Friday, April 29, 2011

A Reminder of the Anthropic Principle in Chaotic Inflationary Universe Bubble Sub-Units

One of the more interesting points that Barrow raises in his book ‘The Constants of Nature’ is that conditions of the anthropic principle-the values of constants, in any possible universe or inflated bubble portion of a Universe that has life must be set fine-tuned to support life. Any new theory-of-everything physical cosmology would need to be fined tuned to support human life in a universe. A theoretical physicist might design a good mathematical theory unifying gravity, quarks, strings, the electroweak and strong forces yet if they change constant values such that life would not arise, the theory must be a wrong description of this actual universe.

As a Christian I should stipulate that God would not set human life, evolving, partly assembled or arriving fully assembled, into any Universe that could not support life.

Recent speculation has found evidence against inflation as a fact of cosmological mechanics, or at least problems with it, even so, considering principles that apply to any given universe such as a chaotic inflationary one provide a modal logic of neccessity criteria in support of the anthropic principle's validity.

It may seem obvious-that the physical constants must be such that stars can form, that the size of space and its rate of expansion fit the strength of gravity and so forth at such a pace that life can occur. Even the values of string theory would need to be such that they yield values for all the physical constants of the Universe letting stars and galaxies to form, and live to a certain age, yield elements in the right proportions such as carbon from three helium atoms forming beryllium on the way etc. There are numerous observable values for the Universe that would need to cohere within a new theory that would unify general relativity with quantum mechanical criteria.

It is somewhat useful to compare the half million versions of string theory with U.S. foreign policy. For each possible theory about intervention in the middle east or other Moslem nations that might be regarded as one version of string theory with hypothetical constant values there are still about a half million others with different values-and in foreign policy a localized political theory of everything tends to not have a valid, comparable anthropic principle in it for which democracy, peace, prosperity and a good environment result. Instead, war weapons are transferred, people die and a new corrupt government with unpredictable future conduct in a chaotic political sub-unit bubble develops. Deficit spending on inflationary political sub-unit universes with subtle adverse quantum fluctuations tend to create values adverse to life for the unemployed in the U.S.A.-a trivial concern to Washington D.C. theoretical politicians.

Another interesting point in Barrow’s 2002 book is that in the particular case of life on Earth, even a moon was required to offset the more extreme changes in tides and temperature that would occur from the procession of the Earth’s axis without it. Also Earth has a magnetic field to help keep its atmosphere on. I hadn’t realized that Mars lost its atmosphere because it hasn’t got a magnetic field to deflect particles from the sun that blew it away. Has N.A.S.A. got any plans to design an artificial planetary magnetic field for that magnetically under-privileged neighbor planet?

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Obama vs Ryan (again)

The last time Barrack Hussein Obama up against a Ryan he won by default. That was in the Illinois 2004 race for the U.S. Senate. Now U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan is the Republican party's preferred challenger versus Barrack Hussein Obama-its as if they want him to win.

I once had a dog named Clancy. He was a nice puppy that I couldn't take with me on the road so I had to give him away to a nice home. later I read the brillliant Tom Clancy novels, yet I never dreampt that the U.S. public would need make believe political fantasy figures in politics of the absurd to persuade them that their government really cares about anything besides enriching the rich.

Running a Tom Clancy hero figure approxie popular political leader as a kind of Jersey Generals against the Globe Trotters isn't really such a bad idea to assure that corporate policy goes through without blame if Barrack Hussein Obama is giving the Republican party nearly everything the rich want in leadership. And I must say that Paul Ryan has the kind of big hair that a Tom Clancy hero ought to if he is going to work for the U.S. Government (well in the late 80's and early 90's at least-now it might be a moslem afro-american named Jinghis from the south pacific region allegedly if the C.I.A. hasn't cooked his birth certificate).

Somehow the political budget will work out in 2011 with the Republicans making hoo haw interminably about letting the poor cut-n-stitch up their own guts when they need abdominable surgery and to quit shamming in emergency rooms at the expense of hard-working CEOs taking millions of dollars in bonuses from federal bank bail out packages.

I suppose the Congress will in some way trim the poor who are increasingly so much lint like externalities to the suave global corporate capitalist set running the U.S.A. with a fine corporate Harvard product front man.

Prospects for Good Jobs for All Americans in Decline

Pragmatic job quality considerations should apply in regarding the realistic value of the opportunities for employment in the U.S.A. The prosperous not uncommonly have a 'let them eat cake' attitude toward job availability in the U.S.A. instead of anywhere globally returning highest personal profit. Like a sardonic pimp they may say that job quantities are more numerous than people available to fill them. People are real however, while mind and ideas about work for others possible in distant locations outside locality that the prosperous might imagine are easily accessible are not restricted to real, physical actualization.

I looked for a job in Anchorage Alaska for an entire year and could find nothing at all-not even in the seafood processing business. Sleeping in a tent in January I was supposed to go to Dutch Harbor to process fish for a Japanese corporation but the Seattle office kept telling me that they could not give me the itinerary to fly out via email like the had everyone else. Eventually they sent the itinerary to Wrangell Alaska about 700 miles away-completely useless. I spent the rest of the winter sleeping on the ground in a tent in Anchorage walking ten miles to the employment office and library on job searches without luck.

Possible numbers of jobs do not correlate to numbers of jobs that would actually better the situation of the unemployed.

President Bush said;'I have opinions of my own-strong opinions-but I don't always agree with them'. The prosperous may have strong opinions with or without understanding. Sometimes they need to reverse those opinions.

Some jobs at minimum wage in inner cities can realistically be filled only by those that don't need to pay rent. Some jobs can be filled by people living rent free with others, or perhaps by members of a given race living in ghetto housing paying very low rent that would be off-limits to other races.

The costs of travel and relocation to minimum wage jobs can bring immediate front-loaded increases of risk and loss of peripheral quality of life factors. It is also dubious that a family should relocate across the nation to an unfamiliar area to take one minimum wage job.

I personally rode a bike about 30,000 miles in the U.S.A. between 1994 and 2008 looking for regular, quality employment that I never did find. Instead I eventually transitioned into self-employed sporadic house painting and writing while continuing to search for some quality work. Not even 'dirty jobs' unless, one means illegal or immoral positions were commonly available . I have even worked recycling bottles in the Alburquerque plant-and that can be a very dirty job, and am not put off by working with trash of low or high quality. Being alumni of the Army chemical corps at least instructs one in cleaning up messy places.

One can scour the nation for work for years and find not even minimum wage jobs during good times as rare as bottles of ice water in the Mojave desert (a truck actually stopped and gave me several bottle of those when I was resting with my bike on a guard rail in the desert one hot August day). There are numerous factors that can make finding and keeping minimum wage work very difficult, and the reception that workers of different backgrounds, races, ages, education and health get can vary radically.

The U.S. economy today has an increasing element of decreasing money multiplier values from the people with concentrated wealth. In fact the U.S. economic structure today increasingingly exits simple to concentrate wealth amongst materially non-productive classes without passing reaching the hands of the poor. Banking, finance and Wall Street managers typically do not employee Americans directly when they have capital as might a prosperous farmer hire more hands in the 19th century. Instead they invest the capital abroad in foreign production. Wall Street corporate earnings today are at the highest level since 2001 yet real net job losses continue in the U.S.A., and only 57% of working age Americans are employed.

The immaterial, high paid sector charging fees on everything besides breathing creates only jobs in a service sector to itself at low wages. They may create these jobs only as a way to mollify the restive public. The Government administration of economic investment of effort has been lousy since the end of the cold war.

Before the 2008 banking-mortgage-insurance crisis and federal bailout the financial sector took 40% of Wall Street profits. The non-materially productive sector that dominates the U.S. economy is creating a two-class society of those insiders with easy money compounded through investment and financial networks, and everyone else.

As economists have pointed out machines and electronic technology have made it possible for very few people to produce all of the material needs required to sustain life. In fact a few inventive scientists may create an entire industry. Capital investors may need to merely finance a new technology corporations soon bought in to by other insiders to create more product output-probably in a nation abroad with cheapest labor globally. The local economic multiplier values of the dollar changing hands in America by the financial, banking and capital investment sectors can therefore be very low. Only as the non-material working class sector develops a scheme to employ more in service to itself with more luxury and power, medical support and so forth does it pass dollars along to the poor or working class searching for employment. And then it also allows millions of illegal aliens in to the nation to keep labor costs down. Even the housing bubble seems in retrospect to have been a rope-a-dope way to sell home mortgages to foreign interests such as the Chinese communist party.

Comments 'The Constants of Nature' by John D. Barrow etc.

Reading this book published in 2002 that reviews the scientific quest in physics to determine what the constants of nature and the values are is a good way to get a little farther on with cosmological comprehension. This book may satisfy that existential doubt about the meaning of the fine structure constant .

In the ongoing development of physical investigations of the Universe one of the fundamental points of investigation and comparative tools for discovery is the value of things such as gravitational force, electron charge, the Planck length, speed of light and regarded as constants. These probably are constants across the Universe and never change in value over time, or maybe not? The book by Barrow is an interesting way to view the Universe amidst the profusion of new theories regarding its construction including string and membrane theory.

This sort of book tends to stimulate the appearance of ideas for the reader about the materials of the Universe we live in. That's not altogether surprising since the book mentions the Holderness number's estimate of 10 to the 70 trillionth power of neuron connections in the brain for ideas (electrical circuits). Everyone should be able to think reasonably well, maybe full employment and a healthy environment will politically arise with so much human thinking capacity available.

Like one's personal computer, I suppose that if one just uses mind for quality creative text there is lots of space-even more than one could use in a lifetime, yet if one uses it to store lots of videos and music it gets filled up pretty quickly locking out any room for creativity.

God may have created the Universe in a workshop in six days of something like a movie maker sweating 24 hours a day with lots of coffee splicing, remixing, adding special effects, intro text, voiceovers etc. before releasing the finished product. Unlike us humans, He always completes what He starts with excellent results.

With a well deserved rest on the seventh day God too could watch the Universe play out through its phases- even where man gets to name the animals before he exterminates most of them. With careful planning it would have been possible to make the Universe have liberty and free will in it as multiple choice thought possibilities too numerous to use for mankind in any possible circumstance they might encounter.

Barrow of course has nothing to say about that-just as well-he elaborates instead what many of the great physicists, astronomers and other scientists of history have thought up to discover what the nature of physical constants are and how they relate to the Universe and to life. This book is quite a good read. He describes the validity of the anthropic principle in set theoretic universes such as that of a chaotic inflationary universe. It should be valid in bubble membrane universes as well.

It may me wonder more about the unsaid things that gravity theorists haven't said publicly about black holes and the singularity before the big bang.

Does it really seem reasonable that quantum uncertainty and breaking up of bound pairs of particles should happen at an alleged event horizon around a black hole?

I would guess that Stephen Hawking envisioned the future era wherein all of the mass of the Universe concentrated in black holes with nothing outside. Obviously if quantum indeterminacy and quantum effects can violate the speed of light or the speed of gravity (also the same as the speed of light) then the underlying subversion of gravity warping space-time could occur given enough time letting virtual particle leakage empty the black hole. Of course, it would be necessary that space-time continued to exist beyond the event horizon of the black hole if quantum uncertainty and superposition is to have a place for particles to leak to. That future condition seems unknown at lest to us non-physicists for the time being. What the theoretical physicsts know about space-time (other than a few loop quantum gravity specialists) on that topic isn't plain.

What relation would mass inside the event horizon have to mass outside? The mass inside has gone all the way to the center and a condition of complete unity as a composite singularity of energy-mass. At the event horizon the only things taken would be from outside and broken up bound particles would be doomed to drift in anyway.

How much is the singular energy state of a black hole like that of the singularity before the start of the Universe? Should we believe it leaked out energy through quantum entanglement before the big bang for a few zillion years then let the rest go in a quick release of space-time? If it did allow quantum uncertainty to occur outside its singular, uniform energy condensed state,where was that if space-time did not yet exist. Oh yes, an infinity of other universes just outside our singularity having no effect at all on the quiet, patient bit of infinitely concentrated energy just waiting to explode.

Stephen Hawking's radiation from a black hole that could over trillions to a very large power of years make a black hole spill its guts of particles to out beyond the event horizon is a brilliant stimulation for creative thought on the nature of what lay within that ponderable gravitational enigma in may ways bearing a resemblance to this Universe. It isn't impossible that instead of recycling the Universe as a process theoretically as one might explain a recurrent supply side economic system that functions forever like a perpetual motion machine, the present Universe may be a one-way event process and black holes send matter on to an uncertain elsewhere as vast, wild scuppers to tax-free havens far abroad. Who knows what God could have in mind for mankind?

If gravity is conveyed by a particle or wave at the speed of light does it also have possibilities for quantum uncertainty and infinite worldlines of which some are selected? Are the selections for effect made because gravity is a concatenated effect of entangled quantum content of mass locally?

Quantum super-positioning and other effects or actions of quantum uncertainty (of which I know little) could be the force driving the expansion of space. If select aspects of quantum particle-wave behavior are not subject to gravitational effect they could incrementally drive apart mass spacing with a chaotic expansion something like that of a gas with heat added. Gravity acting upon large accretions of mass at steady state levels, if it is a phenomena of local quantum entanglement, might have slowed the expansion effects of quantum particle-waves upon space during the era of coalescence and formation of stars and galaxies until the maximum potential for mass quantum entanglement was reached whereafter (approximately 7 billion years after Time of the universe post singularity) super-positioning and quantum uncertainty spacing of distance resumed. It is interesting that quantum uncertainty as an action of energy and interval is coexistent with a quantum unit of time wherein with a black hole and maximum concentration of mass and minimization of quantum effects time is virtually eliminated.

One would think that if space was finite quantitatively and implicitly associated with energy/mass at a singularity that its potential to expand would be finite. Logically constants would represent the function of recurrent processes until they change. The values of processes stable and in transition are possibly what the questions about physical constants (such as the speed of light) lend utility for in constructing theoretical models of the state of the Universe(1).

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

On 'The New Vichy Syndrome' by Theodore Dalrymple

I had briefly thought that the United States is becoming like Vichy France in being run by globallists rather than a native government recently. So I was rather surprised to find this book of similar title on a library shelf soon thereafter. I checkedit out.

Published in 2010 and written by a British psychiatrist I thought of radovan karoditch at first-with a little bias about psychiatrist writing about social psychology. Yet after surveying the book (a little short of reading every page) I decided that its actually not a polemic. In fact the book hasn't any prescriptive fix for Europe's troubles with miserableism and greivance mongering, low birth rate, low self esteem, influx of Moslems and Moslem culture and lack of a transcendent faith in God or anything else.

The new Vichy Europe described from the point of view of a contemporary history analysis obviously results in a diagnosis as the author is a psychiatrist. Though he offers no cure it is interesting enough to see the way the author views much of the contemporary European mailaise that is also developing in the United States as a pschological phenomenon rather than a result of material, geo-political evolution of history.

With a finite world the age of exploration seems dead. There is no place for a Frobisher or Drake, Magellen or Columbus to go. Exploration is filtered through bureaucracy, and humanity cannot just transition into the destruction of its fellow humans because the room is full.

This book does provide some interesting insights into European phenomena that I was unaware of or had forgotten. It also reiterates some useful facts of life-such as that not all people can be scholars and they actualize in this era fully in vulgarity and even debauchery in the absence of obvious productive activity. In a faithless world of luxury and ego the individual has no humility before God to be concerned about and crude, loud expression better serves to persuade that llife is being lived to the full.

I am a supporter of a steady state economy myself. New forms of high tech green agriculture incorporated in complex, intricate urban renovations could give people something to do while alive in a stable population. The Egyptians had a nation that changed little for thousands of years. Perhaps we could build solar photon collecting, thinking in artificial intelligence mountain range buildings brick by brick-exciting to climb on and live in-while conservative, responsive minimal resource wasting space colonization andplanetary exploration is advanced.

I believe that real,material, rational solutions to problems of civilization are better than diagnosing them as mass psychological issues thatmight be changed through irrational action. The author does not suggest irrational responses, yet he seems unaware that the 1960s created real awareness of the world limits to population growth vs. resource availability, and so the implication that Europe should increase its birth rate or perhaps resume the age of colonization, though not made explicitly, is about all in the book one might consider implicitly. While Moslem immigration to Europe would help destroy European culture, the proactive creation of a new way of the advance of civilization in Europe and the U.S.A. needs to be based on new inclusive principles exportable with isotropic political advantage multilaterally.

U.S. Middle East Policy & Future Concerns

The Obama administration's attempt at constructive engagement with restive middle eastern nations including Yemen, Lybia and Syria bring into the mix a potential packet of new troubles and concerns for Americans in addition to those anticipated to arise as America withdraws from Iraq and Afghanistan. Hubris, misunderstanding and shortsightedness seem to have increased markedly in foreign policy since the end of the Reagan administration.

Syria's government by an Allawite minority has a violent, repressive history without question-and they have not been friends of either the United States or Israel, yet helping to displace that government and force in a sunni or orthodox government possibly as a way to curb Iranian influence is an exceptionally blindered point of view.

The United States has taken upon itself the task of spending trillions of dollars and billions for maintennence of hegemony in a moslem world that won't be converted to assured economic compliance with misguided U.S. interests through money and war. As a way to expand a bent kind of economic, expansive megelomania and resource access abroad, the U.S.A. forgoes rational national economic and environmental security interests and the need to develop a steady state economy nationally while encouraging the same internationally to instead invest in ill-conceived protracted, incompetant neo-military nation shaping abroad.

President Reagan's economic approach invested in the U.S.A. rather than overseas. His energy policy and taxation rates are not correct for today either. Iraq is likely to falir into terrorist incidents after the U.S. military leaves entirely, Afghanistan will not transition to a nation of Ford salespersons soon, and Lybia will probably encounter terrorism rather than a smooth transition into the Waldensian Jeffersonian democracy in the near term-at least the French have a chance to fly Mirages over North Africa for a while. The United States should not invest more hundreds of billions in these Moslem ventures at interminable temporary stabilization even if they might by more Ipads someday.

U.S. Air Traffic Controllers Dropping Like Flies

Air Traffic controllers are being fired like flies for snoozing on the job. Plainly it would be more cost effective to keep the highly trained, hard working people on the job-but no more than truck drivers are allowed to work per day.

Unlike truck drivers, air traffic controllers could be wired to an alpha wave monitoring anti-snoozing device on the job and awakened should they nod off for 40 winks involuntarily. Certainly, if N.A.S.A. is given the task, or a scientific prize cash award is given to the inventor of a way to keep over-worked air traffic controllers awake (don't let them here the President's speeches), the air traffic controllers fired could be rehired with public confidence that they won't again fall asleep on the job.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Political Free Speech In the Internet Era

Free speech during the Obama and Clinton eras took a hit as so-called liberals made an effort to destroy the freedom for individuals to use their own natural language of choice to express themselves. The rubric of 'hate speech' and more recently 'bullying' were used to grease the skids of a homosexual political agenda through the court systems running roughshod over public referenda, popular sentiment, tradition and justice. The Internet era brought free speech use to a height perhaps never before reached in the United States. It also brought new forms of censorship and intimidation-bullying by the state, corporate and internet partisan eras to new forms of personal and financial assault upon non-partisan political posting.

Undoubtedly the New World order has brought change quickly through internet and elite political organization from the top down. The security and economic interests of the United States have slipped toward reinforcing the concentration of wealth through banking, financial network, government and banking perfidy. One compares the value of the homosexual led Nazi S.A. and Carl Roemer to the value of the homosexual political organizational methods and there value to the corporate world and concentration of wealth.

Free speech in the U.S.A. has gone through permutations of principle, progress and ethical content often with unethical rapidity. How might free speech writers preserve the integrity of their expressions and avoid compulsory use of politically correct words without suffering financial and personal attacks from networks rotten with homosexual loyalists of the corporate agenda of consolidating global power?

The answer is uncertain-even unknown. The theory of why free speech is necessary for a democracy to exist and develop meaningful reform and responses to new challenges isn't featured much anywhere in the United States. Like the former Soviet Union freedom and free speech increasingly are described as agreement with the politically correct happy speech of leadership-in the U.S.A. an insider feminized, neutered if not homosexualized government and corporate leadership.

Personal attacks on writers to repress free speech are an abstraction of personal attack on individuals. It is the right of individuals to be secure in-themselves and to freely express their political views without coercion that is most endangered in an advancing corporatist social environment rotten with pervasive networks and fee charging for no material product. so far has presented about the best model for conserving free speech integrity on the Internet. Writers have the opportunity to screen out comments and criticism from their posts and motion picture products. Everyone may read-yet few may destroy, and it is that latter group of concern.

For there are many ways to censor writers-in the global Internet era where foreign governments may contribute thousands of small anonymous political contributions to a Presidential campaign in the U.S.A., corporations with deep pockets may simply purchase corporations like Helium (where I was banned as a top 5% peer rated writer on Dec. 24, 2009 not so long after Helium got a new 'partner'. I had used no more than 50 politically incorrect words amidst my half million words of essays and that was enough for permanent lock out and confiscation of future ad sharing earnings) or Gather, change the rules and create havoc in the life of an individual writer.

Not only may an individual suffer from the corporate power to compel writers to conform to their preferred political and language points of view, a nation may suffer as well. Global corporations may buy off Internet content through a number of means in any nation that might advance the corporate agenda-and of course foreign nations may choose to do the same.

A functioning democracy is only as intelligent as the ideas expressed by the people publically. One surely wouldn't want to depend on the Congress or the President for intelligent ideas-the two parties mulling over the 2012 budget couldn't do anything right for the poor and working class in a century. Thought they spent trillions on bail outs for corrupt banks and other financial institutions-and even bailed out A.I.G., General Motors and Chrysler as well as spending trillions in incompetent foreign 'kinetic military actions' and nation-rebuilding, the first thing assaulted to balance the budget is health care for the poor. I personally had to trade my future home lot in thirty miles from Wasilla to pay half of a medical bill for three hernias covered while working for myself painting and roofing unable to afford insurance and unwelcome in the corporate world that possibly might have insurance. Even the federal government gives nearly free medical to faggot partners of government workers-straight, poor painters and writers get to sleep homeless in Alaska in a tent in the winter. No, the U.S. Government bites.

Free expression may survive even though cliques of elitist atheist, violent anti-personnel repressors of all kinds, wrong headed clerics and mafioso from sundry ethnic backgrounds seek to prevent it. In some way, democratic free expression-personal liberty to say what one thinks about their own corrupt, rotten, putrid, corrupt, incompetent, unjust, idiotic government of bullies and thugs may survive. It is vital that creative liberty to not be circumstantially forced out of creative free expression opportunity continue-as much so as that government isn't entirely depersonalized and depraved avoiding prosperity and balanced budgets, good health for the poor and full employment because of sophomoric ideas about how government should work that are wrong.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Comment on Ensemble 3 Multiverses and Christian Theology

I wanted to write something about the cosmological concept that there may be more than one universe briefly. These days I am very limited on computer time. The wikipedia article on multiverses linked below is to the point and worth reading for its ensemble 1-4 classification system devised perhaps by Tegmark (I hadn't time to read the entire article).

Stephen Hawking of course published his controversial book on an ensemble 3 universe (I believe it was) 'The Grand Design' in 2010. Hawking is a better theoretical physicist and mathematician than historian or theologian though, so I wanted to provide a few comments on the relationship of ensemble 3 universes with their all-possible quantum permutations to theological ideas.

Fundamentally there are no delimitations upon the quantity of universes that God may have created, must create, could create or might have created in scripture. It is exceedingly challenging even for theoretical physicists to delimit the meaning of time-periods of creation such as the six days of Genesis. Days to God even with relativistic concepts have a value uncertain to human intellect.

The idea of an infinite profusion of Universes created anew as a continua seems to require that a universe itself becomes the minimal quantum size or element requiring a new universe birthed from each individual 'new' idea or act. Such universes would be implicitly incomplete and emerge in particular space-time vectors even though the physical constants might be entirely different. A caphony of chaotic universes not seperated by supervening laws could result, and the production of an infinite number of universes and space would require an even greater supply of virtual particles and even virtual space-time borrowed from an inexhaustable supply.

My comments aren't written with just Dr. Hawking's bookin mind, for ensemble three ideas for infinite numbers of universes are not his alone.

God is not limited to physical laws and constants in his universe or multiverse. The entire continuum of an infinite number of universes might exist just within the mind of God in zero-dimensional space known entirely from alpha to omega complete in eternity even as it expands infinitely. For God, I would think that all space-time and universes in whtever scale are contingent being. He might create an infinite number of Universes and reduce the focus of creation to just a particular one instantly.

Theological cosmology considerations would differ from those of physical cosmology. Philosophy too would not be bound from considering metaphysical multiverse topics drawn fromand going beyond that of physical cosmology.

Five Easy Rube Goldberg Schemes to Achieve 2 Dollar Average National Gasoline Prices (humor)

Some of us feel that drilling deep in the Earth is truth, and especially at high latitudes and offshore. Those truth-challenged persons regarding carbon based fuels as less than perfection rightly are regarded as flakes. High gasoline prices are a certain way to retard U.S. economic growth measured by poor people with a jobs and plenty of quarters or not. Thus, heroic, medal of freedom deserving efforts by righteous oil men can deliver us from the doom of energy independence that is efficient energy design.

Costly gas supply increases demands for Hitler designed motor cars or Cheap Chinese low gas consumption vehicles or even Communist Party Electric vehicle imports, but that won't help either.Gas prices rise because the U.S. auto fleet gets worse gas mileage than it did in 1935 and a few billion more people want to use the same finite pool of oil resource for-themselves.

For decades the American left has said that all cultures have relatively the same values and that there is no right and wrong-'nothing to live or die for'. Now they have awakened and discovered that forcing the 2 dollar per gallon gas export way of life upon regimes oppressing women in order to bring the superior form of government-corporate-socialist democracy is necessary through the reason of predator drones and female jet aircraft warrior-bombers. Lying, cheating, stealing, homosexuality and abortion-values of the leader V.I. (Victory) Lenin, are superior cultural values the left realizes after all. Plainly it is necessary to discover new ways to lower gasoline prices to the all-important for the economy 2 dollah a gallon range.

Thus the need to reduce global gasoline demand-persuade the Chinese and Indians that global atmospheric circulation indicates that burning gasoline anywhere outside the U.S.A. will emit critical levels of warmth to specific scientific circuits capable of ending life as we know it.

Secondly, some have suggested taking over Libya with a puppet government to secure its gas fields then construct an undersea pipeline to Europe and across the Atlantic to Boston bringing much needed 2 dollar per gallon gasoline relief to New England patriots.

Thirdly, construct a hyper-dimensional gas pipeline branching at the distal end-using safe, advanced industry leading flexible pipeline technology to several moons of Jupiter and Saturn that have ample, proven hydrocarbon reserve oceans capable of producing 2 dollar per gallon gasoline if not obstructed by government regulation, red tape, and too-high income taxes on rich folks and those without a cow.

Fourthly, the development of Alaskan and 48 state oil fields will increase dramatically when either the price of gasoline reaches the critical 5 dollah per gallon threshold in accord with proven market forces of supply-demand, or synthetic Lennonist new-man model songs are developed yielding critical record profits to global oil corporations that will develop local chtonic puddles of gasoline with proven fragging and a fracting techniques besides reversing oppressive regulating laws of entropy to free up the market from oppressive forces of determinism.

Fifthly we see the glimmering hope of additional politically splendid prospects for subsidization of young, new, too big to fail banks, securitized mortgages and 100 dimensional derivatives, insurance for each American with federal and global tracking numbers to help reduce population and terminate fecundity at least temporarily wrecking expansion plans of a green winter economy; they can be used as models for borrowing a trillion dollars from the Chinese to bail out young, new, too big to have an alternate fuel infrastructure oil corporations so they can have double record profits and prove up the social benefits of deregulation.

In America the future is assured when foreign military corporations and former communist parties own mortgages, collect fees from networks and sell a remodeled Henry Ford product to the people with state of the art, modest, big production-small footprint annual inflation of fees in exchange for allegiance, loyalty and easy annual payments too numerous to pay. Complex new geometric calculus financial product theories too difficult for anyone besides investor sails reps with Harvard Law School degrees to understand will safely navigate investor capital through the shoals of democracy to offshore, tax-free banking ports.

Many of the poor and middle class in the U.S.A. will not be owning stock in New World Order, Post Mao-Mao Afric-China or India Bogupward Inc. (who may own their home mortgage at a variable rate of interest) nor even have a passel of illegal Mexican workers building a hacienda for them in Denver, and thus won't share in the profitable concentration of wealth.

As a special one-time offer, available for those most willing abroad to send small amounts of Internet cash to the Committee to Re-Elect the President, an insider report on the secret sixth sense of 2 dollah per gallon political technology tactics may be made available in limited quantities.

A secret study of the plan to install a generation of Moslem lesbian leaders in OPEC countries this special report has only leaked slowly dripping details through Eleatic paradoxes easily resolved with the differential and integral calculus developed back in the day. Rumored to be a lost predictive text manuscript of John Dee-adviser to queens and potentates, this is the best prospect for building a new pipeline full of 2 dollar per gallon gasoline, fully stocked refrigerators and shovel ready projects available today.

We learn from the Arctic Inuit people the model for energy efficiency. Americans as the least efficient home heating and cooling energy people on earth could learn much from the concepts of minimal energy use for heating-cooling homes of better design.Antipathetically, U.S.popular sentiment expresses the common sense notion that world resources and national liberty are infinitely renewable and non-depletable if a Lennonist new-atheist-man model is syncopated however. With the beat in time saving nine Dewian transformation education adaptations to those tone bars we may realize with confidence assurah of 2 dollah a gallon gas in the intermediate future.

With less government regulation there is a real prospect for 2 dollar per gallon gas out there (down the road next right or left) to get the economy moving.

Friday, April 22, 2011

A Review of 'Unknown Shore' by Robert Ruby

This fine book on Martin Frobisher, Charles Hall, the Inuit of Iqaluit, the court of Queen Elizabeth I and more fascinating historical figures is a well researched and written investigation of the voyages of the 16th century privateer turned captain-general Martin Frobisher's voyages of discovery and foundation of an emphemeral British Arctic colony at the eponyomous Frobisher Bay off Davis Strait at about 60 degrees north latitude. I have read a few other books on topics of arctic exploration and this one published in 2001 fits in with the best.

Martin Frobishers character development is brought alive in this work. One becomes familiar with 16th century England and learns something of the political morality of the era and why the search for a northwest passage to China was of substantial importance to England.

The author tells the story from three temporal points of view; that of Frobisher and his time, that of the author in visiting Frobisher Bay and the people living there in his time, that of the American newspaperman and explorer of the mid 19th century Charles Francis Hall who travelled to Frobisher Bay to journey with the Inuit upon the ice sharing their lifestyle.

Frobisher's life of discovery was rough, and the voyages to Africa and America via Greenland difficult. His ships were not the best designed he might have had, the dangers immanent compensated for by nerve, innovation and resolute action. One may also learn a significant amount about human nature, necessity and the way civilization evolves social behavior over the course of history.

Waves of Infinities ©2011GaryCGibson (a poem)

Spontaneous generation of unknown shores
appearing in quantum certainty
sum of the parts exponentially creating more
space-time than went before
yesterdays balancing future
places expanding forever
Olber's paradoxes of infinite universes in number filling up infinite space
racing ahead of nothing
permutations form entirely varied pace
waves like rain showers of infinite worlds
within the One norm of metaphysics
substance that transcends the form
of every possible infinity
as simple as one
set theory with temporality
controlling intervals and salvation
through the Son.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Americans Want Change-Trump in 2012/U.S. Economic Reform

President Obama has failed to persuade Americans that he is capable of reforming the economic infrastructure of Wall Street, banking and finance that brought about the housing bubble and collapse that devastated the U.S. economy and threw 240 million people out of work globally. He has kept much of the old economic leadership that brought the bubble to inflate most fully before breaking including Ben Bernanke and the Fed and Tim Geitner now as Treasury Secretary. People have pointed out the relationships between Paulson, Goldman Sachs, the New York Federal Reserve and the finance section that seemed to provide blank checks of non-transparency to bail out the rich from the complex web of financial perfidy. President Obama hasn't resolved the triply corrupt banking, Wall Street, financial product structure and instead seeks to reinflate the economic balloon that brought about the corruption of American earnings.

Can business investor Donald Trump bring change to Wall Street, the financial sector and the banking business? Is he aware of expert analysis of the nation's economic troubles described so well by the Nobel Prize winning economist of Columbia University in New York Joseph Stiglitz in his 2010 book 'Free Fall'? A President of the United States must be aware of the problems if he is able to fix them. President Obama has failed to change the economic environment that brought about the inflation of the housing bubble.

Wall Street and its aloof management class, the financial sector with its fees on everything and the banking business with it’s 'too big to fail' houses of financial cards of securitized mortgages is a bunk-o-nomic infrastructure the President wants to inflate. Perhaps a generation fails to comprehend that real material goods need to be produced rather than financial fees for the economy to be healthy. With mass-produced housing by corporations perhaps an entire banking, financial, Wall Street world puts their non-physical labor earnings in the hands of just a few real material products and actual material workers developing in the process daft-economic policy supported by the U.S. Government.

It would be possible to create new forms of material business work to employee millions perhaps with a combination of public and private sector infrastructure product development innovations of a green nature. Human beings actually need to have something to do while alive on Earth in the U.S.A., and they desire a fair way of life with freedom. Only so many can rely on a stagnant, over-inflated economic tool-kit for easy money non-working lifestyle earnings without producing unsustainable, debt financed bubbles it seems. New methods of creating interesting synthetic products perhaps like resurfacing city cores with photo-voltaic materials and food producing plants might be designed along with avenues for entrepreneurial innovation.

One obviously must be skeptical about the prospects for leadership from any U.S. Presidential candidate since they all must pass through the very corrupt Wall Street, Financial, Banking, Corporate Media filters of natural corrupt selection and control. Sometimes its easy to believe that America is evolving through the stages leading to Biblical end times; even open sin, homosexuality and abortion is the new officially accepted forms of conduct of the U.S. Marines and Department of Defense. Yet even so it is possible that some candidate-maybe Donald Trump, will ask Joshua Farley, Herman daily and Joseph Stiglitz over to suggest methods to reform the U.S. Government policy on economic guidance. Assuredly President Obama and his economic advisers such as Larry Summers have taken the United States down that well trodden road in economics with a global web of financial corruption that have brought so many millions of Americans through the chthonic lava tubes of poverty and false hope continua of political promises unrealized.

Neo-classical economists do not even recognize unemployment as a real thing-they call it leisure time instead. One would wish they could experience such leisure as living in a tent without even money for propane fuel for hot coffee in the winters. They might learn why Alexander Solzhenitsyn described the drinking of ice water after eating salt herring at the Kolyma transit camp as fatal for so many. If Anchorage is not quite as cold or as wicked as that Siberian star of the Gulag, unemployment in Anchorage, Wasilla or central Florida is still a challenging experience to live through-and something less than leisure time.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Why Americans Cannot Elect a Good President

Americans seem to want a Facebook friend, or a tweeting buddy rather than a competent economic analyst interested in building a secure an ecologically progressive America. It is understandable that most Americans really haven’t got a good idea of why the national economy is so bad today, or how the process of national economic decline has been building since near the end of the cold war.

Real wages for white American males have been in decline since 1971-and wages for the middle class adjusted for inflation have been in decline as well. The Reagan tax cuts were good for one time only at stimulating the economy with a recoverable debt level, yet politicians have been unable to satiate the greed of Wall Street, Bankers and the financial services sector with any level of tax cuts.

The American economy has only about 11.5% manufacturing. The financial and Wall Street sectors have made an easy money country of the U.S.A. Financial accountability has taken second place to just having money. In such an easy-money economy the entire economy sinks in quality. It functions requiring deficit spending (Wall Street and banks) while the financial service sectors dumps fees at every opportunity and accounted for 40% of Wall Street profits as recently as 2007.

Prosperous, northern white women-a real worldly minority, Bachman and Palin (where is the one named Schnee?) are loud Republican candidates with unrealistic economic ideas looking back toward the Reagan era for ideas. Americans ought to elect the economist Joe Stiglitz-except they would ask; 'who is he'?

The Reagan era was a nostalgic, pioneering expansion economy itself a little bit beyond its right historical date. Understandably Sarah Palin is from such an era, or area in Alaska’s Mat-Su Valley.

The valley was populated at U.S. Government stimulated as the 1930’s Matanuska Colony. Pioneering farms were established. Of course in world war two and during the pipeline era Palmer and Wasilla also gained more population and development.

It is a beautiful area surrounded more or less by mountains on all sides. It is the kind of place where hunters may kill a bull moose just to take the horns and leave the carcass even today. On a beautiful bike route along the Palmer-Wasilla Highway I was too close to being run over by a car and then a truck twice this morning. First, a car ran a red light to turn in front of me riding my bike before I stopped suddenly. The second time a truck waited until I started through the crosswalk from the bike path on a green light and then suddenly accelerated to make a turn in front of me, and I was again able to stop. I may make a note of these guys, like Alaska FND 159, that seem to have disregard for the safety of those on bikes in the Wasilla area, in case the same guy does that twice this year.

Wasilla seems like an area where sparse population and lots of federal money from Ted Stevens created cheap, ground-breaking easy expansion and lately bad, conservative attitudes about the environment, finance and politics. It is natural enough because of the lack of population, competition and intelligence that may be common to a frontier area. Violent competition is the swollen, simplest concept for such politics. In days of yore that might have been more of a necessity than today. Now, it is just a devolution made by the ignorant as the easiest way to attain prosperity. That is a dangerous, naïve direction to take politically in a very sophisticated, intelligent and competitive world with substantial environmental issues.

It wasn’t at all surprising to me that Wasilla generated the one war criminal convicted for crimes against Afghans. Wasilla is that kind of place-some good, and much swollen arrogant attitudes fine enough in primitive, savage conflicts such as in the Balkans in the 90’s, yet not so good for competent, contemporary social and ecological progress.

The United States unfortunately requires popular politicians instead of competent ones. It is very unlikely that any candidate will be serious about reforming Wall Street, the financial sector or breaking up too big to fail banks. The nation has been almost automatic reelectors of Presidents-the sole exception since Nixon being President Carter. Basically the electorate just votes for whomever the establishment has felt would put a new face on the ongoing trimming of the ordinary working American and the poor as wealth is concentrated with the help of the broadcast media.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

On 'Freefall' (in the U.S. economy) a book by Joseph Stiglitz

Before moving on to something else I thought I should make a few comments on Stiglitz’s book about the 2008 Wall Street, Banking and Finance crash of the U.S. economy. It is an interesting book that reinforces many of the suspicions that one might have about the present U.S. corporate business environment.

The United States should man up to its substantial economic challenges if it is to hope to keep a comparative better standard of living than the rest of the world. And it must do so in a way that reduces consumption, increases efficiency, innovation and decreases the misery index for the poor and middle class. There are four primary challenges; 1) Reform the financial sector, Wall Street and banking breaking up ‘too big to fail’ banks on the way 2) Eliminate Bush II era tax cuts 3) Reduce federal spending, eliminate the public debt and better spend federal revenues 4) Create a sustainable self-reliant green energy policy.

Stiglitz’s Nobel Prize in economics might have been for his work on upgrading the Walrasian models ideas about market equilibrium-I don’t know, yet market equilibrium is not self-correcting as assumed in the neo-classical model. The market binges into the gutter without government regulation, perhaps from overdoses of irrational exuberance and the leverage of wealth and power detaching from neo-realism. The point of the free market is to serve the interests of the people. The emergent Chinese market may become a better model for real economic capitalism than that of the United States in the years ahead, as the latter is encumbered with extremist rhetoric about a perfect, unregulated utopian free market even as it piles up public debt and requires corporate welfare from public bail outs to function.

I am not at all optimistic that the United States will move toward more government regulation of Wall Street, banking and finance. President Obama in December 2010 was a cheerleader for extending Bush II era tax cuts. The financial class with high pay and bonuses don’t want higher taxes-they just want government bailouts and insider sweetheart deals from the Fed.

Stiglitz pointed out the financial sector took more than 40% of Wall Street profits before the crash, and that the manufacturing sector of the U.S. economy today is just 11.5%. Financial perfidy, too big to fail (or exist) banks and a complex web of risky financial products has made the health of the U.S economy problematic.

One amidst several remedies suggested by Stiglitz was creation of a world reserve currency. That did set me to wonder if an electronic currency signed on to by the world’s major players might not be instantly available and transparent.

Another idea was that of perfect information and perfect competition. Plainly it does not exist in the present business world. In the home mortgage crisis, in the securitization of mortgages where even the Chinese Government owned substantial numbers of Fanny Mae bonds, the average buyer may have had little understanding of the complex web of corporate and banking business existing below the surface affect everything from variable rate mortgages to employment.

If perfect information is not a fact modern corporatism, if obscure mathematically complex financial products are sold off exchanges, might not Internet search engines in some way move to bring perfect information absent from neoclassical models?

Improved Internet search engines can develop lists of ranked product prices. The lowest possible price of any given product available in a nation such as the U.S.A. could be assured by an Internet search theoretically. If a widget, or my science fiction book ‘St. Novilistricka Dimensions’, is available on the global market, an Internet search protocol might quickly discover the location of the lowest possible cost for a buyer; that at least seems something of an improvement over the neo-classical model.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Solid State Economics-A few websites

Steady state economics takes an entirely different approach than classical economics toward natural resource use. Since there are real limits to use of finite natural resources intelligent design of governing economic philosophy is requisite for rational Earth habitation of mankind. An article by the economist Herman Daly author Herman Daly

Jesus Christ & the Phenomenon of Mind

In reading the gospel book of Luke there is an account of the Lord on the cross. Obviously Jesus Christ was personally experiencing pain abundantly. The account of how the Lord experienced that temporal phenomena is a valuable insight into His attitude toward the phenomenality of mind and it's relation to the body.

Cartesian philosophical duality aside the mind does seem like a stranger to the body sometimes during extreme insult to the body. As the body fails in health as it inevitably will ,one becomes aware that the mind has an unstable, finite temporal vehicle for support. The mind too shuts down as the body dies. Some find that thought troubling, while others anticipate that it is like going to sleep. The Lord, according to the account provided by the Apostle Luke, commended his Spirit unto God before his mind too, died.

Today, in the era of quantum mechanics and the advent of quantum computing, even today when news of the first full mapping of the brain has been completed by science

it might be easier for people to form even a technical idea of how it might be possible to reassemble or resurrect the mind of a human from stored information. It is easy to comprehend that an omnipotent God would have no trouble at all resurrecting the human spirit (whatever that is-even the data mapping of a mind).

As the Lord experienced the agony of the crucifixion and its aftermath it might have been something of a relief to actual feel the impending relief from the pain of life. It is in life that the pain was so intense, and in death-that the Lord evidently experienced completely as he needed to rely upon God the Father to manage His Spirit after death-that the victory of the Lord appeared. The Lord Jesus was resurrected on the third day after his death. That was a victory for all of the elect.

quote from the King James version...

Luke 23: " 40But the other answering rebuked him, saying, Dost not thou fear God, seeing thou art in the same condemnation?

41And we indeed justly; for we receive the due reward of our deeds: but this man hath done nothing amiss.

42And he said unto Jesus, Lord, remember me when thou comest into thy kingdom.

43And Jesus said unto him, Verily I say unto thee, Today shalt thou be with me in paradise.

44And it was about the sixth hour, and there was a darkness over all the earth until the ninth hour.

45And the sun was darkened, and the veil of the temple was rent in the midst.

46And when Jesus had cried with a loud voice, he said, Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit: and having said thus, he gave up the ghost."

A Vote of No Confidence in 2012 Congressional Budget Debate

President Obama generally has continued the Bush policies regarding U.S. economic management acting as a conservative since taking office. He has bailed out banks and forced two manufacturing corporations into bankruptcy. He has signed off on a Bush II era tax cut extension. Some of the Wall Street regulation reforms were eliminated in the 2011 budget. The President left much of the Bush II era economic managers in office such as Tim Geitner, Ben Bernanke and Larry Summers (Treasury Secretary of the Deregulating Clinton administration). The President's policies may lead to further Wall Street, Banking, and Finance Sector perfidy ahead.

Reading Nobel Prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz's 2010 book ('Free Fall') on the 2007-2008 U.S. economic meltdown confirms several observations I have had about the conduct of the Obama Presidency on the economy; the President is a sycophant of policy enabling the Wall Street/Banking/Financial sector swindlers to renew their assault on American employment and earnings security as the produce nothing sector manufacturers new ways to trim U/S/ rubes of their life opportunities.

Fundamentally, there is no choice between Democrat and Republican parties that would make any difference in the Presidential election of 2012. Each party will work against U.S. interests and support those management class M.B.A.s with little equity in the corporations they work for taking multi-million dollar bonuses, outsourcing industry, killing the national ecosphere, flooding the nation with cheap labor from Mexico and discovering new financial instruments to swill the innocent working class. The poor do not exist except as highway lint in the high end bottled water with a sprig lunch set.

Monetary policy is not at the heart of the 2007-2008 meltdown I think. In reading Joseph Stiglitz's 2010 book 'Free Fall' (he won the 2001 Nobel Prize for economics) I got a few more ideas about the issue.

Monetary policy on what interest rate to lend to banks at, and how much money to print is set buy the Federal Reserve. Even with low interest rate the banks can get the money and do whatever they want with it. Banks do not need to lend the money responsibly to small businesses or innovative tech start ups-they in fact can create financial instruments, housing bubbles and a number of financial products to increase their profit in a way that is harmful to the U.S. economy.

I believe now that financial deregulation of banks and a failure of regulation of Wall Street and the financial service sector was the reason for the recession of 2007-2008. Bush II also deregulated war making with Congress going along with the idiot President starting a protracted kinetic military action without oversight.

Wall Street is not self-correcting, and in the raving national broadcast industry communications swamp extolling immorality, corruption of being stupid in the immediate temporal exstasis (now) the moral thermostat is set at jungle for derivatives, credit swaps, predatory lending to home buyers with the mortgages then sold to pension funds etc. President Obama and the Democrats have continued the policy of Bush II in that regard. Obviously neither party has an interest in solid state economics.

Money supply (M1) is important, yet in a rotten moral investment class climate liquidity is no assurance that cash will be spent where it should.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hitler, Lenin and Stalin Were Not Men of Ideas

Hitler, Lenin and Stalin were not men of ideas; they were action figures; political actors timing their ascent to political power. These men were community organizers rather than independent thinkers. Rather than philosophers they were social manipulators.

Posterity has not brought humanity to regard the ideas of Hitler, Lenin and Stalin much. It is fair to say that Karl Marx was a man of ideas-yet he actually failed to be a man of political revolution in fact; Karl Marx spent much of his life working in the British Library and trying to feed his large family instead of organizing a Crystalnacht, planning a Beer Hall putsch, inventing a way to purge a society of many of its people through death or purging the Communist Party of the Soviet Union of its leaders. These acts were the works of men of act; Hitler, Lenin and Stalin.

Ideas are the currency of human liberty, of human invention, of the power to imagine possibilities before actualizing them. Oppressive governments and totalitarian regimes have forever sought to kill free thought. Today the world is rich with oppressive governments denying the freedom of expression and reading requisite for the growth of human social reason. Even corporatism inheriting the world following the collapse of Soviet Communism has tendencies to limit free speech through numerous means. Very few executives venture to express any sort of political opinion that is not sycophantic of their employer’s interest. As the networking of corporate control spreads around the globe real independent political expression may decline for replacement with tidal waves of sycophants even if bifurcated as in the U.S.A. presently.

If Christianity today in the first world needed a reorganized form of ecclesiastical structure of transition from a hierarchical to a priesthood of believers form, the hierarchical priesthood would, as in prior errors, be tempted if not obligated to supported the hierarchical concentrated economic powers of the day-especially now since the hierarchical priesthood would largely demote themselves from their pedestals and become peer Christians if they did. A Christianity dedicated to reinforcement of global corporatism is obviously one in danger of becoming the worldly church putting actual Christians out.

A global corporatism oppressing free thought by their employees and through the communications media they control as well as via sympathetic government actions such as giving radio wavelengths to the wealthy rather than for citizen podcast use is not unlike the historical economic agencies that existed within authoritarian contexts that sought to repress free thought and speech as it was rightly regarded as a danger to the concentrated wealth and power of the day.

Some might argue in error that Hitler, Lenin and Stalin were intellectually productive. Stalin for example as a youth was placed by his parents in an orthodox Christian school-the choice for the poor. He received a scholarship to an Orthodox Theological Seminary at Tblisi.

Some say that the seminaries of that era were something like Madrassa of today in poorer regions of the world; not an excellent place for education, yet Tblisi Georgia was a restive place able to provide free, unofficial readings in revolution against teh Tsar.

Stalin seemed to do well at the Theology school however he reportedly was rebellious and read forbidden materials. Also uncertain to me is the amount of time he spent there. Possibly attending from age 12, he was cast out from the school in 1899. A wikipedia article notes that he missed his final exam possibly being unable to a afford the back-loaded tuition. Alternatively, according to some sources such as Isaac Deutcher I seemed to recollect, Stalin was already involved in revolutionary meetings and was soon imprisoned. Stalin's is not the life of a sincere intellectual, but that of an opportunist, worldly promoter of his own political interests.

Adolph Hitler was not an intellectual either. As atwenty-something drafted into the first world war he was the son of an Austrian wife-beating drunk. The young Adolph walked his father home from the tavern routinely as he was too inebriated to walk the walk of the sober. Eventually Hitler did compose a book-the infamous Mein Kamp while in prison. Yet as an aspiring political party rtevolutionary he needed to write something in order to stay socially relevent while cooling his heels. The book-terrible raving that it is, was dictated to a near-genius (the guy that ended his life in Spandau Prison) who was his Alex Halley. Actually, Malcom X's telling of his story to Halley turned out much better than Adolph's.

Hitler was a man of action surging ahead with the help of the homosexual militant Ernst Rohm and his gayed up S.A. terminating social, poltiical opposition until he in turn purged Rohm and the S.A. of the gay elite in the 'night of the long knives' after cutting a deal with the elite Werhmacht to get support as the Chancellor of Germany.

Lenin would be the most close of the three to being fairly regarded as an intellectual. Actually most of his writing occurred after becoming the first among equals in the prot-Soviet state. Lenin was a solid political organizer who out-maneuvered even the brilliant poltical writer Leon Trotsky for leadership of the pre-revolutionary Bolshevik Party. lenin did not lead the Kronstaadt naval fortress mutiny however, and when the revolution occurred was far away in western Europe somplace.

Lenin was a correspondence school lawyer who's brother was executed for taking part in a plot top assassinate the Tsar. Lenin had little chance of being trusted by the Russian imperial elite and joined the revolutionary ranks against the Tsar. It is not at all certain that the Bolshevik Party would have been successful in revolting against the Tsar if the Tsar had not first completely bungled the war of Russia versus Germany. Tsar Nicholas II was a nice guy and a terrible political and military leader.

Lenin was brought through Germany on a sealed train to take over leadership of the new post-imperial communist government. The Germany elite had probably arranged for their support in exchange for Lenin's agreement to withdraw Russia from the war and give up the Ukraine to Germany in the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk later.

Lenin was a clever community organizer, an intellectual of many words and few lasting ideas who did design the transformation of the imperial government into a communist government, and a synthetic man of action-political designer of middling success. Lenin was leader of the Soviet Union only until 1924, and Stalin liquidated his political structure of the New Economic Policy as well as virtually all of the Bolshevik Party veteran revolutionary leaders. Thus Lenin was a politician rather than a thinker, and not sufficiently aware of the nature of the people in the communist party. Stalin may have poisoned Lenin some have speculated, in such a way that he suffered a series of strokes, the last of which was fatal, and occurred while Trotsky was far away from Moscow and unable to attend the all-important funery proceedings and political selection of the new fearless leader-Joseph Stalin (Djugashvilli).

Free Speech May Decline in Dissent as Corporatism Flows

Corporate networking globally may bring about a reduction in free speech as a function of the number of employees as a percent of a nation's population and GDP increases. Advocates of free speech may urge the liberation from authoritarian governments most in locales without substantial or complete global corporate economic control.

In restive Moslem nations such as Iran without free speech pervasively as well as extremely limited U.S. corporate investment a transition in Government friendly to a global corporate takeover is supported by U.S. administrations since the Shah left Iran. One must be aware that the replacement of one sort of oppression of free speech with another is not an absolute political improvement.

The corporate world as a global network of capitalized and concentrated wealth and political power is very reluctant to allow free speech those conflicts with corporate allocations of political and economic power. The repression of free speech via purchase of outlets of free speech or deletion of contents, or a number of other methods such as termination of employment for expressing contentious political opinions is a fact of life that evolves in sophistication as the control of wealth is increased into concentrated elite control. The challenge for democracy and real free enterprise to survive in that environment is challenging, and perhaps unlikely if one believes that even the hiwerarchical Christian priesthood supports the concentration of corporate wealth along the road to Armageddon.

It is possible to change capitalism and make it fit for the modern era by limiting the number of employees that any corporation might have at a level that reinforces quality rather than quantity and networking oligarchic economic control. With a totalized geographic control of human liberty in the concentrated wealth of the few not only is free speech repressed, a free market with fair competition by individual inventive entrepreneurs is repressed too through a vast web of corporate power.
The United States should not operate with a 1920s era political philosophy of a bifurcated capitalist-communist dialectical competition. It ought to modernize, defend real U.S. national ecological, economic and political interests and rectify capitalism that a million business starts might bloom instead of thousands of Wall Street networked relationships take over all of the American economy leading to the poverty of tens of millions for life.

president Obama Urges Tax Increases & Trillions of Dollars of Future Non-Spending

The President’s new budget plans a near four trillion dollar reduction in future federal spending over a hypothetical twelve year period. He anticipates that the federal deficit could be reduced to just 2.5% of U.S. GDP in four years (still a very large number).

Having been a cheerleader for extending Bush tax cuts in December 2011, the President now urges Bush II era tax cuts be rescinded for those receiving more than a quarter million per year in compensation for their valuable time. The unrealistic expectation that House Republicans might allow tax cuts has less chance for passage in Congress than the proverbial snowball in Cuba.

One deduces that the President plans a summer closure of government to stimulate vacation travel and spending.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

President Obama & Democrat Senate Sign Off on Repeal of Dodd-Frank Wall Street Financial Reform Law

Since President Obama has consistently done the bidding of the Republicans during his time in office signing off on repeal of the Wall Street Financial Reform law in this last 38 billion dollar budget cut bill for the last fiscal year, signing off on Bush II era tax cuts, continuing the Bush Afghanistan policy and gaying up the military (a global corporate marketing strategy) it might be better to elect a Republican President (hopefully with hidden green nationalist leanings) to accomplish the job in a fashion that might work. If one is launching an aircraft one must go full speed rather than half-hearted speed to get off the ground safely.

Allowing Wall Street to have a round two of trimming the United States and investing abroad is the wrong way to go. Neither has President Obama closed the Guantanamo Bay detention facility or directed the U.S. economy toward and ecological economic direction.

No corporation with more than 5000 employees should be allowed to do business in the United States, and no citizen or foreigner should be allowed to own stock in more than three U.S. corporations. Competition should be increased so a real free market can exist. As it is there is only an oligharchy of free market heirs owning vast financial and business networks concentrating wealth globally. If the founders of the U.S.A. were as unable and unwilling to reform the way things were as the present congresspersons Americans still would be part or the British Empire (or are we still as a sub-unit of a new world order?).

Monday, April 11, 2011

Arab Spring of Fomenting Revolution & Future Gas Prices

Physicians as a first contact with a patient bear in mind the premise of ‘first do no harm’. In making American foreign policy regarding the 2011 spring of populist uprising our policy planners might heed that advice. For those of us out of the loop, those politicians in the noose of broadcast media and populist twittering may occupy uncertain ground-perhaps shaky, regarding their ability to safeguard oil supplies for sale to Europe and the U.S.A.

Of course some of us don’t drive and have more concern for the well being of out fellow human beings abroad than their ability to produce and sell oil for a low price. Even so, the uncertainty in the Middle East and across North Africa and further that was anticipated for some years and planned since at least last year evidently may lead to revolutions, counter-revolutions and experimental states of affairs of government form, sectarian hegemony and economic efficiency. It is easy to imagine a future in which cutting off oil production as a civil economic weapon may become a primary political device for those vying for national and regional sectarian power.

If Saudi Arabia, Iraq and other oil producing members of OPEC with vast oil reserves become destabilized and their oil fields temporarily put out of service one can anticipate world oil shortages with per gallon prices reaching twelve dollars in the United States. The U.S.A. for some time (since the end of the cold war) has enjoyed incompetent political leaderships that has failed to transition to a low entropy-high tech transportation infrastructure and hence is vulnerable to foreign economic control. George Washington’s farewell address anticipated this sort of thing where the nation is reliant upon foreign agreements.

The U.S. foreign policy should be to transition to a new form of national transportation infrastructure that does not require foreign oil. To fail to adapt and to instead travel further down the fossil fuel transportation on highway paradigm is a consequence of the rich investing overseas to the detriment of the U.S.A. The Congress seems like a bought and paid for group of flunkies for globalists. They may be developing a future of perennial crisis, high unemployment and costly gasoline as the Moslem world realizes itself in history as a rising power through populist contests disrupting sale of oil to the U.S. East coast and Europe.

That Quantum Elixir ©2011GaryCGibson (poem)

Seventeen colors that arise with the wind
flowing into morning light within
the gem forest gathering
in this place of being
where echoes of waveforms expand
normal dreams of moving toward water withstand without indices of structure

As ideas become hardened
broadcast manure spreaders
comparing ostensive ideas as discrete packeted a priori
clumps of common immorality plastered
ecospheric arguments for integrity
the world is poisoned in pseudoaffluence
nature is forced through factories of maladroit quantum elixr
named necessary consumption.

Ostensive Objects of Multiverse Philosophy and Forces Delimiting Extra Dimensions

In reading analytic philosophy one may encounter Saul Kripke’s ‘Naming and Necessity’ published in 1973. It elucidates a linguistic, descriptive paradigm of the nature of the relation of words to objects, and of words to words. It is possible to describe objective appearances with words, yet problematic to describe the uncertain with certain name designators. Creating accurate physical concepts of cosmology concepts a priori for empirical testing inspired with scientific observations also implicitly relationships between words, objects, events and processes of the Universe with liberal uncertainty. Where and what the Universe is, how it came to be, what its destiny is and so forth are perennial philosophical questions. Contemporary astrophysics, theoretical physics and cosmology continue to increase the knowledge data base of humanity.

The observable universe may be somewhat less than 14 billion light years in opposing directions from the Earth for a visible horizon of about 27 billion light years. The Universe’s apparent uni-time directional expansion may have begun from a broad membrane base such as Turok suggested and the actual size of the contiguous Universe could be vastly large. The evident Universe did expand into a volume of possibly infinite area, it isn’t presently known, and even theoretical physics seems limited to researching the mass-energy phenomena, and perhaps space atoms and time matrices too if loop quantum gravity theorists are correct on that, yet humans intuitively know that the entire Universe and even multiverse, exists in a Metaverse of unknowable scale, meaning or purpose; that God may have composed all possible things as a venture of meaning constructed like a pointillist painting or aesthetic good in-itself.

One cannot just take the shape of space-time dimensions for granted as given things existing in given shapes. We believe the three dimensions of space are basically unbiased regarding shape and are therefore flat forming a manifold in which matter and energy (and possibly space atoms) might be concentrated generating an appearance of space-time curvature, or coinciding with the appearance. There might be force existing to provide or reinforce spatial dimensions differing from those commonly regarded as forces of the universe.

If there are special forces generating mass and energy in complex ten-dimensional Calibi-Yau space configurations with several small dimensions of less than a Planck length in size we have no reason to believe that the Calibi-Yau geometry exclusively describes the only sort of geometry that could describe compressed matter-energy force dimensional configurations underlying the four space-time dimensions of the commonly experienced Universe; there might be an unlimited- not infinite but a very large number, of potential geometric configurations shaping dimensions, mass or energy underlying the common four dimensions of space-time.

The mathematical constructions of models of the Universe cohering with observable macro-physical quantum facts of observation, experiment and logic are an interesting way to develop cosmological theories; a recent observation of what might be a particle (at Fermilab) associated with Technicolor theory revalidates the premise that the known borders of the Universe continue to recede as further experiment, observation and theory examine the frontiers.

Ostensive descriptions of clumps of physical phenomena may generate names of hypothetical structures of explanations of micro-mechanics. Finding evidence of the structure and expanse of a pre-Universe or post-universe time may always be just inferential and circumstantial extrapolation of preferred mathematical models. Theory in cosmology increases along with new ideas about even basic ideas such as space and dimensions actual are. In loop quantum gravity theory space has been given a discrete, objective texture for-itself with space-atoms in some measure comparable to a particle quantum theory. If space is such an existing thing, it may be that an entirely new field of quantum space mechanics might develop to investigate its fine composition.

As it is, there is enough stuff for the philosophically inclined to contemplate regarding basic macro-quantum relationships between space-time expansion, mass-energy convertibility, motion and virtual particles with relativistic space-time fields and how any extra-dimensions or geometric forms of wrapping down mass-energy could be forced into the state of being within a temporal continuum. One can wonder how relativity affects discrete members of space-time fields. Does general relativity apply only at the macro-cosmic level of solid state physics with the quantum world of possible micro-dimensions never even dragged along into the expansion of the four standard space-time dimensions?

Such a paradigm as the last could support the concept of an idealist Universe existing in the mind of The One-yet of course, one might need to wait a long time for the math to be worked out to confirm that. A better bet might be to read the Bible and accept Jesus Christ as one’s personal Savior. Even so, one can work on the contemplation of cosmological values of a temporal nature if one is so inclined. The unexamined life to paraphrase Socrates is uninteresting.

The ability to form various cosmological paradigms regarding fundamental shape and monadology has presented basic Universe ideas since Parmenides at least. None of these potential metaphysical shapes and quantity has much bearing upon the Biblical theological question of creation. God could well have created more than one universe at a time I suppose, or infinity of Universes of every possible expression if He willed it so. The will of God could well surpass simple Universe promulgating tasks so far as I know, or He may devote His time in eternity toward tweaks of improvement of His Universes for reasons I cannot imagine.

In contemporary and even perennial model construction there are recurrent Universes, multiple branching Universes, Universes that arise out of nothing, and Universes that condense from virtual particles in a dimensionless plenum (a clever way of super-positioning infinite space in a singularity). As created beings of a contingent nature we have limits to our ability to comprehend God. Understanding as we have is given with God’s grace.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Tahrir al-Wasilah by the Ayatollah Khomeini & Misc. Moslem Revo-Evolutions

With the changes across the Arab world, or rather the Islamic world, the meaning of 'Tahrir' or 'liberation' in Arabic draws our interest. Of course we find the Ayatollah Khomeini's book 'On Sex with Children and Animals' right off. The Ayatollah issued his Moslem clarification of the right jurisprudence within Islamic law. We find that if a man has sex with his donkey, he must sell the donkey in a village that his not his own. For Iranians this sort of expert clerical opinion may be invaluable.

Finding that the Ayatollah's book has many different names, one of which is named Tahrir-al-Wasilah was just the tip of the iceberg of the wide use of the word 'liberation' or Tahrir throughout the Arab world.

It is possible that U.S. foreign policy should not become one of chasing about after incipient Moslem youth revolutions inspired by twitter and cell phone use. To radicalize global politics simply because technology allows unlimited social organizations rather quickly if not instantly may have unreasoned, even dire consequences in the future.

Yes we can empathize with bad governments and social oppression abroad and in the United States, Mexico and wherever. How can we accept 40,000 dead Mexicans killed in drug wars south of the border as a normal or acceptable sort of thing? Why should we suppose that accepting political turmoil and chaos as progressive paradigms will eventuate the confluence of peace and prosperity when we are aware that stable social evolutions allow better transitions toward a real world ecologically rational political economy?
Better objective systems for removing undemocratic political leadership should be innovated and brought into effect instead of encouraging or appearing to encourage proverbial political change a mile wide and an inch deep. There are numerous social challenges in existence today that will not be solved even with the victory of a happy political change. Human economic use of the global ecosphere is devastating, and the fundamental principles of capitalism are centuries old and in need of evolution in-themselves.

British Atomic Powered Submarine 'Astute' Runs Aground (Oct. 2010)

Reading of a British nuclear powered submarine running aground in shallow water of Scotland-possibly while sending a crewman on a beer run, I empathized having run my 26 foot sailboat into shallow water of Chesapeake Bay across from the naval academy where it became stuck in the mud of shallow water. Overnight waves pushed the boat onto a rocky berm sinking it.

The Captain of the H.M.S. Astute was relieved from command. However his boat was towed away sucessfully it seems. When my recently purchased old sailboat was lost, after properly disposing of it I returned to Montana and Alaska for hernia surgery with the hope of repainting homes on the Atlantic coast with a woman from the islands as relief crew sunk into history.

There is video of the Astute at the msnbc story about an enlisted man who shot and killed an officer at close range aboard a differnet British nuclear powered submarine recently.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Fermilab Scientists Observe Possible New Particle/Force

The particle may have a mass of 145 GeV. That's in the neighborhood of a technipion's hypothetical mass of 160 GeV. Alternatively the observation could be a statistical error.

New particles never before observed should have been found in Europe at Cern-a more powerful particle accellerator, yet scientists of the early 20th century were pioneers of quantum theory so its appropriate that the foundation of a new class of particles might occur in Illinois and the accellerator facility named for Enrico Fermi.

In reading over a comment by Peter Woit on the history of technicolor development (see following link) Technicolor , I believe, is mentioned as potentially another sort of strong force. Stephen Weinberg and Leonard Suskind originated the theory that would become technicolor as a symmetry breaking derivative from Quantum Chromo Dynamics in 1978 (independently).

Kinetic and Non-Kinetic War

The Obama administration rightly described the Libyan intervention as a kinetic military action. The art of kinetic war has been with us for millennia. Slingers of spears in Rome and North America followed up spears that were developed as early as 195,000 b.c. in the Kenyan rift valley. Eventually electro-magnetic rail guns for S.D.I. inspired electro-magnetic guns for naval vessels as well as pistols and rifles. Maybe they will bring a puff the magic drive return of gunships with e.m.g. drives pushing out metal toward specific ground targets.

Kinetic weapons are something of an improvement over explosive weapons. All things considered, unlike the continuing use of explosive propellants for space-flight launches, the e.m.g. kinetic rail gun technology has not yet been put to work for very heavy lifts to space.

In modern conflicts asymmetric wars are common. The rich may try to kick the ass of the poor, or the innocent poor may have no choice besides trying to kick the ass of the rich when the rich decide to colonize them with extreme prejudice. The myriad matrix logical possibilities of asymmetric conflict may be challenging to chart yet sometimes the rich may even attempt to buy the poor into submission. Kinetic weapons of bullets may be used rather than financial instruments of economic damage or quantum propaganda field suppression as on the non-kinetic side of the force.

Kinetic weapons of war may be less costly than explosive weapons good just once. Non-kinetic weapons that are purely electronic, particle beams and such may be even less costly and easier to reload; they require more electricity to recharge batteries, more hydrogen to recharge a fuel cell and so forth. Non-kinetic weapons are a new wave of the future for modern military that deliver speed of light devastation to targets at specified grid coordinates.

The U.S. military is developing airborne and drone aircraft microwave beam technology capable of knocking out opposition force air defense installations and one might guess valuable point targets. In the modern evolution of computer and electronic technology the corporate civilian/military application of knowledge flows in each direction and cycles again.

Obviously weapons systems that require recharging instead of production of million dollar each cruise missiles (a hybrid kinetic-explosive technology) are a better buy in the era of U.S. federal deficits. One must hope that one’s new weapons system is not the equivalent of a Commodore 64 to an enemy with higher technical sophistication.

It’s a paradox that with global population destroying the ecosphere, with a porous Mexican border defense not capable of arresting the flow of illegal aliens into the U.S.A. humanity becomes so excellent at creating weapons of war. With a small world today it is a little bit like the people at the other end of the building developing weapons to kill those at another end and vice versa ad nauseum…there must be a better way of freeing humans from oppression and danger.

Non-kinetic war will combine the full spectrum of electronic surveillance, intelligence and counter-intelligence of course. Ever bit of data on the Internet, every meter of the world observed by remote monitoring systems feeding data into live artificial intelligence analysis loops will support command decisions to pull the electronic plug on civilian or military targets, send power beam surges to terminate resistance or possibly shut off the electric circuits in human brains temporarily or permanently.

Ongoing international alliances in the non-kinetic phase of defense and global corporatism bring tighter networking of the non-kinetic way of war through perpetual upgrades. The umbrella of non-kinetic war demographics brings more nations into the complex canopy of advanced research and development of war contemporary Military technology. If the Congress were half as concerned about fully employing U.S. citizens and restoring the ecosphere locally the American way of life would be much better. As it is the military industrial complex is more concerned about concentrating wealth in construction of a new world order with the U.S. poor and lack of full employment or compensation through minimum income being the collateral economic damage.

On the ‘Necessity’ of Throwing U.S. Budget Gutter Balls

As a candidate Barack Obama famously bowled a gutter ball filled score of 37. He bowled a score of zero as President failing to veto the Bush era tax cuts renewal last December. He set a new standard for Democratic mediocrity that F.D. Roosevelt and maybe even Bill Clinton would have regarded as unacceptable. Mediocrity in budgeting is no new thing for America today.

Are names not something of inflexible descriptions of unique events or unique sets of attributes of events-even the name ‘America’? What is America? Is it a particular historical concept, a geographical locality, or some sort of variable political identifier denoting sovereignty and a host of other qualities? A name may be a meaning rather than an address. What is meant by ‘America’ may change in time to anything at all, from good to bad.

We might prefer to regard Latinos as a hybrid race better named for Amerigo Vespucci than a minor Roman district named Latia, yet Americans too are what we called citizens of the United States of America because of the awkwardness of calling them Unionists.

American unions have certainly been in decline along with the real income of white men in the U.S.A. since 1971. The U.S. broadcast media has become a servo-unit of global corporatism along with both major political parties of the nation since the end of the cold war. The U.S.A. has a progressive national public debt set to reach 20 trillion dollars by the end of a second possible Obama administration. Public education standards are in comparative decline along with the U.S. standard of living in comparison to the gross national product increases of the second world. One may wonder why, and also wonder if a necessary mediocrity has overtaken the U.S.A. and destined it to a mediocre future not as a leading nation but as an also ran amongst nations trying to lead.

What made the United States a great economic power many have asked? A heritage of a vast under populated continent full of natural resources and an immigrant people of Europe able to exploit the best scientific and technical ideas of Europe and world history in a rich natural frontier with the absence of an hereditary ruling class. The absence of any kind of oppressive social organizations and the low national population density permitted uninhibited intellectual freedom to invent, apply, innovate and adapt ideas to real production. Freedom fro government or private organizations of a ubiquitous or oppressive presence and intellectual and physical room for growth let the brilliance of man and women create such works as they were able to conceive. The intellectual and physical liberty was the necessary condition for economic excellence.

With the nation full with more than 300 million people and immigrants of an illegal rather than a legal nature predominantly, and with the number of inventors comparatively in decline along with the U.S.A. as a destination far removed from oppressive social organizations the United States seems to be moving into a protracted era of mediocrity even though commercial space ventures are increasing.

Wall Street is about global investment and owners more so than national. The prosperous find the silly little borders nothing in technical considerations beyond those of taxation. Telecommunications have eliminated planetary distance and the nation itself is regarded as just one place amidst a world of locations in which corporate and government partners might invest. If nearly 20% of Americans can’t find enough work to sustain a fair living, well, that’s helpful for controlling labor costs.

The United States has become saturated in social networking simultaneously with pervasive business networking. Data acquisition and processing records volumes on the life of every individual American, and ‘liberal’ race, gender and sexual perversion classes have transitioned to leadership of political power as the counterfactual interpretation of corporate led economics. Americans seem determined to make the nation just one mediocre, average society amidst a new world order of Wal-Marts, asphalt streets, cell phones and financial related services. The idea of reconstructing the United States economically into a new low entropy, full employment, self-reliant leading example to the rest of the world of a free society with a stable population reasonably able to venture into space development while restoring the health of the ecosphere is a political goal of virtually no one. Excellence for the United States as a nation seems to fail to reach the public video attention. The nation must descend into protracted mediocrity to expand into a global economy before fading away.

Adam Smith; the brilliant 18the century economist, described a method whereby individual entrepreneurs were better benefiting themselves and society without the oppression of a powerful social organization. In his day that organization was the state. In today’s business environment and pervasive, even totalitalized geographic saturation oppressive organizations are not limited to government, but exist in the concatenated Wall Street extended corporate network as well. Individual Americans experience the corporate/market political way ubiquitous from ATM machines to rft strips between sheets of book binding.

Americans develop class consciousness as youth, elderly, white, black, straight, homosexual, Christian, pagan, middle class, Democrat, republican, Latino far more so than as individuals. Existential and borderless principles of class leveling mediocrity over individual efforts and excellence prevail in the marketplace, consumerism, in ‘reality’ T.V. and budget negotiations in Congress. An economic philosophy of market personal egoism in mass portionality transcended real geographic and/or intellectual individualism.

For the ascent of class consumer values and for its justification the inertia of global mass consumerism and corporate ‘market’ economics has developed velocity. The coefficient of mass consumerism and the logic of hedonistic mediocrity are challenging to overcome with interpolations of individual pursuit of excellence. Perhaps the logic of brilliant individual minds pursuing the good for the nation can emerge like a light in the darkness now and then, yet the occasional illumination may not be enough for the people of the United States to emerge from the night of the underworld that may lie ahead.