Friday, August 14, 2009

Health Care Bills 2009 U.S.A.

The U.S. Government is stuffed legislatively with the astigmatic viewpoint of wealthy politicians seeking to enrich their paymasters. The useful middle class seeks to make all tax benefits directly of benefit to themselves--and screw the poor. With such a federal policy and an NPR cluster of accomplices the advocates for an independent and no-cost, no-load public health service for the poor are few. The present federal health care follies in congress are a case in point of the malaise that has settled upon the U.S. Congress like a dank and fetid fog of political poison released by the effluent bowels of the global corporatism that one hopes is in a declining state--as it is a fundamentally treasonous political method of redistributing wealth, health and power to powers of a transnational basis consolidating their wealth and devastating the ecological well being of the planet Earth.

The present federal congressional planning to compel Americans to become enslaved to global corporate surveillance known as global insurance companies is a treasonous bit of political perfidy duping the somnolent middle class toadies of globalism farther into the evil clutches of the evil trans-national corporate-communist empire. The requirement that Americans buy insurance from global corporations in effect tithing secularism and trans-nationalism is a gross bill of attainder and federal coercion compelling allegiance to trans-national corporations with the payment of insurance 'tribute'.

Evil global corporations seeking to enslave Americans as enthralled indentured servants would with federal complicity receive mass personal data to distribute to anyone on Earth via the insurance corporations. Al Qa'eda sympathizers in oil rich OPEC nations will know just who and how turkeys of the U.S.A. rightly ought to be plucked. In the rush to find more free wealth for the middle class the poor are held hostage to the stuffed technocratic corporate and federal disdain for human and civil rights.

A plethora of no-load health care provisioning policies for the poor should be created by a federal health service, while the matter of the relationships between the comfortable and the global predatory insurers and corporations should be dealt with separately by honest politicians should they ever arise in congress again. Obviously the congress is barely representative any more, and is more of a servo-unit for the kind of post-Reagan era privatizing of government that destroyed the economy of New Zealand before it reversed its course in recent years.

The myth of tax cuts and federal deficits as beneficial to the U.S. economy was just that--it was a plundering redistribution of wealth to a corporate class of global crooks and the TARP theft was the most recent consequence. The United States will be the last to understand that corporatism and communism just aren't so different. Each are opposed to individualism and free enterprise, and each are inimical to freedom and good human ethics. A healthy American poor can get out to work and help themselves instead of losing decades of time while the comfortable and effectively spaced comfortable class just injure them further with the corrupting closure to reason that follows the possession of too much power.

Poor Americans may move a lot of the time in search of work. They may be homeless annually and strive to save what meager earnings they can from sporadic labor even while injured. A health insurance federally requisite structure would degrade furhter, potentially, the quality of life for those requiring medical services for hernia repair for example, that must travel and are not comfortably sedentary citizens able to receive mail from an insurance corporation owned by Duubains or Moscowvite organized crime syndicates, delivered by the postman ringing twice always while they 'wait a minute, wait a minute, then look and see if there's a card or a letter for me'.

Unrealistic and aloof federal thinking in government is a norma aspect of a nation in decline and fall. The reform of health insurance should have a real safety net for the poor without insurance that works without subscription or payments from anyone to global health corproations. The ciorrupt congress should go back and try again, yet they make money on that too and just have more of a chance to get kickbacks from lobbiests while in office. Is there even one senator that isn't a millionaire?