Thursday, September 30, 2010

Why Faith in God Doesn't Require Faith in Dumb or Corrupt Economic Policy

Faith is a concept that has taken on political value in recent decades in the United States. Unfortunately it is all to commonly given an economic value as well regarding politics. I thought I would clarify what the implications or duties of faith are regarding politics and economics in the United States for Christians.

Faith in the existence of God and faith that salvation and eternal life follow from belief in the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ brings no political or economic social philosophy along with it. At least there is no recognizable political philosophy in the United States today that resembles Christian ethical values.

Faith brings a recognition that eternal values are more important than the temporal, yet it does not follow that stupidity regarding integrity of economic methods is necessary or usual for Christians.

Faith in God does not equate to faith in economics. A Christian has a work ethic and rational ideas about economic production and values. Christians do not subscribe to magical, hocus pocus economic concepts at all unless they are substantially misguided. Much of the swing rave media seem to have the opinion to the contrary, that faith means stupidity regarding economics and the globalist corporations or local self-employment would be matters of indifference for a Christian.

Christians with faith in God have a work ethic. If they are a farmer they have a rational awareness of growing season, work required to produce a crop and the value of the harvest. Christians have traditionally had leadership in actual work efforts especially regarding small business.

In the modern world of financial sophistication as a way to earn a living, the idea that a Christian ought to have blind faith in any economic secular venture of possibly dubious value or honesty is silly. Christians may well utilize dead reckoning regarding the veracity of economic initiatives and look to the Bible as a guide on what sort of corrupt practices to avoid partaking in.

Avoidance of usury is a desirable Christian virtue, so would good neighborliness and sobriety be to the point of abstemiousness. Today in the globalizing economy wherein Adam Smith nationalist founded capitalism has been transcended, a Christian should watch out for the interests of his fellow citizens and tangibly improve his own and his neighbor citizens ecological and economic situation regularly.

One of the troubles with globalization is that such capitalization concentrates wealth existentially in global banks and in investments in other global investments. Wealth created in one nation is extracted and exported to global banks, and the phenomena besides corrupting local economics also corrupts local political power balances and employment security. Global corporations and the reduction of the opportunities for a citizen to work without consent of global corporate political will means an eclipse of political empowerment locally is an inevitable trend simultaneous with the fiduciary corruption of national elected officials through their support for global corporate interests.

Christians in the United States today have no priesthood of believers support organizations to reinforce Christian economic security, welfare or work credit exchanges for security. Each local Church should have a Bishop to decide issues of orthodoxy and also a sextant to maintain church property, yet their should be no laity as all members actively are peers in all liturgical and church works with the roles of Bishop and sextant being largely auxiliary. Because today’s hierarchical priesthood generally has the interest of paying itself and staff as a first priority and has all tithing flowing through its control, the rational increase of an egalitarian church contribution and resource use simply fails to develop. Few hierarchical priests would know anything about a priesthood of believers of course.

So Christians are largely on their own without meaningful support in deciding about economic issues. They will receive advice from hierarchical priests that support a hierarchical globalism unfortunately because of the primary desire to be well connected with concentrated wealth so far as possible. The Democratic Party is the party of egregious sin and homosexual corruption pervasively as well as an advocate for abortion, so Christians have no choice except to vote for Republicans and Independents when they decide to vote.

The Faith vote is not then generally in support of globalism and aloof outsourcing of jobs. The invasion of foreign global corporations to create dependence and remove wealth is just as bad. Modern globalism tends to reduce economic independence and freedom to create phenomenally. Some advocate far more high-tech training for C student average citizens unrealistically, and the laws of supply and demand will reduce the pay compensation for those high tech positions eventually as well when China, India and other nations also have as many high tech trained workers willing to work for lower wages.

In the intermediate future the creation of a pervasive prosperity in the United States will be contingent upon securing the national boundaries, limiting immigration to 100,000 refugees annually and moving toward a low entropy ecological economic foundation. The Government would need to support and give advantage to low entropy local employment creation while also investing in large scale, low cost high tech transportation infrastructure equal to the Promontory Point era. High-speed electro-magnetic cargo and personal ground transport at 1000 M.P.H. with safety should be designed.

Christian may have faith in good and accentuate the positive on Earth. Christians should be concerned for the well being of their Christian brothers and citizens first and then their non-Sectarian fellow citizens next.

Real work rather than sophisticated financial manipulation and trimming of others is a preference for honest Christians. That economic area of honest work is increasingly in disrepute in sophisticated political circles of course as the financial related service sector has expanded to more than 30% of the national economy.

Christians may have little choice except to vote for globalist Republicans as the mirage of Democratic economic policy with a national priority is also poisoned with the pervasive support for sin. That the homosexual and abortion community should hold national economics hostage is basic reason why the Republican globalists have little moral competition today for Christian votes. Yet Democrats are also globalists and supporters of illegal migrant as well as legal migrant workers and foreign corporate investments in the United States. Since Tip O'Neill left his jobs as Speaker of the House the Democrat party has also become a party of the middle class far more than a party representing the poor. They are also recognized as the party of sin (we know all are not worthy and fall short of the requirements for salvation on their own merits of course).

Christians are not validating Republican economics nor placing blind faith in worldly financial flummery when they vote against Democratic Champions of Perversion--they may just be voting against the perversions while aware of the rotten economic policies of the Republican and Democratic parties.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

On Right to Revolt Against Waves of Corrupt Governments; Texas vs. Mexico

Texas, Arizona, California have become invasion routes for neo-annexation of much of the United States onto the corrupt neo-narco trafficker state with oppressive concentrated wealth through illegal migration. Even legally arrived Mexicans take seafood processing jobs in Alaska while Alaskans are rejected from being hired. Mexican-American citizens with dual citizenship implicity corrupt the sovereignty of other just U.S. citizens over their own nation.

As wealth is being concentrated in the United States and the elites are increasingly globalists seeking to degrade the quality of life of ordinary Americans in order to more like the Mexican ruling elites it may be useful to review the historical evolution of revolution and rights of liberty of the state of Texas and also consider briefly Mexico, Arizona and California.

There is a basic principle in the history of revolutions against governments that are successful that the new government formed has legitimacy through its ability to dominate its claimed territory and hold it. It must also receive recognition by other national governments in order to receive whatever sort of security that exists in such peer consideration.

California as a colony of New Spain experienced an increase in non-Spanish trade and visitors toward the end of Spanish rule. There were several revolutionary phases and changes of government in Mexico. Distant California was increasingly developing an infrastructure and populace ready for independence. In the 1820s, 1830s and 1840s California was growing into independence. Alta California was ceded by the Mexican Government after the Mexican-American war.

The Mexican Government required that immigrants be Catholic in its distant territories. The desire for religious freedom for Protestant would have been an underlying cause to revolt against a neo-theocratic joint political power. Since the Inquisition Spanish government authorities had worked very closely with church hierarchy.

In Texas, German immigrants actually made a fairly substantial purchase payment of land from Commanches in order to settle disputed land claims in the hill country.

The Republic of Texas had absolutely no obligation to recognize the claims of sovereignty of the first Mexican Empire over its territory. The first Mexican Empire was a deal cut by the Mexican revolutionary leaders with the government of Spain. Spain was having its own problems at the time with Napoleon. The Mexicans agreed that a joint government would be formed with a leader appointed by Spain, the Houser of Bourbon, The Habsburgs or whomever (I need to research that).

The Texans had not obligation to recognize the New Mexican Empire at all. When New Spain existed the legitimacy of the government was without question from a western point of view, although it was of course undesirable and oppressive to the Indian population. The quality of the government is not at issue here, nor is its oppressive caste system.

The New Mexican Empire was short-lived and replaced by the First Mexican republic that existed until a coup that put Bustamente in the office of President between 1830-1832 and 1837 and 1841. Texans had no obligation to recognize any of these governments as rightfully sovereign over Texas. With the principle of self-determination, California and Arizona neither had any legal obligation to recognize the claims of any government following the end of New Spain. When the Soviet Union ended, several nations sought independence and claimed such. It basically was their power and will for separation that provided the opportunity to claim independence as peers of core Soviet States such as Russia.

General Santa Ana cancelled the Mexican Federal Constitution in 1835 and the people of Coahuila y Tejas and the Yucatan revolted. The Texans of course were successful at asserting their Independence though General Santa Ana led a force personally to annihilate the insurgents at the Alamo. Captured later in the war he granted Texas recognition as an independent Republic in exchange for his freedom. The ensuing Mexican Government proclamation disavowed the assertion of liberty.

An earlier Mexican government following independence issued land grants to citizens of the United States. In the absence of Spanish imperial forces the New Mexican Government believed that Americans would better defend their territory against Comanches. (see wikipedia article)

The Governments of Mexico following the revolution from New Spain were no more legitimate than their ability to assert political control through force over subject peoples. Those governments revolted upon themselves on several occasions through coup d’etat changing form and personnel.

Initially Spanish priests that had lost cash and land through a Spanish confiscation order led the Mexican Revolution. Deprived of their wealth Father Hidalgo and later Father Morelos led Indian armies to war upon Spanish regulars. They were not ultimately successful, yet they paved the road to revolution for Guerrero and other in 1921.

When governments are perennial corrupt, distant, out of touch, imperious and ineffective it is a duty of the people to effectively take whatever means are required to rectify the situation and install a representative government with the consent of the governed.

When the Texas Republic petitioned the United States to become a state and was admitted Mexican military forces invaded and attacked Fort Texas. The following Mexican war with the United States brought Ulysses S. Grant to battle in the border region as an observing supply officer. It was his first bloody experience in combat with an invading, oppressive power. He stayed with Thorton far into Mexico, and is said to have commanded an artillery battery on the final fight into Mexico City to enforce a regime change or surrender to place people that would not attack the United States into power. Today, human smuggling gangs have arisen in Mexican border towns specializing in bringing middle easterners into the U.S.A. In 2007 I.N.S. officers reportedly arrested 70 in one group in rural Arizona and are said to have allowed another 500 to escape.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Muhammad Ali Jinnah- First President of Muslim League/Gov. General of Pakistan

In the year 711 the first Mohammadan invaders roared through the Khyber Pass and descended into the Indian Subcontinent to conquer the land of district Sind. On 9-11 an two hijacked Aircraft crashed into New York's World Trade Towers and crash the largest symbols of the land of sin to the ground. A decade later a heavily financed group of Mohammadans sought to build a Muslim Cultural Center in the shadows of the Towers their co-religionists had destroyed. The pure land (the meaning of the word Pakistan) is an ideal of Deobandists, Wahaabists and other fundamentalist Mohammadans. In accord wth lands of the kfirs that are regarded as the Dar al Harb or land of war with infidels, the Muslim advance must start somewhere.

Muhammad Ali Jinnah was the leader of the Indian Muslim seperatist and independence movement. He was the first Muslim delegate to the New Government of India the British created early in the 20th century and soon quit to become leader of the Muslim seperatist movement. Jinnah was also the first Governor General of Pakistan after seperation in 1947.

Jinnah and countless other Mohammadans or Mussulmen as they called themselves the five provinces that would become Pakistan wrote and made speeches on the fact that Mohammadanism and Hinduism were not religions so much as culltures, and that the two cultures were fundamentally entirely unreconcilable. Pakistan was founded upon the profound recognition of religious intolerance and the uncompatability of the Muslim religion with that of other.

The 20th century leaders of the Muslim independence movement wrote that repression of the Shria is unacceptable to Muslims, and that the evolution of the umma or realm alllegiant to Mohammad and Allah is an emergent, this worldly process unlike Christianity with its belief that this world is wicked. Christians it was said look forward to heaven and meekly attend churches, while Muslims may agitate until rule of Shria is accomplished. Thus the lying and killing normative in the advancing waves of Muslim expansion into new modern nations is acceptable with the Koran and immams in order to create a world molded after the fundamental power of those allegiant to Mohammadanism.

The intention to build an Islamic cultural center and mosque near ground zero is an obvious affront of power to the city of New York as well as the people of the United States as well as a start at subverting the secular government of the United States. Nothing like that should occur perhaps even if the federal debt becomes entirely unmanagable because of reckless tax cuts, protracted incompetent spending in the military policy of Afghanistan and the national budget suffers because of fossil fuel imports and non-electric car imports.

Ideas About Photons

Photons are an interesting topic. Einstein won a Nobel in 1921 for the photoelectric effect. He should have won another two for the special and general theories of relativity obviously. My ideas about light vary according to what I have been reading recently. Unfortunately I have read a couple of books on Afghanistan and Pakistan most recently and thus am lamenting the political reasoning deficits the U.S. Government has in making foreign policy that is good instead of regarding the nature of light.

Photons are emergent wave-particles of the electrons perhaps comparable to phonons or clumps of sound waves. Some have described the way sound waves travel through walls as perhaps comparable to the way light waves travel through space.

Einstein's revolutionary view of space-time is undergoing theoretical changes today. Though Einstein was a founder of quantum mechanics a lot more is known about the sub-atomic world today. His ideas about space-time and quantum mechanics would certainly differ if he formulated them now.

Why would photons be affected by a curvature of space-time instead of traveling straight through it like a neutrino travels straight through the Earth? Photons may have very small rather than no mass. Gravitational lensing of light from distant stars passing the sun as in Eddington’s observations not only shows that space appears curved in altering the line of travel of photons but reciprocally that photons have some small mass.

Einstein also did not believe anything traveled faster than light. He did not believe in quantum super positioning or entanglement calling it ‘spook action at a distance”. Researchers have demonstrated the existence of quantum super positioning in which information is exchanged between distant quantum particles determining their state repeatedly as occurring. The question exists about how and what actually occurs. The information is exchanged faster than light speed between bound particle pairs.

Some could speculate that the quantum world has no distance or dimensions on the scale of the solid-state scale of physics such as our universe that we humans experience. Others speculate that information is exchanged in a kind of quantum computing way in which all information affects every other part of the universe.

Imagine a million light year long line of billiard balls placed in a perfectly straight line in space. If one pushes the first ball in line one billiard ball diameter forward the last billiard ball in line would simultaneously move forward the same distance. The information would pass from point a at the start of the line to point b at the end faster than light. In a quantum world in which all things exist in some way as part of a monistic state and in which pluralist appears through dimensions and scale are phenomenal it would be possible to have a universal quantum simultaneity of time for information purposes while yet maintaining a protocol of component particle-wave parts in their right relations and potentials.

Yet if a photon is like an energy wave passing through a solid or aether if space is more of a solid than a vacuum, perhaps it could be regarded as emergent phenomena transferring energy rather than a thing for-itself.

Space may be a kind of solid that emerged with energy-mass. If photons are a field phenomenon the field may be expanding along with the expansion of space-time and the photons may be stationary, yet not in comparison to mass.

The speed of light in a vacuum is finite of course. It takes time for a photon to travel from the outer edge of thee sun to the Earth...about eight minutes. Yet photons could be an emergent phenomenon of very low mass kicking adjoining sections of space such that they arrive on Earth. That raises the question of what space is?

It could be that it is simply a form of mass or joined matter and anti-matter in a neutral state. Some of that at the big bang was ruptured and inflated. The continuing expansion of space may be a little like the steady-state theory of Hoyle in so far as space and virtual particle continue to be emitted from a sub-dimensional field. It is difficult to say if space expansion through the emergence of new space components stretches fields existing in it or not--one would probably guess so.

Einstein’s universe is a little strange. His formula E=MC2 gives the ratio of the convertibility of mass to energy. Mass converted to pure energy has the characteristic of forming at the proportion of its original mass multiplied by the speed of light squared. Light moving away from itself at its own speed in opposite directions is the basic energetic state.

When I think of energy, I think of it has potential mass, or mass in another form. Energy can be converted into mass and vice versa I believe.

Gravity is propagated at the speed of light also. Gravity acts upon mass. Gravity is an implicit part of the complete phenomena of mass, energy and the speed of light.

Because photons are basic energy in motion they have no mass, if mass might be regarded as a comparative rest state of energy. Photons may have no mass as they have no time on that graph of time and motion where mass has less time with increasing speed of motion relatively.

Because photons are energy and have relatively no mass I think it does not follow that they have no intrinsic mass and are a purely emergent phenomena of mass converted into energy. Compared with everything else that has less energy and speed they have no mass.

Mass not converted to energy traveling through space are said to become infinite accelerated near the speed of light. One would think that mass accelerated through space must be affected by the properties of space while photons are less affected. Space may have properties at the quantum level—I can’t say at what scale of size into which accelerated mass pushes adding gravity or relative mass unto itself as a field phenomena. Photons skip right through that however.

One might guess that photons are something like quantum units entangled at a distance that exchange information at a particular velocity. Quantum entanglement, superpositioned information occurs instantly at any distance faster than light obviously I believe. That super-positioning information is below the scale of space properties in which mass is entangled in a different, larger and slower way. Mass seems like a slower, stable form of energy. I think that I regard mass and energy as just materially existing things generally, although they are different phases of existing things. I therefore also regard photons as having some mass as existing things that are units of energy.

Wavelengths of energy of the electro-magnetic spectrum from infrared to ultraviolet and x-rays are not all visible to human eyes without technical assistance. I do not know if they all travel at the speed of visible light. The excitation of mass converted into energy and traveling as wave-particle analogues through space though affected a little by the properties of space indicates that photons are a low-mass or no-mass wave-particle propagation though a medium, or across a space-field of definite yet unknown properties.

Photons may be like the vibrations of a string given a certain amount of energy converted from mass. The string vibrations occur in a spatial field that limits and governs the mass and energy existing within it. Gravity, mass and energy are basic phenomena of the spatial field.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Steve Colbert Supports Cheap Mexican Migrant Labor to Gut Wages/Jobs & Trash Hope of Poor Americans.

Occassionally comical Stephen Colbert testified before congress in support of Mexican migrant workers picking his fruits and nuts. Mexicans can get down and do the dirty work for the U.S. non-physical working class of people pushing papers, electrons and bureaucracies in addition to the financial related services sector.

The comical Steve Colbert believes that foreign workers are needed to process food for Americans. The classical historical maxxim 'Those that will not dirty their hands to grow their own food shall prosper' motivated the comedian to plea before the wealthy government politicians for better conditions and routes to the Presidency with right of return.

Because there are only ten or fifteen percent of U.S. citizens out of work and more underemployed the comedian's timing to advocate for more cheap foreign workers to labor on corporate farms to further destroy the wage negotiations advantage for American workers provided effective assistance to political global elite efforts to concentrate wealth and impoverish more Americans. The comic Colbert is on the side of those that would add more to the 44 million Americans living in poverty.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Causality, Cosmology and Christianity

Human perceptions of causal orders were evolved to respond to stimulus commensurate with the environment. I do not think that knowledge of causality is a part of the implicit natural environmental complex perceived.

Arthus Schopenhuer in his book of neo-Kantianism 'The Fourfold Roots of Reason' noted some of the ways that perception is modified by reason and he used the example of depth perception. The mind must learn to integrate that binocular vision into a three dimensional portrait and then it become automatic.

Causality such as science learns is a cumulative social process. Epistemology and perception is obviously one of the perennial philosophical concerns. Modern science simply adds more knowledge to that database. Interestingly philosophical classification and assignment of causes or relationships within a neo-monistic field of uncertain pluralistic composition extending these days into speculation about extra-dimensions even might have a paradigm sharing overlapping set characteristics with Quine's ideas on linguistic arrangements in the Dewey lectures and published as’ Ontological Relativity'.

I don't mean to say that physical cosmology is a linguistic categorization process at all, I simply point out that incompleteness in logical descriptions of event-processes in the 'material' universe make reduction to any given selected area rather arbitrary and implicitly likely to be in error or inaccuracy. Where does one decide to cut off the causes and break them up into little, separate causes? It reminds me of the particle versus wave criterion of photons for example. Everything may be a part of some larger whole or cause, and the temporal view of things as extemporaneous things-for-themselves may be just because we as human beings are standing in some place watching the experience pass relativisticly as a nominalistic phenomenon.

Causality in some ways may be equated with physical forces of nature, though I noted above that laws of nature might be just consistent measurements of particular relationships that recur invariantly (per R. Laughlin).

If the weak force is found to be associated with another force such as electro-magnetism and is then the electro-weak force, if the virtual energy of the Universe is found to be a source of gravity because of the way it is effected by mass that creates an apparent warping of space (though space is better regarding as a kind of solid), our ideas of causality may be in error, and the ideas we have regarding sequence of events differs from what the causes of certain events are.

If the tides rise and fall associated with the moon and we don't know about gravity living in the year 1000 B.C. then correlation of the movement of water with the moon would be the best we could do. I would guess that someone sometime must have postulated that the moon was attracted to the Earth by the arrival of the water locally rather than speculating along the lines of Newton on gravity. It is easy to mistake the order of events with causes of events.

The causes of the existence of the Earth were quite contentious in many regards over the centuries when theorists with opposite points of view disputed them. The mistaking of the order of events with the causality of events occurs in politics all the time especially with contemporary macro-economic analysis and public debt in the United States.

I think that Robert Laughlin mentioned about the natural world of human perception (for example we only perceive a limited range of the electro-magnetic spectrum) that at a collective level the responses to that collective or concatenated physical level of protocol are appropriate for that particular context.

Perhaps that morphs into the concepts about Deism a little regarding causality--I don't regard Deism or a disconnect of God's power or omnipotence as an especially contemporarily viable context, and alternatively, I do not mean that an implication that a collective or concatenated state of the physical universe is continuously or occasionally changed by Divine intercession. Not because of Calvinism, yet neither in distinction to it, the deterministic nature of God's creative provenance allows a simultaneous belief that God pre determined everything yet did not create and forget about the Universe.

We have fairly plain prophetic messages in the Bible that make a determinist criterion nearly the inevitable interpretation of the phenomenal universe. Yet one may also belief that the degrees of free of movement and thought are also actual. The deterministic selections of probability, as Laughlin might have written about analogously, within a given quantum state, may be free locally yet when viewed in a larger sample seem deterministic or ordered.

Why Democrats, Republicans and the Tea Party Fail Common Sense Economics

The Democratic Party of President Barrack Obama has become more dominated by anti-morality issues than of common sense economics. Some regard the Democrats as the Gay Party or the Party of Abortion,and many democrats would not vote for any party that does not regard those as essential issues.

When the democrats lost their economic issue prioritizing as shifted to anti-morality and atheism the L.B.J. and Tip O'Neil era economic competition to Republicans was lost. The economic innovations of Richard M. Nixon simply will not arise in a modern Republican who have developed globalism as a priority in order to concentrate wealth for the financial elites. Ronald Reagan's one-off/not to be repeated deficit spending and budget breaking extreme unction neo-Keynsianism has become the normal state of affairs for Lillyputian economic theorists. This is not a good situation.

When the Democrats lost morality they lost economic interest as Democrats as well and the Republican Party became the shelter for those of traditional morality, yet the financial elites could take the economic interests of the poor and middle class for granted because the morally inclined would have nowhere else to go. To vote for a Democratic President was to vote for abortion and homosexuallity-many Americans would rather let America have concentrated wealth and a vast number of poor uninsured Americans rather than vote to gay up marriage and the military.

Conversely, many Democrats would rather gay up marriage and the military than have a concern about the economic situation of the poor in the United States. Democrats as a party of anti-morality atheist middle-class feminists support the perennial revolution of illegal alien immigration with paths to citizenship because they aren't poor white or black males suffering from a perennially soft labor demand because of over-supply.

Democrats are the last to be affected by illegal immigrant labor and so just don't give a damn about stopping that flow for good. They aren't white or black males and should be Democrat Party supporters for a generation or two, they think.

The Tea Party operates with the wrong idea that cutting taxes and federal spending simultaneously will balance the budget or pay down the federal deficit. Actually to avoid a protracted losing economic scenario the U.S.A. should let the Bush tax cuts lapse, cut some federal spending and make a goal of reducing the federal debt to 8 trillion dollars instead of the present of 13.4 trillion dollars. The interest on the debt is a serious, progressive waste that soaks up capital that could be better invested elsewhere.

The economic policies of the Tea Party, The Republican Party and the Democratic Party fail common sense economics that would restore financial well being to all of the citizens of the United States from the bottom up. The willingness of ignorant prosperous citizens to accept a social philosophy that 'the poor will always be with us-so screw them' or an economic determinism making an inevitability of poverty is the result of pervasive ignorance and brain lock phenomena arising when the Occam's razor of economic intelligence indicates that one need not learn of experience of others or think much about anything beyond one's own immediate material interests.

Poverty is not a necessary condition for a democracy nor a benefit to general increase of the ecological and economic quality of life of a nation. Vestigial retro-economics-hoary, ancient classical economic thinking was brought into the 20th century via the principle of mediocrity in politics. It can and should change.

The U.S. public debt is rising more than 4 billion dollars each day (and has since 2007).

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Senate Defeats Bill to Make U.S. Openly Godless By Four Votes

The U.S. Senate Tuesday voted down a bill that would have allowed homosexuals to serve in the military openly. In a sense the Senate just had a substantial enough minority to keep the United States from becoming an openly Godless evil empire. Civil structures ought not, and need not to be in plain contradiction of Biblical truths. Society should be able to function without legislation that seems in defiance of the moral instructions of the Creator of the Universe and everything else. The truths we hold self-evident as are written in the Declaration should be consistent with God rather than in opposition to.

56 Democrats voted for a pro-homo U.S. military, 43 Republicans voted against and since the Democrats required 60 votes to avoid a filibuster the Republican dissent to depravity was enough.

I listened to an NPR reporter in Kandehar today. She was wearing a Burka and interviewing two guys in a coffee house upstairs with a view through plate glass windows of the street below. They wore starched clothes and said they wanted to be doctors. They were youths when the Taleban was evicted and fled over the border nearly a decade ago. Perhaps they avoided exploitation by the Taleban—in fact they expressed admiration for them. . It may yet be unsafe to do otherwise publicly.

The United State has foreign and domestic challenges with complex and subtle interaction solutions. Any old policy choice will not inevitably be the right one. U.S. foreign and domestic policy hasn’t a kind of papal infallibility to it (the Popes gave up that p0remise decades ago). Ecological economics and conservation of moral and boundary values are important for keeping the nation in good shape.

Schultheis said that Kandehar is known throughout Afghanistan as the homosexually inclined place. He reported a couple of jokes told about the place he had heard. Kandehar was a strong point for the Taleban when they were in power of most of Afghanistan, and of course Schultheis had reported on the dark undercurrents of homosexual pederasty of the Sunni 'religious students'.

The subtleties of Afghanistan are substantial, yet what concerns me most recently is U.S. lack of tactical recognition of Iran's Shi'a position as a nation between Pakistan and its radical Sunni I.S.I. terrorist supporting military armed with nuclear weapons on one side and Saudi Arabia as the center of Wahhabism and its 70 billion dollar most recent purchase of U.S. weapons besides perhaps owning a nuclear device or two quietly on the other. Well there is also Iraq with its invasive history as well as Afghanistan with Shi'a hating Taleban and a Pushtun majority government from which we have mostly helped exclude the non Sunni Northern Alliance from being a meaningful part.

Iran may feel that they need to develop a nuclear deterrent to Pakistan and Saudi Arabia or possible Iraq also at one time. George W. Bush At least believed Iraq was developing nuclear weapons so Iran’s rulers may have thought so too.

U.S. foreign policy since the fall of the Shah-the world's possibly last absolute monarch whom we unwisely helped put in power and then reinforced royally, has been heavily biased toward the Sunni wherein most of the worlds Muslim fundamentalist terrorists have arisen (though the Shi'a are competitive though second in a two-sect division.

The next administration may take the confusion in a different direction.

The U.S. Senate voted Tuesday against ending the policy of not permitting openly gay declarations in the U.S. military. Hopefully that the end of the ill-conceived effort to gay up the military.

The U.S. homosexual lobby seems to be unaware that it need not attack and expropriate heterosexual normal U.S. institution to achieve civil rights party. They are not African human chattel in America seeking to be free from slavery, instead they are biologically defective souls that have moved to homosexuality and seek to make that a norm by erasing heterosexuality.

Consider a military branch of its own of homosexuals. It could be named the Fagot Force, or Unisex Warriors or whatever.

The hetero males and females in mostly separate divisions for combat purposes would be on fundamentally the same biological clocks, periods of celibacy, determination to get the war done and go somewhere to rendezvous with there spouse (if they are moral). Meanwhile the Faggot Force with its own tanks and aircraft might be having sex within its own cadre at various times behind this bush or that. Sex might be traded as ways of promotions and few would complain to the civilian government about illicit sex that would become normal.

If male and female units slept together and served together in combat units all sorts of paring arrangement problems would arise, and of course jealousies would develop.

Part of the military discipline involving sexual morality probably is to prevent trained killers with access to high power weapons from just blasting a unit to death in revenge for things related to sex. Military officers of ages past were occasionally famous for dueling over honor concerning ladies in more than one nation (i.e. Russia). Issues such as adultery and cuckolding brought out the guns.

Homosexual militants just don't usually think out their methods of subverting civil rights of others politically too well. There are some soldiers that would not want to sleep with gays perhaps lusting after them. Inevitably some violence would occur and unit cohesiveness degraded. Homosexuals need only assert their own individual rights as citizens rather than ending heterosexual establishment to be camouflaged and get monetary benefits.

Another issue of concern some citizens have is that of the U.S. Government giving official sanction to sin. Homosexuality is sin and some God-fearing believers feel that if the U.S.A. becomes an officially reprobate nation pro forma it will receive divine correction. I personally agree with that concern. The right to privacy covers many sins-hence the secular genius of ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’.

Social benefits should be based upon individual needs and security with the exception of families that sometimes need some breaks cause they just cannot afford to go broke even for a while. If the homosexual lobby worked to assure health care for the poor, secure borders and a good environment and economy for all citizens then they would find their own interests taken care of in a more secure environment even if they are not poofed into happy heterosexual verisimilitudes.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Physical Cosmology; Theology and Solid State of Uncertainty on Emergent Collective Characteristics

I am a bit remote from recollecting much of the history of Scholasticism and continental theology presently having worn out my Coppleston's History of Philosophy in Alaska a few years ago and migrated towards logic, cosmology and secular history and other topics inclusive of the New Testament. I remain a bit of a Toynbean and consider cyclic social history and low-entropy economics.I have considered buying McGee's 'The Bible Bus' on cd in order to reinforce a plain, Biblically based knowledge of old testament concepts.

I appreciate the scholastic investigation into causality, yet like the neo-Platonist method as well as a fell swoop method of inference about God's constructions that perhaps grace divulges. Yet presently reading Laughlin's 'A Different Universe-reinventing physics from the bottom down' I have derived some different ideas about group theory and of course causality.

The three persons that are one God is an interesting collective-singularity criterion for God that has an emergent characteristic itself perhaps negating the need for a causal explanation or reduction of cause and effect to one ponderous infinitely small particle that arose from nowhere. Perhaps Stephen Hawking would appreciate the collective as one nature of God concept of an omnipotent being that has no need for a point of origin in eternity. Stephen Hawking hypothesizes a universe that could arise de novo without diving help-perhaps because of quantum fluctuations of a vacuum energy assembling through attraction into a clump of mass large enough to expand through a phase transition of mass-energy repulsion (that may be something like the Hartle-Hawking Universe without a singularity in time merger into being with a dimension of space becoming a dimension of time.)

Robert Laughlin is not of course writing theology or divine mechanics contributions but just a different method of viewing solid state physics and quantum mechanics. I hence directly apply what I learn to the concepts about God and our relationship to His Universe and what it is.

I believe that when the emergent characteristics point of view of solid state physics is applied to cosmology and even teleology along with an awareness of the Galilean-Newtonian way of mechanics as of secondary importance to theology, the Plotinian concept of The One (God) may also be changed to be consistent to a collectivist unity as one without need for a causal reduction in time to one point explained.

God is not ultimately reducible to one particular point or grid coordinate with a place in time and with a first cause perhaps. Maybe modern physics is moving along with a parallel development about the causality of the Universe and the philosophical classification structure of mechanics.

Rigorous cause and effect structures of associated history such as would satisfy David Hume are not inconsistent with the divine attributes of omnipotence.Causality or observed changes in physical systems at a collective level are not invariably easy to reconcile with either quantum mechanics or divine causality.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tea Party Ought to Dump Oil and Get Better, Cheaper Afghanistan Plan

A contemporary Tea Party today should advocate for a halt to fossil fuel use in transportation especially after the BP (a.k.a. British Petroleum) debacle flowing tens of millions of barrels of crude oil into U.S. waters. Motivation to stop the economically debilitating reliance on crude oil to power century old automotive vehicle concepts should be replace by more intelligent technologies for low cost, high quality personal transportation. A status quo can be hard to change in previously successful societies and often become the fin de siecle primer.

The U.S.A. imported 4,267,110,000 barrels of oil in 2009.

Oil prices averaging about 55-60 dollars per barrel and rising steadily creating an ongoing outflow of disposable income to foreign interests existentially.

For the United States Afghanistan is a long-range financial drain, with more than 300 billion dollars being spent so far and hundreds of billions more anticipated ahead in future years. The U.S.A. lacks a coherent leadership plan to address Afghanistan problem planning for combating terrorism, insurgents, narco-traffickers, ethnic civil conflict and multifarious concepts about how much and what form of government should exist. To cast out the devils occupying Afghanistan and then leave to allow seven worse devils to enter that house would be tragic and a stimulus to terrorism. Neither can the U.S.A. afford to spend more than a third of its present expenditure levels annually on a long-range foreign foundation. Better policy is needed to address the employment problem in Afghanistan as well as the military security needs. Washington tends to spend everything on government workers in one form or another in Afghanistan too. Even with medals and merit pay promotions government workers to commonly have a milieu exclusive of the civil interests of private citizens.

Pakistan’s regional political issues have brought their military and intelligence services to support the Taliban historically. A number of outside powers fund destabilization of Afghanistan—even Saudi Arabia has supported the Taliban financially before. The Tea Party today should form a policy to most effectively change the game toward a positive sum strategy of central Asia instead of simply funding top down government temporal slopping of the area to de frappe formation of terrorist control. A railroad project from the Russian system to Afghanistan enabling Europe and Vladivostok commercial shipment would create many jobs and a lasting business infrastructure connecting the Khyber Pass to the outside world. The U.S.A. should create a physical project of scale with international support and not just leave another dead-end bureaucratic puff of smoke like the space station, Vietnam and so forth. Transformation of existing social structures positively may require real improvements rather than bureaucratic and military spending phenomenalities. U.S. anti-terrorism war costs so far

Afghanistan as traditionally done well with limited government. Creating a modern superstructure of government without an underlying economic hull able to support the bureaucracy, police and military force seems implicitly unstable and unable to float for-itself. Bringing a railroad to a frontier changed things in the west with new jobs and development forming along the line, perhaps it could work in Afghanistan too. Construction, commercial and security work might be lasting changes for Afghanistan the United States could afford to help get started.

A modern Tea Party should try to develop solid ideas for stopping all illegal immigration from Mexico in order to compel Mexicans to stay in Mexico and fix their own spinning-out-of-control society developing an insurgency of narco traffickers killing thousands annually. Stopping illegal Mexican immigration will let wage values for cheap labor in the U.S.A. rise and make a demand for low-skilled, unemployed American workers .

A modern Tea Party would coordinate free health care for the poor with an improved V.A. hospital system needed the next few decades to treat the million or more Iraq and Afghanistan vets injured from sundry causes such as suffering post combat stress psych and concussion challenges.

I don’t know if many have thought of this, but Mexico’s able and injured may illegally migrate to the U.S.A. And get free health care at emergency rooms, while the poor and weak tend to remain in Mexico and suffer. If the U.S.A. sealed it border to illegal immigration from Mexico and also created a public health system for the poor, it could also begin a long process of agitating for Mexico to construct a same national health care program for its poor citizens. With illegal immigration the Mexican economy and that of the United States take worst-case development courses with poverty, low wages in each nation, drug and human trafficking and corruption. The default real economic fact is reinforcement for collectivism in corporatist and neo-socialist forms amidst corrupt patronage loops, venality and social stratification with a hard core of poverty, arrested space program material developments and non-renewable economic procedures without low-entropy calculations.

Pakistan has nuclear weapons as does India and potentially Iran one day. U.S. central Asian and subcontinent policy should be forward looking toward getting these nations to support mutual ecologically and economically practical prosperity and reinforce state security.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

King, Ghandi, Non-Violence, Theories For Afghanistan, Pakistan, Russia

On the subject of Ghandi and King--I am not certain that they were advocates of non-violence existentially so much as brilliant political revolutionaries who understood the time and circumstance they were living in politically. They were able to assert their political aspiration through civil disobediance when they could not have achieved their objectives through violence.

There is the path of action and of inaction to achieve the way of enlightenment helpful for social advancement. Sartre and some Calvinists too wrote about absolute intellectual freedom to not comply with the orders of others as being the freedom in all things to say no. That is an ideal applying to mind if not body when someone tosses one over the top ropes into the crowd, and perhaps to mind as well if scopolamine and other mind control drugs are used for coercive purposes, yet the political modification of social tensors toward non-violent and purposefully directed progressive courses may just require intellect and will. It is easy to get too subjective in these things perhaps and lose track of the more challenging situation like in Afghanistan today as well as Pakistan with the Taliban, terrorists, Al Qa'eda, Pustun issues with non-Pustuns, India, Russia and the challenges of getting a railroad built from the trans-Siberian railway to Uzbekistan and on to Kabul, Islamabad, and India in order that Afghanistan be not commercially isolated. The baksheesh to construct a quality rail line and keep terrorists from destroying it may be far less costly than sustaining foreign military through other means.

That region of the world apparently views patronage systems as normal and along tribal lines as well so bribery may be more of a norm and fact than an honest central government in Pakistan or Afghanistan usually. If these are usually crooked players then attaining non-violence generally may require a better perspective about how to bring the issues to a stable state.

Collective non-violence in trans-religious, supra-national realms with assymetric conflict and unstable governments require meta-structural, innovative methods of non-violent political transitions from supernumery logical agencies all too commonly unavailable. We might hope that government in D.C. was more intelligent and not so willing to be half of a drunken brawl in a manner of speaking, nor so trusting that the region's domestic disputants will not return to violence as soon as the police leave. Pakistan wants to secure Afghanistan with a Taliban so it can have an ally of Sunni for the north and against India as well. Constructing temporal non-violence requires some serious thought and will to achieve.

One must always chuckle a little at the 1968 Riot Commission Report of L.B.J. on the Michigan National Guard in Detroit contrasting the number of shells the national guard fired at mostly non-existent targets (thousands and thousands) vs. the few that the replacement 101st airborne used. I think it unlikely that either Ghandi or King would have transferred their methods to other places and times where it wasn't regarded for political reasons of the ruling power as right to give up exclusivity and inequality of certain rights or at least to compel other people to comply with equality socially for all of certain rights if they have 'stood up' as politicians are wont to say.

On the topic of Jesus being crucified with violence--that was the representational epitome of social conflict in a sense. God could experience for-himself the problem of evil that mankind lives with from their own actions. His atoning sacrifice is how grace is given unto those who accept Jesus as their savior. The grace is entirely donated and not merited by anyone--only faith is required.

Humanity being entirely wicked naturally just cannot be trusted in an eternal state. God has renormalized the human spin of those that rely upon his spiritual quantum reorganization unto perfect balance with the will of God. Humanity without God may suffer the most violence of all ultimately-that of being eternally bereft of God having to fend for themselves as eternal spirits in absolute oblivion.

Yet what could be done for them anyway when they have no faith and do not accept the ultimate sacrifice that God made for them? In the eternal divine economy how much should god sustain those that do not have belief in him?

Monday, September 13, 2010

Tax Cuts for All Except the Most Rich? In Pakistan Just 1% Pay Taxes (Maybe Graft Pays the Rest)

President Obama has resorted to blaming Republicans as an economic policy substitute for good ideas and effective implementation. He has spent political capital on attempting to gay up the military, beefing up the Afghanistan troop deployment, support for a ground zero Muslim Cultural Center/Mosque and deficit spending by the trillions. The desirability of transforming the nation to an ecological economic basis of lower entropic attrition seems beyond his concept radar screen.

There are several practical ways to tighten up the labor market and for the government to invest in new technologies and projects that would create jobs. The government has a scattergun approach to surgery though and fails to target spending adequately to effecting particular remedies.

The bad tax cut policy of both parties is a case in point. If we wish to may the United States more like Pakistan where just 1% of the people pay taxes and the number of madrassa has increase a few thousand percent as public school funding failed, if we want to have a slum lord Federal Reserve leadership to support a neo-feudal economic transition of the U.S.A. to be more like Mexico, it would be well advanced by present Obama administration policy.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

On A Philosophy of Non-Violence and It's Social History

The evolution of common governance toward normative non-violence originated perhaps with Jesus of Nazareth and His crucifixion upon the true cross. Though his kingdom was not of this world his trial and suffering was. The essence of human social conflict over scarce resources, political and personal power is a perennial theme of a myriad forms.

In Afghanistan today we are concerned with the variegated and tragic human social conflicts that have overtaken the nation since the end of the positive and reconstructive era of Mohammad Zahir Shah. Wars in Afghanistan since 1978 have been of civil and tribal, narco-trafficking and political, sectarian and ethnic kinds. In an interregnum of centralized social authority or when the balance of local political autonomy and security breaks down conflicts—slip strike social faults appear to grind and subduct peace and non-violence in the abysses of hell.

The pit of despair-the unwillingness to be oneself overtakes many experiencing unlimited insults and injuries of outrageous fortune. Individuals seek the opportune and desirable goods opulently shimmering as ripe fruits in good health as experience and growth present. Little philosophical thought may need to develop or be encouraged before disaster suddenly overtakes one or falls like an avalanche upon society en mass burying it under layers of pathos, anomie and oppression. Individuals searching for non-violent paths to progress in a violent worldline encounter additional challenges in the varieties of personal and religious experience.

In considering protocols of normative human social interaction non-violent personal social transactions are considered basic in advanced modern civilizations. No longer may one pay for the product and shoot the vendor with a quick draw as he has his hands full pocketing the money to get an instant rebate. Non-violence at the personal level in all manners of human social exchange is required for the smooth flow of social progress, personal and mass security.

It is at a higher level through carefully moderated governance that violence essentially as a form of self defense is licensed on occasion. The consequences of unjust use of self defense premises at a personal or social level may be as harmful for the perpetrator as the victim as the empirical realm of social justice and development of better ways of living individually and concatenated as social products arise best when violent disruption is not a concern.
Solid-state physics is the realm above that of the quantum mechanical in which atoms and their compound constructions may be considered. There are innumerable formations of study in solid-state physics and many with emergent properties. Protocols of stability and change arise in the process of thermodynamic flow.

A stable state of any physical system without violent disruption is best. Some systems are not susceptible to individuated violent change—water for example. Water molecules of hydrogen and oxygen simply are in a somewhat randomized yet stable form. With lowered temperature water may be converted into a more regular ice crystal construction yet there aren’t any fundamental attacks or annihilations of one molecule by another.

A pervasive structural assault upon water by heating it to steam or lowering its temperature might occur—even oil might be spilled into it to alter its regional state—I am not aware of additives that would make heavy water-deuterium out of random seawater molecules in the ocean or otherwise alter it through individuated fusion into being something besides water. If human society or the human species may be compared to water or another element of basically similar composition we find that it too tends generally toward non-destruction of its own kind through violence. Perhaps the matter-anti-matter annihilation hypothesized to occur within the first second of the history of this universe (within a big bang model) could be taken as a paradigm of advisory for the danger human society could present to itself through mass violence and through the totalization of political and or religious systems globally.

If an economic totalization of the world could be taken as an equivalent of a unified state of compacted human social freedom such as a Higgs Field with Internet potential for instability in the beginning, its catastrophic transition in hyper-radiation of matter and anti-matter that then recombined and exploded as radiation is an example of the potential for an annihilating economic and sectarian explosion annihilating in time 99.9999 percent of humanity in the recombining conflict of chaos into order. Violence is transitional and catastrophic phenomena of societies in disorder as well as a comparable destruction of individual, personal health and economic security.

Prospects for a non-violent society rise as individual rights are reinforced materially with personal property and a coinciding healthy recovering ecology of a nation. Particular, intelligent national economic and ecological policies today and a stable social and religious stasis may require that the arrested Muslim civilization remain so and not resume its geography based expansion as a fire of consumption to transform the world into an ulema or realm controlled by Muslim law.

Allowing the United States to be transformed through immigration of Muslims into a more active, agitating Muslim axis of evil would be as harmful for the prospects of national and world peace as resumption of a cold war between communism and capitalism. The expansion of totalitarian systems hell-bent upon world conquest advances society toward that midnight hour of self-destruction. Forthright, determined resistance by American leadership to immigration of Muslims along with a new policy of more care in engaging in either corporate investment in the Muslim world or political engagement with it within military forms would permit a national posture more like that of Soren Kiergeguaard’s ‘armed neutrality’. Muslims should believe that the United States will certainly not attacking them with violence and have no interest in compelling them to submit to a worldly political or religious philosophy, but that in any case if Muslims attack the United States a condign, accurate and appropriate response will be inevitable, punitive and sure.

If one may regard the world as a physical system and the people within it as the elements of that system, we find its best contemporary prospects for non-violent political stability in an essential maintenance of a status quo with a fundamental phase transition into a localization of economic activity founded in renewable ecological activity. The areas in which global cooperation might best occur would be in scientific researches and exchanges of information to recover polluted ecosystems, protect endangered species and allow for a global wildlife structure insinuated amidst of the local political-economic nationalities.

Violence is a response to external challenges. It isn’t by any means the only or necessarily best response to external challenges. Control of the challenges through applications of human though while praying for extra help from God to accomplish moral ecological and social actualization of self-interest is better than reliance upon violent. If one has ever punched a concrete wall in anger it is easy to discover that it is not the best existential response to adverse stimuli.

It may be that the right to exist for an individual within a social matrix in a peaceful status of non-violence is an expression of reciprocal coherent bonding values comprising a collective stability. Individual molecules disturbed by exotic forces may understandably react with countervailing logic to restore equilibrium—this is self defense, while the collective impact of the coherent structure en mass—perhaps we will consider an eleven dimensional membrane universe as the collective mass—onto another membrane universe or reductionist nationalist entity or non-governmental terrorist organization versus another of similar scale, may result in the total impact collision of momentous consequence including shattering of the collective into a myriad of individual micro-universes chaotically spinning off in their own directions within a pervasive vacuum energy field of unknown alignment.

The dissolution of a state or universe membrane may be contrasted with the intaking of an encountered collective force-object that may cause political gas requiring the antacid of much political maneuvering and working to achieve a new stable membrane or national configuration.
Violence is an undesirable application of force toward a direct object or indirectly attained object for the purpose of involuntary pattern-form of being alteration. There are a variety of means through which individuals and organizations may work illicitly to force the destruction of the freedom and existential integrity of individuals or societies intentionally. Jesus Christ at his trial was asked if he was a king. He did not deny it, but said that his kingdom is not of this world, while the hierarchical priesthood that orchestrated his crucifixion sought to control state security through compliance with secular power of an empire with a pagan religious base and its political requirements of exclusivity. Some states require religious exclusivity while others postulate religious decontrol or tolerance. No state that wishes to continue to exist tolerates seditious organizations that use violence to establish a theocratic new government however.

The meanings of force and its applications within human societies in all times and circumstances is challenging to encapsulate and write about regarding appropriate response. Human social development in which all interests may work toward their own ends freely and without coercion from other individuals or groups is a worthy ideal. The methods to accomplish that may entail quite a few incompletions and failures. Adam Smith said, “There is a good deal of ruin in a nation”.

For much of the social environment of the world violence is a common occurrence, even the norm. Traditional tribal patronage systems of social justice in Afghanistan have been attacked by totalitarian governments, terrorists and narco-traffickers, in Africa the Sudan and Somalia, The Congo and Zimbabwe have experience a multifaceted social assault upon ordinary security. State orchestrated violence upon civilians has become a norm of policy. The United States has become an advocate of democracy and human rights too occasionally, yet as Isby said ‘Elections are a tool for democracy, not a replacement for it”. Sham elections are too often good enough to satisfy news requirements and unreasonable western expectations of nominal democracy from the top down.

Violence by the state and its agents is an inevitable aspect of the corruption of power as Acton well expressed; ‘power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely’. Unthinking wits sometimes reason thence toward the absolute power of God in a kind of logical reductio to absurdum to support their atheistic preference to justify their own power. God is not absolutely corrupt because he is absolutely powerful. The power human beings have intrasocially is in no way similar to the absolute goodness of God. Ultimately God has power only over Himself and the things he has ordained. Rather than power as the solely true existing non-contingent being, God has a horrible, mysterious ultimate burden as the only exiting being, and the only one that truly understands the ultimate origin and reason for absolutely everything.

In ancient Iran/Persia perhaps in the 9th century B.C. a philosopher named Zarathustra was said to have lived. Some of his ideas are known to history indirectly through the reports of others. Zarathustra’s ideas on good and evil, on the nature of reality as a war between good and evil started one of the worlds major religions (extirpated largely by Muslim rulers of Iran) and influenced countless other philosophers right to Nietzsche and Schopenhaur. Zarathustra's basic ideas were not the first philosophy to originate from the high plains and deserts of Iran and the upper Indus river region.

The ancient upper Indus River beyond Today’s Peshawar, Rawalpindi and Islamabad was a life-sustaining waterway down which the originators of the Indus civilization of the 4th century B.C. received religious and philosophical ideas from travelers and migrating tribes of the north. Afghanistan and Iran are not too far from the Indus River of Pakistan. The journey of the forerunning ideas of ancient Brahmanism and the caste system to maintain tribal patrilineal structures and social structure that evolved in coherent versions even unto today were also concerned with good, evil and basic human and physical relationships.

Within the philosophical and religious explanations of the ultimate origin of the Universe and of its purpose cohered natural laws regarding amicable human relations and the quest for the transcendence of the problem of evil. Human societies fought to overcome injustice and evil in various ways—often fighting others and other tribes. Violence sometime was a coincidental effect of groups and organizations pursuing their idea of the right in efforts to actualize submission to religious law regarding right and wrong and ultimate teleology.

That some ancient civilizations fought to exert the authority of a religious power of their idea of the good and of natural law over others outside of their political patrimony was a tragic consequent of the failure of human communications, of human understanding, and the brevity of life and economic-ecological level of civilization of the era. I would not offer the opinion that all ancient civilization pursued the sublime, the good and beautiful knowledge of God, in fat some were followers of a pagan god of war, or just plain hell raising megalomaniacs with guns and weapons searching for places to plunder. Not all human beings received insights into deeper philosophical interests equally or at a coinciding time period.

We learn that Abraham received his word from God around 2100 B.C. Originally from the headwaters area of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers in Syria so far as a proximal basic historical etymology goes sufficient for this essay, Abraham’s Jewish forebears traveled down river to Ur and were thus situated to communicate and vie versa with the high plainsmen from two directions.

We may wonder if the inspiring word of God that seems to have a common origin for the people of the Indus Valley, for Zarathustra, for the Buddhist additions beyond the eightfold path—itself a renormalization list for an individual to the natural law during a time of an interregnum in social and religious authority, and Abraham were from one great inspiration. The inspiration may have been from the Jews early in the third millennium B.C. who ventured from Syria uphill to Iran with the influence conveyed through the Aryans unto the Indus Valley, Zarathustra and via Brahmanism and its descendent Hinduism to the Buddha in the 5th century. The sky god, the recurrent contingent universe of Brahma as a non-contingent beings, a fifty billion year future universe cycle of recurrence, the syncretism of Mohammad and its apocalyptic belief that Jesus would return to lead an army against the Jews that had him crucified—the ultimate origin of these ideas may have been that of a solitary Jewish profit with an insight from God about the nature of reality that has become quite obscure transformed through many permutations over the millennia. We may be sure however that these religious efforts were in part reinforced socially to form social patterns in coherence with natural patterns of living and given the power of laws. These laws would minimize violence.

Jesus Christ transcended the old ways of religious formations that had become ossified by his time and freed humankind from the restricting bonds of secular religious forms pervasively. The enforcement of these religious forms-varieties of Sharia for example that create conflicting clerical relationships in Afghanistan and elsewhere as various groups form their own selections of elements to accentuate from Sunni Hanafi to the ulema of Shuras in Northern Afghanistan creates possibilities for conflict with strivings for assertion of authority.
Violence in pursuit of what is right can be socially destabilizing when irrationally exuberant and a means of evil for-itself.

Friday, September 10, 2010

President Obama; Cheerleader of Mohammadanism

President Obama recently has made speeches for religious tolerance in order that the nation will stop opposing the construction of mosques near buildings Muslims have taken the time to destroy. The President exhibits completely incomprehension of what religious tolerance is, and why Americans increasingly oppose Muslim immigration to the United States.

Americans are opposed to domestic violence, terrorism and seditious legal constructions such as Sharia Muslim law from increasing in this nation. On the other hand they are obviously tolerant of religions that have no element of organized violence and legal sedition as part of their belief system. One may argue that there are good Muslims and bad Muslims like there may be mostly blank bullets for a stage prop gun with just a percent of real bullets—yet it makes a difference to the actors if some of those bullets are live rounds.

One can argue that just some automobiles experience computer chip break failure or that just some bottles of headache pills have poison in them yet citizens care and suspend or recall the product until it is fixed.

The President may be a completely disingenuous idiot to not comprehend that the Muslim ‘religion’ has a large element of violence in it unique amidst major world religions. The United States may survive the President's unamerican ideas on religious tolerance. Being socialized outside the United States as a youth living in Muslim nations President Obama developed a warped, misguided idea of the nature of 'Islam' living as he was within the Dar al Islam.

Americans have no need to tolerate threats of mass destruction and sundry terrorist incidents along with ingression of a seditious legal system under the umbrella of ‘religious tolerance’. The President may fail to comprehend that the nation is tolerant of a myriad of esoteric and even fruit-cakish religions with equanimity and would have little to say about the Muslim religion if it shared the common characteristic of being non-violent and not legally seditious as with all these others. He should not be a kind of snake oil salesman of an evil empire of violence or a duplicitous follower of the false prophet levering support for the increase of terrorism in the United States under the label of ‘religious tolerance’.

Consider Americans religions like Soka Gakkai, Pure Land Buddhism, Eckankar, Christian Science, Modern Mormonism and even Wicca—Americans are tolerant of these sometimes extra terrestrial believing faiths because they give no concern about a percent of their practitioners as being terrorist mass murderers even with systematic jihadist theology. The President stupidly as a log believes Americans are opposed to religious ideas rather than to secular terrorist actions that a significant number of Muslims have are perennially evangelized by to become followers of the jihadist path.

Would Mayor Bloomberg or the People New York be tolerant of a Fascist Religion and the Construction of Nazi Temples of elegant scale? Would they be tolerant of a Sacred Church of the Klan constructed in Selma Alabama? Would Atlanta welcome a Shrine to Valhalla and the pagan Pantheon of Neo-Gods including Adolph Hitler, Heinrich Himmler and Vice Air Marshall Kesselring?

Not everything that calls itself a religion is tolerated in the United States. It is the association of a religion with violence even at the periphery when it is common and recurrent that provides justification to sorting out and restricting the actions of organizations with simultaneously religious functions and doctrines occasionally interpreted as justifications for unholy wars through terror, subversion and other enemy directed activities against the people of the United States.

Today post Hiroshima and post 9-11 the Presidents call for religious tolerance of Mohammadanism in America sounds loudly untrue. If globally Mohammadanists forsake the way of violence for a few decades of their existence and have a change of heart worthy of creating a credible social belief that violence, terror and Sharia sedition are not really latent traits that often emerge in generations like transformative wolf man genes mutating human life consuming social progeny every so often then Mohamadanism could be tolerated in the United States could be tolerated just another religion.

The Romans and Greeks tended toward religious tolerance bringing new false gods into their pantheons from abroad. As they became decadent they also brought in and trained more soldiers for their armies from foreign locales. Attila spent some of his youth in the company of the son of a Roman elite politician-soldier. Roman tolerance of sundry creeds and peoples was ultimately the cause of their downfall, for they put to death God incarnate-Jesus Christ, whom they could not recognize amidst all their statuary. The living spirit of God dwells not in temples, mosques or jihadist and poppy growing terror cells in Pakistan these days, but in the hearts and minds of the faithful.

The violence in Mohammadanism is the reason for the desirability of excluding Muslims from immigrating to the United States. Mohamadanism is a security threat even if only one percent of Muslims are terrorists, supporters of terrorism or thinking about sedition support for Sharia. The United States simply doesn’t need them or the problems they create. It is true that Muslim abstemiousness from alcohol and sexual perversity are excellent things when actualized, yet like pagan idols they won’t b sufficient for salvation. Like violent pagan religions such as those of The Church of Thor and the First Church of Mars, Blood Death and Thrill Killing, Mohammadanism should not be tolerated unless it enters a universal condition of remission and usual non-violence almost all the time.

President Obama has combined the worst Clinton era economic bad infrastructure to the Bush II deficit spending policy to produce a hybrid economic malaise. His own new contribution seems to be advocacy for increase of the uniquely violent major world religion as a community organizer in the United States.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Donald Trump Makes Offer on Problem Mosque Property Near Ground Zero

Donald Trump has made an offer on the 4.85 million dollar property the potential 12 story mosque would be built on near ground zero. This article quotes the developer as saying he has been offered three times that already. Trump offered 25% more money (an extra million more or less).

That mosque problem sure drives up real estate values near ground zero.

Florida Dove Church Pastor Jones has cancelled plans to burn Qurans and has a meeting scheduled with an Imam Rauf of the Muslim Center. Terry Jones believes after talking with a local Imam that the plans to build the center have been cancelled.

President Obama Sends Best Wishes to Muslims/Condemns Florida Pastor

Voice of America reports that President Obama sends greeting to the Muslim world to celebrate the end of Ramadan (hasn't anything to do with the Hindu Rama except perhaps etymology).

Meanwhile, he sharply condemned the Florida Dove Churches plans to burn Korans.

The dar al America is under attack from the dar al Islam. In the early 20th century the U.S. Government halted immigration of Eastern Europeans largely because of the concern about anarchists and communists. Immigration of Muslims should be stopped for the same reason.

The more Muslims are admitted to the United States the more it will become a dar al harb. Democrats of a spoilt nature may be unaware of world history and have a que sera sera foreign and domestic Mary Poppins policy. They attack Christians because Christians don't support sin, yet they are making a fundamental error when they fail to recognize the political nature of the Mohammadan politico-religious system that is the moral equivalent of Marxism for the 21st century.

The immigration act of 1924 was designed to slow immigration from Eastern and Southern Europe. With terrorist jihadist being a significant percentage of Muslim populations and practices the allowance for immigration of Muslims to the U.S.A.should be stopped for a few decades until the social interaction of trust naturally develops and muslims are able to develop their own ecologically economic based economies and not require immigrating to take over America with Shri'a law treason.

Spaniards and other freedom fighters needed nearly a thousand years of bloody war to role up the Dar al Islam and send it back to Africa. Some spoilt Americans give up their western civilization with a smile. They haven't had close personal combat with swords to defend their liberty and beliefs. Some people need that to believe that others may not regard their own liberties as meaningful. Wisdom would let us learn from the experience of others and take a better course toward political stability and conservation of human rights beginning with our own.

U.S. immigration policy was never intended to subvert the security interests of the people of the United States. Permitting Muslim immigrants to the United States does so undermine the security of the nation. It should be stopped.

Early in the 20th century there was a large number of immigrants from Eastern Europe. U.S. policy in recognition of the potential for anarchism and communism from groups from that area in that time halted the flow. Today the flow of Muslims should be halted, for they are of a religion uniquely established to generate a significant number of terrorists as a percent of their population. The terrorists seek to establish a sedition-a dar al Islam or realm of Islam, in whatever nation they occupy.

An immigration policy predominantly set today to accord with the que sera sera outlook of the Democratic Party and Republican globalists is perhaps terminally misguided in believing that the charisma of a secular, amoral material prosperity from the United States will fundamentally transform the Muslims of the world brought into the American secular anti-umma of immorality into becoming tolerant of homosexuality, abortion, federal deficits, pervasive perversity and non-clerical rule, and they are wrong.

Admitting more Muslims to the United States will bring in more terrorists and increase the disestablishment of the comparative peace and advance in human right that has grown in the United States as a Christian nation the past 240 years often at great cost. The que sera sera Democratic political outlook of blind faith in existential material production sources in non-local global economic structures will lead the many of the women of the United States back in to a discipline they lack and perhaps secretly desire under Shri’a.

There is no reason for the people of the United States to be tolerant of a violent religion that is politically sedition. Shri’a is sedulous in America and the que sera sera portion of the populace that phenomenally photograph themselves skydiving without a parachute simply do not understand the consequences of bad political judgment. There are no other major world religions with a comparable element of political motivated violent conquest.

The basic elements of the dar al America are not consistent with a dar al Islam. Democrats and other symps of sedition reinforce Mohammedan force build up for a dar al Harb, or harbor of war of conquest in the humma (the United States with a good economy and ecological recovery policy without foreign terrorism). The New York port authority was drawn into the dar al Harb by the 9-11 terrorists and forces to construct a vast axis of evil mosque near ground zero. The Humma is threatened and waning. To restore the dar al America ti a condition of full employment and no public debt, innovative thinking and the stop of illegal aliens and Muhammadans to the dar al America must need occur.

-NOTE In Arabic 'dar' means 'place'. It also is used to mean 'house' in the Hanafi muslim school of legal jurisprudence (see then wikipedia article link).

The morpheme 'al' in Arabic is a language particle fixed to a noun making it a definate article. Al Qa'eda thus means 'the base'. Dar al Harb (or Dar al Garb) means the non-muslim areas.

The House or Place of America is a term I created to serve in distinction to the Muslim criterion.

Package Large-Scale Science Projects Within Instant Economic Infrastructure

The Higgs Boson had only a slim chance of being discovered at Cern. It would be a very heavy particle of a class only hypothesized to exist. There is yet much other good science going on.

The Higgs field is thought to have existed in the first second of the Universe within a Big Bang model, and there are newer theories than that one. If it was found it might give credence to being a more fundamental particle that the other particles were formed from. It wasn't a hyperbole -god particle, just another physics advance in knowledge.

The trouble with large electromagnetic superconductor particle accelerator is the cost of the magnets and the scaling up required to make better tests. They have rather reached a size-cost limit and better engineering ideas synergizing with politics is required for further progress.

The original magnetic particle accelerators like the cyclotron were very small. I believe that building super-conducting accelerator structures on the moon as part of a national scientific research base would be a better idea. The same electromagnets would be used as a mass driver to send cargo on its way off into space and for around the moon local transport as well as particle accelerating. The accelerator speeds would be variegated within differing protocols of the low temperature super conducting plastics.

Fundamental large scale science projects using new technology should be constructed as integral elements of applied science, engineering and economics projects in order to get more bang for the buck.

End Muslim Immigration to the dar al America

U.S. immigration policy was never intended to subvert the security interests of the people of the United States. Permitting Muslim immigrants to the United States does so undermine the security of the nation. It should be stopped.

Early in the 20th century there was a large number of immigrants from Eastern Europe. U.S. policy in recognition of the potential for anarchism and communism from groups from that area in that time halted the flow. Today the flow of Muslims should be halted, for they are of a religion uniquely established to generate a significant number of terrorists as a percent of their population. The terrorists seek to establish a sedition-a dar al Islam or realm of Islam, in whatever nation they occupy.

An immigration policy predominantly set today to accord with the que sera sera outlook of the Democratic Party and Republican globalists is perhaps terminally misguided in believing that the charisma of a secular, amoral material prosperity from the United States will fundamentally transform the Muslims of the world brought into the American secular anti-umma of immorality into becoming tolerant of homosexuality, abortion, federal deficits, pervasive perversity and non-clerical rule, and they are wrong.

Admitting more Muslims to the United States will bring in more terrorists and increase the disestablishment of the comparative peace and advance in human right that has grown in the United States as a Christian nation the past 240 years often at great cost. The que sera sera Democratic political outlook of blind faith in existential material production sources in non-local global economic structures will lead the many of the women of the United States back in to a discipline they lack and perhaps secretly desire under Shri’a.

There is no reason for the people of the United States to be tolerant of a violent religion that is politically sedition. Shri’a is sedulous in America and the que sera sera portion of the populace that phenomenally photograph themselves skydiving without a parachute simply do not understand the consequences of bad political judgment. There are no other major world religions with a comparable element of political motivated violent conquest.

The basic elements of the dar al America are not consistent with a dar al Islam. Democrats and other symps of sedition reinforce Mohammedan force build up for a dar al Harb, or harbor of war of conquest in the humma (the United States with a good economy and ecological recovery policy without foreign terrorism). The New York port authority was drawn into the dar al Harb by the 9-11 terrorists and forces to construct a vast axis of evil mosque near ground zero. The Humma is threatened and waning. To restore the dar al America ti a condition of full employment and no public debt, innovative thinking and the stop of illegal aliens and Muhammadans to the dar al America must need occur.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

'Afghanistan-The Graveyard of Empires' by Isby

Midway through this interesting book on Afghanistan I have found that it is written perhaps more from the perspective of a contemporary affairs political writer than that of an historian. With about 400 pages of informative prose it takes about as much time to get through as an ordinary popular book on cosmology yet its worth the effort. Most Americans haven't got anything like this level of detail on the structure of jihadist politics in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Isby's book oddly has the same title as this article in foreign affairs in Nov/Dec. 2001 by the former C.I.A. station Chief in Pqakistan from 1986-1989. Isby's book at

One discovers a working level of history as it pertains to the recent conflicts and perennial chaos organized for the profit of a military industrial complex of terrorists and criminals as well as in support of Pakistan's regional interests for defense and influence. We find that the Taliban really did execute a 16 year old for participating in a government work-for-food program, and become skeptical that the federal effort to control everything could be wrapped up in a decade or two.

The Afghanistan political troubles of the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries were thought of as 'The Great Game' because of the challenging competition by foreign governments to control the area or influence it for its tactical value regarding location. Unfortunately today's blimp college graduates in D.C. given real work in government agencies will tend to feel the same way and waste taxpayer money instead of wrapping up the financial drain that damages the well-being of us homeless Americans.

I have yet to complete reading this book though,and may find answers to my own skepticism regarding the intelligence or lack of it in Washington D.C. It is important not to harm U.S. interests when defending them. Waging a war along an experimental counter-insurgency and formation of a stable nation basis perhaps with global corporatist reasoning is bound to be bad for the bottom line for most Americans.

It is disappointing that style in military conflict should ever become an issue for ordinary civilians generally unhappy with war at all. The failure of D.C. politicians to pursue a nationalist policy instead of a globalist policy means that political warping like gravitational lensing of light of distant galaxies reaching Earth needs some correction like the Hubble Space Telescope mirrors-that economic and foreign policy has yet to have the correction required for the continuity of the well being of the U.S.A.

Burning the Koran as a Defense of the First Amendment

The public couldn't rely on the U.S. Government to defend the World Trade Towers on 9-11-2001, yet the government can intimidate college town ministers and run up more billions of public debt than the billions of years of the age of the Universe while victimizing the poor.

The Koran has been burned before. Last time it hadn’t so much publicity. Warning--This video may have been made before the federal government made its hate crimes law to neuter free speech politically.

It is possible to fictionalize and hyperbolize (only a little) the maladroit globalist government effort to show some hate to the little church of Terry Jones in Florida. The state department has called the action ‘unamerican’ and General Petraeus has got a hyper weggie over it while the Vatican too has joined into support of the jihadists enraged over a burning of a few Korans.

All Americans live under the lens these days, and so one must be hip to be a real American. Hip values are defined in Devilwood and D.C.-Boston also known as the axis of androids. The church of Terry Jones is thus horribly square and worth some camera time.

Before I go too far, I should explain that I have myself left a Bible in bad repair a time or two in a church so I wouldn’t have to dispose of it myself when it was really worn out or damaged. What do they do with ruined Bibles? I would think they burn them rather than toss them in the landfill—well, its their problem anyway.

Working at a once posh Hotel I found a Gideon’s Bible in the gutter one morning sweeping the sidewalk . Guests may steal the books or take them on drinking binges—who can say. When Bibles become damaged and so many pages are ex libre’d out of context what can one do? How does one ‘retire’ excerpts of the Bible anyway?

I perhaps have felt something like Muslims may when the Quran is disposed of in a field expedient way when people deface the Bible or other quality books with magic marker hylighters, or writing comments in the margins. I wouldn't find a gimp to strap on suicide underwear and blow up an aircraft over Detroit about it though--the Mohammadan mind orientation is a little different from those of god-fearing Americans.

If the government calls that un-American—well, the government could be a bunch of rich, corrupt cowards these days perhaps full of nuclear supremacy.

Surrounded by a supportive group of interdenominational Taliban clergy from Baluchistan Attorney General Eric Holer said he would investigate hate crimes against Muslims planned in Florida to commemorate 9-11. Amidst a backdrop of burning American flags and effigies of Uncle Sam set ablaze, Mr. Holer expressed dismay at the planned book burning by a conservative Christian hierarchical priest. The pastor of the What's it 2 Ya First Church Of Gainesville has amassed more than 200 copies of the controversial red book 'The Quotations of Chairman Mao'.

Maulavi Abd-al-Hadi bin-abd-al-Hakim, a Taliban military district leader said (quoted in translation- from Isby's Afghanistan page 166) "We carry out martyrdom-seeking operations when needed. This happens when we cannot use other military tactics, therefore, we have used the tactics of martyrdom-seeking operations against the crusading forces only once". The burning of the Satanic Verses is in commemoration of the 9-11 attacks.

Would Americans defend the first amendment, or the third, in this era of global corporatist quietism submerging into depravity, hucksterism and rave?

In the absence of politically eloquent and persuasive defenses of U.S. civil liberties, with a bought and paid for, pure materialist leadership we must rely on the A.C.L.U .for defense of the right to burn offensive books.

A General Petreaus consultant from Afghanistan and Iraq accustomed to a social environment in which warlords may have extreme power over mere civilians, offered his opinion on free speech in Florida owning up that burning books will cause combat casualties. We interpret what he said regarding burning Korans in light of the first amendment in the United States as meaning free speech could be usefully oppressed for a decade or until the war of the east is wrapped up in 2134 when the local populace of Afghanistan will not be offended by free speech in the United States. He could also have said that martial law might be a good idea. Maybe General Petraeus would like to become a Persian Satrap eventually too.

We like our Generals more like Ike or Pattonand leadership like Churchill's rather than that of Chamberlain or the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem. Generals engaged in protracted, expensive experimental insurgent control for nation rebuilding ventures seeking to affect U.S. political and civil rights activities should offer their concerns through the local U.S. Ambassador who could then convey the concerns of the troubled military commander to the people of the United States.

U.S. Generals are used to having their own media entourage these days, yet they should decline using the bully’s pulpit of the broadcast media to directly attack individual American citizens burning books. The General could better buy books with their vast salaries and provide copies of my book "St. Novilistricka; Dimensions" available directly at

I haven't got any sort of method for converting the world to the study of philosophy or cosmology at the point of a sword or M-60 in it, but a creative and misguided reader could try.

Generals in anticipation of lucrative post-service employment by arms producers and Muslim oil producing nations, may offer complete support for hushing up Church pastors in the United States instead of broadcast network mafias that rebroadcast farts to heard round the world.

President Berluscone of Italy kissed an extended body part of former Libyan terrorist planner Moamar Khaddafi, and the Scottish Government released the Lockerbie bomber to spite the people of the U.S.A. mooning them for electing a Muslim president, the contribution of the U.S. Government to the trend s to investigate opponents of building a large mosque near ground zero and to publicly abuse a college town church pastor for burning 200 copies of the book carried by the 9-11 mass murderers.

The Department of Injustice, Hate and Thought Crimes article-later said that the Democratic Party is the anti-god party seeking to pervert all moral values in the United States and make the nation fit for an anti-Christ. The article-later noted that if Koran burning animated gif greetings on the Internet and wireless apps were common, that would also be transgressing boundaries and something to ban free speech about. The party opinion provided on the drowning out of free speech was-'The range of the umma-lands peacefully living under the dictatorship of Muslim clerics-can be expanded with the suppression of sparks of dissent. Burning the Koran is an egregious dissent with satanic verses.'

Mohammedanism is not a house church formed in the United States as an implicit part of the historical culture of the founders. It is a militant, expansive, conflict driven political method designed to conquer and unify the turbulent and war prone Middle East of the 7th century. It has had success expanding in non-white regions with colonialist or primitive histories as well as those nations frequently experiencing war and foreign occupation. It is a Marxist manifesto for the 20th century.

Mohammedanism permits a basic pax Mohammad to prevail across tribal and national boundaries offering some hypothetical transcendence of local political conflict. Historically Mohammedanism uses violence to expand into politically independent areas. In Afghanistan and Pakistan the Taliban and other terrorist organization use violence to delete political dissidents, and of course New York City on 9-11 experienced the wrath of Mohammad. Mohammad's sermon on the mount was from the back of a warhorse.