Friday, November 27, 2009

Sarah Palin, 2012 and Pipelines of Global Warming Disaster

Sarah Palin was a fairily large fish in a small pond in 2008. Senator John McCain was probably happier running with an attractive younger women than with some crusty older guy. Former P.O.W.'s and combat pilots can get a little cranky--Sarah was likely a more agreeable candidate and would attract X voters.

Presidential Candidate needed someone that wasn't ugly to draw voters away from the charisma of the Obama candidacy and the voice with rising intonation at the end of paragraphs.
Palin's success as the first X governor of Alaska was a good choice for the Republican party in that state a little disenchanted with another term as Governor for former U.S. Senator Frank Murkowsky who had appointed his daughter to fill the seat he vacated. Alaska only has a population of 600,000 plus and several governors have been elected from small town backgrounds. If one is quite ambitious and gets some meaningful politically correct qualifications its not too difficult to achieve state office in the right circumstances. Sarah Palin's family of origin was a fairly well established set giving her a good platform for a college degree and political ambitions a chance for fulfillment. Personally I believe that confidence in public speaking an an acceptable demeanor is about all that's required for the post of state Governor. I do not believe that a record as being a governor is a sufficient qualification nor requirement for being a president of the United States.

A U.S. President should be nationalistic and very well read in global history. He or she should have well developed ecological economic theory. To return to Sarah Palin however...
Palin has no ability to mechanically separate her own interests at all from trans-national corporate fossil fuel interests evidently. I will criticize her trans-Alaska and Yukon Canada pipeline policy in order to convey an idea of why her devotion to oil is wrong. She has little ability to develop a non-transnational political philosophy that would benefit American citizens and the environment as first priorities.

A Sarah Palin plan to devastate a wilderness and create more global warming infrastructure is a consequence of an importunate Alaska natural resource domination by foreign and trans-national corporations that control state politics with intense monetary and political, if not intellectual capital. Far too many accept the natural payout without considering the effects upon the future of state and national independence. An anarchic industrial drift is not in some way a better form of capitalism though its sycophants might say so. When the fossil fuel era has outlived its environmental usefulness the green still inertially rolls on.

Unfortunately the oil industry’s wealth and power determines adversely the direction of the state’s energy development for they can buy political influence and fealty to their in some cases royal personages. For non conformists the choice economically may be to be set adrift on icebergs alone in a global warming era. In order for the extreme foreign influence to be reduced in Alaska, and reduce the adverse Alaskan national influence upon national economic policy such that it could be recovered into democracy serving the real interests of U.S. citizens rather than elite, aloof trans-nationally wealthy corporate interests, state politicians would need to fund alternative energy developments in Alaska such as wind generators to power municipalities such that they are less reliant upon corporate oil profit sharing.

Alaska’s extreme reliance on oil development continues to determine nit’s political and social policy. Concatenated such policies nationally are making the United States a kind of corporate overflow contingent holding tank. Far too much U.S. economic development is supported by federal policies actualizing foreign investment rather than national investment.

In a state like Alaska with fewer than 700,000 people and twice the size of Texas in area, with many resources, the fossil fuel retardation into critical decades of alternative social and political development is a corollary of the corporate neo-authoritarian tendency to repress and punish through dismissal political expression of a non-corporate agenda. The democracy in Alaska independent of corporate oil policy is moribund. When government policy is to reinforce with its income and allegiance foreign and trans-national oil corporations, when media broadcasters target dissenting political opinions on environmental issues as communist-when the issue of economics and political ideologies are entirely separable, the specious political philosophical reasoning becomes evident.

Writing is simply one way that democratic opinions may be expressed. A democracy’s strength is in diverse real opinions rather than in a toadying to a single industrial domination. The rights of semi-pro writers to express opinions is equal to that of any corporate broadcasting communications, who are more socialistic organizationally than any of the oppressed environmentalists they seek to starve into submission or exile for recognizing the adverse effects of large scale fossil fuel pipelines corrupting wilderness areas.

China recently announced that it plans to get 40% more energy from increasing efficiency or present resources recently. Increasing efficiency environmentally rather than crass, vast sprawls of pipelines is what the United States needs to work upon as well. Without being a global environmental leader with a stable population and an increasingly healthy infrastructure with the well being of all citizens minimally reinforced at least the future of the United States as a global example or role model isn’t bright.

A Palin candidacy for President in 2012 would be the best way Republican's could guarantee a re-election of an Obama administration. President Obama seems set to expand the war in Afghanistan for the remainder of his administration at significant cost until 2012. Voters will want a change though he assures inn 2011 that 'the job will be done then'. Probably the 12th Imam will return and draw the attention of the Taliban away from continuing hostility to the Afghan government in 2013.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ideas of a Spritual Unified Field Theory

Yes, I believe that a faith based spiritual field may underlie all of the apparent quantum mechanical concatenations that comprise the field we humans interpret through cognitive facilities as a spatial universe set in time. It is a wonderful appearing Universe with ever increasing mystery isn't?

Since Albert Einstein's general relativity was issued with ten or more equations from which physicists might extrapolate the expansion of a Universe eventually humanity has returned to the future of what a Universe is such as might Parmenides or Democratis have considered. We can consider with Leibniz a spiritual monad universe that has been issued an initial endowment of one dimensional windowless monads or membranes of one dimension from some kind of perturbative vacuum in a pre-big bang era.

Why did virtual membranes issue such as we might consider one dimensional strings to be of two dimensions? Why were they set apart in various intervals, and why was space arranged without initial time or nominal scale at all such that it might scale up/change? These seem illusory characteristics in some way; as insufficiently contemplated metaphysical paradigms for cosmological boundary conditions de novo.

Not being much of a mathematician as might have liked and a little better logician, I must speculate about the limitations and application of the calculus of Newton and others in the context of extra-dimensional investigations. Recently I ran into the logical philosophy of Arthur Prior and tense logic. It seems quite a little like algebraic group theory and matrices with contingent and temporal, logical ordered relations. So what if our cosmological speculations are contained in such intervals and units of reasoning as cohere within the phenomenality of being and nothingness that forms so much of our theoretical knowledge in abstract reasoning?

What if a continuum of undifferentiated basic correct perception is required to understand a concatenated series of apparent temporal relations that are perhaps just apparent and contingent upon the order the entirety is woven together as one and perceived from as a frame of reference?

Petr Horava from UC Berkeley has developed a theory of quantum gravity described a little in the Dec. 2009 issue of Scientific American. What if his possibly statistically derived calculus of cosmological field equations uniting the major and the minor aspects of the evident universe are bound up in the unknown quagmire of Priorian-Killing Group symmetry contingency complications? Because human observers are now familiar with perceiving the knowable universe in a set major cognitive premise the minor mathematics of the major-minor space-time unification become subject to separability as a working parameter in order to fit the known facts together.

That is what I meant by my limited mathematical knowledge-to what extent are Lie and Killing group mathematics unified consistently with infinite yet renormalizable dimensions of Priorian Tense logical contingence matrices? Obviously the uncertainty of the quantum worlds would be usefully modeled in contingent, simultaneous in temporal orders and actualizations such as found in all possible worlds modalities constructed with Priorian logic. A calculus of simultaneously infinite contingent logical orders may be a necessity for portraying a Universe that is recurrent or with any finite boundaries at all that a theory might infer.

A finite or infinite Universe has logical parameters consistent with mathematical representations of it. An it may be that the essential unit theory of any representation mathematically or logically of a Universe is limited itself in consistence with the capabilities of reason.

I liked Gasperini's book 'The Universe Before the Big Bang' and not least for his concluding comment that he believed God created the pre-Big Bang era. There is much room for upgrading of the speculations of Plotinus, yet I wonder about that logic of tense (temporal) order as a half of a calculus of contingent intervals of being and nothingness that leaves no more out of the intervals of the theory than whatever space-or time, Spirit or limited knowledge contrasted with omniscience places therat. Redundant and overlapping scales of space-time and energy between intervals of issued actualities may complicate making accurate calculations of what lies within and without the major and minor physical lines of being.

Tense Logic; Prior and Kripke--are worth the time to learn about

Logic in science has an ancient lineage; Aristotle was the world's first formal logician (he invented classical deductive logic) as well as one of the best early philosophers of science. He took the rational metaphysical ideas that Plato presented and inductively applied them to form a classification of cosmological ontology. Forms and genera and the presentation of matter in time were thoughtfully considered. That process has continued over two and a half millenia.

Symbolic logic was invented in the 19th century. It is true that Liebniz invented a symbolic mathematical logic, yet it wasn't published in his lifetime nor for a lengthy time after his death. There is a history of productive philosophers, mathematicians and scientists. Bertrand Russell and Allan North Whitehead wrote 'The Principia Mathematica' early in the 20th century. Logical structures representing abstract possible forms are a logical method to consider how the physical world is constructed to-especially at the quantum mechanical level. When structures become to small to observe-or perhaps too large, it is logical reasoning processes including math advances that must be developed to probe the way thing might be. Some philosophers such as Arthur Prior have even investigated the relationships of contingence within logic to a substantial extent. It seems a paradox that a hypothetical entity that is purely logical could have anything besides a nominal contingent existence, and could form a logical basis for representing real contingent relations.

It is rather amazing that Saul Kripke was in high school, or just out when he published A Completeness Theorem in Modal Logic'. Kripke had neen influenced by Arthur Prior-basically the inventor of tense logic.

Tense logic developed by Prior and later others in the 1960's established the logical relationships of temporal order. It was useful not only for computing logic but brought in the modal logical relationships of hypothetical worlds. Kripke developed a matrix approach to possible worlds, and I would think that ontologies of temporal based modal logic assume discrete values of units logically consistent and able to be falsifiable as existing or non-existing sates as trivial as that might be to remark.

Matrix and group mathematical representation of fields in multi-dimensional time contexts have obvious values in forming cosmological theories. The tense logic of prior may have had some kind of use in cosmology, and even String or M-theory-I must say that the topic exceeds my present reading. I have only recently discovered Prior and tense logic, and look forward to reading more in the field.

Prior believed that logical formalism-the idea that logic is valid only, or mostly as an intensional, analytical phenomena , isn't valid. His approach of renormalizing intentional logic with the Universe may have been a method drawn from an assumption tat knowledge of the world's physics and time can only be known contingently so therefor logic must apply functionally if knowledge is to have any valid human foundation.

Logic is basically perhaps limited to ordering relations between existent and non-existent states as well as descriptions of their intervals and scale. Space-time events logically represented may be inconsistent with the potential physical relationships of physically concatenated elements. If such is the case then logical induction may be more difficult.

Given space-time fields of science the discovery of logical relationships is necessary for knowledge. Readings in Prior and of the mathematics of M-Theory such as may be made simply explained (really) promises interesting ideas for metaphysical contemplation, as well as tools for science.

Monday, November 23, 2009

The St. Novilistricka Plan

Before traveling north for then winter to look for work, I finished a brief science fiction novel in about four weeks. The book is named 'The St. Novilistricka Plan'. I took about four weeks to write the somewhat philosphically obtuse work. It could use a second draft obviously and topped out at maybe 30,000 words, yet I felt it worth the effort and enjoyed the composition quite a bit.

The book is about the philosopher from the University of Mars Patrick Voevoda's continuing extra galactic existential ventures--this time to recover his lost girlfriend--Lush who disappeared innocently enough. Perhaps he is a little like Sherlock in that regard, attempting to infer her location from the available evidence, yet of course perpetrators abound to complicate the issue.

Tolerant Intolerators of Intolerance

'Tolerance breeds'--is that true? Can tolerance breed intolerance? Does tolerance breed? Let's say that it does. Tolerance breads intolerance like one might horses or dogs. Tolerance is a kind of abstract thing. One tolerates a wheel wobbling on a car and drives at high speed until it falls off and thus intolerance naturally follows. Either one never again tolerates wheel wobbling or without a wheel to wobble tolerance of such cannot occur. Tolerance may be considered to be a kind of marginal error permissible because it's concatenated deviation isn't too significant--especially if one isn't going anywhere.

In the North however magnetic north may be to the east or west rather than North. Tolerance of deviation of compass azimuth/heading may not be tolerated by those without a g.p.s. Yet it is possible to find more tolerance and intolerance in political affairs commonly than in position in grid coordinates.

Toleration implies that one has a choice of being intolerant. That a good position to be in, better than having no choice at all.

How would it be to be a Jew and have no choice about intolerance for Nazi's stopping to deport you to a concentration camp in 1941? They should have been intolerant rather than tolerant of the putch party if they had a choice. Tolerance is however the yin of the yang and vice versa--the dark and the light, the apposite to the opposite, the being to the nothingness. Sometimes it's right and sometimes its wrong. The determination of what should and should not be tolerated follows from the conservation of individual liberty within a democratic context; things that reduce it should not be tolerated, things that impinge upon privacy should be stopped at the door or over the border.

Tolerance can be viewed through the perspective of piling up public debt. A little is tolerated,then more, and more and finally 12 trillion dollars going on toward 21 trillion. One would be an intolerant 'deficit hawk' if rationally intolerant of public debt approaching a year's gross national product. So let it go.Nothing is real. Its strawberries and marmalade fields forever,uh huh.

Tolerance is presumptive of a right of repression. One either has equal rights or not. no one has the right to be offensive, all have the right for self-defense. What's to tolerate in that? Intoleration is said to occur when the offenders are met with resistance in whatever it is--people have a right to keep h.i.v. out from getting under their skin haven't they? What isn't tolerated generally is intelligence and the pursuit of happiness that doesn't accord with the mass delusions in pride about what is possible economically and socially. The strong tend to rule and usurp roles of individuality and intellect. Society gets stupid and even hierarchical corporations and churches becomes intolerant of intelligence, innovation, intelligence and individualism.

Too big to be corrected, majorities tolerant of their own corruption, and that expect it in all others comprise a kind of Prince of Darkness that want's its finger in every pie. With mass economic and environmental delusion the lemmings happily run over the edge into mass disaster and everything becomes set anew to tolerance in demographic remoteness.

Tolerance connotes a decadent society confident that debt and sloth, corruption and conformity to political idiocy have no potneital consequences. Maybe the advocates of decadence breed intolerance when those aware of the increasing moral and political perfidy start writing iin opposition to the protracted wars, mass deaths behind cordon sanitaires such as occurred in sanctions era Iraq, reliance on foreign fuels and production, destruction of the ecosystem--when political opposition to stupid and nationally destructive policies becomes loud. To the 'tolerant' that give everything away, subvert every valid non-hierarchical religious impulse, pervert every youth, abort every potential genius or inventor of faster-than light travel and drop their drawers to every southern border illegal alien destroyers of U.S. wage labor value the dissenters are 'intolerant'.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

On Holocaust History Obfuscators and Select Censorship

Political organizations of power not uncommonly deny the reality of inconvenient political facts. The United States denied that a democide was occurring in Iraq because of the sanctions and Saddam Hussein being in power. A lie about WMD's had to be the reason for the 2003 war-no one faced up to competent post-war planning. Trillions of dollars andtens of thousands of casualties was the result. The common truth goverrnor that makes a government incapable of pursuing or recognizing the truth within a reasonable margin of error was in effect. Human social organizations are not usually a lot of Richard Feynman's, but of apprentice, would be Joseph Stalins. So many deny the holocaust happened-oh vey!

Helium deleted six articles I wrote on the 2008 election. They said they had no editorial interest. So far I haven't got a trace of where they went or of how to recover them. In the modern internet era of the cloud we believe as writers that what we have published is permanent, yet it isn't so. Too commonly Internet publishers simply disappear content we believed was permanent. The Nazi sympathizers that deny the history of the holocaust pioneered that effort to deny history perhaps. As time moves on past the event that is politically incorrect today it is simply denied. The past may have no editorial value to those that prefer a different version or account of what happened. If the Nazis had won the second world war those inclined to deny the holocaust would probably be bragging about it instead and claiming that it was their relatives that manned the gates of the death camps, invented Zyklon B or censored impertinent Jews with hostile political opinions in the 1920'a and 1930's before they could be liquidated terminally. Those that forget the past are doomed to repeat its evils. Many wish to remember history from the point of view of a brave new world, yet honest historians and philosophers like to remember it as it actually was in order to stand upon better foundations for continuing to pursue the structure of truth where it leads.

In the late 60's I met a woman with the Auschwitz concentration camp numbers stamped permanently on her wrist. She was a survivor.

Famous deniers of the Holocaust exist with the President of Iran-Aminidinijab being the most infamous unlearned individual. False-conscious or lying convincingly to oneself isn't a new thing.Sartre wrote about false consciousness in his book written in occupied France-Being and Nothingness ((published in 1943). We like to have permanent political and sociological records to help understand the reasoning of humanity during evolving periods of history. I have written seven volumes of such contemporary history in the 'Waveform Politics' series beginning in 1999. With the instant deletion of my political writing during 2008 probably in support of Honest John McCain those ideas and the place they had, though small, in the streaming flow of ideas is now lost forever. Many powers would delete history for their convenience and lose their credibility as reliable keepers of records. With so much cheap digital storage there are no technical reasons to delete content without advising authors first. in order that they may conserve targeted, dissident material.

Deniers of the history of the holocaust may publish counterfactual propaganda in advocacy of an false historical record. Deletion of exiting material is important in establish the credibility of the false history. In most middle eastern Arab countries there is probably little true information regarding the holocaust and they way the Mufti of Jerusalem was a Nazi sympathizing collaborator with the fascists. Historical confusion created by the social support of lies as historical fact is probably one of the causes of protracted Arab and Palestinian poverty and terrorism. Without true and objective history mass confusion sets in and the limits on calibrating social truth increase contemporaneously with the inability to pursue ration political objectives. A culture of the perpetuation of dissimulation overcomes right moral social order as an egalitarian democratic society with increasing good social values.

The Nizkor Project is dedicated to the memory of the holocaust. Unfortunately it also targets white nationalists as the main deniers of the holocaust accomplishing on the front page a persecution of white people and an opposition to nationalism and socialism. We wish the Jews survivalist mentality would not have such hindsight that they put themselves in a bad as de facto advocates of globalism and communism. That is a kind of blindness utterly remarkable considering the history of Nazi Germany. The world today doesn't need non-white fascist movements or globalist attacks upon national sovereignty, private property and democracy any more than it needs white fascists violating the rights of non-whites. Epimetheus is the 'goddess' of the past. It is difficult to journey along with Prometheus walking backwards, to stop and stand like Lot's wife gazing forever at the wrong direction. If Prometheus had amnesia or delusions he would probably wander in circles alternatively.

The pursuit of a good, rational society and global ecological economic policy with a stable population cannot be accomplished with the creation of falsehoods of omission or commission. Such historical and political sins exert a will within a non-consequential existential political context that is illusory. Ignorance and the continuity of a culture of ignorance and dissimulation miss the marks of intelligent and positive natural law and progress as good neighbors rightly should. Perhaps the effort to be wise and just is too much for many of today's megalomanical globalist of fascist, Mohammedan and Corporatist kinds.

The holocaust denials of organizations and politicians create time consuming opportunity costs for forward human progress within a challengingly declining global ecological health. There are innumerable ways that weapons of mass or designer mass destruction might target the world for another round of pervasive general holocaust. The genocides of the mass should not be forgotten or minimized from anyone's history. Instead the conditions that lead to such activities should be researched without transfer of guilt to the wrong generations who are in fact entirely innocent of blameworthiness. Future democides could occur simply for global population reduction to sustainably low levels. In an acrimonious socially imbalanced political environment the human condition will obviously not be moving full speed to progress on solving the most challenging issues facing the world today.