Monday, June 28, 2010

President Obama Is Bush II Light

President Obama's first two years in office have been a Bush II light verisimilitude, except of course for seeking to gay up the military in order to keep na campaign promise to his favored, hard-core supporters besides those that simply detest Hillary Clinton for President. Firing General McCrystal was inevitable after forcing through the gay military plan to further a Bi (den) sexual agenda in government. McCrystal is a straight soldier aware that a Obama's official U.S. Government policy of support for homosexual sin would stimulate resistance in Afghanistan amongst the mujahideen rather than bring about reconciliation.

President Obama has said the U.S. military will be in Afghanistan at least five years--hardly less than a Bush II policy of extreme military spending to compensate for extreme political cognitive deficits. President Obama plans to deficit spend at least until 20 trillion dollars of debt exists--if he is re-elected. Now that is a definite Bush II 'spend my political capital' way of thinking. President Obama may be a good Harvard alumni stuffed suit, yet he seems to have little awareness of what real, material work is, and instead plans abstract deficit spending at placing Harvard alumni on the Supreme Court in order to enslave the people of the United States to a servitude something like Russian serfdom to foreign owners of home mortgages and U.S. bonds.

President Obama has stale Clinton era economic advisers without a concept of what actual ecological economic and nationalist principles are; they need to be synthetically joined and entropy slowed in material production through intelligent design. The recurrent Harvard-advantage communalization of government for the rich is quite disadvantageous for the prospects of a healthy U.S.A. or U.S. eccology.

Without a competent and forthright, bold leadership that rectifies and recovers AMerican political determination for a manifest prosperous and healthy destiny within our own borders with compassion for other,disadvantaged nations, the U.S.A. will build toward a catastrophic depression some time ahead--even if it floods the nation with illegal aliens and makes them citizens with an inheritance of vast left and right wing national debt around their necks.

President Obama has failed to close Guantanamo Bay and transfer the terrorists to Johnson Island. President Obama has failed to limit spending outlays for Afghanistan and Iraq to a combined 20 billion dollars annually post haste. President Obama has failed to build in triplicate a comprehensive Mexican border bounry barrier of a bern and raised road configuration for electric patrol vehicles. President Obama has failed to limit social security qualification to those earning less in retirement than the pay of average American workers. President Obama has failed to bring a health care service for the poor only into existence. Presdent Obama has failed to construct nation-wide bicycle only expressways north-south, east and west. President Obama has failed to detonate and close the leaking BP gusher the past couple of months.

These few mentioned failures continue Bush II policies. Like Clinton term I President Obama has put his foot on the fatal for re-election of congress third rail of gaying up the military.Its a clever flank congressional re-election tactic by pre-approving the plan such that if Republicans take over the Mullins-Gates Madonna-Spears eyeballing one another admirably on stage support for the gay advance bill will be sufficient--yet even that pair may back down if the Republicans win a landslide in November 2010.

If the gay military policy goes through, even American support for Israel will move into murky waters for those that believe in Israel as the favored nation of God. The U.S.A. as an official agent for the sin policies of Satan will be harder to defend philosophically or politically, and Jehovah may look askance at the gay U.S. military policy and entanglement with Israel. Will some future U.S. President eventually want to be worshipped in a reconstructed Temple?

No Extra-Terrestrial Life in This Universe: The Reasons Why

Super-string theorists exploit the anthropic principle to explain why the fine physical constants are 'just so'that this universe can support life amidst an infinite number of configurations that could not. The anthropic principle may also be used to explain why human life is the only life in this universe.

Cynics against salvation by God often point out that this universe is not perfect and has evil in it. Of course we reply. All of the intelligent life that might have been in this universe has left for other universes of the mutli-verse, and we humans are the only ones remaining here.

This universe could be one designed specifically for corrections; a 'held-back' universe for creatures dumb enough to fail the exit exam of conformity to the will of God in the ex-temporal Garden of Eden. I will post some of the physical, cosmological details that might be inferred non the topic as found in my recent science fiction book (a philosophical one) 'St. Novilistricka; Dimensions'.

"Lush was my own bright star in space-time these months. Her color changing compu-dress changed with her moods and reflected a prevailing environment of syntegration. It was an artwork of tensor calculus and aesthetics with constellations of a non-recognizable pattern.

A bizarre alien form landed suddenly on the platform in a squishy rush to Lush. In a fraction of a struggling second they fell off the platform toward the energy grid hundreds of feet below.

My reaction time was fast but not pre-emptively lethal. I did not laze the creature at first sight, yet its entanglement with Lush was immediate and decisively altered her compresence. The failure to shoot instantly at first sight was costly. If my peripheral vision where better I might have lazed the alien on the way down. When I arrived at the platform myself they weren’t visible.

I stared over the edge into the sea of electrons swelling in matrices pulsing with streams of input. It was a cold battery of Einsteinium plus reminding me of electride oceans of transcendent octonion ions. Cold drafts up-welled from the matrix. Lush of Gush, who I had shared many poems with, was existentially depleted. Neither was a form displacement outline evident.

In my thoughts simultaneous symmetries of tensor geometry groups with alternate futures flipping from identity to identity visually appeared in my subconscious sought to reach out for Lush. So many alternate dimensions might exist to enable dimension symmetry violating illegal aliens entry to our Universe. Had one exfiltrated Lush to one of an infinite number of other Universes for purposes unknown? I would attach my hook-up to the magnetic transport slide and descend to the closest approach of the Einsteinium for a view of the abduction or murder-suicide of Lush and the unknown X-normal agent.

In the history of mathematics it was demonstrated that many unsolvable equations emerged in the attempt to conform quantities and the solutions for the discovery of unknowns in self-consistent proportional systems. Irrational numbers, the square root of minus one, quintics and M and D-brane Theory generated countless investigations for the reconciliation of logical representation of unknowns to conformal systems in such a way that computational powers produced by known roots would be accurate, meaningful and functional. The process of dimension surplus inter-space addition allowed simultaneous solutions of Euclidean and non-Euclidean geometries, and eventually algebras and more.

The reconciliation of inconsistent arguments such as the sum of the interior angles of an equilateral triangle adding up to one hundred eighty degrees in the former and a greater number in the later could each be true with the difference located in an inter-geometric dimensional renormalization field. I employed the method in my own logic in order to relate known facts, or at least apparently known
facts to the unknown.

I descended the mag-tie toward the energy field. Platforms crackling with immense energy confined generally to the Einsteinium electrons were bound as an electride matrix under cold plasma. The possible locations of Lush raced through my thoughts like permutations and probabilities of monadic qualities in a high degree of configurations and relationships. She left this compresence so quickly.

Reaching the observation deck over the electride field, I saw the horizons painted artificially to resemble infinite perspectives through the arrangements of receding and concentrating channels of energy matrices. Green and roil-some, the distance was surreal in all directions and undetermined. I saw inward and outward through the weather systems clashing through spontaneous chasms of normal world beyond the library to the field of green energy within forming the core of the structure.

Rotating one hundred eighty degrees on the deck, the perspective changed suddenly with an anti-symmetrical symmetry breaking of vision. This was my first clue to what had happened to Lush.

This portion of the galaxy is trisected by a standing wave of gravity and relativity field effects making a seven hundred twenty-degree spin vector of the four normal dimensions. It is an open door to abnormal space-time, and it had intruded here. Lush and I had talked before of the access potential of spin matrices to extra copies of this universe formed as probability actualization of macro-structural formalities. It was only a theory.

Macro-quantum rotational symmetry breaking may have left the 180-degree trace in this space-time coordinate of a transformational spin matrix to open dimensions and universes.

Even now the residual spin superposition of dimensions was beginning to fade away to leave just a local, normal four-dimensional appearance of space-time and it’s variously eleven dimensional, or two hundred thirty dimensional neo-structure of nominal compresence.

Might this universe have tagents sewn through its hypo-loop extrusion placed by a higher intelligence? As space-time concentrates with speed of travel near light speed anisotropic ally, in a symmetry with the Heisenberg uncertainty principle of indeterminacy of knowledge of either energy and time or location and momentum, could the universe have a memory in some way of where each discrete particle and relational loop was in order to sustain the invariance of uniform application of physical laws?

Dimensions may be arbitrary constructions contingent upon given configurations of the shapes of pre-big bang minimal article conditions. Particular configuration of a particle-wave assembly duplicated en mass produces its own dimensional requirements of logic conformal to its intrinsic structure. An eleven dimensional object requires eleven dimensions of existence. The extension of adimension is in accord with the characteristic requirements for existence of the particle-wave forces within it. The infinite apparent destiny of extension of a four dimensional universe is a product of the forces of infinite expansion within it such as momentum and thermodynamic process.

Quantum super-positioning could be defeated and energy re-directed along the intergalactic nuclear forced artery to form N dimensional calculating engines of change. I had the suspicion that some Alien power passing through the infinite sequences of exponential dimensional constructions may have abducted Lush from the library of this Subductor world of stone souls.

Staring into the green field of electrons stretching into apparent infinity in warped dimensional wrappings of light the vortexes carried memories of Lush along with the transitioning moments of shapes of past and present ever living as corridors of power flow. I leaned on the alto-rail and felt the cold sweat of the loss of Lush.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

President Obama Fires Gen. McCrystal & Plans to Waste Billions and Billions More in Afghanistan

President Obama fired his top General in Afghanistan, General McCrystal. Gen. McCrystal's approach was military vestment heavy. The alternate approach is that of V.P. Biden. President Obama ignores Vice President Biden's advice on how to reduce U.S. costs in the Afghan rebuilding effort. Biden's less-is-better approach is better for U.S. financial continuity. President Obama for some reason believes that U.S. security is better defended by borrowing trillions from abroad and spending it on ineffective military efforts. President Obama hasn't sufficient reason or conviction to know what to do with the security issue evidently. He believes a moderate approach is good, yet there is no real moderate course.

Border security should be increased with berms, barriers and elevated patrol highways along the Mexican border. Better tracking methods of legal aliens that overstay their visa should be innovated. A U.S. special black ops force should be created with 150,000 special forces to quickly reply to adverse, threatening situations, and the conventional military buildup should be reduced by 25% across the board.

Afghanistan's newly found mineral wealth should be given to the people of that nation in a public corporation in which they are issued shares as any other corporation listed on stock exchanges. The people must own real equity if they are to support democracy and a particular government representation of it.

Central Asia has one lessons for foreign invaders and militarists; they will be outlasted by the resistance of millions and millions of people that don't have much else to do in the long run. If the United States has no plans to make Afghanistan the 51st states and populate it with illegal Mexican aliens to solve two problems at once, then it should fall back into a less financially damaging de frappe policy of just reply to with condign force to threatening, particular opposition force arrays in Afghanistan if they form. The U.S. financial outlays for military occupation and nation building are a victory for Al Qa'eda as the Obama administration ineptly throws good, borrowed, hundreds of billions of dollars after bad

Monday, June 21, 2010

Second and Third World Nations Should Have Resources Owned by the Citizens in Private Stock Issuance

The Alaska Permanent Fund is a bad model for a second and third world nation to follow. It is simply an investment fund that the state legislature puts some oil royalties into occassionally for the people. The people are thus at the mercy of the politicians perennially.

Although Senator Biden supported an Alaska Permanent Fund style policy for Iraq several years ago, I was then advocating that the people own the oil fields directly, and that the Iraqi government have just a ten percent share of the oil stock in order to fund itself. The Alaska Permanent Fund model is used to deceive the people about owning their own oil or natural resources.

Afghanistan should create a public corporation to own all of the oil fields oil resources and have a board operate it like BP or Exxon, or instead of BP and Exxon in the case of oil. Their would be an initial stock issuance to all Afghan citizens, and they could buy, sell or trade the stock after a decade or two. The Afghan mineral resources would be privately held, and popular support for the government that issued the stock would result--its very, very simple and necessary if second and third world countries are not to be run by dictators, corrupt politicians and global resource extraction corporate bribing as in Nigeria perhaps, or maybe Venezuela before the dubiously progress Chavez government took over.

Even Mexico would be a better place if the oil resources of PEMEX were reallocated to being owned by the people of Iraq--they might be able to resist drug traffickers better. Russia is another country that needs to have the public directly own all of its oil through a one-time stock issue to all Russian citizens.

Gravity; Comments About That Mysterious Force

Gravity is a mysterious, wonderful force that seems to cross the universe even if the space-time of the universe is expanding. Experimenters from Galileo to Newton and Einstein and pondered the nature of gravity, how it works and what it is. Modern theorists continue to search for its elusive definition.I will provide my own unscientific ideas about gravity here.

Some scientists seek to explain gravity's power through inclusive of it as a particle-wave in the standard model of physics. A quantum field theory with gravity would be like an electro-magnetic field theory and bring the explanation of how gravity can act at a distance as the weakest of the four basic forces of nature.

I wonder about gravity too. The anthropic principle is a recurring phenomenon of contemporary physical cosmology; how is it that in this universe everything just happens to be fine-tuned to produce a field enabling life? The Universe easily could have different fine adjustments that would deny even the existence of matter much less life. The anthropic principle also applies to history in a way (of course it does because its about people)--Because so many philosophers, physicists and experimenters have thought about gravity and written about it, so can I although with the technical rigor of a scientist. So I have several questions about gravity created by recent reading.

1) If a graviton-particle exists, would it have nearly zero mass like a photon in order to travel intergalactic distances?

2) Wouldn't the graviton be subject to the conservation of mass and energy such that it is neither created or destroyed in the universe (in a finite structure)?

3) If gravitons are formed as a product of mass-energy, or are implicit qualities of mass-energy, when gravitational concentrations arise would the proportionately remove 'brakes' on the acceleration of space-time as mass=energy and gravity is concentrated unequally in the volume of space-time?

4) If a faster than light inflation of the Universe occurred, was it something like the collision produced in a particle accelerator with the mass-energy of the visible universe being the after-effect eventually coalescing with gravity?

5) If a gravitational field exists universally inclusive of the entire universe something like that of an electro-magnetic field, what would be its meta-universal power source? Would the field characteristics determine the rate of allocation of mass-energy in the universe? Could the field be predetermined in space-time?

6) Must hyper-dimensional shape of a universe expanding outward necessarily have no limit in time, as time limits would need to coincide with spatial limits? Must a space-time boundary necessarily have a smaller or confining shape such as the point at the end of a cone approached from inside the larger, open end? Would the cone travelled from the small end to the large end in a static field increase speed of apparent expansion as it moved toward the open end in a progressive yet proportionate series rate of increase?

7) Space-time may expand at an increasing rate like a drop of water in a calm sea produced a wave that increases area at a faster apparent pace viewed from the point of space-time origin in the water-field because its wavefront continually increase in area.

The wavefront is a structure started at a small scale with fore that increase progressively in area and volume because it expresses itself within the medium of water or space-time such as exist. That reasoning produced the aether theories of a background medium for the universe. Space-time might be regarded as something like an aether in which mass-energy and gravitons might express themselves. Yet if space-time exists apart from mass-energy then it must have some kind of a field-energy itself. Space-time could be regarded as previously existing as a background independent space-time field into which mass-energy were thrown. That does not seem like a very scientific approach though. Cosmology today enjoys something more of an existential criterion for the standard model and a unified quantum theory of gravity I believe.

8) One wonders why gravitons ever left their point of origin associated with mass? Why would they journey over space-time at all to contact other mass-energy?

9) if gravitons have any mass, why don't they form their own clumps of matter midway between larger object far apart--such as a new clump of mass midway between the Milky Way and the Andromeda Galaxies?

Maybe that is the best argument for gravity as a macro-field--gravitons seem like neutrinos just to flow through everything of space-time except space-itself that they seem to warp or curve in proportion to their number. They seem to function at the speed of light in warping space around a clump of mass-energy, and have a finite area of application diminishing in power in accord with Newton's law something like an expanding wave increasing its area yet diminishing in height or proximal size.

10) If gravity is a field that might be described eventually by scientists with a quantum field theory, would the gravitational field be local or part of one unified gravitational field with local variations of space-time?

11) So one may wonder what the binding power of a graviton is? Does it cohere to any form of mass or energy just some? If its field is one-directional; why?

When the moon circles around the Earth perpetually bound by the gravitational field of the mass of the Earth even though it tries to go in a straight line away (and vice versa to a lesser extent), what is the factor giving the 'curve' to space time?

Do gravitons occupy quantum states like those of the valence shells of atoms that only permit simultaneous occupation of so many? With the information of the gravitons of the larger mass filling all those valence states of the local space time is that how the 'curvature' of space-time is selected locally in favor of a slope toward the larger mass (because it has more numbers of valence state shell positions of space-time filled than a smaller Local mass?)? Perhaps space-time itself has intervals and spacing characteristics like those of quantum field theory. This would be a democratic theory of gravitational selection.

Well, so much for my thoughts about gravity this morning. I will perhaps continue these observations another time.

To Stabilize Democracy; Give Afghanistan's Mineral Wealth to the Citizens in A Public Stock Issuance

The Obama administration has an opportunity in Afghanistan to direct that the recently announced mineral wealth of that nation be owned directly by the people of Afghanistan in a public company with all shares owned by the people. The Bush administration passed such an opportunity in Iraq with Iraqi oil dooming the United States to seven more years of nation rebuilding more expensive than most wars. Without public ownership of mineral wealth or oil in second and third world nations inevitably corrupt, exclusive government owning elites dominate the natural resource wealth and are opposed by low-level popular insurgencies.

When a new government is created along democratic lines a rational concern is who will own the natural resource wealth of that nation. If the people own it in private shares that are tradable after several years like any other publicly listed corporate stock, then the government will have popular support and the equally important denial of resource control by exclusive and corrupt elites will occur.

The Obama administration of course will most likely fail to insure that the minerals of Afghanistan will be quickly given to the citizens of Afghanistan through a general stock issuance in The Afghanistan Mining Company. The Afghanistan Mining Company would be managed in the interim by an initial board comprised of N.A.T.O. member nations and Afghanis. One of its duties would be to put out to bid for development the natural mineral resources of Afghanistan. The Afghan citizen shareholders of would receive a 70% royalty of all wealth extracted by the winning developing corporation who would receive thirty percent of the profit from sale of the resource.

If the Iraqi’s had formed a similar public corporation for the initial ownership of Iraq’s oil fields it is likely that peace through broad popular support for the stock issuing government would have occurred by 2004 or 2005 permitting the U.S. to withdraw more military forces earlier. It would be a doubly stupid error for the Obama administration to repeat the Bush II administration’s mistake.

President Obama does have the leverage over the Karzai Government to bring about the populist stock issuance of an Afghanistan Mining Company and he should. The United States and N.A.T.O. countries cannot afford to have continuing protracted incompetence in military financial outlays that could be avoided through implementation of foreign policy in support of democracy and democratic values instead of those of corporatism and corrupting global extraction industry corporations. If democracy is not supported through plain fair public ownership of natural resources in second and third world countries, domestic and international terrorism forms to revolt against those governments. The United States in support of global corporations operating in second and third world nations then intervenes to reinforce corrupt dictatorships. That is a wrong policy side to be on.

From British Petroleum and its history as the British Iranian Oil Company and C.I.A. support for the overthrow of the Iranian Government to bring in the Shah so The forerunner of today’s BP could keep their oil from being nationalized, to Anglo-American Mining with plans to develop a Pebble Mine in Alaska on the headwaters of the Bristol Bay salmon fishery with their history in South African Diamond mining global extraction industries have in such a way that they are often conflict with local populist political concerns. President Obama should support democracy in Afghanistan instead of protracted defenses of corruption and foreign corporate mining interests if he ants a reasonable opportunity for a stable Afghanistan to form such that the taxpayers of the United States will not need to have more trillions wrested from them to spend in central Asian military boondoggles.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Science, Christianity and Faith Issues

Truth theories may be variable, and need to cohere with present definitions of what truth is. Christians believe the sole constant valid meta-truth is Jesus Christ as the Word of God. Some super-string theorists may find variability of constants as a fact, that is time and the laws of nature are not eternally static.

One may develop an infinite number of theories about anything, including of course, history and historical writing.

Regarding the numerous aspects of any ancient material such as the Bible, it is common that many offer opinions upon it from the basis of ignorance complete or partial. Such faulty reasoning is excusable generally only when guesswork is all that is possible. That is not the case with much of the Biblical discussion and content.

If one cares little about error philosophically, one should be inclined to promote ideas perhaps for political reasons or for receiving particular rewards rather than discovery of truth. Truth has a pervasive meaning of referring to accuracy between subject and predicate, or confirmation of a predication as accurate. Fundamentally it posits the coordinate relation of an internal or external object and verifies the relation as existing or not.

Truth theory itself of course has numerous forms in philosophy that I won't detail here. In physics and math there are numerous methods of discovery of various relations and representations in quantum mechanics I have been reading recently, that may present several courses for transformations about real and imaginary axes. What coordinate in a representational system is true except in a reference to it regarding something else?

One may formulate various verbal or conceptual descriptions of God, or the Creator of all that exists , yet one generally does not posit an internal, subjective idea as corresponding to any external object or being directly. Representation of exterior or transcending objects or material or spiritual facts may be made with ideas, or even necessarily are made with ideas and words or other abstract symbols, yet few would mistake those representations for the things-in-themselves. God obviously would not be mistaken for a subjective idea,or even a subconscious idea, any more than one would posit Mt. Everest to be just an idea within one's mind.

Epistemological interpretation of real objects make occur within Kant's noumenal phenomenology of mind. Quantum mechanics can describe incompletely various representations of eigenstates of particles without requisite that one visualize the states of quantum field elements. What Mt. Everest is for-itself without human cognitive interpretation or transformation into a realizable object is difficult to say. We would tend to regard Mt. Everest as a quantum field of certain characteristics, and might relate those to other reference structures in space-time abstractly, and with complexity. God would be far more complex, and really impossible, to describe with in terms of particular quantum field states--he is bigger than that, and more uncertain or undefinable regarding particular characteristics that might be quantified.

Germs have not always existed.They are said to be an evolutionary development of an historical nature. Bacteria and viruses developed at different times. Eukaryote and prokaryote evolved dissimultaneously it is thought--yet who can be certain? The soft tissues don't fossilize well at all.

To define the meaning of germs linguisticaly is to construct parameters in which germs have then potential to be said to exist. When germs were discovered and named,linguistically they might be said to exist thereafter.

In biological history, the existence of germs may again be contingent upon a definition and function of their relationships to biological life forms. Microbes are another term for germs. Micro-organisms are pervasive and earliest hypothesized things to live on Earth commonly. The wikipedia article link describes some of the history of micro-organisms.

It has little relevance to the veracity of a Biblical theory of life though, since Adam and Eve were interpolated from an extra-dimensional space-time or pre-space-time environment onto the Earth at the Garden of Eden (guarded by four cherubim possibly representing the dimensions of space-time (4). If the fated pair of fallen were translated into a fallen temporal Earth already in an advanced state of evolution, or if the entire universe were created at that point as if it had evolved, it makes little difference to the veracity of either science or religion. As in super-string theory there are lots of possible forumulae or structure to theorize with. We thank God for not providing Adam and Eve with advanced physics and biological data in the garden of Eden period, for their descendants might have blown up the world and even caused more offshore oil spills earlier in human history.

The Bible is not a book about science. The Old Testament may be considered a brilliant historical work and the New Testament a group of epistes or letters. The 66 books of the Bible each differ and yet have similarities. One might read...


by Chuck Missler for interesting ideas about it. Many authors have sought to learn more and deeper meanings from the Bible.

Many since the enlightenment have sought to make categorical denunciations of Biblical veracity-yet that isn't a very valid approach to reasoning about it. Following is one obvious equivalence of Biblical literals to American normal time literals--keep in mind that in real modern physics there are quite a few ways to refer to space-time, mass, energy and so forth that are very surprising to us not accustomed to thinking in terms of quantum mechanics. God's power to transform reality or even to create the present Universe exceeds whatever we might think about it as contingent, temporal beings. U1,SU2 and transformations of multi-axis coordinate maths extrapolated to infinite dimensions are probably trivialities to the Creator of all possible universes. We can admire Abelian and non-Abelian guage theories anyway. Or use simple math and Peter's multiple.

Methusela 187 Lamech 969
Lamech 182 Noah 777 years
Noah 500 Shem, Ham,
950 years
1,556 overlap subtotal 8,575 years
overlap minus 1,556 years
Adam’s birth to Noah’s death total 7,019 years
Noah’s time after the flood minus 300 years
Adams birth to the end of the flood 6,719 years
One Day to God as a thousand to man literal value
One year to God is for man 365,000 years
Patriarch’s before flood literal conversion x 6,719 years
Time with Petrine literal conversion 2,453, 235,000 years

2,453,235,000 years before Christ’s human birth is rather close to the geological, scientific time scale hypothesis of the creation of life on Earth in the Proterozoic era. The oldest life on Earth was considered by evolutionary biologists perhaps to
be cyanobacteria.

All (u)'whoman' knowledge is contained within the Universe that is contained within God. Some may to put up and knock down straw man arguments, or use ad hominems and other logical fallacies in order to attack the realms of absolute spirit and so forth. If one wishes to give them credit for good intentions and speculate that they art misled by other worldly or wrong ideas about the Bible and of God, one may do so though risking extending social credit too far possibly.

Good science is a process of learning. C.S. Peirce, inventor of pragmatism, believed scientific thought needed to have practical value. Some such as Smolin have written at length about the problems with the scientific method in super-string theory, in that testable, falsifiable hypotheses seldom arise. I think that engineering of scientific and mathematical knowledge has the potential for much malleability, of innumerable transformations of structural relations of mass and energy. Philosophically however the rash application of technique can be viewed as potential harmful.

Seldom are scientific ideas adequately reviewed by society before their application. We experience the complete incompetence of drilling offshore for oil in what is essentially a vulnerable food production area of the planet comprising 7/10ths of the planetary surface area, of Minimata chemical tragedies along with those of Bhopal.

Christians may fairly be skeptical about worldliness, yet J. Vernon McGee (I believe) said that the worldliness Christians are warned of is that of the cosmos, or the cosmopolitan community of mankind that is as inflammatory and unstable, oppressive and cruel simultaneously as all of the worst extremes of human history from Sodom and Gomorrah to Auschwitz and the Killing Fields of Cambodia, Rwanda, and so forth.

Christians hope to follow the Word of God and pursue enlightenment and salvation through the grace of the Spirit. Some wonder what the spirit is, or believe paradoxically in nothing except the formation of present quarks, dimensional strings and their changing forms.

One must be reserved in speculating about the meaning or meaninglessness of concatenations of strings of one dimension struck from a unified all dimensions phenomenality such that after a reduction into light speed and physical law parameters the dimensions create myriad different particles, atomic, chemical and spatio-temporal configurations inclusive of the living process we call life.

Life and spirit are things of God. One's poverty of faith and reasoning may bring one to find various mutually exclusive and exhaustive relationships where none exist including that of scientific inquiry and faith in God. I think that is a tragedy since the phenomenal nature and temporal phase-form of life viewed perhaps by those well--educated in quantum mechanical cosmology may have much in common with the Biblical point of view regarding the brevity of life expressed by Solomon and in Ecclesiastes.

-from the King James version

"13Happy is the man that findeth wisdom, and the man that getteth understanding.
14For the merchandise of it is better than the merchandise of silver, and the gain thereof than fine gold.
15She is more precious than rubies: and all the things thou canst desire are not to be compared unto her.
16Length of days is in her right hand; and in her left hand riches and honour.
17Her ways are ways of pleasantness, and all her paths are peace.
18She is a tree of life to them that lay hold upon her: and happy is every one that retaineth her.
19The LORD by wisdom hath founded the earth; by understanding hath he established the heavens.
20By his knowledge the depths are broken up, and the clouds drop down the dew."

Design Parameters for A Better Notebook Computer for the Poor

The next notebook for the poor should cost $100 or less

2) Be waterproof and encased in plexiglass

3) Have solar voltaic charging panels on the back

4) Have a touch sensitive keyboard with little cup-indentations for fingertips

5) Have an external battery attached with twin magnets to an electro-magnetic field shaped to input electricity

6) Have a very short range (1/4'' ) wireless transmission data input-output to thumb drive storage instead of a USB port

7) Have no USB ports or any other sort of opening to let in watter or dust

8) The lcd screen could go under the transparent keyboard as well as in a space at top for text.

9) Should weigh less than 2 pounds when battery isn't attached.

10) Processor speed should be at least 3G, and wireless transmitter/receiver long range and short-range

1993 Democratic Congress Retarded U.S. High-Energy Physics and Set Future Economy Waning

When the U.S. Congress cancelled construction of the SSC project in 1993 during the Clinton administration it capped long-range U.S. leadership in particle physics research. The eleven billion dollar particle accelerator was a Reagan-era challenged that was given up on by Democrat politicians.

The Waxahachie Texas 87 mile superconductor may have nettled profit takers in the Democratic majority Congress because it was an obvious continuity of high-tech republican leadership into an era when gaying up the military and outsourcing jobs to China were big on the political agenda. The Democratic waning of special Texas science projects coincided with the rise of flam finance, mortgage trading and Wall Street flummery and eventually the present economic collapse. It would be appropriate to immediately vote to restore science in the national budget and build the Ronald Reagan Moon Base with full funding taken from the Iraq and Afghanistan extraction industry protracted lackey nation building boondoggles.

The Obama administration cancelled another Republican high tech project-the planned return to the moon of U.S. astronauts in a ditch a Texas political lead effort (G.W.H. Bush) like that of the earlier 1993 democratic-led U.S. Congress. The consequences of killing long range U.S. big science projects may be to make the U.S.A. a stumbling, reactionary, ineffective at leadership nation of small science followers struggling to top-kill tampons on Gulf oil spills for several months or years (when at least 90% containment should be achieved) along with sundry unforeseen scienceand technology failures.

I suggest that the U.S. Congress restore both projects, combining them with immediate design funding to build a very large particle accelerator on the moon exploiting its low temperature for super-conducting. The United States government should become more intelligent and innovate ways to combine several different missions in one project. The moon base and Constellation plus heavy lift system should create a lunar science and physics research facility along with a high-tech electro-magnetic transportation line to move personnel. Robotic tunneling machines, solar photon capture and production locally of select technology should be packaged in a project methodology including housing. Low temperature superconductors attached above ground on the slopes of very large craters in perennial low temperatures could be innovated at lower cost than those of present high-energy particle physics research facilities on Earth.

The United States should not acquiesce in worldly economic failures and a backward-looking operations ideology war-heavy set against foreign ‘small peoples’ in large numbers. It is better to defend the U.S.A., proximally at the borders and invest abroad in peaceful economic interventions than the social horror and virtual economic hallucination of modern high-tech war. Of all the possible scenarios for historical development to choose from-an ability a powerful nation often has, it is desirable to select optimal, utopian kinds of actualizations rather than dystopian, profligate and environmentally deleterious. Stupidity is perhaps the reason why choices in foreign policy are limited to just a few frequently. Like the U(1) SU(2) rotational axis of physics, political imaginary space may have an infinite number, rather than just a few, possible courses of action that may be brought into being.

Transformative political paradigms may be represented in Hilbert space as well as quantum mechanics. If there is one thing that might be learned from superstring theory and Lie groups that might be usefully applied to the formulation of U.S. foreign policy, it is the point that the perceptual challenges are interactively configured with personal epistemology and though paradigm constructions that can always be improved or even transformed without losing a desired identity or constant value.

An advancing civilization with new global demographic and resource challenges cannot simply continue along economic lines forged in historically different circumstances when the global resources to continue those inefficient methods no longer prevail. With billions more people on Earth today than formerly consuming far more resources and polluting the finite planetary ecosystem incessantly a transition to a higher civilization with simplified supporting structures appropriate for the demographic facts is necessary.

The surface of the Earth is heavily scarred and exploited by us human life forms. We are devastating other life on Earth creating a mass extinction of other species and even affecting the atmospheric temperature. Oil, coal, nuclear, hydroelectric and other energy production technologies are leaving vast and harmful primary and secondary effects. Billions of people more want the ‘benefits’ of such economic technologies that presently do not have access to them—and that is bad news for the health of all life on Earth including human beings. Constructing roads, bridges, dams and pipelines in the present era continues technologies deleterious for the future health of the world’s people. More advanced, efficient technologies of a simpler, less harmful displacing insinuation into the living world ecostructure are required for progress now. Breaking with the inertia of actualized technologies in a transformative progress is exceedingly challenging for political reasons.

A simplified planetary geothermal energy infrastructure of well design deep-mined thermal heating energy corridors to collect Earth heat for electrical production of steam and wind turbines could be created to eliminate all the other previously mentioned technologies of producing electricity. Excellent, low cost, energy efficient housing designs should become zoned into law along with a no-net-loss of biota principle. Economic theory needs rectification to advocate for environmental health as a fundamental goal. Minimum income for all and a free planetary transportation infrastructure should be created while strong national boundary controls are reinforced to keep order in economic and social construction. Business needs to adapt to become a more like science research projects. Business research may be conducted, but business development would need to be screened, reviewed and selected for social and environmental value before being allowed to go ahead. An advanced economy needs to recognize implicitly the significant effects upon the health of the world ecosystem of all real-world developments and democratically elect the most useful projects from amidst a competition of projects for selection.

If the needs of all citizens for adequate food, shelter, clothing and privacy are met through economic rationalism, and economics advances to the support of volunteer and private liberty time for investment in restoration of the world environment, pursuit of learning and health as lifetime activities of a normal kind. Local agriculture of an organic kind should receive public political support. Kimbell’s ‘Fatal Harvest’ details some of the problems with the present industrial agriculture totalization of food production.

It may be possible to politically attain maturity beyond the venal and ideological denunciations of cooperative political review of economic reality as socialistic or capitalistic. All matter is a kind of ‘capital’ that may be formed or transformed into various uses. The most efficient social economy is one in which basic needs of all citizens are met at a satisfactory level, and with the liberty then granted for free time, research into most optimal business or scientific developments are pursued as a kind of art activity in-itself.

These are not unrealistic or unattainable social changes. In fact they are necessary if the ad hoc yet interminable reduction of the health of the finite global ecosystem are to be stopped and reversed in order that quality human life may continue.

With population stabilization and aging global populations a low maintenance energy infrastructure is highly desirable, along with transportation. The elderly with secure housing and high tech communications and artificial intelligence in health monitoring and diagnostic software should reduce the need for much labor in home health care. With adequate universal food production and housing quality and security for the aged and all people more free time and work will be available for scientific and business research. Democratic selection of business proposals that will best materially advance the nation and world interests will be active phenomena.

Citizens will be free to acquire capital and buy products, yet no citizen should have more than 20 times the capital of the most poor. The basic social capital would become something like a right to actualize ideas in material form when basic economic needs are met for all. Inventors with accumulated social capital would have a better opportunity to actualize their proposals, yet not too much better, for it is a democracy after all.

The social theory held over from a Darwinian-Spenserian past that competition for-itself confers the right to victimize other humans and the environment is a sort of legitimization of economic cannibalism in the modern world. Large science projects such as the Orion-Constellation moon program and Super-Duper Super Conductors on the moon need to go ahead even while the usual economic messes of potage are made on Earth with unnecessary protracted wars for economic reasons and vast oil and chemical pollution continue. If the Arctic Ocean has offshore oil wells to match those of the Gulf of Mexico all the world’s fisheries and marine health will be in an industrial pincer’s lock of death. The next war that attacks and looses those oil wells could set a lake of fire to burning along with beaches and marshes flambeau.

The U.S. government seems like a government unconcerned about the long-range ecological and economic security of the people of the United States. It seems to support a disposable business product phenomenalization that reapportions political power internationally through economic methodology. The U.S. Government should at least make the Arctic Ocean and oil development free ocean through international treaty in order that at least one clean ocean will exist on Earth for a time. Water flowing north through the Bering Strait with contaminates might be filtered in theory, while the Greenland currents tend to flow south.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Develop Geothermal Power in U.S.A. for Energy Independence & Desalinization of Seawater for Mexican Boundary Canal

Geothermal power draws upon the extreme heat from the interior of the Earth for energy that could be 3000 to 5000 degrees Celsius. States such as Alaska and California could supply one hundred percent of their electrical power needs from construction of advanced geothermal power stations below the surface of the Earth.

The United States of America had 3,086 megawatts of geothermal power capacity in 2010, the potential power is far higher.

Extending unemployment benefits until the November election, a catastrophic Gulf of Mexico oil wellhead rupture that flows on for months, decades of millions of illegal aliens entering the U.S.A. from Mexico, twin foreign extraction industry resource wars that cost trillions running on for a decade in Iraq and Afghanistan—these are discouraging facts that make the packing of the U.S. Supreme Court with the Harvard Alumni Association pale in comparison. We find Federal incompetence discouraging. Geothermal power is one way the government could do something right theoretically.

Mining and drilling techniques are easily capable of reaching very hot temperatures two or three miles down. Instead of relying upon natural geothermal vent extrusions to the planetary surface, public utilities could employ mining and energy engineers to design deep tunnel water and air heating systems to convert seawater into steam for power turbines, or in Alaska to power large wind generators placed in tunnels exploiting loop circuits of wind created by the temperature differences between the old outside air temperature and the very hot temperature deep below the Earth. Needless to say, the air would be completely renormalized to the ambient air temperature before release in order not to add to global warming.

The interior of the Earth is several thousand degrees in temperature, and with careful design hundreds of miles of hot water and steam or hot air tunnels could be built to provide environmentally clean energy of a renewable kind. Such structures might also be used to desalinate seawater in California.

One should encourage the governments that are inactive presently in pursuit of a mass exploitation of safe structures of geothermal power (not inclined to create avenues of extrusions for volcanism) to do so. It is a reasonable domestic energy source available with some work, energy and investment of intention for national energy independence.

On Western Religion and Science/History

I consider science to be less than philosophical today, unlike in the era of the enlightenment. String theory has predominated for about thirty years, and writers such as Woit and Smolin have been critical about the sociology of science of recent times. This global corporate era demands conformity and immorality upon all including scientists-individual thought is rather derided and pure materialism along with crass social power over 'the small people' is demanded.

I had some ideas about parameters of cosmology that fit a little with philosophy. Philosophical thought about cosmology today may be a way of thinking about making selections amidst a zillion theories and considering how each might select ontology, world-view, teleology, significance , meaning and so forth.

This is an example of a cosmological concern.

Double Special Relativity I and II are newer ways of applying the special theory of relativity. There may be a minimum constant as well as a maximum constant (the speed of light). I am not very knowledgeable about either, yet with a minimum and maximum scale relativity takes on a different context not just physically,but philosophically.

I simply wonder about the phenomena of existence as a circumstance given by God, with the backdrop of theories about construction of the universe.

My hope is that in some future insight I will have a better idea of how relativity theory parameters cohere with a construction of one-dimensional units underlying everything--especially if there are minimum planck length constants that would seem necessarily to be at least one-direction limits rather than isotropic. We can infer that fact at least with the speed of light, since cosmologists speculate that faster than light inflation of the universe occurred at Time=O. The accelleration may have been infinite to start with for a fraction of a second until decellerating to sub-light speed--and that must have been a heck of a jolt for any passengers on board.

So what about religion and science? Religion is about transcendent affairs with a requirement for a little metaphysical faith. Science may exploit intuition for a fell swoop conceptualization of the unknown aspects of universal phenomena, yet that is a dissimilar activity from general religious activity, and of course we cannot reasonably lump together all varieties of religious experience.

Science is specialized while philosophy is generalized. Specialized data may support general theory, yet generalities are not as readily falsifiable as are special theories. Religions may represent immanent and transcending categories of meaning and fact irreducible to testable hypotheses.

It is worth considering that the French revolution was against an old regime that included conservative church property holding more like feudalism and aristocracy possessions than not. The political and social history of society is different than the consideration of the veracity of particular concepts of religion--of the truth of Jesus Christ in particular.

Jesus Christ in the parable of the sower explains to a crowd about receiving the word of God, and if the meaning 'sticks'. Then His disciple asked him what the parable meant. Jesus explained that he spoke in parables in order that those listening might not understand, and then explained the parable to the disciples. Our Lord seemed somewhat sarcastic I think, as he was talking to the dolts (strikethrough that), the 'small people' who are human beings without an oil company free to pollute the oceans. Two thousand years of retrospect and somewhat more comfortable circumstances make The Lord's brevity and clarification appear strikingly effective.

Jesus explained the meaning of the parable to the disciple completely. Providing the correct level of implicit meaning to mortal man at the right intellectual level must have been a little challenging,or at least it would have been for a human instructor.

Elements of the historical evolution of science through the enlightenment toward a different time paradigm than that held by the ancien regime and their co-religionists of conservative catholicism of the era may be considered. Science and democratic politics sought an objective or perhaps 'fair' social basis without special privilege for hereditary classes or beliefs. Thus the heritage of bias against religion by scientists associated with the overturning of pre-revolutionary political circumstances developed an atheistic inertia for-itself. Delimiting right realms of civil rights for the new social boundaries of individualism would be difficult and continue to the present era when homosexual efforts for hegemony over heterosexual institutions would overturn natural reason for itself in an effort to make the helium reverse radiation to yield hydrogen or deuterium in effect--neither the direction of time nor the nature of sexuality as isotropic in structural composition.

The land holdings and sociological facts of that time and since have little or no relationship to the objective nature of the truth of the Bible or of objective enquires of reason. Yet that point was one of the main points such as Rousseau and Kant held that differed with the three classes of pre-revolutionary French society.

The authority of royalty was held to be absolute, and the commoners were considered blessed to be ignorant and encouraged to remain so. The oppression of would be authorities can be extreme. The will to power may be intense and pervasive as minorities express the desire to rule without consent as many subjects as they may acquire.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Democrats Reformed Health Care For The Advantage Of Economic Insiders

The national health care structure foisted upon the nation in March of this year seemingly created a gerrymandering of implicitly biased health care convolutions structured to strip the poor of health care coverage. With a patchwork of health coverage systems varying in differing states and localities, the poor struggling worker moving across state lines in search of work to afford food, boots and books finds that he not only is ineligible for a local library card as a homeless person, but that the Oregon, Washington or California health care coverage is designed to be as intransigent as the legal bar requirements for an attorney to practice law has placed the invisible shield of proprietary advantage against him. The health care systems of the states are designed to serve advantaged local citizens. The poor are lint or trash largely excluded from the establishment eligibility of the advantaged. The Roman Empire in France made the same kinds of errors during its decadent phase in making its Transalpine Gaul haciendas comfort zones disregarding the external reality of things. The Romans had of course many servants from the internal proletariat.

The poor may find themselves in today’s urban-suburban interface to have few avenues of egress for avoiding the concentrating snares of control placed by advantaged economic insiders. If the poor are not welcome inside the economy they are inevitable processed out through a variety of means including overlapping modalities of concentration, labeling and eventual deletion.

In the Alaska city of Anchorage this year several poor homeless people living in the city’s abundant semi-wild parks froze to death. The compassionate conservativism of the Mayor and city responded by making camping in city parks illegal. During cold late winter weather the poor in homeless camps were given four hours notice before their belongings were seized and destroyed. Because of an A.C.L.U. lawsuit, the notice requirement before eviction was raised up to two weeks more or less. The poor are not simply inebriates though. In a city such as Anchorage with the totalization of theoretical places a poor or broke worker might physically exist to sleep limited to zero places legally outside of concentrating facilities downtown in a very deleterious environment regarding personal privacy, the advantaged have again created structures anisotropically to their own advantage and total power.

The body of an unidentified individual was reported to have been found today someplace in the city of Anchorage’s cardboard recycling facility. It is quite likely that after the homeless camps were raised, ostensibly so they would not freeze to death, that some homeless person sought in vain for new cardboard to build a new survival shelter before the cold overtook his life. Such configurations of public policy to the advantage of economic insiders and non-service to the poor force the poor to fall though the gaps of a health care system designed for the middle class and wealthy.

The poor may be homeless and travel to find employment—often temporary. The poor may comprise a de facto caste system element in America finding that the advantaged consistently deny the opportunity for employment security. Social traits of aggression and dishonesty of such advantage in today’s entry-level corporate world may be characteristics lacking in many of the poor. The health care system is another deficit producing utility for the advantaged, while the poor must even barter property if they have it to afford to pay for basic work-related injuries.

The advantaged in the Boston-Harvard-DC axis of iniquity have forced a corrupt leavening of homosexuality upon many corporate and Internet employment paradigms to cull those opinions of dissent. The Harvard-DC concepts of health care allow illegal immigrants from Mexico admission to the United States to take jobs away from the nation’s poor workers. The Boston-Harvard-DC axis of iniquity invariably caves in to economically advantaged pleas to let in illegal workers to ‘do the jobs Americans won’t. Such iniquity allows the perennial destruction of labor scarcity and better employment prospects for the nation’s poor as a surfeit of Mexicans trample over the labor side of the labor-employer wage negotiation value relation.

The poor of the United States thus remain career outsiders in a caste system created by the political economy of the advantaged insiders of the Harvard-Boston-DC axis of iniquity sucking up to corporate globalism, outsourcing of jobs, insourcing of illegal aliens and totalization of the urban-suburban cores of the nation along with electronic control of health records, police records, charity records and employment records. Like a game of musical chairs in which the poor are perennial losers, the insiders also do not acquire labels of disadvantage as they sit as insiders comfortably in adequately compensated positions. Time passes.

What the axis of iniquity should have done was to create a national health service for the poor that are not of retirement age. To keep costs down that service would provide just basic medical services such as might result from on-the-job injuries. Basic treatment such as repair of broken legs, hernias, head injuries, infected blisters and so forth are easy to diagnose and correct. Nation wide health services for the poor on a rational, measured basis would cover the vast majority of medical services required. Catastrophic injuries or illnesses of the poor not of Medicare coverage age would need directed toward different solutions and would require alternative public policy innovations.

If medical coverage of perhaps the poorest 10% of Americans could be delivered at low cost-even if the coverage isn’t for everything but just perhaps 80% of medical problems the poor experience, it would be much better and cost effective than the ongoing development of an implicitly biased health care and social structure determined to destroy individualism and inhumanize the poor in order that the advantaged might receive better reports from their manager; Satan.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Colorado Flees to Join Pac-10, Other Mid-West and Atlantic States May Follow

I am somewhat amazed by the decision of Colorado to join the Pac-10, yet Americans are famously bad at geography. Texas, Texas Tech, Texas A&M, Oklahoma State and Oklahoma may also move to the west coast or the Pacific 10 league.

The Pac 10 leadership has failed to bring in Miami (of Florida). That would be a good recruiting prospect as more mid-continent and Atlantic states want to get as far away as possible from deficit spending policies of the East Coast (by default) at Washington D.C., or the BP oil infusion of the Gulf of Mexico.

The trouble began when Arizona and Arizona State were allowed to join the Pac-8 several years ago. The federal government has since allowed Arizona to be flooded by illegal Mexican citizens, as well as Texas and Oklahoma--how could those state's Universities not want to move to the left coast (viewed from Mexico)?

Alaska and British Columbia are also good states or provinces some distance removed from the District of Columbia. Sheldon Jackson College (closed a few years ago) at Sitka Alaska is still for sale as an Iowa University decided to opt out of making a purchase. Some of these ocean-challenged mid-American colleges may decide to buy into the Alaska league or even the International league for football travel locations.

Reasonably, the Dallas Cowboys should not be in the NFC East, but in a Mid-American league that also rightly should include schools such as Colorado, alternatively a mostly landlocked southern and mid-American league might be formed profitably with Arizona, Texas and Oklahoma and Colorado if they could be induced move away from the Pacific league.

On the Corrupt Foreign & Domestic Policy of the U.S. Government

The United States Government provides a special lack of leadership for world development toward a more utopian rather than dystopian direction. Yes special race mobility across borders and political power lines may be crossed, and of course gender lines transcended too in more ways than one, yet can we say that the United States isn't just becoming traditionally decadent?
While NPR and employed federal politicians are happier than flies in manure with foreign wars and pathos to report on, could alternative and intelligent directions be taken besides interminable nation building ala the Republic of Vietnam? Can the U.S. Government really be so stupid as to repeat that recent historical failure (yes!)? Would it really spend billions and billions to create a perennial civil war in a Muslim country so braggart pilots and drone bombers can have something to target? Does the Ivy League and yuppie artificial point of view require poor people always to blast to help or in Boston just confiscate earnings so homosexuals can wear the uniform in Gay Pride Parades?

The axes of human original sin take special weapons development to extremes. World competition to produce the best teams in sports or weapons developments globally requires individuals to dump blasts upon. Fortunately the original Al Qa'eda bargain basement box cutter assault squad has helped the rich find a way to spend an anticipated future public debt of 10 to 13 trillion dollars in perennial defense against the uncertain terrorist cells that are really training in today's foreign universities and perhaps Harvard as well.

For one dollar a foreign terrorist designer genius can buy a nice college ruled notebook and write up a hundred excellent terrorist mission procedures against U.S. targets. The designer can write up ten or a hundred such notebooks, distribute them to independent, unaffilliated cells and then retire from terrorism to resume work as a PhD in some corporation or government agency. The United States can respond to the first successful terrorist mission with another trillion or two of conventional military spending, and further transfer wealth to foreign corporations while American are given public debt owned by the Chinese Communist Party, Japan, Europeans, India and God knows who else.

The U.S. Government can make a second or third world nation out of the working class and poor, yet flood the nation with illegal aliens to keep wages down and cheap profits for corporations up. Then again, the 'defense' industry can produce a cornucopia of new weapons systems to use against poor people and rebellious working class people in first world nations eventually such as the U.S.A. should the people become restive with the foreign investments instead of national development. The U.S. Government and corporatist supervisors can keep a balance in weapons development such that no new technology dominates and revolutionizes the entire weapons manufacturing industry harmfully.

If a myriad new floating, stealthy, invisible air-to-air floating anti-aircraft platforms wear created to fire comparatively cheap rockets at very expensive aircraft for total air denial--that would be harmfully to the 50 million dollar and up fighter plane industry. If poor nations were able to afford high quality, cheap, anti-personnel robotic or remote control 'suicide' bomber platforms able to stalk soldiers, infiltrate bases and neutralize the effectiveness of many contemporary military concept structures, that just would be right would it? So the poor rather than the prosperous must always be the targets of the U.S. Government in unnecessary foreign engagements. The corrupt must rule those military juntas willing to play the role of democratic heroes, and religions that descry homosexual Defense establishment must be co-opted if the U.S. Government is to form a genuine global, depraved evil empire.

Well, it might not be that bad. The U.S. Government if destroyed could be replaced by one without a history of moving for depravity, treason, environmental corruption and disregard for human decency, security and individual rights. Yet that fiction scenario is unlikely to occur, and so those Americans that wish for a different approach to foreign and domestic policy built more on armed neutrality, strongly enforced border defense, ecological recovery, elimination of public debt and secure jobs with a minimum income for all U.S. citizens will need to look elsewhere than for the bolt of Thor to hurl vaporization upon the clave of corporate and federal bureaucrats from on high.

Perennial war upon the world's poor is a bad U.S. federal habit. National defense against terrorists can be accomplished with better spook and security work domestically and abroad. Investments in both U.S. ecological economics and full employment procedures at home and abroad would be a far better policy than the idiot media entertainment dullard's perpetuation of foreign government sponsorship. The U.S. Government cannot even do a competent job in the U.S.A.--how can nit hope to do so in central Asia? AS soon as the borrowed money reallocation is stopped, the more usual states of affairs will return. The U.S. Government could have de frapped the Taliban's tolerance for al Qa'eda through other means than war--they are simply too stupid to search for alternative means. Defense Secretary Gates should be fired a.s.a.p. obviously, yet the O'bomber is too busy sympathizing with the 50 or hundred billion gallons of oil released in the Gulf, and advocating for illegal immigration 'reform' instead of stoppage.
The President needs a more creative staff to innovate leading new ecological economic and defense policies that don't suck if this nation is to move ahead.

Regarding Philosophy and Abstract Art

I have been reading a history of the enlightenment and discovered several ideas presented differently than I had previously regarded them. The author went over the Romantic Movement and considered how that developed in opposition to reason. With much of the secularism and transition away from a more Platonic realist regime because of science and political advances that beset the continent of Europe in the 18th century it was rather natural that Rousseau, Coleridge and Kant arose as writers with opinions not at all reliant upon authority. The author of the book I read found Kant's thought about mind and morals to be apposite to the secularized approach of Rousseau.

It is the secularized or even existential paradigm in which Kant develops his Critique of Pure Reason and Critique of Practical Reason that is rather remarkable. The categorical imperative as a naturally inductable universal moral law does not of course rely upon hierarchical, revealed or political authority. Rousseau believed one should follow one's heart as a moral footing. That approach led to troubles in later politics, yet so does the alternative of detached intellectualism with particular object oriented goals.

Kant and the Romantics found morality and reason to be a little different than we might today. Yet I think that today perhaps we moderns do not reason as deeply as either Rousseau or Kant in the nature of mind, or of how emotion comprises an element of reason and morality.

It was in the author's description of Kant's term 'noumenon' that I found that my previous notion of the meaning of the term simply incorrect. I wonder if the author's term of use paradigm may have been incorrect rather than mine, yet I think not, for it does serve a salient philosophical purpose especially as regards art.

The author did in particular describes a critical transitional phase in the historical development of modern art that formed during the evolution from naive realism and philosophical realism to that of abstract thought about the natural world. The author (I can't recall his name presently or the actual title of the book--he was a Cambridge scholar) pointed out Picasso's approach to painting the natural world as an example of how modern artist might view the relationship between thought and perception... That is where I should return to Kant's concept of the nomumenal.

In the philosophical field of epistemology the Kantian categories of perception are fundamental for a significant portion of philosophical thought then and subsequently. From Schopenhaur's neo-Kantian pessimism to Empiricism and even perhaps Strawson and Quine there has been a search for the classification of what is perceived, what is perceived phenomenally, and what is subjectively added to percepts with thought or reason. The author regarded Kant's term noumenon as applying to self-awareness and sentience perceptions of the sensations (of the natural world). The things perceived are phenomenal, while the phenomenology of mind (no relationship to Hegel here) is noumenal.

I had made the error for some time of believing that the noumenal applied to those things that are things-in-themselves or things-for-themselves...The unknown and unknowable deeper realities beyond the phenomenality of things perceived. I regarded the noumenal as 'exterior' things belonging to reality of which we saw or heard a superficial surface appearance as phenomenality. The author on the other hand, regarded the noumenal as an interior experience of mind. Because mind can think, and does, the noumenal is a different perception than the plainly phenomenal and more--the noumenal is capable of a tremendous range of analytical thought. Some of that analytical thought may be found inn abstract art that implicitly recognizes the profound differences between naive phenomenalist percepts and the interior, noumenal phenomenology of mind.

Without self-awareness, the phenomenal realm is not even recognized. Slave devices such as cameras have no cognizance of the find snapshots they capture to provide for the use of sentient awareness. Art can have tremendous value to philosophers as a means of sketching or surveying interior and exterior relations of ontology. Art may provide methods of expressing phenomenalities of mind and experience in-itself. Art may be a tool for exploring that noumenal fact of conscious experience that shapes and conforms, liberates and sets aside, what can be known of space-time and being.

God has created the noumenon and the phenomenon, I have faith to believe. Nature in a sense is itself a great work of philosophical art, though of tremendous meaning as a challenge for the soul.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

The Egdoppler Takeover (a science fiction short story)

The Egdoppler Takeover
All rights reserved

Since the piracy of one’s personal image became ubiquitous, there were those that set themselves the task of constructing personal visual face screening devices that could be powered with garment solar weave and power storage. Julius Egdoppler was the successful inventor of an electronic photon-bending field to make photography of one’s urban face impossible without consent. Millions of people sought to recover the personal privacy of an earlier age. In thousands of urban areas the blurred ‘Egdopplerface’ became a routine sight. Overnight Egdoppler became another of the world’s high tech billionaires. The face image-screening device was not his final project.

At age 38 Egdoppler moved offshore from Redondo Beach to a concrete dwelling ten miles offshore on the floor of the Pacific Ocean. From his dome laboratory he moved covertly into synthetic life physical interfaces with robotic and nano-composite structure ready-mix. In a few months of bringing together his ideas, the materials were broadcast worldwide and ready for use.

All of the brains were wired in a serial order for a maximally efficient computing array. Overnight a fast acting synthetic virus downloaded the human species into perpetual somnolence bordering upon coma. Scuttlebots connected such fallen humans where they lay with fiber-optic cables to the worldwide web taken over by Julius Egdoppler Inc and his human enhanced imaginative computing human serial processing unit.

Julius Egdoppler was a creative genius who had grown impatient in waiting for the progress of computer technical capability to reach human levels of dreaming and creative synthesis. Each human mind has trillions of synaptic connections and creative synthesis of the real world environment of sensation. Waiting for computer to develop sentience equal to that of humans was unacceptable for Julius. He needed the human race’s brain computation potential now in order to discover what new things could be discovered. Through his enslavement of human brains for his advanced computing projects, Julius Egdoppler would unlock the secrets of the Universe.

First things first. Just Los Angeles had six million viable salvaged human brains wired into his computing network. All of those former souls required biological maintainence, and scuttlebutts connected them to IV drips of synthetic nutrition. Eventually the bodies would be allowed to atrophy, after the human neural computing network discovered methods to isolate the brains in a healthy way while allowing the bodies to rot away in place. The brains might readily be encapsulated in neo-gel protein plexicases with advanced quantum computing circuitry through nano-technology infusion.

In the first two nights of human brain salvage in the United States 240 million bodies with conserved brains were brought into the Egdoppler Inc neural network. Eurasia yielded more than two billion more with the rest of the world providing brains for free computing power too. While chemical and nuclear plants broke down creaking global poisons, the scuttlebutt production facilities following custom Egdoppler designs increased the production of five basic forms of scuttlebutt required for the salvation of the human species as bio-stabilized slave computing units.

In most instances fine everwear webs were spun to encase the bodies of the brain processing units. These brains in the meanwhile were hard at work in a perennial rem sleep of dreaming for maximal work production. Given instructive suggestions, their minds were probed for content and neural circuits mapped. Synthetic duplication of their data contents formed with synthetic R.N.A. models of synaptic connections and arrays. The doubling of brain-mind computing or thought use by the twinned synthetic computing logic units would enhance eventual cluster mapping of thought processing of problems. For each human neural history had it’s own developmental historical programming traits that were unique programs formed through biological inheritance, experience and will. Julius Egdoppler’s plan was to exploit all of these billions of unique methods of problem solving to to solve the big questions he had to ask.

In several months Egdoppler had most of the former human minds and brains conditioned to using their maximum intellectual potential. The parallel processing capability of so many human brains was awesome-more than the contributing super-computers also wired into his network. The time arrived when he asked his network the three big questions.

Tapping on his computer keyboard, he posed the first question;

‘Why wouldn’t Shiela Liblosky go to the prom with me’?

Then he rapidly set in question two;

“How much does the Universe weigh?’

Followed quickly by the third question;

“Did Babe Ruth hate the Red Sox after he was sold like a cheap horse?”

The human neural network communicated globally with all of its translation and organizational capability for several minutes. An infinite number of answers were produced, and artfully at that.

The computer then died, before disclosing to Julius Egdoppler, what the answers were.

President Obama's Environmental Record Tarred and Feathered By BP Gulf Of Mexico Oil Blow-out

With a 24 hour surface capture rate of 15,000 barrels of oil in a 24 hour period since the recovery cap was placed after about 50 days of unchecked flow, it may be reasonable to extrapolate that a minimum of 20,000 barrels per day of 50 gallon barrels have escaped into the Gulf of Mexico since the escapement was allowed to occur. That means that 50 million to 350 million gallons of crude oil (was it light sweet crude?) has been released so far since the busted wellhead blow-out enabler was accomplished. That sure tars and feathers President Obama's environmental safety record. He needs political dispersants equal to that of BP in propaganda recovery tactics now.

The long range effect upon the Gulf of Mexico and world fishery is incalculable. One wonders watch catches of deep, crude oil and 'dispersant' chemicals will travel upon the world's deep ocean currents and swirl to the cold depths on even 10,000 year cycles toward the Bering Strait and Arctic Ocean?

How many parts per million in ocean water does one hundred million gallons of crude oil dispersed produce?

It will be more difficult with good conscious to eat Gulf of Mexico seafood products the next three decades at least with the significant possibility of untested contamination in various fish or bottom dwellers that have encountered caches of contaminants. Certainly the U.S. food and drug inspection is only spotty, while the new BP contaminants will be spotty as well, or even randomized in the turbulence of deep ocean currents and upwelling.

We would have been happier if the President of the United States had acted early to sap the busted wellhead at depth with Bangalore torpedoes a half mile down to permanently seal off the well. The President is the Chief Executive Officer rather than the Chief Litigation officer, yet the difference in roles seems to have escaped Mr. Obama on this one issue. Well, at least we are assured that the residual escaping few thousands barrels per oil per day will be halted at least in a few months.

If the sapping and sealing of oil wells had been tested at the BP well it should have been a proven technique for future mass disasters when they occur, instead of just a neglected theory. There is another concern though, that might be more fitting for bureaucrats to address on oil contamination disposal and that is the sequestration at a depth of a mile and a half of polluted liquids in sand formations. If that water travels in various currents, it may eventually reach such a depth offshore and escape into the ocean from whence it first journeyed from the BP wellhead. The deep subsurface mapping of warmer earth layers is perhaps not perfect and may allow for upwelling and other forms of convection--why should such a pervasive applied risk be accepted as another normal byproduct of an idiot oil industrial cult that should not need to overproduce in order to power fossil fuel engines. Why waste perfect good lubricants on production of motion of wheeled box-carts? Why not develop a variety of high tech individual and mass human and freight motivator technologies for immediate national development to eliminate the fossil fuel powered vehicle for good?

Monday, June 07, 2010

U.S. Government Domestic Policy Is More Bad Than Good on Many Issues

President Obama’s choice of a National Security Intelligence Director may give one cause to wonder. Will the enemies of the United States believe Obama is giving the U.S. Intelligence community ‘the clap’ Mr. Clapper may have been a bell ringer under Defense Secretary Gates, yet he is lucky to have the chance to leave Defense before the openly Gay military policy is enacted, if Republicans cannot find some way to prevent that openly sinful policy.

In Afghanistan the U.S.A. has a spend hundreds of billions of dollars of borrowed money policy to give the brother of a heroin supply grower time to cut a deal with the Taliban to govern so we can retreat with peace with honor before the country returns to chaos. Afghanistan is a large Muslim nation that we cannot convert into a nation of big screen t.v. watching couch potatoes overnight. If we spend trillions there to make muslims give up their beliefs and love a homosexual military themselves, and women with abortion kits in their handbags, it will cost many billions of dollars annually for a decade or two while we may have more pressing places to bomb.

U.S. policy should be more conservative on foreign occupations—bomb if we must, but do not occupy nations for long and waste trillions of dollars like drunken sailors with stock in the defense munitions industry.

Immunodeficiencies in the intelligence community were a cause for the success of the Al Qa’eda attack on the Pentagon that killed so many naval personnel. Richard Clarke’s warnings were ignored as were others. Instead of conventional military responses to what are fundamentally intelligence and border control issues, we should have just had a just say no to illegal immigration policy, developed a K.G.B. first directorate quality intolerance for illegal immigration, hijacking of airplanes or legal immigration of terrorists through bad airport screening, and developed better spy agencies and relationships with foreign intelligence services. The conventional military response was and is largely incompetent and ineffectual.

After we leave Iraq, a coup d’etat may bring another Saddam Hussein into office. In Afghanistan, the sheer mass of Asian numbers of Muslims and population demographics preclude U.S. protracted political control. This nation ought not continue a support the dictator kind of policy especially now that the cost of doing so has reached a level that is nearly self-destructive. Such a stupid policy has destroyed other nations before in history. There is nothing wrong with using good political intelligence and experiencing general national prosperity. Us poor Americans appreciate times of prosperity personally more than the perennial well-off.

The Naval Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff Mullins supports the change to an openly Gay military policy—was he in the Pentagon when the Al Qa’eda terrorism mission happened, was he always a supporter of an openly homosexual friendly military?

The oil spill in the Gulf is another kind of attack on U.S. ecological infrastructure. The oil may be considered a synthetic retrovirus attack on the health of the ocean and marshes. The President failed to order the demolition of the well shaft in a timely way to close down the outlet to the surface. Such a sapping technology should be designed for any potential future recurrences, as if enemies of the United States might choose to attack such obviously vulnerable targets close to the United States.

The Mexican border flood of millions of illegal alien workers is another immunological insult to the United States economic health. If the border were closed down to illegal aliens with 25,000 U.S. troops arresting illegals and building a half-mile control zone of elevated berms and deep ditches with electric patrol cars driving along with electronic motion and optic sensors, then two years later the national unemployment rate would probably drop by two percent as labor scarcity developed and wages rise. Illegal aliens are a primary assault on labor scarcity and wage value of labor. The Government tends to want cheap labor as it helps concentrate wealth for the rich. U.S. politicians tend to be whores for global corporations these days if not of Babylon the Great and a globalized satanic evil empire. Few politicians talk about U.S. nationalism—that just isn’t cool for the deficit spending capitalist tools. They forget there is also democracy and individualist free enterprise interests equally important as globalist corporate and socialist collectives.

The development of synthetic life forms is an attack on all natural life. With such creations the human genome is threatened with alteration by corrupt biological inventions. The government should swiftly hang those that modify the human genome directly, and electrocute those that produce synthetic life forms. I only say this because some atheist biologist believe that any change to life is o.k., and they are smart enough to throw the dice for all humans and all living things anytime they want with no possibility of error of catastrophic cascading change for the bad. A human immunological response representing all living things would be simply to kill the biological vectors undermining the stability of all living natural life forms. Biologists tend to be thoughtless eat or be eaten predators on this issue politically. The government if reasoning properly (only joking) would swiftly pass legislation making for a lifetime sentence with no possibility of parole for any homo sapien that manufactures synthetic life forms, or changes the human genome without extensive public consideration and a vote of approval for that Niagara Falls sort of irreversible risk taking.

Why The Long-Range U.S. Economic Posture Is Bad

The long-range economic prospects for the United States seem rather grim. My point of view isn't that of an economist--perhaps more that of an historical perspective guides my thought. The United States has yet to collapse as all other older nations have. It must learn that its own economic fate is in a conservation of national interest and economic health rather than in the greener fields abroad. The Government should not just try to support the prosperity of global corproations--they are in the business of taking a profit rather than being ofn service to the citizens of the United States.

Toynbee and a number of other general historians noted cycles of civilization. The wax and wane, rise and fall, through good times and bad forecasters may predict an inevitable sprawl. We like to think on the contrary, that intelligent design may direct and economy in advance through the shoal waters or rough currents and rocks toward better than chaotic random trial and error such as insentient worms may pursue drift mining nuggets of nutrition. Planning ahead may afford nation zoning license for front lawn gardening everywhere with no exception. we can see that home grown potatoes and fruit still have real consumer value.

The United States with brilliant ex-patriots and a mostly unpopulated continent had a couple hundred years of good luck of development. Its industrial development occurred at a time of grace with waterfalls, wood and electric power giving way to horseless carriages. Yet its destiny is not guaranteed by any means such that it cannot fail. It can and will fail economically and politically if it hasn't interest in conserving and defending its blessings as they are. That does not mean wasting trillions in foreign wars against ad hoc insurgents. Stupidity in foreign war spending doomed several nations in the past. The Obama administration continues the stupid Bush II policies in that regard, perhaps in order to achieve a Nixonesque 'peace with honor'. If one isn't going to annex a foreign nation, or it doesn't share the same basic values as one's own already before the war, it is improbable that the defeated nation will give up its religion and culture after one stops spending billions and billions there.

The United States has lost track of its national values of its tradition largely. Like the Roman Republic it has outgrown its territorial limits in a quest of greed or power. Unlike the ancient Italian Republic it has much room--more than enough, for its own prosperity. It simply chooses to pursue reckless and profligate business practice equally harmful to the ecosystem at home and abroad.

In Afghanistan the United States is protecting poppy growing for heroin (President Karzai's brother), defending Chinese communist copper mining ventures, encouraging negotiations with the Taliban, training an army in the best U.S. military methods so they can train terrorists better after we leave Afghanistan and stop the financial hemorrhage.

In the United States the Sect. of Defense and Chairman of the joint Chiefs of Staff openly support and openly gay is o.k. military policy, the nation supports abortion, and the nation has accepted the creation of a half a million new federal jobs as 'economic recovery'. the Obama plan is to added ten trillion dollars more public debt before beginning a balanced budget--who is he kidding? The people of the United States cannot afford in some distant decade to pay interest on 20 trillion dollars to globalists who also own their mortgages. Instead the nation will become politically meaningless with flunkies loyal to global corporations that are no better than elitist collectives with totalitarian political control over the free speech and though of their employee-minions extorted by need for work into silence.

Europe has of course learned the hard lessons that political management of a good sort isn't superfluous and that manifest destiny does not often guide the political affairs of mankind. Without a care for restoration of a healthy environment, flooding the nation with cheap labor from Mexico and outsourcing jobs abroad, letting government retirees collect more than working people annually, being guided by a corrupt financial service sector that cannot readily restart its plundering of U.S. finance even with government guarantees because the accounts are already suffering from their predation--the United States faces many challenges ahead.

The Obama administration seeks to restart the Clinton cycle of plundering and outsourcing--yet that is the wrong course. It should instead turn to a national ecological economic refoundation of the U.S. economy and rectify the misguided social security system such that a means test is given and only those earning less than 2/3rds of the average income may receive benefits. The United States may have its mortgages owned by the Chinese,and destiny in 50 years decided by foreign mercenary military under global corporate rule if economy perfidy does not first destroy the present U.S.A.

Historical lessons are hard to learn from and even harder to correct in advance in order to keep the U.S.A. viable. Meaningful economic reform isn't a likely scenario given the sort of people in government and media. Neither socialism nor corporatism contains the remedy for American enterprise, individualism and a secure border and social safety net including health care for the poor. The federal government doesn't require a libertarian sort of archaist freedom for global collective of business to take over-nor even foreign corporations from Dubai or then Chinese Red Army, it needs a determination to prioritize and sort ecologically efficient U.S. businesses of less than 3000 employees, to limit the number of companies an individual may hold an interest in to three.

The government needs to reallocate the digital broadcast wavelength spectrum to citizen enterprise internet relayed broadcasts with local citizens prioritization for burst slots. The government has a need to cut the anticipated new federal debt to no more than 3 trillion dollars during the next decade, and in fact to start a major overhaul of governance something like that which F.D.R. undertook, yet without a socialist or corporatist collective drift. The United States needs much government defining of new ecologically economic parameters today rather than to try to plug the holes in a leaky globalist bucket that is a vampire upon the future sovereignty, prosperity and health of the citizens of the United States.

How Pope Ratzinger Can Reform the Church With an Internal Affairs Unit

The present Pope Ratzinger has a difficult job. He was elevated from the position of clerk to a Polish pope of heroic stature. His tenancy was bound to be a letdown and his conduct of reaction and reform to the Catholic Commercial priest sex perversion problem requires a transparency and forthrightness he has difficulty with. Well, he isn't a Medici pope, so it isn't all bad. I will provide some paradigm forms to provide solutions to the infiltration of the commercial catholic priesthood by pedophiles.

The pope needs to form an internal affairs agency to investigate sex crimes allegedly perpetrated by the catholic commercial priesthood. Of course it would be far better if the Pope was simply a reformer like Martin Luther and would nominate that late priest for sainthood. Martin Luther believed a priesthood of believers should exist. I have written about how to create such a modern structure without a specialized, upper class commercial and hierarchical priesthood, yet that is a challenge that some brave future Pope with lots of chutzpa might try. Our good German Pope Ratzinger has yet a challenging task to accomplish in establishing a catholic Internal Affairs bureau to investigate sex corruptions charges by the exploited flock.

I would venture to guess that perhaps one priest of every 25 is an occasional pervert victimizing children. Plainly an objective board served with professional investigators needs to look into every particular charge to determine its veracity and then recommend objective actions such as suspension, referral to law enforcement agencies and dismissal.

If there is one catholic priest for each ten-thousand citizens generally, then there would be a thousand priests for each million people. There might be as many as 50 priestly perverts for each million souls in society, and perhaps three investigators with professional experience would be sufficient, along with staff support, to examine 50 cases annually. A society with a half a billion souls such as North America would need 1500 professional investigators and staff. Each continent of the world might need as many. The new Catholic Internal Affairs Sex Crimes Investigation Unit would then need hire about 10,000 investigators initially--and that could be a bargain in savings on future lawsuit settlements that would be avoid.

The throughput of catholic priests of course isn't a high turnover annual rate, so when the internal affairs unit process through the backlog and dismisses the guilty, their caseload number should decline. The existence of a just and competent anti-perversion unit will discourage the catholic commercial priesthood as a hangout for pederasts, and that would be helpful to the trust of the faithful. Of course in the absence of a Lutheran one-level priesthood of believers’ church, the devil has an inherent advantage in power relationships over others. It may be that none can relinquish the hierarchical advantage that is a holdover of ancient or medieval forms of social organization; one antipathetic to the cause of Christ as given in the Gospels.

Walking in the night from a train in Germany in December 1987, I reached a brick street and alley with a yellow streetlamp overhead dimly illuminating the scene. I saw in my mind's eye very plainly the crucified Christ carrying his cross. A German Pope can take upon himself the mission of creating an internal affairs department in order to protect the faithful from the increasing dissolution of the influence of evil.