Thursday, December 30, 2010

2011-2012 Green Star Presidential Primary Picks

My choice of green star Presidential candidates for the 2011-2012 primaries may seem counterintuitive as neither Mitt Romney nor Hillary Clinton are known for being exceedingly green. They are the best available candidates today though that might be effective if in the office of President of the United States. Perhaps they can be reformed and move away a little from the dark side of the fore of oil and globalism toward nationalism and a transcending new super-conductor infrastructure for energy and electric automotive power. Ralph Nader has ridden off in the sunset. A good, nationalist, green star sheriff is just not in the present lot of known potential candidates.

-photo credit blogs at romney wins maine caucus

Perhaps we must grow a green candidate from a field of blighted and stunted oil can compadres. It may be easier to convert a business guy even though his M.B.A. is from the Harvard evil empire instead of making Sarah Palin believe that the oil god is not good for everyone, and might actually be detrminetal to American interests today. We know that Hillary Clinton is also globally 'it takes a village' deluded yet her 2007-08 campaign against Obama was good enough that we would like a return match-sure to be a 'thrilla in Manilla'. We believe she has some small competence in things ecological if not economically combined.

Mitt Romney has a 'rebuild America' platform, and that is what the country needs minus voodoo economics and plus a high-tech green infrastructure.

Living in Anchorage Alaska perhaps I ought to regard Sarah Palin as a favorite daughter candidate. Spending the winter in a tent here without work enough to buy propane to heat water I have become unenthusiastic about the kind of people that live in the Anchorage and Wasilla. What kind of society won’t let a guy with an honors degree from the University of Alaska and an honorable discharge from the Alaska Army National guard earn enough to have a cup of coffee and to melt the frost off the inside of his tent? John McCain may have been a better choice than Jeff Bridges for Sheriff Rooster Cogburn in a remake of True Grit, yet his choice of Sarah Palin for Vice-Presidential candidate still seems a little to grandfatherly if not spaced. At least Bristol Palin now has a $190,000 home in Phoenix.

Sarah Palin with experience as a small town mayor and two years as governor of the least populous state has almost no relevant presidential experience. If we continue to select presidents on the basis of comparison to the last incompetent the nation is in trouble. A president with experience in oil corporate perks in a remote, corporate resource colony and might believe that a modern Theodoric and assembly of those that can afford to drive to church and donate to the clergy might not even become a front for the Russian mafia.

Alaska and the Palins are largely in the pocket of big global oil corporations and couldn’t tell a Fresnel lens from a super-conductor. Anchorage is the ninth most drunken American city, Alaska has the fewest churches per capita, and electing nominal Christians that use the White House as a bordello, water board torture captives or advocate open homosexual sin in the military while staying away from church for a year make us wonder if the technical Christian qualification is another leverage to elect corruption and incompetence.

Sarah Palin may be able to see Russia from Wasilla, yet the Metropolitan of the Russian Orthodox Church was eventually appointed by the Tsar. Reform of American churches-making them priesthood of believers instead of hierarchically structured to benefit clergy above all-needs be done if Christianity is to end up without a penis breath priesthood and all the corruption of sin and statist corporatism flooding the U.S.A. today.

Mitt Romney as a Mormon is at least not inimical to Christians though the Kolob star system makes us laughably incredulous. His father was president of American Motors and Mitt earned the job of Governor of Massachusetts-a notoriously democratic state so he may have an ability to work across the not so great divide on the left side of a two-directional politically spinning top.

Besides the pervasive moral decay of the U.S.A. we are concerned about the subversion of American nationalism for globalism and corporatism. In true capitalism the virtue of competition is found in individual companies rather than in networks of firms that effectively repress competitive infrastructure change and political sovereignty. Perhaps Mormons aren’t all gas and oil, asphalt and corporate network beast people, maybe some are green and would wear the green star law enforcement.

The United States has selected such bad President since Reagan that Mitt Romney as a competent neo-conservative may be the best the Republican Party can put forward in 2011-12. As for Sarah Palin and the prospect of an Alaskan President; one would be hard pressed to find a more cold-blooded political or ignorant political cliche of the over-privelaged in the U.S.A. to choose from. The Palin Archepelago is fine for the comfortable, and not so much for the freezing. The leadership class fundamentally feel themselves superior perhaps, with a right to oppress the poor.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Philosophy of The Positive Energy Conjecture

An opportunity to read a book named ‘The Shape of Inner Space’ the interesting topic of minimal surfaces of aboriginal cosmological structures has presented. For readers who are not mathematicians yet cultivate an interest in philosophy and cosmology (including myself) the book is a worthwhile journey through theoretical mathematical constructions of geometric analytical underpinnings of string and M-Theory dedevelopments of recent years.

As I have progressed through this book co-authored by a winner of the Fields Medal I have annotated my reflections on the primeval universe at Time=0. The annotated ideas are not conformal to the explanatory cosmological ‘metric’ presented in ‘The Shape of Inner Space’ because of my comparatively non-technical thought on the topic of technical shapes of constructions of space-time.

The beginning of the Universe is one of the essential topics of inquiry in which humanity has invested time for speculative philosophical effort. What would humanity be besides inchoate or somnambulant lumps of dough without wonder of the nature of things and from whence they arise?

The religious approach and faith in divine revelation has coincided with that of intuitive judgment and investigation comprised largely of reasoning from analogy of experience of the real world. With such analogy the flow of a river becomes an example of the flow of a universe from a distant, unknown field cycles of biosphere growth become kalpas of a cyclical universe or recurrent strings floating on multi-dimensional space-time membranes.

The headwaters of the Nile were discovered by reports given to Stanley of glaciers on the African equator upon high mountains. A WMAP three degree background temperature survey portrayed the energy distribution of the Universe as it appeared about 300,000 years after T=0.

Speculations regarding the flow of the universe from a big bang or its inflation from a geometric singularity have arisen with increasing technical sophistication construction models based in scientific insights from experience.

Christians and Jews look toward the scientific procedures for cosmology with interest too. The manner in which God issued the Universe from His Word may perhaps be technically represented through physical cosmology. We do not expect science to create a comprehensive model of the beginning of the Universe beyond a certain point because the Universe is a contingent and limited temporal phenomenon-even science has limits to information acquisition theoretically such as is expressed in formula like Kurt Gödel’s incompleteness theorem.

The field of differential geometric analysis has developed mathematical constructions modeling forms and surfaces, minimal surface areas and shapes of topology and relations in curved space. Einstein’s general theory of relativity presented space-time itself as an integral four dimensional surface for gravitational phenomena. Yau’s mathematical work investigation what would be known as Calibi-Yau space built on investigations of the geometry of theoretical forms or constructions in multi-dimensional space. One wonders of the geometry of the Universe as a space-time field originating reasonably enough in a singularity.

Continuing philosophical inquires into the origin of the Universe from the issuance by the word of God we may review the neo-Platonic illustrations by the 2nd century philosopher Plotinus as well as a classical scientific cosmological avenue. The positive mass conjecture states that any isolated physical system must have positive mass or energy. That may seem post hoc obvious; negative energy or negative mass does not exist. A negative Universe could not exist, or could it?

Anti-matter is said to be a reverse mirror image of matter and its spin vector values. If matter is constructed of strings or loops-minor geometric shapes packed into power magnitude protocols at the beginning of the Universe we still would expect anti-matter to be reverse mirror image approximation pairs of mass string, loops or membranes. It is speculated that because of CP invariance at the beginning of the Universe a very slight preponderance of positive mass emerged from the initial issuance of matter and anti-matter simultaneously. Perhaps 99% of the original matter and anti-matter issued recombined destructively emitting the heat energy that today has cooled to being the 3 degree Kelvin background microwave temperature of the Universe. The positive mass of the Universe (it is considered by some as an isolated system) expanded its initial space-time singularity condition from t equals zero to a much larger size in a fraction of second. We wonder if the initial geometry of space-time as a minimal surface area singularity that was hypothetically a balanced neutral field of no space-time extent ever had a potential for negative energy?

From T=0 the singularity given an initial surplus of anti-matter over matter might have created a universe with a different spin vector value or a reverse mirror image yet basically the same as this existing universe perhaps. That universe might have been a convex expansion in the opposite direction than this universe if it is regarded as a bubble that expands. The concept of a concave universe expanding with negative energy from a singularity is more difficult to imagine-possibly that idea isn’t feasible at all, and just an anti-matter universe is possible.

A singularity at T=0 may be a matter of perspective. A singular compact point with all potential matter and anti-matter equally balanced originated somewhere, the question is where?

Filling out the dimensions, mass and energy of this Universe may comprise a limited temporal issue from an omnipotent, non-contingent field we may think of as God.

If the energy of an isolated system tend to reach its lowest level and perhaps remain there unless of course it might act upon space-time itself transforming the context of realty-then we have an additional reason to wonder about the singularity at the beginning of the space-time of the Universe; given an unknown yet we might stipulate an ample period of time wouldn’t it be more probable that a lowest possible energy state rather than that of a highest energy state existed at T=0?

The positive energy conjecture implies that the energy of the Universe is greater than zero without the potential to become less than zero. Physicists seem to regard the space-time of a Universe with energy in the negative realm as unstable. I am not at all certain of what is meant by unstable space-time. Perhaps it means that space-time could wrap up locally to form singularities, although it may be edit something besides black holes or wrapped up regions of space-time reduced to singularities occur within a regime of negative energy.

The initial boundary conditions of the Universe at T=0 on the positive matter based potential side and on an opposite negative-energy based side is difficult to contemplate within the criteria of a minimal surface area. One might regard the necessity that any singularity inevitably issue positive energy as improbable grace. It seems that energy that inevitably emerges preponderantly in the overall Universal system would be very providential.

A minimal surface area of a singularity boundary opposing negative and positive energy might be like the inside and outside of a bubble potentially able to expand equally in either direction. As has been postulated the minimal energy state of a negative universe might comprise the highest potential energy state of a positive energy singularity. It is commonly preferred that the perfectly balanced minimal surface area of a positive matter universe before inflation may coincide with the cycling lowest energy state and maximum expansion of a negative universe. That sort of theorizing may depend upon which of the two sorts of meaning of negative energy one prefers to use.

President Obama & Congress Rollover Decadence to the New Year

President Obama's idea of politics as the art of the possible represents the insipid fatalist acquiescence in the new American decadence dumping vast public debt and two badly thought out foreign military spending quagmires following the conclusion of the cold war and squandering of the 'peace dividend'.

The construction of an economic sow's ear from a silk purse by the U.S. Government from 1990 to 2011 required a lot of teamwork. Corrupt leadership, an ignorance of history, bad military and financial judgment, myopic greed-these were some of the characteristics instrumental in promoting nationally deletious politics flumping our policy outward on a global scale. In the spirit of the times the phrase par excellent is que sera sera (if that how it's spelt) boldly blundering on into 2011 ignoring the need for comprehensive refounding of basic infrastructure of the U.S. economy in order to make a transformation into an economy of low entropy, quality growth only with zero net immigration.

Another year of disposable resources, fifty thousand dollar SUVs, millions of immigrants, outsourcing of jobs and global corporate networks concentrating wealth in the United States along with real political power creates an existential threat to liberty in the U.S.A. In Alaska Sarah Palin's former Lt. Governor supports the kind of policies that would increase fossil fuel exports such as coal to China. A nominal white women pre-emption of progressivism (Palin) Presidency would likely be a puppet for global corporatism and bad world energy policy acellerating a prophecized new world order of secular mohammadanist rule of an anti-Christ from a synthetic temple mount-dome of the rock. Alaska as a foreign energy resource colony is a tool for global corporate whim.

We cannot afford to assume that multiculturalism can replace ecological reformation and quantitative rather than qualitative economic growth. Compelling U.S. domestic political development to follow global corporate personnel marketing strategies is a betrayal of the history, tradition and people of the United States that was founded on independence. All U.S. citizens ought to have equal rights and opportunities to a good life, and that goal is betrayed by globalism, degradation of the environment and decadent social and moral situation.

A Tea Bagger Congress steeping through the holiday season for some Americans brings the prospect of new energy and change that was lacking in the Pelosi led congress that eventually transformed into a Beijing lame-duck feast for billionaires and gays looking forward to high paying military service. The actual possibility of meaningful change has been set off until 2012 when the tax cut extension ramrodded through by President Obama expires.

The political transformation of the Congress and Presidency into a feel good about ourselves government and fiscal responsibility charged to foreign lenders is not too surprising. No less of a authority that Dave Barry in his 2000 political book 'Below the Beltway' produced convincing evidence that something funny has cohered in Presidents and presidential candidates for at least the past forty years. Since the era of photogenic presidencies the intellectual quality has certainly been in decline.

The U.S. Congress is hardly better than the surfeit of under qualified if not incompetent U.S. Presidents since Dwight David Eisenhower left office. The trouble with democracy as Aristotle pointed out is that the people are simply not competent enough or sufficiently interested in public affairs to make competent political selections therein opening the door for corrupting rule by special interests and in some instances, tyranny. We may find a tyranny of a proletariat or an elite populist front for plutocracy. President Obama turned out to be a front for Oprahcracy as his friend-one of the wealthiest American women and television star, deserved tax cuts along with all of the rich to tax rates so low that the concentration of wealth is dangerously accelerated. The trouble with congress is that there are few representatives with ecological economically apposite ideas. Without a core of congressional members with nationalist and low entropy ecological economic ideas the prospects for positive change are virtually nil.

The positive energy conjecture is a cosmological idea that any isolated physical system requires positive energy or mass to exist. The deficit spending, ecosystem depressing anti-national interest laws promulgated by the congress and signed off on by stuffed suit or skirt presidencies (or both in the post 'don't ask or tell' era) seems proof that negative energy can inflate a negative inside the beltway universe. The public cannot expect an intellectually incompetent and morally deficient congress (it's loyal to the rich and globalism) to innovate ecological economic policy responsive to the real environmental challenges of this generation or two or three.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

One Wonders About Calibi-Yau Spatial Dimensions

'Decoding Reality: The Universe as Quantum Information' by Vlatko Vedral is an interesting read-even human D.N.A. has characteristics of a quantum computer it seems, yet information too may be a part of a deeper purpose to the Universe (teleology).

Reading Nadis and Yau's 'The Shape of Inner Space' one gets a sense of dimensions for-themselves, or at least their geometry. Reading that I got a few ideas though I haven't completed reading it. I would think that information or content of the Universe, its energy and dimensions would be integrated in The One initially and meta-structurally continuously though the slope described by the functions changes in time.

-photo credit jbourji public domain

One must wonder if each dimension has its own time dimensions, if there is just one time dimensions or as many as space, and if the values of a time dimension are a differential of a function with a given spatial dimension? Could time dimensions be in different 'shapes'?

If these extra very small dimensions are wrapped up and finite factors of the existing dimensions there are innumerable ways to regard them. Perhaps the possible mathematical-geometrical configurations/shapes of dimensions existentially afford reception of mass-energy with sufficient force into as many dimensions as the initial mass-energy criterion profferred at a proximal beginning of a Universe(1) such as out own Universe of experience.

Rather than dimensions against independently as space-time it seems philosophically acceptable to integrate dimensions as existing things only as they are actually used by mass-energy. Alternatively if dimensions are fields that receive rather than are formed by mass-energy initially, one wonders about the field strength of any given dimension, or n-dimensions.

If dimensions vary in strength or charge that may affect the relationship of any given dimension to other dimensions and mass-energy within and without a given dimension. If dimensions change size-are they formed as multi-dimensional dimension fields, must they be integrated in a meta-dimensional field, will an initially endowment of energy of a dimension, or its anti-dimensional mate if they are produced in pairs or groups) be diluted as a dimension expands?

If dark energy or matter occurs within a given dimensional configuration expanding or being attracted along dimensional potentials, are these a vacuum energy 'static' energy of dimensional strings or membranes following some protocol of unwinding?

At what point did all dimensions not exist compacted to an initial singularity of The One? With Christmas time approaching Jesus Christ as the One issuing The Word to begin provides a reasonable place to contemplate the end of this comment.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

American Produce Inspectors Flee Northern Mexico-Drug Violence Sends Up Tomato Prices

Drug related violence that has claimed 30,000 lives in Mexico the last four years has also driven American produce inspectors out of Northern Mexico. The article hyperlinked below notes that inspections are being done on the U.S. side of the border instead, and of course later in the process impeding the flow of cheap produce to U.S. salads.

The phenomena is a function of the poor U.S. Mexico policy that is in turn a function of bad economic management in the United States government. A morally acceptable policy would at least assure that Mexican produce exported to the United States is really surplus beyond what the people need for themselves. Perhaps nations engaging in International surplus trading of food should be required to tax shippers in order to direct a percent of food to actually undernourished peoples wherever they are.

Mohandas Gandhi wrote that "Nations are sustained neither by wealth nor by armies, but by righteousness alone. It is the duty of man to bear this truth in mind and practice altruism, which is the highest form of morality."

Economic policy has been a topic of research in the field of neuro-philosophy. The way people make decisions and how dopamine reinforces decision making at a pre-concious level has been the subject of substantial research. The mind subconsciously knows almost ten seconds before the conscious mind makes a decision in some instances, of what the decision will be.

Stephen Hall's book 'Wisdom' investigates several areas of research into the workings of the mind in moral judgements, decision making and so forth. Researchers have found that select areas of the brain-even the central and most primitive areas make decisions and reward accurate or positive decisions with a burst of dopamine. The pre-frontal cortex-a more recent evolution or addition to a human brain makes more abstract and complex judgments in some cases. The way emotion factors in to making moral judgments is also considered.

That of course is why the human process of decision making at a personal and social level differ in areas of the brain used for making a decision. Complex decision-especially complex social decisions are most hard to make-and we see the United States failing to make good political decisions quite commonly while the media rewards President Obama in his lame duck successes for reasons less intelligent than emotional. The failure of not only the Obama administration, but any administration to change U.s. economics to a low entropy, nationalistic criterion is a cobnsequence of the inherent difficulties in changing the foundation upon which econonmic decisions are made.

Economists and others build up a data base neurologically from which they make decisions. Conscious decisions are a tip of the data iceberg. economi sts have certain philosophical values that implicitly make an existential pursuit of personal satisfaction the highest good, and that of course is consistent with the more primative and emotional regions of the brain making decisions that concatenated produces a socially incompetant economic management phenomena.

Instead of managing society realistically U.S.economics is stuck in neo-classical individuated (even when corporations are regarded as individuals) pursuits of happiness. Value bases of economics esentially do not evolve nearly as quickly as social viability requires in respect of advancing general challenges ecologically, economically and nationally.

For many years we have known that a low entropy economic foundation and full employment are exceedingly desirabe social values that will make society happier if accomplished. We haave also been aware of the Mexican drug cartel plaza phenomenon of entire border cities being controlled by particular criminal organizations packaging illegal cargo for shipment north to the lucrative drug consuming U.S.A. Entire cities and social infrastructure are corrupted to facilitate concealment of drugs and I suppose guns in the other direction. it is said that 90% of Mexican drug exports to the U.S.A. pass right through border inspection stations. That northern Mexico is dangerous for Tomato inspectors is thus not very suprising.

The neuro-cognitive philosophical inspections of the brain, mind and social economics reveal that the basic American investment in change is quite minimal regarding progress toward and ecological economic policy with real border control and advance of social content.

A particular neo-classical economic outlook and the historical neuro-cognitive dopamine reinforced decision making and selection of values to be reinforced as 'good' negates the possibility of correcting the bi-lateral American-Mexican border issues in a rational way empirically. The series of free trade agreements the United States has entered in to do about nothing to direct a comparative trade advantage, low entropy economic security in each nation without the corrupting effects of migratory labor and ecological habitat destruction. In Alaska polar bear habitat is still attacked by the state government filing lawsuits to remove federal habita protections. The Obama administration circumstantially might negotiate pie slices of Arctic litoral none-development zone with Russia, Canada, Denmark and other nations to preserve the integrity of the Arctic and its wildlife in a coordinated way yet there again we find the basic neuro-cognitive philosophical decision making inertia rewarded by the dopamine of 'the big score', speaking of which, I could use that piece of lemon merangue pie myself. The challenge is to find it in a new and socially beneficial way.

Mexican migrant laborers range from Alaska to Florida, Chicago to the Carolinas and California even while Americans are out of work. To retake control of the border a new ecologically beneficial border control zone-perhaps a canal to desalinate siphoned up seawater and irrigation and recreational areas on both sides of the border could be made a primary construction stimulus project. No harm mass ecological reconstruction on both sides of the border to create permanent work should be a bilateral political goal with an upgrade in Mexican civil life and identification within a decriminalized social environment equally a target of American economic self-interest. The difficulties are in moving away from the existentialist economics of personal egoism that destructively influence U.S. economic management goals.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

King Herod's Tomb Discovered in 2007-Subsequent Excavations Provide Confirmation

An interesting article in Biblical Archeology Review (BAR) describes why the late author (died in October 2010 after an archeology accident at the site) believes much evidence exists to support his conclusion that the tomb of King Herod the Great of Judah has been found in Israel.

Herod built a city 12 years after fleeing from a Haesmonian rival, Mattathias Antigonus, supported by Parthians. Herod fled toward Masada and battled with Antigonus at the site where he would build his city. Herod won the battle and was reappointed King of Judah by the Romans.

King Herod remained ruler of Judah until the birth of Jesus Christ around the year 4 b.c. Fittingly he died about the time the true ruler of Israel was born.

Miller-Murkowski Senate Contest Reaches Alaska High Court/etc.

So close to Christmas I should have some secrets of the Magi sort of report to write; how the space shuttle is visible in the northern night sky this time of year doesn't make that cut, nor does the helpful information that public toilet seat liners work best if you tear off the 'tongue' portion and flip the solid part forwar before setting it down instead of letting the tongue droop into the water and fall in. The Alaska Senate campaign is slightly more interesting yet not much.

The daughter of the 'Godfather' of present state politics former U.S. Senator and Governor Frank Murkowski won the race by 12,000 votes as an independent after losing the Republican primary. She won with thousands of crossover female democratic votes and repaid them by voting to end 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'. During the campaign she said that Joe Miller would leave Alaskan with nothing out in the cold. I remembered that last night when I broke my notebook computer sleeping in my ten at about zero degrees, broke with a foot of new snow. The rich have a way of being the poor and desrving themselves even with millions and millions-wicked souls.

Miller took his suit to the Supreme Court Friday and it will decide if the state should throw out 10,000 contested ballots on which the spelling of Lisa Murkowski was not precise. This is not a trivial issue.

If a write-in name is not exact and requires discretionaryy interpretation of voter intent to award the vote to a candidate, there are numerous possibilities for corruption too obvious to mention. One example is the echo candidacy made to allow discretion by partisan election officials.

Lisa Murkowski is running as a registered write in, so the anti-Lisa M party decides to run their own write in candidacy for Lisa B Murkowsky as opposed tothe Lisa P Murkowski allowing sympathetic interpreters to award votes to the Lisa B candidacy. We find the effect of near misses ambiguity made to pull in hits or votes for a popular candicay part of the modern world of alpha numeric selection and dislike anything besides exact matches on either web sites to counting votes.

If Joe Miller loses in the Alaska State Court he may take it to the U.S. Supreme Court where it may be right up there with hanging chads as a controversy that could stand clarification. In Alaska an establishment exists that kicks back jobs and opportunity to an insider elite subserviant to global corporate resource developers over local and also is a prime hog on the federal pork barrel also kicking back to favorite insiders leaving the rest out in the cold. I would not doubt that some cheating might have occurred to swing the election Murkowski's way. A federal judge has certified the election yet declared as well that should the courts decide in favor of Miller and the erroneous ballots are thrown out, a recount held and possibilities of fraudulent votes investigated such that Miller wins 2000 more votes and takes the Senate seat, the certification can be changed to Miller.

If anyone has any idea how to repair the video screen of a notebook computer that is not cracked but just totally dysfunctional after being rolled over by a hip in a sleeping bag-let me know. Also of use would be instructions on how to transfer data from the notebook to another computer if the screen is not visible to log on and so forth.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Nation's Unemployment Rate Is Of Secondary Importance to U.S. Politicians and Corporatists

Federal economic policy presently is to serve the corporate world and concentration of wealth. Both major political parties have signed off on tax cut extensions for the wealthy. Each party supports free trade agreements that allows global corporations to export their products here freely. The corporate world and its profits are of primary concern to the wealthy and for their sycophantic employees. Corporate relocates labor globally in contracts and sub-contractual relationships. Neither the federal government and nits Harvard elites nor the Corporate elites are much concerned about keeping full employment in the United States nor driving up the value of labor in the United States.

So the nation's unemployed are in effect 'Waiting for Godot' like Samuel Beckett's character's Vladimir and Estragon for jobs that just might not appear. There is a surplus of unskilled labor in the world today and nationalism is not on the Congressional agenda. Employers are still outsourcing and consolidating increasing productivity and profits but no employment. There are lots of Japanese and multi-national factories in Mexico near the border taking advantage of NAFTA. To really increase employment in the U.S.A. economic reform to support national interest would need to occur and that isn't likely soon.

The Mexican border allows millions of illegal cheap workers to undermine the value of unskilled labor in the U.S.A. and in the construction industry, and Americans are becoming corporate sycophants rather than supporters of Democracy. The Obama-Falin-Romney style candidates are just yes-persons for global corporatism. That is not good for the world environment, for the prospects of unskilled and unemployed Americans.or much else for those on the wrong side of the great corporate divide in the U.S.A.

Wouldn't a Larger, Cheaper Draft Military Be Better for Afghanistan?

Since the volunteer military has had to fight a protracted nation rebuilding war the price for getting people to serve has skyrocketed. Wouldn't a return to a traditional military draft in order to keep a larger number of much lower cost recruits in Afghanistan be a more effective way to subdue the Taliban and unemployment in the United States?

Some Alaskans and those stranded for the winter in Alaska descry military service and man's inhumanity to man (or woman) yet are aware that if in a kill zone the best response is to move full speed ahead. Maybe the best way to have peace and security in Afganistan is just to move full speed ahead with a draft and remove the Bernie Madhof era corporate contracting Defense Dept. budget issues the Cheney-Halliburton-Bush I & II people dumped as if flummery were for the benefit of the U.S.A..

Privates in the Army famously got paid little before the volunteer era, and even after the volunteer military became a fact the wages were fairly low before the 9-11. With national unemployment presently between 10 and 20% it makes little sense to pay $21,000 a year for a recuit to serve in that nice, high, central Asian nation with such a wonderful people and beautiful scenery and clean air.

Americans are people very concerned about civil rights and a few care not to destroy what remains of the precious planetary fluids unpolluted that sustain life. Perhaps given an opportunity to lace on the boots of freedom the nation's recruitment offices will be overflowing as they were during the Spanish American war if they know they are serving not for money but instead for the satisfaction of knowing they have brought human warmth and compassion to those beyond the corporate networks.

Military draftees could receive free job training and maybe 500 dollars a month iincluding combat pay for the adventure of a lifetime and the opportunity ito serve the oppressed people of central Asia. Regular Army cooking could replace the sky-high Halliburton style of contract haute cuisine and Americans could return to being Americans with a history of public service.

The volunteer military has become top-heavy with military contractors charging premium prices and getting no bang for the buck in some instances. Elite military units could continue to handle much of the difficult combat tasks, yet ordinary Americans could handle a vast range of commonplace in-the-foxhole drudge duty and enjoy the opportunity to fire all of the guns on full automatic cycle even if at targets. Ordinary Americans could also provide the more common touch with Afghan civilians perhaps lacking in the Star Wars troopers like volunteer military.

With a draft to fill the ranks and deploy perhaps a 150,000 more soldiers to Afghanistan their could also be a large increase in Peace Corps type volunteers to build up a better high-tech, low maint. cost economic infrastructure for Afghanistan. Plainly to be effective in restoring liberty to the people of Afghanistan a more affordable, sustainable presence to reinforce peaceful social development in required.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Senate Votes to End Don't Ask Don't Tell- President Obama Will Start 'Men Without Chests' Military Era

President Obama will sign the measure this week to end D.A.D.T.-the policy requiring homosexuals to keep their non-heterosexuality to themselves. The change in Republican votes may have involved some secret deals for supporting tax cuts for the rich by Democrats. The tax cut extension passed last week.

A noted historian James Van Creeveld classified such personnel composition transitions within the 'Men Without Chests' era in his book 'The Culture of War'. Such transitions historically are implicit within a socially decadent cycle of civilization. Same-sex socialization in the military coincides with both major political parties in agreement on tax cuts for the wealthy that allow 1-2% of the people to own 25% of the nation's wealth as that concentration continues.

Congress/Obama Jobs Policy for Working Class 2010-2012: Wait for Godot

President Obama ran a campaign of hope for jobs and economic recovery. After two years ten to twenty percent of Americans out of work are waiting for Godot like Samuel Beckett's characters Vladimir and Estragon.

Tax cuts for the rich at historically low rates, an unsecured Mexican border admitting millions of illegal workers, foreign terrorists and smuggled explosives are governors working against tightening up U.S. labor supply. The other maladroit labor influences are the general surplus of cheap unskilled workers globally and corporate global relocation of workers and goods to maximally increase profits for their shareholders. A Democracy should prioritize looking after its own national interests.

Unfortunately as the highest value of wealth is founded presently on a quantitative consumption principle of non-renewable resources it may be that Adam Smith's Capital theory actual works with an invisible brain of minimal I.Q. to produce the most stupid environmental policy possible besides the invisible hand to pickpocket world resources most efficiently from Democracy and responsible small scale free enterprise.

Capitulating with a sigh to the incessant rhythm of sweet Republican economic admonishments by Senator McConnel and President Obama lame duck Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi at last yielded on tax cuts for the millionaires and billionaires for another two years-effectively until at least 2021. Waiting for the economist Godot these last two years unemployed independent voters now sit like Otis Redding at the dock of the bay watching the economic cruise ship of the rich sail away.

Captain Aguirre and the crew of the good ship S.S. 'Wrath of God' have a rich and sumptuous menu of Adam Smith on opium hor d'ouvres to devour as they consolidate wealth and expand financial network controls with the U.S. Government deeply in their pocket.

Creating headlines year after year now with deeper federal debt anticipated to grow to more than 20 trillion dollars by 2015, writers that council the fundamental wrong direction of globalism instead of nationalism, of public debt instead of solvency, of a healthy environment instead of one in decay, of full employment and a stable population within secure borders free of illegal immigrant workers seem as out in the cold as Ronald Reagan's economist David Stockman. Lifting up their horns to gore common sense political economics is no problem for the rich that own the media as well as increasingly, everything else.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Extra-Universes Bumping Into Our's May Have Made Their Marks in Rorshach'd WMAP Images

Scientific technological investigations of the early history of the physical universe lead to a profusion of innovative cosmological theories. N.A.S.A. Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Survey imaging provides the opportunity to regard a relic image of the energy deployment 300,000 years after the initial singular inflation of the Universe (1) in which we live.

One may seem what one wants in some scientific data. At the least, interpretations of the data must generally be drawn to association with substantially existing theories.

Because of the incompleteness and inconsistencies of the standard model of micro and macro cosmology string and membrane theories were stimulated into development along with mathematical constructions of various cosmological configurations. A wealth of new observational data such as WMAP and the apparent existence of dark energy and the increasing rate of expansion of space (though perhaps not time if separate from space as a field) have also served to stimulate new cosmological construction models. The WMAP images of the early energy picture of the Universe have permitted informed Rorschach interpretations of the ‘ink blot’ of the early universe.

Matter and anti-matter paradoxically combine to form one stable condition in which a Universe is not inflated into being. With the rise of field destabilization matter and anti-matter inflate parting ways and then recombine to annihilate each other as the recombination of the oppositely spinning particle pairs yielding energy in the process. There is a slight surplus of matter left over from the beginning as the chirility of matter has a slight advantage over anti-matter in recombination. Perhaps just one particle in a billion of matter survived the initial expansion and recombination in some theoretical portraits of the history of the Universe.

Matter and anti-matter may have existed as a super-particle or membrane before improbably processed into division. The concepts of The One have a religious significance as well as philosophical and scientific. Logically a monistic universe may divide into sub-component parts of a contingent nature. Ideas of a unification of physical forces in The One also tend to have a potential to surpass and nullify anything that temporally existed outside that state of divine mystery. Plotinus the neo-aPlatonist philosopher wrote 54 tractates on the subject of The One (as God) in a work called 'The Enneads. Well, to return to physical cosmology...

The One state is uncertain with knowledge incomplete. The WMAP images have given some cosmologists reason to postulate that other Universes bumped into the inflating Universe leaving holes or empty spaces in the more regularized field.

Of course these surmises about other Universes jostling ours like cedar saplings competing for light in a wild evolutionary field of infinite universes are made with several unproven elements in the foundations. Constructing a real building of tremendous size with many missing and hypothetical pieces isn’t safe. In cosmology building such abstract models is a tool for learning and research.

Making the anthropic principle seem normal within an evolutionary paradigm requires that the fine tuning of physical constants suitable for life isn’t a miraculous fact; instead it requires an infinite number of Universes to exist in order that natural selection of ‘just right’ universes for life amidst billions that are not can be explained without resort to faith in God. Well, learning science and Christian thought together several decades ago I regard maintaining separation between the two as unnatural and another hobgoblin of small minds, a zillion universes or just one, it is useful not to always expect particular answers about physical cosmology a priori.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Senate Moves Obama Tax Cuts Forward/Lards Up Spending Bill With 'Thousands of Earmarks'

The U.S. Congress seem like drug addicts with a need to spend. Screw the budget, screw the public debt-those seem to be the sentiments of the U.S. Senate today. thousands of earmarks in Senate spending bill

U.S. public debt is nearly 14 billion dollars, and probably will double in seven years the way the lunatics are legislating.

The Democrats are disingenuous on the Obama tax cuts; they can let the cuts expire and get the Republicans to sign off on tax cuts for those earning less than $100,000 annually next year-how could the Republicans flunk on giving tax credits to anyone?

Select Parameters for Reforming the U.S. Economy (philosophically considered)

I've given the concept of how to rectify the American democracy thought enough to be aware of the problem that too large of social organization pose to society. A democracy does have a lot of power theoretically and they must to be really sovereign. A democracy must not allow any kind of social organization to form that rivals the government for real political power. It also must delete from existence disproportionate influence upon the government by elites.
One can consider Sparta and it's egalitarian social power and disdain for the accumulation of wealth. One can also consider the Athenian democracy and its battle with the elitists such as Socrates who wished to restore an oligarchy-Socrates was put to death for inciting three rebellions by youth. A democracy is in a perennial battle with elites that seek to subdue the people and hitch them as draft donkeys to pull their special field for nothing.

America today has basically lost the battle for liberty too corporatism and globalists. President Obama's tax cuts and Chinese outsourcing of jobs seems a Harvard marketing strategy Presidency. The President next may advocate small business in America produce authentic candy excrement that Americans will love to bite-in order to stimulate business...imagine the possibilities 'eat s... and be happy in a corporatist yoke America!

Then the Griswald-Palin administration may entertain the nation four years as social benefits are cut and the national debt reaches toward 30 trillion dollars from the 20 trillion the President plans on.

I believe it may be too late to repair the U.S.A. and that the tax cuts may become permanent because Republicans will take the Senate in 2012 as well as the Presidency I guess. Toynbean fin de sicle circumstances may evolve as the sea level rises globally.

I would have used a few remedies to radically transform the United States into an ecological economic, low-entropy nationalist economy featuring trade of serious international comparative advantage. I would limit the number of companies any citizen could own shares in to three. The maximum number of employees any business could have would be 5000. All citizens would have a minimum income in today's dollars of 6000 annually. Every citizen would own a small home with 1% interest at age 24 and the total cost would be no more than $30,000. There would be a zero net loss of biota on any land construction project.

II believe that II would secure the Mexican border against illegal immigration by making a field of berms and a canal to carry-evaporate-condense salt water to produce fresh water from Phoenix to the Gulf of Mexico. With water produced from siphoning saltwater from the higher Pacific than Gulf of Mexico and releasing it near Deming N.M. into the canal, providing a little extra solar power to makeup for the water removed, it might be possible to refill ancient Lake Bonneville than covered much of Utah until 10 or 15 thousand years ago. A fresh water lake 1000 feet higher in depth than today's Great Salt Lake, I would use the water to trickle out through spillways in Arizona and California for irrigation. Salt Lake City residents would be moved to lakefront property farther away. Perhaps the extra evaporation in the Rockies will help relieve future draughts caused by global warming.

I suppose the cost of ecologically recovering the United States into a new high tech insinuation of human benign occupational relationship would be about 150 trillion dollars. At least full employment could result from all the scientific research funded by society and of taxing the rich at a rate commensurate with U.S. history until the Regan administration. President Franklin D. Roosevelt wanted to tax the rich at a 100% rate during W.W. II and got just 93%. The tax rate in 1980 on the rich was 71%. The networks of ownership of the rich reduce social liberty to transform society reactively as a democracy must to challenging circumstances to a minimal level. One may see the resistance of corporate media today to global warming-a peer reviewed phenomenon and discern that corporatist influence is really quite a devastating influence on politics and ecological reform as well as full employment.

It is a fallacy that high taxation rates on the rich must somehow develop a socialist economy. A free enterprise founded democracy with a limit on capitalization of any individual or business is reasonable and consistent with democratic defense against oligarchy, tyranny and aristocracy. One cannot find the pro football player who can shovel 300 times more dirt in a day than an ordinary laborer. The social inheritance of inventing machines for mass production should not be used to give credit to individuals that leverage investment advantages to own everything as if they 'worked' for such wealth. A Warren Buffet or Bill Gates may be fair enough individuals in today's economy, yet no such capital accumulation serves the nationalist, ecological or environmental cause substantially. Neither does the accumulation of wealth beyond a certain percent of that of the average individual in a modern economy liberate society and free enterprise competition so much as repress it.

Never in the history of the present U.S. democracy has a rectification of fundamental economic parameters occurred. The founders existed in a mostly agrarian an exploratory society with increasing against in the under populated wilderness. It was not a full society without naturally occurring opportunity to own land. The founders did not by apricots from Turkey and hay for horses from Saudi Arabia. Without a direct reconstruction of the American economy to concentrate upon making a more human, personable, full-employment, ecologically recovering nationalist free enterprise society (one that lets pro football teams pay for their own sports stadia) things ahead politically may become very Orwellian I might guess.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Obama Tax Cuts, Large Science and Environmentalism Philosophically Considered

Hegelian dialects and Darwinian evolution may be abstracted synthetically by Marx towards a general millenarian idea of progress. Obviously homo faber is a theme of hierarchical advance. The reasons for dialectical or tri-electical neuro-technique invention by homo sapiens are fairly well understood now. It is possible to create cultures of synthetic reasoning for technical and scientifically founded innovation. These do not oppose empiricism or environmental sciences obviously; neither does large or small science presuppose or validate a given political-social epistemological theory such as Marxism. I like C.S. Pierce's tri-electical theory of mind's synthetic promulgation of new concepts as well an others of the 19th century. neuro-cognitive epistemological nominalism is a more existential introspection field than physical as is possible today.

In reading Dr. Henry Pollack's 2009 book; 'A World Without Ice' I found that Pollack mentioned the peer reviewed screening of the generally validated scientific finding of global warming. He compared that to the anti-global warming polemics distributed by the corporatist broadcast media outlets. That point is fascinating and an example of how science is while objective simultaneously non-political so far as it is scientific.

A question about the world being made a better place through knowledge and scientific method rightly should also consider if it isn't politics and democracy in particular that should select what of science should be applied broadly to the world. I mention this because the world assuredly is at several simultaneously challenging empirical-environmental crossroads from which to choose political directions.

We find the Obama tax cuts and January meeting with Chinese President Hu Jintao an abnegation of democracy and surrender to global corporatism. In U.S. history high taxes on the wealthy was an effective and essential way to pay for war and recession especially concurrently. Abe Lincoln started income taxes on the rich (those making more than $800 a year) during the civil war. Roosevelt wanted a 100% tax on the rich during the Second World War and got 93%. President Eisenhower benefited the U.S.with a tax rate higher than 70% on the rich-not until President Reagan's 1981 tax cuts did the rate on the rich in the most of the 20th century fall below 70%. With a 14 billion dollar public debt-scheduled to reach 20 billion or so in four years, and likely to triple in 20 years without tax increases and more effective publics pending in the United States the role of science will continue to increasingly be selected by elite corporate leadership and concentrated powers of wealth.

I believe that politics rather than science determines the social well-being of the public and affect of science on the public. A selection criterion of greed rather than empirical good for mankind tends to produce a bad environment patched up a little post hoc by government action against substantial media-corporate opposition. Instead of blaming science or knowledge for the mal-adaptations of technology to the environment and society it is more accurate to give politics the credit for destroying the health of the world environment.

I have no difficulty in imagining a 70% tax rate on those earning more than $250,000.annually in the United States with the excess, after the public debt is paid off, being invested in environmental restoration. I believe the restoration of the environment such as filtering out unnatural pollutants from watersheds would cost at least 150 trillion dollars. That would create a lot of jobs as well as new scientific research.

Democracy must be able to take the bull by the horns and rope it down. The rich and corporate concentrations of wealth allowed to increase unchecked can entirely subvert the free market and the freedom of then people of the United States through networking ownership and universal effective power. Democracy can adapt to a modern world being wary of corporations taking over government as Jefferson anticipated.

Corporations could be limited in size of employees and financial endowment as a percentage of the national wealth. Individuals too could be limited on capital concentration too a percent of the national wealth. Stock ownership by an individual might be restricted to just three corporations.

It is unlikely that any sort of social reformation returning to a realistic democratic environment without vast corporate networks owning and corrupting democracy nationally and internationally will occur. That fact seems to doom social evolution away from ecological restoration and toward a number of dystopian futures not so far off. it is a challenge to envision how a rectification toward a real democracy and free enterprise individualism might be actualized.

One wonders how erroneous apostles of Adam Smith as Karl Marx evolving through capitalism's trial, error and invisible hand of multilateral dialectic evolutionary utilitarianism can be distracted from such metaphysical rubbish when technological engines pay so well in material output providing comfort and power beyond necessity. Such security in comfort redundantly recurring along with the glory of scientifically and socially ignorant acquisitivness make the prospects for large science goading public politics into working for the public good in a more effective and efficient manner, unlikely.

Alaska Blogging Misc. Dec. 2010

Finally the temperatures are reaching below zero farhenheit in Anchorage. Up the hill in East Anchorage it is generally colder than toward the water, and a thousand feet higher in elevation.

Frost on the inside of a tent at this temperature can become a problem. It builds up on the inside and clogs up vents as well. If one has a propane bottle it is possible to warm the inside enough to melt the frost, yet it is possible to cold camp for several months evidently.

If camping at such temperatures goose down car coats are nice if not walking far enough to work up a sweat-they tend to freeze wet then and become ineffective. it is better to layer clothes such as a wool sweater and gore-tex parka shell to stay dry and warm simultaneously. If in Anchorage it is a good idea to have a coat that covers up the groin because the wind may blow 20 m.p.h. when its just ten or fifteen degrees f. making it possible to freeze skin below pants. Keep your notebook computer in the sleeping bag with you to prevent the battery from freezing solid and expanding.

I probably will reduce the quantity of posting here at gather for a while as winter issues and other concerns present.

'A World Without Ice' by Henry Pollack Phd is quite a good read. Published in 2009 it is an eye-opener. Its much warmer in Anchorage now than it was in the 1960s. The North Slope permafrost driving season has reduced from seven months to 3 or 4 months as the surface doesn't freeze hard enough due to global warming reportedly. In the future getting access to onshore oil drilling sites for maint. may be quite a problem when the driving season drops to a month or less.

U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller has been given until Tuesday to fill suit with the Alaska Supreme Court to keep his investigation of voter ballot irregularities and election hopes alive. it is possible that some cheating could have occurred in the election-its happened elsewhere and the vote is reasonably close.

Obama Tax Cuts; Followed by Outsourcing Jobs tete-a-tete With Chinese President Hu Jintao

President Obama seems the role model for young republicans for homosexuality and corporatism today:if the Obama tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires go through in the final collapse of the democratic majority in congress they are unlikely to be repealed before 2021. The national public debt by then might be 30-40 trillion dollars. President Obama has scheduled the Chinese president to visit Washington D.C. in January to consult on outsourcing more U.S. jobs to China.

Ambassador John Negroponte comments on the Hu Jintao visit...

The Obama administration turns out to be the Harvard global corporate marketing strategy p.r. team. President Hu Jintao will find a friendly face in Commerce Secretary Gary Locke, the first generation born in America former Governor of Washington of Chinese ancestry. With the Harvard global marketing team wrapping up the supremacy of billionaire and millionaire networks driving the final nail in the ongoing crucifixion of democracy in the U.S.A., the prospect of a Republican Grisvald –Palin administration in 2012 seems likely, if not that of Mitt ‘Knute’ Romney asking Americans to ‘go out and win one for the billionaire’.,0,251901.story

A Sino-American Corporatist-Socialist elite management axis of power has developed so far as to undermine democracy in the United States. Democracy must reign in corporate and individual concentration of wealth in order that all citizens may have an equal opportunity for freedom and quality of life. It may be an onerous taxation task, yet someone has to do it. Failing to tax the wealthy at a 70% rate allows the beneath the surface concentration of power and influence to grow quite counterproductively to the interests of a democracy. If citizens of a democracy do not have the intestinal; fortitude to control the concentration of wealth and power they will give up their right to be free as well. It is notable that the Spartans-an historically free and self-reliant although morally extreme people, disdained individual wealth.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Tax Cuts for the New World Order

Economist Larry Summers-President Obama's double dip adviser (he advised the other lawyer-President Bill Clinton too), has enfiladed himself as a puppeteer of the President by suggesting that a double dip recession will follow failure to give tax cut extensions to the rich. President Obama may be more concerned about getting tax cuts for Oprah,or he could be like the corrupt steward that gave price breaks on everything debtors owed to his master (the people in our case) because he knew he was being fired (not re-elected) and wanted friends with money for when he would be out of office.

chart credit-U.S. Treasury

Malenkovitch cycles or Kondratieff waves make little difference to those of us that are not economists; we must follow common historical precedence to discern that the rich already paying historically low taxes are building up capital and network infrastructure for their enfeofment as royals in a new world order. We look at the history of the United States and believe that a failure to raise taxes during a recession and protracted war will create an economic crash ahead rather than economic growth.

The United States is a kind of wild child that is a little bit nationally obsessive-compulsive in its political attention. Without some foe to be 'them' the nation and market investors tend to spin off into the wild and crazy schemes leading to crashes such as in 1929-30.

Following the first world war the nations grew and entered the roaring 20's-akin to the 90's following the end of the cold war. Flimsy investment schemes and swingy raving arrogant ignorance abounded, then came 9-11 and a protracted 'new cold war' to replace the other one than ended in 1989.

Except for the 1930s the United States was in a protracted war until 1990. With peace the unyoked nation immediately dove into the construction of a new world order and existential financial growth globally that under the Clinton construction advice of Larry Summers outsourced industry and investments abroad, flooded the U.S.A. with illegal alien construction workers and doomed the U.S.A. to a future economic crash. Larry Summers is back double dipping with President Obama pulling his chain to enrich the Harvard crowd that created the President in an affirmative action yes-man cloning tank.

Until 1981 the lowest tax rate the rich had was 70% during the 20th century. The nation never had much public debt and the standard of living continuously improved. Though the Regan tax cuts as a one-time phenomena were able to help lift the U.S.A. past Soviet economic competition with good timing as the Soviet Army was mired with Afghanistan issues, it was a non-sustainable economic policy except as it would concentrate wealth and create vast U.S. public debt reversing the rational long term national economic progress.

There comes a time when brainwashing and inertia make political changes seem unthinkable or even treason. Such thought has grown around low taxes for the rich. Even the middle class in former generations has shouldered the nation's economic burden with tax increases to keep the ship of state afloat. Aristotle wrote that democracy collapses into tyranny because the people do not care enough to keep it alive, and such a circumstance seems to have befallen the Congress. Just letting the tax cuts expire would be the right thing to do though the economic leverage of the rich might raise unemployment and require a showdown between them and us. A quick draw is better than a late, half-hearted minimal compliance on self-defense issues.

The interest on the national public debt is nearly as large a portion of the federal budget as the inflated military budget. For Congress to extend unusually low tax cuts not only allows the top 1% to control most of the nation's economy and directly own about 15 or 20%, it also immediately deepens the U.S. debt that was already scheduled to be 19.6 trillion dollars in four more years.

The effects of the crisis level public debt will be to cut social service spending. Welfare spending is presently just 15% of the federal budget. The Democratic Party by keeping the tax on the rich low will sign away the nation's future to rule by the rich with fewer democratic investments in the majority.

In an ideal corporatist state democracy is effectively dead. Tax rates for the rich are low and the rich control virtually all business through networks and inter-corporation shareholding; no independent business efforts are allowed and society stagnates.

The working class will effectively become disempowered and the broadcast media will be owned by the rich to propagandize and intimidate dissident opinion. Politicians will have little option to raise taxes on the rich as they will be entirely controlled by the corporatist state. Individual opinion will be stifled when the corporatist state control the opportunity to work. Illegal alien workers will be imported to keep down the value of all non-corporate controlled improvisational independent work opportunities

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

The Psychology of Immediate Political Gratification (extended tax cuts)

Immediate versus deferred gratification is a well known characteristic of human and political psychology. Getting tax cuts and extended unemployment benefits now and letting the future worry about paying off public debt is a contrapositive example of that trait.

The present Congressional descent in public debt about 14 trilllion dollars and increasing is perhaps the best historical example of the unwillingness to pay up front what will cost a lot more if deferred. People prefer immediate rather than deferred gratification even when the immediate reward is of significantly less value.

Letting the Bush II era tax cuts would cost more now, yet historically such tax increases are used to recover from recession, depression or finance war. Presently the United States has war and a recession like economy and should raise taxes. The deferred gratification is a healthy economy later on rather than one possibly moving toward the brink of cascading insolvency, social service cuts and depression.

Paul Glimcher and Joseph Cable published an article on the phenomena of human psychological preference for immediate gratification rather than a better financial gratification in the future when given a choice. (ref. December 2007 Nature Neuroscience).

In reading this 2010 book 'Wisdom' by Stephen Hall one may encounter several concepts that can be applied to the current bad federal national economic legislation.

Historically Tax Rates Have Been Raised in the U.S.A. to Escape Recession, Depression and Finance War

In U.S. history income taxes have been raised to finance war or escape depression. Taxes were raised to 63% on the rich in 1932 to get out of the depression.

Income taxes began during the civil war with the prosperous paying 3 to 5 percent. During world war two the tax rate for the rich was raised to 92%.

The 16th amendment ratified in 1913 allowed a return of substantial federal income taxes. In 1918 the tax on the rich was raised to 77%.

All the way to 1981 the tax rate for the rich was still 70% and the nation never had substantial public debt.

The Obama-GOP plan to extend tax cuts during a war and recession go against all historical precedent. High taxation has worked before during U.S. history. The Eisenhower years were good years and taxes on the rich were high.

Perhaps an ecological economic national full employment and border security policy should be made to counter the offshore drift, and higher taxes on those earning more than $100,000 restored.

Invasive Airport Security Screening Offers Medical Screening Business Opportunity

In former eras the U.S. Government may have sought efficiency in taxpayer dollars getting what President Harry S. Truman called "more bang for the buck". Today the U.S. Government searches for extreme negative return expenditures, and the T.S.A. security screening becoming ridiculously invasive are a case in point.

The negative social psychology impacts upon many by the Federal search procedures could be readily converted into a positive reinforcement strategy with some creative thinking. Elizabeth Edwards died today of advanced breast cancer; how many people pass through T.S.A. portals at airports to worldly destinations with undiagnosed cancers and other illnesses that might have been captured during high-tech imaging procedures?

With some technical determination comercial ariport screening venuess might be made with advanced computer intelligence screened health imaging that exist alongside the invasiive T.S.A. procedures. If the high tech screening could be made a useful medical diagnostic tool many passengers passing through would be grateful rather than unhappy that their body was given a thorough once over by a computer. Those passengers found to have anamolous health problems would be given a print-out of their examination, while those passengers found to have nitro-glycerin breast implants (if that is possible) might be referred to an ordinance disposal room.

With very low cost airport medical diagnostic security screening competition, perhaps the three best diagnostic security-medical screening imaging technology bidders would win coveted space at all of the nation's airports alongside the T.S.A. The U.S. Government should determine to advance quality of U.S. airport screening to a really high tech level that does the public some good rather than making them feel violated by the heavy hand of oppressive government.

Neuro-Scientific Moral Psychology; The Emotive Moral Judgment Boundaries to Evaluations of Collective Behavior

Hanover wrote-"Epistimological questions dealing with what do we "know," preceded our dependence upon the scientific method as a means to obtain knowledge. That is, we claimed to "know" things for 1000s of years before we employed "science" as it's known today. Even today, when we say we know something, we don't always mean that our knowledge is based upon scientific reasoning.

Whether various langauges once used the word "science" and "know" interchangeably, is an interesting artifact, but I don't think it's relevant to the OP's use of the term "science," as I suspect he was using a contemporary meaning."

If knowledge and science are synonyms one might take a more contemporary meaning of science as a specialized method of attaining knowledge of the universe and its composition. Theories of knowledge or episteme regarding knowledge about knowledge are subsequent to sentience and direct awareness-knowledge obviously.

I suppose one might regard direct individual sentience as a Sartrist kind of existentialist paradigm and large organizational science such as occurs in making a phoenix lander on the Martian northern polar ice cap margin to discover that the ice is mostly water-ice rather than co2 as is on the southern pole, or M-Theory researches or particle accelerators as collective social phenomena as Sartre described in the critique of dialectical reason-I believe these activities generally are good although they may produce obstructions to science too-an inherent danger of social bureaucratic ossification developing use truths for purposes of social rewards.

Reading in Stephen Hall's 2010 book 'Wisdom', there is a chapter on morality that regards the present elite University philosophical researches into morality as a neuro-cognitive phenomenon. Kantian individualism is classed with the emotional, deep proprietary side of moral judgment and utilitarianism with a more advanced abstract neurological processing capability occurring in the pre-frontal cortex (PFC). Moral judgments are based in organic responses to external stimuli such as food tastes/disgust and threats to personal survival.

I would stipulate that organic stimulus response judgments to the external world and food intake quality and survival may be deeply associated with moral judgments as good or bad, yet primary emotional judgments occurring quickly when not enough time exists for advanced creative reasoning about the values of worldly circumstances and suggested best responses are not necessarily wrong when applied to more abstract circumstances.

Innate moral judgments applied to generally have the potential for being wrong responses as well as fallibility in doing math problems can occur. It Is interesting that innate responses may develop with food readily, though one may also dissociate good taste from high food quality such as in junk food in which PFC thought is required to select the bad tasting Brussel Sprouts (to some) instead of the chocolate pudding. The Congress is presently selecting the chocolate pudding of tax cut extensions.

With a neuro-cognitive moral criterion for deciding the OP it is perhaps somewhat more complicated to find a true rather than a politically correct answer. The epistemological foundation of morality based in brain processing organic history, in which moral decisions of good and bad have a certain grounding in automatic associations to food intake or perhaps survival, present different criteria for deciding the effectiveness of science in advancing planetary interests. If science enables the destruction of life on Earth through innumerable means and even destines the destruction of life on Earth through global warming or biological war it is challenging to claim that knowledge/science is improving the planet.

This irony of eating of the Tree of knowledge is that intelligence arises following willful disobedience to the will of God. With all the knowledge gained in the history of mankind, sin and greed may doom mankind to destroy itself through the wrong use of that knowledge/science rather than ‘improve it.

Hall quotes Marc Hauser in his book ‘Moral Minds’ saying, “moral judgments are mediated by an unconscious process, a hidden moral grammar that evaluates the causes and consequences of our own and others’ actions”. Hall also mentions Leon Kass and his books ‘The Wisdom of Repugnance’ and “The Hungry Soul”.

While there may be simple historical existence challenges that become deeply grounded as recurrent experience of good or bad events, the early childhood learning of things such as fire burns, or the examples that Schopenhaur presented in ‘The Fourfold Roots of Reason’ that depth perception is learned offer some room to differ from complete acceptance of an organic foundation for morality that cannot be easily changed.

That modern neuro-philosophy finds evidence for the existence of a natural law of moral judgments that Cicero would have been happy with, when the external referents change character from bad to good as can happen in a new environment, conditioned quick or emotive responses may also change. In contemporary politics the immediate day to day political satisfaction of income takes prescience over longer range reasoning-in the PFC is set aside for the ‘up close and personal’ processing in emotional areas of the brain.

Neuroscientific moral psychology may be able to map out various brain functions-one would expect such, yet like mapping out a computer is does not map the operating system or conscious development of moral structures for evaluating the manifest world and the manifold of complexity presented in the modern world. There seems to be an implicit bias toward proprietary emotive evaluations of external circumstances including large science and other bureaucratic endeavors, yet one should blame that drift toward inefficient political and social management of scientific activities rather than upon innate emotive psychological determination of allocation of financial resources for funding science.

Mandarin Duck Congress Readies to Kiss Butt and Expire (Sine Die) with Corporate Globalist Tax Cuts

Extended tax cuts and another year and a month for unemployment insurance (not much confidence in job creation there) and put it on the Chinese charge card of public debt. Besides being controled by foreign governbments increasingly the congress also has set the economy to be controlled by the Saudis (the major funding of terrorism according to State Department cables); anytime the Saudis like they can let terrorists destroy an oil infrastructure, cut off oil suppling and triple the price of oil allowing the U.S. economy to collapse while Saudis earn more for less production. The President defends the tax cut extensions. He seems not to realize that tax rebates for the middle class are possible next session nor that Republicans could not oppose middle class tax rebates.

Illegal aliens are another national job feedback control mechanism. As soon as the unemployment rate drop millions of illegal aliens surge in decreasing wages and driving up the unemployment rate. President Obama and other government lawyers with economic sludge for brains throw the nation's sovereignty under the bus as Republican adults become stern with them. Democrats apparently have no confidence in their own economic ideas for reform.

President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden are lobbying Congress to lay down and give tax cuts to billionaires and millionaires. These people earn more in a day than the poor earn in a lifetime. Their effect on destroying democracy and replacing it with global corporatism is nearly complete. Poor Americans have a future as lint since millionaires replacing economic activism with homosexual agitation ruled the Democrat party.

A democratic party President is urging the Democratic Majority in the House and Senate to sign off on a two year extension of the Bush tax cuts as its final substantive legislative act before scurrying back to their holes as a defeated lame duck gaggle of underachievers. Democratic Party repudiation of their major two planks-ending the war in Afghanistan and the Bush era tax cuts is a legacy likely to doom their credibility for some time; even with a complete majority government Democratic party political ineptitude would reduce their effectiveness to bent efforts to gay the military and graft a corporatist health care monstrosity unto the global corporate beast.

One may better ponder the evolving role of morality and philosophical-neurological researches at Harvard and Stanford with PFC-pre frontal cortex abstract reasoning of moral dilemmas than the national political false consciousness of economic policy that has become the perennial Lucy-Charlie Brown conundrum of failing to kick the football of balanced budget through the uprights.

Emotion occupies a priority spot in select contemporary research into morality. As the brain recognizes immediate threats, or good or bad things to eat, emotions such as fear or disgust appear before abstract cogitation and neural processing.

Emotion may recognize immediate threats before reasoning. Yet emotion like reasoning can be mistaken about the nature of phenomenal appearances; reasoning may make more complex moral evaluations than emotions. In political economic processing concerns of immediate continuity of wealth and power may override rational engineering allocations of national resources.

Emotion at a political-social level may make it all right for a political party to veto good sense. The consequence of failing to think with the PFC rather than emotion can be hazardous to long-range national prosperity.

The Democratic majority is set to sign off on pervasive low taxes for two years although U.S. history shows that such low taxes last led to the 1929-30 stock market crash. When tax rates were higher than today the nation generally was more prosperous and the standard o living of the poor and middle lass increased while the rich-the rich are always with us, had less distance between themselves and the majority. The Eisenhower years were good years.

The political false consciousness of procrastination on budget balancing and ecological economic reform will probably lead to the end of the government of the U.S.A. eventually. As in the end of the Roman republic and empire the rich became to global, greedy and universal providing unemployment (bread and circuses) to the masses while investing in foreign lands. They also flooded their military with foreign ‘guest soldiers’.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Science/Knowledge; Good or Bad for Earth?

Science is knowledge. Badly applied science is destructive.

Science enabled the population to expand beyond a billion people, create nuclear weapons, global warming, modern militaries, defoliation, pcbs, Auschwitz, the Interstate highway system, three billion cows, high Arctic pollution, industrial disease, microwave weapons, Dr. Moreau, Dr. Frankenstein...

Painting humanity into an existential-environmental corner is largely the application of science to technology and mass production. One can imagine a humanity that evolved differently as intelligent beings bright enough to start with to not conflict with the environment much while yet inventing new constructions. A zero net loss of biospheric health principle is still fundamental and an inference one must make with all applications of science to the world-sphere-ecology.

Science' has a meaning, strictly; 'knowledge'. Science is a word-meaning unit obviously. One must start somewhere epistemologically speaking. Perhaps you can evolve your communication beyond pettyfoggery. The etymology of the word science is 'knowledge'. That's a definition not a tautology, and the issue of 'is science good for the planet', is not fundamentally a linguistic issue.

Popper wrote that 'rationality can't be proved-that you just know what it is'. Thats a point worth recollecting when denying the validity of basic points of communication.

Knowledge is something a human has or does with their brain. Science is not an reflexive behavior such as coyotes do when running under the moonlight in arroyos howling for happiness.

example A of 'Scientific progress does not make the world a better place...

example A; Humans with knowledge can apply it or not. A genius might know how to turn the Pacific Ocean into concrete with some special additive, yet it would be harmful if the knowledge(science) were applied in such a way.

example B: Tilly knows through research how to prevent birth defects. Tilly applies the knowledge and halts all birth defects and makes all voters Republicans, therefor the world is a better place.

One may discern that the application of science can be good or bad, and that too is knowledge as wisdom.

One can readily make categorical confusions or errors in language. Science means knowledge as an historical use of the term. Obviously linguistic philosophical descriptions of the meaning of words is a field for itself. One may readily circumlocute away from reasonably simply empirical concerns into intentional concepts.

It is fair enough to rephrase propositions in order to better answer them.

Substituting 'science' with 'knowledge' we may put the statement of this thread as 'Knowledge progress does not make the world a better place'.

There-we have achieved our point from which to make scathing jokes and reposts such as with the further reductio and contrapositive'Advancing ignorance makes the world a better place'.

Then we may thus generate aphorisms such as 'ignorance must make the world a better place because it is incapable of recognizing anything wrong'.

Discretion in applying knowledge however so technical it may be is the beneficial wit of science.

On the point that knowledge depends on what one does with it--I do not agree. Knowledge is self-standing so far as thought is locally independent in space-time continua in human sentience.

On the further point clarified, that what one does with knowledge is trivial-that is absurd. What one does is the essential variable in the world being made 'better' or not by knowledge/science.

It would be useful to define a list of things that would make the world better if they were made to occur by an application of knowledge/science. Relocating the planet to a better neighborhood in the galaxy with more earth-like planets might make the world better yet that is not within the knowledge base of scientific method right now.

The first rule of medicine in treating a patient is 'don't make the condition worse'. Mindless economic applications of knowledge/science discoveries would certainly fail consequentialist varieties of utilitarian philosophy. Act and rule based utilitarianism applied to science-knowledge a priori in order to determine the effects on the world for good or bad often are not made at all politically or individually. Historically the fundamental criteria for scientific applications are fiduciary and that state certainly is prevalent today.

On the question of is science more efficient or knowledge acquisition more efficient if the methods cohere within a bureaucracy, and do bureaucratic scientific procedures make the world a better place (accomplish goals on the list of things to do that make the world a better place) perhaps versus individualistic scientific efforts, perhaps that is a trivial question if there are no objective parameters for describing making the world better.

It is plain though that scientific applications ares the basic parameter for determining if science a good or bad effect upon world improvement.

Intellectually Weak, Spoilt Congress, Drifts Toward Tax Cuts & Deeper Public Debt

Never do today what you can put off for a year or two is contemporary Congressional thought on balancing the budget. An intellectually weak Congress appears set to succumb to fiscal relativism once again and deepen the public debt. A bad hillbilly ethos (the good ones have balanced budgets) makes putting the poor to work and keeping out cheap foreign immigrant labor priority last. The Bush era tax cuts and military spending increases created the present high unemployment rate. Wall Street and the rich are prospering. Extending tax cuts is McConnelnomics of royal advantage for the rich while the nation rots. Molly coddling supremacist dissimulation is weak dogocratic party policy choose letting America degrade.

. Better democratic leaders would have made short work of the McConnell palaver and the fatuous war against terror methodology as well. Let the tax cuts expire and negotiate from a position of strength. Party extremists may actually believe their kookonomic debt deepening will employ the poor right away or simply wish to sell out the U.S.A. to global rule.

Give the middle class its money back through rebates if they too are unwilling to help the nation recover economically. Give just 50% of benefits for extended unemployment payments.

President Obama and the lame duck Congress appear ready to cave in to Republican demands that wealth be concentrated and historically low taxes continue for the ultra-rich. The Congress may sign off on across the board tax cuts without correspondingly cutting spending significantly in order to help Wall Street continue to rise and let Scrooge plan his global strategies better.

Extending unemployment benefits again-going on 18 months is unprecedented -another charge it to those for the decline and fall period of American history. Tax cuts, a jobless recovery and rising unemployment (9.8%) with more free trade pacts (S. Korea) and a public debt today

Saturday, December 04, 2010

President Obama's Leadership Crisis; Pro-Homo Blue Dog Faces Tough Issues/Let Tax Cuts Expire

President Obama and the lame duck Congress appear ready to cave in to the regal sounding litigious Mitch McConnell class Republican demands that wealth be concentrated and historically low taxes continue for the ultra-rich. The Congress may sign off on across the board tax cuts without correspondingly cutting spending significantly in order to help Wall Street continue to rise and let Scrooge plan his global strategies better. Just let the tax cuts expire and find some way to rebate those earning less than $100,000 annually.

Extending unemployment benefits again-going on 18 months is unprecedented -another charge it to those for the decline and fall period of American history. Tax cuts, a jobless recovery and rising unemployment (9.8%) with more free trade pacts (S. Korea) and a public debt today of...
$13 trillion, 849 billion, 512 million and some change...

One wonders how long this can continue?

I believe the secret lay within monetary theory and a theory of capital.

Von Mises and the Austrian school of economists began an investigation into the nature of capital and money around the turn of the 20th century. For about eighty years right unto Milton Freedman monetary and capital theory pondered the deep question of the relationship of money to material wealth asking such questions, as is the capital in the goods producing capability of a factory or in the goods themselves?

The market disequilibria between capital, money and bad investing that precipitated the 1929-30 stock market collapse brought the theories of John Maynard Keynes as well as the pragmatism of Franklin Delano Roosevelt to the fore. Laugher and supply side economics with a neo-Keynesianism deficit spending pump priming of the post Vietnam era economic readjustment and slump set the United States onto a course of economic growth fueled by federal military spending and energy development. There was a critical event in the Nixon administration though that allowed the Reagan economic revolution to proceed; the dollar was taken off the gold standard.

Detaching the dollar from any material direct value association meant that the Federal Reserve had no responsibility to value dollars in relation to gold supply in federal possession. If the Federal Reserve hitherto had printed new dollars it diluted the value of the dollars in relation to the gold. From the Nixon administration on the value of a dollar was just in the full faith and credit of the U.S. Government and in its exclusive right to print dollars that cannot be counterfeited.

Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke's decision to quantitatively ease money supply and print 800 billion dollars of new money in effect to buy U.S. debt (bonds) simultaneously devalues the relative value of the public debt. Perhaps that is the secret elixir of solvency in the voodoo economic policy of the U.S.A.

On the gold standard money supply could not be increased without deflating the value of the dollar. Now, money supply can be increased locally without creating any measurable equanimity between holders of the dollar objectively. The dollar is simply one exclusive though universal currency that has value so long as the traders in dollars honor it against other currencies. It is entirely possible that the dollar one day might be regarded as worthless as confederate dollars if dollar holders defect en mass to another currency through the minting of new exchange paper while the dollar is destroyed.

When the dollar entered the realm of fiscal relativism during the Clinton and Bush II administrations a variety of financial schemes were perpetrated- often enabled by federal economic policy-that paid off in the eventual 2008 economic debacle and present shadow of the past recession. Fiscal relativism is somewhat equivalent to moral relativism and has an essential origin in conflicts in value theory or what philosophers sometimes call axiology.

Moral values do have a true role in value theory. A society may regard full employment and the well being of all citizens and the environment as a high value. A society may consider that a stable monetary policy and enterprise market is no more important than a stable labor market; the working class should not have perennial uncertainty regarding labor supply from legal and illegal foreign immigrants. The producer class should have reduced uncertainty regarding tax rates. Tax rates should be such that wealth is not concentrated to such extent that democratic parameters and national self-interest of the citizen majority are defeated. Taxation creating surpluses can be spent on environmental reconstruction and space habitation, for example.

Dollars may be tied to any given material or existential thing that can be quantified. Historically these things were rare minerals or metals yet the choice is circumstantial and historical. Economic development and methods of exchanging definite value units should function to positively reinforce democratically defined social goals, or at least to proscribe select activities from value unit reinforcement.

The federal policy today of a high entropy global economic phenomenon serviced with dollars valued in fiscal relativism and a large U.S. public debt of phenomenal and uncertain value is evidently an unstable economy best suited to mal-develop the developing nations into ecologically harmful high consumption, non-renewable economic activity. Nationally the policy has permitted the degradation of millions of Americans displaced from real opportunity from meaningful employment such that they could afford to pursue their own preferred self-interests. Work for wages enables citizens to afford graduate education and to become educators instead of being unemployed, collecting food stamps and experiencing their lifetime trickle away in futility.

The Obama administration and national democratic party should let all the tax cuts expire and develop alternative means to reinforce those out of work and drawing unemployment benefits-the benefits should at least be cut in half if extended. New ecological economic reform actions and far better ecologically innovative Mexican border control of illegal migrant labor needs to be advanced strait away. Specific policy actions to identify and put to work all those out of work can be made-yet traditional economic logic detached from pragmatic functionality is what F.D.R. was able to overcome while others would go stand out on an office ledge.

Friday, December 03, 2010

Winning With Winter in Anchorage Alaska

Winter is the tipping point for the return of longer days in the northern hemisphere. With the winter solstice on December 21st the shortest day of the year has arrived, the fall of the days is over and things start looking up.

As the frost accumulates on the ceiling of the tent this month,and when the wind chill turns that 9 degree temperature into minus thirty and fine snow dusts the inside of the tent through the vents one knows that if the nose turning purple doesn't become necrotic that it won't be necessary to promote a Liberty Valance chic propaganda campaign next year.

We look forward to the arrival of winter when each day a few minutes of additional sunlight promise the basking days of February. If the homeless of Anchorage have bus passes during the winter provided by the municipal government for free we are sure that the effect of saving many from hypothermia will warm the hearts of bureaucrats collecting hundreds of thousands of dollars of cold compensation. While such a program does not yet exist, it is almost inevitable that the prevailing compassionate conservativism will soon create such relief for the poor finding their way into being stranded in Anchorage from outlying villages.

Studying my tent fora few hours or more, I realized that it is a good model for a solid tempoerary shelter universally. One needs a steel multi-pipe connector at the top and several steel pipes to insert and fasten into it. A shelter roughly like a bell shaped tent wood be structured with insulated panels attached with pipe clamp fasteners. The seem covering would be attached with wing nuts on the left and right. The floor would also be several pipes off the ground level connect the also bracing the side struts. chunks of wood could be tossed under the floor pipe joists before the insulated floor panels are put down.

The shelter could be assembled in two hours or less. The panels could be made of plywood with fiberglass resin rolled on to repel water, and they would be the bread over a one inch blue foam insulation panel.

Since I am writing a little here about the homeless problem in Anchorage Alaska there is one additional point about surviving the winter here I ought to mention.

The City is fairly sprawling and there aren't many places where the homeless or stranded might legally camp. It is a hard thing to be able to build a quality shelter on a day or two from natural wood and instead be compelled for social reasons to spend a winter sleeping on the ground under a bit of nylon cloth without a fire or propane to heat coffee and raise the internal body temperature. All of these comfortable insiders obviously have other priorities and are content enough to write off those not winning at social musical chairs as inebriates and mentals.

As the City outlawed camping in city parks last winter they should create camping facilities for the homeless that could be screened for genuine need such as are food stamp eligibility and as should be social security and medicare are. Quality camp sites just for the screened homelss ought to be made available seasonally.

I cannot create a business here manufacturing those solid temporary dome homeless structures easy to assemble and disassemble. Perhaps the top 2% of income earnings can find another trickle up from the concept and create a local producer who would provide surplus or demo units for the use of the homeless campers seasonally.

There is one shelter in Anchorage Alaska is a cold part of town that is reportedly (see O'Malley's article in the Anchorage Daily News Dec. 2nd) full and over flowing these cold nights with the homeless sleeping packed with more than 200 each night. 16 homeless people perished from hypothermia this year. This week three were rescued in cold weather incoherence and taken to hospital. A better system of realistically affording opportunities for human beings to help themselves in cold weather without being warehoused in communal ad hoc shleters should be made.

40% of the people at a homeless shelter have mental illness issues. The shelters are a first stop for people out of jail. Drug users and alcohol abuse find the shelter a phenomenal stop. Needless too say, such a synergy of social dysfunction is not conducive to personal security or positioning for advancement of personal interest; it is just another challenge for survival in addition to the winter. It is also a source of stress as a stop for rural Alaskans that visit the city of Anchorage and become stranded here for whatever reason-perhaps they missed the last flight to Kodiak for work.