Sunday, February 28, 2010

Networks of Sin and Wickedness

That's a snappy title-maybe someone will read it for or ignore it for that. The topics of sin and wickedness are highly subjective topics. We know about ethical definitions for sin and wickedness--some have their own, others share an ontology of meaning and others are agnostic on right and wrong--the U.S. Congress for example has a net ambivalence about the need to reform health care for the benefit of the poor right away--its all about the middle class and the rich instead.

In the brave new world the poor will need to pay the rich for health insurance and the middle class will have public debt added in their name--the rich will get tax cuts and corporations pay no taxes anyway--it is written in instant message script. There must be a network of sin and wickedness in there somewhere. Yet we must move on...

The poor and their free or cheap software may be controlled by hidden code in the word processors of politics--these are not open source documents that transfer transparently from notepad to msword to open office, Google docs and yahoo things--only joking! Everything gets cut up, blocked and disappeared in such integrations of writing modalities. Microsoft's software proprietary needs places walls in the Internet world difficult for some to overcome. I don't blame them, yet it is exemplary of the problems with the elitist side of politics and software for legislative combinations producing nothing except public opportunity cost for time lost.

The world's poor, if on-line with cheaper, better, faster waterproof Internet technology will likely find a universe of politi-techical obstructions and software conditioning walls from the Communist Party of China to the Italian elites distrustful of political free speech on the Internet--and I don't blame them because the Internet is a kind of natural redistributor of free speech access and dissolvant compound for exclusive control of public thought...Much sin will be used and infused to repress the masses and restrict access to political control of rights to exhaust finite natural resources irresponsibly (they will say they are responsible)

If Satan is a real power, then the increase of sin would be a Satanic goal I would imagine; the more sin flourishes the easier it is to accomplish egregious wickedness in society and politics. A good corrupt political swamp has minions of corruption at all levels who have learned that virtue and democratic rights for all equally are quaint concepts. Many regimes on Earth validate the presence of evil, and Satan may be gaining strength in that regard even though it is an ephemeral increase of power that perishes in the bright light and heat of God and the Day ahead.

Sin may be like a tide that rolls in making all the ships of sophisticated wickedness in the harbor rise. Sin in one places enables wickedness in others. It is not necessary to be judgmental regarding sin--simply abstain from it-resist wickedness yourself so far as possible and do not wire up new connections for evil such that the increase of newtworks of sin tie up the world.

To brake up the hogtied society subjugated by sophisticated powers of wickedness and sin requires a cutting of the Gordian knots of evil that bind the decent human impulses and inalienable rights of civil liberties each individual has. Philosophically wickedness may be all those things that drive mankind towards the brink of chaos and disasters of sundry sorts--sin-not just the obvious sins such as theft and homosexuality, adultery, murder and so forth, but the less obvious ones such as avarice (greed), gluttony etc. make mankind less trusting and less willing to solve mass social challenges successfully.

The world may be headed towards several disasters-even in Haiti steel pipe geodesic domes approved by the Fuller Institute are not being prioritized for construction--instead wood and plastic instant boxy slummier housing than donating countries are going up--there are innumerable economic and political sins that together strengthen the networks of sin and wickedness that could be associated with a planet-wide real-politik misery index. The reduction of the misery and sin index requires simultaneous advances and not with violence and persecutions either.

--post script

Someone usefully commented that entitlements may be considered to be a pervasive evil. I thought I would consider the topic of entitlements a little here in order to try to define what they are...

Entitlements must be perjoratively all those things that one has or uses yet does noot supply for-oneself. That would include not only those receiving government payments such as Medicare, social security, veterans benefits and so forth, but also things like airports, traffic signals, schools and any accumulated public infrastructure that one has not paid for oneself but feels entitled to. The list may be quite lengthy.

Some 'entitlements' are necessary; one is entitled to good police and fire protection most may think, or to a good military defense--one wants good chefs and hospitals and good highways rather than those with potholes. One is entitled to a good government that runs a balanced budget while supplying all the aforementioned and doesn't get it; so that I may reasonably ask; What is the social reasoning for having a good society-is that an entitlement?

A good society is not just a matter of switching word-terms about and blaming this or that imbalance--it is a matter of public intelligence and will equal to the challenging era eco-politically in which they live. A millionaire is one that owned a mill and had plenty--he or she had a lot of paper credits for being an owner of a productive fact (ory). A healthy society sets real goals (L.B.J. tried with The Great Society) to achieve within the actual means at its disposal--it is not simply a matter of possessing paper cash loaned by productive societies.

To achieve quality lifestyles and plentiful opportunities for all U.S. citizens within a stable population, with secure borders, with a recovering ecosystem and the proverbial liberty and justice for all requires intention and political will. A lassez fair attitude toward democratic responsibility in the present global demographic environment is a recipe for disaster.
Writing on a cosmology thread--someone used the term 1 to -1 to describe a relationship of the presence of quanta in the vacuum before the big bang. The problem of a terminology to describe real political space is absent in the United States today. Cash or capital power is the basic entitlement as an abstract moral right, it is held by some.

Yet cash and personal power to have property are civil determined by force. It may be the intellectual force of an enlightened democratic electorate or a guy with a totaliitarian control of nuclear weapons. In a limited, finite geo-political area orderly change and universal political liberty for the greatest number of people must be a fundamental entitlement for-itself.

Defining terms, and understanding them as well as the true social intentions of others, are essential for the effort to assure that corrupt social and political hegemony is cut back and contained.

Terms such as entitlement are perhaps referents to government pay-outs of tax money to people such as retirees, veterans, the disabled corporate contractors and so forth. Sin however is far more fundamental and subtle--why did the bad reconstruction for Iraq occur causing two trillion dollars of subsequent expense, why did the Wall Street Mortgage crisis occur?

A bad social environment steeped in sin and networks of wickedness stimulates the promulgation of legislation that is only less bad than others instead of being forthright and neccesary corrections beneficial for the public interest.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Internet Writer's Security Seems Shaky and Subject to Corporate/Government Manipulation

The trouble with the internet for economics is that things just disappear when the wrong people will it so. If all of macro-economics were so flimsy material progress would be difficult. Security for writers, publishers of videos and so forth need to have a secure medium with no loss of material uploaded.

Farmers and others commonly experience vicissitudes of weather, yet the internet should have a goal fundamentally of zero loss of material other than what the authors remove themselves. WebPages such as that permanently confiscate earnings without any sort of prior notice are exemplary of the unreliability, volatility and vulnerability of the Internet for writers and independent publishers. There should be more plain legal rights that are more standardized and arbitrated--a pay pal sort of legal medium without the money that writers can place their material in for security before signing aboard a publisher page--that is if the publisher page such as Helium has not got the blue ribbon of participation in the neutral writer assurance media, the writers would know they are undeserving of trust.

Writers should have all of their material backed up automatically through the facility of the neutral writer/publisher assurance media, the writer's earnings should never be confiscated, and termination for using Marxian secret words or politically incorrect language should be in a transparent, standardized, graduate way such that the writer can have assurance that the same word use policies regarding 'death-monkey' account status exist from one web-page to another. 
Without such 'farming insurance’ policy for web writers and video publishers, corrupt corporate and hacker thugs will make a mockery of independence--and that's just the way it is.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Health Care Summit-Charybdis and Scylla Fight over National Health Care, Seek to Create Orwellian State

In my humble opinion, the efforts of the Democrat and Republican parties to reform health care are like ravens and seagulls fighting over a crust of bread. Each party is hungry to profit yet neither is thinking about the interests of the Eagles that aren’t so good at ground fighting or sparrows that don’t want much more than a very small portion when the larger birds are gone. Both parties are representatives for the rich and upper classes owning the corporate health care systems-the poor of the United States are mostly left out except as excuses for more totalitarianism and profit for the social phenomena of developmental corporatism.

Adam Smith believed that left to their own supervision, individuals investing their own capital could do no harm and that regulation was inevitably bad. That was generally true in the 18th century when corporations did not yet exist and the environment and finite resources weren’t issue. Today Smith’s paradigm obviously is wrong in part, considering that the magical potion of capital investment does not inevitably produce good nor is incapable of producing evil. From stuck gas vehicle accelerators to Minimata chemical dumping, from Three Mile Island, to flammable kids pajamas it is possible to produce bad things with capital. When capital is controlled by an extreme minority universally through intercorporate stock ownership a creeping neo-authoritarian state is produced. Adam Smith was not a science fiction writer in the genre of sci-fi-economic theories of the 21st century--he had no idea what the future would do to morph up his practical theories of the era when monarchy and aristocracy sought to control all business and trade.

Corporate health care can produce good and bad results; while the medical technology produced by humanity generally accretes regardless of the system (one can read Solzhenitsyn’s ‘The Cancer Ward’ and learn of the evolution of experimental radiological dosage for cancer in Soviet institutions in the 1050’s and 60’s), economic evolution of social and political forms contemporaneously occurs too. Constructing a large corporate state that tracks each U.S. citizen requiring of all that they pay a global corporation for health insurance is an ineffective evolution as far as democracy and individualism goes--for it establishes a de facto corporatist state.

The Democratic party lost its ability to stand up for fundamental principles after the loss of Tip O’Neil as Speaker of the House. It became eventually a moll--a mildly protesting accomplice of Bush II era deficit spending on the Iraq reconstruction quagmire. During the Clinton years it allowed home to be turned into ATM machines and Wall Street to run amuck while outsourcing industry to China. Neither did it forthrightly defend the U.S. Mexican border after 9-11 will a total environmental control zone of berms and saltwater canals to create a recreational atmosphere with no passage of illegals through the challenging course.

Such a control of illegal aliens was necessary for health care reform if the flow of illegals to emergency rooms were to dry up; that create huge costs for the health care system that will not end through an insurance program for all American citizens once they have the government tracking dog-radio frequency collar of mandatory insurance attached. Myself-I haven’t afforded rental of a mailbox in more than a decade, and the government would guarantee paying insurance payments for me I suppose under the Democratic plan. I can say that the Orwellian health plan that would make transfer payment to the rich is another bad idea.

Most of the poor that are less than 40 are healthy and don’t need insurance--they need health care when they are sick or injured. The best way to do that is to create a national medical system for the poor in families or as individuals earning below the poverty level annually. For the least amount of public cost coverage of the poor would be created, and it could also treat illegal aliens until the flow is halted.

A few words more about the health care system for the nation’s poor and the reasoning for it being the most cost-effective way to go…The actual doctors reacquired quantitatively to treat the health issues of the poor will be the same regardless of who pays for it or where they are treated in the U.S.A. Hiring federal staff doctors to treat physical problems for the poor in general areas, referring specialty issues out to the Medicare structure and private physicians, will eliminate the need to pay for all those poor that are not sick or injured each month with insurance payments. The poor will yet have quality medical care available should they need it, and the public will not have to have their insurance rates increase because of the large numbers of poor people using or abusing the system with unnecessary visits through an expensive process of personal medical coverage. The federal health system should have a competent functioning structure to treat the most common problems, would be able to outsource patients without the common problems, and would have a good demographic idea of what the annual uses of the system will be.

In Alaska some of the legislators in sessions are presently trying to raise the ceiling on reporting of gift dinners from lobbyists from $15 dollars per day to perhaps $50. Legislators in the U.S. want to live high off the hog and haven’t the drive to survive as lean, mean, fighting machines so far as creating a democratic society goes. The nation runs vast deficits, gets involved in protracted for reconstruction efforts of things they have destroyed, and special interests profit thus killing the stimulus to think of effective ways to get things done with a profit or at least without debt. Tip O’Neil would not have been ashamed of creating a national health care system for the poor, nor considered it socialism to do so.

Democracy can allow some large structures to exist. The outsized for Smith capitalism scale of global corporations should be reduced to a size of just 3000 employees per corporation to create a better challenge-response change and adaptation to environmental conditions criterion also more manageable for democracy. It should create a national health care structure for the poor while trying to eliminate poverty.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Steel Pipe Geodesic Dome Project for Haiti Before Hurricane Season?

With more than a half a million homeless Haitians the need for a standardized quality steel-pipe geodesic home construction project is apparent. The fundamental frame can be made quite easily crushing pipe ends and through-bolting them according to some models, and the geodesic home frames can survive Hurricanes and Earthquakes with the virtue of being transparent, standard forms suitable for a coordinated international relief effort right away. Rust-proof painting of the steel pipe is useful.

It should be possible to ship a few loads of steel pipe to Haiti for local fabrication under supervision of dome construction specialists, local Haitian authorities and the U.N. Perhaps the Toyota corporation can spare a boatload of steel pipe, and perhaps China. The top steel pipe producers today may have some slack inventory with the global recession. The United States still has bolt manufacturers--this is an opportunity for upgrading the second and third world's inventory of modern American housing--Buckminster Fuller was a college professor in North Carolina.

The next disaster may be just a few months away in Port-Au-Prince when Hurricane season arrives. A quality geodesic dome may be assembled in just a day and later covered with plastic, fiberglass coated plywood with pipe fasteners, built up with epoxy layers or a variety of other solid sheeting from aluminum to composites. The dome frames may be set on tires and anchored into the ground, and a concrete floor might be poured later.

An international geodesic home construction project for Haiti could produce pipe sections of the right lengths locally from imported steel. Perhaps a regular job program manufacturing pre-fabricated domes could be an ongoing local industry. I think it would be the best quality at the lowest cost for ordinary homeless Haitians new home program that might be started.

Air ventilators may be built into the homes for cooling along with solar powered electric fans in ventilators. Steel pipe domes may be coated with ceramics, camouflaged, given sky blue painting over the epoxy coated plywood or other, surface planking. They may be used as greenhouses and hospitals, libraries and schools. They may also be joined together in more complex structures.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

U.S. Government's Inadequate Design Templates for New Foreign Governments of Iraq and Afghanistan

I wanted to write on the topic of the U.S. Federal policy of destroying foreign governments in two instances in order to build new governments, and how that policy may have select illogical elements within it. I will not provide arguments for or against the validity or legal right to destroy the former governments of Iraq and Afghanistan--I tend to feel the actions were proximally justifiable, instead I wish to concentrate upon the inadequate paradigms or templates for post destruction reconstruction of new governments that were notoriously costly in dollars and casualties multi-nationally.

My feeling is that the global corporate ownership class behind the phenomenal of corporatism expropriating the democratic pragmatism and functional health of the economy of the United States exists analogously on the upper floors of political-economic skyscrapers crossing from one building term to another over sky-bridges, thus never touching the ground floors of mass political interest. The media supported wealthy elites are the goal class that many politicians seek to join, and to pass on that class to their heirs. Unfortunately with the inter-owning class of concentrated wealth investing in all global corporations it is a self-perpetuating and ecologically detached class. That being said, I will return to the issue of the badly constructed Iraq and Afghan reconstruction plans.

The Bushes and oil interests may have sought to gain oil contracts in Iraq--and they now have. Yet the pan-Arabic imperial goals of Saddam Hussein were a long range problem for the entire middle east though Hussein was appositely named to bring Shi’a and Sunni together from Iran to Saudi Arabia, the antipathy of Iran and other people of the region was a flaming hate understandably. When the Bushes opted to depose the Ba’thist regime of Iraq they were following the only politically practical and acceptable course (ending sanctions and letting the chips fall where they may being the other). What the Bushes conveniently failed at was in saying that instead of a $40 billion dollar reconstruction cost for Iraq the bill would be about 2 trillion dollars. For Afghanistan the bill is still growing.

The differences between Iraq and Afghanistan in terms of history and civilization are vast. Iraq has had a civilization along the rivers in from the deserts for more than 5000 years while Afghanistan is an ancient land of travelers and rural tribesmen. It was the ancient homeland of the Aryans (Iran) and a place that has been difficult for many in the high plains and mountains to find prosperity in. Perhaps the prosperity of Afghanistan is simply in being there to discover the sky and the beauty of a land austere and inspirational of thoughts of God.

The Bush II administration may have felt that war reconstruction costs would not matter because military contracting expenses would benefit all the right military industrial Bush friends in the corporate world. If the people of Iraq had been given ownership in private stock shares themselves of Iraq oil fields right after the war instead of never, peace would have been supported with far more vigor by the people of Iraq both Sunni and Shi’a, Kurd and Christian. The conflict of interest on oil field contract for the Bush administration is obvious--they could not support a democratic reconstruction for Iraq except nominally at the higher political levels, while the people would be groveled about as usual finding larger-ups associated with the payouts from the U.S.A.

In Afghanistan the reasons for war were to remove a Taliban that had sheltered AL Qa’eda, and of course to remove or capture Al Qa’eda in order to prevent future attack organization upon the United States. Obviously no military venture abroad was necessary to defend the avenues of ingress the 9-11 box cutting hi-jack and crash team had used--the only thing required for that was better airport screening, security in aircraft cockpit access and effective intelligence agency work in government regarding how to actually, physically defend the United States.

The United States of course choose to attack Afghanistan when the Taliban Government would not give up the Al Qa’eda members they allowed to live and organize in Iraq. A BBC report on the Taliban in Afghanistan said that the more than 100 year old loosely organized political tradition has a history of providing refuge to political exiles or political fugitives such as the United States has for Cuban ex-patriots or perhaps Soviet or Iranian dissidents. The United States chose to war upon Afghanistan to remove the Taliban without a good idea of how to reconstruct a government or what the cost would be.

Such is the current exploration of method in Afghanistan that is scheduled to send another 30,000 soldiers at the cost of 30 billion dollars. The Marja offensive to displace the Taliban from a stronghold near the Pakistan border is a showpiece to support the U.S. administration decision to accelerate troop deployments and investments in the Afghan war effort. It is expected to show positive results in time for the 2012 re-election season. Democrats are thought to be ready to re-elect the President if the war in Afghanistan is going well--meaning the pacification of the nation with few suicide bombers or I.E.D.’s going off killing American soldiers. In some way a reduction in U.S. bombing of Afghan civilians used as shields for traveling Taliban would also be considered a positive development.'_(islamic_law)-MEANS 'SOURCE TO IMITATE-RELIGIOUS REFERENCE

The decision to impose a central government upon Afghanistan seems destined to fail…the timing is the question--how long will it take?

Afghanistan is a large, poor rural nation, a sort of Wyoming without the oil fit best for wild tribesmen and women surviving modestly in ancient dwellings. These are not people that normally would support a large central government or large standing army with modern weapons. It will be interesting if Afghan pilots are trained in the United States to fly a five jet squadron of F-16’s. I think really they should just for old time’s sake; The Hmong of the Vietnam war era produced some great U.S. trained pilots that won medals for valorous flying. If there are few valid targets in Afghanistan or Air Force to oppose so what--they would make any down hillers think twice about sending anything up their way agin them.

Afghanistan would normally have a more rural nation with a modest government. They have the problem of corruption from drug producers and traffickers and of course payments from political and terrorist fugitives from abroad they choose to shelter for both Muslim brotherhood and financial reasons. We might have properly bribed the Taliban to give up Al Qaeda and shelter U.S. special forces to hunt Al Qaeda and saved the U.S. taxpayers a lot of billions of dollars even if the special forces needed to be trained Muslims to be acceptable to the Taliban. Since we went to war to depose a tradition, it is necessary to think about the chances for long range stability in the area.

Not living on the upper floors of the skyscrapers of the wealthy, rather drifting in the dank alleys and swamps of society, my regard for the choices the elite political class chose to invest in for Afghanistan is not high. I would prefer an American prosperity and federal spending on ecological economic full employment with zero growth goals for non-renewable material through-put as a way to achieve national prosperity. I think the concept of creating a sustainable ,western-friendly Afghan central government is not going to be successful in practice; once the money supply/fuel is cut off the central government/standing army/police machine will grind to a halt and the members disperse to the traditional and economically rational way of rural life with a modest government. I doubt that Afghans will like the idea of paying taxes to support a central government any more than Alaskans (who have no state income tax) or Republicans in the U.S. Congress support tax increases on the wealthy, on corporations, or inheritance taxes.

If the U.S.A. continues to fund the Afghan Government after out troops are withdrawn, the rural Afghans will consider them foreign lackeys and attack them as evil minions of Satan foisting perversity and photos of naked breasts upon the faithful, along of course with the plying of liquor. It is only while the free money flows and fuels the cooperation of those seeking employment that our Afghan allies are loyal. They are not supporters of the Democratic policies of the administration or Congress for ideological reasons I would think.

Governments form for sociological reasons anchored in history and geography. Iraq logically has civilization while Afghanistan reasonably has a discrete, variegated and disperse constellation of villages with some larger town and cities. Within that political economy various political alliances and formations evolve in dynamic balance to conserve various economic and social interests as well as for security.

The United States Government has no reason for a lugubrious outlook on the prospects for structuring a stable and discrete, decentralized Afghan government that could function reasonably well in the absence of U.S. expenses, it is possible. Following the prior Afghan war of defense against the Soviet Union the United States failed to provide any sort of support that would enable the United States to offset the influence of Al Qaeda. Further U.S. overly-large ambitions of a bi-polar sort in Afghanistan such that it must become a kind of High Asian versions of a Beltway Republic seems to be in progress. It is even reported that the Obama administrations plans for a withdrawal in ah hurry after ‘Vietnamizing’ the ‘war’. For a war of understanding it seems to be, allow I have a too remote perspective on the event from the alleys outside the cities with the skyscrapers on the hills of Boston and in the lofty pyramids of power on dollar bills of D.C. passing through congressional control.

A more intelligent and discrete policy designed to recognize Afghan sovereignty and need for its own internal readjustments following the departure of both American military forces and spending would have been a better approach-and it still would, to achieving an Afghanistan that neither requires vast U.S. spending or is a concern about a training area for Para-military terrorist organizations with N.A.T.O. countries as their target locations. That is still a better, more pragmatic political goal than the present undisclosed policy of the Obama administration.

Perhaps we need to fortify a few towns were our friends in Afghanistan live, or plant some crops outside towns like Marja. Maybe a better selection of investments that can exist in a periods of radical realignment following U.S. and N.A.T.O. departure is required. What is very probable is that once the monetary fuel supply for the central government ends it will fade away as quickly as would that of the U.S. Government in Washington D.C. Americans cannot afford to pay for the existence of foreign governments in order to illogically provide security at U.S. airports. At the least a real; Mexican ecological border control barrier zone should be constructed in the United States before Olympic also-ran terrorist conditioned athletes run in high explosives and terrorist supplies at night along g.p.s. courses with night vision goggles to cache in the wastelands of New Mexico and southern Texas.

addition One...

--even hate changes (fades) fast in time such that it waits for no one. I believe Afghanistan will continue to change with the 21st century techno-invasion of communications and data-bases at low cost. How that will affect rural people in central Asia I cannot say.

A religious reason for antipathy towards prosperity is fine and good in some cases and not so in others. India is Hinduia for some, and a billion soul techno-basket of change to others. Conflict is costly and leads in many contexts simply to suffering. I think that the pursuit of prosperity and virtue simultaneously will perhaps be a new direction such as the religious toleration that prevailed in Europe somewhat after the end of the 100 years of religious wars.

Afghanistan absent of the vast expenses of the United States will seek a more normal social level as would the waters behind a dam after a flood. Yet everything from nano-technology to organic solar voltaics will still be increasing in the world. The effort to improve the existence of ordinary people will require a Democratic readjustment of social control of investments from elites and hierarchical powers to the people. Instead of ideologies of conflict led by leaders, more practical, discrete and disperse ecological economic localists synergistically conserving and simultaneously investing in the future will need to be reinforced.

People will try to turn away from mass movements of war and terror if they can, yet that won’t be simple. If those that forget the past are doomed to repeat it, those that cannot forgive or forget the past are doomed to remain in it. Right responses to human evil and conflict is to move away from it and to try to accentuate the positive--it is a challenging yet necessary task. Afghans will want to attempt to modernize and find rapprochement with India and other nations while yet keeping their faith, if they cannot become Christian. Tolerance and respect for individualism should allow people with different background to work together for mutual advantage--if that means dampening the excesses of social, marketplace practices offensive to others then such accommodations need to be made.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

On Quantum Uncertainty and Backward Causality

I thought I should write something about the quantum multiverse and backward causality since it is all the rage amongst those entering data into philosophy encyclopedias these days. What about quantum mechanics and the Heisenberg uncertainty principle--how does the determination of either the location or speed of particles affect the temporal order--for which there is little passage of time at any rate?

Time seems to be more of a feature of mass and slower moving particles than of energy. Light quanta with little or no mas are said to have little or no experience of time passing objectively either.At the smallest, most basic level things exist fundamentally without much time--just orders of protocol and events occur that form everything else in the universe we consider meaningful--items of the stelliferous era such as stars and galaxies, planets and moons.

When human beings try to get beyond the apparent level of mass to the underlying strata of energetic particle-quanta we selectively determine one of two primary states of the quanta as we bring its knowledge deterministically into our own realm of experience. If that causal sequence has a time value sequence from past-present to future it is seemingly violated by the effects of apparent quantum entanglement and exchanges of information seemingly required between physically distant particles.

The phenomena of backward causality may be something to consider in the phenomenalities of quantum uncertainty and all possible world-lines at positions of particles regarding the quantum world.We may give quantum particles nominal values of all possible worldlines yet they may be entirely deterministic so far as we really know.

The change of position or speed from the freedom of extra-dimensional realms unknown to human observers, creates an appearance in the slower mass protocol realms of the apparent universe when quantum positions and speeds are sampled of super-luminal information exchange. The realm of mass energy is slower and has farther dimensional transition requisites perhaps than the pre-selection environment in which quanta are grounded.

Well, that was all that I have to write in this note about backward causality.

..well nearly

What if the entire universe were actually cyclical--what does that mean to the idea of backward causality? If the Universe were cyclical and deterministic it would need to have zero-leakage of information, mass or energy in order to continue a perfectly determined cycle. The idea of a multi-verse generating infinite more and variegated kinds of universes seems inconsistent with determinism and quantum uncertainty a little.

What about a pre-big bang universe of virtual particles emanating from some unknown location (and don't say its just because of effects of quantum uncertainty for that seems like a circular explanation)--if they are simply extrusions or 'silk screened' loops/branes, strings from an infinite one, and the Universe is a reduced a tightly pressurized apparent creation then the time orders are contingent upon the intension of the Creator. While a determined Universe and a free universe could exist simultaneously within such an environment, the reason for that is simple enough-it is determined for humans so long as the Creator wills it to be so, and h=He can yet change it any time (it is a subjectively funny juxtaposition) He likes. Time is a temporal feature of the island-universe amidst the Unknown containment phenomenality of The One.

I think I prefer the idea of backward causality as an extra-dimensional device for explaining quantum uncertainty within an environmental boundary condition of a Universe with more than four dimensions that are just unknown to most of us presently.

'The Universe Before The Big Bang' and Other Topics

In the Universe before the big bang there is an imponderable vacuum in which Universes might have their start. A singularity before a big bang is just a very small bottleneck like that of an hourglass in which a collapsing black hole on the left has passed into a white hole of expansion on the right that we regard as our Universe. Gasperini explains that process and the particles that theoretically start existing.

He does at the end state his belief that God created the 'perturbative vacuum' in which Universes are created initially from virtual particles appearing through quantum uncertainty. That of course pleased me a little, for I share a Christian idea of God issuing the Universe in some primordial way. The neo-Platonist philosopher Plotinus wrote about the emanation of the Universe from The One in his book of 54 tractates named The Enneads(a translation is free on-line).

The primordial perturbative vacuum allows in theory an infinite number of universe to be issued through the appearance of virtual particles (free from some unlimited supply)that are drawn together in some kind of a gravity-like phenomenon of attraction sufficiently to form a collapse.

I think the black hole criterion is just an analogy for us in this universe. We might as well regard the formation of mass for a new universe as like unto a calving iceberg of concentrated mass. At that point I am not summarizing Gasperini.

Plotinus believed that The One was perfect and had need for extension of what we would consider dimensions and forms or mass for those dimensions. We know that temporality and the expansion of a universe is like a scalar field with anisotropic mass distributions presently thought to be a consequence of the initial distribution of mass at the singularity before expansion.

String, looks, branes and quarks are the fundamental level components that in some way are associated with virtual particles and a vacuum space without extension itself. Why should a vacuum have expansion, why shouldn't all mass be infinitely concentrated into one location at every location possible before the big bang.

We tend to thing of a vacuum space as having size rather than none at all--where does spacing--interval in time and space appear before the big bang for virtual particles? These are fascinating points to consider, and there are innumerable more.

Dimensions in theory may be of virtually any number as in math. The book 'Why Beauty is Truth', also from 2008, is upon the mathematical concept of symmetry that went into algebra's development the last 5000 years from Samaria to Omar Khayyam, Lie, Killing and others. It has a good history of the origin of solutions to quadratic equations and work on the quintic. It is also a useful book to understand more about mathematical constructions of multi-dimensional arrays rather like one constructs Cartesian coordinate graphs with increasing dimensions to negative numbers and so forth. Philosophically M-Theory is mentioned usefully so one might contemplate Gasperini's book with a little more understanding of the mathematical approach to cosmology.

The idea of quantum uncertainty is interesting to me in the pre-big bang universe as it relates to virtual particles emanating from The One. Fundamentally there might be a transcendent force, power or scale that gives the contingent vacuum its values and boundary conditions. Such a meta-field may download dimensional content into it as extrusions of virtual zero-dimensional membranes, strings, loops or quarks...who can say? The number of dimensions in a non-dimensional pre big universe before the appearance of any virtual particles would be zero-and consistent with space-time values before an Intelligent contribution of content I think.

The One as a perfect being may have just cancelled out some areas of his existence or omniscience from some locations such that it is very basic-like Leibnitzian monads of one-dimensional membranes, that exist. Very simple fundamental waves or branes issued from the one yet just capable of containing a limited amount of information until constructions through evolution of a universe and human beings occurs who are limited in knowledge potential too. I think of the process a little like silk-screening painting.

The question of what The One is like (bigger than a breadbox kind of questions) also apply to the pre-big-bang universe. String theory and subsequent investigations might develop technically continguous mappings of hypothetical historical constructions yet their are so many alternative, possible constructions simultaneously cohering within any theory logically that it would be challenging to regard any as definitive especially in light of Godel's incompleteness theorem.

Perennial philosophical questions regarding the nature of the One have new vistas to consider within a pre-big bang universe origin context. Determinism and indeterminism in a cyclical or recurrent universe would raise questions on backward causality at the minimum. What extension must a vacuum space have to originate virtual wavelets emanations, how many dimensions need to exist in a vacuum for wavelets/strings to enter and form virtual dimensional constructions? An infinite number of good questions arise regarding contingent being and contingent universes in addition to the non-contingent One who issues the information comprising form.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sex Addiction and U.S. National Health Care Reform-Tabloids for Congressional Record?

Tiger Woods has a press lecture to give tomorrow that is getting more attention than the moribund national health care reform effort in Congress. Senator Evan Bayh chose to quit the Democrat majority in the Senate following the failure to bring national health care reform to the poor and homeless. If the Senate had a bi-partisan cooperative effort to bring a national medical provisioning to the poor and homeless first the emergency room costs alone would have plummeted dropping health care costs. Yet the Congress is upper class and concerned about making money for global corporate elites and dumping debt on the public. President Obama needs a new speech writer to put more intelligent and innovative words in his mouth, so I will donate a few words on a friendly basis to help keep down the public cost of hiring more expensive writers.

Those of us that wonder if sex addiction is real are perhaps wishfully thinking about what it would be like to have the opportunity to test the theory. The morally impeccable amongst us ask how the Tiger could fall victim to the challenging temptations we would have avoided since we aren't Buddhists. Left handed Tantric Buddhism practices change the woman each day to avoid the problem of addiction--if he had been truer to Tibetan Buddhism he might not have fallen victim to addiction.

First--Tiger Woods returns from alien abduction tomorrow-or a cult that reprograms those addicted to sex--make no mistake about it, sex addiction ranks right up there with pinot noir fakes from France as national problems. Hair shirts, penance huts, vows of chastity-these reverse the addiction to sex encouraged in monogamy--the State of Massachusetts and a few others have imposed an end of heterosexual marriage as dangerous supports of sex addiction through debasement of the pure addiction. That was a methadone approach to the pure poppies of heterosexual addiction.

Plainly, an unreformed sex addict may lapse into doing it again; cruising late nights in a convertible B.M.W. looking for a line of babes to do. The twelve step program for freedom from alien probes and nefarious political speeches has taught a lot of educators about cost cutting methods to appoint committees to study health care issues.

It was determined that sex addiction training is actually cheaper in select foreign countries than in the United States. Federal regulations stand in the way of importing sex addiction compassionate conservative surrogate deprogrammers. Boston is working on a solution.

If a moon base were constructed with a Constellation-Orion Sure-Win landing, it would be possible to create an extra-terrestrial listening post for the cure of upper class sex addictions and Wall Street gambler's syndrome. When addictions become too big to fail the entire nation is chow-lenged to bail them out.

I hope that Tiger Wood's reappearance to deliver a lecture tomorrow for a crowd of compliant broadcasters rightly forbidden to ask questions has before and after pie charts and such demonstrating conclusively that sex addiction in South Florida is over. The Coast Guard and Homeland Security are doing better at intercepting the conditional precursors of the offshore-sourced disease.

Woods is probably better at playing golf than putting on dog and pony shows for the entertainment industry. Serious opinion-ed writers know that Tiger's best bet is to print up his own tabloid to pass out with the Inside Story.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

On the Oily Energy Politics in Alaska & Obama Administration

Exons are regulators of protein synthesis in the human genome--Alaska's political genome is regulated by Exxon, British Petroleum and other oil-gas corporations. Such chemical powers provide legislative sequencing in the genome out of phase with natural regulatory control mechanisms proven to sustain biological life. Development of heavy metals and oil fossil fuels and gas for short-term profits is a corporate funding phenomena known to adversely influence political reason.>

The city of Juneau as a state capital is building a parking garage in order to help make downtown a ghost town after 5 p.m. Jobs could have been created for others than state government workers if the telephone hill location were instead a multi-story building of shop space, condos and the state museum on the upper floors. It would have provided more than 30 full time jobs.

A monorail to the location for the near state museum by the A & P from Telephone Hill would have shuttled visitors from the Juneau Transit Center and parking garage that should have been built there to keep cars a little farther away and to make it easier for shoppers to access the A & P, Salvation Army and bowling alley. The city politicians wanted to develop a ghost town and a place for the homeless to tent in event of serious weather emergency such as global warming perhaps--getting more bang for the buck just wasn’t there luck. Empty parking garages after 5 p.m. make good places for harmonica blues improvisations anyway--and music is vital to the pursuit of happiness after all.

A nation-wide super-conducting liquid hydrogen filled pipeline would be a good way to store electricity--that could occur in the Alaskan rail-belt as well and it should. Wind, solar and fuel cell power producers could feed into it. Superconductors have no electrical resistance and can thus store energy indefinitely.

The state legislature should fund a dozen million dollar each wind generators along upper Egan Drive between the Department of Labor and Coast Guard compound to prove they aren’t covert insurgents against renewable energy for Alaska--get that done this year.

Development of a non-renewable economy is implicitly mal-adjusted for the present global demographic and geographic facts of life. In 20 or 30 years when the next globalist economic bubble collapses it may be impossible to borrow trillions to ‘bail out’ and ‘stimulate’ the corrupt. President Obama’s plans to rely on coal and nuclear power just accelerate the stale kind of economic policy the Republican Party has advocated in there reliance upon global corporate domination of the Alaska Political Genome. Intelligence is really an important asset in politicians when it rarely arises a priori--generally they are just reactionaries--and that won’t work in the next thirty years well at all.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Chernobylity in the Obama Renewal of Nuclear Plant Construction?

President Obama has thrown in the towel upon abstemiousness on nuclear energy--having lived in the state of Washington during the Washington Public Power era of rapid expansion of nuclear plants that were eventually mothballed costing the taxpayers billions and billions, I am somewhat skeptical of the worthiness of raising the dead succubus of atomic fission to create elite anti-environmental industrial Chernobylity.

Oregon of course decommissioned its Trojan nuclear plant on the Columbia River, and the federal government has a long range, 50 billion dollar nuclear clean-up job at the Hanford Nuclear reservation also along the problem child Columbia River with pollutants from farm pesticides, dams that retard salmon runs and billions invested to keep that endangered Chinook population alive affecting even the Alaska fishery and global warming besides the danger of federal radioactive, materials contamination.

China of course has lots of nuclear plants and wants to build more--Iran wants more nuclear plants, and President Obama believes that one group of uncreative, dangerous political leaders are as good as another--thus the United STates too must build nuclear plants in the powert and energy growth race to keep up with our 'rivals'

President Obama said; "On an issue that affects our economy, our security, and the future of our planet, we can't continue to be mired in the same old stale debates between left and right, between environmentalists and entrepreneurs". First Aerial Video of Chernobyl Disaster

The President supports the wrong kind of economic growth for a planet with finite resources and no moon base transportation program; it should be ecological economics with a full employment prosperity based on zero quantitaive growth--its all quality growth and intelligent economic thought rather than dirty sprawl and mass consumption increase. Coal and nuclear power are not inevitable nor desirable foundations for a modern economy for the United States.

The U.S.A. must lead or follow in energy production methodology. Conservation through improved design,superconducting hydrogen power grids and reductions in system throughput ineffriciency in commuter transportation energy and modality are feasable--what is lacking is intellilgence in Washington D.C. traditionally about how to change.

There are still less than 500 nuclear power plants on Earth.

With political intention it might be possible to create global no-growth economics, eliminate fossil fuel use in vehicles and structure super-conducting electrical storage and transmission lines within liquid hydrogen filled pipelines and that would create a lot of green jobs.

An exon is a kind of regulator of the human genome in a good way while an intron has a kind of opposite effect; in energy and politics the oil corporations have an evil effect upon the political genome in Washington D.C., and the reasoning of inefficient growth that requires new nuclear plants is just not ecologically rational. The Obama administration also does not plan to have a functioning nuclear waste permanent storage facility during its administration.

Nuclear plants will be devastating accelerators of casualties during any future war bombing mission that reaches the United States. If a biological disaster occurs the unattended nuclear plants globally will all melt down guaranteeing the assured radiological destruction of much life on Earth for quite some time. The President is seemingly becoming habitualized to taking the wrong direction--at least one Democratic Senator choose to abandon ship before it goes over the political falls further to crash into the muddy Boston Harbor from the clouds. Article on Obama nuclear speech

President Obama's plan to build more nuclear plants exemplifies the stale macro-economic thought of non-ecologically sustainable economic policy. To summarize that; create more energy, more nuclear waste and more radiological danger in order to stimulate more consumption of finite resources.

Not recognized by government is the need to create a national, sustainable energy conservation infrastructure of super-conductors immersed in a cold-bath pipeline of liquid hydrogen produced from ordinary water. Live power production that does not storage electricity is far more inefficient. Input of energy to a storage grid for use as demand arises will let a variety of wind, solar, fuel cell and other energy production technologies to be fed into the grid underlying the nations highways.

Such a super-conducting grid would allow direct ultra-lightweight, smart all-weather go-carts to draw metered electricity for urban commutes in specialized lanes. Consumers should become conservers and producers at a family home level rather than urban dependents on global corporations for power and employment. Storing energy is as important as producing energy.

With rational energy storage and substantial incentives for increases of energy efficiency in building structures and transportation, the nation would be on the way toward rational leadership than unreasoning resource self-destruction, for the nation's security is at stake in multifarious modes through concentrated power and the proliferation of atomic fission plants in the U.S.A.

In the next wave of bubble-growth corrupt-growth economics, it may be very difficult to borrow money to 'stimulate' our way out. With a global grid of skiiming financial 'producers' leveraging 'consumers' to over-extend and spend on too large, energy inefficient homes and have no savings, any global financial break or failure sends the living-on-the-edge consumer economy into collapse of the local and regional bubbles. The second such future bubble collapse in perhaps 15 to 30 years will probably bring about a planet-full of regional wars in the chaos of a collapsed global economy based on growth that cannot be reassembled.

Toynbee Cycle; Stuck Accelerator of Political Decay

The foundation of the United States politically was generally formed as an agrarian society--rural people, overthrowing a foreign, urban elite. Rule by distant aristocrats over distant colonies with which they share no essential economic equivalent interests is a perennial historical theme as is the Toynbean cyclical acceleration of social leadership cults of decadence. Where aristocracies have emerged from democratic societies to usurp and even attack former rural majorities the gravitational center of political independence shifts from the popular support of the people to a more precarious and volatile urban metro-sexual succubus of sensuality and fiduciary power for it-self. In such concentrations of wealth and power elite networks arise to dominate global economic and trade facts.

A Chicago school of ethics ( I don't mean those of Capone) that formed contemporaneously with Dewey and subjectivism in linguistic philosophy elaborated a paradigm that objective, a priori ethic structures are not valid--instead a subjectivist conduct of making values vague and detached from empirical validity was provided.

While in some respects encouraging righteous reduction of rash judgments about foreign and unfamiliar moral practices it has also made reform of corrupt bureaucracy more difficult and disregards a natural law founded respect for all persons inalienably dues as their right as creations of God.

In the New England and Chicago post-moral elites prosecuting expensive military conflicts abroad, one must wonder, since there are few valid financial goals involved in Afghanistan at least, if the elite's believe its there inherent duty to provide moral instruction in a Deweyian sort of moral mish-mash through coercive conditioning of rural poor with bombs and Marine's with bags of candy.

When the people become dominated with Orwellian egotism materialized through cults of bosses driving herds of followers in urban, organizationally dependent lifestyles the ideal decay of social liberty and political independence follows; freedom and liberalization transition into definitions of non-intellectual, atheist maggotyness wherein consumption and mindless, non-reproductive sensuality for-themselves actualize as the embodiment of liberty. The public accounts deficits and freedom from coercive and pervasive state and corporate power are fine print at the bottom of the social contract held commonly to be as disposable as virtual Internet agreement best read by virtual lawyers at Boston or in Washington cutting deals with global billionaires.

Classical political failures of nations arise for the traditional reason that atheistic corruption decoheres family stability and the freedom of individuals to form families, personal associations and financial independence.. From the decline and fall of the Roman empire to the Weimar Republic the alienation of popular control of politics that formed the stability of the state through usurpations of power by minority elites--even the Bolsheviki--have brought nations to ruin. The Toynbee cyclical accelerator of the decay of civilization can strike the United States too--and from some points of view it has.

In the pursuit of global wealth large corporations have networked such that both major U.S. political parties are co-opted by corporatism. While Sarah Palin seems situated to bring female interest into the oily and elitist Republican Party she is also co-opted by oil politics as well as the anti-environmental recovery crowd. Democrats are another tool of corporate decay of national interests.

The Harvard cult of lawyers bringing first generation Americans to power in return for allegiance to global interests prosecutes a war upon rural Muslims in the high country of central Asia. The Taliban provided the usual shelter to Muslim radicals that attacked the United States and would not give them up so the United States attacked in 2002 and is still spending hundreds of billions of dollars in a temporal effort to force a central government upon the rural, independent Muslims of the area. The Taliban according to BBC reports is older than the Ford motor company and will probably outlast present federal efforts to sanitize the region of their presence. Instead of acting as the fountain of liberty the United States today has elite leadership acting in the role of a foreign imperial government of urban elites seeking to politically dehumanize rural peoples. The present U.S. leadership acts thus more like King George the Third than Thomas Paine, Thomas Jefferson, or later figures such as Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone.

The effort to control rural, ignorant ‘rag-heads’ of central Asia such that they all pay taxes to a globalist friendly puppet government with citizens that will not use pejoratives to describe homosexuals with hate speech seems somewhat far a field from either the interests of poor rural Americans or of the brainwashed and for-sale allegiance of urban corporate employees. The cost to subjugate central Asia will come out of the pockets of rural Americans and urban minions alike--and probably is an interminable requirement because the Afghanis and Pakistanis are poor compared to the former prosperity of the people of the United States--decadence and the decadent lifestyle and values requires prosperity to achieve and central Asians generally can’t afford that.

The below the surface or behind the wall political undercurrents. visible with high tech infra-red intellectual probity in the affair are many; with decades of bad Iranian policy from Washington starting with Mossadec and British machinations through the shah and the aftermath the rotten current state of affairs is the result. The elites of Harvard perhaps seeks global population reduction and environmental rectification reasonably enough, yet feel that they must simultaneously concentrate wealth and power in the alumni to achieve that--and all evil methods are fine and good because the end of saving the world justifies the methods. Perhaps a Harvard axis of evil is only an appearance rather than a fact--yet global corporatism is too much shaping up like global Maoism or totalitarian Chinese communism for the liking of some rural peoples who modestly believe that other than manic urban political means of achieving a fair and politically equally apportioned global order could be grown.

What is required is good faith. Good faith counts for a lot; respect for religion, respect for the rights of others to have a good quality of life, respect for the fact that not all social environments have the ability nor reason to live the same way ass another that is traveling at a different social speed. The effort to concentrate wealth, power and politics leads to decay over time as imperial dynasties decay for a variety of reasons and in a number of ways. Building more nuclear power plants, cutting the moon base and populism of manned space exploration--these are elite, global corporate goals without rational cognizance of the implicit dangers of continuing to grow an urban based economic structure. Such structures divide polities into an inside and outsider basis--and everyone knows who is inside the beltway today.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

How Does One Build Electro-Magnetic Solar-Voltaic Fields?

Magnetic fields exist for the Earth and many other solar system bodies--so why not use electro-magnetic fields to capture photons in order to produce energy for powering microwave ovens or to boost off-whirld electro-magnetic accelerated space journey units? I believe the conundrum is in the pudding, or the lack of it, and whip cream sufficient to make photon field collectors out of planetary-sized magnetic fields. I wish these scientists would get with it! What sort of solar voltaic field paradigm could be created?

Seriously though, after reading today the first article below on another research development for making electricity from solar photons I was reminded of how fine it would have been if as an adult if I had afforded more time for continuing scientific and philosophical researches. There should be some method to harvest solar and stellar photons in large fields to convert the energy to useful electrical potential for very nominal cost--actually for collecting the potential energy and narrowly applying it to self-interest.

An electro-magnetic accelerator or linear magnetic accelrator would accelerate a space journey unit at speed in relation to the mass of the unit to travel and the amount of energy activated sequentially on-line. To accelerate slow enough for survival of humans energy is only gradually added until at higher speed increased sub-6 G acceleration accumutively has reached a very high speed.

With a technology to shape electro-magnetic fields and to energize them with captured photons accelerators of sufficient size to allow velocities of a significant portion of the speed of light could be achieved.

Electromagnetic projectile accelerator
United States Patent 4432333 --

"Electromagnetic projectile accelerator comprising stationary coreless coils arranged in a row thus forming a tube. On the interior wall surface of said tube electrically opposite poled plates are mounted establishing an electric field.

The magnetic projectile moving through the said electric field generates an alternating switching mode in the respective electromagnetic coils whereby the acceleration of the projectile within the tube is performed."

Friday, February 12, 2010

Romans Invaded Western Europe in Retaliation; So Did the U.S. Invade Afghanistan

Rush Limbaugh gave an opinion about fairness and unfairness in society today. He gave as an example the Roman invasion of western Europe instead of Eastern Europe as occurring because of the easy geographic terrain to the west instead of more challenging to the right for Eastern Europe. Geography is 'not fair', and it was simply fate of happenstance that led the Romans to choose the easy way to a sure win. I disagree and will write about that later in this article.

The more important point is that the idea that life is not fair is used as a veiled reasoning in support of a conservative concentration of wealth and aristocratic disequilibrium to the advantage of a rich minority over poor masses. The classic battle since Edmund Burke of the masses to have a fair financial posture in society with a limit on the range of disparity between the rich and poor--say a one-hundred fold difference in annual income, in this global corporatism dominated political era is seriously challenged.

The reason for the difficulty in keeping a sound liberal bearing in the modern environment is that the classical liberal battle was muddied by the rise of socialism. Thus today the argument in the United States is largely between Conservative Corporatists and Liberal socialist; actual liberalism without socialism has faded away from the public viewing screen, and the recent Supreme Court decision to not limit Corporate political advertising spending because that would violate free speech will make it more difficult to recover the ancient liberal cause to resist exploitation by aristocracy. Paradoxical Adam Smith actually sought to liberate individuals of the middle and lower classes from the dominating power of aristocracy in the business and trade environment. Corporatism through networking and the concentration of wealth has restored the conservative aristocratic domination over society; A sort of Intron Oil of the political genome has evolved over Wall Street's Oval Office.

So Rush Limbaugh as the largest corporate sycophantic broadcaster of an independent sort, naturally enough supports corporatism as the embodiment of capitalism. Implicitly the political propaganda required to resist socialism and extol the virtue of unfairness in nature, politics and society is a defense of an aristocratic, natural right to rule over the masses.

Mass market aristocrats are today's Nietzschian supermen and women ruling over docile, raving dwellers of the lowlands. Not mentioned is that in a wild, unfair environment, the masses have a right to choose democracy, to limit the size of corporations to 2000 workers and staff-- so none concentrate too much wealth, and to limit the number of corporations that may be bought in to by any individual to just three--also to limit the concentration of political power and wealth.

In Adam Smith’s day--also that of the revolutionary founders of the United States, the aristocracy was simply royal whereas today they are simply rich. Modern social revolutionaries in support of renormalized smaller scale national capitalism and against the authoritarianism of corporatism and socialism ought to take the most practical measures required to create a free society for the modern world. The difficulty is that it requires ingenuity, intelligence and more mass education--while corporate supporters of socially fiscal stratified conservatism have unlimited advertising budgets as they rightly should. The problem is not in free speech but in the enslaved minds of American politicians.

Some have speculated upon the causality of Imperial Roman invasion of western Europe rather than Eastern Europe. It is held by some that geographical convenience of the comparative avenue of military ingress between Western and Eastern Europe led the Roman leadership to choose the easy western route over the Alps instead of the more challenging barriers to Eastern Europe. The concept is of course wrong.

The Roman invasions of Western Europe and of North Africa were simple challenge/response dialectics following the Toynbean historical cycles. Roman invasions of Western Europe and of the North African region followed invasions by the Carthaginians of North Africa and Germanic and Viking peoples of Western Europe of Italy.

The Carthaginian war by the populous and in particular under the military leadership of Hannibal who invaded Italy by way of Spain and the Alps led to the battle of Cannae. Hannibal lost his vision in one eye while waiting at the threshold of victory over the Romans for resupply from recalcitrant citizens of Carthage. The delay fundamentally turned the tide of battle to defeat for the Carthaginians.

If the Romans had any need of instruction about defending their nation against foreign invaders after the war with Hannibal conclude ding with Scipio Africanus ( “I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 96% how I react to it. “) sacking, burning and salting Carthage in Africa, it would have been provided by the invasion in two primary waves by hundreds of thousands of Northerners determined to access the fabulous wealth of Rome. Civilization and its storehouses of wealth attack the attack of the uncivilized like flies not uncommonly.

The Romans sent the same general--Marius--the uncle of Julius Caesar--out to defend against the Germanic tribes twice. The first was a battle at Marseille in which 100,000 northerners were slaughtered to fertilized the fields of agriculture for years as an unintended consequence, and the second produced the same result after the intimidating northerners slid naked down the Alpine slopes in a different route of invasions. The Italians did gain blonde bloodlines in more quantity as a result of the attack.

The Romans also determined to invade the homeland of the barbarians that had sought to plunder Rome. Julius Caesar and his tenth legion as well as others took Britain and Germany as far as the Rhine-even venturing a little beyond. The policy of the United States in attacking Iraq and Afghanistan roughly follows the same logic--that worked fine a couple thousand years ago and today it is perhaps obsolete in several respects as a practical reply to the 9-11 attack.

The 9-11 attack was created by several U.S. trained in Afghanistan former mufsidoon comprising an international guerilla organization. The occupation of Afghanistan to install a western friendly government that would not in the future harbor any anti-American terrorists was an asymmetric financial expense-and the terrorists were a fluid international element escaping to other regions.

One may adduce several reason for the causality of wars of civilization against barbarians, yet without a viable economic foundation in the barbarian nation to be invaded that could sustain a long term occupation by the reactionary imperial power the effort isn’t terribly practical. We read of the invasion of Mesopotamia by the rich Roman General Cassius in pursuit of the Parthian and the consequent annihilation of his legion beyond the Euphrates. We remember the defeat of the decadent Alexandrian empire’s Seleucid Empire in Israel by Judas Maccabeus the Jewish leader. It is obvious that the reason western Roman imperial holdings were more lasting in western Europe than in North Africa was the comparative fertility of each region as well as the comparative freedom from rival civilized power the Romans experienced in holding western Europe rather than in Mesopotamia.

Central Eurasia presents many challenges in security for the United States comparable in several respects to those encountered by the Roman Empire. Securing frontier defense outposts might be practical in Afghanistan, securing an entire nation and freeing a very populous Pakistan and Indian subcontinent as elate middle east from a variety of improvisational and ad hoc anti-American terrorist organizations is perhaps not possible through military investment and badly planned and inefficient civil investment through local ‘friendly’ government administration. The U.S. Government has serious difficulties in planning rational ecological economic investment in the U.S. economy itself much less in more barbarous or if not that at least more underdeveloped Central Asia. Perhaps the Obama administration will get a few Home Depot and Wal-Mart Stores to go up before exiting the area with less a trillion dollars give or take a few pennies.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

On the Revision/ Draft of my novel 'The St. Novilistricka Plan'

So after working a month on a revision of my first draft of The St. Novilstricka Plan' I deleted the work accidentally. scztf!

One minute I am carefully saving the file and later even backing it up, and then anon I discover that in working on two different files simultaneously I saved one in each project and got rid of the book's progress--ouch!

So I will post my first page, as sophomoric as it may seem, in order to have a copy somewhere in case the back up original version should become lost.

Page one of 'The St. Novilitricka Plan...(science fiction)

Chapter One

At the summit of Old Schlepleglaubt the wind was interminably cold and yet seemed stale fixed to geographic conformzones. In the valley below thermals brought little relief to stifling heat that parched the fallow ground. I enjoyed foraging for pinions growing at higher elevations of Subductor. Pinions are a rare healthy fresh food on this world. Global warming continued increasing even after responsible neo-sentients had gone under.

Lush and I watched a holo-image in the air over a natural rock bench. Research of Subductor's exopogenic overheated atmosphere by neo-sentient pollutions provided evidence of dittoed dooming at latitude and altitude of the viable biosphere. on the world. It was the extraction of knowledge from decayed worlds and my own analysis of the Earth chaos leading to apocalypse sub-prime that brought us to Subductor, for it also had experienced social brainlock.

"It's the way my second home world-the planet Earth developed it's own relationship to the eternal teleology Lush. Human nature was fundamentally evil and brought about its own social ruin. "

"I think that's saying quite a lot Patrick. How could human nature be socially evil and yet function as a continuum?"

"Our Lord Jesus Christ, and the prophets of God described the deterministic future history of the Earth and the way that would evolve as Apocalypse. The power of evil that exists in mankind is the same will as that of Satan-the most egregious evil spiritual power known. Humanity evolved Satan's will on Earth freely through it's nature. Competitive, striving, unconcerned about the real well-being of others--primates humanity groomed as champions of those it believed were powerful enough to destroy themselves. Conflict and consumption with pride are regarded as the highest values. Naturally that lead to global totalitarianism."

Sen. Scott Brown- G.O.P. Presidential Candidate vs. Obama in 2012?

Newly elected U.S. Senator from Massachusetts former state legislator Scott Brown can claim as much political experience as President Obama before being elected, and received 4% mention as the G.O.P. favorite in the next Presidential election.

The Republican Party should provide substantial political challenge to the Democratic incumbent, yet they need an ecologically minded U.S. nationalist candidate confident enough to challenge the globalists plundering America of its wealth and degrading the financial security of the middle and lower classes.

The next two years in the U.S. Senate will be the new Senator's tough graduate school of political management styling before he may be promoted to take a run at the big chair of ultimate U.S> political power in the Oval Office.

Moon Base/Space Port Tech Cache Should Start to Compile

The moon is a good base-camp for off-whirld ventures and should be the practical, durable location of first-stage extra-terrestrial missions. Real space ships could be built easier on the moon than on Earth--it is just a preference to invest in foreign wars and training future terrorists abroad that makes an intelligent research and development mission unaffordable to the administration.

The Constellation-orion project was a basic way of restoring the moon access program. The administration should change and restore support for lunar development at least for ecological economic practice.

Ecological economic practices would create a biosphere where none exists.Oxygen may exist in lunar regolith.

There is good enough soil for planting on the Moon indoors. Mining machines can expand subsurface chambers that would be illuminated with fiber optic cables bringing sunlight to the underworld, while wire superconductors on the surface would contain electrons stored from organic solar voltaic capture during the day.

It is believed water ice may be stored in the subsurface soil and in craters of the south. A variety of ongoing Earth sourced projects from free enterprise and governments may be launched and received over the next few hundred years to the moon space-port and construction base.

Tehran Claims 20% Enrichment of Uranium--Washington D.C. So Happy It Wet Itself

The Iranian President's claim of enriching Uranium in order to make medical grade uranium able to be upgraded through repeated distilleries to plutonium proof is a cause for continuing U.S. policy planning pouting. I feel the government's seemingly meaningless comments from Washington on the Iranian issue have little effect on Iranian policy--yet they condition the people of the United States to years of dire, looming auspices of the high country.

The administration could make the day of investors in conservative verbiage from politicians if they adopted more real-politik circumstances regarding Iran, Pakistan and others. At least NPR could abstain from reporting what could be private communications to Tehran. PR posturing is more proof of posturing than of effectiveness.

Since Washington policy is fundamentally to enrich a rich global corporatist crowd instead of the people of the United States, it argues about market access more so than a moon base or profound ecological economic restructuring or the need for good jobs for the perennially unemployed.

Washington's perennial anti-missile defenses/cancel missile defenses, sanctions that don't work and investment of trillions to train muslim militias in Afghanistan and Pakistan seem dubiously destined for success. I wish them luck and hope that peaceful nuclear non-proliferation is the future actualization of politics. In the meantime intelligent thought counts too as well as reactionary bluster.

The Department of Homosexual Militant Defense might recollect that if Satan is one's defender, then one has no defense. I marvel at the administration's insensitivity on international relations as a perennial theme. Walk softly and carry a big stick was good enough for Theodore Roosevelt.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Federal Government to Spend 79 million to Catch Chinese Carp

The ferocious Chinese Carp species seeking access to the Great Lakes and the tender prey that are salmonids require a guided $79 million dollar fishing research expedition to halt. A variety of mechanical methods to keep the carp from slipping through locks connecting the Lakes to the Illinois and Mississippi river drainage seem the best method now--especially since 'genetic material' of the carp was already discovered at the Lake Superior side crime scene.

Plainly it will be challenging to prevent little minnow carp from achieving the freedom of Lake Michigan easy pickings deli of native American fish. Maybe the Zebra muscles of the Lakes can go viral and lure the carp in close enough to snap their shell on them?

If experience at restoring Columbia River chinook salmon runs or keeping northern pike out of Alaskan rivers like the Susitna are a guide to federal failures at managing fisheries, we can count on the fact that someone eventually will take a bag of carp minnows as live bait in a plastic bad from the infested rivers and release them into Lake Michigan at the end of the day.

Rather than a mechanical solution, there must be some kind of species specific anti-Asian carp element found to neutralize or terminate the carp life cycle even if it achieves domination in the Lake first. With the profusion of D.N.A. research it would seem that a biological control technique should be discovered. Because that area of interest is of a concern--anything methodically applied should have zero possibility of harmful unintended consequences for any other species including the human race.

It is not impossible that a fish bio-war may be declared by the U.S. Government after the mechanical defense at the Chicago River front is defeated by the clever, ruthless carp. If the problem was the fundamental thrashing of the health of the national ecosystem by corporatism and government design, it would be fair enough to blame the voracious fish for their disrespect for American trout and salmon.

Do O.S.H.A. Lifting Advisories Disregard Inguinal Hernia Risks?

The federal office of occupational healthy and safety administration and innumerable workplace safety programs advise on proper lifting techniques--typically a starting squat position or stoop. Inguinal hernia of the lower abdomen towards the groin experience particular vulnerability toward the groin, and down and outward internal pressure is increased with a squatting position, or climbing ladders shouldering weight at each up leg rising step.

I wonder if many corporate work-place safety instructors are cognizant that proper lifting techniques may increase the chance for injury or re-injury of inguinal hernia? It is simply an idea that I had this morning. Medical technical specialists would need to investigate the issue for-themselves.

Easy Aspects of Quantum Cosmological Philosophical Constructions

The nature of The One inferred from the Bible and string theory versions of a multi-verse with a pre-big bang perturbative vacuum (such as Maurizio Gasperini described in his book from 2008 'The Universe Before the Big Bang') makes me wonder about the relationship in epistemology between mind and the self-awarenss of mind to theories of knowledge of what the universe is made of and of what the mind can know about the universe that it must regard within its own knowledge. Thus in the excerpt from my ongoing science fiction project 'The St. Novilistricka Plan' I have have Patrick Voevoda-a philosopher from the University-Extraneous Mars at Lundinium considering the structure of themulti-verse...

In the history of mathematics it was demonstrated that many unsolvable equations emerged in the attempt to conform quantities and the solutions for the discovery of unknowns in self-consistent proportional systems. Irrational numbers, the square root of minus one, quintics and M-Theory generated countless investigations for the reconciliation of logical representation of unknowns to conformal systems in such a way that computational powers produced by known roots would be accurate, meaningful and functional. The process of dimension surplus inter-space addition allowed simultaneous solutions of Euclidean and non-Euclidean geometries, and eventually algebras and more.

The reconciliation of inconsistent arguments such as the sum of the interior angles of an equilateral triangle adding up to one-hundred eighty degrees in the former and a greater number in the later could each be true with the difference located in an inter-geometric dimensional renormalization field. I employed the method in my own logic in order to relate known facts, or at least apparently known facts to the unknown.

As I descended the mag-tie toward the energy field, platforms crackling with immense energy confined generally to the Einsteinium electrons were bound as an electride matrix under cold plasma. The possible locations of Lush raced through my thoughts like permutations and probabilities of monadic qualities in a high degree of configurations and relationships. She left this compresence so suddenly.

Reaching the observation deck over the electride field, I saw the horizons painted artificially to resemble infinite perspectives through the arrangements of receding and concentrating channels of energy matrices. Green and roil-some, the distance was surreal in all directions and undetermined. I saw inward and outward through the weather systems clashing through the spontaneous chasms of a normal world beyond the library to the field of green energy within forming the core of the structure.

Rotating one-hundred eighty degrees on the deck, the perspective changed suddenly with an anti-symmetrical symmetry breaking of vision. This was my first clue to what had happened to Lush.

This portion of the galaxy is trisected by a standing wave of gravity and relativity field effects making a seven-hundred twenty degree spin vector of the four normal dimensions. It is an open door to abnormal space time, and it had intruded here. Lush and I had talked before of the access potential of spin matrices to extra copies of this universe formed as probability actualization of macro-structural formalities. It was only a theory.

Macro-quantum rotational symmetry breaking may have left the 180 degree trace in this space-time coordinate of a transformational spin matrix to open dimensions and universes. Even now the residual spin superposition of dimensions was beginning to fade away to leave just a local, normal four-dimensional appearance of space-time and its variously eleven dimensional, or two-hundred-thirty dimensional neo-structure of nominal compresence.

Might this universe have tagents sewn through it's hypo-loop extrusion placed by a higher intelligence? As space-time concentrates with speed of travel near light speed anisotropic ally, in a symmetry with the Heisenberg uncertainty principle of indeterminacy of knowledge of either energy and time or location and momentum, could the universe have a memory in some way of where each discrete particle and relational loop was in order to sustain the invariance of uniform application of physical laws?

Uncertainty in the quantum world seems consistent with fundamental phenomenalities of being and non-being, and of existence and interval.

In higher, more complex aggregations of matter and energy, indeterminacy fades away as the complexity of the bound state of quantum particles en mass comprises a formation for-itself too complex for super-positioning of simpler structures of the quantum world such as loops. Perhaps quantum uncertainty is merely an appearance itself that is a consequence of an unawareness or gap in knowledge of what fills the intervals, or of how the underlying force is non-present in such intervals. If quantum super-positioning effects fade out as mass becomes concentrated and complex, and it is certainly a marvel that any complex structures can exist at all and overcome the super-positioning of quantum uncertainty, is it a consequence of conscious perception and memory collapsing the waveform of the Universe, or is the large-scale space-time alteration in general relativity a symmetrical clue to spin-matrix transformations of galactic sized chunks of space-time into super-positioning with spare Universes? I believe I may need to discover if this Universe has memories or feelings about Lush, of a recent kind.

Dimensions may be arbitrary constructions contingent upon various configurations of the shape of pre-big bang minimal article conditions. The configuration of a particle-wave assembly duplicated en mass produces its own dimensional requirements in conformal logic to its intrinsic structure. A ten dimensional object requires ten dimensions of existence. The extension of a dimension is in accord with the characteristic requirements for existence of the particle-wave forces within it. The infinite apparent extension of the four dimensional universe is a product of the forces of infinite extension within it such as gravity and electromagnetism.

The planet Subductor Library sub-basement energy field was a trivial example of the exploitation of electrons with their negative charge as opposed to positrons and neutrons. Because photons are the carrier of electromagnetism and gravitons that of gravity it was a practical field expedient method of reshaping local areas of power intergalactically to confine electrons, or photons, graviton and even weakons within space dimensional tunneling that would gather the nuclear force as the containment line for the other quarks stripped of associations at larger clustering. Quantum super-positioning could be defeated and energy re-directed along the intergalactic nuclear force artery to form N dimensional calculating engines of change. I had the suspicion that some Alien power passing through the infinite sequences of exponential dimensional constructions may have abducted Lush from the library of this Subduction world of stone souls.

Staring into the green field of electrons stretching into apparent infinity in warped dimensional wrappings of light the vortices carried by memories of Lush along with the transitioning moments of shapes of past and present ever living as corridors of power flow. I leaned on the alto-rail and felt the cold sweat of the loss of Lush. A strong hand gripped my shoulder.

"Sorry to disturb your privacy of mind Mr. Voevoda, I am the level rep of the corrupt hall of stone souls. I would be glad to purchase yours for ninety nine tax credits, but you must decide in any event to rest in our stone masonry of perpetual bliss or leave this library energy field level straightaway."

The bug-eyed alien's hand did not fit his skeletal arm. Some kind of servo-motors and artificial sinews with colored threads connected the neural network to the appendages. What he might know about Lush would remain hidden within his neuro-mem caplet channels if anything accurate lay within at all.

Not a ripple of present Lush was evident.

Philosophical Questions of Space-Time and Multiple Universe Criteria

The subject of the multi-verse (instead of a universe) and the fundamental nature of reality presents some very challenging philosophical points for navigation. The math matters too--and it is beyond me although I can consider what the physicists describe as extrapolations for cosmological structure.Philosophically I take up the traditional epistemological and teleological points however in this fiction monologue..

M.C. Escher's drawings and paintings on perspective and various themes presented an investigation into the way that dimensions functions in perspective. Design must be a function on intention rather than objective created perhaps. Ants make good nests intentionally rather than randomly however that is a consequence of non-sentient laws of nature at a higher level forming interesting structures felicitous for the purpose of the existence of that life form.

In Escher's view of dimensions and contents we discover what can be represented in three dimensions looking to four. If we seek design in nature and the Universe we must look for purpose. I have a science fiction monologue of a character on the planet Subductor who has just has his girlfriend stolen by an unknown alien from the planetary library. Patrick Voevoda wonders about the nature of the multi-dimensional Universe he lives in. II will post an excerpt later.

Design is also a word. The word exist in a linguistic ontology as well as a Universal ontology. If someone arranges a bowl of fruit that was a design. If an artist paints the apparition of the fruit bowl then signs it that to was a design. As an aquaintance in the offshore oil industry once said 'you've got to put some intention on it'.

Design may be a duplication of that which already exist-copying a design is still an instance of that existential purpose of copying a design. We may like to consider a design to be a configuration of order of non-self existing materials, yet there is more to it than that--it is an area from which many philosophical departures may lift off...

"When human development continued for so many generations that vast language and philosophical data bases compiled more of a parallax of creativity upon mass, energy and what are regarded as material objects our knowledge developed too. When human intelligence made all of the material world a malleable subject the philosophical question arose about what the material world really would be if it were entirely subject to the human mind and it's restructuring. If all of quantum mechanical wave-particles were arranged in arbitrary waves of comfort to Corporate, not only would questions of ‘would the entire floppy mess collapse arise‘; but deeper epistemological questions arose as well.

Such questions as; are material, corresponding shapes or Universe constructions matching human, a priori thought designs, completely still material without space-time transformation? The derivative question of the possibility of creating ideas as realities without space-time change brought us to the singularity threshold of The One without need for extension of space-time.

Though necessarily we returned to the first question as did others at that time. Are such existent creations a priori as well if they are non-sentient (agnostic inert) thought constructions, or would artificial, matching constructed universes made in accordance with human a priori thought, need to be self-aware pantheistically at least in part--in order to be a priori thought for-itself?

Where would the differences be between a human self-aware mind and its a-priori thought, and those of extended, empirical, artificially reflecting mind-shape Universes that are self aware? Human minds change continuously, though reference confusion regarding self-awareness and its contents are common, and also have a large subconscious component. Is a sub-conscious juxtaposition of space-time a random assortment method of avoiding the restrictive logic of space-time and necessity of order?

How much of an artificially self-aware universe could be an inert, subconscious element and how much could it change? Could a conscious Universe have a subconscious element? Did the rapid expansion of this Universe1 after seven billion years coincide with an increase in biological self-awareness in the Universe1?

The difficulty in associating language and meaning sets with external, empirical objects and force fields is unavoidable because words have their origin in simultaneous association with an interactive material environment in Universe1. Words will always remain a little different for humans than the objects they refer to, even in the most coinciding contexts. Solely God has the word that is a for-itself spirit and material existence, to the extent that He wills

Humans face a kind of jeopardy in over-associating their own spirit with the material, and in the transformation of too-much of their environment into a completely, artificially designed, human product. Occam's razor ought rightly to apply to human resource interaction as well as it does to reason. Reason and material reformation are inherently linked, and that is axiomatic as well as the origins of language and logic are, in the utility of the context of being a human in this designated Universe1.

If we are to continue to exist in a meaningful-to-ourselves context, then we shall need to acknowledge the utility of setting our own limits at converting either mass into mind or mind into mass, even though it might seem possible at many points to do so. The donation of life given at the onset of the human experience is an axiom for-itself that needs to be accepted as an actual starting point. Conservation of life and of Universe1 resources are required implicitly--as deontological roles for being human.

Though an infinity of ontological language sets and material formations of empirical components are possible, the deontological practice of conservation of natural continua should be maximized simultaneously with the increase of human intelligence in order to avoid the obverse decline of the prospects for human reason, when it has kissed away its prospects converting everything into a mess of potage."

I looked at Norma with more respect than I'd already had since finding her efficient and attractive personal ways since meeting at the bar.

The electric pig glided to the end of the line and we stepped out into the chamber that had once been destined for a peaceful and prosperous future but know was filled with the ruined hopes of the future past. It was increasingly dark toward the far side beyond which lay glimmering, smoky gas fumes convected up as wind currents. Reflecting light at the end of the tunnel of a continent exploded, and in flames beyond, time grew short as we made our way through the shadows and dank dwellers of corporate darkness, rising gradually upward several minutes.

"There is another quarter mile ahead of negotiating a course through the complexities of debris in the tunnel. Before we reach the street I want to let you know a little secret I have kept from you."

Really? What's that Norma?

We kept walking through a maze of carefully designed twists and turns in the course placed to make unintentional discovery of the tunnel behind highly unlikely."