Sunday, February 27, 2011

President Obama; Frontman for Corporate Imperialist Upgrades in North Africa?

With all the news about Egypt, Tunisia, Bahrain and Libya an American voter might overlook the troubles the Congress has in formatting a rational budget this year. With a two week temporary spending bill maybe the Government won't shut down. With tax cuts spending cuts won't be capable of creating a balanced budget. Of course the media has thoughtfully placed national attention upon the end of neo-military regimes in North Africa. For those of us out of work in North America, the prospects of meaningful change for our fortunes via Egypt are somewhat abstract.
Perhaps the President as of African descent and a history as a community organizer needed to do his part to create political change in North Africa. The old guard of the North Africa were fading out of use for corporate imperialist public relations purposes. Out with the old and in with the new.
Someday, if the new neo-military government presence yields to a perfect democracy or at least a fundamentalist Islamic tier of states, our great, great, great American decedents may have the possibility of finding a job in Libya or Egypt. That is a thrilling prospect for me tenting this winter in Alaska. All the more reason to listen to the Washington politicos and pundits considering how to help African change with no fly zones, serious sanctions, creating alternative, temporary governments or maybe sending in the 101st Air Cav from an aircraft carrier.
Reading of the history of the Balkan wars recently I couldn't help but notice the similarities between the ingressions of imperial powers through the Balkans and modern global expansions of organized power through innumerable small nations. Imperial power may be of many forms and led by groups of people rather than bloodlines-human collective leadership is creative in finding ways to expand economic borders, exploit the locals and subvert their political right of self-determination.
The transition of the United States into being a servo-unit of global corporate imperialism isn't quite complete, yet the ecospheric demands upon Americans are present vital interests to our political attention as well as the reconstruction of a nationalist political ethic of full employment, secure borders and non-wasteful economic practices.
Sure people are oppressed in large portions of the globe including the United States. Individual rights to own private property and to have personal material security and freedom from want of fundamental survival requirements are undermined by imperial powers historically. With our national economic leadership incapable and unwilling to separate the preponderance of U.S. economic activity from global corporate imperial control the diversion of the public attention to 'the crowning of the king and king of Hollywood' at the Oscar's, to the new regimes across north Africa, or to the latest foreign threats to global economic powers or just to Boston Massachusetts becomes the perennial focus of media activity.
There are virtually no advocates for American economic nationalism and full employment these days in media broadcasts, and none advocating for synergetic economic use of the ecosphere with concurrent conservation and recovery of what remains of it. The changes in North Africa that may go on for decades might be of more meaning to global imperialists of the business world than to Americans out of work now.

How Darwinian Moral Nihilism Evolved the Death of Liberalism

From the beginning the Word of God designed life to be and become in the Universe. The boundary conditions of the Universe of Universes from its initial state were made to enable life to actualize in a variety of states. On the Earth, with powerful space telescopes, the view of space-time and light that has travelled across it spans nearly twenty-six billion light year-thirteen billion light years in opposite directions starting from our world has been grasped.

Human life has evolved thought enabling rational construction of political and social ideas. With creation of intelligent social philosophy the innate spiritual awareness of the difference between good and evil inspires mankind to form governing institutions that fundamentally reflect concepts of individual liberty. Human thought may exist at a cutting edge of evolution from a certain perspective. Unlike unreasoning life forms that are themselves entirely subject to natural forces of evolution, human beings with free thinking creative, willful thought can determine their own responses for good or bad to natural evolutionary challenges.

Evolution does not guarantee success to all living things forever. Human beings with human thought can quickly advance or equally swiftly deteriorate their prospects for evolutionary success. If post-liberal Darwinian moral nihilism becomes the norm, humanity’s selection of meaninglessness over reason may be the harbinger of evolutionary failure.

Liberalism developed in opposition to authoritarianism, monarchy, totalitarianism and the concentration of political power within elite minority rule. Darwinianism leaking into political thought neutralized the meaning of political rationalism while undermining liberalism, if not usurping the name. Liberalism was redefined to mean recognition of the meaninglessness of meaning spelling out in the process the delegitimization of all rationally constructed social philosophies including classical liberalism.

The remarkable insights of the natural philosopher Charles Darwin into the mechanical evolution of material in the Universe including living processes provided ad educated leap in social comprehension of how much of the Universe functions. For many political liberals Darwinism became a purely secular replacement to Christian and other religious thought on matters from ethics to cosmological genesis. It was believed by Social Darwinists that the Universe was not big enough for God and Darwinian evolution to be true at the same time.

Of course expansion of Darwinism beyond science wholesale into ethics, philosophy, cosmology and theology was rash and generative of numerous errors in reasoning. Yet this is not an essay upon the myriad ways that Biblical creation parameters might be reconciled with temporal evolution theory; six days in parameters of general relativity and the twins paradox, theistic evolution, alternative extra dimensions, retroactive creation units and are worthy of elaboration beyond the scope of this political essay.

Charles Darwin’s analytical, scientific thought too broadly applied led to a social Darwinism engendering a pervasive belief in an amoral universe amongst liberals.

Liberalism beginning as a revolution against concentrated power was itself annihilated by a Darwinianism that negated the meaning of anything.

In the United States politics tends to take a massified approach over vast expanses of land. A form of hybrid cultural imperialism was assumed too as a mass market for consumerism naturally enough. Popular thought impelled by social Darwinism masquerading as liberalism attacks all traditional moral norms and holds nations and nationalism to be quaint obstructions to the uniform mass culture of commercial imperialists running roughshod upon the fragile world ecosphere.

In reading a history of the Balkan wars it is remarkable to discover the simultaneous problems for political and social peace created by the competition of several imperial governments over time for control of rebellious mountain peoples. Ethnic divisions are increased by religious divisions compelled by imperial power alliances and preferences. In the Balkans, nationalism was repressed even through the modern communist era. Ironically, even the United States of America as an imperialist power with N.A.T.O. bombed Serbia as it fought it latest war for national identification.

Modern imperialism may form in ad hoc or surruptiously designed and/or mislabeled trans-national corporate structures even bringing together former communist elites into the fold of global rulers of men and women within one world neo-imperial order of corporatism One must wonder if the recent Egyptian pseudo-populist revolt against the oppressive Mubarak regime was in part a C.I.A. production enabled by American influence over the Egyptian military through a two billion dollar annual U.S. contribution. As the old American friendly government lost its usefulness and fell from fashion a newer, youthful transition to a military government and an unknown future more popular government was deemed useful. Such actions while perhaps moral would be expressions of corporate imperialism shaping the world inevitably toward its own ends.

The Austrian-Hapsburg Empire and the Ottoman Empire were two prior imperial powers of the Balkans. American assumptions about nationalism and its relationship to peace were in part formed along with particular European ideas drawn from wars largely between France and the Germanic Hapsburg Empire. As a nation the United States had little trouble increasing its borders over history. The nation has little record of conservation of its culture in the modern world, and instead prefers to expand through immigration and global corporatism as a populist, commercial imperial power. Like a class III star it burns resources at a quick pace and might devour from neighboring stars material to keep fusion fires of economics burning, or perhaps it moves abroad its productive centers making the nation itself something of a slum. Corporate leaders have little national allegiance though it might be impolitic to say so too publicly.

In the past few centuries wars have been fought for ideological, ethnic and imperial reasons far more than for nationalism. If peoples were able to live within national boundaries and responsibly use their own resources with liberal political society of individuality based democracy instead of Darwinian political accountability the prospects for human survival would be much increased.

The ongoing maladroit effect of political Darwinism undermining reason and intelligent design of social boundaries and traditions because of a false belief that nihilistic thought is the truest evolution of liberalism would be funny if it weren’t so serious. Mass market political idea producers believe that liberal thought is the best advocate for the meaninglessness of morality and for the reduction to phenomenalism of any thoughtful political construction of human intelligence.

Popular social political Darwinism logically negates the reality or value of any thought. Perhaps one might associate that with a perfection of Zen philosophy, yet Zen is at least logically consistent and an atemporal belief while Darwinian political secularism and corrupted liberalism are worldly with a self-negating, contradictory political irrationality of nihilism at their core.

Within a temporal universe with apparent evolutionary processes, there are physical values in cosmology not at all well understood. The whole being of the Universe has indefinable boundaries from large to small. Dimensions and time are only being researched. Language development is researched neurological and philosophically investigated. Languages are codes sharing data socially. Amongst researchers languages share data as coded references about the structure of the phenomenal universe. The effort to interpret reality is done with data structures associated through language codes.

Mathematics is a kind of language code that describes the shapes, transitions and quantitative relations logically possible for hypothetical constructions. Meaning in coded structures is valid just so far as it rationally, accurately describes objects of reference in their apparent states of being. The process of interpreting data and inventing concepts are rational, meaningful activities. They are not found within a wrongly transferred Darwinian political philosophy of liberal meaninglessness derived from material evolution theories of life, geology, being or time.

One may require only one language code (as English for example) to unify a nation or people so far as possible within a common possibility of comprehension of meaning criterion. It is also possible to believe that the ability to say the same thing with several codes better, although the language of math universally understood works well enough. When languages, cultures, polities and rational political structures are held to be implicitly meaningless the consequences can be as critical as it could be in any field of human construction such as aeronautical engineering. Liberalism was designed to safeguard individual freedom within a political system rather than to promote anarchy and the opinion that everything is intrinsically meaningless.

Darwinism is not a viable political philosophy for a rational society. It ought to be rightly limited to use as a scientific method for regarding materials formations. If it’s applied too broadly in fields of human behavior including thought, reason is neutralized and intelligent social design eclipsed. It may seem a narrow and sharp line drawn in the sand that points an arrow toward good and intelligent directions instead of random and meaningless chance or whim. If society is to progress toward a rational and optimal social alliance with God’s provisioning of nature, meaning rather than meaninglessness must be accentuated positively.

Nature itself follows highly structured physical courses of orderly change. Human life can be sustained within just a narrow temperature range of perhaps fifteen degrees Fahrenheit of body temperature flux while the Universe ranges over tens of millions of degrees. Comprehending the ordered structures of the Universe; developing human reason to comprehend and construct advanced conceptual possibilities of invention and enterprise within reasonable boundaries in respect to nature and human liberty are works of reason rather than phenomena of meaninglessness and nihilism.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Righteous Christian Tithing

For much of Christian history righteous tithing has been supplanted by unrighteous tithing. Instead of following the parameters of tithing given in Deuteronomy Christians have followed their own guidelines suggested by the receivers of the tithe.

In the Bible book the tithe was to be the first fruits of agricultural production. Ten percent of an individual's work produce was to be put into his storehouse and saved for a celebration of God at some holy place once a year. If any Christian followed the Biblical way he would be blessed with abundance materially, for obviously he would always have a savings account with enough in it to enjoy a worshipful feast each year.
Except in the third year the producer was to give his ten percent to widows, orphans and non-producing clergy. The non-working clergy of the Levitical era were just ordinary men who would infrequently serve a year or less in priestly duties. They were not career ten per cent annually tithe collectors of everyone's produce as they are today. Instead, they were humble individuals who would return to work their own fields after serving God a year.

In ancient Israel and Judah it would have been difficult to meet in a priesthood of believers unlike today where it would be instantly possible and a good way to have Christians gain maturity in the faith. Modern literacy and communication enable all responsible Christians to perform well-ordered liturgical and worship sharing tasks, yet a hierarchical priesthood devoted to ten percent tithe collecting usurps that formation.
It is useful to remember that God did not want Israel to have a King. God was their leader and he only allowed them to have Saul as their king when he was out chasing his lost ass and wandered into the people who recognized the tall searcher as their king. Eventually King David's male line would die out and Jesus Christ-the King of the Jews, would arise from David's line through Mary.

Deuteronomy 14
"22Thou shalt truly tithe all the increase of thy seed, that the field bringeth forth year by year.
23And thou shalt eat before the LORD thy God, in the place which he shall choose to place his name there, the tithe of thy corn, of thy wine, and of thine oil, and the firstlings of thy herds and of thy flocks; that thou mayest learn to fear the LORD thy God always.
24And if the way be too long for thee, so that thou art not able to carry it; or if the place be too far from thee, which the LORD thy God shall choose to set his name there, when the LORD thy God hath blessed thee:
25Then shalt thou turn it into money, and bind up the money in thine hand, and shalt go unto the place which the LORD thy God shall choose:
26And thou shalt bestow that money for whatsoever thy soul lusteth after, for oxen, or for sheep, or for wine, or for strong drink, or for whatsoever thy soul desireth: and thou shalt eat there before the LORD thy God, and thou shalt rejoice, thou, and thine household,
27And the Levite that is within thy gates; thou shalt not forsake him; for he hath no part nor inheritance with thee.
28At the end of three years thou shalt bring forth all the tithe of thine increase the same year, and shalt lay it up within thy gates:
29And the Levite, (because he hath no part nor inheritance with thee,) and the stranger, and the fatherless, and the widow, which are within thy gates, shall come, and shall eat and be satisfied; that the LORD thy God may bless thee in all the work of thine hand which thou doest."

Modern Christians should establish a priesthood of believers. The annual, individual’s family feast will assure that God's will that Christians save their produce and do not want might be carried out with a pow wow and spirit dance perhaps with hired performers of song. The feast should place Jesus Christ at the center of the worship festivity. Obviously the third year donation to the Salvation Army, Catholic Social Services or other charitable organization dedicated to relieving poverty and bring the lost unto reconciliation with God through the saving grace of the Son Jesus Christ would be two thirds of the third year tithing allocation. Perhaps the other third would go to maintenance of the priesthood of believer’s staff and facility financial needs. Those should be far less than in a hierarchically led church structure as an activist priesthood would be the normal form of Christian association.

God has so often sought to provide rational social structures for human living. Usually society has disregarded those enlightened instructions for living and preferred to make life difficult for themselves after a nominal, superficial compliance. The righteous tithing methods were brilliant financial advice that made it an obligation for the faithful to work and save for themselves and not give away their savings to predatory ‘high priests’. Jesus Christ alone is the high priest for humanity.

Today’s clergy have made church meetings entertaining of course, yet they collect a ten per cent cut of everyone’s income for themselves, and that is plain wrong. Christians are urged to give away the ten percent of their produce to a professional clergy that they were to store for a celebration once a year. As Christian give away their savings they are left vulnerable to the vicissitudes of poverty and leverage financially from predatory lenders and others offering dubiously honorable employment opportunities or ‘deals’.

Christian’s bereft of their annual tithing savings account are told to rely upon God magically to produce abundance for them and forsake the practical word of God as given in Deuteronomy quoted above. God have provided a rational way of material provisioning for each individual. With ten percent of a crop in storage (perhaps grain or corn), the godly would not be a consumer or ever find himself without something to eat in an emergency. Today, even in hard times, the corruption of over-tithing a hierarchical priesthood 3000% persists with little chance of church reform into creation of a priesthood of believers.

The Fine Structure Constant Value of the Universe May be A-Changin

The fine structure constant of the Universe is a mathematical value determined by physicists to give the strength of the force that exists when an electron gives up its force carrying particle the photon. Since the early 20th century origin of quantum mechanics the value was believed to be a universal constant at about 1/137. Now that certainty is changing.

Astrophysicists in recent years have found evidence in very distant stellar light sources to support the conclusion that the fine structure constant actually has varied in different regions of the Universe. If it changed by 4% or more stars could not be made from the present methods whereby they are composed. Neither would life exist as we know it without stars.

The Economist and others (see the Feb 2011 article by Bob Berman in Astronomy) have issued articles on the recent change in theory. The topic is interesting especially for those interested in cosmology for if the constant of physics may change much it indicates that underlying causes that are unknown may affect similar processes differently. Perhaps the space-time dimensions of the early inflaton also changed the values of what is called the ‘alpha’ force.

Changes in the fine structure constant may indicate the presence of extra hidden dimensions, or it may indicate that early hidden dimensions were not as compact, or alternately, more compact than today. The quasars or bright galactic sources more than 9 billion light years away in each direction have differing values. In one direction alpha is a little smaller while in the opposite direction 18 billion light years distant it is a little larger. Naturally we would guess that the unfolding of space time dimensions from an initial extremely compacted state might occur with different strengths of force as the intervals of the ball of yarn unrolled (a humorous salute to string theory).

The differential values of alpha that seem possible confirms our appreciation for the subtle constructions of God in issuing select dimensions from a field perhaps of all possible-dimensions in some divine construction yard.

-note to Christian readers- I believe that God may have an Einstinean relativistic realtion to the six days of creation. That is, he can construct several billion years worth of work of Universe building in what to Him might seem a 24 hour day. refer to 'the twins paradox'.

President Obama Gives Up on Defense of Marriage Act- Grounds for Impeachment?

Such executive decisions in other times have motivated congressional party opponents to consider filing articles of impeachment. What else can an ordinary congress do when it passes a perfectly good law and the President chooses unilaterally not to enforce it?

President Obama directed Attorney General Holder-evidently with the Attorney General’s assenting opinion, not to enforce the Defense of Marriage Act. Homosexual militants declared that a victory and the President’s home state of Hawaii concurrently signed in to law a homosexual civil unions law further perverting that island paradise.

The President declared the 1996 law to be unconstitutional. Evidently he has taken upon himself the judicial prerogative of interpreting the constitutionality of laws passed by the congress for-himself.

The duty of the President is to execute laws passed by the congress.

Article I section 1 U.S. Constitution; “

Section 1. All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House

from Article 1 Section 2 U.S. Constitution “The executive Power shall be vested in a President of the United States of America.”

That is very simple. The President has unconstitutionally exercised a line item veto (actually vetoing enforcement of a complete law). Executive constitutional disobedience and dereliction of duty are grounds for impeachment. The founders did not create an imperial presidency.

I do not want to be churlish about this issue. Yes, in this yippish raving global media era it is cool to be ignorant for many. Leftists want to limit public employment in government agencies to those swearing allegiance to leftist labor unions, and the President has offered support to those seeking to expand the meaning of marriage to include not only men and women, but homosexuals and wildebeests too like as not.

The basic issue though is the President’s assertion that defining marriage as a heterosexual union is not constitutional. The President has taken a libertarian opinion on the point of homosexual marriage, and seeks to find that right in the U.S. Constitution. That is an effort to make a lie of the constitution.

The U.S. Constitution was not designed to be unintelligible to the common man (or woman). It is not founded in Byzantine legalisms requiring a Cabbalistic scholar to define its meanings. Neither is the character and personalities of the founders a matter lost in the mists of time. We know these were goodly and practical men who held social and moral values common to their era. Needless to say, homosexual marriage was not a practice of the era nor of any of the signers of the Declaration of Independence nor delegates to the 1787 Constitutional Convention.

It may be a practice of the left to construction legal fictions from the Constitution that puts social and political opinions into the mouths of the founders that they would have found abhorrent. President Obama may have missed out on basic U.S. History growing up in Indonesia. He really may not realize that revolutionary America had no gay liberation chapter, that it did not consent to abortion, and that it wasn’t liberal enough to legalize bestiality.

If the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence or delegates to the Constitutional Convention were polled in their day on the issue of homosexual marriage, to a man they would have voted ‘nay’. The Presidential effort to pervert the historical truth is an ungraceful work forcing historical lies upon Americans. Not even today would Americans vote approval of an Amendment to make homosexual marriages lawful. Yet the Constitution is not a document of contemporary opinion. Like the Bible it was written at a particular place and time by individuals with real beliefs. Dissimulating those beliefs in order to succor a minority trying to steer the nation into decadence is simply wrong.

Signers of the Declaration of Independence...

• George Read • Caesar Rodney
• Thomas McKean

• George Clymer • Benjamin Franklin
• Robert Morris • John Morton
• Benjamin Rush • George Ross
• James Smith • James Wilson
• George Taylor

• John Adams • Samuel Adams
• John Hancock • Robert Treat Paine
• Elbridge Gerry

• Josiah Bartlett • William Whipple
• Matthew Thornton

• Stephen Hopkins • William Ellery

• Lewis Morris • Philip Livingston
• Francis Lewis • William Floyd

• Button Gwinnett • Lyman Hall
• George Walton

• Richard Henry Lee • Francis Lightfoot Lee
• Carter Braxton • Benjamin Harrison
• Thomas Jefferson • George Wythe
• Thomas Nelson, Jr.

• William Hooper • John Penn
• Joseph Hewes

• Edward Rutledge • Arthur Middleton
• Thomas Lynch, Jr. • Thomas Heyward, Jr.

• Abraham Clark • John Hart
• Francis Hopkinson • Richard Stockton
• John Witherspoon

• Samuel Huntington • Roger Sherman
• William Williams • Oliver Wolcott

• Charles Carroll • Samuel Chase
• Thomas Stone • William Paca

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wave of Revolution Across Arab World; Wisconsin Teachers Lever Democracy, Balkan Brigands, Alaska News Etc.

Globalism is like an Egyptian pyramid; for the powers of concentrated wealth at the top to elevate themselves, for those of the middle class to reach higher in the sky, the base of masses of the poor at the bottom must be broadened.

My last volume of essays in the Waveform Politics Series (volume ten), which is itself a synoptic personal view of contemporary history and current events, should at least note some of the rapid changes in the Arab world in February 2011. The Mubarak government has vacated for a ‘temporary’ military power and several other regional governments are undergoing public pressure to vacate. In Alaska we are interested in these changes because of the alterations in the going price of oil that funds state government.

Of course all human events upon a finite world with a large population have the potential to affect everyone else. Reports of crimes against humanity by defenders of the embattled Kaddafi regime in Libya make us aware of the volatility of human nature, and perhaps of two fundamental divisions of humanity into those whom are oppressors and those who are not.

Oil is going for $95 a barrel in the U.S. and $108 dollars in London today. In Alaska Governor Sean Parnell is trying to lower the already lowest in the world state tax on oil production from public land in order to ‘create jobs’ with new oil development. Reason would indicate that the state could create far more jobs, and for people outside the exclusive oil industry, if the present tax rate remained in place and money were put into a revitalized Alaska Small Business Grant and Loan foundation.

The natural resources of the state of Alaska like those of the world are under assault by global powers of economic conquest. It was said that all people are in debt to the thief. The concentrated wealth networking phenomena depleting U.S. national sovereignty is a complex process aggregating financial power offshore. A mincing broadcast media insinuates non-rational politics upon the national political discourse, as it rightly should being owned pervasively by wealthy global interests. One must sort through an interstellar dust cloud of debris to discover the concentrations of political gravity forming new political structures within revolutionary states.

Political volatility in the age of mass personal communication and traditional broadcast propagandization of the masses has accelerated the pace of political change. What has not accelerated is the pace of economic production. The redistribution of existing wealth was always a fallacious idea, since the values associated with wealth are in part relativistic social attributions; what value is a diamond for itself besides use in rarified industrial processes? Food production, land redistribution; innumerable traditional political ideas that served as a rationale for revolution themselves are subducted within the engines of mass economic processes. Assuredly the internationalization of economics has placed a global usury class such as Britain presents and the U.S.A. aspires too within a compartmentalized and alienating global economic phenomenality. That non-locality of economic control makes real economic revolution improbably difficult both intellectually and actually. Revolutionaries in the modern era even experience difficulties in being free to form a national self-consciousness adequate to pursue their own national, public self-interest.

We find Wisconsin Governor Walker’s leadership in trying to end the right of government public employees to form unions for collective bargaining and inevitable effort to enable challenged state government to free themselves from minority or even mob rule. Public employee compensation should be set by legislators (democrats could award bonuses when in the majority), and public government should be free to be entirely flexible in order to be able to adapt to changing social and economic currents. At some junctures the inflexibility of unelected collectives making economic demands upon state governments could undermine of the ability of state governments to exist.

The federal government of the United States has so far generally kept out of the Arab revolutionary fray. President Obama did offer support for the ousting of Mubarak at least nominally, however he has had to become more of a concerned observer for the balance of the ongoing process of social liberation from rule of royals and autocrats in the Middle East. It is a difficult circumstance to predict outcomes for. In fact one may even be reminded of Biblical prophecy from the book of the Revelation a little in the dangers Israel feels as being isolated in a social sea of surrounding change. Just a couple of days ago an Iranian warship passed through the Suez Canal for the first time in thirty years. In the future such warships could deliver nuclear cruise missiles to Tel Aviv or Paris.

Thus the better policy of the United States might be to just develop alternate fuels to oil to power automobiles or mass transit systems. The Obama administration hasn’t a capacity to enact other than Larry Summer’s somewhat wealth oriented fly by wire globalism started by Bush I and continued by Bill Clinton. It suggests small scale fast trains, yet hasn’t any sort of bold 1000 m.p.h. fast trans-continental concepts for mass transit on the ground. The administration believes lots of small female hands can be employed in assembling new high tech electronic components possibly while it simultaneously allows millions of illegal male aliens to enter to join the workforce undermining large male size hands that are a little clumsier for some smaller tasks. One wonders if the President ever had a real job where manual labor was required.

If the U.S. Government fails to do it's homework on moving rapidly away from fossil fuels for transportation power on the roads a revolution in Saudi Arabia and possible further destruction of oil infrastructure may well reduce the economic efficiency of the U.S.A. suddenly and without immediate remedy. The federal government has consistently failed to heed reasonable economic catastrophic trasnition scenarios many reasonable people foresee as susbtantial possibilities.

In the Balkan wars of the 1990’s a continuation of unconcluded medieval conflicts presented ‘difficult’ choices to the Bush I and Clinton administrations. In retrospect we may have learned that the horrors of war and ethnic cleansing Europeans and Americans were upset with was a cultural methodology with an inertial logic.

Even before Serbians invaded the regions of the Balkans held by ethnic Greeks thousands of years ago, the tradition of mountain brigands plundering the peoples of the lowland plains existed. In the exceedingly mountainous Balkans there were comparatively few and often isolated lowlands that presented difficulty in defending from mountain people or governments. Governments in kingdom powers were numerous, proprietary and at war upon one another, various people, invading powers and vulnerable, independent peoples. Especially during the five hundred years of Ottoman Empire occupation in the Balkans hill country brigands-land pirates-developed a culture of asserting independence of their own. Rather than having a national allegiance the land pirates loyal to themselves lived in a mountain world in a manner equivalent to today’s global corporate and financial leaders plundering the ‘lay people’ in the various underdeveloped nations. So we may wonder how the sorting out of new democratic developments in the middle east, and how a U.S.A. anachronistically reliant upon global oil supplies for economic well being, will react to the changes?

In recent years, a policy of belligerence and mono-mania as driven American foreign policy, yet the irrationality of American globalism is evident in the accumulation of public debt. Kyle Bush and the twenty year old Bain may be contemporaneous NASCAR drivers embodying the high point of Republican party political aspirations and logic, yet the interest of the United States in being and independent nation leading by example in low-entropy, full employment economics requires a scientific and moral rationale quite absent in the public sector. In reacting to revolution in the Middle East we must observe from a distance (an anachronism I know) and allow the neo-democratization to burn out the cancer of aristocratic oppression so far as it may. There may be several post-revolutionary victory transformations as unpredictable as Present Bush II’s incomprehension of what post 2003 War Iraq would be like. What the United States can do is to reinforce Israel militarily, and produce fuel cell, wind and electric power in Alaska and the rest of the nation along with development of super-conducting power lines and energy storage grids to make a variety of low environmental cost, locally produced transportation modalities a reality.

Social and economic irredentism in the Middle East is challenged by a global irredentism of collectivity in social organizations of corporatism, social and political networks. Megalomania is a kind of social norm in business today, politics and nationalism is a delimiting encumbrance to world share market controllers. Within the matrix of media and economic tangled banks exists a void-a singularity of environmental and spiritual non-thought that must be overcome. Into that void a light of faith in democracy and national self-determination must arise. Political theory understanding and development must advance beyond the traditional forms and hybrids while political rhetoric too must give up its slogans and packaged scenarios to recognize the world as a finite place that must support all human development as a low-entropy, independent and individual right driven place.

Friday, February 18, 2011

When Gravity Stopped ©2011 Gary Clifford Gibson (a poem)

Thus space hath infinite dimensions
soft construction’s numbered places
directions in which time lives and moves
counterfactual to nothing
flow sheets of mass-energy

When slick shut down gravity
the colors lost wavelengths like water color paintings
tossed into a river of dimensions without boundary
where stellar fusion fires fizzled
why galaxies drizzled into clouds of atoms
before black holes unraveled running backwards

Uniformed constellations left now
a Universe drifting apart
never contracting things into being
super-clusters of galaxies without even entropy for dispersion
drawn away toward infinite dimensional scuppers illogically
within a Hooverized economy.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Neither Major Party Plans to Pay Down National Debt

The prospects for reducing federal debt aren’t good. Neither major party has a rational plan, nor does the Tea Hee party.

Bunkonomics have become the political norm; wealth is perennially concentrated, the wage negotiating position of the working class decline. Lenders to the federal government buying notes have support in cutting social spending from the budget as if the poor were at fault for creating the debt. All of the federal discretionary spending together is less than a third of the budget. That is not the best place to look for place to pay off the public debt. The poor become victims without a federal health service as well. Their job prospects are poor while the advantaged outsource work abroad whenever possible.

The Wal-Marts of the world buy cheapest goods produced abroad and import tem to the U.S.A. for sale at highest possible prices consumers will bear once they have acquired oligopoly status in America driving just local competitors from the market. Internetworked corporations may preclude finding reemployment if fired after making political dissent in public forums from corporate oligopoly interests.

The federal budget is about 3.5 trillion bucks annually. The public debt by 2015 will be equal to five years federal budget. Just balancing the federal budget will not reduce the public debt.

In 2015 interest on public debt will be about a trillion bucks annually. The U.S. gross domestic product is about 30 trillion? Annually. Minus interest on he federal debt, the U.S. Government budget in 2015 would be about 2.8 trillion annually-that’s not too large with the U.S. gross domestic product being about 14.6 trillion dollars annually.

The greatest portion of the federal budget that can be reduced without harm is the interest on public debt-raise taxes, hold the line on spending and pay off the debt as soon as possible. Whet e debt is gone taxes may be cut to balance the budget fro the surplus of revenue.

Logically one cannot pay off the federal debt without running a budget surplus unless fundamentally getting rid of most government services instead of paying interest an principal down.

Since the 81 Reagan tax cuts the U.S. Federal debt has always increased, and that shall always remain so with present low tax rates and increase in population and economic scale.

Relevence of Saul Kripke's 'Naming and Necessity' of Multiverse Theory Constructions?

Reading through Saul Kripke’s 1973 ‘Naming and Necessity’ in my frosty ( 0 degrees F) tent, it occured to me that the philosophical investigations of the logic of necessity and for modal logic and of naming have relevance to physical cosmology and multiverse theory.

Kripke wrote that ‘no one formal system decides all mathematical questions, as we know from Gödel.” He wrote that after using the Goldbach conjecture as an example (pages 72 and 73)

in the effort to investigate a theory of descriptions of names and ambiguity in objects of reference. Gödel’s incompleteness theorem finds a parallel in language.

For that we can thank Quine and his ‘Ontological relativity’ for exposition. Names are tools for description and for making objective references rather than things-in-themselves. Names and descriptions find their meaning within a relative context of us with some applications being valid and others relatively invalid-we find weather reports and predictions the same way.

The problems of incompleteness theorems and of relative validity of names as well as the difficulties in eliminating uncertainty from mathematical values believed to have the qualities of a prioricity or necessity of validity implies that conjectures of cosmology abut all possible worlds and representational infinite universes theories would find incompleteness within the mathematical representations such that it would disconnect from valid predictive description of what objectify exists beyond possible observation.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Note on a Priesthood of Believers

Christians should be like a football tema where all are players instead of spectators. Today's U.S. Christians generally sit in the stands as spectators with a coach sermonizing them. The priest-coach may be able to receive tithes and encourage the congregation to right moral conduct, yet it leaves the spectators poor football players since they aren't really far into the game.

A preisthood of believers ecclesiastical structure would be present Christians as players on the field sharing all the roles of Sunday service. Sure there could still be commercial or pro coaches and evangelists making special appearances occassionally, yet each week the Preisthood of Believers Christians would be in the game in small, well organized groups operating from a playbook they have learned in some orthodox way-perhaps a special denominational theology quality control school.

As in football we would not expect all Christian priests at their U-table gatherings to be ready every Sunday, immediately for reading from the old or new testament, working the minutes, taking prayer requests, leading a sing-a-long or reading a ten minute sermon. Simple beignner, intermediate and elder adult roles would advance Christians in Priestly duties as their attendance records and workbook completions indicate.

Tghis is a simple enough, necessary transition for Christian form in the modern world. To fail to upgrade does harm to missiological and maturation of Christian opportunities. It would be easier to actualize in literate nations.

White Youths are Now a Minority in Ten States-More States to Follow as Boomers Fade

The increase of the population of white youth in America was just one percent in the past decade. In fact non-whites accounted for more than eighty percent of the population increase of the United States. The significant cultural changes that will likely continue to accelerate in pace as the boomer generation has left the reproductive age presents numerous long range political issues impacting America presently.

Of concern to me as a member of the set of the youngest of the boomer generation is the increase of racial bias in the workforce against whites and white males who are older workers or unemployed. A pervasive increase in a manifest destiny of racial empowerment has already led to the practical definition of civil rights in the U.S.A. to mean the rights of non-whites. Political civil rights issues are pervasively biased toward disempowering white males.

Unemployed white males not of the prosperous classes may have significant challenges in getting hired within a non-white work force. Social class biases are a class of life. If all of the workers at a Wal-Mart are women, Filipinos or other 'minorities', it is common that non are aging white males.

There are concatenated social disadvantages of non-white bias against extended life employment for aging white Americans. If not employed they, like others, may need food stamps, social security, Medicare, Medicaid and other taxpayer supported costs that younger workers must pay for, and that makes little economic sense. Keeping older people employed at least until age 75 if possible in the non-heavy lifting contemporary workplace is a better goal than to force them out of work, fail to rehire them if unemployed, and add trillions to the national debt.

White America's birth rate is quite low, and may soon be in decline. White American youth face the prospects of becoming a national minority as boomers fade from the season. The space program and other science advancements may become underfunded as non-whites and a flood of illegal aliens seek to reallocate social spending from former 'white' interests to social remediation of poverty in the new America. In that transitional era it would be a good idea to let people find a friendly work environment realistically accommodating the abilities of aging people in order to keep society humane and the national debt from increasing far beyond the 20 trillion dollars that President Obama plans to leave as a legacy by 2015.

State of Alaska Seems to Create Oil Jobs in Canada and Alter Canadian Ecology

The Governor of the State of Alaska (Sean Parnell-Republican) has supported development of a trans-Canada natural gas pipeline in order to deliver gas supplies to the American Midwest. The impropriety of Alaska state government investing in construction projects in Canada instead of Alaska apparently escaped the notice of a generation of Alaskan politicians.

The Palin administration also supported AGIA-the Alaska Gasline Inducement Act, that gives up to a half a billion dollars to a corporation willing to build the pipeline.

Skeptics might guess that a trans-Canada gas pipe would be stage one of a plan to build a trans-Siberian pipeline to Alaska in the future. With an existing pipeline from Alaska and supplies one day running out it would be a natural step to tie in Iranian and Russia natural gas supplies through their own interconnecting pipelines o Alaska. Such construction projects as well as all on and offshore oil and gas development projects in the Arctic would need to build pipelines along corridors above any potential rise in sea level created by global warming caused in part by burning fossil fuels making greenhouse gasses released into the atmosphere.

The state of Alaska has invested in a Trans-Canada and Exxon bid potential gas line development project. Trust of the state government of the Exxon Corporation in something like asking a vampire to keep a pint of blood in their refrigerator when your own has broke.

Many people suspect the global oil corporations of manipulating oil and gas prices over the decades. It is known though that Russia, Iran and Qatar have huge natural gas fields, and many places are not short in supply either. Global political and financial networking has made shareholder investment in transnational corporations common and in conflict with the interests of state governments and democracy in innumerable instances.

The state of Alaska should investment development money in Alaska instead of Canada. It should create jobs in Alaska instead of Canada. It should never, ever trust the Exxon Corporation, and should be aware that a conflict of interest fundamentally exists between seller and buyer in a bargaining situation. It is unlikely that Exxon or any other trans-national oil and gas corporation would seek to maximize the value of a seller of oil and gas reserves. It is also unreasonable that the state of Alaska should permanently make its sales of natural gas dependent upon transportation through a Canadian gas pipeline operated or owned by the Exxon Corporation. Such a plan is idiocy.

In former decades I too have rarely supported construction of a gas line through Canada. Finally I came to my senses through philosophical maturity gained only over time and contemplative thought. Presently the state of Alaska should construct its gas pipeline to tidewater in Alaska at the Kenai Peninsula and keep maximal fluidity of sales of product through super-tanker gas ships to anyplace on Earth in the future (such as Los Angeles) that want to buy the product at a fair price.

Einstein's Special Theory & The Six Days of Creation

Some of us have wondered how God could create the world in six days. Its a mighty prospect of creation. Yet we believe that God is omnipotent and easily able to accomplish such projects. How then we wonder, as we believe in evolution theory too, can we reconcile these too theories?

Einstein helped us quite a lot. His Twins Paradox provides an example of one way time could move differently at the same speed in two different places. An hour for one twin moving at the speed of light would seem to a twin hanging out in the U.S. Congress listening to a speech to take a hundred years. Time is relative to motion. Motion is a function of the scalar field of dimensions, mass and energy perhaps. God is above all that and issued the mass and energy to start with.

No that does not mean He had to just issue the Universe like a croquet player giving a hit to one ball next to an opponent's sending it outward while He can only watch it travel. God's continuing super-reality power above the subjective Universe would allow Him to do whatever he likes with it at any place of space-time.

We don't want to make that the point of this essay though. The explanation for how evolution's apparent 13.7 billion year-old Universe could fit in to six days of creation is pretty obvious by now though-you might have guessed. The use of God of one day might be a little faster and qualitatively better than a human-earth centered use of one how. His one hour may seem like a billion years to us.

We might wonder if he only needed to create the first three minutes of the Universe though with the rest pre-designed within it letting it grow like a plant seed. I think it's possible to believe that he created the entire history of the Universe though-including the future, in that six days. As in computer programming on a hierarchical flowchart, larger, higher level modules may contain smaller units with vast detail. In theory even a few seconds for God might be enough to issue a trillion year Universe from start to finish. Our own universe may have been entirely completed in those six days, and our futures determined there and then. Human beings are limited to living within space time at it’s slower relative pace, and have no higher-level ability to view the completed modules that comprise the space-time of our Universe.

If the entire history and future of the Universe was made in six days letting God take a day off on the seventh-that would explain how everything is predetermined yet seems to be somewhat free from our human point of view.

God could create six large modules and several smaller branch modules. Like a wheeled mechanism with gears, larger wheels could travel more slowly yet include as much time as smaller gear space-time modules turning much faster. Those smaller module-gears could be compared to the time experience of God at His faster speed to our universe of billions of years that were to God like six days.

Thinking about space-time and relativity within this theistic speculation of reconciliation of the Bible to evident facts of physics and cosmology I have thought a little more about neutron stars and black holes as smaller gears with a faster spin rate than planets in some instances, and with more power. Not being a physicst I may upset a few establish notions here, yet it is just a contemplation of solid-state physics a little though since I am on the topic.

Singularities of black holes compact and reduce mass to its smallest components-maybe one dimensional strings. There is an absurdity in the concept of gravitational force concentrationg mass, breaking it up into smaller pieces such as neutrons and may strings of one dimensions before packing it all together into one super-string solid. That’s just not very logical. That super-concentrate would be some kind of thing for-itself.
What force could keep the strings apart under such pressure? Could one string made from all the other strings acquire infinite energy or would some hypothetical limit exist?

One logical possibility is that black holes breaking down mass convert it, or stuff it as basic string energy, into extra dimensions (the six extra dimensions of string theory). That energy stuffed into extra dimensions under extreme pressure converts the strings into space-time within six dimensions. That infusion of energy into extra-dimensions displaces or slopes the normal four dimensions of space time creating the appearance of space-time curvature and the affects of gravity. I prefer that concept to one with gravitons as particles flowing outwardly as a field to draw in mass and energy forcefully.

Even Hawking radiation would fail to exist in this theoretical context. At least the amount of Hawking radiation would not account for a preponderance of the escape of information and mass-energy from the black hole back into normal space-time required for the criteria of Shannon entropy to be satisfied wherein no information is lost from the Universe.

With all that mass converted into a basic form and energy as well converted into a third state of being as six extra dimensions of space-time, information easily goes outside the event horizon of the black hole as space-time curvature effects of the four normal dimensions by the smaller dimensions infused with the mass-energy input to the black hole singularity.

Perhaps the concept has no support, yet it is an interesting consideration for myself at least. There is a little more though. I should clarify that gravitons would not exist since the curvature of space time by smaller dimensions acting upon our four normal dimensions would be sufficient for the appearance of gravity. The six extra dimensions and there space-time field acting upon our four might also produce the scintillation of ‘virtual particles’ that appearance in the four-dimensional vacuum briefly. The transfer of mass to black holes and extra dimensions through singularities may also displace the normal four dimensional space time, or augment it, increasing the rate of expansion of out Universe.

The neo-Platonist philosopher Plotinus believed that The One – the Person we think of as God, required no physical extension into space or time. Perhaps the ultimate concentration of mass or energy as a space-time field itself concentrated requires nothing at all if it is a product of God. The concept of creation ex nihilo becomes somewhat simple in a context like that. Well, if not simple, at least intellectually what one might expect.

A release of dimensions from the most powerful concentrated form possible-from a Supreme Being that has no need at all for physical existence or lower level emanations such as mass or energy, might have occurred faster than light before slowing to sub-light speed, yet we might anticipate that the omnipotent, omnipresent and infinite Being that requires no physical existence to Create a Universe is not restricted or limited to one particular location or idea before the issuance of any sort of Universe or multiverse.

The six days of God referenced in the book of Genesis was ample time at His relative experience of time to create billions of years, or trillions of years of human, Earth relative time-at least that’s what I believe we might infer from Einstein’s special theory of relativity and Genesis.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Barry Commoner and Today's Ecosphere Conservatives

Barry Commoner's ideas were a leading force in American recognition of the role human development plays in destroying the ecosphere in which all life participates. Today with a concern about global warming-a righteous concern, and recycling, it is easy to lose sight of the fundamental criteria that Barry Commoner recognized as a biologist and empirical analyst.

His 1971 book 'The Closing Circle' provided a clue to the effect that human fabrication of materials have upon the living environment. From the first appearance of life on Earth in a simple form processing minerals there was a need to 'close the circle' that would make the world firendly for life. Photosynthetic life forms developed to process the carbon wastes of simpler plants. As life progressed in complexity there was a continuum of biospheric synergy wherby the waste of one product support the development of others. The living biosphere is a self-reinforcing thing Commoner recognized. He also realized that mankind in producing synthetic products that are not bio-degradeable was laying waste to the ecosphere.

Barry Commoner wrote before the creation of scientific awareness of global warming. He also wrote before the advent of a formal discipline of low-entropy environmental economics. It would be a very great challenge to fabricate all of humanity's manufactured needs in a biophysical format apposite to the vitality ofthe ecosphere, yet that is the challenge before us today, and human development of the commons must needs respect human spiritual liberty and a natural conservatorship of a lawful nature until the laws of God and nature and written on hearts and minds.

New World Order to Buy the New York Stock Exchange

The value of the N.Y. Stock Exchange after its purchase by Deutsche-Boerse AG will be about 24 billion dollars. With this bid likely to go through, and the NFL negotiations with owners seeking to reverse the 60-40% share of profits with players, the New World Order agenda is moving forward concentrating wealth and peonizing the American working class.

The administration is a cheerleading group of the rich. They are not alpha (a-hole) males and females; they are simply B-male (and female) spoilers and mouthpiece executive officers for the rich. They are the super-shill class subverting U.S. nationalism.

The United States needs a rectification of capitalism and democracy that will support an invigorated ecosphere within national borders. No citizen should be permitted to own shares in more than three corporations, and no corporation should be permitted to employee more than 3000 people. The U.S. Government is a pimp for globalists whoring American workers. They are shameless and thoughtless stuffed suits enslaving Americans in debt while killing the ecosphere.

President Obama Wants to Bring Internet To 98% of Americans

President Obama seeks to bring the Internet to 98% of Americans within five years. This goal is vital to enable all Americans to waste several hours each day gaming in alternative neo-reality.

With broad internet access available to all Americans export of Internet vital products such as porn, music, and youtube can occur creating thousands of high tech jobs. Millions of unemployed Americans, as fed Reserve Chair Bernanke has said, that can expect extended unemployment without benefits, can find lucrative career opportunities using the Internet though uniformed, following popular trends such as gansterism, racketeering and twitter revolutions.

The era when men could find a good industrial job at high pay may be about gone, yet the President expects that with Internet access all Americans can become ‘A’ students able to invent their way into thousands of patents and senior positions supervising factories in China and Mexico for the New World Order.

Alphie’s Recollection of the Parnell Disaster of Sixty-One ©2011Gary C. Gibson (fiction)

Governor Parnell was successful in getting the legislature of the state of Alaska in the year of our Lord 2011 to appropriate sixty-five million dollars for the construction of a dam across the mighty Susitna River of Alaska. Premonitions of Earthquakes of unimaginable scale and filtered through the Governor’s thought even as he sign the papers making the project so, yet he disregarded the warnings.

In the original Tananina language the name of the river was spelled Sushitna. That name was changed in 1847 because of the problem of its superficial meaning in English, and the meaning of ‘Sandy River’ was lost. The Parnell disaster of 2061 when the Susitna River dam broke sending a tidal wave over the shifted land to drown Willow, Wasilla and Anchorage before rush down Cook Inlet sending bodies and other debris in the wave to overturn fleeing fishing vessels and destroy a few villages was a consequence of anti-ecospheric energy planning.

It was easy to foresee that a few sub-nuclear thermite bombs dropped in the glaciers of the Alaska Range that provide water for the Susitna River drainage could overwhelm the expected spill capacity of the dam. Airborne terrorist placing aircraft on auto-pilot with inflatable blond dummies with Viking helmets in the pilot and co-pilot seats infiltrated Alaskan airspace easily. With the annual flow of the Susitna River drainage increasing annually because of global warming of the glaciers the original flow processing capacity of the dam was estimated for the condition of the second half of the century.

The Governor’s desire to provide electrical power for the ‘rail belt’ along the Parks highway could have been met by construction of fuel cell power plants or thermal energy development, yet neither provided the potential for construction kickbacks from dam construction, lake front property or dam operations that the Susitna River dam presented. Hence it was reasonable to expect that the governor would set aside troubling concerns about the effect of the weight of the water of the new dam and lake on the stability of local plate tectonic arrays or the destruction of fish and wildlife habitat.

The Susitna River drainage and Alaska Range frequently experience earthquakes. The 1964 Alaska earthquake devastated Anchorage, and the city was overdue for another large earthquake in 2011.

The completion of the Susitna River Dam in 2020 provided several ominous portents of doom over the years. Continuous subsidence of the ground under the weight of the dam and the water of Lake Parnell made the dam subject to frequent high water capacity and over stressing. Unusually arm winters brought more low pressure systems and precipitation to the Alaska Range increasing spring runoff. Then one December night, with the pull of the gravity of the sun and moon, the thinkable disaster occurred; a magnitude 8.5 earthquake centered at the dam shifted the land mass forty feet ripping a giant gash in the middle of the dam that had already been burgeoning with snowmelt.

High on a hill 2500 feet above sea level, the former Alaskan Governor was up at 3am in his mansion drinking a comforting winter cup of hot chock and jack. Looking out at the sparkling city he loved he saw amidst the sparkling lights, moonlight and night the thinkable yet forgotten possible wave of doom appear crashing through the city tumbling homes and buildings before it.

Today, we of the Flatlands coalition seek to preserve the memory of the lost former fishing villages of the Susitna with a celebration and drum of recall.

Monday, February 07, 2011

Leaky U.S.-Mexico Border A Danger to U.S.A. & Mexico

Drug cartels and a vicious assortment of criminal enterprise gangs pile up against the border fence between the United States and Mexico because of the lucrative opportunities for smuggling drugs, guns, weapons of mass destruction and human beings into the United States through the porous border.

As many as 10,000 Mexicans are killed annually in gang wars for control of the best positions for smuggling. Until the border is made really secure-perhaps with three berms for electric patrol vehicles and three deep, concrete lined ditches in between, the value of smuggling over the border and the deaths and corrupt effects upon business will continue.

It is believed that the essential cause for a failure to secure the border is the constituency of U.S. federal politicos as millionaires like the cheap illegal Mexican labor that makes its way north to undermine wage negotiations for the poor in the United States. They care little about the tragedy that the unsecured border causes in Mexico.

The leaky border presents a danger to U.S. and Mexican security, even the legal ports of entry are unsecured allowing in vast quantities of illegal drugs and possibly weapons of mass destruction.

E-Gypped; Moo-Barrack and the Twitter Revolution

With the faint batteries drained sleeping outside in Alaska the Egyptian Twitter-revolution resembled a sort-of Super Bowl of Politics. It conconveniently fell into the break in football and baseball that leaves only basketball to listen to. Control of the main square of Cairo and political analysis of what that all means, Anderson Cooper being punched-these reports overshadowed the lead up to the superbowl best known for cheating 1200 fans out of tickets and giving them a paltry 300% mark up on the face price in compensation-nothing abouot free tickets for next year's game.

Gaming on the Internet and gaming in politics have some similarities for planners, yet of course in reality actual injuries and loss of property occurs that are irreversable. One hopes that politicans would be more intelligent and work better to plan for the real public good and not let things get out of hand, yet...

Twitter, Facebook and the democratization of e-media communications have sent up the first wave of e-populism’s potential revolutions to Egypt and elsewhere. Leftist tend to accentuate leftist revolutions of history, yet rightist revolutions occur too with different commentary treatment post hoc. In Egypt an instant populist revolution without roots appeared to knock down the straw man President Hosni Mubarak-yet so far he is still in office. One wonders if twitter revolutionaries need more education in classical revolutionary planning or economic.

If President Obama supplied any leadership, it has not surfaced. The President’s atheist, homosexual agenda for a global corporatist empire may touch upon the North African shore in an effort to fan the flames of twittendom across the Red Sea and upward to Iran. The receptivity of Africa and the Middle East to an encroaching militant, homosexual atheist Weimarization of politics possible in 3rd world strife may support collective authoritarianism of ignorance or evil elites-that’s difficult to anticipate from the outside.

The revolution could be a shill for global concentration of wealth and the corporatist agenda at any rate, as we regard President Obama himself.

Egypt’s problems with neo-revolutionary sentiment might develop within similar historical parameters as an upsurge of class consciousness (twittish organizers) stimulates public action by loosely organized mobs.

We might view the globalization of networks, raves and youth Facebook consciousness as another entry of the dragon of change into the playbook of political tools for power. President Obama’s 2009 Cairo speech may have set the match to local Egyptian political will to revolutionary power. In declaring his name; Barak Hussein Obama during the speech, gave a latent, subtle tone denouncing the inimical moo-barack. He may be perceived as throwing down a gauntlet to youth expected to run with the bone of support. President Obama would not tolerate a bovine antipodal mockery in the name of a foreign leader in this public relations age. President Mubarak may have unintentionally born the inimical name, yet he is not guiltless as a neo-dictocrat persecuting some of his countrypersons. When he leaves office he deserves to have his own modest retirement ranch in the Australian desert. Globalism presents many faces of change and subterfuge with levels of stygian construction.

E-gypt is said to lack political parties to field candidates in the September Presidential election. The U.S.A. also lacks at least candor in political party names. Honest names for parties for youth, the rich, homosexuals, women, non-white and so etc. Honest names should not trick voters or reinforce broadcast media dissimulation and support for concentrating wealth.

People want power and prosperity and freedom and not to be publicly twitted by adversaries, tortured or killed; the questions of contention are about how the power is allocate as well as of the best way of producing wealth for all and saving ecological health.

Friday, February 04, 2011

How to Unify Space-Time With Quantum Mechanics (a non-scientific comment)

Einstein’s generally theory of relativity unified time and space creating a new paradigm for viewing the composition of the Universe. New ways of considering the nature of the Universe arise now and then. Einstein provided a revolutionary perspective creating a new basis from which to speculate on cosmological topics.

Einstein’s sought to unify his general theory with the developing paradigm of quantum mechanics. Traditionally the philosophical view of matter has considered things to be made of progressively smaller pieces. Large dirt clods are made up of lots of smaller ones. After a Mars size chunk of mass slammed into the Earth early in its history debris cast into orbit around the Earth consolidated to form the moon. The same reduction of things to smaller sizes and a search for ‘fundamental particles’ gave us a theory of atoms, fermions and bosons (the particles that carry force), strings, rings and membranes.

What if Einstein’s theory of general relativity could be extended to the quantum mechanical realm? Perhaps mass does not actual exist as particles, waves, strings or membranes but is instead a phenomenon of space-time curvature at a very small scale.

Energy might be transferred not between sub-atomic particles such as quarks with a strong nuclear force. Instead the orbital states of particles might be curvature of space-time in particular states that might resemble particles in orbital states. Flattening out of orbital energy levels might be the equivalent of a wave passing through the ocean to another location, or upon a river arriving in places to form a stable, standing wave.

If energy is equivalent to space-time curvature in some way, and if the most compact curvature of space time has the most energy, it is consistent with space time singularities in black holes and perhaps the acceleration of the expansion of the space-time of the Universe.

The notion that a space-time media pre-existing the Universe was given an initial waveform pattern to initiate general and local distortions that would appear to be matter eventually to human observers is just one possible way of regarding the comoposition and/or construction of this Universe. Though the fundamental or proximal paradigm does not require theo-relativity to elaborate, considering logical principles in an Aquinian methodical way would not find necessary contradictio with that approach.

It is interesting that Thomas Acquinus lived to be just 49 years of age. He died in a riding accident hitting his head on a tree. That occurred just three months after he completed his Summa contra Gentiles and said that everything he had written so far was simply chaff. Some of the most deep human contempletive thinkers have discovered transcending paradigms in their investigations. It is difficult to believe that the possibilities for human understanding have approached any sort of conclusion.

Einstein's cosmological development was a sublime innovation for human knowledge. Perhaps it could be applied farther, in the quantum mechanical realm.

If there are a trillion, or a hundred trillion galaxies in the observable Universe, there are also 100 trillion connection in the human brain that support the creation of thought. There may be repeatable patterns at several levels in the Universe, and phase transitions too effectively creating more than the sum of the parts.

That last point seems evident when the Universe produces pluralism from a generally more monistic original condition at nominal Time equaled zero. One might describe an original monistic unified field of space time in various states of curvature and local distortion with string theory or particle-waves, perhaps distortion of space-time into mass occurs more readily in areas with increased gravitatational distortion.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

New Federal Unemployment Policy Needed

A philosophy of triaging the unemployed for priority hire should develop a way to provide service to all of the chronically and rarely unemployed equally. It individually rate citizens with an unemployment misery index that gives tax credits to employers equivalent to the rating of each unemployed citizen.

Unemployment may be clustered in disadvantaged communities, yet disadvantaged individuals may exist within prosperous communities too, and they also need to benefit from a federal hiring policy and rating structure equally with those clustered together in community misery.

There is no reason in this computer rich era of U.S. history to fail to provide individual unemployment misery scores that accurately reflect the poverty of each individuals personal experience. Yet if a married couple is unemployed the average wealth or poverty of that couple should be considered. If a housewife or husband is married to a spouse making a million a year, she or he ought not get a high score for being unemployed and earning nothing laying by the pool drinking pina coladas and watching NFL Football the previous five years.

Such a fair policy might be exemplified;

1) Total the five year earnings history of a citizen and total days of unemployment in the past five years together to create an unemployed misery rating. Those with the highest misery scores would have the most value in tax credits for employers.

Areas with congregations of high value ratings would be good places to locate new business with low cost workers (with good tax credit value). Individuals isolated as the very poor amidst the decadent prosperous might also benefit as the wealthy sometimes enjoy getting a bargain too.

Create a national Medical Service for the Poor and Save Money

The concept that all American citizens rightly ought to have access to necessary medical treatment is broadly accepted. The problem is in delivery the lowest cost competent medical service to the poor. Just as public defenders are appointed to those that cannot afford them, free medical service is needed for the poor unable to afford it. The Republican notion that health care should be made ‘more affordable’ is nonsense regarding those that are broke or well below the poverty line-they need no cost health services.

Honest politicians (not really an oxymoron) would recognize that buying insurance for all poor Americans- 35 to 50 million citizens- would be far costlier to taxpayers than a plain and simple national medical service for those that make less than $ 10,000 annually. In a realistic political environment politicians would actually seek to get the most bang for the buck on medical coverage for the poor.

Creating a national medical service for the poor (perhaps also for Veterans in the same hospital service) would not compete with private enterprise (that includes the vast global corporate medical insurers too). Poor people given food stamps would not go spend money at Denny’s for dinner or Pepe’s Elegant Taco Universe if the government did not provide the food stamps-they would go hungry like as not. Neither would poor people with injuries or illnesses go to Dr. Rolls Hilton the III’s medical suite for treatment as an alternative to a national medical service. Instead, they would go to emergency rooms and everyone else from government to corporate and taxpayers and shareholders soak up the cost with a little work going to bankruptcy court as well.

The least expensive and acceptable way to lower national medical costs is first to create a national medical service for the poor. An effective safety net covering the majority of ordinary medical problems for that class would reduce the expense for everyone else. Buying insurance coverage each month for life for the poor is a terribly wasteful concept financially likely to cost far more than a national medical service.

The Colors of Very Small Waves © 2011 GaryCGibson (a poem)

Looking at the waves in colors
of waters clear and silent moving with surges
disbelief of sound is suspended
coinciding with motion
the sight of cold merged form
grains of sand dissolving
shadows of opportunity stricken
seaweed star ribbon of life
broken clouds change meaning less
rain passing with sunshine
flying horizontally like highway headlights
beads of icy time phenomenalized
blue sky patches receding in darkness
where water solid as substance awaits
in atomic weight of hydrogen and oxygen
Earth instead of spaced
nebulae of never reasoned society
neutralized with thought fragment echoes
design of nothingness placed
the colors of very small waves.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

9th Circuit Court to Decide Fate of Obama Roadless Wilderness Fjiord

photo credit-N.A.S.A. Earth Observatory of Kennsington Mine

image credit-U.S. Forest Service (map of Tongass National Forest in S.E. Alaska)

S.E. Alaska’s Lynn Canal is America’s largest fjord in wilderness condition. Isolated individuals in Juneau with little to do in winters have attempted for decades to get the state to build a road nearly a hundred miles north along the Lynn Canal (fjord) to reach Haines and the continental highway system. Plainly the need for a highway is virtually non-existent. State population projections for the next three decades actually anticipate that the region will lose population as development moves north. The Tongass Forest wilderness area and Americans are actually lucky in that respect, for tourism, fishing and wilderness values benefit from the wilderness condition.

The Navaho First Nations People the Navaho were evicted from their ancestral land and made to go on the Long Walk East before the civil war. Their lands in New Mexico and Arizona were viewed as resource rich. Today we are glad that President U.S. Grant returned the navaho to thei homelands in 1868 perhaps realizing that they would take better care of the environment than migrating resideual ex-confederates. Lynn Canal (fjiord) must be conserved as well for the sake of the American tribe and all of the wildlife depending upon it.

The development of a gold mine by a global corporation called the Kensington mine about halfway to Haines has stimulated the drive to build a road close to the fjord and on to Haines. The greed for gold drove countless First Nations peoples from their ancestral lands in America’s past. The desire to not only build a road to allow in hordes of RV’s, criminals, drug traffickers and easy ingression opportunities for terrorists with weapons of mass destruction from Canada’s headwaters of the Yukon District to the America will destroy the quality of life of Juneauites as well as the wilderness. Ten thousand prospectors and mining access roads will be built off the main road. Countless plinking of whales, illegal harvesting of grizzly bear for hamburger, skinning of marten, sables, mink, otter and torturing of bald eagles will occur. Fish producing streams will become polluted-in short the wilderness will be killed because of the quest for gold by global corporations flying in employees from Australia, Mexico and elsewhere.

Conservation of remaining fjords and wilderness areas in S.E. Alaska may be advanced with a Presidential Wilderness Legacy series wherein each President is encouraged to select a wilderness area in his or her name to add to America’s monumental conservation legacy. The Lynn Canal ought to become the Obama National Roadless Wilderness Fjord, and all roads within 15 miles of the fjord banned perennially.

President Theodore Roosevelt quote on the security of S.E. Alaska and concern about mining development in his 1903 State of the Union address. president Roosevelt was of course the founder of the national park system and a conservor of American wilderness as well as a President that confirmed boundary and administrative lines.

"As long as public plunderers when detected can find a haven of refuge in any foreign land and avoid punishment, just so long encouragement is given them to continue their practices. If we fail to do all that in us lies to stamp out corruption we can not escape our share of responsibility for the guilt. The first requisite of successful self-government is unflinching enforcement of the law and the cutting out of corruption.

For several years past the rapid development of Alaska and the establishment of growing American interests in regions theretofore unsurveyed and imperfectly known brought into prominence the urgent necessity of a practical demarcation of the boundaries between the jurisdictions of the United States and Great Britain. Although the treaty of 1825 between Great Britain and Russia, the provisions of which were copied in the treaty of 1867, whereby Russia conveyed Alaska to the United States, was positive as to the control, first by Russia and later by the United States, of a strip of territory along the continental mainland from the western shore of Portland Canal to Mount St. Elias, following and surrounding the indentations of the coast and including the islands to the westward, its description of the landward margin of the strip was indefinite, resting on the supposed existence of a continuous ridge or range of mountains skirting the coast, as figured in the charts of the early navigators. It had at no time been possible for either party in interest to lay down, under the authority of the treaty, a line so obviously exact according to its provisions as to command the assent of the other. For nearly three-fourths of a century the absence of tangible local interests demanding the exercise of positive jurisdiction on either side of the border left the question dormant. In 1878 questions of revenue administration on the Stikine River led to the establishment of a provisional demarcation, crossing the channel between two high peaks on either side about twenty-four miles above the river mouth. In 1899 similar questions growing out of the extraordinary development of mining interests in the region about the head of Lynn Canal brought about a temporary modus vivendi, by which a convenient separation was made at the watershed divides of the White and Chilkoot passes and to the north of Klukwan, on the Klehini River. These partial and tentative adjustments could not, in the very nature of things, be satisfactory or lasting. A permanent disposition of the matter became imperative."

The Virtue of Doing What Is Right

Doing what is right vs. doing what brings immediate happiness; it is amazing that this moral debate has not been decided once and for all. In the gaming era of techno-social indebtedness pseudo-realism may be mirrored in financial, money trading and investment networks in which international boundaries and real people are no obstacles to quick, vast profit taking for an intellectual objective of happiness that is wrong. The philosophy of consequentialism may be a utilitarian effort to select the best form of happiness with the least possible ill consequences, yet a eudaemonistic disregard for reality, social and even evolutionary effects on the watery planet in the solar system and galactic habitation zones may present future disaster and immediate personal harm.

The loss of a moral sense of right and wrong degrades an individual and a society. A global pursuit of abstract profits may lose sight of the rationale for production of goods that meet individual needs and undermine the political and economic credibility not only of a nation, but of many nations.

The Roman philosopher Cicero wrote a treatise on natural law. The book of Jeremiah cites God as saying that everyone knows him yet they intentionally forget who he is. Jean Paul Sartre might have called that ‘false consciousness’. I believe that the reference may have been to an innate sense of moral right and wrong derived from the goodness of God pervasive throughout experience. Human being may choose to do wrong or wickedness because they disregard the subtle conscience suggesting parameters of right and wrong in human social interactions.

Happiness may be found in personal egoism for a time perhaps, even with sociopaths that enjoy torture and murder that know their actions are wrong yet simply don’t care being happy in wickedness. Socially approved pursuits of happiness may too develop social trends in support of amorality in a belief that happiness may be procured through vice or change for-itself rather than with a definite better course in mind. Comparatively few social circumstance are improved through anarchy or random change-for themselves. Structured analytically directed actions even at the price of less than pleasure or immediate happiness may be the right response to innumerable existential challenges.

An individual might easily find happiness through the pursuit of doing what is right. Developing wisdom enough to determine what is right may also bring a sense of happiness. In fact happiness may be an adjustable goal appearing through the accomplishment of personal goals inclusive of right actions and thought.

U.S. Policy toward Egyptian and Middle Eastern Turmoil Should be Abstemious

Under British Government influence because of oil issues, the United States in 1953 developed a C.I.A. operation Ajax to overthrow Prime Minister Mosaddeq of Iran and restore the power of the Shah. That was the beginning of America’s troubles with the people of Iran.

Under the Shah and his secret police SAVAK that tortured countless Iranian dissidents, American interest of the military-industrial-oil complex prospered as we maintained a rather segregated from ordinary Iranian presence in that nation.
Fundamentally we believed that Iran might be drifting toward communism-probably an unrealistic notion. It is difficult to recall where communism has ever prospered in a Muslim nation.

The United States for the past 15 years has had a number of incompetent foreign policy postures. Largely the enemy is us; for we fail to balance our nation’s budget and to develop a completely independent non-fossil fuel technology for private ground transportation. Hence we support foreign authoritarianists that assure an oil supply to global corporations that have made America a nation of transport Luddites stuck in a perennial loop of internal combustion engines and foreign oil.

To regain some credibility and rationality in U.S. politics our nation should walk softly and carry a big stick. In Egypt we ought not pre-emptively select the next dictator to assure stability for concentrated wealth. Our policy should be to let the Egyptians learn from experience the difficulties in building a democracy for themselves. Like the Bolshevik Party the Muslim Brother may co-opt the revolution, yet America should not underestimate the strengths of materialism and liberty that call to Egyptians from Europe and elsewhere. Egyptians probably have no real intention of regressing as perhaps do Americans intellectually or liberally.

To a large extent the United States in developing a strong nation, with defensible modern border security (not allowing 4 of 5 illegal aliens to enter successfully per attempt) with a sustainable resource base, full employment and qualitative economic growth would serve as a good example to the underdeveloped and struggling nations of the world. The challenge in achieving such a rational political state is our own, for we are co-opted by corrupt politicians and global corporate networks of business and finance pushing an agenda that render ordinary Americans and the poor quite politically powerless with a declining comparative standard of living.

Egypt may have several twists and turns in a real political transformation that we hope moves toward a better democracy than America’s decline into a corporate neo-feudal empirical vassal state. Instead of picking an object-foe in the conflict that eliminates the need to intelligent and adaptive political thought, America should observe from what distance is possible in the modern world, and morally support those actual democratic elements in Egypt carefully. If actual direct threats to American or Israeli security arise in the future those can be addressed with an upgrade of a Reagan doctrine if nothing better is possible.

Why National Debt Has Increased Since Women & Minorities Rose to Top of U.S. Party Politics

With the rise of minorities and women in federal politics the national debt has increased, industry outsourced, nation flooding with illegal Mexican immigrants, wealth concentrated and public debt skyrocketed. The reason is that there are no large constituencies outside the parties unhappy and agitating for change and inclusion. Without competition the millionaires and would be millionaires in Congress and the White House concentrate wealth and enrich themselves as the first priority.

President Obama recently served up a ‘we will bury you in bulldung’ moment with his plan to add six trillion dollars of new public debt by 2015. Like a ‘senior moment’ the President’s state of the Union speech ‘sputnik moment’ seemed to forget something; inventing new public debt by the trillions creates inflation instead of national economic security. Those trillions aren’t lofted sputniks that rhetorical competition will catch up with and pay for.

Now that ‘minorities’ are insiders and even leading the two parties just kicking back and forth a dialectical materialist transfer of wealth to themselves and debt to the public. 14 trillion dollars of public debt equals one year U.S. gross national product. President Obama plans to increase that by 2015 to 20 trillion dollars of debt. The President has a suggestion that in a decade the budget deficit could be reduced by half (a half-plast budget plan).

Democrats don’t want to cut the federal budget generally. Republicans don’t really either; they just want to redistribute the budget allocations away from the poor and middle class and too the rich through military spending.

Republicans want tax cuts for the wealthy and everyone, which increases the federal deficits. The rich get richer with fewer taxes that too often make their way to the poor-except in the case of national health care.

So Republicans and Democrats in political power kick back and forth the ‘tastes great/less filling debate of tax cuts and budget cuts with both parties getting what they want and failing to prevent the other party from getting what it wants. The net result is and out of control deepening of federal debt and no one besides the poor and Lou Dobbs-perhaps living in Siberia now, to righteously note the problem and the cure. The U.S.A. must raise taxes and cut the federal budget together. It also must develop better spending policy that gets more economic and environmental results for less.