Monday, May 31, 2010

Economic War on American Working Poor Spends Trillions in Iraq & Afghanistan

The Obama administration permissively allows the busted U.S. border security to flow illegal alien Mexican migrants north to devastate U.S. worker wage values, and the busted BP oil wellhead to send 10,000 to 30,000 barrels of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico each days for forty days and nights plus devastating the ecological-economic health of critical habitat. The Harvard lawyer globalism in government brings devastating consequences to individual free enterprise nationalism. Some painters cannot afford to buy a man-lift for two and three story ladder reaches!

Globalism has taken over the U.S. Government since the end of the cold war. Globalism enriches the riches and seeks optimal methods for concentrating wealth. It also impoverishes ordinary Americans whom are trimmed through a thousand cuts of global networking.

Bush I declared the New World Order, yet Bill Clinton greased through the freeing up of U.S. home mortgages for buying and selling as commodities; the Chinese government could then buy up U.S. home mortgages.

In the 1990s Wall Street investment firms and banks devised new ways to sell out America and take cheap, non-renewable profits with diminishing returns to the national prosperity. The nation was hit by a triple economic assault by Washington leadership.

1) NAFTA sent U.S. manufacturing to Mexico, U.S. policy also outsourced jobs to China,

2) Illegal immigration sent tens of millions of cheap laborers to the U.S.A. to reduce the scarcity of domestic labor and its value

3) A number of financial mechanisms were developed to stimulate economic growth primarily to concentrate wealth. The housing industry was one such effort.

With U.S. mortgages being made globally tradable commodities, turnover sales percentages were made simply to create profit without rational national need for more housing. With millions of very cheap laborers available to build modularized homes, and the largest possible size homes that might be sold constructed by developers, with contracts signed by home- buyers that could not stand an economic shock, and with foreign nations holding the paper. The home production industry inflated prices and supply. Eventually the market crashed for a while.

If the market crash left many Americans homeless, the government in theory created a Tarp fund to ‘bail out lenders. Maybe that is the Chinese Communist Government in part, who bought mortgages as a way to invest its excess profits in U.S. securities and other American properties.

The Chinese Government was facing a win-win scenario as the U.S. housing industry tanked of course. As homebuyers defaulted unable to buy such large homes the Chinese an other foreign investors became the home owners themselves and could rent out the homes during times when Americans could no longer afford to buy.

The globalization of the U.S. Housing mortgage business landscape made a global landlord of American homes, drove prices up, crashed the market for consolidation of ownership and new rentals, and then is bailed out by added taxpayer debt. The foreign governments also are the lenders of the dollars to bail out their own housing market investments in the United States. Obviously this is the fault of the U.S. Bush, Clinton and Obama administrations rather than the foreign opportunists encouraged by corrupt Wall Street financial pimps to buy the United States.

An ecological economic transformation of the United States is not forthcoming, for it would conflict with the global constellation of cheap profit financial pimp networks making a virtue of structures of ineffective protracted foreign wars of no logical end—a classical military blunder—at tremendous opportunity cost to the United States, and of several polices that destroy U.S. national interest.

If the U.S. Government seeks to make of the military a tool for an economic simile of theophagy consuming the posterity and future of a free and intelligent United States of America in order to enrich globalists. Disabling political support to particularize the security of citizens within an economic and spiritual metric is simply one avenue of ingression for a globalist derationalization of intelligent individualism.

Networks leading a common group-think (vis Janis) cannot substitute for competent and bold, ecologically economic and nationalistic political leadership in Washington.

Loop Quantum Gravity etc Better Than Strings? Alt Logic

I want to write something about deconstruction of string theory, or at least a deprogramming step away from that membrane prone edge of theory. I have read a couple other books by Moffat and Smolin recently in theories besides string, super-string or M theory, such as modified gravity, modified Newtonian gravity, loop quantum gravity and so forth--so much of this theorizing about string can be quite wrong.

String theories may have an infinite number of solutions or versions. Even general and special theory may be somewhat wrong; there could be Double Special Relativity, or DSR version I and DSR II. There is another kind of geometry that might change things a little--non-commutative geometry.

Perhaps logic is changed by non-commutative geometry too.

Kripke wrote in Naming and Necessity about rigid designators in modal logic (amongst other things). Non-commutative geometries could change the functions of logic too, for that matter, how does one adapt logic to a background independent intellectual paradigm that should be associated, if it is to be applied to real-world objects and events, with a relativistic space-time field of mass-energy?

Rigid identifiers must exist within a Quinian kind of ontological relativity or lexicon I would think if they are to have an independent background rather than a dependent one that pejoratively comprises a sort of Newtonian 'absolute space' of meaning. Yet rigid identifiers could also have a non-commutative or anisotropic nature--they are only temporally rigid rather than necessarily rigid. Within a non-commutative paradigm of meaning, rigid identifiers that have a given address or relativistic meaning would continue so only phenomenally and not reversibly.

Rigid identifiers as emergency terms might reflect the logic of space-time a little better, yet space-time itself in many modern cosmology theories does not exist. Space may be a construction of discrete causal blocks that together comprise an order considered to be time, yet time may be just a conscious experience of journey through those causal blocks spiritually.

There may be an infinite number of branes and strings, hyper-strings and variable speed of light criteria making this a complicated universe to deconstruct schematically. Perhaps human conscious sentience is of such a spiritually different nature of mass-energy that theories made by humans for a unified field that is comprehensive will always be different itself--that is the theorists are not really included within the material or subject studied and thereby uncertainty is introduced. We know for certain that a non-sentient universe has no uncertainty to it (just guessing).

Perhaps I will consider modal logic and cosmology someplace else than here. II simply wanted to point out that string theory is a sort of national scientific academic cult of 30 years standing so far. I hadn't realized that! There are other ways to regard the scientific data acquisition efforts for cosmological theory besides within a string it together construction.
Personally I believe that the Kantian noumenal-phenomenal distinction will always hold even in cosmology and quantum mechanic theories about the ultimate nature of reality. The best value of theoretical physics will be in discovery of pragmatically valuable navigation data, and the limits of certainty of what is will always be phenomenal.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

On Deprogramming from String Theory; Return to God and Post-Classical Mechanics With Faith

String Theory was developed about thirty years ago to continue the inquiry of theoretical quantum researches into the construction of the Universe. Its professorial priests have taken over the halls of higher learning in the United States to the exclusion of their brethren with other interests in cosmological physics and quantum mechanics. The traditional call of God unto faith in the eternal source of Being has been eclipsed a little by mathematical tensors unto tomorrows deepened by farther unexplored multi-dimensional theoretical levels of creation. The unknown M-Theory is alike a clue from Arnie Saknusson left toward the grail of a unified field theory.

Well, as a Christian with an avocation in philosophical reading I have encountered a few books recently by Moffat, Smolin and other physicists that have served as a kind of deprogramming remedy to some of the multi-verse theory string and super-string based books by Greene and others. One may ask how a non-commutative geometry could compare with super-string theory aesthetically on the virgin beaches of theoretical physics for the attention of weekenders looking for action; seeking the curvaceous, beautiful theoretical explanation for the order of all being of this Universe? One should know better than to stray far from the standard word of God about these kinds of things, for the Charybdis and Scylla of false theories draw the unwary boaters to the rocks of despair and many wrecks there are that provide fuel for nature’s natural recyclers of shipwrecks.

Ultimately, physical theories of cosmology may just explain what it is that human beings experience, and that includes what we experience through enhanced measuring technologies. Cosmological theories and theoretical physics do not have the capability for explaining the absolute truth-for there is no absolute truth apart from God. One must rely upon faith in Jesus Christ to renormalize unto the absolute truth. Such absolute, foundational truth is safely reserved for a better universe than this present one.

Psalm Seven, verses 3-5 reads “When I consider thy heavens, the work of thy fingers, the moon and the stars, which though hast ordained: What is man that thou art mindful of him? And the son of man, that thou visitest him?

For Thou has made him a little lower than the angels, and hast crowned him with glory and honour.”

The effort to comprehend the physical universe mechanically—that is how it is made operationally if not originally issued, has been a human historical mission op. As wrong ideas that served as partial research methods of inquiry were taken up and discarded for better ones, the Christian has experienced the chaff of incompleteness and error in rival theories stripped away as nothing besides faith remains to reply on.

String theory may not be false—it does not make physical prediction that can be falsified such as good theories have before including those of Newton and Einstein. String theories (there are an infinite number of versions), are brilliant mathematical models of alternative extra-dimensional mathematical constructions that could explain the math of the quantum mechanical world in such a way that gravity too is included, and a unified field theory produced. It was one marvelous new approach to theoretical physics developed after the standard model of quantum mechanics was mostly complete.

I have no intention of reviewing excellent books such as Smolin’s ‘The Trouble With Physics’ here. I just wanted to point out to those Christians and philosophers interested in cosmology that there are a number of other theoretical approaches to discovery of the unifying principles of macro and microphysics besides string theory.

One of the more interesting approaches is that of non-commutative geometries. I understand this topic fundamentally not at all, yet I will write something about it anyway, so the subject is not simply lost from my journal reference index…

Most geometries are symmetric and holistic—such as Euclidean and Riemannian. They have universal principles. Non-Commutative geometries do not require such principles better suited for an absolute space (that does not necessarily represent real space well at all).
Non-commutative geometry could phenomenally change in time; it could be one-way and irreversible. One special benefit of that is that it could perhaps represent Einstinean space-time geometry a little better within a time-changing universe. I do not use the word ‘evolving’ here because change of a physical system does not necessarily imply evolution. Evolution requires a meta-structural principle background in which change may compile, and in which a continuity of change can compile. Phase changes of a physical system may on the other hand, occur without regard to an evolving contingent structure.

A non-commutative geometry may be able to describe a space-time universe inclusive of all mass and energy as a changing, dynamic phenomenality. Mass and energy may be phenomenal ‘ties’ or knots in the geometry. There would be no separate particles or waves in the geometry of the space-time, all would be a description of the metric of the field itself.

Smolin introduced the idea of a background independent theory (of the universe) in ‘The Trouble With Physics’. Einstein’s general relativity theory best fits such an independence criteria as a description of space-time as a field, for the geometry of a space-time field is relative to its local characteristics. If the field can change with time, irreversibly, a non-commutative math might well describe it.

It is a kind of ultimate contingent universe we might understand with faith in God and regard for the appearance of the phenomenal as a thing-for-itself.
There may be an infinite number of cosmological systems that can be found to explain rather well certain observable features of the physical universe including space-time and quantum cosmology without attaining an absolute or final truth to exhaust the potential field of knowledge. The philosopher C.S. Pierce, inventor of the philosophy of pragmatism, felt that the utility or value-truth of a science is in it validity in application, and that is hat we tend to regard as best about science; its value in making practical, valuable explanatory hypothesis about the universe or nature that serve to advance human understanding of it. String theory, quantum gravity, modified gravity, modified Newtonian dynamics and other theories may or may not provide better functioning explanations of how the universe is mechanically put together. Science is intended to find knowledge that can be tested for truth or falsehood, to find knowledge that is connected to the real world or real universe rather than just a hypothetical one that exists in the sense that math geometries exist without necessary existence in the real world.

Scientific theories at any given time may be powerful, have legions of devoted followers of a religious nature, and replete with high priests of prestigious mystery. Those Christians with cosmological and philosophical interests should be somewhat reserved in following the existential flock to this or that side of the ship of the best present theory when the leader speaks new ideas, for the words of God are absolute, while these secular words are simply the best pragmatic tries to learn more about the phenomenal universe, and such efforts shall always be contingent.

There are an infinity of ways of theoretically forming or representing formed existential structures—and more if one adds in time as a change element for recombinations. Many of these configurations become the most popular new theory of the hour for how the Universe is really structured. Some of these theories have a starting point in time, some don’t. Strings as simple segments or dots may increase and join up to make more complex structures such as protons or entire atoms. Segments may form branes (membrane) like 2 dimension al soap bubbles able to hold galaxies and tie up to extra dimensions or extra branes floating around in a vacuum. Some of these branes crash parties and drift on like pillaging hordes of Huns looting the victim galaxies or universes taking the loot back over the border.

It is possibility for Christian philosophers to consider all of these trillion to the trillionth power number of cosmological theories in the abstract and incompletely, and also to ponder Sartre’s existentialism and W.V.O. Quine’s ontological relativity criterion not only of knowledge, but of epistemology and sort things out to the appropriate temporal value bin in accordance with our own prioritization. Scientists must pursue each theory to its logical end, yet we Christians may leave those so burdened for our own concerns of right thinking, right speech (so far as is possible nowadays) and right actions to serve the will of God as a priesthood of Christian believers challenged by that lack of an ecologically renewable economic foundation for this nation, and a nation slipping its grip on moral rectitude. The beauty of God’s universe, and the intricate and imaginative methods by which it is sustained, increases for our awareness as human efforts to comprehend its deeper nature continue. We did not expect it to be a simple Elmer’s glue paste together.

The 'Hate Speech' Form Letter (that could have been a working model in a Reno, Holder, Kaggan Legacy)

If former Attorney General Janet Reno left a legacy for A.G. Holder and Supreme Court nominee Kaggan to inherit,it might be the hate crimes legal theory. Here is a a basic example of an archetypal hate speech form letter perhaps not yet available online as a standard legal form, yet such a letter must have been created to form a template b y which the corporate world can know with sound legal reasoning what example should be censored as 'hate speech'. In another form letter not presented here, a standardized approach to censoring any historical references with violence, lack of respect for fellow human democrats and other people is provided.

‘Hate’ Speech Generic Form Letter

Kagan/Reno Files

If ________ continues (or is allowed to occur) then

__________. Whenever _______ has happened before it has brought the end of civilization.

The ______ party presently in (A) Congress or (B) The White House are(is's) corrupt.

If the United States is to continue as a ___________ (A) Free Society(B) Corporate Evil Empire (C) Utopia for Lackey Stooges of the Harvard Alumini Association) (D) Socialist Utopia (E) Miserly, sorrow demesne of inevitable doom) (F) Torch bearer for illegal aliens _________ must be halted. (A) White Supremists (B) Black

Supremists (C) Mexican Supremists (D) Lesbian Supremists (E) Evil Minions of Fu Man Chu (F) Fifth columnists of [sub-heading] comprise a threat to (B) Set the nation to a better destiny (C)

Honor those that have fallen before crowds of Wal-Mart Shoppers (E) Buy some U.S. mortgages back from the Chinese Government (F) Stick a fish up Kim Il’s favorite yacht ________ will restore a balanced budget, ecological economic

renewability for the nation, defend wages for American workers in America from the alien day laborer coup d’etat society.

(A) Potholes (B) Homosexuals (C) Oil (D) The Bushes and Clintons (E) Porous Borders (F) Rectilinear Houses (G) Pollution presents the single largest avenue of ingess of danger to U.S. viability as a nation. With new leadership we shall overcome, someday.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Congress & SecDef Gates Make It Tougher for Openly Heterosexual American Military

In a move toward a more Pelosi-friendly, San Francisco-Boston axis of Sodom and Gomorrah military environment, the U.S. Congress passed legislation enabling a hostile service environment for heterosexuals with repeal of the neutral ‘don’t ask, don’t tell policy’. This policy followed nearly two months of high level administration and congressional Democratic worrying about North Korea sinking a South Korean naval vessel with a torpedo and the possibility of more conflict.

Openly heterosexual service members will find challenges from homos in the barracks following the media-government disinformation war effort for empowerment of public homosexual sin with the U.S. military as an agent of socialization. Equal rights for homosexuals means to Speaker Pelosi perhaps, that if women wear lipstick and nice dresses so should male service members. New designer uniforms may be anticipated as Secretary Gates develops ‘the queer eye for the straight guy’ principle.

Secretary of Defense Gates—something of an abomination with support for a Sodom and Gomorrah trend in the U.S. Government, has asked for comments from the military over the Memorial Day weekend and for a while longer so service members can consider If they would be happy with thousands of homosexuals joining to wear their freak flags in military units.

Secretary Gates should be fired as a leftover protégé of former President G.H.W. Bush. He is offering the opportunity for service members to seem to have a meaningful input on the impending policy change, unlike the citizens of the United States who were only told Tues of this week that a vote to go ahead with broad support for sin would be brought on Thursday and Friday in two votes required for passage of the Democrat’s preference for public perversity in the military policy. The bill was opposed Thursday by nearly all Republicans and thirty-four democrats. Alaska Senator Begich—a democrat, sided with the Sodomites. Senator Begich also supports offshore oil drilling in Alaska.

The basic remedy to correct the corruption now is to elect a republican majority in both houses of congress in the November election, and a Republican President in 2012 to sign legislation to roll back the homosexual hegemony legislation the Congress has forced through.

Congress, having lied about the time period that was to be given to consider the measure before bringing the corruption to a vote, has given Secretary of Defense Gates and Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff Mullins instructions to consider the measure for six months before implementation. Sect. Gates—an outspoken advocate of an openly gay friendly military has generously said that he wants to hear from service members of support or opposition to the planned change. Like Stalin and Berea and before him, he has planned to learn who opponents to the policy are before sending them to the Eastern front.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Democrats Putsch to Repeal 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

The regulation of human behavior is an essential function of law. It isn’t bigotry to segregate lawfully convicted felons from society for a specific period of correction or to advocate such a public policy. The effort to repeal the right of heterosexual Americans serving in the military to be free from homosexual activism is an effort to infringe the rights of those not desiring cohabitation with same-sex practicing Americans.

Men and women soldiers serve in the military yet generally are housed in different units. There are limits to the extent to which the burden of regulating heterosexual conduct can be placed upon individuals in military units. Fundamentally they can serve best when free from immediate concern about the constellation of intersocial relationships that would develop if they were entirely integrated in all aspects of service including showering together.

Homosexual Americans quite reasonably wish to serve in the military in future wars, and of course homosexuality should no longer be a grounds for draft ineligibility, yet homosexuals have no right to declare their behavior preference as homosexuals within the military if serving with heterosexuals—for that can be construed as a kind of hate speech or hate action intended to intimidate soldiers with the perversity of the behavior. Heterosexual soldiers have a right to serve freely without homosexuals in close proximity.

If the Federal Government forces the open right for homosexuals to serve in the military without keeping their behavior preference to themselves, then the government owes those presently serving in the military the right to receive an immediate honorable discharge with full benefits if they wish not to be forced to be in the presence of significant numbers of homosexuals. At the minimum, heterosexuality in the future should be an option for deferment from the draft, as homosexuality was in the past, in order that heterosexuals should not be forced to cohabit with homosexuals.

I do not want to labor this point too far, for I write as the Congress is putsching through a repeal of the present, not broken, don’t ask, don’t tell policy in order to be consistent with Murphy’s principle of ‘if it isn’t broke, then fix it so it is’.

All that is reasonably required in the present ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy is that homosexuals in the military do not declare themselves openly. Open declaration of preference for sex with men in a unit of men, is something like declaring oneself to be a cannibal-that gives something for non-cannibals to worry about, even if the cannibals are on best behavior.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Democrats to Sneak Fast Passage Of Gay Friendly Military Policy Bill Through Cngress

The Democrat Congress plans to vote on a gay friendly military bill as soon as Thursday of this week. Announcing late Monday that the President, Congress and administration sycophants had agreed on a plan to gay up the military, with implementation to occur later after the bill passes, the quick vote avoids much public time for criticism.

Previously in January 2010 I believe it was, the President declared his intention to integrate radical homosexuals into same sex units. A year was supposed to pass before a military review was complete. With the weather warming the Democrat Congress is getting hot on a June wedding for the gay civil union with U.S. military policy. Waiting another six months would be too much for the Congress, so this ‘elopement’ of a quickie bill passage is supposed to be the ticket to Hawaii and Camp Paradise.

I think it would be a good idea to just leave ‘don’t ask, don’t tell in effect’. If Congress Gays the military up then intelligent straight males may choose not to serve any more, and the nation will have butch branches of Government ‘protecting’ them. Alternatively, as non-reproducing males, gays present a natural disposability factor while strait people are raising families, so another bloody Korean War might be possible in a year or two if enough gays enlist. As a Christian, I am a conscientious objector on anyone being slaughtered though—even gays.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The St. Novilistricka Bond--the first seven pages of my philosophical novel-notebook

My philosophical novel The St. Novilistricka Bond is a 47,000 word novel-notebook encapsulating many ideas I have had this year on cosmology, philosophy, planetary ecology, extra-dimensional space-time travel and so forth. The language is specialized and would be difficult for many. I enjoyed writing it, and can recover some of the thought of this time when I move directly on to other things of interest. Not being a scientist immersed in these topics forever, I would tend to forget most as I read history, more cosmology readings,theology or whatever in the next years.

The St. Novilistricka Bond pages 1-7
©2010 Gary Clifford Gibson
All rights reserved

"Science is a differential equation. Religion is a boundary condition."-Allan Turing

Chapter One
Early in the 20th century, a President of the United States of America named Barrack Hussein Obama cancelled his nation’s plan to return to the Earth’s moon with a Constellation continuity plank of the earlier ground breaking Apollo. The first human to step forth upon the moon, Neil Armstrong, urged support for a return of mankind to the moon as a pioneering effort. It would have created a base for off-world techno-scientific development.

The President of the Earth-nation had made a bad decision. The ostensible choice for the manned exploration of Mars, before constructing a moon base for decontamination of returning exo-biologically altered astronauts, led to the direct return several decades later of one extended stay Martian voyageur; Frank Lasceaux,to the Obama Space Deprogramming Facility at Chicago.

Lasceaux was a good Republicorporatist manager of second world aspirant class trainees in Afghanistan. His genome was altered on Mars either through nanovirus growth agents planted by earlier Martian visitors or synthetic life form cultures insinuated on Earth and given a chance to grow during the extended stay. His reconstruction was scarcely noticeable through three months at the Earth Exon Energia Observation Containment Dome in level five security.

Freed up from the observational security he traveled to Nuevo Yorka for holiday and morphed into an exo-organiform—a parisoid, that ate Nuevo Yorkans and most of the population of the Earth. It turned out there was a silver lining in the cascade of exo-virus on Earth—the survivors restarted the Constellation program to land on the Earths moon and constructed a gravity lab and exobiological decontamination facility.

J. Lloyd Clifford was the first Earth scientist at the Level Six Decontamination facility on the moon to be contacted by the aliens.

They explained they were far smarter than Earthmen, and rightly avoided contact with humans until they could communicate through extra-dimensional gravity virtual emersion in no-space contexts. Jon reported the anomalous message, yet it was generally ignored as the more important effort to colonize Mars from the moon base was in full production with space ships built and launched with electronic mass drivers.

It wasn’t until the year the Alien 2134 arrived at Mars nearly fifty years later that any humans would make contact with anyone through the alternative philosophical cosmological paradigm of non-Riemannian extra dimensional gravitational protocols of transformative mass. Yet I digress…

The point of a non-dimensional origin of all Universes; anything is possible I suppose. M.C. Escher's artworks have juxtaposed surface topologies. A flip side would seem to apply a paradigm similarity if not a mirror image.Knowledge would need to be in the same side as the one we exist in unless the Universe was constructed in such a way that our bodies exist in this universe and the knowledge our minds get are in another, alternate dimension-- such as the one galactic global warming deniers inhabit (only joking).

If space-time geometry is background independent; if gravity conforms space-time to local clusters of gravitons, will gravitons be affected in traveling through space-time at parsec scale, will the waves attenuate; to what extent may the gravitons exist without mass present? Is it gravitons that cohere to our particular human sentient mass that would make us compact in space-time if we accelerate toward or beyond the speed of light? Photons have no charge in mediating the electromagnetic field, and gravitons may have charge that attract themselves, so is space itself a little different and a repellant of gravitons, could gravitons be neutralized while retaining form in a human body to allow the individual to accelerate beyond light speed without being compacted by space-time geometry particular to gravitons embedded in mass?

Mobius strips and examples of unusually constructed dimensions moving us away a little, from the topic of a non-dimensional point such as physicists write about with boundary layers and fluid dynamics--about which I know little. I believe a philosophical contemplation of such an abstract topic differs from that physical cosmologists represent with comparative, qualitative positions of a point or points in a temporal field.

I was unwinding with Lush. At the summit of Old Schlepleglaubt the wind was interminably cold and yet seemed stale as it was fixed to a geographic conformal-zone rectification subductor. Global warming continued increasing after the unaccountable, responsible neo-sentients had consumed most accessible resources and gone under.

Lush and I watched a holo-image in the air over a natural rock bench. Research of Subductor's exopogenic overheated atmosphere by neo-sentient pollution provided evidence of dittoed dooming at latitude and altitude of the viable biosphere of the world. It was the extraction of knowledge from decayed worlds and my own analysis of the Earth chaos leading to apocalypse sub-prime that brought us to Subductor, for it also had experienced social brain-lock.

"It's the way my second home world-the planet Earth developed its own relationship to the eternal teleology Lush. Human nature was fundamentally evil and brought about its own social ruin."

"I think that's saying quite a lot Patrick. How could human nature be socially evil and yet function as a continuum?"

"Our Lord Jesus Christ, and the prophets of God described the deterministic future history of the Earth and the way that would evolve as an apocalypse. The power of evil that exists in mankind is the same will as that of Satan-the most egregious evil spiritual power known. Humanity evolved Satan's will on Earth freely through its nature. Competitive, striving, unconcerned about the real well-being of others--primates humanity groomed as champions of those it believed were powerful enough to destroy themselves. Conflict and consumption with pride are regarded as the highest values. Naturally that leads to global totalitarianism."
"Patrick; I have read some of the nominal reports of 21st century Earth history. The triumph of globalism under a form of capitalism called corporatism existed concurrently with neo-socialism. Wasn't corporatism pluralistic?"

"Lush, corporatism became a network of pervasive social power. As in the communist party of the Soviet Union, elites had a higher standard of living than the proles or masses that fundamentally had no political choices. In the United States the nominal democracy appeared pluralist, yet because both major parties were allegiant to global corporate employers concentrating wealth for the elites, pluralism was effectively prevented.
In the corporatist world the Orwellian society was perfected with anti-truth values replacing truth. The United States in the latter stages of the ending of national independence and submergence in global corporatism was flooded with second world--poorer people--migrating to generally lower the standard of living for the former male working class in areas of work that were not readily subject to corporate control. The United States became a sort of new Indian colony like that ruled by the British in their imperial era, yet the rulers this time were global elites obscure behind layers of corporate owned broadcast news media and loyal government bureaucracies.

Eventually the planet was consolidated politically within four primary divisions ruled by elites, and the elite corporate and socialist boards were heavily interconnected in power and control."

"Well Pat, didn't that create stability politically?"

"No Lush. The reason it didn't was the fact that the economy hadn't transitioned to minimal entropy economics. Strange as it seems to us with awareness of the material, planetary facts of life-economics, those people of the Earth ruling elites, mired in evil, viewed people and resources as depletable. Consumption and higher qualities of life, regardless of the simultaneous depletion of non-renewable resources, was the essential political economy. The wars of Earth Armageddon phase one were about scarce resources and the trophic right of order.

The anti-Christ would stand at the crossroads in a reconstructed Temple while human history culminated in blood and total political subjugation. With the continuing reduction of the ecological viability of the Earth because of an archaic economic methodology of high-entropy non-sustainable economics coupled with the competitive striving nature of primates and primate loyalty, total global war evolved as a mass consumer-spectator fan-scrum in the valley of Armageddon.

Humanity was totally flawed and inevitably took the wrong political and economic turns at every critical political decision block. They increased the power and liberty of sin to corrupt the social contract and the human genome through synthetic redesign."
"I have read enough of the late 21st century Earth history to know that it has been reported a little differently Patrick. Wasn't there a Lemmingway chaos that decimated world population, yet left quite a few people in a variegated warlord and frontier economic polity with some dictators such as Warp Prissy competing against others?"

"Well yes Lush. In fact that is the way it was. The Armageddon hasn't happened yet. I have extrapolated the trends beyond the 23rd century and the global warming regime that made much of North America a new Gobi desert. All of the observable human social traits that brought the first mass Lemmingway human fratricidal die-off on Earth to occur, answer the Biblical parameters and causality for the second and larger, decisive, Armageddon ahead. I thought I would just bounce the paradigm upon you to see what you think."

"From what I know of Earthers and their Martian cousins. I believe it’s a reasonable conjecture. What about the Christians on Earth Patrick? What was their role and impact?"
"By the time of the first Lemmingway the Christians were largely an economic subunit of the global corporate elites. They met in a spiritually incorrect hierarchical church congregation form rather that within a priesthood of egalitarian believers. Consistently they were unable to provide moral economic leadership examples, reinforce national independence from global corporate takeover, or even meaningfully support each other in egalitarian economic, service and health networks. They reduced their capacity for evangelization through missions by about 99% when they consistently elevated just a champion primate to be church leader."
"Then they failed to learn the message of Jesus Christ that the way of the Temple priesthood was over."

"Sure they did Lush. Still, I think many church-going Christians were saved and may be saved ahead before actual, perhaps poor Christians are evicted from the Churches conclusively.

Bible prophecy indicates the future to us. It may mean that in time only the politically correct, those acceptable to the anti-Christ, will be permitted to attend church. A church structured to reflect secular elite social training values"

"So if the masses prefer totalitarianism--veiled, prefer conformity to the will of Satan, there will always be elites ready to enjoy the material power they can gain from the pathos of the human condition in church and political, economic and corporate leadership." Lush related.
"That is so Lush. The way to correct that state of being is difficult, perhaps impossible. Maybe we can delay the onset of Armageddon on Earth together should we ever find a way to visit that planet or at least set back the starting date a while. Earthers are pretty hardheaded about dong things the wrong way though.

They have a duplicitous political dialogue in which a false political consciousness is contextually saturated amidst the masses. They believe that they are practicing a kind of democracy when corporatists have entirely subjugated them.

They will outsource their independence and defend the right to be enslaved without believing they are. So if we can study enough worlds that have descended into the seven hells of existential globalism and de facto political totalitarianism maybe we can find a solution."

"I read Isaac Asimov's 'Foundation Trilogy' and sequels in hyper-mem Patrick. The Harry Seldon plan of psychohistory didn't mention a verisimilitude of the satanic ontology. Neither did they seem to find a solution of the sort you would like as an interventionist."

"Well Lush, I'm not Isaac Asmiov-just an ordinary Martian philosopher, so I am not limited to his scientific, rational extrapolations. I am free to pursue the metaphysical unknown without regard for scientific method. I promise you that I will be logical dear Lush.

Subductor has three poles on its hyper spheres extruding through seven extra micro-dimensions. The arrested development of universes sometimes creates dwarf universes splicing through our underlying unified field with non-conformist topology. These dimensions may conform to space-time geometry fluxes.

The polar regions lose ice cover entirely in summer when minimal cooling contribution from the near absolute zero temperature in the extruding dimensions --mostly filtered to remain below Planck length by time structure impermeability-- was overcome by the heat of the local system star in three proximally meaningful spatial dimensions.

Planetary electro-magnetic transportation tubes lined Subductor’s continental and oceanic crusts. Lush and I vacated the oppressive heat outdoors of the urban work and programming hive for relief. The archaeological work site was a tedious place such that we valued our time away from the hive of Media Corporate Chimera. The high country was our time to reflect upon the extent of the Universe, and ways to escape from the ubiquitous presence of evil that had arisen to encroach myriad galaxy cycles.

In the proximal beginning of this Universe, an abundance of matter and energy were liberated from a non-zero content at near initial singularity. Matter and anti-matter canceled each other out nearly entirely through c.p. invariance, and the surviving mass was embedded in a space-time scalar field that inflated faster than light following the word-information for starters. At least that’s a theory.

Radiation energy in this first instant of inflation was greater than matter density enabling the inflation, if an inflation occurred. Space-time expansion speed was immense and would slow only as the energy level dissipated in the expanding universe while the nearly uniformly dispersed matter would begin to coalesce in dust clouds into the logic of gravitationally induced black holes.

Black holes inducting primal matter generated brilliant light quasars generating the power for stellar synthesis from the gas clouds of primal matter surrounding black holes and their force-effecting matrix. The black hole concentrations of mass would generate anti-gravity phenomena accelerating the expansion of the Universe for several billion years after the beginning.

Black holes are at the core of nearly every galaxy if something else doesn’t create that effect such as umbilical cords of space-time geometry tied off without any mass within them consequent to over-twisting of space-time geometry. Space-time belly buttons in the middle is just one way to understand the hyper-dimensional short-sheeting and stretching of select regions of space-time without the background independent supposition of contiguous relativistic space-time geometry superimposed upon it.

As space-time expands, the finite number of galaxies in the Universe--perhaps a trillion more or less, are drawn farther away from each other, yet they oppositely draw the surrounding galaxies toward themselves through gravity.

The standard cosmological model of the 20th century with Einstein's theory of general relativity predicated a spherical or closed universe that might even contract after a time. Einstein placed a cosmological constant of energy as a kind of pressure to allow the Universe to resist contraction.

Astronomical observations supported the idea that space-time was expanding faster toward a big rip in a few billion years. That time criterion was consistent with the conversion of mass in to anti-gravity within black holes throughout the Universe. That criterion was not anticipated within general relativity, and yet it might have been very easily.

Every force in the universe, except gravity, is known to have a charge of positive and negative. Because gravity is associated with space-time construction, the sole place it may be manifested is within the confining anti-space-time of the black holes of the Universe. Theorists have sought the location of the matching force of gravity-it's missing partner that would keep a principle of the gross neutrality of energy as aspects of mass.

The planet Subductor is at the distant edge of the habitation zone of a galaxy in the Virgo Super-cluster toward which the Milky Way Galaxy and all the other galaxies of the local group of galaxies are/were moving approximately simultaneously with a 600 kilometer per second motion toward the more distant Hydra-Centaurus super-cluster of galaxies. Lush Spice and I arrived on Subductor in a one-way time lock duality reassembly from the Milky Way where in a former life I had worked through the Martian revolution and the imperial war of Warp Prissy to conquer the ten planets of Sol.

Subductor was a world that had evolved through the common stages of anthropogenic ecological doom as a reciprocal of social implosion. Unregulated social growth leads to the rule of organized crime and conflict with individual intelligence. Social reality disconnects with environmental actuality, and social prospects become absolutely relative without regard for existential liberty of individual potential. Social freedom is purchased through the annihilation of individual existence.

The people of Subductor had let themselves be morphed into a computational friendly geologic matrix. Absolute values of appearance and idea were given over to experiences flowing within the latticework of continuous circuitry where each Subductor cell had its own crystal structure. In time a computer designed synthetic life evolution had replaced the remnant twits of Subductor.

While the biological life of Subductor was virtually extinct, the planet's carbon and crystal continental topology had gained millions of new extrusive boulders and cubical shapes synthesized from artificial progeny boot-ups from nano-data segments to actualize new semi-sentient computing life forms containing some measure of the being of the evolved, former human species on Subductor.

The comparatively inhuman takeover worried Lush and I, yet we too were electronically drawn toward Subductor's geologic topology and it's perennial permutation and political empowering of algorithms of control and subjugation of units of atomic protocols of computational experience of 'reality' as illusions in-themselves. We could do no less for the atomic attractor field of the computational geology was charismatic. The prospect of nano-virus hostile takeover was never an impossibility though we coated ourselves with an anti-nano virus spray .
This Universe is like a drop into an infinite ocean viewed in reverse. The ocean is a perturbative vacuum perhaps of infinite size, possibly of one or infinite dimensions. Each universe inflation is a quantum mechanical phenomenal symmetry breaking virtual existence extruding for a finite period of space-time before total recall into the one absolute field of the eternity resembling perturbative vacuum.

An infinite number of cosmological theories may be invented and adumbrated onto the apparent facts and events of the universe we exist in. Many of those theories will equally well account for the observable facts of physical existence experienced, and none will ever accurately reach an absolute, exclusive and definitive account for the origin of the Universe to its ultimate source.

Faith is required at several points to fill in the missing frame of reference footings. Faith accounts for the phenomenal existence of a perturbative vacuum, and where and when and why in the pre-big bang cosmology of things such a nearly eternal field of phenomenality could arise, or always did.

If such fundamental structures comprised the origin of a radion or vice versa, issues arise regarding why the construction of an expanded universe occurs. The word to begin-a kind of fat lady singing a high note breaking the symmetry of a perfectly composed non-dimensional point that is in a spiritual balance--a primordial non-dimensional Liebnitzian monad might have been spoken. Maybe God created the Universe to experiment with artistic designs of intervals and energy-appearance in a scalar, temporal field?

Why should a system of multi-verses and contingent dimensions always be unbalanced, or unstable, and why would an eternally stable structure of any size such as a non-dimensional point every change without an outside force acting upon it?

There are many possible relationships between knowledge and dimensions, energy and dimensions, and of knowledge about energy and dimensions obviously. In 1996 Earth Chrono history a Gasperini wrote that 'toward a non-singular pre-big bang cosmology'. The elimination of singular points of origin within cosmological history is an approach possible with string theory I believe, yet the issues of proximal and fundamental origins of mass would then be transferred for philosophical purposes to virtual particles in the pre-big bang vacuum. Each virtual source of mass could be thought of as infinitely endowed yet finite when emerged into the peer space before the big bang-such that each does not bring its own displacement of every other virtual particle emerging space.

Friday, May 14, 2010

BP Gulf Oil SPill Prelude For Shell Arctic Ocean Oil Spill?

It is said that the BP oil disaster in progress may have been releasing as much oil as the Exxon Valdez spilled--every four days. It makes sense. BP said that the well in production was to have brought out 50,000 barrels per day, so if the well head is broke releasing oil that is how much oil reasonable should have been released to destroy ocean health.

Scientists at several universities have made estimates of how much oil is gushing from the wellhead at 50,000 to 100,000 barrels per day based upon particulate flow, knowledge of pipe diameters, velocity of photographed affluence and so forth. BP perhaps intentionally underestimated the amount of toxic liquid being released by a factor of ten, yet of course there is a small chance they could be truthful and the scientists wrong. 50,000 to 100,000 barrels per day of BP busted wellhead? Obama declares end of sweetheart deals between Government and Oil industry U.S. Government allowed drilling without permits in Gulf of Mexico Sen. Lisa Murkowski-(R-Alaska) blocks oil corporation liability limit increase from 75 million to ten billion dollars Shell Oil plans to drill three offshore oil wells starting this 2010 in ocean north of Alaska

The trouble with allowing more oil drilling offshore in Alaska is that it is a result of the pervailing corproatist political environment holding financial leverage and economic input in present non-renewable form to be the highest material good. That is of course plain wrong--there are innumerable alternative value theories possible, many of which within free enterprise economic criteria would de-collective the mass global network control of natural resource use and economic direction in the United States and create limits for it.

Such a calculus of area and particulars would rectify the creeping sprawl over the borders of the United States of national economic self interest. President Obama has done nothing at all so far to move the economy toward a national principle of self-reliance and adequacy for all American citizens. In the Arctic Ocean the desire to plunder the comnparatively pristine region by global corpoations such as Royal Dutch Shell will lead to interference with efforts to preserve the viability of life on Earth and bio-diversity in the Arctic. Oil spills will intentionally develop to squash talk of and efforts to create environmental safety for endangered species--the simplest thing is to just destroy the habitat of endangered species and the speciues and then the discussion is fait acompli. Their was a phenomena of intensional design in the Exxon Valdez Oil spill, and of course the 10 billion dollar judgenebt against it was later set aside by a Bush era court. The corrupt phenomena of the BP oil disatser wellhead failures may never be known beyond proximal causes, yet it too seems more than a little suspicious. There are of course unanswered questions about the J.F.K. murder at Dallas. Some things are never really understood by general history.

In order to create a better union in the United States, a new nationalist political party should be formed dedicated to the interests of the people of the United States before those of globalist manipulators of abstract financial currency and insurance trading. For civil rights to have any real value they must be tied to real estate--rather like the pegging of the value of a paper dollar to a particular commodity. Value theory should be rectified to adequacy and self-reliance, conservation of non-renewable and renewable resources at sustainable use levels. Individuals should not be allowed to invest in more than three corporations, no corporation should have more than 5000 employees, zero illegal immigration ought to occur, for that corrupts civil rights to earn a fair wage by U.S. citizens in America, and a national and international principle of trying to locally produce enough to sustain the resident population on local resources within rational environmental conservation limits should be set forward; only when comparative trading advantages on a proximal, environmental and demographic basis are found should international trade proceed. Presently the international trade operates on a non-rational, non-ecologically cognizant principle of most exploitable unit to produce abstract paper profit for those concentrating abstract paper value power. That is a disasterous formula for world environmental health sustainability.

The Shell Plan supported by corrupt U.S. Senators is another plank in the non-rational destruction of environmental health in the United States and on Earth.,gallery_id,photo_id&joinphotogal_id(gallery_index)=171&gallery_id(gallery_index)=12&photo_id(gallery_index)=106 Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Images

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Harvard Alum Obama Throws Harvard Kegger at Supreme Soviet

Like the period after the death of the dictator Stalin, the U.S. Supreme Court faces reorganization as did the Supreme Soviet High Court. A period of globalism and international expansionist subversion of the K.G.B. was in accord with the end of the nationalist development period of the Soviet Union as it looked abroad for increase of world communism. Following the end of the cold war U.S. and trans-national corporation has pursued much the same policy. Harvard law alumus President B. Hussein Obama’ choice of former Harvard Law School Dean Keggan is another elitist selection of a Boston globalist lawyer without judicial experience that would tilt the trend of treason on the High Court farther beyond the boundaries of the United States and into the realm of international subterfuge of finance tow which the elite trans-nationalists have become accustomed.

The Congress should swiftly reject the nomination of another Harvard lawyer and request a nominee from the real world outside the Boston-DC axis of economic evil. The financial portfolio of Chief Justice Roberts is already enough for the entire court to be tainted by globalist corporate advantage. One cannot even get a job in a grocery store n Alaska today without filling out an online job application sent to Oklahoma for background check nationally. If those in the corporate global financial ‘underground’ of intrigue and social manipulation wish to deny employment in the United States, it is pathetically simple through the corporate information networks.

The Harvard advantage has created an aristocracy of abomination regarding the declaration of independence and the ideal of elimination of anisotropic social powers before law. Good lawyers from Arizona such as Janet Napolitano would have brought more confidence to the court if those without judicial experience were to be considered yet Dean Keggen from the Harvard Party is a mockery of contemporary social justice.

In the late 18th century of Europe, during the enlightenment era there, were countless revolutions, counter-revolutions, coups and counter-coups as democracy actualized within changing national borders. International aristocracies and continuing reform of social power of the day had much overt political machination as well as publicized organization. It is notable that French noble resistance to tax increase the king sought stimulated public opposition that culminated not only in the removal of the Monarch, but of the nobles as well.

The international world of business has formed a trans-national corporatism definitely in contradiction of the principals of one nation under God ruled by citizens with equal legal rights. Contemporary corporatism and their political shills have finessed out nationalism and democratic self-determinism to an extreme degree. A woman of the people, or man, needs to replace the John Paul Stevens—a judge one with no connection to the pit of Harvard global corporatism that runs roughshod over American enterprise, individualism and privacy and border security.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Some Ideas on Assaults Upon U.S. Labor Value

I believe that the effort to use historical political analysis templates on present political and social circumstances runs the risk of creating straw man 'arguments' to knock down affirmatively or negatively. Mexican exploitation of the United States is simply one aspect of the global economic phenomena of financial globalism today.

The irrationality of financial globalism implicitly arises in the valuation of non-democratic, intangible values such as money, over national interests such as political and social equality, a healthy environment, security and freedom from foreign debt. Fundamentally the political leaders of today fail to have adequate intelligence and common decency, as they would require to overcome the temptations for electronic financial shuffling of abstract capital about at the speed of light across the planet.

The automatic trading program on Wall Street that lost 700 points and recovered it 20 minutes later is an example of the irrational value theories that guide the United States. I believe the corporate and political leaders are essentially philosophical runts in pursuit of money and social advantage who will dissipate the United States and sell it out for a mess of pottage. Their value theories are wrong, their political courage lacking, the good judgment needed to secure a solid, secure, healthy United States with stabile life opportunities for citizens lacking. It is easier to pursue ostrich like war economics without a possibility of benefit for the United States than to design a rational political program to continue the United States along its constitutional parameters with liberty and justice for all citizens.

A reverse planning sequence is usual in military missions. It is something like looking ahead in chess before one makes a reply to a hostile opposition force deployment--for disaster may be structured within the induced directed trap. In Iraq the Bush II administration should have had an exit strategy before starting, and one they were capable of enforcing--otherwise one must enter a war with a blank check and let the chips fall where they may--that is often an irresponsible strategy unless one is just concerned about making money for the oil industry.

Beyond the Sands of Time (poem)

The world and senses of sand quanta

like all quanta rise and fall

with tempos of tides assembling and fading

such temporal illusions as castles of time

drawn together by gravity’s shadows

ebb and flood within a Universe of Idea

Functioning well and deep

inclusive of the illusion of mind it is extended

streets, self and objects, senses materially

formed as inductive engines interpreted

like rainbows and oranges blossomed to fullness

They must slip away into silence

like the parting of the Red Sea

as the spirit ends that slavery within a bondage of time

given unto all fallen beings

silence and non-existence from left and right returns

the promise of more ascension of moments

to fuel the illusion until the illusion of mind itself

yields unto non-existence surging over the soul

A self-aware video plays in a mineral deposit

illusions of motions arise in quarks

compositions shielded by lead, never dead

phenomena like patterns of galaxies swirled

Such are computer programs running

life before death, information hibernation

set for restart, correction and defragging

some are saved through faith, and others lost

sent to the hell of the recycle bin

in a purgatory of freed space bossed

In a bifurcated world of matter and spirit

a city of mankind and a city of God rise

cohering onto a phenomenal destiny

matter and nature take full courses to comprise

being and signs along the beach of time

in the bootstrapped illusion of existential vines

The faithless call the world unto a bristling doom

like prime entertainment as an illusory play

instructing mirages to pleasure boxes for every day

the totality of illusion is a well-governed room

next day, next week, the declining head spins

hoping for silence

Walking with faith the world is a reflection of mind

a spirit is information, experience, being—a soul

for those that have set tomorrow’s course

for the city of God

when temporality ends, the Lord has t

Dehumanization of Statistical Mechanics (poem)

Evolution isn’t competition

competition is a game of chance

dance unlike organisms in quest of food

pursuing leads wherever right moves

they may intentionally construct rationally designed society

in every direction, for gluttony is a rude satiety

Illusion is a comparative term

largest pigs at a trough of concerns

killed when a wavering tree branch crashes

struck down by lightening, illumination matches

struggling runts left rooting far away

sudden storms drifted over to another day

of comparative illusions

Reeds growing on polluted marshes

cattails for vestigial puma

comparative meaning on contingent world forms

reasons to end an aristocracy of corporatism

sending waves of rival private interest breakers

dispersants of democracy concentrate wealth

for allocated order

Illusion refers to the temporal shore

for God actualizes what He wills

to be and become ever

returning to non being

Humanity abstracted in Boyle’s law

statistical quanta gathered for analysis

uncertainty principles of natural law

super-positioned states of all possible social order

collapsed into worldliness and deterministic permutations

though one mind may alter mass behavior

extrusions into statistical formulae, models broken

an aristocracy formed to control the pointillist

echoes of Monet consuming Lutetia’s chords

fading in the Seine flow reflections of time

pastel skies with new orange clouds.

BP Cone of Containment at Oil Spill Cleggs-Oil Eruption Continues Spewing Forth--Dirk Pitt in Retiderment?

One wonders how the U.S. Government arrived in the situation of being at the mercy of foreign and transnational oil corporations for the protection of its Gulf of Mexico coastline. As thousands of barrels of crude oil gush upward from the sub-seafloor reservoirs that was punctured and given a way out to kill the plankton and alter the gill filtering organisms in the sea amongst other unhealthy effects, the U.S. Government has thoughtfully allowed the national guard to be called out perhaps readying to bayonet the oil when it reaches shore. In Clive Cussler novels Dirk Pitt would have stopped the miscreants of Trans-ocean and British petroleum, or at least the manufacturers of the blow-out enabler, before the gusher reached the clean water just 5000 feet below the surface. BP Effort to Contain Oil Spill within Heavy Steel Dome lowered from surface vessel fails in first effort

Of course many people in the oil industry profit come spills or shine when these things occur. Overtime for many oil field workers and pilots attend such phenomena, and fine speeches from foreign CEO’s about how the most brilliant rocket science will contain the flow of product appear in the media, while dispersants on the public regard for environmental purity of our precious oceanic fluids is enfiladed as a joke—where were those environmental defenders of the “homoland” security when the suave broadcasters traduced them in subtle yet clear rave demotic? Maybe oil is payback for the effort to gay up the military—reason is deficient in economic and perhaps game theory will prove the real behavioral eventualities before they occur yet. With the containment dome pipeline clogged up by freezing hydrates the outcome of the BP election is in doubt--so far the Torries seem to have a slight lead over labor with Nick Clegg in the driver's seat for breaking up the electoral jam.

The U.S. Government—that troubled equalizer of women’s rights to rule through radio and government service—reasonable enough if that can be done without illegal alien cheap labor perhaps, ought to have had a special broken oil trapping submarine lurking like a vast right wing catfish to set upon the busted wellhead like an echinoderm (starfish) going after a clam dug in deep. Maybe it could be designed to resemble a large, traditional U.F.O. able to withstand the crushing pressures of a mile below the surface of the ocean where not even country songs beginning with ‘well I’ can be heard. The Government rightly ought to heed the voices broadcast and sing top BP they must put there hands up, for the administration has brushed with a bottle of jack and won’t be coming back.

If the U.S. Government has not intervention surveillance submarines designed to encapsulate any kind of broken deep ocean pipeline to allow it to be fixed, it ought not allow offshore oil corporations to drill in U.S. waters. Such a blind trust in the benevolence of foreign oil corporations is consistent with the kind of government that would reform immigration laws, after 10 or 20 million illegals arrive. Prevention is better than a Euro of cure for political and economic disease. In the rush to receive corporate campaign support, U.S. politicians too readily overlook practical defense requisites for U.S. employment, economic and environmental security.

Nash Equilibrium Odds for Abolition of U.S. Government

I wanted to write something about Nash equilibrium as a tool for social research. I will move on to other topics in subsequent posts very likely. Not being a mathematician or social scientist my information on the topic is limited. Having occasion to read something on the subject I believed it worth providing a little criticism.

The Declaration of Independence of the United States is the most sacred of secular political documents. Pertaining to revolution…

“That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

Nash equilibrium, as I will discuss below, presents challenges to formation of popular opinion sufficient to support overthrow of the U.S. Government. If globalism and unsound economic and environmental practices are sufficient reason to abolish the present government of the United States and its sedimentary personages, Nash equilibrium equations provide the data set probability that it is unlikely that popular opinion could be formed to support such a movement to rational ecological economic principals and nationalism.

The New testament parable of Jesus Christ—the parable of the talents, offers a context somewhat like that of the prisoner’s dilemma modeled and resolved by Nash equilibrium calculus, yet unlike the secular context of the Nash criteria, in which the people given the talents had not only secular concerns but eternal issues as well, secular revolutionaries have mostly issues involving allegiance and risk in which their self interest in keeping social rights and asserting geophysical control implicit experience present rather than future risk as the revolutionary movement severs ties with the corrupt global government concentrating wealth, corrupting the environment and constructing vast public debt.

I believe that philosophically it is too commonly the case that many social researchers of behavior would like a simple equation that could be applied like a magical phrase to understand how the masses of humanity behave and why. With so many people in the world it might be helpful to find a kind of algorithmic compression—an equation like game theory’s Nash equilibrium, to provide a condensed version of facts, or even omit the need to have competent human understanding altogether. If one has an equation, the why have years of reading of human social history to have a dead reckoning good judgment of why things are the way they are?

I will curtail berating ignorance in social and physical sciences regarding depth or lack of it in reading and understanding interdisciplinary topics from philosophy, history, science and such. The why people make social misjudgments isn’t so important as where they can go from a given position without creating havoc and chaos deleterious for themselves and for-others. Intelligent leadership is sometimes of more value than a legion of deterministic behaviorists finding a formula from the moon and stars to explain what they see as genetically hard-wired human behavior. The astrology fallacy of social science theory with a sacred equation is a challenge to common sense.

With the possible misguided effort to create another war front in Pakistan/Central Asia, as a wrong way to gain the security of the united States from foreign terrorists, there s ample example of the manifest stupidity in public thought created by pursuit of money, global business and lack of intelligent leadership. These are not deterministic political ad social phenomena, but default ones because of the failure to regard intelligence and reality as being as important as mass distribution of materials, concentration of representative fiscal wealth, or even the provisioning of mass social ‘laws’ of human behavior replete with equations.

Needless to say I have complete respect for Nash and his mathematical mind, it is simply the profound stupidity of the way ideas are applied existentially that is of interest here. I can only provide a brief fragment of the ideas and criticism I might have on this subject for lack of time and opportunity to construct more. I would rather be employed earning enough for housing next winter anyway, yet that is not possible today.

Reaching Nash equilibrium in the distribution of item-units of abstract, idealized representational systems is a popular method of calculating social decision concatenations of masses. A premise of authority of mind and matter relationship and definition is synthesized within a deterministic framework, and the logical fallacy of begging the point regarding the relationship between mind and matter is set-aside in the reductionist presentation of item-units as quanta within a statistical paradigm.

I had hoped here to bring something of the consideration of Nash equilibrium in social psychology to the Biblical parable of the talents, and the distribution of talents—perhaps something like the prisoners dilemma regarding a choice between conservation or defection, yet I see in second thought that the parable was not within an arbitrarily competitive social circumstances regarding inter-group distribution of talents, but instead concerned the relationship of the individuals allotted various quantities of talents to the author of existence (God) through metaphor.

Nash equilibrium is another method of forming an equation between various constants or variables. Numbers are of course largely one dimensional items given value in relation tot their position within a field. The field may be linear such as in natural numbers, or multi-dimensional to any extent. Number is essentially a coordinate value or magnitude within a field frame of reference. Numbers within a field need not change in a scalar progress at one dimensional vector, yet may increase with change in other dimensional fields with a change in acceleration through time or space. To experience more spatial extension in a brief interval than another comparative traveling item in space, is effectively to increase the value of time, yet of course in the actual world the number of levels of protocol dimensions is uncertain, and perhaps variable in relation to the manner in which a collapse of wave-field interactive selection occurs, as well as the potential actual forms of quantum field structure in any possible space-time given.

Nash equilibrium provides a reciprocal paradox, when applied to human psychology, of assuming a static dimensional representation value for calculation of the behavior and selection of social masses. The intellectual choice is reflected in nature, or even drawn from natural evolution, and the returned to conscious human choice as a statistical concatenation of individual choices selected by the complexity of evolved behavior.

I should stipulate that I believe that necessary human behavior in relationship to the physical requisites of life provided by an environment is primarily limited to discovery of methods for satisfying those needs, and that inventiveness tends to find more avenues for satisfaction of such needs, as if water could be input from special foods with enough water content to eliminate the actual needs for drinking a liquid. Such an adaptive change may alter other physiological processes in a human body over time obviously, yet intentional inventiveness to free social members from environmentally given needs seems a natural response and evolution.

Nash equilibrium of discovery of a balance within a given system is in economics a reflection of the historic evolution of a false awareness of the intended meaning of Adam Smith’s The Wealth of Nations. Smith was against an oppressive aristocracy corrupting freedom for commoners to run their own affairs—it was a political as well as an intellectual revolution commensurate with the era. If alive today he would be equally against global corporate aristocracy destroying the interest of nations and national interest of ‘commoners’ in creating a nation-based renewable ecological economic system meeting the minimum living standards of all within an ecologically conservative paradigm. A free health care system for the poor, a medical corps of publicly trained doctors who would work for 7 years at 75,000 annually before returning to their own nations as licensed physicians—would reduce medical costs in the U.S.A. and increase the number of well educated physicians abroad. Adam Smith was for a healthy nation and populace free of global exploitation by corrupt elements overly concentrating capital in aristocratic networks.

Nash equilibrium is simply one tool for researching given social phenomena, yet the macro-social structure in which the equilibrium is reached is itself subject to intentional change. In eras when social scientists and politicians are not intellectually sterile, more effort is put into construction of a utopian society than in observing a declining society as ‘scientists’ with misapplied formulae and equations observing in error that a deterministic, natural and immutable phenomena is unfolding before their eyes. Such an economic paradigm is the wish of supremacists in economics who pursue cash and power for-itself without regard to the real world and real existential prospects for individual security and actualization within a healthy planetary ecosystem.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Beige Bomber Arrested--BP Oil Disaster Flows On, Eduard Amorereau Interrogation of an Oily Engineer

Leaving the homeless press facility in Wasilla Alaska, fresh from enrichment re-education in New York (to save money at the lowest- cost college re-education camp in America concerned as he was with reducing the Federal debt), the free lance Eduard Armorereau is heard to have said, or said to have heard, such an interesting report that it almost reads like fiction...

I had an exclusive interview with the insider oil industry engineer I shall refer to as an interesting person at a wireless espionage coffee-café on Houston’s Richmond Avenue. After the brand news of the arrest of a beige Pakistani at New York's J.F.K. Flughaven, this was the most interesting item of the day so far. It gave me an insight into secret executive planning to contain, finesse and control the unforeseeable illicit, free issuance of ‘product’ (also known as 5000 barrels of oil per day) from a BP oil platform on the abyssal plain way down below the surface (that hiterto had been a refuge for extremist environmentalist seafoods of sealife) nearly two weeks ago into the no longer pristine water of Gulf of Mexico.

I asked the engineer known as ‘Deep Boat’, who was sitting at a corner table in the café below a large color photo of a famous Pemex platform oil disaster that gushed oil for several weeks a couple decades ago into the Gulf of Mexico, if he remembered anything like this ever happening before?

“No twitt. Zapata himself would have been hit like an innocent in the Oort Cloud from such a bolt out of the blue. Frankly it could not have been predicted that a blowout preventer could fail. This is an act of Thor.”

Do you really think so?

“Well, no. That was my third-place thought.”

What were your first and second?

‘My second brilliant idea was that the mountain hillbilly terrorist planner Oz Bin Bomber brought bought influence in the oil industry to sabotage a venerated blow-out preventer in order to smear the pristine beaches of the retirement home estate Colonel--the late former President Jefferson Davis int Biloxi Mississippi.”

That is a terrifying prospect Deep Boat. What was you first idea for the cause of the disaster?

“Cheap labor, illegal aliens and too much alcohol can make that equipment become improperly installed. I plan to have my Richard Feynman moment before a congressional hearing with a roomful of press cameras. I have already received a million dollar contract to wear a shirt to the hearing with an advertisement from a Japanese footwear manufacturer…’Sushi Shoes Sans Succi-4 Spray on Anti-Callous Running’.

Deep Boat, what are the real prospects for stopping the leak from the benthos right away?

“None at all. We have instead designed a satisfactory containment plan. The wind will constantly shift to drive the oil away from sensitive beaches and critical habitat for politicians in affected gulf states and move the free crude to the skimming prissy free loading beaches of Florida. Florida is a no drill state and deserves the mess more than Mississippi. Yet it could easily be a communist plot of the Cubans to steal crude oil knowing that currents may take the gist of it to Cuba shores where it can be recycled in green way an power Cuban cars.”

That’s a mind, numbing all thought, Deep Boat. What about putting a cork in the blown wellhead?

“It’s five thousand feet deep you idiot! When these unforeseeable things go wrong and our games theory modeling of benthos oil structures fail we must use games theory modeling on propaganda containment of formation of adverse political opinion. We have ample dispersants for that. Even the President left after a few hours, and a terrorist of the beige bomber faction from Dubai placed a smoking SUV in Times Square designed by a pre-school to explode when the mouse ran up the clock.”

Do you know these Middle Eastern pre-scholars yourself Deep Boat?

“Net, it’s only a rumor at a rival scuttlebutt wireless Internet café.”

Well then, time is fleeting. Have you learned anything else that we might name as credible scuttlebutt Deep Boat?

“There is a plan to manufacture several immense submersible barges called by the industry Halibut ledge blow-out preventers offshore in tactical locations along the coastline of the Gulf of Mexico at a depth of 1000 feet. Designed to resemble Alaska halibut, these barges are five stories high and larger than Noah’s Ark in length. At first sign of smell of a future vast deep-sea oil affluence the Halibut will leave their deep sea ledge and swim with magneto-hydrodynamic thrust at a thousand miles per hour to the location of the oil leak and encapsulate it thought the sliding moon pool door in the milky white hull. All bubbling, rising light sweet crude oil will flow inside t the mechanical separator and laboratory rectification process of justification. None of the precious oil will be lost. Instead it will be processed by the automatic rescue halibut and fed into a pipeline augmentation splicing mechanism for high speed transport to distant SUVs fueling social progress in Dubai.”

That is important for bi-lateral political relations isn’t it Deep Boat?

“You’ve got that right son. Peace is the real goal of the selfless work at Bugger Petroleum. Defeating the socialists, overthrowing the commune, requires never-ending and unrecognized vigilance—even heroism and open heart surgery with high tech robotic submersible vehicles from cold and dusty control rooms, lots of lobbying and oodles of enterprising legislation. Remember---rust never sleeps.”

That patriotic reminder from an oil company great concluded the interview. Assured that the oil industry would improve the aquatic health of the Gulf of Mexico I got into my 1965 Coup Deville for a drive along the Katy Freeway down to San Antonio and lunch with Alexjendro Vargas at the Alamo High Speed Wireless Internet Café. He was leading an effort to defend Texas from a hostile takeover attempt by illegal aliens to close down free wireless Internet access in U.S. cities and replace it with pay wireless networks exclusive controlled by Mexican drug trafficking gangstas.