Thursday, July 23, 2009

President Obama; Policemen' Acted Stupidly' Protecting Cambridge MA Property

Contemporary history understanding may benefit a little by the reading of literature. When President Obama commented on the arrest of Henry Louis Gates at the front door of his home by a Cambridge police sergeant saying the police acted 'stupidly' it was plain that he probably read Uncle Tom's Cabin while growing up in Indonesia.' Such sensitivity to the plight of black men returning from China that appear to be trying to forcibly enter a home and that become belligerent when challenged by a white policeman trying to protect property of people in Cambridge Massachusetts plainly shows that the President knows that Cambridge policemen are invariably racists. That the policeman was doing his job attentively instead of taking bribes for helping to sell organs illegally like some New Jersey politicians indicates that he needs remedial training to learn that people wearing suits don't break in to houses (a tip for burglars to avoid being improperly dressed).

The Police Sergent probably has some sort of breaking and entry tools in his luxurious police cruiser and rightly ought to have helped the black man break into his home directly without asking racist questions. Policemen in metropolitan Boston and surrounding areas should never accost black men trying to break in the front door of a Cambridge home. Uncle Tom was no Malcom X, and if Malcom X were alive today breaking into home only racists white police pigs would insult him by challenging his personal identity as a human being.

The President's understanding of American history helped him to select Judge Sotomayor for the U.S. Supreme Court, who said that he could judge better than any white man or something such as... plainly white men in Massachusetts are racists and sexists, and also live 8 years longer than black men because of the ethnic conspiracies of Boston and surrounding areas.

Just so much time exists in life to accomplish an expert depth in comprehending the past.. As journalists learn particular methods of finding 'news' to report, not much including reading the latest Harry Potter novel, historians learn of the past without much regard to ancient fiction unless they are historians of fiction. In is essential that fiction and fact remain clear. Propaganda or 'rave is truth' sentiments may be popular amidst the corrupt however historians must try to have some sobriety in their assembly of information with which to form general theories of the past. Intuition and inference are fair enough tools to use in try to full in gaps in understanding of past events and eras as an historian conjectures about the unknown, it cannot be sufficient to present a record of the past though. The historian must plainly know what is fact and what is possibility.

Reading history books is far more important than is reading fiction to learn the truth about the past.. In some societies it is impossible or impractical to write other than in fiction about the present-the 'Secret History' of Procopius allowed him to remain alive. Soviet authors sometimes had to write hidden meanings into fiction works in order to express ideas and facts repressed by the ruling powers. In the United States it can be difficult or dangerous to write concisely about ad hoc structures of oppression. Much of history is never written because it is the point of view of the oppressed in modern society. A financially trashed author could not have the stable writing environment of one that does, and thus the production by the establishment writers may be far higher than that of the forced into poverty through ad hoc means writers. History does not record such phenomena generally.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Judge Sotomayor and the Extremely Globalist Evil Empire

Would Judge Sotomayor on the U.S. Supreme Court add another member to form an Evil Empire faction of globalists? Justice Sotomayor believes the Court should consider international law-definitely a characteristic of global corporatists and socialists.,sotomayor-suggests-us-supreme-court-can-consider-international-law.html

Judge Sotomayor has been tight-lipped in the hearings so far, declaring to the Senators that her personal opinions are not what she is being hired for, and that in effect they should rightly stick their questions where the sun don't shine and just say yes--she will interpret the laws without the requisite of disclosing her influences, opinions, ideas--we would like to know if she secretly admires cannibals and spins things deftly in that direction. Her anatomy is not really the issue--so her mind's thoughts must count for something--what goes on in that brain of hers anyway? Scientifically the public might make inferences from her judicial record and observations, but she should disregard the advice to say nothing, no nothing as a nominee robotic interpretor of laws and chat about anything so we may learn if she has her oars in the water in fact instead of by allegation and declaration. There is nothing criminal about talking like a rational and decent human being during the public confirmation hearings--she should try it and fool the teflon spray coating advisers trying to help her slip silently out of the frying pan and onto the court.

Her reluctance to be forthright and candid with the American people is a little disturbing. The Court ought to have people that at some point were plain and truthful--they can just stick to the law if they are confirmed on the court. judge Sotomayor's opinion would make it fine to set aside the opinions of Adolph Hitler as irrelevant if he were the nominee instead of Judge Sotomayor, as long as he said he was being hired to interpret the law, not offer his opinions. That sort of cypher-ness seems to appeal at least to Senator Sessions gushing support for a quick confirmation of Judge Sotomayor.

Sotomayor's apparent belief that the law is dead and deciding new cases upon the precedence of the prior is simply wrong. The U.S. Constitution is far less substantial than the Pentateuch of the Bible, and Jewish rabbinical legalists have been interpreting and arguing the meaning of those laws for more than two thousand years compiling volumes of opinions. With far less material to start with the U.S. Constitution is always being added to by Supreme Court opinions that are not themselves infallibly correct.  Personal opinions matter quite a law in the deciding of what is constitutional, virtually any honest and informed legalist ought to realize. Thus I prefer than an articulate and good spirited third generation American with nationalist bias rather than global 5th columnist quisling opinions be nominated instead. President Obama can find some third generation American of Mexican ancestry if neccessary--there must be one out there fully qualified to be on the Court. A Justice should have more relatives in the United States than in Mexico.

The Italian Judges and Judge Thomas seem to be certain patriots, yet some of the more cheesy members may have an over-the-border center of economic effort. Democracy must have national, rationals patriotism and good will toward fellow citizens if it is to survive the approaching era of global neo-totalitarianism. Justice Sotomayor's lack of candor during the confirmation hearings reminds us a little of Janet Reno-former President Clinton's Attorney General. We prefer our Justices to be a little less conservative on speaking on personal and political issues publicly, and more liberal on plain talk unafraid to lose out on getting a job promotion. Already Washington D.C. is full of bureaucrats; the Court ought to have some individuals.
Justice O'Connor was not a first generation American with many foreign relations. In prior centuries being an immigrant meant going through a legal and social process of complete change and transformation into the new culture. Today with global communications and millions of illegal immigrants from Mexico loyalty is more optional than de rigeur for children of immigrants to the United States. Unlike in times past immigrants and children can talk cheap to people 'at home' in foreign countries and fly by night to awaken in another nation on the other side of the world or the boarder. Such people making it to political office, like mosquitoes, may pump in anti-blood clotting political measures making it harder to halt the flow of money and jobs out of the country, and making it easier for illegal aliens to enter and conquer U.S. politics especially of the Southwest.
Chief Justice Roberts is heavily invested-more so than any other member of the court, in trans-national stocks. Justice Ginsberg as a Jewish justice and Justice Sotomayor as an Hispanic justice perhaps with closet politics sympathetic to La Raza may be too far towards the globalist Evil Empire sympathizing corporatist quasi sedition subverting U.S. national independence. It isn't surprising that she was nominated by a son-of-a-foreign-visitor President raised in a Muslim nation in Asia within the Dar al Islam. Such globalists tend too easily to disrespect U.S. national interests in defending the nation from permanent foreign alliances and the degradation of the social and economic position of Americans already here. Instead of an open door policy the globalists have created a revolving door policy.
The present deep recession is a logical result of revolving door economic and political policy created by the naked greed of globalists something like that which brought the downfall of the Roman Empire and Roman Republic. The quest for international wealth and power when fulfilled created greater advance abroad than nationally, and the nation became decadent with corrupt rulers. It is only a matter of time before the United States to has a junta to rectify the debt the new president anticipates doubling. A trillion dollar annual federal budget deficit is not acceptable for long term economic viability.
One of the paradoxes of modern change is that the consequences of change are often unforeseen. The U.S abolition movement firmed up Federal resistance to the southern states insistence upon slavery and the right to return slaves escaped north to the south. The civil war occurred, the U.S. Government won and eventually the slaves were emancipated and able to enter politics as equals. Besides the obvious loss of cheap labor to former slave owners and the lengthy time period required for substantial integration as equals that do not do harm to the economic and social interests of those not formerly slaves or descended from slaves, the consequences had comparatively little affect upon society. Liberating one group of society such as U.S. blacks
did not generally alter the trans-racial criteria of the social paradigms in the abstract of white society. Women's liberation in the 1960's following birth control was substantial greater on the scale of gestating social and economic circumstances that could alter the composition of the nation of the United States.
Freeing the slave in affect just added some more white people painted permanently black-no net change when they already live here. Women taking birth control pills halted white population growth and changed social structures in radically transformative ways that generally were unintended secondary development. As women sought to gain social prestige and take jobs held formerly by men at male pay scale, the traditional home disappeared. As so much new cheap labor entered the nation white collar and business fields as well as unions, unions disappeared along with the growth of pay for college graduates in the United States. Muslims abroad tend to hate this phenomena incidentally. They rightly are concerned that their patriarchal Muslim values are fundamentally threatened by the west, and they are right in so far as the women's movement goes. The paradox for the west is that the women's movement is a righteous liberation in most respects, yet the unintended consequences are far more extreme than most other kinds of revolutions.
It is difficult to design a society at all before it forms or to revise it significantly while it is under way. Making women equal to men economically tends to have the consequence of destroying or substantially degrading the male economic structure with it's historical balances. As women move to enter the male dominated economy many parts of it disappear, and the society overall declines economically. The reasons for that are many and complex in a capitalist and globalist social structure. Obviously many jobs have been sent to China and India while cheap foreign migrant workers arriving illegally from Mexico along with many harmful recreational drugs. Much heavy industry was outsourced. Globalism creates a permanent most-advantaged status for capitalized corporations able to relocate fastest to cheapest sources of labor, production and raw materials. That process is goo for the production of material advantaged and concentrating wealth yet harmful to the global environment and well being of the people of the United States. Too many globalists on the U.S. Supreme Court well help drive that reinforcing cycle of corporatism and ecological decay to the point where the untended consequences or externalities present a challenge to the survival of significant portions of the human race.
With the women's liberation movement it becomes possible for women to raise children themselves without husbands. Those that choose to 'take' a husband may wait later in life to marry and just for a brief time, or sequentially marry two or three over a lifetime. The 1960's zero population growth models continue to be the primary intellectual paradigm of planning political economies, yet that paradigm was based on a traditional nuclear family model with people having just two kids instead of five or ten. Obviously the birth control and womens liberation movement subverted the nuclear family and the economic facts that made it practical. Instead of more traditional family units a redundant and separate male-female income and material wealth stream developed that co9ntinues today. I do not believe in regression economically or socially for women in the field of political economy, yet there are real challenges for keeping the United States intact, independent and free from foreign control, or from the control of the Evil Empire variously of Global Corporatism or global socialism. The goal of forming a stable feminine economy simultaneously with a balanced environment healthy for men is an odd goal that hasn't a rational form in theory in an environment economically that is globalist, competitive, corporatist and non-renewable. Feminine economics may be the closer to national existence, and so may the non-renewable traditional economics of male industrial production with fewer managers and financial related service workers. There is no good economic model for the United States to follow that is sustainable, yet the goal of defending the nation's borders and proximal ecological and social health should be of immediate concern.
Sotomayor on the court may represent the tipping point information of an Evil Empire unit at the highest court. It would typically support illegal immigration, anti-environmentalism and the advantage of Chinese and Mexican interests, pragmatically considered. A more conservative choice could help create a M.I.T.I. style proprietary national economic and environmental policy to help advantage the people that already live in the United States as citizens. It should be friendlier to alternative energy policy and the elimination of federal debt. It should support loans for the uninsured to travel abroad for hernia surgery in a timely way so they can work before collecting social security in several years, but protect Americans from requirements that they buy health insurance policies they cannot afford. It makes little sense for those in poverty yet healthy to spend thousands each year for decades on the chance of being sick before retirement. The money is needed each year instead to pay federal taxes on self-employment and to buy food and hot coffee when homeless but working. While the poor cannot clump up money for the rare surgery,they could repay a federal hernia surgery loan of $5000 dollars.
A society may develop a situation where lots of women work and raise kids alone while men have little to do in the workplace with the jobs apportioned abroad by globalists. A nation must be prosperous or able to borrow trillions of dollars to afford that kind of process incidentally-Muslim nations that are poor cannot sustain the sociological changes many American white women would expect them to, yet no non-Jewish white women will be on the U.S. Supreme Court for quite a number of years probably so their concern about globalism is a moot point... i.e. Perhaps a non-globalist on the court will drop dead and free up space for a white female globalist.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

J.M. Keynes & U.S. Economic Policy Reformation

John Maynard Keynes (1883-1946) was a Cambridge homosexual scholar of the first rank in Economics considered revolutionary by some. Keynes believed governments should just say 'charge it' and pile up debt with stimulus spending to 'pump prime' a moribund economy locked into a stalemate of stagnation or recession.

Common sense and dead reckoning at the macro-economic level is necessary for the salutary adjustment of national economic interests. In some instances national leadership has it, and at other times or in other nations it is lacking. J.M. Keynes in some ways seemed to understand a fundamental dynamic between sateuthority and corporate interests in addition to free enterprise, capital and monetary theory. Theroretical dogmatism is a kind of bureaucratic inertia ploughing ahead in spite of the lack of correspondence of theoretical models to the real world situation. Some politicians and economics believe they might make or create reality by the force de majeure of power usually precipitating disastrous economic consequence. In wonder to what extent J.M. Keynes intuitively abstracted relationships in his era; how far his sketch notes in mind reduced to set theory the macro-economic players.

In some ways organizations of any sort-regardless of their capital assets can be reduced to symbols of personnel, and those in Venn diagram representation in power levels. Beyond these diagrams of organizational personnel we see the x's and o's of men and women citizens in the nations that if critical of the larger organizations and overlapping affiliated networks of people attack in some ways the citizens. They can do that because they have so much economic power to control national capital asset flows. The Chinese Red Army it is said controls tens of thousands of quasi-corporations in China, Wall Street corporations have interlocking shareholders with the majority of stock owned by less than 5% of the U.S. public. J.M. Keynes may have been aware that democracy and it's people falling outside the circles of insiders with economic and political power can occassionally rectify locked up economic policy with clever measures such as brief deficit/stimulus spending (that doesn't work repeatedly any more than repeated heart electroshock works for protracted heart treatment).. Obviously where and how the money is spent matters-if it goes to the same people that created the problem it is unlikely to create much relief. What a J.M. Keynes would do in the present global circumstances of invariant corporate and communist hegemony over free interpose and democracy is hard to say. Every economic advance tends to be along lines that enrich the rich and concentrate wealth too efficiently to allow a sustainable economic advance. Quantitative materials resource increase is required to expand corporate profits...Wall Mart prices seem to be going up now that they have driven so many out of business with low prices. As the U.S. economy was conquered by trans-national corporations the U.S. Congress acted to willingly as cheng di yu -'fish at the bottom of the ocean' or foreign agents seeking to enrich China and/or trans-national corporations. Those symp senators are the cause for U.S. dependence on ffreign manufactured fossil fuel burning vehicles and for oil products from Saudi Arabia, Libya and places in the dar al harb. Toyota prius technology could be scaled down an electric converablet mini-cars for commuter use getting 100 miles per gallon equivalent in electricity costs for a plug in electric reasily could be made. Congress could have encouraged American manufactures to produce such and made smaller roads at less cost on which vehicles over a certain weight were banned. The cheng di yu in the sneante banned alternative energy Independence in favor of the Exxon-Mobils and G.M. Suv's, the Hallibutrons in Dubai and Dubain Royalty powers. They look in economic lust uphill toward Tehran and the vast gas fields of Iran wondering how they can co-opt the first-strike nuclear genocide seeking lunatic president in order to invest sufficiently to get a cut of the take from new Iranian prosperity they dream of. J.M. Keynes would have recognized the many fallacies of classical economics when trans-national corporations fill economic policy more full of leaks than the Titanic after hitting the iceberg popping its many cheap rivets.
Keynes wrote several works the most important of which was the 'General Theory on Employment, Interest and Money'. The approach to economics dealt with several ongoing issues of the era in the unique Keynesian formula. Hicks later created the SI-LL aka IS-LM model to portray Keynesian ideas. These theories are about markets, timing, savings and production relationships along with money flows. Needless to say flat-earth abstract modeling of economies are good for bureaucrats that continue on long past it's period of relevance too often.

The Keynesian method seems to work fairly well if the applications are of a short term nature of borrowing, and if the debt is repaid. The post- Regan era supply side economic neo-Keynesianism had the downside of a slide into scholastic sloppiness with theorists explaining that debt doesn't matter for the United States. Debt for second and third world countries mattered to the world bank and other lending institutions, and bad large scale loans to poor countries would eventually be paid for with public debt financing to buy the bad debt. Voodoo economics was okay if you are the most powerful nation militarily ion Earth.

The resort to crank Keynesian in the 1990's and first decade of the 3rd millenium had the U.S. Congress gullibly accepting the premise that continuing significant deficit spending with long term stagnant repayment rates would be the best way to 'stimulate the economy' as if the infusions of cash to banks, consumers, insurance corporations and others by the trillions of dollars was a kind of heart restarting shock treatment or brain shock treatment to restart or reboot the disc drive of economics. Instead the Keynesian deficit spending by the government principle was a kind of syrupy sweet methadone to the heroine addiction of globalist investing abroad, and for corporations of a trans-national nature without any real loyalty to, or dependence upon the economic well being of the United States. While Keynsianism might have been practical in an insular English economy of the post-war era, or in the United States when the economy was far more independent of globalism and world trade and trans-national corporations far more limited in scale. in the post-cold war political and economic environment Keynesiansm became more than a stimulus of an individual national economy and grew into becoming a perennial prop for a decadent non-renewable fossil fueled economy profiting trans-nationals and the neo-totalitarian Chinese economy adapting itself to several aspects of capitalist production in a time when capitalism has regressed into the neo-oligarchic sickness of global corporatism. John Maynard Keynes would probably not suggest deficit spending today as the remedy for the non-renewable, confused global economy of today.