Saturday, January 29, 2011

When Gravity Theories Fail to Explain Observed Spin Rate Of Galaxies

The apparent variable strength of the force of gravity apparent in observations of differential rotational velocities of galaxies is a drive in creating the hypothesis that unknown or dark matter exists in the universe and in galaxies. Many galaxies have been observed to rotate at speeds fast enough that they ought to be flung apart because there isn’t enough mass and gravity to hold them together. Dark matter has been hypothesized as a hidden source of extra gravity sufficient to hold those galaxies intact.

Obviously the flattening out of space-time away from the densest mass toward the galactic enter in accord with Einstein’s general theory might account for velocity differences of mass in different regions of a galaxy. Space time itself may not be smoothly distorted by gravity-there may be washboard like folds of crenellated packings of space acting as speed bumps to create ‘friction’ to the mass passing in three or nine dimensions of space and one of time.

Theories of gravity are challenged today to reconcile with and observational differences of expected behavior.

Additional theories exist such as Milgrom’s MOND and Moffat’s MOG offering theories that correct Newton’s equation that the force of gravity drops off at the square root of the distance.

MOND theory (modified Newtonian dynamics) expects that gravitational force drops off inversely proportional to the distance and that there is a two-stage break for gravitational force selection at Newton’s or at MOND equation rates; if the speed of rotation is above a certain threshold gravitational rate ‘planes’ and has Newton’s value while if below that speed it has MOND’s value.

Obviously it would be helpful to understand what gravity actually is in addition to knowing how to make an equation to describe its apparent force in the Universe. String theory and extra dimensions may provide extra theoretical descriptions of how and why gravity acts as it does. Compact dimensions being wound up like the mainspring of a clock may unwind in the expansion of the universe or addition of space to our three large, known space dimensions. Really, there is quite an opportunity for cosmologists to advance a plethora of new and unsupported theories that might tie in to the observed astrophysics of Universe1, and that isn’t such a bad thing.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Ben Ficklin and President Obama; Transport for New Modes of Travel

Ben Ficklin was known as 'the mystery man of the confederacy'. Not a soldier, he was something like the famous Harry Flashman in being involved in everything from the founding of the pony express to owning Monticello and being arrested 'in connection with the assasination of President Lincoln.' He also attempted to get a trans-continental railway constructed before the civil war. Hw was born in 1827, died late in the century and is buried in San Angelo Texas.

President Obama should have some of the nationalist realism of Ben Ficklin and direct the construction of two lanes (one in each direction) across the southern part of the nation east to west exclusively for electric cars and other alternative vehicles not using fossil fuels. He should also establish an east-west and north south network of bike lanes so those of us that enjoy riding bikes across the country can do so without getting run over by trucks and rv's.

Most Presidents haven't left much of a legacy for alternative transport modes since the motor carriage got out of the barn. Real jobs for Americans building electric car lanes from LA (well, Palm Springs really) to Pensacola Florida should be something that any reasonably green and patriotic President should be able to get done if he or she isn't really a shill or yard ornament for the Harvard globalist clan.

New Scientist Reported Vatican Blessing of GM Crops-Vaticans Says Nyet

New Scientist Reported in a Nov. 30, 2010 article that the Vatican had given its blessing to genetically modified foods 'to help the worlds poor'. On Dec. 1st, 2010 the Vatican denounced the story as wrong.

Genetically modified foods cannot subsitute for good government, reform capitalism and low entropy ecological economic policy within cooperative yet rigid national boundaries. Ricardo's Iron law of wages (and food supply) still is a valid equation regarding population growth for non-advanced societies. Humanity needs to be educated pervasively about the fact that the Earth is a finite little island in a void with nowhere else for humanity to expand without extremely advanced technoliogical development. Private rights must be strictly protected, renewable economics applied to replace the disopsability and irrational growth exuberance and food supplies shared globally to eliminate starvation globally while valuable farmlands buried by suburban development recovered and returned to right productivity.

GM crops have the potential to infuse turbulence and organic phase discontinuity into world biomes.

Disposable economics and destruction of the world ecosystem health cannot be well compensated for by a profusion of patented, propriatary gm crops.

Failure to Let Tax Cuts Expire Were A Turn In the Wrong Direction

The public debt of the United States is about 14 trillion dollars today. If the tax cut extentions had been allowed to expire the budget would have baturally balanced in two years. Since the tax cuts the President anticipates federal budget deficit the next decade at which time it might be reduced to 50% of todays.

By 2015 the public debt will be out twenty trillion, and interest on that debt will be more than a trillion dollars annually. Right now interest on the public debt is about 3/4s of a trillion annually.

President Obama, in order to be responsible needed to be a Harry truman kind of 'the buck stops here' guy and veto any tax cuts. With additional federal budget cuts the public debt could have started dropping in 2013. With the tax cuts and a balanced budget, any budget cuts would have enabled direct reduction payments on the debt principle reducing interest payments as well. Adult democratic political responsibility.

The corporate world is already having record profits in many areas. The rich are getting richer. Jobs are being outsourced. Illegal aliens still come and go by the millions. High unemployent will continue for several years. Fundamental national political accountability has been breached with global corporate interests taking precidence. The federal government in 2008 and 2009 bailed out the corrupt rich with trillions of dollars of financial help and left the jobless to twist slowly in the wind.

The employed are making good money and can afford to pay taxes, the unemployed don't have to pay taxes except from leftover earnings for which they might receive amnesty. The rich need to be taxed at pre-Reagan cut rates.

I write about this issue with pragmatic concern. In Anchorage Alaska there were created 500 jobs net growth in 2010, 1000 new jobs are anticipated in 2011. As a 56 year old out of work painter I have virtually no chance of getting enough work even to leave Anchorage. That means another winter in a tent without propane for coffee,

What about the Alaska permanent fund dividend? In 2010 I had triple hernia laproscopy and ended up paying the surgeon with my future home lot. I was unaware of another 800 dollars owed to the anesthsiologist. I did not get a billing until leaving a seafood processing job in Juneau (because of heavy lifting as much s 200-300 pounds occassionally) and flying to Anchorage. The anesthsiologist turned the debt over to collection agency with a high rate of monthly interest though.

As an out of work Alaskan who rarely earns more than 4500 annually when finding a few homes to repaint the debt is fast becoming impossible to repay. The finance company will garnish the perm fund check each year so I can remain broke camping here annually. At least moose occassionally share the snow camping fun by sleeping like friendly dogs now and then near the tent-excellent social opportunities in Alaska for a U.A.S. alum.

The cost to bankrupty here minimally is about 50 dollars realistically for do it yourselfers. As that surgery was about the only debt or charged item I have taken on the past 23 years I am not happy about not being able to repay the 1500 dollars. The nation does not itself seem to be rationally inclined regarding repayment of its public debt.

A reform of American capitalism is needed as a general an oligharchy, anti-financial monopoly action, low entropy ecological economic are required too, and full employment rather than making America another Mexico or India ruled by elite financial globalists needs to be the goals of a 4th political party in the United States of America.

On Leonard Susskind's Summa Contra Anthropic Principle

Leonard Susskind is an important string theory theorist who has ventured a little into the realm of non-scientific philosophy. Historically there have been several philosophers who tried to reformulate philosophy as rigorous science (Edmund Husserl wrote a couple of volumes called Logical Investigations to reiterate that point), yet they often fail in the effort to persuade us of the value of the method beyond serving to admonish us to use logical, rational thinking), scientific method though is rigorous in-itself and yields particular rather than general results.

We understand the nature of science with its value in providing specific answers to specific inquires. The ability to falsify results of a scientific project also provides the probability of a result being true. If it cannot be false than a hypothesis has a hard time being true either. Maybe we discover that same criterion in the ability to have faith in God or even proofs of the existence or non-existence of God, yet as in science we know the results are only probable answers conditional in nature.

We agree with C.S. Pierce (a 19th century American philosopher) that science and logic provide results that work. Pierce invented the philosophy of pragmatism. For example, if one invents a new dance step on a slave plantation to win a contest on the theory that its best, and one does win the contest and ‘take the cake’ given to the winner traditionally, then one’s aesthetic judgment about the quality of the step and of the opinion of the judges is true. A better example might be postulating how to make the chemicals for a match, putting them together and testing them. Implicitly the hypothesis might have been false and the results hence falsifiable.

Dr. Susskind has written a book named The Cosmic Landscape; String theory and the Illusion of Intelligent Design in which he has taken a step away from the obvious realm of scientific method beyond even the criterion of philosophy as rigorous science. That is o.k. however, for speculative thought sometimes advances the range of knowledge by providing hypothetical and possibly falsifiable models that may be used to construct new theories. C.S. Pierce in inventing pragmatism also created the concept of a trielectical nominative thought process of human consciousness. Of course today we know that there are more than a 100 trillion and consciousness associated with regions of a brain exists as a phenomenal cloud with ideas transcending time in a way with past memories, present thought and awareness and ‘anticipatory text’-like ideas drawn from experience and inference. Susskind’s speculative efforts to venture through a kind of anti-proof of Intelligent Design, or more specifically the anthropic principle, does yield some interesting data as it should.

The Anthropic principles weak and strong appear as factual in the physical fine tuning of constants in cosmology. One may reasonably postulate a non-theistic explanation for the phenomenon, yet Christian theologians do not at any rate try to prove the existence of God through scientific proofs of Intelligent Design or even the strong or weak Anthropic principles evident as they are.

In fact scientific data acquisition about the Universe and its fundamental nature are changing faster even than theory about its constants and nature. String theory developed in the 1970s, while the acceleration of the Universe was discovered just in 1999. Now, dark energy is thought to comprise 70% of the universe, dark matter 26% and atoms or matter just 4%. While space telescopes have photographed light emissions to within 380,000 years of the creation of the universe from its point of inflation in the first second, the strange fact that humans are able to seem the beginning of the Universe in which they live existentially (trough the time it takes for light to travel to Earth in an expanding Universe) ought to strike people as rather strange. Even if there were a trillion trillion universes created in a multiverse, humanity might have existed at any other such point in space-time such that the first photons issued within the first million years of the universe could never have been captured for observation.

String theory is a marvelous tool for leveraging information about the quantum world. The theories about the quantum world and the Universe itself are moving targets themselves however, and the arguments about speculative constructions of extra universes, pre-universes, membranes, strings and space-time have infinite possibilities for themselves. String theory provides half a million different solutions to correct quantum equations describing the real condition of the quantum universe while the data about the observable universe itself is changing. That makes for uncertainty in the nature of the results, in its falsifiability and in where in space-time to place the data.

As Christians we enjoy the scientific efforts to provide knowledge of a factual kind, yet as philosophers we like to know when speculation is less than rigorously scientific producing pejorative opinion instead of hard data.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mad Cow Disease-Nearing Global Extinction?

New Science is running an article on the idea that mad cow disease is nearly extinct globally.

Others such as ScienceDaily report that prions have an ability to 'mutate and adapt to host environment' .

Neanderthals may have died out as a result of a BSE/Mad cow Creutzfeldt-Jakob like disease, and the recurrence of prion attacks on the brain may recur periodically in history especially as economists (even of cannibals) discover new ways to profit from improper use of proteins for food supply to various animal populations (I don't know why deer and elk have problems with the brain wasting disease),

Cow dies of BSE in Holland...

About Decoy ATM Magnetic Readers

ATM machines present opportunities for thieves to copy the data on your card and photograph your pin number. The Lebanese loop and card skimming are two common methods.

Theives place an extra, camoflaged magnetic card reader (cost-about $300 via Internet) in front of the ATM's card input and a tiny camera overhead to catch the pin number from the keypad, or locking the card after hours (get it after the user leaves) and retrieving it with a sticky technology allows theives to use the data on a blank card or to use your actual card to withdraw money until the bank changes the account information. The billion dollar annual corruption can be more than a slight inconvienience to victims.

Some suggest a careful inspection overhead for anomolous pinhole cameras or to simply use one ATM machine that you regularly inspect. Perhaps preferring instore, indoor machine that offer less opportunity for theives to place their fake magnetic readers and cameras in place advance security a little. The bank robbery form of identity theft is another derivative of the volatilization of money flow methodology.

Quick Draw Soldier of Fortune Jobs Report in PC Terms

Someone left the most recent issue of Soldier of Fortune magazine sitting on a table in a library recently along with the day's paper, so I perused each. Soldier of Fortune did not actually provide job listings for mercenaries. It provided a few stories on U.S. Special Forces from Vietnam to Afghanistan and an interesting story on the Mexican drug traffickers war; Perhaps the real employers of mercenaries today are politically incorrect to mention. Those might be corporations providing people who carry and use weapons for hire in private and public security work.

"Congressional Research Service



Excerpt "CRS Report for Congress"

"Department of Defense Contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan: Background and Analysis"...

"The Department of Defense (DOD) increasingly relies upon contractors to support operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, which has resulted in a DOD workforce that has 19% more contractor personnel (207,600) than uniformed personnel (175,000). Contractors make up 54% of DOD’s workforce in Iraq and Afghanistan. The critical role contractors play in supporting such military operations and the billions of dollars spent by DOD on these services requires operational forces to effectively manage contractors during contingency operations. Lack of sufficient contract management can delay or even prevent troops from receiving needed support and can also result in wasteful spending. Some analysts believe that poor contract management has also played a role in abuses and crimes committed by certain contractors against local nationals, which may have undermined U.S. counterinsurgency efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan."

I would think that an accurate and comprehensive Mercenary Magazine might simply list all of the world's governments and contractors, public and private security firms willing to hire anyone of who will carry a weapon for security services, and state the terms of employment and compensation. From the U.S. Army's Central Command to Al Qa'eda of Pakistan (who pay trainees with glamour on Earth and futures in Muhammad's paradise), to security services in Chicago delivering truckloads of money to banks and Taco sales outlets, there are millions of mercenary jobs today in the security services field.

It would be good if a priesthood of believers ecclesiastical structure with real world social safety net services were created to provide alternatives to those that believe they can find no work besides carrying a weapon for hire, yet that is one of the blind spot of those behind the pulpit advocating 'unselfish giving' to those receiving tithes.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dark Matter and Energy May Be Grounded in Six Extra Dimensions

Ten dimensional space-time models for this Universe made with string theory quantum cosmology may be yet unproven and controversial-so there is still time to throw out all sorts of speculation about what dark energy and dark matter may be and how it may relate to or be grounded within those extra dimensions.

Dark matter 'halos' around matter may be an effect of quantum entanglement of mass strings and loops in the sic extra dimensions of space. The mass extruding like the tip of an iceberg in our three dimensions of space and of of time may have the preponderance of its existence entangled in the six extra, compact, invisible to scientific observation directions providing the extra mass and energy of the universe holding galaxies together and sending space-time expanding outward.

Mass hidden in the six extra dimensions may have its own different quantum dynamics apposite or opposite, tangetial or derivative from those of the evident three dimensions of space and one of time. Some believe that dark energy may be a negative force 'pulling' the universe outward as a composite target, yet if so it must also be pulling something farther beyond inward toward the Universe as well one would think.

If space-time generally has a negative force or draw and gravity is regarded as positive, then the phenomenal appearance of mass and gravity in the Universe really was an unusual event at T=Zero perhaps 13.7 billion years ago.

Dark Matter and Energy May Be Grounded in Six Extra Dimensions

Ten dimensional space-time models for this Universe made with string theory quantum cosmology may be yet unproven and controversial-so there is still time to throw out all sorts of speculation about what dark energy and dark matter may be and how it may relate to or be grounded within those extra dimensions.

Dark matter 'halos' around matter may be an effect of quantum entanglement of mass strings and loops in the sic extra dimensions of space. The mass extruding like the tip of an iceberg in our three dimensions of space and of of time may have the preponderance of its existence entangled in the six extra, compact, invisible to scientific observation directions providing the extra mass and energy of the universe holding galaxies together and sending space-time expanding outward.

Mass hidden in the six extra dimensions may have its own different quantum dynamics apposite or opposite, tangetial or derivative from those of the evident three dimensions of space and one of time. Some believe that dark energy may be a negative force 'pulling' the universe outward as a composite target, yet if so it must also be pulling something farther beyond inward toward the Universe as well one would think.

If space-time generally has a negative force or draw and gravity is regarded as positive, then the phenomenal appearance of mass and gravity in the Universe really was an unusual event at T=Zero perhaps 13.7 billion years ago.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Shadows With Cold Space Data

The stirring of the waters
dimensional waves expanding, breaking, crashing
compacted dimensions within loops, membranes that matter
given the impetus of the Word

Of dimensions wrapped ribbons mobius twisted
time through loops in sight of night
light distant in a void of norms
from which nothing comprehended not forms
between the hope of morning
woven seamlessly beyond abyssal mist

A Sagittarius star without spin
gathered three million solar masses itself
not within the realm of ideas
or dreams on an air mattress along the ocean shore
nothing beyond the event horizons
darkness, cold, heat, call, structures of infinity
shaping objects for human wonder

Data mining talking points
of oil spills and infants shadows
Rorschach realty through a glass sharply
the world's spin drives through edges of tomorrows

In waves from the beginning and after
is the Holiness of the light of God
living in the Spirit and Son Jesus Christ.

Our Universe May Not Have Been Slapped By Other Universes Early in It's History

Reading an article in New Science on three reports that the recent hypothesis interpreting the polarity of WMAP cosmic microwave background survey presenting the earliest capture of light emanated in the Universe after Time=Zero as evidence that other universe may have bumped into our Universe 13.5 billion years ago as wrong, I also found this web site hyperlinked below. It has dozens if not hundreds of cosmology, physics and other scientific paprers posted by scientists every day.

Why Globalism Creates Deleterious Noise in Local Political Economic-Environmental Adaptation

Scientific American ran an article on the 100 trillion brain cell connections of the human brain as well as one on the anticipated mass human migrations stimulated by anthropogenic environmental changes. Ideas regarding social economic responses and adaptations to existential challenges present several paradoxical elements regarding the prospect for identifying and implementing successful solutions.

One paradox is the drift of capitalism within a corporatist context away from fundamental sets of purposes formed by Adam Smith. Today’s global corporatism is far more organizational and a kind of exclusive limited socialism than a phenomena of individual enterprise and ownership of private property. Global corporatism as the off course and uncorrected dominant actualized model amidst innumerable potential forms of capitalism tends to drive social and economic adaptations away from local environmental solutions in favor of the pursuit of corporate profit.

If Vietnam’s Mekong Delta would seven million refugees outward with a one meter rise in sea level, corporatism would be unlikely to search for a way to enable those people to remain in place perhaps on elevated housing with simultaneous development of a new form of aquaculture and perhaps elevated rice cultivation with rain capture hydroponics or evaporative production of fresh water. Best case, comprehensive solutions for social environmental economic issues are beyond the interest of corporate profit taking and a democratic government intimidated by global financial and business networks unable to exert it political sovereignty for the benefit of citizens.

That is something of a global phenomenon even in present Alaska where laborers from around the world arrive to work in the seafood processing industry. Some Alaskans say they have the wrong (American) passport to get hired in the industry, others that federal trade and political deals give these workers a preferred status-especially as they do not complain about working conditions much or at all. It is evident that the global corporate rational for reallocating labor globally is for increased profit (see ‘Halliburton’s Army’ pub. 2009). That global corporate power inertia disregards environmental changes as externalities to the profit network. Corporatism’s present logic regards responses to environmental changes fundamentally from a financial analytical point of view regarding opportunities for profit. That corrupted form of capitalism; one that could readily be replaced by a modern form of ideal free enterprise capitalism developed within a local, rational, national democracy seeking the optimal environmentally synergetic standard of living for citizens, is an opposite element for the reform of government and rectification of capitalism.

Noise in brain cell connections may stimulate local area network analytical thought. The logic of corporatism however suppresses local area democratic network intellection preventing environmental-political synthesis that moves toward the optimal existential economic efficiency attainable. The ‘noise’ of corporate profit taking actually overwhelms democracy and free enterprise national self-interests to infuse waves of junk political D.N.A. into not only the American democracy, but any other on Earth. Adam Smith’s idea of exploiting economic autonomy to promote the welfare of all British citizens (or those of any other polity respectively via abstract emulation) has been supplanted by global organizationalism with control of the broadcast media, local economics and thereby politics making junk food politics the norm disregarding ongoing needs for local environmental adaptation without regard to global corporate profits.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Three Fallacies In President Obama's National Jobs Recovery Logic

President Obama has declared his final two years in office will use ‘the Edison method’ of invention to create economic growth and jobs in the United States. We like Thomas Edison’s inventive application of science to create the light bulb of course yet believe there are several problems with applying that 19th century business model to the United States today in the 21st century. Two years is hardly sufficient time to invent and broadly apply technology to create 300,000 jobs per month starting in February 2011.

There are three primary fallacies in the President’s job recovery theory I shall briefly outline. The most likely areas for new technology jobs creation will be disregarded by the President and Congress. Implicitly I describe those areas elementally in describing the fallcies in the Presidential job creation logic.

One; The national economy is a leaky vessel with jobs outsourced, productivity outsourced and patents held by global corporations with millions of illegal aliens arriving to take non-outsourceable jobs. Simply adding speed to keep a leaky boat from sinking will not necessarily be more effective than patching the leaks

Two; Areas of the economy that could be patched with bi-partisan support in the Congress such as building a three layer berm and ditch control barrier zone on the Mexican border to prevent illegal alien input, and a nation-wide infrastructure along freeway corridor starting around major cities to install power lines for electric car charging in order to offset the rise of foreign gasoline prices that also stall the economy; are being neglected. Hence the economy has two large built in governors on efforts for full national full employment and prosperity.

Three; The U.S. Patent system needs reform so inventors other than the rich (the majority) find it profitable to invent something. With the cost of patents at 5 applications for $3000 dollars plus patent searches and patent defenses the cost is way too high for the majority of inventors today who might tend to be very poor. The trickle up effect is definitely in play in the patents field with corporations having every possible advantage for soaking up inventions by the poor.

If an inventor does succeed in keeping security in this leaky era and obtain a patent, then he faces the problem of actually finding a cost competitive way to produce and market the product. Increasingly cheap offshore production such as in China has become the norm. Thomas Edison had no problem in finding the best production facilities in the world in the United States. He also held 1093 patents as inventor and President of his own corporation. Few Americans or corporations exist in such a state today. One might think of Steve Jobs (not an Edison class inventor by any means) as a vague echo of the American inventor-entrepreneur-C.E.O.’s of the past.

Demo-Republican Congressional Health Care Debate Disregards the Poor and Veterans

U.S. veterans and the poor typically receive less than excellent medical care in the United States. Underfunding adequate medical care for the working poor and veterans prevent the poor and veterans from having good health for work in addition to sustaining pain and endangering their lives. It would be practical for the congress to create a unified national, public health care service exclusively for poor U.S. citizens, legal residents and veterans and leave them out of the ongoing health care debates of the wealthy, the middle class and corporation providing health care and/or insurance coverage.

Quality health care for the poor is not a luxury. Not yet age 60 I had to give up my home building lot to pay for hernia surgical repair incurred from an on the job roofing injury while self-employed. Obviously I had no insurance or worker’s compensation coverage. In a real world entrepreneurial contract laboring market to be able to afford bread, bike tires and notebook computers if not building materials, injuries happen. Risk is an implicit part of survival enterprise the comfortably corporate or government employed do not experience or comprehend. Neither do the working poor entrepreneurs have the established opportunity to bargain for good prices for work such as established, licensed contractors have.

There are innumerable ways the poor may incur uncovered, uninsured injuries. It is not realistic to expect the public to pay for a lifetime of insurance for the poor who may only have one or two injuries before reaching Medicare eligibility age. What would be useful would be the creation of a national referral and hospital system for the poor and for veterans able to treat at no cost common injuries and illnesses for the poor and complete coverage for veterans with any days of national service.

Citizens who have untreated substantive injuries and illnesses will need to collect food stamps, welfare, or some other forms of social sustenance if they cannot work. Citizens who are not productive because of ill health are not an economic theory but a national fact costly to the public and economically inefficient. The practical remedy is to repair these injuries and illnesses and return citizens to the eligible work force.

With a combined citizen-veterans worker’s comp like referral/screening and medical treatment program costs only as needed are required without perennial insurance deficits. The existence of a medical infrastructure capable of treating large numbers of veterans if needed in a future casualty intensive conflict would also create better preparedness for national emergency.

The wealthy and middle class may well haggle about neo-social, neo-corporatist national medical insurance policies. Neither the U.S. poor nor veterans benefit much from such inefficient and cost-redundant structures, yet the Congress doesn’t really understand why, and do not seem to care much if the nation ditches pragmatic and efficient medical service to create a healthier America and U.S. economy.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Jonathan Edwards; America's Theologian

The Great Theologians from time to time enabled Christians to better understand the relationship of God to humanity and the Universe as explained in the Bible. Edwards believed God to be wholly other than what human beings might perceive or comprehend drawing upon experience and the world. Yet God's holiness is also a kind of radiant beauty. His moral virtue or perfection is above anything fallen humanity might understand or apprehend intellectually or cognitively, and his moral perfection or supreme good is also beauty for-itself.

Edwards’s ideas about God as an absolute holiness differs a little from that of the neo-Platonist philosopher Plotinus' thoughts about the emanations of The One. Plotinus placed aesthetics somewhat farther away from a description of the highest ranking qualitative characteristics of The Intelligence and virtue. Virtue for Plotinus is also beyond the implicit realm of the One from whom all created issues would be 'outside' or contingent and from which we humans might not discern anything not explicitly revealed by God about His nature.

Nevertheless we like Edward's idea that virtue and goodness in addition to love are essential attributes of the nature of the Creator's Holiness. In our mundane existence we only occasionally are given to perceive things actually Holy. Jesus Christ with his garments and appearance turned entirely white in conference with Abraham, Moses and Elijah, and Moses returning with the tablets in a wizened appearance; these experiences of the glory of God as beautiful Holiness in-itself and for-others may have been the kind of thing Edwards was referring to.

In the beauty of nature we may find inspiration leading in to an appreciation of the Holiness of God. In Jesus Christ we find the holiness of perfect moral example and of sacrifice as well as that of God.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Using a Deck of Cards for a Temporary Chess Set

An ordinary deck of playing cards is perfectly suitable for use as a temporary chess set.

Making a chess set from a deck of playing cards may be cost-effective if one is living in a Gulag, waiting in an airport because of a snowstorm cancellation of flights or stranded in Alaska without an outboard motor.

One has red and black cards to serve as red and black chess pieces. The king and queen choices are obvious, while the jacks may be bishops, aces serve as knights and tens act as rooks. Single digit cards are sufficient for pawns (with one spare).

Because one only needs one set of single digit pawns for each side there are enough left to serve as eight square markers across and down. If a pencil or piece of chalk is available then one may draw a grid from those cards.

Heat Shield of Plasma or Electro-magnetic Fields?

In asking this question, and researching it a little I discovered that electro-magnetic heat shields are under development. I will post the link to an article on that and the rest of my initial comment...

What about using a stream of plasma or an eletromagntic field from the leading end of a high speed space launch module to deflect particles that would cause friction and heat? That is, could a close plasma or electromagnetic field act as a heat shield instead of a heat resistant coating?

Others have considered the idea. There are numerous configurations making and shaping plasma as there are for making geometry models for calibi-yau manifolds.

If using an electro-magnetic accellerator to launch a space insertion module along a 30 mile launch tube in a vaccum, the spacecraft would have quite a lot of energy in it already some of which could be spent for use in a heat shield as well ass for exiting the Earth's atmosphere and gravitational field (so far as to achieve orbit).

Ablative heat shields create implicit limits on the design of space insertion modules that could be avoid with plasma or electro-magnetic shields.

Alaska's Chronic Right Wing Environmental Necrosis

Alaska Governor Sean Parnell formerly Sarah Palin’s Lt. Governor has made two economic proposals to advance energy production construction in the state. The first is a reduction of taxes on oil corporations in order to stimulate exploration and collaterally global warming and the second is to dam the Susitna River-one of the largest rivers per volume of flow in North America.

The Susitna River dam proposal is not just business as usual. It is a retrograde technical project environmentally from the right providing a good example of the disinterest of the right in learning fundamental lessons about environmental conservation from history. Alaska’s environment is chronically degraded on a number of fronts from mining, logging, oil production, over-hunting, over-fishing and damming.

Elmendorf Air Force Base in Anchorage has a policy of shooting rather than relocating wolves callously degrading the gene pool of another threatened species. The right is a tool of global corporatism with a propensity for violence and procuring the loyalty of violent thugs. Reasoning like industrial introverts the right assumes that all opposition to global environmental destruction must be of the left. The concept that independents that are just smarter who support advanced low-entropy economic infrastructure development conducive to environmental recovery of health are in opposition. Such individuals may also have a better interpretation of the best application of capitalism to contemporary society with increased competition through a cap on the size of corporations.

Former Governor Sarah Palin advanced a good progressive taxation policy on Alaska oil producers setting higher taxes as the price per barrel increased. Governor Sean Parnell is seeking to role back that progressive oil tax in order to stimulate oil development. Obviously if the state can do more with less it could afford to be less reliant on federal handouts.

The once salmon rich Columbia and Willamette River drain that were the home for millions and millions of Chinook salmon now allow annual returns of fewer than a thousand per year on occasion as a consequence the history of northwest dam construction and insult to the waterways. The Federal government has spent public money for decades in a mostly failed effort to return health to the rivers.

The Parnell initiative to dam the Susitna River would radically alter in a deleterious way natural relations of water ecosystem interaction such that shoreline and aquatic ecosystems would be instantly degraded. Changes in water oxygen content, river flow patterns and of water temperatures in addition to the end of natural free flow with the ponderous obstruction to natural use would follow imposition of a large dam. River damming is equivalent to removing a human’s lungs and liver. Lung bypasses infusing oxygen directly into arteries may be technically possible, yet salmon and a number of other species may find changes in the ‘flavor’ of water harmful while the waters above the dam would experience substantial adverse affects.

Fundamentally the dam is a gross insult to Alaska ecology. It will accumulate and accelerate the concentration of pollutants behind the dam and of course provide destabilizing transformative environmental effects reducing quantity and quality of salmon fishing in Alaska.

The Yukon River drainage has already experienced an extreme reduction in number of salmon bring radical restructuring of human social use of the region.

Alaska is experiencing several other insults to its environmental quality from the right creating the need for more public spending to attempt to conserve the health of the region.

The right unfortunately have diminished competence in comprehension of America’s and one of the world’s best theologians- Jonathan Edwards ranking with Augustine, Athanasius, Barth and a few others. Edwards believed that aspects of God’s glory are revealed in nature. God is transcendently good, and beauty is good-hence the good and beauty if nature and environmental health may be regarded as a reveling of a quality of God rather than an old shoe to toss and purchase another one made of plastic. If we regard it as possible for human beings to perceive anything of God at all, t should be the good found in nature and in right relationship. Augustine and Calvin each believed that God is the author and sustainer of all things (hence the determinism); therefore humans should seek to let the providence of God develop low-entropy

Human relationships to and uses of the bounty of the environment instead of destroying it. Original sin including ecosystem wastage, despoliation and destruction is an inherent aspect of the fallen sin nature of mankind running like intemperate teen-agers over the ecology of the Earth. Catholics may believe that evil nature is reduced through a gradual becoming more Christ-like while Protestants tend to believe stress that the original sin nature is simultaneously present with grace following salvation by Jesus Christ and sin is only displaced through grace-yet the practical difference are not much if one regards the upstream source writings of Augustine, Calvin or Edwards.

Polar bear are an indicator species of the effects of global warming. As they have existed for quite a long time in Alaska and the northern littoral of the Arctic Ocean their extinction would definitely be an excellent indication that the environment had substantially changed. Obviously in the past human predation on polar bear nearly extirpated the species until they were given circumpolar protection from hunting. Now of course the basic problem to the survival of polar bear has expanded to include anthropogenic climate change. The pervasive increase of onshore and offshore trans-Arctic oil development contributes high latitude carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and additional greenhouse gases to the rarified air.

Another invidious development effort on Alaska’s Bristol Bay river drainage would put a large open pit mine named the Pebble Mine in a position to leach toxic mining and metals chemicals into the Bay as well as adversely impact countless small contributory streams that are the breeding areas for salmon. Sedimentation in waters draining into Bristol Bay and sedimentation, thermal and chemical composition pollutants following the proposed Susitna River Dam may be fiduciary externalities for politicians and developers seeking instant quick profits but they are assaults from the right on the environment they believe is inconsequential-as might those watching cartoons.

The federal government is considering restrictions on select S.E. Alaska fiords in order to protect the local seal population from being spilled from ice rafts on which they reside sometimes in summer in order to raise seal pups. Cruise ships by the thousands produce waves that spill the seal into the water. Surprisingly the body temperature of wildlife such as seals has environmentally adapted to particular conditions pre-existing changes brought on by human development of machines and the environmental changes of machines. Seals for example, if spilled into the water experience food-fuel, heating and energy changes in the season for which they are not adapted and the survival of those seals are endangered. There are other such species in Alaska that require a very narrow thermal habitation range seasonally in order to reproduce that anthropogenic environmental changes endanger.

S.E. Alaska’s fisheries bring in more than a billion dollars of revenue annually and are under assault from mining up rivers in Canada that flow into Alaska and reach waters of the Alexander Archipelago. Like the decrepit State of Washington, the prospects for long term environmental health in Alaska are grim as it shall likely die the death of thousands of cuts over time.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Japanese Whale Hunting, Origin of Chocolate, Tongass Forest Conservation, Exporting Alaska Fish Etc.

Federal efforts to move its Tongass National forest management policy in S.E. Alaska toward one of conservation and restoration rather than subsidizing plundering of old growth forest for loggers made progress. The bottoms 20% of Americans-those underemployed or unemployed need work and prosperity so life in the U.S.A. isn’t like living on a prison planet. If one gets a good job-maybe cooking- it’s necessary in these lean times to keep it until they need to pry one’s cold dead fingers off the spatula. The U.S. Government hasn’t had the same tenacity on border security and keeping foreign labor import supply down.

A productive river for salmon devastated from messy logging in the 1970s is being restored while the 2nd growth forests instead of old growth forests will increasingly be sacrificed to the logging industry for cellulose building materials. The old growth forest remaining in the Tongass is just a rump at about 10% of the original.

S.E. Alaska is also the summer home to many migratory whales. Some wonder if exports of Alaska fish to Japan processed in Japanese owned seafood processing facilities in Alaska should be allowed to continue while the Japanese continue to hunt world whales for ‘research’ dining (To answer the question; does tabasco or soy go better with whale?). The Japanese government values Alaska fish and if it wants to continue to snag vast numbers of high-quality protein from Alaska it should make peace with whales and vacate pursuit of the Antarctic and world whale population. Peace should not translate into Japanese as 'piece'.

Wanton destruction of the environment and whales is a consequence of primitive human characteristics inherited from the beginning of mankind’s development of society. It was just 4000 years ago that chocolate was first developed from fermented seeds in Meso-America eventually to become a royal beverage. Chaco Canyon’s Pueblo Bonito imported a chocolate drink in containers from Mexico about 1100 a.d. Royalty dominating quality food supply is not limited to chocolate in the savage era of human culture (no not The Second World War).

Human beings first arrived at Crete by boats or rafts between 130,000 and 700,000 years ago. It is reasonable to believe that if Homo erectus could make it to Crete across the Mediterranean Sea a few souls might have reached America by boat four or five thousand years ago. Whales have lived in the world’s oceans far longer obviously, yet the primitive urge to eat everything that is edible still drives mankind as much as fight or flight and the rituals of war. While the morality of eating creatures with the largest brains on the planet is debatable, the need to conserve a healthy world biodiversity is not. Genetic diversity is a requirement for non-inbred bio-diversity in populations of whales, snow leopards, North American wolves and countless other unique forms of biological creation. Mediterranean Sea

Alaska State Government Perennially Confused About Pipeline Options

The Alaska state government for several decades has vacillated in pursuit of various options to bring in oil or gas revenue to pay for the government operations as the North Slope oil fields are depleted. Even during the 1980s research and development studies for state or corporate financed construction of pipelines to bring more oil or natural gas to tidewater in south central Alaska or Chicago through Canada were main political interests. Nothing ever was constructed from those studies.

Former Governors from Wally Hickel to Tony Knowles and Sarah Palin along with countless candidates have made the construction of a natural gas pipeline a political plank. The simplest thing to build would be an LNG plant at Valdez or Anchorage and a pipeline to it, yet the practical is always set aside for the pursuit of ecological boondoogles.

Former Governor Sarah Palin ram-rodded through a half billion dollar state subsidy to a Canadian Corporation-Trans-Canada in an effort to get an oil corporation to build a pipeline and jobs for Canadians. With the discovery of new methods of fracturing natural gas from formations in the 48 states, the price of natural gas has decreased the interest in building a pipeline from the North Slope through Canadian pipeline infrastructure by special corporate interests. Environmentally that may be a collateral improvement.

The city of Anchorage also has a former state Governor-Bill Sheffield, in a powerful job as a Port Director implementing a construction project over cost, over time and budget. A Port of Anchorage expansion that is sputtering on with building errors reportedly could cost hundreds of millions of dollars too much for completion. The City must close libraries and forgo building warm pedestrian and bike transit malls for winter to finance construction errors.

The global price of gas and oil fluctuates as a regular instability adversely affecting U.S. economics. Building a pipeline and/or gas liquefaction plant at Valdez or Anchorage from the North Slope via Fairbanks flowing through the existing trans-Alaska pipeline corridor might at any given time bring in low or high revenues and royalties as empirical reciprocal values vary. The state and corporations wish to build when the price of natural is high or when supply is diminshed, yet of course the market is partly manipulated and supplies and applications are distorted to maximize corporate profit. The state might find an unreliable market price a reciprocol of political as well as geophysical supply factors. Yet as the state can afford to build the line itself and auction liquefied natural gas to world buyers generally at low or high prevailing market prices it has little reason to produce more rhetoric than gas.

Environmental effects for fracturing basement rock formations in the 48 states have already generated new pollution, toxic water reserves and flaming faucets. War in the Middle East can cut off oil supply and quickly drive up fossil fuel prices. A state government should build a pipeline infrastructure for gas carefully and in compliance with advanced ecological synergy concepts ahead of price fluctuations on the global market. A retarded construction rice changes in a volatile market has a good chance of being out of step at any rate. In a national emergency the pre-existence of a local gas pipeline and LNG plant would mitigate the supply issues. Needless to mention it is important to expect federal investment in lightweight car batteries without rare earth metals and a policy of electric cars without use of fossil fuels.

If Alaska has extra liquefied natural gas it can sell to China on the spot market perhaps a number of Chinese global warming gases producing coal fired power plants could be replaced with some burning cleaner natural gas. Natural gas spent in power plants instead of developing fuel cell generators, superconductors, wind and solar energy input) too quickly reduces national natural gas reserves.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Reince Preibus Moves Ahead of Michael Steele in RNC Chair Voting

After three rounds of voting Reince Preibus has moved well ahead of Michael Steele in the election of a new Republican National 'Komiteh' Chairman. Steele is so far losing votes and ground with each round of votes and seems likely to lose the job.

We search for a new Ralph Nadir on the political horizon yet will need to look elsewhere than in the Republican Party.

Let us remember the warning words of Yogi Berra apropos for national economic and environmental management; 'You've got to be very careful if you don't know where you are going, because you might not get there'.

Blood Libel or Bloody Libel; Sarah Palin Didn't Pull the Trigger

Politics beyond the Pale of Settlement comprised 20% of European Imperial Russia. Jews were allowed to live 'beyond the pale' (pale derives from the word stake in Latin) and on to the border with Prussia. Sarah Palin has denounced as a 'blood libel' partisan efforts to interpret her rifle shooter's scope worldview and crosshairs placed upon American political districts with unfriendly politicians (including Arizona). Blood libel is itself an unusual term for an American of this century to use. It is a term associated with historical persecution of European Jewry.

Phonetically 'blood libel' resembles 'blood liberal' or splatter liberl--it is sometimes helpful to navigate linguistically farther away from shoal waters of double entendre to convince good people that you aren't a closet Nazi.

It is difficult to conceive of Sarah Palin as any sort of an historical scholar aware of the origin of the term. It is also tough to understand how such an idiotic choice of a term with obvious polemical potential could be used as a follow up to the assassin's targeting criterion (that is if we are not using shooter's crosshairs as a metaphor of picking flowers). Maybe Sarah Palin considers hunting herbivores as a manly activity that will prove her tough with voters, yet if a man used such imagery in contemporary politics he might be regarded as a fascist.

We do not suspect Sarah Palin believing the Mexicans are some kind of Jewish element beyond the pale. I personally believe three saltwater desalinization/border control canals should be built across the nation's Mexican border yet Mexicans in Mexico are not segregated-they have their own nation and should improve it as ought the U.S.A. including full employment for Americans (including myself).

Obviously giving a verbal interpretation of a symbol is difficult to do precisely. A swastika can be taken as a sign of the Hindu religion and the way Brahma stirs up reality as well as a symbol for the Nazi party. A presidential candidate in the United States ought to be far better informed than Sarah Palin in her choice of symbols for political tools. If she were a hillbilly talking about blood feuds it would be far better than using the term blood liberl, for then we might regard it as an historically usual expression of the megalomaniacal will to consolidate political power for her family as royalty-a common enough historical theme we suspect the Bushes and Clintons of a little bit every now and then.

As a well known charismatic churchgoer she must have been influenced by some nut job yakking about Jews spilling the blood of Christian children to use in Passover ceremony or something such. Such an idiocy might have its origins in an anachronistic and warped Russian pogrom creator's way of thinking perhaps (the tsar used to order a pogrom every now and then for social distraction when his citizens became restive of his tax rates), yet not in an Alaskan or American social setting at all. I wonder who actually picked that term for former Alaska Governor Palin? Probably we shall never know.

No reasonable people should believe that the crosshairs stimulated Lochner to shoot 19 people. According to Michael Savage's reports the killer used an hallucinogen named salvi divinorum that creates out of body experiences. Besides social rave, bad video games, high unemployment and being 4-F the kid was under the influence of movies like The Matrix and an hallucinogen reportedly more powerful than L.S.D.

Gov. Palin's importunate antique European terminology notwithstanding, she is not the Mexican border problems, drug war and use of a Mexican herb with hallucinogenic powers to alter the reality of the not-too-bright.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Global Warming & Cooling May End Civilizations

A scientific study finds that historical records of rapid climate change coincides with the decline and fall of empires.

Other interpretations are possible. Yet it was probably Attila the Hun and the Goths combining to assault a decadent Roman Empire in the same time period that led to the end of the Roman Empire. One might speculate that rapid climate change drove the Goths out of the North and the Huns off from the step, yet we like to think that it was the wild debauchery on wealthy estates and pretty jewels that stimulated the pagan hordes to attacks and plundering of conspicuous wealth.

With more than 30,000 people killed in Mexico in the drug wars the past 4 years perhaps Mexico is becoming more like a pagan host readying to attack an empire with climate change, or maybe not. If draught overtakes China because of global warming they will be motivated to attack Alaska and cooler places in Siberia and North America with hundreds of millions of soldiers and stealth fighters.

I still prefer to believe that dumb, uncreative political leadership is a better reason for the end of civilization as well as a factor in anthropogenic climate change including global warming. Throughout the past fifty years U.S. political leadership has avoiding taking the turn toward anti-ecocide insinuation of our society into a green peace with a stable population motivated toward quality rather than quantity growth with full employment and a fair, free standard of living for all.

For some reason homo sapiens sapiens believe that as the sole surviving species of the hominid line we are excellent survivors, instead, it may be a reason for less than optimism regarding human prospects on Earth-unlike varieties of ants, only one kind of human species exists and its prospects for destroying itself and the global ecosystem are excellent.

An Extra Essay on Calibi-Yau Space Cosmology

Calibi-Yau geometrical analysis constructed a six dimensional manifold serving as a model for the way six small dimension underlying our three dimensions of space that are 'full' size could mathematically exist. Such a construction need be mathematically consistent yet hasn't an implicit requirement that is actually is the representation of the structure of this Universe.

If it is the best and a fairly accurate representation that tweaked up with string or m-theory eventually supplants the standard model of quantum mechanics, what about the dimension of time?

Is time one dimension without limits that is fully extended as eternity in all directions in which emantaed spatial dimensions flow like leaves in a divine wind of omni directional yet compacted dimensions and potential? Is an omnipresent eternal time through which spatial dimensions journey a 'host' for the motion of atomic and chemical recombinant physics?

Toward the end of Yau-Nadis' 'The Shape of Inner Space' I have found a few more interesting ideas that I can add to my notes on the topic of string, M-theory, cosmology and Calabi-Yau space before closing the cover.

Extra-dimensional mathematical modeling arrives through algebra and geometry. Many avenues of approach exist to construct extra-dimensional shapes. Some of the shapes are useful for modelling how extra-dimensions may be formed in our Universe.

Preponderantly it is believed that our four dimensional universe may have six more dimensions compacted tightly and on which our four larger dimensions of space-time are attached. One of the interesting conjectures is that these smaller dimensions have a lot of intrinsic energy and are bound up by powerful membranes. The acceleration of space-time may be a consequence of these smaller dimensions 'flexing' their energy. It is also thought that eventually the smaller dimensions may suddenly become unbound and expand into full scale dimensions and the universe will then have ten dimensions fully expanded rather than four.

The smaller dimensions may have energy that warps the four dimensional space-time unevenly. A new kind of geometry may need to be developed in order to describe very small spaces less than a Planck length in size. Will such geometries map quantum uncertainty as compact potential scalable into warped space-time/mass-energy equivelences?

Within the context of Yau's technical knowledge helpfully put into plain language by Nadis this cosmological speculation seems utterly reasonable. The CMB or cosmic microwave background is a source for continuing research for traces of evidence such as polarization that could support string theory as a cosmological explanatory tool.

The possibilities for cosmology with string theory are increasing very swiftly rather than decreasing-good news for us philosopher-Christians interested in a complex Universe issued by God rather than a simple one such as some physicists regarded as possible a few years ago.The more numerous the possible varieties of Universal past, present and future are brought to mind the more intriguing is the power of God to issue a Word for the conservation of mass and energy to start. A zillion to the zillionth power of potentials arose from one creative will to be and become;its juxtaposition in a geometry of space-time phenomenal configurations is too interesting not to marvel at for its beauty of composition.

'The Great Theologians' by Gerald R. McDermott

This page turner of a little more than 200 pages is well worth reading. It is succinct coverage of just eleven theologians from Origin to Von Balthasar who have shaped the way Christians think about God and Jesus Christ. Especially in America we tend to overlook to what extent our basic Christian beliefs have been defended and conserved and on occasion liberated by the efforts of these individuals.

A notable point for simple clarification is the argument made for Biblical literalism today. It simply isn't as simple as that. In the 3rd century (born in the second), Origen wrote 'the first systematic treatment of Christianity as a whole' called De Principiis (first principles). Origen also explained the fourfold root of Biblical interpretation.

McDermott explains that Origen described four different yet complimentary ways of interpreting Biblical scripture. First is the literal reading (historical). Second is the allegorical (what you should believe). Third is the tropological or moral (what you should do) and fourthly there is the anagogical (leading up). This last interpretation has that interesting word anagogical. This category of interpretation points to the future with Jesus Christ for the elect. We may find meaning throughout the Bible in each of these senses of interpretation very often in the same scripture.

McDermott writes that Athanasius in the 5th century basically saved Christianity from the Arian heresy that Jesus Christ was not fully God and co-eternal with the Father. As a short, dark Egyptian monastic alive in the time of the Eastern Roman Empire of Constantine and later his son Constantinius who each tended to favor the followers of Arius that was no easy task.

Athanasius also developed the theological concept of theopoiesis (it means divination) relating that Christians develop an increasingly Christ like character as they move farther away from the sin nature of fallen humanity. Satan may of course continue to nag Christians and try to draw them back into the human maelstrom of the fallen material condition (possibly enticing them to illicit sex, global warming denial and ecological ecocidal politics), yet Jesus Christ having overcome death and providing a model for Christian right social relations brings the faithful (without becoming godlike) to be more perfect, as He is perfect, through the power of His blessing (shed blood atoning vicariously for all those of faith).

McDermott's breezy treatment of these serious subjects is an excellent reminder of the provident grace provided by a lifetime of sober scholarship. Many of these theologians were themselves dedicated to learning of Jesus Christ and the Biblical truth in trying times of continuous political turmoil. Often they wrote well outside academia and state sponsorship. Today's Christians can find inspiration in that as a generation of spiritual homelessness co-generated by church and state compels conformation to consumerism and globalism in a hierarchical corporatism commercialization; more intelligent and contemplative use of ecological and spiritual resources ought instead to prevail in ecclesiastical structure, economics, ecological and political renewal.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Year After the Haiti Quake-800,000 Still Tenting-What Would M.L.K. Do?

Haiti was a good example of modern sales ptiches and pr. After a year the 5 billion dollars in promised financial help is generally still undelivered. There has been a tremendous volunteer effort, yet the prospects for innovative, competant adequate long term housing at low cost for most seems another unrealized dream.

One might believe that a year after the Earthquake the reverend martin Luther King actually would have had something to say about the state of affairs in haiti if he were alive. Well, we have Sean Penn-perhaps not quite as inspirational of a speaker but a guy who is trying, and Sarah Palin visted for a day to lift the spirits of the Haitians.

Buckminster Fuller's dome institue actually has well laid plans for emergency steel pipe dome housing. With a pipe bender one can make a variety of shape including a martian lander looking structure with a floor off the ground for comparatively peanuts. Why modern hyper-shape technology cannot be used for Haitian relief I cannot understand except with the application of some cynicism regarding the inability of society to pervasively modernize methods except perhaps in war. emergency shelters

There are some efforts to send domes to Haiti. Upgraded and reintensified design and application efforts should be coordinated by FEMA if only for the sake of practice for an American emergency. We recall how badly the toxic trailers went for Hurricane Katrina.

Solar, wind power, methane production from human waste and planting of crops-maybe Haiti should be carved up like Antarctica amidst nations with areas of responsibility in order to provide competition to get the best job done quickest. Even President Obama should want to field a crack low-cost alternative housing team to put together a quick 100,000 four person homes-why not?

Christian Spiritual Homelessness

Many Americans today, including youth, experience a sense of alienation, of spiritual homelessness in the midst of tremendous material prosperity accreting to the rich. Traditional Christian Churches have largely failed the challenge of evolving from a feudalism mirroring hierarchical structure historical established to function to enrich a separate and unequal clergy.

Even in today's troubled economy more than 13% of Americans relocate annually in search of opportunity. With the change of city and state they too often find a franchise and television neo-realism providing their roots to philosophy and faith. The displaced or dispossessed experience, hip hop, football and pop shows as a temporal home beside their car.
Post-modern spiritual homelessness has developed in America for a nation trained by an impersonal media to rave and consume. Seventy-five percent of the economy is said to rely on consumerism. More that 35% of the workforce is employed in financial related services. More than a quarter of all rental properties in the United States are foreign owned and multi-national corporations made a joke of national competitiveness. Social anomie grows amidst high unemployment and millions of illegal alien immigrant displacement workers.

Churches too often are drive in tithing centers for people with SUVs to bring their children to for moral refuge if not true faith. Christians are second rated spectators in churches that forget their name and contribution when they leave town to search for a job.

Unequal network financial advantages pervasive today allow some to earn several lifetimes’ earnings with quick currency trading, and others labor if able to find work for what amounts to a fraction of the interest earned each day by non-workers with capital advantage. The Book of Deuteronomy 25 verses 13 through 16 warns against this;

13 “You shall not have in your bag differing weights, a heavy and a light. 14 You shall not have in your house differing measures, a large and a small. 15 You shall have a perfect and just weight, a perfect and just measure, that your days may be lengthened in the land which the LORD your God is giving you. 16 For all who do such things, all who behave unrighteously, are an abomination to the LORD your God.

Spiritual homelessness in the United States brought several generations to search for meaning in an increasingly meaningless social environment. Meaning in consumerism without rational regarding to environmental consequences, social injustice and national dissipation cannot replace an activist priesthood of Christian believers wherein a Church may have a wise bishop and a congregation of priests sharing the tasks and tithing as peers more or less in a structured context.

Spiritual homeless may be remedied with a spiritual home generally available for Christian in a nationwide priesthood of believers. A structured Christian social welfare safety net should be created with a network of emergency saving (perhaps $3000 dollars), employment and service credit banks, medical help from members and a lifetime record of church attendance and participation prevents the erasure of a ‘laity’ and their work.

Youth in America should know that they really aren’t alone, as should everyone else, as Christian outsiders looking in toward isolated SUV congregations of the middle class that at best may consider it generous to cast some charity toward the spiritually homeless. Christian churches must be as interested in providing structured, material emergency support for every Christian account as well as that of a hierarchical clergy.

The Apostle Paul believed that Deuteronomy 25:4 “4 “You shall not muzzle an ox while it treads out the grain.” meant that a preacher should receive sustenance for his Christian work. That may be so; however it does not imply that an exclusive priesthood was best. At most a priesthood of believers should have beginner, intermediate and elder status in assembly with roles within the sphere of competence of each. Christians should be encouraged to mature and welcome to participate fully in worship service, perhaps rotating roles. As every Christian is a priest, the absence of any one would be meaningful. The national church would be a real spiritual home capable of transcending the national chaos anomie and spiritual homelessness that is a derivative of the development of post-modern American society.

We may learn that today’s clergy are overpaid by 3000% according to the pay scale of the book of Deuteronomy. The faithful were to save ten percent of their annual produce and bring it to a sacred spot to feast once a year to honor God. In such practice of saving poverty would be avoided. Every third year the 10% was to be given to widows, orphans and materially non-productive priests. Thus the clergy were to receive 1/3rd of ten percent of the faithful’s income every third year.

Today’s priesthood of believers could save their material abundance and annual invest it in church projects honoring God from which they personally share the benefit.

Creating a practical social organization-an ecclesiastical organization-that realistically offers a national spiritual home for all Christians is no simple task. Probably it would require several prominent hierarchical priests supporting publically the innovation of such a church. The need for a priesthood of believers is plain and possible in an era of universal literacy; the unwillingness of those earning a comfortable living from the present structure is also hard to change. Jesus said ;

(Matthew 7-12) “7 “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. 8 For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened. 9 Or what man is there among you who, if his son asks for bread, will give him a stone? 10 Or if he asks for a fish, will he give him a serpent? 11 If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask Him! 12 Therefore, whatever you want men to do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets.”

One must believe that the better perfect of the spiritual church of Jesus Christ will in time advance.

Stars and Empty Space (poem)

The sun chases around empty space
leaving its past behind in perpetual recurrence
near emptiness with virtual particles and cosmic rays
crenellated dimensions; six extra small ones they’ve said
one star in a metaphor of warped space
time a fully extended direction processing space force fields

Stars burning hydrogen in the darkness
abyssal night of non-being
attuned to the transformation of ideas
stars move like unit cartridges in a river flow
packaged to burn with nowhere to go

Like past season’s tent pitched
aslope of soggy moss over a log
the water is unfrozen and leaves undead amidst early snow
thoughts of God we believe set everywhere similes of pre-formed patterns
determinism of constructed universes strung together

As the Lamb of God was slaughtered from the first moment intelligence became lost
recovering the beginning of time with a Word for Himself and for others
we’ve asked pardon for misunderstanding
everything subject to analysis and reasoned theories
that seems beautiful topographically and for-itself
stars in greater movements in a space-book of pages turned.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Exeperimental Superconducting Cities; Anchorage and Fairbanks Alaska?

The scientific quest for room temperature superconductors made progress in 2010. Scientists using a variety of material including plastic discovered new materials and methods for creating superconductivity. As the temperature increases for superconducting materials the cost of cooling the wire to create the superconducting effect decreaases. Presently the baseline for 'what works' is about 321 degrees below zero. That sounds cold, yet one needs good insulators to contain a liquified gas coolant.

2G HTS (high temperature superconductor) wire has allowed superconduction with less than .5% loss of electrons because of resistance at temperatures as high as -77 degrees Kelvin.

Because global warming effects the north more extremely than temperature areas it is worthwhile liberating Alaska cities first from reliance upon coal, oil and gas fuel sources. Electrical energy created by non-traditional alternative energy technologies coupled with extremely efficient, low resistant super-conducting wire networks should be particularly developed in locations in Anchorage, Fairbanks and other Alaskan cities esopecially contributing to high latitude global warming gassing/emmissions. As when summoning help from a crowd to call for emergency medical relief, it is best to address one particular person rather than to just general ask of all for none are then responsible sometimes. Without developing complete cities to alternative energy power to serve as national examples of fossil fuel-free energy living, it is likely that congress will pettyfog the needed transition for decades or at least until the New World Order owns all of the newer infrastructure for their profit and the nation's wage servitude.

Temperatures of minus 321 degrees Fahrenheit are readily achievable with liquid nitrogen and hydrogen. It would be helpful is some global warming greenhouse gases could be extracted from the atmosphere and used for cooling superconductors-though improbable.

Regular power lines lose as much as 7% power to resistance in the line. Superconductor independence effectively means national energy independence. Wind, solar, and fuel cell electric power input to super-conductor storage loops should be able to meet U.S. energy needs without redundant wastage through use of inefficient power lines. Select corridors and urban areas would most effectively respond to increased energy transmission efficiency.

The cities of Anchorage and Fairbanks Alaska could be used for federal experimental 100% superconducting and alternate energy input cities.

OPED on the Tucson Shootings and Political Feeding Frenzy

Political killings of vulnerable American politicians are an historical fact of life. From Abraham Lincoln to McKinley and mayoral candidate Moscone of San Francisco unusual reason emerge to send assassins forward with whatever weapon is convenient to terminate the object of their interest. The mass shootings in Tucson Arizona including a U.S. Representative, Federal Judge and a nine year old are part of the price of a free society.

Just across the Mexican-American border in a society with tight gun controls more than 30,000 people have been killed in a narco turf war the past four years. One of the reasons that violence dominates in that gun controlled society is that much of the vigorously healthy and intelligent Mexican working force flees northward to Arizona to take jobs. As many as 4000 Mexicans cross each day into Arizona on their way to seek work in Tucson, Phoenix, Main, South Carolina, Chicago, California and elsewhere.
U.S. politicians and left-leaning media commentators ask for tighter regulation of the rabble and gun sales that threaten the continuing concentration of wealth in the United States. Mayor Bloomberg of New York-A billionaire has demanded stricter gun controls on those that threaten the concentration of wealth and peoniozation of the populace. Incredibly, many commentators believe that political rhetoric causes the eccentric shooter to move to kill a politicians rather than prevailing social conditions.

In a nation with 10 to 20% real unemployment, with 20 to 30 million illegal aliens and not much hope for many American youth for prosperity and with a concentration of wealth supported even by the Democratic Party in the recent approval of continued tax cuts for the super-rich it does not seem strange that at least one youth would statistically break free and throw away his future in a society in which he may believe their is no manifest employment destiny.

Jared Lee Loughner may be a left-leaning loser snapping after the tax cuts for the rich and Democratic support for amnesty for illegal aliens or not. Each of America's major parties is supportive of the rich and of globalism. The media is owned by the rich and is just a two sides of the same coin bickering back and forth playing with the rights and welfare of the poor and lower middle class. Neither presents a competent prospect for readjustment of the national economic infrastructure to move toward full employment-a concept evidently lost in the 1970s with Hubert H. Humphrey.

Trans-Alaska Oil Pipeline Flow Reduced 95%

The trans-Alaska oil pipeline flow from the North Slope to Valdez Alaska and tidewater has been 95% halted because of a leak at pump station # 1. The pump stations begin with one on the North Slope and increase in number toward Valdez.

The oil pipeline has been sendiing about 630,000 barrels of Alaska sweet crude each day south giving the state of Alaska a royalty fee of about 18 million of the 50 million dollar value of each day's flow. With the pipeline flow radically reduced to just 5% of the usually while an effort is made to construct a bypass pipeline around the leaking spot under pump station number one the dependence of the Alaska state government upon oil corporation payouts and federal flummery is too plain.

Even Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) is complaining out the reduction in oil flow and state oil income. Alaska should have superconducting storage loops, geothermal and solar power hi-tech instead of all the carbonic fossil fuel reliance. The United State has a similar reliance upon OPEC oil and illegal alien labor acting as governors on the U.S. economy preventing prosperity for the nation's poor.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

The Spiritually Homeless

Such Sunday topics as beheadings and head shots are unfortunate. The 3rd century Christian father Origen was tortured with his legs pulled apart three paces on the rack. I guess we can thus recognize political discourse on a Sunday as reasonable in a time when so many of us are spiritually homeless in America.
If all of the members of Congress were shot through the head the collective I.Q. might not decrease much. If the U.S. Congress were not such a bunch of wealthy and out of touch people they might comprehend why poor Americans care that illegal aliens roam at will over the border to take jobs.
In prior times revolutions occurred that liquidated inherent politicians. In America today such though it unthinkable as it would sully the profitable lifestyles of the rich and famous.
A church built with a priesthood of believers would give the spiritually homeless someplace to go. The churches of greed are full of SUV's and people wishing like a Sokka Gakki meeting for material things. The spiritual well being of the faithful should have a reflecting social, work and well being network able to share without obvious charity except in mutual service the produce of their labors. Spiritual savings and material savings ought to have a priesthood of believers savings bank tithed by the people of the priesthood.
There are many paradoxes about a nation as wealthy as the U.S.A. that runs a 14 trillion dollar debt and has a political class that does not feel the pain of the unemployed. One might wish for an ideal, utopian society of free enterprise, full employment, secure borders and a recovering national environment and gets a lot of loutish globalists without any sort of nationalistic, patriotic good sense.
Mexico has more beheadings than Al Qa'eda, more people killed in the past four years per capita than did America in Vietnam and the Korean conflicts combined, and the U.S. congress supports tax cuts for the rich, concentration of wealth and dim prospects for employment for the young and old.
Republicans in Congress should design their own, better health care system and try to advance it before just cancelling the corporatist, omnibus health care slop the Democrats foisted upon the nation (leaving the poor out in the cold generally).
It is a tragedy that political violence serves to remind the public of the pervasive, incompetent incoherence of congressional budgeting and national economic defense since the end of the Regan administration. I hope the Speaker of the House does not cry tearfully in speeches in the House ahead. Men crying in politics are not at all helpful, really.
The skull and crossbones nature of the U.S. economy and its concentration of wealth through globalism, corporatism and an absurdly low 36% tax rate could be paralleled by unloyal citizen entrepreneurs. An equivalent video game equivalence of outsourcing of industry might be a 'Kill the Millionaire' game in which points are won for shooting millionaire footballers, basketballers, CEO's, Congress and business people in their own 'work' environments with a variety of weapons. Yet if someone wrote up such a game and became a millionaire themself they might run the risk of be perceived as hypocritical if they are not included in the game. Real millionaires and congresspersons ought to really consider the real financial interests of their constituents too in failing to prioritize their real interests. If it weren't for the fact that it costs more than a million to run for congress, voters might exact political corrections at the ballot box.

About a Ten Dimension Universe

One might wonder where the extra six dimensions-and an extra six directions- are. Analytical geometers can construct a theoretical hyper dimensional object and make consistent inferences regarding its properties such as relatively speaking, the Pythagorean Theorem provides for triangles and object constructed from them. The particles and waves of quantum mechanics haven’t got a comprehensive, in depth mathematical explanation quite yet that tie in to gravity and other large, solid state physics features of the universe, so the mathematics of hyper-dimensional geometry has taken its turn (ref. the Shape of inner Space by Yau and Nadis 2010).

What one finds in reading about extra dimensional space-presently generally thought of as ‘small dimensions’ are a world of ideas of construction of dimensions generally.

Our three ‘large’ dimensions of space may be tied onto a string of smaller dimensions like leaves, or not. Myriad analogies exist to describe the way an extra six dimensions of space fundamentally made of strings could cohere in association with our three dimensions of space. It may be that the dimension of time transcends the nine dimensions of space in what fundamentally could be a ten dimensional universe.

Like the tip of an iceberg compared to the mass-energy of these three dimensions the bulk of matter and energy may be hidden below the surface in these smaller, extra six dimensions. Its’ only one theoretical approach however, and the limits of such extra-dimensional constructions of geometry could be unlimited and of course presently unknown.

Geometrical models of the quantum mechanical world must be internally consistent and then find some consistence with observed behavior of quanta. Some string theory actually predicts gravity in addition to just describing a formula relation to space-time, mass and energy. With mass and energy flowing into six extra dimensions the possibilities of its behavior in that realm is unknown too. If size is relative, could there be corresponding real echo world realities within those six dimensions albeit of a smaller comparative size?

It is something of a paradox than any dimension might be regarded as being ‘small’ if they are infinite yet compact. One would expect the smaller dimensions to change in scale in a way comparable to the expansion of our three spatial dimensions.

The basic particle of string theory is said to be a string. String may combine or be stretched out in different dimensions to form sheets, spheres, loops, branes, membranes and hyper-dimensional Calibi-Yau manifolds or non-Kohler structures. One might obviously ask ‘what is a string made of ?’.

Basically one has a quanta of being-the string- and nothingness. The string or abundance of strings at the beginning might have been cut from the same ball of yarn into myriad little pieces that reassemble as best they can forming complex hyper-dimensional shapes in the process that seems to be the three dimensions of space-time we live in. Time is something of an enigma. As a dimension without space dimensions what would it be?

The vast number of potential configurations of strings as basic quanta that may serve to assemble cosmological theories and large-scale units of assembly can be narrowed down a bit by requiring that their math and geometric structures agree with observation. The equivalence of string and dimensions seem to agree in some why, I think, in as far as math regards the properties of real things rather than dimensions as things for themselves. Physicists may use a Calibi-Yau manifold as a given structure or shell in which strings, loops and branes exist with the math of those surfaces and strength of units of string energy have a rational though complex reality subject to mathematical description. The number of dimensions that could exist in any universe may or may not have a limit. If geometers can imagine, or computers design 1000 dimension Universes in theory what would stop them from existing in fact-Occam’s razor?

So math and cosmology has entered this intriguing period of conjecture and observation. Just 15 years ago cosmologists thought they were approaching some sort of a conclusion to scientific learning about the Universe. It was believed a big bang just exploded, or inflated space-time into existence maybe from nothing, or perhaps recurring in cycles in a never ending or beginning process (that later sounds improbable). Now it seems that there are a trillion possible structures to explain observations of the quantum world, of the WMAP Cosmic microwave background of the early universe, numerous new theories of gravity, space and time, possibilities that extra dimensions may warp our three dimensions of space and that local warps might be measured and compared to a hypothetically correct metric for the extra-dimensional relationship.

It is a good time to be interested in cosmology and in theology too, for one may yet find the Word of God issuing reality a ready to contemplate paradigm for the way strings were created to start with. Theological considerations of a universe before inflation or creation of dimensions still leaves an eternity of time as a dimension that contains temporal dimensions and membranes as they occur occasionally. One wonders about such phenomenalities occurring within a timeless eternity perhaps a complex structure of dimensions grounding spiritual existence temporally. It is an interesting time to consider space and being.

Friday, January 07, 2011

Amphibious Tank Faces Cut From Defense Budget

The project would cost nearly 12 billion dollars and the Secdef is trying to kill it. Much as I dislike agreeing with that particular SecDef he is right-the era of beach landings should be decreasing with other means of entry and delivering of explosive power increasing. Defense weapons need to be good if they are to be an effective deterrent.

A better vehicle to pursue would be a low-profile combination jet-ski-hydrofoil/hovercraft for one or two marines. Such a vehicle would also be simpler to air drop anyplace. High speed mobil insertion of special operation forces far beyond the beach would be more likely. Stand off and remotely or intelligently guided conventional weapons systems are also increasing as are the ways to detect comparatively hard to conceal amphibious tanks. The Marines ought to look ahead as well as behind in selecting innovative weapons systems useful from pole to pole and around the globe.

Reason Why a Palin Presidency Would Be the Jewel in the Crown for BP, Exxon, Connoco-Phillips

Alaska may be the prime jewel in the chocolate box of goodies in the United States that global corporate resource extraction businesses wish to exploit. Without a senior senator such as Ted Stevens in their pocket, and with U.S. Representative Don Young as their best bet for levering resource extractions from the federal government the reasoning behind a Palin presidency becomes fairly obvious; maximize the immediate potential resource extraction value for corporate profit.

With an oil corporation loyalist President from Alaska all federal restraints on resource development could be thrown to the winds. Discretionary executive protection on land, sea, sky and wildlife might be cast aside like hindrances upon a closing out sale on sensitive areas such as Bristol Bay, the Arctic national wildlife refuge and innumerable river systems. Sarah Palin has thus far demonstrated no reluctance to serve as a yes woman for plundering the national and world wildlife and ecology treasures of Alaska. Even global warming concerns could be dismissed and full development of the Arctic coast for offhore oil exploration and highway construction given the red state light.

One of the helpful things about apocalyptic religious beliefs is their potential to be used as Gnostic excuses for apocalyptic ecology practices.
Exxon maintains a low profile in Alaska and now does BP. Presently Connoco-Phillips is the high profile oil corporation with hard hat wearing executives in their large downtown Anchorage office building-at least until they to join the ranks of those maxi-scale polluters that must skulk away for a time. There are numerous corporations seeking to build vast mines in Britol Bay, dam the Susitna River or otherwise insult and injure Alaskan fisheries. The effort to conserve world ecological health would be serious adversely impacted with a Palin led federal government.

Four Dimensional Universe Could Expand to Ten

String theory has provided numerous striking insights into the potential and actual behavior of the physical Universe. Fields Medal winner Shin Tung Yau has co-authored a book published in November 2010 in which he describes ‘The Shape of Inner Space’. Yau’s work at constructing geometrical shapes of hyper-dimensions following on the work of another mathematician named Calabi provided the famous Calibi-Yau manifolds that presently best exemplify what a six dimensional geometric shape might be like.

The Calibi-Yau manifolds are a mathematical construction and valuable for-themselves in the progress of geometry. Yau mentions that a new geometry may be needed for the very small realm of quantum mechanics. Such geometry might work in the realm of quantum uncertainty.

Physicists have applied the Calibi-Yau shapes to string theory cosmology. Strings instead of particles are thought to be the irreducibly smallest component of matter. Strings viewed end on seem like points, and from other points of view can be viewed as circles or ellipses, branes or membranes. If matter can be compacted and folded into six extra dimensions it could better explain gravity and other aspects of mass and energy.

The extra dimensions have energy and were tightly bound near the start of this universe. Their energy could be flexing and providing the recently observed acceleration of space. The six dimensions could decompact suddenly and the Universe would then have ten dimensions disrupting all present forms of matter in the phase transition. The six extra dimensions may locally warp the three full size-dimensions of space. Time as a dimension may transcend all the other nine spatial dimensions.

There may be a hundred years of research ahead in math and physics measuring space carefully to discern the effects of extra dimensions, if not construct a few; would it be possible to construct a ten dimensional object in three dimensional space?