Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hutaree,HuT and Hut Liberation Theology

A special forces axiom is to sew confusion amongst the opposition forces. Conspiracy and collusion theorists that believe the U.S. Government today is a front for an evil Satanic empire seeking corporate dominion over the globe, might see the 9-11 destruction of the world trade towers as such a well executed action that created a new foreign enemy of an appropriate size and nature to increase Satanic globalist power. The recent Federal arrest of the whites-only Hutaree 'Christian' militia allegedly for terror planning activity--they are said to have planned to kill a policemen and then plant improvised explosive devices to kill more attending the funeral, has additional aspects of a Federal propaganda scheme to throw terrorist suspicion and profiling away from black Muslims in Detroit and on to white Christians--a happier target group for the black led federal executive branch and justice department.

2010 is an era where the Federal Government has signed off on homosexual marriage in the nation's District of Columbia, where people write on the Internet asking philosophically if human tissue grown in laboratories with genetic technology if used for food would be cannibalism, in which xeno-transplantation and trans-humanism are points of popular interest. Non-philosophers, and those of low I.Q. also economically challenged may reasonably wonder if the U.S. Government is a sinecure for a clave of wacko, perverted atheistic idiots. Who can say with certainty that it isn't?

Notably the former mufsidoon administration of President George W. Bush had luck arresting only incompetent black or non-white terrorists in the United States following 9-11. Perhaps the federal branch is somewhat biased after all--and I had previously believed them to be the paragon of truth, justice and the American way. Following the disappointing arrest of blond haired blued eyed Jihad Jane for planning to carry out a terrorist mission against a foreign cartoonist, we are persuaded that the arrest of white terrorists may increase during the remainder of the Obama administration. It is lucky the English Nigerian with pentex in his briefs seeking to orgasm over Detroit aboard an airplane flying in from Britain was not also white, for then pay-back might have been large within a vast right wing conspiracy context (either that or its a vast left-wing conspiracy).

Hizb-ut-Tahrir HuT The HT Group declared 'a jihad against police' in Kyrgyzstan in 2006 and was 'banned' as a terrorist group

Plainly the problem of the Hut Conspiracy is a consequence of Liberation Hut Theology that ensued the remification of persecution in America in the 1980s. Sarah Palin may not be a remedy to such injustice, yet she is at least from Alaska, and I saw her at church while she was yet the Governor of Alaska...she may be destined for higher office.

The philosopher Ortega y Gasset wrote a prescient book before the great war of Europe named 'The Revolt of the Masses'--he anticipated that modernization would bring the completion of a revolt of the masses against the ancient regime of aristocrats and concentrated wealth. He was right, and the leaders in the mass wars were rather incompetent approximaters of liberation theory. The remedies to oppression were equal to or greater than the problems--it adds up. The technological revolution in the way of economic living compelled a revolt against the owners of wealth of the former economic system. It was a natural evolution in blood required by then lack of spiritual insight pervasively amongst humanity of the age. They had not yet experienced a second enlightenment of the masses equivalent ton the first with cheap mass literature of a trashy sort.

The hut is a kind of symbol of aboriginal independence. The hut is a simple do-it-yourself home that does not require a mortgage lasting half a lifetime to pay for. The hut is despised by the powers of concentrated wealth that are trans-national mortgage lenders. In the United States the foreign owned portion of rental properties fluctuates to as high as 25% of all properties and may go higher. The hut is the symbol of nationalism and of local political self-determination. The Satanic Government hates the hut and seeks to delete the free-holding ownership of local and personal self-sufficiency.

Patrick Henry and the other founders of the United States were not all hut dwellers to children of the hut. Many of them were hut or cabin dwellers. Abe Lincoln was a son of the aboriginal hut of the Illinois of his day. Many Americans still aspire ton the freedom of the hut and sentiment alloy sympathize a little at least with revolutionaries today fomenting revolution against a Federal government considered to be a brutal pimp for globalism flooding the United States with illegal foreign shock workers and outsourcing jobs to communist China. The hut represents the freedom of aboriginal America against foreign control and subjugation. The new revolt of the masses may comprise a high-tech hut in a national and locally led village or constellation of huts self-reliant as producers of their own electricity, food and books.

Yet the Satanic evil empire of globalism in which the U.S. Government has enshrouded itself like the undead zombies of some science fiction realm of the universe of doom may be more of an incompetent political drift by leaders in a race of greed than a skull and bones Harvard-Yale axis of evil. It might be corrected by less than the traditional ,means of violence or voting the founders provided as exemplary of the American political way of life.

The Huteree terrorist group of Michigan is an example of incompetence at revolutionary method. We know from reading Trotsky something of revolutionary planning. Isaac Deutcher's History of Trotsky showed his work with Lenin and other Bolsheviki in structuring their war upon the Tsar of Russia--even so it was the German military power that fundamentally enabled their success--they could not have made it non their own at all. The German Army defeat the Russian Army on the eastern front of world war one and sent Lenin in a train from exile to Russia to take assume revolutionary leadership.

The interesting thing about the Michigan Huteree group is its shared goal of killing policemen with the Kyrghiz HuT jiadist group. Such resonance adds fuel to the fire of suspicion that an evil planner is structuring propagandist coups for media consumption to dupe the masses into anti-hut, pro-concentrated wealth 30 year mortgage support that is quite inimical to the interests of the poor and the middle class. If such a Federal global evil-empire policy is in covert actualization, if the herd is being driven into an ideal glass cow palace of control and indebtedness, if homosexual militancy from San Francisco to Boston and Washington D.C. and Admiral Mullins in Afghanistan is an essential tool for the leverage of globalism upon removal of independent hut construction, revolution may be a remedy sought increasingly ahead.

The religious associations of the hut liberation movement may be incidental results of the organizational capacity of ecclesiastical structures applied to political-economic equations and interests in the lack of other organizational remedies suitable for economic war upon wealthy, powerfuel oppressors. Communist and Mohammedanism each have superior revolutionary organizational structure to that of a hierarchical Christianity or corporate hierarchical evil empire.

Such actual revolutions to attain the freedom of the hut would require right targeting of economic infrastructure that would bring down corporate power lines and enable only home powered electricity and fuel to flourish--killing policemen is the least harmful thing that could occur to corporate Satanic powers of globalism for they just hire more. Economic attacks by tearing down power lines, sapping bridges, shooting semi truck tires, pouring sugar in corporate gas tanks--that is the sort of thing that does not occur much because there is little real, present interest in revolt in the United States when the masses are still free to charge things with their federal national debt card.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Philosophy Journal hyperlink: Quantum Time Theory

I have made a philosophical inference such that instead of gravitons or gravity waves, time quanta may satisfy Einstein's relativity criteria. Time quanta emerged like virtual particles from the pre-big bang universe, and reversibility of time polarity could explain the expansion and collapses of universes amidst additional features.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Obama Healthcare Bill Was a Ploy to Snag Higher Living Standard for the Middle Class

Richard Nixon sought to bring universal health care to Americans in a 1974 bill that was opposed by Edward Kennedy, now 36 years later--Richard Nixon's vision has become fact.


It is fundamentally wrong to pass a law requiring the U.S. public to pay corporations for health insurance. Democracy sometimes must directly provided satisfaction of its vital interests without benefiting special interests.There are many things wrong with treating private corporations as if they were public institutions-too numerous to mention yet I will offer several for illustrative purposes.

Supply and demand on pricing is corrupted by manditory legal requirements for insurance of all citizens. If corporations do not make enough money they can go out of business. Too much private data is given to the corporate world. Alternative methods of delivery medical care such as co-opts for communities are, a priori, disadvantaged as redundant.

Medicare and Medicaid should never have served as universal providing of insurance for large numbers of citizens. In the future the expansion of either may bring large numbers of poor but health youth and perhaps former illegal aliens into those systems adding unforeseeable new debt following any corruption of passing amnesty bills to reward those breaking the laws for the most time. Such prices with equity could be passed for tax evaders giving amnesty for those breaking the laws much and penalizing those breaking the laws just a little for a year or two.

A national medical service for the poor was the best way to provide the most medical service to the poor at the lowest cost. The Democratic Party lost legislative, intestinal fortitude after 9-11, and the end of the cold war.They do not stand up for democracy as opposed to corporatism--for fear of being labeled by the ignorant as socialists. Democrats act as if Sen. Joe McCarthy wad their political science professor so they must err to the extreme right or risk an 'F'. In Democracy, the people can freely establish institutions to provide to satisfy vital interests of people that cannot provide for themselves--such as health care for the poor. What they should not do is establish corporatist-socialist structures such as require citizens to pay particular private entities money.

Corporatism and universal corporate health insurance requirements are the best pheasable methods of developing universal oppression of individual liberty and democracy in the United States today.

Expansion of the V.A. hospital systemto include free treatment of the poor and illegal alien residents would create a vital functioning national emergency medical care infrastructureable to responnd at the lowest cost to national disaster. The poor could use the facility easily without strings or ongoing paperwork.

Obama care will require new bureaucracies to administer the tens of millions of people not enrolled as well as to verify the financial information of individuals applying for services. Some will receive somewhat degrading service conditions potentially for using programs that had before perhaps been reserved for the elderly in order to receive medical treatment. Illegal aliens by the millions will of course continue to use emergency rooms and stay off the federal paperwork all together. The debt will be passed along to citizens through higher health coverage charges.

One must believe th the driving force for the Obama Medical Plan is the desire of the middle class to have a free lunch, and the unwillingness of the rich to provide adequate health care for working people. As the quality of medical care increases the middle class want to exploit it all such as is available to the rich--they can't afford that and do not save enough, buy too large of homes the government must step in to save from mortgage defaults and deflation of value by the trillions, and but large wasteful of fuelo S.U.V.s by the two or threes per home--that lifestyle requires more than they can afford so the Democratic party and the Republicans too borrow trillions from abroad to fund their corrupt political economy.

It is likely that such an impractical lifestyle over time will result in the continuing decline of U.S. national independence. There are substantial reform steps possible such as I suggested above would work for squaring away the poor, and then the middle class could approach its not-altruistic desires for cheaper medical coverage for itself, apart from the obscurantism of providing medical coverage for those of us that have had to barter away a home lot for surgery, and then seek to avoid recurrence of the same injuries on the job, self-employed without insurance the next few years until becoming aged enough for Medicare coverage perhaps.

N. Koreans May Have Torpedo's/SUnk S. Korean Navy Ship--Russia-U.S.A.-Chiana Tri-Lateral Arms Talks in Future?

A South Korean navy ship was sunk following an explosion near the stern--possible from a North Korean torpedo. The recent North-South political difficulties highlight the kind of problems with economics and political environment the world faces today as it fails to rise to the challenge presented unto itself, from itself.


While the U.S.A. and Russia have agreed to limit themselves to perhaps 1500 larger atomic warheads apiece--we are sure this is enough to get the job done of vaporizing whomever needs to be vanished from the planet along with so many endangered species and the web of life on Earth. There is the consolation that humanity is making countless new products each year that can be adapted to end all life on Earth or just particular species or populations.

The nuclear weapons approach is crass and crude today. It is written that an atomic weapons dust up between India and Pakistan might bring on a global freeze up and catastrophic loss of human and other life because of all the particulates that would be put up into the upper atmosphere from ground level nuclear detonations. heres the hope that wisse heads will prevail and any atomic weapons used will not be detonated at ground level but instead at perhaps 20,000 feet above the major cities of each nation such that everyone dies below but not as much dust is kicked up to chill down the entire globe.

The United States and Russia ought rightly to be natural allies since they have so much in common including a Christian heritage and experience in creating large networks or soviets of organizations to repress individualism. Corporatism and its networks betraying western heritage for cheap profits in China may seek to exploit Russia sufficiently to defeat national self-interest and bring it under the wing of the Supreme Global Corporate Soviet of Wall Street listed trans-national corporations. The United States needs Russia to fend off the growing Chinese military and atomic threat--not to mention that of Iran and the rest of the terrorist elements of the Muhammadanist world.

China has more than twice the population of that of the United States and Russia put together...so mutual military alliances against China are a natural development. Even better would be trilateral agreements that would have China voluntarily limit its atomic weapons increase and conventional military too, in order to save that wasteful outlay beyond that reasonably needed for self defense.

In theory the less China develops its offensive military capacity the less either would the United States or Russia need to develop there own--and with the fundamentally wrong regulation of world economic practices regarding environmental impact, the military focus of the three potentially or actually largest atomic weapons powers should be contained and reduced a little to free up political focus upon more forced ecological rectification issues. Atomic weapons development is an anachronistic direction that the world cannot afford today.

Ecological economic rectification requires not only the use of resources renewably so far as possible, but the elimination of habitat destruction and the end of chemical despoiliation of ecosystems--not even plastic cups should be used by the worlds male human population because of the release of estrogen like chemical compounds over time. Governmment regulation of categories of chemical use needs to be strictly designed and enforced.

A free market in Adam Smith's 1776 is different than that of 2010. There were no corporations then and a free market was contrasted to the aristocratic monopoly of trade enjoyed by the King and licensed royals. Today a free market is controlled by networks of large social organizations called corporations. Individuals have little real free trade opportunity that would conflict significantly with the totalitarian market control of existing large capitalized elites.

In order to restore a free market, the government should have differential income taxes upon profits from corporate shareholders such that shares and income from more than three corporation would be taxed at a 75% rate. To prevent cascading network control by elites of business through stock purchases government must actively seek to limit stock woning for an individual to three businesses. Then more free market phenomena for individuals might occur, and large, vested corporate interest may relax their grip on economic rectification toward an ecologically rational enlightenment regard they have generally resisted in blind pursuit of monetary profit.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ideas About Gravity as Time Quanta

Philosophy provides license to consider many ideas briefly and construct paradigms of a theoretical nature, so I write some philosophical thought about an approach to understanding gravity.

So there may not actually be gravitons then--why should there be a large particle crossing large empty spaces to link mass and energy? Perhaps it is a concatenated local effect and diminishes with distances because the mass thins out in empty space and gravity needs to bond its force through existing particles rather like waves in the ocean.

Gravity could be something entirely else though--a kind of apparent force thought of as gravity yet actually entirely a local and short-range force. Einstein would be nearly entirely right in this context; space would seem to be bent like a rubber sheet depressed with mass upon it drawing in other mass to its slippery slope. Farther away of course the space-time smooths out and the force of attraction diminishes toward the reference mass.

The idfference between apparent gravitational force through particles of attraction and Einsteins logical waarping of space-time because of mass for many of us non-scientists has presented a two-part approach to understanding what gravity is. Since they seem respectively somewhat inconsistent, I will provide another way of viewing gravity based not too much upon either.

Gravity might be an apparent phenomenon concatenated at the mass level that disappears with an explanatio of what is really occurring. Mass-energy particles may be associated with a dimension of time in proportion to their comparative scale. Gravity particles or waves may not exist at all.

The time dimension is short range and in relation to the scale of each unit of energy-mass. The initial impetus of the inflation and big bang era imparted a tremendous force to detatch the time stability of the basic quanta. As tthe inertai of the quanta was spent, time was created outwardly with space, and the quanta though implicitly seeking to bond with a particular spatial relation perhaps had far too little time content indifvidually to accomplish the reversal of space-time in-themselves.

This may seem something like trading a graviton for a time-i-ton, and perhaps it is, yet each basic quanta must exist with one unit of time for-itself as a being. The assertion of time concatenated outward in an expansion of time and space may be a way to account for and number of relativistic and quantum mechanical phenomena concurrently.

The acelleration of observed expansion speed of the universe may not be a consequence of dark energy or mass, but could instead result from individual time-it-tons orienting themselves toward a non-centralized direction in their effort to attach to space.

It is interesting to conjecture about a singularity of time and space that becomes subdivisible into fractions of time-space quanta subject to macro-thermodynamic effects.

It is also intriguing to consider a quantum mechanical computer- like universe that can generate one-off instantaneous universes of space-time in infinite number as branching devices to become consistence with observation. I should remark that God may have far more complexity in quantum mechanical and macro-cosmological potential than might be thought.

The attachment of time-unit quanta to space may be a feature of quantum superposition with entangled larger space-time energy structures within a detachment from time context of space itself. Space could be timeless without content or mass-energy of course, and would be a shortcut through which time quanta may associate.

One may consider such a topology of time with a variety of hypothetical features of course, and these are some of those I had today.

Poetry Journal; Implosion of the Tower of Life

New tine blossoms late in spring
budding ideas of mortal’s sap
sought well blent magic cakes some have ate
rhymes and riddles works worst rap
unleavened dread locks of green
breaking buildings down phat donuts dumb could hate

Donuts down all over town
plastic bagged for a silent world of dumpster diving loans
9-11 towers collapsing inward on their own
sensations of genomic deletions cast economic striving’s somas

Removing those living links
killing the worm prey for chemicals
deadened soil, empty ocean cascades of nullification
implosions ought be taught better than rand

Absent lower level structures pent up
changes flow like a Scythian blade of death
golden hordes aptly de-maggotified for fruit-flies
carry a reign of terror-sparked plosives wealth. Sought and shot such time well spent
gravity and tuhter tree forces snag a light beam’s rent
compacted algorithms like numbered information bit paintings living
add nothing to what we had, neither brooms or knackwurst plaid

Hawk talons struck awkward, individualist voles
driven ‘neath broadcast waves to form herds made to feminine bowls
to the edge upon the knife points of practical power reigning
lives were spent and binned, hairy wolf paws and whale traded for goals

Single malt, double fault, when the fall calls down
winter’s wisps’ of memory become hated
never again flickering into a dream on Earth.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

About Writing Philosophical Science Fiction-Part Two

There may be many examples of good philosophical science fiction--in fact Isaac Asimov's Foundation Trilogy and 'The Harry Seldon Plan' is a kind of social philosophy for itself. Frank Herbert's 'Dune' and 'The Jesus Incident implicitly presented alternative views of normal reality which comprises on occasion philosophical meritorious work.

Amidst philosophers Bishop Berkley's Dialogues are perhaps the most famous fiction method of presenting philosophical ideas--in that case the proof for Idealism (Ideaism). Yet we are not in quest of thinly disguised philosophical works dressed up with science fiction costume. We seek to create actual philosophical science fiction. Such work in a modern context may include neo-Platonism, String Theory and multiverse criteria. There is a need for flexible characters able to adjust to complete and sudden transformations of space-time continua, of the fundamental nature of reality, yet capable of keeping some dignity about themselves and not losing track of perennial, transcendent values that cohere in the logical constitution of the presented thermodynamic variables of the Creator.

Of course as philosophers writing science fiction we seek after the One true God recommended by Jesus Christ. We realize that Jesus had a system of transcending values that could not be fulfilled by any one human being on Earth in a lifetime--personal sacrifice was required. Jesus started the new age rolling with his own personal sacrifice. He told us also that those that save their lives will lose them, and those that lose their life for his sake, find it. Tough order of assembly obviously, yet humanity as an imperfect and flawed organism needs help in moving toward spiritual orders and rational (from my perspective) social reality in pursuit of pragmatic utopia rather than dysfunctional non-renewable macro-economics and depletion of environmental resources amidst and exploitative social infrastructure. In order to bring philosophical merit into our science fiction projects it is important to describe the temporal veils of appearance and circumstance that comprise bad federal policy on any planet or circumstance in which it may occur, if it serves to advance the story line.

We may ask 'where should we leave our protagonists--in this universe or that, dead in this lifetime or resurrected through some sort of super-medical intervention in another universe. Though we commend our soul unto God, everything else seems somewhat subject to change and insult, attack or depletion. We may not seek to create our own non-temporal realm of forms, yet we can contemplate arresting elements of the changes of space-time a little such as capture of photons in Einsteinium or whatever extrapolating perhaps to the freezing of quantum super-positions and all states of all waveforms in all possible universes until we get a pay increase in our negotiating humor if such serves to advance the science fiction story line.

While we may drop down puts into unpredictable holes with the assurance of a reduction of quantum uncertainty such as a Tiger Woods perhaps, neither need we form our science fiction plot lines with random association of macro-quantum wave-particle configurations pre-determined to emerge as any mundane universe flowing ineveitably toward thermodynamic exhaustion. Our science fiction descriptions have the trait of meta-stepping to a higher or lower level frequently enough to bring us to counter-act that effort to reach just the conclusive and best truth with decent in to lower realms nearly reaching the clouds of temporal comedy of errors and the praise of folly such as a Congress may prefer.

I believe its worthwhile making a comment about the Socratic dialogues probably the intended reference by Len above concerning "many of the Greek and Roman philosophers used dialogue to make their points."

Aeschylus and/or Euripides made a little fun of philosophers for their seemingly air-headed ways in their plays, yet the dialogues of Plato that captured the essence of the ideas of Socrates and his opponents in rhetoric were anything besides spaced. They brought an intellectual acuity to their day that has comparatively never been surpassed.

Socrates as a philosopher isn't known to have written anything at all--not much help then as a guide for a writer today of philosophical science fiction. Plato on the other hand, wrote a lot about Socrates and his conversations with other philosophers and people he led in philosophical dialectical inquiry concerning truth and it's nature. Yet Plato wasn't a fiction writer--he was more like a court reporter hanging out at the Agora and at other famous Athenian locals capturing the best of the life and times of Socrates.

There were other writers of non-fiction in the 5th century B.C. of course--historians and such. There were also dramatist-playwrights and poets. Fiction wasn't much of a genre back then. In fact Cervantes and Don Quixote built up from many short stories and in Japan The Tales of Genji are two of the earliest novels. Philosophers generally wrote non-fiction and more technically in both ancient Greece and Rome. The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius doesn't provide a mix of dialogue and prose fiction scene setting--we must wait some time for that.

Plato was a philosopher writing about his idea of what another philosopher said. Our issue for this essay was discover methods of making the writing of philosophical science fiction simpler. We like dialogue, yet it is too simple and insufficient for making an interesting story if it is actual philosophy--for it is then mostly speculative non-fiction. Our philosopher writing a story simply breaks up his monologue into two parts and has a dialectical exchange format for presenting the ideas.

That was the reason for the three to one rule of description to dialogue-one may write a fifty thousand word philosophical monologue in two parts and throw in some parsley and sprigs of mint for scene setting. Like Tolstoy at the end of Anna Karenina throwing his used-up heroine under a train (tragically) to provide a quick ending to a story he had lost interest in continuing, the philosophical science fiction writer has the risk of evaluating his descriptive portion as insignificant and just provide highlights as accoutrements to the main course of philosophy. Prose fiction writing is important too for the philosophical science fiction novel--so plotting is very helpful in creating a framework into which the philosophy can fit--it is not an afterthought, or an indirect product of a well written novel such that philosophical meaning might appear here and there like the sun breaking through interminable months of nimbus clouds and rain to shine some light into the underworld of temporal existence.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

If Federal Forcing of Citizens to Buy Health Insurance is Illegal, A Public Health Service for the Poor Could Be the Remedy

If twelve states including Virginia plan to sue the Federal Government, or file legal challenges to manditory health insurance purchases from private corporations, they may well win. The Attorney General for Robert E. Lee's home state has fire in his eyes looking upon Obama care. He does have a better legal leg to stand on than did Robert E. Lee regarding military prospects for beating Washington.

Paradoxically, the first black President is expanding the first de facto corporoatist law requiring the purchase of anything from Corporations. Wal-Mart should get into the insurance business so we could all fullfill our legal duties by shopping for insurance there. They may be able to cut deal with China and all their juan floating about so Americans can become insured by the prosperity of that communist government.

There never was an actual alternative constitutionally to performing good government work in Congress at which they have of course failed. The poor need free health care, illegal aliens need to be kept on the other side of the border, a national health service for the poor had to be established--the Congress just wasn't up to these challenges, and neither could it recognize the difference between socialism, corporatism and democracy. The Congress just gave up on democracy.

The U.S. Supreme Court was right about not limiting corporate campaign spending of course--the rectification required is just to give over all broadcast airwaves to the use of individual citizens for a fair political slice of personal political podcast year-round. The corporate domination of the broadcast spectrum is where the right democratic correction should be made--the present Congress just hasn't got evident political theory I.Q. points such that they don't fail the challenges of modern political complexity.

So I anticipate that the Federal drift to corporatism will continue reinforced by Republicans and Democrats. None wish to trouble themselves by upgrading their political philosophy such that they could recognize national reality.

Super-Conducting Electron Storage Packs for the Moon and Mars?

With superconductors practical at very low temperatures, I have wondered if N.A.S.A. has developed super-conductor storage 'batteries' for small space-craft. A variety of super-conductor 'battery' storage packs could be launched into space and made available for storing solar power and perhaps partly charge small ion engines.

Hundreds of super-conductor electron storage units might be deposited on the moon in various locations for electrical needs of astronauts and other. Although Mars is warmer than the moon, it might be worth studying the concept of landing super-conductor storage units there too in order that various space-craft roving on the surface could be recharged readily. Suoer-conducting technology would of course be useful on Alaska's North Slope and the rest of the Earth.

The moon would be a very good place for creating networks of super-conducting wire grids for surface transportation power. Solar panels of a thin film might be laid out nearby to input electrons to the super-conductor.

Has a study been done on thee maximum density of superconducting storage of electrons? What about the lightest weight for super-conducting materials? Can superconducting materials be designed integrated with thin film solar voltaic capture?

With the recent publication of the discovery of a substantial amount of ice in at least 42 craters on the moon-some as much as six feet in depth, it is disturbing mildly, to recall that some would exploit that rare resource for rocket fuel. Such valuable ice-water should be for drinking and growing plants within a 100% recycling containment context. Such profligacy with resources is remarkable yet consistent wit federal non-renewable macro-economic policy.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Democrat's Starbucks 'Health' Bill a Move Into Corporate Slavery

Forcing Americans to buy health insurance from 'private', and in some cases multi-national business organizations known as corporations, is a giant step backward in the long march to human liberty. Jesus Christ provides freedom that liberates mankind from the mindless meat-headed drudgery of enslavement to Satan. Satan sifts humanity like wheat and would process all human beings like meat in a meat market without freedom except to be sensually immoral like sardines in a tin waiting for the lid to be sealed shut. naturally enough the President and the Congress may seek to accelerate the drafting of all souls into the compulsory snares of the prince of darkness.

There is a logical fallacy well known to philosophy such that what is good or effective for a group of limited size is good for all regardless of number. Buying insurance for the homeless people of Cleveland would be a good idea and noble thing, yet signing up all poor Americans to private insurance programs will fundamentally change the nature of the relationship between government, corporations and citizens. Some may believe in error that forcing by law all Americans to enroll in health insurance programs they cannot afford is a  cosmopolitan act of sophistication--it is not. In fact the three neo-sophisticated Presidents provided by elites--Clinton, bush II and Obama, have all failed to comprehend fundamental principles of the United States historically or to educate the public and youth on those values largely. One cannot motivate with a T-Ball Presidency making it appear that Harvard and old money is the key to success, etc. Outsourcing opportunity for Americans to Oxford and making Harvard the cinched way to succeed and 'lead' the nation also fails to insp0ire for it draws upon then understanding of elites with little practical regard for working people--they are fish to be processed for the profit of business--plenty of fish out there here or in Mexico--so sign them up to tithe their corporate rulers. They can have tea parties...such as might little children without revolutionary intent. They need a foreign oil and cars party.

Mandatory health insurance will force new layers of government bureaucracy, provide for data for government tracking of citizens, take more time of citizens to comply with paperwork, and compel citizens to pay the highest costs for the provisioning of health care for the poor. A reformed and expanded V.A. hospital system that would treat the nation's poor for no charge would be a better, cheaper way to deliver health treatment to the poor.
At one point in America's past, practical affordability was an issue in all political matters. Before the starbuck generation and the concept of deficit spending fr4om the cornucopia in the sky over China, Japan, India and elsewhere arose such that fiscal responsibility could not be taken for granted, politicians actually sought to be able to afford on a budget important pieces of public legislation. The health care bill is a Starbucks kind of damn the cost approach to medicine that will inevitably later be used to bleed the people of higher and higher health payments through a variety of unforeseen methods. It is a lever upon working people of tremendous scale--containing public health for the poor through public ally financed non-[profit medical facilities is a far more rational approach. The Government is a corporatist tool, with a corporatist court. legislature and President. 

Monday, March 15, 2010

Jihad Jane a Disappointment-Not a Surprise

Really; the Jihad Jane does not surprise us. Americans have learned elementary statistical reason. One finds fishing good in the usual likely spots, though an occasional lunker may migrate to other grounds. The Muslim mufsidoon movement of unholy war may make converts in Detroit or Boston. We have have seen the film Ultraviolet, and are aware to what extent the enemy may go to infilitrate their forces across the line.


So if it is a Manchurian candidate, or a Sigourney Weaver infected with an alien feotus about to grow up and devour Cleveland, we will not be surprised. Jihad Jane is a disappointment though; she might have been a cute all-American girl in Congress or driving the bus instead of a hunter-scout of alien cartoonist making funny with the evil empires of fact or fiction.

Is Jihad Jane even a real blonde? Only her hairdresser knows for sure.

One might wonder if any of the 9-11 hijackers from Logan airport were Red Sox fans piling it on to end the curse for trading the Babe and take a World Series as a Communist plot...just because the cold war ended in 1989 it doesn't mean that communist plots did--the Red Sox won the Series in 2004. One cannot stereotype all hijacker-terrorists, secretly disaffected C.I.A. black op alumni or Boston Red Sox fans because Boston's where the terrorists landed to spend their last night on Earth before flying their mission of death; isn't N.P.R. headquartered in Boston?

Some terrorists could be from Riyad or Yemen.

No--the fact that some East Coast woman perhaps from Boston who was living in Pennsylvania was hired to hunt a European cartoonist does not change the fact that the motivation for Muslim terrorists to act originate in Muslim beliefs and the poverty of Muslim nations. The blonde hunter for the cartoonist was a Muslim after all. She may have had Stockholm syndrome after the capture of her heart by the forces of Mohammad--who knows? The economy is off--one must assume she did not work for free, and got paid air tickets to Europe, interesting clandestine meetings in smoke filled bars and restaurant tabs picked up by terrorist corporate.

We know that some blondes are Muslim, and some Muslims are terrorists, but not all blonde Muslims are terrorists. Syllogisms are of such use in reasoning these not difficult points out. It would be helpful if some columnists used more logic ocassionally. We will still expect that with most good baseball players being of Latino origin for various reasons-its still a good place to look for baseball players, of course some are from Japan and Minnesota, yet we will not look in Fiji or baseball stars when everyone knows its where football players are recruited--and Muslim nations abroad are still the best place to anticipate anti-American terrorists to arise with good military experience that the United States probably provided earlier.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

F.D.R. Would Have Recognized a Need for Increased Reform of Social Safety Net

53% Now are opposed to a rump-state reconciliation health care reform bill reports Rasmussen poll...

The entire social safety net should be reformed so that those that use it are people that actually need to. Direct provisioning of medical care for the poor without middle-men, pay-offs to insurers or kickback layers of electronic paper-shuffling bureaucrats is the best value for real monetary payment.

Social security should be limited to those with incomes less than the average worker's annual wage. If only 50% of present recipients received social security, social security taxes could be cut 50%.

If a public medical service for poor people were created, then only sick poor people would need to use it--and they would require no insurance. Veterans hospitals could be enlarged to treat the nation's poor.

The U.S. Defense Department should be cut by 25%. The Army should be reduced to a half million, the Marines by 50%, and a new 200,000 man special forces black op force created to respond quickly to emergency abroad.

A new National Guard war powers act should be created. The National Guard could not be deployed more than six months abroad without a congressional Declaration of War, or without permission of the state's governor. The National Guard would remain a significant ready reserve force.

There are other real eco-politik cuts to government that would reform it to a non-deficit producing fact. If people in government are stupid, corrupt or don't care about the poor they will produce bad politics. Some human beings existentially seek to prosper themselves--a philosophy of personal egoism--without regard to the overall concatenated public economic deficit. When that occurs too much society collapses. Government itself may be predatory broadcast bureaucrats oppressing individuals or groups. Corporations may become de facto collectives bashing around democratic taxpayers in a variety of flumery schemes and institutional structures of advantage.

The nation has a variety of ecological and economic issues creating a bad foundation ground set to crumble from a variety of environmental and political earthquakes ahead. The Government should primarily serve the interests of U.S. economic development in such a way that national development receives most support.

Some in government feel that losing intentionally will in some way serve to redistribute wealth abroad to the foreign poor.That is just an excuse to advantage the corrupt and avoid a democratic approach to good government. The impoverishment of the United States because of plundering government malfeasance is a consequence of bad federal policy. It hasn't sufficient interest in being a good government that restores ecological vitality, works to slow down the lemming like wave of ecological corruption, assures that all Americans are on a progressive track for life time economic adequacy, respects the privacy of citizens--necessary for intelligent people to be free to develop their own economic interest and differentiate themselves from tramping broadcast jackboots of federal power.

The extremely inflated wages paid for the U.S. volunteer military has created pressure to bureaucratize it and inflate its numbers with women and gays in this era where general conflagrations are not expected--that is a dangerous course if history is considered--it is also expensive and leads to perversive troop deployments abroad.

Few Americans really want to encounter large numbers of female casualties of war, and as p.o.w.s they would soon become pregnant--so would need to be chemically sterilized before going on active duty in areas with potential for conflict--such long term reversible sterilization may not be a medically feasable course.

The U.S. Defense Department should be cut by 25%. The Army should be reduced to a half million, the Marines by 50%, and a new 200,000 man special forces black op force created to respond quickly to emergency abroad.

A new National Guard war powers act should be created. The National Guard could not be deployed more than six months abroad without a congressional Declaration of War, or without permission of the state's governor. The National Guard would remain a significant ready reserve force.

A special armed nation reconstruction corps of 50,000 might be created to augment ineffective federal administration planning in politics that require the United States to reconstruct foreign governments they have destroyed, perhaps in quest of oil or commando teams of box-cutter wielding terrorists. Three trillion dollars to try to capture and hang by the neck 30 or 40 terrorists of Al Qa'eda isn't a cost effect strategy that does no harm to the United States.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Congressman Massa/Gates/Don't Ask Don't Tell'/Bush 1 and the Gates Agenda

The House voted 401 to 1 to resume the investigation of then Congressman Massa and allegations he had 'groped and tickled' male staffers before being forced to resign by Democratic Leaders seeking to hide a culture of corruption from Republicans. This brings to the fore the problems the U.S. military will experience if Sect. Gates has his wish fulfilled of foisting gay liberation upon the armed forces. With new avenues of ingression of insults to heterosexual privates, the number of internal affairs officers required to investigate charges of' tickling and fondling' may need to be increased ten-fold.


Ex-Congressman Massa reportedly admitted groping and tickling male staffers, and then an hour later denied it. We are not certain who is telling the truth.

Massa Sergents in the Army and other military branches of the military exercise tremendous power over poor, downtrodden E-1's just yearning to breathe free and not be harrassed by homosexuals with advantage and power. Healthy privates seek to better afford to have a relationship with an attractive woman and have good times. If the military leadership becomes corrupted by a homosexual officer elite then investigations of homosexual harrassment of strait soldiers will become more costly. Such investigations may also be impeded by homosexual officers and non-commissioned officers with sympathy for the perpetrators, or even a crush.

It is possible that some Master Sergeants and even junior NCO's will offer promotion and privilege for providing homosexual favors. The prospect of overtly placing gays in positions of power in the Gates military may bring evolution of a turbulent era--yet perhaps not. Progressive Pentagon homosexuals may require golden earrings in order to become an NCO in the future military. A poorer U.S.A. of the future may not be able to support Australia remaining free of Chinese hegemony with wealth and billionaires of China buying Australia through coal and other contracts. Globalists lackeys of China may seek to defend Chinese investments abroad. America's period of global military use of power to defend capitalism may decline as corporatism and communism suplant it.

Bush I Administration and Influence of Homosexual and Oil Agenda

The Former George H.W. Bush Administration (41) was alleged to have homosexual escapades while in office--at least that is the impression provided during the 1992 campaign season. The Bush II got the Father's former defense secretary Cheney who is a supporter of homosexualism. He became Bush II's Vice President. Defense Secretary Gates is a holdover from Bush II. It is my concern that the military conflicts that the United States has become engaged in since the end of the cold war--to Ronald Reagan's credit not to Bush I--are financially destructive to U.S. interests, and might have been avoid without an oil and homosexual drift of U.S. foreign policy. I believe the homosexualization of the military that Sect Gates supports is a Bush I continuing putch--or at least began by him.

It iis comparatively remarkable that the straight Ronald Reagan increased the U.S. Military significantly yet the United States did not lose trillions in foreign wars and thousands of dead. It is possible that the homosexual influence on military policy when substantial leads to mal-adroit deployment of force designs. I have no idea if that is some sort of leather-fetish s/m influence or not. Those Pat Buchanan ads may have been a warning we should have heeded. It required a Bush league approach to spend trillions on reconstructing Iraq and Afghanistan.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

String Theory & Select Philosophical Parameters of a Pre-Big Bang Cosmos Etc.

I think there are many ways to view and label the energy-mass presented to mind such as comprise the Universe. In reading Krishnamurti's books I enjoyed his peaceful, contemplative approach to the matter of being. He seemed to have a point of view a little bit Buddhist--as the original Buddha might have regarded the world after his insight under the tree, yet he also seemed like a working Bodhhisatva-I believe the term is. However he seemed to advocate a social withdrawal and detachment from the world--and that is a little different than a philosophical contemplation of what is perceived.

Jesus Christ said that the Kingdom of God is within you--and of course I agree. God is transcendent of the nature of his creation, so I leave it at that, yet find the construction of ideas about the Universe worthwhile. Jesus Christ was a carpenter after all, and the right construction of ideas is as useful as the construction of geodesic domes instead of rectilinear structures in many instances, I would think.

Immanuel Kant writing on the topic of a priori thought continued the kind of thought that Pythagoras might have used a little in reasoning about triangles. String theory, if it had philosophically consistent structure--mathematically, might also contain an irresistible logic for-itself. I do not know for sure. When I think about a priori thought and necessary, self-consistent truths that could be abstractly represented in virtually any way such as with statistics of arbitrary magnitude, it might be impossible to make an a priori truth about the empirical world. Empiricism and Quine present a dead reckoning sort of pragmatism for language and logic perhaps. It is worth researching virtually any kind of cosmological avenue without requiring that one provide an ideal world of self-consistent platonic forms in a model first.

String Theory does have approximate criteria regarding the Universe that it is designed to fit. It's pre-big bang parameters seem to have a philosophical beauty. Their may be many realms of being that science cannot ever directly access nor prove or disprove. I realized that about the quantum computer--- I have also written a brief novel with a lot of philosophical dialogue in it so I could go over some of these points that surpass the finite. Science is restricted to material extrapolations and compression of data into algorithmic sensibility--philosophers are not.

Before the Big Bang--if there was a big bang--for the inflation is rather replacing that concept though they are semantically close-something existed. We could just leave it at mystery--yet the scholastic philosophers and St. Thomas in devising proofs for the existence of God also used logical argument about the first cause and etc that we can emulate, with less holiness perhaps that career ecclesiastics, though we may try to emulate the good points, in contemplating what occurred before the inflation. Philosophically the inflation is just a way of regarding an event of cosmic history from a parrticular point of view. It was a membrane viewed from outside perhaps with expanding contingent content that became heavier concentrations of mass as it cooled.

Heating and cooling are relative terms as Bishop Berkleys Three Dialogues made plain enough. A very high energy state, or as close to monistic condition known to exist occurred then-before the inflation there may have been a vacuum that created multi-verse starts of universes. This Universe could just be one infinitely small, contingent, consequent even of temporality within a field of nearly infinite starts of such universe temporalities.

These may occur within the One rather than without as in a vacuum. From the singular non-dimensional membrane of all space and monistic Idea the rest of everything emerged in more refined and comparatively less energetic event-universe flows. Or perhaps not--its philosophical contemplation of how the neo-Platonic One might have issued anything. This sort of speculation is at least as old as the second century a.d., its just that with string theory, the standard model, quantum mechanics and relativity theory there are new tools to help the contemplations. And I hope those physicists are hard at work making more research progress and writing it up to publish in an interesting form.

Following is my story excerpt from'The St. Novilistricka Plan'--I never really got beyond a final first draft...

An infinite number of cosmological theories may be invented and adumbrated onto the apparent facts and events of the universe we exist in. Many of those theories will equally well account for the observable facts of physical existence experienced, and none will ever accurately reach an absolute, exclusive and definitive account for the origin of the Universe to its ultimate source. Faith is required at several points to fill in the missing frame of reference footings. Faith accounts for the phenomenal existence of a perturbative vacuum, and where and when and why in the pre-big bang cosmology of things such a nearly eternal field of phenomenality could arise, or always did.

If such fundamental structures comprised the origin of a radion or vice versa, issues arise regarding why the construction of an expanded universe occurs. The word to begin-a kind of fat lady singing a high note breaking the symmetry of a perfectly composed non-dimensional point that is in a spiritual balance--a primordial non-dimensional Liebniitzian monad might have been spoken. Maybe God created the Universe to experiment with artistic designs of intervals and energy-appearance in a scalar, temporal field?

Why should a system of multi-verses and contingent dimensions always be unbalanced, or unstable, and why would an eternally stable structure of any size such as a non-dimensional point every change without an outside force acting upon it?

There are many possible relationships between knowledge and dimensions, energy and dimensions, and of knowledge about energy and dimensions obviously. In 1996 Earth Chronhistory a Gasperini wrote that 'toward a non-singular pre-big bang cosmology'. The elimination of singular points of origin within cosmological history is an approach possible with string theory I believe, yet the issues of proximal and fundamental origins of mass would then be transferred for philosophical purposes to virtual particles in the pre-big bang vacuum. Each virtual source of mass could be thought of as infinitely endowed yet finite when emerged into the peer space before the big bang-such that each does not bring its own displacement of every other virtual particle emerging space.

There are innumerable alternatives of course--philosophically imagine them. One non-dimensional point initially contained all the virtual particles--and it is rather like The One--and that is the source of subsequent virtual particles issued into a sub-routine space. Perhaps all these universe expand inward rather than outward, and can do so infinitely cascading from The One. Size and dimensionality would be relative like space-time. One cannot say then what knowledge would be in such a context--instead of a mem or knowl there could be a knowlegeton (like a graviton) that transcends universes to subtly changed quarks in human and other sentient minds.

Knowledge can be defined as information. Human sentience and cognition--awareness is knowledge. Knowing is knowledge.The sentient dimensions would be affixed to the mass track dimensions--on an apposite dimension 'side' for an interior purpose of course. Can a dimension have just one side?

If a material definition were wonted for what knowledge is-it would be difficult to describe in material or dimensional terms since it would be of another character.Information as data bits form content for a holographic theory of the universe. Bits stored in a non-dimensional point comprise an obvious paradox. They would be in a material dimensional context--maybe there is anti-knowledge in anti-dimensions?

I had visited many planets where economic theories grew to become consolidated into a hierarchical global religion and in which dissidents were outcast as heretics and anathema. Human or other sentient lives must be considered as abstract statistical machines for sale or trade as commodities most useful to the Utilitarian god of the globe who would allocate resources is arbitrary ways deemed most useful to the global imperial corporate governance. Democracy and individualism were dead on such planets. Individual political opinions were considered, as John Ralston Sauls had once observed in the 21st century on Earth, as protectionism that would interfere with management.

One of the planets of the Dogma Star Cluster Lush and I visited had a tax free shop in the space-port, extending from the Equator to the north pole, lamp shades made from the hides of exploited child laborers of the southern hemisphere offered for two galactic Juans. Each lampshade was offered as in compliance with thermodynamic recycling conservation of resources criteria. Corporate conversion of sentient life-forms into rent paying statistical machines had been maximized by planet managers increasing proplits.

"These crystal clusters would be a good study for paleo-genetic comparisons with fossilized inference analysis of polymorphism; did they have nucleotide divergence patterns of alleles comparable to that of humanoid MHC polymorphism that is evident in atomic molecular lattice deposition? Was the geology of these satisfied semi-sentients an evolved configuration by design or from pressures of natural selection? I realize we haven't the time for an in depth study of these creatures that appear so oddly rude, Patrick, yet we should chisel away a few easy pieces if we can before leaving the world."

I looked at my beautiful Lush; traveling companion since Drachonio, and considered what she said. It is true that the Crystalnachworsts had made the idiot's choice to end choices for themselves and others in preference for a continuum of untaxed constant pleasure input as interminably persisting neo-geological objects of artifact. The world around our mountain had no remaining glacial deposits--it was moving through stages of desiccation toward barrenness compatible with a world without atmosphere requiring careful expulsion space for content that would occlude star photon power for rechargeable superconducting circuit-suits of the neo-geos.

I said to Lush; "They are lint Lush, forget about them. There are many other worlds we shall repair to soon enough."

"Yeah, well we didn't document well enough the Crusher colony of robotic monster trucks from the future that found a candy wrapper on some planet in the Milky Way and used it to trace the location of Los Angles on Earth. Urban renewal by gigantic, city crushing robot monster trucks with government warranty started by cash bribes for Clunker Politicians non-government organizations centuries before was a fate the innocents of Newer Mexico did not deserve. Not even the Temple of Governor Rastaneggerian survived the blazing terminal anomalous orange phase of the crush rush of trucks a mile high."

I would have driven a plug in electric if I had lived on Earth early in the 21st century Lush,

"I agree Patrick, that sentient organizations and societies have eclipsed reason, largely in pursuit of economic objectives..."

"Is that what I said, Lush?"

"Inference Patrick, and distillation of paradigmatic references--maybe it's what you wanted to say."

"Oh right, continue Lush."

"Nature cannot be improved upon. Sentient beings can only remodel nature to make themselves more comfortable--that's all that can be done through technology with nature. Yet they unfortunately have a tendency to entirely disregard nature as the source and ideal of all material existence as they admire their own mud pie creative glorification as the pinnacle of phenomenality."

"That may be so Lush. What about the heavier elements that sentients created, aren't they creating their own nature then?"

"No, of course not Patrick. Heavier elements than those of the original periodic table created following nucleosynthesis and stellar synthesis by sentient artifice were a continuity of phenomenal evolution of the Universe at best. Reduced to more fundamental components than atomic elements they were comprised of particles that are made ultimately of strings of length L equals eternity emanated by quantum uncertainty from the perturbed vacuum before the big bang.

A quantum gush of uncertainty comprising virtual particles forming a black hole cut off by an event horizon from matching particle or string pairs allowed the inflation of a big bang from the perturbative vacuum like a faster than light mushroom growing from fertile quantum soil usually locked into balanced particle-anti-particle matching pairs of strings."

"Philosophically our beliefs about the Multiverse could still be wrong. A quantum computer could create an entirely real yet artificial duplicate reality with effects of quantum entanglement able to create an appearance of such a cosmological structure and genesological origin."

I regarded Lush thoughtfully for a moment before saying the obvious;

"I agree with your theory on the method of an emanation of one inflation to form a big bang Universe like an instant grow kit from an infinite fertile perturbative vacuum. Its a wonderful idea of an infinite, eternal perturbative vacuum giving rise to an infinite phenomenal field of universes forming for several trillion or quadrillion years like raindrops splashing in a pond and rebounding as space-time perhaps forever. I am certain that the concept of a perturbative vacuum is more theoretical than actual however, Lush.

Consider that the initial ground state of any cosmological theory needs to be stipulated as a given in order to back up the theoretical structure underlying the observable phenomena of the Universe. Though the theory may be self-consistent with the observable data, it is not an exclusive theory that might not be replaced equally well with another with a different ground state and system of relations giving rise to phenomena that are apparent as observable and measurable objects.

Why should the perturbative vacuum have quantum uncertainty or even strings? It is necessary but not always obvious that certain units of quanta that are ideas must be posited as fundamental in order to form any kind of analytical theory.

Even whole numbers are logical unit quanta with relationships meaningful to human reason. If larger relationships exist, or just different ones, even so it is necessary to express theories within the context of ones we know.

The idea of the perturbative vacuum and its quantum mechanical nature that through uncertainty could allow despairing off bound particle-anti-particle pairs such as the graviton or dilaton through the introduction of more motion and expansion of space-time creating intervals unbridgeable by the fundamental units creates more questions philosophically than it answers.

I consider a quantum computer's limits at reconstruction of artificial universes as inherently limited by an unknown even the most brilliant artificially intelligent quantum thinking machine could not transcend. It could not reach the infinite conditions of the one, nor fill the boundary conditions with accurate content. Its limits would always be a kind of inversion of the Cantorian set of all sets limits--the contingent quantum computer would have less material to work with than the universe itself.

The quantum computer would have field limitations of its principle quantum components unequal to the task of meta quantum compositions of more fundamental sections. Besides Lush, the original Universal emanation was a monistic whole of a singular nature. The quantum computer is a pluralistic phase of construction out of phase with a natural evolution and ungrounded in the deeper construction of the Universe in which it coheres. The quantum computer will always been less than the infinite truth in which it occurs. I am still placing my faith in a theistic evolution of Universal parameters for the construction of this Universe and the apparent others.

Quantum relativity provides it own terms and meanings of terminology for the comparative age and meanings of time passage in various meaningful contexts for this creation."

"True enough Patrick. We need to be agile skeptics about what appears, and even about what we believe, and have faith in Jesus Christ as the One God who became destiny management.

When idea copyrights and patents were reduced to seven years length with ten percent remittance to inventors and authors alone for public use thereafter, intellectual and material capital production increased quite a lot in the initial populated humanoid solar system. I recollect that if either Isaac Newton or Gottfried Leibniz--simultaneous inventors of the calculus had got exclusive patents upon it as an intellectual property inheritable for generations by their relations, or by corporations for hundreds of years because of the life of the corporations being equivalent to that of the life of an individual lasting hundreds of years legally, quite a substantial amount of science would never have got off the ground."

I asked Lush "So what's the point of that my Lush friend?"

"The point is that there is no point in making scientific, philosophical or even technical ideas exclusive after the first seven years because it retards intellectual progress. I doubt if we would have an ideas about the state of the perturbative vacuum if the inventors of string theory had not been so generous in writing about it after the end of the 20th Earth Century Christian era."

All of these neo-geo people are enrolled in a phenomenal pleasure principle without regard to the philosophical relationship they have to strings emanated from the perturbative vacuum. They have made themselves permanently ignorant of the nature of the Universe and have accepted pleasure as the utilitarian reason for being by default of having no reason or capacity to comprehend anything else greater than that. They have made of their lives a sort of living tombstone that basks in starlight so long as stars exist to provide light.

We might think that in their abrogation of being a human level structure evolved theistically in the Universe they have escaped the vicissitudes of experience, yet in quantum mechanical phenomena they may no longer be what or where they are or were. They might have transcended the cold stones they have become to move beyond space and time into union with the fundamental strings of the perturbative vacuum surpassing the boundaries of the extended space-time eruption of the inflation and big bang."

"Do you really think so Patrick"

"No, actual not at all Lush, its and interesting thought, though.

Basic philosophical questions that were once the best cosmological simplifications around, questions such as that of a prime mover, merged over time into practical questions found embedded with cosmological theories and quantum cosmology. Where did the first string of the perturbative vacuum originate? Where and when did the vacuum arise? Deeper theological questions remained theoretical and metaphysical.

Questions of a cosmological fundamental nature distilled in the era of pre-big bang theory for some synthetic analytical cosmological philosophy to such as those of the origin of dimensions, intervals continua and motion or mass. Fundamental questions of cosmology from a philosophical perspective could be such as are cosmological theories inevitably about continua as being and intervals structures and forms of relationships in continua and intervals? These were issues of being and nothingness in effect, and of where each arose? I think, Lush, that the questions of philosophical interest remained and even deepened co-variantly with the build-up of pre-big bang models with simultaneous varieties of temporal, phenomenal Universe inflations and expansions as space-time with mass arrays."

"Plainly Lush, the perturbative vacuum contains the universal expansion phenomenalizations into existence in addition to providing a ground environment from which they may grow. A new universe may start as a pre-big bang black hole from a field of balanced pairs of strings of fundamental length that become imbalanced because of quantum uncertainty. Sure this fundamental assumption may be supportable by a circumstantially contingent mathematical theoretical framework yet it is obvious that it is simply a practical place to rest our speculative labors because of the improbability of finding a pre-perturbative vacuum field causation trail from which to theorize.

Maybe black holes in our Universe draw string concatenations back to the perturbative field, and perhaps interactive effects of the surrounding field continue to affect the Universe. For thought the Hubble radius and the evolution of space-time in the Universe change, the change is universally subjective, while from within the larger and perhaps infinite perturbative vacuum of infinite extent no meaningful time or space has elapsed, and it remains in contact with the putter boundaries of the Universe in all directions.

Lush would not take her brown eyes off the distant three horizons of the world superimposed with space-time warps and the glorious refracted multiple sunsets unwitnessed by the planet-full of sleeping lotus eaters, she said;

"I would say my friend, that the lack of taxes on the rich and middle classes with subtle tax increases upon the poor is the transcendental way of political life; and that people believe that a non-representative corporate government is more democratic than a representative democracy, that will eventually be thought of as leftist or socialist.

Public interest will be erased and non-representative corporate leadership worshiped by raving idiots incapable of rational political analysis. Authoritarianism and dictatorship everywhere leads to these planets of eventual louts eaters that are living open tombs and tombstones in-themselves. They care not if the Universe arose from a silent or lightly charged vacuum, God issuing the string vacuum as one of an infinite number of spoken words, or a can of tuna cat. This planet gives me the creeps, as multi-dimensionally beautiful as it is."

Lush was a remarkable representation of human womanhood liberated from the Promethean Constellation. Since the War of the Satellites of Atrius we had been constant companions sharing together our mutual alienation from our own home worlds. We had been given our own key to the Universe of a kind enabling a variety of ways of experiencing space time travel faster than normal with too frequently inaccurate destination arrivals a part of the circumstance.

From the bench on Old Schleplglaubt the view is majestic. It is yet troubling when the usual quadrupole world of gravity topology radiated material eminences shaped from the pre-inflationary inhomogeneities of mass and energy that becomes was condensed in virtual coordinates before us. Extra-dimensional extrusions into this world were increasing; bending starlight toward them in surreal, sparkling beams.

'I think it's time we remove ourselves to the library shelves of the City Cliff of the Neo-geos, Lush. Rupturing of sub-lots of mass by extra-dimensional extrusions seem to be statistically increasing too fast to disregard. Let's go research what we can from the neo-geo database."

" Nearly two centuries before Sol time intellectual property rights had been altered in order to accelerate ecological economic recovery efforts. Instead of ninety five year copyrights for trans-national corporations and equally absurd patent rights time periods for socially generated ideas it was decided by remaining democracies of Earth that seven years would be the time period--non renewable too--for patents and copyrights with ideas registered becoming public domain thereafter. Inventors would be given ten per cent gross revenues for any idea exploited from the public domain for a century as well.

Such a radical revision of intellectual property rights assured that inventions and ideas could be used quickly by the national economies of the world to accelerate ecological economic growth, and that more inventions made by combining new public domain ideas could be synthesized further accelerating inventions. Inventors were well protected and received increased revenues by the more general applications of their ideas than in the exclusive for generations procedures that retarded global ecological security and supported oligopolistic corporatist business and management cartels.

Because democracy withered under trans-national corporatism the change to a freedom of ideas regime released too many sudden inventions for the corrupt federal governments of the worlds to control. Some of the initial population crash of the old Earth was brought by the chaos sub-discipline of federal weapons systems and compulsory health care data provisioning for the poor that enabled the world's corporations to delete selected Americans. Reactionary self-survivalism as a resistance moment followed and wars of western individualism versus Eastern globalism intensified.

Lush and I walked into the transport tube and arrived in a ghost village on the distal side of the planet in a couple minutes of acceleration and deceleration. The intelligent particle transport field read our thoughts for destination goals. There was little to say in the transport passage duration in which existential experience was reduced to immersion with the field.

Sky shadows and slowly illuminated clouds changing colors from exotic light extrusions presented our archaeological village in variegated perspectives implicitly altering the temporal appearance from one of a museum to that of a living inanimate present. Lush and I walked through the village over the hexagonal heat absorption tiles and upon a couple of transparent dimensional steps to the open door of the village library.

Inside the library door we returned through the familiar empty hallway and reached office 314. Inside the office was a long curved table with much of our data device material resting upon it. The view from the panoramic windows of the empty city below was breath-taking. With a word a temporal field window shattered for a while before reassembling behind us after we passed to step out onto a regional library particle sky-bridge for transition to the Library of the World.

We walked onto another transparent, insubstantial surface, fifty stories above a pulsing energy storage field. Above and below the library entrance were forty nine floors of data storage with as many answers as could be contained in the quantum computer occupying the area.

Lush was fairly good at languages and interpreting alien data structures. She could decompress algorithmic mysteries with the best of the meaning and logic compressors in the imperial bureaucracy of Blythe's Luck, yet was free and unencumbered of lifelong technical appliances.

"Lush, the liberation of ideas brought a rapid acceleration to my second home planet Earth's economy a few lifetimes ago. One combination of ideas sent a cryogenic gravity wave detector aboard a small stable spacecraft around intense gravity fields such as that of our central star with various gap sizes between special mass to seek to discover the frequency of gravity ways. Changes in the time oscillation of the masses were communicated back to a control station at light speed as the gravity wave observatory changed locations with its differently size configured wave measuring devices. In time the size of a gravity wave was discovered, and that discovery would bring many changes to science--but not upon the Earth as the wars of the Chaos overtook our world.

I brought some of the data to my own world Mars when I escaped Earth during the final evolution of conflicts to defend my own civilization from a mad emperor seeking absolute power. Perhaps that data I brought about the graviton could be found in this library of the neo-geos?"

"I think it might Patrick." Anything might be stored in here. Just because something is invented it doesn't follow that it will be used in the real world optimally or at all.

On my planet disk of origin, Gush, the calculus was simultaneously invented by two women simultaneously; Sigmunda Von Conservido and Hilda Lee-Newton. Each claimed to be the exclusive inventor of calculus, both received a royal patent and for the next two centuries no use of the patented intellectual property could be used by any outside the two royal corporate commercial conspiracies that owned the intellectual properties. Such a repression of knowledge slowed our development of space-flight and defense technology long enough to make survival of the Inebrion attack a real struggle. We nearly found our destiny as cherries in Inebrion Battle Space-ship cruise-pleasure fuel distillation quark smashers."

"I didn't mean to bring up a flashback babe. Distillation trauma is a bloody Sunday punch of a hangover to rain upon your parade Lush."

"What is a parade Patrick?"She walked back out the main entrance for some reason, and stood upon the platform looking into the distance. She faced the stars emerging through twilight and warped tri-horizontal celestialities.

Lush was my own bright star in space-time these months. Her color changing compu-dress changed with her moods and reflected a prevailing environment of syntegration. It was an artwork of tensor calculus and aesthetics with constellations of a non-recognizable pattern. A bizarre alien form landed on the platform in a squishy rush beside Lush. In a fraction of a struggling second they fell off the platform toward the energy grid hundreds of feet below.

Vice President Biden Delivers The Wrong Message to Israel

Vice President Biden; fresh from the new homosexual marriage era of Washington D.C., brought a message of reproach to Israel for building homes for 1800 people in the city of King David--Jerusalem. The new city God promises to the saved and elect of the Jewish-Christian tradition--the new Jerusalem, will transcend the old. Yet the same Adonai that condemned homosexuality in the old testament and new is yet aware of the tendencies existing in the Democratic Congress and with the D.O.D. and former Vice President Cheney. Such perversion (change) of the right way of political conduct should not be advanced by the administration.

If the Vice President ever returns to Israel, he should support Jerusalem as an undivided Jewish city, denounce sin, and try to be on the right side with God.


David Axelerod; an aide of President Obama, took a belligerent tone toward the Israeli construction of homes for its people in the eastern area of Jerusalem--he said that the Jewish state has 'undermined peace', as if the Jewish people have no interest in that, and have no idea what is in their best interest.

Evidently the administration believes the United States is better at negotiating peace than Israeli. Mr. Axelrod could have cited Iraq, Afghanistan and Iran as examples. Mr. Axelrod said as well that Israel had 'insulted' the United States--perhaps for building homes while the U.S. housing market is in a slump. It was a kind of shock and awe to the Obama administration. I cannot imagine what rage the Obama administration might have felt if the Israelis had decided additionally to repaint a thousand buildings with self-priming, lifetime acrylic paint--in green and earth tone colors.

To show it's commitment to green-peace and harmonious living on Earth, Israel should build concrete monolithic dome homes with super-insulation quality and fully self-reliant energy production. They might also agree to help Palestinians gain access to home solar energy production technology. One cannot lead a march of humanity to peaceful progress faster than the slowest fossil fuel reliant cultures can go.


Monday, March 08, 2010

The Non-Dimensional Point of an Inflationary Universe

Why even one dimensional surface becomes everything.
The omnipotent One emanates subsets...

A small bright point of light
such as receives the better of endless night
casting wave of change through day
soundless photon’s present way

Constructions write up paradigms
mountains scaled by nature’s journey
of non-dimensional universes collapsed as one
waveform field before time has begun

Those most small prominences like time quanta
categories of roses and oceans like a painta picassa
one quantum field shattered with infinite boundaries
the largest become infinitely smallest foundries of suns

Star fields in nebulous clouds
driven wind spirits for laughing out loud
observe upon a myriad Earths
exchanges of seasons for what it is worth

A Creator’s will to let be and become
such pre-big bang symbolic, fundamental continua strung
zero dimensional membrane of ccmprehensive yield
issued qubit structures of protocol of One.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

God is Good...

Design is a problem of the criterion, and teleology refers to purpose of the Universe. One can find purpose regardless of structure.

If the purpose of God is to train humanity a certain way perhaps with increased capability for independent, reliable thought of some value to divine purpose, the Universe probably exists in conformity to that purpose. If so the design is not in the structure perhaps so much as the effects it has upon relationships, upon human understanding and so forth. How to have faith in temporal and difficult to define criteria. The problem of the criterion (Chisholm's title) is present.

I have thought that perhaps one purpose of God might be in utilizing art within engineering actualizations--if a lighter, spacier use of quanta is desired with universal forces interacting locally and non-locally then He has created kind of a masterpiece--yet one would like to view other galaxies and Universes obviously in order to better appreciate the Divine constructions. I will repost a piece on God as good--and compare a little of our fallen human nature to the criterion.

God is perfect--he is not 'one of the guys'. He is approachable soley through the Son or otherwise as he discloses purposeful interaction. His essence is impeccably holy while human beings are temporal and fallen such that they write onerous chat-room like posts attacking good. We can only thank predestination that we need not read all of those wicked posts hidden from easy view down below in the nether-regions of internet dischord.

God's nature is absolutely perfect and mysterious. Perhaps he is experimenting with creating light constructions of universes with quanta spaced apart with intervals. God must redirect limited beings with less than His omniscience toward correct actions--to rightful paths that will allow at least synchopation in simultaneous constructions between the divine and the all-too-human.

Creating a multi-verse. Expanding scalar fields from non-dimensional singularties that are simply apparent proximal starts--these are good things that have allowed goodness to flow, along of course with human wickedness--and that of the original lost and fallen creature of mindless self-will.

One might wonder about necessity--modal requisites for a particular kind of behavior, and inquire also about the validity of subjective value judgments...can the pot judge the potter? May the tornado judge the storm? What spoken word to begin cracked isotropies into the unified field of the singularity and unified field? Nothing less than the divine wind brings the energization of when..

Saturday, March 06, 2010

President Obama’s Sick Health Care Bill

President Obama's health care bill has shown up in the emergency room for extreme unction. Yet the reconciliation process--a kind of voodoo legislative zombification procedure to restore life to a captive, sedated health care bill, may yet walk the streets of the Federal District to receive winks from corporate lobbyists.

There are three economic classes of Americans; the rich, the middle class and the poor. The rich can afford any sort of health care and are fully insured. The poor generally have no health insurance and use emergency rooms a lot if they must; the middle class can afford health insurance generally, and sometimes has it through employers and other times at their own cost. They complain it is too expensive.

So the President has led an illogical effort to get more, better, cheaper, health coverage for the middle class. The middle class have a bad macro-economic rationale of consumerism. They have little savings, may have equity in a quarter million dollar home, own expensive cars that get low gas mileage and spend a lot as disposable income. Then they may get sick and want a half million dollars of medical treatment--with no savings.

People live longer than formerly and medical treatment technology has increased in skill level. It is possible to spend a lot more on medical treatment that before--yet the middle class can‘t really afford all of the treatment options then rich can. In some ways medical treatment is a commodity like that of other items, and reasonably the middle class cannot purchase the things the rich can.

So the President and the middle class believe that if they expand the ‘pool’ of health people buying insurance, but not using it, that will lower medical costs--and it might if insurance corporations did not just increase their profits as you know they would. Yet that is not the only problem. The people the President and the middle class want to recruit to add to those buying insurance are those that cannot afford medical insurance:the poor.

If there are 50 million poor, uninsured Americans that the Obama administration thinks are in America that could be paying for health coverage, or at least the middle class or rich could be paying for their health coverage--it defies reason to believe that increasing the taxpayer burden of buying medical coverage in the most expensive possible way for the nation’s poor will reduce the overall national health cost--its just plain dumb.

Four out of five of those fifty million people will annually not use the medical service at all, and the taxpayers will be paying for a free lunch windfall to health insurance corporations so that the middle class health costs might drop--there is no rational correlation that would necessitate middle class health costs decreasing by the increasing of purchase of medical insurance coverage for the poor.

Essentially, only way of providing health coverage for the 50 million poor, uninsured Americans effectively would be to create a national health service with federal physicians in a non-profit context that would treat only the poor. There is a Federal police force--the F.B.I., a federal army, a federal aviation administration--a federal health service for the poor would no more be socialist that they--it is a necessary, most cost efficient way of delivering medical treatment where needed.

When the poor no longer need to ad hoc medical coverage and can find affordable treatment just when its needed, the middle class should find lower costs when the medical industry does not need to absorb the costs of proving all that free or bad-debt treatment. At that point the middle class can deal forthrightly with their own insurance needs as a class without complications, smoke and mirrors, distractions and diversions such as the Obama Health Plan proffoists

Illegal aliens at would continue to use emergency rooms driving up middle class medical costs indirectly would continue to use emergency rooms if the poor are just insured--otherwise the middle class would need to buy medical insurance for illegal aliens too.

The middle class as a group of reasonably prosperous people should be able to buy affordable health insurance. If they are not a sickly class requiring liver transplants for debauchery pervasively, nor desirous of exotic rare treatments of elective natures generally--that is if they keep their health coverage to things that are rationally necessary and affordable, it should be no problem as some of the planets more prosperous people as a class. Many nations have better health care with less means over-all.

Like the social security system that cannot afford to pay out money to people in retirement earning more annually than average working people, a middle class cannot afford to spend more on medical treatments than it actually needs, nor perhaps can it afford to compel the nation’s poor to buy the same health coverage as the middle class with the middle class to pay for it. Understandably the poor need medical treatment--yet they do not generally need insurance before age 55. Walk-in clinics, screened referrals, advanced care for the majority of non-complicated problems can provide a public health system at lower cost than a private health system that would receive more complicated, uncommon referrals sick and injured poor screened from the public health system for the poor with Medicare kicking in..

The nation should have a medical safety net for those that are or become poor before retirement age. They should not accept the criticism and irrational excuses of the rich or their media mouthpieces such that it would be socialism. It is a necessary public service just like a police agency or food stamps, public utilities, sewer or highway departments. Only if public law enforcement is negated for being socialist might one reasonably argue that those being sick or injured should have no medical coverage of they can’t pay for it. When the chance for casualties to the rich and middle class from gunshot, laser beam or poison gas are as significant as they are for anyone else then its more fair to argue to leave the bodies where they lay groaning or rotting perhaps in the gutter.

Since Ronald Reagan left office the United States has seemingly progressed to more poiled Presidential leadership with a correlating increase of debt, moral decay, globalism, military adventurism incompetently administered. The saga of badly reasoned public health care leadership and maladroit political posturing--even demagoguery regarding socialism in health care has made the economic truth preventer have much success at avoiding the real reform needed to provide health care for the poor, keep the middle class from drowning in creating wage slavery for themselves and the poor , stop global warming, restart a renewably green economy, halt illegal alien immigration, encourage family and personal savings and so forth. Washington D.C. is more interested in gaying up the District of Columbia and the military than in balancing the federal budget. U.S. Congressmen and women that are homosexuals can know marry each other in Washington D.C.--they must be very gay about that. The Congress perhaps likes being courted by lobbyists so much that they desire proposals too.

Some talk of impeaching a President that planned for ten trillion of new public debt his first year in office as an high crime and more than a financial misdemeanor. At least the Obama-Orwellian Health Bill that would force all poor Americans to nup-date the U.S. government of their address and income continuously so the middle class can know, in theory, whose health insurance they are buying and where to send the proxy bill to return to themselves to lower their own insurance cost, can be defeated.


Thursday, March 04, 2010

Globalism vs U.S. Investment in Federal Economic Policy--a comment

I think one must be cautious about arguing from the particular to the universal--it is a logical fallacy. In considering what a particular President or Congressional action has done that effects the economy--try to place it within a broader context historically to see how it fits in with the prior and subsequent economic positions of the United States; The same chess movement in different circumstances has different effects.

Here is a list of the worlds top 100 billionaires in 2009, a minority of which are Americans (34)-- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_billionaires

Many of these people invest globally, are centered outside the United States, pursue policies that create a dysfunctional consumerism economy without a renewable ecological economic foundation for the United States. They have no need to be patriots of the United States striving to enrich their fellow Americans if they are Americans.

I have written a lot about this elsewhere. This is not the right place for that.

President Reagan inherited a bad post Vietnam War economy that President Carter mismanaged a little. His policies were designed to end the 'malaise', recession and so forth. The tax cuts and deficit spending were a Keynsianist approach to the max to stimulate the economy. Bush I called it 'voodoo' economics' rightly, if one considers a balanced budget as necessary.

I have written quite a bit about the media being owned by corporatists- and have supported a reallocation of the broadcast spectrum for Internet podcasts on radio frequency bursts. The technological exists already. Each citizen in a local area should be given a fair proportionate slice of dense broadcast data packing that radiowave Internet cheap am-fm digital receivers could select.

On Reagan's economic policy--For a one-term policy it did change the criterion. The trouble is that Americans became conditioned to accept it as a permanent rather than a temporary fix and became like patients addicted to pain killing narcotics piling up debt and so forth.

In the post cold war era there was no economic discipline in the Clinton administration nor Bush II; each outsourced jobs and reinforced a global approach the rich liked that was supposed to indirectly profit Americans. That was not fundamentally an intelligent belief.

The global trickle down trickled down globally--yet was not rational regarding ecological effects on local economies anywhere. The United States continued to borrow money to pay for imports and to purchase cheap consumer goods. 25% of U.S. rental properties were foreign owned. The Wall Street people became irresponsible globally in pursuit of cheap profits, and the basic infrastructure and direction of U.S. economic policy was no longer reinforced to preference of industry and opportunity for ecologically and nationally directly beneficial enterprise.

Corporatism is a political philosophy invented by the Italian Dictator Mussolini who was a socialist before inventing corporatism to synergize with fascism.

The American Eastern elite is heavily globalist via Wall Street and Government/Harvard. They own the media. It makes political, local self-determination rather complicated if not impossible. One's pockets stay empty not signed on board increasingly, and one's moral and political consciousness if subducted by the corporate totalitarian structures of power into working for them.

The administrative leadership of the U.S. Government from Bush I onward has outsourced jobs, invested overseas in China and elsewhere while letting the United States become a place to take profits from while reducing the middle class and poor to rent paying consumers with no savings.

Health Reform Fiasco-End of Meaning of Marriage in Federal District of Columbia

I rather liked Soren Kierkeguaard's 'Concluding Unscientific Postscript'. If politics in the District of Columbia is run for elites, if they get in synch with Obama administration elites they can administratively force a lot of unpopular policy through. Yesterday the President said that everything that could be said about health care has been said. It must be nice to have that kind of closure decretal ability--I don't recall anyone in Congress seeking to create a public health service exclusively for the poor-a true safety net. If the poor are forced to tithe the Global Health ncorporations and provide their addresses and financial information forever than a certain notch is tightened eliminating liberty.

The middle class will have to pay for the health service for the poor anyway--at least through a reduction in services. The cheapest way to get good health services for a safety bet for the poor in absolute terms is a public health services--mint a few more doctors. They don't need to treat more than about 90% of the problems-rare things can be farmed out to medicare.

Health insurance for the poor would require continuing emergency room treatment for the uninsured illegal aliens anyway. Insurance for all the poor that aren't sick would also be unneccessary cost. Basically the middle class would be grafting the global insurance companies so they can profit by getting payments for a lot of people that are healthy--and the middle class thinks thats a way to cut health costs for themselves!

A public health service for the poor can treat the illegal aliens the government can't stop from crossing the border, and maybe can provide faster electric wheels for the Homeland Security so it can catch Speedy Gonzalez more of the time.

Corporatism is a pervasive, encroaching economic fact of life. Americans have decreasing political competence because of the layers of complexity, networking and corrupt influence over local polities. They can have luck at voting for something they thing they need to find that it is counter-productive. Globalism makes a mockery of political sovereignty and the value of enfranchisement. Concentrated wealth, media organs and a vast evil empire of corporate-communist network have evolved a very undemocratic structure over America today.

So here is some reasoning about the corruption of marriage in the District of Columbia that occurs today or tomorrow when homosexual marriage becomes law. Concluding unscientific postscripts about the decline and fall of morality are such as can be made though the McCarthyite 'tail-gunners' of defense for the homosexual vanguard fire bursts at any sort of commentators that are not in agreement with the advance of the demonic world spirit.

If reduction of the global population was the intent of the non-homosexual advocates of homosexual usurpation of marriage, homosexual assault upon marriage was a bad choice of means. It will advance social dissolution of coherent bonding such that the eventual destruction of society for clean restart is reinforced. These fair weather over-the-top corruptions create substantial dysfunctional evils is deep water storms when society discovers that its allegiances and loyalties are as dysfunctional as a broken rudder.

Defending laws as they are, that were well formed for valid, rational causes is worthwhile if one considers their veracity and service.

Homosexual assaults upon the meaning of marriage--upon it's rational meaning, forces an evil upon society pervasively.

Terms are not perfect that cover general facts-that is becoause of the synonomic/associative nature of language terms. Marriage as the procreative union is what is at the heart of the concept-to divorce the meaning entirely to mean non-procreative association generally will kill the true meaning of marriage.

Marriage need not be perfect as an institution-or it could only be awarded post hoc after children are born. To exclude procreation as the core meaning of marriage however is to eliminate the concept of marrying the egg and sperm into a blastocycst and zygote. It would be like changing the meaning of the moon program to include a cargo cult in Washington D.C.

I have found that homosexual militants preponderantly attack personally--ad hominems, in the effort to censor opposite opinions from being published. They tend to be essential factors in the decline of civilization, considering Toynbean historical cycles. from the Roman Cult of Bacchus to the homosexual leadership of Hitler's S.A. the decadent, wild, freaky instability of homosexual cadres undermining traditional social stability is notorious.

One is not 'picking' on homosexuals by defense of traditional marriage, the truth of marriage-an institution thousands of years old, from the perversion of Congress. Homosexuals are not required to expropriate marriage-to end its rational meaning, in order to secure benefits for themselves. Men are not in some way women that need to act like women in relationship with another man. If they choose to they can at least have the honesty to seek a unique label for that relationship besides marriage.

It reminds me of efforts of the rich to be called poor on tax day,for the fearless leader to say that he is just one of the guys before counting his millions, for the labeling of an interminable Iraq and Afghan nation building effort as 'war', to have a host of Orwellian use-truth falsehood labels upon every sort of honest social relationship such that honest politics are impossible for ordinary people.