Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Libyan Deminstrators Inducted into Rebellion-A Reasoned Transition?

Morphing a non-violent, non-military street protest movement into a violent rebel army must take some time. It seems unreasonable to believe that all people believed the Libyan government of Moamar Khadafy would just throw in the towel and flee off-world for refuge.

Khadafy might have no planetary refuge if he ran, and inevitably world banks would seize his foreign accounts and the broke former dictator would be summoned before some court. These sorts of things are well-known historical characteristics of modern time.

So the peaceful protestors are expected to form a rebel army and begin a long, bloody war against the Libyan government forces. At least former Presidential candidate Wesley Clarke has patience as he mentioned on CNN that even if it takes a year to get Khadafy out, that's o.k. President Obama says the 'noose is drawing tighter' around Khadafy, so we can discern that neutrality is not an option for the administration.

The residue of political fact is that the United States seems committed to some sort of a new war with covert and overt military support for an ill-prepared insurgency in Libya. I am all for democracy, free enterprise and freedom from government radio intimidation, bullets, economic destruction and so forth. Yet I believe that the President should have gone to the congress before starting a war that make take a year or more to wrap up with the dictator's head brought to the President of the United States in a basket. It costs a lot of money if nothing else.

The United States fails to lead in sufficient radical energy change to comprise leadership. Like Winston Churchill who changed the entire British navy to run on oil instead of coal 'just like that', so must the United States give up oil-gasoline for cars instantly and finally like an alcoholic kicking the booze. Entire, nation-wide mass transit and personal transit new technologies must be constructed-and not just choo-choo and corn gasohol repackaging of the 2oth century. Instead, the President invests in the same old solutions to intractable foreign political friction without using new methods of problem solving. I suppose that’s what the nation deserves in leadership since the Presidency isn't that well compensated considering the problems it causes for the candidates and the winner.

Postulation of Time (poem) version 1.1

Flowing straight as an arrow, time itself
unwinds around non-Euclidean geometry
like parallel lines meeting at singularities
polar regions of infinitesimal points
drawn in theories, concepts, information
to close the stanza

The plans for all seasons
like an infrastructure of mathematical points
set into group arrays with literal parameters
relativistic metrics of nomes demarcations
infusing ideas of explanation into the physics
variables of powerful premises
time and space shaped
to say what is
what it is
the ontology of what things are

Cycles and metacycles in eternity
God may have been creative before
with a chance to practice infinite Universe constructions already
simplicity flows to complexity
non-being yields to being
from omniscient will
arises infinite, ordered structures
contemplating time
linear spacing of intervals
constant coordinates morphing subjectively
within basic wave transformations
packed artfully into memories.

Theories vs. Observable Facts of the Metaverse/Universe

This is a comment about contemporary cosmological topics. I enjoy reading cosmology books by physicists or astronomers occasionally-popular books written for the general public. Over time one gets unanswered ideas. As in language use or about any other kind of learning, synthetic recombination of concepts is a normal experience.

So a few of the most basic concepts of cosmology such as the big bang, the nature of space, gravity and so forth can present some new ideas unanswered by the information in the cosmology publications that one remembers. Following are a few basic questions about the big bang legend that were investigated a long time ago I am sure, yet I can’t recollect reading the answers recently…

Space-time theories such as loop quantum cosmology, string theory and membrane theory tend to draw upon Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity and its equations to construct mathematical models of the history of the Universe backwards in a reduction in size and increase of mass density and energy to a singularity.

The General Theory, I believe, allows an infinite amount of mass and energy to form at the singularity that equations indicate are the precursor of the big bang and inflation of the Universe, yet obviously an infinite amount of energy or mass at any point in the history of the Universe is inconsistent with just a finite amount of energy in the Universe as its sum at any time.

Philosophically I am brought to wonder if physicists have calculated the values for the total quantity of mass-energy in the Universe today based on a 13.7 billion year old start time, and determined how much force all of that mass-energy would have if compacted to a point of any given area-even a very small singular condition. What kind of speed of expansion would it provide if given to expand at that instant long ago?

Reading a book about the research area of loop quantum gravity I realized that the physical theorists make cosmological models at the big bang that are something of yo-yo like recurrent mirror images of the theory of expansion of the Universe on this side (pervasively based on Einstein’s general theory criteria). One actually has no valid reason to assume that the laws of physics on this side of the alleged expansion/inflation are the same as those on the other side with reversed positive or negative signs.

I have read of string theory cosmological explanations of field instability and quantum fluctuations that might have generated a Higgs field to expand, compacted space-atom lattices that would repel themselves given near singularity conditions, and the formation of a white hole and near singularity from a perturbative vacuum, yet I do not recollect reading about the values that a finite singularity with only so much energy and mass to start would have. How large of a Universe of mass and energy could be made consistent with the known speed of expansion and other observable facts of the material of the Universe? What would the size and velocity of the initial explosion need to be in order to be consistent with observations?

There are several ‘fudge factors’ today in cosmology to make theoretical, mathematical criteria work. A cosmological constant, an inflation faster than light, dark energy and dark matter-even anti-matter perhaps, might be considered as fudge factors.

The facts of observations of the Universe are quite excellent today; are there good ‘common sense’ calculations about what size of a singularity the general theory would need to stop at in order to be consistent with the calculated amount of mass-energy of the Universe? Would such comparative calculations help if applied to formulating theories about the mechanics of black holes?

Sure, I realize that it’s said that the Universe did not start from an ordinary a-bomb like explosion. Expansions provide sophisticated parameters with inflation, membranes, quantum instability and etc. Yet if it is regarded as a detonation (perhaps in some kind of a containment medium- (a shaped space field?)) of a finite amount of mass-energy, what kind of values can physicists get, and would they fit the facts of the observable Universe at all?

If there was an infinite amount of mass and energy at a singularity and it exploded, expanded or was repelled then we would never see the end of its expansion I would think, and its power values might be inferred from the observed facts of the mass-energy of the Universe. Instead of treating the infinities of General Relativity as incompleteness or errors, can’t they be regarded as temporal terminus vectors like the summit of mountains? Such places are good places to expand from along the slope of gravity to a broader base.

Promote Change; Get Rid of College Sports

College sports today detract from the necessary academic supremacy of mind over matter on campus. Time and money that go into college sports are used to create a value system of brawn over brains the nation is dumb enough already.

In serving as the minor leagues for pro sports, Americans of athletic skill but lesser academic abilities are left out of the play for pay ladder. Conversely, colleges award degrees to athletes that have no use for the sheepskin except as a prestige item, the club membership presenting an opportunity to provide the wrong role models for a nation in need of intellectual vigor to rectify the environment for long range human survival and biodiversity and space colonization.

Colleges should lose their football, basketball and baseball programs and allow the market to field semi-pro teams to serve as for-pay minor leagues for the pro sports franchises. College sports programs create a socialist training academy for sports that is harmful to honest individual citizens and the true self-employment work ethic in the U.S.A.

Specially gifted college students with outstanding intellectual skills, work ethic and athletic ability could attend classes and then play at sports on a semi-pro team for cash. A vast number of private sector semi-pro sports teams and private sector sports training schools might arise to prepare athletes for athletic careers independently of the academic route thus freeing up classrooms programs for intellectuals.

If baseball players had to go through college to become pro players as they virtually must n football and basketball, it is unlikely that Pete Rose would have made the major leagues, as all he skipped school all he could to practice baseball.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Postulates of Time (poem)

Flowing straight as an arrow, time itself
unwinds around non-Euclidean geometry
like parallel lines meeting at singularities
polar regions of infinitesimal points
drawn in theories, concepts, information
to close the stanza

The plans for all seasons
like an infrastructure of mathematical points
set into group arrays with literal parameters
relativistic metrics of nomes demarcations
infusing ideas of explanation into the physics
variables of powerful premises
time and space shaped
to say what is
what it is
the ontology of what things are

Cycles and metacycles in eternity
God may have been creative before
with a chance to practice infinite Universe constructions already
simplicity flows to complexity

Poverty Lives of Free Quintic Radicals ©2011GaryCGibson (poem)

Of all the lines parallel to another
the best are those running through time
circling past themselves around a black hole
while the magpie calls
raven laughter echoes

Born on the calm ocean
without a storm inn sight
dreaming of troubling notions
on a dark and stormy winter night

These paper clips of poetry fasten
clippings of ancient editorials
printouts from deleted Internet pages
suffused in cyberspace noise of politically incorrect being

For human life is electronic
activated through an Originator’s energy plan
deciphering frozen forms of temporality
basic forces bind recombinations
of atomic clocked spacing.

Before a New Song ©2011GaryCGibson (poem)

Black holes tie up mass in knots
punctuation points in space
far apart

Evenly distributed in infinity mass was
with no center of contingent space to draw nigh
not even the intervals in virtual particle spacing

A drop in the bucket to inflate
space and time together expanding
faster than light oil in water

The brilliant sheen of many colors
temperatures, order, reducing from The One
singular condition of proximal expansion

A wave of space-time concentricity directed
upon the placid, infinite space-time emptiness
mass-energy tumbling like detritus in an avalanche

Stretching forever within the infinite
temporality phenomenalized, past
unraveled quarks, strings returning to silence.

President Obama Defends Libyan Faith Based Revolution

The recent Libyan revolution began without more than a prayer that either Moamar Khadafy would flee at first street protest or President Obama would eventually blast Khadafy’s military to smithereens with cruise missile, bombers and etc. In a speech delivered about ten days after the main phase of the air war started providing close air support to route Khadafy’s forces, the President defended his humanitarian intervention that saved 'thousands of lives' and allowed the rebels to leave their Benghazi stronghold to advance toward Tripoli.

President Obama has plainly made the United States the 800 pound guerilla expressing a desire to throw Col. Khaddafi over the top rope one way or another.

It is useful to review a couple of points of the President’s logic for intervention.

1) President Obama could have asked Congress for permission to safeguard rebel controlled cities with U.S. air power before Col. khaddafi9 advanced Libya toward Benghazi slaughtering hundreds or thousands on the way; he might not have required piles of dead revolutionaries as a justification to enter the war via the U.N.

2) The United States could have provided relocation assistance for doomed rebels in Benghazi with air, land and seem evacuation to safety instead of militarily intervening.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton mentioned three ambiguous points speaking to N.A.T.O. in Europe recently. Her third point of the Clinton corollaries to the Obama Doctrine of Protection for Revolutionaries was somewhat difficult to interpret. It was something like 'Revolutionary actions must be supported by change'. This point reminds me of an explanation for a justification for extending the general theory of relativity in a book on loop quantum gravity I have been reading recently.

Fundamentally, that book mentioned the metaphor of the singularity stopping the flow of a continuum such as occurs at a black hole theoretically. Such stoppage can happened when a faucet is turned off and just a drip of space-time or revolutionary change gets through. One must extend the space-time continuum of revolutionary paradigm in some what if organizing a revolutionary criterion.

That point was not well developed by Einstein or Hillary Clinton either. Fore we foresee a grab bag of revolutionary issues in the Middle East ahead that will distract from transitioning to a green, low entropy economy in the United States in addition to creating full employment or at least a minimum guaranteed income for the unemployed.

Where is the moral good, one might wonder, in failing to assassinate Moamar Khadafy if the United States administration is determined to have him go, with no place to go? Thousands of lives would have been saved and still could be with one bullet to the head of The Supreme Guide of Libya. It is difficult to understand why the promulgation of The Big Lie of public propaganda must go on, that the war machine and scores of spook agencies must have full employment and another region of conflict to engage in should be preferable, in addition to the failure to avoid loss of rebel life, failure to file comprehensive environmental impact statements for war activities-when the assassination of The Leader would be far more cost effective of lives, treasure and endangered Libyan species.

I would have preferred a peaceful transition over time as Moamar Khadafy faded away instead of a bloody, violent revolution. Technological progress would have made the dictatorship obsolete in due course it is possible.

If Moamar Khadafy seeks to flee, will the United States allow him to load up his truck convoy with 6 billion in gold and drive south perhaps to refuge in The Ivory Coast, Liberia or some other African nation? Realistically, when Hillary Clinton demands that Khadafy leave, she is demanding that he suicide, for like the former East German Leader Kurt Honaker, he has no where on Earth to go.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Melting Antarctic Icebergs Stimulate Phytoplankton Growth/Chlorophyll/CO2 Absorption

Global warming that may accelerate the loss of ice in Antarctic may be a last line of defense against global warming. Nature seems to have several built in elements to moderate global temperature. It would be wise not to overuse the last ecospheric reserves to absorb carbon dioxide and reduce atmospheric greenhouse gassing effects from human causation.

In the world's history the atmospheric temperature is believed to have risen significantly before. Also it is believed that high temperatures caused by greenhouse gassing from odd sources such as excessive volcanism or perhaps a thin planetary proto-crust moderated eventually. Temperatures would tend to reflect the primary relationship values of distance from Earth from the heat of the sun, and there may be other factors such as heat from the Earth's hot subsurface in effect too. Just because the melt water from Antarctic icebergs may promote sea plant or phytoplankton growth, it doesn't mean that it will compensate entirely or even mostly for the lowered albido (reflectivity) of vast land mass areas in the north as winter and snow cover decreases annually.

In fact, it seems unlikely that the increase absorption of CO2 caused by the loss of ice from Antarctica would even compensate for the increasing loss of coverage of the Arctic ice cap annually with the increasing heat absorption of the Arctic Ocean.

Square Roots of Minus Dimensions ©2011 GaryCGibson (poem) & Resurrection Points

The neo-Platonist philosopher Plotinus wrote about how The One might have emanated the Universe. Actually the creation of the Universe is a great mystery for finite minds. Cosmological physicists think about the topic all the time though, and sometimes irreverently regard the sketch of order of Genesis from the Bible. We trust in God though for creating Universes more than ourselves. Scientists regard its origin sometimes as a substance that just naturally arose from nothing and/or without cause in some cases finding mathematical logic to support a recycling perpetual recurrent universe.

I too wonder how the One might have created a Universe that arrives as a great tree of life. The idea of the unmoved mover seems best; the Creator of the Universe Himself has no cause as He always existed. Without the mathematics that provide so many excellent sets, infinite series, differential and integral fields to structure models of Universe from I am left to poetics and prose.

Jesus mentioned in John 11 some interesting points when he set about resurrecting his dead friend Lazarus. Before I write my poem below, let me point out what Jesus said about the light not being in man.

The friend of Jesus had died, and Jesus talked of the light not being in man hence he stumbles in the dark. Jesus was addressing four or five points simultaneously it appears. He was talking about the problem of sin in mankind (people had sought to stone him) and referring to those people as being in spiritual darkness who did not see the light of the world (God) Jesus Christ, and he was also referring to his dead friend Lazarus who had not life in himself any more (a lack of quarks or strings configured to produce life), furthermore, being dead, Lazarus could not negotiate in the world beyond without resurrection. That was a hint of the spiritual world to come in which actual spiritual resurrection occurs better than physical resurrection such as would be done for Lazarus soon.

John 11" 1Now a certain man was sick, named Lazarus, of Bethany, the town of Mary and her sister Martha.
2(It was that Mary which anointed the Lord with ointment, and wiped his feet with her hair, whose brother Lazarus was sick.)
3Therefore his sisters sent unto him, saying, Lord, behold, he whom thou lovest is sick.
4When Jesus heard that, he said, This sickness is not unto death, but for the glory of God, that the Son of God might be glorified thereby.
5Now Jesus loved Martha, and her sister, and Lazarus.
6When he had heard therefore that he was sick, he abode two days still in the same place where he was.
7Then after that saith he to his disciples, Let us go into Judaea again.
8His disciples say unto him, Master, the Jews of late sought to stone thee; and goest thou thither again?
9Jesus answered, Are there not twelve hours in the day? If any man walk in the day, he stumbleth not, because he seeth the light of this world.
10But if a man walk in the night, he stumbleth, because there is no light in him.
11These things said he: and after that he saith unto them, Our friend Lazarus sleepeth; but I go, that I may awake him out of sleep.
12Then said his disciples, Lord, if he sleep, he shall do well.
13Howbeit Jesus spake of his death: but they thought that he had spoken of taking of rest in sleep.
14Then said Jesus unto them plainly, Lazarus is dead."

Then we move to the scene of the resurrection of Lazarus. Jesus actually wept in this setting-the only time He is known to have done so as he felt so bad about losing His friend to death. This is good. It indicates that God took seriously the issue of the death of a human being, and knows that resurrection is important to us humans.

John 11"
33When Jesus therefore saw her weeping, and the Jews also weeping which came with her, he groaned in the spirit, and was troubled.
34And said, Where have ye laid him? They said unto him, Lord, come and see.
35Jesus wept.
36Then said the Jews, Behold how he loved him!
37And some of them said, Could not this man, which opened the eyes of the blind, have caused that even this man should not have died?
38Jesus therefore again groaning in himself cometh to the grave. It was a cave, and a stone lay upon it.
39Jesus said, Take ye away the stone. Martha, the sister of him that was dead, saith unto him, Lord, by this time he stinketh: for he hath been dead four days.
40Jesus saith unto her, Said I not unto thee, that, if thou wouldest believe, thou shouldest see the glory of God?
41Then they took away the stone from the place where the dead was laid. And Jesus lifted up his eyes, and said, Father, I thank thee that thou hast heard me.
42And I knew that thou hearest me always: but because of the people which stand by I said it, that they may believe that thou hast sent me.
43And when he thus had spoken, he cried with a loud voice, Lazarus, come forth.
44And he that was dead came forth, bound hand and foot with graveclothes: and his face was bound about with a napkin. Jesus saith unto them, Loose him, and let him go."

Square Roots of Minus Dimensions
Seven dimensions
fully expanded with many screens
filtering waveforms travelling through
appearing in some places never dreams
providing anticipated shapes
regular material forms
unto shorelines of three dimensions
motion of space a forth norm
Mass hasn’t light within
Finding darkness forever he stumbles
-unless the light of the world resurrects
his life breath he fumbles
Many dimensions ever could be
groups and subgroups of infinite series
wavetrains journey an infinite sea
clumps of forms afloat temporally shine
Square roots of minus dimensions
multiply themselves by one
generating synthetic positives
from a mid-point of eternity
seeming like modal logic of The One.

Stumbling Upon A Theoretical Universe ©2011GaryCGibson (poem)

It is as if the man has neutrino vision
or something better than quarks
able to see through boundary walls
into other Universes

Those hidden universes beyond nothing
where the tiny little dimensions
wrapped like sugary scones vanish away
and beyond jumbo extra dimensions
next to dimensions greater or less than
all dimensions in SU(3) groups

The Universes from one source
stuck in a perpetual motion recycling ruts
linear thinking warped impossibly tight with space-time
gravity and pre-gravitational clusters force
seldom released faster than light speed
with so many things unknown to sub-light speed dimensional beings

A vast tree of life and non-life
with circles, arrows, vectors, tangents, sines and consines of change
integers, imaginary numbers and things real enough
to be road maps to chaos where all turn away from singularity
like infinities of finite sets divided forever in every direction
scenarios that seem like dreams
with remote controls fading away
the structures of universes extrude into thought
as information from outside compiling
anti-Shannon entropy.

Japanese Nuclear Facility Leaking Radioactive Water-May Be a Reactor Containment Vessel Leak

In the future it might be useful to build some kind of competent global emergency nuclear plant response plan to pump out radioactive water into a specially designed ship instead of screwing up the world's oceans. Using the oceans as a waste dump isn't really acceptable policy.

Also, some sort of a special emergency super-coolant deliver capacity to cool off over heated reactors quickly and respond to removing the reactor to some safe place like the inside of a volcano might need to be developed. Plainly the present technological methods for responding to nuclear emergencies don't work well enough.

Radioactive waste, British Petroleum oil; industrial toxic contributions are becoming a regular thing for the world ocean.

Pressurized Yemeni Leader Moves Closer Toward Exit

Yemen's leader has offered to leave with strings attached.

The economy of Yemen as its comparatively small oil reserves dwindle to nothing could modernize to a winter resort for yachts on its fabulous southern ocean frontage. Yemen's Mohmadanist extremists conditioned to desert life may choose to support terrorism instead and maybe find some oil work in Saudi.

Extremists against solar power, desalinization of seawater, hydroponic gardening, electric cars and fuel cells are also against some right and wrong moral things. The rest of the world has such issues too. It would be good if the occurrence of moral arguments did not inevitably displace innocent economic progress.

The Obama Protection Doctrine for Libya Explained Monday; Yemen, Ivory Coast Next?

Letting the good military times roll, President Obama will speak on why the United States is serving as the rebel Libyan Air Force Monday. Meanwhile concerns grow that the United States and or the U.N. may be asked to intervene in the precipitating civil war in the Ivory Coast. Perhaps the President will announce the creation of a U.N. Condor Legion of warthog ground attack fighters, stealth fighters and F-15s as a ready reserve to reinforce global rebels seeking to overthrow governments that have control of vital natural resources such as oil or cocoa (Ivory Coast).

Several potential nations have governments without a functioning democratic government that might be right for overthrowing. One just calls Washington 9-11 after starting a rebellion to borrow an Air Force and military. The Obama Protection Doctrine will be a humanitarian door to war.

Of course one sympathizes with free and democratic government that represents the best interests of the people-I wish we had one in the U.S.A. instead of a globalist cabal seeking to expand market share in antipathetic regions. I am surprised to learn that Libya has a history of supporters of actual democracy that respect the rights of minorities. Maybe we will support a rebel movement in Yemen too if it seems to have a good prospect for winning with Air support.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Deamon-Douglas' Gay Liberace Flick-Exporting Wrong U.S. Moral Values

I knew no good thing would come of having someone with a demonic sounding name play Jason Bourne. Ludlum's action hero was more of a Stephen Seagal kind of guy that the rosy cheeked college sort of halfback from Nebraska. So the Hollywood or Devilwood inner nature has at last emerged in bringing the gay era not only out of the Pentagon-or perhaps the Pentagram, but over movie screens across the globe as well.

Maybe the idea for the Obama administration is to queer up the world as best as possible (don't take offense at the term-I have learned that it was used at Harvard and other elite colleges for queer studies programs jargon) in order to help reduce population. personally I believe that a better way to control over-population besides queering things up is the way to go.

For at some point in a world radically queered some strait yet savage people will take offense and decide-heck, if over population's the problem let's just waste some of the population. You know, accidents just happen and so go the carefully laid plans of mice and men.

The film industry probably is a redoubt for homosexual chic, yet the exporting of American values and approaches to moral directions may be a bit over-the-top in some cases. Though white people comprised just 1% of U.S. population growth the past decade while hispanics were 43% of the increase, that's no reason to push homosexual training upon them, as perhaps was a dark side inuendo of the TV show Chico and the Man of yore that may have had something to do with the suicide of the actor Freddy Prinz (or not).

While tolerance for the civil rights of all human beings is necessary, so should tolerance of the moral norms of people that choose not to have a sin-based normalization of society. Population growth control can be achieved with ecological economic rectification of America and the world simultaneous with education. Perverting society will make that harder to achieve.

New Steam Engine Design for In-Space Travel

An interesting report at on a design for an electro-thermal engine making steam to thrust the ship forward (it goes out nozzels on the back of the spaceship). It would be powered with water.

Hopefully the water would not be taken from Mars, or the Moon (ice) where it is a finite resource. If space ships must use water, it should be taken from comets or other ice beyond Pluto (and they should not use Pluto for fuel).

Its an interesting idea, yet somewhat backwards. Earth is where water should be used for fuel, and space use ions or photons, dirt or electro-magnetic fields or some substance such as methane or hydrogen possibly from one of the moons of Saturn or jupiter. video

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Leibniz, The Infinitesimal Calculus and Identity and Individuality in Quantum Mechanics

In a way, I am making a note about this topic for later reference. Reading a history book on select math developments such as calculus the subject of infinitesimally small intervals arose, and of course quantum mechanical 'objects' are also very small if not practically infinitesimally small because their measurements are difficult to make with standard measuring sticks.

In fact measuring the location or a speed of some very small objects is possible yet a little bit inconclusive since abstracting just one characteristic of a speeding quantum particle may actually change its nature.

In calculus it seems that there was a similar problem in measuring the speed or location of an object along a wavy line (sinusoidal) or even a strait line representing speed or distance. One could get an instant speed at a point or the speed over an area averged. A refined guessing or reduction of areas crossed with rectangles using a hyped up Pythagorean math to determine areas was developed. I have no idea if there is a non-Euclidean calculus with a differnet, more difficult basis for computation.

Not to get off track and obscure-for I am not a mathematician, the infinitesimals of calculus and that of points or quanta are ponderables in proximity. The philosophical article in the link above is about identity and individuality in quantum mechanics-I guess, having not yet had time to read it yet.

About Black Hole Cygnus X1 and It's Magnetic Field That Polarizes Light reported on discoveries about the behavior of light around the edge of the giant black hole Cygnus X1. The light should be formed as polarized by a very strong electro-magnetic field probably created by the 18 mile wide black hole.

The behavior of matter and light near a black hole is interesting for numerous reasons including what can be learned about fundamental forces of nature such as electro-magnetism, 'massless' photons, the properities if any of space and behavior of quarks and other sub-atomic particles near the presence of a very powerful gravitational field. Gravity is the most weak of the three major forces of nature in the standard model of physics (the other two are electro-magnetism or electroweak force and the strong nuclear force) so it is especially interesting when concentrated in places such as a black hole.

The power of gravity I suppose being one-directional with all that mass it just keeps crunching everything inward. That doesn't actually make a lot of sense, since space hasn't got any directions to it, so gravity perhaps locks of mass in such a way that it can't have a reverse at a certain point.

Faith is Required for Passage of a Federal Budget

Citizens observing Congress might disagree with a recent NPR claim that ‘there is no place for faith in the chaos’ of Congressional budgeting. That sounds a little like an untterance from an apostle of atheism. NPR probably has faith that the Democratic majority in the Senate will restore the half billion dollars of NPR funding that the House cut. Maybe they will lever all they can to pile on the support for globalist radio even so.

Full faith and credit in the value of the U.S. dollar is what keeps it afloat. Faith that the U.S. Congress will at some point return from their fiscal binge of protracted foreign wars and failure to focus on developing U.S. infrastructure instead of outsourcing work must exist if the members are not to despair.

Faith is what is required to overcome the chasm of uncertainty. Lack of confidence in one’s ability or in that of one’s fellow citizens can bring one to fail to cross the high bar of ecological economic national revitalization. Faith is what allows people to begin projects of vast scale and meaning when there seems little hope for success, or when the light at the end of the tunnel hasn’t yet become even a distant light in the darkness.

Congress must have faith that they shall overcome drinking the wine of the wrath of economic fornication on Wall Street and Iraq and restore sound judgment about the right role of government in democracy. Democratic representatives are not supposed simply to be yes men that say ‘let the market do it’ to every possible task they should work for themselves. One cannot suppose a market to decide what the condition of externalities to their for-profit activities should be, government cannot rely on market chaos to select what their security situation should become or who ought to provide it if anyone.

Passing a federal budget requires faith that God has provided a natural law and a spiritual inspiration that can be discovered. Pursuit of the intelligent, the good and beautiful, a health ecosphere and citizenry in government as well as life requires good budgeting of time, energy and financial resources. Congress must have faith instead of cynical despair in their fellow congresspersons and themselves that they can pass a balanced budget at some point in this lifetime or in that of their children or children’s children. They must suspend their skepticism and disbelief in a positive sum strategy and work for the social good. Bright ideas and intentional reform can occur in the U.S. Government-and they mustn't lose faith that such things might occur even in their own lifetimes.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Does President Obama Plan Cheap Oil Communist Utopia for Libya?

Down the road when the New World Order reaches Tripoli what sort of a redistribution of that country’s oil wealth will take place? Logically a nation with just one basic natural economic resource distributes its value equally to all citizens. The desert oasis ethic produces either equal portions of water to all or all water controlled by one authoritarian power (e.g. Col. Kaddafi).

Karl Marx and primitive European communists believed that wealth was manufactured and redistribution of products renormalized to a fair synthetic economy should occur, yet in a society with just one natural resource and lots of desert a communist government need never occur. Instead, people take their cash and go about their independent lives as libertarians. Distribution of wealth from the poor and middle class to the rich as wealth concentrates is another way that redistribution of wealth can occur such as presently in the U.S.A. through e-networking and inherent market advantages.

The trouble of defining distribution and redistribution is an ongoing issue in America. In fact we know the United States will not permit the bad example of a prosperous commune to form in Libya, so some veiled form of authoritarianism is likely to arise in the future. Libya has the situation of redistributing past wealth and distribution of present oil value before it. Nations without oil or with more than one rich natural resource should not try cash commune libertarianism at home.

The United States hasn’t itself solved the meanings of distribution or redistribution that primarily differ temporally; redistribution pertains to past production and distribution to present and new production. It is always fair to set new and more just distribution policies for social opportunity to accumulate wealth.

That is beyond the scope of this comment on what President Obama plans to make of Libya besides perhaps a chaotic political mess. Maybe the Libyan will become reconfigured into Jeffersonian liberals with enough propaganda from CNN or Al Jeezera, yet I am skeptical about that. Maybe the region will become as stable as the economy of the U.S.A. is with expert management of the U.S. budget and ignorance of the national interest in transitioning to a low entropy ecological economic policy-such a transition would likely require 25 years.

Pentagon Mouthpiece Says U.S. Will Continue to ‘Pressurize’ Libya

Pressurization is something like war. U.S. military flights flew 175 missions the past two days. Air Force General Margaret Woodward has coordinated the military liberalization of Libya with the full menu of million-dollar apiece missile entrĂ©es. Inflating Libya with military pressurization, the rebels of Libya may enjoy President Obama’s rich military attention. Yet they might expect some sort of pay back for the military pressurization in the future.

The disorienting leadership of the internationalist President Obama waging an out of country conflict while the incompetent congress can’t balance a budget must be somewhat amusing for the President who finds himself leader of the hapless lot of idiots pursuing global wealth while forsaking their own real national interests. That occurs in the decadent Universalist phase of an overly expanded nation-state.

The United States like ancient Rome began with the advantage of comparative isolation and security and borrowed brilliant innovating leaders and ideas from a previous civilization-then it prospered.

Eventually though the nation became a world leaders and expanded beyond its base losing its security and flooding its realm with global leadership. The rest is history; Rome fell and became a backwater subject to other powers of the world for the remainder of its existence unto modern times.

The military at least prosperous n the declining phase of decades or centuries taking a third of the federal budget. Sailors and marines can buy up the homes that are foreclosed upon by global lenders, and the unemployed can marvel at the high salaries of E-1s and observe four-stars moving into six and seven figure management jobs at defense contractors after ‘serving’ the people of the world ‘pressurizing’ foes of the Pentagon.

President Obama Opens Third Spatio-Temporal Military Front; Libya

With just two hours notice to congress President Obama opened a neo-proxy war last Friday to end the Kaddafi regime of Libya. The President has been running his little sideshow from a working vacation in South America for several days using ‘blackberry control’ for micro tasking his globalist wrath via the properly priced powers of the Pentagon.

The President didn’t call the donation of an air force and cruise missiles a war obviously. It was the establishment of a Col. Kaddafi’s Government no-fly zone in order to benefit the Rebel forces of Libya. At what point the rebels are rebels for protesting or firing a weapon at the Libyan army hasn’t been made clear.

Some sort of standard rules for determining who are or are not legal combatants might be useful if one believes such legalities are not mere anachronisms. In a legal context in which community law supersedes written law Leninist ends-justify-means principles seem to be in effect.

Some Americans still like plain legal demarcations and explicit social recognition of civil rights. Without equal and universal civil rights the government can readily becomes an enemy of the people of a nation domestically and for-others.

Modern methods of war and social lack of concern renders such preferences moot in some instances beyond posturing before the reality T.V. cameras of war for ratings.

Recently butched up U.S. military forces protecting the new gayzites of Liberalism-the potential plays on words are endless with an integral calculus of change-must bring about some sort of results in administration logic. One may wonder what the changes will be in Libya in years ahead.

President Obama seemingly has opened a destabilized state of affairs for Libya that could last a decade. The present civil war might go on for months or not. Regardless of the time it takes for the issue to be decided, it is unknown what sort of a government will emerge from the wreckage.

A Libyan government that is free and democratic probably will be too weak on secret police activity to repress terrorists. Suicide bombing may develop as a new Al Qa’eda of Libya arises to vie for power. If the government is genuinely democratic it may not be able to repress Muslim terror planning, and if not, it may liberally permit terrorists to plan attacks on Europe and the American east coast from its territory. Though these concerns are obvious, the new investment of time required to act for security in a newly destabilized nation fairly close to Europe and the U.S.A. is not.

In choosing to enter a third Muslim nation with antagonistic military power the administration has afforded an opportunity for Muslim propagandists to claim that America is a crusader nation bent on converting Muslims to the free market and consumerist atheism. That charge is difficult to refute.

What kind of non-Euclidian political calculus actually goes into U.S. foreign policy intervention planning is unknown to many. While the U.N. may have ordered the engagement to save civilian/rebel lives as an alternative to evacuating them by land and sea, the destabilization of Libya by removal of the Kaddafi government may endanger American lives in the years ahead.

If the duty of a U.S. President is to enact the will of congress and defend the United States, he has apparently done neither of those objectives in his Libyan venture that he says he will turn over to the participating powers in a few days…I am sure they will be very happy with that.

Presidents Washington and Eisenhower each had farewell speeches warnings of permanent foreign political alliances or engagements, of the dangers of a standing military or of the military industrial complex.

U.S. foreign policy opening up protracted and costly military actions in Muslim nations may involve a kind of Euclidean solid compiling and configuration strategy involving color and composition of uncertain parameters and variables. Domino theory was one games theoretical approach to nations, boundaries and war in 20th century politics. The U.S. administration needs to do better than that today, and lead an energy and ecology policy for economic effectiveness far better in quality than the military deployments choices that also lead to financial deficits and bad economic and ecological development examples for the rest of the world. The building blocks of international relations model shapes can be put together in a greater range than politicians seem aware of.

Opening the first conflict of the pentagon’s ‘Butch’ era of openly gay military ‘servants’ with a defense of Ben-Gay-zi Liberaliya seems somehow apropos for the confusion of U.S. roles on military and economic interest in the world today. At least Democratic Rep. Coup-sin-itch said that it might be an impeachable offense. Maybe Congress should pass some kind of law regulating foenetics.

Mathematical methods for modeling nations and political force interpolation abroad that require less military and more intelligent engagement are requisite for a U.S.A. fit to meet the global challenges for today and tomorrow.

Gravity and Photons

If gravity was like light
its particles scattering in all directions
from a source to flow with inertia across space
issued in a valence level at fixed speed
gravitons would issue in all directions
shifting frequency approaching or receding
effects would not be focused
to act upon distant objects equally as near
primary gravitational sources diluted with distance
inverse square laws, linear equations
becoming integrals of unknown areas of force
concatenations of mass never out of touch
imperfect circumstances for learning
such as experimentation on the affects of galaxies 20 billion light years away
only empty space in the midst and nothing beyond
differentials of theory
spheres of mass in four dimensional all-directional stream criteria

On Faith

I thought I would write a note about faith. Reading an interesting book on the historical development of select fields of mathematics I reached a place where the author commended Descartes method of philosophical introspection for first principles of knowledge. He suggested it as being exemplary of a method for self-help.

I enjoy reading philosophy and the meditations on a method have stimulated generations of people to consider basic assumptions about experience. Yet the axiom suggested; taking nothing on faith, seems implicitly invalid; this is why…

Experience of the world implicitly presents itself in structure. Today we might reduce our description for causation of the structure to physicalist processes relating to quantum theory; however it is at any rate structured and therefore heterodox in nature. One’s own conscious experience exists of a structured reality not generated by one’s own thought.

It might be popular for some moderns to suggest that a tabula rasa like existential appreciation of reality is requisite for making decisions about belief and subjective epistemological relationships to things external. It isn’t necessary to be so far existentially isolated in making myriad practical judgments about the world and of religious matters inevitably. Not all questions about faith in God or faith in Jesus Christ occur within a subjective, existential criterion though it may be popular to convince people that it is the case.

Let me provide a few examples about practical questions of faith compared to an abstract, existential paradigm for contemplating the meaning of faith.

Example 1-You are alone on a small, wet, cold island in Alaska with dwindling supplies. You have no batteries for communication devices and food is running low. A winter storm may occur so looking for food may be a good idea. A week before the fellow that dropped you off on the island said that he would return today at eleven. You have faith that he will return on time and so pack and are ready at the landing site instead of foraging for food somewhere else.

Example 2-The Japanese Army has invaded the Philippines. You are a local with a libertarian political philosophy the Japanese would repress. An American General evacuating the Philippines says ‘I shall return’. You have faith and fight the Japanese as an insurgent from the jungle with faith that one day the General will return to reinforce the resistance. Without faith, the prospects for resistance might have seemed futile.

3) Two thousand years ago a UFO visits the Earth and an alien named Morty gets off. Soon he instructs the villagers of a remote desert collection of ramshackle dwellings that someday in the distant future he will return to bring desalinating equipment in order to help make the production of fresh water and lemonade possible for less cost than rival villagers sell it for presently. All he needs now is the sacrifice of some barbecued goats to fuel his vehicle.

The villagers provide the goat meat and the alien departs in his UFO. A cult of faith develops that lasts quietly in the village for two millennia. It is not unreasonable for the villagers’ descendents to have faith that the UFO will return as promised with their water making equipment is it?

Example 4- A anthropologist is alone in an African jungle walking to a village. Suddenly she is aware that millions of army ants are moving her way. She walks faster and soon reaches a small ravine at the bottom of which is a crocodile infested creek.

There are two planks that cross over to the far side of the creek, and two men telling her to cross over their plank safety. One man accuses the other have being a deceiver, and that his plank is rotten and a death trap for western anthropologists. The other man is humble, and says he paid for the plank himself, knows it to be safe, and the only thing he charges to use it is faith.

The anthropologist chooses to have faith and crosses to safety before the woman eating army ants reach the barrier.

Example 5- Jesus Christ arrived on Earth about the year 3 B.C. and at age 30 began a three year ministry to evangelize the people of the world with the good news that He is God. If people have faith that He is God and paid for their sins with the sacrifice of His own life-and accept Him as their Savior-then he will take them unto heaven eventually and eternal life reconciled unto God the Father.

In other words, Christians are to have faith that Jesus Christ really plans to return to Earth one day, or otherwise liberate them from the bondage of mortal life and the problems of sin and evil. Faith that Jesus Christ will return is not an abstract intellectual or philosophical construction instead of a belief that a real man who lived at a particular moment in history actual was who he said he was, overcame death with resurrection and will return to wrap up his mission-to-Earth at some point in the future.

Faith in Jesus Christ is a belief in a particular individual and trust in His word.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Into Nothing Falls Space ©2011GaryCGibson (poem)

With the wondrous flow
space falls in every direction
for a coherent pattern is finite
structured harmonics of being’s accord go

Into nothingness space falls
dimensions and mass never weight
forming permutations of motion
being and nothingness of late
extend forever into subjectivity as all

All that is one uni-verse we know
flowing structured indeterminacy
particle-wave string shells
tide in knots slipping in time

Moving through spacescapes being together
changes of context in unusual weather
currents of mass-energy converted from one
enact each possibility in structures in fall
together with nothingness reaching toward all
that is one way of being and seeming
first light
shining within darkness
within ponderous night.

Kemp, Reagan, Concussions & Supply Side Tax Cuts

The 31% income tax cuts that Ronald Reagan signed into law were stimulated by the Kemp-Roth bill to cut income taxes 30%. The national debt more than doubled during the Reagan administration.

Congressman Jack Kemp was a pro football quarterback who handed off the football to O.J. Simpson playing for the Buffalo Bills. Perhaps Jack Kemp got several concussions like O.J. One wonders if O.J. was not the career leader in concussions since he was most of the expansion era Bill’s offense.

Ronald Reagan also played football albeit in college. He also served in world war two and of course contracted Alzheimer’s disease. Autopsies have shown that the brains of football player’s that have had several concussions shrink about 50% as much as those with Alzheimer’s. That is concussions cause Alzheimer’s scale brain damage if repetitive.

Kemp and Reagan, the two prime movers of 30% tax cuts for the rich each had the potential for brain damage during their political careers from football concussions and/or Alzheimer’s disease. Bill Clinton, who never played in more than a band, eliminated the tax cuts so far as possible.

One might wonder if there is a relationship between brain damage and support for very low federal income tax rates. Does cocaine use factor in to creating political belief that mass economic growth will pay for federal deficit spending by the trillions simultaneously with 30% income tax cuts Maybe, just for academic purposes, scientists might ask O.J. Simpson if he would allow his brain to be MR’d t determine I he has experienced significant brain damage from his football concussions. Simpson probably was the best fullback in the NFL history and on terrible teams ran the ball about every play averaging five yards a carry (approximately). Simpson may have played with concussions and ignored them as best as possible.

Economic Wars of Today and Tomorrow

Tomahawk cruise missiles cost more than a million dollars apiece. When hundreds are launched at nations such a Libya that stimulates the economy of defense contractors. Questions about the relation of economics to modern war may abound, though I will speculate about just a few parameters of the phenomena.
For North Sea oil fields running low and world oil reserves probably having already reached peak production while global demand and population is increasing, securing Libyan oil fields for England, France and Europe’s benefit might seem a poetic bargain since Moamar Kaddafi led invention of the 1972 Arab oil embargo against the west.

If the world has a few developing major economic blocks and ideas about economic and moral correctness-perhaps the Market of the west, Islam and a Chinese block-these major blocks seems to have plate tectonic boundary conflicts that can lead to military conflicts of limited nature.

A Chinese government that would attack Taiwan with high tech weapons and a million man army would risk counter-punching with cruise missiles from Taiwan on it economic infrastructure such as dams and sensitive production facilities. If even 30% of the Chinese infrastructure was halted for some time a popular revolution might transpire. Alternatively if China attacked Taiwan other players might find it a good time to attack China from another direction. Modern games theory seems to be behind several potential conflicts today, especially as economic calculations of the value of targets, weapons and economic losses to rivals and increased economic power to winners seem to have returned to the phenomena of war.

When the Bush II administration choose to accept Kaddafi’s normalization feelers seven years ago much of the American right was discomfited with letting the well known terrorist off the hook. One must wonder if G.W. Bush was setting up a rope-a-dope for a foot in the door to let another administration deliver the knock out punch to the terrorist dictator bring in oil reserves and better contracts with a different post-Kaddafi government?

Moamar Kaddafi long ago was a revolutionary leader receiving support fro the world leftist war against the ‘free world’. He was a radical Islamist as well seeking gains against the ‘Crusader-Colonialists’ in a protracted war of Muslims against the dar al harb. With the end f the cold war the dictator realized in time that he was over-exposed without a K.G.B. backup and Soviet military existential ally I suppose-he sought to renormalize relations with the west after 9-11 in order not to become a target for a Bush II invasion force. Moamar Khadafy was buying time, yet the post 9-11 west placed more demands upon Liberalization than the dictator was willing to afford.

Moamar Kaddafi had order the Pan American airlines flight that flew from the U.S.A. to London t be blown up over Lockerbie Scotland in 1988. I remember the year because I had flown on a similar Pan Am flight the year before close to winter solstice. Eventually some terrorist named Abdel Basset Mohamed al-Megrahi was convicted, Kaddafi implicated yet with the help of BP eventually Scotland released the terrorist for ‘humanitarian reasons’ as he was believed dying of terminal cancer to the tender ministrations of Kaddafi and celebration. Under the current sentiments and spookish planning seem possibly to exist in the phenomena.

With unknown intelligence elements encouraging organization, public Internet twittering and demonstration in Libya led to demands that the dictator resign and his condign response. Thus the U.N. Security Council voted to provide air cover for whatever civilian led military actions against the forces of Kaddafi might follow. One anticipates that the cost benefits to the oil and military industrial elements of interested parties will also bring a future of uncertainty to the nature and cost of support for a post Kaddafi government for the United States.

In a world with increasing population and military capability economic conflicts that stimulate respective power blocks military industrial conflicts will empty their arsenals of weapons that become shelved to long allowing a restocking with new weapons. If weapons are not used the weapons industry cannot perpetuate business activity obviously. The cost of war upon the destruction of particular economic infrastructure may also produce political candidates that represent economic interests wishing to have their global interests protracted from military destruction. Wars and war targets may thus become selected by omission from politically protected status as well as for commission of direct attacks or threats to antagonist military forces.

In a world with increasing military power, reducing number of political power blocks, increasing population and far higher structuring of mass economic subsistence and global trade the occurrence of war will obviously present an increasing danger to collateral global economic continuity, therein creating diamond-cutting quality specialized military assault potential to alter economic balances globally. Such a human social criterion for modern war highlights in failure of human society commonly to pursue the good for-itself instead of the stupid.

In a nation with decreasing use of capital punishment, U.S. annual homicide through war rates have increased markedly since 9-11 when the era of post-cold war peace besides Kosovo or wherever was an era of simple government greed without violence as an economic device. This seems to be an era of increasing government killing cliques of murdering monkeys lusting for economic power and market profit. Alternative development of a more human kind would eliminate fossil fuels from the transportation equation and continue human expansion of the High Frontier on non-biologically populated worlds with peaceful global participation. Humanity can only climb as far as its leaders are allowed to go.

On the Logic of a Post-Military World Order/Direct Death Executives

When the United States and other United Nations member powers launched 112 (later reports suggested hundreds of missiles were launched) million dollar each Tomahawk missiles upon Libya Saturday it suggested that the era of ¾ trillion dollar a year U.S. military costs are not quite over. With the proliferation of missile technology it is easy to envision the chaotic world of the future made possible with a plethora of conventional auto-piloted munitions delivered to g.p.s. coordinates. Yet what of a future world order where science unifies destruction and homicide with political will to act directly?

Instead of a world full of soldiers, airmen, marines and sailors with a cornucopia of high tech specialized weaponry, the ultimate logic of modern weapons of war conferring specific destruction upon grid areas would eliminate military forces and place the particularized power of destruction directly into the hands or voice command of a political leader.

Such scientific progress that would let particle beam devices actually at the speed of light to any location on the planet within a specific bounded are would terminate the need for any other kind of military force beyond ordinary civil gendarmerie and police. Death and destruction delivered with precise computerized accuracy in any shape, quantity or quality globally would terminate whatever opposition force existed at that address.

Though such a weapons development is not all too improbable one day, one must wonder about the theoretical issues that would arise with placing virtually absolute power in the hands of one individual. Would a President with absolute power be willing to give up power? Would a political party with such a power tolerate political plurality?

Human culture has always coexisted with geographic regions. Human race existed within particular areas and changed only as culture changed. Cultures, race, economy and gender roles arise and continued phenomenally to sometimes be destroyed or perish through environmental challenge. Were Neanderthal’s exterminated through interspecies contact with humans with some sort of venereal disease?

Politically, cultural developments and intercultural contacts may occur as national units, regional units or even civilizations. A global culture may have developed, yet subcultures for local autonomy persist enabling members of a stable culture to order their own affairs democratically. Cultures allow competition and differentiation to exist. A global culture and national sub-cultures may be the present form of social organization, yet differentiation is pressured by uniformist political-economic powers seeking elimination of nationalist subcultures; the dissimulation that all people would be free equally to travel with just one world macro-culture is material. There would inevitably be a global financial apartheid of the travelers, financiers and wealth exploiting the politically disempowered majority, or, alternately, a planetary authoritarian computer guided dictatorship of the proletariat would dress all things political in shades of gray.

What sort of logic would guide plural political powers of absolute particle beam specific death that would permit democratic election? If the President of the nations of the United Nations Security Council each had the particle beam power of death for themselves in their national offices, what gaming conditions could be logically developed to assure a just use and transfer of control of the death field after elections?

If nation-cultures are phenomenal facts in the stream of time wherein a stable time-geography existence confers genetic similarity, how would political leaders decide about rightness or wrongness for use of death fields in relation to economic or national-culture times of instability?

The post-military world environment where none are free from the invasive surveillance of corporate organization and/or government may also bring a post-military world in which each existing cultural leader has the power to kill any or all within his polity or that of rival polities at his/her/its fingertips. One must wonder if that era would be one of peace or terror for the voters. In a future post-military world order political leaders might receive weaponry directly from scientific laboratories able to kill select members of the world populous. Would scientist then not themselves necessarily be political partisans and the de facto military providing assists to the Executive homicidalist for more efficient action?

Review 2-'Age of Fracture'

The farther I have read in this book on American society and the evolution and fragmentation of political and economic thought in the United States since maybe 1960, the more I enjoy it. It should win a National Book Award. My undergraduate depth in philosophy and history allows me to appreciate the interdisciplinary scope’s intensity of analysis the Princeton History proff Daniel Rodgers brought to these essays on fracturing or pluralistic platooning of more simple and aggregate forms of social thought in economics, sociology, politics, race, gender studies and more.

I had not considered the fact before that the 1960’s anti-establishment libertarianism of anti-war, anti-draft, anti-government radicals synergized very logically into a 1980’s anti-big government, libertarian anti-state neo-conservative political philosophy. One finds innumerable interesting points in this book to support development of one’s own new political theories as one realizes better where America thought amidst elites has been and how it got to be where it is today.

Even the law has changed significantly on the basis for assigning value and compensation for plaintiff claims. Real social values of damages differ from narrow, proximal differences, and market values of claims damages differ as well with time as an element.

Individuals rather than social aggregations seem to be the present American point of view from which social corrections of class inequalities might be made, or rather, disregarded. If social classes are specious then corrections for class inequalities are as well. This book surveys changes in language and social power structures, from Foucault and on to the philosophies of Rawls, Rorty and Nozick. The contest between structure and destructuralism in social perceptions and power, in the pursuit for social justice and relation to the market comprise dialectical intellectual and political evolution that from my point of view fail to appreciate the frontier, phenomenal and voluntary nature of primitive human social aggregation for which good character seeking to assure freedom and the best possible way of life for all within available environmental resource limits would have a temporal propensity for redistributing wealth to the lowest class of society in order to increase opportunity until it became socially and economically counter-productive to do so.

At this point I will leave off commenting about Rawls’ philosophy and ‘The Age of Fracture’ and describe a better way of regarding society, briefly.

Anarchy, State and Utopia by Nozick was a libertarian reply to Rawls’ earlier book of social philosophy ‘A Theory of Justice’ helpfully summarized by Rodgers in ‘The Age of Fracture’. I have read the classical philosophers of political philosophy, yet not too much the more contemporary as I stayed with analytical philosophy, cosmology and occasional retro-readings (regarding time eg. Aquinas, Kierkegaard, Augustine, Origin, Athanasius etc.) in theology. Readings in the analytic philosophy of W.V.O. Quine, P.F. Strawson, Cohen, and others led to a better understanding of the nature of language, words and objects and so forth. Because I view society as a phenomenal, evolutionary aggregation that creates its own linguistic and moral ontologies phenomenally and appropriate for various respective stages and circumstances, yet also believe in God and a natural structure of the Universe from its quantum level to a solid state level consistent with the concept of natural law, its rather simple to regard arguments about social roles, social and political power and so forth as also phenomenal historical circumstances. The ideal human society short of the arrival of God to supervise personally, would try to perpetually restore to human society the volunteer, equal access the fundamental material needs and freedom found in a healthy natural environment so far as possible.

In a very advanced society money as power is transcended and the individual has adequate power to provide for individual freedom. The primary political directive would be to prevent any kind of coercive subjugation of anyone else, such that all people would need to associate strictly on a voluntary basis.

Societies evolve and historically appear at any given place and time. Changing a social environment is always challenging and seldom is accomplished without discomfiture to significant portions of the population. When a society reaches a rational material balance with the ecosphere however, when technology becomes environmentally minimalist regarding displacement of the ecosphere and the economics of personal living needs are socially well advanced freeing society from direct needs to the preponderance of repressive competition or exploitation of the environment, then each individual should have enough energy to be creative and survive to prosper intellectually and physically without compiling power or energy in such a way as to be repressive of anyone else in society. In that advanced ecospheric social structure, one that incidentally is space-faring, money, energy or wealth would be freely available like water is to a primitive society in an area with lots of naturally flowing streams. In such a context of rational and socially prosperous economic management there would be no reason for anyone to try to dam up or compile excess water for-themselves anymore so than there would be a reason for a hundred wandering Indians living in Eastern Oregon 15,000 years ago to fence property.

Human civilization has existed for about 8,000 years, and the progress of human society in economics might be fairly measured by observing how it provides its members with food and other necessities of life. Before civilization, with a far smaller population, most of humanity had sufficiency in food. Human freedom was general as slavery largely is a consequence of organized social subjugation. With economic progress much of humanity is subjugated by bureaucratic and organizational structures requiring servitude in exchange for food, shelter and other necessaries. Medical advances are vast improvements over pre-civilization human conditions, yet they are not available to all and for many require a kind of financial bondage to get (debt). The advance of civilization will require a rectification of the deficiencies in these conditions.

One day when economic rationality has advanced far enough freedom from want for all of humanity may be a fact, and the ecosphere might simultaneously be restored. The prevention of crime and ecospheric unfeasibility vis demographics and continuity might be the sole coercive governance in a rational society with a productive economy of a lowest entropy condition.

Every individual might create a secure home as easily as flipping open a self phone that would disappear when flipped shut. No cause for permanent geographic displacement of ecosphere or geographic area would exist. Economic competition would stop. Quality technical progress could continue. Yet that would be more like the pursuits of knowledge that ancient Greek philosophers and mathematicians pursued; knowledge for its own sake. Dialectical conversations would occur, and material fabrications could be accomplished when necessary for some particular exploration venture. Generally though the advanced society would have accomplished insinuation into the Earth ecosphere in the most energy efficient and effective way practical with barriers to travel overcome, communication ubiquitous, freedom defended and the economy renaturalized as an equivalent to nature able to cohere non-invasively within the ecosphere (nature).

Space-Time Slope and Mass Gravity ©2011 GaryCGibson (poem)

When the slope of space-time Universe flows
outward upon the course of nothingness
across those depths of empty infinity
the wasteland without sound or meaning
mass energy cannot return over extra-dimensions of self
to journey with spatial dimensions directed
like never ending frontiers of echoes
along free running river courses of potential

Mass aggregating in steady states
has larger dimensions to themselves
tumbling like stones in a rock polisher
gems of refracting light in molecular forms
mass energy collapsing inward as space flows outward
the infinite directions expanding forever
while mass contracts within its being
compacting efficient effacement of dissipation

Friday, March 18, 2011

Macro-Classification of Words©2011GaryCGibson

Spent fuel rods of economic power
gather heat for-themselves
glowing in the dark
alpha beta and gamma radiation mark
times and half lives past
waves of change superimposed on plate
boundaries like rings of fired, rehired
outsourced possibilities of planetary rationality
Intuited power structures dissipated
control of cultural hegemonies
radio and television waveforms
the leader playing golf with the common duffer
envisioning the way things are together
individuals without aggregated ideas
with democracy a collectivist measure
of how far the commons is trusted
against the realistic market of infinity
extending like a fog bank of dreams
through which rational gambling sojourners follow after truth
after Jordan across the pacific
stuff Chicago hoops with meatpacker sausage cartridges

Microeconomic dominion of rational hedonism
ending at the invisible shoreline
with impotent governance of echoes
mathematical models of realism imagined
as most real utopian takeovers of market share
an existential transcendence of the ego
over the troubles of borders, wars, plagues, budgets
A dream state of neo-realism become one global market
a fearless leader on the Temple Mount
to survey a new world order of solidarity
aggregated expressions of philosophical class consciousness
like the green lizards versus the red
receivers versus the f word, young, old, Chinese, Afros
H class hits, herpes, and hates hated
hip desires valued in standard abstract currency
inflation of the populist, standardized model A of political realism
placing power within the market itself
as the Supreme Guide of political criteria
disregards the implicit ecospheric definition of power
empowered in ideas, shadows, structures, seasons, sounds and everything evolving in the ecosphere
power in ideas to construct a compliment to natural reality
for human habitations like those created by God
fashion mud into dwellings of the soul.

Would Iran Control Persian Gulf Entrances With Revolution in Bahrain?

When the Saudi royal family sent 150 armored personnel carriers to reinforce the Bahraini royal government-a Sunni government like that of the Saudi, I was reminded of the long shadow cast by the radical Shia government of Revolutionary Iran in middle eastern affairs. If the civil uprising in Bahrain by Shia militants led to an abdication and takeover to Shia rule, would Americans observe formation of a democratic government in Bahrain by people speaking a language that has no words for democracy in it?

For domestic U.S. news consumption we learn that uprising in the Middle East by organizers using Twitter and Facebook invariable would create a democratic government if successful. If sectarian rule is democratic with complete repression of the opposite Islamic mosques and people from government perhaps that is so. Nevertheless there are many questions to ponder on the issue of political stability in the strategically important tiny nation of Bahrain.

How did a Sunni ruling class form historically in Bahrain, and where did the Shia come from that live in Bahrain today-were they illegal aliens arriving after the British created the nation following world war one?

If Shiist government takes over will Grand Ayatollah Sistani of Iraq be there spiritual guide, or will it be the Supreme Guide Khomeinehi of Iran? If a Shia government takes over will Iran home-port naval warships there to control both sides of the entrance to the Persian Gulf? Will Iran deploy missiles to Bahrain able to hit all Saudi oil production facilities from the Red Sea to the Persian Gulf? Will Iran sponsor the creation of the Hezbollah political party in Bahrain as it supports Hezbollah in the Lebanon? Americans have no answers to most of these simple questions reaching mundane political discussion.

Saudi Arabia is the wealthiest of Arab nations. The oil of the nation is half gone already, and one must wonder about the prosperity of a Saudi Arabia with a democratic government locked in civil, political turmoil and economic management something more like that of the United States; would it begin running deficits too and accelerate the wasting of its natural oil wealth before returning to the desert status of Yemen? Perhaps a slow evolution to a constitutional monarchy is in Saudi Arabia’s future. The effort to continuously grow national prosperity I that nation may perhaps suffer with too much restive political agitation if not pluralistic terrorist actions in support of takedown of the government. Such leveraged underpinning would not necessarily be followed by construction of a democratic government. We might think to ask who the people are, where they are from, what additional interests are present and so forth in regarding the opposition constituency in Twitter-Facebook inspired ‘instant’ uprisings seeking to borrow U.S. political and military power.

Atomic Power Investors Say Everyone is Radioactive Already-No Worries

Numerous talking heads defending nuclear power plant construction and the no-danger nature of atomic fission piles producing electricity have reassured the public that everyone already emits radiation themselves and a little more won’t hurt them. They also say that nuclear power plants are a ‘smart choice’, yet each premise is false.

Hanford Nuclear Reservation in Washington State still has an unfunded 50 billion dollar clean-up cost. Hanford was the site of the nation’s first federal nuclear power facility and has a few mothballed plants there that cost taxpayers billions and billions.

Market forces have conquered U.S. government economic policy planning. President Obama threw in the toll on ending Bush era tax cuts wholeheartedly indicating his underlying market political philosophy. That market philosophy of government is based on economic and social science theories since the 70’s the government isn’t capable of rational economic intervention-it can only bail out large market players when they stumble because of imperfect knowledge of the market conditions.

That is a kind of rational market existential philosophy. The poor are deleted from Democratic political concerns, as is full employment as they have signed off on a natural unemployment rate versus rise of inflation (NAIRU) paradigm as an unavoidable deterministic fact.

Market philosophy dominance of politics can neutralize the reality of democracy. Democratic governments, it is held, should not moderate economics through public sector goal setting and intervention. Instead, they should reinforce the market and let the democracy of buying stock be the rationality that determines governance. Power is implicitly found in the market culture. Electrical power supply and consumption management should be a part of government duty in regard to national paradigm setting. Absolute power supply and consumption in itself may become absolutely corrupt when market forces alone determine the philosophical parameters of its use. All of nature-all of the mass that exists is an equivalent of energy. Atomic fission and fusion of mass to release energy is best left to nature, and the natural history of evolution of the cosmos, for the stars and other processes. Human and other biological life exists at a much different temperature range and should innovate more benign methods of harnessing power to sustain itself and its life processes.

A blind government reliant upon the magic hand of market structuring of society is one that finds atomic power plants ‘smart’. It also support coal, cap and trade, oil consumption and whatever else develops on the market. The ideas of government setting goals and criteria for the market are lost. Democratic governance becomes dumb.

If the U.S. Government were to make nuclear plants, coal plants producing emissions, strip mining of coal and hydro electric dams illegal the national ecology would reasonable be better off. The market values increased consumption however, and thus atomic power plants are regarded as ‘smart’ ways to keep the nation’s power consumption increasing.

Ecological values and values for human survival as well as national independence differ from pure market values quite often. In fact many value theories and systems exist from which a democracy may select those that best enhance the quality of life of the citizens. If dangerous, ecospherically disruptive energy technologies are banned in the United States the market would evolve, like a forest in the devastated St. Helen’s eruption aftermath, to grow a new forest to fill in the empty wasteland.

The market finding atomic, coal and hydroelectric power banned would value wind, solar, geothermal and fuel cell power highly and invest in tech races to supply new power technology. Superconductor technology would be applied along with better building design and insulation strategies. Smart new methods of living and producing and using electricity would flow directly into the voids left by the departure of 1920’s era coal, oil and hydroelectric power along with half century old nuclear-power for peace paradigms.

Atomic power plants are high on a list of implicit threats to life on Earth. In some future global conflict thousands of the plants could be destroyed and hundreds or thousands of years of destruction and/or mutation to human and other living species become a routine fact of the planetary surface and oceanic depths.

Minimum Income for Unemployed in NAIRU Equillibrium?

Beyond Samuelson text-bookonomics, beyond monetarism and Keynsianism, the supply side of Lafferian market march madness with no borders has transcended and largely negated the concept of government collective macro-economic interventions. The Democratic Party has accepted the concept of NAIRU-the natural anti-inflation rate of unemployment and pure market individualism with deemphasis of the nation’s poor. It should be possible to compensate for the natural rate of structural unemployment by providing a minimum income for the unemployed who will not find work because economic theory does not permit a certain percentage of a population to be employed.

Designing programs to provide medical service or the poor for free would best lower the cost of medicine in the United States. The poor cannot afford insurance or health services when they need them, so providing free clinics for the poor would not take money away from medical providers. As it is the public must absorb the cost of emergency room treatments the poor are forced to seek, and the cost is passed on to those that can afford medical services.

With a minimum national income a standardization of subsistence policy for the unemployed, undesirable and hopeless would be created that would enable a functional level of social fluidity and opportunity to make ends meet in ad hoc reinforcement for training opportunities. Minimum free enterprise might also be supported by the innovative with a minimum income.

Some might argue that if the natural unemployment rate is 5%, those five per cent should suffer until they find work and a rotating door of sharing the pain of destitution might eliminate the need of a minimum income. Some might argue that some people would not work with a national minimum income-yet if some quit jobs to receive a minimum income that would free up a job opportunity for someone receiving a federal minimum income who is looking for a job that pays at least 300% more than the minimum.

Economic realism matters in a society that seeks a natural functioning social flow equivalent to that provided by nature from which any individual cold naturally extract subsistence with a less challenging demographic and legal situation. Society should not use NAIRU as a lever for eugenics policy to rid society perennial of those deemed undesirable. With bad social judgment, or even malign supernatural influence, a society might evolve itself out of existence.

Minimum Income for Unemployed in NAIRU Equilibrium?

Beyond Samuelson text-bookonomics, beyond monetarism and Keynsianism, the supply side of Lafferian market march madness with no borders has transcended and largely negated the concept of government collective macro-economic interventions. The Democratic Party has accepted the concept of NAIRU-the natural anti-inflation rate of unemployment and pure market individualism with deemphasis of the nation’s poor. It should be possible to compensate for the natural rate of structural unemployment by providing a minimum income for the unemployed who will not find work because economic theory does not permit a certain percentage of a population to be employed.

Designing programs to provide medical service or the poor for free would best lower the cost of medicine in the United States. The poor cannot afford insurance or health services when they need them, so providing free clinics for the poor would not take money away from medical providers. As it is the public must absorb the cost of emergency room treatments the poor are forced to seek, and the cost is passed on to those that can afford medical services.

With a minimum national income a standardization of subsistence policy for the unemployed, undesirable and hopeless would be created that would enable a functional level of social fluidity and opportunity to make ends meet in ad hoc reinforcement for training opportunities. Minimum free enterprise might also be supported by the innovative with a minimum income.

Some might argue that if the natural unemployment rate is 5%, those five per cent should suffer until they find work and a rotating door of sharing the pain of destitution might eliminate the need of a minimum income. Some might argue that some people would not work with a national minimum income-yet if some quit jobs to receive a minimum income that would free up a job opportunity for someone receiving a federal minimum income who is looking for a job that pays at least 300% more than the minimum.

Economic realism matters in a society that seeks a natural functioning social flow equivalent to that provided by nature from which any individual cold naturally extract subsistence with a less challenging demographic and legal situation. Society should not use NAIRU as a lever for eugenics policy to rid society perennial of those deemed undesirable. With bad social judgment, or even malign supernatural influence, a society might evolve itself out of existence.

Micro-Individualism and the Macro-politically Dumb ©2011GaryCGibson

In this structured micro-circuit phrasing
is like a memory or future storm
a wall constructed with electric fire
free standing dream on perennial skies
revolutions of clouds in 720 degrees
economic auditors of rainfalls elections
incompleteness theorems of perfect information
markets of solipsismic silence
theories of quietism and rational expectations
words without boundaries, shape or form
intervals without spacing, present norms
without pasts
sense and non-sense equally valued
infinite world and growing slum
being, becoming the politically dumb.

Death Valley Days (poem) ©2011 GaryCGibson

Through the valley of the shadows of debt
I shall fear no inflation
thy globalism and corporatism comfort them
who transform infinite American dreams
into that Market rationalism of Don Quixote
that knows no bounds to rational criteria
expansion of imagination fitting into price contingent boxes
the people of the business book
brackets of Wall Street exuberance
glow with radiation developments

Finite yet unbounded is the sphere
a little song of the planet
a chorus of angels of enterprise
warping troubles with non-Euclidean calculus
geometries of extra-dimensions it might take god to understand
financial complexities and derivatives in a coded program of spin matrices
still, the Earth journeys through cycles with solar system object
and a collision with the Andromedans approaches just a couple billion years away

To the still waters and green pasture
superfloods of reason
while the book is closed
the lines of letter in memory
sunlight in photographs and time passages
the first days and the last
with winds of words and transient lies
from the dissident of truth radiating
crumbling creations as Earthquakes down paper towers in season

Pointillist, discrete sociological portraits in a French novelist’s language of the mountains of social power
a polar icecap of human change reducing in global warming area meltdown cyclically as a function of geographic limits to human freedom
a society of D.N.A. biomass varying in atomistic diversity
while some were spiritualized saved even so.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Kennedy Spaced Center Discovery of 4.2 Grams of Suspected Cocaine

Well, I heard the song 'whitie's on the moon' on the radio a while ago. I don't sympathize with an anti-space policy at all, yet an anti-spaced policy is actually necessary for safe space flight.

One wonders what other things they might take aloft to get really high.

Plainly the use of narcotics or narcotics smuggling around space vehicles should be discouraged and a moon base for research constructed with a zero tolerance for cocaine policy strictly enforced.

Topic 1 John Baker WIns Iditarod/Topic 2; Moose Memory

In just 8 days 19 hours and 46 minutes an experienced dog musher from Alaska won the race over fast snow from Willow Alaska to Nome. It was the 39th Iditarod race. Congratulations Mr. Baker, it's undoubtably a tough and chilling course.

It is obvious that humans know where things are spatially, and dogs too have returned to their home from long distances, yet I wonder about moose.

This morning a large bull moose was trapped against a concrete wall at the edge of a sidewalk on a busy street in Anchorage. It was able to leap up over the wall and onto a lawn. Do moose in Anchorage have memory of where green spaces are or of how to find their way out of the town into the wild or is it just trial and error hoping to get out of places with unfreindly cars moving about ?

Compared to humans with garmin gps devices for land navigation, how good is moose memory? Do they choose to wander about in dangerous areas or is it just the bad luck of the draw?

Iran’s Khomeinist Revolutionary Government Subversions in the Middle East

Iran’s Khomeinist revolution of 1979 elevated a radical Nazi style government into power. A revolutionary shadow government rules the state government. Even the President of Iran is ruled by ‘The Supreme Guide’. So long as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad leads the twin tower policy of destruction of the United States and of Israel he is reinforced by the revolutionary radical Shiite sect of ‘twelvers’ that are religious mullahs.

Americans tend to approach the Khomeinist regime of Iran as if it were made of intelligent, decent people with whom they might find common ground to negotiate good terms with-that is simply wrong. The Khomeinist are hell bent for the destruction of the United States. Though Senator Obama as a presidential candidate used Mahmoud Amadinijab's campaign slogan for his own 'we can', the twin Presidencies are a world apart in goals for peaceful coexistence.

The Khomeinist regime complained that Saudi reinforcement of the Bahrain state of emergency with 150 armored personnel carriers was ‘not acceptable. Iranian long term policy to foment discontent in the middle east has taken a variety of forms including heavy financial and training reinforcement of HAMAS-a Sunni government in Palestine and the Gaza, signing a defense treaty with Syria, reinforcing its proxy government of Hezbollah in Lebanon and so forth.

Israel seized anti-ship missiles sent from Iran to Gaza

The United States seized anti-vehicle weapons from Iran bound to Afghan insurgents recently. Iran’s government as sponsored a number of terrorist organizations in Afghanistan as is a general rogue government sewing wickedness and instability.

Americans generally do not realize the problems Iran’s government presents for its own people as well as the issues it creates for others. It hopes to move down into Iraq and at least create a Shiist government there subject to the Khomeinist perennial war lunatic fringe.

We may realize the secular "mullah" in America that is the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff-Admiral Mullins does represent the atheist, sin side of advocacy of homosexuality, and some wonder if President Obama could be the hidden twelfth Imam, yet these speculations are largely nonsense; they are simply amoral market instrumentalists over extending a class liberal economic criterion globally. It is possible to work against sin without either the sin of homicide by government design or theocracy. In fact Christianity cannot be rightly expressed within a theocratic government, while alternatively some of the Shiia believe that Islam cannot exist without a worldly government.

It is difficult to know to what extent Iran has fomented ‘uprisings’ in middle eastern nations as a way to bring a radical Shiite regime to power through the smoke and mirrors of creating a popular democratic government. The radical left including the Tudeh-the Iranian Communist Party were the muscle that brought the Ayatollah Khomeini to power and the Shah to catch a plane for south beach. The Khomeinists are always at work destabilizing the middle east as they have visions of leading a world of Islamic subjugation called ‘the umma’ although the Shia are just 12% of world Muslims.

Because the Sunni reject the Shiia about everywhere, Iranian perpetual Muslim revolutionaries have taken a political approach to conquering Islamic sentiments. They fund terrorism and revolution against Israel and American interests wherever it might be useful. In Palestine there is not a single Shiite mosque. In Egypt few Shiite mosques are allowed to exist, and alternatively, in Shiite regions Sunni mosques are demolished and the Sunni are encouraged to convert. Even Christianity is a crime for new converts in Iran. There are more issues to the Middle Eastern affairs than meets the eye of Americans perusing the news.

Education ComPutin & The Federal Budget

Education in the United States has failed to keep up with the challenges flowing over K-12 instructional method.K-12 competency decline parallels that of U.S. economic leadership. It should be easier to advance progress in public K-12 education than in federal economic leadership.

Students waste too much time on computer gaming. For-extra credit educational games of high video quality should be contracted to encouraged students to play educational games instead of grand theft auto. Like standardized textbooks educational video games should be exciting for teenagers to play.

For mathematical instruction perhaps students shooting the right answer might get points on multiple choice opponents possibilities while those failing to nail the right relationship of for example the hypotenuse of the Pythagorean Theorem might be shot and lose points.

Standardized mathematical and history video games would let students combine useful learning and recreational opportunities together. School examination of a student-player’s skill level on a school computer would determine if the student learned that Vladimir Computin was not the inventor of transistor, or if the periodic table’s elements include pepper and salt.

Federal budgeters in Congress complain about nickel and diming the trillion dollar deficit conveniently forgetting that last December both parties and the president choose to extend tax cuts thus preventing a balanced budget in two years if they had been allowed to expire, and quicker with some spending cuts. If the federal budget could have been balanced by a responsible congress this year, the fracturing of national ecological and economic accountability into the worst case scenarios of the Diner’s Dilemma that allow just ‘nickel and diming’ of the federal budget and 14 trillion dollar public debt provides a spirit-of-the-age normal replacement. Kicking the issue down the road is the best way for globalism to function when it’s only the U.S. public holding the bag.

Globalists seek to balance the budget by cutting social sector spending-areas where corporations and contractors do not directly get federal payments. If entitlements were to be fairly cut, it would not be the poor that would be cut but the prosperous through means testing and of course that would be opposed by the prosperous majorities of congress. Cutting social sector spending isn’t the best way to balance the federal budget now. Cutting Department of Revenue spending on interest payments on the public debt-about ¾ trillion annually would be possible with tax increases. Eliminating interest payments on public debt is the preferred method of balancing the federal budget. Modest spending cuts, and large rhetoric cuts, should be enacted to bring the U.S. economy toward a healthier direction.

Public education could obviously be improved by providing vouchers to private schools for excellent students so they are not held back. Teachers should have more time to instruct average and slower students. A public education system in the post-modern nation-state runs a risk of mass public mediocrity through conformity to a fundamental norm killing educational diversity in the process. The richness of a public education system should be found in its independent diversity of content and styles instead of in training for submission to autocracy or alternatively collective yippee conformity.