Monday, November 29, 2010

The Search for a Planet Larger Than Jupiter Beyond the Oort Cloud

Comet Hartley 2 and a myriad comets observed by telescopes and spacecraft have provided material for construction of a portrait of the Oort Cloud and comets orbiting far from Earh and Pluto around the sun. There may be 400 billion comets a mile or two in size according to..

Wide field infrared survey explorer photo of comet WISE credit N.A.S.A.

The number of comets around the sun along with what water is on Earth and and the ice of a few planets is about the entire water supply of the solar system. The behavior of the comets traveling past Earth and around or into the sun provides conjecture on the existence of Sol B- the ghost planet.

Dr, John Murray published an article in the Oct. 11,1999 Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society an article making the conjecture that a large unknown planet could gravitationally influence comets hurling them toward the sun. Dr. Matese of Louisiana State University is also researching the topic and has compiled a body of analysis of the trajectories and incidence of comets passing this way toward the sun in decades past.

It is believed that the cause of so many comets of longer orbital time periods pass this way than might be normal because of the power of a larger gravitational body to capture and deflect comets and even accellerate them toward the gravitational mass of the sun.

The ghost planet (do you believe in ghost planets?) could be over two trillion miles distant. Additional data and the N.A.S.A. W.I.S.E. infrared telescope may be able to answer the question. Matese

Wikileaks Trickles Down State Department Cable

President Obama has strongly denounced the criminals responsible for enabling the theft and publication of classified U.S. Department of State communications. Hopefully he will fire Defense Secretary Gates and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mullins as well and replace them with people that keep lips zipped.

Secretary of State Clinton said of the theft and release This disclosure is not just an attack on America's foreign policy interests. It is an attack on the international community".

Some of the broadcast media have found the victimizing of the State Department no big thing-as its a rival organazization to the megalomaniacal dream of global corpoarte rule, or at least rule by the broadcast media, popular today.

The U.S. Government is, in effect, the people's corporation in competition with all those others. Victimizing the people's government isn't at all appreciated, for it harms the interests of democracy and rule of law.

Wikileaks and Julian Assange have decided not to release all of the stolen data at once. They have redacted or edited some of the material, inevitably taken things out of context, and also retain the extortion and sabotage resembling option to release future information at will, as they deem it in their interest for whatever reason-perhaps even to sabotage or alter ongoing U.S. and global political missions. The wikipedia rightly should destroy whatever information it yet has, and vow not to withhold information and retain and ability to assault the effectiveness of the U.S. State Department in the future at any time it chooses as opportune.

On Einstein and the Expansion of the Universe

Einstein's field equations for general relativity predict a singularity. He did not believe that a big bang began the Universe though La Maitre told him of the theory derived from Einstein’s equations. Logically in a static Universe gravity should contract everything to one point. Einstein didn't like that idea so he added a small, constant anti-gravity energy to neutralize inward force of the general gravitational field of the Universe and keep it steady.

According to the wikipedia article below, Einstein addition of a cosmological constant was made to counteract the fact that his field equations of general relativity led to a Universe that would eventually contract under the influence of gravity if it were static. Einstein and other scientists believed then that the Universe was static. As recently as the 1960's the steady state theory of Fred Hoyle had believers.

The introduction of a slight cosmological constant force to counter gravity's force to contract the Universe does seems uncharacteristically unscientifically illogical for Einstein. Yet Einstein had such confidence in the accuracy of his theory he could infer the existence of an unknown anti-gravity energy to balance out the mass array of the universe. That took inductive logic from the general theory equations and the manifest Universe about as far as one could go at the time.

The universe since 2000 has been observed to be increasing its rate of expansion apparently-yet there are many theories about that.

The expansion may have started about the year of the Universe 7 billion and is increasing its pace perhaps leading to too fast of expansion and a big rip in a few billion years. Quantum theory predications of a constant are too high of a value, and the observed constant value is hard to explain. Dark energy driving the expansion is inexplicable presently, yet cosmology is in a difficult point of running into unknown and difficult to solve large question presently. Its unfortunate Einstein isn't around to solve them.

Knowledge generally of what’s out there is expanding. Einstein had no idea that the universe is expanding. Quantum theory has far too powerful of a dark energy hypothetically-120 powers of ten greater than what is observed-so it can't be right either. It could be that space or dimensions are expanding instead of energy, or that quantum particles-string-membranes dump their energy in other dimensions etc. It could be numerous things that fine-tune the Universe so it is as it is.

That’s the fascinating part about cosmological theories-there are so many of them.

An Alaskan Spider

November was the wettest month in Anchorage weather records although it didn't amount to much-just 2.87 inches melted down. Still, with a reasonably cool month the weather should have made life difficult for spiders.

I was surprised to find a few spiders near freezing and actually a few degrees below. True, they were just walking about and not at an especially high speed. Daddy long legs spiders-about four of them, made their way to the top of the tent beneath the outer shell as it was the most warm and dry place they could find-and that was at thirty two degrees f. They would occasionally bump into each other sending them scattering in a neo-irate chase-defense-readjustment sojourn all over the tent searching for normalacy and a return to the best breath exhalation collecting spot near a vent.

That quartet of spiders seem to have disappeared in the below freezing weather of late. When the temperature was about 15 degrees I saw a brownish spider perhaps a half inch across walking in slow motion up the inside of the tent along a seam toward the top. Maybe with my being inside the tent it was a little warmer than 15, but not much. Tough spider.

A naked spider in pursuit of the most warm thermal spot at 15 degrees while I was just trying to keep my body temperature above 96 or so. That spider must have been at a body temperature of near the ambient atmospheric temperature. Comparatively a human being would have perished from hypothermia at what-85 or 90 degrees body temperature?

Spiders are of the phylum Athropoda (the same as Alaska King crabs and other crustaceans) and the class Arachnida (that excludes crabs). The Athropoda is the most numerous membership class of life on Earth.

I have started reading the book 'A World Without Ice', by Henry Pollack Phd, the scientist that shared the Novel Prize with Al Gore. Its not that hard to imagine, even while that two or three gallons of water I exhale each night becomes frost on the inside of the tent. Maybe all that water is the reason why people don't do as well as some spiders in cold weather.

The spider moving in slow motion at 15 degrees above zero could have been a flower spider or an orb weaver. I tend to believe its the latter because of the web one formed in warmer days, although the cold weather spider resembled the flower spider and wasn't spotted on a web.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

President Obama Elbowed in Mouth By Hispanic Caucus Player in Basketball Game

Just completing reading 'The Border' by Danelo when the basketball injury report occurred, I thought it somewhat inevitable that the ethnic background of the guy elbowing the Presidential lip would be Hispanic and working for the Hispanic Caucus-those guys are aggressive.

From my experience, Hispanics can have a 'we are superior to blacks' attitude in the rock, paper, sissors politics of life. With the discovery of another drug import tunnel in San Diego I wondered if some drug king pin had ordered a pay-back on the President, yet they haven't got that much influence I guess.

Brain imaging of people from different cultures show that their brains actually work differently. Because Americans are mostly passive on halting illegal immigration and prefer a long range trial an error capitalist political-economy without any sort of democratic prometian ecological planning conflict and chaos from extrra-terretorial culutral input will increase.

In lines in bus stations Hispanics will cut to the front of a line with 30 people and then say 'no comprende' if challenged. They know Americans are more docile in some things-especially at competent border security allowing in tens of thousands each day they choose.

So then the comparison to Teddy Roosevelt occurred to me; Roosevelt went blind in an eye after boxing in the White House with the bare knuckle heavyweight champ-not a good idea, and personally I feel Obama should have been doing some reading and left the playground stuff until after he is out of office after 2012. The people in Washington just aren't as concerned about stopping illegal immigration or creating new jobs for Americans as am I.

Border security in Phoenix is a joke-and the Obama administration sued Arizona to prevent law enforcement people from checking for U.S. citizenship. Hmmm- Presidnet Obama should have been given a present by the pro-illegal alien caucus rather than elbowed by them. At least the guy didn't apologize and sound like a wimp.

There should be hundreds of job openings for painters in South Arizona each winter instead of thousands of illegal aliens standing on streets signaling drivers for work. Corrupt U.S. Congress is the reason why.

Stopping illegal immigration is possible with a comprehensive ecological boundary control zone with ditches, berms and salt water canals to help make fresh water through evaporation and condensation. Mexico will have 45 million people living in their border states within 7 years, crime, corruption and illegal immigration flourishes as Americans are incompetent on economic rectification.

On God and the Universe

Is God Separate from the Universe?' is a word formation made within a subjective linguistic criterion. There are assumptions or presuppositions in the question that are incomplete or undefinable. For instance what is a Universe besides a particular reference phrase derived within the experience of existing?

Separate is another reference term with a given contextual meaning. Do we separate from ourselves, separate from the undefined hypothetical border in time and space, separate or apart from the quark scale size of mass or energy, separate in the past or the future, separate or elsewhere than a given concept reference frame of universing?

Perhaps it is necessary to define what separate or apart from means in the case of the query of God and the Universe? Do we mean separate in the sense that an automobile tire in a tire store is separate from any given car passing on the street in front of the shop? Are the boundaries that define separateness of a universe something that must be recognizable by God and mankind simultaneously? Could the boundaries be rectified, effaced or surpassed and would that comprise a post hoc answer to the question?

We could wonder if God is subjective to any sort of boundary or border that humans might envision as effectively defining beginnings or ends (maybe they are singular) of what could be defined as a universe, the universe, or any given or potential universe?

One may wonder about the relative reference size-scale of the Universe. If it has finite size and is a proverbial drop in the vast infinite non-being of else than is, comparable perhaps to a grain of sand suspended in an ocean the size of the Milky Way Galaxy, must God be pervasively present to the residents living within that grain of sand in order to not be considered to be separate? One might consider the various meanings of separateness such as in an Apartment, a city, a state?

Christians would not regard God as separate in a spiritual sense. Yet the contexts of separateness or complexity, specialization or construction of different existing things requires a phenomenal separateness or contingent being in relation to other being. Light is separate from dark, water in the sea from terra firma.

It is possible to venture into a plethora of ancient and present speculative philosophical and religious ideas about the void, being and nothingness, good and evil and so forth. Zoroastrianism, Buddhism, and even the Bible present an origin of something from nothing. We discover the same concepts in cosmology-phase transitions and inflations, big bangs and collisions, the formations of matter as a surplus over anti-matter, heat separate from cold. There are process philosophies of change along a Taoist watercourse way perhaps trickling waters of life back to a more natural Brahamanist cycle of change and reoccurrence. Kalpas of fifty billion years are plausible yet proximal too within the modern conception of a 13.7 billion year old Universe moving toward a big rip or a catastrophic transition of uncertain destiny. These comparative paradigms of appearance of mass energy and of its change and destiny are intriguing yet not ultimately the central concern for Christians and Jews. It is the transcending relationship to God that occurs in this world through faith, and of a saving grace to a future or atemporal end that is the fundamental human interest reaching beyond the temporal order.

Condi Rice-Helped or Harmed by Wikileaks State Department Cable Release?

Will Ophrah Winfree raise former Secretary of State Condolizza Rice's arm as the champion Presidential contender in 2012? As it is Condolizza Rice's State Department cables that will be leaked to the public from the years 2006 to 2009 may return her to the public spotlight. The affects of that ate difficult to predict.

We do know that she both black, female and smart; those are qualities not found in any other Presidential candidate presently on the radar screen for the 2012 election. Republicans have a sure demographic contestant in Condi Rice-one able to out-think Sarah Palin and with more charisma and experience than Barrack Obama, Mitt Romney or Donald Trump.

Condi Rice has been enjoying the collegiate atmosphere at Stanford besides having a great football team and a lucky quarterback. Rice may be lucky herself, as well as the nation in promoting the lady with the solid I.Q. to the White House for a term. The chess game is not going so well, and the Mexican border control of illegal aliens, drugs and terrorist ingression is a situation of defeat in detail. 8th century Welsh chiefts were brighter at defense lines than today's congresspersons-thats rather amazing. Perhaps the offensive distribution of the State Department cables will kick start the Condi in 2012 campaign.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Isn't Wikileak's State Department Cable Release Plan Like a Hostile Foreign Intelligence Act?

Wikileaks is said to plan to release hundreds of thousands of sensitive U.S. State Department embassy cables this week. In some regards the release of the classified information resembles an act of war against the United States, or minimally a hostile intelligence action destabilizing to international relations.

Julian Assange, a founder of Wikileaks previously denied having State Department cables (in July of 2010. In January 2010 a classified cable from the U.S. Embassy at Iceland was published at Wikileaks revealing U.S. policy information about the financial crisis.

Law protecting confidential sources should not protect the Internet media categorically, unlike the priestly confessional. The news media has absolutely no inherent rate to endanger state security, nor subvert the proprietary political works of elected government officials and federal agency employees.

Hostile foreign intelligence operations do not become less inimical to the defense of liberty when they publish on the Internet. Media fences of stolen and purloined intellectual capital at Wikileaks or al Qaeda should be prosecuted by the Justice Department, if their plans for capture are not leaked.

Wikileak’s active assault upon U.S. Security through revealing hundreds of thousands of pages of information not available to the public at the Departments of Defense and State may seem to appeal to popular Bush II bashers from the last administration. The information may also attack the security of Hillary Clinton’s State Department and provide enemies of the United States with too much of an insight into U.S. national interests, as well as sew discord between allies.

Globalists may believe the assault on the security of U.S. Government communications by foreign agents will advance their agenda. A rectification of U.S. economics to a low entropy environmental foundation may be the best way to combat hostile foreign intelligence agents and perfidious anti-nationalist politicians as well.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Miller-Murkowski Senate Race (Alaska) Enters Final Stage

Republican Party candidate Joe Miller has entered what may be the end game strategy against incumbent U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski in filing suit in through out more than 8000 contested write in ballots. Murkowski presently leads by about 10,000 votes. Certification of the election victory for Murkowski is on holding pending adjudication.

It is very difficult to defeat an incumbent federal politician. More than 90% stay in office with the help of money betting on the existing power for pork barrel politics. Alaska lt. Governor Campbell is unhappy with Miller's effort to throw out state election official's right to interpret write-in votes giving an advantage to Murkowski.

The core issue is; should write in votes need to be correctly spelled? In a future election if a Joe Smith were Running against Jane Smythe, should election officials be allowed to interpret the intent of the voter? Another issue is should the state change its rules for interpreting ballots each election to give an advantage to a particular candidate-in this instance Lisa Murkowski?

With more than 180,000 votes cast the election narrows down to just a few thousand. Equal protection of the law may require the letter of the law to be fulfilled in technical issues for justice to prevail.

p.s.- On what interpretation of a vote is.. etc.

These are write in ballots spaces for Murkowski or whomever. Personally I believe that for a vote to count for anything it must count for whatever it was written as.

If a vote is for Listsub Mergekowski than that's who should get the vote (if such a person exists). A theory of names by Russell and Kripke differ of course, yet common sense on political balloting makes the use of 'interpretation' of writing mean something other than what it is implicitly dangerous to honest democratic elections.

Alaska has not certified the election. Instead, the state court system will listen to arguments regarding the subjective interpretation of ballots that Murkowski benefited from. Such subjective interpretation by election officials of voter intent is certainly a means to admit corrupt into future elections.

Can election rules be changed every election to benefit incumbents? If Jane Smit runs against Jan Smith is it the right of an election official to determine voter intent in miss spelling a name? File clerks might affirm that a zillion odd names exist, that voters might want to actually vote for some one with a similar name yet not well known, and that misfilings of votes and names are possible.

Palin did not split the Alaska vote-she split the Democratic vote. It was Democratic women voters defecting from their party to vote for gender that re-elected Lisa Murkowski. The Democrat guy only got 22% of the vote-about the number of male Democrats in Alaska I think.

The Kimshi Progression- How War in North Korean-A Nation Without Oil, Isn't Too Likely

Conventional wisdom says that since North Korea has no kn own oil fields, no war shall occur there in the present economic mileau.

World War Two incidentally is said to be the last battle of world war one. There are a variety of theories of why world war one occurred from Marxist to Imperial. Ortega y Gasset wrote 'The Revolt of the Masses' predicting the war as a social empowerment of the masses and political evolution.

The old regime of Europe-the elite class politically tried to hold on to its power amidst an evolving continental trend toward populism from Marxism to Democracy. The national ruling classes of Europe and their complex treaties allowed a mobilization to become inevitable once certain incidents occurred.

It is interesting that in the last German offensive of the first world war German Crown Prince Ruprecht designed and led a brilliant break out offensive into France 250 miles that simply ran out of manpower through attrition, then the allies including fresh American troops rolled up the German Army and in Germany the people revolted creating a popular, non-aristocratic government.

That was a dumb government though. The elites hated to give up control and through the Army General staff probably are the reason the Army sent the charismatic Hitler to take over the German Socialist Democratic Workers Party. He converted it to fascism.

Plainly Wilson's decision to sign a separate treaty with Germany not guaranteeing the security of France left a large opportunity for a future German war on France. Also the U.S.A. did not mind too much Hitler's rise for a time, as we had a common Soviet enemy to the east. Ironically Hitler and Stalin signed a treaty just before world war two allowing them to divvy up Europe, (Russia got Finland) before Germany turned upon Russia with operation Barbarossa.

North Korea will continue to be isolated for some time,as the ruling cliche is comfortable enough. They know the South Korean-U.S. defenders have no interest in a conflict though they would win, because of the atrocious and senseless mass loss of life. China is unlikely to once again send troops over the Yalu River, and nuclear weapons perhaps would first be used indirectly to send large tsunami upon Shanghai with a heavy sub-sea nuke detonation should things get desperate for local allied defenders.

A Korean conflict would make the price of oil rise to 400 per barrel, and the Chinese economy would tend to stall, while in America, Sarah Palin would be assured Presidential election victory as the new war leader.

China may be unhappy with the economic ex-lax the Treasury has given to the money supply inducing quantitative easing recently. Dumping a load of cache purchase of bonds buying U.S. public debt cheapens the dollar and makes Chinese exports comparatively more expensive. Perhaps North Korea-there pit bull, is snarling a little to encourage concessions on negotiations on the undervaluation of the Yuan.

The United States may need to encourage an increase of purchase of kimshi to sell in domestic markets to increase South Korean economic health.


post script

I've never been to Korea. After reading an article on the specific sequence of events of the conflict, I think perhaps we ought to export some of that hydroponic perch growing technology working in Wisconsin. Salmon farming away from the sea-in artificial onshore pens that recycle the nitrogen emissions to fertilize food crops might work to keep the Koreas from battling about declining fish harvests and other seashore related things.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Clean Solution to 'Dirty' T.S.A. Airport Security Screening

The Clean Solution to ‘Dirty’ T.S.A. Airport Security Screening

There have been a variety of hypothetical remedies proposed to remove the filthy, pawing, invasive heavy hands of government T.S.A. security screenings at airports, virtually all of the ideas were useless. Psychological profiling that works for Israel will not work for Americans for example; after watching television and listening to the broadcast media they all have special issues. They have porous borders unlike Israel and are a socially polyglot people with craziness as a national norm. I will provide a better idea.

Free showers and air-dry for all boarding passengers-no clothing allowed (it goes through a chute in a basket to check for dirty underwear). In the changing rooms (one passenger at a time) initial computer security screening sniffs for explosives and bad-aft-odor-the close approximation of toe-jam footballs the late John Lennon noted in 'come together'.

Next is the three-minute shower and de-lousing, nothing worse for homeless people boarding a rare flight than to sit next to someone with too much talcum powder and perfume. When I was formerly a trainee Army Chemical specialist, perfume sometimes set off our chemical war detection equipment- beware the fruity smell for it may be fatal.

Leaving the three minute shower, moving into the clean air drying room, the long wavelength naked body inspection equipment built into the walls allows a computer-not a human, to examine the passenger for anything besides nakedness. In fact if the T.S.A. was not cheap it would incorporate some sort of free, health screening equipment into the body imaging so an individual could get some free health benefit.

Each of the four cleaning and processing stations the passenger passes through will weigh the passenger in order that the final dressing room weight will verify that nothing was hidden. Passengers will also be told if they are obese, just fat, smartly fit or pathetically undernourished.

The entire screening process time per passenger should take under 15 minutes. Yet cleanliness is next to Godliness.

Plainly the water should be recycled and purified and ultraviolet light should clean the showers of contaminating disease. An expedited procedure would allow the passengers to emerge naked and be given free use of a flight-suit ensemble jumpsuit to where until arrival when their clothing would be returned. There can be noxious fumes in clothing worn for several hours in some of our fellow air travelers.

I fly at least once a decade or two and hope that next time I go into the friendly skies the government, homosexual touchy feely era is over with the T.S.A., that no passenger has the affluent body odor and travel flatulence, and that the terrorists leave their plastic explosives (a solid not a gel), in the amnesty box outside the airport.

Monday, November 22, 2010

On Cryogenic Cancer Treatment

One wonders about non-invasive cancer treatments such as cryogenic technology provides. Recently someone described the origin of chemo-therapy in the concept of chemical war with the assault upon individual cells instead of just any. With the tradition of surgical removal of cancerous growths along with radiation (see Solzschenitysn's Dostoyevsky-like book 'The Cancer Ward' for 1950's era radiation treatment in a Soviet Hospital) and the modern modification of cellular structures regulating growth there may be more agents to combat cancer available than presently.

A report on cryoablation of early stage breast cancer....

Still, we wonder if the search for mass produced cancer cures equally search for low cost methods appropriate for delivery of relief to the billions that cannot afford health care. Freezing cancerous tumors away with liquid nitrogen may be a quick remedy, and improvements in delivery of tumor killing cold is perhaps an ongoing work. An article on cryogenic surgery in The New England Journal of Medicine (requires payment);2-W/abstract A clinical evaluation of cryogenic liver surgery in 60 cases by several Chinese doctors

First American to Reach Europe Sailed With Vikings

New Scientist reported a scientific finding of genetic evidence of aboriginal Americans in the blood of select Icelanders. Mitochondrial D.N.A. evidence was found in 80 Icelanders with forbears dating on the island to 1710. Before that Iceland was basically insular.

The research was conducted by a Spanish Center for Evolutionary Biological Research.

"As the island was virtually isolated from the tenth century, the most likely hypothesis is that these genes corresponded to an Amerindian woman who was brought from America by the Vikings around 1000.Curiously, this fact would have remained hidden because this woman was an anonymous character"-Carles Lalueza CSIC-Fox of the Institute of Evolutionary Biology

Although the Vikings did establish two colonies on Greenland by the 10th century, there is no proof they were the first Europeans to reach North America. Farley Mowatt's book 'The Farfarers: Before the Norse' makes a convincing historical argument that Vikings followed the Albs of Ireland across the North Atlantic from the Orkneys to Iceland,Greenland and New Foundland as pirates.

An alternate hypothesis is that some Americans went boating east and stayed to enjoy Iceland's hot springs.

Republicans Stall on Ratifying Reduction of Nuclear Warheads/Launchers

The Republican Party is stalling on ratification of the New Start treaty, seemingly in order to gain political credit themselves for a future treaty, and perhaps as a tactic looking ahead to the 2012 Presidential election. I hate to think that the Republicans in Congress would jeopardize the future of the nation (well maybe not) in order to gain a few political brownie points

Russia and the United States will each be able to keep 1550 warheads and 1700 launchers. Thats enought to destroy most life on earth a few times over not including the cascading extra effects of such mass catastrophe. Besides running huge public debt up, the Republicans of Congress seems hell bent for keeping the use of large numbers of nuclear weapons alive.

Gambling with the future to keep domestic economic power to oppress the poor, destroy quality sports fishing in Alaska, and create a global evil corporate empire is the Republican party. The Democrats are simply the party of moral decay (with Republican help).

Nuclear weapons, global warming, pollution of the environment-the Republican Party should step up with the times a take a step back from nuclear brinksmanship as best as it can manage. The Obama administration does not need help in using bad political judgment in economics, morality or other impolitical factors the voters don't like.

Presidient Obama does need help with getting the reasonable nuclear reduction treaty signed. N.A.T.O. and Russia have agreed to build a new Star Wars Missile Defense together-so let us all move ahead a little. All that required is that the Republican Party stop viewing the Russians as a Boris Badanoff gang of radical unionists. Today the corporatist global evil empire is a danger equal to that of famous evil empires the world over.

N.A.T.O. and Russia Agree To Build Star Wars Anti-Missile System

Russian President Dmitri Medvedev has agreed with N.A.T.O. to invest in the construction of a missile defense shield. A strategic goal of the North Atlantic Treaty Alliance is to defend the United States, Europe and evidently Russia against nuclear attack. Since the Nixon administration the reduction of nuclear weapons dangers in arms limitations talks has been a political goal that is proceeding to better cooperation between former cold war protagonists. N.A.T.O. has stated that Russia is not a threat.

A ten-year N.A.T.O. strategic defense plan statement provides a new N.A.T.O. approach to defense challenges of the 21st century.

The U.S. Senate has an opportunity to ratify further arms reduction with Russia, such that our nuclear stockpile would drop from approximately 1750 to 1500 weapons. With a Russian reduction in the agreement, the United States can move on to work on a new and improved Star War laser anti-missile system.

The prospect of constructing an effective anti-ballistic missile system with Russia and N.A.T.O. aboard is an achievement for the Obama administration. It is a will o’the’wisp defense target moving into the realm of reality. Unfortunately cruise missiles with nuclear weapons are a more direct, cheaper and less pompous method of delivery nuclear weapons to targets. Nuclear non-proliferation experts will have that remaining, significant challenge before them.

The United States of America is a member of N.A.T.O.

2012 Presidential Campaign Needs an Independent Candidate

The 2012 Presidential campaign would be a good time for the entry of a new and improved Ross Perot style independent Presidential candidate. The Democrat Party is effectively the party of depravity, and the Republicans the party of concentrating wealth for the rich. Physically, the geography of the United States has been a strength; today it is a determining economic factor as well although to the detriment of the poor and middle class.

Writing critically is sometimes challenging politically for accurate political descriptions are not inevitably welcome. Interstate 35 from Laredo and Mexico north into the heartland admits 10,000 trucks per day to the U.S.A. The border patrol stops perhaps one of three illegal aliens, wealthy urbanites with global commercial empires such as Mayor Bloomberg of New York City really don’t care about the demographic changes to the American southwest as cheap labor and good migrate north. The interests of the 30 million poor Americans cast aside by the surplus labor just lose in the political balances of the interests of the rich, globalist and middle class.

The American middle class has become a toady for global corporatism. Saying nothing and keeping their heads down, making criticism of corporate power equivalent to communism is a good way to kill democracy. Men afraid to put their own name on Internet posts did not build America; the founders did not hide behind pseudonymous symbols. Corporatism will concentrate wealth for the rich and gut public outlays on anything not supporting their infrastructure.

Democracy is a horse of a different color though. The people have a right to set national parameters of development. They have a right to build an impassable yet beautiful border ecological control zone. Intelligence and creative economic conservativism are rational, necessary developments if the United States is to grow within a democratic rather than a depleting corporate paradigm.

I am not optimistic that democracy will return to the United States. The present trends are against it. Easy money and cheap labor disempowering the millions of poor and working class Americans that would like a stable population and full employment with scarce surplus labor appeal to corporations concentrating wealth and requiring political silence from white male execs. The female anti-white male vote in the United States has become a spread and receive fullness certainty that corporations will promote their class existential interests to leadership. Feminine sexuality is wonderful, yet that nature should not convert into political indolence with reliance on global economic promiscuity. There is nothing wrong with democratic proprietary national interest that moves beyond merely personal narrow self-interest.

The homosexual militancy also seeks to graft itself in malevolent political partnerships with a corporatist agenda intolerant of national economic and political security.

There is little reason to be optimistic that a solid independent Presidential candidate will emerge to run in 2012. The nation needs one; the environment and economy require a rectification to high quality, low quantity resource use. The world population wants a stable, ecologically rational if not brilliant good example. Mexico as a corrupt parasite annexing the United States permits a drug distributor border corps to corrupt its domestic politics with so much human illicit traffic economically moving the center politically and economically of Mexico outside the boundaries of its voters.

The present world chess rankings do not list one American in the top ten-that seems reflected in the political-economy of the U.S.A. as well.

The decadent globalist trends of the United States will continue for twenty or thirty years perhaps before some sort of larger global catastrophe brings the imbalanced era of present U.S. leadership to an end. Americans cannot expect much from feudal tithe collecting priesthoods that could have no idea of what a priesthood of believers would be like. Really.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Republicans Stall on Ratifying Reduction of Nuclear Warheads/Launchers

The Republican Party is stalling on ratification of the New Start treaty, seemingly in order to gain political credit themselves for a future treaty, and perhaps as a tactic looking ahead to the 2012 Presidential election. I hate to think that the Republicans in Congress would jeopardize the future of the nation (well maybe not) in order to gain a few political brownie points

Russia and the United States will each be able to keep 1550 warheads and 1700 launchers. Thats enought to destroy most life on earth a few times over not including the cascading extra effects of such mass catastrophe. Besides running huge public debt up, the Republicans of Congress seems hell bent for keeping the use of large numbers of nuclear weapons alive.

Gambling with the future to keep domestic economic power to oppress the poor, destroy quality sports fishing in Alaska, and create a global evil corporate empire is the Republican party. The Democrats are simply the party of moral decay (with Republican help).

Nuclear weapons, global warming, pollution of the environment-the Republican Party should step up with the times a take a step back from nuclear brinksmanship as best as it can manage. The Obama administration does not need help in using bad political judgment in economics, morality or other impolitical factors the voters don't like.

Presidient Obama does need help with getting the reasonable nuclear reduction treaty signed. N.A.T.O. and Russia have agreed to build a new Star Wars Missile Defense together-so let us all move ahead a little. All that required is that the Republican Party stop viewing the Russians as a Boris Badanoff gang of radical unionists. Today the corporatist global evil empire is a danger equal to that of famous evil empires the world over.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Why Mediums of Exchange are Invariably Physical Elements

Everything is physical. One could trade in quantum bits and they would still be physical. The problem is accounting and the desire people have for particular things. Then its a matter of fairness and access. Electronic money replacing cash would create new ways of corrupting currency exchanges, and make accounting increasingly challenging, while advantages would implict flow to those operating the electronic exchange media.

Every bit of data, each piece of information, is associated with a real object. Vedral's 'Decoding the Universe' might help explain that. One can disagree about the Universe being simply information, or D.N.A. as a quantum computer in biological form, in fact there are numerous or an infinite number of ways to construct accounting and representational structures yet they are all associated with a temporal physical structure. Christians believe God donates a spiriutual element-perhaps of conduct-yet that is not an economic element.

Philosophically one may argue about what real objects are, and equally one may differ about the meaning of words and of course history too. I enjoy reading linguistic-analytic philosophy occassionally. I have Quine's Philosophy of Logic and Kripke's Naming and Neccessity as ongoing projects.

Concepts of causality and cash, or causality and war, and a classification system of human social conflicts in wars and non-wars such can be duplicitous. Sophism in conflict definitions such as a Vietnam Conflict, a War on Poverty, A War on Cancer, A War on Drugs, The Korean Conflict, The War in Iraq and so forth are linguistic things different than the things for-themselves. Philosophers of language and logic try to keep that awareness that language is one thing, and things in themselves quite another.

One might read Quine's Ontological Relativity' and discover a synopsis of how language has differnet sets or lexcions in various circumstances. Much language is about translating terms and meanings from one lexicon to another often without success, for many social lexical sets have inherent presumptions and constants that render the data value and words rather inflexably.

Some Christians may find it difficult to understand why everything in the Universal is physical. There are not two natures of substance, yet there may be a class of emergent characteristic that can be considered a qualitatively different genre of substance.

People commonly use water and ice as an example of qualitatively different materials made from same element. Of course because H2o is also partly made of the temperature of the Universe and the local temperature, it is rather disinegenuous to say that water or ice are made simply from water or ice.

Life is an emergent characteristic of inanimate matter. The complexity of the arrangement of the materials of life allow it to support the complex phenomenology of mind.Mind is fundamentally different than matter although each has the same fundamental base elements.

To declare that everything is physical, is just to offer an opinion of monism. Monism is a philosophical opinion that all things are of one basic substance in different configurations. Logic demands that sort of statement from living beings. Yet it is like saying that all things are A. It is saying that all things are of set A, and nothing that exists is not a member of set A.

So a Chriistian might say-whoah! what about the spiritual? God we stipulate is pure spirit and transcends the physical and all existing things. No scientific investigation or theory will ever comprehend God. People are physical, God is spiritual, yet people are created in the likeness of God-how so?

The emergent characteristic of mind in sentient life is how. Mind is a physically-based version of spirit, yet not spirit. If Christians of faith receive the Holy Spirit and God in dwells them, that is as close as humans get to the spiritual. God can transcend and inhabit any should willing to accept the atoning grace of Jesus Christ and His sacrifice on the cross as payment for his own original sin nature (of being physical and temporal).

What Would Abe Lincoln Do?

Abe Lincoln would get down in the pit and wrestle the crocodiles. He was a leader that like Reagan sought to enrich all ordinary Americans.

When General Meade defeated Robert E. Lee's Army of Virginia the tide had been turned in the civil war. The effort to make men free-in the United States, and to prevent southern state's officers from riding into Northern states to extradite escaped slaves had been reinforced and when Lincoln appointed Grant to lead the Army starting with the Wilderness campaign and to Cold Harbor a year of intensive war setting precidents for later wars was cast.

Lincoln as the first Republican President was not for lawlesness-he did after all order the largest mass hanging in U.S. history. I would imagine that wealthy drug using musicians would not have been people he admired.

Nevertheless Lincoln supported the pioneer ethic of hard work and self-help. Unfortunately in a spoilt society where networks and non-work are given disproportionate compensation, social position counts for far more than work. Sure there are still surgeons, soldiers and painters working honestly, yet unlike European Jews of yore scrimping to become petite burgeois and own their own small business and save capital, todays middle class have huge SUVs, houses and debt. They disregard the poor and kow tow to the rich and doom the poor and middle class in the process. They are trained to spend and consume and have no savings.

Lincoln was a nationalist rather than a globalist like all good U.S. President working for the people, and would not have approved tax cuts for the rich or the middle class in order to pay down the national debt directly. He would have secured our borders against illegal immigration so the U.S. poor could be more financially free to get jobs and better wages through negotiation and scarcity of labor.

Today some politicians even talk about ending the T.S.A. to let private security firms perhaps based in Dubai or Mecca guard the nation's security-you betcha, corporatism seeking to subvert Lincoln, Washington, Jefferson and Pat Buchanan again.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Money; Whence it Came From and Where it Went (J.K. Galbraith)

Its been a while since I read Galbraith's book. I will probably only make a brief mention of it's content. I believe it was published about 1975 or so. It will lack the history of the Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama era of Wall Street financial perfidy.

The history of money is quite interesting. Did you know there was a real John Law who worked for Louis the 16th (I believe it was the 16th)? He made all these land deals to prop up the monarchy that eventually collapsed and he was figuratively tarred and feathered.

Galbraith, who was in charge of U.S. economics for Roosevelt during the second world war, was a student of John Maynard Keynes, yet of course Galbraith wasn't an idiotic supply-sider.

Galbraith explains Gresham's law-bad money follows good. Early in U.S. history when anyone could mint their own currency, and there were hundreds, some obviously weren't good. Yet Gresham's law is about imitation of successful economic strategies that are debased.

Galbraith explained that all the gold ever found would fit in one large supertanker ship. Much of it has been melted down and recast numerous times, and not too much lost.

Money was originally just a trade good, and when civilization developed a standard trade good of value became obvious; if the king of Mycenae had a gold coin of a particular weight then it would be worth the same as that of the King of Troy. Egoism of the day had the rulers image put on a coin, and greedy rulers would debase their currency putting dross weight inside a gold wrapped shell (does America have any real copper in pennies any more?).

Currency of money as an abstract items became a reflection of the complexity of an economy and of trade more than the thing itself. Nixon took America off the Gold Standard, and so today we see phenomena like quantitative easing or 'minting' of 600 billions of dollars by the Fed up ahead.

Monetary theory as contemplated by Von Mises and Freedman, seeks to determine what real capital value is. Money in some way is supposed to be associated with real capital value, so it obviously becomes more difficult to determine what value is when it is not plain and simple like wheat in a silo and no complications other that immediate supply and demand.

When a variety of global networks own various items, and fuel from OPEC nations is essential for transport as well as production of commodities and manufactured items, the effort to set a given value is difficult to isolate.

I believe it is important for citizens to have a material currency to trade for themselves freely, without being controlled by financial networks directly. It is also something of a reality check objectively upon the honesty of the advantaged currency traders and manipulators.

Value theory is a social element, perhaps a democratically elected element that is achieved via social momentum and limited citizen input determining social values. It is a philosophical activity with many points of view, and ecological economics of low entropy, low pollution, stable population are minority opinions today in the globalist expansive sprawl of power, avarice and control thoughtlessly reducing the health of the planet and its potential carrying capacity for human life.



Money hasn't much intrinsic value any longer. It is more about power and the desire to control properties that is the problem. A medium of social exchange is just one tool of economic activity.

Formerly and still, wars of conquest are fought to expropriate resources and social power.

Value theory may deem anything valuable. My books for instance, could become socially valued this Christmas, and I could sell millions. Then if a depression occurred, and no more could be printed existing copies could become more valuable than gold (invest now in several copies from

Seriously though, a theory of social conflict is not reasonably reducible to money. That may be a proximal cause of crime such as in 'Crime and Punishment', yet there are larger social structures and causes for crime besides money-even in Dostoyevsky's book.

An intermediate tool of social exchange reflecting value of what money is about. To ossify or institutionalize money in the hands of an elite would not eliminate the tool of social exchange,it would just eliminate economic activity in which individuals set their own values for which they would exchange money.

Electronic money already exists for the convenience of the advantaged. The poor haven't access to such things, and electronics aren't worth a damn in many circumstances of the outdoor life. Even rechargable batteries freeze at low temperature for instance.

Increasing rather than decreasing the mediums of social value would be a good way to go. Currency banks for Christians in a priesthood of believers for work, church attendance and participation in liturgy and readings from the Bible-that is a way to go.

There could be other social networks created to provide real social value for people-a sort oof turbo craigs list and exchange bank combine, that would allow a storing of work and exchange credits without money. Yet money is just a concept of an objective social exchange unit.

One wants and honest and impartial social exchange unit for work effort of course, yet people are disputacious and disagree about what is of value, and who should receive value units for various activities. A communitarian approach might create several alternative social value compilation structures so individuals would have more resources to draw upon in lean time.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Napolitano- "Next Generation of Security" Changes (Crotch Touchy Feely Searches)

In order to increase security in a 'next generation' ad campaign for personal body searches including breast and genital touch screening, Homeland Security Head Janet Napolitano has taken a step backward into history as a great leap forward.

The Next Generation has a nice youthful sound to it--the old is always bad and new is better. High tech personal genital massages may be a sour grapes way to get a homosexual hold on things after the putsch to end Don't Ask, Don't Tell failed- for now.

Intelligent, innovative leaders discover new ways to improve service rather than to degrade it and just call it new. If the Obama Administration has dumb lawyers (there are far too many Democrat lawyer-politicians already) and expects innovative, creative leaders it has a lesson to learn at the polls again.

The either a full body imaging scan or the personal groin and anus fell as an innovation coincides with the Arnold's exit from His Governatorship. It was the 1989 movie 'Total Recall' that had the full body-imaging scene at a spaceport bound for Mars. This next generation of perverse and invasive government quankery substituting for clever innovation will not prevent aircraft demolition if the jihadists are really serious though.

Alexander Solzshenitsyn described a method that inmates used to smuggle items in and out of serious prisons (or perhaps it was a French author). A sealed tube called a plan was inserted up the ass of a convict. If a high quality plastic explosive and detonator were inserted in a plan of a boarding jihadist, no touchy feely inspection would discover the secreted bomb. A federal inspector would need to put on the rubber glove of security to be assured, and that goes double for women passengers.

Plainly an alternative, new next generation for assuring airplane security should be developed--and federal T.S.A. inspectors should not molest children.,0,4648575.story

I disagree with the concept that a market oriented economy requires the reduction of individual human rights in order to process through-put of mass most efficiently. Airlines could not even be in business without public tax support for airports, air traffic controllers and security--it is an example of a corporatist-socialist subsidized transportation mode that displaces other competition.

The idea that the public should get used to strangers handling/processing their privates routinely may be fine for the Harvard globalists that view humanity as a commodity for most efficient allocation to concentrate wealth for an elite, yet some should dissent from this further expropriation of human privacy in a world moving toward a degraded condition economically, environmentally and sociologically.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Secret Government T.S.A. Inspection Plans A & B (political humor)

The U.S. Federal government airport security screening by the T.S.A. is heavily politically biased and costly for taxpayers. It is a service enabling the rich to fly without concern of becoming detonated and blasted to oblivion in mid-flight. Sikhs and some Muslims are exempt from becoming naked before federal inspectors for religious reasons, and other issues arise.

Our political advisor has obtained a secret N.S.A. contingency plan from the Main Government Planning Logic Computer on plans A and B for screening airport passengers such that everyone will be happy except for taxpayers.

Those passengers willing to pass trough the x-ray vision voyeur pleasuring device will receive complete privacy in the new system. They will just go to a room, strip and send their clothing out in a box on a conveyor belt to be rifled and poked through with only modest laughing and joking about the undergarments (not in the passenger’s presence). The passenger will then go alone into the special screening x-ray vision room, where he or she or gender neutral will be deloused and inspected from a distance by a reformed felon employed by the T.S.A. in Washington D.C. in the distance inspection room full of rehabilitated felons being paid for what they enjoy-watching images of naked people through a window. The Main Government Computer will also watch these people passing through the line. In effect these voyeurs will be acting as doctors viewing X-Rays or whatever noble thing it may be compared to rather than baser sorts of comparison. This federal procedure will trouble none. No T.S.A. employee will be smirking at the passengers as they pass through his or her screening machine on the spot.

The alternative T.S.A. method for those wishing to keep their personal privacy and dignity is the pat-down. The personal pat down is in four lines; two for heterosexuals, one for queers, and another for children.

Each pat down line will be designed to make each passenger comfortable with soft music and soft touches by attractive members of the appropriate gender or gender neutral. Unfortunately none could be found for the children's inspection line, so the government has again hired convicted felons rehabilitated for that task.

The U.S. Government is spending billions and billions of dollars to keep Americans safe and to stimulate the economy simultaneously. Instead of allowing plain Spenserian capitalist natural selection to determine which aircraft should become the nightly news, it is resorting to crunching personal privacy to assure security on common carriers.

A better policy than those suggested in plan A and plan B by the Main Government political computer would be to improve national transportation infrastructure and let airlines pay for their own security while banning anyone from entering the United States that is not willing to be stripped naked and hung by the heels for inspection. If the planes blow up leaving thee U.S.A., well, there are insurance corporations after all.

Cohokia & The Albs; The Irish in Pre-Columbian America

In concluding the reading of Pauketat's excellent book on the first North American civilization; Cahokia, I got a few ideas useful for addition to my project of musing about possible pre-Columbian journeys of Irish voyagers named Albs by the author Farley Mowatt in his book ‘The Farfarers'. I definitely recommend reading ‘Cahokia’ by Timothy Pauketat. It is put together to unfold like a mystery evolving from just digging in the dirt to a verbal reconstruction of much of the civilization. It is a history of American archeology of the Midwest as well. Archeology is something of a small world perhaps.

There is virtually no evidence known of Irish journeys in America before Columbus I should hasten to add, or there is almost none beyond Mowatt's logical and possible induction of evidence of the Irish hotly pursued by Vikings over stations in the North Atlantic and on to New Foundland. The Cohokian history of an explosion of civilization growth and disappearance at St. Louis in a civilization of mound and pyramid builders that played a sport called chunky (I'll bet Bill Clinton in Hangover 2 would have been a star in Cohokia too) between 1050 and 1250 a.d. provides tantalizing ideas of a cultural contact by voyaging Albs with their currach skin boats down the St. Lawrence Sea way, over the great Lakes and through Wisconsin and the Gottshall Rock shelter area and along rivers finally allowing portage to the Mississippi and Cohokia. With interesting petroglyphs at Wrangell Alaska at 54 degrees North latitude identical to those of Newgrange Ireland at 54 degrees north latitude, each from the late Neolithic, I am a little motivated to discover possible traces of Irish journeys across America from New Foundland to Wrangell Alaska in the pre-Columbian era.

We know the at Viking settlements at Greenland flourished and then disappeared on the east side and continued a while later on the west perhaps until 1100 a.d. Within Mowatt's theory these settlements would have been earlier colonized by Albs who then moved further west in pursuit of better fishing and hunting of furs and to escape Viking predation. This time paradigm fits rather well with the arrival at Cohokia by a few Albs as early as 1050, for these were explorers and voyaging parties ahead of a more substantive population that at some point remained behind-possibly in New Foundland.

Pauketat in writing about the archeology of Cohokia made several points that could be taken up into support of the theory that Albs stimulated the rise of Cohokian civilization. A rival theory is that Cohokian cultural development and architecture, religion and games were stimulated by Meso-American ideas from civilizations in Mexico. There is virtually no physical evidence of Mexican civilization trade artifacts in the Mississippian civilization though. The evidence offered to support the influence of Olmecs, Toltecs or other Meso-American people is largely cultural, and those traces are scant although perhaps more substantial than those offered for the Albs/Irish. Since I don’t know of anyone beside myself looking in that direction, I will offer a couple more ideas that seem fairly obvious. Reinforcement of ideas supporting a search for Irish pre-Columbian presence in North America could be useful to others also investigating the topic in order to reduce redundancy of effort and to point out what information is available.

The ghost men at the Gottshall rock shelter look like white men. The figures were painted on the wall maybe in the 11th century, and could be pictures of well put together Irishmen without shirts today. Of course they are wearing leather skull helmets. Actually that reminds me of white guys in sado-masochistic gay bar apparel from what I have seen on TV. Well, the 11th century was a rough era. A pair of shirtless, muscular round eyed white guys with black leather skull helmets along a north south flowing river that could be a way to the Mississippi river drainage and the future Cohokia. It is known that Cohokia influenced the Ho-Chunk peoples living in Wisconsin heavily.

Perhaps the Albs had some cultural knowledge of Egyptian pyramids. Assuredly the Albs had knowledge of walled fortress and mass human warrior assaults with clubs, maces and such. The rapid rise of pyramids at Cohokia, and the use of clubs for mass human sacrifices (line up 130 people, club the and let them fall face down in a burial ditch-some of these people were not killed, and awoke to claw with their fingers at the dirt walls while buried alive-archeologist found their bony fingers in such array at Cohokia) are a pair of cultural concepts that seem starkly counter-cultural to the prior people of Cohokia.

Old Cohokia was in fact completely razed to make way for the New Cohokian civilization built upon the old village. Seldom do people agree for urban renewal of such scale voluntarily. A few Albs or possibly Aztecs entering to take over might have the political power to order such a destruction and reconstruction.

If one considers what a party of Albs would have encountered journeying over the great lakes, to Wisconsin and on to Cohokia, it is easy to imagine that they might have been regarded as ghosts or ghost goods from the underworld. If they were few in number at least they would have presented no military threat, and might instead have been a guaranteed promotion for anyone finding them and introducing the mysterious strangers to the community. If the Albs were few in number and were able to organize a new military tactical method to the Cohokians and eventually across the plains an explanation for the rise and fairly quick fall of Cohokia is created.

The Cohokians had a matrilineal culture and the Albs a patrilineal culture. That alone could have made for a cultural transition of a swift scale, although then matrilineal society did continue the effect for a takeover of military and religious leadership in the male role would have been quick. One could theorize that matrilineal societies occur when promiscuity obscures pale parentage and female parentage is more dependable.

At Crow Creek in Lakota territory in the late 20t century archeologist unearthed a village massacre of more than 800 people. The Lakota were offended by the discovery that such atrocity had ever occurred in their nation. Dating from the 14th century I believe, the story as retold in Pauketat’s book as best I recall (I haven’t a photographic memory), had a defense ditch and palisade being constructed and partly finished at the time of the attack. The attackers killed men women and children clubbing them efficiently with a stick and carved stone shaped something like a mace. This sort of infantry storm the wall and kill everything in the way tactic before burning the village is not found in America Indian archeology before Cohokia (outside perhaps Meso-America). That blood curdling battle method would not have been at all uncommon to Celtic-Alban-Brit-Jute melees in the British Isles and on the continent. Military tactics imported from Europe via the Albs and perhaps Vikings may have disseminated though North America.

Cohokian warriors had thick clothing used as armor for infantry battle storming and shields in addition to the vicious mace-clubs. This war uniform is uncharacteristic of prior North American tribal custom, yet mundane for European. Aztecs had a special mace made of obsidian with a cluster or flower of sharp blades meant for reducing a human skull or vulnerable body part, and obsidian was obtainable from Yellowstone, yet nothing like this is found in Cohokia. Such a war of the flowers club would not have been known to the Albs.

One might wonder where artifacts are of Alban or perhaps Viking tools of war in North America. Unfortunately I am not knowledgeable enough by half to compare possible Alban tools after they left an Iron and Bronze Age environment for the wilds of the west, New Foundland and America. It is interesting that flint was not used for arrowheads before Cohokia, and there were just a pair o sites where flint could be obtained readily. Flint arrowheads and larger chipped knife blades could have been suggested by Albs as well as by Meso-American travelers.

A mystery attending to the sudden fall of Cohokia in the 13th century is the abandonment of the Mississippi Valley of much of its population for the subsequent two hundred years. That is as interesting as the point that the supernova of 1054 a.d. that put a star in the daytime sky about as bright as Venus, nearly coincided with the rise of Cohokia. If albs voyaging in North America appeared in Cohokia as ghosts from the underworld along with the appearance of the supernova, they might have had a very powerful mojo for the construction of Cohokian civilization and the construction of the vast chunky field for sports competition in which the game was a metaphor for the male-female cycle of life. Perhaps genetic research may reveal something of traces of Albs in the future of Cohokian and plains archeology.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

About Cohokia's Implicitly Eschatological Social Structure

There are many threads to study for clues to the circumstances of history that have led to the end of civilizations. Select historians have on occasion sought for a methodical abstraction of factors in end of civilization studies. Abstraction of factors causing the end of civilization could lead to the development of research analysis devices to prevent the end of the present civilization.

Perhaps the effort of historians like Arnold Toynbee and Oswald Spengler amongst others to discover historical cycles is wasted. Though cycles of growth, decay and collapse of civilization may seem to exist because of common historical courses providing the appearance of a cycle, it may be illusory, and abstract analysis thus extracts significant yet not historically determinative events.

The mystery of the Red Horned man revolving around the burial at Mound 72 at Cohokia is such an indicator event of history that may lead or mislead abstract analysis of end of civilization interpretations.

Cohokia was the mysterious pinnacle of pre-Columbian American civilization within the area that would become the United States. Located in the Mississippi flood plain in the area of present day St. Louis, Cohokia was a civilization comparable to those of ancient Mesopotamia. With tens of thousands of people living in an advanced society that exploded into construction suddenly about the year 1050 its phase of being lasted only a couple of hundred years. It some respects the mysteries surrounding the decline and fall of Cohokia resemble those of the rise and potential fall of the modern day United States of America.

Reading an excellent book on Cohokia by the scholar Timothy Pauketat, the archeological history of Cohokia is uncovered methodically. Eventually we reach the circumstances of the excavation and explanation of the fabulous mound 72 and its contents that were laid out so carefully with site of the central plaza and the 130 foot tall pyramid known today as Monks Mound.

What may be learned and abstracted from the contents of mound 72-a vast ceremonial burial with hundreds of bodies of social class selections cast in human sacrifice to honor the pair of headless male twins buried on top of each other at the center, within a Toynbean context providing evidence for the end of civilization at Cohokia is entirely speculative. Philosophy is often a speculative endeavor however, with that we are comfortable enough.

Philosophy before the rise of science commonly was the speculative art of cosmology, government, being, thought and mind. Parmenides of ancient Greece was an excellent theoretician who would be comfortable with contemporary cosmological contemplations about space and what the Universe exists in. Aristotle developed classical logic and categories for scientific thought. Philosophy continued as a developer of science until philosopher scientists such as Isaac Newton continued on with science as a more specialized branch. Then philosophy largely turned toward subjective analysis and epistemology as its essential concerns.

Heraclitus and Parmenides of ancient Greece were also interested in theory of mind, and that continuity of philosophical work continued until the 20th century with Jean Paul Sartre writing existential works developing rationalist exposition begun by Rene' Descartes. Since Leibnitz and later Frege developed symbolic logic, philosophy has moved further toward analytic philosophical analysis of language and the subjective relation to the objective or real world. Faith of course is a bridge by the subjective to the objective and temporal world with a belief that the Creator of the Objective and subjective experience content will recreate and resurrect the individual soul.

We return to the topic of the Red Horned man at the heart of the mystery of mound 72 at Cohokia. Seemingly the burial events of the headless twin men surrounded by four headless and handles men in another cluster, with an intricate pit of 53 young women sacrificed with their heads on brings us to wonder of the symbolism and meaning of the event that occurred as a special process at Cohokia. Because the sacrificial motif was constructed at the permanent core of the short lived civilization it is important to know what the meaning was of the bodies placed within view of the Temple at the top of the 3rdlargest pyramid built in pre-Colombian America.

Cave paintings from Wisconsin and in Cohokia provide clues to the identity of the headless male VIPs. One was probably the Red Horn and the other his alter ego.

Cohokia was a matriarchal society that evolved in social power perhaps through developing the sports game of chunky that spread over much f the range of the eventual United States. Chunky fields and equipment made in Cohokia were as common as NFL stadiums of today-or more so.
Cohokia may have developed its owner from the architectural and astronomical creativity that made the civilization boom from a simple agrarian foundation alternatively. Perhaps wandering pre-Columbian travelers from Europe or New Foundland arrived with special knowledge, or a few people from Meso-America arrived with development plans.

Mound 72 occurs within a tremendous Woodhenge of ancient cypress logs. The layout of corpses and clumps of special arrowheads within pointing north west and south east were made to coincide with the annual solstices This is not unlike the Irish mound at Newgrange and numerous other sites in the Americas. The burials are a rich and lavish affair for the time, with tens of thousands of beads in a cape coat included along with valuable shells.

Cohokia was an oddity for the land that would become the United States. It was the first known, actual civilization amidst a land of more rural and levelheaded people without such an extravagant cosmology-human sacrifice and cult worship focus in honor surrounding the matrilineal political-social structure. I should say that if Cohokian development was stimulated by the arrival of knowledgeable Albs, the demise of the society following their deaths (few in number) or merger into the Cohokian race was inevitable as the knowledge brought had been spent and was not reinforced or added to by the parent society very distant. A two hundred fifty-year life span of Cohokia would be about right, yet their may darker and other answers to the mysterious rise and falloff the first American civilization.

The Red Horned man was known as he who-wears-human- hands for earrings. Some suspect that there was a real historical person that inspired these mythic legends around tribes from the Iowa/Sioux to the Ho-Chunk of Wisconsin and others. The description of the talking heads in Pauketat’s book and faces that appeared on the suspended ears, hands or heads of the Red Horn man read like something that could have been in Ken Kesey’s ‘The Electric Cool-Aid Acid Test’ set in Vietnam instead of Missouri. The Red Horn man’s alter ego brother-he-who-spits-seeds is also a mystery.

One might initially interpret the Red Horn man as some kind of horny, sex crazed ultra warrior-killer. Because of his evening star alter ego twin that spits seeds, we might think of him as a horny butch bisexual warrior of demonic power. As Christians we might be reminded of the prophecies regarding the big horn and little horns of the Biblical prophecy. As Americans we might be reminded of the demise of George Armstrong Custer and his twice awarded medal of honor brother at the Indian battle of the Little Big Horn, and perhaps also reminded of the Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky blue dress seed spitting saga in the line of four bad Presidents of the United Sates slumping the U.S. economy and the present era of a federal effort to homosexualize the military under Defense Secretary Gates with such apposite morphology for the effort.

In the matriarchal political hierarchy of Cohokia the concept of two headless, witless, hedonist male objects of fetish sacrificed as the role of males as chunky players and impregnators of female rulers gains credibility as an end of civilization cycle. Toynbee and other historians have noted the rise of female power in politics and an end of civilization phenomena. Though the U.S. House of Representatives had Nancy Pelosi as the Majority Speaker and Hilary Clinton as Secretary of State simultaneously until the last election Nov. 2nd, that does not comprise a hierarchy of matrilineal supremacy for itself and the year 2012 may pass without and end of civilization event in the United States.

It is interesting to compare the expansion of homosexual marriage polities and witless males, sports like chunky and football in Oregon, Massachusetts and elsewhere with that of Cohokia and the end of civilization. Red Horn and his brother may not at all represent bisexual gloriousness actualized as manhood pets of a matriarchal Cohokian polity. Like many ruling elites of other societies the Cohokian elites occasionally purged rivals to fill an office opening. The burial of so many young women surrounding the headless males may have been a process of eliminating a rival female ruling line for political ascendency. Maybe the twins buried at the center were simply symbolic service studs sacrificed as compensation for the unfortunate women dispatched to the bureaucratic hierarchy of the underworld.

Payton Manning playing for the Indianapolis Colts may be the all-time best quarterback in football history, yet that does not bring us to the all time Red Horn and his twin of the dark side at Mound 72. Payton does have a brother playing for the Giants of New York, and Giants figure large in the Red Horn mythos warring against the good. One wonders if national geography helps develop the construction of recurrent mythologies in discontiguous social structures.

Recurrent elements of the end of civilization may not be found in the pyramid at Cholulu or that of Cohokia, but within our own subjective and thoughtless over-use of natural resources while games playing and stupidly devoted to cultic bureaucratic political structures.
Determinist disasters in European, Chinese and other civilizations may provide insights to how the end of the first American civilization at Cohokia may hold clues to patterns for the approaching of the second America civilization if any.

The end of the second American civilization could occur as early as the 2012 election season if we place credibility in economic and deficit forecasts, reliance on foreign fossil fuels, illegal immigration, La Migra’s control of just 23% of the U.S.-Mexico border or the Mayan calendar’s conclusion in 2012. On the bright side, Mayan language was spoken by the designers of the Gregorian calendar. cave paintings and a new interpretation of Red Horn & Brother Mayan epic. compare similarities of the brotherss to Red Horn and his brother.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Andromeda's Urban Hillbilly Crabs Attack Russia ©2010GaryCGibson fiction

For every galaxy that begins with a shimmering scintillation of light through a dust cloud flying in space pushed by the dark energy of the Universe toward a moment of light and a gathering of mass and form, there are those others formed by drawing power unto themselves rudely warping space with a clustering of dark mass drawing in every fleeing bit of matter to ithe core. The designers of the Andromeda Galaxy-Milky Way Galactic collision are such crabs of concentrated power. Increasing consumption intake of mass converted through special frillying factorization technosophistry inertia drives them forward. Motility of exoskelatons is filled with sensual cells seeking more.

Furry giant crabs. I hate these opponents of democracy. Networks of immense power drawing all free radicals into rent paying doom; they bowled the Andromeda Galaxy our way waiting patiently a few million years for the collision to happen by which time they would already have sent advance warriors to conquer and crustatiaform it. They landed at St. Petersburg last week and it’s been a war since.

The Earth world reached peak energy and coal production in 2011. A vastly inefficient economic structure controlled by a homo fossilfuelicus two-legged walking creature depleted much of the ecosphere and polluted the rest. If the marines hadn’t been relocated from southern Russia in time to fight the giant furry crabs of the Andromeda Galaxy wreaking havoc with the people’s volunteer army, we would have perhaps been scavenged ourselves; breaded boxed and shipped to the Andromeda Galaxy food processors for freezing and shipment out.

‘Nothing at Palino Prospekt Vladimir.’ My holocator gave me a view of Vladimir Boroskov and the Marines with him. He was lying in a cold canal in a dry suit camouflaged for city ambient. Boroskov was monitoring his information gathering field agent Max Mendelssohn.

The hillbilly crabs danced a jig to extra terrestrial country music whenever they filled up a packing bin of human body parts. A syncopated fiddler on the roof of hovering space craft keep the little collector crabs happy.

Quantum super-positioning materialized increasing ranks of crustaceans of power and prestige. Actualizing from super-imposed dark energy lurking in shadows of extra dimensions their exoskeletons seemed to be made of seasonal super-strings of looping iterations recurrent in optimal experiential order.

View 24. The holocator materialized a crab patrol moving on the main road to Moscow. Nothing less than a thousand foot tall commander wobbled with tatoo’d hyper-stilt legs broadcast scuttling orders in the special commercial synthetic reality voice amplified to trailing crack pincer troops. There was no point in watching further.

Racing to cut back our national economy, we could do little here to help the Russians. They had absorbed tremendous losses yet defeated Napoleon and Hitler before; thousand foot high synthy-furred crabs of Andromeda would be a challenge they would overcome alone.

Returning to quantum cable super-conductor laying sites in the United States; I actualized to watch formation of the new national energy grid that would capture photons increasing the power of the loop until it could emanate a Bose field to keep the Andromedans at bay. Down sizing the economic infrastructure while transitioning to increased quality might save our planet from the advanced elements of Andromedans until something else could be alternatized. Nothing we have I our tech kit can reverse the bowling lane we are in of the on rushing Andromeda Galaxy though. Maybe a journey to the apposite end of our galaxy would provide enough time for the civilization to think.

About Those Albs-Did They Travel To Mt. Alban (Mexico) via New Foundland and Minnesota?

Interesting point about Alban as an ancient name for Scotland. Mowatt believed a people named the Albs move to the British Isles first-probably before the Brits. In Alaska we may wonder if the carved spirals in the stone floor at Newgrange Ireland at 54 degrees North latitude was carved by the same culture that carved such spirals on rocks at Wrangell Alaska located also about 54 degrees north? Wrangell is located at the delta of a river cutting through the Coastal Mountains of British Columbia-U.S.A. named the Stikine. Along the hills of the Stikine are some stone shelters of small size said to be like those of Ireland and the Aran Islands formerly used as penance huts of monks.

The Albs were a shorter, darker race probably from Corsica or elsewhere in the Mediterranean. Sea from long ago. They built Earth mounds across Europe on their way to Ireland, the Orkneys, Hebrides, Iceland, Greenland and eventually New Found land.

Innis Mor in the Arran Island may have been built by Albs or Celts. It seems improbable that Celts would have developed such a back to the wall style in Galway Bay. In the photo at the hyperlink below a Black Fortress was located at the top of such a Cliff. It is still a fascinating place to visit.

One book on Irish history I read some time ago by a journalist, said that when the Celts arrived they found conquering these shorter Irish comparatively easy. Das baghd or some such talk about 'in the bag' was their regard for the Albs.

The late Neolithic was a desperate time for Alban people. Their currach boats are very similar to some Tlingit framed vessels covered with hide or animal skin. It seems probable that a scaled up version may have been used by Albs to venture abroad. When the ancient waters were full of fish, watermen and families might have survived quite some time away from land.

Mowatt seemed to think that the Albs were boaters and fishermen and moved ever west and north in search of New fishing and hunting grounds while the Vikings and Celts to a limited extent pursued them for plunder as their cities were built up.

The relatively unknown history of Albs in North America is interesting to consider. Sure, Mt. Alban of Mexico could have been named in the post-Columbian era. That was what I wondered about-did its name arise as a pre-Columbian relic in language of an Alban culture contact?

Many of the names, or most of the names of ancient sites in Mexico are named for their American developers-is Mt. Alban an exception?

Teotihuacan is certainly not an Irish name. A name for Mt. McKinley in Alaska-Tenados-is quite similar to the name of that large Island off Turkey in the Mediterranean. Sea.

The Alban currach or skin boat over a wood frame may have been a good craft for early voyaging along shores and skipping between Iceland, Greenland and down to and through the St. Lawrence Seaway. It could b e readily built and taken apart for portage'. One could paddle along the Great Lakes and walk over to Mississippi River drainage and mark twain to the delta. Turning right to travel with the sun one might end up in Vera Cruz where a cultural promotion by the locals of their visitors might have led to Mt. Alban.

Of course Mt. Alban could have been named by some archeologist leaving Cork with a suitcase full of Guinness-I don't know.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Writing Production Seasonal Freeze

The founders had a one level society basically. They did not have hierarchical levels of corporate powers above them having destroyed the royal British aristocracy and ditched the European style corrupt feudal like manorial priesthood. Corporatopia is like the communist party cadre in a privileged elite with masses of non-party members. Americans are more like consumers ‘drowned’ in a social hierarchy for which they feel to personal responsibility as peer citizens increasingly. Just retire and live to age 100 on social security not working for the last 40 years of one’s life and import lots of legal and illegal immigrants to do the work. Cortporatopia is a political philosophy of national doom not just demographically but ecologically as well.

The retirement age should be raised to age 69 and there should be no tax cuts for the top 5%. As wealth is concentrated economic doom historically follows. One should not tax business costs, yet profits should be taxed for the rich at about a 50% rate.

The nation must lead the world toward a zero growth in resource consumption political economy rather than Obama’s concept the of ‘the best thing America can do for the world economy is to grow its own economy and consumption’. That is the classical, ignorant way of waste and high entropy that will lead the nation to an even greater crash ahead in population something like lemmings with a food and resource supply suddenly exhausted.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Alaska Political Trivia Nov. 2010

Without finding an interior to paint for air fare to Orlando, I have little choice besides encountering the political condition of the state of Alaska. Since it been about 37 years since I first visited this place, its getting old. Prospects for painting are much better this time of year in Florida.

Well, the Governor that replaced Sarah Palin's vacated seat, Sean Parnell, formerly a Conoco employee, won the election. Five state commissioners resigned, so he must have asked them to before he fired them to pork up the perks Departments.

The Governor and Lt. Governor's compensation may go up 55,000 dollars and 35,000 dollars respectively and at least the Governor's should for living seasonally in the mansion in Juneau. It should be swapped out with the Wickersham mansion on the hill with a better view of the cruise ships in the harbor.

The state Senate race outcome is still a little in doubt. The very qualified Joe Miller is running behind Lisa Murkowski yet gaining a little ground still trailing, I believe, by about 6000 votes with a few weeks left in counting write in and absentee as well as contested ballots. As an outsider here, a veritable stranger in a strange land, I can learn something about how the state politicians relate to the secular Grail of building a New Gas Pipeline to forever assure prosperity to the state's insiders high on the trophic order of excellent slop and financial fixxins.

Senator Mark Begitch and Senator Lisa Murkowski each support additional gas and oil development in this state. One state political district is alone about the size of the state of Texas, yet just about 650,000 people live in Alaska. The Begkowski politically Republicrat oriented agenda may continue The Ted Stevens legacy of transferring as much wealth from D.C. as possible to Alaska insiders, who in turn are loyal to global corporate oil corporations and the military industrial complex.

I should make a note about Ted (dead) Stevens. Senator Stevens was an excellant guy, a world war two fighter pilot and all that, and a first rate cold warrior. When the cold war ended though he had prostate surgery and seemed soon thereafter to be kind of financially crazy. I believe that was a result of listening to all the Senate hearings raving lunatic speech testimoney in the Congress that developed during the 90's as well as hormonal imbalances. Senator Ted (also dead) Kennedy had a similar brain rot affliction that coincided with his political turn toward lunacy.

Ted Steven seemed to require a new kind of political philosophy or replace the cold war era concept of getting as much defense spending in Alaska as possible along with civilian spending. Stevens and Murkowski each supported lunatic heavy logging and gas industrial development and were on board the be friendly to Saddam Hussein before Iraq invaded Iran. When 1990-91 arrived Ted Stevens changed his political action to just spending in Alaska and screw the U.S. Treasury.

Vice President Cheney actually had a kind of screw the taxpayers and redistribute tax dollars to favorite corporations as a kind of political philosophy most of his political life. I don't think Ted Stevens ever rationalized that far, instead he just saw Alaska as benefiting from as much spending here as possible, and could of course never consider flakey 'alternative' energy development, civil construction or non-global oil infrastructure primacy in Alaskan economics as realistic possibilities. Senator Kennedy took his unlimited late career spree toward support of homosexual empowerment. I cannot imagine why-except that his concern for the finer issues of eliminating poverty seemed to have slipped away.

Ft. Richardson and Elmendorf Air Force Base in Anchorage are a prime source of employment for the few hundred thousand living in Anchorage. In my opinion there are perennial feedback loops here assuring that few changes to the established globally dependent kickback loopers will find it easy going.

When the global oil and gas industry really wants to plunder Alaska's remaining natural oil and gas reserves, then the global loyalists will accomplish whatever they need politically, locally to get job number one done, and not before. They have Iraq to consume presently, and then perhaps Iran. There are far more contracting bonuses to affiliates in Muslim world adventures now than in Alaska. One should never misundersetimate the L.B.J./Brown and Root/Defense Contracting/Oil/Halliburton/Cheyney/Bush/Rumsfeld/Gates axis of oil.

Britain is also a malevolent factor in Alaskan history traditionally. From BP oil power in Alaska to the 2010 oil well blowout in the Gulf of Mexico their interest in globalism and homosexuality to break down national immunity exists in order to puff up the profits of the densely populated island nation and former colonial power. BP sold its control of the Alyeska pipeline corporation this year I think. The huge footprints of global oil are never easy to track through the political arena, should one wish to.

The chickadees and Alaska crows with keratin birth defects making their beaks grow too large and curl could be a result of oil and gas development/pollution, the Exxon Valdez monstrous oil spill, or environmental change of global warming caused by fossil fuel emissions of oil and gas. It could be caused by something else of course, yet anthropogenic industrial causality is a good bet. The Senators would be for it and against ANWR, polar bears, fish for sports and subsistence fisherpersons and wildlife corridors in cities wit low entropy local economic accentuation for development.

Walking 15 miles on the Anchorage sidewalks I can say that generally they are cleared of snow reasonably well on main routes. Yet sometimes in clearing the plates/streets they pile the snow on the sidewalk after the sidewalks are scraped clean. The coordination could be better.

Also, the U.S. Army temperate weather boots are slippery as heck on snow covered icy snow. I fell seven times on that 15 mile walk. Using a different pair of boots today I had much better traction. I think its not only the sole design, but the material in the temperate weather boot (maybe the use a different boot now than a few years ago) that makes it have a kind of waxed-ski like relation to slippery surface.

Well, that enough for this comment on Alaska politics. It's not like a town down south where one can ride a bike across the nation and see something to paint, make a bid and perhaps get some temporary work using highest quality materials from Lowe's.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Cohokia and Homeless Ideas of Anchorage

With about a foot of new snow Sunday night the city of Anchorage has taken on it’s seasonal appearance of flakiness compounded as ground cover. Just three more months of winter to go on the homeless calendar; that is December, January and February followed by the warming up month of March when several minutes of daylight are added each day as the world’s precession on its axis tilts the northern areas more toward the sun.

It’s amazing how sensitive the planet’s surface temperature is to that annually tilt away in to the shadow, its cold and back to warmth and light. Just a few degrees annually of temperature range difference and most life on earth would be gone even before human developers kill off most of the species and ecological health.

So far this year there have been 15 deaths of homeless people outdoors in Anchorage. Cynics might wonder if the city government cars are putting homeless dead trophy stickers on like fighter aces of yore, yet we know that social government today is simply stupid and incapable of good governance. Even so,we doubt that we would find police cruisers or other city vehicles with 15 dead man or woman silhouettes on the driver’s doors.

Reading of the ancient American city of Cohokia (where St. Louis is today) I was a little inspired by the home and public building construction methods of the Cohokian culture. So much so in fact that I got the idea of building eco-friendly earth homes not only in single family units but in condominiums.

New Cohokia was a planned community of more than 10,000 people that suddenly appeared in 1050 a.d. The Cohokians built the third highest pyramid in the Americas; played an interesting game called chunky and constructed a Woodhenge circle of huge cypress logs 420 feet in diameter for measuring the sun’s cycles etc. I think it as likely that a few Albs or Vikings arrived to take a favored leadership role as much as a few Aztecs showing up with visionary schemes. New Cohokia and all these grand ideas appeared suddenly amidst a more agrarian, simpler society. Nothing like this is likely to occur in contemporary America to make a sudden transition to a new low entropy economy. No community wants to give up its present way of life without compelling reason. The powerful and privileged gaming on green and black networks of social control are least willing to work for social change directly ending poverty.

Low-entropy condominiums of a post-developer high-entropy technology in regard to entropy concepts are not common in the United States today. Eighty percent of the income of Americans earning more than 10 million dollars annually is not from wages or salaries. The U.S. Housing market is fundamentally designed largely to enrich the non-working class investors. The Bush TARP program to bail out banks and mortgage lenders prevalently was an increase in the inefficiency of rational ho9using design. A practical tarp placed over a rope above a tent will help slide the snow off to the sides preventing collapse of the tent below. The Bush 2008 TARP policy administered by Mr. Paulson was another taxpayer transfusion of their future security to the globalists excluding rational national interest from U.S. Government thought.

The Cohokian city of New Cohokia suddenly grew about 1050 a.d. on the Mississippi River flood plain. It had hundreds of clay-dirt pyramids with one reaching 130 feet high. The layout of the city was rigorous.

Setting building with floor level down about three feet in the Earth, and with earth embanked up against the walls of the smaller dwellings aloud use of natural summer heating and cooling of the Earth versus the atmosphere’s opposite tendencies. Though the Cohokians did not cover their roofs with dirt, they did use mats and sod for quality insulation. Larger 100 unit one level condominiums could use several of these forms at low cost as well.

The desirability of producing low maintenance cost, high quality, sound proof, secure housing structures en mass naturally directs the frugal toward adapting Cohokian culture construction paradigms of heating, cooling and cost effectiveness in modern forms of condominium. The Neolithic Irish Alban culture also constructed Earth mound ceremonial building over stone post and lintel infrastructure. Combing Cohokian and Irish Neolithic (e.g. Newgrange) building concepts could reduce construction cost significantly compared to modern mass-produced, high maintenance apartment-type dwellings.

I have felt that a good condominium unit should encompass the features of a peace rural home insinuated within a verdant ecosystem of minimal displacement. Cohokian-Alban post-modern condominiums with verdant community interior courtyard ‘designed wilderness’ with water and woods and a front side wilderness entry with stone walls fanning out to end with intersecting trail and opposite wood with residual fossil fuel auto parking beyond might be a very quite and enjoyable living environment. I imagine the walls between units would be reinforced concrete one foot thick. Such housing units should sell for fewer than $50,000 dollars in suitable climates and areas without many earthquakes. In locales with common earthquaking a Cohokian ‘sapling’ roof construction might replace the Earth mound.

Viewing the Cohokian saplings planted in the ground in post hoes and lashed together at the top to form a gabled roof structure, and hip roof form in some versions, stimulates the innovation of a variety of materials to readily assemble low-cost dwellings. Steel, aluminum or PVC pipes could be made into quick and ready forms approximating a Cohokian culture paradigm. Advanced composite carbon-fiber building elements with non-slip joining ends could enable nail free assembly of an easy hurricane-proof housing unit. Since the main problem of a hurricane for the poor is surviving the high wind, circular survival henges with or without a roof made by setting posts into the ground would be useful things to build for emergency wind retreat and ordinary gardening areas. The entry ways should be doorless yet protected by a small outer windbreak wall such as might a picador duck behind to screen out a charging bull after placing a sharp object in its shoulder.

For some reason the Cohokian culture and that of the Irish Alban people migrating to America ahead of the Vikings is a good source of practical housing concepts even here in Anchorage today.