Friday, August 27, 2010

President Obama and Chairman Bernanke From Opposite Ends of Chicago School of Economics?

The Chicago School of Economics is a famous one and Ben Bernanke perhaps it's most famous contemporary representative. It is thus an enigma why the Obama administration supported his reappointment to the Fed. I regard the Chicago school as an outgrowth-artifact of the mid-west organic growth historical phenomena of centralization of beef and commodity processing--it is a circumstantial theoretical basis rather than a rational one.

The Chicago school is for non-intervention by Government in macroeconomics with the belief that the market is naturally stable if government stays out. I quite disagree with that premise, although I believe that monetary policy and government intervention to moderate the general economic equilibrium will have harmful effects. Government role in economic policy should be through specific support of particular business activity and a philosophical definition of the economic interests of the nation. It should have a meta-general equilibrium point of view.

General economic equilibrium today inclusive of the business cycle is founded upon a historical rate of change that is phenomenal, and the assumption that change is implicitly good for employment and economic through-put is out of touch with reality regarding resource limitations and demographic and social facts.

Wealth is created through concatenated private acquisition of sufficient material and material resources for a good life individually while a social rise in standard of living is incidental and follows from the sum of all individual well being. Chairman Bernanke's non-interventionist approach is counter to the basic economic philosophy of the Obama administration.

Government since Adam Smith's era should have been moving toward support of basic political parameters that would enable the citizens to best develop particular given economic opportunities for resource development to increase their personal wealth and private property. Government must always be cognizant of the times and circumstances in which the people of the nation cohere and redirect the macro economic center of effort toward the given facts of the day. Such a policy is neither interventionist nor non-interventionist-it is a meta-economic management policy.

With the administration's interventionist and the Fed Head's non-interventionist approaches logically canceling out each other to a certain extent it would seem that nothing should be accomplished. The non-interventionist philosophy would allow in theory an absolute economic dictatorship of corporatists to arise if not offset by the theory that in an unregulated market the general economic equilibrium will naturally move toward utopian harmony with good things for all.

The interventionist approach might be equally as absurd with the government simply running everything through leverage upon corporatist liberty loosely enough to deny that a socialist dictatorship of elites is actualized. Blame room must be allowed so there is an opposite side to point fingers at while the comfortable remains comfortable and the poor are cheap labor.

The present economic engine of the United States is a very leaky vessel with significant holes in it such that it appears swamped or sunk. The holes must be patched to refloat it. A general equilibrium of just pumping out water filling the hull would not in itself be enough; foreign and global outsourcing of jobs, industry, capital and so forth make the center of American economic effort global. A non-interventionist policy will find the rich continuing to pursue their profits globally while doping the poor and middle class with broadcast propaganda politics explaining that the fault is in too much government or too little regulation.

Meta-general equilibrium directions should stop the inflow of cheap labor from abroad; it should restore the Glass-Steagle Act reversed in 1999 volatilizing mortgages. Private property and savings to a certain level should be supported--general equilibrium should be not sought with a constant high rate of non-renewable resource throughput with as many as possible employed in producing and consuming but instead through stability in home ownership and renewable resource use for all individuals. It is desirable that inventive change continues to occur; yet much change is intellectually and abstractly originated rather than just through field evolution such as occurs in developing new sailing components.

Government intelligent design of macro-economic policy advantages for the United States are requisite to pursue goals of full employment, prosperity and resource conservation that are in no way implicit in a non-regulated global economic paradigm. Because the natural economic boundaries of the United States are not coincident with the geographical area of the United States with modern technological capability, too avoid the treason of abnegating U.S.political interest or the equally onerous policy of exploiting nation's and peoples abroad the Federal Government must reinforce national interest boundaries through legislation and intervention of a non-monetarist kind.

Many have said that it isn't the quantity of government that is the problem, it is the quality. That is a fundamentally true though incomplete analysis. If the government simply spends money unintelligently no increase or decrease of that spending will result in an economic improvement in either the short or long run.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sticky Fingers of the Hierarchical Priesthood

Sticky fingers of hierarchical priesthoods are a sociological fact of history. From Iran and the mullahs of the ulema to the American protestant priestly hierarchy of the airwaves giving over much support to President George W. Bush and protracted foreign wars that employed specific contractors hierarchical priesthoods have tended to advantage their own family interests and cut off any establishment of Christian social credit banks and networks in a priesthood of believers form.

The hierarchical priesthoods are the only game in town though-even the Catholic and Orthodox versions have over associated priestly hierarchies with power politics and politicians. Iran's ulema class of Mohammedan priests exercise and obvious political power--yet that is a sociological trait of priesthoods everywhere that have sought after their own power and financial security first and placed the work of Christ second.

This is not a denouncement of the hierarchical priesthoods though it may seem so--they are the only game in town. One must gather rather than scatter, and they have the ears and wallets of the flock. I simply wish to admonish them to change their ways and seek after the work of The Lord. A Temple priesthood seeking to protect their sociological position of power fundamentally crucified Jesus; to days hierarchical priesthoods have as little interest in power sharing as the Levitical priesthood of the day of our Lord.

If a Christian in America is persecuted socially he basically has nowhere to go. Christian churches are structured as adjuncts of the established economic powers and the priesthoods meet with accepted social, worldly principles for promotion; that is all wrong, for the work of the Lord often requires those that seek after God's will rater than that of social promotion.
Christian church organizations ought to have a vast network of social credit banks that any Christian could contribute too and draw on as needed in actual financial emergencies. Depositing during good times it would be a donation he could never withdraw except in given emergencies. A maximum amount could be deposited such as 2500 dollars, and excess deposits would be considered tithing of the organization for use of others that cannot meet the account limits.

With modern computing power and networking a priesthood of egalitarian Christian believers should be simple to establish, yet the sticky fingers of the hierarchical priesthood is unwilling to relinquish and control of money flow through the churches in which they are already radically over-tithed by 90% according to Biblical precepts. Pervasively vague, amorphous use of church donations commonly leave the faithful with nothing to draw on should they experience financial emergency themselves or move away from a particular church of attendance area. In this era of social mobility and movement the churches are rather stationary with preferred locations catching money from those that attend before moving on. The Christians outside the hierarchical priesthood are thus sheared of any security or investment they may have made ii a worldly sense.

It could be that there is an element of truth to the Mohammedan charges of crusading by our Baptist President George W. Bush. As with the military industrial complex and Halliburton we discern a certain conflict of interest between our Baptist and Protest and select Catholic clergy and foreign war on a rival hierarchical priesthood structure of Taliban or Ulema (in Iran). The desire for hierarchical priesthoods to attain increased political and financial power is obvious.

Hierarchical Priesthoods may be taken over by the state on occasion. The Roman Emperor Constantine made himself head of the church and Christianity a state religion. Peter the Great, the Tsar of All Russians, appointed his own Metropolitan or head of the Orthodox Church, and of course the Ayatollah Khomeini established rule of the Mullahs in Iran as regency for the Twelfth Imam.

There are political evolutions and turmoil in history. Various battles have been waged by church and state to purge society of common heresies that attacked individualism in social conduct and made a commonality of sex and material goods. Yet the desire to increase the political and social individual rights of individuals is another course through the political evolution of pluralism that the founders of the United States supported as well as others through history.

Christian social credit networks that would enable Christians persecuted by corporate networks, radio terror designators, state terror, church terror or challenged by entrees of the menu of existential adversity to have some assurance of relief. The hierarchical priesthoods irregular and variegated, amorphous control of finance and social relief networks quickly reduces challenged Christian in America to begging for help or miracles. Miracles are good things for sure, yet one should not neglect to construct a house for oneself instead of expecting a miracle motel to appear wherever one might need one.

Hierarchical priesthoods could easily adapt to lead the creation of numerous Christian social credit bank networks for money, work, services and other needs perhaps including medical available on a nationwide, interdenominational basis. That they do not and have not made such things exist is a consequence of the sticky fingers of power phenomenon if I am not mistaken. Apologists for the hierarchical priesthood may say that these things already exist, or that the priesthood of believers already exists in some way yet really--where are they? If one was a genius and have a google maps enabled g.p.s. device and a good search engine it would still be difficult to find such structures, networks or establishments.

If one is a tired, hungry, broke Christian in America without an ability to afford to launder clothes just keep walking past those parking lots full of SUV's and talcum powdered employed Christian hierarchical churches on Sunday. They are working to extract donations from the faithful and you won't optimally fit in. Much of the flock is seeking after being the righteous establishment without problems. We sympathize in this quest for worldly security and good places to raise kids. It is our role to look beyond though to the heavenly things that promise more, on Earth we hope to move toward a better ecclesiastical organization that isn't so exclusive. Society often becomes stupid and led by the philosophically retarded though political ambitious-it can't hurt to try to break free the grip of the sticky fingers of politics, establishment economics and hierarchical priesthoods strangling the Christian Church.

In some country Christianity is a thriving thing with a priesthood of egalitarian believers and besides worldly work there is church work for all members as beginners, intermediates or Christians. There are Christian credit banks and in small groups all share a liturgy, sermonizing and doing their share of the work as equal adult Christians. If they want to do more they can tithe or provide extra services to other Christians--and this country's Christians make great ambassadors and missionaries for Christ. I may visit it one day too.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Change Fluid Dynamics of Geo-Thermal Power

Some oppose creating fracturous networks of petite earthquqakes with geothermal power gathering processses. Instead of injectiung water to create steam to power turbines the 10,000 foot deep drill shafts to a 500 degree f Earth temperature realm should be exploited with a differrent heat transfer medium. I like the idea of an encased fluid of a differerent sort.

Oil drilling mud is quite a specialized mixture. There isn't any engineering reason why a new comppound fluid designed for optimal heat gathering could not be nmade and forced into encased drill shafts of a better design to circulate and gather heat to transfer toward the surface for convection and rotation of magnet electricity producing event cycles.

Perhaps the oil industry in the United States could be encouraged to substantially research and upgrade deep heat transfer fluid technology and create an industry that the olil drilling industry perrsonnel would find suitable employment adaptability in. The technology oof geothermal empowerment could create quite a few jobs and power safely if optimally exploited.


Greed as the stimulus to create technological progress is important. I think its possible to create a national geo-thermal industry with some substantial advantage for smaller domestic companies through auction construction for federal lands access and legislation for power sales or purchases by municipalities.

The first CEO of what would become Brown and Root got started inventing a new drilling technology early in the 20th century.Later it became the infamous through political cronyism partner of L.B.J. and through Halliburton Cheyney-Bush. One must start somewhere and move the entire fieldof players to less harmful energy toys if possible. Pol,itical corruption will always be a human norm to combat through cleverness.

Race To The Top Second Round Results; States Voting for Obama in 2008 Winners

In geographically unbalanced results for reinforcement of public education, the President's Race to the Top (the N.A.A.C.P. hasn't protested the name) has awarded all the prizes to states voting for Obama in 2008 with the only exceptions being Georgia that went for McCain. The billions go to the haves, while Mississippi can just sing the blues

Massachusetts, Delaware, Rhode Island, Hawaii, Maryland, Ohio, New York, Georgia, North Carolina and Florida were winners in the second round. These states could ha been selected as places to invest pac money for Democratic elections as readily as for a public education contest. In the first round Tennessee-a McCain state, was the exceptional winner that wasn't in the Obama corner.

I don't know how to interpret this result, except that it seems prima facia politically biased. Public education in the U.S.A. is far too influenced as might a giant commune be, and yet the alternatives to public educations mediocre race to conformity and political correctness is challenging to upgrade.

It education were substantially privatized the corporate world would come to dominate and we would end up with indoctrinated corporatists pledging allegiance to Chairman Mao Fung Ceo. If public education is to have actual rather than statistical excellence a myriad flowers blooming program should replace the race to conformity at the top program.

Public supported private education corporations (receiving vouchers) should be limited to schools with less than 2000 employees in order that independence, and national business rather than globalists corporate schools, should increase. Excellence in education through small class loads and high quality facilities and educators non too conforming yet able to pass objective quality standards should be the goal of the U.S. Gvernment rather than collectivism as a national norm.

We are disappointed with the extremely politically biased results of the President's race to the top of the public sector indoctrination heap program. If anything, the dumb states need the money more than the rich--concentrating intellectual wealth seems a bad public policy yet one apposite to a member of a Harvard alumni association.

Invent a New Class of Eco-Housing to Build & Sell/Housing Classification Standards

Smaller, better homes-geo domes and concrete monlithic domes with less than 1500 square feet and costing less than 50,000 dollars coould be a new source of employment given special federal zoning and taxation support. Creating a new class of homes in a way similar to creating a new class of war ships could drive energy self-reliance in American homes.

Instead of suporting the construction of any possible kind of war ship from punt size to aircraft carrier, the government should reign in its existential housing support approach and concentrate on the production of small, low cost, low maint, homes with space for garden growing that are ecologically friendly on building materials. Those with lots of cash can build larger things for-themselves.

These newer energy efficient homes should ncollect rainwater, produce electricity wiith wind, solar and fuel cells and ought to be 100% super-insulated. The new eco-class of housing should not have mortgages that can be sold outside the United States alienating economic proximity values. The Government needs some legislation for packaged eco-efficient housing production and probably needs to spend little taxpayer money to encourage conservation of biosphere in home lots and reduction of contemporary housing materials inefficiency standards.

Political Party of Plutocracy vs. Party of Depravity- Election Menu; Good and Evil

Some would justify evil with evil, or deny an objective difference between good and evil--yet that won't work with God. Religious traditions of all sorts have ideas about good and evil, and the Bible too sets forth ideas about good and evil.

Remember the Garden? Eve ate of the tree of knowledge and learned the difference between good and evil. It is an ancient topic.

Of course we do not judge God when we follow God's instructions. From Cicero to Paul we have an idea of good and of evil. We are not of a disposition such as Nietzsche to move /Beyond Good and Evil'. Nietzsche was quite influenced by Zoroastrianism and the division of the world into a battle between good and evil.

God is perfect. Those that argue the God is less than perfect do some perhaps from disingenuous grounds.

In the United States today we have two imperfect political parties; one is a party of plutocracy and the other a party of depravity. We can say quite readily that within the limits of our humble concepts God is better than anything such as is merely temporal and imperfect. We do not imply thereby that God is merely a perfected realization of a temporal vision.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

WTC & The Twelver's Progression; Ali, Hosein and the Twelth Emam

A word about the myopia of U.S. foreign policy is in order. For some of us have not invested sufficient time in learning about waves of current affairs overtaking our time like waves of nomads from the high Eurasian steppe of yore annihilating resistance.

Our President’s middle name, Hussein, is that of the grandson of Muhammad of Mecca. Hosein was a grandson of the false prophet Muhammad. He was killed by thousands of warriors outside Baghdad along with his son and retinue at the order of the Caliph. Caliph means successor in Arabic. Sunni means the orthodox way. The successor to Muhammad was Sunni and the killing of Hosein began the alternative Mohammedan sect of Shi’ism.

The problem of the construction of a twelve-story mega mosque near ground zero—an egregious appearance of conflict of political ethical interest that creates substantial strain amongst New Yorkers and concerns across the United States, brings us to wonder about any symbolism in this profit upon the World Trade Center destruction by Mohammedan fundamentalists nine years ago.

Some have said that the mega-mosque is a project of a Shi’a sect rather than the Sunni sect of the Al Qa’eda suicide hijackers. Some have said that they reflect a more quietist brand of Mohammadanism.

What is the Shi’a? Shi means party. The ‘a’ is an abbreviation for Ali-a cousin of Muhammad and the fourth Caliph who was murdered. The Shi’a is the party of Ali.

One historically significant Shi’a sect was known as The Twelver’s after the legendary Twelfth Imam. One group of Sufi Twelver’s roasted captured rivals as shish kabobs in the 1500s. Some Sunni are also Sufi.

The Shi’a believe that the rightful rule of Muhamadanism is through the false prophet and Ali his cousin who married a daughter of Mohammad who bore a son named Hosein-also murdered. The Ummayad were the non-relatives of Muhammad who ruled Mohammadanism instead of the blood line that the Party of Ali-the Shi’a, followed as a separate branch of Mohammadanism. It was a large Shi'a mosque of the eleventh Imam that was bombed in Samara Iraq in 2006 by Al Qa'eda bombers. Politics for Mohammadans may be religion through other means. Establishing internicine targets and boones of contention in N.Y.C. near ground zero may increase the challenges for security if not political self-determination

The Shi’a began their own tradition of heads of Mohammadanism called Emams. The eleventh Imam was the last-he had no son, except perhaps for a hidden son that was set to return one day. The mysterious 12th Imam of the Shi’a gives us pause to wonder about the 12 story mega-mosque planned for construction near ground zero. Is this an end of time symbolism?

The Shi’a developed a policy of lying to deceive enemies and avoid persecution during the time of the sixth Emam. Ja’far al Sadiq called this political and social innovation of dissimulation taqiyeh. With President Obama bearing a name of that of the grandson of the false prophet, we are given more reason to wonder if the quietist policy of political lying has served to conceal the actual motives for building a twelve story mega-mosque near ground zero? In reading a History of Iran (Empire of the Mind) by the British writer Michael Axworthy I encountered several ideas (ref. page 127-128) to add to the mix of confusion regarding foreign policy of the United States in the globalist era. There is a reverse indoctrination and control phenomena in which the interests of actual U.S. citizens at home are significantly degraded and those of foreign interests preferred.

Shi’ists believe that Mohammedans ought to be led by a blood descendent of Muhammad. I protest the use of the phrase ‘submission to God’ or Islam to describe followers of Muhammad. I believe they submit in error to Satan and the powers of worldliness—so I would hardly call them Islamic. That aside, we might wonder if our President being named after Hosein is a change for America’s destiny drawing us further into the middle Eurasian snares set for us by Bin Ladin—the wizard of Os.

Iran is a cognate of Aryan. Long ago the Aryan nation was in Iran. Eventually it became Persia. Persia sprawled down-slope into Mesopotamia and shared a common history with the people of the Tigris and Euphrates for the past three or four thousand years. Before that there was also wandering contact along the high plateau of Iran as it was a crossroads for all points. That makes Iran today and important locale in the junction between India, Russia, China and the Middle East. The United States wants to be careful about bungling over-much into the midst of these peoples.

A kind of romanticism exists based upon ecstatic experience. From the Cult of Dionysious to the Sufism of the 12th century and mystics such as Rumi there are those that have sought a kind of unification with god through love or wine. Sometimes that romanticism is opposed to the insiders ruling in orthodoxy at court or in religious priestly classes sharing social power with nobles. Occasionally the transcending power of liberation existentially through worship of love is a revolutionary political expression. Sometimes romanticism inspires movements such as German fascism to return to the noble spirit of the heart. Romanticism as an irrational movement may produce math death, yet so does the orderly beheadings of the swords of men like Tamarlane who made piles of hundreds of thousands of skulls as a warning to those contemplating civil disobedience.

Salvation through faith in Jesus Christ as fully man and fully God is the only direct way to God. Worldly approaches to God intentionally though ecstatic mysticism such as Sufism or the heyschasm of neo-Platonism would bring one to experience a fervor without grace. Faith in Jesus Christ is a coincidentally rationally supportable way to the non-contingent Being of God.

The underlying worldliness of scientific theory and personal experience may be interpreted as evil, or as fallen and changed into temporality from timeless eternal forms yet one cannot transcend it through bowing to Mecca, calling it illusory, searching for a multi-verse to neutralizing anthropic principle constants fine-tuned to support the existence of life or a search for the spiritual within the worldly. We may find sham (sun) men leaders of orthodoxy that mislead in order to avoid the errors of romanticism or to liberate, yet the only way to avoid moksha, sin, and bondage to a world of sorrows is the Lord Jesus Christ.

There is a popular trend toward belief in a Hegelian kind of secularized god as the Universe evolving to realize itself that might be acceptable to evolutionary atheists for a natural explanation. Ancient Sufi mystics of the 13th century personify some of that intellectual effort in effete U.S. circles to renormalize religious beliefs with the natural world of experience; at the heart of physical being is a transcending spiritual encounter with god. Without approaching God through the narrow gate of faith in Jesus Christ, the broad road leading to destruction lay in the choice to sample a sector of the Universe of experience in a mystical way and call that god.

The United States finds itself heavily invested in Iraq and Afghanistan attempting to transfer an ideal democratic reformation upon those nations while simultaneously running vast current accounts deficits at home with a great divide between the visions of the two major political parties for the right course for the nation to take on economic development and taxation. Each party has a wrong idea for macro-economic policy yet that is outside the scope of this essay. In Iraq and Afghanistan we face a disconformity between our ideas for development of those nations and the actual historical and political forces that exist within and without those nations. Such an inconsistent appraisal doesn’t add up to likelihood for successful actualization of policy.

Abu Abbas started the Abbasid Caliphate. The President of the P.L.O. Mahmoud Abbas was invited to talks with Prime Minister of Israel Netanyahu by the Obama administration. Since we have withdrawn all but 50,000 troops from Iraq and a zillion contractors spending billions and billions, this seems like a propitious time to move toward establishing a peace without cooperation of Hamas (means violence) in the Palestinian areas of former Israeli possessions on the West Bank and the Gaza. Is this a meaningful movement toward substantial stabilization with security for Israel and a deescalation of Palestinian violence?

In Iraq the two major parties cannot agree on who the Prime Minister should be. Maliki was one of the major schools of Mohammedanism. Prime Minister Maliki is a Shi’a unwilling to leave office for a rival with more votes but not enough to form a majority. After six months the Presidential election is still unsettled and so is the course of Iraqi history sort of balanced before a phase transition.

We cannot foresee what such a phase transition will bring. U.S. interests there complicate things as the oil contracts for Exxon-Mobil require our presence to reinforce whatever government guarantees the oil. Oil in the U.S.A. perpetuates an anachronistic transportation mode of fossil fuel engines and a misfiring economic engine replete with import deficits. Because of our enmity with Iran we do not want to see the natural rapprochement between the Persian peoples of Iran and the Shia of Iraq develop, and neither would several Arabic elements including Al Qa’eda a radical Sunni reform party opposed to royal Saudi rule perhaps.

The millennial old problem of Shi’a and Sunni fighting over Baghdad or control of a Caliphate will not be solved in a week or two. Some advocate that the Sunni demolition of the World Trade Center should be followed up with construction of a Shi’a mega mosque near ground zero in New York. A more romanticist version of Mohammedanism (Tamarlane was a Mohammadanist) such as Sufi and the popular ancient poet Rumi aka Mawlani (from the 13th century-not Donald Rumsfeld) may connote is more palatable for those lay atheists waiting succor from a religious expression of Darwinianism or at least an organic evolutionary political ethic. A procreative urge of explosive organic union in politics in which salvation may develop through a direct worldliness without concern for an anthropic principle with metaphysical implications seems to be a driving desire of actualizing sublimation in U.S. politics. If only natural impulses worked effectively for political utopia today, such as might exist in a happy bee hive, the troubles requiring constructions of intelligent abstract thought would not be required to overcome immanent environmental and behavioral challenges.

If we believe the lost are leading the lost, perhaps that is so. Like a centipede or Chinese dragon the political evolution of investment abroad in Iraq and Afghanistan occurs in variegated advances and withdrawals turning and twisting with borrowed money and levered funds. Patriotism sparks the engines of military industrial investment now and then though many citizens find it difficult to determine how American interests are secured with the ‘fighting’ over there. Occasional terrorist plots narrowly thwarted by intelligence or dumb luck like when the guys underwear failed to detonate in a plane over Detroit remind us that more should be spent on intelligence and secure and fewer billions on war abroad.

What to do with Iran and Afghanistan and the other stans of Central Asia? We learn that historically invaders tended to take the entire region at once from Ctesiphon and Baghdad to Persepolis and Merv. The United States is rather modest in its invasion plans, yet we spend a lot more than the generations of invaders of the past. We seek security yet haven’t a clue about how to establish peaceful and prosperous societies in the Middle East and on the High Plains of Central Asia. What is worse; our state Department is worth a damn as an ecological economic planner in a hard political environment so they must pursue the econo-phenomenalism of baksheesh or bribery and intimidation to try to put puppets in power.

So in the absence of a known public plan for either Afghanistan or Iraq we have relied upon military and counter-insurgency strengths that would allow a default democratic society to coalesce with our reinforcement. That abstraction is supposed to become so desirable that it will continue after America withdraws its military forces having squandered as many trillions as the public is willing to relinquish to those earning a living spending the trillions. We are skeptical that the entire mission is planned better than the Bush Ii administrations plan for reconstructing Iraq for 5 billion dollars.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Speaker Pelosi Returned from Cygma Galaxy Wants Investigation of Critics of Mosque Near Ground Zero

Speaker Nancy Pelosi wants investigation of funding of critics of the mosque 'build it and they will come' strategy near ground zero.

The Democrat Speaker of the House is so completely aloof that she has no concept why the mosque is a political issue or concerns Americans all over the United States.

She also doesn't recognize that its not 'just Republicans' and pros criticizing the onerous plan to build a mega-mosque near ground zero. Some of us are broke and homeless people hoping for a new congress and new President that know how to create jobs right away rather than 'step by step, inch by inch, slowly' until halted by the next crisis and economic crash. We don't want politicians that kow tow to Mecca whenever oil goes up in price.

We have no faith in the Democrat economic plan for jobless recovery, as the approach of freezing weather is over the edge of space-time a month or two. Some believe that the Democrat sucking up to a victorious encroachment of a Muslim presentation of power near ground zero--the swollen bully's temple of doom is more of a silk-stocking kind of bureaucracy and corporate security with its head up the direction of national decline.

This is not an issue about religious freedom Speaker Pelosi. Muslims are free to build Mosques in New Jersey with the Giants and other sports franchises. This is simply an issue about political and economic power, war and peace, decency and justice, respect for those devastated by Muslim killers from abroad and even future security of New York and the United States.

This is not a local issue only as you have offered as you opinion. New York is not just local. Many Americans have interests in N.Y.C. The three trillion dollars spent to invest in two protracted wars to hunt Muslim terrorists that destroyed the WTC has cascaded poverty for many of us American self-employed house repainters. We wonder what planet you really are from Speaker Nancy Pelosi. An investigation should be made on your source funding for transportation to Earth from that distant galaxy so far away.

Some of us would criticize the construction of a mosque so long as we had internet access of wireless providers or public libraries even if we avoided starvation living on bannock bread. One can get recurrent food poisoning from eating unrefrigerated baloney, yet that is not more sickening that the House Speaker's blatant ignorance of the sentiments of the people of the United States on building a mosque near ground zero.

What You See is What You Get in Presidential Candidates

U.S.A. Electing Underqualified Presidents Deserves What it Gets (Debt, Crisis, Eco-Decline etc.)

Presidents Eisenhower and Reagan were the last two fully qualified nationally integrated Presidents. Each was well known and their political ideas published before taking office. The nation knew what to expect from each individual. In recent years the nation has elected local governors or state politicians promoted too rapidly.

Presidents Obama, Bush, Clinton or Carter hadn't a well-developed public economic and environmental platform in which they worked for several years before running for office. If the public simply elects any modestly articulate candidate able to read a teleprompter, a candidate that has not given serious though to development of actual economic and ecological policy that works for many years—they get an unknown untested President happy just to be President. Such Presidents may not really be up to the task of national leadership.

George H.W. Bush was a phi beta kappa in economics and famous for calling Reaganomics 'voodoo economics'. We find other flaws in President Bush I besides economics, that might have faded in to history without too much problem if not followed up with Clintonomics as the actualizer of 'The New World Order'. The protracted rush to concentrate wealth for global financial elites and to liquidate U.S. nationalism and home owning security led down disastrous courses that have yet to play out.

Richard Nixon was brilliant yet flawed—and could not get elected to the U.S. Senate in California. Though he levered his way onto the Eisenhower administration with that Checker’s speech, he was far less public and known over time before taking office Ronald Regan who as a Democrat supported Eisenhower in the 1952 and 1956 Presidential campaigns.

The nation knew much about Ronald Reagan before he took office, and his job performance was basically as expected. Even the Ayatollah Khomeini had an idea what to expect and released the U.S. hostages inauguration day.

I write this article to point out that in the 2012 election the nation is again likely to elect an underqualified candidate without a history of experience in ecological economic affairs of a national and global level, nor of military experience. The next President at best will be another under qualified MBA or governor seeking to promote themselves to the top job—while the nation expects nothing new from their next President except vaguely that he or she would do better in economics. We the people would expect pompous speeches about taxation levels and various kinds of spending, lots of blame and nothing in the way of proven macro-economic competence by the candidate.

It would be a fine thing if several PhDs in economics and ecology with a background as an LT or Captain in the military fought for the nomination every four years. We would like to see candidates run that aren’t simply maximally over-promoted as examples of the American way of perpetual revolution against the citizens that have lived here for a generation or three as if they all were old money and inertially supporters of globalism. Americans expect little and get little from its Presidents. Like the military, a President will perform as they train. If a candidate hasn’t got a real competent plan for reforming and correcting the economy before the campaign, it isn’t likely to be effective if actualized.

As in testing scientific theories, political theories of how to reconstruct or change the economy should be tested substantially before being implemented. That was a major flaw of the Bush II plan to reconstruct Iraq post war for approximately 5 billion dollars. President Obama is confident that his Frankenstinean resuscitation of the Clinton era economy policy with reforms will get the economy going in the right direction under supervision of Clintonista economic advisers, yet some of us believe that a non-sustainable, ad hoc globalist based economic policy is implicitly harmful and likely to crash the economy worse that presently at some point in the future.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Defense Secretary Gates Plans His Own Exit Strategy from Pentagon

Defense Sect. Gates said he is leaving January of next year. Respecting his service we are thankful he has decided to leave.

Often if one announces a plan to leave an employer on a schedule one finds oneself out the door the next day or two. Could this happen to Secretary Gates?

Without 3000 rich people dying each year through terrorism it is hard to say that the perennial occupation of Afghanistan is a necessary policy. If a WTC were being trashed every year then most Americans would support the wastage of a generation of prosperity assuring the rich that the pea under the mattress can be fixed. That might be easier than arresting Osama Bin Ladin and Mullah Omar of course, yet if we leave the area they will probably come out of their caves to gloat and swell thus presenting higher target sillohettes than at present.

Secretary Gates and Chairman of the joint Chiefs Mullins have each made eyes at one another at Senate hearings in support of gaying up the military. We hope that Sect Gates 'coming out' of the Pentagon does not follow a swilling off ending of 'don't ask don't tell' foisting an openly gay policy on the nation as an agent of socialization.

We prefer he take General Petraeus with him. Those of us poor in the civilian sector without jobs do not all desire unelected mouthy generals commenting on political policy for United States military deployments abroad. A good General is one with his mouth shut before the media.

Americans like to have a competent professional military cadre, yet they also want them to support democracy rather than Banana Republic. The 10 years war of Afghanistan is not against the Wehrmacht and Luftwaffe, but against shoeless Taliban getting richer perhaps along with the Muslim OPEC world and contributors while the counter-insurgency guru is limited to strategies that spend money like water.

Ike had a right to comment on war policy and economics--yet he seldom troubled Roosevelt. Patton had a loose tongue, yet he was also a winner rather than a bureaucrat deciding to McClellanize U.S. policy with interminable requests for more and more money and troops. Non-sustainable war economics are as much of an attack on the people of the United States as economic damage caused by the Taliban.

Though the Halliburtons and KBRs got rich during these protracted, incompetently designed neo-war/nation rebuilding efforts it does not follow that it is beneficial to U.S. interests. I do not regard General Petaeus as competent for designing a sustainable political or economic system for Afghanistan. I believe the skill set required is more of an anthropological, sociological, political philosopher, historian range rather than that of military though military competence is also required. The President and Secretaries of State are responsible for the lack of intelligent design in their Afghanistan policy and there is little prospect that competence from the U.S. Government is forthcoming.

We hope the next SecDef has creative thought about containment and de frapping of terrorist assault potential from that region while simultaneously cutting back on the cost of such necessities. Without a far higher ratio of ecologically renewable economic development to war personnel in the U.S .Afghanistan budget there is little reason to expect a sustainable post-American Afghanistan with a benign modern government.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Uncle Hussein Offers Support for Mosque Near Ground Zero

At the White House at a feast celebrating the end of Ramadan (not the Hotel chain) President B. Hussein Obama declared support for construction of a twelve story mosque near ground zero.

The American author Ambrose Bierce famous for writing science fiction like neo-horror epics in the 19th century was attached to the civil war Union army of the Cumberland who fought confederates in places such as Chicamaugua and Nashville. Bierce commented that Muhmammadans prosyletize with the sword. The muslim mission to New York at the World Trade Center began with the 9-11 plane urban renewal team authorized of Osama Bin Ladin. President Obama speaking at the dinner said that 'this is America'- perhaps meaning stupid, weak and decadent, and that it is religious freedom that is the issue of a mega-mosque planned to go up near ground zero as the next phase of the Muhammadan mission to America.

If Boston were vaporized by a terrorist from New York, wouldn't it be insensitive if ten years later a group wanted to build a religious temple at Harvard Yard to Worship the 1930's Yankees and the Babe? It may be true that the 714 figure was a number never meant to be broken by an honest player, and no one shall again bat .400, yet worshiping the memory of The Babe at a place devastated by terrorists would be unAmerican rather than an expression of religious tolerance not only because Boston does not deserve any image of Ruth within its swamp of globalism.

Actually the issue is not about religious freedom at all. If the Muslims had wanted to build a Mosque somewhere else no one would have cared, its just about the conflict of interest, the gain and follow up to the sword that the 'moderate' muslims are taking advantage of.

Ulysses Grant actually didn't have a middle name, but took the letter S in order to meet some federal requirement for service. The name was changed to Simpson from another invention, and people called him 'Sam'. U.S. Grant recognized the aggression of the confederate armies as a matter of style. Grant never had his head up his ass on Lee's fighting style or those of confederates generally which was to attack. To attack the dar al harb that be us is also the fundamentalist Muslim style though they are not all so skilled as the Wizard of Os improvisationally. President Obama may find it political correct to shoehorn in a twelve story mega-mosque to reward a crack Muslim urban renewal victory, yet many of us find it dopie if not treasonous. Its not about religious freedom--its about war.

Maybe the Democrat party felt safer electing a President named for the Uncle of the False Prophet. Since 9-11 that party has been fundamentally spineless on resisting spending money in Iraq and Afghanistan or for security. If some Texan former spook had planned to Butch up the military and enrich select oil related military industrial complex corporations through clandestine help in crashing 9-11, he couldn't have done more to harm the U.S. economy than the Democrat Party.

It would be a good thing to elect a President who does not celebrate the Ramadan every year in the White House. Its disorienting to have a guy who grew up down in Indonesia telling New Yorkers and the nation to f themselvesso they can bow five times a day to Saudi Arabia and the real oily world trade center. .

Friday, August 13, 2010

Federal Judge Vaughn R. Walker Is Just Bent On Veto-ing Calif. Prop 8

Chief U.S. District Judge Vaughn R. Walker in his attack on Proposition 8 offers reasoning that the people of California who passed the measure to change the definition of marriage from heterosexual have no standing to appeal his veto to the 9th circuit court since they aren't homos affected by his ruling.

The Judge seems to believe that the citizens of a state have no interest implicitly in how their social institutions exist or what they are, and that a Judge can expropriate their fundamental rights and design society, language and truth in accord with their personal will, whims, Lewis Carrolian fantasies of reality and what is good for the gays of San Francisco.

Judge Walker is becoming something of a legendary farce for judicial activism in the U.S.A.

The entire human social history of heterosexual marriage joining families together with new births, of exchanging family members of blood to tie together royal dynasties, the value of marriage as a way of tracing bloodlines and ancestry is all at stake as the judge seeks to change the core meaning of marriage to cohabitation with non-reproductive sex of any sorts of beings in whatever numbers. Judge Walker is simply bent and should not try to substitute for social will and legislative action with judicial corruption of law and language. He is perhaps a deep-water Bush-Bohemian Grove Gay putcher himself who does substantial harm to the integrity of the United States.

There are innumerable legal remedies for the things homosexuals desire in seeking a cargo cultists approach to being like heterosexuals. If they want health care benefits or special tax breaks available to heterosexual couples that are married, or inheritance rights there are other means to make such things available for those not heterosexual and married. If is an unfortunate fact that homosexuals seem to wish to attack and destroy heterosexual social norms and institutions because they dissent with heterosexuality. It is a sad fact that Judge Walker as a homosexual advocate in California makes a globalist, corporatist, atheistic perverted putsch to annihilate human decency at its most cherished core values such as the social institution of marriage and a joke of the prose-poem Footprints simultaneously. The corrupting power of the U.S. Judiciary and the California Federal Judiciary in particular is threatening to the security of the United States at times, and definitely not a friend of democracy on this occasion.

There is no need for homosexuals to directly attack and annihilate the heterosexual historical institution of marriage of society in order to secure whatever interests they seek socially as equal citizens. Forcing through Judicial activism the end of marriage as a heterosexual institution upon society would traditionally open the door to destabilizing social remedies through other means than government, when government is corrupted. That has happened more than once in history, and in this challenging era the need for society to defend itself from an attack from within by foreign and domestic homosexual activists is distracting.

Early Universe, Consciousness, Phase Transitions and Hot Tub Heart Attacks

Reading 'The Cosmic Jackpot’ the idea of variable constants in the low temperature range of physics amidst different pocket universes of an eternal inflaton seems a reasonable enough idea. At the trillion trillion degrees range near the very start of time before a Higgs field extended much with inflation there would be no proximal profusion of fundamental force pluralism. Such a regime would be inhospitable to the being of consciousness of a physically supported sort.

Davies seems to suggest that at lower temperature range more 'fancy' aggregation of matter can form, such as life and consciousness. Complexity in matter forms toward low temperature rather than high. Initial values of ratios such as protons to neutrons were formed early in the high temperature era, there is much fine-tuning of constants.

One of the most interesting is dark energy--if it were slightly more matter would be blown apart by a seeming anti-gravity, and slightly less would create a powerful collapsing force such as ultra-gravity. No one knows what dark energy is or if it exists as a particle of some sort getting power from a Higgs or anti-Higgs field in some way. Interesting stuff to think about--including phase transition of water into an ordered crystal lattice at 0 degrees centigrade. Phase transitions of matter may be somewhat like that of consciousness emerging from matter. At some point through the construction of complexity mass is able to transition into consciousness thank God.

Davies mentioned the very low temperature range at which D.N.A. dissociates. It breaks down entirely at 200 some degrees C and is harmed substantially before that. Obviously I regarded hot tub heart attacks and other problems affected by temperature increase--perhaps global warming will affect consciousness too making some fail to support a substantial extra-terrestrial moon base project or California proposition 8-2010.

More Reasons Why Art Is Useful and Important

Computer art is useful and sometimes important for education as well an entertainment .From sketches of synthetic extra-terrestrial planets to some really excellent civil war drawings of Lee's army of Virginia crossing the Potomac on their way to forage for food and war in Pennsylvania in which Taoist water, wood and mist settings with a few fuzzy logic soldiers leaning on muskets as if they were staffs for a long journey while they waited on a small boat amidst the reeds along the shore, art may inform us of history and brief us on philosophical or scientific concepts. Symbolism in art works may be very fine today including presentation of imaginary portrayals of the big bang and inflation.

Such cosmological art would have been exploited by the pre-Socratic philosophers if they had time away from interminable war with the Persians, Spartans or whomever was taxing their time. Word art in writing is also helpful for illustrating points. The art of logic and the art of chess are skills, yet they are also developed with singular styles as one's ability allows. 'The Portrait of The Artist as A Young Man' by Joyce leads us toward 'Finnegan's Wake' and a wealth of comparative linguistic and historical ideas regarding the potential for word construction and meaning.

Wittgenstein, Sartre and Quine were all probably aware of Joyce, Lewis Carrol was a linguist and something of a logician who invented his own language as well as an alternate fiction reality. The creative mind of the artist may even find its way like three quarks for muster mork into naming the constituent units from the Higgs field at the smallest level providing the strong force to hold things together so far as we know or guess.
Some of the good artists educate as well entertain. The use of symbols to convey meaning has few arbitrary limits.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Judge Walker Redefines Language-Meanings & Forces 'Gay Marriages' On Caliifornia

I am not an advocate of Clintonomics. Clintonomics was an ultra-voodoo outsource U.S.productivity abroad and convert the nation to indirect income money skimmers and labor work exploiters. It is the heart of a non-renewable capitalism with an irrational premise. Cristie Whitman's 90 million dollar California Senate primary campaign budget is one expression of the irrationality of the Displacement and Replacement aspects of Democratic and Republican politics in the new era (more about that below). If one has a 1000 cell phone users and consolidates them with one party line efficiency is not increased even with a hierarchy to manage the line. Networks and concentrated wealth decrease rather than decrease economic efficeincy.

The U.S. and global economy is not one micro-economy or one corporation that can have its efficiency increased through allocation of resources. Consolidating and merging corporations decreases inventiveness and competition as well as actualization of new ideas. The post-war transitory phase in the U.S. economy to increase the range and power of U.S. corporations and to transition from a productive economy to a managing economy implicitly is anti-capitalistic if one may consider the reduction of competition and the elimination of the total number of individuals nationally who are significant capital accumulators.

I am for cutting the Department of Defense significantly as it already has 51% OR MORE OF THE DISCRETIONARY BUDGET. While Clintonomics is a globalist policy of irrational displacement based ecoomics that was an ultra-voodoo policy with a balanced federal budget as it parted out the U.S. economy with Glass-Steagle and other invest in China and Wal-Mart the economy techniques developed by Larry Summers, moon base construction is real work and challenging at that. The comfort based U.S. lazy Clintonomics continued by Obama and militarized for redistribution of wealth to the rich purposes by Bush II implicitly concentrates wealth and reduces local ownership of mortgages and business/politics, yet it has no momentum for rational public works project to advance citizen security existentially.

Judge Walker’s decision to end the stay on his decision to veto the California proposition limiting marriage to heterosexuals seems an oddly Satanic judicial political implementation of public policy directions. Federal judicial corruption of democracy has occurred before in order to conform the nation’s progress toward a satanic secular conformity, in this instance the decision by a member of the third branch of elitists corrupting the popular will presents a few interesting facts that resonate with history.

Aristotle believed that a democracy would destroy itself and break down into a tyranny through the popular intemperance and immoderation of the masses. In the case of the defeat by a verdict of one judge of the opinion of a majority vote of seven million citizens, it was an educated elite cadre with an activist agenda who served to advance the destruction of democracy through overturning the popular conservatism of California voters.

Not to be fancy for purposes of obfuscation, marriage is a social support for reproduction and child raising. Marriage cannot be anything other than heterosexual for humans reproduce only heterosexually. Judicial, legal fictions of course can declare otherwise for reasons of political correctness and economic advantage real or apparent. Judge Walker’s decision to overturn several thousand years of historical reason with a legal fiction is such a circumstance.

The United States today is facing many deep challenges resulting from Clintonomics carried on by Bush II and Obama. The nation’s economic foundations were shifted to concentrate wealth and send material production abroad. The majority of American workers became service workers and financial workers, homes and home mortgages were commodified and purchased by global corporatists and local economic autonomy destroyed.

Clintonomics was facilitated by the rise of cheap labor abroad and also imported into the United States from Mexico. Democrat and Republican parties both supported Clintonomics with different styles. Democrats were a displacement and replacement of white straight males party generally, while the Republicans were a CEO support party for corporatism that would also wink at homosexuals as useful consumers.Judge Walker was an appointee of George H.W. Bush(I) who was a ‘moderate’ country club, globalistist, New World Order Republican founder.

The democratic Party through a variety of legal ‘liberalizations’ had sought equal pay for equal work for women, and to eliminate advantaged work areas in construction and elsewhere for white straight men in the U.S.A. Females had no opportunity to avoid being drafted into the workforce of course though they may believe otherwise. American women since Rowe v. Wade and birth control pills have logically moved into the non-physical areas of the economy such as the financial and service sector, government bureaucracy and offices provide steadily while reducing the independent U.S. construction phenomena to a dependent, phenomenal tool of mass commodified housing regulated by legions of businesses sometime employing illegal alien sub-sub contractors phenomenally to put together mass produced packaged homes at high prices.

Neither the Displacement Party nor the C.E.O. Party seeks the advantage of American workers or small business though they give lip service to the latter commonly. Clintonomics has no interest in creating a more organic locally owned home construction industry or reversing Glass-Steagle. With so much of the nation centered on collecting large checks to buy imported cars and fuel, buying goods made in China and globally sending their cash out of the nation to destinations unknown, the likelihood of the U.S. economy improving much is improbable.

Clintonomics reinforced a networked concentration of wealth and global totalized exploitation of natural and economic resources. As the destruction of boundaries proceeds and local security declines so does the independence of free enterprise becomes subsumed by concentrated capital and decreased local initiative arises. Paradoxically the problems associated with Soviet Communist ‘business’ also arise in a totalized global corporate environment as personal autonomy is sapped or killed, individual freedom to find work ad creative land and construction opportunities eliminated and the solely important economic issues are found in vast networked political questions of control and balance with government largely an irrational cheerleader of an irrational corporatist ad hoc collection of controllers seeking to extract profits for concentrated wealth.

Judge Walker’s choice to sew the infective social leavening of homosexual sin into California and the nation merely accelerates the perversion of mass networked power and its attack on personal and local political and social self-determination. The judiciary too is caught up in the corporatist government trend of neo-liberalism with its irrational Soviet business bureaucracy corrupting the political and actual economic environment through the power of technology and destruction of classical reason.

Stephen Hawking said that humanity must leave Earth in order to survive. Jacque Cousteau gave humanity about 200 years to live. James Lovelock said that in a few hundred years North America will be a desert.judge Walker has perhaps advanced the time for the end of life on Earth with his decision. The effort to create a rational, sustainable, non-evil society is never helped when depravity becomes the judicial norm.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

A.C.L.U. Sues City of Anchorage to Get Tax Breaks for Homosexual Groups of Two (or More?)

When the A.C.L.U. sued the city of Anchorage to get tax breaks for homosexual pairs equal to that of married heterosexuals they brought up the entire idea of taxes, tax exceptions and the reasons for that. Rather dishonorably talk radio and some writers locally have compared the tax breaks for heterosexual couples as being as unfair as that for those over the age of 65. I will make a few comments therefor about the philosophy of taxation in this region over history.

Originally in the early 2oth century married couples commonly had women getting pregnant and one male breadwinner supporting with cash the entire family. Not only was that tough, yet it was considered socially responsible, for society had to reproduce itself and times were often hard. If all were just quakers or homosexuals society would die out. Tax breaks were thus give. to married people.

Groups of two or more homosexuals might approximate some sexual activities of heterosexual couples in a cargo cult sort of fashion, and triadic or quadratic relationships of sex and house-holding culture could be satisfying, possibly, four some. The reasoning behind equalizing the dyadic house-holder tax rate beyond that of heterosexuals who are young and disadvantaged is not valid in the A.C.L.U. suit parameters though.

Life was shorter than today. At the turn of the 20th century an average American life span was about 45 contrasted with todays three extra decades. The Federal Government seldom ran significant deficits back then either, and the working family needed to save a few extra bucks if they could beside s growing their own vegetables at home.

There weren't too many older people either. Giving tax breaks to those over age 65 that were not working was just plain compassionate. America wasn't a perverted evil empire or anything seeking to exploit everyone possible to run up more debt.

If everyone gets tax breaks then no one pays taxes. Today the rich and homosexuals want special tax breaks not uncommonly.

The government runs up huge debts and globalist Republicans support multi-trillion dollar foreign wars of dubious competence and the rich want tax breaks. Homosexuals who are not know to reproduce want tax breaks equal to that of married people.

To be fair, the reason for tax breaks is that the people as a class need them in these special circumstances. I suppose the retarded might deserve tax breaks too, and of course politicians. Married couples beyond child bearing age (the wife) and without minor childred perhaps no longer deserve tax breaks just for being married.

Not only is marriage and good sex, savings on housing and shared work advantage not only not a disadvantage, it is an advantage over single people perhaps homeless that must pay 10% for self-employment tax while global corporations pay no net taxes. Plainly homosexuals deserve no tax breaks. Neither iis there any reason why three or four homosexuals in group 'marriage' should not have a tax break equal to the poor, young heterosexual couple struggling to have housing, afford diapers and feed their screaming kids that are not happy when they don't get fed. Someone may get a government grant to find out why starving children don't just fast and show monastic discipline.

Tax breaks are supposed to help those that really need the help. Homosexuals don't deserve breaks for living together. Retired people or those over age 65 with plenty of income and savings also don't deserve tax breaks.

Ia a retired senior citizen or married couple over 65 has a huge Wall-Street income why should they get tax breaks? The idea for giving tax breaks to senior citizens is that they don't have any more earnings opportunities and are poor and need to make the savings last a lifetime (the remainder of it). Thats a valid point. Already at age 65 here in Anchorage I encounter age discrimination in getting a job. ts just more difficult--even Russian speaking youth at the state Job Service might feel they have a right to get hired first...and I disagree.

Today one must work perhaps until 75 or 80 if single and homeless. I had to pay my lot for living on to a physician for surgery, and then got a bill from an anesthesiologist wanting more. If I had property to get tax breaks on, I would deserve that as much as homosexual pairs or threesomes living together.

It would be possible to reform tax rates I suppose, yet the powerful want things their way and so the interests of the nation sink traditionally, and that just the way it is. I commend the A.C.L.U. for having an interest in securing justice for the oppressed, yet homosexuals wanting heterosexual tax breaks for raising kids are not amongst the oppressed. The tax breaks should be reformed so just those financially poor and vulnerable in a social class for whatever reason such as the elderly and young couples front-loaded with huge living expenses, get them.

If no one really needs to pay taxes at all and the government runs a surplus from the manna from heaven phenomena then that would be fine. In the meantime the nation already runs on a substantial amount of borrowed money that almost everyone will want t pay off or have some kind of war and new deal (I am not for that).

While Alaska does have some oil income,its state budget has experienced challenges in meeting expenses in recent years, and the city of Anchorage cannot even afford a decent Internet wireless access speed at the public library or a year round bike-path system, much less tax cuts for homosexuals that own their own homes.

The Inflationary Universe as a Portrayal of the Leavening of Sin/Temporality

May the inflationary Universe continuing to expand represent the leavening of sin? Bread leavened with yeast rises inflating in size and scale. Some scientist speculate that the Universe rose from a zero-scale singularity atemporal state inflating faster than light for a fraction of a second before continuing to increase. Jesus Christ is the spiritual bread of life Who overcomes the world. The leavened bread of this world, and also of its high entropy economics, is sin.

Before God created time and space, or perhaps contemporary with it-for it is difficult for us presently to juxtapose eternal non-temporality with time, a perfect Garden of mind or spirit may have existed in which Adam and Eve could live without the leavening of temporality. Temporality was deleterious in regard to a pre-dimensional Garden of Eden, and the peace consistent with the will of God.

God forbid Adam and Eve to eat of the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil, or of the tree of life, yet once they willfully sinned the correction of quantum valence phase transition into an inflationary, temporal universe—even perhaps with an eternal recycling expansion and destruction was inevitable.

If the expansionary Universe may be symbolized with the leavening of bread rising along with sin and departure from the unleavened preternatural condition of the Garden before space-time, then perhaps the destiny of the unsaved may be associated with that temporal inflating Universe into eternal flames of correction.

Hell may be the eternal removal of sin from the perfect will of God. If an eternal condition in accordance with the will of God is the right destiny, and the removal of sin from human conduct such that The Lord may donate a pure spiritual grace for salvation of the faithful, the temporal destiny of mass-energy may be in the fires of correction. In ancient Biblical Israel the Levite priesthood kept the fires for the sin offering perennial burning. Perhaps a similar reasoning of fate was why Mayor Bloomberg supported the construction of a 13-story mosque near ground zero in N.Y.C.

Cosmology today might speculate about the eventual destiny of this material universe in a big crunch of gravitational collapse and fire or plasma. Extreme heat and compaction of mass-energy in a black hole where time stops in accordance with principles of general relativity as it is compacted perhaps to a neo Hartle-Hawking quantum fuzziness reflecting conditions before the first trillionth of a second of the start of this Universe is another astrophysical example of the potential for mass-energy to end in flames. Extreme, pure heat with zero entropy—eternal flames, may guard the most pure realms of absolute spirit associated with the eternal perfection of God. None except the redeemed through the atoning sacrificial work of the Savior Jesus Christ may enter into the perfect eternity of God.

The unleavened bread of simple faith, in the plain truth of the Word of God, transcends the temporal world and inflationary universe of sin and broken forms. This temporal Universe may be one pocket Universe of an eternally chaotic expansionary realm of temporality in which every sort of creature may abound. The sole salvation from the leavened bread moksha (mocha) of time and consumption temporal leavening of sin is with faith in Jesus Christ that the Spirit draws us to. The body and blood of Christ are a transcending way to the Spiritual rather than temporal material.

This Christian way of removing our dependence pervasively upon the forces of the mass-energy continua and dimensions of space and time, for God is more than that, and bringing us beyond that conveyor belt of perpetual recycling and burning up of sin and imperfection that is the perpetual destiny of the lost, is a mysterious and beautiful thing. ‘For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten Son, that whosever believeth in Him might not perish, but would have everlasting life.’ The words from the book of John provide the transcending answer to the question of why does the Universe exist, and what is our human role in overcoming the challenges it presents implicitly. None may overcome the temporal condition of sin and imperfection without the grace of God proved through Jesus Christ.

Timeline: Muslims Destroy WTC 9-11, Build 13 Story Mega-Mosque Near Ground Zero

Timeline: Muslims Destroy WTC 9-11, Build 13 Story Mosque Near Ground Zero

This is becoming a factual historical sequence for the city of New York. It is somewhat remarkable yet commensurate with the lax defense attitudes regarding border and national security of the era. With so much Muslim purchases of global corporate influence through profits from oil sales the purchase of expensive and sensitive New York City real estate for development into a Muslim cultural center for missions to godless New Yorkers is easy to understand.

Mohammedans lack a sense or theology of sin. It is easier to comprehend how some fanatics may find it practical to make real world ad hominem attacks on civilians of a politically antipathetic nature if one lacks a sense of sin and the implicit moral wrongness of certain acts. Muslims and atheist homosexuals each lack a sense of sin. It is a paradox that two groups so far apart on fundamental social and political orientation should strive for controlling political influence of the city of New York through the corporate world power center of the East Coast.

For the time being the U.S. military is a target of an Obama Administration policy to make openly homosexual sailors, marines, airpersons and soldiers a new norm. The increasing Eastern urban Muslim fundamentalism may be a reply to such secular insinuations of sin as a government supported policy; one wonders where and when Muslim fundamentalists will reach into the Department of Defense through official advancements to vie for control of a military without a sense of sin.

The President of the United States today B. Hussein Obama nominally represents the Muslim and pro-homosexual union of duplicity of effort. His middle name is that of Muhammad’s uncle and he is also the top homosexual militant in the United States through his effort to end ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ military policy on homosexual behavior in favor of the deconstruction of sin.

Will the world’s best Muslim terrorists visit the New York Ground Zero Muslim Culture Center on vacation terror planning junkets? Perhaps future Al Qa’eda missions will be inspired from visits to the unofficially named Oz Bin Ladin Commemorative Victory Mosque. If America today seems to have its head up its as in some respects, perhaps it does, we humble cannot offer our personal opinion on that controversial topic.

Mayor Bloomberg of N.Y. City has supported construction of the mosque as some sort of an expression of tolerance for different religions and cultures. Just a decade after 9-11 that is asking like asking the people of the United States to tolerate construction of a 13 story Japanese Shinto Shrine at Pearl Harbor in 1951, if the Japanese had not lost the second world war, but had only retreated a little to ‘safe mode’. The defense against illegal alien terrorists and legal visiting Muslim terrorists is not yet over.

We understand Mayor Bloomberg’s Jewishness as a factor in shaping his attitude about Muslims, yet he has got it wrong. To Americans the Jews are not just another middle eastern tribe like those of Muslims that Jews might hide behind in the U.S.A. Americans regard the Jews as a special people because of the shared religious history.

Some Jews may worry about latent Aryan supremist blue eyed blondes waiting to incinerate the remnant of Jews. There is no need to safeguard their own minority religious security in the United States by flooding it with Muslims and rashly supporting a mosque of traumatic insult near ground zero.

How often have liberals protested civil war monuments or confederate flags on state property even after 150 years post-war? How vitrolic are the anti-ten commandments statue protesters to keep religious symbols away from public spaces, yet there is a blindness on the crash power symbolism of construction of a mega-mosque near ground zero. Is New Jersey or Massachusetts really that bad of a spot to build a mosque?

The trauma of World War Two gave some Jews 'the queer eye' for Europeans perhaps, yet Mayor Bloomberg could perhaps alternatively have been pursuing an appeasement policy in view of the nation of Israel's precarious position amidst hundreds of millions of Muslims. Such wrong political judgments have led in history to a record of becoming locally out of touch with political interests. Mayor Bloomberg said that giving in to popular sentiment would be giving in to terrorism; actually it would be giving in to democracy, which is not terrorism.

I do not wish to pick on Mayor Bloomberg. I write about issues rather than individuals unless the political office of the person concerned and their official job performance is the issue. Ad hominem attacks are the common method of homosexual militants these days. They were also the real practice of Hitler's S.A. American Christians will continue to support the nation of Israel--while they can.

The Jewish religion is an exclusive, tribal, non-missionary oriented religion that has a lot of wealthy people and has historically had some troubles in blending in to foreign nations following the Diaspora from their own. The Muslim religion is not however, a demure, worship in minor buildings and make a lot of money and influence politics globally like Trotsky and the Solomon Brothers kind of religion.

Muslims are not a bunch of Pharisees trying not to break any of 2001 religious laws and quietly worship in a Synagogue. Muslims have no concept of sin or atonement. They are expansionary as a matter of jihad upon infidels of the Dar al Harb even if trading with the business week from the strength of crude oil dispensationalists. Tolerating the construction of a Mosque near ground zero is absolute idiocy, and like unto giving the Tiger a large piece of raw meat. The ‘moderate’ Muslims set to build the Mosque near ground zero are at best like placing Hugh Hefner to supervise a nunnery…for perennial enmity of non-Muslims with no guilt about it is just a way of life.

Mayor Bloomberg’s ‘moderate; Jewishness and synagogic ideas of tolerance developed with just 13 million Jews on Earth (one for each year of the Universe) is not the same as the moderation of a billion plus followers of the false prophet of Mecca. Mayor Bloomberg could have been more pragmatic and suggested the Bronx or New Jersey as a place to build the mosque. The ‘Imams’ plan was far less than sensitive, and very pushy. Mayor Bloomberg will be remembered next time large Muslim terrorism occurs in N.Y.C. Jews has a historically recurrent problem of making bad political judgments for others because of their historical conditioning. The one place they are good at making political judgments without surprise, is Israel.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Scientist Hypothesizes a New Theory of Gravity and Comments on 'The Cosmic Jackpot'

Recently reading 'The Cosmic Jackpot' by Paul Davies I have found that it is a useful review of elements of multiverse theory. One may get to multiverse theory without superstring theory, yet today most of the work is done with super-string or membrane concepts.

The Planck length may be a variable constant subject to relativistic shrinking it is speculated. That would be equivalent to a variable Speed of Light theory (VSL) with DSR II or double special relativity criteria in at the opposite end of the size scale. The Plank length was named for Max Plank, yet in case it is wrong it would not be his fault since he did not invent it.

The plank length is less than a trillionth of a trillionth of a meter, and supposedly the size of the Universe near the start of the Universe was smaller than that--yet if gravity does not exist as people believe it does, but is only an apparent force produced by some subtle statistical quantum effects reinforcing mass interaction, then all bets are off for using gravity as a plug-in for equations for calculating quantum mechanical theoretical issues.

Davies helpfully explained many issues about the Hartle-Hawking approach to Guth's inflation theory. Time at the earliest point becomes a dimension of space--and I think that's on the right track especially as regards the strangeness of intervals, being and nothingness and so forth.

Philosophically space with four dimensions near Time=0 (that never actually occurs but is instead fogged in through uncertainty) (time is a spatial dimension at the 'start' era) simply existed in very compact condition. That seems really weird.

Imagine a tiny four-dimensional string or brane, hyper-cube or whatever of space just sitting there in the midst of nothing that after forever inflates faster than light to the size of a grapefruit-ha!

How many of thse smaller than a breadbox by far sourdough starter four dimensional space units might exist--an infinite number?

Once an inflationary universe starts because of anti-gravity (if gravity doesn't exist then inflation with anti-gravity probably doesn't exist either) it may go on forever inflating. Because of quantum uncertainty 'pockets' of the inflaton have some mass with enough local gravity to break off and act like a little pocket universe such as ours.

The universe with pocket universe spaced far apart could be really trillions of trillions times larger than the possibly 13.7 billion year old universe time two (light expanding outward away from a ‘center’) that astrophysicists consider the observable universe.

Time hasn't a narrow beginning from a singularity in these vague and uncertain quantum mechanical inflations from Hartle-Hawking field. Instead time is an attribute of the mass energy field that arose from the four-dimensional space hyper-cube. There is no real beginning of time, for before time existed there was no time, and in the initial quantum uncertainty area the precise boundary starting point of time is vague--yet like the turtle in the Eleatic paradox, it does actually start some where we may consider, even if the infinite number of parallel spaces and intervals of small size are not all toeing the line as good units should so they can be rightly counted.

Recently I have been reading opinions against string theory because it isn't provable so far, and in the history of physics good theories usually produce meaningful predictions and results that are not purely theoretical more quickly--string theory has been around about 30 years.

This could be an era of just pure mathematical-cosmological hypothesizing that will pay off down the road. There may be an infinite number of universes, or just one universe of nearly infinite size, or perhaps something entirely else, yet philosophers have considered what the universe is, and what its contained in since at least Parmenides and his deliberations on the plenum or volume in which a sphere is contained (something like the Earth) before Plato. It is worthwhile considering such issues still, along with our reading in neo-Platonism (The Enneads) and in the philosophy of logic, in order to find such truthful knowledge of the universe and of meaning as Our Lord Jesus Christ and the will of God deems feasible, right, proper and useful for human enterprise in comprehension of divine purposes or for execution of the divine will.

Monday, August 02, 2010

Progress On McGinnis' Book on Sarah Palin Written Next Door?

When Joe McGinniss, an author, rented the house next door to former Alaska Governor and Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin and her family in May 2010 we thought that was 'going to extremes'. This is the United States though so stalking celebrities and politicians by the media and extended political writers isn't too unusual. We wonder if his book on the Palins is making progress?

The Palins built a very large fence between the tow yards at the Lake to reduce McGinnis' voyeuristic opportunities a little, yet its the creativity that counts and scuba diving or ultra-light over flights are still good prospects for surveillance.

There are many spy devices; motion censors, bugging implements and cameras also available for media and extended data gathering associates available on-line and in local spy ware shops in select neighborhoods. Evidently people will pay serious money to provisioners of inside 'scoops' on famous political people for the listeners need something to talk about. Every time another Mel Gibson recording is released the local media go over it mining for insights into the lifestyles of the person of interest. If there were intelligent things broadcast besides, it wouldn't be so objectionable to occasionally here bleeping statement analysis as one channel surfs in vain for the big wave of intellectual broadcast talk.

Sarah Palin and Mel Gibson at least have some northern things in common; Mel Gibson made a film about a Scottish rebellion and Sarah Palin has Moose living near here property as well as a writer with a Scottish name or alternatively an Irish beer made in cork. I doubt if the final story on the Palins will be corked by McGinnis this year. In fact it’s possible that if a Republican administration is elected in 2010 Sarah Palin may become the next Secretary of the Interior, a job for which she is reasonably well suited.

Dangers of Mexican-American Dual Citizenship to U.S. Electorate

If U.S. citizenship were ever to be given to illegal aliens, as many as 18 million citizens with dual citizenship could be added, along with their children, to fundamentally undermine the sovereignty of the United States electorate over its own self determination.

Citizenship by naturalization (INA § 337, 8 USC § 1448)

If the United States were to have as many as 40 million citizens of Mexico able to vote in Mexican and U.S. elections, the nature of the political philosophy in the United States could be essentially corrupted.

Naturalized citizens may keep their foreign citizenship today.

Proposals to pass laws to prevent children of illegals born in the U.S.A. from being U.S. citizens are fundamentally flawed with politically imprudent thought, for the amendment to confer U.S. citizenship upon all people born in the United States was made following the American Civil war and the emancipation of the slaves in order that they too might be recognized as citizens. None will have luck in trying to roll back that fact.

The sole remedy to defend the rights of political self-determination of U.S.citizens from illegal foreign immigration is simply to prevent immigration from all sources to the U.S.A. from exceeding 250,000 souls annually with adequate border security and law enforcement ability in the states to arrest and convey to the federal government for processing illegally entered persons into the United States.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Another Theory of Gravity (excerpt from St. Novilistricka: Dimensions 2nd edition)

Gravity may not exist. The behavior of matter we observe and call gravity exist obviously, yet the idea that has been given of a basic force or particle causing mass to attract at a distance may be wrong. Newton and Einstein each formulated laws describing the behavior of gravitational effects, yet Einstein went a bit farther and postulated that space-time is warped by gravity producing the attracting effect on mass. That paradigm of thought though mathematically consistent in describing gravitational behavior may be wrong as an explanation.

The gravitational effect may be restricted entirely to mass and energy without anything more than the displacement of space. In the increasing presence of mass space itself may be forced out of mass with corresponding effects on the quantum mechanical realm. In the quantum mechanical realm of uncertainty and entanglement of existential quantum probabilities a concentration of mass locally may increase the probabilities of the existence of mass given for a local area.

Mass has an unknown origin in the history of the cosmos. Speculation about big bang and inflation cosmology has reached even unto M-Theory or super-string theory and a pre-big bang era regime of a universe before this universe. Many of these hypothetical models arise as a consequent of the general theory of relativity and its equations exploited in an effort to find a theory of gravity that would fit with quantum mechanics. That entire effort may be wrong, as might hypothetical concepts about the cosmology of this Universe and space-time.

Logically an infinite singularity of mass at the beginning of the Universe is rather satisfying conceptually. Into an infinitely small and concentrated mass (or nearly so) a vast infusion of space was made sending it inflating outward faster than light. The subsequent history of the universe is of the work of mass to return to its initial nearly solid singular condition, and the four forces of nature are simply phases of the return of mass in various protocols of valence shells through charge paradoxes toward one untroubled infinite state.

Gravity does not need to exist as an independent force at a distance, and neither does space-time require any ability to be deformed, warped and so forth. Gravity may be nothing more than the natural coherence of one mass infused with space in the process of removing space from itself. The original space-time froth or emulsification of mass with space expanding faster than light slowed to sub-light speed, or a speed consistent with the maximum rate of travel of photons of the electro-magnetic field that would form one of the larger macro-scalar elements of the mass-energy field.

What is the nature of space? Space may be simply all possible dimensions fully extending of which the mass-energy of the Universe occupies a few. Instead of space-time there may be mass-time and space-dimensions. Time as a dimension may also be in a process of expulsion from mass generally as a temporal universal phenomenality.

Quantum mechanical uncertainty and field characteristics of intervals, aggregation and probabilities of determinism may pervasively cohere as characteristic of all mass sorting itself out of space. The mass-space segregation effects may create local and general streams of travel for mass to potentially take as increasing probabilities coinciding with Newtonian and Einstinean gravitational theory description parameters. In some ways the quantum realm associated with mass may form a comparative, analogous 4 dimensional (or more) structure of rivulets of potential flow for mass within the space dimensions. Time may be a ghostly, apparent attribute of mass extended in a space infused, emulsified state created as mass eliminates space in a protocol of renormalization. Time may be a local condition of mass and its pace of recovery from being spaced out in the beginning, and time may also be a relativistic measure of the field condition of mass regarding space content.”