls would be seeking new things to leverage abroad in China, India and elsewhere while concentrating wealth and degrading the quality of life for ordinary people that might formerly have had a reasonably good prospect for a good standard of living.

The conventional U.S. economic posture is light years away from meaningful reforms toward an ecologically rational and balanced physical infrastructure of course. Artificial mountain range housing with wildlife outside wandering upon the slopes, the return of large scale predators controlled by human intelligence and made to live in non-fragmented restored ecosystems. Business models voted upon by democratic processes for actualization through selection for low-entropy effects and improvement of quality of life. Limiting the size of corporations to 5000 employees and the number of corporations any one may invest in to 3. These sorts of things probably will not occur before the end of human life cycle challenges are upon the planet. Oh well.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Female Class Action Suit Against Wal-Mart Rejected

The Supreme Court has rejected Wal-mart's class action suit by female workers as too broad. One wonders if a class action suit by negro slaves would have been too broad as well.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Illegal Alien Was Anchorage Alaska Police Office Six Years

During his six years as an Anchorage Police Officer the Mexican without legal immigration status managed to get 27,000 dollars of Alaska Permanent Fund checks as well.

Obviously his crime did pay for he probably bought a home in Mexico and invested wisely. If Mexican drug cartels are able to infiltrate citizens in to American police departments (this guy probably was just a free enterpriser helping himself and thus meeting the good graces of Wall Street types) as easily as this fellow from Mexico did that would explain why the 'war on drugs' is about as effective as the war on the Taliban.

On Declining Sea Otter Populations in Alaska etc.

Sea Otter Populations in AlaskaThat news item on the decline of sea otter numbers in Alaska floated around in the news a few years ago. It was a peripheral item I wondered about and never got a conclusive answer for if such exists. In the 2008 book 'Where the Wild Things Went' there is a chapter at least partially explaining the phenomena.

I have had my own theories of course. Since the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill and later collapse of the Prince William Sound herring fishery, and continuing, persistent oil below the gravel of the beaches and probably in piles in the deep waters I believed that the entire trophic food chain was adversely impacted. Stolzenburger's book provides better insight than just that. It has provided some material I can use in forming my new understanding of several issues in Alaska.

Long before the oil spill researchers and had studied predator-prey relationships in the oceans and the Aleutian islands. Sea otter eat sea urchins that decimate kelp beds.

Without sea otters sea urchins wipe out kelp beds that provide life support for a variety of sea life and fish. Sea otters are necessary for a good fisheries.

Killer whales eat sea otters in large numbers now because they are an intelligent, adaptive species, and also because their traditional foods such as stellar sea lion, whales and healthy fish populations have been decimated.

It isn't so bad that some sea otters are eaten by k. whales, yet too many dead otters let the sea urchin eat the kelp like goats eating grass down to the root. The entire food chain dislocation is theorized to have started with mechanical whaling in the early 20th century that killed a half million larger whales that k. whales preferred for the main course of their diet.

Large numbers of large whales let the entire food chain occupy a more balanced niche without domination by any one species. Sure humans killed the whales and radically overfish the available remaining fish, the salmon fishery in Alaska rivers like the Kuskokwim, Yukon and Susitna is a pale shadow of its former robust health. Russian promyshleniki exterminated the stellar sea cow and a vast prospective copper mine may leach heavy metals into Bristol Bay for hundreds or thousands of years-it is not just one particular element of the ocean ecology that is out of balance-human technical supremacy has devastated the ranks of normal marine trophic relationships that kept natural balances intact.

The long downward slope even through mariculture farming toward destruction of oceanic bio-diversity will be increasingly difficult to recover from in the decades and centuries ahead. Especially as presently Alaska State politics is corrupted by global extraction industry powers and natural resource management policy develop discognizant of biodiversity conservation methods required for recovering a vibrant marine ecosystem in Alaska.

Killer whales evidently are shot by boaters and others with no respect for life on Earth. A shoreline road from Juneau to a mine north of Juneau would let plinkers have new access for shooting whales of a few kinds.

Restoration of North Pacific whale numbers and an increasing resident fish population would let the entire food chain become a little healthier. For numbers of fish to increase overall it is probable that simultaneous management of all north Pacific species must occur as the balances amidst the species is as important to a particular species as vertical human predation quantitative harvest decisions on any particular specie.

Stop Wasting Billions of U.S. Tax Dollars Defending Alaska

The U.S. Government has thousands of armed forces in Alaska that could be discharged or relocated from service here in order to save billions each year of purposeless federal spending.

Fund a moon base for the future instead of Prussianesque military archaism of Alaska. Why spend billions of dollars each year-perhaps for the next decade, to keep a substanl force in a U.S. state without reasonable odds of invasion from Canada, Russia, China or Japan? It might be more reasonable to prep an effective attack counter-strike structure than to spend billions like drunken sailors each year for fear the Aleutians will have hordes of invaders in a few days.

A large military force in Alaska to defend against Moslem terrorists is not a reasonable paradigm, and they are perhaps the main military threat to the U.S.A. today besides congressional debtonomics. The expense of keeping a numerous standing army in Alaska is unnecessary. If we wait until Alaska is attacked before spending money, we probably can pocket the savings for decades and invest it in border security and national bicycle paths..

One wonders why the U.S. Army should have a significant presence in Alaska long after the end of the cold war?

Alaska could create jobs for Alaska residents by spending two billion dollars of its 50 billion dollar permanent fund each year on its National Guard troops instead of providing state workers an extra check from the oil royalty investment fund. The state could create jobs for people that need them instead of free money to some.

If the United States wants to effectively reduce its federal debt it should cut pork barrel military spending in Alaska. An invasion of the state of Alaska isn't likely, and a defense of Alaska with neutron bomb cruise missiles costing a few million each would be less costly over the long run compared to keeping concentrated military forces here that could be similarly depleted en mass by an opposition force nuclear device or two. Maybe Russian nuclear scientists could work with American bomb builders to create a peace through neutron bomb readiness defense arsenal for each nation.

Some are concerned with the moral aspect of military spending. Is it more morally correct to spend less on war phenomena than more if the less costly way comprises neutron bomb deterrence? Christian ethicists might select the same option as a pragmatist in choosing to reduce large present military costs and allow a less costly potential military method-I cannot say. Christian grace might provide opportunity to avoid making such Hobson's choices. Actualization of conflict parameters may not always be understood a priori. Sub-nuclear conflicts may bring more damage than neutron conflicts in some circumstances should the warlike select to activate war scenarios at some juncture.

The U.S. Government should lead its budgeting plans to modern force use criteria that would not break the bank while providing full coverage-at least as good as that the Congress has designed for health insurance coverage for the nation's poor.

Send 50 extra F.B.I. agents, border security and D.E.A. personnel with good field training to Alaska and reduce the cost of stationing thousands of soldiers in Alaska.

In the era of robotic aircraft ahead invading foreign forces can receive an appropriate condign response of neutron bombs reasonable soon after arrival.

Copy of Letter to Eligibility Tech I Bradley Johnson at the Alaska Permanent Fund

State of Alaska
Permanent Fund Eligibility Tech I

Mr. Bradley Johnson; to remove any possible confusion you may have about my Alaska residency I will reiterate here the main points of my home ownership at Wrangell 1990 through 2008 and at the Mat-Su Otter Lakes subdivision 2008 through 2010 and my effort to move to build a new home beyond the Susitna River at the Otter Lakes subdivision in 2010. I bought that subdivision lot in 2008 and hoped to move my things from Wrangell there after buying a skiff and motor and building a geodesic dome. Fate and the lack of state work presented destitution outside (not down south) as the future home instead.
I first arrived in Alaska in 1974 and worked several months in Juneau before returning south. I returned to Alaska in 1977, 1979 and 1983 thereafter remaining in the state continuously until 1994 (except for visiting Seattle, Hawaii, Europe and Mexico on vacations from the Alaska State Department of Labor and going active for military service on a few occasions).
I quit employment at Worker’s Comp and moved to Fairbanks in 1988 to attend U.A.F. I also transferred membership in the Alaska Army Guard to the U.S. Army Reserve. In 1988 the reserve sent me to Ft. McClellan Alabama for several months and I returned to U.A.F. in September. In 1989 went active for training at Ft. Bliss Texas and after discharge returned to live at Juneau.
In 1990 I completed two college degrees-one from U.A.S.E. (I lived at the dorm one semester after returning from a trip to Wrangell where I got lost in the forest in late winter doing some damage to my feet) and the other degree-a Bachelor’s, from Excelsior College at Albany (an external studies educational facility accredited by the middle states association of colleges).
I bought a lot at Wrangell in 1990 five miles south of the airport. It was in a roadless area. I was purchasing it with my permanent fund checks yet was going to let it go. An emergent situation in 1990 led me to decide to pay off the property and move material stored in Juneau to the Wrangell property. I moved a few hundred pounds of material south including taking a stationary bicycle via boat and a trail to an empty forested, roadless lot.
In 1991 I built a small home at the lot. I had never built anything before and it was an interesting effort constructing upon sloped muskeg with selections of minimal logs to cut to serve as foundation footings.
I first built an 8’ by 6’ hut with a steep roof where I spent the first winter. I added a small plywood porch for extra working space.
That hut only lasted until the year 2000. In 1992 however I built an 8 by 10 shed roofed building with a metal roof that never required snow shoveling as it faces south. I tore down the original hut and used the materials from that refinishing the outside of the newer building in 20O0. In 2000 the new hut thus had its first door.
The state gave the City of Wrangell waterfront development rights to that subdivision in 2000 and the city surveyor stopped at my home as I was removing the original hut. My home was on the back row of the subdivision up from the waterfront.
My idea was to construct a long-term temporary storage building that was also livable to keep my things in until the road to the subdivision was constructed. I rightly regarded my home as my home since I had no other.
By 2007 the road actually had made some progress when the drop in timber prices made the logging and road building operation unfeasible. With a road to the property I might have had a real home built on the lot if I had saved enough money from work elsewhere –perhaps in Juneau or Fairbanks. I was not unhappy without a road though, as wolves, bear and other wildlife still wandered across the property line and there was no noise from snow machines. I travelled the 14 miles r.t. to town for supplies by boat usually because a walk through the woods before the road extension required six hours one-way during dry weather.
I learned quite a few practical building concepts over the 20 years at Wrangell. I discovered that one can buy an Incinolet electric toilet for $1500 and not need a privy. It needs to be emptied just every 6 months and runs on propane or electricity. I learned about producing energy at home with wind generators, and researched making hydrogen for fuel cell power. I had hoped to use these concepts and more practical low-displacement building ideas at new Otter Lakes subdivision that I was compelled eventually to relinquish, along with any hope of vegetable gardening and northern pike fishing there.
Building at Wrangell was quite a bit of work as I transported supplies several miles by small boat from town with just one load delivered by commercial vessel and then I carried materials up a trail.
I first damaged my right shoulder carrying pieces of ¾ inch plywood cut in half on my shoulder with upraised arm in 1991 and 1992. The plywood set in the top of the shoulder pushed the arm out of the socket. I saw a chiropractor who temporarily put it in place and the ligaments did not pervasively rip out until about 2006.
It was about that time (1991) that the Alaska State radio network harassment began. Something I have regarded as a form of state terrorism. Consistently designating my home ‘the lem’ and sending rave death by a thousand cuts is costly to a single individual. By 2007 I realized that owning ‘the lem’ at Wrangell was adversely impacting my life socially and financially.
Stripping my home ownership of the usual social privacy and of my freedom to quietly go about my private interests in my home and work created social adversity. The state’s power to generate the big lie and to corrupt equal rights (as in the PFD fiction about my having no history of Alaska residency in 2009 or before 2010) and equal legal benefits (the PFD) generated socially by Alaska State APRN terrorism-and that of NPR as well, meant that I should relocate to another address and cut the coordinated tie-ins networked and leaning on my home (not in a legal sense). When enough preferred target location connections build up eliminating the target validity still presents the phenomena of continuing attacks on the no longer valid target for at least two or three years.
I did get much writing done at Wrangell and began copyrighting some science fiction stories written there as early as 1990-92. Yet by 1994 I was fairly well starved out and rowed an 8 foot inflatable boat to Juneau. It took 18 days in the month of April. I left Wrangell weighing 148 pounds more or less and gained a couple of pounds on the way eating fish and clams, kelp and four pounds of flour.
In Juneau I camped out and eventually got 6 weeks of work as an administrative clerk non-perm with the State. That was the only work I got with the State government since looking for a job with the state from 1987 to the 2011 putting in hundreds of applications over the years.
I should make the point here that I did travel to Houston in 1992 to try to continue graduate school after U.A.F. thrice denied admission to their M.A. program in Northern Studies. Including my one year of C.L.E.P. credit scores my g.p.a. as an undergraduate was 3.8.
It is true that I had attended one trimester at Chemeketa C.C. in Oregon from which I did not officially withdraw before receiving an unexpected grant of 200 dollars I used to hitchhike to Houston and look for work prospecting for oil again offshore, yet U.S.N.Y. where my B.A. is from only accepts passing grades, and the U.A.S.E Associates Degree is of no value-I wish they would consider taking it away because when I started it was named U.A.J. and I don’t like the name change.
That costly exclusion meant a waste of time and money searching for a quick replacement. Since student loan funding was cut off to the entire school (The Houston Graduate School of Theology) there because of the default rate I never completed the M.A. program and never became qualified to become a journeyman educator with a decent annual income. I had a 3.5 g.p.a. at H.G.S.T. when I left school.
I had planned to get two M.A.’s with the first being in Biblical Languages and the second from a different school in philosophy and history.
Thus I paint houses when I can find work. Just last month the Settlers Bay Lodge in the Wasilla area let me go after one day of washing dishes.
My home in Alaska at Wrangell slowly improved when I could afford to bring supplies in. I had initially planned to use my place as a storage facility and to keep it low-key until retirement, and hoped to get a job with the state or complete my graduate education and be an educator in a rural Alaska in the meantime. There never was work at Wrangell besides the Alaska Pulp Corporation predominantly which closed its doors in 1994 I believe after polluting the water and defaulting on contracts I seem to remember. The null income scenario changed that however.
With little work I spent more time at the hut and made a few more emergency rowing trips to Juneau eventually moving up from an 8 foot inflatable boat to a 14 foot monarch scow with a tarp for a square sail. I also made several trips outside to paint and buy sailboat and attempt to sail it to Alaska without success.
In 2008 I sold my home at Wrangell to some people from the lower 48 whom I had worked for painting and roofing two summers. I bought a new lot of 4.99 acres at Otter Lakes with the proceeds of the sale of my home at Wrangell and then needed to find some way to solve the logistics of the move. That was to be my new home when work occurred locally in Alaska to afford the transition.
A couple matters complicated the situation. There wasn’t that much money to work with though I sold the Wrangell place for a fair price. I found a cheap sailboat in Maryland on eBay and bought it yet it sank near the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and it cost 2000 dollars to have it refloated and destroyed. Coincidently the seller was retired from Dutch Harbor. It was a good boat with new keel bolts that could have made it to Alaska. I planned to store it at a low cost place in the North Chesapeake Bay area near the cut to Delaware until some time when I might have tried the Northwest Passage with it-or maybe Cape Horn. Sailing can be very treacherous in socially crowded environments such as Chesapeake Bay if one is poor.
In 2009 I made an addition on to the hut at Wrangell to keep snow sheets from sliding off the roof down on to the front entrance. I experimented with making strong little gusseted tresses as in a storage shed sold at Home Depot.
I also wrote a novel in 30 days there named eventually ‘St. Novilistricka Dimensions’ (available at my online bookstore at
I took Russian and Alaska history courses at U.A.-Juneau and read Dostoyevsky in Fairbanks during a course on Siberian exploration. A Mrs. Bartlett at U.A.F. was my course instructor for a philosophy course of independent studies that I took while going through my second time through basic training at Ft. Bliss and an air defense school in 1989. I had sent a science fiction story to Moscow Russia from U.A.F. in 1989 seeking to earn money for publication. It was about rockets, seventh heaven and Coney Island. A drill sergeant at Ft. Bliss gave me the letter of rejection from Moscow at Ft. Bliss the day before issuance of security clearances-yet the Russians pulled out of Eastern Germany a week before in December 1989 anyway. My active duty ended early in 1990. At least I saw the space shuttle on the runway at El Paso.
During the three winters I lived in Fairbanks during the late 80s I usually walked around. One winter I had a Honda civic wagon with a rusted out floor that let 45 below zero wind flow in at 60 m.p.h. with the heater blower motor broke-I drove with the windows open to exhale out in order not to frost the windows. I moved from Fairbanks to Wrangell in 1990 via Juneau. Having completed the work for both of my college degrees I applied for admission to U.A.F.’s Northern Studies Program and had every reason to believe I would be admitted since I had good recommendations from Professors Olsen and Fitzpatrick at U.A.J. I was not admitted, an emergent situation developed and I ended up paying for the lot at Wrangell.
I left Wrangell to go to Juneau in October 2009 and camped out at Douglas. I had two inguinal hernias and an umbilical hernia and no idea of how to pay for it. I had torn my rotator cuff on the right shoulder three or four years before and had not had surgery. If I could get work with the state I would have medical insurance and get the repairs made.
Of course I did not get hired to work for the state or anyone else. The Hospital did write off the surgery costs (one time for most poor people) a priori so I was surprised when a bill arrived for an additional six thousand dollars eventually. The surgeon and the anesthesiologist are not on the Hospital Staff and did not write off their fees.
I had researched the cost of hernia surgery and thought it was 3000 dollars-so the 13,000 dollar charge was a little surprising. I gave the surgeon my Otter Lakes subdivision lot across the Susitna River where I had planned to move to, and move my things at Wrangell to via small boat from Deshka Landing at Willow and portage a half mile from a navigable tributary.
So after surgery post-op four five weeks I got a job at Taku Smokers in Juneau. Unfortunately there was an occasional heavy lift of a tub filled with fish and water that weighed more than 200 pounds. I had to quit as my groin was being damaged. A year later it is still stressed though it doesn’t need surgery.
I flew to Anchorage in April of last year with the hope of getting enough work to buy a replacement property in the Otter Lakes subdivision. That wasn’t good judgment for I could not find work and spent the winter except for a few weeks sleeping outside without even propane to heat coffee. The State Permanent Fund division informs me with the most galling and importunate timing possible that I never had the intention of being a resident before 2010 in Alaska, that I never had a home here. If I were a good brainwashed idiot I almost might believe you. If there was a need for state taxes or military conscription though I am fairly sure the state would determine that I have been a resident the last 25 years at the least.
I need the perm fund check this year in order to exit Anchorage and Mat-Su. I will not have luck finding work here and want to move toward Juneau and my sailboat on the beach near my former home at Wrangell. The bitterness I get from this galling experience is a reason why I do not apply generally in years when I am eligible for a PFD. One obeys the laws, follows the rules and has the government simply corrupt things and profit victimizing the poor-that’s the way of the world too often generally isn’t it?
So a sadistic state government might choose to decide that I have never intended to have a home in Alaska now that I am have lost my last real estate (in February 2010) and must sleep outside. I suppose the state will make the same determination next year and the year after if I am still here since things won’t get better. As a social philosopher I feel the inequitable allocation of resources is disturbing.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

On Speculation that Al Qa'eda May Target India

I suppose it makes some sense that Al Qa'eda might target India. India is a rival of Pakistan and Pakistan of India and Pakistan shelters terrorists that war against Indian interests in Kashmir and Afghanistan.

That provides a tough choice for U.S. policy planners; support Indian defenses against Al Qa'eda or support Pakistan more and allow Al Qa'eda to blast away in India, either way the U.S.A. reaps political approbation from both contries as it ineffectively drives over the Hobson's choices with dumped billions of bucks to Pakistan perhaps angering India.

‘Where the Wild Things Were’ etc./Juxtapositions of Human of Human Ecological Evolution and Nature

I have enjoyed reading this book by William Stolzenburg published in 2008. It is a work on naturalism, species diversity and predators in keeping natural balances leading methodically through an environment of naturalists, experiments, learning, academia, history and field insights. I have a few preliminary comments and synthetic observations to make though I have yet to finish the reading.

Actually I haven’t made it too far. Robert Paine’s work on ‘predator-prey’ interactions is the present topic. As a reader interested in the social sciences and humanities I naturally consider the examples from the natural world to that of human society as a species in its relation to the planet Earth as an ecosystem.

Paine published a famous paper in the Jan.-Feb. 1966 issue of The American Naturalist’ named ‘Food Web Complexity and Species Diversity’. Stolzenburg had already summarized Paine’s history as a young naturalist bumping through prestigious academic halls and inventive field studies such at ocean intertidal zones. Paine had researched what happens when predator species are removed from an ecosystem and discovered that one species tends to dominate others and end species diversity.

Paine wrote that “local species diversity is directly related to the efficiency with which predators prevent the monopolization of the major environmental requisites by one species’. We find this phenomenon obviously exemplified in human proliferation upon the world ending all interspecies predation upon itself. With the human elimination of predators except for a few microbes human life is implementing the elimination of species diversity killing other life forms intentionally and unintentionally with the assertiveness environmentally of its own cultural tool kit.

I wonder if the Internet is an accelerant of an intra-human reduction of human cultural diversity, and if a progressive reduction of cultural diversity is a parallel to Robert Paine’s observations about the natural world. If I had more time I might write an historical-sociological thesis on the subject. As a Christian I tend to rely on the prophetic criteria of the Bible and infer that by the time of the return of Christ human social power and its cultural developments will have made a complete totalitarian mess of things.

In the meantime intentional species diversity conservation might be made by replacing the lack of predators upon the human species with human intelligence acting to limit its own existential surge into geographical species totalization. Human intelligence collectively may need to substitute its own creative intellect for predation’s culling work of the monocultural domination of an environment by any one species free of predators. This should not be mistaken as advocating that human society become idiotic self-destructive human predators upon themselves as they have for most of history excelled at. It is a suggestion that intelligent and selective planetary environmental interactions may be actualized through far better human design of its own cultural insinuations into the word environment phenomenally.

The profit at the margins of human social sprawl in megacities such as Bangalore may be decreasing over-all as the currency of human culture draws upon a finite natural bank of resources. In time the irreplaceable lost species diversity and basic ecological eradication will hyper-inflate the value of human cultural money.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Wasilla Report

Good morning from Wasilla Alaska. I don't usually write about local areas I live in-even temporarily, yet today I shall make an exception since there are several items of concern that otherwise comprise a sort of writer's block.

This is the time of year in the main part of the state that king salmon return to spawn upriver. Yesterday the state issued a 4 day closure of the Kuskokwim River because of low numbers of fish returning-at least a few need to migrate upriver.

I believe that the spawning season affects social psychology as well-people in Wasilla get more violent and criminally inclined-perhaps even the state Government's Permanent Fund Office is also affected by the June spawning season as it does then issue its denials of eligibility notices to many.

I have owned a home in Alaska since 1990-or did until trading the last of it to a surgeon to pay for hernia laparoscopy repair in January 2010. When Commissioner Butcher's Perm Fund office issued a denial of my P.F.D. check for this year it said I needed to show some evidence that I had ever intended Alaska to be my home. I replied that I have an honorable discharge from the Alaska Army National Guard, and honor's degree from the University of Alaska at Juneau and so forth pointing out that these are all on-line state records, yet will wait with extra stress to learn if they restore my check on a timely way so I can leave this part of the state so affected by June spawn season craziness.

The other item that occurred the night before the P.F.D. denial notice was very unusual yet informative. Five youths between 19 and 23 years of age arrived like a gang at my tent at night kicking it and appearing in a somewhat intimidating array. I learned that they had two purposes; to terrorize homeless people arriving from Anchorage into leaving Wasilla, and to find a new campsite for themselves.

Homeless people in Anchorage were a big news item last winter. The city sought to evict the people from city parks and after wrangling with the A.C.L.U. imposed a two week eviction schedule. Mayor Sullivan made no realistic alternative provisions for the homeless of the city to move into as an alternative. One cannot just leave this part of Alaska. One is stranded if broke and the Canadians want a U.S. passport and adequate funds to pass through the border at Beaver Creek.

I did stay at the Anchorage homeless shelter last winter for seven days. The people that built it were in a different era, and now it is sorely over-used. At night people sleep on the floor on mats two feet wide in rows five deep and many in length. The two hundred and fifty winter residents occupy all of the floor space except for a one mat wide aisle left to pass through. Over flow sleeping space is available at Bean's Cafe nearby, yet that two can reach capacity of cold winter nights. With the eviction of homeless individuals from tents they may have nowhere to go.
One may catch a bus to Palmer or Wasilla of course. I arrived in Anchorage last April from Juneau to look for a paint job after quitting a job that required occasional very heavy lifting at a seafood processor a month after 13,000 triple hernia surgery. A more reasonable job was required without potential new damage to groin or abdomen-besides, I had torn my rotator cuff and never got surgical repair four or five years ago, and still have extra bone chips in an ankle.

I search for work in the Wasilla area as a painter (of exteriors sometimes ), and have had bear problems in S.E. camping numerous times. I can't afford to buy a new tent as I would need to if I moved too far away from town, so I prefer to be within a few miles of a library where the only threats are human and falling, freeze dried trees in the wind.

I am not persuaded that the main part of the state of Alaska has a good social attitude as it might have formerly, yet one must return to the main theme of this article on homeless phenomena and the lack of security in Wasilla Alaska presented by vigilante youth gangs and dope growers.
The gang leader said he was going to shoot me as I stood in front of my tent, so I took out a buck knife and readied to provide a retaliatory thoracic insult in event he produced a gun. He took out a knife and cut my hand just a little. I said I did not want to hurt him and eventually he put his knife away. We had a conversation lasting two hours thereafter, as that Sunday night they two or three would not leave until nearly midnight.

I learned that besides the infrequent roving youth gang seeking to sweep and clear Wasilla of any homeless people arriving from Anchorage there are other terrorist items one might encounter in the area. Besides corrupt police forces (I have no evidence of that and am quite skeptical as they are generally subject to adequate oversight in northern states at least) there are marijuana growers. Marijuana is the largest cash crop in the Wasilla-Palmer area these days, so it is said, and they may be violent too, supposedly.

The other topic of danger mentioned was meth producers that manufacture the drug illicitly in forests. They may use infrared deer motion sensors with automatic cameras to learn who goes in 'their' forest. Meth crystals may grow up a string suspended in some way in a plastic container buried in the ground and then sold for 50 dollars for a small crystal. In some way propane is involved in the manufacturing process.

From my point of view, I have no interest in meth production techniques or marijuana growing. I also learned that an .8% proof bottle of a beer like substance is called a 40 in reference to the number of ounces of liquid it has. The guys passed around a '40' and smoked some dope in a pipe. Marijuana in small amounts is legal in Alaska.
My summer reading program is moving along. I have some good pictures of moose on my cell phone, yet my computer is broken and I have no camera to get anything of quality. I have several books with of material to publish yet must wait until the computer is repaired-I need to earn a 150 dollars for that and still hope to find something to paint.

I do not anticipate that the homeless of Anchorage actually will arrive in Wasilla in large numbers or at all in an exodus of eviction from Anchorage. I looked for much of last summer in Anchorage and found nothing. I looked all winter for a seafood processing job and the closest I got was when Unisea of Dutch Harbor and Japan said in September that I was hired for the January season this year. So in January they were supposed to send the itinerary via Gmail. It worked for others yet for me they said it does not work, so after a week of long distance walks to get to a phone and useless calls to their office in Seattle-they mailed the itinerary to Wrangell Alaska-not to close to Anchorage.

I was fairly unhappy with the Japanese corporation for not putting me to work in January, yet did consciously forgive them before the tsunami hit in March. My belief is that some of the seafood processors won't hire people over 50 because they might use workers comp more often that younger people. I was the only grey haired guy in some of the job hiring interview briefings.

Anchorage is a city where getting any sort of work can be very difficult. It is a privileged city and has even low level janitorial jobs locked up through agencies that place the retarded in them to a certain extent. That is, it is very difficult to find just any free enterprise opportunity in Anchorage and one can't just ride a bike someplace else to look as in the south. If the corporations won't hire you-that knocks out much of the employment possibilities.

The city of Anchorage should have constructed winter camping facilities for those that don't want to live packed in like sardines to contract airborne illness lasting for months. The camp sites need to be free in order to accommodate the broke. They should have good privacy and good surveillance by adequate internet cameras and possible on-site security. It is just too cold in Anchorage to compel people to improvise shelter-event tents freeze to the ground for the rest of the winter after a while. It is possible to believe that people governing from indoors lack competence at how to provide realistic facilities at low cost that work for independent, poor people stranded in the aloof and sometimes vicious Wasilla-Anchorage social and physical environment.

Monday, June 13, 2011

U.S. Congress Blames Shoddy Budgetwork on Hot Twits of Weenie Gate

I wrote this post a little factiously because I do not perceive the U.S. Congress as an island of high moral standards in a nation of low-life fans of legislators. For many years the Congress has enriched the rich and increased the ranks of those dispossessed of opportunity. The Congress has some of the better and many of the worst sorts of people interested in governing.

Like righteous students complaining that they can’t concentrate on their homework because of the noise, many congress persons complain that Wienergate is a distraction preventing completion of homework on the federal budget and debt ceiling, Afghan and Iraq troop deployment levels, use of steroids in pro sports and the price of oil.

A portrait of Congressman Wiener as a kind of exceptional immoral loony failing congress’s usual aretaic ethics conversing through hot twittering below impeccable standards of an august society of supporters of abortion, legislators that believe in same sex ‘marriage’, protracted foreign wars, 14 to 20 trillion dollars of public debt and increasing concentration of wealth and disempropertyment of ordinary Americans is an unpersuasive portrait.

I would bet that many congresspersons are serial adulterers, pork barrel thieves and/or have sex as warmer weather moves them with congressional pages or assistants, parking lot attendants, secretaries, car wash attendants or visiting constituents. If one compares the net worth of members of congress before and after being in office the average increase is probably not on average consistent with their salary. The seven deadly sins perhaps descend like a mantle of wickedness upon the spirit of those politicians sojourning through life via the U.S. Congress. One must hope they could in some way become better men and women; more pragmatic, more realistic, fair, creative and with a better public spirit.

The broadcast media reported that ‘new, explicit photos’ of the Congressman in a Capitol Hill gymnasium (in Greek the word meant, I believe, a place where men are naked because everyone went naked in the gymnasium) were published at an Internet site. I personally believe congresspersons generally should keep their clothes on in public places and not seek to get extra earnings with subscription only Internet office web cams even if their legislation is not of better quality than that produced by a million orangutans typing randomly for several sessions.

Remember the woman set free from stoning by the Lord, or the congressperson with the lampshade on and nothing else juggling oranges amidst a pile of small whiskey bottles at the reflecting pool and consider the principle of; ‘go forth and sin no more’ as a disposition on this matter if Wiener’s incorrigible twits can be limited to appropriate venues or eliminated altogether. If Weiner does not soon go altogether limp and give up he might experience congressionally sanctioned methods of torture such as Pavlovian waterboarding in the sort of stimulus-response loops congress regards as ethical when applied covertly and with plausible deniability, when ordinary political leadership excoriation fails to intimidate.

Livy wrote in his history of Rome of a Senator testifying who felt compelled to defend his loyalty to the Republic. He disrobed in front of the Senate and pointed out each of the numerous scars that he had received in battle as a Roman soldier explaining the origin of each and every one. Times are different today. Perhaps few Congresspersons and Senators would have scars to show before the membership.

In former times members of congress at least would haves scars of political battles to show. Happy warriors fought to accomplish worthwhile goals that improved the standard of living of all Americans without excluding the poor.

All Americans want to have the benefits of a good job, or to own a home, land or even a humble hut. The present congress has allowed foreign corporations and nations to purchase their acquiescence in globalism, fossil fuels and monetary policy. Because congress is mostly satiated, wealthy and without understanding of the issues creating poverty they have insufficient interest in solving them.

Several congress persons have said that Weinergate is a distraction that should be put behind them, and have called for Queen’s Congressman Weiner to quit, resign, ‘step down’ or become a political transvestite and run as a Massachusetts Republican.

If Congressman Wiener quits instead of being fired he may be ineligible for unemployment benefits. Extended unemployment benefits would be available at least through 2013 though, and many high paying jobs for the private sector may be created through congressional genius in the next two years so he shouldn’t worry about being one of more than 400,000 first time unemployment insurance applicants next week. Getting rid of the dead wood is an important principle of corporate management. The Congress has everything all planned out in advance for their 410 k’s, condo investments, mutual funds and etc. With quality job skill retraining the former congressman could be a computer guided sanitation engineer without insurance and a productive member of society without danger of congressional election recidivism.

Congress can only function effectively when not distracted by boom boxes, tapping of pencils, snapping of knuckles, numerous flies buzzing and/or Congresspersons in the news for putting too much of themselves in the news.

Some have said that since Congressman Weiner’s wife is pregnant he should act responsibly and quit his job. Others find potential new political issues and violations of the second and fourteenth amendments juxtaposed with litigation over school textbook revision regulations in support of demonstrating that the civil war was fought to end gay apartheid in Massachusetts, private property rights and free speech in dissent.

President Obama slipped down to visit Puerto Rico this week…the first President in a half century to visit the territory. We anticipate that he may investigate Alaska’s Brooks Range for Arctic Char fishing for a few days during the heat of the WeenieGate scandal.

I don’t usually watch television intentionally so I haven’t seen any salacious congressional pictures distracting the congressional ethics (an oxymoron I know) committee. I have no substantive information about what the Congressman’s relationship with the women permitted to view the congressional weenie was.

Did the congressman receive emails from fans asking him to show them more of himself? He should have had an I.Q. sufficient to realize that sending constituent weenie-vista twits isn’t a good idea. Yet with an I.Q. sufficiently high a Congressperson could swiftly balance the federal budget. The federal budget and economy have been imbalanced a very long time.

Some might wish to cast millions of barrels of oily balm upon troubled congressional waters-yet they’ve had enough of that already. Instead, maybe Rush Limbaugh could be called before a congressional committee to act like Hal Holbrook playing Mark Twain-to portray President Bill Clinton offering advice on lying to Congress and the painful process of recovery from the rare political illness of ‘lying addiction’.

Limbaugh’s imitation of Bill Clinton is simply the best available. Maybe the Weinergate scandal is comparable to the Lewinsky scandal a little-there were initially lies to protect a family in each instance, and Congressman Weiner’s wife now works for Bill Clinton’s wife in the U.S. State Department. Big Sister may be able to console ‘little sister’.

Congress might be less distracted if Limbaugh were to say “Monica, bring in a fat, juicy Havana”? They might be rolling in the aisles with laughter before going on vacation to some foreign islands for research at public expense. The Nobel Prize committee probably won’t be sympathetic and offer Oscar Meyer a peace prize for feeding the 5000 at the Illinois State fair to relocate the distraction.

Usually the Congress hums along at a peak efficiency rating getting a lot done. This is not a 4 m.p.g. congress but a 100 m.p.g. class of political theorists. Extending tax cuts for the rich last December only took the entire lame duck session, and the prior Obama health plan was also a model of efficient bi-partisan economic planning.

Though many of the nation’s poor will die or get dumped debt before finding free health care, litigation on the Obama Health bill constitutionality is expected to be completed as fast as that of remaining Exxon Valdez litigation issues.

The controversy over Congressman Wiener’s hot twits is the hot topic on the political grill and may remain so. Already opportunistic politicians have found the right side of the us vs. them to be on or agin.

As an 800 pound gorilla jumping upon desks in Congress, Mr. Wiener’s distracting has prevented the usual fast, competent processing of the nation’s political legislating work

The congressman has already sought professional help for his Internet sexting addiction. He has taken leave of presence from Congress for counseling at Madam Boofant’s Custom Psychiatric Advising Therapeutic Retreat of the Hills. These burgeoning businesses of the psychiatric-industrial complex may be in line for a couple trillion dollars of congressionally budgeted contracts for future counseling for veterans of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Some Congresspersons passing around photos pertaining of Weiner have decided that violating the American Civil Liberties Act to fire retardant on Weinergate distractions may not be necessary. The Congress may instead create an Internet amnesty box named ‘CongressTwits’ where any congressperson sending inappropriate twits, attachments or other uploads may send a copy for public viewing and be off the hook.

Secret Congressional protocols and Patriot Act blue-ribbon panel approved warrantless wireless taps have promulgated special digital photo dossiers of the Congressman’s ethical violations kept hidden from viewing by the general public previously in concern of creating foreign policy repercussions harmful to the security of global concentrations of wealth.

We learn that Congressman Wiener may resign after enlisting in the Army Intelligence Corps for two years of service in Afghanistan before discharge to return to run for the U.S. Senate in New York. The Congressman may also apply for admission to a class of 60% of the national population qualifying for congressionally approved psychiatric disorders and matching revenue sharing block grants (i.e. Internet exhibitionist syndrome).

Wiener may duke it out with the powerful minority leader Nancy Pelosi and allied feminine anti-chauvinists. Civil liberty issues of equal rights, jejune weenie roasts, birth control pips and freedom from discrimination may arise.

Though Wiener may be reassigned a small office far away from the Congressional chamber where he is ostracized and be prone to injury like a knee of Tiger Woods shooting from the rough, the Queens political bee’s knees search for political pollen may bear fruit in time leading to re-election. Voters sometimes like fighters more than quitters.

If the congress were to explain Internet sexting legal issues plainly, along with Internet taxation issues, Wienergate might have been a productive issue after all. Instead, as a vague ponderous clave of contract kickbacking legislators might prefer, the Congress wants to return to a chthonic mushroom factory torpor as soon as possible lest anyone notice they aren’t getting anything done to balance the federal budget, create full employment or free health care for the poor, restore the vitality of the ecosphere, structure a 50,000 man S.F. BOP military force for global rapid deployment, reduce the budget of D.O.D., stop all illegal entry to the U.S.A.